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This issue of INSPECT brings you, for      in-Chief of my previous publication for
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the European reference for compo-          ance. The expansion of INSPECT is a

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nents, products, systems and services      logical reaction to the globalization of
for machine vision and optical metrol-     the manufacturing industry and for me,
ogy. As the leading European journal       bringing in my experience and market
for machine vision and optical metrol-     knowledge is an enjoyable task. Having
ogy in industrial applications, we have    a professional publishing management
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published this issue in English lan-       team with clear goals and a passion for    U N D

guage.                                     innovation behind us will also help to                                         � Framegrabber
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   Starting 2009, INSPECT will be pub-     implement the expansion successfully.
lished monthly. With 10 yearly issues        The new format will also be accom-
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(two double issues), we will keep you      panied by an extensive online presence.
updated with the latest, detailed infor-   Managing Director of GIT VERLAG, Dr.
mation on machine vision, automation,      Michael Schön, emphasized in industry                                          � Smart Cameras
quality assurance and measuring tech-      journal Horizont: “The aim of the new
nology in the manufacturing industries.    multimedia concept is to provide our                                           � CCD & CMOS Cameras
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We have also expanded the INSPECT          partners with professional platforms
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sues will be published in German and         On behalf of the INSPECT team, I
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Publishing Director Gabriele Jansen, I
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tor-in-Chief for these issues. For many
of our valued readers, my face is not a
new one, as you will know me as Editor-             Harald Grobholz
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NEWS                                                                                                     MARKETS
001     Editorial                                                                                        020   European Diversity
        Harald Grobholz                                                                                        Machine Vision Has Seen Robust Growth in 2008
                                                                                                               Andreas Breyer
004     Understanding Depth
        Range Image Sensors and 3D Data Acquisition                                                      024   Asian Sun Rising
        Kay Böhnke                                                                                             Japanese Market Study by JIIA
                                                                                                               Sachio Kiura
008     Vision 2008 Even More International
        Increases in Number of Exhibitors and Occupied Exhibition Area                                   026   Yes, We Can
        Harald Grobholz                                                                                        Machine Vision in North America
                                                                                                               Paul Kellet
017     News
                                                                                                         029   A Technology Together with a Dream
018     Big Brother Is Watching You?                                                                           Machine Vision in China
        INSPECT Panel Discussion „Machine Vision and Security“                                                 Bao Qifan
        at Vision 2008
        Gabriele Jansen

109     See and Being Seen
        This Is Where the Industry Meets: INSPECT Network
        Markus Caspari
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111     Imprint
                                                                                                         032   European Machine Vision Market Overview
112     Index                                                                                                  Who Is Who in Machine Vision and Optical Metrology
                                                                                                               Gabriele Jansen

                                                                                                         033   Germany – Austria – Switzerland
                                                                                                               Map and Company Presentations
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                                                                                                               Map and Company Presentations

                                                                                                         076   North America
                                                                                                               Map and Company Presentations
          European Diversity                                      20
                                                                                                         084   World
                                                                                                               Map and Company Presentations

                                                                                                         086   Company Listings Cameras
                                                                         Quelle: Flicker, Florian~

                                                                                                         088   Company Listings Consulting
                                                                                                         089   Company Listings Frame Grabber
                                                                                                         090   Company Listings Generic & Turn-Key
          Asian Sun                                               24                                          Vision Systems
                                                                                                         093   Company Listings Microscopes & Endoscopes
                                                                                                         094   Company Listings Lighting Equipment
                                                                         Quelle: Flickr, JPhilipson

                                                                                                         096   Company Listings Optical Instruments
                                                                                                         098   Company Listings Optics
                                                                                                         100   Company Listings R&D
          Yes, we can                                             26
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                                                                                                               Cables, Peripherals
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                                                                                                         104   Company Listings Vision Sensors, Smart
                                                                                                               Cameras, Embedded Systems
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          Technology with a Dream                                 29
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2 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                                              
position | identification | verification | measurement | flaw detection


Designed for factory floor deployment, DALSA Vision
Appliances deliver scalable solutions to satisfy a wide
range of applications and are driven by Sherlock –
our advanced machine vision software.

SherlockTM Machine Vision Software provides:
• Windows®-based user interface;
• high performance tools and algorithms
  that include color processing, positioning,
  measurement and analysis;
• support for JavaScript for the development
  of custom formulas;
• a customizable user interface.

Discover the reliability of DALSA machine vision
Download DALSA’s IPD brochure.

Visit our website to download product specifications and technology primers

Understanding Depth
Range Image Sensors and 3D Data Acquisition

For us human beings, it is easy to under-
stand pictures. We are able to estimate
depth easily by using the information given
by motion or the disparity between the
two images seen with our two eyes. In
contrast to this, – even with the incredible
growth of computational capacity and
power in the last years – computers are not
able to understand images in every con-
text. An image provided by a common
camera depicts the intensity distribution of
the scene without any 3D data. One of the
main problems in the research field of
image understanding is the lack of three-
dimensional (3D) data. The interest in
range images for high-end research
projects and applications has increased
dramatically in the last decade. One way to
capture 3D information is the ability to
directly acquire range images with laser
range sensors. These sensors deliver a
                                                Quelle: Flickr, jaysk

discrete representation of the surface in
the scene, which offers a greater chance
for computers to increase the level in im-
age understanding.

A wide variety of laser range scanners            The non-contact approach is the          able against transparency and multiple
are available in the market. Range im-         most important aspect of visual range       reflections. Different methods exist for
ages differ from “usual” intensity images      measurement methods. This allows for        the visual data acquisition and even
in the consideration of additional depth       the measurements of substances which        range data is obtained in many differ-
information. For depth measuring two           may be hot, chemically aggressive,          ent ways. In general, the range data ac-
major principles — triangulation and           sticky or sensitive, provided that suffi-   quisition is separated into two catego-
time-of-flight (TOF) — are used in many        cient light is reflected back from the      ries – active and passive range imaging,
fields of research and applications. TOF       surface. There is no possibility of any     respectively. In the passive method, no
and phase measurement methods are              damage or wastage to the object. In ad-     special light is required in addition to
long range technologies and triangula-         dition, these techniques are relatively     the ambient light for illumination. The
tion based methods belong to close range       fast and economical. On the other hand,     most common data sources for indus-
methods.                                       visual non-contact methods are vulner-      trial applications are still passive cam-
                                                                                           era systems.
                                                                                              In active range imaging, a dedicated
                                                                                           and well defined light source (e. g. laser
                                                                                           light source) is used in cooperation with
                                                                                           a visual capture device. At the moment,
                                                                                           these active sensors are superior to
                                                                                           other industrial measurement methods
                                                                                           regarding their accuracy, cost and ro-
                                                                                           bustness compared to stereo camera
                                                                                           systems. The well known methods
                                                                                           “time-of-flight” (TOF) and “triangula-
                                                                                           tion” are part of the active methods. In
                                                                                           the active triangulation scheme, the
                                                                                           scene is illuminated by a laser source
                                                                                           from one direction and viewed by a sen-
                                                                                           sor from the other direction. TOF meas-
                                                                                           ures the time of a reflected laser pulse
Fig. 1: Industrial 3D Range sensors                                                        to determine the distance to an object.

 4 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                      

The advantages of the active methods
are the production of dense sampling
points and the high robustness and pre-
cision compared to the passive meth-
ods. However, additional light sources
must be added in the scene and the
methodology does not correspond to hu-
man stereo vision.
    Figure 1 shows the variety of differ-
ent measurement technologies. TOF
and phase measurement methods are
long range technologies (over 1 m) and
triangulation-based methods belong to
close range methods. Most long range
measurement sensors are used for sur-
veying and mapping in architectural
and cultural heritage, geodesic laser
scanning, archeological heritage con-
servation, and the 3D scanning of build-
ings. Active close range 3D sensors are
often used in quality management, re-         Fig. 2: Triangulation principle
verse engineering, visualization and 3D
modeling, and have become one of the          Figure 2 shows the configuration for a re-
major aspects of computer vision and          flected laser spot and a CCD-array, which
robotics.                                     can be used for determining a one-dimen-
    The process of reconstructing an ex-      sional distance value. The accuracy (usu-
isting object (reverse engineering) which     ally ~1:1000) depends on the distance be-
gives all the information about the shape     tween the laser and receiving unit and the
and size of the object is very important      object distance. Active triangulation is
for industrial applications. Quality man-     usually used in measuring a range of
agement can use the Computer Aided            0.1–5 m. Measurement times of less than
Design (CAD) model of the product             10 ms are common, allowing real-time
through range imaging to ensure the uni-      study of moving or vibrating objects. Ac-
formity in shape and size.                    tive triangulation can also be extended to
                                              a laser line and CCD-matrix, resulting in a
                                              two-dimensional distance array.
                                                 In this application the triangulation
The principle of triangulation is based on    system acquires a fully two-dimensional
simple geometrical constraints. An active     profile. A camera captures the projected
triangulation system consists of a light      line. With the help of the geometric con-
source and a receiving unit. There are        figuration the distance can be acquired.
triangulation-based sensors existing that     For each column Xi in the camera ma-
deliver one-dimensional, two-dimen-           trix, the geometrical considerations
sional and range image data. Depending        (Equation 1.1) of single spot triangula-
on the resulting dimension, the active tri-   tion are applied.
angulation methods can be separated in           A further method of triangulation sen-
Single Spot Triangulation, Sheet of Light     sors belongs to structured or coded light
Triangulation and Coded/Structured            techniques. A coded pattern – such as a
Light Triangulation.                          gray coded or phase-coded pattern — is
    Single Spot Laser Triangulation is        used to illuminate the scene for acquisi-
based on simple trigonometric equations.      tion. In a growing number of industrial
A laser spot is projected onto the object.    applications, structured light approaches
The scene is recorded with a CCD array.       are realized. For the acquisition of 3D
If the distance changes to the laser, the     scenes, no scanning or moving profile
position of the reflection in the CCD array   sensors are required, so this method is
also changes. Due to geometric relations,     usually faster than other 3D scanning
the changed distance can be calculated        techniques.
the other way round.                             In the last few years, the accuracy of
    The distance to the object in figure 2    structured light range data acquisition
can be calculated by the following equa-      has increased up to 1 µm. More and
tion:                                         more companies offer promising solu-
      x0 x x0                                 tions. Unfortunately, this measurement
        +                                     technique still suffers from ambient light
      D     f
x=D                                           influences, complex calibration and the
        x0 x x0                       (1.1)   lack of a ready-to-use solution for in-
        D    f                                dustrial environments. Several 2D trian-                                                                      Inspect 5/2008 5

Fig. 3: Pulsed TOF measurement principle                                  Fig. 4: Modulated Continuous Wave TOF measurement principle

gulation-based laser range sensors are             back. The involved medium is integrated         termination of the distance is not triv-
available for industrial applications.             as the refraction index n. The equation         ial, which means that the maximum
Most of these are close range sensors              contains a factor of 0.5 because of the         useful measurable distance is half of
with a laser stripe source and a camera            way to the object and back. Theoreti-           the distance traveled by light during
inside a fixed frame without the need of           cally, the accuracy of the depth measur-        one period. This continuous wave can
calibration.                                       ing is independent from the distance of         be modulated in the amplitude or the
                                                   the object to the camera and only de-           frequency. An amplitude modulated
                                                   pends on the precision achieved meas-           continuous wave (AMCW) is often a si-
Time of Flight
                                                   uring the travel time. But precision in         nusoid wave and this wave is modulated
Time-of-flight (TOF) laser distance sen-           the millimeter and sub-millimeter range         in amplitude by varying the power. Fre-
sors measure the distance between the              requires pulse lengths of a few picosec-        quency modulated continuous wave
object and the light source along a light          onds and the associated electronics.            (FMCW) distance measurement is
beam. Time-of-flight systems send out a            Mainly, the pulse rate influences the           achieved by measuring the phase of the
light beam towards an object. The light            maximum range for TOF sensors. To               modulation of the transmitted light.
is diffusely reflected by the surface and          send out a new pulse, the receiving unit        Phase shift measurement has a higher
a part of the light returns to the re-             has to wait for the last echo arriving          precision than that of conventional TOF
ceiver. The time that light needs to               from the object. Some long range sen-           measuring. In practice, a combination
travel from the laser diode to the object          sors use the pulsed TOF method to               of these two procedures is often used.
surface and back is measured. When                 measure distances up to a few kilom-            This method is typically used for mea-
the light pulse is emitted a high accu-            eters for cartographic mapping. At              surement distances of a few tens of me-
racy stopwatch is started. The light               ranges of a few kilometers and above, a         ters. The accuracy is between a few
pulse travels to the target and back to            different problem arises: at such dis-          millimeters and two or three centime-
the receiver. When the light pulse ar-             tances the amount of reflected photons          ters, depending on time measurement
rives, the stopwatch is stopped and the            that reach the detector is very small.          and on the distance between the object
time of the flight is calculated. With the         The sensitivity of the receiving unit and       and the scanner (object distance). The
known speed of light the distance to the           the power of the emitted light pulse are        TOF-principle is extended for industrial
object is determined.                              limited in all real range sensors. This         range image data acquisition by moving
   Figure 3 shows the TOF configura-               leads to a limitation of the range of these     the laser line or by putting many laser
tion. In practice, the active light source         sensors. A variation of the time-of-flight      emitting/receiving units together.
and the receiver are located very closely          distance measuring is the measuring of
to each other. Illumination and observa-           the phase shift. This method effectively
tion directions are approximately col-             measures the difference between emit-
linear, so this avoids shadowing effects.          ted and received signals. A continuous
The existing methods relying on the                wave (CW) laser emits light continuously
principle of TOF can be separated in               and, therefore, is called a CW-laser.
Pulsed TOF and Modulated Continuous                   As shown in figure 4, the distance in-
Wave TOF.                                          formation is extracted from the received             Author
   In the case of pulsed TOF, the travel           signal by comparing its modulation                  Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Kay Böhnke,
time is directly proportional to the dis-          phase to that of the emitted signal. The            MSc.
tance traveled, taking into account the            range of phase measurement TOF sen-                 Software Developer and
velocity of light in the involved medium           sors depends on the wavelength of the               Project Engineer
using the following equation:                      modulated signal so the resolution of
                                                                                                        Contact
                                                   these sensors can be improved if signals
                                                                                                       VMt Vision Machine technic Bildverarbei-
      c t                                          with short wavelength are used. That
d=                                         (1.2)   being said, this leads to a reduced max-
                                                                                                       tungssysteme gmbh
      2n                                           imum range of phase shift measure-
                                                                                                       a Pepperl+Fuchs Company
                                                                                                       Mannheim, germany
                                                   ment. The maximum unambiguous de-                   tel.: +49 621 84250 0
It applies here: c is the velocity of light        tectable phase delay is a full cycle of the         Fax: +49 621 84250 290
and ∆t is the time taken by the signal to          modulation period. For phase shifts       
travel from the source to the object and           over 360 °, however, an unequivocal de-   

 6 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                   
Point Grey IEEE-1394b cameras: Built for speed, designed for peace of mind
Take comfort in knowing that your new Flea 2 or Grasshopper camera
                                            ®                  ®

has passed rigorous quality control testing and is covered by a full
two-year warranty. Relax when you discover that software and
worldwide technical support are included at no extra charge. And
feel good realizing how easy it is to get it all at a competitive price.

Join the pack:

Vision 2008 Even More International
Increases in Number of Exhibitors and Occupied Exhibition Area

Vision is continuing its success story. After   sive sales increases during recent years,    Republic of China. A total of 28 countries
                                                even during economically weak periods.       was represented at Vision 2008.
an excellent start at the New Stuttgart         However, Machine Vision is even now             The Vision was supported by three na-
                                                continuing to exploit its enormous mar-      tional and international associations, i. e.
Trade Fair Centre last year, Vision 2008
                                                ket potential. Although the main applica-    the German Engineering Federation
featured more exhibitors, was even more         tion area for Machine Vision is still re-    (VDMA), the European Machine Vision
                                                garded to be industrial production where     Association (EMVA) and the Automated
international and occupied even more            there is a need for zero defect control to   Imaging Association (AIA).
                                                increase quality or minimise costs, Ma-
space. The International Trade Fair for Ma-     chine Vision has for years generated a
                                                                                             Special Show “International Machine
                                                significant share of its market growth in
chine Vision and Identification Technologies                                                 Vision Standards”
                                                non-industrial applications. Exhibitors at
is thus underlining its position as the         Vision have also taken account of this       A number of manufacturers have long
                                                fact since both the trade fair and the ac-   been agreeing international standards in
world’s leading trade fair for the industry.    companying program also contained nu-        order to simplify the combination of Ma-
                                                merous examples and a great deal of          chine Vision components from different
Machine Vision is a key technology for          background information on these non-in-      manufacturers. Visitors could attain an
economical and modular automation.              dustrial applications.                       overview of the most important stand-
Without Machine Vision systems, compa-             In 2008, for the first time, two stand-   ards, their application areas and their
nies in the automotive industry, the auto-      ard halls were completely occupied with      advantages during the special show enti-
motive component supply industry, the           a total exhibition area of 20,000 m2. 292    tled “International Machine Vision Stand-
electronic/electrical engineering industry      exhibitors and 17 representative compa-      ards”. Experts gave information and
and the metalworking industry, to name          nies presented their product innovations     were available for questions. This special
only a few, cannot produce economically         and services in these halls. 45 % of the     show was organised by Messe Stuttgart
or guarantee their product quality either.      exhibitors came from foreign countries.      and the three international Machine
This enabling technology, which serves          They came primarily from Europe, but         Vision associations AIA, EMVA and JIIA
to an extremely wide range of customer          also from Israel, Japan, Canada, Switzer-    (Japanese Industrial Imaging Associa-
industries, has been recording impres-          land, Taiwan, the USA and the People’s       tion).

 8 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                          
The best of the best: FireWire and GigE cameras
from Allied Vision Technologies and Prosilica.

Modern vision applications requirements are changing. Their tools as well.
And with them the way of thinking in developing camera models that will
still be as advanced after many years as they were the day they were created.
By adding GigE cameras from Prosilica, Allied Vision Technologies comple-
ments its product lineup of high-performance FireWire cameras - offering
the best of both worlds. Visit us:                      S E E I N G   I S   B E L I E V I N G

PC Accelerator Board with PowerXCell                                                              agonal image angle of up to 99 °. This
8i Processor                                                                                      means maximum acquisition of ambient
                                                                                                  and object information, even at short dis-
On the one hand, the powerful IBM Cell/                                                           tances, making the lens ideal for near-
B.E. processor guarantees impressive 3D                                                           range photogrammetry and optical mea-
visualization in the games console Play-                                                          surements of components, e. g. in the
station 3, on the other hand, it helps the                                                        automotive industry.
Roadrunner in Los Alamos to place first
on the ranking of worldwide fastest com-
                                                                                                  Two New Stingray FireWire Cameras
puters. With the mvXCell-8i PCIe accel-        Matrix Vision: mvXCell-8i PCIe accelerator board
erator board Matrix Vision (www.matrix-                                                           The Stingray camera family, launched by makes the power of IBM              sors. The cameras provide progressive              Allied Vision Technologies (www.allied-
PowerXCell 8i processor available for          scan readout and global shutter tech-     at last year’s Vision 2007,
standard PCs.                                  nology. They are an ideal fit for various          has grown with the addition of two new
   The latest Cell/B.E. (Cell Broadband        applications like semiconductor manu-              models that combine the newest Sony
Engine) PowerXCell 8i processor has a          facturing, electronics manufacturing,              CCD sensors with AVT’s clever Smart
standard core (PPE) working as a man-          metrology and medical imaging.                     Features.
ager and eight cores (SPEs), which are
optimized for fast parallel processing of
                                               New Driver Software for
pixel and DP float data. On the mvXCell-
                                               aAll uEye Cameras
8i, all nine cores work with 2.8 GHz. For
this reason, the board can reach 180           IDS ( presented a
GFLOPS single precision and 90 GFLOPS          new version of its uEye driver. The latest
double precision float. Furthermore, with      3.30 release comes with a host of en-
four GB DDR-RAM the board provides             hancements. Besides boosting the per-
enough memory for dozens of image              formance of the camera/software combi-
data. The mvXCell-8i can be used as an         nation, the new driver has increased
accelerator board for Windows and Linux        support of many hardware features. This
systems or as a standalone Linux compu-        applies in particular to the Gigabit Ether-
ter.                                           net models. The camera’s RS232 inter-              IDS presented a new version of its uEye driver
                                               face, for example, now allows full use as
                                               the standard COM port for controlling a               The Stingray F-125 is equipped with the
                                               pan/tilt unit or a light controller.               new, high-sensitivity Sony CCD sensor
                                                  With the new driver many CMOS mod-              ICX445 with 1.3 megapixel resolution.
                                               els achieve up to 50 % higher frame rates          Thanks to ExView HAD technology, the
                                               when using the subsampling and binning             camera delivers an especially high light-
                                               functions.                                         sensitivity. Combined with Stingray elec-
                                                  The GigE versions of the uEye series            tronics, the user can expect outstanding
                                               benefit most from the new release. They            image quality. With its IEEE 1394b inter-
                                               now support a colour depth of up to 12 or          face, the Stingray F-125 can deliver up to
                                               36 bits, depending on the sensor. The              30 frames per second at full resolution.
                                               maximum frame rate of the 5 Mpixel ver-               The Stingray line has now been ex-
                                               sions has increased to 15 fps. In addition         panded upward with the addition of the
                                               colours can now be calculated either in            Stingray F-504. The camera is equipped
                                               the PC or in the camera.                           with the new 5 megapixel Sony ICX655
                                                                                                  sensor, with single-channel read-out, and
Basler aviator camera series with two new                                                         as such requires no channel balance. It
camera models based on Kodak’s new KAI-01050   Super Wide Angle Lens for Industrial
                                                                                                  delivers razor-sharp images for applica-
CCD sensor                                     Imaging Applications
                                                                                                  tions requiring a high degree of detail.
                                               Carl Zeiss ( has                  Both of these new cameras have in-
New Aviator Area Scan Camera Series            now introduced the Distagon T* 3,5/18              herited the Stingray family’s comprehen-
                                               ZF for industrial applications and techni-         sive functionality package for the optimi-
Basler Vision Technologies (www.               cal automation – a compact wide angle              zation of image data before its transfer to is expanding the prod-          system covering an extremely wide im-              a PC.
uct portfolio by adding its new Basler         age angle. Many industrial imaging ap-
aviator camera series with two new             plications demand more than excellent
camera models based on Kodak’s new             imaging performance. Only an ex-
KAI-01050 CCD sensor. The Basler avi-          treme image angle can ensure that
ator series is a high speed mainstream         large objects are captured reliably
camera. It exhibits superior image             and completely in a small space.
quality even at high speed image cap-             With the new Distagon T* 3,5/18
ture rates. The first models of this se-       ZF, industrial robots for quality as-
ries feature 1 megapixel resolution            surance tasks achieve an impressive di-
(1024 x 1024 pixels) at 120 frames per
second. The Basler aviator is equipped         The Stingray camera family, launched by Allied
with Kodak’s state-of-the-art CCD sen-         Vision Technologies

10 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                 
                      Baumer TX Digital Cameras
                      Versatility through innovation

Vision Technologies

                      The wide range of the Baumer TX camera family features
                       Gigabit Ethernet or FireWireTM interface
                       VGA up to 5 megapixel in monochrome and color versions
                       Easy software integration via our generic programming interface
                       Baumer-GAPI and third party software
                       Comprehensive accessories offered
                       Simplify your setup using Power over Gigabit Ethernet

                      Are you feeling inspired?

                      Baumer Optronic GmbH · DE-01454 Radeberg · Phone +49 (0)3528 4386 0

Machine Vision Software with Easy                   V100) and SXGA (XCI-SX100) monitor-
User Interface                                      ing, with colour and black and white
                                                    modules created for each.
The SAC machine Vision interpreter is                  The camera’s FPGA provides pre
based on the latest SAC Coake 6.7 plat-             processing for real time raw image data
form ( With this uni-            without any load placed on its 1GHz CPU,
versal high-performance tool it is possi-           reducing the camera’s power consump-
ble to solve applications in the field of           tion. To add flexibility, the function of the
optical measurement and inspection                  module’s four inputs and eight outputs
technology more efficiently than before.            can be specified using the FPGA.
Due to the easy structured user inter-                 The addition of color analysis in two
face, machine Vision tasks can be real-             of the four new camera modules enables
ized quickly and comprehensively – after            the smart cameras to be used in a di-
a short training scheme – without any               verse range of markets where hue is vital
                                                                                                    The SAC machine Vision interpreter is based on
previous knowledge of the user.                     to data analysis with initial beta tests in-    the latest SAC Coake 6.7 platform. With this
   The command sequence is compiled in              cluding airport security, animal welfare        universal high-performance tool it is possible to
the well-structured Coake program edi-              in agriculture, traffic surveillance, forest    solve applications in the field of optical mea-
tor via drag & drop. Several standard               fire prevention and machine Vision ap-          surement and inspection technology more effi-
                                                                                                    ciently than before
commands are already included in the                plications.
scope of delivery. The command selection               All cameras in the range are sized           color image acquisition and processing
ranges from simple commands to com-                 94x70x139.5 mm, support C and CS                in live demonstrations.
plex macros which are completely pre-               mounting, come with 512 Mb of SDRAM,
configured for the use of typical tools.            eight memory buffers and a 1 Gb mem-
                                                                                                    Multi-sensor Camera with up to Four
   The inspection and interim results can           ory card accessory with Windows XPe is
                                                                                                    Freely Positional Sensors
be filed or are transferred via the inte-           also available. To ensure system cabling
grated interface. The results can be cor-           is as simple as possible, the XCI series        VRmagic ( presented
related. The data can be edited with Of-            utilizes a share trigger line.                  a FPGA camera with up to four pixel-syn-
fice software programs as well as special                                                           chronous sensors. The CMOS sensors
statistic and quality programs. Common                                                              with global shutter are connected to the
                                                    New Sensor Architecture and
machine interfaces are already inte-                                                                camera by an LVDS data cable and can
                                                    New Possibilities for Use
grated.                                                                                             be freely positioned. The image data is
                                                    The image processing specialist Vision &        coordinated on a FPGA module with at
                                                    Control ( has            least 256 MB RAM. The multi-sensor
                                                    extended the Vision sensor platform ca-         camera can produce pixel-synchronous
                                                    mat to include the new generation of Vi-        images from several positions, as re-
                                                    sion sensors, camat S48 Multi-Head. The         quired for 3D reconstruction, for exam-
                                                     Vision sensors can be configured, for the      ple. Light-section-, Gray-code- and phase
                                                     first time, with up to four remote sensor      shift processes can even be applied to
                                                     heads, and convince with their small di-       moving objects when using the multi-
                                                     mensions and low weight, opening up            sensor camera.
                                                     new possibilities for use in industrial           They also introduced a compact, pro-
                                                    image processing. The compact sensor            grammable intelligent camera. The new
                                                    heads already integrate precision optics,       intelligent component from VRmagic is
                                                    powerful homogeneous LED lighting as
                                                    well as high-resolution imaging sensors.
                                                    The captured image data are transferred
                                                    to the controller, the heart of the Vision
                                                    sensor, and evaluated. Fast mounting of
Carl Zeiss introduced the Distagon T* 3,5/18 ZF     the sensor heads, weighing only 80 g, in
for industrial applications and technical automa-
                                                    confined spaces as well as the intuitive
tion – a compact wide angle system covering an
extremely wide image angle                          “Step-by-Step” user guidance ensures
                                                    that the user can quickly implement the
Next Generation Smart                               inspection tasks to be solved.

Sony     (    has
                                                    LMI Launched Two New Products
launched its second generation of smart
cameras, the XCI series. The four new               New at Vision, LMI technologies (www.
camera modules, launched by Sony Eu-       was introducing
rope’s Image Sensing Solutions (ISS) di-            FireSync, a Vision engineering platform
Vision, process image data before trans-            to simplify and accelerate the entire Vi-
mitting to a PC and combine a powerful              sion system development process from
CPU with an open FPGA delivering a 3X               specification to final assembly. Also pre-
performance improvement over the pre-               miering is HexSight 4.0 with color. The
vious generation.                                   approachable machine Vision library
   The camera modules in the new prod-              with a comprehensive list of capabilities       Vision & Control has extended the Vision sensor
                                                                                                    platform camat to include the new generation of
uct family are available for VGA (XCI-              was demonstrated its new support for            Vision sensors, camat S48 Multi-Head

12 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                    

a high-performance camera featuring a               ments, the small, fast and rugged Matrox
combination of ARM processor, DSP and               Iris GT is the perfect fit for industrial ap-
an optional FPGA module. Deployed is                plications.
the DaVinci processor by Texas Instru-                 The Matrox Iris GT is
ments. The camera operates autono-                  powered by an Intel 1.6
mously with a Linux operating system.               GHz Atom processor
                                                    and runs Windows CE
                                                    6.0, Microsoft’s real-
Smart Camera for Machine Vision
                                                    time embedded operat-
Matrox Imaging ( an-                 ing system. Matrox Iris                         Sony launched its second generation of smart
nounced the Matrox Iris GT, the next-               GT features an integrated                       cameras, the XCI series
generation smart camera for machine                 graphics controller with VGA output, 256
Vision applications. Designed for the               MB DDR 2 memory, and 1 GB of flash              sion Server for Common Vision Blox
harshest and most demanding environ-                disk. For connectivity to external devices,     (CVB) for the first time.
                                                    Matrox Iris GT includes a 10/100/1,000             With its independent imaging librar-
                                                    Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port, an RS-232        ies, Common Vision Blox has, for some
                                                    serial port, an opto-coupled trigger input      time, offered the most comprehensive
                                                    and strobe output. Matrox Iris GT also          and powerful implementation of the GigE
                                                    supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus over            Vision and GenICam standards. With the
                                                    TCP/IP communications to directly inter-        new GigE Vision Server, a suitably
                                                    act with PLCs and other automation              equipped computer behaves like a com-
                                                    equipment.                                      plete GigE Vision and GenICam compati-
                                                                                                    ble camera, with freely configurable fea-
                                                                                                    tures. As one would expect, Stemmer
                                                    CVB GigE Vision-Server –
                                                                                                    Imaging’s CVB remains true to the prin-
                                                    Turning the Tables
                                                                                                    ciple of hardware independence. The
                                                    When people talk about software for             data output by the CVB GigE Vision
                                                    GigE Vision cameras they are usually re-        Server conforms to the GigE Vision and
                                                    ferring to the drivers required for image       GenICam standards and is therefore
                                                    capture. Now, Stemmer Imaging (www.             compatible with any standards compli-
All Baumer TX digital cameras are engineered
around our belief in “Versatility through Innova- is turning the ta-          ant software interfaces from other pro-
tion”                                               bles by offering an innovative GigE Vi-         viders.

       Fast Capture Fast Processing
         Fast Results... FastVision!
       Call today at 603-891-4317
                                                                                                                 New GigE
       to check out our family of                                                                                 output
       products or visit us online                                                                                options
                                                                                                                  for our

                                                                                                              Full System

                             FASTVISION                                       131 D.W. Highway #529, Nashua, NH 03060                                                                                                            Inspect 5/2008 13

                                                         Powered by a 533 MHz PowerPC,
                                                      the new NI 1744 Smart Camera fea-
                                                      tures a high-resolution image sensor
                                                      that acquires images up to 1.3 mega-
                                                      pixels (1,280 x 1,024). Industrial engi-
                                                      neers and machine builders can use
                                                     the camera to inspect objects for
                                                     smaller defects and make measure-
                                                     ments with four times the resolution
                                                     of previous NI Smart Cameras.
                                                          For engineers needing higher
                                                         performance for pattern matching,
                                                         optical character recognition and
                                                       code reading, the NI 1762 Smart
                                                     Camera offers a 720 MHz Texas In-
                                                  struments DSP coprocessor alongside
                                                 the 533 MHz PowerPC, making it possi-
Stemmer Imaging is offering an innovative GigE   ble to run algorithms up to four times
Vision Server for Common Vision Blox (CVB)
                                                 faster with no changes to the application
   CVB GigE Vision Server opens up com-              The new NI 1764 Smart Camera offers
pletely new areas of opportunity for im-         the highest resolution and performance
aging. At its most basic level, images can       of all the new cameras, featuring the 1.3
be transferred from a hard disk or from          megapixel image sensor and the 720 MHz
any CVB compatible imaging hardware,             Texas Instruments DSP coprocessor. The
via a network interface, thus making use         NI 1764 is ideal for uses such as high-
of the benefits offered by simplified GigE       speed manufacturing line applications
Vision cabling.                                  that are inspecting large objects or locat-
                                                 ing and identifying small codes or fea-
TX Digital Cameras – Versatility
through Innovation
                                                 New Version Halcon 9
All Baumer TX digital cameras are engi-
neered around our belief in “Versatility         MVTec Software GmbH announced the
Through Innovation” (www.baumerop-               new version 9.0 of its software Halcon By combining state-of-the-          ( With this software
art sensor technology with proprietary           release, the Munich-based manufacturer
components and know-how, Baumer                  of machine Vision software again sets
guarantees a quality image is transferred        high standards.
from the sensor to the interface and to
the final application. Versatility is en-
sured by integrating the technology into
a innovative, compact housing and by
conforming to industrial standards such
as Gigabit Ethernet and FireWire. The
TX camera family covers a diverse range
of applications with versatile well-de-
signed models. Where the entry level
TXGC03 model uses CMOS sensors to
provide an attractive solution for simple
visualization or image processing the
TXG50 model uses a high-resolution 5
megapixel CCD for sophisticated image
processing requirements.

Higher Resolution and DSP Coprocessors
National Instruments ( an-
nounced the extension of its NI Smart
Camera product line with the introduc-
                                                 National Instruments announced the extension
tion of three new products. The NI 1744,         of its NI Smart Camera product line with the
NI 1762 and NI 1764 Smart Cameras de-            introduction of three new products. The NI 1744,
liver faster processing speed and higher         NI 1762 and NI 1764 Smart Cameras deliver
                                                 faster processing speed and higher image reso-
image resolution to offer more powerful
                                                 lution to offer more powerful options for engi-
options for engineers requiring an em-           neers requiring an embedded machine Vision
bedded machine Vision solution.                  solution


                                                 double CameraLink. The camera is fully
                                                 software-configurable; it combines the
                                                 TE-cooled InGaAs FPA detector head
                                                 with all control and communications cir-
                                                 cuitry in a convection-cooled compact
                                                    With a frame rate of 1,730 fps at its
                                                 full 640 x 512 pixel resolution, the new
                                                 Cheetah-640CL sets a world-record for
                                                 InGaAs cameras. Cheetah features 14-bit
                                                 digitization to capture and display 14-bit
                                                 optical data for high-speed imaging. The
                                                 camera’s 16 outputs provide 14 bit each
                                                 at a 40 MHz pixel clock. Pixel operability
                                                 is >99 %. A graphical user interface that
                                                 provides direct access to various camera
                                                   settings such as ROI, integration time,
                                                    sensor temperature and ADC, makes
                                                     the camera flexible and easy to use.
MVTec                                                    Cheetah-640CL is perfectly suited
Software GmbH
announced the                                          for high-speed, hyperspectral image
new version 9.0 of                                      SWIR applications as well as laser-
its software Halcon.                                   beam profiling and Vision enhance-
With this software                               ment in industrial, automotive, airborne
release, the manufacturer of
machine Vision software again sets high stand-   or medical applications (OCT), semicon-
ards                                             ductor inspection and on-line process
                                                 control. Thermal imaging of hot objects
   Within the machine Vision community,          ranges from 200 °C to 800 °C.
Halcon is considered as a technology-
leading force. The new version 9.0 will
                                                 CMOS Image Sensor for Machine
be released in January 2009 and pro-
                                                 Vision and Holographic Data Storage
vides unique innovations to the users.
   Again, Halcon offers valuable speed-
ups with its new version 9.0, especially         Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (www.
regarding it’s exceptional automatic op- announced the commercial
erator parallelization, which distributes        sampling of a CMOS image sensor with
the processing to the number of available        industry-leading digital data throughput
cores. This technique has been speeded           of 13.2 Gbps. The new 3.0-megapixel
up considerably and thus significantly in-       LUPA-3000 sensor offers a triggered and
creases the benefit of multi-core comput-        pipelined synchronous shutter with a
ers.                                             high frame rate of 485 frames-per-sec-
   Furthermore, Halcon 9.0 provides              ond (fps) and windowing capability for
unique new matching technologies. In             undistorted images and fast readout. The
the future, it will be possible to robustly      sensor also features on-chip digital LVDS
and reliably find 2D objects (e. g., labels)     (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) out-
or work pieces with a corresponding              puts that simplify the transport of sensor
structure even in images with strong per-        data and overall camera design for ma-
spective distortions.                            chine Vision and holographic data stor-
                                                 age applications.
                                                     “The high-speed LUPA-3000 sensor
World’s Fastest In GaAs Camera Now
                                                 opens up the holographic data storage
with Double CameraLink
                                                 market to our industry leading portfo-
Xenics’ ( new high-               lio,” said Cliff Drowley, vice president of
speed digital Cheetah-640CL, covering            Cypress’s image sensor business unit.
the SWIR spectral band 1.7 µm, of-
fers a 640 x 512 pixel resolution at
20 µm pixel pitch and a record
full frame rate of 1,730 Hz. Chee-
tah enables fast data transfer via

    Microscan introduced the new QX
 Platform which combines Quick Con-
     nect and X-Mode technologies to
    deliver high performance barcode
   reading with unmatched simplified
connectivity and networking in indus-
       trial automation environments                                                                         Inspect 5/2008 15

                                                        dustrial automation environments.          cess in the color line scan camera mar-
                                                                The first product introduced       ket. This technology is now being applied
                                                                   with the new QX Platform        to full monochrome models to provide an
                                                                    technology is the QX-830       attractive alternative to the high-per-
                                                                     compact laser scanner.        formance 4K pixel line-scan camera
                                                                        In naming the new plat-    market.
                                                                     form technology, the “Q”         The monochrome cameras will be
                                                                    represents the Quick Con-      available in two models: 4S and the 3V:
                                                                   nect system of cabling and      The 4S EliiXA monochrome model is an
                                                                 easy networking, with stream-     18 KHz 4096 pixel camera, with ex-
                                                           lined setup and connectivity through    tremely high sensitivity, ideally suited for
                                                         M12 Ultra-Lock connectors from            low light use, an application currently
Xenics’ new high-speed digital Cheetah-640CL         Molex. The QX-830 is the ONLY data ac-        only addressed by TDI cameras.
offers a 640 x 512 pixel resolution at 20 µm pixel
                                                     quisition device with Quick Connect tech-        The 3V monochrome model can grab
pitch and a record full frame rate of 1,730 Hz
                                                     nology. The “X” represents X-Mode sym-        scenes running at 54 KHz; making it an
“Its unparalleled performance exempli-               bol reconstruction technology to deliver      alternative for de-
fies Cypress’s drive to push the envelope            aggressive barcode reading out of the         manding
of image sensor capabilities.”                       box.                                          appli-
                                                        Users can expect the Quick Connect         cati-
                                                     system to simplify setup and deployment       ons
Contour-based Object Recognition
                                                     of single and multiple reader networks,
Vision Components (www.Vision-compo-                 while providing IP65 sealing for presented new software solu-              harsh industrial environ-
tions for industrial image processing ap-            ments with the new
plications, such as the pattern matching             Molex M12 Ultra-Lock
tool VC Smart Finder. The software al-               connectors. The QX
lows users to identify structures (e.g. bot-         Platform also reduces
tle labels or complex components) by                 the number of acces-
means of preset patterns. The real-time              sories required for
program, which operates with subpixel                multiple reader net-
accuracy, ensures high-speed processes:              work solutions, and
it recognizes between 10 and 100 objects             brings considerable sav-                                           e2v announced the launch of
per second at a 640 x 480 pixel resolu-              ings in material costs as                                        two new high performance
tion. Object recognition is not influenced           well as installation time.                         monochrome models to its EliiXA range of
                                                                                                   industrial line scan cameras
by rotational position, object size or
illumination. Moreover, the software reli-
                                                     Monochrome Versions
ably recognizes objects which are oc-                                                              requiring both speed and resolution of
cluded by up to 80 %. An intuitive, easy-            e2v ( announced the               4096 pixels, today only served by more
to-use teach-in option allows users to               launch of two new high performance            expensive CCD TDI or high-end CMOS
include new objects.                                 monochrome models to its EliiXA range         cameras. While the multi-line sensor
                                                     of industrial line scan cameras. The new      physically operates each individual line,
                                                     4096 pixel multi-line monochrome cam-         simultaneously, at 18 KHz, a patented
QX Platform Technology
                                                     era delivers scene grab rates of up to 54     process re-orders the lines, ultimately
Microscan ( intro-                 KHz, or a four times improvement in sen-      making the camera behave like a single
duced the new QX Platform which com-                 sitivity at 18 KHz, while featuring ex-       line camera.
bines Quick Connect and X-Mode tech-                 panded spectral response.
nologies to deliver high performance                     EliiXA’s unique row spacing (only
barcode reading with unmatched simpli-               20 µm center-to-center), coupled with its
fied connectivity and networking in in-              wide spectral response, made it a suc-

                                                                                                        Contact
                                                                                                       harald grobholz, iNsPECt
                                                                                                       tel.: +49 6151 8090 104
Vision Components presented new software solutions for industrial image processing applications,
such as the pattern matching tool VC Smart Finder                                            

16 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                  

Åke Lindqvist New IFR President                                                            Vintec Award 2008 to Daimler
The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) elected unanimously Åke Lindqvist,          At the Euroblech trade fair in Hanover, Dr.-Ing. Norbert Stein, President and Sole
ABB, as new President and Junji Jay Tsuda, Yaskawa Electric, as new Vice President at      shareholder of Vitronic, presented the Vintec Award 2008 to Guenter Kasper, head of
                                           its Executive Board Meeting on 16th Octo-       axle production at Daimler. The award was presented after the joint development
                                           ber 2008 in Seoul. The biannual meeting of      and installation of a ground-breaking
                                           IFR Executive Board members was held in         welding concept at the Daimler plant in
                                           Seoul on the occasion of the International      Mettingen. Welded seams are automati-
                                           Symposium on Robotics (ISR). The incum-         cally inspected and optimized using Viro-
                                           bent President, Stefan Müller, Kuka Ro-         wsi, a weld seam inspection system from
                                           boter, retired following his successful two-    Vitronic. Since its installation in February
                                           year presidency. Müller was pleased about       2007 more than 8 million welded seams
the election: “The election of Åke Lindqvist and Junji Tsuda respectively represents a     have been inspected and, if necessary, op-
sensible next step which also reflects the importance of their respective markets. I       timized. After successfully implementing the system on the production line of the C-
would hope to see countries such as China, Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia working        Class, Daimler has also decided to use the unique solution for the new E-Class and
together with us in the IFR in the near future, giving them representation in the only     with it remains a step ahead of all automobile manufacturers.
world-wide federation for industrial and service robots. In this and all their other un-

dertakings I wish my successors and the entire IFR Executive Board every success.”

e2v Signs US Distribution Agreement
e2v have signed a distribution agreement allowing Physimetrics to distribute e2v’s
                                                                                           New Managing Director at VMT
                                                                                                                      With effect from 1st November 2008, Dr. Ing. Stefan Gehlen, a
                                                                                                                      recognized expert in image processing and automation, joined
                                                                                                                      the management board of VMT Vision Machine Technic Bild-
range of line-scan cameras throughout the US. The camera families, AviivA and EliixA,                                 verarbeitungssysteme, Mannheim/Germany. After completing
set the industry bar for quality and performance in the industrial machine vision mar-                                a study program and graduating from the Technical University
ket, with recent additions of new color, quadrilinear, and monochrome models. Physi-                                  in Darmstadt, Dr. Gehlen chaired the Board of Directors of ZN
metrics, a US based sales and technical support specialist in machine vision and image                                Vision Technologies, Bochum. Important technological innova-
processing, provides the US market with years of experience in machine vision require-                                tions were accomplished under his management, such as au-
ments, a commitment to quality, and the provision of class leading customer service.                                  tomated face identification processes. Appointing Dr. Gehlen
Backing e2v’s technical expertise in camera design and application, and to further as-     has strengthened the strategic role of image processing solutions within the Pepperl+Fuchs
sist system manufacturers, Physimetrics also provides a full range of products to sup-     Group. For VMT and its customers, it is an important step in the direction of long-term as-
port e2v’s camera range, including frame grabbers, software, lenses and cables.            surance of innovation capability and professional competence.                                                                      

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                                            GigE Vision™ Device?

