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									                                                                                                               Volume 2 ~ Issue 4 ~ October 2003

Redstone Arsenal NCO and                                                                                   Why should I become a
                                                                                                           corporate member of AUSA?
soldier of the quarter/year                                                                                   What is AUSA?
                                                                                                              Every profession has a
                                                                                                                                              formed and civilian, and
                                                                                                                                              their families. AUSA is the
   On 20 September 2003,            and outstanding performance         from throughout the Tennessee      professional organization.         voice for all components of
two more of America’s finest        of duty resulted in their selec-    Valley also recognize the NCO      AUSA is the Army’s Profes-         the Army. The AUSA fosters
were singled out in praise of       tion as the NCO of the Quar-        and soldiers hard-earned dis-      sional Association. It is a pri-   public support for the Army’s
their accomplishments and           ter/Year and Soldier of the         tinction with monetary gifts,      vate, non-profit educational       role in national security
marked for greater responsi-        Quarter/Year for Redstone           honorary citizenships, meals       organization established in        through an active dialogue
bilities. “Unto whom much is        Arsenal, Alabama. Their ded-        and overnight lodgings to          1950. Members include all          with congressional members
given, much will be expected”,      ication and professionalism         name a few of the tokens of        ranks (four-star to recruit),      and Executive Branch offi-
a sage once uttered. When the       reflects great credit upon          respect. These distinguished       Active     Army,     Reserve,      cials. As an educational foun-
Non-Commissioned Officer            them, Redstone Arsenal, and         individuals will join their com-   National Guard, and Retired.       dation, it provides profession-
and Soldier of the Quarter for      the United States Army”.            rades below (the NCO and Sol-      In addition, Department of         al education and information
1QFY04 were announced at               Your Redstone-Huntsville         dier of the Year are in bold       the Army Civilians, patriotic      programs in matters con-
the luncheon, they joined an        AUSA Chapter recognizes             type), at the Chapter’s expense    private civilians, and compa-      cerning our Army.
elite group. The NCO and Sol-       their achievement by present-       in representing the Chapter,       nies/businesses are mem-              What does AUSA do locally?
dier of the Quarter/Year com-       ing them with a commemora-          Redstone Arsenal, and the Ten-     bers. All are interested in a         Here are but a few of the
petition is not an easy task.       tive plaque, $100 in cash, a one-   nessee Valley at the Annual        well-prepared Army, with           many local activities that the
The candidates have to take a       year membership in AUSA,            AUSA Meeting, 6-8 October, in      well cared for soldiers and        Redstone Huntsville Chapter
written exam; answer board          and a Chapter Coin. Sponsors        Washington DC.                     their families.                    supports or sponsors. AUSA
members’ questions on a wide                                                                                  What does AUSA do?
spread of military subjects;         1ST QUARTER                                                              AUSA represents every
take a Army Physical Fitness         SSG MICHAEL A. ALEXANDER           D Co, 832d Ord Bn                  member of the US Army, uni-             Please see MEMBERS on 4
Test; show their soldier skills      SPC RACHAEL L. ARNOLD              HHC AMCOM
by completing a hands-on
common soldiers’ task test           2nd QUARTER                                                           Letter to Redstone-Huntsville Chapter from
and an intense land naviga-          SSG GILDARDO CALDERON, JR.         OMEMS NCO Academy
tion course. Each soldier and        SPC HA THA TRAN                    MEDDAC Soldier of the Year         the AMCOM Command Sergeant Major
NCO selected also receives           3RD QUARTER

