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					                                                                                                                 Shelby American Automobile

                                        Shelby Life
                                                                                                                   Club – Motor City Region

                                                                                                                        Volume 36, Issue 3

                                                                                                                             July, 2011

                             President’s Corner                                                                   Inside this issue:
                        Text by Steve White photo by John Guyer                                                  Membership Report              2
                                                                                                                 GO 36 Open Track Event         3
                                                                                                                 Spring Cruise                  4
                                                                                                                 Meet a Member                  6
                                                                                                                 Show 35 Sponsors               7
                                                                                                                 Guest Speaker                  8
                                                                                                                 SAAC 36                        10
                                                                                                                 The VIR Experience             14
                                                                                                                 Show 36                        16
                                                                                                                 Best of Show Winners           20
                                                                                                                 Equinox Cruise Reminder        21
                                                                                                                 Financial Report               22
                                                                                                                 Meeting Minutes                23
                                                                                                                 Events Calendar                Last
Track layout of (VIR) Virginia International Raceway, site of SAAC 36. The Grand
West Course was used for the three day Memorial Day weekend event. It is 4.1
miles long and has 33 turns. Definitely a very challenging road course. SAAC
joined SCMC (SVT Cobra Mustang Club) and SVTOA (Special Vehicle Team Own-                                            2011 Club Officers
ers Association) which had an event called the SVT Super Fest planned at VIR.                                    • President:         Steve White
                                                                                                                   (248) 363-0731
The gear head season has now kicked into high            Show & Go 36, to a later date, as SAAC-36 fell on         swhite9255@aol.com
                                                                                                                 • Vice President: Randy Betki
gear. We had a stellar April Cruise to kick off the      our traditional weekend. While there was no con-          (734) 692-3390
season, with a meet and eat at the Yarema’s , fol-       sultation with us, or any other region as far as I        kbetki115888@comcast.net
lowed by a nice drive up to the fabulous Wills St.       know, in selecting the date, there were other over-     • Secretary:       Kurt Fredrickson
Claire museum. A number of members made the              riding factors that I believe led to the decision.        (734) 837-9614
700 mile trek down to Virginia for a bit different
                                                                                                                 • Treasurer:        Craig Shefferly
SAAC-36. We had another fine Show & Go 36 with            The other major difference was that this was a joint     (248) 698-8825
great weather. You can read about all of these           event with other clubs and not a SAAC exclusive.          thebullitt@comcast.net
events elsewhere in the issue, so I’ll try to cover      SCMC (SVT Cobra Mustang Club) and SVTOA                 • Events:         Jim Binder
different aspects.                                       (SVT Owners Association) already had an event             (586) 776-4836
                                                         called the SVT Super Fest planned at VIR (Virginia
                                                                                                                 • Advertising:    Mike
 SAAC-36 was much different in years past. Two           International Raceway) and was their 2nd annual of        Riemenschneider
major differences were the time frame of the event       such an event. It therefore made it quite easy for        (734) 459-1348
and it not being an exclusive SAAC event.                SAAC to join in. Getting track days for non recur-        mriemens@aol.com
                                                         ring events such as a SAAC Nationals that likes to      • Competition:       Darius Rudis
 Typical SAAC conventions used to be around the          rotate locations from year to year kept getting in-       (313) 206-7009
4th of July, however that has varied over the last few   creasingly difficult. There still may be some fallout   • Membership:        Rich Tweedle
years, but still occurred in the middle of the sum-      from the legal issues of a few years ago, so team-        (586) 791-0279
mer. This year, it was over Memorial Day weekend,        ing up with others was an easier route.                   rtweedle@comcast.net
                                                                                                                 • National News: Jeff Burgy
which was much earlier than normal and was al-                                                                     (248) 515-6915
most like the storyline of the Daytona 500 being the     The three clubs have different, overlapping inter-         cobrajeff@att.net
equivalent of having the Super Bowl as the first         ests and specialties. SCMC is primarily a group         • Editor:          Mike Nyberg
game of the NFL season. That’s what it was like for      that likes track events based out of the southeast        (248) 969-1157
us – the first big event of the year, being the na-      and has a good working relationship with VIR.           • Tech Exchange: Phil Jacobs
tional convention. This also caused us (SAAC-            They aren’t too interested in car shows and swaps.         (248) 703-7766
MCR) to have to adjust our annual premier event,                                         (Continued on page 2)      shelbyta68@yahoo.com

                                 * Club Website: www.saac-mcr.net
           Page 2                                                   Shelby Life

                                       President’s Corner                              (Continued)
                                                                          having participated in exclusive SAAC, SCMC, and SVTOA run
(Continued from page 1)
                                                                          events over the years, I think I can gauge the current state of the un-
SAAC is interested in track events, concours car shows and swaps.         ion well – or not.
SVTOA used to be active in track events, but seemed less so for
this year, except for their traditional involvement with Ford in giving   Another small event held this year at SAAC 36 was a regional reps
rides in Ford performance products for donations to charity. They         and officers meeting. This was held just before lunch on Saturday,
also had a display to sell SVTOA products, but were not really in-        but wasn’t defined too well ahead of time. I had planned to attend, but
volved in car shows or swaps, as far as I could tell. Since SAAC          my track time was at the same time and I wasn’t about to give that up!
and SCMC overlapped in strong track presence, they jointly ran the        I contacted the organizer after the meeting to determine what was
open track portion over the three days. However, both groups had          discussed. SAAC plans to bring the regions back in touch with the
their own separate run groups, track sessions and tech inspections.       national and for new regions to get assistance as well as ideas from
Originally planned for four groups per organization of 50 participants    the veteran regions. In the early days, the regions and national
per group based on experience level, the advanced groups for both         worked closely together. In recent years, the national pretty much did
SCMC and SAAC were combined due to insufficient entries. While            what they wanted without regard or consulting with the regions much,
now almost every SAAC region has accepted non Ford brands as              even though there were regional reps. The organizer of the regional
participants to enable event survival, the SAAC National convention       meeting has asked to be included on info and event schedules the
has always remained pure. However, SCMC has long allowed other            regional clubs generate, so in discussion with Rich Tweedle, he will
makes to participate, so that brought a mix of makes to the event -       include him in distribution of all SAAC-MCR communication, even
especially in the advanced group.                                         though it’s probably more info and not really interesting to them, such
                                                                          as wanted/for sale items, but it makes it easier for us to not have to
Another aspect that was an outcome of the joint events, were the          edit what to send or not. I’ll also send some agendas so they can see
evening events. Both SCMC and SAAC had their own banquets on              what we discuss in our monthly meetings and our events calendar.
Saturday night at two different locations, causing one to have to         So there is some hope for the future of the national, but some appre-
decide between one or the other – so one had to decide if they            hension.
wanted to listen to Lee Holman, son of John Holman of Holman-
Moody fame, or the litany of SAAC speakers. Not an easy choice,
and one I was not pleased with having to make – I wanted to be at

In the good old days, at the SAAC convention banquet, they used to
announce where the next years event was, so one could get excited
and start planning for the next event. Due to the aforementioned
track challenges, that doesn’t happen anymore, and late announce-
ments are de rigor. This year’s was less than six months notice. So
once again we have no idea where 2012’s event will be held. I per-
sonally suspect that they may combine with SCMC and SVTOA
again at VIR. The reason is convenience (the event is already
planned) and how hard it is to get track dates. Also, SAAC atten-
dance was down. Since SAAC had their exclusive event at VIR in
2006, it was easy to compare that event to the SAAC only partici-
pants this year. Total with all three groups appeared less than           L to R: Craig Shefferly and Jeff Burgy enjoyed all the
SAAC only in 2006, so if you factored out this years SCMC and             SAAC sponsored events at VIR during SAAC 36. Jeff is
lesser SVTOA presences, you could picture the change from 5               a board member of SAAC. Craig is the treasurer of
years earlier. Of course this is all pure speculation on my part, but,    SAAC-MCR.

                                    Membership Report by Rich Tweedle, Membership Dir.
                                  SAAC-MCR Membership Status:                           We Have 112 Members
                                  New members include:      Michael & Aja Lavander, Roger & Jodi Neirynck, Daniel
                                  Susalla, Dave & Lori Wathen, Bill & Beverly Holbrook, Terry & Karen Anway, Larry
                                  Doser, Anderson & Luciana Venturini & Ronald & Penny Jacques
                                              Volume 36, Issue 3                                                      Page 3

GO 36 Open Track Event
By Mike Nyberg
The SAAC-MCR GO 36 Driver’s School event at Waterford Hills Race Course
was held on Monday, June 13, 2011 at Waterford Hills Race Course. We
were hoping for weather as good as the Show 36 at Ford World Headquar-
ters, held the day prior. We got better weather, perfect for an open track
event; it was sunny, but not too hot.

