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									                                      2011 ASFPM
                                        National Conference
   May 15–20, 2011 | Louisville, KY

Flood Risk Management: The Winning Ticket

                           POCKET GUIDE
               Conference Team

                    ASFPM 2011 CONFERENCE TEAM
                    May 15 - 20, 2011, Louisville, KY
                               Local Host Team
     Members of Kentucky Association of Mitigation Managers & Ohio
     Floodplain Management Association: Louie Greenwell, GISP, CFM,
     Team Leader; Alicia Silverio, CFM, Volunteers Coordinator. Team
     Captains: Emily Frank, Josh Human, Carey Johnson, Shawn Moore,
     CFM, Lori Rafferty, PE, CFM
                          Program Coordinator
                           Steve McMaster, CFM
                               Ideation, Inc.
                         Conference Directors
                Chad M. Ross, CFM   Diane A. Brown
                                  ASFPM Staff
                Lisa Bronson              Sam Medlock, JD, CFM
                Nancy Dunham              Debbie Pond
                Anita Larson              Jason Schneeberger
                Kait Laufenberg, CFM      Jeff Stone, GISP, CFM
                Alan Lulloff, PE, CFM     Katrien Werner
    George Riedel, CFM      Chad Berginnis, CFM      Larry Larson, PE, CFM

                        ASFPM Executive Office
         2809 Fish Hatchery Road, Suite 204 • Madison, WI 53713
             608-274-0123, Fax: 274-0696 •

                                                                Table of Contents

i ........................................................................................ Conference Team

1 ....................................................................................... Table of Contents

2 ..................................................... Welcome and General Information

3 ................................................................. Meeting Room Assignments

                                     Conference Sponsors

4 ..............................................................................................Our Sponsors

                                 The Conference Program

18..............................................................................Saturday and Sunday






Center Spread (pgs. 32-33) .................. Meeting Room Floor Plans

Last 2 Pages ....................................................Conference At-A-Glance

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            General Information

    Welcome to the 35th Annual National Conference of the
    Association of State Floodplain Managers! We’re glad that you
    could join us in Louisville. This Pocket Guide will help you get
    the most out of your week, so be sure to keep it close at hand.
    questions, see ASFPM staff at the registration desk or ask
    one of the local host volunteers - they will be wearing visbile
    vests while on duty. Please enjoy your week as you delve into
    the most comprehensive floodplain management training &
    networking opportunity in the world!
    General Information
    Registration Desk                               2nd Floor Foyer
    The Registration Desk is located on the 2nd floor near the UPS
    Store. They will be open to serve you from 7:30-5 Sunday, 7-5
    Monday-Thursday and 7:30-Noon Friday. Registration will close
    during the plenary sessions and luncheons.
    Program HQ and Speaker Prep Room                      Beckham
    Program Coordinator Steve McMaster, A/V Coordinator Jason
    Schneeberger, and numerous volunteers will be available to
    assist you with program and A/V concerns throughout the
    week. Speakers may practice their presentations here and get
    them queued up for the sessions.
    Local Host / Volunteer HQ                                Collins
    The local host team, consisting of members of the Kentucky
    and Ohio Chapters, coordinates the volunteers required for the
    many duties it takes to help operate the conference. This room
    is on the 2nd floor.
    Message Board                                   2nd Floor Foyer
    The message board will display special notices, schedule
    or room changes, phone messages, job postings, ticket ex-
    changes, menus, ride-sharing, and other information. It is by

                                              Meeting Room Assignments

All on-site conference activities take place at the Galt House
Hotel & Suites, 140 N. 4th St., Louisville, KY. The location of each
session is listed to the right of the event name. The technical
concurrent session program follows eight general themes
during those blocks Tuesday through Thursday.
Track # .............................................................................. Title
1 ..................................................................... Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans
2 ..................................................................................Showcase Sessions
3 .......................................National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
4 .............................................................................Flood Loss Mitigation
5 .....................................................................................Levees and Dams
6 ...................NAI, Success Stories, and Community Engagement
7 ......................................................Floodplain Mapping: Technology
8 ......................................................Floodplain Mapping: Application
First Timers Orientation will be held Sunday at 3:00pm and
5:00pm, Monday at 10:00am and 3:00pm, and Tuesday at
10:00am. New attendees should plan to attend one of these
15-minute sessions to help you get the most out of the week!
Meets near Registration.
Meeting Room Abbreviations
 2nd & 3rd Floor Meeting Rooms ................................................ Name
 2nd Floor Grand Ball Room ...................................Grand Ballroom
 2nd Floor Exhibit Hall .......................................................................Exh.
 Registration, 2nd Floor Foyer ......................................................Reg.
Field Tours Departure Point – “Bus Load”
The bus loading area is outside the front door, directly below
the conference registration desk, just outside the southwest
entrance to the Galt House, near the parking garage.

             Agency Sponsors

    Agency Sponsors
    Kentucky Association of Mitigation Managers
    Ohio Floodplain Management Association
    Ohio DNR
    Louisville MSD
    Nebraska DNR
    FEMA Region IV
    Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau


                             enhancing and
                             sustaining the world’s
                             built, natural and
                             social environments.

  Flood Risk Management…
      We have the experience to fulfill
           your project needs.
    Water Resources • Floodplain Modeling
   Hazard Mitigation • Watershed Assessment

         For more information, contact:
Vince DiCamillo, CFM •
   (P) 301.982.2898 • Visit us at:

    Working with ASFPM to
     continually strengthen
    our nation's approach to
     oodplain management.

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                                                                                           StAntec iS
                                                                                 One teAm PROViDing
                                                                                  infinite SOlutiOnS.
                               Management Services:
                               Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
                               Digital Flood Insurance Rate Mapping
                               Geographic Information Systems
                               Risk Assessment and Analysis

                               Hazard Mitigation Planning
                               Mitigation Project Funding and Implementation
                               Emergency Management and Support
                               Endangered Species Act Compliance

                               Global Expertise. Local Strength.

                                                   More than 100 offices in the U.S. and abroad

                                          Contact: Firas N. Makarem, CFM (703) 581-2738    (

                                      Flood Hazard Identification           Stormwater Management
                                       and Mapping
                                                                             Disaster Response Services
                                      DFIRM Production and
                                                                             Watershed Modeling and
                                                                             GIS and Database Applications
                                                                             Vulnerability Assessments
                                                                                        Coastal Analysis
                                                                                         Protection and Restoration
                                                                                                  Program and

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                                            Baker brings a balanced
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                                            We can help you achieve safe,
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                                            solutions through integrated
                                            water resources management.

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             Creating value by delivering
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       Water is Life
        ï Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering
         ï Flood Hazard Mapping and DFIRM Production
          ï Dam Failure Inundation Mapping and EAPs
           ï Risk MAP Program Delivery
            ï Hazard Mitigation & Flood Recovery
             ï Levee Certification
              ï GIS Assessments & Applications
               ï Risk Assessment (HAZUS, HEC-FIA)
                ï CRS Program Assistance
                 ï Model Management
                  ï Disaster Exercises
                   ï Emergency Decision Support Systems

       Cindy Popplewell
         n            l                              Joe File
                             m                     oe.file

                                 Stephen Noe
                           stephen.           m

          David Stroud                            uc            r
                                                 Tucker Clevenger
         vid.str           m                        r.cleve r          m


Building local, thinking global

     or over 40 years Parsons Brinckerhoff has been
     a leader in many of the largest water infrastructure
     projects in California. Our approach partners
technical knowledge in all aspects of civil engineering
with knowledge of local issues and a commitment to
sustainable engineering practices. The result is a new
generation of creative, environmentally superior solutions
to meet future water supply and conveyance needs.
Contact: Jeff Nelson
2329 Gateway Oaks Dr., Ste. 200,
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All About Training, Inc.

             Saturday, May 14 &
              Sunday, May 15

                 ASFPM 2011 CONFERENCE PROGRAM
     Saturday, May 14, 2011
     8:30-5:30   ASFPM Board Meeting                         Stopher
     Sunday, May 15, 2011
     7:30-3:00   Golf Tourney
                 Technical Field Tour
     8:00-5:00   Blue River Canoe and Marengo Cave Bus Load
                 Training Workshop
     9:00-5:00   CFM Refresher Course                       McCreary
                 Instructors: Diane Calhoun, CFM, Michael Baker Jr.,
                 Inc.; John Ivey, PE, CFM, Halff Associates, Inc.
     9:00-10:30 Break                                      2nd Floor
     10:00-5:00 Committee Chairs Meeting                     Stopher
     Noon-1:00 Lunch on your own
                 Training Workshops
     1:00-5:00   Demystifying the Compliance             French
                 Process in Floodplain Management
                 Instructors: Rhonda Montgomery, CFM, Jennifer
                 Tylander, FEMA
                 NFIP Rules & Regulations                      Taylor
                 In Depth (G194.2)
                 Instructors: Lois Forster, FEMA; John Gerber, PE,
                 CFM, North Carolina Division of Emergency
                 The Use of Natural Channel                 Brown
                 Design to Restore Rivers & Reduce Flooding
                 Instructors: J. George Athanasakes, PE, Wanda
                 Lawson, Stantec Consulting Services

                                     Sunday, May 15

            Free Walk-In Information Sessions
1:00-5:00   Honing Your Presentation Skills           Jones
            Instructors: Tom Hirt, CFM, FEMA
            Emergency Management Institute; Steve
            McMaster, CFM, Ideation Inc., ASFPM Program
2:00-4:00   FloodManager – Experience                      Wilson
            A Town at Risk
            Instructor: Curtis B. Beitel, PE, CFM, HDR
3:00-3:15   First Timers Orientation                         Reg.
3:00-3:30   Break                                        2nd Floor
5:00-5:15   First Timers Orientation                         Reg.
5:30-6:30   State Floodplain Managers & Hazard Mitigation
            Officers Meet and Greet (by invitation)
7:00-10:00 Welcome Fest                   Belvedere Overlook
           Reacquaint with past friends and meet new ones
           at this Kentucky-style picnic!
           Co-Sponsored by NOAA & AMEC
           Co-Host: Kentucky Association of Mitigation

