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					The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Priesthood Conference on Scouting
BSA National Capital Area Council – LDS Relations Committee

News Letter
September 18, 2004

New BSA Web Site. BSA has a great web site packed full of great information.
Check it out at . You can also find the BSA Distribution Center catalog on the
web at .

New National Capital Area Council (NCAC) Web Site. NCAC has a new web site at . It has a lot of great information including council and district calendars,
training dates in districts and councils, information on camps, and much more.

LDS Scouting Web Site. There is a great local LDS Scouting web site at
This web site has A Scouting Reference for Ward Leaders, information on Scouting and the Duty to God
Program, LDS Cub Scouting, Varsity, and Venturing, and much more.

BSA Forms Available On Line. Many blank BSA forms are available to be printed or viewed on the BSA
web site at . You will find such forms as Tour Permits, Medical forms,
membership applications, etc..

New Combined Fast Start DVD for Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders. Fast start for Cub
Scout Leaders and Boy Scout leaders have been published together on a single DVD, Fast Start
Orientation for Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leader (AV-01DVD22), $24.95. Separate Cub Scout
and Boy Scout Leader Fast Start video tapes are no longer available for purchase. Recent video tape
editions of the Cub Scout and Boy Scout Fast Start can still be used.

Each Ward/Branch to Have Fast Start Video Tapes/DVDs for Leaders. Each Ward and Branch
should purchase and have on hand the Scout Leader Fast Start video tapes/DVDs for each Scout
program. They can be purchased at the Scout Shop in Bethesda or ordered from the National BSA
Supply Distribution Center, 1-800-323-0732. They are:
        - Fast Start Orientation for Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders (AV-01DVD22), $24.95.
        - Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start video (AV-02V004), $15.95.
        - Venturing New Crew Fast Start video (AV-03V013), $14.95.

75th Anniversary of Cub Scouts. “Cubbing” was introduced in the Boy Scouts of America on
February 10, 1930. It’s name was later changed to “Cub Scouts.” Since then, 50 million boys in America
have been Cub Scouts. On February 10, 2005 we will celebrate 75 years of Cub Scouting which has had
a significant positive impact on American boys and families. Cub Scouts and families can earn 75th
Anniversary award patches by participating in events that commemorate the history and contributions of
Cub Scouting. The details of these awards are being provided to your Cub Scout Pack.

Cub Scout Leaders’ Pow Wow One-Day Training Event in October. Each October, Cub Scout
leaders have the opportunity to attend a one-day smorgasbord of one-hour classes in a variety of Cub
Scout topics. There are four Pow Wows in various areas of the council: Fairfax, VA on 30 October;
Mannassas, VA on 23 October; Frederick, MD on 30 October; and White Plains, MD on 23 October.
Details and registration information can be found online at http://www.boyscouts-
Priesthood Adult Leaders and Church Members MAY NOT Function in Scout Positions Until
Registered. According to the Church Handbook on Scouting, the Church's charter with BSA, and
guidance from Church General Authorities, church members and priesthood leaders called to work as
Scout leaders with the youth in Church Scouting programs are not to function in those positions until they
are registered with BSA. Registration requires filling out a BSA Adult Registration Form, obtaining the
signature of the Scout unit committee chairperson and a Bishopric member, and submitting the signed
form to the BSA council membership office by mail or hand delivery. This is required by legal, liability,
and ethical consideration.

Adult Leader Youth Protection Training Required for Issue of Tour Permits. Effective January 1,
2003, there is a new requirement that tour permits will require that at least one adult listed as tour leader
or assistant tour leader has had the adult 90-minute Youth Protection Training or the Venturing Youth
Protection Training. It is recommended that all Aaronic Priesthood adult leaders and Scout Leaders take
this training from their Scout District. The Youth Protection Training for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and
Varsity leaders can also be taken online
The Venturing Youth Protection Training is not yet available online.

Safety Training Certification Required for Tour Permits. Tour permits are required for any overnight
event, events that take place more than 50 miles from home, and any time that Scouts are participating in
swimming, boating, climbing and other high adventure events that involve risk. The tour leader must
have read the "Guide to Safe Scouting" which can be purchased from the Scout Shop or viewed on the
BSA web site under adult leader publications. An adult leader on the event must be certified in "Youth
Protection." Where water events are involved, an adult leader must be certified in "Safe Swim
Defense" and "Safety Afloat." Where climbing and rappelling events are involved, an adult leader must
be certified in "Climb On Safely." When participating in boating and climbing/rappelling events, an adult
leader must be certified in "CPR". Where events take place in backcountry or wilderness areas outside
of easy reach of civil emergency help, adult leaders should know BSA Wilderness Use Policy and have
received "Trek Safely" training. Tour permit requests should be submitted the BSA Council two week
prior to the event. They can be mailed in, hand delivered, or faxed to (301) 564-9513.

"Trek Safely" Training. There is a new Safety certification program called "Trek Safely" in addition to
other safety certification courses: Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, and Climb on Safely. While
designed for Scout leaders taking youth on backcountry or wilderness treks or on high adventures
involving overnight camping of any duration, the seven points of "Trek Safely" can also be useful in Scout
Troop weekend overnight camping not involving trekking. This training is certainly recommended for
adult leaders of Priests/Crew and Teachers/Varsity Scouts. Details can be viewed on the BSA web site in
the Guide to Safe Scouting, under adult leader publications.

