Physical Education Initial Licensure Program by yaofenjin


									                                             Physical Education
                                              Initial Licensure
                                           with a Master’s Degree Option

The Springfield College Physical      complete the Massachusetts Teacher
Education Teacher Licensure           Licensure requirements in physical
Program is designed to prepare        education. Completion of this program will
teachers in two to three years to     therefore allow graduate students to qualify
teach students in regular and         for initial licensure in elementary physical
alternative school settings.          education (PreK-8) and secondary level
                                      physical education (5-12).
This program is Massachusetts
state approved and offers a unique    Participants can complete the licensure
training experience to include:       program without completing a Master’s
                                      Degree or they can secure a M.S. or M.Ed.
o   A rigorous field-based            by completing additional requirements.
    training experience -
    Participants complete a fifteen   Enrollment:
    week practicum experience at
    both the elementary and           Springfield College Graduate School
    secondary level.                  Applications can be obtained online at:

o   A commitment to recruiting
    a diverse and academically        home.nsf/onlineApp/graduate
    talented candidate pool –
    We seek candidates who            For more information about this program
    represent a diverse range of      please contact by e-mail/phone:
    life experience, ethnicity, and   Dr. Michelle Moosbrugger at (413) 748-3486
    economic backgrounds.             or

The Graduate Level Initial            If you have specific questions about getting
Licensure Program in Physical         licensed in Massachusetts as a teacher or
Education is intended to meet the     administrator, please contact Dr. Linda
needs of those students who have      Davis-Delano, Director of Educator
earned undergraduate degrees in       Preparation & Licensure at
fields other than physical   or (413)-748-3155.
education and who wish to
Course of Study:                                               Prerequisites:
The program combines eight courses (24 s.h.)                   The graduate level initial licensure program has
with a practicum (6 s.h.) for Educator Licensure.              been designed for students who meet the
Additional research requirements (7-12 s.h.) are               following entrance criteria:
needed for a Master’s Degree.
                                                               1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited
                                                                  college or university with a satisfactory
Required Courses for Graduate Program:
                                                               2. A transcript review will be done to ensure
Program Requirements:
                                                                  the following prerequisites are met
EDUC 607: Philosophical Foundations of Educ.     3 s.h.
                                                                  before/during enrollment in the Graduate
 OR EDUC 619: Contemporary Issues in Education
 OR EDUC 637: Foundations of Multicultural Educ.

MOST 624: Motor Learning and Control                  3 s.h.     Anatomy & Physiology I and II
                                                                 Physiology of Exercise
PHED 629: Curriculum Construction                     3 s.h.     Kinesiology
                                                                 Assessment in Movement and Sport
PHED 632: Analysis of Teacher Behavior                3 s.h.     History/Philosophy of Sport
                                                                 Psychology/Sociology of Sport
PHED 635: Motor Development & Analysis                3 s.h.     Adapted Physical Education
                                                                 Sports First Aid & CPR (or certification)
PHED 660: Advanced Instructional Strategies           3 s.h.     Pre-practicum in Physical Education &
                                                                      Pre-practicum Seminar
HPER 675: Legal Issues in Sport & Recreation          3 s.h.     Physical Education Activity Courses
                                                                        Wellness - Fitness for Life
PHED 610: ELEM & SEC PE Teaching Methods              3 s.h.            Team Sports and Individual/Dual
                                                                          Sports - 4 selectives
PHED 684: Practicum in Phys. Educ. PreK-8             6 s.h.            Aquatics - WSI OR Lifeguard
 AND/OR PHED 689: Pract. in Phys. Educ. 5-12                            Dance/Rhythmic - Approaches to Dance
                                                                        Outdoor/Leisure - Outdoor Adventure
                                         Subtotal: 30                   Movement Across Categories -
                                                                           Skill Themes & Movement Concepts
Research Requirements                                          3. Commitment to the field of education as
CORE requirement:                                                  demonstrated through past experience
RSCH 610: Foundations & Methods of Research           3 s.h.       and/or the admissions essay;
                                                               4. Submission of Graduate Record
OPTION 1                                                           Examination score taken within the last five
HPER 626: Independent Study Proposal Design           2 s.h.       years of the date of application

*PHED 692: Independent Study in Phys. Educ.           2 s.h.
                                                               Massachusetts Tests for Educator
                                                               Licensure (MTEL)
OR OPTION 2                                                    Students must pass the MTEL Communication
RSCH 620: Educ. & Psychological Statistics I          3 s.h.   & Literacy Skills (C & L) test and Physical
RSCH 612: Proposal Design                             2 s.h.   Education subject test in order to make
                                                               satisfactory progress in this program and do
RSCH 635: Thesis                                      4 s.h.   their practicum. All graduate students are
                                     Subtotal: 7-12            advised to take the C & L portion of MTEL as
                                        Total: 37-42           soon as possible. For more information about
                                                               MTEL, including test registration deadlines, go
*Must successfully complete the poster presentation

PE Initial 8/27/10

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