              Monday, May 16

     Monday, May 16, 2011
                Technical Field Tours                      Bus Load
     8:00-1:00 Bourbon & Green Infrastructure
     Noon-4:00 Louisville Flood Protection System
                Training Workshops
     8:00-Noon Grant Writing 101                              Brown
                8:00-10:00 Part I: What You Really Need to
                           Know to be a Winner!
                           Instructors: R. Josh Human, University
                           of Louisville; Justin Gray, Louisville &
                           Jefferson County MSD
                10:00-Noon Part II: FEMA Mitigation Grants
                           – Determining if Your Project is
                           Instructors: Todd Chochran, CFM, Jeff
                           House, CFM, Manhard Consulting, Ltd.
                Flood Insurance for the Floodplain      Breathitt
                Manager (G282.1)
                Instructors: Susan Wilson, CFM, FEMA Region IV;
                Bruce Bender, Bender Consulting Services, ASFPM
                Insurance Committee Co-Chair
                Local Floodplain Administrator               Nunn
                Roles & Responsibilities (G194.1)
                Instructors: Jamie Huff, CFM, FEMA Region X;
                Rhonda Montgomery, CFM, FEMA HQ
                The Role of Green Infrastructure              Stanley
                In Changing Stormwater Management
                Approaches & Regulations
                Instructors: Lisa Hair, PE, USEPA; J. William Brown,
                PE, City of Arlington, TX
                Using LiDAR to Build HEC-RAS             McCreary
                Models & Delineate Floodplains for FEMA
                LOMRs using the Watershed Modeling
                System (WMS)
                Instructor: Clark Barlow, PE, CFM, Aquaveo, LLC

                                   Monday, May 16

            USGS Flood-Frequency Analysis            Carol Ford
            and Related Floodplain Management Tools
            Part I: Flood-Frequency Analysis Overview
            Instructors: Robert Mason, PE, Tim Cohn, PhD, USGS
1:00-5:00   USGS Flood-Frequency Analysis           Carol Ford
            and Related Floodplain Management Tools
            Part II: Flood-Frequency Determination
            Instructors: Robert Mason, PE, Kate Flynn, USGS
            CNMS Workshop – I Have a Mapping              Nunn
            Issue, Now What?
            Instructors: Rick Sacbibit, PE, FEMA HQ; Carey
            Johnson, Kentucky Division of Water
            Improving Public Safety from               Stanley
            Flash Floods with Advanced Warning
            Systems & Social Science Methods
            Instructors: Glenn Austin, National Hydrologic
            Warning Council; Edward Clark, NOAA National
            Weather Service
            Levee Safety in the US                   McCreary
            Instructors: Eric Halpin, PE, Tammy Conforti, PE,
            CFM, US Army Corps of Engineers
            The Map Amendment and Map                   Brown
            Revision Process
            Instructors: M. Saleem Ashraf, PhD, PE, Andrew N.
            Brown, CFM, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.

            Free Walk-In Information Sessions
1:00-5:00   Presenter Training for the 3D           Breathitt
            Flood Model: A Hands-On Workshop
            for Education & Outreach
            Instructors: Mark Walton, CFM, NOAA National
            Weather Service; Tom McDonald, CFM, City of
            Savannah, GA

                  Monday, May 16

                   National Policy Issues Discussions
     8:00-9:00     General FPM Policy Issues                 French
                   Overview and Legislative Update
     9:00-9:30     Break                            2nd & 3rd Floors
     9:30-Noon Floodproofing                                Stopher
               Mitigation                                       Coe
               Mapping & Eng. Standards                      French
               International Issues                           Jones
               Professional Development                       Taylor
               Training & Outreach                            Segell
     10:00-10:15 First Timers Orientation                      Reg.
     Noon-1:00 Lunch on your own
                   National Policy Issues Discussions
     1:30-3:30     Coastal Issues                            French
                   Stormwater Management,                       Coe
                      No Adverse Impact, and Natural &
                      Beneficial Functions
                   Arid Regions Issues                      Stopher
                   Flood Insurance                            Segell
                   Floodplain Regulations                     Jones
     3:00-3:15     First Timers Orientation                    Reg.
     3:00 -        Silent Auction                              Reg.
                   8th Annual FUNdraising activity for
                   the ASFPM Foundation
     4:00-5:00     ASFPM Members Meeting                     French
     4:00-7:00     CFM Exam                                  Taylor
     5:00-7:00     Exhibits Grand Opening                      Exh.
     7:00 . . .    Dinner on your own, enjoy your evening

                                   Tuesday, May 17

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
8:30-10:00 Plenary Session 1                  Grand Ballroom
           Welcome Address: Mayor Greg Fischer, City of
           THE STARTING GATE: The Vision for Managing
           Risk to People, Property, and Natural
           Resources. It is critical that this nation work to
           reduce the flood risk to lives, property, and to the
           natural functions and resources in floodplains in
           order to create sustainable communities. What is
           the vision for minimizing damages to floodplain
           ecosystems and managing flood risk? What
           examples of good practices exist?
           1. Partnership Comprehensive Effort: Working
           Together to Achieve Multiple Benefits. Mark P.
           Smith, Director, Eastern U.S. Freshwater Program,
           The Nature Conservancy
           2. Local Comprehensive Effort: Louisville KY
           Metro Area. Herbert “Bud” Schardein, Jr.,
           Executive Director, Metropolitan Sewer District of
           Louisville and Jefferson County
           3. Regional Comprehensive Effort: Milwaukee
           WI Metro Area. Kevin Shafer, Executive Director,
           Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
           Moderator: Greg Main, CFM, ASFPM Chair; State
           Floodplain Manager, Indiana DNR
10:00-10:15 First Timers Orientation                      Reg.
10:00-10:30 Break, Exhibits                               Exh.
            Silent Auction

               Tuesday, May 17

                 Workshops and Training
     10:00-Noon Evaluation of Scour at Bridge              Stanley
                Foundations on Rock, The Newest Technology
                Instructor: Su Mishra, PhD, PE, HDR Engineering
                 Into the 21st Century: Making                Morrow
                 Protection & Restoration of Natural Floodplain
                 Functions a Key Water Resource Objective
                 Instuctors: Jon Kusler, Esq., PhD, Association of
                 State Wetland Mangers; David Conrad, National
                 Wildlife Federation
     10:30-Noon Concurrent Session A
     A-1         Understanding and Managing               Breathitt
                 Sea Level Rise
                 Moderator: Jeff Sparrow, PE, PMP, CFM, Michael
                 Baker Corporation, ASFPM Region 3 Director
                 Preliminary Efforts to Establish a Sea-Level Rise
                 Advisory Mapping Layer for the National Flood
                 Insurance Program. Brian K. Batten, PhD, CFM,
                 Dewberry; Mark Crowell, FEMA-HQ
                 New Mapping Tool and Techniques for Visualizing
                 Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts.
                 Doug Marcy, NOAA Coastal Services Center
                 Assessing Changing Coastal Flood Hazard Risk
                 in Response to Projected Changes in Sea-Level
                 and Storminess. John Dorman, CFM, Kenneth
                 Ashe, PE, CFM, North Carolina Floodplain Mapping
     A-2         CDM Showcase: Jacksonville, FL –              Nunn
                 A Modeling, Mapping, Community
                 Engagement Story.
                 Moderator: Michael F. Schmidt, PE, BCEE, CDM
                 A Comprehensive Master Plan with Floodplain
                 Protection Goals. Michael F. Schmidt, P.E., BCEE,
                 Patrick Victor, P.E., DWRE, CDM
                 Mapping the Risk and Engaging the Public: The
                 Key to a Successful Public Outreach Program.
                 Lisa Sterling, PE, Sandeep Gulati, CFM, Patrick

                             Tuesday, May 17

      Victor, PE, DWRE, CDM; John Pappas, Kristen
      Beach, City of Jacksonville, FL
      Using the Power of SWMM Unsteady Modeling
      for CLOMR Applications. José Maria Guzmán, PE,
      Gaston Cabanilla, PE, CFM, Sandeep Gulati, CFM,
      Michael F. Schmidt, PE, BCEE, Tom Nye, Seungho
      Song, PE, CFM, CDM
A-3   Building Codes and                      Carol Ford
      Floodplain Management
      Moderator: Stephen Mitchell, CBO, CFM, City of
      Pascagoula, MS
      What Happens when Building Departments Fail
      to Enforce NFIP’s Guidelines. William C. Bracken,
      PE, CFM, Bracken Engineering
      Flood Design Code Master. Christopher P. Jones,
      PE, Christopher Jones & Assoc.; John Ingargiola,
      Putting Higher Standards into Today’s Building
      Codes... Wait, They’re Already in There?
      Adrienne Sheldon, PE, CFM, URS Corporation; John
      Ingargiola, CBO, CFM, FEMA-HQ
A-4   Mitigation Techniques for                  Stopher
      Difficult Flood Problems
      Moderator: Molly O’Toole, PE, DWRE, CFM, Molly
      O’Toole & Associates, Ltd.
      Using all the Tools for Success – Flood Mitigation
      in SPAM Town. Brad Woznak, PE, CFM, SEH, Inc.;
      Jon Erichson, PE, City of Austin, MN
      Louisiana Community Achieves Mitigation
      Success with First Elevation Project. Jeffrey S.
      Heaton, Providence; Holly L. Fonseca, St. Charles
      Tunnel of Love or Tunnel Vision - Addressing a
      Century of Major Flooding in the Passaic River
      Basin. John A. Miller, PE, CFM, Princeton Hydro,

