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					                  CHAPTER 8

Shopping and Services
    Contributor: Amber Pollack-Berti

    State Street at night. Photo: Jenya Antonova

                                            Shopping and Services   101
When you’re new in town, some of the first places you need to find are
stores to help you furnish your apartment, fill your fridge, and prepare
for classes. This chapter highlights everything from farmers’ markets
and bookstores to thrift stores and malls.

BASiCS                                                   Aldi, also famous for low prices (and
Target stores are located at 201 Junction            generics), has two stores in town: one on
Road on the far west side and 4301 Lien              the east side (3925 Lien Road) and one on
Road on the east side. There is a Super              the west side (8222 Watts Road).
Target at 6321 McKee Road in nearby                      Closer to campus are Sentry Foods at
Fitchburg, Wisconsin.                                Hilldale Mall (University Avenue), Copps
    Shopko stores are at 2201 Zeier Road             (University Avenue and S. Park Street
(near East Towne Mall), 7401 Mineral                 locations), and Whole Foods (University
Point Road (near West Towne Mall), 2602              Avenue), an upscale grocery store with lots
Shopko Drive (near the airport and Oscar             of organic and natural products.
Mayer Foods), and 2101 W. Broadway (in                   There are many other smaller grocery
South Towne Mall).                                   convenience stores scattered about which
    There are three Wal–Marts in the                 cater directly to students, including the
Madison area: one on the west side (adja-            Triangle Market (302 State Street),
cent to Sam’s Club and near Woodman’s                Capital Centre Foods (111 N. Broom
Food Market) at 7202 Watts Road, one on              Street), and Madison Food Mart (902 E.
the east side at 4198 Nakoosa Trail, and a           Johnson Street).
Wal-Mart Supercenter south of the Beltline               You will find several additional Copps
at 2151 Royal Avenue in Monona, near                 stores in the greater Madison area, as well
South Towne.                                         as multiple Pick’N’Save stores and two
                                                     Cub Foods stores (one is near the east side
                                                     Wal–Mart and the other is near West
FOOD                                                 Towne Mall).
GrOCEriES                                                Two relatively new additions to the
Woodman’s Food Market, with one store                Madison grocery scene are actually
on the west side (711 S. Gammon Road)                replacements for stores whose closing left
and one on the east (3817 Milwaukee                  voids in their neighborhoods. Pierce’s
Street), is Madison’s largest grocery store.         Northside Market (2817 N. Sherman
It is known for its cheap prices and wide            Avenue) is across from Warner Park, and
variety. Woodman’s does not accept credit            Trader Joe’s (1864 Monroe Street) is a
cards, just cash, checks and debit. Both             few blocks from Camp Randall.
Woodman’s stores are located on bus lines;               There are also numerous international
the east store is directly across the street         groceries in the area: Asian Midway
from the East Transfer Point.                        Foods, Bombay Bazaar, El Mercadito,