the Army Commendation                                                                                          would like to take this
                                     SGT Stephen W. Dix                 59th Ord Bde NCO of the Year           opportunity to thank
Medal. The citation reads “for       PV2 HECTOR LOPEZ                   B Co, 832d Ord Bn
exceptionally      meritorious                                                                                 everyone for their warm
achievement for their demon-         4TH QUARTER                                                           reception for me and my
stration of basic soldier skills,    SGT PATRICK PERRY                  HHC 59TH ORD BDESPC ALE            family to the Redstone
general military knowledge,          JANDRO GENTRY                      B Co, 832d Ord Bn                  Arsenal and Huntsville
                                                                                                           community. It is truly a
                                                                                                           privilege and an honor to
Chapter hospitality suite at the AUSA annual meeting                                                       serve as the Post CSM for
                                                                                                           Redstone Arsenal — a true
   This AUSAAnnual Meeting is moving from   We look forward to seeing all the           community of excellence.
the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel to the new           friends of the Redstone-Huntsville Chapter at            Since my arrival, I’m
DC Convention Center. As a result, there will        the Suite. The Redstone-Huntsville Chapter            impressed with hospitality
be a change in Redstone-Huntsville Hospital-         has established a special gift for all those who      but most of all the exception-
ity Suite operations. Our Chapter Hospitali-         visit our Suite this year — a coin commemo-           al support and commitment
ty Suite for 2003 will be in the Wilkes Room         rating all Army units who participated in             to the soldiers and family
(just off of the lobby) of the Henley Park Hotel.    Iraqi Freedom. Come by our                            members assigned here. The                CSM Gregory Lunn
The Henley Park Hotel is a small hotel just          Suite in the Henley Park                              AUSA is leading the way in
across the street from the Convention Center         Hotel to get your special                             every category of support          transformation to the 21st
- on 926 Massachusetts Avenue. Our Suite             2003 Annual Meeting                                   from soldier board winners         Century. Again, thank you
will operate from 7:00 AM until around 11:00         Coin from the Redstone-                               to support for families in cri-    for your continued support
PM, Monday (6 Oct) through Wednesday (8              Huntsville Chapter.                                   sis. I fully endorse the Asso-     and commitment to our sol-
Oct).                                                                                                      ciation in its goals to support    diers.
   If you have questions or need more infor-                                                               the Army in its efforts to
mation contact the Suite Chairman, Zig Roe-           Redstone-Huntsville Chapter                          take care of soldiers and            CSM Gregory Lunn
buck, at 256-883-2364, or email zigr@com-             2003 Annual Meeting Coin                             their families as well as the        U.S. Army AMCOM

Page 2
                                  Dear AUSA members                                   year the AUSA Annual Meeting is held 6-8
                                                                                      October at the new Washington Convention
                                                                                      Center. During the 2002 Meeting, the Red-
                                                                                                                                            You can look forward to a great year from
                                                                                                                                         your Chapter, including some new initiatives.
                                                                                                                                         These include increased emphasis on the Army
                                                                                      stone-Huntsville Chapter reserved the Henley       Family — including more events that are