           Tuesday, May 17

     A-5    Flood Risk Management &                     Jones
            Levees in a Changing Climate
            Moderator: John McShane, CFM, US EPA
            Panelists: Sam Riley Medlock, JD, CFM, ASFPM;
            David Conrad, National Wildlife Federation; Shana
            Udvardy, American Rivers
     A-6    RiskMAP Outreach & Discovery Process         Coe
            Moderator: Diane Calhoun, CFM, Michael Baker, Jr.,
            Inc., ASFPM Chapter District 3 Director
            Making Flood Risk Real – RiskMAP and Risk
            Communication Opportunities. Kathleen
            Schaefer, PE, CFM, FEMA Region IX; Lisa Messano,
            CFM, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
            Empowering Community Ownership Through
            RiskMAP - The Region VI Approach. Gary
            Zimmerer, PE, FEMA Region VI; Michael Anderson,
            PE, DWRE, CFM, DHI Water and Environment
            What People Know about Flood Risk: Results
            of the RiskMAP Nationwide Surveys. Vincent J.
            Brown, FEMA-HQ
     A-7    General Modeling Issues                      French
            Moderator: David Knipe, PE, CFM, Indiana Dept. of
            Natural Resources, ASFPM Mapping & Engineering
            Standards Committee Co-Chair
            A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Floodway
            Modeling/Delineation. Michael A. Hanson, PE,
            LEED AP, Shweta Chervu, PE, CFM, Dewberry
            Analyzing Downstream Impacts Associated with
            the Proposed Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Project
            Using Unsteady HEC-RAS. Gregg Thielman, PE,
            CFM, Houston Engineering, Inc.; April Walker, PE,
            CFM, City of Fargo, ND
            ‘Art’ of Calibration in the ‘Science’ of H&H
            Modeling. Amit Sachan, PE, CFM, Dewberry;
            Robert Billings, PE, PH, CFM, Mecklenburg County

                                    Tuesday, May 17

A-8         Technology & Risk Communication               Segell
            Moderator: David Stroud, CFM, AMEC Earth &
            State of Hawaii Flood Hazard Assessment Tools.
            Steven Lettau, Onyx Group; Carol Tyau-Beam, PE,
            CFM, State of Hawaii Dept of Land and Natural
            FloodZone3D, Using Technology to Convey
            Flood Risk to the Public. Bill Tingle, PG, CFM, Tim
            Trautman, PE, CFM, Mecklenburg Co. Storm Water
            The New and Improved MapViewer. Howard K.
            Davis, GISP, CFM, Mark Sengamalay, Zimmerman
            Associates, Inc.
Noon-1:30 Keynote Luncheon                     Grand Ballroom
          Sponsored by Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.
          AND THEY’RE OFF!: Watershed Approaches to
          Reduce Flood Risk in the Napa Valley. Jill Techel,
          Mayor, Napa, CA
            ASFPM Foundation Update
            Technical Field Tour
1:45-5:00   Falls of the Ohio and                     Bus Load
            McAlpine Lock & Dam
            Training Workshop
1:45-5:00   Mitigation & Sustainability or         Stanley
            Litigation & Misery: Choose the Ticket
            to Your Community’s Future!
            Instructors: Edward A. Thomas, Esq., Michael Baker
            Jr., Inc.; David Mallory, PE, CFM, Urban Drainage
            and Flood Control District

                 Tuesday, May 17

     1:45-3:15    Concurrent Session B
     B-1          2010 Flood Events in Review              Breathitt
                  Moderator: Michael D. Hunnicutt, CFM, FEMA
                  Louisiana Recovery Office
                  The Great March Floods of 2010 in Rhode Island.
                  Edward J. Capone, CFM, NOAA/National Weather
                  The Significance of the 2010 Pakistan Floods to
                  the United States. Zachary Baccala, CFM, Atkins
                  Nashville Flood Recovery Efforts – Assessing
                  Damage to Homes and Stormwater
                  Infrastructure. Cynthia Popplewell, PE, CFM,
                  Bimal Shah, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.
     B-2          AECOM Showcase:                           Nunn
                  Floodplain Mapping Technology
                  Moderator: Joe Chapman, PE, CFM, AECOM
                  The New FIS: What has Changed and What Does
                  the Future Hold? Andy Bonner, PE, CFM, AECOM;
                  Scott McAfee, GISP, CFM, FEMA Region IX
                  GIS Tools and Technologies for Coastal Flood
                  Studies. Chris Mack, PE, AECOM
                  Proposed Landuse Categories for WHAFIS
                  Modeling on County-wide Scales. Paul Carroll, PE,
     B-3          Regulations                           Carol Ford
                  Moderator: Wayne Berggren, CFM, FEMA Louisiana
                  Recovery Office
                  The Model Manufactured Home Installation
                  Standards & FPM: How We Roll in Mississippi.
                  Angela Barial, CFM, Al Goodman, CFM, Mississippi
                  Emergency Management Agency
                  FEMA Building Science Publication Update
                  Overview. Adam Reeder, PE, CFM, Atkins; John
                  Ingargiola, CBO, CFM, FEMA-HQ; Scott Tezak, PE,
                  URS Corporation
                  Flood Damage-Resistant Materials Pre-standard.
                  Julia Moline, CFM, Dewberry; John Ingargiola,
                  CBO, CFM, FEMA-HQ

                               Tuesday, May 17

B-4    State Mitigation Programs                Stopher
       Moderator: Stephen Smith, CFM, Greenhorne &
       Building Safer, Smarter and Stronger: A State’s
       Commitment of Avoiding Future Losses. Shane
       Rauh, CFM, LEM, Shaw Environmental and
       Ohio EMA Remains “SHARPP” in the Fields
       of Mitigation and RiskMAP. Steve Ferryman,
       CFM, Jonathan Sorg, CFM, Ohio Emergency
       Management Agency
       An Ounce of Prevention: Vermont’s Strategies
       for Managing Rivers toward Equilibrium. Ned
       Swanberg, CFM, Rebecca Pfeiffer, CFM, Vermont
       Agency of Natural Resources
B-5A   Restoring Beneficial Functions                Jones
       After a Structural Project
       Moderator: Kimberly Bitters, CFM, Ohio
       Department of Natural Resources, ASFPM Natural
       and Beneficial Functions Committee Co-Chair
       Increasing Resiliency to Floods: The Role of Dam
       Removal in Flood Management. Sara Strassman,
       CFM, American Rivers
       Implementation of a Non-structural Alternative
       to Levee Repair Under the Corps of Engineers’
       P.L. 84-99 Authority: The Green Island, Iowa,
       Levee and Drainage District. Jerry Skalak, CFM,
       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District
       Gold Ray Dam Removal – Management of
       Sediments on Mapped Floodplains. Shane K.
       Cline, PE, Brian J. Doeing, PE, CPESC, DWRE, HDR Inc.

            Tuesday, May 17

     B-5B    Risk Assessment Tools for                French
             Dam Breaches
             Moderator: Bob Davies, PE, PH, CFM, AMEC Earth
             & Environmental, ASFPM Arid Regions Committee
             Dam Hazard Consequence Assessment Pilot
             Studies. James Demby, PE, National Dam Safety
             Program – FEMA-HQ; Sam Crampton, PE, CFM,
             A New Era in Inundation Mapping: Using GIS to
             Develop Dam Breach Modeling and Mapping.
             Scott Arends, PE, CFM, Anthony K. Comerio, PE,
             CFM, Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
             Consequence Estimation for Dam Failure
             Scenarios. Kurt Buchanan, CFM, US Army Corps of
     B-6     Levee Outreach                               Coe
             Moderator: John Devine, FEMA Region V
             Levee Outreach and Coordination in FEMA
             Region V. Roger Denick, PE, CFM, STARR; Suzanne
             Vermeer, PE, CFM, FEMA R-V
             Levees – The Unrecognized Risks and How
             We Will Correct Common Misconceptions.
             Bill Blanton, CFM, FEMA; Ann Terranova, URS
             NRCS Dam Hazard Evaluation and Flood
             Hazard Risk Identification and Communication
             - A Kentucky Case Study. Jon Keeling, PE,
             CFM, Stantec; Sonya Keith, Natural Resources
             Conservation Service
     B-8     RiskMAP Guidance,                        Segell
             Specifications, and Metrics
             Moderator: Matt Koch, PE, CFM, AECOM
             The Art of Making Sausage (or Guidance from
             FEMA Headquarters). Louie Greenwell, GISP, CFM,
             Stantec; Mary Jo Mullen, PE, FEMA-HQ

                                    Tuesday, May 17

            Defining, Measuring, and Monitoring Success for
            RiskMAP. Kelly Bronowicz, FEMA-HQ; Don Armour,
            PE, STARR
            An Informative Session on FEMA’s Scientific
            Resolution Panels. David N. Bascom, FEMA-HQ
3:15-3:45   Break, Exhibits, Silent Auction                Exh
3:45-5:15   Concurrent Session C
C-1         ASFPM Coastal Issues                     Breathitt
            Committee Sponsored Session – Beach
            Management: How Shifting Legal and Policy
            Frameworks May Affect State/Local Efforts to
            Reduce Risk
            Moderator: Alison Hardin, CFM, City of Myrtle
            Beach, ASFPM Coastal Issues Committee Co-Chair
            Speakers: Ed Thomas, Esq., Michael Baker Jr., Inc.;
            Chris Mack, PE, AECOM
C-2         Dewberry Showcase: Bringing                 Nunn
            RiskMAP Products and Tools to Life
            Moderator: Grant Smith, PE, CFM, Dewberry
            CNMS: Increased Spatial Resolution of Risk
            Exposure for Project Prioritization. Mathew
            Mampara, PE, CFM, Dewberry; Jason Rutter, CFM,
            RiskMAP products – Early Implementation in
            FEMA Region II. Milver Valenzuela, PMP, CFM,
            GISP, Scott Choquette, CFM, Dewberry; Alan
            Springett, FEMA Region II
            How Sweet the Suite of RiskMAP Products
            is for Metro Atlanta: A Sneak Peek at Early
            Implementation of RiskMAP Products Developed
            for Georgia’s Upper Chattahoochee River Basin
            Project. Shannon Brewer, CFM, Dewberry

     Floor Plan - Second Floor

Plan - Third Floor

            Tuesday, May 17

     C-3A    Post Disaster Activities              Carol Ford
             Moderator: Timothy Russo, CFM, FEMA Region IV
             Case Study: What Happens When There is an
             Insurance Settlement Before a Substantial
             Damage Determination is Made? Todd Richard,
             CFM, City of Findlay, OH
             Understanding Actions That Can Jeopardize
             Disaster Recovery Funding. Sherry Crouch, PE,
             CFM, David K. Brauner, CFM, CDM
             Increasing Resilience Through Unconventional
             Approaches: Lessons Learned in Haiti. Benjamin
             C. Korson, CFM, Michael Baker Corporation
     C-3B    Warning Systems and Flood Prediction Segell
             Moderator: Jerry Louthain, PE, HDR
             U.S. National Weather Service Freshwater
             Prediction and Flood Warning Services: Status and
             Plans. Mary Mullusky, National Weather Service
             The National Hydrography Dataset - Geospatial
             Surface Water for the Nation. Jeff Simley, U.S.
             Geological Survey
             Development and Implementation of Flood-
             Inundation Warning Systems. K. Scott Jackson,
             PE, USGS
     C-4     Risk Assessment Tools And RiskMAP Stopher
             Moderator: Vince DiCamillo, CFM, Greenhorne &
             The Diversity of HAZUS: Uses for HAZUS Beyond
             Mitigation Planning. Rob Flaner, CFM, Ed
             Whitford, Tetra Tech
             True Flood Loss Analysis: Integrating both Depth
             Grid and Specific Building Inventories. Jason
             Rutter, CFM, CoreLogic
             Using HAZUS for the Flood Risk Assessment
             Dataset within FEMA Risk-MAP Studies. Dr.
             Shane Parson, PE, CFM, URS Corporation; Craig
             Kennedy, PMP, CFM

