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					                          Ko Shan Theatre – Theatre
                          FULL Technical Information
                          V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                      Page 1 of 8
Performing Arts
Division –
Technical Support                                           Ko Shan Theatre is a
Section                                                     traditional      proscenium
                                                            theatre, but without a full fly
Ko Shan Theatre                                             tower, which limits its
77 Ko Shan Road                                             technical           abilities.
Hung Hom                                                    Primary use is for Chinese
Kowloon, HK                                                 Opera and Chinese Dance.
                                                            Secondary use if for
852-2740 9222
                                                            Drama,      Concerts      and
852-2781 4783

CONTACTS                                                    DIRECTIONS
Alex CHEUNG                                                 MTR:
Senior Manager (KW/CS)                                      Tsuen Wan Line, Mong Kok
Direct Line                                                 Station, Exit B2 → Mini bus
852- 2740 9219                                              Routes No. 27M

Yvonne Chau                                                 Freeway (From S to N):
Manager (KST)                                               Hung Hom Cross Harbour
Direct Line                                                 Tunnel → Hong Chong Road
852- 2740 9212                                              → Chatham Road North → Pak
                                                            Kung Street (turn right) → Ko
Sunny Wong
Resident Technical                                          Shan Road
Direct Line                                                 Freeway (From N to S):
852- 2329 7135                                              Boundary Street → Waterloo
Fax Line                                                    Road → Princess Margaret
852- 2362 4723                                              Road → Fat Kwong Street →
                                                            Shun Yung Street → Ko Shan
                                                            Road Road

                          Clearance of truck:: 4.70m
The Ko Shan Theatre
operates on a basic       Steel Door Stage Left at
set-up policy. That is,   Ground Floor Opening:
                            2.73 x 4.56m (W x H)
all equipment has a
pre-rigged position at    Storage Area:
the start of bookings.      Limited space off stage
Hirers requiring to         Stage Right:
                            4.69 x 4.92m (W x D)
move or remove              Stage Left:
equipment must do so        6.09 x 4.82m(W x D)
(and reinstate it)
                          Stage Entrance:
within their booking
                            Next to the loading area
                          Permit required
         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                                Page 2 of 8

                                                                              Max. Total Seating: 1031
                                                                               Stalls: 916 (including 6 wheel chair

                                                                                Major seats are disposed in a wide Stalls
                                                                                fan with seats in a shallow Balcony.

Frame dimension                                                                 12.97 – 4.96m (W x H)
False proscenium legs can be adjusted                                           12.00 – 5.00m (W x H) Max.

Centreline to stage right                                                        8.48m
Centreline to stage left                                                         8.48m

Rear of Proscenium to cyclorama on centreline                                   11.59m
Rear of Proscenium to cyclorama at sides                                         7.52m
Rear of Proscenium to cyclorama surround bar on centreline                      11.30m
Rear of Proscenium to last full cross-stage bar                                  7.35m
Rear of Proscenium to forestage on centreline                                    3.42m
Forestage radius                                                                13.00m
Rear of Proscenium to orchestra pit edge on centreline                           2.90m
Orchestra pit radius                                                            10.17m

Clear under grid                                                                 7.00m
Maximum bar flying height                                                        6.30m
Above Auditorium                                                                 1.00m

Formed by removing trap and lowering centre lift, maximum for
20 persons
Centre pit lift                                                          8.40m2
Lift and infill area                                                    14.06m2
Under stage area                                                        19.44m2
Depth                                                                    2.22m
Pit setup provision with chairs, stools, music stands, and music lights

Flat black surface hardboard
Trapdoors - None
Footlight trough and Dip sockets

Stage Right                                                                     4.69 x 4.92m (W x D)
Stage Left                                                                      6.09 x 4.82m (W x D)

         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                      Page 3 of 8

Not Avaliable

Limited space off stage

Corridor behind stage

House Curtain motor fly

Rigging System
Motor Bars                                                                      7
  Bar 7, 12, 18, & 23                                                          16.00m
  Bar 28                                                                       14.00m
  Bar Diameter                                                                 48.50mm
  Capacity                                                                    250kg SWL
  Bar B, C                                                                     11.00m
  Capacity                                                                    500kg SWL

