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                          PDC | 1
About Us                                                                       04
Challenge Coordinator’s Message                                                07
2009 Executive Council                                                         07
President’s Report                                                             08
2009 Sponsors                                                                  10
Sponsor History                                                                11
2009 Events Report                                                             13

Annual General Meeting                                                         14
PDC Volunteer Appreciation                                                     15
10th Anniversary Celebration of PDC                                            16

The Dynamic Duo                                  Kai Wang                      17
Team PDC Ride to Conquer Cancer 2009             Anthony Mak                   24
Corporate Grid                                   Wesley Wong                   28
History of The Challenge                                                       32

From Him to Her                                  Elton Ngan & Regina Casey     43
My Alter-Ego                                     Haley Jacobs                  44
The Best                                         Gordon Chen                   45
PDC Recipe                                       Randy Kostiuk                 46
Middle Name is Schumacher                        Alex Klimek                   46
Be Aware I Got Addicted to it!                   Kevin Cheng                   48
Proud Canadian                                   Lawrence Howlett              49
A Racecar is Still a Racecar Spelled Backwards   Jeff Corlett                  51
The Odd Couple                                   Ryan Davies & Nicole Ardiel   52

2000–2008                                                                      54
2009                                                                           64

                                                                                    PDC | 3
        erformance Drivers Club (PDC) is a non-profit   makes of automobiles. The ability for PDC to operate as      PDC members are offered the opportunity to partici-         PDC is against all forms of street racing on public roads
        society formed in 1999 to promote and facili-   a club, organize and host events is made possible with       pate in HPDE events held at various race tracks across      and believes the events offered provide a safe outlet to
        tate recreational motor sports through High     the generous support of its members and sponsors.            the Pacific Northwest. Events hosted by PDC or PDC’s        all who wish to explore performance driving. The cost
        Performance Driver Education (HPDE). Based                                                                   affiliate host clubs are NOT racing, preparation for rac-   of participation is less than a speeding ticket and the
in Vancouver BC, PDC celebrates its 10th Anniversary    PDC HPDE events are designed to provide a safe and           ing or competition of any kind.                             skill one acquires is priceless. Take it to the track… PDC
in 2009. PDC is a member club of the Confederation of   structured training environment for members to learn
Autosport Car Clubs (CACC), official sanctioning body   car control and advanced driving techniques coached          PDC is proud to support the BC Rehab Foundation as
of amateur motor sports in BC and an affiliate to ASN   by certified instructors. These events are formulated for    our select charity organization. BC Rehab supports
Canada FIA.                                             participants to progressively improve their driving skills   people with disabilities, majority of who are victims of
PDC as a drivers club, welcome members with all         allowing graduation from novice to advance levels.           auto accidents.

4 | PDC
                                                  GRIPPING PERFORMANCE
                                                  ON THE TRACK. AND BACK.

                  Extreme speeds, extraordinary g-forces, punishing braking – the track delivers the perfect variety of punishment
                  to serve as the ultimate testing ground for new tire technology. That’s why Yokohama has been a part of the
                  American Le Mans Series since it began in 1998. It’s why we’ve been selected as the spec tire for the FIA World
                  Touring Car Championship. And it’s why the 2009 Patrón GT3 Challenge is running only on Yokohama tires.
                  So when you mount a set of ADVAN Neova® AD08 tires onto your car, know that you’re driving with the most
                  advanced racing technologies available today.

                                                                                                                            PDC | 5
6 | PDC

President Michael Provenzano

Vice-President Brian Yeung

Secretary Jim McAdie                                               THEN - 1999 @ Portland
                                                                                   International Raceway                                                                                                                      NOW
Treasurer Anthony Mak

Membership Registrar Edwin Lee
                                                                                 CHALLENGE COORDINATOR’S MESSAGE

Event Registrars/Directors Kai Wang/
Brian Yeung                                             A DECADE OF PERFORMANCE…
                                                                                      …A PASSING OF THE TORCH
Chief Driving Instructor Dennis Lee

Tech Team Chairs Rob & Phil Boznik

Webmaster Ramin Towfigh/Paul Gaylie
                                                                                 2009 celebrated ten years of Performance Drivers Club. Time flies… and it literally did! Like all other years, 2009 was another
                                                                                 adrenalin pumping year with the usual ups and downs. In our sport as you all know, the one thing we wish to command is the weather
Challenge Coordinator Justina Lee
                                                                                 but no matter how we try or desire, it is the one thing we cannot conquer. But, we accept and deal in whichever way it comes upon
                                                                                 us… dry, wet, sunny, dreary, windy, hot, cold, and each and every time we emerge victorious by overcoming the elements and having a

                                                                                 great time! The year culminated with our tenth anniversary party in November.
Dennis Lee 1999–2003                                                             As with all publications, it is not the work of one person. Many thanks to all the contributors for this issue especially the shutterbugs.
Michael Lloyd 2004–2005                                                          A picture tells a thousand words and the saying stays true.
Michael Provenzano 2006–2008
                                                                                 This 10th Anniversary publication is the number twenty-eighth magazine produced. As I reflect, I have had a hand in all of the publica-
                                                                                 tions with the exception of two produced in 2006. I have put together all the twenty-eight covers to depict the history of The Chal-
                                                                                 lenge in this issue for you to enjoy its transition through the years.
The Challenge is PDC’s official publica-
tion. It is not for sale and not open to paid                                    I have enjoyed the time and opportunity to coordinate The Challenge over these years but it is time to give others a chance. I look
advertisers. All information published is the
contributing authors’ opinions, ideas, and
                                                                                 forward to future publications through “fresh eyes” and talent.
suggestions, technical or otherwise. They
do not represent an endorsement by PDC’s                                         Hope you enjoy this 10th Anniversary Special Edition and the final issue from yours truly.
directors, executive council or the club.
                                                                                 Justina Lee
Designed By Metaphase Media Inc.                                                 The Challenge Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PDC | 7
                                                                                                                                                                                  Rehab, and is expected to make another
                                                                                                                                                                                  donation of several thousand dollars in

                                                                                                                                                                                 • A dozen club instructors have been
                                                                                                                                                                                  trained with several more currently
                                                                                                                                                                                  undergoing training.

                                                                                                                                                                                 • The Club’s website has had two major
                                                                                                                                                                                  renovations (and the road course at
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mission Raceway Park has also had two
                                                                                                                                                                                  major renovations) and now exists in its
                                                                                                                                                                                  third configuration (just like the MRP
                                                                                                                                                                                  road course).

                                                                                                                                                                                 Other than the reconfiguration of MRP,
                                                                                                                                                                                 for which PDC cannot claim direct credit
                                                                                                                                                                                 (although our rental fees certainly helped
                                                                                                                                                                                 make it possible), almost all of the rest
                                                                                                                                                                                 of these milestones was accomplished
                                                                                                                                                                                 through the dedication of a great many
                                                                                                                                                                                 volunteers. I have written about them
                                                                                                                                                                                 before but their contribution deserves
                                                                                                                                                                                 mentioning again.
   Michael Provenzano
   President                                                                                                                                                                     • Executives PDC has five directors (all
                                                                                                                                                                                  of whom are also officers) and seven
                                           And it is reflected in the happy glow we       I was fortunate to be one of the first to      land number into the hundreds.           other officers. They attend numerous
 Author          Michael Provenzano
                                           have when returning from another great         join the Club in early 2000 when it had its                                             meetings throughout the year to plan
 Ride                       Acura NSX      day at the racetrack. This theme is ‘speed’    first public meeting at the Royal Vancou-     • Annual membership averages over 200     events. They register new members

                                           or perhaps, more accurately, the ‘need for     ver Yacht Club. It seems like only a few       while membership over the past decade    into the Club and register participants
          ight from the very beginning     speed’ and how that need is best fulfilled.    years ago. Yet, so much has happened in        totals well over 2,000.                  for the events that PDC runs each year.
          there has been one unifying      I know of no better method of filling that     that period of time. Here are some of the                                               They plan the details of each event,
          theme in Performance Drivers     need than through PDC.                         milestones that come to mind                  • PDC members have gone on to success-    including organizing instructors, run
          Club. This theme formed the                                                                                                    ful racing careers including winning     groups and the myriad of other things
essence of the Club’s DNA when PDC         While we have enjoyed great days driving       • PDC has held about 50 events at Mis-         the Asian Formula 3 championship,        that need to be attended to at each
was formed a decade ago. It started with   at full throttle down the straights and         sion Raceway Park, as well as events          winning regional SCCA and ICSCC class    event. They pay the bills and collect the
the first member and now, after several    pushing our limits around corners, time         at Calgary’s Race City and Spokane            championships and racing in the Speed    fees. They spend long hours working on
thousand members have been a part of       has not stood still for our Club. It is hard    International Raceway.                        World Challenge GT series.               The Challenge, PDC’s website and the
PDC, still captures our members in its     to believe but PDC has been in opera-                                                                                                  PDC newsletter. They answer numerous
grasp. It creates the excitement we feel   tion for 10 years. Yes, 2009 was PDC’s         • Events held by PDC’s affiliate clubs at     • PDC has raised and donated roughly      e-mails throughout the year. And they
while enjoying our cars on a racetrack.    celebration of a Decade of Performance.         tracks in Seattle, Bremerton and Port-        $5,000 to its designated charity, BC     do their respective jobs so well that