                               Tuesday, May 17

C-5   Levee Acronym Fun: PALs & EAPs                  Jones
      Moderator: Roy McClure, CFM, FEMA Region IV
      Are you Ready? The City of Dallas Trinity River
      Levee System Emergency Action Plan (EAP).
      Jessica Baker, PE, CFM, Halff Associates; Elizabeth
      Fernandez, PE, LEED AP, City of Dallas, TX
      Race to Effective: Analysis and Mapping of the
      Tijuana River Expired PAL. Jeanne Finger, PE,
      CFM, AECOM; Ed Curtis, PE, CFM, FEMA Region IX
      The Levee Dilemma in Texas: Four Stories.
      Walter Skipwith, PE, DWRE, Wes Birdwell, PE, Halff
      Associates, Inc.; Garry Fennell, PE, CFM, City of Irving
C-6   Innovative Risk Communication                Coe
      Moderator: Bill Tingle, PG, CFM, Charlotte-
      Mecklenburg County, ASFPM Professional
      Development Committee Co-Chair
      Susquehanna Inundation Map Viewer:
      Enhancing Risk Communication through
      Partnership with Local Regulatory Agencies.
      Mohan Rajaseker, Stuart Geiger, CFM, Dewberry
      How to Build a Flood Level Marker -- The Gilbert
      White Memorial Project: Lessons Learned. Clancy
      Philipsborn, CFM
      Kentucky Risk Communication Toolbox. Kristen
      Martinenza, PE, CFM, FEMA Region IV; Carey
      Johnson, Kentucky Division of Water

                 Tuesday, May 17

     C-7          Innovations in Floodplain                 French
                  Mapping Technology
                  Moderator: Kevin Donnelly, PE, CFM, Greenhorne &
                  iFlood - Mobile Flood Hazard Mapping. Josh
                  Price, GISP, CFM, Tim Brink, PE, Atkins
                  Optimizing Floodplain Delineation Through
                  Surface Model Generalization - A Case Study in
                  FEMA Region VII Iowa. Ginger Dadds, PE, CFM,
                  Greenhorne & O’Mara
                  Data, Maps and Risk: How Good is Good?
                  Tropical Storm Nicole Case Study. Kenneth W.
                  Ashe, PE, CFM, Thomas E. Langan, PE, CFM, North
                  Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program
     5:00-6:30    Exhibits Social, Silent Auction                Exh.
     7:00-10:00 Ohio River Steamboats
                  Join ASFPM and our Diamond Sponsors on board
                  the Belle of Louisville and the Spirit of Jefferson.
                  Network while enjoying the views on the Ohio
                  River. Food, beverages, and entertainment will be
                  provided on board. The boats are located on the
                  river just below the Galt House.
                  Sponsors: AECOM, Dewberry, Michael Baker, Jr.,
                  Inc., and URS

                                  Wednesday, May 18

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
7:00-8:15   Early Bird Discussions Sessions
            Watershed-wide Techniques to              Carol Ford
            Forward NAI Floodplain and Stormwater
            Watershed-wide coordination is crucial to the
            success of flood risk reduction efforts. Local
            activities such as integrated implementation
            of regulations, combined efforts to maximize
            preservation or rehabilitation of naturally
            beneficial floodplain functions, and aggressive
            education of public and elected officials leading to
            adoption of No Adverse Impact policies can make
            the difference in these efforts. Please join the NAI,
            NBF, and Stormwater committees to discuss these
            and other innovative techniques for watershed-
            wide floodplain management.
            Moderators: Terri Turner, AICP, CFM, Augusta-
            Richmond County, GA, ASFPM NAI Committee
            Co-Chair; Kimberly Bitters, CFM, Ohio DNR, ASFPM
            Natural & Beneficial Functions Committee Co-
            ASFPM Non-Structural                           Nunn
            Floodproofing Committee
            This session will discuss some of the basic
            approaches to floodproofing or retrofitting a
            structure to make it less prone to flood damages.
            This will include all of the accepted floodproofing
            practices as well as other non-structural
            approaches to building protection. The session
            will also clarify the use of the term “Non-structural”
            as it applies to the Committee’s title and the
            methodologies associated with floodproof-
            ng. A discussion of building sciences related to
            floodproofing and applicable building codes
            will also be covered. The session will conclude
            with a group discussion of as many of the

     Wednesday, May 18

        impediments to floodproofing as time will allow,
        such as, loss of tax revenues to communities,
        poor communication of residual risks, and lack of
        incentives and disincentives.
        Moderators: ASFPM Nonstructural Floodproofing
        Bridging the Gap: Linking the             Breathitt
        National Flood Insurance Program
        and Mitigation Planning
        The NFIP and Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning
        are activities designed to reduce the affects of
        hazards on buildings and communities. Although
        some actions have been taken to ensure that
        the programs are acting in tandem, much more
        work needs to be done at the local level, so
        that communities gear their local ordinances to
        the amount of risk they face and protect their
        residences and businesses from damage. This
        presentation goes over the background of what
        has been done thus far under both the NFIP and
        Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning, and suggests
        ways that communities can close the gap between
        model ordinances and what needs to be done to
        reduce the risks from flooding to the residents of
        their community.
        Moderator: Bruce Bender, Bender Consulting
        Services, ASFPM Insurance Committee Co-Chair
        National Committee on                        Jones
        Levee Safety Update
        The National Committee on Levee Safety (NCLS)
        will briefly present the twenty recommendations
        they made to Congress regarding the
        development and implementation of a national
        levee safety program. The presentation will
        include the current status of the work in progress
        and offer sources of information regarding the
        work of the Committee. The short presentation
        will be followed by an open discussion to gain

                                  Wednesday, May 18

            feedback on the implications and impacts
            associated with adoption of the recommendations
            and flood risk behind and associated with levees.
            Moderator: Sam Medlock, JD, CFM, ASFPM
            Certification Maintenance 101               Segell
            Did you know that the CFM Certification Program
            is evaluated annually and compared with 23
            different certification programs? Come and learn
            how we stack up. Your CFM is valuable; however,
            you must maintain your certification. Attend this
            session and share your experiences, frustrations,
            and recommendations on how to improve the
            system. The moderators will wear body armor and
            are ready to take your best shot.
            Moderators: Tom Morey, CFM, Certification Board
            of Regents President; John Ivey, CFM, ASFPM
            Professional Development Committee Liaison
8:30-10:00 Plenary Session 2                    Grand Ballroom
           NAVIGATING THE TURN: Managing Flood Risk
           Associated with Levees via the Policy and
           Program Nexus of Flood Maps, Levees, and
           Flood Insurance
           1. How is RiskMAP addressing this key policy
           and political nexus? Doug Bellomo, P.E., CFM,
           Director, Flood Hazard Mapping, Risk Analysis
           Division, FEMA-DHS
           2. What are the Corps of Engineers programs and
           policies impacting levees? Alex Dornstauder,
           Deputy Chief, Office of Homeland Security, US
           Army Corps of Engineers
           3. What challenges face communities and
           levee owners to manage and communicate
           flood risk? Jim Fiedler, PE, DWRE, President,
           National Association of Flood and Stormwater
           Management Agencies (NAFSMA); Chief Operating
           Officer, Water Utility Enterprise, Santa Clara Valley
           Water District

             Wednesday, May 18

                  4. Connecting the Dots. Sam Riley Medlock, JD, CFM,
                  Policy and Partnerships Program Manager, ASFPM
                  Moderator: Sally McConkey, PE, CFM, ASFPM
                  Vice Chair; Water Resources Engineer, INRS, Illinois
                  State Water Survey
                Training Workshop
     10:00-Noon Developing Quality Outreach                     Taylor
                Materials on a Shoestring Budget
                Instructors: Bill Robison, PE, CFM, City of Tulsa,
                OK; Dee Robison, CFM, Oklahoma Floodplain
                Management Association
                  Technical Field Tour
     10:00-2:00 Green Walking Tour                          Bus Load
     10:00-10:30 Break, Exhibits, Silent Auction                 Exh.
     10:30-Noon Plenary Session 3                    Grand Ballroom
                  THE BACK STRETCH: Federal Efforts to Integrate
                  Flood Risk Management Approaches. Properly
                  and effectively communicating today’s flood
                  risk is a critical element in managing floodplains
                  and watersheds in the future. The recent re-
                  establishment of the Interagency Task Force will
                  serve to invigorate this crucial concern.
                  1. HUD Programs supporting Flood Risk
                  Management and Community Sustainability. Jim
                  Lopez, Senior Advisor to HUD Deputy Secretary, HUD
                  2. USACE Flood Risk Management Program
                  Vision and Actions. Karen Durham-Aguilera,
                  Chief, Office of Homeland Security, US Army Corps
                  of Engineers
                  3. FEMA’s Challenges and Opportunities for
                  Managing Flood Risk and Floodplain Resources.
                  Dr. Sandra Knight, PE, DWRE, Deputy Federal
                  Insurance and Mitigation Administrator, Mitigation
                  Division, FEMA-DHS
                  Moderator: Larry Larson, PE, CFM, ASFPM
                  Executive Director