Electrics Bars                                                                  5
  Bar 3, 10, & 21                                                              15.50m
  Bar 29, & 30                                                                 10.00m
  Capacity                                                                    500kg SWL

Wiper track                                                                     9
 Bar 8, 9, 13, 14, 19, 20, 24, & 26                                            27.50m
 Bar A                                                                         13.00m
 Capacity                                                                     250kg SWL

Fix overlap curtain set                                                          3
  Bar 11, 16, & 27                                                              16.00m

Cyclorama Curved track                                                          1
  Bar 34                                                                       17.65m
  Capacity                                                                    250kg SWL

Hemp set (For Cloth Drop only)                                                   8
 Bar Diameter                                                                   51.00mm
 Bar 6, 15, 17, 22, & 25                                                        16.10m
 Bar 31                                                                         11.50m
 Bar 32, & 33                                                                   10.10m

Side Bars
Point Hoists

Stage Drapery
Black masking legs                          8       All flat       4.10 x 6.50m            (W x H)
                                            4       All flat       3.00 x 6.50m
                                            2       All flat       2.40 x 6.50m
                    borders                 3       All flat     19.00 x 1.80m
                                            1       All flat     17.80 x 1.50m
                    half tabs               6       fullness       8.50 x 6.80m
                                           As 1st, 2nd, & 3rd mid - curtain

         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                   Page 4 of 8

Wrap round Black cyclorama                     2     All flat        19.00 x 6.50m
Rear Projection Screens                        1                     15.00 x 6.80m

Orchestra Riser
Aluminum frame platform.
Chair rails and guard rails available.
No drilling or painting.
2.40 x1.20m (W x L)              203mm(H) x 4
                                 407mm(H) x 4
                                 610mm(H) x 4

Choir Riser (3 or 4 steps)            6

Musician Chair                        71

Music Stand                           20

Conductor Platform                    1

Conductor Music Stand                 1

Stool                                 6

Podium                                1

Red Ceremony Chair                    12

Dancing Tiles                     Black for main stage
for dance floor use only          (Please allow time to lay
                                  the ties during your
                                  booking time)

Stage Carpet                           Pale Green
 for Chinese Opera use only                          2               13.00 x 3.50m

Instruments           Upright Piano                             1       Kawai
                      18” Chinese Folk Timpani                  1

Lift and Ladder
Cougar lifts                               1        operated by competent person & prior approved by venue
                                                    management only
Tab tracks
Stage weights                                        31

Level 1     Room 1: each accommodate 4 persons
            Room 1a: each accommodate 2 persons
Level 2     Room 2~3: each accommodate 4 person
            No. 4: accommodate 12 persons
Level 3     No. 5~6: each accommodate 12 persons

All dressing rooms at level 2 & 3 fitted with private toilet and
Quick change facilities downstage right and left.

Iron & board and steamer (1 of each) can be loaned from
Resident Stage Management

         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                                 Page 5 of 8

Dimmers              192 nos. of 2.4kW locating in Lighting Control Room

Control Board        Strand 520i, with full backup control facilities, located in Lighting Control Room at rear of

Remote Control Remote control network outlets are distributed at specified areas of the auditorium for
               interconnection with the lighting control system and equipment. Control signal standard
               using USITT DMX 512 protocol, 5 pin XLR DMX connector (Terminal connection: pin 1 -
               Common; pin 2 - Data (-); pin 3 - Data (+); pin 4 - not used; pin 5 - not used).

Houselights          Dimmer controlled. Take-control available in Lighting Control Room, Film Projection
                     Room, and Auditorium Entrance.

Circuits             192 x 2.4kW production lighting circuits, fixed wiring type, circuits are terminated to 15A
                     socket outlets to UK standard respectively on the production lighting boxes, distributed at
                     various locations throughout the Stage and lighting bridges.

Additional           220/380 Volt ; 3-phase/4 wire, 160A/phase, located in DS Right c/w 160A clamping busbar;
Power                220/380 Volt ; 3-phase/4 wire, 60A/phase, located in DS Right c/w two 32A sockets for
                     temporary cable connection.
                     The hirer may bring-in your electrical equipment and connect to the additional power source
                     at side stage subject to the required electrical works must be conducted by the local
                     registered electrical workers. The hirer shall supply adequate circuit protective devices for
                     your own electrical installation.
                     13A wall-mounted socket outlets to UK standard are provided on the stage.