                                                                                                   Apply the GigE FPGA solution:
                                                                                                   �   full flexibility
                                                                                                   �   professional software support
                                                                                                   �   independent of third party hardware
                                                                                                   �   easy approach with comprehensive
                                                                                                       documentation and certified
                                                                                                       GigE Vision™ Reference Design

       Sensor to Image GmbH
       Lechtorstr. 20 · D-86956 Schongau · Germany
       Tel.: +49 88 61-23 69-0 · Fax: +49 88 61-23 69-69 ·

Topics with Impact:
Big Brother Is Watching You?
INSPECT Panel Discussion “Machine Vision and Security” at Vision 2008

How about applying the high performance        this open panel was a first step to fuel a    no other way than to reduce this data al-
and industry weathered robustness of           further continuation of the information       ready on a meta level. When an event oc-
                                               exchange.                                     curs that was actually supposed to be de-
machine vision technology to the analysis         From many a visitor´s point of view,       tected, and only then, original data will
of surveillance camera images? How far         the discussion certainly came to a peak       be provided to the authorized recipient
                                               when the industry representatives             for evaluation.
could one get by comparing and matching
                                               shared their view of the future of video         Our industry is faced with the impor-
performance and requirements of both           surveillance.*                                tant task to design security standards
areas – Vision and Security? Could auto-                                                     guaranteeing that all acquired data will
                                                                                             remain private up until the pre-defined
mating the surveillance processes help in
                                                                                             situation occurs that requires the analy-
protecting privacy?                                                                          sis of the data.
In this year´s panel discussion during the
Industrial Vision Days at Vision 2008 in                                                     Volkhard Delfs,
                                                                                             Panasonic Systems Solutions
Stuttgart, six experts from both industries
were invited by INSPECT to discuss state-                                                    Today we are at the verge of overcoming
                                                                                             the restrictions analogue video technology
of-the-art and future developments of

                                                                                             had imposed on us. That will result in an
camera based surveillance.                                                                   improvement of options but also in addi-
                                                                                             tional challenges. The success will be
                                               Klaus Baumgartner,                            based on our efforts in making the cam-
About 160 trade show visitors followed         Siemens Building Technologies                 eras somewhat smarter to unburden the
the lively discussion between the six
panelists. The allotted hour was much          I am convinced that we have to get used
too short to cover all aspects of the topic.   to the thought that video surveillance will   *   Editor’s Note: The panel discussion was origi-
Machine Vision and camera based Secu-          continue to penetrate the public and also         nally conducted in German language. Any
rity Technologies have quite some poten-       the semi-public areas. Does that worry            flaws in the transcription into the English lan-
tial to benefit from closer cooperation of     me? It does not. With the huge amount of          guage text of this article lie solely in the re-
the respective market players. Maybe           data, that will thus be provided, there is        sponsibility of the editor.

18 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                               

operator. Especially in open air low con-                                                        to monitor production cells by using tech-
trast scenarios it is very, very difficult to                                                    nology developed for security applica-
detect motion, even for the human eye.                                                           tions, substituting light curtains by scene
Sensors, however, are perfectly capable                                                          analysis to e.g. stop a robot when a hu-
here, provided that they come with com-                                                          man enters the working zone. That is not
puting power.                                                                                    necessarily the high end application, but
                                                                                                 something that will already work tomor-
                                                                                                 row. I think we should look for applica-
                                                                                                 tions that are already feasible with the

                                                                                                 state-of-the-art. Along the way we will
                                                                                                 acquire the skills for the more difficult
                                                                                                 and demanding tasks. Experience al-
                                                Prof. Dr. Jörg Krüger,                           ready acquired in machine vision can be
                                                Innovation Cluster Secure Identity               used here to implement good and profit-
                                                                                                 able applications. These applications
                                                In automation, in production, everywhere         maybe a little bit off the path of tradi-

                                                we have the same problem of data over-           tional security tasks but instead more in
                                                flow. The world around us is connected.          the area of surveillance. That is my ex-
                                                We can collect data with no end, but we          pectation for the near future.
   It will be no small task to integrate        are no longer able to analyze this data.
pre-processing functionality into the           What we need are mining technologies to
camera with the goal to distinguish pixel       get information out of data. This will be
noise from actual object movement, even         our task for the next couple of years. One
at low light conditions, as a threshold of      possibility to apply this to video technology
what will be presented to an operator.          is to detect and describe the relations be-
We spoke earlier about applications with        tween single objects. To not only detect
8,000 cameras [editor’s note: in casinos],      single objects but to find the logical sce-
no operator can cope with that. The sys-        naric correlation between these objects.
tems need to be more clever. Event driven       This is still a long way, but first approaches

display, integration of other sub-systems,      can be seen already manifold in research.
visualization of conditions: that is no             Looking at the hardware aspect, we will
small task lying ahead of us.                   see more 2,5 D in the future compared to
                                                today´s rather 2D products. We will use the      Rudolf Spielberger,
                                                depth information in addition since this         Bosch Security Systems
                                                helps us to detect objects more accurately
                                                or to separate objects from each other.          I happened to come across a press re-
                                                There is a lot to achieve methodically. That     lease last week, stating that three quar-
                                                of course pleases me as a scientist.             ters of the German population wishes for
                                                                                                 an increased video surveillance. That, of
                                                                                                 course, pleases our industry.
                                                                                                    Ultimately, our path will lead us from
                                                                                                 today´s situation of creating video gar-

                                                                                                 bage, tera bytes of it, to transforming this
                                                                                                 data into meaningful meta data. Into in-
                                                                                                 formation really providing us with the
Dr. Stefan Gehlen, VMT                                                                           facts we need for decisions. And ulti-
                                                                                                 mately we aspire, independent from
The vision of integrating IP and IT in se-                                                       cross-system usage, a future where video

curity has already begun. This trend is                                                          surveillance is not merely relevant after
fast and irreversible. In cameras and sys-                                                       the fact, but where, with the help of
tem technology we will see more resolu-                                                          smart components, we master the step to
tion, higher accuracy. This results not         Dr. Dietmar Ley,                                 act before a critical event takes place, to
necessarily in larger areas to be covered       Basler Vision Technologies                       even prevent this event.
but in higher quality of the captured
data, enabling automated image analy-           I am convinced that there will be appli-
sis.                                            cations with smaller requirements for              In case you missed this discussion at the
   On another note and looking at the de-       data analysis or image analysis. I’m               Vision and you would like to learn more
velopment in Asia, we come to a totally         thinking here of applications in retail            from the experts, you will find the audio
different aspect: the question on how to        where a wrong decision does not present            stream of the event at www.inspect-
open up new fields of application for           a problem. The main task here is to un-
video analysis. Border control, for exam-       derstand how my shop works, which
ple. The driving factor here will be the        aisles enjoy especially high customer at-
automation of security. The business case       tention, which crowd my shop attracts,               Contact
will no longer be the security application      how to optimize my business. Another                gabriele Jansen, iNsPECt
but the automation of security proc-            application might be, and here the two    
esses.                                          worlds will cross each other somewhat,                                                                                                              Inspect 5/2008 19

European Diversity
Machine Vision Has Seen Robust Growth in 2008

                                                                                          The European machine vision industry has

                                                                                          seen a steady growth in the past years. For

                                                                                          the year 2008, optimistic forecasts were

                                                                                          justified, although major changes in de-

                                                                                          mand and use of machine vision products,

                                                                                          which already commenced a year before,

                                                                                          did continue. It seems that the high expec-

                                                                                          tations once more have been met.
 Quelle: Flickr, rockcohen

General Trends in Europe’s Machine            2007. Linked to this trend, robot man-      “pure” vision companies is declining. As
Vision Market                                 ufacturers tend to integrate machine        for the largest European market – Ger-
                                              vision into the robot and offer pack-       many – by now, only half of the machine
According to the 2007 EMVA market             ages.                                       vision companies are still “pure“. In all
study, easy-to-use and inexpensive stand-        Regarding the business activities out-   other European countries, more than
ard products, such as vision sensors or       side the European borders, machine vi-      60 % of the machine vision companies
smart cameras, were clearly in high de-       sion cameras from European companies        still name machine vision as their sole
mand in the previous year, and will have      recorded good sales. North America and      business. But even when machine vision
also been in 2008: Due to advanced hard-      Asia were the main destinations for these   is only a division within the company,
ware and software, they are able to per-      shipments. This underlines the trend of     mostly there is only a small number of
form tasks for which – not long ago –         the growing importance of the export        employees working in the vision sector.
more complex solutions had to be              business to the whole sector over the       In Europe there are no “pure” machine
created. Nevertheless, complex, high-         past few years.
end and application-specific devices still
constitute the biggest portion of sales
                                              Small Enterprises Dominate                    Structure of vision companies
and push the limits of what is technically                                                         in Europe 2007
and economically feasible.                    The machine vision industry in Europe is
   Industrial production once again gen-      still dominated by Small and Medium                  Shares of companies by
erated by far the biggest contribution to     Enterprises (SME). On average, in 2007,         employees in the vision sector in %
the total turnover of the European ma-        the companies in the European market
chine vision industry in 2007; with the       employed 37 people, with a peak in the                            18%
automotive and electric/electronic indus-     German market: here the average size
try as key drivers. But even outside the      was 40 employees. The majority of ma-
industrial production sector, there is        chine vision enterprises in Europe em-                                              21-50
great potential for new applications of vi-   ployed less than 50 people in 2007. Al-                                              15%
sion technology, with future mega-topics      most every second machine vision
such as environmental protection and          company in Europe has ten employees
the demographic change to mention just        or fewer and can be counted as a small
a few. The cost-efficient standard sys-       enterprise.                                   1-10
tems will help to capture these new ar-           Over the past years, a trend has                                             51-100
eas of application.                           emerged that an increasing number of
   In-house production of machine vi-         companies in the automation industry
sion systems by industrial equipment          set up their own vision systems division.                                   6%
manufacturers increased somewhat in           According to this, the proportion of

20 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                       

                   Shares of turnover of European vision companies to the main                                                                     Shares of turnover of European vision companies to
                              regions/countries 2006 and 2007 (in%) - 1 -                                                                          the main regions/countries 2006 and 2007 (in%) - 2 -

                                                                                                                     Central-/Eastern Europe
                                                                                                                                  other Asia
                                                                                                                                South Korea
         Nordic countries
                                                                                                                 United Kingdom and Ireland
                                                                         2007                                            Spain and Portugal
  Austria and Switzerland                                                                                                                                                                        2007
                                                                         2006                                                        Taiwan                                                      2006
                                                                                                                               other Europe

                   China                                                                                                  Turkey and Greece

                BENELUX                                                                                                   all other countries

                        0.0%    5.0%   10.0%   15.0%   20.0%   25.0%   30.0%     35.0%    40.0%                                             0.0%                   5.0%               10.0%               15.0%

vision companies with more than 500                               in the Market Statistics survey increased                                            gether Asia, for the first time, measured
employees.                                                        by 4 % in 2007 over the previous year.                                               up to the North American market in
   Internationalization is more and more                          Some 69 % of the total sales in 2007 were                                            terms of sales volume.
an issue in the machine vision industry.                          realized within Europe. Here, smaller
Some 10 % of the participants of the                              markets such as Austria, Switzerland,
                                                                                                                                                       Vision Systems
2007 edition of the “European Vision                              Benelux, the Nordic countries, and Tur-
Technology Market Statistics” were sub-                           key managed to compensate stagnation                                                 Sales of vision systems by European
sidiaries of companies from outside of                            or even a slight downturn in the main                                                companies remained at a high level in
Europe. At the same time, almost 20 % of                          markets Germany, France, Spain, Portu-                                               2007, while their share of the total
the European vision technology compa-                             gal, Ireland, and the U.K. Outside of Eu-                                            turnover dropped by two percentage
nies also employed people on other con-                           rope, North America again proved to be                                               points to 52 %. Following this trend, the
tinents.                                                          a major market area for European vision                                              turnover of application-specific vision
                                                                  technology, with a share of 14 % of the                                              systems dropped the second year in a
                                                                  total sales volume in 2007. The fastest                                              row and reached a level of 40 % of total
Export to Asia Growing
                                                                  growing market in Asia remained China,                                               turnover in 2007. While the unit sales
Recorded sales volumes of the European                            where exports surged by 42 % in 2007,                                                of these turnkey vision systems de-
machine vision companies participating                            and reached 5 % of the total sales. Alto-                                            creased, the average unit price rose.


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Inspect 5/2008 21

Fewer, but more valuable systems were                             America. This indicates high invest-
in demand.                                                        ments, which will have appeared in the          Total turnover of vision products
   On the other hand, numerous areas                              balance sheets of the vision technology           of European companies 2007
nowadays require simpler standard                                 companies with a one-year delay in                   by customer type in %
systems, which is why the turnover of                             2008.
these lower priced configurable sys-                                 In the electrical/electronics sector,
tems is steadily increasing. Smart cam-                           supplies to the semiconductor industry
eras with embedded intelligence, an-                              decreased somewhat in 2007, while all          43.1%
other     product     group     recorded                          other sub sectors increased purchases
separately, become more and more im-                              of machine vision products compared
portant. This also applies to vision sen-                         to the previous year. This includes the
sors, the shooting stars in machine vi-                           photovoltaic industry, which is cur-
sion technology. In 2007, 20,500 units                            rently booming especially in Germany.
were sold. Compared with the unit sales                           For robot manufacturers in the metal
rate of 7,200 in 2006, the expression                             industry demand had already gone up                                        Other
shooting star is not disproportionate.                            in 2006, and continued to do so in 2007.                   14.2%           4.2%
                                                                  Strong demand for metal products cor-
                                                                  relates with a need to modernize and
Vision Components
                                                                  expand production facilities.               considerably. However, with just about
The turnover of components made by                                   Due to the strong wood and paper         2 %, the share of the food industry in
European machine vision companies                                 industry in the northern part of Europe,    the total turnover to all industry sec-
rose in 2007 by 9 % compared to the                               sales in this sector were more impor-       tors is still marginal.
previous year, giving them a share of                             tant in Nordic countries than in the tra-      If the customers of European systems
45 % of total machine vision turnover.                            ditional big markets for the machine vi-    suppliers are split up by their position in
Cameras again were the most impor-                                sion industry, such as Germany. The         the value chain, one can see that the
tant component. Unit sales increased by                           use of machine vision systems in the        major part of turnover is realized with
7 %. Frame grabbers were less in de-                              pharmaceutical/cosmetics industry, as       end-users (43.1 %), followed by Original
mand than in earlier years, due to the                            well as the metal and the medical de-       Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with
continuing trend towards digital cam-                             vice industry considerably increased in     a share of 38.6 %. Distributors accounted
eras. The steadily falling unit price                             2007, and all sectors invested heavily      for 14 % of the total sales. Viewed sepa-
played a role here, too. Optics and                               in automation. The ever advancing           rately, the strongly represented German
Lighting appliances both increased their                          medical progress and the demographic        companies made 41 % of their turnover
turnover compared to the previous year,                           development make the demand for             to OEMs, all other European companies
as well as vision software, which saw a                           medical components and devices, as          only about
slight increase of 1 %.                                           well as pharmaceutical products rise.
                                                                  High quality standards and cost pres-
                                                                  sure force companies here to in-
Customers of European Vision
                                                                  crease the level of automation.
                                                                     Whereas system manu-
For the system suppliers, the automo-                             facturers sold fewer ma-
tive industry remained the largest pur-                           chine vision solutions
chaser of European vision systems,                                to the sectors of pack-
with 26 % of the total turnover. Also the                         aging and filling, as
number of robots supplied to the auto-                            well as printing,
motive industry increased considerably                            orders from the
in Europe, China and other Southeast                              food industry
Asian countries, as well as in North                              again      rose

                                      Total turnover of vision products 2007
                                       Shares of turnover by industries in %

                     Automotive                                                                  26%
           Electrical/electronics*                                12%
                            Glass                           9%
                Paper and wood                             8%
   Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics                      5%
                           Metal                     5%
              Rubber and plastic                 4%
                 Medical devices                4%
             Packaging/container                4%
                            Food           2%
                         Printing     1%
            other manufacturing                  5%
             Non-manufacturing                                      13%

                                 0%             5%          10%         15%      20%       25%         30%

22 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                              

                                                        Sales of vision products of European
           33%                               34%
                      29%                                       2007
  30%                                                           2006



                                                        8%       8%
                                                                                    6%       5%
   0%                                                                      4%                                                                      4%
                                                                                                                  3%         2%          3%                            2%

        Inspection, continuous   Inspection, discrete   Metrology, 3D      Metrology, 2D       Guidance         Character recognition    Symbol reading    Part recognition

24 %. These results fit in the German                          the standard application for machine vi-                  clouds coming from the financial sector
picture of a traditionally strong machine                      sion.                                                     will have done no harm to this forecast,
building industry. Quite interesting to                           Besides inspection, 3D metrology                       at least until the end of the year, due to
note is that vision component suppliers                        keeps being important with a share of                     existing order cushions. As for 2009, the
in Europe made a remarkable amount                             8 %. Manufacturers assume that this ap-                   economic slowdown caused by the global
of their total turnover with end-users.                        plication will gain importance in the                     financial crisis will subsequently affect
This underlines the trend, that an in-                         field of sophisticated metrology, not only                the industry sector, and with this also the
creasing number of manufacturers inte-                         in the automotive industry, but also in                   machine vision industry. With lower ex-
grate their own machine vision solu-                           robotics for pick and place applications.                 pectations for the coming year on the one
tions.                                                         Guidance, which includes robot guid-                      hand, many European machine vision
   Great potential for new applications                        ance but can also be applied to other                     enterprises still remain optimistic to be
of vision technology can be found out-                         tasks, overtook 2D metrology in 2007.                     able to maintain the high level of the
side the area of industrial production.                        The trend towards robot vision is stable,                 market volume seen in 2008, but do not
All non-manufacturing appliances ac-                           more and more robot manufacturers                         expect growth potential in 2009.
counted for 13 % of the sector turnover                        provide complete solutions in coopera-
in 2007. Social mega-trends such as en-                        tion with machine vision suppliers.
vironmental protection, resource con-                          Character recognition and symbol read-
servation or the demographic change                            ing both applied 3 % of the shares; part
are opening up new areas of application                        recognition with only 1 % played a mi-
 and markets.                                                  nor role.

          Continuous Demand for                                Economic Outlook
                                                               In 2008, the trend of internationalizing
                   Among the eight main ap-                    business activities has continued among
                    plications of European Vi-                 machine vision companies in Europe. Ex-
                     sion Technology, inspec-                  pectations of a 6 % increase in turnover
                       tion is still by far the                will most likely have been met. Dark
                         most important one,
                          and demand here
                                                                  the European machine Vision association
                           continues to in-
                                                                  (EMVa) representing the machine vision
                            crease. This applies
                                                                  industry in Europe is about to expand its
                            both for inspection
                                                                  “European Vision technology Market sta-
                             of discrete items
                                                                  tistics”. as of 2009 and the years to come,
                             (piece parts), the
                                                                  new chapters such as more country-spe-
                             share of which in-
                                                                  cific reports, and macroeconomic data for
                             creased by two                                                                                      Author
                                                                  the regions examined will be added. the                       Andreas Breyer
                             percentage points
                                                                  aim is to increase market intelligence                        Director of Market
                             to 36 % in 2007; as                  with this new tool and to address addi-                       Research EMVA
                            well as for inspec-                   tional target groups who will benefit from
                           tion of continuous                     this report. all European machine vision
                           products (“web“ in-                    companies, e.g. companies selling vision                       Contact
                          spection), which rose                   products out of Europe, are invited to par-                   European Machine Vision association – EMVa
                        to a share of 33 % in                     ticipate in the annual EMVa market sur-                       Frankfurt, germany
                       2007 from 29 % in the                      vey and in turn will receive the complete                     tel.: +49 228 280 3272
                     previous year. Checking,                                                                                   Fax: +49 228 280 3272
                                                                  results free of charge. For purchase of the
                    and in particular check-                                                                          
                                                                  study contact                        
                  ing individual parts, still is                                                                                                                                     Inspect 5/2008 23

Asian Sun                     Rising
Japanese Market Study by JIIA

The Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA),

supported by JIIA member companies as well as

other non-member companies, collects market

statistic data mainly for the Japanese market

and is published every year. Based on this study

the author highlights some significant trends of

the Japanese Machine Vision market.

With special focus on the area        (Quantity based on Ex-Factory of Camera Manufacturer (pcs.)
camera, JIIA compared the
                                                Financial Year 2006 Financial Year2007
data collected for the Japa-                                                                                       and worthy of a special men-
nese financial years of 2007          Jiia Member         248,155    204,775     17.5 %                           tion, 4M~5M cameras have
and 2006 (the Japanese fi-            Jiia Non-Member     90,000     145,225     61.4 %                           had a greater prominence.
nancial year is from the 1st          total               338,155    349,000      3.2 %                           This result is of great interest.
April of a given year till the
31st March of the following         15 %, and now exceeds more             Image Resolution                        Interfaces
year).                              than 10 % of the total quantity
   As the table on the right        exported. Roughly 13 % of ex-          Let’s take a look at the image          We will now take a look at the
shows, the total quantity sold      ports to Korea, and roughly            resolution trend next. Chart 2          market share of the different
based on ex-factory in 2007         57 % of exports to China are           represents the deeply rooted            interfaces. Chart 3 shows that
was 3.2 % higher than in            proof that the market for Ma-          market share of the TV stand-           the analogue system, based
2006. However, the members          chine Vision in Asia is strongly       ard. Combined with VGA, the             on quantity sales, had an
that provide their data to JIIA,    increasing.                            total market share is a little          overwhelming        percentage
represented as ‘JIIA Member’           On the other hand, it has           more than 70 %. However, the            share of the market at 80 %.
above, sold 17.5 % less than        always been the case that the          market share used to be even            Only four years ago, in 2004,
during the previous year. On        export percentage to Europe            higher at slightly over 80 % in         digital interfaces had a mere
the other hand, the results for     has been roughly at 15 %, but          2004. Now it has decreased by           5 % of market share. How-
the other companies indi-           in 2007 it has begun to fall           10 % to 70 %. It is not because         ever, it penetrated the market
cated as “JIIA Non-Member”          down to little less than 5 %. In       1M or 2M have had an in-                and in 2007 it collectively had
in the table, are evidently         addition, the export to North          crease in usage. Moreover,              a more prominent total of
growing stronger.                   America is reduced to about
   Due to a lack of available       25 %.
data regarding the sold                A comparison with the
amount, a definite informa-         statistical data for the AIA/              100%
tion analysis is not possible       EMVA’s production is neces-
for the time being. The rap-        sary. Regarding the digital
idly decreasing ex-factory          interface, it is possible to               80%

quantity sold by JIIA member        think that Japanese corpora-               70%
                                                                                                                              Asia (Others)
companies ought to raise anx-       tions are behind their Euro-                                                              Asia (China)
iety.                               pean counterparts. From                                                                   Asia (Taiwan)

                                    now on, JIIA will need to take             50%                                            Asia (Korea)
                                    more initiative to improve
Strong Asian Market                                                            40%                                            North America
                                    the relative importance of                                                                Japan
                                                                               30%                        (
Chart 1 shows the distribu-         new digital interfaces like
tion of cameras sold by JIIA        CameraLink, IEEE1394 and                   20%
member companies with re-           especially GigE and other
gard to their destination.          new standards.
Compared to the data of 2006,          Within Japan in general,                 0%
                                                                                            Year 2007
the export to the Asian mar-        the market share has been
ket increased to more than          stable for several years.              Chart 1: Distribution of Ex-Factory Camera Sales

24 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                           





    0%                                                                                                 20%
                2004                  2005             2006               2007

      TV standard         VGA                XGA              PS ≤ 2M             PS ≤ 4M               0%
                                                                                                                     2004                      2005                   2006                2007
      PS ≤ 6M             PS ≤ 10M           PS>10M           others
                                                                                                               Analog(TV-std)     Analog(PS)     Camera Lin   Gig-E     IEEE1395   USB    Others (Digital)

                                                   Chart 2: Image Resolution Trend                  Chart 3: Interface Trend

                                                                                                                                                              nese economy has not been
                                                                                                                                                              so hard-hit compared to the
                                                     100%                                                                                                     British and American econo-
                                                                                                                                                              mies during this global finan-
                                                      80%                                                                                                     cial crisis.
                                                                                                                                                                  The Japanese economy re-
                                                      60%                                                                                                     lies heavily on exports and im-
                                                                                                                                                              ports. The Japanese Yen ex-
                                                      40%                                                                                                     change rate has appreciated
                 Quelle: Flicker, Florian~
                                                                                                                                                              20 % over the US dollar and
20 % of market share. Within                                                                                                                                  has also appreciated 30 % over
the detailed classification of                                                                                                                                the Euro, and this rapid in-
digital interfaces, Camera-                                        2004                2005             2006                    2007                          crease in strength in the Yen
Link only had a marginal in-                                                                                                                                  has affected the Japanese ex-
crease from 2006 to 2007.                                TV standard        VGA               XGA              PS ≤ 2M                 PS ≤ 4M                ports negatively. And in turn
    Manufactured goods that                              PS ≤ 6M            PS ≤ 10M          PS>10M           Others                  3CCD                   the Machine Vision market
were     based     upon    the                                                                                                                                has been affected accordingly.
IEEE1394       standard,    in-                    Chart 4: Picture Resolution Trend for Color Cameras                                                            In this tough and extremely
creased by up to 10 % in total.                                                                                                                               unfortunate global financial
The reason of this is because                      TV standard has only 34% of                      year, one can usually forecast                            crisis, all countries must help
more and more IEEE1394                             the market.                                      the expectations of 2009, in                              one another to overcome this
products have been released                           Chip resolution of up to 2                    normal times. However, semi-                              global financial crisis, and
into the market. It is most                        million pixel has about 28 %                     conductors, electronic com-                               bring back the Machine Vision
certainly possible to say that                     of the market and 3CCD has                       ponents, the automotive in-                               market to its normal state of
the rise in the market share                       32 % of the market. TV Stand-                    dustry market and related                                 activity, as soon as possible.
of the IEEE1394 standard is                        ard is becoming cheaper and                      products together have more
of great interest.                                 cheaper. The market demand                       than 70 % of market share in
    However, concerning GigE,                      for high accuracy processors                     the Asian market, and it is
the market share has not re-                       using higher resolution cam-                     very difficult to forecast the
ally increased from a total of                     eras or 3CCD cameras is ever                     coming year due to the finan-
1 %. The reason behind this                        increasing.                                      cial crisis.
is, as mentioned previously in                                                                         After the ‘burst of the bub-                                    Author
the statistical data of EMVA                                                                        ble’, in the beginning of the                                     Sachio Kiura
                                                   Outlook                                                                                                            Director/Secretary
and AIA above: Japan is still                                                                       1990s, Japan has been con-
                                                                                                                                                                      General of Japan
behind their European coun-                        At the time I was asked to                       centrating thoroughly to re-
                                                                                                                                                                      Industrial Imaging
terparts concerning the emer-                      write this article, it was a his-                store the domestic financial                                      Association
gence of GigE, and this is of                      torically bad time worldwide,                    situation, especially for the                                     Founder and President of
great concern.                                     right in the midst of the finan-                 reorganization of the finan-                                      Symco Corporation
                                                   cial crisis. Before, and ever                    cial environment. Japan has
                                                   since 2001, the Machine Vi-                      spent a lot of effort to improve                                   Contact
Color Cameras                                                                                                                                                         Japan industrial imaging associa-
                                                   sion market in Japan had de-                     the economic climate and this
                                                                                                    period has been coined as the                                     tion, tokyo, Japan
Finally, looking at color cam-                     veloped and grown favorably.
                                                                                                                                                                      tel./Fax: +81 3 3716 3933
eras, Chart 4 shows the rela-                      But in spite of this, the finan-                 so called ‘lost 10 years’. Be-
tive comparison of sales for                       cial crisis has disrupted the                    cause of the bubble burst, and                          
different camera resolutions.                      recovery      and      favorable                 its restoration, the Japanese
In terms of quantity the TV                        growth, which has been felt                      economy has had a rather                                          symco Corporation, tokyo, Japan
standard is still by far the                       strongly in Tokyo.                               sluggish recovery compared                                        tel.: +81 3 5768 2081
strongest, having around 80 %                         At this certain point of                      to the British and American                                       Fax: +81 3 3794 5282
of market share. However,                          time, at the end of the first                    economies. As a result of this                          
looking at the turnover, the                       half of the Japanese financial                   sluggish recovery, the Japa-                                                                                                                                                                                               Inspect 5/2008 25

Yes, We                     Can
                                                                   Machine Vision in North America

Despite some warning clouds on
the horizon, long-term prospects
for machine vision sales in North
America remain positive. The
short-term outlook is not quite as
rosy however. In this article, the
author shares some results of the
2008 AIA Market Study (Machine
Vision Markets – 2007 Results and
Forecasts to 2012) and offers
some predictions for the years
ahead, factoring in the effects of a
weakening economy.

                                                                                                                                   Quelle: Flickr, JPhilipson
Machine vision (MV) companies selling           identify and extrapolate the underlying    eral performance of machine vision com-
their products in North America are keen        sales trend as a baseline forecast and     panies operating in the North American
to learn how the weakening economy will         overlay forecasted economic impacts for    market instead of focusing on individual
affect their sales in the quarters ahead.       the years ahead. In this way, taking a     product markets.) When we plot these
Of course, it is not possible to foretell the   longer-term perspective avoids an un-      total financial transactions over time, we
future of sales with certainty, but it is ev-   critical mindset that automatically as-    see strong evidence of a solid, long-term
ident that an understanding of sales per-       sumes a long-term “gloom and doom”         trend.
formance presupposes a longer-term              scenario in bad times or, conversely, an
perspective. In the short term, sales vol-      “over-exuberant” scenario in good
                                                                                           Impressive Growth from Humble Roots
umes are subject to the vagaries of the         times.
business cycle. Consequently, using only           To assess the overall health of ma-     As shown by the bar graph left, total MV
recent data to forecast sales runs the risk     chine vision sales in North America, we    financial transactions in North America
of over-forecasting in good economic            add total MV component and system          increased from US$1.2 billion in 2003 to
times and under-forecasting, when the           sales in North America (market basis) to   US$1.6 billion in 2007. According to the
economy is weak. By contrast, a longer-         derive total MV financial transactions.    2008 AIA MV Market Study, this solid
term perspective allows the forecaster to       (This most succinctly captures the gen-    growth will continue, reaching US$2.1
                                                                                           billion by 2012.
                                                                                               This impressive pattern of growth is
                                                                                           not at all surprising, given the perform-
                                                                                           ance of machine vision since its incep-
                                                                                           tion. According to the 2008 AIA study,
                                                                                           machine vision in North America has
                                                                                           made major inroads in manufacturing
                                                                                           and other sectors of the economy. From
                                                                                           its humble roots approximately 25 years
                                                                                           ago in North America, machine vision
                                                                                           has evolved into an important automa-
                                                                                           tion technology, having attained an indis-
                                                                                           pensible role as an enabler of quality
                                                                                           control, productivity and cost contain-
                                                                                           ment in a growing number of industries.

26 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                      
sensors - cameras - frame grabbers - processors - software - vision solutions


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Recession Forecasted

In addition to reflecting the historical,
long-term trend in MV sales, the market
study’s North American forecast also
was in line with the consensus forecast
of economists at the time, which fore-
saw an economic slowdown instead of a
recession. Consequently, we predicted
only a minor departure from the histor-
ical trend line. However, it is now ap-
parent that North America is, or will ex-
perience a recession, as shown by the
revised economic forecasts in the upper
right hand table.
   According to the International Mone-
tary Fund (IMF)’s latest forecast, the USA
will experience a recession in the second
half of 2008 which will extend into part
of 2009. Real GDP in 2009 will reach only
0.1 %.
   Will Canada follow the USA into reces-
sion? The IMF does not think so, fore-
casting real GDP at 1.2 %. UBS does how-
ever; its forecast for Canada in 2009 is
only 0.4 % Thus, agreement has not yet
emerged regarding the likelihood of a re-
cession in Canada. But for North Amer-
ica as a whole, the prognosis is clearly
recession, since the US economy is
roughly 10.8 times larger than that of
Canada.                                       is driven largely by capital expenditures     ernment. It is simply not possible to know
   For machine vision companies, how-         (Capex), which the CFOs of companies          in advance.
ever, the critical issue is: how will these   sharply curtail in anticipation of bad           At the same time, one thing is clear.
economic forecasts, if true, affect MV        times as required by their fiduciary re-      While MV companies in North America
sales.                                        sponsibilities.                               will probably face tough times in the
                                                 While it is very difficult to accurately   short term, their long-term prospects re-
                                              forecast MV sales in times of economic        main bright. History shows that the ma-
Long-term Prospects Bright
                                              turbulence, it is possible to estimate what   chine vision industry in North America is
Based on the impacts of the 2001 US re-       the MV growth rates reflecting the 2001       highly resilient. Despite the impacts of
cession, our strong expectation is that at    recession would do to the volume of MV        the 2001 recession, MV sales eventually
least in the latter half of 2008 and 2009     Financial Transactions in 2008 and 2009.      recovered strongly, evincing once again
the recession will slow MV sales growth.      As shown by the following bar chart, to-      healthy rates of growth across product
As indicated by our historical sales data     tal transactions would dip to US$1.4 bil-     markets, as sales growth returned to the
(not shown), growth rates of MV sales         lion in both years, a loss of US$0.2 and      long-term trend line. We expect the same
following the 2001 recession went nega-       US$0.3 billion, respectively. But of course   thing to happen again.
tive for a number of product markets in       all recessions are different in terms of
2002 and 2003. This is of course very         duration and severity. The latest reces-
much in line with intuition and personal      sion could be worse or milder than the
experiences in the industry. As sales peo-    2001 recession, depending on many fac-
ple know best, demand for MV products         tors including actions taken by the gov-

                                                                                                Author
                                                                                               Paul Kellett,
                                                                                               Director Market Analysis

                                                                                                Contact
                                                                                               aia automated imaging association
                                                                                               ann arbor, Mi, Usa
                                                                                               tel.: +1 734 994 6088
                                                                                               Fax: +1 794 994 3338

28 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                          

A Technology Together with a Dream
Machine Vision in China

There was a legend in the ancient orient

that someone might obtain the insight by

hard anneal and self-cultivation, and the

Bible also described that our human an-

cestors had suffered the original sin in

order to understand the world. So it is

obvious that people must undergo cruci-

fixions before they may understand the

real world, and this is similar true both in

east and west cultures. However, only in

our modern industrial society, the technol-

                                                                                                                                       Quelle: Flickr, Norma desmond
ogy machine vision may bring a great

extension and liberation to the function of

human perception.

