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                                                      Presented By
                                                  Prof: P.SUKUMARAN

         MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram                   1
   Prologue
   Retrospective
   Infrastructure
   Faculty
   Students
   Industry Institute Interaction
   Association Activities
   Co-Curricular Activities
   Extra-curricular Activities
   Research and Developments
   Actions Planned
               MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   2
   Started in the year 1994

   Conducting B-Tech (Engg.) Degree course of 4 year duration

   Recognized by the AICTE and the Govt. of Kerala

   Department is affiliated to the University of Calicut

   Student Intake is 60

   Certified by ISO 9001: 2000

   Approved for world bank assistance for lab modernization

                      MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram     3

   The Founder Head -Dr. K.P. Mammuty (1994-1998)

   Dr. K. Balakrishnan –(1998-2002)

   Dr. P.M.S. Nambissan (HOD of the EEE Dept.) -(additional charge)-
    (Sept.2002 –June 2003)

   Prof. P.Sukumaran - ( June 2003 onwards)

               MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram           4

  MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   5
                    Laboratory Facilities
Sl.   Name of the Laboratory                                      Equipment Cost
No                                                                (Rs) in Lakhs
1     Process control instrumentation Lab                             13.36
2     Industrial Instrumentation Lab                                   4.60

3     Microprocessor and Computer Lab                                  8.58

4     Electronic devices and Electronics circuit lab                   3.51

5     Power Electronics Lab                                            4.54
6     Linear Integrated Circuits & Digital Electronics Lab             4.46

7     Electronics Workshop                                             0.80

                         MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram               6
             Computer Facilities
No. computer terminals         :32
Hardware Specifications        :Pentium IV, Pentium III ,Pentium I
No. of Terminals on LAN        :15
Relevant Legal Software        :1.Application Software MAT LAB 3.0
                                2. CIMPLICITY SCADA SOFTWARE
                                3. P.L.C. programming SOFTWARE
                                4. Linux Operating System
                                5. Flow Control Station/FCON (DOS Based)
                                6. Pressure Control Station/PCON (DOS Based)
                                7. Level Control Station/LCON (DOS Based)
                                8. Temperature Control Station/TCON (DOS Based)
                                9. Cascade Ratio Software (Windows Based)
                                10. Feed Forward Control Software
Number of Printers             :4
Internet Accessibility         :BSNL ISDN Connectivity
Facilities of CSE is shared
                          MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram         7
                   Library facilities

No. of books (Volumes) available                             : 1012

No.of titles                                                 : 745

Total cost                                                   : Rs 3.5 Lakhs

IEEE journals                                                :5

ISA Journals                                                 : Monthly

Seating capacity                                             : 30
                    MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram                    8

MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   9
                     Staff Details
   Faculty
       Prof. & HOD                                                1

       Assistant Prof.                                             1

        Lecturers                                                 15

        Lecturer doing research                                   1

        Lecturers doing Higher studies (M.Tech)                   4

      Total                                                       22

                         MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram        10
                   Staff Details
   Supporting staff
       Instructors                            2
       (Instructor doing Part-time B.Tech -1)

       Instructor doing higher studies (B.Tech) 1

       Trade Instructors                                     4

                              Total                          7

                    MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram       11
Head Of The Department
1.  Prof. P. Sukumaran (M. Tech, LMISTE, FIE)
Assistant Prof
2. Mr. Mohammed B. Zaman (M.Tech)
3. Mrs. Sindhu. C
              (Sponsored For
                    M.Tech at NIT, Calicut)

4. Mr. Bobby Mathews
            (Sponsored For
                  M.Tech at Cochin University)

                MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   12
5. Mrs. Shahina Kozhisseri                                    B.Tech

6. Mr. Muhammad Kutty K.V
        (Sponsored For M.Tech at S.J College, Mysore )

7. Mr. Noushad V.Moosa
        (Sponsored For M.Tech at S.J College, Mysore )

8. Mr. Baiju Karun                                            B.Tech

9. Mr. Nabeel Koya                    M.Tech
        (On Leave For Research at C-DAC, Tvm)

                     MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram            13
10. Mr. Prasanth Sankar                                     B.Tech