Technical inspection of the participants cars began at 8:00 am by John
Yarema. The Driver’s Meeting began at 9:30 am to cover the rules for safe          Darius Rudis conducting the Driver’s Meeting.
open track participation and what each corner worker flag means. That meet-        He covers the rules for a safe event and the
ing was followed by a Driver’s School for new participants taught by Darius        meaning of each flag the corner workers use to
Rudis.                                                                             communicate with the drivers.
First time participants were assigned instructors. The instructors road with the
students to help them learn the line to take, when and where to brake and
how to handle safe passing on the back straight. The following instructors
helped the students have a successful experience: Gene Kotlinski, Darius
Rudis and Steve White.

There were 20 participants divided into three run groups. Normally we have a
larger number of participants that are divided into four run groups. The
smaller number of run groups meant participants would have more track time
than normal. We could not start the first open track session until 10:30 am on
a week day. The session time for each group was shortened to allow each        One participant went off track at the Swamp
group two sessions before the 12:00 noon lunch break.                          Turn.

The event was well organized and safe. No one got hurt and no one hurt their
car. That being said, one car spun out at Paddock Turn and another went
head first into the cattails on Part 1 of Swamp Turn. The last off track gath-
ered a crowd to watch the retrieval effort.

Everyone enjoyed the event and hopefully are looking forward to the next
SAAC-MCR open track event, the Labor Day Classic, Sunday, September 4,

                                                                                   The off track event attracted a crowd. The car
                                                                                   was pulled back onto the track with no damage,
                                                                                   a good thing.

(L to R) Mike Nyberg gave two young men parade lap                                 Mike Radonovich relaxing during GO 36 next to
rides to get them hooked on open tracking.                                         his beautiful green late model Mustang
            Page 4                                                         Shelby Life

                                2011 SAAC-MCR Spring Cruise
                            Text by Mike Nyberg, Photos by Mike Nyberg & Rich Tweedle

                                                                                                           2011 SAAC-MCR
                                                                                                           Spring Cruise partici-
                                                                                                           pants gathered at
                                                                                                           John and Sandy
                                                                                                           Yarema’s home for a
                                                                                                           continental breakfast
                                                                                                           and conversation
                                                                                                           prior to the cruise to
                                                                                                           Marysville , Michigan.

Sandy and John Yarema organized another wonderful Spring
Cruise that began at 9:00 am, on April 30, 2011 at their house in
Grosse Pointe Farms. Sandy prepared a delicious Continental
Breakfast which included four different egg casseroles and bagels.
Cathy White and Penny Nyberg brought fruit salads and Greg Cser-
nai brought fruit juices. It was an opportunity to socialize and look at
the participant’s cars before the cruise.

The cruise began a little after 10:00 am with the Wills Sainte Claire
Museum in Marysville, Michigan as our destination. It was a 58 mile
trip that began on Lake Shore Drive with its magnificent homes that
overlook Lake St. Clair. The flowers were blooming and the trees
                                                                            Cruisers parked during a rest stop in Algonac, Michi-
were budding. The weather was perfect for the cruise. It was nice
enough for one participant to ride his restored Triumph motorcycle
on the cruise.

We stopped about half way to our destination in Algonac to regroup.
This was an opportunity for a rest stop and some more socializing.
                                                   (Continued on page 5)

                                                                                                                          at the
                                                                                                                          in Marys-
                                               Volume 36, Issue 3                                                        Page 5

                                                                                                                   C. Harold Wills
20011 Spring Cruise                                     (Continued)                                                was the first em-
                                                                                                                   ployee of Ford
(Continued from page 4)                                                                                            Motor Company
There was a Dairy Queen near by for those who needed refreshments.                                                 and it’s Chief
                                                                                                                   Engineer and
We arrived at the Wills Sainte Claire Museum at about noon and were greeted                                        Metallurgist.
by museum volunteers. We were introduced to the museum by Carl Moss, the                                           Picture at the
Secretary of the Board of Directors. We also watched two videos which ex-                                          left are several
plained the history of C. Harold Wills’s contribution to the early auto industry                                   checks he re-
and the community of Marysville. The tour of the museum was self guided,                                           ceived from Ford
however volunteers were available to answer any questions we had.                                                  Motor Company
                                                                                                                   signed by Henry
C. Harold worked closely with Henry Ford, beginning as Ford’s draftsman in                                         Ford.
1902. Wills is credited with the design of many engineering components of the
Ford Model “T”. When Ford Motor Company was organized in 1903, Wills was
its chief designer, metallurgist and first employee. In fact, the Ford script logo
still in use today was designed by Wills. By 1919 Wills became restless in his
job because Henry didn’t want to update the Model “T”. Wills decided to leave
Ford Motor Company and with 1.5 million dollars Severance pay, announced
that he would build a car in Maryville, Michigan along the banks of the St. Clair

In 1921, the CH Wills Co. produced their first overhead-cam V-8 (Model A-68)
Wills Sainte Claire. Wills Autos were lightweight and strong thanks to the use
of Molybdenum steel and aluminum bodies. However, for a luxury car it was
considered small. Many different types of bodies were available including road-
sters, touring and 5&7 passenger sedans.

After producing more than 12,000 cars, auto production was halted on Novem-
ber 23, 1926 and the company was liquidated. In 1933 C. Harold Wills joined          Un-restored 1926 Wills Sainte Claire T-6 Cab-
Chrysler as a metallurgical consultant and in August of the same year Chrysler       riolet Roadster:
purchased the former Wills Sainte Claire factory, which is still in use today. On    • Single Overhead Cam, 6 Cylinder Engine
December 30, 1940 C. Harold Wills, auto engineer and visionary passed away.          • 127 Inch Wheelbase
                                                                                     • Aluminum Sheetmetal, Over Wood Frame
After completing the self guided tour of the museum we cruised to the St. Clair
                                                                                     • Body by Phillips
Inn for a late lunch. The inn is located on the edge of the St. Clair River. We
were in a room with large windows that provided an excellent view of the river.
It was a relaxing end to a memorable experience.

Thanks Sandy and John Yarema for the memories!

                                                                                     Above: Restored 1926 Wills Sainte Claire T-6
                                                                                     Cabriolet Roadster.

                                                                                     Left: The cruisers ate at the St. Clair Inn after
                                                                                     the museum tour.
            Page 6                                                        Shelby Life
                                                                                    I sold the Trans-am car a few years ago. I then rented a Mus-
                 Meet a Member                                                      tang from a friend of mine to run with NASA in the Camaro-
                                                                                    Mustang-Challenge (CMC) class. I had a great time in that car, it
                Text and Photos by Phil Jacobs                                      was a lot of fun to drive. I ran three races that year. The last
                                                                                    race was at Putnum Park near Indy. I qualified on the pole and
I have been with SAAC-MCR for a long time and have enjoyed every min-               set a lap record for my class.
ute of it. My original reason for joining this club was that I am a huge Shelby
fan. But the club turned out to be a lot more. I've met a lot of great people,      I currently own a 2006 Mustang GT, it is a great car. I miss rac-
had some great times and made some great friends.                                   ing, but it is nice to be able to jump into it when ever I want to go
                                                                                    for a ride. The engine is modified a little bit. It has run 13.5 sec-
I joined the club around the late seventies or early eighties. I remember           onds in the 1/4 mile at 107 MPH. I have Shelby GT500 front
Greg became a SAAC national rep for our area and he had a membership                Brembo brakes and a Roush Stage 3 suspension.
drive. I saw an advertisement for it somewhere and we met at the Dearborn
Library. I have been a member ever since.

I always enjoyed when the club members got together. Some of my favorite
times are the Chili Parties, holiday parties and the car cruises.

Of course one of the things that I enjoy the most is the track events. I espe-
cially enjoyed the early days, when we went to the Packard Track and then
later going to the Waterford Hills Race Course.

Back in the early days, I had a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 that people often
confused for a BOSS 351. It had a built up 351 C engine. The engine went
through a few changes over the years. It had a rare prototype Tri-power set
up on it for awhile. It was a great car and I enjoyed it a lot. I was able to
drag race it, road race it (track events), run on oval tracks and enter it in car   1968 Shelby Mustang Trans-am car which Phil
shows. I remember having three different rear ends for the car with different       restored and raced with Team-MCR
gear ratios for the type of events I would do. I changed the rear ends so
often I could do it in under an hour.

I had a 5:13 gear for drag racing where my car ran a 1/4 mile best time of
12.34 seconds at 114 MPH. I used a 3:50 gear that I used when we went to
the Packard Test track. I had the fastest speed two years in a row at 146
MPH when we were checking speeds with a radar gun. I also had a 4:30
gear for the road courses and for general cruising around.