The Status of Machine Vision in China           sify the agricultural products automati-      technology and automatic equipment will
                                                cally and practice right quality for right    be more closely integrated.
In China, the application of machine            price so as to produce better economic           Except for the semiconductor and
vision came with the introduction of tech-      results. With the rapid development of        electronics industries as the main growth
nology in the 1980s; and it was firstly         industrialized agriculture, the machine       areas for machine vision, it should be
used in semiconductor and electronics           vision technology is also an important        fully noticed that the Chinese govern-
industry. The application of machine vi-        application in monitoring the crop grow-      ment may continuously increase its ef-
sion in this industry has played a pivotal      ing status to enable the scientific irriga-   forts to upgrade the traditional manufac-
role in improving the quality and produc-       tion and fertilization.                       turing industry. They have put forward
tivity of electronic product manufactur-           The requirements determine the prod-       the scientific development thoughts of
ing. At present, China is becoming one of       ucts. Machine vision has mastered the         “the information technology drive indus-
the most active regions for machine vi-         initiation and development phases in          trialization”, and track “the new indus-
sion growth in the world, and the scope         China. The next step is how to tend to-       trialization road” in recent years. This
of applications has covered almost all          wards the future in China’s social envi-      brings unprecedented opportunities for
sectors of national economy, including          ronment.                                      the development of machine vision. In
industry, agriculture, medicine, military,                                                    the next few years, with the developing
aerospace, meteorology, astronomy, pub-                                                       of China´s manufacturing industry, the
                                                Trends in Manufacturing Industry
lic security, transport, scientific research                                                  application status of machine vision will
and others. However, the application in         There are many factors affecting the          change from the low-end in the early
industry accounts for the largest share,        launch, application and growth of ma-         stage to the high-end, and the manufac-
and the important reason may be that            chine vision, which not only include tech-    turing automation will be developed to-
China has become the machining center           nical aspects but also the commercial         ward the smart, efficient, high-quality
of the global manufacturing industry.           part. At present, the needs from manu-        and precise direction.
    Reviewing the existing achievements         facturing are crucial. The development
will help us to understand the present          of the manufacturing industry promotes
                                                                                              Roadmap to Promote the Development
situation and future needs of machine vi-       the needs of machine vision, and it also
                                                                                              of the Chinese Machine Vision Market
sion in China. Machine vision technology        determines that machine vision will grad-
has been successfully applied in almost         ually develop from simply collecting, an-     The goals for the further development of
all industrial test fields. At the same time,   alyzing, delivering data and judging          machine vision products have gradually
China is a large agricultural country with      action to systematization, “intelligentiza-   formed as follows:
rich agricultural products, thus it is of       tion” and specialization. This trend at the   1. To form a unified and open standard.
great significance to automatically clas-       same time indicates that machine vision          Machine vision products and the re-                                                                                                  Inspect 5/2008 29

   lated technologies can be developed        ture market development strategy. Ac-         at present. Similar to European coun-
   and matched in a common platform to        cording to the statistics, the application    tries, a lot of cities in China will enter the
   promote the application of Chinese         fields which mostly use machine vision        information security era with millions of
   machine vision to meet the interna-        today are ranked as motion control, test-     “electronic eyes”.
   tional standards, and also to boost the    ing, diagnosis, testing and maintenance,         One of the most important goals for
   whole industry development.                SCADA, continuous processing and batch        intelligent visual monitoring systems is to
2. As for the products, machine vision        processing, machine control, CNC, robots      reduce the rate of false alarm. The er-
   will decreasingly depend on the PC         and so on (see fig. 1).                       rors are mainly due to moving objects in
   technology, and it will be more closely        Figure 2 shows the major application      the monitoring area, such as a shadow of
   integrated with the control and            obstacles of machine vision products in       a flying cloud, reflected light of the sun-
   measurement of other data collection       the Chinese market. The listed six factors    shine, and also are possible from the sys-
   means. The embedded visual products        are budget limitation, the uneasy usage,      tem themselves, camera shaking with
   will gradually replace the PC card-        the project implementation resource lim-      wind, light and aperture mismatched,
   based products and SDK methods, so         itation, the acceptance level by opera-       and so on. Especially in the field of bank
   as to enhance the reliability and main-    tors, the understanding on the visual         applications, it is required to see the peo-
   tainability of the vision products and     technology, the priority level being not      ple and scene features by adopting the
   to facilitate continuous improvement       high enough compared with other auto-         natural contrast correction under a
   and upgrading.                             mation projects. It also indicates that the   strong light contrast, and it has become
3. The vast standardization technology is     most prominent obstacles in the current       the key factor for success or failure of the
   required to be adopted in the machine      application may be the insufficient un-       whole monitoring system. In addition,
   vision products, the secondary devel-      derstanding of vision technology and          the application fields such as the detec-
   opment may be carried out according        budget constraints.                           tion and identification of fingerprints,
   to the user requirements so as to              Figure 3 shows the investigation re-      pupils, facial features have become an
   adapt the manifold needs. At the same      sults regarding user criteria for selecting   area for rapid growth of machine vision.
   time, machine vision equipment man-        machine vision products. The most im-
   ufacturers are not only the providers,     portant criteria are the technical support
                                                                                            The Ecological Analysis
   but have the system integration capa-      ability and the complete solution (includ-
                                                                                            of the Machine Vision Market
   bility to solve problems.                  ing software) delivery ability of the sup-
                                              plier. The price factor is only ranked as     In the current and also the coming pe-
The development of modern vision the-         number 6.                                     riod, the machine vision market in China
ory and technology requires that ma-                                                        will mainly indicate the ecological char-
chine vision products can not only be                                                       acteristics which are interdependent and
                                              The Rising Domain of Machine Vision
able to simulate the functions of human                                                     promote each other between technology,
                                              Demand in China
eyes, more importantly it shall be able to                                                  price and applicability.
finish the jobs that human eyes are insuf-    China is at a high-speed stage of eco-           The two main points are technical fac-
ficient for. Based on the continuously ma-    nomic and social development, along with      tors. Firstly, it is more difficult to design
turing and perfection of today’s technolo-    a rapid urbanization process and the im-      and implement high-end systems due to
gies of electronics, optics and computer,     plementation of a large number of infra-      the composition of the machine vision ap-
many advantages of machine vision, such       structure projects, all required to install   plication which may involve various spe-
as automation, objectivity, non-contact       “electronic eyes”, and these applications     cialties. Secondly, the miniaturized and
and high-precision, high-speed as well as     have put forward the urgent needs for         integrated products will become an im-
the reliability of industrial on-site envi-   high-end vision products with intelligent     portant direction to achieve “the vision
ronments, have been very apparent.            image processing and analysis functions.      system on chip”, the development of the
                                                  In order to strengthen the social secu-   intelligent machine vision and the auto-
                                              rity, visual monitoring has become a ba-      matic image information analysis system
Market Survey
                                              sic city security measure. For example,       have indicated the significant advantage
The survey result, which is carried out       Guangdong will install 1 million surveil-     of the integrated visual products.
by “Control Engineering China”, about         lance cameras to cover all key areas till        As for the machine vision product
the current application of machine vision     2010. Moreover, 250,000 “surveillance         prices, the cost performance is an impor-
products in China and the user’s specific     cameras” have been used only in               tant factor in the current market. Even
requirements may be helpful to the fu-        Guangzhou for monitoring the city zone        as one thought by industry experts, the
                                                                                            own unique industry individuality of ma-
                                                                                            chine vision is the universality of product
                                                                                            applications; the other is that its prod-
                                                                                            ucts can not directly create value. The
                                                                                            high expectations from users in machine
                                                                                            vision technology and the high develop-
                                                                                            ment costs of the vision device hardware
                                                                                            and software research will be the contra-
                                                                                            diction between supply and demand in
                                                                                            the market development in the future
                                                                                            time. To resolve this problem, we mainly
                                                                                            rely on technical progress and improve-
                                                                                            ment of the product cost performance.
                                                                   Fig. 1: Machine Vision      As for the applicability, it appears in
                                                                   Applications             the integration of technologies and de-

30 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                          

Fig. 2: Major obstacles for the application of machine vision products       Fig. 3: Decision criteria for users to select machine vision products

mands. As mentioned above, the diversi-               software and hardware. CMES, the China             achieved. With the continuous applica-
fied and personalized programs of ma-                 Mechanical Engineering Institute, who              tion of new technologies and theories in
chine vision products and systems, and                leads China’s manufacturing industry               machine vision systems, the peoples
the professional services may be increas-             and its subordinate industry committees,           sensing capability may encompass the
ingly important. At the same time, during             will play the important role in organiza-          span from “Giant” to “Remoteness” so
the developing process of product minia-              tion, popularization, policy support for           that people come to a fully new cognitive
turization technology, it should be able to           technical guidance, personnel training,            world and complete the tasks which may
gradually overcome the weakness of too                project planning, foreign cooperation              be difficult or impossible to carry out to-
“complicated” operating conditions, so                and market development.                            day. Therefore, machine vision will boost
as to realize its application in the limited                                                             the development of productivity and the
space and conditions provided by users.                                                                  great progress of society.
   What requires special attention is that
the relation between machine vision                   During the 20 years of development, the
technology, which is interdisciplinary                machine vision technology is not only one               Author
and cross-industry, and the integrative               interdisciplinary and cross-industry field             Bao Qifan, Director,
mechanical system covering the light me-              with the character with high and new                   Machine Vision Group, CMES
chanical/electrical and software, is very             technologies integration. Moreover, it                 Professional Senior Engineer,
                                                                                                             Vice President of Shanghai
close. However, the severe shortage of                also is becoming one emerging industry
                                                                                                             International Port (Group) Co.,
the required talents, the insufficiency of            with the goal of intelligent information
application engineers and their know-                 systems and mechanical intelligence. It
ledge structure may affect the research               becomes a new technology and economy                    Contact
and development of machine vision prod-               development point which has caught the                 CMEs, Chinese Mechanical Engineering society
ucts and the industrialized application               attention of all sectors of the community.             Beijing, China
capacity. Even as the rising and develop-             In its application areas, effects such as              tel.: +86 10 687 990 37
ment of the computer technology has di-               the    automation,     informationization,             Fax: +86 10 687 990 50
rectly corresponded with the increasing               intellectualization, high-quality, high ef-
pullulation of computer professionals in              ficiency, high precision have been

European Machine Vision Market Overview
Who Is Who in Machine Vision and Optical Metrology

Europe accounts for roughly one third of         Under Consulting you will find indus-          Last but not least, the category Others
                                                  try associations, consultants but also          lists companies which offer an addi-
all Machine Vision revenues worldwide. It
                                                  companies that offer consulting as one          tional product range not listed before,
is a vast and highly diversified market.          part of their product range.                    specifically for vision and metrology
                                                 Frame Grabber covers the different              applications.
Even after 16 years of European Union and         types of image acquisition boards.
seven years of Euro currency, Europe is still    The category Generic and Turn Key             For maximum ease of use, we decided
                                                  Vision Systems actually spans from            to list each company with their respec-
and will continue to be for years to come         PC-based vision system products to            tive weblink in each category covered
                                                  any type of hardware turn-key sys-            by their product range. This way it will
an area of very diverse countries, cultures,
                                                  tems including engineering and instal-        be easy for you to find what you are
languages and industry centers. To get an         lation services.                              looking for at a quick glance without
                                                 Lighting Equipment is LED, laser,             having to trail you finger through end-
overview which companies out of which
                                                  strobes, fluorescent light and more,          less fine-print tables with scattered
areas cater to which of the Vision needs of       focused on the vision and metrology           dots. The compilation of data was done
                                                  industries needs.                             based on the companies´ own input and
which industries is a challenging task. With     At Microscopes and Endoscopes the             on our own research.
our INSPECT Buyers Guide, launched with           instruments as well as the accessories           In addition to the listings we offered
                                                  can be found.                                 all suppliers the opportunity to present
this 2009 edition, we attempt to present         Optical Instruments is a rather large         themselves in a larger format. Accord-
                                                  category covering products as diverse         ingly you will find a number of company
the suppliers to the European markets in a
                                                  as color measurement, spectrometer,           entries complete with all contact data
transparent and comprehensive manner.             surface measurement, optical coordi-          and a short self-presentation and some
                                                  nate measurement machines and 3D              company profiles with additional com-
                                                  metrology products.                           pany data and a detailed description of
On the following pages you will find in-         The products in the Optics category           the firm and the product range.
formation about local and global compa-           are lenses, filters and optics calcula-          All companies presented in this way
nies serving the European markets with            tion software.                                are shown in the maps of German
vision and optical metrology products,           Processors, Interfaces, Cables and            speaking countries, Europe, North
presented in a couple of different ways.          Peripherals is dedicated to the re-           America and World to give you a chance
   We structured the range of products            spective components specifically for          to find out easily where the headquar-
and services in 13 main categories:               the vision and metrology products and         ter of your supplier is located.
 Cameras comprises the whole range               applications.
   of area and line scan cameras, CCD            In the R&D group research institutes          We hope that you will get a lot of use out
   and CMOS as well as thermography,              are found, companies offering re-             of this Buyers Guide during the upcom-
   high speed, IR and others.                         search services and also companies        ing year. Some aspects we wanted to ap-
                                                       providing R&D intensive compo-           proach a little bit differently than similar
                                                        nents especially developed for          directories you might know to provide
                                                        their customers.                        even more usability. We would appreci-
                                                          Software covers machine vi-          ate your feedback and all kinds of addi-
                                                         sion software products as well         tional ideas to make the tool more valu-
                                                          as software for microscopy im-        able to you with every new edition.
                                                           age analysis, 3D measurement
                                                           and point cloud based calcula-
                                                            tion software and reaches as
                                                             far as temperature compen-
                                                              sation software and data
                                                               mining tools for quality in-
                                                               spection systems.
                                                                 The whole range of Vi-
                                                                 sion Sensors, Smart Ca-
                                                                 meras and Embedded
                                                                  Systems is compiled in
                                                                   its own group, encom-            Contact
                                                                    passing application spe-       Gabriele Jansen, INSPECT
                                                                     cific as well as generic

32 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                              

                                                                            KL        Kiel

                                                   Bremerhaven             HH



                                                                      Hanover                                                        Berlin
                                                                  H                            BS                                   Potsdam
                                         Osnabrück                         Braunschweig                   Magdeburg

                                         GT    Gütersloh

                                                                       Göttingen                                Halle
               Duesseldorf                                                       GÖ
                                                   MR                                                                                           DD
         Cologne    K                                    Marburg                                       Erfurt
                                                                                                                    J    Jena            Chemnitz
                        Bonn                                                                                                        C
                                              GI    Gießen
                        Wiesbaden                   F

                                              MA                                                   N
          Saarbruecken                             Mannheim
                                              KA           HN
                                              Karlsruhe                                                                         Regensburg
                                                 PF Pforzheim

                                                     S  Stuttgart                                                                        Passau
                                                                                               A       Augsburg                                           L    Linz

                                                                                                                M                                                                        Baden
                                                                Ravensburg                                                                 Salzburg
                          Basel           Zurich         SG

                                            ZH St. Gallen
                                                                                                                Innsbruck                                                     G
                          Lucerne                                                                                                                                                 Graz
    Neuchâtel                                                      Vaduz
                         Bern                                                                                                   Lienz
                                                                       Davos                                                                                     Klagenfurt
     VD    Lausanne

Geneva                                                  Locarno

                                                           Como                                                                                                                                                Inspect 5/2008 33

                                  Producer                                                          Machine Builder

 Adlink Technology provides a          Adlink Technology Inc.           Aicon 3D Systems is one of the        Aicon 3D Systems GmbH
 wide range of embedded comput-        Nord Carree 3                    world leading providers of optical    Biberweg 30C
 ing products and services to the      40477 düsseldorf                 camera based 3D measurement           38114 Braunschweig
 test & measurement, automation        Germany                          systems. Aicon develops and dis-      Germany
 & process control, gaming, com-       Tel.: +49 211 495 55 52          tributes systems for the business     Tel.: +49 531 58 000 58
 munications, medical, network         Fax: +49 211 495 55 57           areas of inspection and testing in-   Fax: +49 531 58 000 60
 security, and transportation in-                                       cluding car safety and tube in-
 dustries. Adlink products include                                      spection. With Aicon’s latest prod-
 ETX and COM Express modules                                            ucts for automated test and
 for industrial computing, Ad-                                          process control, the company en-
 vancedTCA, CompactPCI, PCI Ex-                                         ters new worldwide market fields.
 press-based data acquisition and                                       The majority of Aicon’s clients op-
 I/O and vision and motion control.                                     erate in the automotive and aero-
 Adlink provides customization                                          space market.
 and system integration services,
 and maintains low manufacturing
                                                                 D-1                                                                         BS-1

                                 Distributor                                             Solution Provider/Research Facility

 We are an independent distribu-       AKE-Components GmbH              To our costumer we offer com-         Alfavision GmbH & Co. KG
 tor, especially for Sony, Micron      Bahnhofstr. 32                   plete solutions for quality assur-    am Sportfeld 2
 and Hirose.                           76744 wörth                      ance using imaging processing         94121 Salzweg
                                       Germany                          and optical measurement.              Germany
                                       Tel.: +49 7271 9897 20                                                 Tel.: +49 851 75689 0
                                       Fax: +49 7271 9897 29                                                  Fax: +49 851 75689 22

                                                                 KA-1                                                                        R-1

                                  Producer                                                              Distributor

 Alicona is a leading supplier in      Alicona Imaging GmbH             AMS Technologies is a leading         AMS Technologies
 high resolution optical 3D mea-       Teslastraße 8                    pan-European distributor of high-     Fraunhoferstr. 22
 surement. Even at complex topo-       8074 Grambach bei Graz           tech components and systems           82152 Martinsried/Munich
 graphies with steep flanks and        austria                          with superior engineering capa-       Germany
 strongly varying reflection proper-   Tel:: +43 316 4000 700           bilities. The product offering com-   Tel.: +49 89 89577 0
 ties measurements yield a vertical    Fax: +43 316 4000 711            prehends active and passive           Fax: +49 89 89577 199
 resolution of up to 10 nm. Alicona                                     components, subsystems and in-
 systems are successfully used in                                       struments. Components include
 quality assurance in the lab and in                                    transmitters, detectors, couplers,
 production.                                                            lenses and switches; sub-systems
                                                                        and instruments light sources,
                                                                        interferometers splicers, polishing
                                                                        machines and a wide range of ac-

                                                                 G-1                                                                         M-1

34 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                   
                                                                      Optical Systems

The new Stilar® 2.8/8:
“To give 1.2”sensor chips a better view.”
                            The challenges facing manufacturers of machine-vision cameras
                            for industrial image processing applications are becoming more
                            formidable every day. And Docter Optics can help meet and over-
                            come these challenges. For example, with the new STILAR ® 2.8/8,
                            a super-wide-angle lens designed and developed especially for
27 – 29 January 2009        1.2” sensor chips (CMOS or CCD) with maximum resolution.
      Booth 415             Contact our specialists for further information.


                             Solution Provider                                                    Solution Provider/Producer

 Asentics vision technology offers     Asentics GmbH & Co. KG              AT – Automation Technology was
 comprehensive know-how and            Birlenbacher Str. 19-21             founded in 1998 as a systems
 long-year experiences for indus-      57078 Siegen                        house for industrial image
 try- and product-specific solutions   Germany                             processing. Its technologies mean
 for industrial image processing       Tel.: +49 271 303 91 0              that AT is a specialist in industrial
 tasks. Competence by which our        Fax: +49 271 303 91 19              infrared imaging and high-speed
 customers directly benefit, both                                          3D image processing. Automation
 economically and by further im-                                           Technology offers the world fast-
 proving their product quality.                                            est high-resolution 3D sensors for
                                                                           high-speed 3D measurement in
                                                                           accordance with the light-sheet
                                                                           triangulation method. Further-
                                                                           more, AT is a provider of industrial    Automation Technology GmbH
                                                                           thermography solutions for auto-        Hermann-Bössow-Str. 6-8
                                                                           mation, monitoring and non-de-          23843 Bad Oldesloe
                                                                           structive testing.                      Germany
                                                                                                                   Tel.: +49 4531 88011 0
                                                                                                                   Fax: +49 4531 88011 20
                                                                    K-1                                       HH-1

                             Solution Provider                                                                Producer

 ATMvision develops Vision In-         ATMvision                           Balluff, as a leading, globally ac-     Balluff GmbH
 spection Systems with solution        weiherstr. 5                        tive sensor specialist and connec-      Schurwaldstr. 9
 oriented concepts for the produc-     88682 Salem                         tivity provider with more than          73765 Neuhausen
 tion processes for various indus-     Germany                             2,190 employees, offers a full-         Germany
 tries. With highest efficient soft-   Tel.: +49 7554 986990               range line of high-quality sensors,     Tel.: +49 7158 173 0
 ware concepts and using the           Fax: +49 7554 98699999              accessories and custom solutions        Fax: +49 7158 5010
 newest 2D and 3D technologies,                                            for every area of factory automa-
 ATMvision develops “on the fly”                                           tion. In addition to the main
 and “stop & go”-systems. ATM-                                             headquarters in Neuhausen, Ger-
 vision manufactures the following                                         many, the company has produc-
 automation and inspection tech-                                           tion and development locations
 nologies: Surface inspection,                                             as well as subsidiaries and repre-
 Measurement systems, Inspection                                           sentatives around the world. This
 systems, Robot vision, Quality                                            guarantees their customers fast,
 check, 3D-technology.                                                     local availability of products, per-
 ATMvision supplies customers                                              fected service and high quality
 world wide.                                                               applications assistance anywhere
                                                                           in the world.
                                                                    RV-1                                                                           S-1

                       Producer/Solution Provider                                                             Producer

 Basler AG develops,                                                       The Baumer Group has estab-
 produces and mar-                                                         lished itself as the premier innova-
 kets Vision Technol-                                                      tor of precision sensors, motion
 ogy worldwide –                                                           control, image processing, identifi-
 the technology on                                                         cation solutions, gluing systems
 which artificial vision                                                   and process instrumentation for
 systems are based.                                                        the automation market.
 Our components, solu-                                                     The products of the Baumer Group
 tions, and services are optimally                                         keep production processes run-
 designed to meet customer appli-                                          ning in numerous applications
 cation needs and play a key role                                          world-wide. With high precision
 in optimizing the industrial pro-                                         and reliability, our automation
 duction process.                      Basler Vision Technologies          components and systems provide          Baumer GmbH
                                       an der Strusbek 60-62               proven solutions at highest bene-       Pfingstweide 28
                                       22926 ahrensburg                    fit for our customers.                  61169 Friedberg
                                       Germany                             Selected specialized companies          Germany
                                       Tel.: +49 4102 463 0                                                        Tel.: +49 6031 60 07 0
                                                                           are members of the Baumer Group
                                       Fax: +49 4102 463 109                                                       Fax: +49 6031 60 07 70
                                                                           in the segments Factory Automa-
                                        HH-2                                          F-1
                                                tion and Process Automation.  

36 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                         
one vision – unlock the possibilities!

> STEMMER IMAGING has one vision – delivering success to our          imaging is our passion
customers. As Europe’s largest technology supplier of imaging com-    >
ponents and services we offer the competence and experience that
make you stronger. Together we unlock the possibilities of vision.

germany           uk & ireland      france           switzerland
+49 89 80902-0    +44 1252 780000   +33 1 45069560   +41 55 4159090

stemmer imaging – incorporating firstsight vision and imasys

                                 Distributor                                                                  Producer

 BFi OptiLas is a pan-European         BFi OptiLas                            Breuckmann has been playing a        Breuckmann GmbH
 distributor of specialist products    Boschstr. 12                           key role in developing and opti-     Torenstr. 14
 and services to the electronics       82178 Puchheim                         mising topometric 3D metrologies     88709 Meersburg
 and opto-electronics market. BFi      Germany                                for more than two decades. With      Germany
 OptiLas offers specialized imag-      Tel.: +49 89 890 135 56                more than 300 systems installed      Tel.: +49 7532 4346 0
 ing products including:               Fax: +49 89 890 135 37                 per year, Breuckmann 3D scan-        Fax: +49 7532 4346 50
 High speed Imaging solutions                                                 ners are among the most power-
 with frame rates up to 150,000                                               ful and successful systems in the
 fps • High power Laser illumina-                                             world of image-forming 3D me-
 tion systems for welding seem in-                                            trology.
 spection and visualisation of ultra
 fast, bright or hot objects • High-
 resolution CCD/CMOS Camera
 Systems with Ethernet or USB/
 FireWire interfaces • Thermal IR
 OEM camera modules.

                                                                       M-2                                                                       RV-2

                                  Producer                                                             Distributor/Producer

 The performance spectrum of                                                  CBC (Deutschland) GmbH, one of
 Büchner Lichtsysteme GmbH ex-                                                the biggest manufacturers of
 tends from the concept via the                                               video surveillance
 development to the production of                                             systems, is suc-
 LED lighting systems. As a com-                                              cessful with tech-
 mitted manufacturer we respond                                               nical and economi-
 flexibly to the corresponding cus-                                           cal convincing CCTV
 tomer requirements. For instance,                                            solutions worldwide. With its
 this includes the modification of                                            brand computar the company
 our standard products as well as                                             offers a broad bandwidth of func-
 the development and manufac-                                                 tional strong and high-perform-
 ture according to customer-spe-                                              ance lenses. Particularly with the
 cific requirements.                   Büchner Lichtsysteme GmbH              new mega pixel lenses CBC has        CBC (Deutschland) GmbH
                                       Büschelstr. 8a                         specialized on industrial demands.   Hansaallee 191
                                       86465 welden                           The quality lenses convince with     40549 düsseldorf
                                       Germany                                precision and high image quality     Germany
                                       Tel.: +49 8293 909 112                                                      Tel.: +49 211 53067 0
                                                                              and provide the best focus in
                                       Fax: +49 8293 909 111                                                       Fax: +49 211 53067 180
                                                                              every respect even with high re-
                                A-2                                              D-2

                             Solution Provider                                                                Producer

 Chromasens designs and manu-          Chromasens GmbH                        Cognex Corporation designs, de-      Cognex Germany, Inc.
 facturers customized image cap-       Max-Stromeyer-Str. 116                 velops, manufactures, and mar-       Emmy-Noether-Str. 11
 turing systems for different          78467 konstanz                         kets machine vision sensors and      76131 karlsruhe
 branches of industry. The engi-       Germany                                systems. Cognex vision sensors       Germany
 neers and scientists of Chro-         Tel.: +49 7531 876 0                   are used in factories around the     Tel.: +49 721 6639 0
 masens work closely with cus-         Fax: +49 7531 877 303                  world to automate the manufac-       Fax: +49 721 6639 599
 tomers to develop the most                                                   ture of a wide range of items and
 optimal system.                                                              to assure their quality. Cognex is
 Also, Chromasens designs and                                                 the world’s leader in the machine
 manufacturers standardized com-                                              vision industry, having shipped
 ponents like the color line scan                                             more than 450,000 machine vi-
 camera Aleos or the LED line scan                                            sion systems, since the company’s
 illumination Corona.                                                         founding in 1981. In addition to
                                                                              its corporate headquarters in Nat-
                                                                              ick, Massachusetts, Cognex also
                                                                              has regional offices and distribu-
                                                                              tors located throughout North
                                                                              America, Japan, Europe, Asia, and
                                                                       RV-3                                                                      KA-2
                                                                              Latin America.

38 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                       

  Company category                           Applications                             About Baumer
  Producer                                   Inspection piece parts, Robot Vision
                                             2D, Character Recognition, Symbol        Baumer is one of the leading        traditional photoelectric sen-
  Product category                           Recognition, Part Identification,        international manufacturers         sors and complex image
  Cameras, Frame Grabber, Optics,            Metrology 2D, Particle Analysis,         of innovative and high-qual-        processing systems. The user
  Lighting equipment, Software, Vision       Digitalization, Others                   ity sensors and systems in          is provided with comprehen-
  Sensors/Smart Cameras/Embedded                                                      factory and process automa-         sive functions which support
  Systems                                    Regions served                           tion. With more than 2,000          numerous inspection tasks in
                                             National, Europe, North America,         employees worldwide and             automated production, like
  Company Officials                          South/Central America, Asia and          250 employees (including            control of part completeness,
  Dr. Oliver Vietze – CEO and Chair-         Pacific Rim, ROW                         some 100 engineers) in the          control of part presence, or
  man, Rüdiger Förster – Sales Man-                                                   area of industrial image            control of part location and
  ager, Rainer Klug – Operations,            Associations                             processing and image sensor         identification. VeriSens vision
  Severino Bruno – Finance, Dr. Axel         EMVA, AIA, VDMA                          technology, Baumer belongs          sensors are characterized by
  Vietze – Process Instrumentation                                                    to the leading companies in         an extremely compact design
                                                                                      the vision industry. Our cus-       and, due to the innovative
  Date established                                                                    tomers benefit from interna-        Baumer FEX processor tech-
  1952                                                                                tionally comprehensive con-         nology, provide a process re-
                                                                                      sultation and reliable service.     liability in this class unach-
  Employees                                                                                                               ieved until now.
                                                                                      Digital Imaging
                                                                                                                          Sensor Solutions
  Industries served                                                                   Baumer offers a wide range
  Automotive and suppliers, Elec-                                                     of industrial digital cameras       The measuring sensor tech-
  tronics/Semiconductors, Packaging,                                                  and customized OEM camera           nology covers a wide area of
  Precision engineering/Optics/                                                       modules, specifically de-           application. Laser distance
  Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-                                                   signed for demanding image          sensors are well suited for
  ceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals,                                                      processing applications. The        measuring cycles on small
  Medical technology, Metal, Glass/                                                   portfolio includes matrix           and quick moving objects or
  Ceramics, Traffic/Logistics, Paper/                                                 cameras, with various color         such with frequently chang-
  Wood, Energy/Water/Solar                                                            and monochrome sensors.             ing colors over a distance of
  technology                                                                          Resolutions are available           up to 1 m with the principle
                                                                                      from VGA up to 8 megapixel.         of triangulation. Ultrasonic
                                                                                      The digital cameras support         sensors use the transmission
                                                                                      state of the art interfaces, like   from ultra sound to measure
                                                                                      Gigabit       Ethernet       and    distance. The most important
                                                                                      FireWire. Next to that Baumer       measurement is the velocity
                                                                                      offers innovative develop-          of sound or the run-time of
                                                                                      ments, e. g. cameras with           ultrasonic impulses, which
                                                                                      IP67 housing as well as cam-        are transported by the me-
                                        Baumer GmbH                                   eras and network compo-             dium air. Inductive sensors
                                        Pfingstweide 28                               nents for Power over Ether-         are best suited for the dis-
                                        61169 Friedberg                               net, the one cable solution for     tance measurement of elec-
                                        Germany                                       Gigabit Ethernet.                   tro-conductive objects, such
                                        Tel.: +49 6031 60 07 0                                                            as steel, aluminum or other
                                        Fax: +49 6031 60 07 70
                                                                                                                          metallic alloys. The measur-
                                                    Smart Vision
                                                                                F-1                                       ing cycle method is based on
                                                                                      Baumer VeriSens vision sen-         the evaluation of induced
 See our ad on page                11
                                                                                      sors close the gap between          eddy currents.                                                                                                                     Inspect 5/2008 39

                                  Distributor                                                            Solution Provider

 Video Recording Systems from           Cosyco GmbH                         CTMV offers business solutions          CTMV GmbH & Co. KG
 LowCost to High End.                   Starnberger weg 1a                  for quality assurance in the field      Schwarzwaldstr. 7a
                                        82110 Germering                     of automotive as well as for pro-       75173 Pforzheim
                                        Germany                             cess optimization of manufactur-        Germany
                                        Tel.: +49 89 847087                 ing in the fields of metal working,     Tel.: +49 7231 566 177 200
                                        Fax: +49 89 8416129                 extrusion and foil/glass produc-        Fax: +49 7231 566 177 299
                                                                            tion. Applications are focused on
                                                                            cutting-edge, sophisticated sur-
                                                                            face inspection of visually difficult
                                                                            materials like glass, metals, plastic
                                                                            tubes and foils, precise dimen-
                                                                            sional measurements mainly for
                                                                            the stamping industry as well as
                                                                            position detection of moving and/
                                                                            or complex parts for handling.

                                                                     M-3                                                                           PF-1

                                   Producer                                                              Solution Provider

 Datasensor Sp4, present on the         Datasensor GmbH                     The company de Man Industrie-           de Man Industrie-Automation GmbH
 international market for over 35       Tegernseer Str. 75                  Automation GmbH is for more             Industriestr. 18
 years, is a leader in the develop-     83624 Otterfing                     than 35 years specialist for holis-     33829 Borgholzhausen
 ment production and commercial-        Germany                             tic automation solutions. The de-       Germany
 ization of photoelectric devices       Tel.: +49 8024 90277 0              livery spectrum reaches from au-        Tel.: +49 5425 9497 0
 for detection, safety, measure-        Fax: +49 8024 90277 99              tomatic storage systems and             Fax: +49 5425 5774
 ment and inspection in industrial                                          conveying engineering and robot
 automation.                                                                plants up to ident systems based
                                                                            on barcode and RFID.

                                                                     M-4                                                                           GT-1

                              Solution Provider                                                           Machine Builder

 The dhs Image Data Base is a           dhs Dietermann & Heuser Solution    Measuring technology, grown on          Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik
 modular software solution for          GmbH                                experience. Manufacturer of huge        GmbH
 “Digital Imaging” in microscopy,       Herborner Str. 50                   range of optical and multi-sensor       rotlay Muehle
 lab and QA applications. Software      35753 Greifenstein-Beilstein        measuring machines like measur-         55545 Bad kreuznach
 modules for image archiving, ac-       Germany                             ing and profile projectors, work-       Germany
 quisition, processing, analysis and    Tel.: +49 2779 9120 0               shop microscopes, multi-sensor          Tel.: +49 671 291 02
                                        Fax: +49 2779 9120 99                                                       Fax: +49 671 291 200
 documentation are available. dhs                                           measuring machines, shaft mea-
 furthermore provides hardware
                                                                            suring machines, crankshaft   
 (cameras, frame grabber, PC sys-                                           measuring machines, camshaft
 tems, optics etc.) and services (in-                                       measuring machines, free form la-
 dividual programmings, installa-                                           ser scanner, optical measuring de-
 tions, trainings, consulting etc.).                                        vice and special measuring equip-
 The products are used in both                                              ment in custom-built design.
 stand-alone and complex net-
 work applications.

                                                                      F-2                                                                          MZ-1

40 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                         

                                                                                    About Docter Optics
                                                                                    Optical systems and lenses          signed to completely absorb
                                                                                    from Docter Optics set indus-       reflections and veiling glare
                                                                                    try benchmarks in the areas of      without the use of electronic
                                                                                    biometrics and industrial im-       means. And the smallest Auto-
                                                                                    age processing.                     Tessar weighs in at only 6.5 g!
                                                                                        Docter Optics, the world        The benefits these lenses offer
                                                                                    leader in the development and       for airborne, aerospace and
                                                                                    production of molded optical        land-based mobile applica-
                                                                                    glass components, has also          tions as well as for industrial
                                                                                    traditionally partnered with        cameras and surveillance sys-
                                                                                    industry in the area of lenses      tems are obvious – reliable im-
  Subsidiaries                            Company Officials                         and optical systems for indus-      aging with no information loss
                                          Dr. Jan Hamkens, Managing Director        trial image-processing and bi-      in combination with absolutely
  Docter Optics Express Glass Services    of the Docter Optics group                ometric applications. In addi-      minimal error from technical
  Docter Optics GmbH                                                                tion to its well-known Tevidon      sources.
  Str. der Deutschen Einheit 6            Anna-Maria Weiss-Ziegler, Head of         series of lenses, Docter Optics
  07819 Triptis                           Sales, Optical Systems                    recently introduced the new         Tevidon CCD lenses
  Germany                                                                           Stilar 2.8/8 and Auto-Tessar        The Tevidon CCD lenses pro-
  Tel.: +49 36482 88 173                  Frank Müller, Sales Manager, Optical      reflection-free      miniature      duced by Docter Optics have
  Fax: +49 36482 88 174                   Systems                                   lenses. The Stilar and Auto-        been a popular choice for                    Tel.: +49 36481 27 217                    Tessar lenses will both enable      years. Tevidon lenses were
                                          Fax: +49 36481 27 462                     industry to deploy completely       developed especially for sta-
  Docter Optics North America               new applications.                   tionary camera systems and
  Docter Optics, Inc.                                                                                                   feature an excellent price-
  1425 West Elliot Road                   Date established                          Stilar 2.8/8 – The benchmark lens   performance ratio. A system
  Suite A-105                             1984                                      for 1.2” CMOS and CCD cameras       of adapters makes this range
  Gilbert, AZ 85233                                                                 Docter Optics has opened up         of models extremely versatile.
  USA                                     Employees                                 a new window of opportunity         The standard Tevidon line
  Tel.: +1 480 844 7585                   320                                       with its new Stilar 2.8/8. The      now includes a total of eight
  Fax: +1 480 844 7826                                                              Stilar is the first super-wide-     lenses. They range from the                    Industries served                         angle lens developed espe-          wide-angle Tevidon 1.5/4 for
                                          Automotive and suppliers, Precision       cially for high-performance         three-chip cameras to the 45
  Docter Optics Japan                     engineering/Optics/Machine vision,        camera systems with 1.2˝ sen-       Tevidon-macro lenses, which
  General Bldg., 2F                       Energy/Water/Solar technology             sor chips. It features a focus-     are available with fixed aper-
  No. 25-20, Sakashita 1-Chome                                                      ing range of 0.10 m to infinity,    tures of 4.5, 5.6 or 8/45 avail-
  Itabashi-ku                             Applications                              excellent color correction          able. Production of other
  Tokyo 174-0043                          Inspection piece parts, Part Identifi-    over the entire visual spec-        lenses belonging to the Tevi-
  Japan                                   cation, Particle Analysis, Material       trum and high edge-to-edge          don repertoire is also possible
  Tel.: +81 3 3969 3731                   Testing                                   resolution. The lens comes          upon request.
  Fax: +81 3 3969 3732                                                              with a standard C mount, and               Regions served                            additional step rings are op-       Optical subassemblies
                                          National, Europe, North America,          tionally available. The Stilar      The Docter Optics Optical
  Company category                        South/Central America, Asia and           2.8/8 is ideal for machine-         Systems business unit devel-
  Solution Provider, Producer,            Pacific Rim                               vision and surveying cameras        ops and produces special op-
  Research Facility                                                                 as well as for special surveil-     tical subassemblies for a wide
                                                                                    lance applications.                 range of industrial applica-
  Product category                                                                                                      tions, including everything
  Optics, R&D                                                                       Auto-Tessar – Miniature                      from biometrics to so-
                                                                                    lenses that absorb glare                           lar energy.
                                                                                    Docter Optics mini-
                                                                                    aturized Auto-Tes-
                                                                                    sar series HDR
                                                                                    lenses are now the
                                    Docter Optics GmbH                              choice of prefer-
                                    Mittelweg 29                                    ence for applica-
                                    07806 Neustadt an der Orla                      tions that call for
                                    Germany                                         zero error and com-
                                    Tel.: +49 36481 27 0                            pact design under
                                    Fax: +49 36481 27 270                           strong glare condi-
                                                                            SHL-2   tions and require no
                                                                                    power supply. These
 See our ad on page                                                                 lenses are especially de-
                                   35                                                                                                                    Inspect 5/2008 41

                                  Distributor                                                        Distributor/Producer

 Duwe-3d AG has a long experi-          Duwe-3d AG                        Edmund Optics is a leading pro-        Edmund Optics
 ence in the field of optical metrol-   Hundweilerstr. 15                 ducer of optics, imaging, and pho-     zur Giesserei 19-27
 ogy and data analysis. As Euro-        88131 lindau (B)                  tonics technology. Supporting the      76227 karlsruhe
 pean partner of InnovMetric            Germany                           R&D, electronics, semiconductor        Germany
 Software Inc., Duwe-3d AG is ex-       Tel.: +49 8382 275 900            and biomedical markets around          Tel.: +49 721 6273 730
 clusive distributor in Germany,        Fax: +49 8382 275 9029            the globe; EO products are used        Fax: +49 721 6273 750
 Austria and Switzerland. The Poly-                                       in a variety of applications rang-
 Works software is market leader                                          ing from DNA sequencing to reti-
 for the 3D-analysis of surfaces in                                       nal eye scanning to high-speed
 the automotive and supplier in-                                          factory automation. EO’s state of
 dustry. Its applications in combi-                                       the art manufacturing capabilities
 nation with mobile, probing and                                          combined with its global distribu-
 optical systems are almost unlim-                                        tion network has earned it the
 ited. Our team supports you with                                         position of the world’s largest
 consulting, individual training and                                      supplier of off-the-shelf optical
 technical helpdesk.                                                      components.