8 | PDC
 it seems PDC runs itself. But without        cars that attend each event. Most of the     and every member has enjoyed over the           “Thank you very much for selflessly          Throughout the pages of this issue you
 their many unpaid hours of work spent        Executive also show up with the Tech         last 10 years is attributable, in large part,   volunteering your time to our Club so        will find articles written by our members
 running the Club, PDC would not have         Volunteers to ensure the day gets off to     to their boundless energy. In recogni-          we can have so much fun. And to Dennis       about their experiences with PDC. Many
 survived.                                    a smooth start.                              tion of their contribution and as a way         and Justina, we could not have done this     of those experiences are about their
                                                                                           of expressing PDC’s gratitude to them, I        without you. Thank you”.                     revelation in discovering the speed and
• Instructors In addition to the paid        From PDC’s first event to the last event      was proud to present Dennis and Justina                                                      level to which a modern automobile can
 instructors from ProFormance Racing,        of 2009 and continuing throughout the         with a copy of Portraits by the renowned        Another group that has been fundamen-        be safely driven. If you are not a member,
 there are 12 volunteer instructors from     winter of 2009-10 there have been two         motorsport photographer Jesse Alexan-           tal to our Club’s success is our sponsors.   I hope you will join us at the track and
 PDC that put in many laps and hours         volunteers that have volunteered more,        der at the Club’s year-end banquet held         Their financial support and contributions    have your own revelation. When you do
 riding in student’s cars selflessly shar-   and contributed more, to the success of       in November. As I mentioned at the time,        of goods and services has allowed PDC to     joint us, don’t forget to bring a friend.
 ing their knowledge. And each year          our Club than anyone else. They are, and      a new performance car or a small island         flourish and, among other things, enabled    Besides introducing them to one of the
 more advanced drivers volunteer to          have always been, the ‘heart and soul’        in the Caribbean would have been more           us to run our website and produce this       best hobbies there is, the skills they learn
 train to become an instructor and guide     of PDC. I am referring, of course, to Club    commensurate with their contribution. If        issue of The Challenge. Our sponsors         may save their life.
 students through the development            founders, Dennis and Justina Lee. Dennis      anyone has a spare and wishes to donate         advertisements are set out throughout
 program to become better drivers.           is currently our Chief Driving Instructor     a new car or small island to them, I will       this issue and I strongly urge you to sup-   So ends our first decade. I can hardly wait
                                             and Justina is our Editor of The Challenge.   see what we can about getting you a tax         port them the next time you are in need      for the next.
• Tech Volunteers These individuals          But from PDC’s infancy to now, they           receipt!                                        of their products. Thank you sponsors for
 show up before the gates open and           seem to have carried out every function                                                       your support over this last decade. I hope   Michael Provenzano
 often before the sun rises so that they     in PDC, while they guided, organized and      In view of all that, I truly mean it when I     we can count on you for many more years      President
 can get ready to inspect the 80 or so       ran our Club such that the fun that each      say to each and every one of these people       of support.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          PDC | 9
                                                           Page intentionally left blank for Digitech

Hi-Speed Prints
                                                  ...inspired by you

Trade Show Displays | Large Format Banners | Catalogues | Brochures | Multipart Forms        Location 1: 621 West Pender St., Tel 604-648-0005
                                                                                                    Location 2: 545 Howe St., Tel 604-568-5555
MCL Motor Cars                  Driver`s Edge Autosport        Clarkdale Volkswagen        Auto West BMW               World Insurance Services  

                                Yokohama Canada                Designo Auto House          Digitech Printing

                                                                                           GPFX Graphics

                                                                                           JKC Fraser CA
                                                                                           604 926 5592

 2000                             2002–03                        2005                        2006                        2007                            2008
 Primary                          Primary                        Platinum                    Platinum                    Platinum                        Titanium
 Driver’s Edge Autosport          Driver’s Edge Autosport        MCL Motor Cars              MCL Motor Cars              MCL Motor Cars                  MCL Motor Cars
 London Motorcars Ltd.            Yokohama Canada
                                  London Motorcars Ltd.          Gold                        Gold                        Gold                            Platinum
 Secondary                                                       Yokohama Canada             Yokohama Canada             Goldkey VW                      Driver’s Edge Autosport
 ProFormance Racing               Secondary                      Specialty Subaru            REV Competition             Broadway Camera                 Yokohama Canada
 Softouch Auto Detailing          ProFormance Racing                                                                     REV Competition                 National Tire Wholesale
 Abbing Reprograhics Ltd          Softouch Auto Detailing        Silver                      Silver
 Total Graphics Lithotech Inc     Quickie Copy Centre            Driver’s Edge Autosport     Driver’s Edge Autosport     Silver                          Gold
                                  Metaphase Media                Preston’s GM                Goldkey VW                  Driver’s Edge Autosport         Cowell Auto Group
                                                                 Howard Whitlock TD          Preston’s GM                Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver   Goldkey VW
                                                                 National Tire Wholesale     Howard Whitlock TD          Preston’s GM                    Dr. Suzuki Inc.
 2001                             2004                           Abbotsford Nissan           Scott Johnson Creative      Invis on the Peninsula          Designo Auto House
                                                                                             Invis on the Peninsula      Howard Whitlock TD
 Primary                          Primary                        Bronze                      Digitech Publishing         Audi of Richmond                Silver
 Driver’s Edge Autosport          Driver’s Edge Autosport        ProFormance Racing                                      Invis on the Peninsula          Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver
 Yokohama Canada                  Yokohama Canada                Quickie Copy Centre         Bronze                      Scott Johnson Design            Invis on the Peninsula
 London Motorcars Ltd.            London Motorcars Ltd.          Scott Johnson Creative      ProFormance Racing          Metaphase Media                 Digitech Publishing
                                                                                             Brian Jessel BMW            Digitech Publishing             Broadway Camera
 Secondary                        Secondary                                                  National Tire Wholesale                                     JKC Fraser CA
 ProFormance Racing               ProFormance Racing                                         Till-It Shines
 Softouch Auto Detailing          Softouch Auto Detailing                                                                                                Bronze
 Abbing Reprograhics Ltd          Quickie Copy Centre                                                                                                    World Insurance Services
 Total Graphics Lithotech Inc     Scott Johnson Creative                                                                                                 Burrard Autostrasse Collision Ltd

                                                                                                                                                                              PDC | 11
                                         he 2009 schedule featured 23
                                         events held at 4 different facilities                                                 Kai Wang
                                                                                                                        Event Co-Director
                                         in BC, WA and OR.
                                         PDC hosted 6 events at Mission

EVENTS                                   Raceway Park, 5 schools and 1
                             lapping event. It included for the first time an
                             exclusive Run Group for PDC’s Silver Sponsor
                             – Auto West BMW at the September DE event.

REPORT                       PDC has hosted a total of 53 events since
                             1999. PDC

                             Please visit
                             for 2009 events schedule.

                              March 20th                                 Team Continental        Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              April 10    th
                                                                         PCA/Pacific Northwest   Pacific Raceway Inc., WA

                              April 13    th
                                                                         PDC                     Mission Raceway Park, BC

                              April 18 / 19
                                          th              th
                                                                         PCA/Oregon              Oregon Raceway Park, OR

                              May 11th                                   PDC                     Mission Raceway Park, BC

                              May 15th                                   Team Continental        Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              May 17th                                   PCA/Oregon              Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              May 26th                                   PCA/Oregon              Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              June 10   nd
                                                                         PCA/Pacific Northwest   Pacific Raceway Inc., WA

                              June 15     th
                                                                         PDC                     Mission Raceway Park, BC

                              June 20 / 21th              st
                                                                         PCA/Oregon              Oregon Raceway Park, OR

                              June 27     th
                                                                         Team Continental        Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              July 13   th
                                                                         PDC                     Mission Raceway Park, BC

                              July 21st
                                                                         PCA/Oregon              Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              July 29th                                  PCA/Pacific Northwest   Pacific Raceway Inc., WA

                              August 13th                                PCA/Pacific Northwest   Pacific Raceway Inc., WA

                              August 31st                                PDC                     Mission Raceway Park, BC

                              September 3rd                              PCA/Pacfic Northwest    Pacific Raceway Inc., WA

                              September 20                 th
                                                                         PCA/Oregon              Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              September 28                     th
                                                                         PDC                     Mission Raceway Park, BC

                              October 1        st
                                                                         PCA/Pacific Northwest   Pacific Raceway Inc., WA

                              October 4         th
                                                                         PCA/Oregon              Portland Int’l Raceway, OR

                              October 24 / 25        th             th
                                                                         BMW Inland Empire       Spokane Raceway Park, WA

                                                                                                                   PDC | 13
              Brian Yeung
         Event Co-Director
HAPPENINGS | Annual General Meeting