Besides attending our track events, the club would caravan to the SAAC
conventions. We went to Charlotte, Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glen.
                                                                                    Phil rented this Mustang from a friend to run with
A group of members got together and went vintage racing. We even kind of            NASA in the Camaro-Mustang-Challenge (CMC)
formed a SAAC-MCR Race Team, calling ourselves Team MCR. Those
                                                                                    class. He qualified on the pole and set a lap record
were great times.
                                                                                    in his class at Putnum Park.
I bought a 1968 Shelby Mustang Trans-am car which I restored and raced
with Team-MCR. I eventually sold the '71 Mach 1 to help fund the race car.
I had a lot of help from my fellow SAAC-MCR club members when I was
restoring my race car. They also often helped when I raced as crew mem-
bers. I raced my car in vintage events for 15 years and I really enjoyed that.
I had some good finishes in that car, including qualifying on the poll a cou-
ple of times and some wins. The car was in a few magazines and even got
me on TV when Speed Vision (now Speed TV) covered a Shelby car show/
vintage race that I often attended in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This car gave me
the opportunity to meet Carroll Shelby, Rick Titus (Jerry Titus' son) and
others. Because of this car I met Austin Craig and he became a very good
friend of mine.
                                                                                    Phil currently owns a Red 2006 Mustang GT
                                     Volume 36, Issue 3                                          Page 7

                         SAAC-MCR Show 36 Sponsors
                                        sponsored the         TOTAL PERFORMANCE
                                        Best of Show          Sponsored the Best of Show Other Ford Products
                                        Engine Award.         Award.

                                                              Call 1-586-3710 or www.totalperformanceinc.com
Call 1-248-349-0044 or www.thomsonautomotive.com

National Parts Depot sponsored the Best of Show
Early Model Mustang , Best of Show Late Model Mus-
tang AND the Best of Show Truck Awards.

Call 1-800-521-6104 for your restoration parts needs.         Twenty Five Greater Detroit Area Ford dealers
                                                              supported SAAC-MCR Show 36.
                      The SAS Group spon-
                      sored the Best of
                      Show Fairlane Award.

                      Firearms Instruction
                      (586) 776-4836

                                                                 AutoTrader/Mark Storm supplied 300 copies of
                                                                 the Mustang & Ford AutoTrader Classic, May
Superformance sponsored the Best of Show Shelby Award.           2011 Issue.

Superformance now has a facility in Wixom. Mi. Contact           1-800-548-8889
Todd Andrews, Vice President at: 949-900-1959 or                 AutoTraderClassic.com

                                                                        Pegasus supplied 300 catalogs.
Hagerty Collector Car & Boat Insurance supplied the
goodie bags.                                                            PegasusAutoRacing.com
Call 1-877-922-9701 for your classic car insurance needs or             1-800-688-6946
go to www.hagerty.com
            Page 8                                                      Shelby Life

            Bill Holbrook, Guest speaker
    Text by Mike Nyberg and Photos from Bill Holbrook Collection
Bill Holbrook was the guest speaker at the May 5, 2011 SAAC-MRC meet-
ing. Bill talked about his experiences during his 30 year career at Ford            Bill Holbrook
Motor Company. Bill was given every car enthusiast’s dream job. He was              guest speaker
the Supervisor of the Ford Experimental Vehicles Garage or commonly                 at the May 5,
known as the Ford X Garage, where many Total Performance cars were                  2011 SAAC-
built. He had to staff the facility with six Ford employees. He selected peo-
                                                                                    MCR monthly
ple that had skills in one of the following areas: electrical, automatic trans-
mission, axles, engine, bump & paint, and a comedian to keep them all

During the Total Performance era Bill’s group built eleven ’62 Lightweight
Galaxies, several ’63 ½ and ’64 ½ galaxies. They built three ’65 Thunder-
bolts and some ’65 Galaxies Hi Risers that were later converted to Cam-
mers. They also built 30 NASCAR racecars.

Bill indicated that Ford did well because of the excellent cars they built, but
also because of the unfair advantage supplied by the teams that cam-
paigned the cars. The Wood Brothers for example were innovators. They
suggested ways to improve the wheel stud nuts that would save time during
pit stops. Bill’s group incorporated the suggested changes and it contrib-
uted to continuously reducing the length of pit stops.

Bill talked about the need to make the NASCAR’s more aerodynamic. Bill’s
group rented space at Kar Kraft in Brighton, Michigan where they cut the
nose off a yellow ’68 Torino. They were able to create the Talladega in two
weeks. They found that lowering the car one inch, by letting air out of the
tires, during wind tunnel tests there was less wind resistance. This modifi-
cation produced a 2miles/hour increase in top speed at the track.
                                                                                  Bill Hollbrook was very concerned about race
The following is a story about how Bill Holbrook’s group built the successful     driver safety after several of his friends were
                                                                                  killed in race cars. He experimented with roll
                                                          (Continued on page 9)
                                                                                  cages in the GT40 pictured above.

Ford 1965 Drag Team: Center front is Connie Kalitta and his 427 SOHC pwered dragster. Left to right; Les
Ritchey Performance Associates 289-HP '65 Fairlane, Ed Terry Quarter Horse 289-HP B/FX '65 Mustang, Mike
Schmidt '65 Galaxie, Len Richter Bob Ford 427-SOHC B/FX '65 Galaxie, and Gas Ronda Russ Davis Ford 427-
SOHC A/FX '65 Mustang.
                                               Volume 36, Issue 3                                                                 Page 9

       Guest Speaker                            (Continued)
(Continued from page 8)
A/FX Mustang. Prior to the spring 1964 introduction of the Mustang,
the folks at Ford had already decided that the sporty new vehicle
would carry the company’s performance banner. To this end, Ford built
a 1964 Falcon—with which the Mustang would share its platform—
specifically for drag racing testing and development well in advance of
the Mustang’s release.

Ford’s high-performance subcontractor, Dearborn Steel Tubing (DST),
fitted this Falcon with a 427 cubic inch high riser engine in the fashion
of the successful Fairlane Thunderbolt. The Falcon was then delivered
to Ford Drag Council coordinator Dick Brannan, who immediately set
about blistering the nation’s drag strips. This effort helped Ford gather
valuable information that would benefit the upcoming Mustang pro-

A coupe that was likely the first A/Factory Experimental (A/FX) Mus-
tang (VIN 5F07F100028) was shipped from the Dearborn assembly               What is arguably the first 1965 A/FX Mustang sits in
plant to DST. DST modified the front shock towers to accept the 427         front of Bill Holbrook’s parents’ home in July 1964.
engine. From there the car was transferred to Ford’s Stock Vehicles         Later painted gold and lettered with Bob Ford spon-
Department/Experimental Vehicles Garage for drag race development.          sorship, the car was driven by Ford Factory test
                                                                            driver Len Richter until the fastback Mustangs be-
There, Bill Holbrook and crew fitted the Mustang coupe with a heavy-        came available. This car was sold to Kenny Salter,
duty 9-inch rear with a Detroit Automotive locker and 4.86:1 gears, a       who later wrecked it in a racing accident. (Photo
Thunderbolt driveshaft, specially constructed 66-inch-long traction         courtesy Bill Holbrook)
bars that connected the rear to the front sub-frame, a roll bar, Plexi-
glas windows, and fiberglass fenders, hood, and doors. A Kenny
Salter-built 427 high riser engine was installed and equipped with cus-
tom exhaust headers. A T&C Top Loader four speed transmission
completed the drive train. When complete the Mustang weighed in at
3,226 pounds, just over the minimum weight for A/FX class as man-
dated by NHRA.

As was often the case with “factory” racecars, the Mustang’s owner-
ship was transferred on paper to the Bob Ford agency in Dearborn.
This insulated the parent company from direct involvement in drag
racing to some degree.