11. Mr. Shihabudheen .T                                     B.Tech

12. Ms. Roshna J                                            B.Tech

13. Mr. Salman Siddeeque Ali                                B.Tech

14. Mr. Sreekumar P.N                                       B.Tech

15. Ms. Sita Radhakrishnan                                  B.Tech

16. Ms. Benzy V.K,                                          B.Tech

                   MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram            14
17. Ms. Namitha Narayanan                                 B.Tech

18. Mrs. Shahnaz K V                                      B.Tech

19. Mr.ANZAR                                              B.Tech

20. Ms. Kripa Augustine                                   B.Tech

21. Mr. Mohamad Mufthah                                   B.Tech

22. Mrs.Femina V P                                        B.Tech

                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram            15
Supporting Staff


        1.   Nandakuamr P
             (Doing Part-time B.Tech Engg At GEC, Thrissur )

        2.   Anshad Mohammed .M
             (On Study Leave For B.Tech at GCE, TVM)

        3.   Shibi Fathima. A                                        Diploma

        Trade Instructors

        4.   Khubaib C.H                                              I.T.I
        5.   Sunil Kumar M                                            I.T.I
        6.   Shihabudheen K.K                                         I.T.I
        7.   Hamza K.P                                               I.T.I

                            MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram             16
    Details Of Industrial Training / Experience Of Faculty

Name of       Name of Industry                                    Nature of work       period
Prasanth      i)WINSOFT Trivandrum                                Software Er          6M
Sankar        ii)KSEB,110KV Substation                            Shift Er             4M

Baiju Karun   CEDTI-Calicut                                       Project Engineer     6M
Mohamad       i) Western India Plywood Ltd                        Engineer Trainee     3M
Mufthah       ii) National Small Scale Industry Co-
              operation                                           Trainee              2W

Sreekumar     I) Hindustan Newsprint Ltd                          Graduate Engineer    1Y
              ii) em-Planet Technologies                          Trainee Programmer   3M

Benzy         i) WINSOFT,Trivandrum                               Software Engineer    6M
              ii) Pepperl-Fuchs.P.Ltd                             Trainee Engineer     1M

                                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram                     17
   Details Of Short Term Courses Attended By The Faculty
Name of       Name of course                                  College/             Period
Faculty                                                       Institution
Shahina       Application of PLC’s & SCADA in                 Advanced Training    2W
Kozhisseri    process Industries                              Institute, Chennai
Muhammed      1. FDP, ISTE                                    ISTE of MESCE        1W
Kutty         2. FDP on Entrepreneurship                      NIT Calicut          2W
Noushad V     1. FDP, ISTE                                    ISTE of MESCE        1w
Moosa         2. Teacher effectiveness                        NIT Calicut          2D
              3. Workshop on GUI Linux                        MESCE                3D
Baiju Karun   1. Systems for process                          CEDTI, Calicut       5W
              Automation                                      CEDTI, Calicut       10 W
              2. Electronics Design                           NIT Calicut          2D
              3. Teacher Effectiveness                        ISTE of MESCE        1W
              4. FDP, ISTE                                    PSG, Coibathoor      2W
              5. FDP On Entrepreneurship
                            MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram                      18
        Details Of Short Term Courses Attended By The Faculty

Name of            Name of course                                       College/        Period
Faculty                                                                 Institution

Prasanth Sankar    1. Micro Teaching(FDP)                               ISTE,MES
                   2. Institution Networking                            NIT,Calicut

Shihabudheen       1. SCADA System Development                          DOEACC          2W
                   2. FDP                                               ISTE,MESCE      1W

Roshna J           Course on internal Auditing                          ISO,MESCE       2D
Mohamad            1. PLC& SCADA Process Automation                     ATI, Chennai    2W
Mufthah            2. Hydraulic &Pneumatic                              NSIC, Chennai
                      Control, PLC                                                      2W

Salman Siddeeque   PC assembling                                        MESCE           2D

Sreekumar          PC assembling                                        MESCE           2D

                               MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram                        19
          Department Organized Faculty
             Development Program
Name                Name of the seminar/talk                   Date

Prof: P.Sukumaran   1)Effective handling of lab classes        16-9-03
                    2) Effects of Instrumentation on
                    determination of device Characteristics    7-7-03
Baiju Karun         Entrepreneurship                           6-2-04