102     The Guide to Graduate Student Life at UW–Madison
Fraboni’s, India House, Super Tienda           ■■ Willy Street Co-op
Latina, and Yue-Wah Oriental Foods, to            1221 Williamson Street, 608/251–6776
name a few.                                       Open every day from 8 a.m. to 9p.m.
                                                   Opened in 1974, the Willy Street
FOOD CO-OPS                                    Co-op (often referred to simply as “the
While it is hard to miss the chain supermar-   co-op”) is the largest member-owned
kets like Sentry, Copps, and Cub Foods         cooperative in Madison with over 10,000
here in town, Madison is also home to a        members. The co-op produces a monthly
number of local food co-operatives. Food       reader that provides members with news
co-ops are one way to vote for a sustainable   about food, nutrition, recipes, featured
food system, to support local businesses,      items, and store updates.
and to find a wide selection of locally
grown, fresh food, without giving up the       COMMuNiTy SuPPOrTED
convenience of a regular grocery store.        AGriCuLTurE
    There are many reasons to shop at a        ■■Many grad students are interested in
co-op but one of the best is that co-ops are     how the choices they make about food
owned and run by the people who shop             could affect the regional economy and
there. You, as a member, can actively            health of the land. Madison, as it turns
participate in the organization of the           out, happens to have an incredibly
business, helping to determine store             vibrant local food community, including
policies and even influencing the products       Community Supported Agriculture
that appear on the shelves.                      (CSA). CSA creates a partnership
    Memberships at Madison’s co-ops              between local farmers and their mem-
range from $30 per year for students to          bers (you, the consumer) in which
$58 for a lifetime. Although you do not          members provide money to meet the
have to be a member to shop at a co-op,          farm’s operating expenses; in exchange,
membership often means special members-          members receive a weekly portion of the
only discounts. Also, membership at one          farm’s produce. Not only is this a great
co-op usually means you can receive              way to support local farms and socially
member privileges at other co-ops.               and environmentally sustainable
    Here is some information about               production practices, it is also a great
Madison’s food co-operatives:                    way to meet new people and receive an
■■ Regent Street Co-op                           amazing variety of really fresh, organic
   2136 Regent Street, 608/233–4329              food throughout the growing season.
   Open every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.            To find out more about CSA farms in
    Formerly the Regent Food Market, the       the area, contact the Madison Area CSA
Regent Street Co-op became a cooperative       Coalition at 608–226–0300 or www.
in 1998 with support from the Willy Street Each year, they produce a
Co-op and Madison Community Co-ops.            great map to all the participating farms,
This co-op serves the Monroe and Regent        which can help you decide which to join.
Street neighborhoods on the near west side.

                                                              Shopping and Services   103
Dane County Farmers’ Market. Photo: Sandy Sulzer

FArMErS’ MArKETS                                     and then to the Madison Senior Center in
Madison is lucky to have farmers’ markets            January. During the winter, an added treat
going on in some part of the city or                 are delicious breakfasts prepared by local
surrounding community virtually every                chefs, using only ingredients available at
day of the week. The largest (and the place          the market. All locations are easily accessi-
to be on a Saturday morning in the                   ble by bike, car, or bus.
summer) is the Dane County Farmers’                       In addition to the market on the
Market (DCFM) on the Capitol Square.                 Square, each part of the city has its own
Over 300 vendors sell the freshest local             market with its own neighborhood flavor.
produce and homemade Wisconsin prod-                 ■■ Eastside Farmers’ Market

ucts at this popular market that runs on                Early May through early October,
Saturdays and Wednesdays. The DCFM                      Tuesdays, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
runs year-round, though it is at its biggest            Location: At the New Madison Central
when it is outside during the summer                    Park, 201 S. Ingersoll Street
months. See                      ■■ Fitchburg Farmers’ Market

    In late April, the Saturday DCFM                    May through October, Thursdays, 3:00
opens on the Capitol Square and runs                    p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
every week through early November from                  Location: Left at intersection of Fish
6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine. On                  Hatchery Road and E. Cheryl Pkwy.
Wednesdays, the market is held from 8                   (under Agora Pavilion)
a.m. to 2 p.m. on the 100 and 200 blocks      
of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (right off              farmersmarket.htm
the Capitol Square). In winter, the market
moves indoors, first to Monona Terrace