Ford test driver Len Richter recorded an 11.50 elapsed time at 123.00
mph in the car’s first trial run at Detroit Dragway in the late summer of
1964. At the 1964 NHRA Nationals, the car failed to qualify because of
mechanical woes. After Mustangs became available in the more aero-          Bill Holbrook took this picture when Carroll Shelby
dynamic fastback body style, the coupe passed into the hands of             drove up to the Pasadena Motel in his first 260 CID
Kenny Salter, who unfortunately wrecked the car in a racing accident.
                                                                            Lincoln. Bill was surprised to find a Lincoln where his street racer
Bill also related a story about a Mustang street racer he built. It was     should have been parked the next morning. He got a call from his
the predecessor to the Cobra Jet. He installed a 428 crank in a 427         boss who was upset because he didn’t know Bill had built such a high
Side Oiler to create a 448 CI engine. He broke 10’s at the drag strip in    performance car that got the attention of the President of Ford Motor
1967. Bill’s friend Mickey Thompson came to visit. Bill offered to let      Company.
Mickey test drive his street racer on the Ford Test Track. Mickey was
so impressed with the performance of the car he drove it to have din-       Bill got to go to many places and do many extraordinary things during
ner with Semon E. (Bunkie) Knudsen, President of Ford Motor Com-            the Ford Total Performance era. He has many interesting stories and
pany at the time. Bunkie wanted to keep the car so he could experi-         enjoys telling them. It was great to vicariously relive the era through
ence the performance. Mickey had to return from dinner in Bunkie’s          Bill’s presentation.
            Page 10                                             Shelby Life
                                                                           This year, there were only about half that many original Cobras in
                       SAAC 36                                             attendance.
Text by Jeff Burgy and Photos by Jeff Burgy
except where noted
SAAC 36 took place over the Memorial Day Weekend at Virginia
International Raceway (VIR) in Alton, Virginia. This was the second
SAAC National held at VIR; our first national event there took place
over the Fourth of July holiday weekend back in 2006. VIR is an
outstanding facility – surrounded by lush greenery, the track winds
up, down, and around the hills of the rolling countryside. This year
was quite different for SAAC – for the first time, SAAC found it neces-
sary to “team up” with two other clubs to pull off the national conven-    SAAC 36 Cobras line up in a shady field outside the
tion. Acquiring different major race track facilities around the country   pits at VIR (Dianna Duffee photo)
has become increasingly difficult over the last few years, and, of
course, MUCH more expensive. It’s a little different than a local club     The Cobra owners made the most of, though, as they arranged an 800
setting up a recurring date at a local track, where everyone knows         mile pre-convention drive that took them through the lush countryside,
everyone, and they repeat the same activity, year after year at the        including a ride along the infamous “Tail of the Dragon” (eleven miles
same location around the same date. SAAC national members have             of twisty/curvy highway along US 129 near Deals Gap, NC) on their
indicated they like the idea of moving the convention around to differ-    way to the Convention. About fifteen original Cobras took part in the
ent parts of the country, and different race tracks, so members of the     cruise. There were several original Cobras in attendance at SAAC 36
most heavily populated regions get to attend an event that’s not too       that had not been seen at a National Convention before. Among
far away, and other members who like to travel get to try out a multi-     them was CSX 3184, just out of a beautiful multi-year restoration,
tude of different race tracks.

For SAAC 36, the preferred date of the Fourth of July weekend did
not yield a workable track plan. After studying various alternatives,
the SAAC Convention Steering Committee came up with a plan to
share a track date with the SVTOA (SVT Owners Association) and
SCMC (SVT Cobra Mustang Club) organizations at VIR. One bene-
fit of the combined event was that we were able to use the “Grand
West Course” at the track, making available 4.1 miles of track for
each lap.

For SAAC members, the event was pretty much similar to previous
National Conventions, although, by my observation, a little bit smaller
in scale. The last time we were at VIR, we had over thirty original
Cobras in attendance. A photo shoot on the front straight at SAAC           CSX3184 – recently completed a multi-year restora-
31 took nearly half an hour to set up.                                      tion, and looking like brand new.
                                                                           and CSX2285 that had been acquired only six months before the Con-
                                                                           vention. The new owner said he was a friend of the family of the previ-
                                                                           ous owner, who had passed away in 2000. Although he pleaded with
                                                                           the owner’s widow to sell him the car, she just wasn’t ready to sell, and
                                                                           instead sent the car off to the Owl’s Head Museum to be put on display.
                                                                           After nearly a dozen years in the Museum, she finally called and said
                                                                                                                      she was ready to sell. Good
                                                                                                                      thing, as the new owner had
                                                                                                                      already had an image of the
                                                                                                                      car tattooed on his back a few
                                                                                                                      years ago.

                                                                                                                       CSX2285 – after
                                                                                                                       cajoling for a dozen
                                                                                                                       years, the widow
Erin and Dino Garzaniti line up on the front straight                                                                  finally gives the car
at VIR with 30+ original Cobras at SAAC 31                                                                             up
                                               Volume 36, Issue 3                                                                Page 11

                                                                                                                                     The flat
SAAC 36                      (Continued)                                                                                             roof that
                                                                                                                                     earned it
                                                                                                                                     the name
(Continued from page 10)                                                                                                             nicknames
Fran Kress always comes to the Convention with some rare and un-                                                                     Bread-
usual stuff, and this year was no exception. Parked next to Fran’s                                                                   wagon and
parts display was an impressive array of Ford GT Mark IV recreations.                                                                Breadvan
Word is the cars are so authentic that they will be given continuation
VIN numbers.
                                                                          and trinkets. Pete Geisler from Orlando Mustang was there, with
                                                                          everything you could imagine for your Shelby car, including a full-size
                                                                          wall-hanging art of a 427 Cobra nose, and a ’68 Shelby nose. Next to
                                                                          his display, Pete had a very nice ’65 GT350 for sale. Fran Kress was
                                                                          there with his usual assortment of Webers, T-shirts, and hard-to-find
                                                                          Cobra and GT40 accessories. Brant Halderman from Virginia Mus-
                                                                          tang was there with a wide assortment of Shelby goodies. And, of
                                                                          course, Tony Branda was there with a truck-load of goodies. Sean
                                                                          from “Street or Track” was there with a display and his rolling test lab
                                                                          (a Black ’66 Mustang coupe) that he exercised thoroughly out on the
                                                                          For the “big-rig” displays you had Shelby Automobiles and the affable
    Ford GT Mark IV continuation cars
                                                                          Gary Patterson demo’ing the new GT350 in track, Legendary Motor-
There was even an example of the “Breadwagon”, the very unusual
flat-roofed Ford GT model that preceded the imminently successful
Ford GT Mk IV. There were only two “Breadwagons” completed in
the day, the first one set the fastest time in LeMans time trials in
March, 1966 (it did not compete in the LeMans classic – it was de-
cided to use the more thoroughly tested Mark II’s until further devel-
opment testing could be completed).. The second one was built with
an experimental automatic transmission, and tragically claimed the
life of Ken Miles in a testing session at Riverside Raceway in Califor-
nia in August, 1966. Scuttlebutt I overheard at the Convention was
that six of the Mark IV models will be built, with asking prices in the
range of three-quarters of a million dollars each, and that only ONE
will be built with the “Breadwagon” body shell. The builder is said to      Shaun from Street or Track testing out his products
have destroyed his mold for the “Breadwagon” to insure its exclusiv-      cars with an impressive display of original Shelbys and Cobras, and
ity.                                                                      Superformance with a huge display of replica GT40s and Cobras. The
                                                                          recently completed 289 FIA Cobra replica that SPF has introduced
The swap meet at SAAC 36 seemed to be significantly smaller than          was absolutely stunning and highly detailed. Joe Stafford from Panel
in past years. Only a handful of vendors were there with spare parts      Craft http://panel-craft.com/ also had a display, with an amazing
                                                                          scratch built alloy 289 FIA body.

                                                                          Even though there were three clubs competing for track time at SAAC
                                                                          36, it seemed like most everyone had an opportunity to get as much
                                                                                                                             (Continued on page 12)

                                                                                                                                       289 FIA
                                                                                                                                       body by
  J-19 continuation version of the Breadwagon
            Page 12                                              Shelby Life
                                                                            classroom instruction and on-track driving tips to SCMC and SVT par-
           SAAC 36                         (Continued)                      ticipants; Craig Shefferly and I wandered about helping out wherever
(Continued from page 11)
                                                                            we could. Steve White and Mike Nyberg were both in attendance,
track time as they liked. With the 4.1 mile course, even the lunch-         exercising their SN95 Mustangs. Rick Nash and Jeff Nichols were
time parade laps seemed to go well, and participants were able to           there with another award-winning restoration (Rick’s ’67 GT350 won a
stretch the legs of their rides on the track, as compared to last time at   Gold in Concours Div. II).
VIR, when the parade laps looked more like a parking lot exercise.
                                                                            The grand finale for the event was the Vintage Race on Sunday after-
Friday evening was the barbecue meet and greet at “The Gallery”, a          noon, that saw a pair of SPF GT40 Mark II replicas walk away from a
huge meeting hall on the track property. A display of original Shel-        field of Shelbys, Cobras, Mustangs, one Tiger and one Cougar. Den-
bys, Cobras, and continuation Ford GT Mark IVs provide lots of eye          nis Olthoff (Mt. Ulla, NC) won the event in a Red Superformance GT,
candy while participants talked to the SAAC Registrars and former           followed by Jack Lewis (Atlanta, GA) in a Gulf Blue Superformance
Shelby American drivers and employees. Among the SAI celebrities            GT. Curt Vogt (Wallingford, CT) finished third in a GT350. Our own
were Pete Brock, Lew Spencer, Chuck Cantwell, and Tom Yeager.
At Saturday evening’s banquet, Ron Richards and Rick Kopec fol-
lowed an “interview” format similar to what they did at SAAC 35 last
year. Ron interviewed Tom Yeager about his early days with SA,
racing the first GT350 “R” model, and Rick interviewed Lew Spencer
about his racing days with SA. The featured speaker at the Conven-
tion Banquet was Peter Brock, and Pete, being the creative guy that
he is, didn’t fail to impress by revealing a revolutionary concept for a

                                                                            Ken Costella ran into engine problems during practice, and did not
                                                                            start in the Vintage Race.