Front of             FOH Lighting Bar, 5.75m throw at 47 degree
House                FOH Lighting Bridge no.1, 11.00m throw at 38 degree
Positions            FOH Lighting Bridge no.1, 9.19m throw at 48 degree (Apron)

Profiles             750W              ETC              Source 4 15/30                    72        3 Spare
                     750kW             ETC              Source 4 19                        1        1 Spare
                     750W              ETC              Source 4 10                       18        2 Spare
                     650W              CCT              Minuette 35/42                     1        19 Spare

Pebble               650W              CCT              Minuette 10/59                    12

Fresnels             2kW               Strand           Patt 828                           4        6 Spare
                     1.2kW             Strand           Cantata F                         40
                     1kW               Strand           Harmony PC                        38        20 Spare
                     650W              CCT              Minuette 18/57F                   44        38 Spare

PARNel               750W              ETC                                                18        2 Spare

Beamlight       1kW                                     PAR 64 CP61                        3        22 Spare
Cyclorama light 800W                   Selecon          Cyc 4                              6        Top
Ground Row      625W                   Strand           Pallas 4                           6        Bottom

Follow Spots         2kW               Xenon            Xebex                              2        Auditorium Perch

Animation            750W              ETC              Source 4 25/50                    4
Projection                             DHA              Animation Motor                   4
                     Effect Disc       DHA              Fire                              1 (1 Spare)
                                                        Water                             1 (1 Spare)
                                                        Clouds                            1 (1 Spare)
                                                        Rain                              1
                     Gobo Rotator      DHA              Gobo Rotator Motor                2 (Spare)

         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                                  Page 6 of 8

Gobo                 Effect             Size B          Water                             4
                                                        Flame                             4
                                                        Clouds                            4

Smoke generator                         Light wave      F 100                             2
Strobe Light                            Ice             High Power                        2
                                        Anytronic       DeathStar                         2 (Spare, DMX controllable)
UV light                                Griven          GR 101                            4 (8 Spare)

Colour Scroller                         Strand          Colorcall                        11 (Auditorium Bridge No. 2)

Slide projector      500W               Yokogawa        1, 35 mm                         75-120mm, 85-150mm, 50mm,
                     400W               Simda           2, 35 mm                         35mm, 25mm lenses available
                     250W               Kodak           1, 35 mm
Overhead             250W                               2

Others               Side light tower                   712 x 558 x 2097 mm               2 (6 Spare)
                     Tower equipment setup:     5(top)        1kW Strand Harmony F                       1880mm*
                                                4             1kW Strand Harmony F                       1473mm*
                                                3             1kW Strand Harmony F                       1067mm*
                                                2             1kW Strand Harmony F                        660mm*
                                                1 (bottom)    Empty                                      Empty
                      * = Height the equipment from the centre of lens to the floor
                     Music light                        25W                              16 (20 Spare)
                     Music light                        5W                               19

Supply of above equipment subject to availability on receipt of a lighting plan.
Equipment available does vary slightly according to repair, maintenance, etc. Check with Technical
Manager for any changes.
Hirer will be provided with simple white lighting only, from available hung equipment, if only booking 2
hours for light focus and plotting sessions.

Sound System               Meyer UPA-2P (main central cluster)                                      3
                           Meyer CQ-1 Stereo (main left & right)                                    4
                           Meyer UPJ-1P                                                             2
                           Meyer UPA-2P (delay loudspeaker for balcony)                             3
                           Meyer UPM-2P (front fill loudspeaker)                                    9
                           Meyer M3D-Sub (sub Woofer loudspeaker)                                   2

Main Control               Midas Heritage 2000 mixing console with 48 channels in control room at rear of
Console                    auditorium

Microphone                 at apron                                                                 9
tie line                   at curtain line                                                          7
                           at stage house 4 corners                                                24
                           at orchestra pit                                                         8
                           at centre and rear auditorium                                            8
                           at catwalk (3 bridges)                                                   6
                           Multicore (16 channels) inlets at stage left, stage right,               4 sets
                           orchestra pit, and rear auditorium