                                 Wednesday, May 18

Noon-1:30 Lunch on your own
12:30-1:15 Discussion Session                            Willis
           National Mitigation Alliance
           This session will focus on a new hazard mitigation
           partnership called the National Mitigation
           Alliance. The National Emergency Management
           Association (NEMA) is the lead organization,
           and ASFPM and the Natural Hazard Mitigation
           Association (NHMA) were the two organizations
           elected to join the NEMA Mitigation Committee to
           provide organizational leadership for the Alliance.
           Grab a sandwich and join us for a discussion with
           Chad Berginnis, ASFPM’s Associate Director, and
           Alessandra Jerolleman, NHMA’s Executive Director,
           about the Alliance, its purpose, and how the
           two organizations will be assisting in setting the
           direction of the Alliance.
           Moderator: Steve McMaster, CFM, Ideation, Inc.,
           ASFPM Mitigation Committee Co-Chair
1:00-3:00   NFIP Reform Session            Grand Ballroom
            Moderator: Mike Grimm, CFM, FEMA HQ
1:00-3:30   ASFPM Chapters Session                  McCreary
            Training Workshops
1:00-5:00   Building Public Support for                  Taylor
            Floodplain Management
            Instructors: Heidi Carlin, CFM, URS Corporation;
            Kimberly Bitters, CFM, Ohio Department of Natural
            Evaluating Effects of Floodplain           Morrow
            Modifications Using TUFLOW & SMS
            Instructors: Rusty Jones, PE, Aquaveo, LLC; Bill
            Syme, BMT WBM Australia
            Substantial Damage Estimator                Stanley
            Instructors: Adrienne Sheldon, PE, CFM, URS
            Corporation; John Ingargiola, CBO, CFM, FEMA HQ

             Wednesday, May 18

     1:30-3:00   Concurrent Session D
     D-1         Coastal Adaptation to Sea-Level            Breathitt
                 Rise and Climate Change
                 Moderator: Lynne Keating, CFM, FEMA Region IV
                 A Cost-Effective Method for Determining if
                 Your Community is at Risk from Sea-Level Rise
                 and Recommendations to Modify Your Flood
                 Provisions and Building Codes. Eric C. Coughlin,
                 CFM, GISP, Adam J. Reeder, PE, CFM, Atkins
                 Rising Tides: West Coast Sea Level Rise
                 Implications for Infrastructure Improvements
                 and Coastal Flood Protection. Darryl Hatheway,
                 CFM, AECOM
                 Changing Climate and Land Use: Consequences
                 to 100-Year Flooding in the Lamprey River
                 Watershed of New Hampshire. Dr. Cameron
                 Wake, Fay Rubin, University of New Hampshire
     D-2         Tetra Tech Showcase:                          Nunn
                 Navigating Your Levees
                 Compliance, Variances, and Insurance
                 Moderator: Ira Mark Artz, PE, Tetra Tech
                 Levee Decertification and CRS: How a Catch-22
                 Can Catch You. Rob Flaner, CFM, Tetra Tech
                 Research on the Effects of Woody Vegetation on
                 Levee Performance. Maureen K. Corcoran, PhD,
                 RPG, Joe Dunbar, U.S. Army Engineer Research and
                 Development Center
                 Setback Levees: Hydraulic, Ecologic, and Economic
                 Benefits. Tony Melone, PhD, PE, CFM, Tetra Tech
                 Levee Seepage: Concerns, Evaluations, and
                 Solutions. Pete Nix, PE, Tetra Tech
                 FEMA Responses on Levee Certification
                 Submittals. Patti Sexton, PE, CFM, Tetra Tech

                           Wednesday, May 18

D-3   Higher Standards                     Carol Ford
      Moderator: Bill Nechamen, CFM, New York State
      Department of Environmental Conservation
      Going Beyond the Minimum: Why Two Iowa
      Communities Are Regulating Land Use in the
      0.2% Flood Hazard Area. Julie Tallman, CPESC,
      CFM, City of Iowa City, IA
      Exceeding the NFIP Minimums: An Analysis of
      the Wisconsin Experience. Miriam G. Anderson,
      Amanda Schwoegler, Wisconsin Department of
      Natural Resources
      How High is Enough? What is an Acceptable Level
      of Risk? Manny Perotin, PE, CFM, Adam Reeder,
      PE, CFM, Atkins
D-4   Mitigation Planning                        Stopher
      Moderator: Jo Ann Howard, J.D., H2O Partners
      Next Generation Hazard Mitigation Plan
      Vulnerability Analysis Strategies to Integrate
      Core Data Sets into HIRAs: Highlights of RiskMAP
      Data Opportunities in State, Regional, and Local
      HIRA Updates. Deborah G. Mills, CFM, Dewberry;
      Tim W. Keaton, CFM, West Virginia Division of
      Homeland Security and Emergency Management
      Historic Preservation in Light of Historic
      Devastation Part 4: Sacred Sites and Cultural
      Assets. Mike J. Robinson, CFM, AECOM
      Hazard Mitigation Planning: The Logical
      Starting Point for Comprehensive Floodplain
      Management Planning. Ronald D. Flanagan, CFM,
      Flanagan & Associates, LLC

            Wednesday, May 18

     D-6       Floodplain Management                         Coe
               Outreach & Program Analysis
               Moderator: Pat Glithero, FEMA Region V
               Enhancing Public Awareness, Education,
               Information, Outreach, and Understanding
               While Enhancing Sustainable Floodplain
               Management in Licking County Ohio. Jim Mickey,
               CF, FF2, OPSI, EMT, CFM, Jerry Brems, CFM, Licking
               County, OH
               Making it to the Winner’s Circle: The Role of
               Public Participation in Floodplain Management.
               Janet Meshek, PE, CFM, Rita Henze, Meshek &
               Associates, PLC
               Montana Floodplain Management Evaluation.
               Alan Lulloff, PE, CFM, ASFPM; Lynda A. Saul,
               Montana Department of Environmental Quality
     D-7       LiDAR                                       French
               Moderator: Gary Outlaw, GISP, Merrick & Company
               Against All Odds: Assembling a Statewide LIDAR
               Coalition in Tough Economic Times. Carey
               Johnson, Peter Goodmann, Kentucky Division
               of Water; Scott Edelman, PE, AECOM; Steve
               McKinley, PE, URS Corporation; Mike Ritchie, PE,
               National Enhanced Elevation Data Assessment;
               Relevance to Floodplain Mapping. David F.
               Maune, PhD, CP, CFM, Dewberry; Gregory I. Snyder,
               U.S. Geological Survey
               Hydroenhancement of LiDAR Data to Support
               Floodplain Modeling. Mark W. Ellard, PE, CFM,
               Thomas Amstadt, PE, CFM, Geosyntec Consultants,
               Inc.; Ed Beute, PSM, CP, Aerial Cartographics of
               America, Inc.
     D-8A      Digital Vision in RiskMAP                 Segell
               Moderator: Tim Trautman, PE, CFM, Charlotte-
               Mecklenburg County, ASFPM Mitigation POD

                                Wednesday, May 18

            FEMA’s New Flood Risk Database - The Digital
            Heart of RiskMAP. Paul Rooney, GISP, FEMA-HQ;
            Louie Greenwell, GISP, CFM, Stantec Consulting
            Services Inc.
            D2E: Implementation of Digital Display
            Environment for Risk Products, North Carolina
            – Demonstration State. John Dorman, CFM,
            Kenneth Ashe, PE, CFM, North Carolina Floodplain
            Mapping Program
            The Future Has Arrived! – A Must See Approach
            to State Flood Data Delivery. David Knipe, PE,
            CFM, Indiana Department of Natural Resources;
            Scott McAfee, CFM, GISP, FEMA Region IX
D-8B        International Perspective                   Jones
            On Floodplain Mapping
            Moderator: John Ruhl, PE, CFM, Black & Veatch
            Floodplain Mapping in Yuen Long and North
            Districts, Hong Kong. Adri Verwey, MSc,
            Deltares (Netherlands); K.P. Chan, Drainage
            Services Department, Hong Kong; May Tse, Mott
            MacDonald Hong Kong, Ltd.
            The Influence of the NFIP on International Flood
            Mapping Programs: Canada’s Flood Damage
            Reduction Program. Jennifer N. Anticknap, CFM,
            2D or Not to 2D? – The Pros and Cons of 2D Flood
            Modeling. Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Australia)
3:00-3:30   Break, Final Exhibits, Silent Auction Closes Exh
3:30-5:00   Concurrent Session E
E-1         Great Lakes Coastal Wave Modeling Breathitt
            Moderator: Catrina Covino, CFM, FEMA R-V
            Great Lakes Flood Hazard Mapping Overview.
            Ken Hinterlong, FEMA Region V; Greg Mausolf, U.S.
            Army Corps of Engineers
            Great Lakes Flood Hazard Mapping Project -
            Data Development. Bruce Ebersole, U.S. Army
            Corps of Engineers

           Wednesday, May 18

              Updated Great Lakes Coastal Methodology -
              Event vs. Response Analysis. Pete Zuzek, CFM,
              Baird and Associates
     E-2      USACE Showcase:                           Nunn
              Interagency Silver Jackets Teams Today:
              Practices and Opportunities in RiskMAP, Levee
              Safety Portfolio Management, Floodplain
              Management Services, and Planning Assistance
              to States
              Moderator: Manuela Johnson, Indiana Department
              of Homeland Security
              Speakers: Ryan McDaniel, Idaho Department of
              Water Resources Resource Protection Bureau; Eric
              Halpin, PE, USACE; Randy Behm, PE, CFM, USACE,
              Omaha District
     E-3      Floodplain Management Economics Carol Ford
              Moderator: Steve Cowdin, CFM, David Ford
              Consulting Engineers, Inc.
              Going Beyond Minimum NFIP Standards:
              Colorado’s Statewide Benefit/Cost Analysis. Troy
              Carmann, PE, CFM, ICON Engineering, Inc.; Kevin
              Houck, PE, CFM, Colorado Water Conservation
              Flood Protection and Ecosystem Services in the
              Chehalis Basin. David Batker, Earth Economics
              Flood Risk Management Through Buyouts: Long
              Term Cost Effectiveness. Esther White, MPA, UK
              Hazard Mitigation Grants Program
     E-4      ASFPM Nonstructural Flood-               Stopher
              Proofing Committee Sponsored Session:
              Nonstructural Measures Reduce Flood Risk -
              Examples, Criteria, and Studies
              Moderator: Larry Buss, PE, CFM, ASFPM
              Nonstructural Floodproofing Committee Chair
              Nonstructural Flood Risk Reduction
              Considerations for the Red River of the North.
              Randall L. Behm, PE, CFM, USACE– Omaha District