                                                                            After doing this for nearly forty years, it’ pretty difficult to come up with
                                                                            anything new, but, even though SAAC 36 was a little smaller, it was
                                                                            still great to see all of the cars and met up with fellow enthusiasts.
                                                                            See you there next year at SAAC 37, wherever it may be.

Shelbys and Cobras on display in “The Gallery” at                           Right: Ken Costella
VIR                                                                         brought two early
                                                                            GT350s; the show
lightweight engine comprised of modular two cylinder “V” blocks cast        ’66 in the fore-
out of aluminum. His extremely lightweight design made precious             ground is headed to
little horsepower compared to what we are used to, but he went on to        Australia, the num-
explain that, with the exceptionally low piston speed of his design,        ber 45 ’65 GT350 in
many parts of the engine could be built to much lighter specs than          the background
traditionally done. With his modular design, he showed how 1, 2, or         was going run in
3 sections could be bolted together to make a 350 cubic inch engine         the Vintage Race, but oil-pressure problems sidelined
so light that he could hold it up above his head with one hand. With        the car during practice.
the low-rev characteristics he described, he said ancillary compo-
nents, such as valve springs, could be as light duty as something
similar to a ball-point pen spring. His design was conceived for light-
weight aircraft, but, as it develops, it might lead to some incredibly
lightweight race cars, too.

A bunch of SAAC-MCR members are part of a nucleus of enthusiasts
that help to keep a National SAAC Convention going. Of course you
had John and Trish Guyer working the Concours and taking hun-
dreds of photographs; Ken Costella was there registering entrants Legendary Motorcars display with Bob Dockery’s “R”
and setting up the Vintage Race; Darius Rudis was busy providing  Model (5R 100), Cooper Monaco King Cobra, and beau-
                                                                  tiful stock street model 427 Cobra (CSX3136)
                                    Volume 36, Issue 3                                            Page 13

 SAAC 36 (Continued)

                                                         The first lap of the Vintage Race – this is how they
                                                         started, and how they finished; SPF Mk II GT,
                                                         SPF MK II GT, Cobra Automotive GT350
  The armada of “R” models and Trans-Am Mustangs
  from Cobra Performance
                                          Dick Smith’s
                                          S/C Cobra
                                          was there.
                                          Last time at
                                          VIR, Dick was
                                          here with us,
                                          running full
                                          bore down
                                          the track.
                                          Dick was al-  Dennis Olthoff in the winning SPF Mk II GT
ways a fierce competitor, and is sorely missed.

Lorne Leibel’s 427 Comp Cobra, CSX 3011, won a Gold      Lorne Leibel in his 289 Cobra tried to keep up, but
in Concours Div. II (in spite of having reproduction     couldn’t overtake the leaders. He finished 5th.
headlight bezels that didn’t even match one another)

Shades of yesteryear – Bob Dockery’s OTHER “R”
Model , 5R 105, on an open trailer behind a period-      Curt Vogt pours on the steam, but couldn’t reel in
correct 60’s Ford service truck                          the BB GT replicas
            Page 14                                              Shelby Life

The VIR Experience
Text by Mike Nyberg and Photos by Mike
Nyberg & Cathy White

I attended the 2011 SVT Superfest/SAAC 36 at the Virginia Interna-
tional Raceway (VIR), Danville Virginia on May 27, 28 and 29. It was
the first time I attended an open track event outside Michigan. It
requires much more preparation to attend an open track event over
700 miles from home. I needed help and advice from many members
of SAAC-MCR. I could not have attended without their help!                    Jeff Chapp next to his Blue 2011 Shelby GT500 . He
                                                                              joined SAAC-MCR shortly before his experience at
I rented a flatbed car hauler from a club member that had electric            VIR.
brakes, torsion bars to distribute weight and an anti-sway bar. I had
to wire my 2003 3.0L Ranger for controlling the trailer electric brakes.
Since the Ranger was some what under powered, I got a route that
minimized the steep hills in the last 100 miles of the trip to VIR from                                                Darius
Jeff Burgy, another member of SAAC-MCR.                                                                                Rudis
I mentioned I was going to a three day open track event in Virginia to                                                 he
a high school friend, Lysle Basinger, and he wondered if he could                                                      locked
come along. It is a good thing he did. The route to get to VIR is not                                                  his keys
simple and Lysle has a state of the art cell phone and portable GPS.                                                   in the
He helped with all the loading and unloading tasks and repairs to the                                                  trailer.
trailer. He helped make the whole experience more enjoyable.                                                           He is
                                                                                                                       using an
We arrived at VIR on Thursday afternoon the day before the three                                                       air
day event. Darius Rudis guided us through the Tech Inspection.                                                         grinder
Darius then lead us to the best place to park in the paddock so we                                                     to re-
were close to the food, bathrooms, driver’s meetings and entry to the                                                  move
track.                                                                                                                 the pad-
I started the open track event in a group two levels above novice.
The Grand West Course at VIR combines two road courses and is
4.1 miles long with 33 turns. I quickly realized I was in over my head.
My instructor after my first nervous session suggested I go out with
him as a passenger in has modified Corvette to learn the track. The
experience was similar to what I imagine it is like landing a jet fighter
on an aircraft carrier. It was helpful, but I decided to drop down one
level to reduce the stress level created by trying to keep up with more
experienced drivers.

The open track experience in the new run group was more fun. I
actually got to lap some of the cars in the run group. Each session
got to be a little faster as I gained experience.

Friday evening we attended a “Meet and Greet” social event at a very
large barn like building on the VIR campus. We had a picnic style
dinner. The building had several early Shelby Mustangs and a few
GT40’s on display. Attendees could eat their dinner in the building
adjacent to the cars and the overflow eat outside. The conversation
at dinner was interesting and humorous.                                     Left to Right: Ken Costella and his son Chris next to
                                                                            Ken’s 1965 Shelby GT350 race car. Chris drove Ken’s
We attended the SCMC/SVTOA Banquet on Saturday night in a ban-              1965 Shelby GT350 competition car for the first time,
                                                   (Continued on page 15)   Ken was a little nervous.
                                             Volume 36, Issue 3                                                   Page 15

The VIR Experience (Continued)
(Continued from page 14)
quet room adjacent to the paddock. We were hungry after a full day of
open track. The buffet was excellent. After dinner a young female film
director talked about a film she is working on titled Demon on Wheels.
It is an 80 minute documentary film about an iconic American automo-
bile (1968 Mustang) and a Vietnam veteran and his friends who re-
store the car. It is more about the veteran’s “restoration” during the
car rebuilding process. She showed us 15 minutes of the film and it       Lee Holman next to the Holman Moody ‘63 Galaxie
looked interesting.                                                       driven by Fred Lorenzen, Fireball Roberts and Junior
                                                                          Johnson. The car was set up for Darlington, only
Lee Holman was the featured speaker at the banquet. He is the son         turned left and lower on the left side than the right.
of John Holman of Holman Moody fame. He spoke about how Holman            He repossessed the car from a museum, where it had
Moody were very successful in building Ford race cars that won. They      been displayed for 40 years, they were not happy.
pioneered many innovations. Their innovations include fuel cells, full-
floater rear axle, on-board fire systems, quick change disk brakes,
square tube frames, tube shocks. The 1966 Holman Moody Ford Fair-
lane was the basis for NASCAR racecars until NASCAR redesigned
their car as the Car of Tomorrow. His talk was very interesting and at
time humorous.

 By Sunday forenoon I realized I was tired and had had enough fun. I
was not hurt and my car was in the same condition I brought it. There-
fore, I decided to pack up and leave for home. We decided to take the
shorter mountainous route home with steep grades and hair pin
curves. The 3.0L Ranger would not handle that route with the Mus-
tang loaded on the trailer. Lysle drove the truck with the attached
trailer empty and I drove the Mustang for the first 100 miles. Once we
were past the worst grades and turns we loaded the Mustang on the
trailer and headed home. We relived many of the VIR experiences
during the trip home.                                                     Left to Right: Shaun Burgess and his father Robert.
                                                                          Robert flew in from England to participate in the VIR
I am looking forward to next year’s event and hope my high school         experience. Shaun and his dad shared Shaun’s 1966
friend can go with me again.                                              Mustang for open track sessions.