                                                                   RV-4                                                                          KA-3

                              Solution Provider                                                             Producer

 EHR is specialized in high preci-      EHR GmbH                          Eltec Elektronik develops and mar-
 sion metrology machinery for           wittumstr. 10                     kets high-quality components and
 measuring rotationally symmetri-       75181 Pforzheim                   innovative concepts for industrial
 cal objects e. g. gearings based on    Germany                           image processing. The product
 non-contact 2D and 3D measure-         Tel.: +49 7231 9731 0             portfolio comprises frame grab-
 ment technologies like telecentric     Fax: +49 7231 9731 9              bers, intelligent cameras, and com-
 arrangement, laser triangulation,                                        plex image processing systems for
 confocal chromatic sensors and                                           an extremely wide range of sectors
 others.                                                                  and industrial applications. The
                                                                          modern vision solutions are ap-
                                                                          plied for inspection purposes, qual-
                                                                          ity control, and in transportation
                                                                          and safety technologies, etc.          Eltec Elektronik AG
                                                                          Our core competences in hardware       Galileo-Galilei-Str. 11
                                                                          and software together with deep        55129 Mainz
                                                                          understanding of complex system        Germany
                                                                                                                 Tel.: +49 6131 918 100
                                                                          associations are the basis for tech-
                                                                                                                 Fax: +49 6131 918 195
                                                                          nical innovations and economical
                                                                   PF-2                                                  MZ-2

                Distributor/Producer/Solution Provider                                                    Association

 Producer of color-, laser-, opto-      Eltrotec Sensor GmbH              The EMVA has more than 110
 sensors and technical endoscopes.      Heinkelstr. 2                     members representing 20 nations.
 We solve vision applications by        73066 uhlingen                    Its aim is to promote the develop-
 our PAV-Vision system. 2D Code         Germany                           ment and use of machine vision
 Reader & LED-light sources for         Tel.: +49 7161 98872 300          technology and to support the in-
 camera applications are in our         Fax: +49 7161 98872 303           terests of its members – machine
 program.                                                                 vision companies, research insti-
 We are distributor for Tattile                                           tutions and national machine vi-
 (Italy). Cameras like Giga Ether-                                        sion associations. EMVA focuses
 net-, Camera link-Cameras, Em-                                           on standardization, statistics, the
 bedded Cameras, where the cus-                                           annual EMVA Business Confer-
 tomer can solve his own                                                  ence and other networking              EMVA – European Machine Vision
 application, are in our program.                                         events, public relations and mar-      Association
 BW & color cameras with highest                                          keting. To find out more visit the     lyoner Str. 18
 resolution/live cameras.                                                 web site                 60528 Frankfurt
                                                                                                                 Tel.: +49 69 6603 1466
                                                                                                                 Fax: +49 69 6603 2466
                                                                   S-2                                                 F-3

42 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                       

                                                                                 About IDS Imaging Development Systems

                                                                                 Cameras, Accessories and          ments of modern         image
                                                                                 Support for Industrial Image      processing.
                                                                                 Processing: Your Imagination
                                                                                 Is Our Challenge                  Custom-Made Cameras
                                                                                 Committed to industrial im-       for Special Requirements
                                                                                 age processing since its          Even though the uEye series
                                                                                 foundation in 1997, IDS Im-       features over 100 different
                                                                                 aging Development Systems         models, not all the specific
                                                                                 GmbH has been widely              demands of OEM customers
                                                                                 known for its development         can be met at a satisfactory
                                                                                 of frame grabbers. Today          level by using the standard
                                                                                 IDS offers a comprehensive        models. To accommodate
                                                                                 range of USB and GigE based       these requirements, IDS also
                                                                                 industrial cameras, accesso-      develops customized and
  Subsidiaries                           Industries served                       ries and software tools           project-related solutions.
  IDS Imaging Development Systems        Mechanical engineering/Line build-      “made in Germany”. The
  Inc.                                   ing, Automotive and suppliers,          uEye camera series cur-           Optimum Software Support –
  400 West Cummings Park                 Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-     rently comprises over 100         the Second Half of the Camera
  Suite 3400                             ing, Precision engineering/ Optics/     model variants. They cater        The powerful uEye software
  Woburn, MA 01801                       Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-       not only to the classical im-     development kit (SDK) forms
  USA                                    ceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals,          age processing markets,           the basis. Demo programs for
  Tel.: +1 781 787 0048                  Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical           such as industrial automa-        an easy camera configuration
  Fax: +1 781 287 1258                   technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,      tion and quality assurance,       allow finding the best settings               Traffic/Logistics, Paper/Wood,          but also to the upcoming          without previously program-
                                         Energy/Water/Solar technology           “new markets” of image            ming a single line of code.
  Company category                                                               processing, such as security      The source code of the demo
  Producer                               Applications                            technology and the non-in-        programs offers developers a
                                         Inspection piece parts, Inspection      dustrial segment.                 useful programming basis.
  Product category                       web material, Robot Vision 2D,                                            Direct interfaces are addi-
  Cameras, Frame Grabber, Optics,        Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-     The uEye Industrial               tionally provided for many
  Software, Interfaces/Cables/           tion, Symbol Recognition, Part          Camera Series                     current image processing li-
  Peripherals, Consulting, R&D           Identification, Metrology 2D, Metrol-   All uEye cameras boast an         braries, such as Common Vi-
                                         ogy 3D, Particle Analysis, Material     extremely compact design.         sion Blox, Halcon or LabView
  Company Officials                      Testing, Digitalization                 The industrial cameras are        and the new universal cam-
  General Manager:                                                               available with high-quality       era interface standard GenI-
  Juergen Hartmann                       Companies represented                   CCD or CMOS sensors, with         Cam will achieve shortest in-
  Sales Director: Niall Worn             MVTec (Germany only)                    monochrome or color tech-         tegration times for image
  Purchase Manager:                                                              nology. The resolution ranges     processing.
  Achim Terhoeven                        Platforms supported                     from 640 x 480 pixels to up
  R&D Manager: Alexander Balz            Windows, Linux                          to five megapixels. The uEye      Professional Service
                                                                                 RE and uEye LE versions are       Competent services comple-
  Date established                       Regions served                          optimized for their intended      ment and complete the prod-
  1997                                   National, Europe, North America,        uses. RE if tough is not tough    uct portfolio. They include,
                                         South/Central America, Asia and         enough, LE – as little as pos-    for example, application con-
  Employees                              Pacific Rim, ROW                        sible, as much as necessary.      sulting, support during sys-
  80                                                                             The GigE uEye HE and the          tem integration and the
                                         Associations                            all new GigE uEye SE extend       design-in phase, feasibility
                                         EMVA, AIA, VDMA                         the broad range of USB cam-       studies, product leasing, and
                                                                                 eras by powerful models for       software training. IDS has a
                                                                                 sophisticated, complex ma-        staff of approx. 80 employees
                                                                                 chine vision and compact          in the development, produc-
                                                                                 and cost effective solutions      tion, sales, marketing and
                                    IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH         for a wide range of image         support departments at its
                                    dimbacher Straße 6-8                         processing        applications.   head office in Obersulm, Ger-
                                    74182 Obersulm                               Compact, small, powerful –        many and its subsidiary IDS
                                    Germany                                      with their design, with the       Inc. in Woburn, USA. The
                                    Tel.: +49 7134 961 96 0                      mainstream bus technologies       company is represented in al-
                                    Fax: +49 7134 961 96 99                      USB and GigE and the high-        most all European countries
                                                                      HN-1       resolution sensors, the uEye      as well as the Americas and
                                                                                 industrial cameras perfectly      Asia through exclusive dis-
 See our ad on page                                                              meet the demanding require-       tributors.
                                14+15                                                                                                              Inspect 5/2008 43

                           Consultant/Producer                                                            Solution Provider

 Manufacturing of Megapixel            Entner Electronics                     Various camera systems for the        Erhardt+Leimer GmbH
 Cameras, Custom Camera Design,        Sigmund-Nachbauer-Str. 10              inspection of web surfaces (film,     P.O. Box 10 15 40
 FPGA-Design, Electronic Design.       6830 rankweil                          foil, aluminum, paper, textiles)      86136 augsburg
                                       austria                                and 100 % print inspection sys-       Germany
                                       Tel.: +43 5522 75717 0                 tems.                                 Tel.: +49 821 2435 0
                                       Fax: +43 5522 75717 4                                                        Fax: +49 821 2435 682

                                                                       G-2                                                                          A-3

                                  Producer                                                                     Producer

 Falcon supplies LED-lightings for     Falcon LED Lighting Ltd.               Festo AG, a leading provider of       Festo AG & Co. KG
 machine visions.                      Fasanenweg 7                           automation technology solutions,      ruiter Str. 82
                                       74254 Offenau                          is offering a portfolio of proven     73734 Esslingen
                                       Germany                                and innovative machine vision         Germany
                                       Tel.: +49 7136 9686 0                  systems and components:               Tel.: +49 711 347 1219
                                       Fax: +49 7136 9686 10                  Intelligent line-scan cameras for     Fax: +49 711 347 54 1219
                                                                              type, orientation and quality in-
                                                                              spection, intelligent matrix cam-
                                                                              eras for position, type and quality
                                                                              inspection, code reading and OCR
                                                                              as well as a high-speed-cameras
                                                                              for monitoring and optimization
                                                                              of fast motion sequences.

                                                                        S-3                                                                         S-4

                             Solution Provider                                                      Producer/Solution Provider

 FiberVision GmbH was founded in       FiberVision GmbH                       Fisba Optik is a world leader in      Fisba Optik AG
 1995 as a spin-off of RWTH            Jens-Otto-krag-Str. 11                 optical systems, instruments and      rorschacherstr. 268
 Aachen University. Today, FiberVi-    52146 würselen                         components. But we are far more       9016 St. Gallen
 sion is a full scope machine vision   Germany                                than just a manufacturer of op-       Switzerland
 supplier. The engineers and scien-    Tel.: +49 2405 4548 0                  tics. We work closely with our cus-   Tel.: +41 71 282 3131
 tists develop and build optical       Fax: +49 2405 4548 14                  tomers to develop solutions that      Fax: +41 71 282 3130
 measurement, positioning and                                                 deliver both technical and eco-
 test systems for industrial use. Be                                          nomic success.
 it a configurable Smart Camera                                               Fisba unites all aspects of optical
 system for manifold use or a PC                                              expertise and expert knowledge
 based multi camera system for a                                              of many disciplines under one
 special task: FiberVision makes                                              roof. Optic designers and engi-
 the access to complex technolo-                                              neers, backed by specialists in
 gies easy by providing user inter-                                           physics and coating technology,
 faces for intuitive use.                                                     develop, analyze and optimize
                                                                              optic systems for the entire spec-
                                                                              tral range from UV to NIR – inte-
                                                                              grated and sustainable.
                                                                        K-2                                                                         SG-1

44 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                          

                                                                                    About Olympus Life Science Europa

                                                                                    Olympus Microscopy:                product spectrum, Olympus
                                                                                    Meeting All Exacting               covers the requirements of all
                                                                                    Industrial Quality Require-        market areas. It provides
                                                                                    ments                              models for routine tasks, high-
                                                                                                                       end system solutions for in-
                                                                                    For over 80 years, Olympus         spection and metrology, as
                                                                                    has been one of the world’s        well as devices for material
                                                                                    leading manufacturers in the       science research applications.
                                                                                    opto-digital industry. As one
                                                                                    of the biggest and most re-
                                                                                                                       Flexibility as Standard
                                                                                    spected providers of micro-
  Subsidiaries                             Industries served                        scope systems, Olympus of-         Flexibility is always one of
  Please visit our website for detailed    Mechanical engineering/Line build-       fers a comprehensive range         the first considerations in the
  information about all our European       ing, Automotive and suppliers,           of professional system solu-       design of all Olympus micro-
  subsidiaries                             Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-      tions for all market require-      scopes. From the top-quality
                                           ing, Precision engineering/Optics/       ments. These include entry-        inspection MX series upright
  Company category                         Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-        level inspection microscopes       microscopes to both routine
  Solution Provider/Producer               ceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals,           to high-end system solutions       use and sophisticated systems
                                           Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical            enabling pioneering research       of the GX series inverted mi-
                                           technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,       and routine applications in        croscopes, there are no ex-
  Product category                         Energy/Water/Solar technology            materials science, as well as      ceptions. Constantly evolving
  Cameras, Optics, Lighting equip-                                                  innovative imaging systems         toward greater simplicity and
  ment, Software, Microscopes,             Applications                             and information technology         higher precision, the peerless
  Optical Instruments                      Inspection piece parts, Part Identifi-   for all industrial applications.   Olympus OLS3100 Lext 3D
                                           cation, Metrology 2D, Metrology 3D,      Furthermore, Olympus offers        provides near-UV cLSM capa-
  Company Officials                        Particle Analysis, Material Testing,     a wide range of microscopes        bility for advanced metrology
  Michael C. Woodford –                    Digitalization                           and accessories for observing      and fine surface profile appli-
  Executive Managing Director,                                                      surfaces and analysing new         cations.
  Olympus Europe Group                     Regions served                           materials and nanoparticles.           All industrial level micro-
                                           Europe                                                                      scopes are equipped with in-
  Dr. Helmut Koehler –                                                                                                 finity corrected optics and
                                                                                    High Performance
  Executive Managing Director,                                                                                         numerous ports. These en-
                                                                                    Microscope Systems
  Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH                                                                                     able components such as la-
                                                                                    Microscopy is an indispensa-       ser light sources, filters and
  Michael Czempiel –                                                                ble tool for materials and in-     cameras, to be integrated
  Managing Director, Microscopy,                                                    dustrial research and devel-       easily into the light path. For
  Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH                                                  opment. With progressive           example, Olympus has devel-
                                                                                    developments in the areas of       oped two versatile illumina-
  Esther Ahrent –                                                                   digital photography and im-        tion systems for its unique
  Department Manager Marketing                                                      age processing, as well as         SZ2 and SZX2 industrial
  Communication, Olympus Life                                                       analysis and archiving, the        stereo microscope ranges.
  Science Europa GmbH                                                               range of possible microscope       These lighting systems de-
                                                                                    applications has changed           liver uniform illumination
  Date established                                                                  radically, especially in recent    over a large area and light up
  Olympus Europe Group: 1963                                                        years. Modern manufactur-          points of interest, providing
                                                                                    ing processes do not only de-      an innovative and flexible ap-
  Employees                                                                         mand the most professional         proach to effective sample il-
  Olympus Europe Group: 4,800                                                       and precise microscope sys-        lumination, for all industrial
                                                                                    tem solutions, but users also      and materials applications.
                                                                                    expect the manufacturer to
                                                                                    provide a reliable and first
                                                                                                                       The User’s Dividend
                                                                                    class service. To this end,
                                      Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH              Olympus develops custom            As a result of this attention to
                                      wendenstr. 14-18                              software and hardware solu-        detail across the entire range,
                                      20097 Hamburg                                 tions for microscopical imag-      whatever Olympus micro-
                                      Germany                                       ing, in which all components       scope or imaging system is
                                      Tel.: +49 23773 0                             are optimally integrated. Ol-      in-place, the user will experi-
                                      Fax: +49 23773 4647
                                                                                    ympus users also get total         ence the best possible images
                                                                       HH-4         peace of mind with compre-         and functionality with unsur-
                                                                                    hensive service and support        passed comfort, each and
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                                                                                    at all times. With its broad       every time.                                                                                                                   Inspect 5/2008 45

                      Distributor/Solution Provider                                                 Solution Provider

 Framos Imaging Solutions serves        Framos GmbH                    Surface Metrology Systems.             FRT, Fries Research & Technology
 customers in the field of industrial   zugspitzstr. 5, Haus C                                                GmbH
 image processing. We offer a           82049 Pullach                                                         Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse
 comprehensive range of image           Germany                                                               51429 Bergisch Gladbach
 processing components and solu-        Tel.: +49 89 710667 0                                                 Germany
 tions in our branch offices in Ger-    Fax: +49 89 710667 66                                                 Tel.: +49 2204 2430
                                                                                      Fax: +49 2204 2431
 many, Great Britain, Italy and
 France. Our team consists of al-                                                                   
 most 40 associates, and we are
 achieving sales in the two-digit
 million Euro range. We are driven
 to ‘teach machines to see’. At the
 same time, we are an innovative
 collaboration partner and expert
 for high-quality image processing

                                                                 M-5                                                                          K-3

                                   Producer                                                         Solution Provider

 Machine Vision lenses from Fuji-       Fujinon (Europe) GmbH          Gefasoft develops, manufactures        Gefasoft GmbH
 non offer perspectives that point      Halskestr. 4                   and distributes innovative ma-         donaustaufer Str. 115
 the way to the future for indus-       47877 willich                  chine vision systems and com-          93059 regensburg
 trial image processing.                Germany                        plete assembly and measuring           Germany
 The extensive range offers the         Tel.: +49 2154 924 0           machines for the medical, auto-        Tel.: +49 941 799 96 0
 perfect solution for every situa-      Fax: +49 2154 924 139          motive, electronic and semicon-        Fax: +49 941 799 96 66
 tion: lenses with exceptional focal                                   ductor industry. Gefasoft also
 lengths, 3 CCD lenses with up                                         developed a library of 3D machine
 to 16x zoom, a comprehensive                                          vision algorithms and data
 number of fixed focal length                                          processing tools, targeted to the
 lenses or revolutionary 5 mega-                                       requirements of volume produc-
 pixel technology for opening up a                                     tion. The 3D inspection system is
 whole new perspective in best.                                        integrated into the production
 Benefit from Fujinon’s many years                                     line.
 of expertise – and bring quality
 into focus.

                                                                 D-3                                                                          R-2

                              Solution Provider                                                     Solution Provider

 Inspection and reverse engineer-       Geomagic GmbH                  Graphikon develops and manu-           Graphikon GmbH
 ing of measurement data. align-        leibnizstr. 51                 factures complete inspection so-       Mandelstr. 16
 ment, GD&T, RPS and 321, report-       70193 Stuttgart                lutions for inline and offline qual-   10409 Berlin
 ing, surfacing.                        Germany                        ity control in the production          Germany
 Quality control and inspection, re-    Tel.: +49 178 7767 887         process.                               Tel.: +49 30 4210 4777
 verse engineering, initial sample      Fax: +1 919 474 0216           With G/Inspect, Graphikon pro-         Fax: +49 30 4210 4750
 test reports.                                                         vides a modular system for gen-
                                                                       eral inspection tasks in the fields
                                                                       of manufacture, assembly and lo-
                                                                       The product groups G/Solar, G/
                                                                       Wafer and G/Glas are systems
                                                                       specially geared towards the re-
                                                                       quirements of our most important
                                                                       markets, for development of in-
                                                                       spection solutions composed of
                                                                       scaleable components and as-
                                                                 S-5                                                                          B-1

46 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                    

  Subsidiaries                            Applications
  United Kingdom                          Inspection piece parts, Inspection
  Stemmer Imaging Ltd                     web material, Robot Vision 2D,
  Tel.: +44 1252 780000                   Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
  Fax: +44 1252 780001                    tion, Symbol Recognition, Part              Identification, Metrology 2D, Metrol-
                                          ogy 3D, High Speed Analysis, Ther-
  France                                  mography, Particle Analysis, Material
  Stemmer Imaging S.A.S.                  Testing, Digitalization, many others
  Tel. +33 1 45069560
  Fax +33 1 40991188                      Companies represented                 llumination: CCS, Gardasoft, Hema,
                                          StockerYale, V-Cubed, Volpi, Z-Laser
  Switzerland                             Optics: Fujinon, Jenoptik, Linos,
  Stemmer Imaging AG                      Mamiya, Navitar, Nikon, Pentax,
  Tel. +41 55 4159090                     Schneider-Kreuznach, Sill, Tamron,
  Fax +41 55 4159091                      Thales-Optem, Zeiss                 Cameras: Allied Vision Technologies      About Stemmer Imaging
                                          (AVT), Automation Technology,
  Company category                        Dalsa, Flir, JAI, Mikrotron, Sony,       Stemmer Imaging is Europe’s        with a large number of experi-
  Distributor                             Toshiba, TVI, VRmagic                    largest imaging technology         enced system integrators, we
                                          Acquisition: Active Silicon, Cyberop-    provider with subsidiaries in      can provide expert technical
  Product category                        tics, Dalsa, Pleora, Silicon Software,   Germany (Puchheim near Mu-         know-how for the planning, in-
  Cameras, Frame Grabber, Optics,         VRmagic                                  nich), United Kingdom (Tong-       tegration and realisation of
  Lighting equipment, Software, Vision    Software: Aqsense, Silicon Software,     ham near London), France           complete solutions.
  Sensors/Smart Cameras/Embedded          Stemmer Imaging                          (Suresnes near Paris) and Swit-        In fact, the services pro-
  Systems, Interfaces/Cables/Peripher-    Systems: Cognex, Dalsa, Stemmer          zerland (Pfäffikon near Zurich).   vided by Stemmer Imaging go
  als, X-ray equipment, Optical Instru-   Imaging                                  The parent company was             far beyond just this; with more
  ments, Consulting, Marketing, other     Accessories: AD&D, B+W Filter,           formed in 1987 in Puchheim         than 30 years of imaging expe-
                                          Phrontier, Stemmer Imaging               and expanded in 2004/05 by         rience and a staff of more than
  Date established                                                                 combining the expertise of the     120 employees, we are able to
  1987                                    Platforms supported                      companies formerly known as        offer comprehensive support
                                          Windows Vista, Windows XP                Firstsight Vision Ltd. (UK), Im-   services to all of our custom-
  Employees                                                                        asys S.A.S. (France) and Om-       ers. Our experts can support
  approx. 130                             Regions served                           niRay (Switzerland).               you from A to Z – finding the
                                          National, Europe, North America,             Stemmer Imaging custom-        best technical solution and the
  Industries served                       South/ Central America, Asia and         ers have access to a wide vari-    most cost effective combination
  Mechanical engineering/Line build-      Pacific Rim, ROW                         ety of imaging products from       of components for your imag-
  ing, Automotive and suppliers,                                                   the world’s leading manufac-       ing task – assisting you in a so-
  Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-     Associations                             turers, carefully selected and     lution-oriented and reliable
  ing, Precision engineering/Optics/      EMVA, AIA, VDMA, UKIVA                   evaluated by our experts to be     way, before, during and also
  Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-                                                best of breed in the word. In      after the project. Feasibility
  ceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals,                                                   combination these manufac-         studies, training and direct
  Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical                                                    turers provide cutting edge vi-    customer support are just some
  technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,                                               sion technology across all prod-   of the examples of the value
  Traffic/Logistics, Paper/Wood,                                                   uct segments, something that       add we give you.
  Energy/Water/Solar technology,                                                   is unique in Europe.                   As Europe largest vision
  many others!                                                                         Stemmer Imaging are the        technology supplier our cus-
                                                                                   developers of the world’s lead-    tomers not only benefit from
                                                                                   ing image processing develop-      our knowledge when specify-
                                                                                   ment environment, Common           ing a solution but also from ex-
                                                                                   Vision Blox, and also manufac-     tremely competitive pricing
                                                                                   ture application-specific prod-    due to our purchasing volume
                                                                                   ucts to enable complex solution    and fast delivery from our stock
                                                                                   to be realised easily. We have     of over e3 million.
                                     Stemmer Imaging                               extensive in-house expertise to        This broad range of compo-
                                     Gutenbergstr. 9-11                            draw on with a high percent-       nents and solutions, plus our
                                     82178 Puchheim                                age of engineers, allowing us to   experience and our compre-
                                     Germany                                       supply the best possible service   hensive support allows us to of-
                                     Tel.: +49 89 80902 0                          to our customers when choos-       fer you everything you need to
                                     Fax: +49 89 80902 116                         ing an imaging solution. Stem-     solve your imaging task.
                                                                            M-23   mer Imaging does not install
                                                                                   end user solutions – instead,      Stemmer Imaging – Imaging
 See our ad on page                                                                using our close partnerships       is our passion!
                                   37                                                                                                                   Inspect 5/2008 47

                                   Producer                                                    Consultant/Producer/Research Facility

 Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-                                               Development and production of          hema electronic GmbH
 wide leading manufacturer of                                                  smart cameras and LED-Light-           roentgenstr. 31
 opto-electronic components and                                                Systems for machine vision.            73431 aalen
 systems. Among others we offer                                                Development and production of          Germany
 sensors and systems for spectros-                                             Hard- and Software for machine         Tel.: +49 7361 9495 0
 copy (including ultra fast), scien-                                           vision.                                Fax: +49 7361 9495 45
 tific-grade cameras, beam moni-                                               Applications and video electron-
 toring solutions, photon counting                                             ics circuit board assembly, test
 detectors and systems, photomul-                                              and electronic device assembly.
 tipliers, photodiodes, IR detectors.

                                        Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland
                                        arzbergerstr. 10
                                        82211 Herrsching
                                        Tel.: +49 8152 375 0
                                        Fax: +49 8152 2658
                                          M-6                                                                              S-6

                              Solution Provider                                                                  Producer

 HGV supplies scaleable turnkey         HGV Vosseler GmbH & Co. KG             Holoeye Photonics AG and its US-       Holoeye Photonics AG
 machine vision solutions for all       an der lehmgrube 9                     subsidiary, Holoeye Corp., are         albert-Einstein-Str. 14
 kinds of quality inspection:           74613 Oehringen                        providing services and products in     12489 Berlin
 Flexible measurement systems           Germany                                the fields of diffractive optics       Germany
 (FMS) with robots, in-line-mea-        Tel.: +49 7941 9100 0                  (DOE), spatial light modulation        Tel.: +49 30 6392 3660
 surement, process control, robot       Fax: +49 7941 9100 50                  (SLM) and LCOS microdisplay            Fax: +49 30 6392 3662
 guiding, assembly control, part                                               components.
 handling (pick & place), surface                                              Holoeye offers design and pro-
 inspection, sorting & identifica-                                             duction services of diffractive mi-
 tion.                                                                         cro-optical elements, Spatial Light
                                                                               Modulators (SLM) which are
                                                                               based on high-resolution translu-
                                                                               cent or reflective microdisplays
                                                                               and a great variety of high resolu-
                                                                               tion LCOS microdisplay types and

                                                                         S-7                                                                          B-2

                              Solution Provider                                                                  Producer

 IB/E Optics is service provider and    IB/E Optics Ing.-Büro Klaus Eckerl     Since 1998 iiM develops and pro-
 producer for customized optics in      Industriestr. 6                        duces a constantly growing selec-
 the area of imaging and illumina-      94116 Hutthurm                         tion of LED lighting with highest
 tion.                                  Germany                                functionality and performance.
 We are your partner for industrial     Tel.: +49 8505 3222                    Luminous efficiency, design and
 customized solutions of imaging        Fax: +49 8505 3400                     industrial fitness are thereby
 optics, illumination systems and                                              important criteria. Ring- and
 machine vision applications. Be-                                              arealights, darkfield lights, spots,
 side developing and construction                                              coaxial- and domelights are avail-
 we also offer the complete manu-                                              able as static or flashed variants
 facturing of prototypes and small                                             in different sizes and light colors.
 series.                                                                       A large spectrum of diffusers and
 Our own CNC-manufacturing al-                                                 Fresnel lenses completes the           iiM AG
 lows a rapid realization and flexi-                                           product range. As engaged part-        auf der Höhe 1
 bility for customized solutions.                                              ner for our customers we develop       98617 Meiningen
                                                                               and produce also special lighting      Germany
                                                                                                                      Tel.: +49 3693 88585 0
                                                                               according to their requirements.
                                                                                                                      Fax: +49 3693 88585 11
                                                                        PA-1                                                    EF-1

48 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                            

                                                                     Subsidiaries                          Industries served
  About Allied Vision Technologies                                                                         Automotive and suppliers, Mechani-
                                                                     USA                                   cal engineering/Line building,
  Founded in 1989, Allied
                                                                     Allied Vision Technologies Inc.       Electronics/Semiconductors, Preci-
  Vision     Technologies
                                                                     Tel.: +1-877 USA 1394                 sion engineering/Optics/Machine
  GmbH of Germany is a
                                                                     (toll free North America)             vision, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals/
  100 % subsidiary of
                                                                     Fax: +1 978 225 2029                  Cosmetics/Chemicals, Foodstuffs/
  the public Augusta
                                                                         Beverages, Medical technology,
  Technologie AG. AVT de-
  signs, produces and sells
  cameras and components
                                                                     Prosilica Inc.                        Applications
  for image processing in in-
                                                                     Tel.: +1 604 875 8855                 Inspection piece parts, Inspection
  dustrial and life science ap-
                                                                     Fax: +1 604 875 8856                  web material, Robot Vision 2D,
  plications. With innovative        world-
                                                                              Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
  products, superior manufac-        wide. Allied
                                                                                                           tion, Part Identification, Digitaliza-
  turing quality and a service-      Vision Technologies
                                                                     Company category                      tion
  driven organization, Allied        holds 100 % of Allied
  Vision Technologies is well        Vision Technologies Inc.
                                                                                                           Regions served
  established as a premier pro-      (Newburyport, USA) and
                                                                     Product category                      National, Europe, North America,
  vider of digital camera solu-      Prosilica Inc. (Vancouver,
                                                                     Cameras, Interfaces/Cables/           South/Central America, Asia and
  tions for machine vision           Canada).
                                                                     Peripherals, Optics                   Pacific Rim, ROW

                             Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
                                                                     Company Officials                     Associations
                             Taschenweg 2a                           CEO: Frank Grube                      EMVA, AIA, VDMA, JIIA
                             07646 Stadtroda
                             Germany                                 Date established
                             Tel.: +49 36428 677 0
                             Fax: +49 36428 677 24
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                                                                     Company category                      Applications
  About Framos
                                                                     Solution Provider/Distributor/        Inspection piece parts, Inspection
                                                                     Consultant                            web material, Robot Vision 2D,
  For more than 25 years, the
                                                                                                           Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
  Framos Imaging Solutions
                                                                     Product category                      tion, Symbol Recognition, Part
  Company serves customers in
                                                                     Cameras, Frame Grabber, Optics,       Identification, Metrology 2D, Metrol-
  the field of industrial image
                                                                     Lighting equipment, Software          ogy 3D, High Speed Analysis
  processing. We offer a com-
  prehensive range of image
                                                                     Company Officials                     Companies represented
  processing components and
                                                                     CEO: Dr. Andreas Franz                Sony, Thomson, Toshiba Teli,
  solutions in our branch of-
  fices in Germany, Great Brit-
                                                                     Date established
  ain, France and Italy. Our
                                                                     1981                                  Regions served
  team consists of almost 40
                                                                                                           National, Europe, North America,
  associates, and we are achiev-
                                     high-quality image process-     Employees                             Asia and Pacific Rim
  ing sales in the two-digit mil-
                                     ing projects. We foster an      40
  lion Euro range. We are
                                     open and trusting enterprise                                          Associations
  driven to ‘teach machines to
                                     culture and keep striving for   Industries served                     EMVA, VDMA
  see’. At the same time, we
                                     improvement through contin-     Mechanical engineering/Line build-
  are an innovative collabora-
                                     ued learning.                   ing, Automotive and suppliers,
  tion partner and expert for
                                                                     Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-
                                                                     ing, Precision engineering/Optics/
                             Framos GmbH                             Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-
                             zugspitzstraße 5, Haus C
                             82049 Pullach
                                                                     Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical
                             Tel.: +49 89 710667 0                   technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,
                             Fax: +49 89 710667 66                   Traffic/Logistics, Paper/Wood,
                                             Energy/Water/Solar technology

 See our ad on page         21                                                                                                         Inspect 5/2008 49

                                  Producer                                                              Solution Provider

 Development and manufacture of        Impac Infrared                       Impuls GmbH creates products          Impuls GmbH
 high-quality solutions for infrared   kleyerstr. 90                        for scientific image processing       Carl-Benz-Str. 13
 temperature measurement (sen-         60236 Frankfurt/Main                 and image analysis as well as ma-     82205 Gilching
 sor, software, mechanical integra-    Germany                              chine vision on the PC. The prod-     Germany
 tion etc.), both in single point      Tel.: +49 69 97373 0                 ucts are sold worldwide to end        Tel.: +49 8105 773640
 measurement and thermal imag-         Fax: +49 69 97373 167                users as well as OEMs, VARs and       Fax: +49 8105 773642
 ing.                                                                       system houses that create cus-
                                                                            tomized solutions around the Im-
                                                                            puls products.
                                                                            Impuls GmbH also carries out
                                                                            custom software development
                                                                            projects in the field of image
                                                                            processing and image analysis for
                                                                            markets such as life sciences and
                                                                            machine vision.

                                                                     F-4                                                                                   M-7

                                  Producer                                                              Solution Provider

 Infinity Photo-Optical Company,       Infinity Photo-Optical GmbH          in-situ GmbH is a growing com-
 headquartered in Boulder, Colo-       Hans-Böckler-Str. 10a                pany with more than 20 years ex-
 rado, USA, also has a Sales Office    37079 Göttingen                      perience in the field of machine
 in Göttingen, Germany, which          Germany                              vision.
 serves the EU and all European        Tel.: +49 551 49957 0                We specialize in industrial, medi-
 countries.                            Fax: +49 551 49957 10                cal and scientific applications of-
 Infinity manufactures long-dis-                                            fering image processing systems
 tance microscopes, continuously-                                           in a broad range of products, as
 focusable microscopes, macro                                               well as special developments in
 systems, internal-focusing devices                                         hardware and software. Our main
 and other lenses for industrial in-                                        focus is turn-key systems and cus-                              in-situ
 spection, process/product moni-                                            tomer-specific solutions.                                vision & sensor systems

 toring, machine vision, QC, ad-                                                                                  in-situ GmbH                  Your Vision
 vanced imaging, non-contact                                                                                      Mühlweg 2a                         Provider

 gauging/inspection and laser/bio-                                                                                82054 Sauerlach
 medical research.                                                                                                Germany
                                                                                                                  Tel.: +49 8104 6482 30
                                                                                                                  Fax: +49 8104 6482 43
                                                                     GÖ-1                                                           M-8

                                  Producer                                                              Solution Provider

 Ircam is a German manufacturer        Ircam GmbH                           High Speed Cameras, High Frame-       IS – Imaging Solutions GmbH
 of advanced IR cameras and sys-       Nürnberger Str. 71                   rate Cameras, systems and acces-      arbachtalstr. 6
 tems for IR imaging and thermo-       91052 Erlangen                       sories, exclusive IDT/Redlake         72800 Eningen u. a.
 graphy.                               Germany                              dealer.                               Germany
 Ircam offers the dual-band and        Tel.: +49 9131 970098 0                                                    Tel.: +49 7121 680 853 0
 dual-color IR camera series Ircam     Fax: +49 9131 970098 99                                                    Fax: +49 7121 680 853 9
 Geminis for synchronous, pixel-
 registered acquisition in two
 bands (MWIR & LWIR) or two
 small spectral ranges (MWIR &
 MWIR). Other camera series are
 the high-speed Ircam Velox, the
 scientific Ircam Equus, the Ircam
 Taurus and the uncooled Ircam
 Caleo. All models can be deliv-
 ered with MIO measurement in-
 terface, filter wheel, motor focus
 and Gigabit Ethernet.
                                                                     N-1                                                                                       S-8

50 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                        

                                                                      Subsidiaries                          Industries served
   About NET                                                          Japan                                 Mechanical engineering/Line build-
                                                                      NET Japan Co., Ltd.                   ing, Automotive and suppliers,
   NET GmbH is a
                                                                      Tel.: +81 45 478 1020                 Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-
   manufacturer of
                                                                      Fax: +81 45 476 2423                  ing, Precision engineering/Optics/
   high quality CCD
                                                                                Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-
   and CMOS cam-
   eras for imaging
                                                                      USA                                   Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical
   solutions.   The
                                                                      NET USA, Inc.                         technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,
   product line includes in-
                                                                      Tel.: +1 219 934 9042                 Traffic/Logistics, Paper/Wood,
   dustrial and OEM board level      heads as well as customized
                                                                      Fax: +1 219 934 9047                  Energy/Water/Solar technology
   cameras for a wide variety of     solutions.
   applications in the industrial       Lenses, illumination and
   and medical field. The exten-     cable assemblies are offered
                                                                      Company category                      Inspection piece parts, Inspection
   sive range of vision cameras      as well. All of this products
                                                                      Distributor/Producer                  web material, Robot Vision 2D,
   contains different interfaces     can be sourced either in Eu-
                                                                                                            Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
   like FOculus (IEEE1394),          rope through NET or there
                                                                      Product category                      tion, Symbol Recognition, Part
   GimaGO (GigE) as well as          wide distribution network as
                                                                      Cameras, Optics, Lighting equip-      Identification, Material Testing
   iCube (USB2.0). NET offers        well as in the USA through
                                                                      ment, Interfaces/Cables/Peripherals
   an extensive range of board       NET USA and in Asia through
                                                                                                            Companies represented
   level cameras and camera          NET Japan.
                                                                      Company Officials                     V S Technology Corp.
                                                                      Uwe Post – Director Sales & Market-   Toshiba Teli Corp.
                             NET GmbH                                 ing
                             lerchenberg 7                                                                  Regions served
                             86923 Finning                            Date established                      National, Europe, North America,
                                                                      1996                                  South/Central America, Asia and
                             Tel.: +49 8806 9234 0
                                                                                                            Pacific Rim, ROW
                             Fax: +49 8806 9234 77
                                            approx. 30                            Associations
                                                                                                            EMVA, AIA
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                                                         TREND TOPICS
                    FEATURE STORIES
                           ONLINE ARCHIVE
               INDUSTRY NEWS        NETWORKING

                       PRODUCT INFORMATION


The new industry portal for machine vision
and optical metrology is online!