104     The Guide to Graduate Student Life at UW–Madison
■■ Hilldale Farmers’ Market                 ■■   Westside Community Market
   May through October, Wednesdays and           April 21st through November 3rd,
   Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.                   Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
   Location: Hilldale Shopping Center.           Location: Hill Farms Department of
   Located on the southwest side of the          Transportation Building parking lot;
   mall; take Heather Crest/Kelab off of         Sheboygan Avenue and Segoe Road.
   Midvale or Segoe Road.              
■■ Middleton Farmers’ Market
   Early May through October, Thursdays,
   8 a.m. to 1 p.m.                         BArGAiN ShOPPiNG
   Location: Corner of Greenway Blvd.       St. Vincent de Paul (popularly known as
   and Deming Way (middle of new            St. Vinny’s) is great for bargains on clothes
   shopping center)                         as well as furniture and used books. St.
■■ Monona Farmers’ Market                   Vinny’s also does free pick-up of donated
   May through October, Sundays, 9:00       items (call 608–278–2920 to schedule).
   a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                        Their east side location is at 1309
   Special events during the market—see     Williamson Street (608–257–0673), the
   the farmers’ market Web site             west-side store is at 4293 W. Beltline
   Location: Ahuska Park, next to Pier 37   Highway. (608–278–2924), and their “Dig
   Shopping Center, East Broadway           and Save” outlet, which is just what the             name implies, is at 1900 S. Park Street
■■ Northside Farmers’ Market                (608–250–6370).
   May through mid–October, Sundays,             Goodwill has two locations: on the
   8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.                  east side at 2127 East Springs Drive
   Location: Northside Sherman Town         (608–246–3147) and the west side at 4530
   Center, corner of N. Sherman Avenue      Verona Road (608–271–4687).
   and Northport Drive                           The Salvation Army Thrift Store is
■■ South Madison Farmers’ Market            located near East Towne Mall at 1721
   May through October, Tuesdays, 2 p.m.    Thierer Road (608–244–4680).
   to 6 p.m.                                     Saver’s has two locations: 7333 West
   Late April through October, Saturdays,   Towne Mall Way, (608–827–9011) and
   9 a.m. to 2 p.m.                         2002 Zeier Road (608–441–1380).
   Location Tuesdays and Saturdays:              Ragstock is a midwestern chain that
   Labor Temple, 1602 South Park Street     sells new and used clothes. A popular stop
   May through October, Thursdays, 2        for Halloween costume shopping, the store
   p.m. to 6 p.m.                           has a funky atmosphere and a wide variety
   Location Thursdays: Villager Mall on     of men’s and women’s clothing. Ragstock is
   Park Street, across from Walgreens       located at 329 State Street (608–251–3419).

                                                             Shopping and Services   105
                                                      Gammon Road and Mineral Point Road.
                                                      It has similar department stores and shops
                                                      as East Towne, but with a slightly smaller
                                                      selection. Information available by calling
                                                           Hilldale Shopping Center is a
                                                      smaller, recently renovated mall on the
                                                      near west side located at the corner of
                                                      University Avenue and N. Midvale Blvd.
                                                      Hilldale includes Macy’s, Sentry Foods, a
                                                      University Book Store, and the first
                                                      Sundance Cinemas movie theater in the
                                                      country, in addition to a number of
                                                      smaller specialty shops.
Mimosa boutique. Photo by Jenya Antonova                   South Towne Mall is a strip mall
                                                      that, while technically located in Monona,
                                                      is just a quick trip down the Beltline.
                                                      Includes a Hobby Lobby, Kohl’s and
A wide variety of clothing and specialty
                                                      ShopKo. Located at 2301 W. Broadway,
shops are located in the downtown area,
especially on State Street and the streets
                                                           Westgate Mall (not to be confused
around the Capitol Square. While many
                                                      with West Towne) is another smaller mall,
national chains have moved into State
                                                      located at Whitney Way and Odana Rd.
Street storefronts in recent years, there are
                                                      Includes a TJ Maxx and specialty shops.
still many locally owned shops downtown
                                                           Johnson Creek Premium Outlets
that contribute to Madison’s unique flavor.
                                                      features 60 outlet stores, including many
      In addition to downtown shopping,
                                                      popular name brand clothing and shoe
Madison’s many neighborhoods often have
                                                      stores as well as housewares, gifts, and
their own “shopping districts” with small
                                                      more. Located at 575 E. Linmar Lane,
shops that may meet your needs. Explore
                                                      Johnson Creek, WI, which is about 30
the local businesses in your neighborhood;
                                                      miles east of Madison off I–94 (Exit 276).
you may be surprised by what you find!
                                                      For more information, call 920–699–4111
ShOPPiNG MALLS                                        or visit
East Towne Mall is the main east side mall,           outlet.asp?id=53.
located off E. Washington Avenue and
I–90/94. Department stores J.C. Penney,
Sears, and Boston Store are the “anchors,”
with all the usual mall regulars in between.
For information, call 608–244–1501.
    West Towne Mall is the big mall on
the west side, located at the corner of