                                               and John
                                               They had
                                               a golf
                                               cart to
                                               the large
                                               VIR cam-
                                               pus.           A very appropriate picture of Steve White at VIR. Steve
                                                              works for Bosch. His 1996 Mustang Cobra has number 96 on
                                                              the side window and the windshield has a white “SAAC-
                                                              MCR.COM” banner. Steve spent a lot of effort to get wind-
                                                              shield banners for club members attending the event.
            Page 16                                          Shelby Life

                SAAC-MCR Show 36                                                        by Mike Nyberg and Steve White
 The premier SAAC-MCR event, Show 36, was held June 12,                      Every year several Ford product car clubs are invited to participate in the
 2011 at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Jim                  show. This year the Fairlane Club of America had the largest number of
 and Wendy Binder did a magnificent job of organizing the event.             participants and was the first winners of the SAAC-MCR Best Club Par-
 They coordinated an enormous amount of work before the event.               ticipation traveling trophy.
 Their leadership, the day of the event, made the car show run
 smoothly with the help of 30 plus volunteers.                               Car Show entrants could participate in one of 60 categories for First
                                                                             Place and Class Awards. 205 cars entered the popular vote for the
 Last year SAAC-MCR President, Steve White promised that this                awards in 50 different categories. 51 First Place and 60 Class Awards
 year’ Show & GO 36 would be blessed with excellent weather.                 were presented to the recipients in each category. Judges determined
 The promise was fulfilled.                                                  the seven Best of Show awards. Progressive sized Shelby and Cobra
                                                                             die casts were awarded in the first ever Kids Coloring Contest.
 There were many fine examples of both early and late model
 Ford powered cars at the show. Cars ranging in vintage from                 The swap meet area, located between the Car Show lot and the Ford
 1924-2012 participated. One display had a Model T powered                   World Headquarters building, attracted sellers and buyers. It is always
 race car next to a Ford GT. Five Ford GT’s showed up together               interesting to see what is available at the right price.
 and parked in at the opposite end of the show lot. More late
 model Shelbys were present than vintage Shelbys. Each year,                 While no weather promises were made for next year’s Show & Go 37, all
 the late model Mustangs are becoming a bigger portion of the car            expect it will be another fantastic and ever improving event.
Class No   Class Description          1st Place                  Vehicle Description            Class Award                Vehicle Description
                                      Car No. / entrant                                         Car number / entrant

     1     Shelby Cobra               125                        Highland Green
                                      Dave & Lori Wathen         '64 Cobra

     2     65 Shelby GT350            188                        White w/blue stripes
                                      Jim Farley                 GT350

     3     66 Shelby GT350            NN                         Black w/gold stripes
                                      Kathleen Betki             GT350H

     4     67 Shelby - All Cpe        205                        Nightmist Blue                 196                        Brittney Blue
                                      Roger Neirynek             GT500                          Bryan Henrickson           GT500

                                                                                                167                        White
                                                                                                Brian Kaltz                GT500

     5     68 Shelby - All Cpe        159                        Lime Gold                      290                        White
                                      Mike & Sheila Lauer                                       Josh Mancha                GT500KR

                                                                                                178                        Gold w/white stripes
                                                                                                Mark Kulwik                GT350

     7     66-68 Shelby Convertible   170                        Blue/white                     197                        Acapulco Blue
                                      Mike Riemenschneider       '68 GT500KR                    Randy Burns                GT350

     8     69-70 Shelby Convertible   239                        Red                            199                        Maroon
                                      Rob Smith                  GT500                          Kurt Fredrcikson           GT500

     9     2006 to Present Shelby     274                        Red covertible                 127                        White w/blue stripes
           Mustang                    Jim Parker                 '08 GT500                      Michael Cameron            '09 GT500SE
                                                                 Super Snake
                                                                                                134                        Red
                                                                                                Joe Holland                '10 GT500

    10     Cobras 4000, 7000, 8000    189                        Blue
                                      Jim Farley                 427

    11     All Boss Mustangs          135                        Grabber Blue                   269                        Grabber Blue
                                      Michael Andrews            '70 Boss 302                   Mike Sudek                 '70 Boss 302

                                                                                                222                        Grabber Orange
                                                                                                Mark Storm                 '70 Boss 302
                                                            Volume 36, Issue 3                                                    Page 17

                                         SAAC-MCR Show 36                                    (Continued)

Class No   Class Description          1st Place                  Vehicle Description       Class Award             Vehicle Description
                                      Car No. / entrant                                    Car number / entrant

    12     SVO, McLaren, Saleen,      182                        Yellow convertible        121                     Red
           Roush                      John Cornwell              '05 Roush                 Charles Kidwell         '88 Saleen

                                                                                           252                     White convertible
                                                                                           Jeremy White            '85 ASC Mclaren Capri

    13     64.5 - 66 Mustang F'Back & 138                        Black                     147
           Coupe                      Bert Kovacs                '66 fastback              Robert Craig

                                                                                           153                     Raven Black
                                                                                           Rob Bakula              '65 fastback

    14     64.5 - 66 Mustang Converti- 256                       Nighmist blue
           ble                         Ray Bischoff              '66

    15     67-68 Mustang F'Back &     179                        Tahoe turqouise           227                     Red
           Coupe                      Stan & Ruth Bentley        '68 coupe                 Ron Zeolla              '67 fastback

                                                                                           204                     Red
                                                                                           Frank Stasa             '67 GTA fastback

    16     67-68 Mustang              201                        Yellow                    195                     Lime gold
           Conv                       Quentin Levitte            '67                       Jeff Gniewek            '68

    17     69-70 Mustang F'Back &     271                        Black                     174                     Black cherry
           Coupe                      Vito Campanaro             '69 Mach 1                Ken Janus               '69 Mach 1

                                                                                           248                     Calypso Coral
                                                                                           John Holmes             '69 Mach 1

    20     74-78 Mustang II & 71-77   241                        Silver w/red
           Capri                      Dale Rabe                  '77 Must. II King Cobra

    21     79-86 Mustang / Capri      278                        Pewter/black              139                     White w/red
           Coupe                      James Maynor               '79 Indy Pace Car         David Nuechterlein      '85 Det. GPIV pace car

    23     87-93 Mustang Coupe        226                        Red                       106                     White
                                      John Mazzara               '91 GT                    Mike Pikelis            '89 LX

                                                                                           160                     Vibrant Red
                                                                                           Michael Updike          '93 Cobra

    24     87-93 Mustang Convertible 168                         Vibrant Red               225                     Blue
                                     David Stinson               '92 GT                    Paul Mazzara            '88 GT

                                                                                           265                     Red w/white stripes
                                                                                           Andrew Enot             '93 SAAC Mk.II

    25     94-98 Mustang Coupe        119                        Bright Blue
                                      Alan Space                 95 GT

    26     94-98 Mustang Convertible 238                         Lazer Red                 131                     Chrome Yellow
                                     Arnie Meissner              '94                       John&Lelian Grabowski   '98 Cobra

                                                                                           251                     Black
                                                                                           James White             '95 Removable hardtop

    27     99-04 Mustang Coupe        243                        Red                       111                     Competition orange
                                      Ray Fender                 '04 Mach 1                John & Edna Splan       '04 Cobra

                                                                                           158                     Orange
                                                                                           Rob Horner              '04 Mach 1

    28     99-04 Mustang Convertible 231                         Red/black                 291                     Black
                                     Randy Wenzel                '99 Cobra                 Lee Matas               '03 Cobra
               Page 18                                           Shelby Life

                                                       SAAC-MCR Show 36
Class No   Class Description            1st Place                   Vehicle Description    Class Award            Vehicle Description
                                        Car No. / entrant                                  Car number / entrant

    29     2005 to Present Mustang      176                         Silver                 129                    Dark red
                                        Mike Rey                    '05 GT coupe           Mike Pellegrini        '08 GT/CS

                                                                                           232                    Red/white
                                                                                           Chris Tomkow           '12 Boss 302

    30     Pre-1932 Car & Truck         122                         Black
                                        Mike Brady                  '25 Model T roadster

    32     49 - 78 Ford / Edsel Mer-    230                         Green                  212                    White
           cury / Lincoln               Alan Cox                    '53 Ranch Wagon        Ken & Judy Smith       '63 Marauder

    33     79 - Present Ford / Edsel    124                         Black                  101                    Black
           Merc / Linc                  David Popovich              '03 Marauder           Joe Kleynenberg        '03 Crown Vic sport

                                                                                           181                    Black
                                                                                           Armond Leal            '03 Marauder

    34     All Galaxie Hardtop          235                         Black                  194                    Lt. Blue
                                        Jay & Linda Williams        '64 Galaxie R-code     Bill Mooney            '63.5 Galaxie 500

                                        245                         Pearl white
                                        John Oberg                  '59 Club sedan

    35     All Galaxie Convert          173                         Black & Cinamon        219                    Dark moss green
                                        Tomm Hopkins                '62                    Adrian Clements        '67

                                                                                           277                    Black
                                                                                           Terrance Constas       '62 Sunliner
    36     All Galaxie "Others"         220                         Gold Station Wagon
                                        Adrian Clements             '66 428 4-speed