Shihabudheen .T     SCADA                                      6-2-04

Mohammad Mufthah    Process Automation using PLC               9-12-04

Noushad V Moosa     GSM                                        2-2-03

                      MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram            20

MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   21
    Students Admission
   Sanctioned Students strength 60
   50% for Management (Muslim Community )
      separate entrance examination and interview
      NRI 10%
   Next 50% from common entrance examination
    (Government )
   Eligibility for admission –As per norms of Government
    of Kerala and the University of Calicut
   Lateral Entry
      Diploma (Engineering) holders to 3rd semester of
      Separate entrance examination by Government of

               MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram       22
Teaching Learning Process
    Directed & Monitored by Quality Management Cell
    At the beginning of academic year
       Preparation
           Course calendar
           Time table
           Planning by Teachers
           Lab class Plan
    Lecture Classes
    Laboratory Classes
    Students attendance
    Feed back from students
    Corrective Action

              MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   23
Department Publications
   Text Book
       Basic Electrical Circuits and Theorems
                Prof. P. Sukumaran, HOD
   Hand-outs
       Electronics Amplifier Circuits and Analysis
                Prof. P .Sukumaran, HOD
       Opto Electronic Instrumentation
                Mr. Salman Siddeeque Ali ,LAEI
       PLC- An Introduction
                Mr. Noushad V Moosa ,LAEI
       Users Operating Manuel of CRO
                Prof. P .Sukumaran, HOD
       Pneumatics
                Mohamad Mufthah, LAEI

                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   24
Internal evaluation of students

    Series test -2
    Assignments-2 or more
    Sessional mark
       series tests and assignments
       published for students information
    Sessional mark for Laboratory
       Regular preparation
       End semester tests

               MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   25
     Projects and Seminar
   Mini project
      During 6th semester
      Electronics/Instrumentation working projects
   Final Year Project
      2 semester duration (7th and 8th)
      Advanced current topics
      50% are doing in reputed industries
   Seminar
      Final year students (during 7th Semester)
      Current advanced subjects from journals or internet
      Duration of presentation - 15 minutes
      10 minutes for discussion
      Prepared and presented after checking

                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram      26

MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   27
            University Examinations

   Conducted by Calicut University
   Valuation of Exam papers
   Publication of Result
   Ranks obtained in the final year examinations
    for AEI Dept.
            2000    -1 to 3 ranks
            2001    - 1 to 3 ranks
            2002    - 1 to 3 ranks
            2003    - Not Available

               MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   28
Activities of Group Tutors
   One faculty for 30 students
   Counselling of students
   coordinating
       Class wise meeting
       PTA meeting
       Attendance and Progress reports
       Special attention to weak students

                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   29

MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   30
          PTA and ALUMNI

   PTA
       All parents and teachers are members
       Class wise PTA meeting
       Active Participation and Discussion
       Active Function of Alumini
       Good interaction
       Frequent Meetings

                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   31

   Avinash Murali Endowment Award for
      Ms. Preethi A, AEI Dept. (2002 pass out)
      Mr. Jose Lejin, CSE Department (2003 pass out)

   Prizes for Class Toppers in AEI
          Ms. Anusri.S (S8 AEI)
          Mr. Nikhil.K.P (S6 AEI)
          Mr.Sumin Mohanan (S4 AEI)

                    MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   32
Industry Institute Interaction

          MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   33

      Industrial projects
          List of Industries
               FACT Cochin
               HOCL Cochin
               KRL Cochin
               VSSC Trivandrum
               SAFE POWER Software & Tech. Ernakulam

                     MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   34
   Industrial visits
      KELTRON, Kuttippuram                                        02-08-2003
      Western India Plywoods LTD, Kannur                          20-09-2003
      FCRI, Palakkad                                              08-11-2003
      I T I Palakkad                                              08-11-2003
      SYNGENTA, Goa                                               17-10-2003
      Science & Technology Museum, Bangalore                      17-10-2003
      NEST, Bangalore                                             27-09-2003
      SUN FIBRE OPTICS, Bangalore                                 27-09-2003
      FACT, Cochin                                                22-08-2003
      F.M. Radio Station, Devikulam                               22-08-2003
      TATA TEA INDUSTRY, Munnar                                   23-08-2003