                                        ime passes by so quickly when you are
October 1, 2003 AUSA The Salute

                                        busy, and that is never truer than for the    Park and Morrison-Clark hotels as a service to     focused on the Army family and children. The
                                        Redstone-Huntsville Chapter. In the last      our members —and also established the Hen-         Chapter is co-sponsoring the Anne S.K. Brown
                                  quarter, we finalized our Chapter’s Annual          ley Park Wilkes Room — just off the lobby of       exhibit of military history opening on 26 Octo-
                                  Plan and kicked off our Chapter year with           the Henley, as the location for our Chapter’s      ber at the Huntsville Museum of Art. From one
                                  unquestionably the finest week of events recog-     hospitality suite. The Chairman of the Chap-       of the largest collections of military history in
                                  nizing our Armed Forces ever held in North          ter’s Hospitality Suite is Zig Roebuck. Zig and    the world, this is the only time this exhibit has
                                  Alabama. From Sunday 13                             his wife, Linda, have been busy planning the       ever been seen outside of Brown University.
                                  July through Saturday 19                            suite activities. The Suite operating Hours are    Military families can see this exhibit without
                                  July, the North Alabama                             evenings, Sunday through Wednesday                 charge during its entire stay at the museum
                                  community recognized our                            evenings, 1600 until 2300 hours. Each day,         (through 22 February). Jim Rountree is Chair-
                                  Armed Forces with a multi-                          Monday through Wednesday, Corporate Spon-          man of this event and is Chapter Vice Presi-
                                  tude of events – spanning                           sor Lockheed-Martin is providing breakfast and     dent for Family Programs. Jim and his wife
                                  admissions to area amuse-                           lunch in the Wilkes room for our members           Carolyn are dedicated to supporting the Army
                                  ments, Redstone Arsenal                             staying in the Chapter Hotels. We are grateful     family and have many events planned through-
                                  Soldier and NCO of the Year                         to all our Suite Sponsors (names posted in the     out the year. Another new initiative is to offer
                                  Luncheon, Concert in the                            Suite) for their contributions, enabling us to     programs which serve to inform and educate
                                  Park featuring AMC’s own                            have a hospitality suite and to sponsor our sol-   our members on Army matters, including direc-
                                  Army Band and fireworks,           Joe Fitzgerald   diers at the Annual Meeting. Many thanks, to       tion, policy, and programs. We plan to have sev-
                                  the Team Redstone Advanced                          Dave Seay for handling badging and coordinat-      eral such activities during the coming months.
                                  Planning Briefing for Industry, the Salute to       ing the Annual Meeting event tickets. Thanks       J.P. Ballenger, Vice President for Member
                                  the U.S. Army Gala Dinner, The Army Soldier         also to Emily Vandiver-Dickson for assisting in    Retention, is serving as Chairman for this
                                  Show, Program/Project Manager’s reception,          room allocations at the Hotels.                    activity and is committed to help the member-
                                  Generals’ Reception, AUSA Golf Tournament,             The Redstone-Huntsville Chapter earned 18       ship become better informed.
                                  Stars Baseball game with fireworks, Redstone        National Awards and Streamers during 2002-            Paul Elliott, Vice President for Legislative
                                  Car Show, and Michael Durant’s book signing         2003. These will be presented at the Annual        Affairs, is a member of the AUSA National Res-
                                  at the Veterans Memorial Museum. I just can’t       Meeting 2003, and include:                         olutions Committee. He has collected informa-
                                  say enough about the fine job done by the Red-         • Special Award for the Veterans Day Event      tion on programs and activities in North Alaba-
                                  stone-Huntsville Chapter in making these                                                               ma and has provided them to the committee.
                                                                                            2002, “Honoring All Who Served”              Paul serves on the committee, working the
                                  events possible. Bob Drolet did an outstanding         • Superior Chapter
                                  job as Chairman of the Salute to the U.S. Army.                                                        entire week of the Annual Meeting. The AUSA
                                                                                         • Merit Chapter                                 Resolutions process and its product are vitally
                                  Dave Seay performed magnificently as the first         • Best General Membership Meetings
                                  AUSA co-Chairman of the Team Redstone                                                                  important, representing the Army interests
                                                                                         • Excellence in Corporate Member Growth         (Voice of the Army) to Capital Hill. We owe a
                                  APBI. Dave established a great relationship            • Greatest Percentage Increase in Corporate
                                  between the Chapter and AMCOM, exceeding                                                               great debt of gratitude to Paul for his hard
                                  all expectations. Mike Howell did a great job             Membership                                   work and sacrifice in ensuring the resolutions
                                  spearheading several activities during the             • Best Chapter Newsletter                       process is a success.
                                  week, including the water distribution for Con-        • Best Chapter Website                             The Chapter strives to be involved and to
                                  cert in the Park. Mike Kelley did a great job as       • Family Programs Streamer                      support all aspects of the North Alabama
                                  the Chairman of one of the largest and best golf       • Take The Hill Streamer                        Army community, including veterans and
                                  outings ever held by the Chapter. Board mem-           • Greatest Government Civilian                  retirees. Thanks to Steve Humphrey, Vice
                                  bers and Chapter volunteers served in many                Employee Membership                          President for Veterans and Retiree Affairs, for
                                  roles during this week in assisting, supporting,       • Greatest Percentage Increase in               supporting the Redstone Arsenal Retiree day.
                                  and participating in all these events. Our com-           Retiree Membership                           Look for announcements of the Veterans Day
                                  munity is truly blessed with a great spirit of         • Best Corporate Member Support                 Dinner and bring the family out to support the
                                  volunteerism, particularly when it comes to            • Electronic Chapter Streamer                   veterans at the Veterans Day Parade on 11
                                  supporting the soldier, the soldier’s family and       • ILW Streamer                                  November.
                                  the Armed Forces.                                      • Army Birthday Celebration Streamer               Special thanks to all the Chapter Corporate
                                     The AUSA Annual Meeting is traditionally            • Korean 50th Anniversary                       Members, identified in this Salute Newsletter.
                                  one of our Chapter’s “crown-jewel” events. This        • Lewis and Clark Streamer                      Without your support, we could not conduct
                                                                                                                                         Chapter programs. Please take the time to visit
                                                                                                                                and join the Association of the
                                                                                                                                         U.S. Army. Voice for the Army — Support for
                                                                                                                                         the Soldier.
                                                                                                                                           Joe Fitzgerald, President
                                                                                                                                           Redstone-Huntsville Chapter C3103
                                                                                                                                           Association of the U.S. Army

                                                                                                                                             AUSA fall calendar
                                                                                                                                                of events
                                                                                                                                           6-8 October: AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington DC
                                                                                                                                           10 November: Veteran’s Day Dinner
                                                                                                                                           11 November: Veteran’s Day Parade
                                                                                                                                           TBD Nov/Dec: RSA Soldier & NCO of the
                                                                                                                                           Quarter Luncheon
                                                                                                                                           9-11 December: USA Space & Missile
                                                                                                                                           Defense Conference – El Paso, TX
                                                                                                                                           14 October: Fall Soldier’s Breakfast
                                                                                                                                           17 December: Salute insert in the Redstone Rocket
                                                                                                                                           18 December: Annual Corporate
                                                                                                                                           Member Appreciation Reception – Huntsville Hilton
                      AUSA Redstone-Huntsville Chapter Corporate Members