                             Wednesday, May 18

      Home Grown Floodproofing: Examples from the
      Field. French Wetmore, CFM, French & Associates, Ltd.
      Criteria for Maximum Elevation of Residential
      Buildings in Floodplains. William Coulbourne, PE,
      Applied Technology Council
E-5   Running the Gauntlet: When                       Jones
      Locals Need to Modify Federally-Authorized
      Flood Control Projects Under Section 408
      Moderator: Scott Shapiro, Esq., Downey Brand LLP
      Panelists: Eric Nagy, PE, Claire Marie Turner, U.S.
      Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District
      (SPK); Chris Elliott, ICF International; William Panos,
      City of West Sacramento
E-6   Stormwater Management Practices               Coe
      Moderator: Lori Laster, CFM, Papio-Missouri River
      Natural Resources District
      Green Management Practices - Prioritizing
      Projects for Stormwater, Combine Sewer
      Overflow Reduction and Floodplain
      Management (A Dollars and “Common Sense”
      Approach). Kari Ann Mackenbach, CFM, URS
      Stormwater Management In the Absence of
      Storms, Stormwater Management in the Las
      Vegas Valley. Kevin Eubanks, PE, CFM, Clark
      County Regional Flood Control District
      Urban Retrofitting to Meet Pre-Development
      Hydrology. Ted Blahnik, PE, Williams Creek
      Consulting, Inc.
E-7   Flood Documentation and                   French
      Inundation Mapping
      Moderator: Andrea Ryon, PE, CFM, Michael Baker
      Martin Kentucky High Water Marks and
      Inundation Limit: A May 2009 Retrospective. Joe
      Trimboli, CFM, US Army Corps of Engineers

              Wednesday, May 18

                 Innovative Collection and Applications of First
                 Floor Elevation Data to Support Hazard Risk
                 Management. Andrew Hadsell, PE, CFM, AMEC
                 Earth & Environmental
                 U.S. Geological Survey Flood Inundation
                 Mapping Initiative. Scott E. Morlock, U.S.
                 Geological Survey
     E-8         Using Technology for RiskMAP               Segell
                 Moderator: Bruce Bender, Bender Consulting
                 Services, Inc., ASFPM Flood Insurance Committee
                 A Website Suite of Tools for Tracking CNMS and
                 RiskMAP Comparison Maps For Missouri’s CTP.
                 Alicia Williams, CFM, Kevin Heeney, CFM, AMEC
                 Earth & Environmental
        Bringing RiskMAP Products
                 to Life. Diane Howe, CFM, FEMA Region VI; Jerri
                 Daniels , CFM, RAMPP
                 Using Technology to Involve the Public in the
                 Remapping Process. Robert Billings, PE, PH, CFM,
                 Tim Trautman, PE, CFM, Mecklenburg County
                 Storm Water Services
     5:15-6:30   RiskMAP Town Hall               Grand Ballroom
                 Moderator: Doug Bellomo, Director, FEMA Risk
                 Analysis Division
     5:30 -      Dinner on your own, enjoy the evening
     5:30-6:30   Foundation Donors and                        Brown
                 Corporate Partners Reception and
                 LIVE Auction (by invitation only)
                 If you did not receive an invitation as a 2010
                 Foundation donor, you can still buy your way
                 in! Just see Debbie Pond at the Conference
                 Registration Desk on the 2nd Floor.

                                  Thursday, May 19

Thursday, May 19, 2011
7:00-8:15   Regional Discussion Sessions
            Region 1                              Carol Ford
            Region 2                                   Nunn
            Region 3                               Breathitt
            Region 4                                  Jones
            Region 5                                  Segell
            Region 6                                Stopher
            Region 7                                     Coe
            Region 8                                 French
            Region 9                               McCreary
            Region 10                                 Taylor
8:30-10:00 Plenary Session 4                   Grand Ballroom
           THE FINISH LINE: Managing Flood Risk and
           Natural Resource Risk in a Changing World.
           What tools can help us all reduce individual, com-
           munity, and corporate risk in the floodplains?
           Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has
           1. Changes Impacting River and Coastal Natural
           Floodplain Functions and Resources. Margaret
           Davidson, Director, Coastal Services Center, NOAA
           2. Wise Planning to Reduce Risk and Support
           Sustainable Communities. Jim Mullen, President,
           National Emergency Managers Association;
           Director, Washington State Emergency
           Management Division
           3. How to Put a Value on Ecosystem Services.
           David Batker, Chief Economist and Executive
           Director, Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA
           Moderator: Chad Berginnis, CFM, ASFPM
           Associate Director

              Thursday, May 19

     10:00-10:30 Break
                Training Workshop
     10:00-Noon Flood Determination Industry:                Taylor
                Processes, Challenges, and Solutions
                Instructor: Cheryl Small, National Flood
                Determination Association
     10:30-Noon Concurrent Session F
     F-1        Regional Coastal Study Updates            Breathitt
                Moderator: Tom McDonald, CFM, City of Savannah, GA
                Coastal Flood Hazard Study for New Jersey &
                New York City. Jeff Gangai, CFM, Dewberry; Alan
                Springett, FEMA Region II
                Coastal Flood Hazards in San Francisco Bay—A
                Detailed Look at Variable Local Flood Responses.
                Krista Conner, Lisa Winter, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
                FEMA Region IX California Coastal Analysis and
                Mapping Project (CCAMP) and the Open Pacific
                Coast Flood Studies. Darryl Hatheway, CFM, Vince
                Geronimo, PE, CFM, AECOM
     F-2         FEMA’s Flood Insurance &                 Nunn
                 Mitigation Administration’s Risk
                 Reduction Showcase
                 Moderator: FEMA HQ
                 FEMA Floodplain Management. Bret Gates,
                 FEMA Mitigation Grants. Tony Hake, FEMA-HQ
                 FEMA Building Sciences. Edward Laatsch, PE,
     F-4         Extreme Rain Events and                     Stopher
                 Mitigation Challenges
                 Moderator: Deborah Mills, CFM, Dewberry, ASFPM
                 Flood Mitigation Committee Co-Chair
                 Establishing an Improved National Capability
                 for Collection of Extreme Storm and Flood Data.
                 Robert R. Mason, Jr., PE, U.S. Geological Survey

                             Thursday, May 19

      High Impact Weather Events - A Challenge for
      Hazard Mitigation Plans and Flood Response
      Plans. John F. Henz, CCM, Dewberry
      One Community’s Disaster: Turning It Into
      Another Community’s Warning. Kenton C. Ward,
      CFM, Hamilton County (Indiana) Surveyor’s Office;
      Peggy Shepherd, PE, CFM, Christopher B. Burke
F-5   Levee Inspections and Levee Databases Jones
      Moderator: Ira Artz, PE, Tetra Tech
      Impacts and Implications Regarding the
      Integration of Levee Data from Multiple
      Organizations into the USACE National Levee
      Database. Michael J. Bishop CFM, Michael Baker
      Jr. Inc.; Erik Danielson, CFM, AECOM
      The ABCs of Periodic Inspection for the USACE
      Levee Safety Program. Patti Sexton, PE, CFM, Bob
      Gregalunas, PE, Tetra Tech, Inc.
      Using the National Levee Database Model in
      California. Dan Henderson, PMP, GISP, CFM, Atkins
F-6   Stream Restoration                              Coe
      Moderator: Mary Searing, PE, DWRE, GISP,
      Greenhorne & O’Mara
      Assessing the Multiple Benefits of Pond Creek
      Ecological Restoration Opportunities. Matt
      Pillard, AICP, Rajat Das, PE, HDR Engineering, Inc.
      Integrated Approach to the Largest KDFWR
      Stream Restoration Design in Pulaski County, KY.
      Mark Everett, PE, AMEC Earth and Environmental
      Evaluating Stream Restoration and Floodplain
      Improvement Techniques in the Pinecliff Creek
      Watershed. Sudhanshu Mishra, PE, CFM, Alex
      Haptemariam, PE, CFM, Greenhorne & O’Mara

            Thursday, May 19

     F-7A     Gridded Floodplain Data                   French
              Moderator: Darrin Punchard, AICP, CFM, AECOM
              RiskMAP Risk Assessment Product Suite Early
              Demonstration Using the Greenville County,
              SC CTP Project. Andy Bonner, PE, CFM, Daryle
              Fontenot, PE, CFM, AECOM
              Velocity Grids. Don Glondys, CFM, URS
              Corporation; John Ingargiola, CBO, CFM, FEMA-HQ
              New LiDAR-Based Tools for Visualizing the Flood
              Hazard: A RiskMAP Early Demonstration Project
              in Coos County, Oregon. Jed Roberts, CFM, Oregon
              Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
     F-7B     Issues in Hydrology                       Carol Ford
              Moderator: Bo Juza, PhD, CFM, DHI
              Flood Hazard Assessment Challenges in Rain-
              on-snow Hydrology in Sierra Valley, California.
              Shyamal Chowdhury, PhD, CFM, Wood Rodgers,
              Inc.; Yiguo Liang, PhD, PE, California Department
              of Water Resources
              National Weather Service Flash Flood Program:
              DHM-TF a 2D Hydrologic Model Used to Identify
              the Location and Magnitude of Flooding. Edward
              Clark, NOAA National Weather Service
              SCS Dimensionless Rainfall Distributions: Should
              They Still be Used? Mark Forest, PE, CFM, Michael
              McMahon, HDR Engineering
     F-8      RiskMAP Early Demonstrations                Segell
              And CTP Partnerships
              Moderator: David Key, PE, CFM, ESP Associates
              The Wabash River Joint Discovery Meeting
              Partnership. David Knipe, PE, CFM, Indiana
              Department of Natural Resources; Sally McConkey,
              PE, CFM, Illinois State Water Survey
              How Cooperating Technical Partners Make
              RiskMAP a Success. Kristen Martinenza, PE, CFM,
              FEMA Region IV