    37     70 to Present - Small Car    217                         Red                    140                    Blue/white
                                        Richard Mengel              '71 Maverick           Don Cheek              '72 Maverick

                                                                                           185                    Maroon
                                                                                           Anthony Simpson        '71 Maverick
    38     60-70 Falcon                 143                         Red                    207                    Black
                                        Alan Aniol                  '64 hardtop            Jack Longfellow        '64 Futura convertible

                                                                                           192                    Yellow
                                                                                           Marvin Miller          '64

    39     ALL Ranchero                 169                         Red                    203                    Black
                                        Al Potts                    '60                    Robert Cordrey         '66

    40     62-65 Fairlane / Comet /     233                         Red                    287                    Red/white
           Meteor                       Richard & Carol Martin      '65 Fairlane           Jeffery Kowal          '63 Fairlane 500
                                                                    Sports Coupe
                                                                                           286                    White
                                                                                           Jeffery Kowal          '65 Fairlane 500

    41     66 - 67 Fairlane / Comet /   137                         Red                    280                    Red
           Meteor                       Eric Miller                 '66 Fairlane GTA       Charles Dochenetz      '66 Fairlane

                                                                                           130                    White
                                                                                           James Phillips         '66 Fairlane GTA
    42     68 - 71 Torino Montego /     105                         Black                  218                    Red
           Fairlane                     Larry Slevin                '69 Fairlane Cobra     Rocco Panthalena       '70 Torino

                                                                                           164                    Red
                                                                                           Butch McKing           '69 Cyclone
                                                       Volume 36, Issue 3                                                     Page 19

                                                       SAAC-MCR Show 36
Class No   Class Description           1st Place                Vehicle Description      Class Award            Vehicle Description
                                       Car No. / entrant                                 Car number / entrant

    43     72 - 76 Torino / Montego    242                      Lt. Blue                 177                    Red/white
                                       Randall Aller            '72 Gran Torino          Steve Randazzo         '75 Gran Torino

    44     67-73 Cougar                249                      Calypso Coral            161                    Red
                                       John Manning             '68 Cougar XR7-G         Dan Burrows            '70 Cougar

    47     74-98 T'Bird Cougar         262                      Red
                                       Tom Milligan             '88 T'bird trubo coupe

    48     02 to present               255                      Mtn. Shadow Grey
           Thunderbird                 Sheila Wahl              '03

    49     48 to present Truck         209                      Tungsten                 107                    Red
                                       John Maffucci            '55 F100                 Don Raupp              '53 F100

    50     All 4x4 Truck               104                      Green                    128                    Dk. Blue Pearl Metallic
                                       Dale Zilka               '77 F150 Ranger          Michael Cameron        '11 F250 SD Crew

                                                                                         247                    Silver/black
                                                                                         Mike Davis             '79 Bronco XLT

                                                                                         293                    Blue
                                                                                         Tyler Kellerman        '79 F250
    54     All Replica and Kit Cobra   272                      White w/blue stripes     190                    Blue
                                       Mike Wilson              '65 GT350 tribute        David Wagner           '63 289 Cobra

                                                                                         180                    Blue w/white stripes
                                                                                         Dean Paquete           '06 FFR roadster

    55     All Special Interest        152                      Blue
                                       Mike Patterson           '92 Mustang SSP

    56     GT, GT40, Pantera and       228                      Yellow                   276                    White
           Mangusta                    Tom Haner                '71 Pantera              Rich Brooks            '05 Ford GT

                                                                                         261                    White
                                                                                         Keith Batko            '05 Ford GT

    57     Tiger and Griffith          224                      British Racign Green     103                    Red
                                       Rick Lara                '64 Tiger                John Logan             '66 Tiger

    58     Street Rods                 184                      Burgandy
                                       Gerald Moore             '48 coupe

    59     All Pro-Street              136                      Gabber Blue
           Car & Truck                 Ed Vusick                '69 Mustang w/blower

    60     Race Cars                   215                      Wimbeldon White          126                    Red
                                       Greg Lamay               '64 Thunderbolt          Rick Lindor            '24 Indy Race Car

                         Kids Coloring Contest                                                                              Riley (7 years
                                                                                                                            old), the win-
                                                                                                                            ner of the Kid's
            Future Car                                                                                                      Coloring Con-
Place       Enthusiast Age                Prize (diecasts)           Prize Sponsor                                          test, enjoying
                                                                                                                            the car show.
1st Place Riley                    7      1/24 '66 GT350             Ford Licensing
                                                                                                                            Photo by Paul
2nd Place Jessica                  5      1/43 Cobra concept         Ford Licensing                                         Fernandes, Ri-
                                                                                                                            ley’s father
3rd Place Savanna                  6      1/64 '08 GT500 Conv. Ford Licensing
Page 20               Shelby Life

SAAC-MCR Show 36—Best of Show Winners
          Photos by Kay Weaver and Mike Nyberg
                    Left: Best of Show
                    Shelby: Dave and Lori
                    Wathen’s Highland
                    Green CSX2367 ’64

                    Right: Best of Show
                    Early Mustang: Rob
                    Bakula’s Raven Black
                    ‘65 2+2 Mustang

                    Left: Best of Show
                    Engine: Tom Eyre’s
                    Redfire ‘06 Mustnag

                    Right: Best of Show
                    Fairlane: Eric Miller’s
                    Red ‘66 Fairlane GTA

                    Right: Best of Show
                    Other Ford Products:
                    John Manning’s Ca-
                    lypso Coral ‘68 Cou-
                    gar XR7G
                    Left: Best of Show
                    Late Model Mustang:
                    John and Edna Splan’s
                    Competition Orange
                    ‘04 SVT Cobra
                                    Volume 36, Issue 3                                              Page 21

   Announcing the 2011 SAAC Equinox Cruise 9/18/11
                                           Rain date 9/25/11
   9:00 AM Start with a tour of the Linder Automotive and Railroad Collection in Dearborn Heights.
  10:30 AM Finish tour and travel through Dearborn, Northville, the shore of Whitmore Lake and Dexter
   1:00 PM Arrive at Cleary’s Pub in Chelsea at 113 S. Main St Chelsea
   3:00 PM Finish lunch and depart for home .

If you plan to go, send me an E-mail at carmods@aol.com, or call me at 313 565 8810
John Logan

SAAC-MCR Show 36 (Continued)
 Right - L to R: Jim Binder, Eric Miller, Les Rimanochi and Rich
 Tweedle. Eric and Les received the Best Club Participation
 trophy on behalf of the Fairlane Club of America. Jim Binder is
 the SAAC-MCR Program Director and organized the success-
 ful Show 36 event. Rich Tweedle is the SAAC-MCR Member-
 ship Directior.

                                                                                                 Left: Panoramic
                                                                                                 view of SAAC-
                                                                                                 MCR Show 36
                                                                                                 at Ford World
                                                                                                 Head Quarters.

                                                                                                 Kay Weaver
            Page 22                                                                      Shelby Life

          SAAC-MCR 2011 May Summary Financial Report
                                                                      by Craig Shefferly
                                                                                                                                May 2010
                                                    May 2011 Only                  May 2011 Year to Date                        Year to Date
Item Description                       Income       Expenses Income O              Income       Expenses       Income O         Income         Expenses      Income O
                                                                 /(U) Exp                                      /(U) Exp.                                     /(U) Exp.
1. Annual Membership                       $40.00                                   $1,780.00                                      $1,540.00
     A. Newsletter                                                                                   $620.94                                       $484.97
     B. Hot Line Phone
     C. Club Corp. renewal                                                                           $100.00                                       $250.00
     D. Membership Cards
     E. Mailing Newsletters
         to New Members
     F. Funeral Flowers                                                                              $100.00                                        $69.95
     G. Club Insurance                                 $756.00                                       $756.00                                     $1,756.00
     Sub Total                             $40.00      $756.00         ($716.00)    $1,780.00      $1,576.94         $203.06       $1,540.00     $2,560.92      ($1,020.92)