                                      Date                                         March 25, 2009

                                      Venue                              MCL Porsche Showroom

                                        DC‘s 2009 Annual General Meeting was held on March 25th at the
                                        MCL Porsche showroom. Thanks to MCL for the use of their venue
                                        and for hosting our members with food and refreshments. PDC

14 | PDC
                                                                          PDC Volunteer Appreciation | HAPPENINGS

Date                                           February 22, 2009

Venue                                    La Terrazza Restaurant

       dinner was hosted for all PDC volunteers on February 22nd at
       the La Terrazza Restaurant in appreciation of their contribution
       to the Club. PDC

                                                                                                         PDC | 15
HAPPENINGS | 10th Anniversary Celebration of Performance Drivers Club

                                                                        10TH ANNIVERSARY
                                                                        CELEBRATION OF
                                                                        DRIVERS CLUB
                                                                         Date                                                       November 7, 2009

                                                                         Venue                                        Point Grey Golf & Country Club

                                                                                  o honour this milestone, a banquet and party was held on November 7th,
                                                                                  2009 at the Point Grey Golf & Country Club. Past and present sponsors of
                                                                                  the club participated in the celebration with members. An evening of good
                                                                                  food and cheer was enjoyed by all with some lucky members going home
                                                                        with great prizes! PDC

16 | PDC
10th Anniversary Celebration of Performance Drivers Club | HAPPENINGS

                                                             PDC | 17
FEATURE | The Dynamic Duo

18 | PDC
Dynamic Duo
             Author                                                            Kai Wang
                                                                PDC Event Co-Registrar/Director

             Ride                                                Porsche 911 GT3

                  hen one thinks of a dynamic duo, Batman and Robin probably come
                  to mind. But for fans of the Performance Drivers Club (PDC), there
                  is also a dynamic duo often found dressed in their signature driving
                  suits. Last year, on the eve of PDC’s ten year anniversary, I looked
into the past events and road blocks of Mission Raceway Park to discover what some
individuals had achieved in order to create a facility for driving enthusiasts. In cel-
ebrating a decade of performance, I sat down with Dennis and Justina Lee, the found-
ers of Performance Drivers Club, to get their story on how they created PDC and how
their influence contributed to the transformation of a track-driving community that
once was a gloomy Gotham City to one that is an active, vibrant and expansive driv-
ing population.

After living in Australia for five years and actively participating in various motorsport
activities, Dennis and Justina arrived in Vancouver in 1997 to find the track-driving
atmosphere in Vancouver somber and abandoned. With a newly acquired Porsche
911, they joined the local Porsche Club but were surprised to find the Club without
drivers’ education (DE) events. Having acquired his racing license at Magny-Cours
and having driven Formula Renault and raced in Nice, France in Formula Lotus, Dennis
was passionate to return to the track that year. Naturally, Dennis volunteered to help
organize a DE event for the Porsche Club. That first event attracted eighteen Porsche
Club members.

Accustomed to the auto culture that exists in Australia and Europe, Dennis was dis-
heartened with the lackluster participation and the absence of high performance
drivers education (HPDE) clubs in Vancouver. During a visit to Driver’s Edge Au-
tosport, Dennis shared his frustration with Frank Micucci, the owner. Frank men-
tioned that there were non-Porsche drivers who were interested in attending high

                                                                                                  PDC | 19
performance driving events. Unfortunately, Porsche Club events were      and Justina began to seriously plot the idea of a HPDE club that would be
restricted to Porsche Club members only. Frank made the suggestion       inclusive of all cars in order to boost interest and participation. Enthu-
that Dennis should start a club that was not marque specific. Being an   siastic customers from London Motorcars and Driver’s Edge Autosport
addict of automobiles since car-peddling age, Dennis was motivated by    participated in three trial events.
the idea of different cars running together.
                                                                         In 1999, Dennis and Justina elicited the assistance of several individu-
Having established relationships with car clubs and businesses, Dennis   als from different car groups to help legitimately establish a car club
                                                                         dedicated to track driving. Lee-Ann Strelzow assisted with the estab-
                                                                         lishment of PDC as a non-profit organization and took on the position
                                                                         of secretary. Richard Bradhurst designed the website and occupied the
                                                                         seat of vice-president and Anthony Strelzow took on the role of Safety
                                                                         Chair. Other friends of Dennis and Justina, such as Bob Benson of the
                                                                         Porsche Club, Dean Schindell of the BMW club, and Joel Seigel of the
                                                                         Viper and Corvette clubs, acted as brand representatives to help attract
                                                                         members to the newly created PDC.

                                                                         Officially, PDC became the first HPDE club in Vancouver in December
                                                                         1999. In its inaugural year, PDC managed to attract fifty members and
                                                                         the membership fee was forty dollars, as it remains today. In order to
                                                                         organize an event properly and safely, Dennis engaged Proformance
                                                                         Racing to provide the logistics of safety necessities, turn workers and

20 | PDC
                                                                                                            The Dynamic Duo | FEATURE

Drawing from his experiences in club racing, rally races and as a national   Dennis has managed to set up the first and only BC club-instructor train-
instructor for the Porsche Club of America, Dennis with Justina, who         ing program. Each year, one to two club members are trained, tested
was also a licensed racer and who had driven in various programs such        and certified. Each club instructor joins the instructors’ council.
as Skip Barber School at Lime Rock Park, created a DE program that is
still in use today.                                                          Dennis and Justina were born in Singapore and met when they were
                                                                             eighteen and twenty-one, coincidentally as a result of a car-related in-
The dynamic duo have tirelessly built and advanced the club over the         cident. In her effort to comfort Dennis, they, and the friends that in-
past ten years. More than 2000 members have since come through the
club enjoying multiple events a year at Mission Raceway. Although the
demographic of the club has shifted and the sport itself has grown to
become more mainstream, with competing clubs and companies shar-
ing the use of Mission Raceway, the club is stronger than ever.

Dennis and Justina have established the foundation for a successful and
well-respected sport club. PDC is viewed as the standard that other or-
ganizations look to, especially in terms of safety. As a non-profit club,
PDC is recreational, yet professional enough to attract corporate par-
ticipation in DE events. This is a validation and recognition from the
auto community of PDC’s success.

As forward thinkers, Dennis and Justina continually try to foresee
changes that lie ahead. In his vision to grow and strengthen the club,

                                                                                                                                          PDC | 21
FEATURE | The Dynamic Duo

troduced them, played Monopoly. As Justina states
from that moment onward Dennis was “monopolized
                                                              “The PDC dynamic
or rather mesmerized” by her. As such, it seems only
appropriate that PDC has monopolized the couple’s           duo has transformed
attention for the last ten years. The club has become
                                                               the track-driving
an extension of them. When Dennis and Justina
planned to return to Australia in 2006, there was a           scene of the Lower
panic amongst club executives as to how they would            Mainland from Go-
continue to organize DE events with such precision.
Fortunately, Dennis and Justina remained to further
                                                           tham to Metropolis...”
enjoy their creation.

The PDC dynamic duo has transformed the track-driving scene of the Lower Mainland from Gotham
City to Metropolis, and has provided a community for driving enthusiasts to share and enjoy their

Thank you, Dennis and Justina.

            PDC TRIVIA

       Aside from Dennis and Justina, who is the longest
       running, continuous member of PDC?
                                                               ANSWER – Michael Provenzano

22 | PDC
The Dynamic Duo | FEATURE

                  PDC | 23
           TEAM PDC

            Ride to

24 | PDC
                                                                                                                                                           Team PDC Ride to Conquer Cancer 2009 | FEATURE

                                                                            border two-day event on June 19th and 20th from Vancouver to Seattle,
Author                                                  Anthony Mak
                                                                            covering 260+ km with a minimum fund requirement of $2500 per rider.
Event                                 The Ride to Conquer Cancer

                                                                            I was really quite hesitant this time, not only because of the minimum
         peed, Speed, Speed! “Need for Speed” – This seems to be a          amount of money required but also the long riding distance. To raise
         common slogan among PDC members. As a Treasurer, I saw             this amount of money in the current economic environment wouldn’t be
         lots of them using this as their nicknames, sign-in names,         easy and also I have never ridden for so long a distance in two consecu-
         screen names, etc. Every word related to speed is being used.      tive days. Not only the legs hurt, but the butt too. Rubbing your butt on
                                                                            the saddle for over 6 hours a day is no fun at all. Besides, no one is going
“Speed” is what connected me to PDC. I love speed. That’s why I love        to massage it for you afterwards, except massaging it with the saddle
racing (technically speaking – High Performance Education), snow-           again for another 6 more hours the following day!
boarding and biking. I love chasing butts on the racetracks, tumbling
down runs in Whistler and flying down Cypress Road on my bike. All          It all began with the email from Phil (our Tech Chair who might have
of these in the past ten years were to satisfy my hunger for speed and      failed you in the morning tech) asking for support to his ride. Holy Cow,
adrenaline, nothing really worth mentioning, except volunteering my         I’m the Treasurer who always goes around to poke into people’s pocket
time in PDC as a Treasurer. I finally found something two years ago that    for money and now I am being asked for money?! I dared not decline
connected my hobby in a more challenging and rewarding way – that’s         his request (you need to befriend some powerful people in the morning
fund raising for the BC Cancer Foundation on a bike!                        tech), but then I decided it’s my turn to go after people for money too,
                                                                            especially PDC members. There’s no other effective way than to form a
BC Cancer Foundation hosts biking events in the recent years to raise       PDC Team. I immediately thought of Kai (Event Director) to help me do
money for research and has helped millions of cancer patients in getting    this “Once in a Lifetime” ride before I’m getting too old for this (some of
better care and cure. I first joined them in 2007 with some of my cycling   you know how young I am). We formed a “Team PDC” shortly.
buddies and rode 100 km in Richmond. In 2009, they hosted a cross-                                                                       CONTINUED →

