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					Leisure Tourism
                                the complete online leisure and tourism information

                                service that covers leisure, recreation, sport,
                                hospitality, tourism and culture

                                what is the Leisure Tourism Database?
                                At its core is our abstracting and indexing database. Updated weekly, the database supplies
                                bibliographic information and abstracts for all aspects of leisure and tourism, including policy
                                and planning, education and training, travel, sports, hospitality, the arts and entertainment.
                                The natural environment and ecotourism, recreational activities and cultural heritage are key
                                areas covered by the resource.
                                The Leisure Tourism database (a subset of CAB Abstracts) contains:
                                •	 over 110,000 research summaries covering the last 30 years, sourced from over 6,000
                                   serial publications, plus books, reports and conference proceedings
                                •	 weekly updates, with over 22,000 new records added in the past three years
                                •	 literature from all over the world

                                new for 2011 – CAB eBooks content now included
                                CABI’s Leisure and Tourism eBooks collection has now been added to this resource.
                                This new addition provides 90 books with over 1,400 searchable chapters from 2000 – present.
                                Books are presented in easy-to-navigate PDF files. The dynamic file continues to grow year
                                on year ensuring up-to-date high quality content. You can search across all content including
                                eBooks within the Leisure Tourism resource.

                                who uses it?
                                An essential resource for anyone in the tourism industry, including researchers working in
                                academic and corporate organizations, students, teachers and trainers, consultants and
                                advisers, industry professionals and decision makers in tourism associations and government

                                                                                 KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE
                                                 why use it?
                                                 •	 you don’t have to scan the ever-increasing scientific literature or all the news sources –
                                                    we’ve done it for you
                                                 •	 you’ll find it easy to track down research that matters to you, because we’ve tagged all the
                                                    important concepts
                                                 •	 as well as the best-known journals, we cover publications that other databases do not include
                                                 •	 news articles and short reviews help make sense of the vast amount of data

                                                 subscribe to the Leisure Tourism database and benefit from:
                                                 •	 up-to-the-minute access to research developments in leisure, recreation, sport, hospitality,
                                                    tourism and culture
                                                 •	 incisive overviews of critical topics
                                                 •	 news reports on scientific, business and political issues affecting you
                                                 •	 eBook collection of 90 books offering over 1,400 searchable chapters

                                                 take advantage of:
                                                 •	 flexible searching and browsing options to help users carry out the search most suited to
                                                    their needs and levels of expertise, including “Quick”, “Advanced” and “Expert” searches,
                                                    and a browse function for users without a specific search in mind
                                                 •	 enhanced search-management functions, so users can improve search results using
                                                    “Refine” and “Related records”. Additionally, users can mark specific records to refine,
                                                    export to disc, email, print or export to bibliographic software such as EndNote, ProCite
                                                    and Reference Manager
                                                 •	 CAB Thesaurus, the essential tool for indexing and retrieving information that allows users
                                                    to search the database in a far more systematic and specific way than simply searching on
                                                    free text
                                                 •	 navigating from abstract to CABI Full Text in just one click
                                                 •	 users can also link to full text journal articles though CrossRef and PubMed Central, link to
                                                    articles via PubMed and Google, or link to document-delivery suppliers such as the British
                                                    Library, CISTI and Infotrieve

our Sales team for more information and to request a free trial:
CABI Head Office, Nosworthy Way, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 8DE, UK. T: +44 (0)1491 832111, F: +44 (0)1491 829292, E: sales@cabi.org

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