106      The Guide to Graduate Student Life at UW–Madison
PErSONAL CArE                                   ■■ Regis Salons
This is certainly not a comprehensive list,        103 East Towne Mall, # B220,
but it should give you an idea about               608–244–2444
available services and their locations. Keep       207 West Towne Mall,
an eye out in your neighborhood for other          608–833–2555
local shops as well.                     
                                                ■■ Reprise Hair Studio
BArBEr ShOPS                                       437 State Sreet, 608–255–8505
■■ College Barber Shop                             A small Aveda salon with hair, nail, and
   665 State Street 608–255–5601                   skin care services close to campus.
■■ Hilldale Barber Shop
   702 N. Midvale Blvd., 608–233–6157           COSMETOLOGy SChOOL
■■ Jack’s Barber Shop                           SErviCES
   2509 University Avenue, 608–233–1311         If you’re looking for a cheaper option than
■■ Ken’s Barber Shop                            most regular barber shops and salons, you
   1302 E. Washington Avenue,                   might consider visiting a cosmetology
   608–255–7755                                 school.
■■ Stadium Barbers                              ■■ Madison Area Technical College

   1515 Monroe Street, 608–255–1588                Barber/Cosmetology Program Salon
BEAuTy AND hAir SALONS                             211 N. Carroll Street, 608–258–2404
■■ Bellezza                              
   409 N. Frances Street, 608–204–6161             barbercos/services                          ■■ Martin’s College of Cosmetology
   Independent salon, with close-to-campus         6414 Odana Road, 608–270–0270
   location and a variety of beauty services.
■■ Cameo Spa Salon                                 cfm?opt=BeautyServices
   10 W. Mifflin Street, 608–284–1956                        PhArMACiES AND DruG
   On the ritzy side, offers Aveda products     STOrES
   and a full line of spa and massage           In addition to prescription pharmacies at
   services.                                    supermarkets and stores like Target and
■■ Latino Hair Salon                            Wal–Mart, there are several downtown
   1115 S. Park Street, 608–250–5222            options and a locally owned pharmacy
   4512 E. Washington Avenue,                   co-op.
   608–301–0220                                      Community Pharmacy is a local
■■ Nogginz Hair Shop                            co-op that is worth a visit. Located close
   528 State Street, 608–251–1545               to campus at 341 State Street, Community
   Close to campus, this shop takes             Pharmacy has friendly, knowledgeable
   walk-ins only and provides a decent cut      staff, and a prescription pharmacy. Books,
   for a decent price.                          homeopathics, natural body care, and lots