                                                                                                                                                                                                  PDC | 25
FEATURE | Team PDC Ride to Conquer Cancer 2009

                                                 In the name of Team PDC, we got lots of support from our Executive         Kai and me started our training in April for this epic ride, some times
                                                 members and I had no problem in securing support from other mem-           together, some times by ourselves. That was really a “Once in a Life
                                                 bers too after talking with them on the track; no one had ever turned me   Time” training for me and I hope that it was. One day when I was nego-
                                                 down (try to beat for the Treasurer post next year)! Raising the minimum   tiating a left turn, Braking, Shifting, Apex, Accelerating and Exit. I was
                                                 amount of fund wasn’t a big problem as I had previously thought. People    smooth and nice except that I forgot that I wasn’t on a racetrack. Holy
                                                 were so generous and some of my friends even approached me on their        Cow, there was a car coming on my left (VISION, vision, vision)! I did my
                                                 own to offer their donations. I secured donations from overseas too!       threshold braking but too bad that wasn’t my Ferrodo brake pad from
                                                                                                                            Drivers Edge (support your Sponsor). In a blink, the Weight Transfer put
                                                                                                                            me on the hood of the car, leaning against the windshield. When the car
                                                                                                                            stopped, I jumped off the hood and, the first thing I did was to check on
                                                                                                                            my mistress – my bike. There was no sign of brake fluid or coolant on
                                                                                                                            the ground, no broken bike pieces. Good! The other broken pieces were

26 | PDC
not mine. Great! My mistress looked like fine except with a slightly bent    him who was doing the leading job. I made him work hard, HA HA, Young          The two of us in Team PDC had raised almost $8000 dollars - the whole
wheel and a scratched fork (I still needed to call a tow truck driver – my   Lad! Day one we finished 130+ km and stayed overnight in Vernon where          event had raised 6.9 millions. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks so
wife, to get me home). The other driver asked me if I was OK and then I      we met Phil again in the campsite. My legs were tired and I had some           much to all those who had supported us in this meaningful event. I am
checked on myself. My skeletons seemed to be moving freely but some          concern for the following day, having another 130+ km to go.                   proud to say that we are all part of this huge success, playing a big part
of my muscles started to feel sore and stiff. It turned out I needed to                                                                                     in this history of conquering cancer. I strongly believe that one-day, with
replace my fork and a new front wheel, and my body was awarded with          Day two wasn’t too bad when I got up. We met up with three of my cy-           your continuous contribution, we will find a cure for cancer and make it
some bruises and broken skins of course. I took a few days’ rest with        cling buddies and we rode in a group all day long, chatting and joking         history.
massage and chiro treatment and was back to training again few days          when I still had some breath left. I was so happy that I met the youngest      TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! PDC
later, though still with some pain and slight phobia of cars passing by.     rider Mark in the event. He is only 7 years old riding in a kid’s bike with
There was a good cause for me to keep on training and I have to thank        small wheels. He is a very brave kid indeed and he rode for his father
God for protecting me with an invisible roll cage to survive the crash, to   who is under cancer treatment. HATS OFF to Mark and his family! Later
continue with my good work.                                                  part of the day there were rainstorm and hail, but luckily we escaped
                                                                             from it cause we were delayed by a punctured tire. When your legs were
June 19 finally came. First day we started off at Gilford Town Centre in     really tired and reluctant o spin, there were always hills after hills ahead
Surrey early in the morning and crossed the border in a huge group of        of you. I managed to crawl to the top of all the hills encountered and our
1701 riders. Roads in the neighborhood were blocked for us with cheer-       flying lizard Kai were always there smiling and waiting for me (he is 26
ing crowds. We rode through the scenic roads along the coast and took        years younger than me – but may not be 26 years strong than me)! We fi-
rest at stops for food and drink. There were cheering crowds in every        nally reached our destination at the University of Washington in Seattle
town to cheer our spirit up and you had to go on and on despite your         and met my loved one - my exclusive tow truck driver – Louisa, who has
tiring legs and sore butt. Kai took some nice pictures along the way and     all the time been so encouraging and supporting in all the sports I love.
we made some friends too. Most of the time I rode with Kai in a group        Thank you, Louisa! And Thank You to Kai for accompanying me in this
and whenever we wanted to chase some butts to take the draft, it was         unforgettable journey!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PDC | 27
           Corporate O
                    Author                                                              Wesley Wong
                    Event                                          Auto West BMW PDC Track Day
                                 n September 28, 2009 a          explore their BMWs’ capabilities. What
                                 select group of Auto West       better way to do so than to offer track
                                 BMW customers were in-          time on a real race course with highly

                                 vited to discover first-hand    skilled PDC instructors guiding them
                    why their BMW is the Ultimate Driv-          throughout the way!
                    ing Experience. As the exclusive dealer
                    sponsor for that day, we invited 15 of our   While organizing this exclusive driv-
                    performance-enthusiast customers to          ing event with our customers, PDC had

28 | PDC
                                                                                             Corporate Grid | FEATURE

shown nothing but professionalism. Their       school classes before their track time to
experience with driving events clearly         familiarize everyone with the rules and
shined through as they were always on          what to expect. This not only helped to
top of things and well prepared, allowing      take away the trepidation for first-timers,
the logistics leading up to the track day to   but also educated them on what a typical
flow seamlessly.                               day at the track was like.

PDC offered our customers two ground           On the day of the driving event, PDC had

                                                                                                             PDC | 29
FEATURE | Corporate Grid

                           assigned a dedicated area for Auto West       that’s exactly what happened when it was        After an eventful day that passed quickly,
                           BMW, with prime track-side space be-          our drivers’ turn to attack the track. Filled   it ended with a group photo of all our Auto
                           side the paddock area. This gave us great     with anticipation and adrenaline, our en-       West BMW participants on the track with
                           exposure to other PDC members and al-         thused drivers couldn’t wait until they         their BMWs. Feedback received from our
                           lowed our drivers to easily access the pre-   were on the track again. PDC’s instructors      customers has been extremely positive
                           grid and paddock area when called upon.       gave clear guidance and inspired confi-         and Auto West BMW’s partnership with
                           Our position allowed us to network with       dence to the drivers as they rode in each       the PDC was truly a great and memorable
                           our drivers as well as others who wanted      individual’s car. A number of our drivers       experience for all. PDC
                           to learn more about Auto West BMW.            were even lucky enough to be passengers
                                                                         in the instructors’ own cars during a cou-
                           It’s not everyday you see everyone with       ple hot laps and gained some additional
                           a smile or grin planted on their face. But,   driving tips.

30 | PDC
                                                                  Were you expecting a red carpet?
                                                                                                     At Auto West BMW, our red carpet
                                                                                                     treatment comes with sustainable
                                                                                                     thinking, like our dealership that
                                                                                                     features geothermal energy,
                                                                                                     a green roof, rain water capture
                                                                                                     and recirculation, and an entire
                                                                                                     attitude that’s moving us toward
                                                                                                     an environmentally friendly future.

                                                                                                     Auto West BMW
                                                                                                     Canada’s first eco-luxury automotive retailer

                                                Bridgeport Road
                                                                               AUTO WEST BMW
No. 4 Road

                                                                  No. 5 Road
                                   Shell Road

                                                                                                                 Auto West BMW
                                                                               Richmond                          Richmond

                 Oak St. Bridge,                                               10780 Cambie Road
                                                Auto West BMW                  V6X 1K8
                                                                               604.273.2217                                              The Ultimate

                                                                                                             Driving Experience.

                                                  Cambie Road
             Ladner, Delta,
             Surrey, White Rock                                                Dealer 8113
                                                                                                                                   PDC | 31
FEATURE | History of The Challenge

                                     History of
     The Challenge
                                               he first official publication
                                               of The Challenge was pro-
                                               duced in 2000. It started as
                                               a quarterly publication and
                                     four seasonal issues were produced
                                     annually till 2006. In 2007, it was
                                     condensed into an Annual publica-
                                     tion and remains so. Enjoy the Covers
                                     of The Challenge through the years!