Accessory                  Klark Teknik DN-500 compressor/ limiter/ expender                        4
Electronics                Presonus ACP-88 Compressor/ Noise Gate                                   1
(Pre-aligned, not          Yamaha SPX-990                                                           1
loose equipment)           Yamaha SPX-900                                                           1
                           Yamaha REV-5 digital effect processor                                    1

         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                          Page 7 of 8

                           Digitech VWS-EX Harmonizer                                            1
                           Aphex Type III aural exciter                                          1
                           Klark Teknik DN-728 Digital Audio Delay Line                          1
                           Roland SN-550 digital noise eliminator                                2
                           Shure DFR-11EQ feedback stabilizer                                    2
                           T.C. Electronic Finalizer Express                                     1

Microphones                AKG C-414 B-ULS                                                       1
                           AKG C-621E                                                            2
                           AKG C-411                                                             2
                           AKG C-418                                                             4
                           AKG C-409                                                             4
                           AKG C-419                                                             8
                           Audio Technica ATM-33a                                                4
                           Audio Technica ATM-73a                                                1
                           B&K 4007                                                              2
                           Crown PCC-160                                                         5
                           Crown PZM-30D                                                         2
                           EV RE-27N/D                                                           1
                           EV N/D408B                                                            4
                           Neumann KM-184                                                        6
                           Neumann KM-185                                                        4
                           Neumann KMR-81I                                                       2
                           Neumann KMR-821                                                       5
                           Sanken COS-11BK                                                       4
                           Sennheiser 421-II                                                     4
                           Sennheiser MKE-2                                                      2
                           Shure Beta 52A                                                        1
                           Shure Beta 57                                                         4
                           Shure Beta 57A                                                        4
                           Shure SM-58S                                                          4
                           Shure Beta 58                                                         8
                           Shure Beta 87                                                         2
                           Shure Beta 87A                                                        2
                           Shure Beta 91                                                         1

Wireless                   Sennheiser Professional series UHF wireless microphone                8
Microphone                 Max. 8 units with a min. booking of 2 sessions

Stage Monitors             Nexo PS-10                                                           20
                           Nexo LS-500                                                           2

Cassette                   Tascam 122 MK III audio cassette recorders                           2
CD                         Denon DN-635 compact disc players                                    2
Mini-Disc                  Tascam MD-801R mini-disc recorders                                   2

Equipment                  Karaoke System with 2 LD player; 1 VCD player; 1 DVD                 1 set
for Minor Venues           player; and Key change machine
& Portable Use             Portable Sound System with compact disc / audio cassette             2 sets
                           player; 1 wireless microphone; 2 wired microphones and
                           Altec M100-T loudspeakers
                           Bose 802 loudspeakers with 2 channels power amplifier                4
                           DDA CS-3 24ch mixing console                                         1
                           Soundcraft Spirit Folio FX-16 16ch mixing console                    1
                           Sony CDP-203ES CD player                                             1
                           Sony MXD-D1 Mini-disc / Compact-disc combined deck                   1

Multi-media                Computer Controlled subtitles projection system                      1
Equipment                  SANYO PLC-XM150 LCD Projector w/ SANYO LNS-T21                       2
                           Long Zoom Lens
                           Extron IN-1404XT Video Scaler/Switcher                               1

         Ko Shan Theatre – Auditorium
         FULL Technical Information
V. 2011.1 – Last Update June 11                                                                    Page 8 of 8

                           12’ x 12’ motorized front projection screen                         1
                           Sony KV-21VM3MT 21” television/ video cassette recorder             2

Rolled Cinema Screen                  Immediately DS of False Proscenium (Bar 4)

Stage manager’s control desk at stage right
Dual channels intercom system with single/ dual channel(s) body-pack
Single channel wireless body-pack
Cue light system
Front-of-house paging/ Public address, Backstage paging/ Show relay system

Close Circuit TV system               Camera for stage house
                                      Low resolution fixed black & white for front of house
                                      CCTV at stage manager’s desk, side stage left and right
                                      CCTV at G/F left & right stalls lobby entrance and 1/F balcony foyer
Production desk can be set at the middle of the stall upon request

UPS maintained FOH emergency announcement system with hand-held wireless microphone and digital

The above equipment is not-fix-installed, their availability has to be checked prior to booking period.
All required equipment will be set-up during the booking sessions, please allow extra time for
equipment set-up before performance or rehearsal.