                                                               Shopping and Services   107
of organic supplies from vitamins and teas            ordering textbooks; see www.
to beauty products are also sold. For more   For other information,
information, call 608–251–4454 or visit               call 608–257–3784.                                The Underground Textbook
    Walgreen’s drug stores are located all            Exchange is a textbook store at
over Madison and, except for the State                664 State Street (next to Walgreen’s).
Street location, most have prescription               You can contact them at 608–251–4444
pharmacies. Several locations are open 24             or visit their Web site at
hours. To find the Walgreen’s location      
nearest you, visit                      Many professors use Rainbow
                                                      Bookstore Cooperative, at 426 West
LAuNDry AND Dry                                       Gilman Street, for their curriculum. To
CLEANiNG                                              learn more about this process, call them at
If you’re not lucky enough to have laundry            608–257–6050 or check them out online
in your building, it’s likely that there is a         at
laundromat very close to you. Ask your
landlord or neighbors for the closest ones,           OThEr BOOKS
but consider shopping around for the best             When you need a break from studying and
prices.                                               research, why not read a book for fun? In
     Klinke Cleaners has a huge number of             addition to many local libraries and large
convenient locations in Madison. Their                chain bookstores, there are a variety of
dry cleaning services are environmentally             local independent booksellers in the
friendly and include express service and              Madison area (see
household cleaning (items like rugs,                  main/maiba.htm), many of whom sell used
drapes, etc.). They frequently offer cou-             books. Here are just a few:
pons in the advertising circulars that show           ■■ Avol’s Bookstore
up in your mailbox, so keep an eye out for               315 W. Gorham Street, 608–255–4730
deals. For locations and more information,     
visit                        ■■ Frugal Muse
                                                         1863 Monroe Street, 608–310–9708
                                                         7475 Mineral Point Road,
                                                         1193 N. Sherman Avenue,
TExTBOOKS                                                608–242–0000
You won’t be ready for class until you buy     
your textbooks. Here are some of the                  ■■ Half-Price Books
easiest options:                                         4350 East Towne Blvd.,
    Many students purchase their books                   608–244–1189
at The University Book Store, which is                   626 S. Whitney Way, 608–273–1140
located on Library Mall at 711 State Street    
They also have an online system for                      html

108      The Guide to Graduate Student Life at UW–Madison
■■ Paul’s Books                                ELECTrONiCS
   670 State Street, 608–257–2968              When it comes to computers and supplies,
■■ A Room of One’s Own                         UW’s DoIT Tech Store and Showroom
   307 W. Johnson Street, 608–257–7888         (1210 W. Dayton Street) and the                       University Bookstore’s Digital Outpost
                                               (673 State Street) are good first stops. But
                                               Madison has its fair share of office supply
Many professors assemble reading packets
                                               stores and other computer retailers
of articles to be purchased at one of the
                                               including CompUSA (231 Junction Road),
nearby copy shops. Bob’s Copy Shop
                                               Dell Direct Store (66 West Towne Mall)
seems to have a tight grip on much of the
                                               and The MacShop Madison (6033 Odana
copy packet business, although the
Program of Agricultural Journalism has
                                                    Madison is also home to the electron-
their own copy business called Fast Copy,
                                               ics big box store Best Buy with stores on
which also produces course materials.
                                               the east and west sides of town. Two
ASM Student Print is another place that
                                               Madison originals, American TV,
sells course packs. If you have to buy a
                                               Appliance and Furniture and The
copy packet, you might have trouble if you
                                               Brothers Main Appliance and TV also
expect to pay with a credit card (some of
                                               offer a wide selection of electronics, and
the copy stores near campus do not accept
                                               you can’t forget other chain stores such as
plastic), and don’t be surprised if it costs
                                               Sears, Target, and Wal–Mart.
you $40 or more.
     With all of the journal research that
many grad students do, you will probably
                                               uW SWAP ShOP
                                               The UW Surplus With a Purpose (SWAP)
find yourself making lots of copies. The
                                               Shop is a fun place to look for a bargain.
libraries on campus have copy machines
                                               The SWAP Shop recycles items from
that work using a copy card. These cards
                                               UW–Madison, as well as from state
are easy to lose, so make sure you write
                                               agencies located in the Madison area.
your name on your card! Also, don’t add
                                               They offer items such as computers, lab
more money than you are willing to throw
                                               equipment (from centrifuges to test tubes),
                                               office furniture (desks, filing cabinets,
     Some campus libraries also feature
                                               chairs), office supplies (binders, file
scanner/copier machines that allow you to
                                               folders, staplers), home furnishings
scan your material for free and then e-mail
                                               (couches, bicycles) and building materials
it to yourself as a PDF. This option is best
                                               (bricks, electrical equipment).
suited for situations when you really don’t
                                                    Located at 1061 Thousand Oaks
need a hard copy or have access to a
                                               Trail, Verona, the SWAP Shop (see www.
printer that you aren’t charged to use.
                                      is open
                                               to the public during designated hours.

                                                              Shopping and Services    109