                                                                               SUMMER 2000

32 | PDC
                          History of The Challenge | FEATURE

FALL 2000   WINTER 2000   SPRING 2001

                                                    PDC | 33
FEATURE | History of The Challenge

            SUMMER 2001              FALL 2001   WINTER 2001

34 | PDC
                            History of The Challenge | FEATURE

SPRING 2002   SUMMER 2002    FALL 2002

                                                      PDC | 35
FEATURE | History of The Challenge

            WINTER 2002              SPRING 2003   SUMMER 2003

36 | PDC
                          History of The Challenge | FEATURE

FALL 2003   WINTER 2003   SPRING 2004

                                                    PDC | 37
FEATURE | History of The Challenge

           SUMMER 2004               FALL 2004   WINTER 2004

38 | PDC
                            History of The Challenge | FEATURE

SPRING 2005   SUMMER 2005    FALL 2005

                                                      PDC | 39
FEATURE | History of The Challenge

            WINTER 2005              2006 H1   2006 H2

40 | PDC
                                   History of The Challenge | FEATURE

ANNUAL 2007   ANNUAL 2008          ANNUAL 2009
                            10 Anniversary Special Edition

                                                             PDC | 41
42 | PDC
                                                                                                                                                                                  From Him to Her | IMPRESSIONS


Elton Ngan                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Regina Casey

                                             Elton:                                        about keeping the revs up, and getting out       one package I say! Over to you Luv.       girl’s fantasy surely!
Authors                  Elton Ngan &
                         Regina Casey                                                      of the corners fast. Eight years ago 240HP
                                             Over these 8 years I have had four cars, a    seemed plenty, but today …, well let’s just      Regina:                                   The big surprise was the sheer joy I
Rides Chevrolet Corvette Z06 &               minivan, a SUV , a S2000, and the Z06.        say it was time to upgrade. Rebounding                                                     experienced as my fledgling skills grew.
                 Honda S2000
                                             One partner. The ex-president once told       from the disappointment of not getting           So what attracts me to performance        Thanks to several enormously skilled

                                             me it was cheaper to swap cars then wives     a GTR – did you read that contract? Got          driving? The smell of burning rubber by   and patient instructors I have become
                  e are not lifers. But we   – good advice. Thanks PDC!                    a Z06 – 7.2 liter, naturally aspirated, 475      mid-afternoon is something grand as       more confident in my driving skills. I
                  have been members                                                        lb-ft torque, 505 HP, weighing in at 3180        is the gripping sound of the engines as   have learned to enjoy the “slide” and
                  of PDC for 8 of its 10     I got into PDC because of that S2000,         lb, what’s there not to like. This thing is a    the cars seem to glide around and the     know that all corners are not created
                  years, I guess that sort   love that car! I was having dinner with       monster. If the GTR is Japan’s Godzilla,         around the track. But most importantly    equal…some are more fun.
of makes us veterans. Justina asked us to    Joel Siegel one of the founding members,      then the Z06 is America’s King Kong.             the big attraction is opportunity to
pass along some reflections on PDC.          Joel announced he was going racing, I         Breathe on the throttle and it lurches           spend some time with King Kong… every     We “track” women are few in numbers
Great cars! Great people! Great club!        asked him for driving advice. I think the     forward. It’s not me; there is no “smooth                                                  but thanks to Justina’s gentle presence
What else is there to say?                   specific question was “how do I keep the      on the throttle” in a Z06. This thing isn’t                                                we are growing. Thanks Elton for en-
Thanks PDC!                                  car from hydroplaning?” Now for those of      just all about power, but it’s a lot of power,         “I have learned to                  couraging me to get involved, thanks to
                                             you who don’t know Joel, well lets just say   and that’s good thing.                                                                     other members and instructors for your
                                                                                                                                                    enjoy the slide
                                             he doesn’t suffer fools. His advice, “learn                                                                                              welcome and desire to become better
     “Great cars! Great                      to drive”. Then as if to underscore his       These two cars are like night and day.
                                                                                                                                                  and know that all                   drivers. So for all you ladies who are not
     people! Great club!                     point he said, “I’m serious.” That spring     Would I be happier with one car that com-             corners are not cre-                 yet involved - come play with us on the

     What else is there                      I became a novice with PDC and 8 years        bines the best of the two? I don’t think so,           ated equal...some                   track and pick up some great driving
                                             later, I still love that car!                 I love both cars. Perhaps to have the best                                                 skills at the same time.
          to say?”                                                                                                                                  are more fun.”
                                                                                           of both worlds, you need to have both.
                                             Driving the S2000 is exhilarating; it’s all   Now a woman, that’s different, put it all in                                               Thanks PDC     PDC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PDC | 43

                                        many miles of land and ocean and        Patrick!” On October 31, 2008, I
Author             Haley Jacobs                                                                                                                                                                                       Haley Jacobs
                                        once again, I can hear my dad’s         donned Justina Lee’s generously
Ride           Porsche Boxster          voice in my ear. This time, though,     loaned driving suit and boots and

                                        I am in the driver’s seat. This time,   all those years of one-sided con-
              nd, I’m going around      I am navigating corners with quick      versations my devoted Porsche-
              the corner at a 100       breaks, accelerating out of turns       loving husband, Kai, would have
              miles an hour!” my        and pushing through straight-           to endure were no longer. As I
              dad would trill like an   aways. I am not on any dirt road; I     zipped and Velcroed myself in,
auctioneer as he sped through the       am at Mission Raceway!                  tied up laces, and fell into helmet,
twists and turns of the Drakens-                                                curiosity settled in and was sold
burg mountains in Natal, South Af-      Let me introduce you to Danika          on the idea of learning to drive on
rica. The dry dirt road threw dust      Patrick – my alter-ego. As a            a race track.
up around the old International         teacher and counsellor at an
truck and my sister and I excitedly     academic prep school for boys, my       On August 31, 2009, I arose
encouraged him onward. This was         grade 10 students were delighted        before the sun with heavy eyes
my first thrilling experience with      when they asked, “Ma’am who are         after barely having slept – excite-
speed and corners and cars. Fast        you going to be for Halloween?”         ment, a bit, terror, in droves!
forward twenty- odd years and           only to get the response, “Danika       Today, I would drive our beloved
                                                                                2001 Porsche Boxster around, and
                                                                                around, and around.

                                                                                We arrived early at Mission
                                                                                Raceway as Kai had to help with        members attended a classroom         were exhilarating! The thrill of       ity of having a female instructor
                                                                                the tech inspection. I sat quietly     session, taught by Dennis Lee.       the chase, the curves of each turn     in PDC. I look forward to Justina
                                                                                with the Boxster and took in the       He was very informative and his      and the pace of the car on the         Lee’s future instruction!
                                                                                early morning atmosphere of the        explanations of the guidelines and   homestretch transformed me. I
                                                                                track: the sounds of instructions      expectations on the track made       was Danika, if for only a day.         For years, the Boxster and I had
                                                                                and laughter from techs, the rev-      me buzz with anticipation.                                                  a love-hate relationship. I adored
                                                                                ving engines of eager drivers, the                                          I was very fortunate to have           to be driven in her, but I disliked
                                                                                beauty of the cars surrounding         Finally, the White Group was         such excellent instruction on my       driving her. It was more a fear of
                                                                                us from Edwin’s GT3 to Regina’s        called into the pre-grid area to     first day at Mission Raceway as        harming the Boxster or myself that
                                                                                Honda S2000, the smell of coffee       prepare to drive. Once again, I      I feel that the different teach-       made driving her uncomfortable.
                                                                                too early brewed and brake fluid       fell into my helmet, took a deep     ing techniques gave me varying         I simply didn’t trust that I could
                                                                                already warmed, but mostly, I took     breath and thought of Dennis’        strategies that I can use next time.   drive this car. When I did, she
                                                                                in the feeling of excitement from      wise words, “keep breathing!”        Yes, next time! During my down         drove me around. Now, I drive her.
                                                                                each member.                           My sessions were instructed by       time, Regina, Lee-Ann and I, the       Or more appropriately, we drive
                                                                                                                       Rob Boznik who was comfort-          three ladies at the tack, gravitated   together stealing secret turns and
                                                                                Before I was able to drive around      ing and confidently reassuring,      towards one another. We had a          sleek straightaways. Women:
                                                                                the corners at 100 miles an hour,      and Dennis Lee who was firm          fantastic time conversing and the      try this sport! Men: point and let
                                                                                I, with the other White Group          and encouraging. Both sessions       topic came up about the possibil-      pass! PDC

44 | PDC
                                                                                                                                                                   The Best | IMPRESSIONS

                                       reason will also be that no one       help me learn about cars and its
Author             Gordon Chen
                                       is willing to risk their own car by   components. When I ask my
Ride                Subaru WRX         leaving paint on the wall or on       friend to join me on the track,