                          MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram                35
   Seminars /Talks by Industrial Experts
       M.Suresh, Senior Research Engineer, FCRI,
        Palakkad Instrumentation security on 03-02-03
       Mr. K. Balan, Director, Present Industrial Scenario
        Keltron, Kuttippuram 23-04-2003
       Er.Sethu Raj, Service Engineer, Vi –
        Microsystems on PLC ,25-01-04
       Er. Shoukath. C, design Engineer DOEACC
        CENTRE, Calicut
       “Embedded System Design” 03-02-2004
       Er. Sudhaker.P, Head of Instrumentation
        engineering Dept., Vi Microsystems, Chennai
        DCS ,04-03-2004

                   MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram     36
 Seminars /Talks by Industrial Experts
    Er. Venugopal, Maintenance Engineer, HOCL, Cochin on
     DCS & SCADA in industrial applications on 02-01-02
    M.Suresh, Senior Research Engineer, FCRI, Palakkad
     MASM on 03-01-02
    Dr. Jothy S Nair Prof: & Head of Chemical Engineering
     Dept. in TKM College of Engineering Kollam , on
     MATLAB 11-02-02
    Er. Sanjay Abdul khader, Instrumentation Engineer,
     GeFanuc, Abudhabi PLC & DCS for automation in
     industries on 10-04-02

                  MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram     37

   MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   38
Students Achievements and Participation
         First Prize in Technical Paper Presentation Contest
             Second Annual Convention of ISTE Students chapter (Kerala
              Section) at MESCE on 21-02-2004, for
                                a. Sandeep Raveendran, (S8 AEI)
                                b. Santhosh N.M. (S8 AEI)

         First Prize in national level “ Hardware Circuit Design Contest”
             Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur on 22-11-2003 for
                                 a. Sandeep Raveendran, (S7 AEI)
                                 b. Santhosh N.M, (S7 AEI)

    •     National Level Technical Symposium(ZOAS-04) - Working Project
          Model Presentation
            EEE Dept.of MESCE on 18-03-2004
                              a. Mohammed Shakir(S6 AEI)
                              b. Nadia Mattara(S6 AEI)

         First Prize in National Level Paper Presentation Contest
              AEI Dept. of MESCE on 22-04-2003. For
                                a. Sreejith N.S
                                b. Sujith Sanker
                        MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram               39
Papers Presented in National Level
      Roby J Daniel & Arun P, (S8-AEI)
         Govt. Engineering College Thrissur.
      Roby J Daniel & Arun P (S8-AEI)
         Govt. Engineering College Kannur.
      Santhosh N.M & Sandeep Raveendran (S8-AEI)
         Govt. Engineering College Thrissur.
      Arun P & Anand C. V (S8-AEI)
         Adhiyamaan College of Engineering , Dr.
          MGR Nagar, Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

                 MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   40
                   ACE '03
        Conducted by AEI Dept.
      on 22nd & 23rd of April 2003

 Technical Paper Presentation
 Quiz competition
 Technical Word Hunt

PROCEEDINGS were published

            MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   41
AEI Dept. Association (AAPLE.i) and
           ISA Activities
          Faculty in charge
                     Mohammad Mufthah, Lecturer, AEI.
          Published News Letter for 2002, 03, 04
          Conducting MATLAB sessions
          Technical Visit
          Association Meetings
          CHARTER in ISA( The Instrumentation Systems And Automation )
          50 student members
          Faculty in charge
                     Prasanth Sankar, Lecturer, AEI.
          Technical Discussions and Industrial visit

                       MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram       42
     ISTE and IEEE Activities
   ISTE
       Members
          Faculty                                    : Five
          Students                                   : Twenty
       “II Annual state convention of ISTE students chapter”
                20th and 21st of February
       AICTE-ISTE Short- Term Training programmes 2004-2005
                “Embedded Systems Design (Microcontrollers and DSPs)”

   IEEE
       Students chapter is sanctioned
       Subscription for 47 Journals

                         MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram          43
       Other Activities
 National Service Scheme (NSS)
 Energy Conservation Society
 Fine Arts
 Sports & Games
 Literary & Debate Club
 Continuing Education Activities

           MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   44
         Faculty Participation
 Resource Generation Activities
 Research And Consultancy Activities
 Participation In M. Tech Projects And
 University Syllabus Revision

                MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   45
          Actions Planned

 Networking with NIT, Calicut (under TEQIP)
 World Bank sanctioned Rs 20 Lakhs for the
  Dept. for modernization of laboratories &
  other developments
 Faculty Developments and Research

              MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   46
MES College of Engineering,Kuttippuram   47

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