                                  Consultant                                                                  Producer

 Based on 20 years of experience                                              Jos. Schneider Optische Werke        Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH
 in the vision industry and a broad                                           GmbH develops, manufactures          ringstr. 132
 international network, Jansen                                                and distributes optical and preci-   55543 Bad kreuznach
 C.E.O. provides support in the fol-                                          sion components, filters and as-     Germany
 lowing areas: inter/national joint                                           semblies for Machine Vision and      Tel.: +49 671 601 387
 ventures and cooperations, merg-                                             other image processing applica-      Fax: +49 671 601 286
 ers & acquisitions, strategic mar-                                           tions. These premium optics solu-
 keting, market data research and                                             tions help system integrators and
 internal structure and process op-                                           machine builders improve their
 timization. All services, consulting                                         image processing systems.
 and coaching are tailored to the
 individual requirements of the
 company or the entrepreneur.
                                        Jansen C.E.O.
                                        P.O. Box 1148
                                        64629 Heppenheim
                                        Tel.: +49 178 1755972
                                         F-5                                                                         MZ-3

                                   Producer                                                                   Producer

 LOGLUX i5 Camera Link and              Kamera Werk Dresden Optronics         Kappa opto-electronics GmbH is       Kappa opto-electronics GmbH
 FireWire cameras in monochrome         GmbH                                  an internationally operating me-     kleines Feld 6
 and color versions.                    Bismarckstr. 57                       dium sized company. For 30 years     37130 Gleichen
                                        01257 dresden                         Kappa has stood for the highest      Germany
                                        Germany                               standards in the area of cameras     Tel.: +49 5508 974 0
                                        Tel.: +49 351 28 06 0                 and image processing solutions.      Fax: +49 5508 974 115
                                        Fax: +49 351 28 06 392                                           
                                                                              With our highly sensitive and at
                                                                              the same time extremely rugged
                                                                              cameras and system solutions we
                                                                              provide important interfaces of
                                                                              control processes and for the ac-
                                                                              quisition of product quality and
                                                                              safety data.
                                                                              Our products and solutions prove
                                                                              their worth in the following mar-
                                                                              kets: Industry, Security, Defense,
                                                                              Aviation and Medical.
                                                                    DD-1                                                                            GÖ-2

                              Solution Provider                                                               Producer

 Optical Inspection Systems ensure                                            As a global leader in embedded       Kontron
 your product quality. Also, they                                             computer technology, Kontron         Oskar-von-Miller-Str. 1
 help to reduce production costs                                              supplies a diversified customer      85386 Eching
 and to file your product quality                                             base of OEMs, system integrators     Germany
 history. Kdorf Automation devel-                                             and application providers. The       Tel.: +49 8165 77 777
 ops and implements customized                                                company helps its customers to       Fax: +49 8165 77 279
 vision systems for quality control.                                          considerably reduce their time-to-
 We select the optimal hardware                                               market and to gain a competitive
 components such as camera sys-                                               advantage with products includ-
 tems and lighting equipment                                                  ing high-performance open com-
 which make your application a re-                                            puter platforms and systems, sin-
 liable and cost efficient invest-                                            gle board computers and
 ment. We are experts in intelli-       Kdorf Automation                      human-machine interfaces. Kon-
 gent camera systems and also           Industrierring Ost 66                 tron employs more than 2,600
 complex PC-based environments.         47906 kempen                          people worldwide.
                                        Tel.: +49 2152 894 8033
                                        Fax: +49 2152 894 8034
                                              D-4                                                                         M-9

52 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                          

                                                                          Company category                        Applications
  About Rauscher                                                          Distributor                             Inspection piece parts, Inspection
                                                                                                                  web material, Robot Vision 2D,
  Rauscher GmbH is a
                                                                          Product category                        Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
  leading distributor for all
                                                                          Cameras, Frame Grabber, Optics,         tion, Material Testing, Symbol
  imaging components, in-
                                                                          Lighting equipment, Software,           Recognition, Part Identification,
  cluding software, area-
                                                                          Processors, Vision Sensors/Smart        Metrology 2D, High Speed Analysis,
  and linescan cameras,
                                                                          Cameras/Embedded Systems,               Particle Analysis, Digitalization,
  frame grabbers, image-
                                                                          Interfaces/Cables/Peripherals           Others
  processing boards, smart
  cameras, embedded sys-
                                                                          Company Officials                       Companies represented
  tems, optics, lighting and
                                                                          Ernst Rauscher                          Matrox, e2v, Photonfocus, Prosilica,
                                                                                                                  Advanced Illumination
     Rauscher GmbH com-
                                                                          Date established
  bines distribution with
                                                                          1973                                    Platforms supported
  high engineering compe-
                                                                                                                  Microsoft Windows, Linux
  tence. This enables all
  customers to efficiently
                                                                          14                                      Regions served
  develop and market their
  vision system.
                                                                          Industries served
                                                                          Mechanical engineering/Line build-      Associations
                                                                          ing, Automotive and suppliers,          EMVA, AIA, VDMA
                                 Rauscher GmbH                            Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-
                                 Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 20              ing, Precision engineering/Optics/
                                 82140 Olching                            Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-
                                 Tel.: +49 8142 448 41 0
                                                                          Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical
                                 Fax: +49 8142 448 41 90
                                                technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,
                                                 Traffic/Logistics, Paper/Wood, Energy
                                                                          Water/Solar technology, Others
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                                                                          Company category                        Applications
                                                                          Producer                                Inspection piece parts, Inspection
  Silicon Software                                                                                                web material, Part Identification,
                                                                          Product category                        Metrology 2D, Metrology 3D, High
  Silicon Software is one of the
                                                                          Frame Grabber, Software                 Speed Analysis, Particle Analysis,
  international technology lead-
                                                                                                                  Material Testing, Digitalization,
  ers with innovative product
                                                                          Company Officials                       Image Acquisition Networks, Postal
  lines for a broad range of ap-
                                         allowing to realize a broad      Dr. Ralf Lay – CEO                      sorting and documentation
  plications and service provider
                                         field of applications.           Dr. Klaus-Henning Noffz – CEO
  for customized adaptations.
                                             Further focus is the Visu-                                           Platforms supported
      The company produces
                                         alApplets product line. The      Date established                        Windows 32/64bit, Linux 32/64bit,
  off-the-shelf as well as cus-
                                         graphical software tool dra-     1997                                    QNX, PCI 32/64bit, PCIe, OEM
  tomized OEM solutions. Base
                                         matically eases the program-                                             developments
  products are the series of in-
                                         ming of vision processor         Employees
  telligent image acquisition
                                         hardware. Even software          23                                      Regions served
  and processing boards, sup-
                                         programmers and application                                              National, Europe, North America,
  porting PCI, PCI Express as
                                         engineers will be able to im-    Industries served                       South/Central America, Asia and
  well as GigabitEthernet. Ad-
                                         plement demanded and time-       Mechanical engineering/Line build-      Pacific Rim, ROW
  vantage of this technology is
                                         critical applications on hard-   ing, Automotive and suppliers,
  the programmability of the
                                         ware in a few minutes.           Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-     Associations
  on-board vision processors
                                                                          ing, Precision engineering/Optics/      EMVA, AIA, VDMA
                                                                          Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-
                                 Silicon Software GmbH                    ceuticals/Cosmetics Chemicals,
                                 Steubenstraße 46
                                                                          Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical
                                 68163 Mannheim
                                                                          technology, Metal, Glass/Ceramics,
                                 Tel.: +49 621 789507 0                   Traffic/Logistics, Paper/Wood,
                                 Fax: +49 621 789507 10                   Energy/Water/Solar technology,
                                        Entertainment, Communications

 See our ad on page             31                                                                                                                Inspect 5/2008 53

                            Distributor/Producer                                                                  Producer

 As a specialist supplier to the        Laser 2000 GmbH                        The Metrology Division offers the       Leica Geosystems AG Metrology
 photonics market, Laser 2000 is        argelsrieder Feld 14                   most complete range of equip-           Products
 committed to excellence in the         82234 wessling/Munich                  ment and software used in the           Moenchmattweg 5
 quality of service and products        Germany                                metrology field today. Innovative       5035 unterentfelden
 that we provide to customers           Tel.: +49 8153 405 0                   products enable industrial cus-         Switzerland
 throughout Europe.                     Fax: +49 8153 405 33                   tomers to measure large compo-          Tel.: +41 627376767
                                                                                            Fax: +41 627230734
 Laser 2000 Business Unit „Image                                               nents accurately to extreme toler-
 Processing & Machine Vision”: To                                              ances and process the data    
 improve productivity and quality                                              directly in their CAD systems. Its
 in industrial environments we                                                 product range includes laser
 support the increasing demand                                                 trackers, image-processing sys-
 for photonics products. Our engi-                                             tems, and high-precision indus-
 neers assist customers in select-                                             trial total stations, along with a
 ing the appropriate combination                                               broad spectrum of software that
 of light source, camera and soft-                                             can communicate with all com-
 ware.                                                                         mercial CAD products.

                                                                        M-10                                                                           ZH-1

                                   Producer                                                                       Producer

 Leistungselektronik Jena GmbH                                                 Lemo designs and manufactures           Lemo SA
 (LEJ), this is more than 25 years of                                          precision custom connection solu-       28 champs courbes
 continuous research, product de-                                              tions. Lemo’s high quality push-        1024 Ecublens
 velopment and production in the                                               pull connectors are found in a va-      Switzerland
 field of electronic power supplies                                            riety of challenging application        Tel.: +41 21 695 16 00
 for gas discharge lamps, lamp                                                 environments including medical,         Fax: +41 21 695 16 02
 housings and complete light                                                   industrial control, test and mea-
 sources also based on high power                                              surement, audio-video, and tele-
 LED’s. Additionally a selection of                                            communications.
 Xenon flashers in different ver-
 sions is part of the product range.
 The products are used in indus-
 trial applications as microscopy,      Leistungselektronik Jena GmbH
 machine vision, research and ed-       Stockholmer Str. 5
 ucation, analytical products and       07747 Jena
 solar simulation. For optimum          Germany
                                        Tel.: +49 3641 3530 0
 profit of our customers all devices
                                        Fax: +49 3641 3530 70
 could be tailored to adapt to their
                                                    J-2                                                                           VD-1

                                   Producer                                                                       Producer

 For more than 40 years Leuze           Leuze electronic                       Matrix Vision develops for and
 electronic is a leading manufac-       In der Braike 1                        with its system partners compo-
 turer and developer of optoelec-       73277 Owen/Teck                        nents and solutions for various in-
 tronic sensors, identification and     Germany                                dustrial sectors. Effective solutions
 machine vision systems, data           Tel.: +49 7021 573 0                   are in demand, not only in quality
 transmission systems, as well as       Fax: +49 7021 573 199                  control of high-speed manufactur-
 optoelectronic systems for safety                                             ing processes. The fields of surveil-
 at work and industrial automa-                                                lance, robotics, medicine and so
 tion.                                                                         on also place high demands on
 Leuze electronic is a member of                                               the hard- and software of image
 the Leuze-group and world-wide                                                processing systems.
 represented. Strong-qualified field                                           We are developing frame grab-
 sales teams comprehensively                                                   bers, smart, USB and GigE cam-          Matrix Vision GmbH
 serve the market. In combination                                              eras optimally supported by our         Talstr. 16
 with the customer support centre,                                             software, as well as multi-core so-     71570 Oppenweiler
 a maximum customer orientation                                                lutions like our PCIe accelerator       Germany
                                                                                                                       Tel.: +49 7191 9432 0
 is guaranteed.                                                                board. Beside this extensive range
                                                                                                                       Fax: +49 7191 9432 288
                                                                               of standard products we develop
                                                                        S-9                                              S-10
                                                                               customized solutions.         

54 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                      Date established
  About Sill Optics                                                                                                   1894
  Sill Optics founded in 1894 is          sors, light sources
  a private owned medium size             for machine vision
  company, specializing in the            and Lenses for
  production of optical compo-            Shadow Projectors
                                                                                                                      Industries served
  nents. With an investment in            and       Measure-
                                                                                                                      Mechanical engineering/Line build-
  latest equipment, we can                ments.
                                                                                                                      ing, Packaging, Precision engineer-
  comply with any modern de-                 A dedicated and
                                                                                                                      ing/Optics/Machine vision, Pharma-
  mands on optical manufac-               experienced team
  turing in highest precision or          can support the
                                                                                                                      Medical technology, Glass/Ceramics,
  high power laser quality for            customer, achiev-
                                                                                                                      Energy/Water/Solar technology
  rapid prototyping or off the            ing the best solu-
  shelf components. The prod-             tion for his appli-
  uct range covers optical com-           cation. By keeping
                                                                                                                      Inspection piece, Robot Vision 2D,
  ponents and assemblies for              the direct link to                   Company category                       Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
  OEM Equipments like scan                our team will always have a
                                                                               Solution Provider/Producer             tion, Symbol Recognition, Part
  lenses and beam expanders               look at the feasibility of the
                                                                                                                      Identification, Metrology 2D, Metrol-
  for Laser application, Tele-            optical and mechanical de-
                                                                               Product category                       ogy 3D, High Speed Analysis, Ther-
  centric lenses, LED Conden-             sign.
                                                                               Optics, Lighting equipment             mography, Particle Analysis, Material
                                                                                                                      Testing, Others
                                  Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG                    Company Officials
                                  Johann-Höllfritsch-Str. 13                   Berndt Zingrebe – Managing Direc-      Regions served
                                  90530 wendelstein                            tor –    National, Europe, North America,
                                                                               Markus Klahr – Sales Manager –         Asia and Pacific Rim
                                  Tel.: +49 9129 9023 0
                                  Fax: +49 9129 9023 23
                                                   Konrad Hentschel – R&D Manager         Associations
                                                    –       VDMA

                                                                               Company category                       Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-
  About                                                                        Producer                               ceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals,
  Vision & Control                                                                                                    Foodstuffs/Beverages, Metal, Glass/
                                                                               Product category                       Ceramics, Paper/Wood, Energy/
  Vision & Control – Pioneering                                                Cameras, Optics, Lighting equip-       Water/Solar technology
  Vision                                                                       ment, Software, Vision Sensors/Smart
  As a technology leader, our                                                  Cameras/Embedded Systems, Inter-       Applications
  company develops, produces                                                   faces/Cables/Peripherals, R&D, other   Inspection piece parts, Inspection
  and sells an optimally attuned                                                                                      web material, Robot Vision 2D,
  modular system worldwide. It            ponents, we offer our custom-                                               Character Recognition, Symbol
  ranges from complex image               ers tailor-made image captur-                                               Recognition, Part Identification,
  processing systems such as              ing and processing solutions.                                               Metrology 2D, High Speed Analysis
  camat vision sensors, pictor                Leading OEMs and system
  intelligent cameras and vicosys         integrators have banked on                                                  Platforms supported
  multi-camera systems to indi-           state-of-the-art design by Vi-                                              vcwin operating software
  vidual vicolux high perfor-             sion & Control for almost 20
  mance LED lighting and vico-            years. Our products are the          Company Officials
  tar precision optics.                   first choice wherever top pri-       Dr. Juergen Geffe
     To master challenging im-            ority is assigned to flexibility,    (Managing Director)
  age processing tasks that               speed, reliability and indus-
                                                                               Date established
  would overtax standard com-             trially robust construction.

                                                                               Employees                              Regions served
                                  Vision & Control GmbH
                                                                       SHL-1   40                                     National, Europe, North America,
                                  Mittelbergstraße 16
                                                                                                                      South/Central America, Asia and
                                  98527 Suhl
                                  Germany                                      Industries served                      Pacific Rim, ROW
                                  Tel.: +49 3681 79 74 0                       Mechanical engineering/Line
                                  Fax: +49 3681 79 74 22                       building, Automotive and suppliers,    Associations
                                               Electronics/Semiconductors, Pack-      EMVA, AIA, VDMA, UKIVA
                                                                               aging, Precision engineering/Optics/                                                                                                                    Inspect 5/2008 55

                                  Distributor                                                              Machine Builder

 MaxxVision is one of the leading       MaxxVision GmbH                       Micro Epsilon is a worldwide          Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH
 Value-added Distributors in the        Sigmaringer Str.121                   known specialist for measure-         königbacher Str. 15
 field of industrial machine vision     70567 Stuttgart                       ment of dimension and non-con-        94496 Ortenburg
 in Germany. With a wide array of       Germany                               tact temperature. We have the         Germany
 products in cameras and compo-         Tel.: +49 711 9979 963                broadest spectra for high quality     Tel.: +49 8542 168 0
 nents we serve all needs and re-       Fax: +49 711 9799 650                 and precise metrology, to provide     Fax: +49 8542 168 90
 quirements in machine vision. Our                                            you the best solution. The assort-
 ISO certified company delivers the                                           ment covers inductive sensors, la-
 components for all machine vi-                                               ser sensors, laser scanners, Thru-
 sion solutions. The products are                                             Beam systems, capacititve and
 applied in sophisticated applica-                                            confocal-chromatic sensors, eddy
 tions of automatic identification,                                           current sensors, image process-
 industrial production, quality con-                                          ing, draw wire sensors, non con-
 trol, logistics, electronic control,                                         tact temperature sensors, test
 science and video surveillance.                                              benches and OEM-sensors.

                                                                       S-11                                                                          PA-2

                                   Producer                                                                    Producer

 Solution Provider for motion anal-     Mikromak Service                      Mikrotron GmbH in Unterschleiss-      Mikrotron GmbH
 ysis in digital image sequences,       Bernhard-lichtenberg-Str. 10          heim near Munich develops, pro-       landshuter Str. 20-22
 2D and 3D.                             10407 Berlin                          duces and sells optimized systems     85716 unterschleißheim
                                        Germany                               and components for industrial im-     Germany
                                        Tel.: +49 30 42022 402                age processing; analog and dig-       Tel.: +49 89 726342 00
                                        Fax: +49 30 42022 401                 ital frame grabbers, high-speed       Fax: +49 89 726342 99
                                                                              video systems and vision cameras
                                                                              for research, development and
                                                                              testing purposes. We also develop
                                                                              ready-to-use industrial electronics
                                                                              systems for large enterprises.

                                                                       B-3                                                                           M-11

                                  Distributor                                                                  Producer

 Mitutoyo represents the most ex-       Mitutoyo Messgeräte GmbH              For the machining industry we of-     Moeller-Wedel Optical GmbH
 tensive range of products for          Borsigstr. 8-10                       fer visual and electronic autocol-    rosengarten 10
 length measuring:                      41469 Neuss                           limators for measuring straight-      22880 wedel
 Coordinate Measuring Machines,         Germany                               ness, flatness, and positioning       Germany
 Vision Measuring Systems, Form         Tel.: +49 2137 102 0                  accuracy of index tables in the       Tel.: +49 4103 93776 10
 Measuring Instruments, Optical         Fax: +49 2137 102 301                 machine tool industry.                Fax: +49 4103 93776 60
 Measuring, Sensor Systems, Test                                              For the optical industry we offer
 Equipment and Seismometers,                                                  interferometers for shape testing,
 Digital Scales and DRO Systems,                                              goniometers, goniometer-spec-
 Small Tool Instruments and Data                                              trometers, visual and electronic
 Management.                                                                  autocollimators, collimators, test-
                                                                              ing telescopes, diopter telescopes,
                                                                              focometer, prism binoculars, cam-
                                                                              eras, and zoom lenses.

                                                                       D-5                                                                           HH-3

56 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                         

                                    Producer                                                         Producer/Solution Provider

  National Instruments is trans-         National Instruments Germany          Since 1993 NeuroCheck GmbH            NeuroCheck GmbH
  forming the way engineers and          GmbH                                  has been offering turn-key solu-      Neckarstr. 76/1
  scientists design, prototype and       konrad-Celtis-Str. 79                 tions for all fields of automated     71686 remseck
  deploy systems for measurement,        81369 München                         visual inspection. All these solu-    Germany
  automation and embedded appli-         Germany                               tions are based on the software       Tel.: +49 7146 8956 0
  cations. NI empowers customers         Tel.: +49 89 741 31 30                product NeuroCheck, which is de-      Fax: +49 7146 8956 29
                                         Fax: +49 89 714 60 35                                             
  with off-the-shelf software such                                             veloped in-house.
  as NI LabView and modular cost-
  effective hardware, and sells to a
  broad base of more than 25,000
  different companies worldwide,
  with no one customer represent-
  ing more than 3 % of revenue
  and no one industry representing
  more than 10 % of revenue.

                                                                        M-12                                                                            S-12

                               Solution Provider                                                           Solution Provider

  OBE offers products and services       OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner            For over 80 years, Olympus has        Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH
  for the automatic inspection of        GmbH & Co. KG                         been one of the world’s leading       wendenstr. 14-18
  technical and decorative surfaces      Turnstr. 22                           manufacturers in the opto-digital     20097 Hamburg
  under the brand name of trevista.      75228 Ispringen                       industry. As one of the most re-      Germany
  trevista was specially developed       Germany                               spected providers of microscope       Tel.: +49 40 237 73 0
  for the 100 % inspection of shiny      Tel.: +49 7231 802 0                  systems, Olympus offers a com-        Fax: +49 40 237 73 973
                                         Fax: +49 7231 802 156                                             
  components. A wide range of sur-                                             prehensive range of system solu-
  faces such as turned, milled,
                                                                               tions for all market requirements.
  ground, polished and electro-                                                These include entry-level inspec-
  plated surfaces can thus be safely                                           tion microscopes to high-end
  and efficiently checked. Our spec-                                           systems enabling pioneering re-
  trum ranges from components to                                               search and routine applications in
  integrated machine vision solu-                                              materials science, as well as inno-
  tions for specific parts and finally                                         vative imaging systems and infor-
  up to complete automated in-                                                 mation technology for all indus-
  spection systems.                                                            trial applications.

                                                                        S-13                                                                           HH-4

                               Solution Provider                                                                Producer

  Since 1980, we have been a spe-        Opto Sonderbedarf                     Because of its ideal properties as    OptoPolymer
  cialist developer and manufac-         lochhamer Schlag 14                   a Lambertian reflector, OptoPoly-     königsteinstr. 12
  turer of market leading Optome-        82166 Gräfelfing                      mer offers a broad range of opti-     80807 München
  chatronic Modules, Components          Germany                               cal applications.                     Germany
  and Systems. We have delivered         Tel.: +49 89 898055 0                 The diffuse reflecting base mate-     Tel.: +49 89 35657183
  special plug and play solutions        Fax: +49 89 898055 18                 rial is particularly processed PTFE   Fax: +49 89 35657184
  ranging from single vision compo-                                            and works in its optical character-
  nents all the way to complex im-                                             istic as volume reflector.
  aging systems. Thanks to our
  comprehensive in-house manu-
  facturing capability, we are able
  to meet any production demand
  – from rapid single unit prototyp-
  ing all the way to serial produc-
  tion. We will be pleased to assist
  you with any level of advice.

                                                                        M-13                                                                           M-14                                                                                                                       Inspect 5/2008 57

                             Machine Builder                                                            Producer

 Non-contact surface measure-         OptoSurf GmbH                   Panasonic Corporation is one of        Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
 ment: Roughness, Roundness,          Nobelstr. 9-13                  the World’s largest manufacturers      winsbergring 15
 Waviness.                            76275 Ettlingen                 of consumer electronics. Pana-         22525 Hamburg
                                      Germany                         sonic System Solutions’ mission        Germany
                                      Tel.: +49 7243 766 013          as a group member of the Pana-         Tel.: +49 40 8549 2606
                                      Fax: +49 7243 766 034           sonic Co. is to use our expertise in   Fax: +49 40 8549 2856
                                                                      digital AV and IT system solutions
                                                                      to provide the infrastructure for
                                                                      the ubiquitous network society.
                                                                      The Industrial and Medical Vision
                                                                      dep. offers a comprehensive range
                                                                      of micro camera equipment suit-
                                                                      able for many applications includ-
                                                                      ing medical, industrial, live sci-
                                                                      ence and broadcast.

                                                               KA-4                                                                         HH-5

                                 Producer                                                          Solution Provider

 PCO AG is manufacturer of high       PCO AG                          PCE offers a wide range of appli-      Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH
 speed and high performance           donaupark 11                    cation-specific and well estab-        Gernsheimer Str. 2
 CCD- &CMOS camera systems for        93309 kelheim                   lished systems for the control of      64673 zwingenberg
 scientific, industrial and OEM ap-   Germany                         pharmaceutical packaging. This         Germany
 plications.                          Tel.: +49 9441 2005 0           range covers from simple control       Tel.: +49 6251 8545 0
                                      Fax: +49 9441 2005 20           sensors to image processing used       Fax: +49 6251 8545 111
                                                                      in complex applications such as
                                                                      Pharma Track & Trace. Thereby ef-
                                                                      ficient image processing technol-
                                                                      ogy is embedded in an easy to
                                                                      handle user interface. The data
                                                                      acquired is available on all levels
                                                                      of process management. All sys-
                                                                      tems comply with GMP stand-

                                                               R-3                                                                           F-6

                                 Producer                                                          Solution Provider

 Photonfocus AG is a leading de-      Photonfocus AG                  Phytec is developer and manufac-       Phytec Messtechnik GmbH
 veloper and manufacturer of high     Bahnhofplatz 10                 turer of imaging hardware with a       robert-koch-Str. 39
 performance CMOS image sensor        8853 lachen                     special focus on customer specific     55129 Mainz
 and camera technologies for the      Switzerland                     products. Based on ready-made          Germany
 machine vision industry. Based on    Tel.: +41 55 4510000            single board computers and cam-        Tel.: +49 6131 9221 0
 leading-edge, proprietary sensor     Fax: +41 55 4510001             era boards, Phytec offers an easy      Fax: +49 6131 9221 33
 designs, our products feature ex-                                    way to integrate digital imaging
 tremely high frame rates, high dy-                                   into serial products.
 namic and extensive programma-                                       Solutions can either be based
 bility for use in many industrial                                    on miniaturized microcontroller
 vision applications. Additional                                      boards or standard-PC compo-
 Photonfocus offers customized                                        nents.
 sensor and camera solutions and
 provides design-in support in vi-
 sion system design.

                                                               ZH-2                                                                         MZ-4

58 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                  

                              Solution Provider                                                             Producer

  Inspection Machines                   pi4_robotics GmbH                  POG Präzisionsoptik Gera devel-       POG Präzisionsoptik Gera
                                        Gustav-Meyer-allee 25              ops, produces and distributes cli-    Gewerbepark keplerstr. 35
                                        13355 Berlin                       ent-specific, optics for the whole    07549 Gera
                                        Germany                            spectral range. Founded in 1991       Germany
                                        Tel.: +49 30 7009 694162           as MBO from the Carl Zeiss            Tel.: +49 365 77393 0
                                        Fax: +49 30 7009 694 69            Group, POG today has three main       Fax: +49 365 77393 29
                                                                           product lines: a) customized and
                                                                           standard optical microstructures
                                                                           – reticles, scale, resolution and
                                                                           calibration targets, b) custom op-
                                                                           tical systems – from optics design
                                                                           to series production –, and c) cus-
                                                                           tom high precision optical com-
                                                                           ponents from UV to IR.

                                                                    B-4                                                                            EF-2

                                  Distributor                                         Producer/ Research Facility/Solution Provider

  Illumination: Fiber-optics, Halo-     Polytec GmbH                       Leader in R&D in industrial auto-     Profactor GmbH
  gen cold light sources, Metal hal-    Polytec-Platz 1-7                  mation and robotics, nanotech-        am Stadtgut a2
  ide light sources, Xenon strobo-      76337 waldbronn                    nology, quality control, image        4407 Steyr
  scopes, LED lightheads and            Germany                            processing, process design auto-      austria
  controllers.                          Tel.: +49 7243 604 0               mation.                               Tel.: +43 7252 885 0
  Lens: Standard CCTV lenses, Tele-     Fax: +49 7243 699 44                                                     Fax: +43 7252 885 101
  centric and macro lenses, System
  Camera: Analog and digital cam-
  eras, Matrix- and line-scan cam-
  eras, Cabling and signal transfer,
  copper cables, fiber-optic trans-
  mission for digital cameras
  Frame Grabber: Analog input,
  Digital input, FireWire IEEE 1394,
  Optional DSPs.

                                                                    KA-5                                                                           L-1

                        Solution Provider/Producer                                                     Solution Provider

  Producer of image intensifiers, in-   Proxitronic Industries AG          Quiss provides a wide selection of    Quiss GmbH
  tensified cameras, special purpose    robert-Bosch-Str. 32b              innovative systems for various in-    lilienthalstr. 5
  cameras, detectors heads, sub-        64625 Bensheim                     spection tasks in the fields of ad-   82178 Puchheim
  units for low light and short-ex-     Germany                            hesive and sealant application,       Germany
  posure applications. Engineering      Tel.: +49 6251 1703 0              position detection and robot guid-    Tel.: +49 89 894 590
  of customized products (single        Fax: +49 6251 1703 90              ance as well as in the manufac-       Fax: +49 89 894 111
  pieces, prototyping and series).                                         ture of metal packaging. Quiss
  Product Range: electrooptical                                            systems detect and prevent manu-
  short-gating units (down to 5ns),                                        facturing errors with utmost reli-
  intensified and EMCCD cameras,                                           ability, indicate weak points and
  x-ray cameras, open MCP detec-                                           help achieve continuous improve-
  tor systems, UV cameras with                                             ment in the production process.
  single photon detection, SIT re-                                         We are proud to serve our cus-
  placement cameras, powerline in-                                         tomers now for two decades in
  spection system, camera upgrades                                         the area of industrial image
  and fiber optical couplings.                                             processing.

                                                                    F-7                                                                            M-15                                                                                                                  Inspect 5/2008 59

                                 Distributor                                                                Distributor

 Rauscher GmbH is a leading            Rauscher GmbH                        The Rubroeder GmbH Factory Au-        Rubroeder GmbH Factory
 distributor for all imaging com-      Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 20          tomation offers systems for the       Automation
 ponents, including software,          82140 Olching                        PCB-, solar- and fuel-cell produc-    Theodor-Neizert-Str. 1
 area- and linescan cameras,           Germany                              tion as well as for semiconductor-    56170 Bendorf
 frame grabbers, image-process-        Tel.: +49 8142 44841 0               packaging. Its systems for auto-      Germany
 ing boards, smart cameras, em-        Fax: +49 8142 44841 90               mated optical inspections by MVP      Tel.: +49 2622 943 730
                                                                                        Fax: +49 2622 943 750
 bedded systems, optics, lighting                                           acquire images “on-the-fly” and
 and accessories.                                                           allow for solder-paste-, place-
 Rauscher GmbH combines distri-                                             ment- and end-of-line inspections
 bution with high engineering                                               of PCBs. The 850-G system makes
 competence. This enables all cus-                                          inspections of semiconductor
 tomers to efficiently develop and                                          packaging applications possible.
 market their vision system.                                                It inspects paste, flux, the place-
                                                                            ment of die as well as epoxy.

                                                                     M-16                                                                         KO-1

                             Solution Provider                                                          Solution Provider

 System Solutions for Machine Vi-                                           Seidenader Vision GmbH has            Seidenader Vision GmbH
 sion: Machine Vision solutions de-                                         been developing and selling cus-      lilienthalstr. 8
 termine the automation industry                                            tomized vision solutions, inspec-     85570 Markt Schwaben
 as a key technology. Besides spe-                                          tion systems and vision proces-       Germany
 cific solutions that SAC develops                                          sors for all fields of industrial     Tel.: +49 8121 802 486
 individually for the customers’ ap-                                        in-process quality inspection for     Fax: +49 8121 802 100
 plications, the company offers as                                          almost 20 years. Seidenader Vi-
 well standard solutions. Together                                          sion is part of the Seidenader
 with the customers SAC develops                                            Group with head office in Mu-
 concepts for the integration of                                            nich/Germany and subsidiaries in
 Machine Vision into the produc-                                            USA and Belgium.
 tion process. SAC offers efficient    SAC Sirius Advanced
 system solutions e.g. for Toothing    Cybernetics GmbH
 Inspection, 3D Inspection, Assem-     am Sandfeld 15
 bly Quality Assurance and Surface     76149 karlsruhe
 Inspection.                           Germany
                                       Tel.: +49 721 60 543 000
                                       Fax: +49 721 60 543 200
                                       KA-6                                                                         M-17

                             Solution Provider                                                               Producer

 Being in market since 1989, Sen-                                           Sharp is a worldwide developer of     Sharp Microelectronics Europe
 sor to Image is one of the most                                            core digital technologies that are    Sonninstr. 3
 established companies in the field                                         playing an integral role in shaping   20097 Hamburg
 of machine vision. Focused on                                              the next generation of electronic     Germany
 OEM business, products like frame                                          products for consumer and busi-       Tel:: +49 40 2376 0
 grabbers and image processing                                              ness needs. Sharp Microelectron-      Fax: +49 40 2376 2510
 boards have been developed in                                              ics Europe offers groundbreaking
 the past. Now we are focused on                                            solutions in the areas of LCD,
 FPGA based smart systems and                                               Opto Components, CCD/CMOS
 technology for machine vision to                                           camera solutions and compo-
 realize powerful systems with                                              nents, RF/IR, IC and LSI compo-
 small dimensions.                                                          nents, along with packaging and
                                       Sensor to Image GmbH                 integration skills that help design
                                       lechtorstr. 20                       engineers throughout Europe to
                                       86956 Schongau                       bring their ambitious ideas to
                                       Germany                              market.
                                       Tel.: +49 8861 2369 0
                                       Fax: +49 8861 2369 69
                                   M-18                                                                         HH-6

60 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                      

                                   Producer                                                                Solution Provider

  Distinct coding of products or                                               Signum was established in 1982        Signum Computer GmbH
  parts of products is a key require-                                          and was from the beginning spe-       rüdesheimer Str. 21
  ment of modern production pro-                                               cialized in providing complete        80686 München
  cesses. With our stationary and                                              machine vision solutions for the      Germany
  handheld code reading systems                                                industry. Our activities are mainly   Tel.: +49 89 5470550
  we offer just the right products                                             focused on imprint control, sur-      Fax: +49 89 574583
  for reading and verification of 1-D                                          face inspection, position tracking
  and 2-D codes, such as bar codes                                             and control, process control and
  and data matrix codes. This allows                                           code reading. We provide systems
  tracking and tracing of production                                           for the automotive supplying,
  batches along the entire produc-                                             pharmaceutical and print industry
  tion process and beyond.                                                     as well as for semiconductor and
  Application-specific machine vi-      Siemens AG                             plastic manufacturers.
  sion tasks – such as the auto-        Gleiwitzer Str. 555
  matic parts recognition by means      90475 Nürnberg
  of shapes, dimensions, samples,       Germany
                                        Tel.: +49 911 895 0
  outlines, or colors – can be opti-                                     N-2
                                        Fax: +49 911 895 2132
  mally solved with our vision sen-

                                   Producer                                                                Solution Provider

  Silicon Software GmbH, located in     Silicon Software                       Highspeed cameras, machine vi-        slomotec, Dr. Frank Gabler
  Mannheim/Germany, manufac-            Steubenstr. 46                         sion, long time highspeed video       Grimmelshausenstr. 14
  tures intelligent Image-Processing    68163 Mannheim                         recording, data acquisition for       63628 Bad Soden-Salmünster
  Boards, Frame Grabbers, and OEM       Germany                                highspeed cameras, multi-head         Germany
  Products based on reprogramma-        Tel.: +49 621 789 507 0                highspeed camera systems, cus-        Tel.: +49 6056 9836 674
  ble FPGA Technology. We offer         Fax: +49 621 789 507 10                tom solutions, rental, services.      Fax: +49 6056 2097 529
  services to customize the process-
  ing functionality of our products.
  The graphical hardware program-
  ming software Visual Applets is a
  further product focus, which en-
  hances the Real-Time preproces-
  ing capability of the processing
  boards and gives the opportunity
  to customize applications by the
  customers themselves.

                                                                       MA-1                                                                         F-8

                              Solution Provider                                                            Solution Provider

  Manufacturer/Supplier of intelli-     Smartray GmbH                          survace for surface inspection        SmartSurv Vision Systems GmbH
  gent 3D-Cameras and 3D-Vision-        BGM-Finsterwalder-ring 12              (machine vision), survmotion for      Malmsheimer Str. 7
  Sensors for all areas of industrial   82515 wolfratshausen                   motion detection and tracking         71063 Sindelfingen
  image processing.                     Germany                                (surveillance).                       Germany
                                        Tel.: +49 8171 9683 400                                                      Tel.: +49 7031 3041800
                                        Fax: +49 8171 9683 401                                                       Fax: +49 7031 3041800

                                                                       M-20                                                                         S-14                                                                                                                   Inspect 5/2008 61

                                 Producer                                                               Machine Builder

 Solving3D is manufacturer of         Solving3D GmbH                        Hardness Testing Machines,           Stiefelmayer-Reicherter GmbH & Co.
 metric solutions for machine vi-     Osteriede 5                           Spring Testing Machines, 3D Co-      KG
 sion based on photogrammetric        30827 Garbsen                         ordinate Measuring Machines.         Boschstr. 10
 measurement techniques with the      Germany                                                                    73734 Esslingen
 core competency in development       Tel.: +49 5131 907 97 20                                                   Germany
 of camera based measurement          Fax: +49 5131 907 97 29                                                    Tel.: +49 711 490 4690 0
                                                                                      Fax: +49 711 490 4690 13
 systems for in-line applications
 and inspection as well as for dy-                                                                     
 namic applications in vehicle
 The systems have the distinction
 of precise stereo image measure-
 ment and laser triangulation.
 Solving3D develops and distrib-
 utes measurement systems for in-
 line applications as well as cus-
 tomer specific solutions.
                                                                      H-1                                                                        S-15

                                 Producer                                                                   Producer

 Industrial image processing, soft-                                         We are a leading supplier of reli-   SVS-Vistek GmbH
 ware products and hardware                                                 able and reasonable high-resolu-     Mühlbachstr. 20
 (unique solutions and small se-                                            tion digital cameras and custom      82229 Seefeld
 ries); applied research and devel-                                         imaging systems for machine vi-      Germany
 opment; statistical techniques of                                          sion. The portfolio of our product   Tel.: +49 8152 99 85 0
 quality assurance and CAQ; con-                                            range for the domestic market        Fax: +49 8152 99 85 79
 sulting and further education;                                             covers the whole field of machine
 workshops and employee training                                            vision components, starting with
 for quality assurance, image                                               illumination, followed by lenses,
 processing and production mea-                                             cameras, frame grabber, imaging
 surement technology; preparation                                           libraries and computer hardware.
 of companies for certification ac-   STZ Qualitaetssicherung & Bildver-    Internationally we provide global
 cording to ISO 9001:2000; con-       arbeitung                             sales, service and support through
 sulting of companies regarding       werner-von-Siemens-Str. 12            our distributors in Europe, USA
 raising funds for research and de-   98693 Ilmenau                         and Asia for the SVCam camera
 velopment projects                   Germany                               series.
                                      Tel.: +49 3677 208066
                                      Fax: +49 3677 208067
                                         EF-3                                                                        M-21

                                 Producer                                                              Solution Provider

 Tamron is a 58 years old lens        Tamron Europe GmbH                    Tema, affiliated with the Mühl-      Tema
 manufacturer providing high          robert Bosch Str. 9                   bauer Group, is an international     wilhelmstr. 41-43
 quality/performance machine vi-      50769 köln                            provider of one-stop turnkey ma-     58332 Schwelm
 sion lenses. We have 2/3, 1/1.8      Germany                               chine vision solutions mainly for    Germany
 Mega Pixel lenses, which can         Tel.: +49 221 970 32 50               the packaging, security printing,    Tel.: +49 2336 9298 50
 maximize performance of the          Fax: +49 221 970 32 54                and minting sector but also for      Fax: +49 2336 9298 82
 mega pixel cameras. The MOD of                                             other industries. Though focusing
 the lenses are 10 cm, and the dis-                                         on surface and print inspection, a
 tortion is designed to be nearly                                           variety of methods are used to
 0 %.                                                                       guarantee 100 % fully automatic
                                                                            inspection, protocols, and statis-
                                                                            tics. Company developed soft-
                                                                            ware and lighting solutions
                                                                            enable customized vision systems
                                                                            – either as inline solutions or
                                                                            stand-alone units.