                                       other’s. In addition, members of      some of them told me they can’t
          very time I told someone     PDC have great respect for each       as they just drive a family sedan.
          that I am going to a track   other and are mature individuals      (Btw, friend, I don’t consider Audi
          day with PDC, the first      who are here to learn and enjoy       S4 a family sedan) It’s typically
          responses were usu-          driving our own car on the track.     the mindset of them thinking they
ally “are you going racing?”, “is                                            need a sports car to attend, which,
it safe?”, or “are you taking your     During the past six years with        honestly, is not the case. What’s
car?”. Sure, these were also the       PDC, I have learned and sharp-        so great about PDC is that it is a
questions on my mind before go-        ened my driving skill with the help   performance driving club. We
ing to my first event 6 years ago,     of many instructors as I advance      come to learn how to drive our
but all the questions and worries I    into different group. At every        own car on the track, hence, learn
had vanished as the day went on.       event, I can always find something    the limit of our car. I don’t know
                                                                                                                                                                                  Gordon Chen
                                       new to work on. Even at the last      about other members, but after
  “PDC track day event                 event, I asked an instructor to       those years with PDC, I become
  is not a racing event.”              drive my car so that I would know     such a good boy on public road          每當我告訴周遭的親戚朋友 “         來,快快樂樂的回去。如果不小          六年的,在自己技術的成長下也
                                       where I could improve…man…do          and if others try to hassle me, well,   我明天要去參加PDC辦的track      心將自己愛駒身上的漆留在牆上          發現自己在一般公路上更能心
“PDC track day event is not a          I still have tons to learn or what…   by all means, go right ahead as I       day”時,最常聽到的問題就是”       或是別人車上,不但要接受會員          平氣和,小心駕駛。 開著改裝
racing event”. This cannot be          orz. Sure, some money was spent       don’t think more horse power +          你要去賽車喔?” “安全嗎?”   或    們給你關懷的注目禮,自己的荷          過的車在路上難免有人想跟你
stressed enough at every drivers       to improve the performance of         heavy foot = better driver. You are     是” 開你的車去嗎? 不會很傷車       包也得大大出血哩。               飆一下  ,也許是老了或是在PDC
meeting. Although there are strict     my ride, but, it was just to add      more than welcome to join PDC to        嗎?” 當然,在我參加PDC之前                               見識過比對方的車性能更好的
rules about driving on the track       a little fun here and there to get    let it all out as long as you “keep     這些也都是我會考慮的問題。而         過去六年來在PDC教練和自己的         超跑名駒,總是禮貌的讓對方先
to prevent drivers from making         better braking, grip, power and       your brain inside your helmet”          這些疑問也在六年前參加了我的         揣摩,練習下      ,駕駛技術也在每    走,希望前面有警察將他攔下…
foolish mistakes, I think the main     safety, which on the other hand       (Dennis Lee, PDC founder, @ all         第一次track day後變成不是問題    次的晉級之中得到成長。PDC的         。。畢竟馬力大加重腳不代表”
                                                                             track events 1999~)                     的問題了  。                track day是採分組制,根據學員            。
                                                                                                                                                                    會開車” 歡迎他有朝一日能
                                                                                                                                            的駕駛技術來進行分配, 所以          到PDC一同學習。也希望他在適
                                                                             PDC is the best club I have joined,     “PDC track day不是用來跟會   不管你是第一次下場或者是身           當的地點能在”       頭不超過安全
                                                                             period. With it, I have the oppor-                 。
                                                                                                                     員們賽車的” 這句話是每次          經百戰的車手,都可以與自己同          帽” (Dennis Lee, PDC創辦人
                                                                             tunity to drive on different tracks     track day 車手會議的開場白。    程度的會員們一同學習而不會           1999~)的條件下    ,將這旺盛的動
                                                                             and conditions (dry, wet and            每次track day開始前主辦單位都    感到壓力。 車子的好壞在PDC         力發揮出來。
                                                                             torrential downpour), meet great        會詳細的跟會員們講解在場上          的track event並不重要,重要的
                                                                             people who also enjoy driving and       的規則及注意事項來避免危險          是學習及探索自己車子的性能。          PDC是我參加過最棒的俱樂部,
                                                                             cars. So, when someone asked            的事情發生。因為這樣的詳細解         當然啦我也花了點錢在改裝上,          從中我得到豐富的開車經驗 (乾
                                                                             me “Are you going to the next PDC       說,加上PDC會員們給予彼此的        好讓自己的車在操控上,性能上          地,濕地,雨天),遇見也結交一群
                                                                             event?”…oh yeah…you bet I will.         相互尊重,在我參加PDC這六年        及安全上跟著自己的技術成長。          享有共同愛好的朋友。所以如果
                                                                             Happy 10th Anniversary to PDC           來都沒見過嚴重的事故發生。          我也從中學習到車子零件的差           問我是否要參加下次的PDC track
                                                                             and hope there are many more            當然啦大家駕著自己的愛駒前          異及對性能的影響,一舉數得何          day…oh yeah…you bet I will。
                                                                             to come.                                往track day,當然都想平平安安    樂而不為。身為PDC的成員已經         祝PDC十周年周年快樂。 PDC

                                                                                                                                                                                      PDC | 45

PDC RECIPE                                                                                                           MIDDLE NAME IS
                                        My goal in joining PDC wasn’t to     To train your eyes to plan ahead                                                hr race posters on my bedroom
Author            Randy Kostiuk                                                                                      Author                Alex Klimek                                                                  Alex Klimek
                                        become a race car driver. I’m here   at speed. To do it right and then                                               walls.
Ride                 Infinity G35       because I enjoy being in my car      do it fast. To do everything until it   Ride                      Audi A3

I                                                                                                                    I
                                        and pushing it to the edge. Didn’t   is automatic and you don’t even                                                 So finally, at age 35 after all
      t crosses everyone’s mind         think there was much PDC could       think about it. Until you do it all           t was a cool morning at the       those years of dreaming I was at
      some time in their life. For      teach me. I was wrong.               the time, everywhere, no matter               track. The mist was just          a track. I even had my own car.
      some it’s a passing admira-                                            what you’re driving. PDC                      lifting up of the grey asphalt    I was ready. I wasn’t just some
      tion, for others it becomes a     I started with a stock, sport                                                      straightaway. There were          punk who thought he could go
lifetime dedication, but for most,      model Infiniti G35. On the track,                                            already vehicles lined up at the        fast in a straight line. That was
it endures as a passion-filled          the one thing I’ve learned is that        RECIPE FOR A                       checkpoint. The engines groan-          never the intention.
hobby. It starts out innocently         power isn’t everything. It’s skill       GREAT PDC YEAR                      ing, like wolves before a feast.
enough ... you get a car. And then      that counts! One ride with an         You’ll Need:                           Ready to go, but not ready to be        First lap was with the instructor.
push the limits just a bit. Then        instructor driving your car is all    •	 A	day	to	worry	about	               released.                               He looked Scottish. This was
you want to know how far you can        you need to be reminded there is         nothing	else	except	                                                        good as I knew the Scots/Brits
                                                                                 what	you’re	doing
push the limits of what you have.       SO much more to learn.                                                       I was next, my car a loner, not         and those types had a strong
                                                                              •	 Time	to	do	something	
When you get there, comes the                                                    entirely	for	yourself               belonging to the wolfpack. It           heritage in racing. They may have         “I knew that I had
need to go faster. And the need         So what do you learn? To start        •	 Desire	to	improve	what	             felt almost out of place, a good        even put together a few good                done the right
to go faster becomes research           right where you are, at whatever         you	know                            road car, but not a track car. Not      cars back in the day. He led me           thing by coming to
on modifying the car to get more        skill level you find yourself. To     •	 A	car	to	do	it	in                   a wolf, but a dog. A little dog…a       through the course, he showed                 the event.”
                                                                              •	 A	good	attitude
horsepower (or getting a new car)       go as far as you can see. To go                                              poodle. I told my self, “don’t          me the line. It was quite different
                                                                              •	 Gentlemanly	conduct
... and the next thing you know         further. To be smooth. To be con-                                            worry. It’s not the bark, but the       than what I would have taken, but     There were a lot of good drivers
                                                                              •	 Respect	for	authority	
you’re dreaming about catching a        sistent. To read a line. To carry        and	instruction
                                                                                                                     bite. My skills will make up for it”.   he was the boss. We did a few         here, a lot of very good cars.
WRX or Porsche on the track!            speed through a corner. To brake      •	 Concentration                       My skills?                              faster laps, tires squeeling, ESP     Even though I had just an average
                                        at the right time with the right      •	 Focus                                                                       blinkng, and the Scot hanging on      road car, people were friendly
I drive for a living. On the road 10-   pressure. To read traffic.            •	 Patience                            I had been a long time race fan.        for his life trying not to fall out   and shared their thoughts and
12 hours each and every day. I’ve                                             •	 Optimism                            Reading Road and Track since            of the poorly bolstered seats. He     experiences with me. I felt wel-
seen it all and then some.              To pass without hurting anything.                                            kindergarten, watching Carlos           had a lot of experience, he knew      comed. I can honestly say, it’ s a
                                                                              Combine With:
                                                                                                                     Sainz slash trough the roads of         the track, it was evident. I was      great group of people. They are
                                                                              •	 Laughter
                                                                                                                     Corsica in his celica GT, studying      happy he was there.                   dedicated and passionate about
                                                                              •	 Approachable	people	
                                                                                 equally	interested	in	              every wheel turn, every heel and                                              what they do.
                                                                                 sharing	everything	they	            toe downshift, every acceleration,      I did a few more laps during the
                                                                                                                     every trail brake, hand brake,          day and had more instruction.         It was a memorable day, extreme-
                                                                              •	 Proper,	safe	instruction
                                                                                                                     right foot brake, spin, drift and       Each lap was better, smoother,        ly organized and lots of attention
                                                                              Result:                                launch that super human driver          more controlled. I knew that I had    to safety. I would recommend the
                                                                              An	experience	you’ll	be	               ever did. I even read a few books       done the right thing by coming to     club to anyone that enjoys spir-
                                                                              anxious	to	repeat	as	often	
                                                                              as	possible.                           on performance driving and of           the event.                            ited driving. I am looking forward
  Randy Kostiuk
                                                                                                                     course had all the LeMANS 24                                                  to more events. PDC