2. Monthly Meeting Food                                $200.52                                       $798.10       ($798.10)          $24.00       $829.84        ($805.84)
3. Holiday Party                                                                    $1,200.00      $2,426.97     ($1,226.97)       $1,655.00     $2,389.23        ($734.23)
4. Waterford Fall Picnic
5. Programs
     A. Swap Meet                                                                   $1,362.00        $663.99         $698.01       $2,067.00       $639.49        $1,427.51
     B. Show 36                           $195.00                                     $195.00        $507.94       ($312.94)       $7,048.00     $3,208.94        $3,839.06
     C. Go 36                                                                                        $206.81       ($206.81)
     D. Labor Day Classic
     E.Harvest Happening
     F. Woodward pre-cruise
6. Club Jackets                            $60.00                                     $120.00                        $120.00        $120.00                         $120.00
7. Club Pins & Patches                                                                 $56.00        $100.00         ($44.00)        $35.00                          $35.00
8. Club Golf Shirts                                                                    $30.00        $334.00       ($304.00)        $150.00                         $150.00
9. T-shirts Shirts                                                                     $75.00                         $75.00        $538.00        $429.64          $108.36
10. '10 Trailer Replacem't Items/'09
Reorg                                                                                   $0.00        $400.00       ($400.00)                     $1,337.76      ($1,337.76)
11. Chili Party Prize                                                                                 $37.34         ($37.34)
12. '10 Sound System/'09 Tables                                                                                                                    $495.06        ($495.06)
13. Office Supplies                                                                                  $121.73       ($121.73)
14.Mustang Book /ck'ing credit                                                         $60.00        $192.57       ($132.57)                        $40.00         ($40.00)
15. Calendars-Cobra                                                                   $264.00          $0.00         $264.00
Totals                                    $295.00      $956.52         ($661.52)    $5,142.00      $7,366.39     ($2,224.39)      $13,177.00    $11,930.88        $1,246.12
Beginning Cash on Hand                                                $7,217.09                                    $8,779.96                                      $8,806.88

Ending Cash on Hand                                                   $6,555.57                                    $6,555.57                                     $10,053.00
                                                    CK.Book         6,535.57

   Notice:                    The Brief History of Ford Automatic Transmissions Part 3
                               will be published the next issue of Shelby Life
                                                               Volume 36, Issue 3                                                                               Page 23

                           SAAC-MCR Abridged Meeting Minutes
                                                         By Cathy White and Kurt Fredrickson
April 2011 Meeting Minutes: Mtg. called to order @ 8:00PM. Total number of attendees: 42

Welcome & Recognition of new faces:-Butch Sharples -Larry, 2002 Miata -Brian and Chris Kulwik (Mark’s sons) -Phil Smith -Jerry Mudione
Financial Report: $8,222.00
Editors Report: Latest issue has been mailed – Thanks for all articles
Membership Report: @95 members
Club Library: n/a
National News and Insider Info: -SAAC cruise to Caribbean – dozen couples attended
-65-66-67 Registry - $225.00 -National newsletters – book of the four quarterly issues free w/annual registration
Competition Report: -June 13th official date for Waterford -National Convention in May at VIR – caravanning possibilities -July 30-31 is having vintage races (not as big as Meadowbrook
used to be)
Show / Event Report: -Chili challenge in March, 2nd place to Wendy Binder/receiving 5.0 Alarm Mustang sauce -@ $1,200.00 at Gorno Ford/light on people turn out -Bill Holbrook guest
speaker for May mtg. – 60’s Torino Talladega development -Show ‘n Go/8-9 pre-registrations, volunteer signup sheet, coloring contest from Mustang coloring book
-April 30th breakfast to John Yarema’s/cruise to Will’s Museum in Marysville/lunch at St. Clair Inn -Indiana Spring Fling/May 21-23 -Some members attended talk on Physics of NASCAR at
Lawrence Tech
Advertising Report: -Cruise News/1/2 page ad for Show ’n Go -Mustang and Ford Magazines
Tech Exchange: -2001 Mazda Tribute has problems with starter hanging up, stays in ON position – may need a new ignition switch & have locksmith rekey tumbler to have door
keys & ignition the same.
New Vehicle Report: -Gibson Nichols wife 2008 Shelby GT350/15,000 miles/Vista Blue
-Jeff Burgy/2002 T-bird/12,000 miles (for Claudia) -John Yarema’s friend bought a Ford Ranger pickup for $5 -John Logan new Explorer/dark blue
Club Website Report: Waiting for conversation with Dean.
Swap 'n Sell: Rich Tweedle will send out list.
President's Report: Bill Holbrook to be guest speaker at next meeting.

May, 2011 Meeting Minutes: Mtg. called to order @ 8:00PM. Total number of attendees: 34

Welcome & Recognition of new faces: None
Financial Report: $7,200.00
Editors Report: List of proposed articles-need volunteers for articles for upcoming events
Membership Report: 106 members
Club Library: No additions – Craig Shefferly to donate DVD recorder
National News and Insider Info: -SAAC 36 May 27, 28, 29 at VIR -Windshield banners – SAAC-MCR.COM - $30-$40 a banner (for letters only – 4” decal)
Competition Report: -K&K Insurance – pick and choose the package-cut cost in half from $1500 to $756, includes trailer and medical beyond personal insurance. All set for 2011 sea-
son. -Long tech lines expected at VIR so get there early
Show / Event Report: -All had a good time at John Yarema’s cruise. -Show ‘n Go – license from Ford required to be on property -Superperformance – vender – design for plaques
contest ends May 11th -Sign volunteer sheet, volunteers should be there by 7:00 a.m.
Advertising Report: -All set for Show ‘n Go
Tech Exchange: -Darius Rudis 1999 Ranger – ABS goes off at abrupt stop – kicks off for 10 feet -John Yarema’s clutch exploded on way home from cruise
- Jim Binder experienced $900 paint damage from car wash – how to get the car wash pay damages? -Craig Shefferly fixed oil burning problem on his ’67 GT500 – had wrong
size piston rings
New Vehicle Report: Darius brother-in-law - Peterbilt 18 speed overdrive - cabover, that Darius can borrow to get to track events!
Club Website Report: n/a
Swap 'n Sell: Rich Tweedle will send out
President's Report: SAAC-36 caravan possibilities for attendees? SAAC-MCR.COM windshield banners in several colors to be available before SAAC-36.
Bill Holbrook was guest speaker

Meeting Minutes: Mtg. called to order @ 8:00PM. Total number of attendees: 37

Welcome & Recognition of new faces: None
Financial Report: Craig says we have $6500.00 but still have to pay K&K Insurance
Editors Report: Mike reviewed the status of the proposed content for the next newsletter.
Membership Report: Rich thinks we will have more members sign up at Show@Go 36
Club Library: No additions
National News and Insider Info: Jeff talked about SAAC36 aat VIR
Competition Report: Darius talked about his track experiences at SAAC 36 at VIR and preparation for SAAC-MCR GO 38 at Waterford Hills.
Show / Event Report: Jim has been driving all over town, lots to do …..and getting everything set for a GREAT Show 36.
Advertising Report: Mike has placed all the free ads a month ago and is carefully placing paid ads.
Tech Exchange: Phil along with others was helping out members with their car problems and other issues.
New Vehicle Report: Kurt Fredrickson bought his wife a 2004 40th Anv.Mustang Convertible V-6 while in Las Vegas and the car is super clean.
Club Website Report: Dean has been keeping the site fresh.
       Shelby American Automobile
         Club – Motor City Region

                               Dedicated to the
                              preservation, care,
                                  history and
                               enjoyment of the
                              produced by Shelby
                               American and/or
                                Ford Motor Co.             Mailing Address Line 1
                                                           Mailing Address Line 2
                                                           Mailing Address Line 3
                              Monthly Meeting,
                               First Thursday of
                                 every Month
                              7:00 pm at Mama
                               Mia’s Restaurant
                               27770 Plymouth
                                Rd., Livonia, MI
                              West of Inkster Rd.

       Newsletter editor; Mike Nyberg
             Phone: 248-969-1157
      Email: tangobythelake@yahoo.com
        Technical Editor: John Logan

            We’re on the Web!

        2011 Events Calendar                                      Steve White’s 1996 Mustang Cobra with the SAAC-
                                                                  MCR banner on the windshield and club logo stick-
                            July                                  ers at each end of the banner. They are available
                                                                  from Craig Shefferly. The banners are available in
29 SCAMP Concours in the Park Car Show, Clarkston, MI             White, Red and Yellow at $8.00 each. The club logo
                                                                  stickers are available at $2.00 Each.
30-31 Waterford Hills Vintage Races, Waterford Hills, MI

31 Concours of America, St. John’s, Plymouth, MI
                                                                      9   Harvest Happening, SAAC-MCR Open Track
7   MOCSEM Mustang Memories All Ford Car Show and
                                                                          Event, Waterford Hills Racing Course, Clark
    Swap Meet—BOSS Reunion, Ford WHQ, Dearborn, MI
                                                                          ston, MI
17 SAAC-MCR Woodward Pre-Cruise
                                                                     15   SAAC-MCR Fall Color Tour and Chili Party at John and
                                                                          Trish Guyer's Autodrome, Lake, MI
20 Woodward Dream Cruise, Pontiac to Ferndale, MI


4   Labor Day Classic, SAAC-MCR Open Track Event,
    Waterford Hills Racing Course, Clarkston, MI

18 SAAC-MCR Equinox Cruise, Dearborn Heights to

         Check the SAAC-MCR website at:
      for the latest information about events.

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