                                                                      K-4                                                                        D-7

62 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                       
FOR                            CHOICE
„ He who stops advertising to try and save money, could just as easily stop his clock to try and save time!“
                                                                  Henry Ford

                                                                                3     LABOR-
                                                                                      FACHZEITSCHRIFT   3-4                                          LABORATORY
                                                                                                          Intelligent Ion Chromatography
                                                                                                                                 IC for Professionals

                                                                                                                          &Microscopy   RESEARCH • DEVELOPMENT • PRODUCTION

                                                                                                        Correlative Microscopy

                                                                                                        Superresolved Holographic Microscopy

                                                                                                        Tomographic Phase Microscopy


Request a free sample copy!

                                  Producer                                                                 Producer

 Established in 1990, The Imaging      The Imaging Source Europe GmbH     The first camera products were        Tichawa Vision GmbH
 Source has become a leading           Sommerstr. 36                      line scan cameras developed for       Burgwallstr. 14
 manufacturer of industrial ma-        28215 Bremen                       spectroscopy analysis and online      86316 Friedberg
 chine vision cameras, frame grab-     Germany                            measuring. With these cameras         Germany
 bers and video converters, serving    Tel.: +49 421 335 91 0             we started to develop a wide          Tel.: +49 821 6080 660
 the following sectors: Factory au-    Fax: +49 421 335 91 80             range of industrial cameras. Our      Fax: +49 821 6080 661
 tomation, Quality inspection,                                            competence includes Contact Im-
 Medical systems, Microscopy sys-                                         age Sensors, cameras and inter-
 tems, Life science projects and As-                                      faces.
 All imaging components manu-
 factured by The Imaging Source
 ship with the SDK IC Imaging

                                                                  HB-1                                                                         A-5

                                  Producer                                                                 Producer

 VDS Vosskuehler develops and          VDS Vosskühler GmbH                Vialux was founded in 2000
 produces high performance dig-        weiße Breite 7                     based upon the owners’ 20 years
 ital cameras for industrial and       49084 Osnabrück                    background in optical metrology.
 medical application.                  Germany                            Combining advanced opto-elec-
 Digital Cameras: CCD, CMOS,           Tel.: +49 541 800 84 0             tronics with mature software al-
 NIR, LWIR, UV, XRAY.                  Fax: +49 541 800 84 10             gorithms forms the strength of
                                                                          the company in this field. Vialux
                                                                          addresses with its products cus-
                                                                          tomer needs in different industrial
                                                                          branches. The hand-held z-Snap-
                                                                          per camera represents a new gen-
                                                                          eration of 3D scanner that is pow-
                                                                          ered by DLP technology. Vialux is     Vialux GmbH
                                                                          a Value Added Reseller for DLP        am Erlenwald 10
                                                                          Discovery components and pro-         09128 Chemnitz
                                                                          vides world-wide support.             Germany
                                                                                                                Tel.: +49 371 33 42 47 0
                                                                                                                Fax: +49 371 33 42 47 10
                                                                   OS-1                                                 C-1

                             Solution Provider                                             Machine Builder/Solution Provider

 visicontrol is developing, produc-    visicontrol GmbH                   Visimation supplies high value vi-    Visimation GmbH
 ing, and selling machine vision       Ettishofer Str. 8                  sion systems for automation. As a     arbuchtalstr. 20
 systems for automation and qual-      88520 weingarten                   young and growing company we          72800 Eningen
 ity control. Our systems are based    Germany                            support high demanding globally       Germany
 on our own machine vision soft-       Tel.: +49 751 560 13 0             operating customers from the au-      Tel.: +49 7121 3040800
 ware and hardware.                    Fax: +49 751 560 13 49             tomotive supplier industry. Our       Fax: +49 7121 890705
                                                                          range of products and services ex-
                                                                          pands from the integration of ma-
                                                                          chine vision systems via the de-
                                                                          sign and production of complex
                                                                          customized plants to the inspec-
                                                                          tion of parts in commission or-

                                                                   RV-5                                                                        S-16

64 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                     

                                    Producer                                                                    Consultant

  Innovations for Machine Vision:                                              Certified institution for practical    Vision Academy GmbH
  As a technology leader, Vision &                                             education and further training of      konrad-zuse-Str. 15
  Control develops, produces and                                               Machine Vision expertise.              99099 Erfurt
  sells an optimally attuned modu-                                             We offer manufacturer-based and        Germany
  lar system worldwide. It ranges                                              product-neutral training in the        Tel.: +49 361 4262 187
  from complex image processing                                                technology and in the background       Fax: +49 361 4262 189
  systems such as vision sensors, in-                                          of practice-related Machine Vi-
  telligent cameras and multi-cam-                                             sion, right up to the highest level
  era systems to individual high                                               of the technology.
  performance LED lighting and
  precision optics. To master chal-
  lenging image processing tasks
  that would overtax standard com-       Vision & Control GmbH
  ponents, we offer our customers        Mittelbergstr. 16
  tailor-made image capturing and        98527 Suhl
  processing solutions.                  Germany
                                         Tel.: +49 3681 79 74 0
                                         Fax: +49 3681 79 74 33
                                     SHL-1                                                                             EF-4

                                    Producer                                                                Solution Provider

  Vision Components is a leading         Vision Components                     Vision Tools is one of the leading     Vision Tools Bildanalyse Systeme
  developer of machine vision tech-      Ottostr. 2                            suppliers of Industrial Image Ana-     GmbH
  nology, focusing on the manufac-       76275 Ettlingen                       lysis Systems (Quality control,        Goethestr. 63-65
  ture and distribution of intelligent   Germany                               Character recognition, Robotics)       68753 waghäusel
  cameras for industrial use. With       Tel.: +49 7243 2167 0                 for car manufacturers and their        Germany
  strategic partnerships with many       Fax: +49 7243 2167 11                 suppliers as well as the electrical    Tel.: +49 7254 9351 0
                                                                                 Fax: +49 7254 9351 20
  key integrators and software pro-                                            industry. Further application fields
  viders, Vision Components offers                                             are: plastic industry and phar-
  a complete line of advanced in-                                              macy.
  dustrial smart cameras for an ar-
  ray of applications. Product line
  includes single board OEM, mini-
  ature and standard Smart Cam-

                                                                       KA-7                                                                              KA-8

                                   Distributor                                                        Producer/Solution Provider

  CCD/CMOS Sensors, CCD Cam-             Vistas GmbH                           Vitronic has been marketing since      Vitronic Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildver-
  eras, EMCC Cameras, CMOS/CCD           Freisinger Str. 13                    1984 standard products with cli-       arbeitungssysteme GmbH
  Line Scan Cameras, Firewire            85737 Ismaning                        ent-specific extendable modules        Hasengartenstr. 14
  1394B to PCIe Interface Boards,        Germany                               up to individual specific solutions.   65189 wiesbaden
  Illumination Devices, DC/DC Con-       Tel.: +49 89 929 280 90               They are developed, manufac-           Germany
  verters, Fingerprint Security Prod-    Fax: +49 89 929 280 99                tured and marketed by Vitronic. In     Tel.: +49 611 7152 0
                                                                                         Fax: +49 611 7152 133
  ucts.                                                                        this way, the clients receive turn-
                                                                               key ready systems from one   
                                                                               source – from the hardware to
                                                                               the software. Thanks to its pio-
                                                                               neering achievements and its per-
                                                                               sistent investment in research and
                                                                               development, Vitronic is today
                                                                               one of the leading companies in
                                                                               the field of image processing. In
                                                                               the year 2008 Vitronic had more
                                                                               than 300 employees.
                                                                       M-22                                                                              MZ-5                                                                                                                      Inspect 5/2008 65

                             Solution Provider                                                                 Producer

 VMT supplies customized turnkey       VMT Bildverarbeitungssysteme          Volpi is a provider of fiber optic     Volpi AG
 image processing and laser sen-       GmbH                                  and LED illumination components        wiesenstr. 33
 sor systems for all industrial        Mallaustr. 50-56                      for use in machine vision, micros-     8952 Schlieren
 sectors. VMT solutions are based      68219 Mannheim                        copy, and medical diagnostics.         Switzerland
 on self-developed product lines,      Germany                               Another main area of activity is       Tel.: +41 4473 243 43
 which cover the entire application    Tel.: +49 621 84250 0                 the development of fiber optic         Fax: +41 4473 243 44
                                       Fax: +49 621 84250 290                                             
 spectrum. As competence center                                              sensors for customized applica-
 for vision solutions in the 
 Pepperl+Fuchs group, VMT offers
 absolute high-level technology
 combined with highest invest-
 ment security. VMT is consultant
 to its customers and provides
 them with a solid basis for deci-
 sion-making for their invest-

                                                                      MA-2                                                                          ZH-3

                                  Producer                                                                Solution Provider

 The German camera manufac-                                                  For 25 years the name of wenglor       wenglor sensoric gmbh
 turer VRmagic offers a wide                                                 has stood for innovative products      wenglor Str. 3
 range of components for indus-                                              for contact free object recognition.   88069 Tettnang
 trial image processing – from ex-                                           Founded in 1983 wenglor today          Germany
 ternal analog-to-digital convert-                                           employs more than 500 people           Tel.: +49 7542 5399 0
 ers through to FPGA components                                              worldwide and continues to de-         Fax: +49 7542 5399 988
 with integrated image prepro-                                               velop on an international basis.
 cessing and fully autonomously                                              Over 50,000 leading customers
 working intelligent cameras. The                                            throughout the world trust wen-
 product range includes cameras                                              glor to master their industrial au-
 in housing and OEM variants –                                               tomation challenges. wenglor of-
 from sensor boards through to                                               fers a broad range of Image
 special designs such as multi-        VRmagic GmbH                          Processing, Vision Sensors, OCR
 sensor cameras. The modules can       augustaanlage 32                      Readers, Scanners, Illumination
 be individually configured as re-     68165 Mannheim                        and of course service and train-
 quired.                               Gemany                                ings for all these products. wen-
                                       Tel.: +49 621 4004 16 20
                                                                             glor looks forward to finding the
                                       Fax: +49 621 4004 16 99
                                                                             solution to your vision applica-
                                            MA-3                                                                          RV-6

                    Machine Builder/Solution Provider                                                     Machine Builder

 The optical measuring system          Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG            Werth Messtechnik GmbH is the          Werth Messtechnik GmbH
 from Wenzel verifies components       werner-wenzel-Str.                    leading international manufac-         Siemensstr. 19
 directly in the production process.   97859 wiesthal                        turer of multisensor coordinate        35394 Gießen
 Through the combination with          Germany                               measuring machines. Product            Germany
 the reliable measuring software       Tel.: +49 6020 201 0                  range: optical and tactile multi-      Tel.: +49 641 7938 0
 Metrosoft CM it is possible to        Fax: +49 6020 201 1999                sensor coordinate measuring ma-        Fax: +49 641 7938 719
 control parts directly in the pro-                                          chines – including x-ray computer
 duction line without delays. Due                                            tomography, measuring and pro-
 to the use of an intelligent cam-                                           file projectors.
 era system work pieces are
 checked within the cycle time of
 the production line. The measur-
 ing data can then be given imme-
 diately to the process controller.

                                                                      F-9                                                                           GI-1

66 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                          

                                     Producer                                                          Machine Builder

  X-Rite is the global leader in color    X-Rite Europe GmbH              Yxlon International is the leading     Yxlon International GmbH
  science and technology. The com-        althardstr. 70                  supplier of Industrial X-ray inspec-   Im Bahlbrink 11-13
  pany, which now includes design         8105 regensdorf                 tion systems and industrial Com-       30827 Garbsen
  industry color leader Pantone,          Switzerland                     puted Tomography (CT) solutions        Germany
  Inc., develops, manufactures, mar-      Tel.: +41 44 842 24 00          for the non-destructive testing of     Tel.: +49 5131 7098 0
  kets and supports innovative color      Fax: +41 44 842 22 22           materials (NDT).                       Fax: +49 5131 7098 80
  solutions through measurement
  systems, software, color standards
  and services. X-Rite’s expertise in
  inspiring, selecting, measuring,
  formulating, communicating and
  matching color helps users get
  color right the first time and every
  time, which translates to better
  quality and reduced costs.

                                                                   ZH-4                                                                              H-2

                               Solution Provider                                                            Producer

  Zertrox is your local vision special-   Zertrox GmbH & Co. KG           ZygoLOT was founded in 1999 as         ZygoLOT GmbH
  ist in Aachen-Germany with Euro-        Bachstr. 62-64                  a joint venture between LOT-Oriel      Im Tiefen See 58
  pean experience. We develop the         52066 aachen                    GmbH and Zygo Corporation,             64293 darmstadt
  fitting solution for your task and      Germany                         supplier of optical metrology in-      Germany
  deliver a vision system that satis-     Tel.: +49 241 9977 164          struments, precision optics, and       Tel.: +49 6151 8806 27
  fies you. Within over five years of     Fax: +49 241 9977 165           electro-optical design/manufac-        Fax: +49 6151 8806 27
  experience our customers come                                           turing services. LOT-Oriel, the ex-
  from the automotive, metal, pa-                                         clusive European distributor of
  per, plastic and glass industry. We                                     ZYGO’s metrology products for
  will find the right vision system                                       more than 30 years, formed Zygo-
  for your task – just give us the                                        LOT with a group of highly-skilled
  chance to prove this.                                                   people having a long history and
                                                                          high level of competence with op-
                                                                          tical metrology, and understands
                                                                          how to apply ZYGO technologies
                                                                          to best serve our customers.

                                                                   K-4                                                                               F-10                                                                                                                    Inspect 5/2008 67






                                                          Dublin                                                                      DK

                                                   IRELAND         Liverpool                                                       Odense
                                                                                    UK                Amsterdam
                                                                          London                                    NETHERLANDS

                                                                                                BELGIUM                      GERMANY
                                                                                     Le Havre
                                                                                             Paris           LUX.          Frankfurt
                                                                           Vitry aux Loges

                                                                                  FRANCE                                             Muni

                                                                                     F        Besançon              SWITZ.
                                                                         Bordeaux           Lyon
                                                                                                                              I       Ven
                              Porto                                              Montelimar
                    PORTUGAL                                            ANDORRA          Marseille
                                                 Madrid             E    Girona
                     Lisbon                                                                                                          ITAL





68 Inspect 5/2008                                                                               



ORWAY                                                  FI

                          Gävle                       Helsinki

Oslo               SWEDEN

K                                                    Riga        LATVIA

nse     Copenhagen                                   LITHUANIA
                                                        Vilnius                Minsk

      Rostock                        Gdynia
                                    POLAND                                                   Kiev
                 Prague                    Katowice
                                               Krakow                          UKRAINE              Luhansk
t                                                                L'viv
                 Vienna     Bratislava                                         MOLDDOVA
          AUSTRIA                     Budapest                                         Chisinau
            Graz                                                 Cluj-Napoca
            SI    Ljubljana
Venice SLOVENIA                                              ROMANIA
           CROATIA         BOSNIA AND        Zagreb
ALY                           Sarajevo                      BG
                                    Podgorica       Sofia
        Rome                                MACEDONIA                            TURKEY


                                                                              Inspect 5/2008 69

                                 Producer                                                                 Solution Provider

 Active Silicon specializes in the    Active Silicon Ltd                     Alliance Vision is one of the lead-    Alliance Vision
 design, manufacture and supply       Pinewood Mews, Bond Close              ing companies in France, who           7 avenue du Meyrol
 of digital imaging products and      Iver Sl00Na                            provides innovative engineering,       26270 Montelimar
 custom vision systems. Frame         united kingdom                         software solutions and imaging         France
 grabbers include the Phoenix, LFG    Tel.: +44 1753 650 600                 products in the field of machine       Tel.: +33 4 75 53 14 00
 and Snapper boards in PCI Ex-        Fax: +44 1753 651 661                  vision and image analysis. Our         Fax: +33 4 75 53 14 04
 press, COM Express, PCI, PMC,                                               team of highly qualified profes-
 cPCI and PC/104-Plus form fac-                                              sional engineers operates in
 tors with support for Windows,                                              France to provide on-site evalua-
 DOS, Mac, OS X, Linux, QNX and                                              tion and installation of vision and
 VxWorks platforms. These provide                                            imaging systems.
 acquisition solutions for a wide
 range of applications supporting
 analogue, LVDS, HD-SDI and Cam-
 era Link (including PoCL) cam-

                                                                      UK-1                                                                                  F-1

                     Distributor/Solution Provider                                                             Producer

 Applied Scintillation Technologies   Applied Scintillation Technologies     Aqsense develops and commer-           Aqsense, SL
 is a leading provider of advanced    8 roydonbury Industrial Estate         cializes 3D image acquisition and      Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la udG
 imaging and detection solutions.     Harlow CM19 5Bz                        processing technologies that al-       Ed. Jaume Casademont, Porta a,
 Our extensive knowledge and ex-      united kingdom                         low high speed in-line 100 % pro-      despatx 23
 pertise enables us to supply a di-   Tel.: +44 1279 641234                  duction inspection, for the Ma-        C/Pic de Peguera, 15
 verse range of application-fo-       Fax: +44 1279 413                      chine Vision Industry. The             17003 Girona
 cused products for both standard                                            technology is offered to OEM
                                                                                       Tel.: +34 972 183 215
 and customized solutions.                                                   companies and systems integra-         Fax: +34 972 487 487
                                                                             tors already offering and familiar
                                                                             with 3D acquisition systems. 
                                                                             Our expertise is the mastering of
                                                                             our light stripe peak detection
                                                                             and ultra-fast, patent-pending,
                                                                             3D registration procedures, imple-
                                                                             mented on FPGA and multi-pro-
                                                                             cessor software designs.

                                                                      UK-2                                                                                  E-1

                            Solution Provider                                                                  Producer

 Awaiba LDA is a design house of      Awaiba LDA                             Bentham manufactures spectro-          Bentham Instruments Ltd
 CMOS image sensors for specific      Madeira Tecnopolo – Ceim S4            radiometer and spectrophotome-         2 Boulton road
 applications.                        9020-105 Funchal – Madeira             ter systems for the characterisa-      reading rG2 0NH
 Awaiba, develops image sensors       Portugal                               tion of light sources and optical      united kingdom
 for industrial inspection, medical   Tel.: +351 291 72 31 24                properties of materials (UV, visible   Tel.: +44 118 975 1355
 endoscopes, high speed video         Fax: +351 291 72 00 31                 and infrared). Accessories include     Fax: +44 118 931 2971
 systems and automotive on board                                             monochromators, light sources,
 cameras.                                                                    integrating spheres, detectors, po-
 Furthermore Awaiba offers con-                                              sitioning devices and calibration
 sulting and development services                                            standards.
 for optics and packaging.

                                                                      PT-1                                                                              UK-3

70 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                           

                                   Producer                                                           Machine Builder

  Image sensor design and produc-       CMOSIS nv                        Sales/Service of Micron-Resolu-       CSI
  tion.                                 amerikalei 163                   tion filmscanners e.g PerkinElmer     7 Meadowfield Park South
                                        2000 antwerpen                   MicroDensitometers                    Stocksfield NE43 7Qa
                                        Belgium                                                                united kingdom
                                        Tel.: +32 32 168610                                                    Tel.: +44 1661 842 741
                                        Fax: +32 32 572129                                                     Fax: +44 1661 842 741

                                                                  BE-1                                                                            UK-4

                              Solution Provider                                                           Producer

  Digital Surf, founded in 1989, is a   Digital Surf                     e2v is designer and manufacturer
  leading provider of solutions for     6 rue lavoisier                  of high tech electronic compo-
  surface metrology to metrology        5000 Besançon                    nents and subsystems including
  instrument manufacturers, re-         France                           semiconductors, sensors and elec-
  search laboratories and industry      Tel.: +33 3 81 50 48 00          tronic tubes.
  worldwide. The company provides       Fax: +33 3 81 50 92 24           e2v supplies high performance
  2D/3D/4D imaging and analysis                                          CCD and CMOS imaging sensors
  software based on its Mountains                                        and cameras for a broad range of
  technology. It provides scanning                                       demanding applications, operating
  solutions including modular, ex-                                       across the electro-magnetic spec-
  pandable control systems for driv-                                     trum from X-rays, through ultravio-
  ing multi-gauge, multi-axis pro-                                       let and visible light to infrared.    e2v
  filometers and high precision                                          Delivered to standard or highly       avenue de rochepleine
  confocal chromatic optical dis-                                        customized designs, our sensors       BP123
  tance gauges based on its Volcan-                                      serve space, astronomy, dental,       38521 Saint Egreve Cedex
  yon technology.                                                        scientific, medical and industrial    France
                                                                                                               Tel.: +33 47658 3000
                                                                                                               Fax: +33 47658 3480
                                                                  F-2                                                    F-3

                                   Producer                                                          Solution Provider

  Euresys is a major player in the      Euresys                          FDS Research develops real-time       FDS Research, d.o.o.
  field of machine vision, develop-     avenue du Pré aily 14            machine vision systems, proprie-      Suhadolcânova 28
  ing and marketing high-perform-       4031 angleur                     tary software solutions and de-                       ˇ ce
                                                                                                               1231 ljubljana-Crnuˇ
  ance products and services for        Belgium                          sign and build turn-key vision sys-   Slovenia
  imaging acquisition and vision-       Tel.: +32 43 677288              tem. These systems are in majority    Tel.: +386 1 589 75 81
  oriented analysis. Euresys offers a   Fax: +32 43 677466               applied to car and automotive in-     Fax: +386 1 589 75 87
  complete range of robust and                                           dustry. Our solutions are applied
  powerful image analysis software                                       worldwide and control several
  tools for industrial machine vi-                                       million pieces of different prod-
  sion; as well as innovative and                                        ucts daily. FDS applications are
  high-performance image acquisi-                                        based on common FDS Imaging
  tion subsystems for high-end                                           Software platform. These kinds of
  video surveillance and industrial                                      solutions offer customers easier
  machine vision applications.                                           support, quick adjustment, im-
                                                                         provement, and application opti-

                                                                  BE-2                                                                             SI-1                                                                                                                  Inspect 5/2008 71

                              Solution Provider                                                                     Distributor

 Inspection systems for quality         Icos Vision Systems                       Infaimon is a company centered          Infaimon, S.L.
 control of semiconductor cells         Industriepark Haasrode zone 1, Esperan-   in machine vision, image analysis       Vergós, 55
 and wafers and solar cells.            tolaan 8                                  business and surveillance market        08017 Barcelona
                                        3001 Heverlee                             and leader in the Spanish, Portu-       Spain
                                        Belgium                                   guese, Mexican and Latin Amer-          Tel.: +34 93 252 5757
                                        Tel.: +32 16 398 220                      ica markets. We have a complete         Fax: +34 93 252 5758
                                        Fax: +32 16 400.067                                                     
                                                                                  range of vision products.

                                                                           BE-3                                                                          E-2

                        Solution Provider/Producer                                                                   Producer

 InRay Solutions is a company spe-      InRay Solutions Ltd.                      JAI is a manufacturer of high           JAI A/S
 cialized in custom software and        125 Tzarigradsko shosse blvd., block 2,   quality, industrial-grade cameras       Produktionsvej 1
 hardware development and con-          room 510                                  for the machine vision, transpor-       2600 Glostrup – Copenhagen
 sulting services. We are a reliable    1113 Sofia                                tation, military, aerospace, home-      denmark
 and innovative modern company,         Bulgaria                                  land security, medical and scien-       Tel.: +45 44578888
 offering not only products, but        Tel.: +359 2 971 5751                     tific markets.                          Fax: +45 44913252
                                        Fax: +359 2 971 4796                                                    
 also successful solutions. One of                                                JAI provides the broadest camera
 our main activities is development
                                                                                  offering of any industrial matrix
 of high resolution digital camera                                                camera manufacturer in the
 for industrial and scientific appli-                                             world. JAI’s product line features
 cations together with real-time                                                  both CCD and CMOS technolo-
 image processing systems. We                                                     gies, spatial resolutions from VGA
 have developed and successfully                                                  to multi-mega pixel, progressive
 implemented integral systems for                                                 scan and interlaced format, and
 control and monitoring. Our team                                                 sensitivity to light levels as low as
 of highly skilled IT professionals                                               .00001 lux.
 has the knowledge and experi-
 ence to help you achieve your
                                                                           BG-1                                                                          DK-1
 business targets.

                              Solution Provider                                                                     Distributor

 Customer specified and turnkey         JLI vision a/s                            Lambda is a Distributor in the UK       Lambda Photometrics Ltd.
 vision systems for the industry:       Poppelgaardvej 7-9                        for a wide range of Vision Prod-        lambda House, Batford Mill
 pharmaceutical, glass, plastic,        2860 Soeborg                              ucts from key suppliers in Europe,      Harpenden al5 5Bz
 steel, food, packaging etc. Cus-       denmark                                   the USA and Far East.                   united kingdom
 tomer specified systems at a fixed     Tel.: +45 39 66 08 09                                                             Tel.: +44 1582 764334
 price and time – with a functional     Fax: +45 39 56 08 12                                                              Fax: +44 1582 712084
 guarantee. Guidance for specifi-
 cation, design, test and validation
 of vision systems. JLI vision sys-
 tems can be integrated with exist-
 ing production equipment.

                                                                           DK-2                                                                          UK-5

72 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                               

                                    Producer                                                               Solution Provider

  Laser Quantum is a world-class         Laser Quantum Ltd                     Accurate and fast 3D measure-         NTI
  manufacturer of high quality           Emery Court                           ment for large volume parts using     32 route de Seichebrieres
  solid-state laser sources specializ-   Stockport Sk4 3Gl                     digital photogrammetry.               45530 Vitry aux loges
  ing in CW visible and IR. Our          united kingdom                                                              France
  products are known throughout          Tel.: +44 161 975 5300                                                      Tel.: +33 238 593 051
  the world for reliability, compact-    Fax: +44 161 975 5309                                                       Fax: +33 238 593 097
  ness, performance-excellence and
  long operational lifetime. You’ll
  find our products in scientific lab-
  oratories and integrated in sys-
  tems and machines world-wide.

                                                                       UK-6                                                                           F-4

                               Solution Provider                                                                Producer

  With its headquarters in Kyoto,                                              Manufacturer of Telecentric Lenses,   Opto Engineering
  Japan, Omron Corporation is a                                                Custom Optics and LED illumina-       via Cremona 29/2
  global leader in the field of auto-                                          tors.                                 46100 Mantova
  mation. Established in 1933, Om-                                                                                   Italy
  ron has more than 35,000 em-                                                                                       Tel.: +39 0376 26 35 25
  ployees in 34 countries working                                                                                    Fax: +39 0376 26 24 32
  to provide products and services
  to customers in a variety of fields,
  including industrial automation,
  electronic components industries
  and healthcare. The European or-
  ganization has its own develop-
  ment and manufacturing facilities,     Omron Europe BV
  and provides local customer sup-       wegalaan 67-69
  port in all European countries.        2132 Jd Hoofddorp
                                         The Netherlands
                                         Tel.: +31 23 568 13 00
                                         Fax: +31 23 568 13 88
                                             NL-1                                                                          I-1

                             Distributor/Producer                                                               Producer

  Photonic Products is a manufac-        Photonic Products Ltd                 Photron, designer and manufac-        Photron (Europe) Ltd
  turer of custom designed laser di-     Sparrow lane                          turer of high speed imaging sys-      The Barn, Bottom road
  ode modules and laser diode as-        Hatfield Broad Oak CM22 7Ba           tems sets new standards with          west wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4BS
  semblies and an authorised             united kingdom                        high frame rates, image resolu-       united kingdom
  distributor of high performance,       Tel.: +44 1279 717 170                tion and light sensitivity.           Tel.: +44 1494 481011
  premium quality industrial laser       Fax: +44 1279 717 171                 The new Fastcam SA-1 system           Fax: +44 1494 487011
  diodes and high power lasers                                                 provides MegaPixel image resolu-
  from the top Japanese laser diode                                            tion at frame rates up to 5,400 fps
  manufacturers: Sanyo, Opnext                                                 and a maximum recording rate of
  and Sony, and precision optical                                              675,000 fps with reduced image
  lenses from Panasonic to OEMs in                                             resolution. This unique high speed
  the industrial, medical, scientific                                          imaging performance together
  and defence markets.                                                         with an unequalled light sensitiv-
                                                                               ity makes the Fastcam SA-1 the
                                                                               new system of choice for a wide
                                                                               variety of applications.

                                                                       UK-7                                                                          UK-8                                                                                                                     Inspect 5/2008 73

                                  Producer                                                                         Producer

 Sick IVP provides industrial vision   Sick IVP AB                                Integrated machine vision cam-        SKS Vision Systems OY
 cameras for factory automation.       wallenbergs gata 4                         eras Visi5000, Visi40 paper indus-    P.O. Box 353
 The product line includes Vision      583 35 linkoping                           try: VisiEdge web edge tracking       40101 Jyväskylä
 Sensors, Smart Cameras and cam-       Sweden                                     sensor, VisiEye web break detec-      Finland
 eras for high speed 3D machine        Tel.: +46 13 36 21 00                      tor steel industry: VisiLine Cen-     Tel.: +358 20 764 8960
 vision. Target customers are OEM      Fax: +46 13 21 13 45                       tring system, width measure-          Fax: +358 20 764 8999
 machine builders, system integra-                                                ment.
 tors and large end-users. Sick IVP
 is a part of the Sick Group, one of
 the world leading suppliers of in-
 dustrial sensors.

                                                                       SE-1                                                                             FI-1

                                  Producer                                                                         Producer

 Sony Europe’s Image Sensing So-                                                  Textile quality inspection            SPC Company b.v.
 lutions division has an in-depth                                                 Blueberry Color Sorter                Vimmerik 28
 range of industry leading analog                                                 Narrow Fabric Inspection              5253 CB Nieuwkuijk
 and digital component cameras                                                                                          The Netherlands
 and image sensing products. Sony                                                                                       Tel.: +31 73 5131 188
 ISS recently announced its second                                                                                      Fax: +31 73 5131 189
 generation smart cameras, with a
 3X performance improvement.
 These highly flexible color cam-
 eras extend the smart camera
 concept to several new markets,
 such as security, agriculture and     Sony United Kingdom Limited
 traffic control.                      SES division
 Sony ISS has also added GigE          The Heights, Brooklands
 modules, for long lead applica-       weybridge, Surrey kT13 0Xw
 tions, to its portfolio, comple-      united kingdom
                                       Tel.: +33 1 55 90 35 12
 menting its IEEE1394 offering.
                                       Fax: +33 1 55 90 35 17
                                                 UK-9                                                                         NL-2

                                 Distributor                                                                   Solution Provider

 High brightness LED lights for        Special Application Products Ltd           Sundance modular and customiz-        Sundance Multiprocessor Technology
 machine vision with all lights        unit 5 Manor Farm Business Centre          able COTS hardware and software       Ltd
 available from UV through to IR,      Ipswich IP9 2Td                            systems are easy to reconfigure to    “Ciltern House”, waterside
 microscopes, camera housings, fil-    united kingdom                             suit all high-speed I/O and signal    Chesham: HP5 1PS
 ters.                                 Tel.: +44 1473 327 732                     processing applications, enabling     united kingdom
                                       Fax: +44 8701 400 163                      the rapid prototyping and devel-      Tel.: +44 1494 793167
                                                                                            Fax: +44 1494 793168
                                                                                  opment of embedded systems.

                                                                       UK-10                                                                           UK-11

74 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                              

                                    Producer                                                                   Producer

  Tordivel AS is a global machine vi-                                       “The Seal Inspector” is control-        TriVision
  sion company. Our unique and in-                                          ling that the seals of food pack-       Havnegade 23
  dependent Scorpion Vision Soft-                                           ages are without impurities. “The       5000 Odense
  ware is the platform for world                                            Package Inspector” is capable of        denmark
  class vision systems and OEM so-                                          a unique inspection of packages,        Tel.: +45 28353135
  lutions. Scorpion Vision Software                                         like controlling the artwork, di-       Fax: +45 63154709
  is a powerful, flexible and ex-                                           mensions, overmoulding and gaps
  tremely expeditious software tool                                         between labels.
  for industrial vision. The most ad-                                       The solution approaches the
  vanced 2D and 3D solutions are                                            packing industry which needs ex-
  made without any programming.                                             tensive visual package control.
  Scorpion Vision Software is dis-                                          Both solutions are very competi-
  tributed through a global network      Tordivel AS                        tive on the European market
  of partners.                           Storgata 20                        place.
  Polytec GmbH is the German part-       0184 Oslo
  ner.                                   Norway
                                         Tel.: +47 2315 870 0
                                         Fax: +47 2315 870 1
                                         NO-1                                                                              DK-3

                               Solution Provider                                                       Distributor/Producer

  Machine Vision Systems supplier        Univision s.r.l.                   The trilogy of light, lens and filter
  to OEM’s and end users. Specialist     via appiani 3                      is crucial for a good working vi-
  in Inspection systems for PV solar     20038 Seregno                      sion system.
  cells, closures for bottles and liq-   Italy                              We offer a wide range of illumi-
  uid containers, Baby diapers.          Tel.: +39 0362 600201              nation, lenses and filter solutions.
                                         Fax: +39 0362 600129               Our products are used in the in-
                                                                            dustrial Machine Vision industry,
                                                                            Traffic Automation (i. e. license
                                                                            plate recognition) and Security
                                                                            We also customize standard prod-
                                                                            ucts to suit individual customer
                                                                            requirements.                           Vision Light Tech
                                                                                                                    Protonenlaan 22
                                                                            VLT – creating optical solutions        5405 NE uden
                                                                                                                    The Netherlands
                                                                                                                    Tel.: +31 413 260067
                                                                                                                    Fax: +31 413 260938
                                                                     I-2                                                           NL-3


  Leading Italian distributor of ma-     Visionlink s.r.l.
  chine vision components. Cognex,       via Cristoforo Colombo 22
  Sony, E2V and more.                    20038 Seregno
                                         Tel.: +39 0362 600 202
                                         Fax: +39 0362 600 129

                                                                     I-3                                                                                                                       Inspect 5/2008 75


                                                 Edmonton        CANADA


                                                                        Winnipeg                 ON

                       Portland                                                                                                   Québec

                                                        Denver                Minneapolis
                                                                                                                  Toronto                  NH
                San Francisco                                                                         MI
                                                                                                                            NY         MA
                                            UT                                                                                        CT
                                                                                        Chicago                                  New York
                             Las Vegas                                                      IL
                                                                                                           OH                    NJ
                                                   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                    San Diego
                                                                     Dallas                                      SC

                                              El Paso




                                                          Acapulco                                                                                    DOMINICAN
                                                                         GUATEMALA                                                                    REPUBLIC
                                                                     EL SALVADOR
                                                                                                 COSTA RICA

76 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                          NOrTH aMErICa

                                   Producer                                                           Solution Provider

  Allison Park Group, Inc. manufac-     Allison Park Group, Inc.           Cimetrix offers powerful machine     Cimetrix Inc.
  tures camera and lighting enclo-      4055 alpha drive                   modeling and motion-control          6979 S. High Tech Drive
  sures for harsh environments in-      allison Park, Pa 15101             software products for high vol-      Salt Lake City, UT 84047
  cluding: explosion proof, food        uSa                                ume vision-guided control appli-     USA
  (FDA), and corrosive washdown.        Tel.: +1 412 487 8211              cations. Code can reduce time to     Tel.: +1 801 256 6500
  We offer custom and OEM solu-         Fax: +1 412 486 3157               market by up to 50 % by offering
                                                                                   Fax: +1 801 256 6510
  tions, additionally we manufac-                                          both a powerful, offline simula-
  ture several lines of Pan & Tilt                                         tion development environment
  mounts that work with most cam-                                          (Cimulation) and a robust, real-
  eras and light sources.                                                  time motion and I/O control sys-
                                                                           tem (Cimcontrol).

                                                                    PA-1                                                                         UT-1

                                   Producer                                                                Producer

  Manufacturer of flat panel display    Computer Dynamics                  CyberOptics Semiconductor is an      CyberOptics Semiconductor, Inc.
  systems, both computers and           7640 Pelham road                   industry authority on frame grab-    13555 Sw Millikan way
  monitors, for the OEM and end-        Greenville, SC 29615               bers and machine vision applica-     Beaverton, Or 97005
  users in an array of industries and   uSa                                tions. Customers enjoy a built-in    uSa
  applications.                         Tel.: +1 864 627 8800              connection to live engineering       Tel.: +1 503 495 2200
  Hazardous Area systems carry full     Fax: +1 864 675 0106               and installation support experts,    Fax: +1 503 495 2201
  agency approvals (Class I, Zone 1                                        as well as to online frame grabber
  & 2, etc.); NEMA-rated, Stand-                                           expertise in the form of selection
  Alone systems suit plant floor or                                        guides, white papers, and in-
  commercial environments. Panel-                                          depth technical information.
  Mount and Open-Frame systems                                             For in-depth information on Ima-
  offer multiple display sizes and up                                      genation frame grabbers, go to
  to 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo pro-                               
  cessors. Touchscreens are avail-
  able on most of our products.

                                                                    SC-1                                                                        OR-1

                              Solution Provider                                                           Distributor

  Comprising Dalsa’s Digital Imag-      Dalsa                              High speed digital cameras for       Digital West Imaging
  ing division offers Machine Vision    605 McMurray road                  slow motion instant replay and       450 Mountain View road
  components to OEMs and end us-        waterloo, Ontario N2V-2E9          motion analysis. In the lab or on    El Cajon, Ca 92021
  ers – the widest range of machine     Canada                             the production line.                 uSa
  vision components in the world.       Tel.: +1 519 886 6000                                                   Tel.: +1 866 593 1900
  From industry-leading image           Fax: +1 519 886 8023                                                    Fax: +1 966 593 1901
  sensors through powerful and
  sophisticated cameras, frame
  grabbers, vision processors and
  software to easy-to-use vision ap-
  pliances and custom vision mod-
  ules, our innovative technology
  helps give you competitive advan-
  tage in your imaging application,
  whatever it may be.