46 | PDC

  Introducing the next-generation Grand Touring tire – one that offers the thrill of driving without compromise.
  With a sleeker, more advanced design that provides best-in-class fuel efficiency and better performance
  all year round. It also features improved ride comfort, longer wear and lower road noise. Plus a safer
  compound that incorporates zero waste rubber for the well-being of the planet. So Envigorate your drive,
  on the road to a healthier world.

                                                                                                         PDC | 47
IMPRESSIONS | Be Aware, I Got Addicted to it!

                                      my first track day. I could not        morning for the first timers and    with my fellow club members. I      bit nervous going into turn one
Author             Kevin Cheng
                                      sleep (I guess it is a common          there is a lot of information to    guess we have the same passion.     after the straight because of the          “I never expected
Ride Mercedes Benz C350               problem). I played a lot of driving    digest that morning. I was paying   After an instruction hopped in      speed. When I get used to it, I           to learn so much in

                                      game that week, trying to get          close attention on how we should    my car and we were ready to go      started to brake later and later. I            one day.”
         irst time on track, ex-      used to my racing line. I thought      approach a corner and what is       and here comes turn 1. I was        think the good thing about PDC’s
         cited, nervous and kind      I was well prepared for my first       the best driving position, while    completely wrong on how I turn      track event is we have instructors    remember as soon as I got home,
         of don’t know what to        ever event. When I reached             hearing the engine roars on other   my car. It was way too early and    to show us things that we don’t       I registered for all the remaining
         expect. I have been play-    Mission raceway for the very first     cars in the classroom. I want to    I had to slow down quite a lot at   normally know. It is quite differ-    events for that year.
ing driving simulator games for 10    time, I saw a lot of different cars.   be out there.                       the corner which compromise my      ent when you are actually driving
years and I thought it will be more   From Honda, Mazda, Nissan                                                  exit. Luckily the PDC instructor    a real car on track than playing      Now I am a regular participant of
or less the same besides I can feel   to Porsches and Ferrari’s, you         Finally, the wait is over as I      was very patient and slowly I       video games. I feel exhausted         PDC’s events and I am planning
the car when I brake and turn, but    name it, they have it there. In a      heard the announcement “white       was on the correct line (sort of)   by the end of the day but also        to do this every year. There is
I was totally wrong!                  way, there are more cars to see        group to pre-grid”. As I waited     by the end of the session. The      excited. I never expected I can       nothing else you can compare
                                      on track than in our car show. I       anxiously for my instructor, I      next thing I worked on that day     learn so much in one day. The         with this experience. I am totally
I still remember the night before     had my classroom session in the        started to do some car talks        was my braking point. I was a       day went by so quick and I still      addicted to it! PDC

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kevin Cheng

48 | PDC
                                                                                                                                                                                           Proud Canadian | IMPRESSIONS

                                        original Longbeach track. The cars      or the amazing styling and detail
Author       Lawrence Howlett                                                                                                                                                                                       Lawrence Howlett
                                        are coming at you at an unrealistic     of a European sports car means
Ride Proformance Race Car               speed and the braking is left at        something. For those of us who

                                        what appears way too late. Then         love motor sport, the Performance
              s you walk down the       you see it in the distance. A red       Drivers Club is a great opportu-
              sidewalk of Long-         spec coming at you with the motor       nity to connect with others who
              beach California,         being revved to the max at every        share the same passion for cars.
              you can hear the          shift. It’s Villeneuve and we go        We’re the sort who loves braking
scream of a Formula 1 motor in the      crazy. At turn in, the back of the      top speed and making nice crisp
distance. Your pulse immediately        car steps out huge and Villeneuve       downshifts, matching the revs
doubles and your walk becomes a         grabs the throttle aggressively,        with every release of the clutch.
run. As more motors fire, you real-     and holds the car on opposite lock
ize that the cars are about to head     as he disappears over the hill.         It is hard to believe that ten years
to the track for their first session.                                           have passed since the first PDC
Among the cars is the number            Thirty two years later and I still      track day. I’m proud to say I been
27 Ferrari of Canadian Gilles Vil-      get tears in my eyes just recalling     involved with such a beautifully
leneuve. The revs of the motors         it. I’ve never been so proud to be      organized club, and the many
become fast blips as the drivers        Canadian. Our driver is the best in     people involved. Some days have
start to release the clutch and ac-     the world and he is in the Ferrari. I   been more challenging than oth-
celerate out to the track. Your run     would venture to say that all PDC       ers, but collectively all members
has become a sprint and you can         members can relate to this story,       have done their part to make for
not get trackside fast enough. We       and anyone else who does, should        some great times at the race track.
finally arrive at turn one at the end   consider joining. For some of us,       I must, at this point, tip my hat to
of the start finish straight, of the    the sound of a nicely tuned motor       Dennis and Justina Lee for blazing     more importantly we have the            teammate Tony Morris Jr. was a          I’m looking forward to the coming
                                                                                the trail and taking track days to     memories of the people we were          riot as well.                           driving season, and our next track
                                                                                a new level. For ten years it has      with and the friendships made. At                                               day. Stay safe over the winter, and
                                                                                amazed me the constant effort to       this years Edmonton Grand Prix,          I would like to thank all the mem-     I’ll see you in 2010.
                                                                                improve. Dennis is definitely not      the on track sessions went great.       bers of the PDC for their kindness
                                                                                afraid of change. With the amount      The 14 turn track is a hoot to drive.   and friendship, as well as their
                                                                                of preparation done by the club,       The cars motor sounded amazing          commitment to being the best
                                                                                an untrained eye would think run-      on the downshifts, and the car was      driver they can be. As most of you
                                                                                ning a track day is easy. From the     easy to control. Four months later      know I work as a Firefighter and
                                                                                run groups to the tech inspection,     looking back at the race weekend;       see many horrible car crashes on a
                                                                                the PDC is a well oiled machine.       I would say the most memorable          regular basis. To enjoy your car at
                                                                                Everyone at the PDC shows great        moment for me, was having my            pace can only safely be done at the
                                                                                respect for each other and the         Dad help me belt in prior to the        track and I thank you for coming        About the author…Lawrence
                                                                                result shows in the numbers. We        start of the first race, and my         out. Continue to encourage people       Howlett is the Chief Driving
                                                                                all have are memories from the         brother on the radio throughout         to come to a track day. Not only will   Instructor for Proformance Racing
                                                                                days when the car is running great     the weekend spotting. Beers in          they improver their skills but keep     and has been involved with PDC
                                                                                and we drive smooth and fast. But      the Hotel with my brother and           their speed off the public roads.       since its inception. PDC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PDC | 49

50 | PDC
                                                                                                                                              A Racecar is Still a Racecar Spelled Backwards | IMPRESSIONS

                                       ing dips and blind rises with the
Author               Jeff Corlett
                                       odd cork screw thrown in for
Ride        Porsche Boxster S          good measure. So far this track