                                   Thursday, May 19

            RiskMAP Successes – Early Demonstration
            Projects. Beth Norton, Emily Hirsch, CFM, FEMA-HQ
Noon-1:45 ASFPM Annual                        Grand Ballroom
          National Awards Luncheon
          Sponsored by URS
          . . . and invitation to the ASFPM 2012 Conference
          in San Antonio, TX, May 20- 25, 2012, hosted by
          Texas Floodplain Management Association.
2:00-3:30   Concurrent Session G
G-1         Identifying and                          Breathitt
            Communicating Coastal Risks
            Moderator: Marco Bourne, Booz Allen Hamilton
            FEMA Region III Coastal Hazard Analyses and
            Outreach. Christine Estes Worley, PE, CFM, URS
            Corporation; Jeff Gangai, CFM, Dewberry; Robin
            Danforth, PE, CFM, Dave Bollinger, CFM, FEMA
            Region III
            Targeting Traditional Audiences with Non-
            Traditional Tools: The Successes and Challenges
            of StormSmart Connect. Wesley Shaw, Blue
            Urchin Consulting
            Risk Assessment: Identification of New Coastal
            Flood Hazard Analysis. Brian Caufield, P.E., CFM,
            Edie Vinson-Wright, CFM, CDM
G-2         ASFPM International                       Nunn
            Committee Sponsored Session
            Moderator: Will Meyer, CFM, Booz Allen Hamilton,
            ASFPM International Committee Co-Chair; Bo Juza,
            CFM, DHI, ASFPM International Committee Liaison
            Panelists: Michael Buckley, Dewberry; Jose
            Maria Bodoque del Pozo, University of Castilla
            La Mancha; Vaclav Jirasek, Elbe River Basin
G-3         The NFIP and Environmental           Carol Ford
            Moderator: Dave Fowler, CFM, Milwaukee
            Metropolitan Sewerage District

           Thursday, May 19

             The NFIP in Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay
             Preservation Act, An Unintentional Cooperative
             Effort. Charley Banks, CFM, Virginia Department
             of Conservation & Recreation
             The Puget Sound NFIP Biological Opinion:
             Implications for Washington and Beyond. Dan
             Siemann, National Wildlife Federation, Pacific Region
             Multi-Purpose Flood Management in California’s
             Central Valley. John R. Cain, American Rivers
     G-4     Challenges for Applications                Stopher
             And Implementation
             Moderator: Carver Struve, CFM, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.
             Rapid Development of a Flood Acquisition
             Project. Drew Whitehair, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.;
             Chad Berginnis, CFM, ASFPM
             The Key: What FEMA Region IV and it’s State
             Partners are Doing to Unlock the Mysteries of
             Application Requirements for FEMA’s Hazard
             Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs. H. Camille
             Crain, Jacky Bell, FEMA Region IV
             Capitalizing on Executive Order Authority for
             Mitigation. Mark Eberlein, FEMA Region X
     G-5     RiskMAP & Dam Failures                      Jones
             Moderator: Valerie Swick, CFM, Flood Control
             District of Maricopa County, ASFPM Chapter
             District 5 Director’
             Adding Horsepower to Risk Assessments: Piloting
             Dam Failure Analyses in RiskMAP. Jason Wilson
             PE, CFM, Clay Campbell, CFM, AMEC Earth &
             Interim Guidance Procedures for FIRM Modeling
             of Dams or Dam-Like Structures. Edward
             Beadenkopf, PE, CFM, James K. Murphy, PE, CFM,
             URS Corporation
             Dam Inundation Analyses of McNeely Lake Dam
             in Jefferson County, KY. Melissa Armendt Tucker,
             PE, Lisa Brandenburg Bailen, PE, CFM, Stantec
             Consulting Services

                            Thursday, May 19

G-6   Mapping Outreach                                Coe
      Moderator: Garrett Skinner, CFM, Atkins
      Community Engagement in New England’s
      Floodplain Management Program. Amol Daxikar
      GISP, CFM, Firas Makarem, CFM, Tim Hillier, PE,
      CFM, CDM
      Winning in Overtime: Continuing Outreach after
      the FEMA Project is Complete. Collis O. Brown,
      CFM, Georgia Department of Natural Resources;
      Michael J. Taylor, PE, CFM, AECOM
      A True Outreach (Success) Story. Cece McKiernan,
      LEED AP, CFM, Environmental Consulting and
      Technology, Inc.
G-7   Floodplain Mapping Processes              French
      Moderator: Gerald Robinson, PE, CFM, Christopher
      B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., ASFPM Chapter District
      2 Director
      The rFHL/NFHL & WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).
      Michelle Bough, GISP, Andrea Weakland, Stantec
      Consulting Services, Inc.
      Working with Community Based Hydrology in
      a Watershed World. Amy Bergbreiter, PE, CFM,
      Monica Urisko, PE, CFM, Atkins
      Implementing Automated Techniques to Improve
      Workflow. Mark A. Zito, GISP, CFM, CDM
G-8   RiskMAP Early Demonstration               Segell
      Moderator: Paul Woodward, PE, CFM, Olsson
      Associates, ASFPM Region 7 Director
      RiskMAP Pilot: Retrofitting a Map Mod project
      with RiskMAP Products. Kim Dunn, PE, CFM,
      Dewberry/RAMPP; Nikki L. Roberts, PE, FEMA
      Region III
      First Out of the Gate: A RiskMAP Early
      Demonstration Project for Madison County, AL.
      Katherine Osborne, Bradley Heilwagen, PE, CFM,
      AMEC Earth & Environmental

                 Thursday, May 19

                   Salt Creek Basin Flood Depth and Analysis Grids
                   - RiskMAP Early Demonstration in the City of
                   Lincoln, NE. William Zung, CFM, Jason Schneider,
                   PE, CFM, Greenhorne & O’Mara
     3:30-4:00     Break
     4:00-5:30     1st Annual ASFPM Foundation                 Taylor
                   Collegiate Student Paper Competition
                   Moderator: Mike Klitzke, PE, CEM, CFM
                   The Effect of Urban Development on Lag Time
                   in the Banklick Creek Watershed, KY. Katelyn
                   Toebbe, University of Louisville
                   Uncertainty Analysis in Flood Inundation
                   Mapping. Younghun Jung, Venkatesh Merwade,
                   Purdue University
                   Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Opportunities on
                   the Washington Coast. Jeana Wiser, University of
     4:00-5:30     Concurrent Session H
     H-1           Coastal Data and Modeling                  Breathitt
                   Moderator: Mark Osler, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.
                   Comparison of Wave Climate Analysis
                   Techniques in Sheltered Waters. Timothy S. Hillier,
                   PE, CFM, Lauren Klonsky, CDM
                   Enhanced Mapping of Combined Rate or Return
                   Values: Incorporation of 2-D Results. Guillermo
                   Simón, PE, CFM, Taylor Engineering, Inc.
                   Case Study on Impacts of Evolving Nearshore
                   Bathymetry and Topography on Base Flood
                   Elevations and Implications for Stakeholders.
                   D. Michael Parrish, PhD, PE, CFM, Greenhorne &
                   O’Mara, Inc.

                              Thursday, May 19

H-2    ASFPM’s Arid Regions                          Nunn
       Committee Sponsored Session
       Moderator: Jeanne M. Ruefer, PMP, CFM, Accenture,
       ASFPM Arid Regions Committee Co-Chair
       Updating Alluvial Fan Floodplain Delineation
       Guidelines (FEMA Appendix G) - Update on the
       Arid Regions Committee Discussion Paper. Jon
       Fuller, PE, RG, PH, CFM, JE Fuller/Hydrology &
       Geomorphology, Inc.
       A Comprehensive Approach to Alluvial Fan
       Floodplain Delineation: Next Steps for the
       Piedmont Flood Hazard Assessment Manual.
       Kathryn Gross, CFM, Greg Jones, PE, AICP, Flood
       Control District of Maricopa County
       Riverine Erosion Hazards & Floodplain
       Management: A White Paper. Jon Fuller, PE, RG,
       PH, CFM, JE Fuller/Hydrology & Geomorphology,
H-3    Community Rating System                 Carol Ford
       Moderator: Edward A. Thomas, Esq., Michael Baker
       Corporation, ASFPM Region 1 Director
       NFIP Community Rating System: 2011 Program
       Update and Anticipated Changes for 2012. Bill
       Lesser, CFM, FEMA-HQ; French Wetmore, CFM,
       French & Associates, Ltd.
       The Colorado CRS Committee: An Awareness,
       Training, and Information Sharing Success Story.
       Marsha Hilmes-Robinson, CFM, City of Fort Collins,
       Lake in the Hills CRS from 10 to 7. Ralph C. Stark,
       Jr., PE, CFM, HR Green
H-4A   Decision-Making and                       Stopher
       Prioritizing Mitigation Options
       Moderator: John Miller, PE, CSM, CFM, Princeton
       A Structured Decision Support System For Flood
       Mitigation. Raymond Laine, Brett Lamass, UOW

            Thursday, May 19

              Charlotte-Mecklenburg Flood Risk Assessment
              and Risk Reduction Plan. Timothy J. Trautman,
              PE, CFM, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water
              Services; Darrin R. Punchard, AICP, CFM, AECOM
              FEMA’s National Flood Mitigation Data
              Collection Tool (NT); Your Winning Ticket for the
              Triple Crown of NFIP Data Management, HMA
              Applications and Conducting CACs and CAVs.
              Errol Garren, CPCU, CFM, FEMA-HQ
     H-4B     Stormwater Funding and                     Jones
              Mitigation Projects
              Moderator: Fernando Pasquel, Michael Baker
              ASCE 24-05 as a Standard for Flood Resistant
              Design and Construction. Eric Kenney, PE, CDM
              Vaughns Branch Hazard Mitigation Project. Greg
              Lubeck, PE, CFM, Lexington Fayette Urban County
              Government (KY)
              Funding Flood Mitigation While Frustrating
              Plaintiff Attorneys. Warren Campbell, PhD, PE,
              CFM, Western Kentucky University
     H-6      Transportation Issues in                        Coe
              Floodplain Management
              Moderator: Bori Touray, PE, CFM, Parsons Brinckerhoff
              City of Fort Worth’s Roadway Flood Hazard
              Assessment. Steven E. Eubanks, PE, CFM, City of
              Fort Worth, TX
              Multitasking Ecological Pavement Solutions for
              Municipal Stormwater Strategies that Deliver.
              Charles R. Taylor, Advanced Pavement Technology
              Permitting Floodplain Development – Oklahoma
              Helping Its Communities Achieve NAI. Leslie
              Lewis, PE, CFM, Oklahoma Department of
              Transportation ; Gavin Brady, CFM, Oklahoma
              Water Resources Board