                                                                    ON-1                                                                        CA-1                                                                                                                Inspect 5/2008 77

                                  Producer                                                               Solution Provider

 Pan-tilt devices for cameras, la-     Directed Perception                   Dunkley designs and builds turn-      Dunkley International Inc.
 sers, antennas, machine vision.       890C Cowan road                       key vision systems.                   1910 lake St.
                                       Burlingame, Ca 94010                                                        kalamazoo, MI 49001
                                       uSa                                                                         uSa
                                       Tel.: +1 650 692 3900                                                       Tel.: +1 269 343 5583
                                       Fax: +1 650 692 3930                                                        Fax: +1 269 343 5614

                                                                      CA-2                                                                        MI-1

                                  Producer                                                                    Producer

 Epix, Inc. designs and manufac-       Epix, Inc.                            Manufactures high-speed mega-
 tures frame grabbers, cameras,        381 lexington drive                   pixel digital cameras and systems
 image acquisition and processing      Buffalo Grove, Il 60089-6934          based on state-of-the-art imagers
 software, camera kits, and video      uSa                                   and having high-speed, scalable,
 to disk computer systems for ma-      Tel.: +1 847 465 1818                 integrated FGPA’s, processors, and
 chine vision, medical imaging,        Fax: +1 847 465 1919                  memory subsystems. These fea-
 and high speed video analysis ap-                                           tures enable stand-alone record-
 plications. We provide superior                                             ing or high-speed in-camera im-
 customer support from the initial                                           age processing. Also, FastVision
 purchase decision through image                                             offers lossless or lossy compressed
 analysis. We can create custom                                              image recording. Advanced IP and
 cameras, frame grabbers, and                                                optimized software is available
 software for your application.                                              that can be added to allow stand-     FastVision
                                                                             alone processing modes or inte-       131 d.w. Highway #529
                                                                             gration.                              Nashua, NH 03060
                                                                                                                   Tel.: +1 603 891 4317
                                                                                                                   Fax: +1 603 891 1881
                                                                      IL-1                                          NH-1

                                  Producer                                                                    Producer

 FTI designs and manufactures          Fiberoptics Technology                FJW manufactures self-contained       FJW Optical Systems, Inc.
 standard and custom fiberoptic        1 Quassett road                       hand-held Find-R-Scope Infrared       322 N woodwork ln
 lighting components including         Pomfret, CT 06258                     Viewers, Ultraviolet Viewers, and     Palatine, Il 60067-4933
 light sources and fixturing, for      uSa                                   Thermal Cameras, plus Near-Mid        uSa
 front, back, and oblique lighting     Tel.: +1 860 928 0443                 IR Cameras. These products con-       Tel.: +1 847 358 2500
 required by area and line scan-       Fax: +1 860 928 7664                  vert IR and UV to visible, allowing   Fax: +1 847 358 2533
 ning applications.                                                          the user a clear view to inspect
 The company distributes standard                                            sources and images which are not
 products thru traditional distribu-                                         apparent to the naked eye. Use
 tion channels, while working di-                                            the handheld Find-R-Scope viewer
 rectly with integrators and OEMs                                            to determine if using IR imaging
 for custom designed solutions.                                              can provide improved contrast.
                                                                             Models sensitive from 180 nm
                                                                             (UV) to as long as 2200 nm, plus
                                                                             8-14 microns. Also great for align-
                                                                             ing laser systems.

                                                                      CT-1                                                                        IL-2

78 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                               NOrTH aMErICa

  Subsidiaries                              Electronics/Semiconductors, Packag-
  Germany                                   ing, Precision engineering/Optics/
  Point Grey Research GmbH                  Machine vision, Plastics, Pharma-
  Schwieberdinger Straße 60                 ceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals,
  71636 Ludwigsburg                         Foodstuffs/Beverages, Medical
  Tel.: +49 7141 488817 0                   technology, Metal,
  Fax: +49 7141 488817 99                   Glass/Ceramics,                       Traffic/Logistics,
  Company category                          Energy/Water/
  Producer                                  Solar technology

  Product category                          Applications
  Cameras                                   Inspection piece parts, Robot Vision
                                            2D, Robot Vision 3D, Character
  Company Officials                         Recognition, Symbol Recognition,
                                                                                       About Point Grey Research
  Vladimir Tucakov, Director Sales &        Part Identification, Metrology 3D,
  Marketing                                 High Speed Analysis, Particle Analy-       Point Grey Research, Inc. is a   End-to-End Imaging Solutions
  Joerg Clement, Business Develop-          sis, Material Testing, Digitalization      worldwide leader in the de-      A critical component of any
  ment Manager Europe                                                                  velopment of advanced digi-      vision system is the speed and
                                            Platforms supported                        tal camera technology prod-      reliability of the imaging pipe-
  Date established                          IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0           ucts for machine vision,         line, from light hitting the im-
  1997                                                                                 industrial imaging, and com-     age sensor to data reaching
                                            Regions served                             puter vision applications.       the host system. Point Grey
  Employees                                 Europe, North America, South/              Based in Richmond, BC, Can-      Research has taken owner-
  more than 70 employees                    Central America, Asia and Pacific          ada, Point Grey designs,         ship of the entire pipeline,
                                            Rim, ROW                                   manufactures and distributes     and over the last 11 years has
  Industries served                                                                    IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and         created a diverse portfolio of
  Mechanical engineering/Line build-        Associations                               USB 2.0 cameras that are         digital cameras, peripheral
  ing, Automotive and suppliers,            EMVA, AIA, 1394 TA                         known for their excellent        components, and software.
                                                                                       quality, performance and            Point Grey offers more
                                                                                       ease of use. A broad range of    than 75 different single-lens,
                                                                                       hardware, software and me-       stereo, and 360-degree spher-
                                                                                       chanical engineering skills      ical digital cameras, with a
                                                                                       has allowed Point Grey to        variety of monochrome and
                                                                                       successfully bring innovative    color CCD and CMOS image
                                                                                       and ground-breaking pro-         sensors from VGA to 5 mega-
                                                                                       ducts to market. This drive      pixels. Many product families
                                                                                       for innovation has led to        also offer board-level or cus-
                                                                                       many industry firsts, includ-    tomized options for specific
                                                                                       ing both the first and the       OEM applications. In addi-
                                                                                       world’s smallest 1394b digi-     tion, Point Grey has intro-
                                                                                       tal camera. Since its found-     duced its FirePRO line of pro-
                                                                                       ing in January of 1997, the      fessional     FireWire     hubs,
                                                                                       company’s approach to prod-      repeaters and host adapter
                                                                                       uct pricing, quality control,    cards, which are designed to
                                                                                       and customer service has at-     maximize the effectiveness
                                                                                       tracted thousands of custom-     and reliability of the entire
                                                                                       ers worldwide, and its or-       imaging pipeline. All Point
                                                                                       ganic growth through product     Grey cameras comply with
                                                                                       sales has enabled the com-       the IIDC v1.31 specification,
                                                                                       pany to expand significantly     which allows them to be used
                                                                                       without any outside invest-      with many third-party soft-
                                                                                       ment. Point Grey currently       ware packages, such as those
                                                                                       employs more than 70 people      from Cognex, Matrox, MVTec,
                                       Point Grey Research, Inc.                       worldwide, and has a Ger-        and National Instruments.
                                       12051 riverside way                             man subsidiary that provides     Also included with every cam-
                                       richmond, BC, V6w 1k7                           sales and support services to    era is the FlyCapture soft-
                                       Canada                                          customers in Europe, Africa      ware development kit (SDK),
                                       Tel.: +1 604.242.9937                           and Israel. The company has      a complete software package
                                       Fax: +1 604.242.9938                            also established a strong net-   that includes device drivers,
                                                                                BC-1   work of distributors in Japan,   a full software API library,
                                                                                       Korea, China, Singapore and      demo programs and C/C++
 See our ad on page                                                                    Taiwan.                          example source code.
                                       7                                                                                                                    Inspect 5/2008 79

                              Solution Provider                                                              Producer

 FSI Technologies Inc. provides ma-     FSI Technologies Inc.               Designs and manufactures high-        Gevicam Inc.
 chine vision systems and solu-         668 western ave.                    performance Gigabit Ethernet          673 S. Milipitas Blvd
 tions, specialized lighting, and re-   lombard, Il 60148                   CCD/CMOS cameras for ITS, mili-       Milpitas, Ca 95035
 lated expertise and consultant         uSa                                 tary, homeland security, machine      uSa
 services.                              Tel.: +1 630 932 9380               vision, medical and scientific mar-   Tel.: +1 408 262 5772
 Systems include FireCube and           Fax: +1 630 932 0016                kets. Also specializes in neural      Fax: +1 408 262 0962
 other units powered by Neuro-                                              network smart cameras as stand-
 Check, as well as DSP-based units                                          alone systems. GigE Vision com-
 for inspection of assemblies, agri-                                        pliance ensures compatibility with
 cultural, cast, molded, machined,                                          third-party hardware and soft-
 and electronic products. Our As-                                           ware to simplify integration. Serv-
 sured Path to Success program                                              ing OEMs, end-users and research
 has a 100 % success rate on even                                           institutions worldwide. Products
 the toughest applications. Since                                           are manufactured in the U.S.A.

                                                                     IL-3                                                                         CA-3

                                   Producer                                                                  Producer

 Manufacturer of standard and           Intercon 1                          Electro-optics Modules; Polygonal     Lincoln Laser Company
 custom camera cable assemblies         7746 Goedderz rd., Ste 110          mirrors; Polygonal Scanners; Pre-     234 East Mohave
 include CameraLink, Mini Camera        Buxter, MN 56425                    cision Motors; High-speed Spin-       Phoenix, az 85004
 Link, FireWire, USB, GigE and          uSa                                 dles.                                 uSa
 other analog and digital cable as-     Tel.: +1 800 237 9576                                                     Tel.: +1 602 257 0407
 semblies. Highflex and industrial      Fax: +1 218 828 1096                                                      Fax: +1 602 257 0728
 grade cable assemblies are avail-
 able for robotic and other high
 flex applications. Additional prod-
 ucts include bulk cable, power
 supplies, and fiber optic extend-

                                                                     MN-1                                                                         AZ-1

                                   Producer                                                                  Producer

 Matrox Imaging is an established       Matrox Imaging                      LED Lighting for machine vision       Metaphase Technologies, Inc.
 and trusted supplier to top OEMs       1055 St. regis Blvd.                and custom LED lighting design        3412 Progress drive (unit C)
 and integrators involved in the        dorval, Quebec H9P 2T4              services.                             Bensalem, Pa 19020
 manufacturing, medical diagnos-        Canada                                                                    uSa
 tic and security industries. The       Tel.: +1 514 822 6020                                                     Tel.: +1 215 639 8699
 components delivered include           Fax: +1 514 822 6273                                                      Fax: +1 215 639 0977
 cameras, interface boards and
 processing platforms, all designed
 to provide optimum price-per-
 formance within a common soft-
 ware environment.

                                                                     QC-1                                                                         PA-2

80 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                            NOrTH aMErICa

                                                                                           Subsidiaries                               Industries served
  About LMI Technologies                                                                   LMI Technologies BV                        Mechanical engineering/Line build-
                                                                                           Heerlen                                    ing, Automotive and suppliers,
  LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI)                     sion LMI has established the
                                                                                           The Netherlands                            Electronics/Semiconductors, Preci-
  specializes in leading edge                     FireSync platform, HexSight
                                                                                           Tel.: +31 45 850 7000                      sion engineering/Optics/Machine
  machine vision technologies.                    hardware and software prod-
                                                                                                    vision, Metal, Glass/Ceramics, Paper/
  Founded in 1976, LMI devel-                     ucts, as well as the recently
                                                                                                                                      Wood, Energy/Water/Solar technol-
  oped much of the 3D machine                     launched maestro controller.
                                                                                           Company category                           ogy, Road &Transportation, Rubber
  vision industry, accumulating                   Each of our LMI product solu-
                                                                                           Solution Provider                          & Tire, Agriculture
  more than 100 patents. LMI                      tions provide OEMs, System
  is recognized for designing                     Integrators, engineering con-
                                                                                           Product category                           Applications
  and manufacturing sensors                       sultants, and in-house engi-
                                                                                           Cameras, Optics, Lighting equip-           Inspection piece parts, Inspection
  for specific vertical market                    neering teams with functional
                                                                                           ment, Software, Processors, Vision         web material, Robot Vision 2D,
  applications under the Sen-                     tools to rapidly design and in-
                                                                                           Sensors/Smart Cameras/Embedded             Robot Vision 3D, Character Recogni-
  sors That See brand. More                       stall vision systems for their
                                                                                           Systems, Interfaces/Cables/Peripher-       tion, Symbol Recognition, Part
  recently LMI has received at-                   unique applications. LMI also
                                                                                           als, Topography, R&D                       Identification, Metrology 2D, Metrol-
  tention for establishing new                    provides custom design ser-
                                                                                                                                      ogy 3D, High Speed Analysis
  vision sensor technology that                   vices to help our customers
                                                                                           Company Officials
  supports the universal ma-                      design and build unique ma-
                                                                                           Leonard Metcalfe – CEO, Terry              Regions served
  chine vision market. Under                      chine vision and robotic solu-
                                                                                           Arden – CTO, Neil Hummel – CFO,            National, Europe, North America,
  their Vision Components Divi-                   tions.
                                                                                           David Snell – Vice President of Sales      South/Central America, Asia and Pa-
                                                                                           & Marketing, Cor Maas – President          cific Rim
                                          LMI Technologies Inc.                            of Vision Components Division,
                                          1673 Cliveden avenue                             Barry Dashner – New Business               Associations
                                          delta, British Columbia, V3M 6V5                 Development Manager                        EMVA, AIA
                                          Tel.: +1-604 636 1011
                                                                                           Date established
                                          Fax: +1-604 516 8368
 See our ad on page                       5                                                100

                                     Producer                                                                         Solution Provider

  Midwest Optical Systems designs             Midwest Optical Systems                      Automated Inspection and Mea-           msiVision
  filters expressly for machine vision        322 woodwork ln                              surement Systems utilizing ma-          5 Herbert drive, Suite 1N
  applications, cameras and lenses            Palatine, Il 60067                           chine vision, laser sensors, non-       latham, Ny 12309
  which match the camera’s spec-              uSa                                          contact sensors.                        uSa
  tral response and the currently-            Tel.: +1 847 359 3550                        Defect Detection, Dimensional           Tel.: +1 518 346 7136
  used lighting types. Specific filters       Fax: +1 847 359 3567                         Measurement, Color Analysis,            Fax: +1 518 346 4134
  are available for use with mono-                                                         Surface Inspection, Line Scan sys-
  chromatic (color) or white LED’s,                                                        tems.
  fiber optic illumination, structured
  diode-generated light patterns,
  and other lighting commonly used
  in imaging.

                                                                             IL-4                                                                                     NY-1                                                                                                                                    Inspect 5/2008 81

                                  Producer                                                             Producer/Solution Provider

 Newnex creates long distance          Newnex Technology Corp.                  StreamPix digital video is recording
 connection solutions for machine      1231 alderwood ave.                      software for single or multiple cam-
 vision and inspection applications    Sennysale, Ca 94089                      eras simultaneously. Includes sup-
 through fiber, CHTS and Coax Ca-      uSa                                      port for a wide variety of Firewire A
 bles for 1344 GigE and USB 2.0        Tel.: +1 408 749 1480                    or B, USB2, GigE and CameraLink
 etc. Newnex also manufactures         Fax: +1 408 749 1963                     cameras and frame grabbers using
 high flex, angled, locking and cus-                                            original vendor API’s. Supports time
 tom design cables.                                                             stamping, synchronization between
                                                                                multiple cameras, bayer conversion,
                                                                                IrigB and data acquisition. Com-
                                                                                patible with various compression
                                                                                codecs and 3D Lut. Acquire at up to
                                                                                500 fps x 1,280 x 1,024 8 bits to       Norpix, Inc.
                                                                                disk from a single or two cameras.      1751 richardson St., Suite 6117
                                                                                NorPix also provides turnkey sys-       Montreal, Quebec H3kIG6
                                                                                tems including software, hardware,      Canada
                                                                                                                        Tel.: +1 514 846 0009
                                                                                triggering and Irigb timing.
                                                                                                                        Fax: +1 514 846 0117
                                                                        CA-4                                                    QC-2

                             Solution Provider                                                                     Producer

 Optical Research Associates           Optical Research Associates              Pleora Technologies Inc. is a glo-      Pleora Technologies
 (ORA) is the world’s leading de-      3280 E Foothill Blvd Ste 300             bal supplier of Ethernet video          359 Terry Fox drive Suite 230
 veloper of optical design soft-       Pasadena, Ca 91107                       connectivity products for the           kanata, Ontario, k2k 2E7
 ware, providing users with CODE       uSa                                      broadcast, medical, machine vi-         Canada
 V for imaging design and Light-       Tel.: +1 626 795 9101                    sion and security/surveillance in-      Tel.: +1 613 270 0625
 Tools for illumination design. ORA    Fax: +1 626 795 9102                     dustries. Pleora´s award-winning        Fax: +1 613 270 1425
 is also the largest independent                                                iPort and EtherCast product fami-
 supplier of optical design and en-                                             lies transport imaging and video
 gineering services, with more than                                             data in real time over low-cost
 4,000 completed projects since                                                 Ethernet Connections with ex-
 the company was founded in                                                     tremely high performance. Pleora,
 1963.                                                                          a Frost and Sullivan Product Inno-
                                                                                vation Award-winner, is head-
                                                                                quartered in Ottawa, Canada.

                                                                        CA-5                                                                              ON-2

                                  Producer                                                                   Solution Provider

 Spectrum Illumination is the lead-                                             Fully automated turnkey solutions       SPG Data 3D Corporation
 ing supplier of high output LED                                                for non-contact 3D measurement          2151 leonard de Vinci
 lighting (Monster Lights) for the                                              and inspection.                         Ste-Julie, Quebec J3E 1z3
 Machine Vision Market. Spectrum                                                SPG DATA 3D software offers a           Canada
 Illumination was the first com-                                                timely solution to an industry that     Tel.: +1 450 922 3515
 pany to bring high output LED’s                                                seeks to improve production pro-        Fax: +1 450 922 3510
 to the market and we are still the                                             cesses, reduce the number of re-
 only company with a full product                                               jects and upgrade quality control.
 line utilizing that technology.
 Spectrum Illumination has over
 100,000 standard products with
 all different variations. Most
 standard products are available       Spectrum Illumination
 to ship within days of receiving a    5114 Industrial Park rd.
 purchase order. For those custom-     Montague, MI 49437
 ers wanting to try our products       uSa
                                       Tel.: +1 231 894 4590
 they are available for 30 day trial
                                       Fax: +1 231 894 4582
 with no restocking fee.
                                 MI-2                                                                             QC-3

82 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                 NOrTH aMErICa

                                     Producer                                                                     Producer

  Sunex is a world leader in wide-        Sunex, Inc.                             Supplier of CCTV Optics with the     Tekstar Optical Inc.
  angle miniature lenses for digital      5963 la Place Court, Suite 309          emphasis on long range surveil-      270 kohr rd.
  cameras. Capabilities include de-       Carlsbad, Ca 92008                      lance. Optics from 2.5 mm to         kings Park, Ny 11754-1237
  sign, development, and produc-          uSa                                     2,000 mm employing the latest        uSa
  tion of lenses, optical low-pass fil-   Tel.: +1 760 602 0988                   technological advances including     Tel.: +1 631 663 3558
  ters, IR cutoff filters, and systems    Fax: +1 760 602 0681                    aspherical elements, LD Glass and    Fax: +1 631 269 5368
  for CMOS/CCD image sensors.                                                     IR coatings.
  Provides optical design services
  and custom product develop-
  Additional capabilities include
  molding plastics, prototype devel-
  opment, and high-volume pro-

                                                                           CA-6                                                                       NY-2

                               Solution Provider                                                             Solution Provider

  Sales agency and systems inte-          Vega Technology Group                   Manufactures stock and custom        Vision Machines Inc.
  grator specializing in photonics        PO Box 80526                            vision systems including color and   PO Box 447
  and related products and ser-           Canton, OH 44708                        texture-based inspection, particle   Bedford, Ma 01730
  vices.                                  uSa                                     analysis and sieve certification,    uSa
                                          Tel.: +1 330 754 2506                   print verification and signature     Tel.: +1 781 275 2020
                                          Fax: +1 330 754 2507                    recognition, and license plate       Fax: +1 781 275 2028
                                                                                  readers for vehicular access con-
                                                                                  trol. Specializes in custom soft-
                                                                                  ware development, lighting and
                                                                                  optics solutions, and color and
                                                                                  grayscale machine vision system

                                                                           OH-1                                                                       MA-1


  Vision Research designs and             Vision Research
  manufactures high-speed digital         100 dey rd.
  imaging systems used in appli-          wayne, NJ 07470
  cations including defense, auto-        uSa
  motive, engineering, science,           Tel.: +1 973 696 4500
  medical research, industrial            Fax: +1 973 696 0560
  manufacturing and packaging,
  sports and entertainment, and
  digital cinematography for televi-
  sion and movie production.
  Vision Research digital high-
  speed cameras add a new dimen-
  sion to the sense of sight, allow-
  ing the user to see details of an
  event when it’s too fast to see,
  and too important not to.

                                                                           NJ-1                                                                                                                      Inspect 5/2008 83


                    ALASKA                                                                                         Nuuk                                         Trondheim
                                                          CANADA                                                                                                   Stockh

                                       San Francisco        UNITED STATES                                                                                Madrid
                                                             OF AMERICA                    Washington
                                                                                                                                                                Algier Tun
                                             San Diego


                                                                      MEXICO                                                                           Bamako
                                                                                                                                                               Abuja       A

                                                                                    Lima      SOUTH AMERICA

                                                                                                             Sao Paulo

                                                                                               Santiago                                                                Cape
                                                                                                             Buenos Aires

                     Distributor/Solutions Provider                                                                Producer

 G4 Technology offers superior vi-       G4 Technology Co., Ltd.                    Toshiba Teli has three divisions-   Toshiba Teli Corporation
 sion components as a distributor        5F, No. 46, Sec. 3, Minquan E. rd          Machine Vision & Medical Imag-      4-7-1 asahigaoka
 and acts as a solution-provider         Taipei 104-77                              ing, Security & Surveillance cam-   Hino 1910065
 with years of practical experiences     Taiwan, Province Of China                  era systems and Medical & Plasma    Japan
 and expertise.                          Tel.: +886 2 2503 1803                     RF components are working in        Tel.: +81 425 89 8771
 With comprehensive product lines        Fax: +886 2 2503 1802                      concert to accelerate pioneering    Fax: +81 425 89 8774
 and remarkable integration capa-                                                   efforts and strengthen. Providing
 bility, we’ve won deep trust from                                                  wide range of sensors camera for-
 customers to fit their needs. The                                                  mats to meet a variety of cus-
 market share of G4 is expanding                                                    tomer needs. Toshiba Teli will
 rapidly and we’re dedicated to                                                     release a state-of the-art “CSC-
 assisting customers to raise com-                                                  12M25BMP19” which can deliver
 petitiveness and maintaining                                                       4,096 x 3,072 pixels at 25 fps
 win-win partnership with our                                                       and low signal-to-noise ratio in
 principals.                                                                        December2008.

                                                                             RC-1                                                                        J-1

84 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                              

OPE                                                                         Ulan-Bator

nis                     Beirut                                                                                   Tokio
      Al Qahirah           Tel Aviv                 New Delhi




etown                                                                                                      Adelaide           Sydney

                                               Producer                                                                  Solution Provider

               Apart from offering off-the-shelf     Kamiera                                    We are a systems integrator with   Vistek Machine Vision and
               cameras, Kamiera also offers          6a Massada St.                             over 25 years of experience in     Automation AS
               OpenCam reference designs for         45294 Hod Hasharon                         building custom machine vision     kemal Nehrozoglu caddesi
               GigE cameras. This revolutionary      Israel                                     systems.                           41480 kocaeli
               do-it-yourself model allows cus-      Tel.: +972 9 7603425                                                          Turkey
               tomization of the full camera de-     Fax: +972 9 7421622                                                           Tel.: +90 262 6788 902
                                                                                                         Fax: +90 262 6788 906
               sign, starting from the FPGA code,
               through the electronic design and                                                                         
               up to the opto-mechanical de-
               sign. The OpenCam model also
               cuts cost by up to 50 %.

                                                                                     IL-1                                                                         TR-1

                                                                                                                       Inspect 5/2008 85

                              ebs Automatisierte Thermogra-
                              phie und Systemtechnik
                                       Helion                     JFAS
AIM Infrarot Module                 Edmund Optics         

Allied Vision Technologies             Hema                       Kamera Werke Dresden       EHD Imaging                 

AMS Technologies                          HGV Vosseler               Kamiera                    Eltec                        

AOS Technologies                       High Speed Vision          Kappa       Eltrotec                

Applied Scintillation                Hitachi Kokusai Electric   KeeKoon Electronics
Technologies                  Entner electronics           Ico Data                   Klughammer
Artray                        Epix                                          IDS                        Kvant
Asentics                      Erhard + Leimer                      Ikegami                    Lambda Photometrics
AT-Automation Technology      Eureca Messtechnik                          Illunis                    Laser 2000
BAP Image Systems             Fabrimex Systems                         Image House                Leitner Industrial Endoscopy
Basler Vision Technologies    Fast Vision                           Image S                    Leutron Vision
Baumer                        Fastec Imaging                    Imaging Solutions Group    Leuze Electronic
Bfi Optilas                   FiberVision                            Impac Infrared             Linos Photonics
C-Cam Technologies            FJW Optical Systems                         Imperx                     LMI Technologies
Chromasens                    Flir                                 IMS Chips                  Lord Ingenierie
Cognex                        Fluke                                            Infaimon                   LOT Oriel
Compar                        Framos                                           Infratec                   Lumenera
Computer Bildverarbeitung     FSI Technologies                             InRay Solutions            MAK Bildtechnik
Cosyco                        Fuzhou Feihua Optoelectronic                    Technology                      insensiv                   Matrix Vision
Dalsa                                         G4 Technology                   IOS                        MaxxVision
Data Vision                                  Gevicam                         Ircam                      Menzel Vision and Robotics
Dedo Weigert                            Goodrich/SUI                    IS Imaging Solutions       Mikromak
Devitech                               Goratec                         JAI                        Mikrotron
dhs Dietermann & Heuser              
Solutions                     gsvitec                         JenCam                     msiVision            
Digital West Imaging          Hamamatsu Photonics             Jenoptik                   NAC      

86 Inspect 5/2008                                                                          

 eras                                                    Cameras
                                                                                                  Videor Technical
   Narragansett Imaging                                             Sick IVP                      Vidisys                 Pieper                     
   National Instruments                SKS Vision Systems            visicontrol                Pixelink              
   NET                                    Slomotec                      Visiolaser                 PMDTec                     
   NeuPro Solutions                         SmartRay                      Vision & Control         Point Grey Research        
   NTI                                      Soliton                       Vision Components              Polytec                
   OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner                  Sony                          Vision Research                 Profactor             
   Odem Technologies                      Stemmer Imaging               Vision Tools                   Prosilica             
   Olympus                               STZ Qualitätssicherung und    Visionlink           Proxitronic Industries          Bildverarbeitung    
                                                                                                  Vistas          Qualimatest                     Sugitoh             
   Opto Fidelity                      
                                                                                                  Vistek             Quest Innovations               SVS Vistek          
   Opto Sonderbedarf      
                                                                                                  Vitronic                      Rauscher                        Symco               
                                                                                                  VKT                    Redlake                         Tattile             
                                                                                                  VRmagic                 RH Engineering                  Tekno Optik         
                                                                                                  Weinberger                     Rubroeder                       Tekstar Optical     
   Panasonic Marketing Europe      
                                                                                                  Weiss Imaging and Solutions   Schael-Optik                    The Imaging Source  
   Parameter                        Schäfter + Kirchhoff            Thermosensorik                  
   PCO                              Schmachtl                       Tichawa Vision                         
   Pentacon                         SDT – Dr. Seitner               Toshiba Teli           
   PerkinElmer Optoelectronics      Secube                          TVI Vision          
   Philips                          Sedeco Vision Components        unibrain         
   Photonfocus                      Seiwa Optical                   VDS Vosskühler        
   Photron                          Sensor to Image                 Vega Technology Group        
   Phytec Messtechnik               Sentech                         Vialux               
   pi4_robotics                     Sharp Microelectronics Europe   Videology Imaging Solutions                                                                                                                 Inspect 5/2008 87

 AIA  Consulting
                               Entner electronics
                               Erhard + Leimer
 AIDO                                   Joanneum Research                   Farbmesstechnik Schröder                     Supercomputing Systems
 Alfavision                         Jos. Schneider Optische Werke             FiberVision                SVS Vistek
 Arvoo Imaging Products                Kappa                                      Framos                                          Symop
 AS Thermographie                         Lincoln Laser Company             Fraunhofer Allianz Vision                UKIVA
 Asentics                      Mikrotron                                Fritz Pauker Ingenieure                     Univision
 Austrian Research Centers          msiVision                           FSI Technologies                           Van de Loosdrecht Machine
 Awaiba                                  Neurocheck                          Vision                G4 Technology                   

 Basler Vision Technologies                     NTI                                 VDMA Industrielle Bildverarbei-             GBS                                      tung
 CMES                                                            OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner                  GFaI                                        Vega Technology Group
 Cmos Vision                                                     Optical Research Associates            Graphikon                                 Vision & Control
 Cmosis                                                          Opto Fidelity                Hema                                    Vision Academy
 Cognex                                                          Opto Sonderbedarf                HGV Vosseler                                     Vision Club of Finland
 Collischon Optik-Design                                         Phytec Messtechnik            IDS                                            Vision Machines
 CSEM                                                            pi4_robotics                   Imaging Lab                                       Vision N
 CTMV                                                            Polytec                   Impuls                                        Vision Tools
 Datapixel                                                       Rubroeder             IMVG                                        Visionlink
 de Man Industrie-Automation                                     Sensor to Image                  INB Vision                            Vistek
 Delta                                                           SmartSurv                  Infaimon                                    Vitronic
 dhs Dietermann & Heuser                                         Solving3D
 Solutions                     InRay Solutions                             VMT                                               
                                                                 SPG Data 3D
 Digital West Imaging          IS Imaging Solutions                       wenglor sensoric                                    
                                                                 Stemmer Imaging
 Duwe 3D                       IVAN                                 Zertrox                                                       
                                                                 STZ Qualitätssicherung
 EMVA                          Jansen C.E.O.                     und Bildverarbeitung              

 88 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                     
                                                                                           FraME GraBBEr

                               Frame Grabber
Frame Grabber
  Active Silicon
  Arvoo Imaging Products
                               Hamamatsu Photonics
                                                            National Instruments
                                                                                       Sundance Multiprocessor
                                                                                       SVS Vistek
  Basler Vision Technologies              Odem Technologies            HGV Vosseler                    The Imaging Source
  Baumer                                Orbis                      IDS                               Videology Imaging Solutions
  Cognex                       Parameter                       Image House                   Vidisys
  Computer Bildverarbeitung            Phytec Messtechnik            Image S                          Vision Tools
  Cosyco                         pi4_robotics                     Imaging Solutions Group                 Visionlink
  Cyberoptics Semiconductor             Pleora Technologies          Imperx                          Vistek
  Dalsa                             Polytec                       Infaimon                        Weiss Imaging and Solutions
  Data Vision                     Qualimatest                  IS Imaging Solutions
  dhs Dietermann & Heuser     Rauscher
  Solutions                    Isra Vision                   Schael-Optik
  Eltec                        JFAS                                    Schmachtl
  Epix                         Kvant                                   Seldes
  Fabrimex Systems             Lambda Photometrics        Sensor to Image
  Fast                         Leutron Vision                   Silicon Software
  Fast Vision                  Matrix Vision               Stemmer Imaging
  Framos                       Matrox Imaging                  STZ Qualitätssicherung
  G4 Technology                Menzel Vision and Robotics   und Bildverarbeitung                                                                                             Inspect 5/2008 89

Generic Visi
 & Turn Ke
3D Alliance
3D Shape
a&a technologies
Act Smartware
                              Brainware Solutions
                              BST International
                              Camsensor Technologies
                                                                Dr. Schwab Inspection
                                                                Dunkley International
                                                                Dutch Vision
                                                                                               FSI Technologies
                                                                                               Fuchs engineering
Aicon 3D Systems                                  Cognex                            Edixia                         G4 Technology
AIT Göhner                                        Compar                            EHR                            GBS
aku automation                                     Computer Bildverarbeitung         Eines                          Gefasoft
Alfavision                                       Cosyco                            Electronic Systems             Gefat
Alliance Vision                        Cruse Leppelmann                  Eltromat                       GF Messtechnik
ASB automation technologie    Kognitionstechnik                                 Eltrotec                       GFaI
Asentics                      CTMV                                                     Epix                           GOM
AT-Automation Technology      CTR Carinthian Tech Research                              Erhard + Leimer                Göpel electronic
ATM Vision                    Datapixel                                   EVK DI Kerschaggl              GPP Chemnitz
ATN Automatisierungstechnik   de Man Industrie-Automation                                    EVT Eye Vision Techology       Graphikon
Austrian Research Centers     DE software & control                            Fast                           HaSoTec
Automation W+R                desconpro engineering                        Fast Vision                    Heitec
AVT Advanced Vision           dhs Dietermann & Heuser   
Technology                    Solutions                         Faude                          HGV Vosseler                   
Basler Vision Technologies    Digital West Imaging              FDS Research                   i2s      
Baumer                        Divisoft                          FiberVision                    ibat            
Beratronic                    DMC Vision & Motion               Finger                         ibea        
Bertram Elektrotechnik        Dr. Schenk Industriemesstechnik   Fritz Pauker Ingenieure        Icos Vision Systems        

90 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                  
                                                                                                VISION SySTEMS

 ion Systems
ey Systems
  Image House
                             Isra Vision
  Image S                    ISW                          Microscan Europa                   Parsytec           
  i-mation                   Itech engineering            Modi Modular Digits                Pepperl & Fuchs               
  imess                      IVS                          Moser Industrielektronik           Perceptron             
  Impuls                     J&P Vision                   MSC                                Peter Scholz Software + Engi-                            neering
  IMR                        JFAS                         msiVision                                           Pharmacontrol
  INB Vision                 JLI Vision                   NeuPro Solutions                             Phytec Messtechnik
  Infaimon                   Joanneum Research            Neuricam                                         pi4_robotics
  Infratec                   K + P Krempien + Petersen    Neurocheck                                     Pilz
  inos Automationssoftware   Kappa                        Neurotechnology                             Pixargus
  InRay Solutions            Kdorf Automation             Nokra                                                     Plasmo Industrietechnik
  insensiv                   Keyence                      Norpix                                               Polygon
  in-situ                    KMS Vision Systems           OCS                                               PPT Vision
  Inspectron                 Kvant                        Octum electronic                                       Precitec
  InSystems Automation       L&_P                         Omron                                      Pulsotronic
  Intego                     Laetus                       Opsis                              www.bildverarbeitung.pulsotronic.                                de
  Intopii                    Leuze Electronic             Opto Fidelity                      Qualimatest              
  IOS                        Limess                       Orbis                              Quiss                     
  IOSS                       Menzel Vision and Robotics   Orbotech                           R&W Industrieautomation                  
  IS Imaging Solutions       Meta Vision Systems          Otto Vision Technology             rbc robotics          
  Isomorph                   Metronom Automation          Panasonic Electric Works           Recognitec                                                                                          Inspect 5/2008 91

Generic Vision
Turn Key Systems
                                                                                                     Vision Tools
RH Engineering                                                  Thermosensorik                       vision-consult Bildverarbeitung                                        
Rohwedder                                                       Tordivel                             Visionlink                                          
RSB Optotechnik                 Soma                            TriVision                            VisioTek                      
Rubroeder                       SPC Company                     Univision                            visolution                      
SAC                             SPG Data 3D                     Vega Technology Group                Vistek                 
Scanware electronic             Steinbichler Optotechnik        Vester Elektronik                    Visuelle Technik                       
Schmachtl                       Stemmer Imaging                 Videometer                           Vitronic               
Schönherr Elektronik            STZ Qualitätssicherung und      Vigitek                              VMT   Bildverarbeitung                  
Seidenader Vision                   Viscom                               V-Research               Sundance Multiprocessor Tech-             
SI                              nology                          visicontrol                          Weber Systemtechnik              
Sidonia Systems                 SVS Vistek                      Visimation                           Weiss Imaging and Solutions               
Signum                          Symacon Engineering             Visio Nerf                           wenglor sensoric                    
SL Tec                          SysCon                          Visiolaser                           Wente/Thiedig            
Softhard Technology             Tattile                         Vision Experts                       Wolf Systeme                  
Solex                           TechnoTeam                      Vision Machines                      Zertrox            
Solving3D                       Tema                            Vision Projekt                       Ziemann & Urban                 

92 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                      

                                                                                                    10 YEARS
                                                                                                  OF FACTS
                                                                                                   AND VISIONS
                                                                                                      IMAGING & MICROSCOPY

  Microscopes                    Kvant
                                 Leica Microsystems
 AMS Technologies                            Leitner Industrial Endoscopy
 Atomic Force                        LOT Oriel                        Richard Wolf
 Awaiba                                        Mikroskoptechnik Rathenow        Rubroeder
 Breitmeier Messtechnik               Mikrovision                      Schael-Optik
                                                                                                  Looking back,
 Carl Zeiss Microimaging             acting forward:              Mitutoyo                         Schäfer Technologie
                                            Compositional Analysis
 Dr. Heinrich Schneider
 Messtechnik                     Moritex                          Seiwa Optical                    Electron Microscopy                          Image Processing
 Edmund Optics                   msiVision                        Seldes                           Light Microscopy         
                                                                                                   Scanning Probe Microscopy
 EHD Imaging                     Nanofocus                        Special Application Products                   
 Eltrotec                        Nanosurf                         STZ Qualitätssicherung und      We are very grateful to our                       Bildverarbeitung                partners from industry and
 FRT                             Nikon                                academia, and the community,
                                                                                                  for their commitment and loyal                tecin                           collaboration.
 G4 Technology                   Olympus                                    Tekno Optik
 GE Inspection Technology        Opto Sonderbedarf                                                                 european
                                                                                                            light microscopy
                                                                                                                    initiative   elmi
 www.geinspectiontechnologies.                      Vega Technology Group
 com                             OptoMess               
 Hipp Endoskop Service                   Vision Engineering    Optometron             
 Infaimon                              Visitool                Optoprim               
 Infinity Photo-Optical                  Walter Uhl Techn. Mikroskopie             Oxford Instruments     
 Karl Storz                   Weiss Imaging and Solutions                                         
                                 Panasonic Marketing Europe
 Keyence                  Werth Messtechnik                  eras                   
 Klughammer                      Power Control Electronics PCE    Wild     

                                                      Lighting Eq
Advanced Illumiation
Balluf                         FiberVision        
Basler Vision Technologies     Finger                                                NET
Baumer                         Framos                       Kvant                                           NeuPro Solutions
Bfi Optilas                    FSI Technologies             Lambda Photometrics                    OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner
Büchner Lichtsysteme           G4 Technology                Laser 2000                                Odem Technologies
Cavitar                        Gardasoft Vision             Laser Components                     Olympus
CCS Europe                     Global Laser                 Leitner Industrial Endoscopy                  Omicron-Laserage Laser-
Ceres Vision                   GPP Chemnitz                 LEJ Leistungselektronik Jena   produkte                      
Chromasens                     Hamamatsu Photonics          Leutron Vision                 Omron             
Cognex                         Hema                         Linos Photonics                Opto Engineering                        
Collischon Optik-Design        HGV Vosseler                 LMI Technologies               Opto Precision            
Computer Bildverarbeitung      IB/E Optics                  LOT Oriel                      Opto Sonderbedarf         
Data Vision                    iiM                          Matrix Vision                  Optometron            
DCM Sistemes                   ILEE                         MaxxVision                     OptoPolymer             
Dedo Weigert                   Image House                  Menzel Vision and Robotics     Orbis       
Digital West Imaging           Image S                      Metaphase Technologies         Parameter  
Edmund Optics                  Infaimon                     Microscan Europa               PerkinElmer Optoelectronics         
Eltrotec                       insensiv                     Mikrotron                      Phlox              
Erhard + Leimer                IS Imaging Solutions         Mikrovision                    Photonic Products   
Fabrimex Systems               Jenoptik                     Moritex                        Phytec Messtechnik      
Falcon LED Lighting            JFAS                         msiVision                      pi4_robotics         
Faseroptik Henning             Keyence                      MTD                            Planistar Lichttechnik         
Fiberoptics Technology         Klughammer                   Myutron                        POG Präzisionsoptik Gera           