                                       has been the most challenging
                   ow! What a year     for me to learn. The first day was
                   2009 has been       spent getting to know the corners
                   at the track. I     and subtleties of the track. Day
                   managed to par-     number two was flat out, sunny
take in nine track events this year,   weather, sticky tires and big grins.
at three different race tracks.        I will definitely be driving down to
My tires and brakes weren’t too        ORP for at least one event in 2010.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jeff Corlett
happy about it, but that’s just the    A bunch of us stayed in the pad-
way it goes.                           dock Friday and Saturday night.
                                       The Porsche Club of America put         My first time at Pacific Raceways       I had a bit of a revelation at Pacific   ened to open up & drop some wet
I had the opportunity to take in a     on a very fun event. We had a           near Kent Washington was a pile         Raceways this year. I jumped             stuff, but managed to hold off until       “Oversteer is when
weekend drivers education event        great BBQ on Friday and Saturday        of fun. The track was a bit damp in     into a 2002, C6 Corvette with a          after the event. I had fun sparring          you hit the wall
at the new Oregon Race Way Park        night with a pancake breakfast          the morning, but dried out pretty       very experienced instructor. That        with Justina during the last couple         with the back of
in June, located a couple of hours     on Sunday morning. A group of           fast for a fun filled day with a good   ride made me realize it’s more           of events. We both managed to                    the car.
East of Portland. The track just       us peddled around the track on          group of car nuts. There was a          about the driver then the car. The       punish our brakes keeping up with          Understeer is when
opened in March of this year &         Friday night to get a feel of the       good showing from Performance           automatic C6 is a fairly capable         each other. Great fun!                       you hit the wall
what a track. 3.7 km’s long with       corners. It’s a little different when   Drivers Club and we all managed         car but not compared to some of
                                                                                                                                                                                                            with the front of
fifteen corners. The track follows     you are driving, but was good to        to keep the shiny side up and           the other rockets on the track. The      I read a fun article on the internet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 the car.
the rolling farm land, incorporat-     get a close up look at the terrain.     enjoy ourselves.                        instructor drove the wheels off of       regarding over steer & under steer
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Horsepower is how
                                                                                                                       that car and was passing cars with       & it cleared up a bit of confusion.
                                                                                                                       much more impressive perfor-             I’m not sure the author’s name but
                                                                                                                                                                                                            fast you’re going
                                                                                                                       mance specs. It was amazing to           here it is:                                 when you hit the
                                                                                                                       see how smooth & quick he was. I         “Oversteer is when you hit the             wall, and torque is
                                                                                                                       have been considering upgrading          wall with the back of the car.              how far you drag
                                                                                                                       from my 2005 Porsche Boxster             Understeer is when you hit the             the wall with you”
                                                                                                                       S to a 997 GT3. I think I will hold      wall with the front of the car.
                                                                                                                       back for another year or so to           Horsepower is how fast you’re          without hitting a wall.
                                                                                                                       exploit some more out of my car          going when you hit the wall, and
                                                                                                                       before making any changes.               torque is how far you drag the wall    One final note: a racecar is still
                                                                                                                                                                with you”.                             a racecar spelt backwards, Ha!
                                                                                                                       The last event at Mission Raceway                                               Made you look.
                                                                                                                       Park in September was a good way         I think we can all learn about over
                                                                                                                       to end the season. The sky threat-       steer & under steer with PDC           See you 2010 at the track.    PDC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PDC | 51
IMPRESSIONS | The Odd Couple

                                   Group, with five years under his       co-drive “The Red Menace” (a          in-between seasons. Ryan said
Interview       Ryan Davies &
                  Nicole Ardiel    belt; she, a bona-fide rookie who      1989 Porsche 944 Turbo).              that if I was still interested come
                                   only just realized that the word                                             spring, then I sign up for a track
Ride      Porsche 944 Turbo        “throttle” does not mean to choke      How did you first become inter-       day in Mission and I could drive

                                   someone.                               ested in driving?                     his car.
           ou’ve probably seen
           them at the track on    They say opposites attract, and        Ryan: As a kid we had a quarter-      What are three key things that
           a Lapping Day: he,      in this case you couldn’t get two      mile private driveway and Dad         you remember learning in your
           strolling casually      people with more opposite ap-          had an old truck that did wicked      first few experiences?
between the cars in the paddock,   proaches to the race track. And        burnouts. It also just happened
hands in his pockets, smiling      what makes this “couple” even          to have a broken ignition switch      Ryan: Holy crap this is fun! What
and commenting on race tires       more odd is that they are not a        so you could start it with a pa-      a great group of people! Oh, and
or engine mods; she, wide-eyed     “couple” at all (as many assume),      perclip or coin, so when everyone     be sure to REALLY bed in your
and quiet, pacing back and forth   but in fact they are business col-     was away…                             brake pads before you take them
between the car, the PDC tent      leagues in the thrilling, fast-paced                                         out on track!                                                                                  Nicole Ardiel
and the portable toilets. He,      world of insurance! Here is the        Nicole: I was driving to my
a veteran driver in the Yellow     story of how these two came to         sister’s house on Prospect Lake       Nicole: That first day on the         around me is doing. I’m way           Nicole: Without a doubt, when
                                                                          Road in Victoria, a windy road in     track was a bit of a blur. It was     more comfortable following            I spun the car on Turn 1 earlier
                                                                          a rural area. As I steered my SUV     pouring rain, and I was trying to     someone down the straight at          this year. It was raining, and I
                                                                          around some of the corners, I had     not reveal my sheer terror. I do      Mission at 170km/h than I am fol-     took the turn too fast. I looped
                                                                          a thought: “I would love to do this   recall, though, a few things that     lowing someone on the highway         the car and stalled as it pointed
                                                                          on a race track!” I realize now       Lawrence and Dennis said in the       at 100 now!                           towards the turn station. Luckily,
                                                                          how naïve that was…driving an         initial classroom that have stuck                                           no one was close and there were
                                                                          SUV is nothing compared to the        with me:                              Nicole: Aside from “wearing my        no cars immediately behind me.
                                                                          Porsche!                                                                    car” (I love that!), I have also      I also had an instructor in the
                                                                                                                1. To lift your chin and look up      changed where I position my           car with me, who very calmly
                                                                          How did it come to be that Nicole        every time you brake.              hands on the steering wheel. I        told me what to do. I managed
                                                                          would be introduced to the PDC        2. To look past the car in front      used to drive with one hand on        to finish my session, but Ryan
                                                                          and you two would co-drive the           of you.                            the gear-shift, and the other on      had to “talk me off the ledge”
                                                                          car?                                  3. And my favourite, from Den-        the wheel. I don’t do that any        at lunch. I just about quit that
                                                                                                                   nis: “You do not drive your car,   more.                                 day, but he told me I had to get
                                                                          Ryan: We went for a beer after a         you wear your car.” Perfect                                              back on the horse. By the end
                                                                          meeting one day, and Nicole said         thing to say to a woman!           What was your scariest moment?        of the day, I had had a great run
                                                                          “I wanna drive really fast!” ‘Nuf                                                                                 and felt fantastic. Although
                                                                          said!                                 How have you applied your             Ryan: Nicole driving the car in the   the day ended well, I still recall
                                                                                                                track experiences to your daily       rain for the first time!! Kidding,    that moment of fear when I lost
                                                                          Nicole: Well, maybe not quite like    driving?                              just kidding. It was definitely       control of the car. It was a good
                                                                          that…however, it was along those                                            watching the crashed F360 and         lesson to respect the power of
  Ryan Davies                                                             lines of “How do I get into this?”    Ryan: Simply being much more          NSX being towed off the track at      the vehicle and the temperament
                                                                          It was October or November, so        aware of what everyone else           Seattle a few years ago.              of the environment.

52 | PDC

What has been your greatest
accomplishment so far?

Ryan: Taking the first step to get
Nicole: Back to the question                                                                                                                              weÊhaveÊyouÊcovered.ÊÊ
above, getting back on the track                                                                                                                      WithÊ50ÊyearsÊofÊexperience,Ê
after spinning. It took most of my
will power to climb back in the car
and get going again. I am so glad                                                                                                                      forÊeverythingÊVolkswagen.
that I did!

What do you love most about
your Porsche?
                                      “pick-up” of a turtle.                greek olives. I mentioned it to
Ryan: It’s a shiny red Porsche….                                            someone once…either Ryan
is this a rhetorical question?!? It   What is your biggest challenge        or one of my instructors…and
was one of my two “dream cars”        on the Mission track?                 they looked at me strangely. So,
when I was 16 years old (the                                                maybe it’s just in my head?
other being a ’90 964), and I’m       Ryan: Turn 4/5/6. It’s been 4
thrilled to own it. I am still most   years, but I think I’m finally get-   If you could sum up these last
impressed with the capabilities       ting it!                              two seasons - co-driving with
of a car that is now 20 years old;                                          Nicole - in one sentence, what
it holds its own reasonably well      Nicole: Dealing with my nerves        would it be?
out there.                            while sitting in pre-grid. Once
                                      I’m out there, I feel okay…but that   Ryan: Very, very fun! Lots of
Nicole: Yes, the shiny redness        minute or two of just sitting there   stories and lots of memories are
is pretty cool. But, what I love      churns my stomach!                    made every track day; it’s been
best about this car is the speed.                                           great having her as a co-driver.
Although I am not a fast driver –     What is your favourite quirky
comparatively speaking – it is a      thing about the Mission track?        Nicole: Never in my wildest
great feeling when the car takes                                            dreams did I think I would have
off. As mentioned, I normally         Ryan: The roots that grow under       the opportunity to experience
drive an SUV…and it has the           the track on Turn 2. They defi-       this; imagine: I can now change
                                      nitely give you a pucker factor!      a tire AND rip around a track
     “Right after Turn
     3, I always smell                Nicole: Funny question…and I
                                                                            amidst other competent and
                                                                            courteous drivers – it seems so
      greek olives.”                  have an even funnier answer.          surreal! PDC
                                      Right after Turn 3, I always smell
                                                                                                                                                                             PDC | 53
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