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                      United Way
                                                   Spring 2010 Issue

 We ApplAud You!
 In 2009, with your dedication and drive to make Calgary a great city, you were able to help United Way raise
 $49.6 million! Your support and leadership has enabled United Way to continue its work in the community
 – especially in a year of turbulence and uncertainty. While everyday seemed unpredictable, you remained
 committed to your community and showed that you care. You dug deeper to ensure that your friends, neighbours
 and community would not fall apart. On behalf of United Way, you have our deepest respect and gratitude.

                            Do you know how your United Way dollars were invested in 2009?

                            A)   To stabilize those who were in crisis
                            B)   To strengthen our families, friends, and neighbours
                            C)   To develop streamlined solutions and build new partnerships to create lasting changes
                            D)   All of the above

                            2009 saw United Way’s world challenged by a crashing economy, job losses and growing needs.
                            These conditions tested our community, as they continue to do today. But these tough times also
                            demonstrated the interdependence and connectedness of our community in our ability to join
                            together to help each other out.

                            More Calgarians turned to United Way’s partnered agencies for help in 2009. United Way
                            sharpened its focus to help people weather the immediate hard times while it continued to build
                            a solid framework that has created a better future for us all. We would not have been able to
                            continue our work without the support from caring and devoted people like you.

                            We are excited to be Co-Chairing the Leadership Giving Cabinet for United Way’s 2010 Campaign.
                            We are confident, that with your support, children will have the opportunity to grow up great,
                            people will have the means to move out of poverty, and communities will be stronger. Together,
                            we can continue to make lasting changes in the lives of all Calgarians.

                                                                    Ellen Dungen and Paul Lessard,
                                                                    Co-Chairs of the 2010 Leadership Giving Cabinet

Scene And HeArd
L E a DE r s r E c o g ni ti on Br Ea k fa s t
When: March 30, 2010 at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park.
Why:  To recognize and thank United Way Leaders for supporting the community.

More than 350 United Way Leaders attended the event to celebrate the difference their
contributions made as investors in our community. Guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast and
were addressed by one of Calgary’s most highly regarded investors and respected member of the
community, Michael J. Tims, Chairman of Peters & Co.

Michael, an inspiring leader in the Calgary community, generously shared his thoughts on
community involvement and charitable giving. He highlighted the personal benefits to individuals
and communities alike when charitable giving becomes a priority. Michael’s passion and
sincerity could be felt throughout the room and his words provided inspiration, motivation and

Thank you to all of our Leadership Donors who support and invest in United Way’s vision of a
great city for everyone. Everyday you contribute to a greater cause and a greater city for us all.

a n n Ua L g E n Er a L M EEting
When: April 14, 2010 at Hotel Arts

Ruth Ramsden-Wood, President of United Way of Calgary and Area, thanked everyone for their
extraordinary support. Because of Calgarians’ generosity, United Way was able to raise $49.6
million for the community in 2009.

Michael J. Tims was awarded the Francis Lefaivre award for his extraordinary efforts in
the non-profit sector as well as his commitment to helping build a better community for
all. While he was not able to attend the event, a short video was composed to highlight his
work and the work of Francis Lefaivre, who was a mentor to Michael. To view the video,
click here http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150178094140607.

Brent Copen from La Piana Consulting in San Francisco was the keynote speaker and he
discussed the five elements that will help non-profit organizations become sustainable and
successful in the next 10 years. His presentation was informative and insightful, and will no
doubt help contribute to United Way and the non-profit sector’s success. For more information
on Brent’s research, check here www.lapiana.org.

                         did You KnoW?


                                         in 2009,
                                                                                            ProviDE sHELtEr anD
                                                                                           sUPPort to MorE tHan

                                       you helped                                        LoW-incoME inDiviDUaLs anD
                                                                                          faMiLiEs, anD PrEvEnt 587
                                                                                         otHErs froM BEing EvictED
                                                                                              froM tHEir HoME.

                                                                       2                             3

                                                                    EnaBLE                        EngagE

                                                                    110                           800
                                                          nEW iMMigrants to BEcoME           sEniors in tHEir
                                                            EMPLoyED anD acHiEvE           coMMUnitiEs so tHat
UnEMPLoyMEnt ratEs for yoUtH DoUBLED tHat of
                                                             incrEasED financiaL          tHEy fEEL LEss isoLatED.
tHE UnEMPLoyMEnt ratEs for aDULts DUring tHE
                                                                 controL anD
Those who dropped out of school to work during
the boom could not afford to go back and finish
  their high school education because tuition
 was unbelievably high. United Way is currently               UnitED Way LEaDErs,
                                                          inDiviDUaLs LikE yoU, raisED
  developing a guide to help young Calgarians
 navigate through the complex process of going              $11.2 MILLIOn
                back to school.                              for oUr 2009 UnitED
                                                             Way caMPaign. tHat is
                                                                  tHank yoU!

                         Find out how your donation made a difference from our Annual Report,
                         click here http://www.calgaryunitedway.org/media/about/accountability/2009_annualreport.pdf.

                                 United Way has a Twitter page? Follow us!

                         United Way’s Honour Roll can be viewed online?
                         Click here http://www.calgaryunitedway.org/media/publications/2009_honourroll.pdf

upcoming eventS
Ma r k yo Ur ca L EnDa r s !

 July 10th - 14th                                                                 August 24th
 Annual Ismaili Muslim Community                                                  GlobalFest 2010 – Celebrating a
 Stampede Breakfast                                                               World of Difference!
 7:30 – 11:00 am                                                                  Check your inbox in July for an
 4623 11 Ave NE                                                                   invitation to attend this world-class,
 Please join us for a Community                                                   multi-cultural, International
 Stampede Breakfast in support of                                                 Fireworks Festival.
 United Way’s efforts to help youth
 complete high school.

                                          August 30th
                                          2nd Annual Chip In for United Way Golf Tournament – SilverWing Golf Course
                                          12:00 pm
                                          With the help of golfers like you, we   Tournament Registration:
                                          hope to raise much needed funds         $150 per Golfer
                                          that will go towards making sure        (Includes free driver, putter or
                                          kids in our community have access       wedge that is yours to keep!)
                                          to the programs, people and
                                                                                  Register at
                                          resources they need to succeed.

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