                             Thursday, May 19

H-7   2-D Modeling Issues                       French
      Moderator: Steve Jencen, PE, CFM, Michael Baker
      Jr., Inc
      2-D Modeling as a Calibration Tool for Riverine
      Floodplain Analysis in the Front Range of
      Colorado. Alan Turner, PE, CFM, Cory Hooper, PE,
      CFM, CH2M HILL
      Complex Urban Drainage in Houston Texas
      Solved with 2D Modeling. Matthew Manges,
      CFM, Derek St. John, PE, CFM, Lockwood, Andrews
      & Newnam, Inc.
      2-D Modeling of the Dallas Love Field Storm
      Drainage System. Dr. Gerardo Ocañas, PE, DWRE,
      CFM, Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
H-8   Inundation Mapping                           Segell
      Moderator: Mark Riebau, PE, CFM, FEMA Region X
      Implementation of Graphical Flood Forecasting
      Inundation Maps for the Flint River in Albany,
      GA. Richard J. Lanier, Victor Hom, NOAA, National
      Weather Service
      Utilizing International Partnerships to Develop
      Flood Inundation Mapping on the Rio Grande.
      Erin Atkinson, PE, CFM, GISP, Halff Associates;
      Gregory P. Shelton, NOAA, National Weather
      QA/QC in the NOAA National Weather Service
      Flood Inundation Mapping Program. Kris Lander,
      PE, Victor Hom, NOAA, National Weather Service

                 Thursday, May 19

     6:00-9:00     Fourth Street Live!
                   SPONSORED BY AECOM
                   Don’t miss this final opportunity to network with
                   your colleagues and enjoy the best of several
                   worlds at Fourth Street Live! Attendees will ex-
                   perience an eclectic mix of themes, cuisines, and
                   entertainment all in one evening as we will have
                   exclusive access to Tengo Sed Cantina, Angel’s
                   RockBar, and Hotel Night Club. Fourth Street Live!
                   is Louisville’s premier dining and entertainment
                   destination and is just a short walk from the Galt
                   House. This event is included with your conference
                   fee, though pre-registration is required. Food,
                   beer, wine, soda, and musical entertainment are
                   included. Shuttle service will be available to those
                   with mobility impairments.
                   ADMISSION. THIS IS A 21+ VENUE, SO DON’T
                   FORGET YOUR ID!

                        See you in SAN ANTONIO!
                            May 20 - 25, 2012

                            MISSION MITIGATION
                                ASFPM CONFERENCE
                                   May 20-25, 2012

                                      Friday, May 20

Friday, May 20, 2011
            Technical Field Tour
8:00-Noon Churchill Downs                              Bus Load
            Workshops and Training
9:00-11:00 Can You Sleep At Night?                         Nunn
            Ethics in Floodplain Management
            Instructors: John Ivey, PE, CFM, Jessica Baker, PE,
            PMP, CFM, Halff Associates
            FEMA’s New Elevation Certificate             Stopher
            Instructors: Janice Mitchell, Jason O. Hunter, CFM,
            FEMA Region IV
9:00-1:00 Discovery Workshop: Best                         Segell
            Practices & Lessons Learned
            Instructor: Jen Marcy, CFM, STARR
            Flood Risk Assessment, Management                Coe
            & Mitigation: International Perspective
            Instructor: Bo Juza, PhD, CFM, DHI Water &
            Environment, ASFPM International Committee
            New Maps? Everything You Need To              French
            Create & Implement a Successful Outreach Plan
            Instructors: Julie Grauer, CFM, FEMA Region VII;
            Nitja McGrane, FEMA Region VI
            Identifying Strategies & Actions            Breathitt
            For Responsible FPM - an NAI Approach
            Instructors: Alison Hardin, CFM, City of Myrtle
            Beach, SC; Terri L. Turner, AICP, CFM, Augusta-
            Richmond County Planning Commission
 9:00-Noon CFM EXAM                                   Carol Ford






                  Conference At-A-Glance

 Saturday               Sunday                 Monday                   Tuesday               Wed
May 14, 2011          May 15, 2011
                       Saturday              May 16, 2011
                                               Sunday                 May 17, 2011
                                                                        Monday               May 1
                      May 14, 2011           May 15, 2011             May 16, 2011           May 1
           7:00         Golf Outing                                                         Early Bi
                         7:30–3:00              Golf Outing                                     7:00
                    Technical Field Tours        7:30–3:00
                         9:00–3:30               8:00–5:00
                                            Technical Field Tours        Workshops
                                                                     Plenary Session 1
                         Workshops               9:00–3:30                                  Plenary
           9:00                             ASFPM Nat'l Policy            8:00–5:00
                         9:00–5:00                                                             8:30
                                             Issues Discussions
                                                 Workshops          ASFPM Nat'l Policy         8:30
                     Committee Chairs            8:00–3:00
                                                 9:00–5:00            Break / Exhibits
          10:00                                                      Issues Discussions
                        Meeting                First Timers
                                             Committee Chairs             8:00–3:00
                                                                    Concurrent Session A     Break
                       10:00–5:00              Orientation              10:30–Noon           Plenary
                                                 Meeting                 First Timers      Concurre
          11:00                               10:00 and 3:00                                  10:30
                                                10:00–5:00               Orientation          10:30
                                               Silent Auction          10:00 and 3:00
                                                                                           Lunch O
          Noon                                  Commences                 Luncheon
                                                                       Silent Auction
                                               3:00 thru Wed             Noon–1:30              Lun
           1:00                                                        3:00 thru Wed           Noo
                                             ASFPM Member                                         Is
                                                Meeting                                        1:00
           2:00                                4:00–5:00
                                                               ASFPM Session
                                                             ConcurrentMember B
     ASFPM                                                           Meeting
                                                                   4:00–5:00        Concurre
    Board of            First Timers
                          ASFPM                                                           1:45
           3:00                              CFM Exam          Break / Exhibits           1:30
Directors Meeting       Orientation          First Timers
                          Board of            4:00–7:00
   1:00–6:00           3:00 and 5:00                              CFM Exam            Break
                     Directors Meeting       Orientation     Concurrent Session C           B
           4:00          1:00–6:00          3:00 and Opening
                                        Exhibits Grand5:00         3:45–5:15              3:00
                                               5:00–7:00     Exhibits Grand Opening       3:45
                                                                Exhibits Social,    Concurre
           5:00                                                     5:00–7:00
                                                                Silent Auction            3:30
                                                                   5:15–6:30           Silent
                      State Floodplain
           6:00      Managers & State                                                    5:15
                                           State Floodplain
                     Hazard Mitigation                                                   5:15
                                          Managers & State
           7:00     Officers Meet & Greet   Hazard Mitigation
                         5:30–7:00                                                       Foun
                                        Officers Meet & Greet
                                                                  Ohio River          Donor
                     WELCOME FEST             5:30–7:00
           8:00                                                   Steam Boats             Rec
                        7:00–10:00       WELCOME FEST                                    Ohi
                          e Belvedere                             7:00–10:00            Steam
                                             7:00–10:00                                   6:30
           9:00                                                                          7:00
                                                e Belvedere


                                                 Conference At-A-Glance

  Tuesday                Saturday
                         Wednesday                 ursday
                                                 Sunday                   Friday
                                                                         Monday                  Tu
May 17, 2011            May 18, 2011
                        May 14, 2011           May 19, 2011
                                               May 15, 2011            May 20, 2011
                                                                       May 16, 2011            May 1
                       Early Bird Sessions       Golf Meetings
                                               Region Outing
                           7:00–8:15              7:30–3:00
            8:00                                                     Technical Field Tours
                                             Technical Field Tours       8:00–Noon
                                                   9:00–3:30              8:00–5:00
Plenary Session 1                              Plenary Session 4         CFM Exam             Plenary
                        Plenary Session 2         Workshops              9:00–Noon
   8:30–10:00              8:30–10:00             8:30–10:00         ASFPM Nat'l Policy          8:30
                                                   9:00–5:00          Issues Discussions
          10:00                                                           Workshops
 Break / Exhibits       Break / Exhibits             Break
                                              Committee Chairs            8:00–3:00
                                                                          9:00–1:00            Break
                                             Concurrent Session F
                                                    Meeting              First Timers
oncurrent Session A
          11:00                                                                              Concurre
  10:30–Noon            Plenary Session 3        10:30–Noon
                                                  10:00–5:00             Orientation            10:3
                         10:30–Noon                                     10:00 and 3:00
                                               ASFPM Awards
          Noon                                   Luncheon
                      Lunch On Your Own                                 Silent Auction
    Luncheon                                     Noon–1:50               Commences                 Lun
           1:00                              Concurrent Session G       3:00 thru Wed             Noo
                       Chapter Leadership        2:00–3:30
                             Issues                                    ASFPM Member
            2:00                                                          Meeting
oncurrent Session B       1:00–3:30                                                          Concurre
   1:45–3:15                ASFPM                                                                1:4
            3:00      Concurrent Session D
                            Board of             First Timers
 Break / Exhibits          1:30–3:00                 Break               CFM Exam              Break
                       Directors Meeting         Orientation
oncurrent Session C       1:00–6:00             3:00 and 5:00 H
                                             Concurrent Session                             Concurre
   3:45–5:15                                      4:00–5:30          Exhibits Grand Opening      3:4
            5:00                                                            5:00–7:00
 Exhibits Social,     Concurrent Session E                                                    Exhib
 Silent Auction           3:30–5:00                                                            Silent
   5:15–6:306:00                                                                                 5:1
                                               State Floodplain
                      RiskMAP Town Hall       Managers & State
            7:00          5:15 - 6:30         Fourth Mitigation
                                              Hazard Street Live!
                                             Officers Meet & Greet
                           Foundation             5:30–7:00
            8:00        Donors/Partners
  Ohio River                                  WELCOME FEST                                        Ohi
  Steam Boats               Reception                                                             Steam
          9:00          (invitation only)       7:00–10:00
  7:00–10:00                                     e Belvedere                                      7:00

           RIVER BOATS.

              BELLE OF LOUISVILLE &
               SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON
     TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011 – 7:00PM TO 10:00PM
             MICHAEL BAKER, JR., INC., AND URS

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