94 INSPECT 5/2008                                                                           

                                  Tekno Optik
  Rauscher                               Tema
  RH Engineering                    The Imaging Source
  Schael-Optik                  Univision
  Schäfter + Kirchhoff                 V Cubed
  Schmachtl                             Vialux
  Schott                      visicontrol
  Sedeco Vision Components                   Visiolaser
  Seiwa Optical                       Vision & Control
  Sharp Microelectronics Europe                Vision Light Tech
  Sill Optics                          Vision Tools
  Smart Vision Lights          Visionlink
  Soliton                            Visitool
  Special Application Products                Vistas
  Spectrum Illumination     Vistek
  Stemmer Imaging                Volpi
  StockerYale                        Weiss Imaging and Solutions
  STZ Qualitätssicherung und
  Bildverarbeitung                wenglor sensoric    
  SVS Vistek                      Zertrox                                                    INSPECT 5/2008 95

 Optical Instru
3D Alliance
                               EHD Imaging
                               Electronic Systems
                               ElektroPhysik                      ILEE                                Linos Photonics
3D Shape               Eltromat                           Imetric 3D                          LOT Oriel
Aicon 3D Systems                   Eltrotec                           Infaimon                            Mahr
Alicona                EVK DI Kerschaggl                  Infinity Photo-Optical              Meta Vision Systems
AMS Technologies                     Farbmesstechnik Schröder           Infratec                            Metris
Applied Scintillation
Technologies                   Faro                               Innowep                             MG Optical Solutions                          

Benteler Maschinenbau          Fisba Optik                        InSystems Automation                Mitutoyo                       

Bentham Instruments            FJW Optical Systems                Intacton                            Moeller-Wedel Optical                      

Breitmeier Messtechnik         Flir                               Isis                                Moritex           

Breuckmann                     Fritz Pauker Ingenieure            Jenoptik                            Mycrona           

BST International              FRT                                Jos. Schneider Optische Werke       Nanofocus         

Carl Zeiss                     G4 Technology                      Kleiber Infrared                    Nikon                        

Carl Zeiss Microimaging        GE Inspection Technology           Konica Minolta                      NTI         

Chunghwa Telecommunication     GF Messtechnik                     Kreon Technologies                  nub3d
Laboratories                                 GOM                                Kvant                               Odem Technologies
CMC Kuhnke                                                     Goodrich/SUI                       Lambda Photometrics                 OGP Messtechnik
Cmos Vision                                   Goratec                            Lamtech                             Olympus
ColorLite                                                  Hamamatsu Photonics                Land Instruments                    opsira
none                           Heitronics Infrarot Messtechnik    LAP                                 Opto Fidelity
Datapixel                                          Hexagon Metrology                  Laser 2000                          Opto Precision
Datasensor                                   HGV Vosseler                       Laser Components                    Opto Sonderbedarf
Delta                                                     Hipp Endoskop Service              Laser Quantum                       OptoMess
Digital Surf                           Hommel Etamic                      LDV Systeme                         Optometron
Dr. Heinrich Schneider             
Messtechnik                    IB/E Optics                        Leitner Industrial Endoscopy        OptoPolymer                
Dr. Wehrhahn Messsysteme       Ico Data                           Limess                              Optoprim                          

96 INSPECT 5/2008                                                                                      
                          OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS

  OptoSurf                        Steinbichler Optotechnik      
  Optris                          Stemmer Imaging         
  Orbis                           Stiefelmayer          
  Oxford Instruments              Taylor Hobson
  Parameter                       tec5      
  Pentacon                        TechnoTeam       
  Perceptron                      Tekno Optik    
  PerkinElmer Optoelectronics     Topometric   
  Phaer                           Tordivel          
  phoenix|x-ray                   Ulis   
  Phynix                          Vialux         
  Plasmo Industrietechnik         Videometer         
  POG Präzisionsoptik Gera        Visiolaser            
  Polygon                         Vision Light Tech
  Precitec                        Vision Machines       
  Premosys                        Volform      
  Quest Innovations               Wente/Thiedig
  Raytek                          Wenzel         
  Richard Wolf                    Werth Messtechnik  
  Schäfer Technologie             Wild  
  Sensor Instruments              Xenics
  SGM Schut                       X-Rite         
  Sick                            Yxlon International           
  SIOS Meßtechnik                 Z-Laser           
  SKS Vision Systems              ZygoLOT  

Allied Vision Technologies
AMS Technologies
                             EHD Imaging

                             Eureca Messtechnik
                                                        Jos. Schneider Optische Werke
                                                                                                     Fabrimex Systems                       Navitar
Awaiba                 Kowa                                     FiberVision                       NET
Azure Photonics             Kvant                            Finger                                   NeuPro Solutions
B & M Optik                   Lambda Photometrics                     Fisba Optik                     Odem Technologies
Basler Vision Technologies               Laser 2000                            Framos                               Olympus
Baumer                           Laser Components                    FRT                           Omron
Bfi Optilas                   Leica Geosystems                     Fujinon                     Opto Engineering
bk Interferenzoptik             metrology                       G4 Technology              Lensation                           Opto Precision
Carl Zeiss                                        Goyo Optical Japan         Leoni Fiber Optics                  Opto Sonderbedarf
Carl Zeiss Microimaging           Holoeye Photonics          Lincoln Laser Company               Optometron
CBC Deutschland                           IB/E Optics                Linos Photonics                     Orbis
Chronix                                      IDS                        LMI Technologies                    Parameter
Collischon Optik-Design              Image House                LOT Oriel                           Phaer
Computer Bildverarbeitung                     Image S                    Matrix Vision                       Photonic Products
Cosyco                                   IMT                        MaxxVision                          pi4_robotics
Data Vision                                 Infaimon                   Menzel Vision and Robotics          POG Präzisionsoptik Gera
Devitech                                    Ircam                      Midwest Optical Systems             Polytec
dhs Dietermann & Heuser                 
Solutions                    IS Imaging Solutions       Moeller-Wedel Optical               Profactor
Docter Optics                Jenoptik                   Moritex                             Qioptiq           
Edmund Optics                JFAS                       msiVision                           Qualimatest            

98 INSPECT 5/2008                                                                            

                                                                     GigE Technology

  Resolve Optics
                                 Vega Technology Group
                                 Videology Imaging Solutions
  RH Engineering                 Videor Technical 
  Schael-Optik                   Vision & Control
  Schäfter + Kirchhoff           Vision Light Tech    
  Schmachtl                      Visionlink     
  Sedeco Vision Components       Visitool        
  Seiwa Optical                  Volpi   
  Sill Optics                    VS Technology    
  Special Application Products   Weiss Imaging and Solutions     
  Spectros                       ZygoLOT      
  Stemmer Imaging
  STZ Qualitätssicherung und
                                                               Foresight and Success
                                                               Vision Applications with
  SVS Vistek
                                                               digital cameras
  Symco                                              Resolution VGA to 2 Megapixel
  Tamron Europe                                                NET Software Package
  Tekno Optik                                                  Small Design 40 x 40 x 48 mm
  Tekstar Optical
  The Imaging Source                                           NET Locations                                     Germany | USA | Japan                                      NEW ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY

                                Entner electronics
                                Erhard + Leimer
                                                             Jos. Schneider Optische Werke
                                                             Kamera Werke Dresden
                                                                                                 Schäfter + Kirchhoff
                                                                                                 Sensor to Image
 Alicona                        Fisba Optik                                          Kappa                               SmartSurv
 Anafocus                       Fraunhofer Allianz Vision                        Leica Geosystems                    SPG Data 3D
 Austrian Research Centers      FRT                               metrology                           SPIE
 Awaiba                         FSI Technologies             Lincoln Laser Company                                 STZ Qualitätssicherung und
 Basler Vision Technologies     Gevicam                      LMI Technologies                    Bildverarbeitung           
 Bfi Optilas                    GFaI                         Matrix Vision                       SVS Vistek                 
 Breuckmann                     Graphikon                    Mazet                               Tekno Optik                    
 Cmos Vision                    HaSoTec                      Micron                              Tema                   
 Cmosis                         Helion                       Mikromak                            Tichawa Vision                 
 Cognex                         Hema                         Mikrotron                           Tordivel                         
 Collischon Optik-Design        HGV Vosseler                 msiVision                           Univision                     
 CSEM                           IDS                          Norpix                              Vega Technology Group                      
 CTR Carinthian Tech Research   Imaging Lab                  Opto Sonderbedarf                   Vision & Control                            
 Cypress Semiconductor          Impuls                       Panavision Imaging                  Vision Machines       
 Dalsa                          IMS Chips                    PCO                                 Vision Tools                        
 de Man Industrie-Automation    Infaimon                     Phytec Messtechnik                  Vistek                         
 Delta                          InRay Solutions              pi4_robotics                        V-Research                              
 Docter Optics                  Isomorph                     Profactor                           ZBS              
 Eltec                          Joanneum Research            Proxitronic Industries              Zertrox                   

100 INSPECT 5/2008                                                                                 

Processors, Interfaces,
 Cables, Peripherals            IDS
                                igus                         Seidenader Vision
                                                                      The Imaging Source
  Allied Vision Technologies    Image House                  Seldes                                                                                      Thinklogical
  Alysium-Tech                  Image S                      Stemmer Imaging                                                                    unibrain
  AMS Technologies              Imaging Solutions Group      Strampe Systemelektronik                                                                               Vidisys
  Andon Electronics             Infaimon                     STZ Qualitätssicherung und                                    Bildverarbeitung                                         Vision & Control
  Arvoo Imaging Products        intercon1                                                         Supercomputing Systems                                   Vision Tools
  BAP Image Systems             JFAS                                                                    SVS Vistek                                               Vistas
  Components Express            Kamiera                                                       Symco                                                    Xilinx
  Computer Bildverarbeitung     Lemo                                                  
  Computer Dynamics             Leoni Fiber Optics   
                                LMI Technologies
                                                                     Connection   h been made!
                                                                                  has b
  Dalsa                         Matrix Vision
                                                                                                                                  Mini Camera

                                                                                               20                                                                                      Link
  de Man Industrie-Automation   Matrox Imaging        
  DSM Computer                  MaxxVision          
                                                                           Camera               Intercon 1
  Eltec                         Mazet                                       Link
                                                                                                A Division of Nortech Systems       
  Eltrotec                      Menzel Vision and Robotics                                                              IEEE1394
  Epix                          Newnex Technology            Gig E                                          A&B     
  Fabrimex Systems              Northwire
  FiberVision                   Orbis  
                                                                                                                           Power Supplies
  Framos                        Parameter                                              High-Flex                                              cable for
  G4 Technology                 Phytec Messtechnik       
  Gidel                         pi4_robotics

                                                                                                           Intercon 1       
  Hema                          Rauscher                                                                     A Division of Nortech Systems
                                                             (800)   237-9576             Precision Cable Assemblies for the Machine Vision Industry
  HGV Vosseler                  Schmachtl              •                                                                                                                 Inspect 5/2008 101

 a&b software
 Adaptive Vision                                  Imagic
 Alfavision                    Eltrotec                Matrix Vision              Imaging Lab        

 Alicona                       Epix                         Matrox Imaging                 Imatec             

 Alliance Vision               Erhard + Leimer     MaxxVision     Impuls             

 AMS Technologies              Euresys                 Menzel Vision and Robotics                      INB Vision         

 AOS Technologies              EVT Eye Vision Techology           Metronom Automation            Infaimon           

 Aqsense                       Fabrimex Systems              Micro Epsilon         InRay Solutions    

 Artray                        Fast                            Microscan Europa            in-situ            

 Asentics                      FDS Research                    Mikromak              Ircam              

 Basler Vision Technologies    FiberVision                       Mikrotron            IS Imaging Solutions

 Baumer                        Flir                  Mitutoyo     Isomorph           

 Cimetrix                      Framos                         msiVision                  Isra Vision        

 Cognex                        FSI Technologies            MVTec Software                   IVS                

 Computer Bildverarbeitung     G4 Technology       National Instruments                 JFAS               

 Cosyco                        GBS                             Neurocheck                Joanneum Research  

 Dalsa                         Gefasoft                       Neurotechnology               Klughammer         

 Data Vision                   Geomagic                     Norpix              Kvant              

 de Man Industrie-Automation   Gidel                             OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner                      Lambda Photometrics

 dhs Dietermann & Heuser       Graphikon                Odem Technologies
 Solutions                      Laser 2000                    Hamamatsu Photonics             Olympus
 Digital Surf                   Leica Geosystems              HaSoTec              Omron
 Duwe 3D                         metrology                          HGV Vosseler               Leica Microsystems           Optical Research Associates
 Dynalog                                IB/E Optics                Leutron Vision               Optometron
 ebs Automatisierte Thermo    
 graphie und Systemtechnik     IDS                        Linos Photonics              Orbis              
 EHD Imaging                   Image House                LMI Technologies             Parameter          
 Eltec                         Image S                    Math & Tech                  Photonfocus           

102 Inspect 5/2008                                                                      

                                                                               visicontrol                                      Vistek
                                               Visiolaser                                       Vitronic
                                                     Vision & Control                                 Weiss Imaging and Solutions
                                                     Vision Components                                Wenzel
                                Van de Loosdrecht Machine                          
                                Vision                                         Vision Machines                                  X-Rite
   Pleora Technologies
                                Vega Technology Group                          Vision N                                         ZBS
                                Videometer                                     Vision Tools                                     Zertrox
   RH Engineering
   Sedeco Vision Components
   Silicon Software
   Simon IBV
   SPG Data 3D
                                     The Experience of more than 6,000
   Stemmer Imaging
                                     Applications World-wide.
   STZ Qualitätssicherung und
   Bildverarbeitung                  NeuroCheck is the efficient solution for all application areas of image                processing in manufacturing and quality control. More than 1,000 library
   Supercomputing Systems            functions, configured by mouse click in every conceivable combination,                 help you to rapidly create cost effective and reliable solutions for the
   SVS Vistek                        entire field of industrial visual inspections. Your benefit: shorter realization                time, company-wide standardization, and greater reliability compared to
   Symco                             conventional programming. NeuroCheck represents a consistently integrated                   concept from the software through to the complete application including all
   Tekno Optik                       vision components. PLUG & WORK!
   Tema                              For more information:
   The Imaging Source
                                     NeuroCheck GmbH
                                     Software Design & Training Center : 70174 Stuttgart / Germany : Phone +49 711 229 646-30              Engineering Center : 71686 Remseck / Germany : Phone +49 7146 8956-0

Sensors Vision S
  Smart Camera
 Active Silicon
 AIT Göhner
 AKE-Components         Eltec                      Image House                 LMI Technologies
 Alfavision                            Eltrotec                   Image S                     Lord Ingenierie
 AMS Technologies                          Erhard + Leimer            Imaging Solutions Group     Matrix Vision
 Applied Scintillation  
 Technologies                  EVT Eye Vision Techology   Infaimon                    Matrox Imaging     
 Asentics                      Fabrimex Systems           InRay Solutions             MaxxVision         
 Awaiba                        Fast Vision                IOS                         Mazet          
 Balluf                        Festo                      IOSS                        Menzel Vision and Robotics                  
 Banner Engineering            FiberVision                ipf Electronic              Micro Epsilon
 Basler Vision Technologies    Finger                     IS Imaging Solutions        Microscan Europa    
 Baumer                        Fisba Optik                Isra Vision                 msiVision      
 Camsensor Technologies        FSI Technologies           ISW                         National Instruments        
 Cmosis                        G4 Technology              JFAS                        NeuPro Solutions              
 Cognex                        Gevicam                    K + P Krempien + Petersen   Neuricam          
 Compar                        Graphikon                  Kamiera                     Norpix           
 Computer Bildverarbeitung     Hema                       Keyence                     OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner             
 Cosyco                        HGV Vosseler               Kontron                     Odem Technologies                 
 Dalsa                         IBN                        Lambda Photometrics         Omron      
 Datasensor                    IDS                        Leutron Vision              Opto Sonderbedarf     
 de Man Industrie-Automation   ifm Electronic             Leuze Electronic            Orbis                    

104 Inspect 5/2008                                                                     
                                                                        SMART CAMeRAS

                                                                                                                and reliable
                                                                                                                machine vision

as Vision
  Panasonic Electric Works
                                                                           Toshiba Teli    Sharp Microelectronics Europe
                                                                           Turck                    Sick
  Pepperl & Fuchs           
                                                                           Vega Technology Group               Sick IVP
  Peter Scholz              
  Software + Engineering              Siemens
                                      mv                                   Videor Technical
  Phytec Messtechnik
                                                                                        The all-in-one                       SKS Vision Systems
  pi4_robotics                               visicontrol                          package for industrial                          SmartRay
                                                                                   vision systems:
  PMDTec                      SmartSurv
                                                                    • Flexible, user-friendly
                                                 Vision & Control                       and reliable software
  Polytec                      Soliton
                                                                                                                • Powerful and robust
                                              Vision Components                      camera system
  PPT Vision

                                           Vision Tools
                                                                                     Stemmer Imaging
  www.bildverarbeitung.pulsotronic.   Strampe Systemelektronik
                                                                                                                • Independent:
  de                                                                                      Intelligence and processing
  Qualimatest                         Supercomputing Systems                                                      power within the camera                                    VRmagic
  Rauscher                            SVS Vistek
                                                                                       • Perfectly in phase:                              wenglor sensoric                       Smart camera + software
  RSB Optotechnik
                                                  Werth Messtechnik
                                                                                                                • Easy to use:
                                                                                                                  Graphic programming
  Schmachtl                           Tattile                                                                     via drag & drop                                Zertrox
  Schunk                              Tekno Optik
                                                                                        • Excellent cost-                                                                       performance ratio
  Sedeco Vision Components            Tichawa Vision             
  Sensopart Industriesensorik         topSenso          
  Sensor to Image                     Tordivel    

 ABB                                                                                   ifm Electronic
 AIA                                                                                                                    EVK DI Kerschaggl               Ikegami
 Aicon 3D Systems               Cognex                                                    Faro                            Image House
 AIM Infrarot Module            ColorLite                                             Fisba Optik                     Image S
 Alliance Vision                Cosyco                                           Fluke                           IMS Chips
 Allison Park Group agp         CSEM                                                   Frankfurt Laser Company         IMT
 Anafocus                       CTR Carinthian Tech Research                                 Fritz Pauker Ingenieure         IMVG
 Andon Electronics              Cypress Semiconductor                   FRT                             Infinity Photo-Optical
 AS Thermographie               Dedo Weigert                        Fuzhou Feihua Optoelectronic    Innowep
 ATM Vision                     Digital Surf                   Technology                                      in-situ
 autoVimation                   Directed Perception            GE Inspection Technology             www.geinspectiontechnologies.   ipf Electronic
 Banner Engineering             Dr. Wehrhahn Messsysteme       com                                Geomagic                        IS Imaging Solutions
 Benteler Maschinenbau          DSM Computer                                    Graphikon                       Isomorph
 Breuckmann                     Dynalog                                    gsvitec                         IVAN
 Carl Zeiss                     E3tam                                                  Helion                          JFAS
 Chronix                        ebs Automatisierte Thermo-                graphie und Systemtechnik      Hexagon Metrology               JIIA
 Chunghwa Telecommunication        
 Laboratories                   Edmund Optics                  HGV Vosseler                    JLI Vision              
 CMC Kuhnke                     Eltromat                       Hitachi Kokusai Electric        Joanneum Research             
 CMES                           Eltrotec                       Holoeye Photonics               Keyence                     
 Cmos Vision                    EMVA                           Hommel Etamic                   Kontron              
 Cmosis                         Eureca Messtechnik             Icos Vision Systems             Kvant                          

106 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                  

     Land Instruments
     Laser Quantum
                                  Panasonic Electric Works
                                                                     Stemmer Imaging

                                                                     Taylor Hobson
                                                                                                     wenglor sensoric
                                                                                                     Werth Messtechnik
     LDV Systeme                  Panavision Imaging                 Tekstar Optical
     Leica Geosystems             Parameter                          Tichawa Vision
                                                                                                     yxlon International         
     metrology                    Pharmacontrol                      Turck
     Leuze Electronic        
                                                                                                           pi4_robotics                       UKIVA
     Lincoln Laser Company                        Power Control Electronics PCE      Ulis
     MaxxVision                      Rubroeder                          VDMA Industrielle
     Mazet                                 Bildverarbeitung                 Schmachtl                
     Metaphase Technologies                   Videology Imaging Solutions       Seidenader Vision        
     Metris                               Vidisys               Sensopart Industriesensorik
     Micro Epsilon                         Vision & Control        Sick                     
     Micron                                     Vision Academy               Siemens                  
     Mitutoyo               Vision Club of Finland              mv                       
     msiVision                    SKS Vision Systems                 Vision Components       
     NAC                          Slomotec                           Vistas                
     NET                          SmartRay                           VKT             
     Northwire                    SmartSurv                          VMT           
     OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner   Solving3D                          Volpi            
     Olympus                      SPC Company                        VRmagic
                                                                                                   Falcon LED Lighting Ltd. · Fasanweg 7 · 74254 Offenau                       Web: · Phone: 0(049) 7136 9686-0                                                                                                   Inspect 5/2008 107

  PCIe IEEE 1394.b Frame                                                               Powerful VeriSens Vision
  Grabber Supports up to                                                               Sensors for Industrial
  3.2Gbit/s Data Transfer                                                              Applications
  Adlink’s first 4-CH PCI                                                              Baumer VeriSens vision
  Express IEEE1394.b                                                                   sensors close the gap be-
  frame grabber, PCIe-                                                                 tween traditional photoe-
  FIW64, is designed                                                                   lectric sensors and complex
  specifically for digital and                                                         image processing systems.
  high-speed computer-based                                                            The user is provided with
  machine vision applications. The                                                     comprehensive functions
  PCIe-FIW64 provides four IEEE                                                        which support numerous
  1394.b (FireWire 800) ports for multi-                                               inspection tasks in auto-
  ple IEEE 1394.b cameras and supports                                                 mated production, like part
  total data transfer rates up to 3.2 Gbps.                                            completeness, part presence, part loca-
  It is also designed for multi-channel                                                tion or identification. The underlying
  applications that require external I/O                                               innovative Baumer FEX processor tech-
  signals and triggering options.                                                      nology distinguishes itself via outstand-
  Four isolated digital I/Os and four iso-                                             ing process stability and ease of use
  lated programmable triggers are also                                                 previously unachieved in its class.
  provided – the digital I/Os can be used                                              VeriSens vision sensors allow for more
  to connect to external devices, (e.g. po-                                            than 3,000 inspections per minute and
  sition sensors), and the programmable         Adlink Technology Inc.                 are characterized by compact design in-      Baumer GmbH
  trigger output pulses can be used to          Nord Carree 3                          cluding integrated optics and illumina-      Pfingstweide 28
  manage trigger events such as activat-        40477 Düsseldorf                       tion. The one-box-design with industrial     61169 Friedberg
  ing strobe lighting.                          Germany                                plugs and connectors furthermore pro-        Germany
  Adlink’s digital imaging product port-        Tel.: +49 211 495 55 52                vides easy mounting and high degree of       Tel.: +49 6031 60 07 0
                                                Fax: +49 211 495 55 57                                                              Fax: +49 6031 60 07 70
  folio in machine vision includes a vari-                                             protection. VeriSens vision sensors sup-
  ety of the PCIe frame grabbers for IEEE                      port all important interfaces from digital
  1394.b, CameraLink, and GigE for Vi-                                                 I/O and serial RS485 to powerful Ether-
  sion interfaces.                                                                     net and easy to use USB 2.0.
                                               See our profile on page          34                                                  See our ad on page         11

  Real-Time Inspection of Adhesive Application                                         SAC System Solutions for
                                                                                       Machine Vision
  Since 1988, Quiss has been develop-
  ing vision systems for automatic                                                     SAC system solutions guarantee the
  100 %-inspections of adhesive and                                                    faultless delivery of your products. The
  sealant application, based on intelli-                                               systems meet highest requirements
  gent image processing with focus on                                                  concerning optical quality assurance.
  automotive manufacturing and sup-                                                    We control production processes that
  ply industries. This expertise is re-                                                depend on absolute accuracy and mini-
  flected in the number of installed                                                   mal fault tolerance.
  Quiss systems in the most efficient                                                  With over 12 years of experience, we
  automotive plants worldwide.                                                         realize individual solutions in every in-
  The Quiss online inspection sytems          cisely, with no overlapping. With this   dustry sector worldwide.
  RTVision.t and inspect          unique functionality the system im-      In several fields we acquired special
  width, gaps and position of the adhe-       proves efficiency and profitability as   competences:
  sive or sealant bead simultaneously         it reduces the number of discarded        For the Toothing Inspection we de-
  during application. They are the ideal      components and optimizes conse-             veloped a Test Cell that can be
  solution for optimizing cycle times or      quently production time and costs.          adapted to the customers’ require-
  fitting an inspection system into a                                                     ments.
  complex, spatially restricted environ-                                                In the field of 3D Inspection we can
  ment. The online sensor with inte-                                                      offer customized module solutions
  grated maintenance-free LED illumi-                                                     e.g. for Pin Control in plugs.            SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics
  nation and three cameras, is mounted          Quiss GmbH                              For Surface Inspection we have de-         GmbH
  directly onto the application nozzle          Lilienthalstr. 5                          signed VisionLine, a modular system       Am Sandfeld 15
  and is carried along with the applica-        82178 Puchheim                            that can be adapted in every pro-         76149 Karlsruhe
                                                Germany                                                                             Germany
  tion system.                                                                            duction process.
                                                Tel.: +49 89 894 59 0                                                               Tel.: +49 721 60 543 000
  The system variant addi-          Fax: +49 89 894 59 111                                                              Fax: +49 721 60 543 200
  tionally offers an automated bead                      Discover Machine Vision Solutions  
  repair. In the first run the system in-                          with SAC.                          
  spects and reports application gaps
  that are closed in a second run: pre-        See our profile on page          59                                                  See our profile on page     60

108 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                                   

    Tripod Modular Light System                                                          European Vision Network
    The Tripod’s unique tri-                   ule they can manually adjust that         The European Machine Vision Associa-
    angular design enables                              module and still be able to      tion (EMVA) has currently over 100
    the end user to configure                                  adjust all of the         members representing 18 countries.
    the light to meet their spe-                                          modules to-    EMVA aims to be an industry lobby to
    cific needs. The Tripod mod-                                              gether     support the interests and concerns of
    ules can be used separately as                                            via ana-   its members, the companies, research
    a spot light or they can be used                                        log con-     institutes and national associations of
    together to create single or dou-                               trol. Each module    the machine vision industry. The main
    ble row linear lights. They can also                  also has a LED error detec-    activities to ensure that this world-
    be used to create large area lights,        tion output and three Indicator          leading technology is widely applied
    ring lights or even light in the shape     lights. The housing is molded with a      are: standardization, market studies
    of an “L”. Every Tripod module can         special thermally conductive plastic      and surveys, annual business confer-
    be the Master or Slave. Up to 50           so that LED life is maximized. All of     ences, European and regional network-
    modules can run on a Master. The           these features are what make the Tri-     ing events, PR and marketing.
    end user can decide if all the mod-        pod the best LED Machine Vision
    ules need to be strobed together or        Light System on the market today.
    separately. The Tripod is also set to
    burst the LED at the maximum cur-
    rent rating when first turned on and
    then drop down to normal run cur-                                                                                              European Machine Vision
    rent. The burst build into the light         Spectrum Illumination                                                             Association (EMVA)
    guarantees the maximum output for            5114 Industrial Park Rd.                                                          Lyoner Str. 18
    high speed applications. The end             Montague, MI 49437                                                                60528 Frankfurt
    user can also decide if they would           USA                                                                               Germany
    like to control the intensity of all the     Tel.: +1 231 894 4590                                                             Tel.: +49 69 6603 1466
                                                 Fax: +1 231 894 4582                                                              Fax: +49 69 6603 2466
    modules together or separately by
    either analog 0-10VDC or manually                                              
    with a potentiometer. If the end user
    needs less light from any single mod-
                                                See our profile on page           82                                               See our profile on page      42

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as Xing Marketplace, over 17,000 groups             Inspect team, so that only professionals
and networking events from London to                from our industry will become part of the
Beijing, it has developed from a contact            network.
platform to a web interface for business
professionals around the world.
                                                    Members of the Inspect network can in-
Inspect Network
                                                    vite industry friends and can participate
However, there is still room for dedica-            in discussions. They can upload own vid-
tion to a certain industry and their de-            eos and pictures, for example photos
mands. With this in mind, Inspect hosts a           from trade shows or from company prod-
specialized branch community at http://             ucts and it is possible to post explanatory, focusing on             picture captions. This is an elegant way
Machine Vision and Optical Metrology.               to launch information about own prod-
The Inspect network was created as plat-            ucts or own events.
form to exchange opinions between ex-                  Within the network members can join
perts and aims to become the industry               existing groups or create their own
marketplace. In the first couple of months          groups for themes which are of common
some 100 professionals joined the net-              interest and which are not already cov-
work: CEOs, managing directors, profes-             ered by other groups.

                                                                                                     Sales managers can address new cus-
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                                                                                                  can contact potential providers directly
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                                                                                                     As also learned with Xing, business
                                                                                                  networks are an excellent platform for
                                                                                                  career moves. The Inspect network is of
                                                                                                  course much more focused on openings
                                                                                                  in our industry than any general network
                                                                                                  can ever be.
                                                                                                     In the run-up of an event, people can
                                                                                                  exchange opinions, start discussions or
                                                                                                  make appointments with other network
                                                                                                  members. In addition, it is transparent
       In the run-up of an event, people can exchange opinions, start discussions or make         who announced their attendance to a
       appointments with other network members                                                    featured event.

110 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                    The World of 3D
                                                                                                                                                                    group is an ex-
                                                                                                                                                                    change platform
                                                                                                                                                                    for information,
                                                                                                                                                                    ideas, insights
                                                                                                                                                                    about 3D mea-
                                                                                                                                                                    surement, digitali-
   Yet another possibility to contribute to                                                                                                                         zation, robot
the network are own blogs within the net-                                                                                                                           vision, inspection
work. New blog entries are visible at the                                                                                                                           and the multitude
start page for all community members.                                                                                                                               of technologies

Theme Groups
                                                       key systems and applications for all in-                           The Vision community network at http://
The network was launched including                     dustries.                                                 is yet an-
four groups, each dedicated to a topic of                 Control: Optical measuring technology                           other information channel provided by
interest:                                              in industrial applications can be found in                         Inspect for the vision community. It aims
   World of 3D: Exchange platform for                  this group, analogue to the Control sec-                           to complement the Inspect magazine as
information, ideas, insights about 3D                  tion in the Inspect magazine.                                      well as the Inspect portal at www.inspect-
measurement, digitalization, robot vi-                    Only weeks after the initial launch two                and provides, in addition to
sion, inspection and the multitude of                  new groups have been initiated, which                              both, the opportunity to directly network
technologies involved.                                 are not moderated from the Inspect edito-                          among professionals.
   Vision: Everything here circles around              rial team.
cameras, software, lenses, illumination,                  The Group „Applied Research” was
frame grabbers, vision sensors, smart                  created by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg
cameras, embedded systems, interfaces,                 with the group description: Exchange
processors, cables, peripherals, and,                  platform for information, ideas, insights
and, and … This theme group aligns with                about Image Processing and Pattern Rec-
the topics from the Vision section of the              ognition in the world of University re-                                  Author
Inspect magazine.                                      lated applied research.                                                 Markus Caspari,
   Automation: This section, as the Au-                   The group “Smart Cameras” serves as                                  Business Development Manager
tomation section in the Inspect magazine,              exchange platform for all topics around
features information, discussions, Q&A                 Smart Cameras, Vision Sensors and Em-                                   GIT VeRLAG, Darmstadt, Germany
and more regarding machine vision turn-                bedded Systems.

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COMPANy                                    PAGE          COMPANy                              PAGE            COMPANy                                     PAGE
Active Silicon                             70            Graphikon                            46              Pleora Technologies                         82
Adlink Technology                          34, 108       Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland      48              PoG Präzisionsoptik Gera                    59
AIA Automated Imaging Association          26            hema electronic                      48              Point Grey                                  7, 79
Aicon 3D Systems                           34            hGV Vosseler                         48              Polytec                                     59
AKe-Components                             34            holoeye Photonics                    48              Profactor                                   59
Alfavision                                 34            IB/e optics Ing.-Büro Klaus eckerl   48              Proxitronic Industries                      59
Alicona Imaging                            34            Icos Vision Systems                  72              Quiss                                       59, 108
Alliance Vision                            70            IDS Imaging Development Systems      14, 15, 43      Rauscher                                    1, 53, 60
Allied Vision Technologies                 9, 49         iiM                                  48              Rubroeder                                   60
Allison Park Group                         77            Impac Infrared                       50              SAC                                         60, 108
AMS Technologies                           34            Impuls                               50              Seidenader Vision                           60
Applied Scintillation Technologies         70            Infaimon                             72              SensoPart Industriesensorik                 105
Aqsense                                    70            Infinity Photo optical               50              Sensor to Image                             17, 60
                                                         InRay Solutions                      72              Sharp Microelectronics europe               60
Asentics                                   36
                                                         in-situ                              50              Sick IVP                                    74
AT-Automation Technology                   36
                                                         Intercon 1                           80, 101         Siemens                                     61
ATM Vision                                 36
                                                         Ircam                                50              Signum Computer                             61
Awaiba                                     70
                                                         IS – Imaging Solutions               50              Silicon Software                            31, 53, 61
Balluf                                     36
                                                         JAI                                  72              Sill optics                                 55
Basler Vision Technologies                 36
                                                         Jansen C.e.o.                        52              SKS Vision Systems                          74
Baumer                                     11, 36, 39,
                                                         JLI Vision                           72              Slomotec                                    61
                                                         Jos. Schneider optische werke        52              Smartray                                    61
Bentham Instruments                        70
                                                         Kamera werk Dresden optronics        52              SmartSurv Vision Systems                    61
Bfi optilas                                38
                                                         Kamiera                              85              Solving3D                                   62
Breuckmann                                 38                                                                 Sony                                        74
Büchner Lichtsysteme                       38            Kappa                                52
                                                         opto-electronics                     52              SPC Company                                 74
CBC (Deutschland)                          38                                                                 Special Application Products                74
                                                         Kdorf Automation                     52
Chromasens                                 38                                                                 Spectrum Illumination                       82, 109
                                                         Kontron                              52
Cimetrix                                   77                                                                 SPG Data 3D                                 82
                                                         Lambda Photometrics                  72
CMeS Chin. Mechan. eng. Soc.               29                                                                 Stemmer Imaging                             37, 47
                                                         Landesmesse Stuttgart                3.US
Cmosis                                     71                                                                 Stiefelmayer-Reicherter                     62
                                                         Laser 2000                           54
Cognex Germany                             38                                                                 STZ Qualitätssicherung & Bildverarbeitung   62
                                                         Laser Quantum                        73
Computer Dynamics                          77                                                                 Sundance Multiprocessor Technology          74
                                                         Leica Geosystems                     54
Cosyco                                     40                                                                 Sunex                                       83
                                                         LeJ Leistungselektronik Jena         54
CSI                                        71                                                                 SVS Vistek                                  62
                                                         Lemo                                 54
CTMV                                       40                                                                 Symco Corporation                           24
                                                         Leuze electronic                     54
Cyberoptics Semiconductor                  77                                                                 Tamron europe                               62
                                                         Lincoln Laser Company                80
Dalsa                                      3, 27, 77                                                          Tekstar optical                             83
                                                         LMI Technologies                     5, 81
Datasensor                                 40                                                                 Tema                                        62
                                                         Matrix Vision                        21, 54
de Man Industrie-Automation                40                                                                 The Imaging Source europe                   64
                                                         Matrox Imaging                       80
dhs Dietermann & heuser Solution           40                                                                 Tichawa Vision                              64
                                                         MaxxVision                           56
Digital Surf                               71                                                                 Tordivel                                    75
                                                         Metaphase Technologies               80
Digital west Imaging                       77                                                                 Toshiba Teli                                84
                                                         Micro epsilon Messtechnik            56
Directed Perception                        78                                                                 TriVision                                   75
                                                         Midwest optical Systems              81
Docter optics                              35, 41                                                             TVI Vision                                  97
                                                         Mikromak Service                     56
Dr. heinrich Schneider Messtechnik         40                                                                 Univision                                   75
                                                         Mikrotron                            56
Dunkley International                      78                                                                 VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen-           17
                                                         Mitutoyo Messgeräte                  56              und Anlagenbau
Duwe 3D                                    42
                                                         Möller-wedel optical                 56              VDS Vosskühler                              64
e2v                                        17, 71        msiVision                            81
edmund optics                              42                                                                 Vega Technology Group                       83
                                                         National Instruments                 57              Vialux                                      64
ehR                                        42            NeT                                  51, 99          Visicontrol                                 64
eltec elektronic                           42            Neurocheck                           57              Visimation                                  64
eltrotec Sensor                            42            Newnex Technology                    82              Vision & Control                            55, 65
eMVA european Machine Vision Association   20, 42, 109   Norpix                               82              Vision Academy                              65
entner electronics                         44            NTI                                  73              Vision Components                           65
epix                                       78            OBe ohnmacht & Baumgärtner           57              Vision Machines                             83
erhard&Leimer                              44            olympus Life Science europa          Inside Front    Vision Light Tech                           75
euresys                                    71                                                 Cover, 45, 57   Vision Research                             83
Falcon LeD Lighting                        44, 107       omron europe                         73              Visionlink                                  75
Fast Vision                                13, 78        optical Research Associates          82              Vision Tools Bildanalyse Systeme            65
FDS Research                               71            opto engineering                     73              Vistas                                      65
Festo                                      44            optoPolymer                          57              Vistek Machine Vision and Automation        85
Fiberoptics Technology                     78            opto Sonderbedarf                    57              Vitronic Dr.-Ing. Stein                     17, 65
FiberVision                                44            optoSurf                             58              Bildverarbeitungssysteme
Fisba optik                                44            Panasonic Marketing europe           58              VMT Bildverarbeitungssysteme                4, 17, 66
FJw optical Systems                        78            PCo                                  58              Volpi                                       66
Framos                                     21, 46, 49    P.e. Schall                          outside Back    VRmagic                                     66
FRT; Fries Research & Technology           46                                                 Cover           Wenglor sensoric                            66
FSI Technologies                           80            Pharmacontrol electronic             58              wenzel                                      66
Fujinon (europe)                           46            Photonfocus                          58              werth Messtechnik                           66
G4 Technology                              84            Photonic Products                    73              X-Rite europe                               67
Gefasoft                                   46            Photron                              73              yxlon international                         67
Geomagic                                   46            Phytec Messtechnik                   58              Zertrox                                     67
Gevicam                                    80            pi4_robotics                         59              ZygoLoT                                     67

112 Inspect 5/2008                                                                                                                 

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