Unit Recharter to be Done Using Troopmaster or Packmaster Software. Unit recharter or
reregistration can now be done using a computer data disk instead of making manual entries on the
recharter forms. Wards and Branch need to purchase the two software programs from the National
Capital Area Council Headquarters available at a reduced cost of $50.00 each. You will need the
Packmaster for your Cub Scout Pack and the Troopmaster for the Scout Troop, Varsity Team, and
Venturing Crew. For an extra dollar for each unit, the council registration office will give you a disk with all
the data they have on your unit to populate the software database. The Troopmaster and Packmaster
programs help you track advancement, membership, event attendance, and much more. Purchase your
software early so you can use it to recharter this year and save your committee a lot of extra work.

New Basic Training Requirements for Each Program. There is a new adult leader basic training
course for all Scout programs. Leaders of all Scout programs are to see the Fast Start Video Tape/DVD
for their program and attend the 90-minute "New Leader Essentials" course. After the common "New
Leader Essentials" course, leaders take a program "Specific" training course for their Scouting
program: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing. Boy Scout and Varsity Scout adult
leaders are also required to take the "Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills." This course is
recommended but nor required for Venturing leaders. There is also a "Troop Committee Challenge"
training course for Boy Scout Troop and Varsity Team committees. When these courses are completed,
the leader may wear the "Trained" patch and are equipped to make the Scouting program effective for
their Aaronic Priesthood and Primary young men. Aaronic Priesthood leaders and Primary Leaders who
work with the Scouting programs should also take this basic training. The training is offered by your
Scout District or Council. Check the Council Web site under your district to find dates and locations for
these training courses.

Varsity Leader and Venturing Leader Training to be Conducted in Stakes. Stake leaders can
request that Varsity Leader and Venturing Leader Specific Training courses be conducted in their stakes.
Contact Adair Petty, (703) 913-1124 or, to arrange for this training.

University of Scouting, February 19, 2005. The University of Scouting is a day of 50-minute classes on
a variety of topics in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Varsity and Venturing. A leadership training course for
Venturers/Priests, the "Venturing Leadership Skills Course," is also conducted at the same time and
location. The course is conducted at the Walter Johnson High School in Rockville, MD. Look for more
information, course catalog, and registration on the NCAC Council web site, http://www.boyscouts- , under ‘Training’ and ‘University of Scouting.’

Venturing Bronze, Gold and Silver Awards Lead to Priest Duty to God Award. The requirements for
the Venturing Bronze Award for Religious Life can be requirements right out of the Priest’s Duty to God
program. You can find this on the web site under ‘Resources’ and ‘Venturing
Religious Bronze Award.’ The Venturing Gold Award can be used to support and recognize
accomplishment of Duty to God requirements. A major feature of the Venturing Gold Award is the
Venturer choosing and completing 6 personal growth objectives. These can be the same as those in the
Aaronic Priesthood Duty to God Award. The Venturing Silver Award likewise has requirements that are
the same as the Duty to God Award. While it may take two years for a Priest to complete the Duty to God
Certificate, the Venturing Bronze, Gold, and Silver Awards can be used to recognize completion of
increasing amount of Duty to God requirements. The Venturing Bronze, Gold, and Silver awards can
be used as milestones to completing the Priest’s Duty to God Certificate and Award. For details on
how this is done, see the web site under ‘Resources’ and ‘Priest/Venturing
Requirements Crosswalk to Duty to God.’

Varsity Scout High Award, the Denali Award. Teachers/Varsity Scouts can earn the Denali Award, the
highest award in the Varsity Scout program by participating in the five areas of Varsity emphasis and
serve as a leader of an activity in two of the areas: Advancement, Service, High Adventure and Sports,
Personal Development, and Special Programs and Events. Help your Teachers have a full Varsity Scout
program experience and recognize their achievements with the Denali Award. There is a medal and
certificate available from the council Scout Shop for presentation.

‘On My Honor’ Award Linked to Duty to God Award. The LDS Church’s religious Scouting award for
Scouts, Varsity and Venturers, the ‘On My Honor’ award now requires completion of a Duty to God
Certificate (completion of the Duty to God requirements for Deacon, Teacher, or Priest) to receive the
award. The other requirements for the ‘On My Honor’ remain the same, earn the Star Scout rank,
participate 2 years in Scouting, and an interview by the Bishop. New ‘On My Honor’ requirement cards
for youth will be available in the future. The adult ‘On My Honor’ award is unchanged.

Order of the Arrow. "Brotherly Love and Cheerful Service." That is what the Order of the Arrow teaches
our Aaronic Priesthood young men and leaders in a very impressive and effective way. Only Deacon
Scouts and Teacher Varsity Scouts can be elected to the Order of the Arrow by their quorum/Scout unit
members based on their demonstrated living of the Scout Oath and Law and their camping experience.
To be eligible, they must be First Class Scouts or higher and have camped for 15 nights to include on
long term camp. These elections are held each winter or spring in your units by district Order of the
Arrow representatives. One adult leader may also be elected by the unit committee. Make sure that you
give your Deacons and Teachers this opportunity to serve and learn. Contact your Scout district Order of
the Arrow to schedule elections during February and March each year. Priests/Ventures can be
members of the Order of the Arrow and participate in Order of the Arrow leadership and service but they
cannot be elected as Venturers.

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