                                                                                                                                                                                 October 1, 2003 AUSA The Salute
3D Research Corporation                 Computer Sciences Corporation              Jean Porter Design Consultant             SAIC
A P T Research, Inc.                    Computing Technologies                     Lanier Ford Shaver & Payne PC             Sanmina SCI Corp.
AC, Inc.                                Costco Wholesale # 356                     LESCO, Inc.                               Science Application Intl. Corp
ADT, Inc.                               Crestwood Medical Center                   Lockheed Martin C2 Integration            Scientific Research Corporation
ADTRAN                                  Davidson Technologies Inc.                 Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company     Sigma Services
Advanced Federal Services Corporation   Delta Research, Inc.                       Madison County Commission                 Sigmatech, Inc.
Advanced Optical Systems, Inc.          DESE Research, Inc.                        Madison Research Corporation              Signature Research, Inc.
Advanced Systems Development, Inc.      Digital Operations                         Magnacom, Inc.                            SIROTC & Permutt
Aegis Technologics Group Inc.           Dynetics Inc.                              Main Street Strategies Inc.               Smithlain Enterprises Inc.
AEPCO, Inc.                             Eagle Support Services Corporation         Mesa Associates, Inc.                     Somerby At Jones Farm
Aerojet                                 EDAW Inc.                                  MEVATEC Corporation                       South Trust Bank
Alabama A&M University                  ELMCO, Inc.                                Miltec Corporation                        SpecPro,Inc.
Alabama Power Company                   Enabling Technologies, Inc.                Moman Healthcare Enterprise, P.C.         SRS Technologies
                                                                                                                             Suburban Lodge

                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 3
Alatec Inc.                             Enfinger Development                       Morgan Research Corporation
Alpha Beta Technologies Inc.            Engineering & Professional Services Inc.   N&L Enterprises L.L.L                     Summa Technology Inc.
AmSouth Bank                            ERC, Incorporated                          National Technical Systems                System Studies & Simulation, Inc
                                                                                                                             TAOS Industries
Amtec Corporation                       Eunice's Country Kitchen                   New Millennium Technologies, LLC
                                                                                                                             TASC, Inc.
Analytical Services, Inc.               Executive Leadership Skills                NLX Corporation
                                                                                                                             Taxserv Computerized Tax Services. LLC
Anniston Army Depot                     First American Bank                        Northrop Grumman (IT) Technical Service
Arcata Associates, Inc.                 Ga. Tech Research Institute                Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
                                                                                                                             Teledyne Brown Engineering
Atlantic Research Corporation           General Dynamics Armament Sys.             Orbital Sciences Corporation
                                                                                                                             The Executive Group Realtors
ATS                                     General Dynamics C4 Systems                Overhead Door Co, Of Huntsville
                                                                                                                             The HDC, LLC
AZ Technology Inc.                      General Dynamics Decision Systems          Pace and Waite, Inc.                      The Huntsville Times
Balch & Bingham LLP                     Ginny Buttram, Mortgaage Loan Officer      Parker Hannifin (Aerospace)               The Spencer Companies Incorporated
Battelle Memorial Inst. Huntsville      GradKell Systems, Inc.                     Pearce Construction Co., Inc              Theater Defense
Beason & Nalley, P.C.                   Gravitas Digital Solutions Inc.            Peduzzi Associates, Ltd.                  Titan Systems Corporation
Belzon, Inc.                            Gray Research, Inc.                        PEI Electronics Inc.                      Trevorn Technologies,Inc.
Booz, Allen Hamilton                    Guesthouse Suites Plus                     Perkins Technical Services Inc            TRW Missile Defense Division
Bradley, Arant, Rose & White            Hernandez Engineering                      Quanti Tech, Inc.                         U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Brown International Corp.               Huntsville Flight- NBDC                    Quantum Research Int'l. Inc.              UNIV OF ALABAMA IN HUNTSVILLE
C.G. Technologies                       Huntsville Hilton                          Radiance Technologies                     Valley Hill Country Club
CACI                                    Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation Inc   RAM Incorporated                          Von Braun Center
Camber Corporation                      Huntsville/Madison Conv.Bureau             Raytheon Company                          Wal-Mart Vacations
CAS, Inc.                               Inergi Exhibit & Design Services, Inc.     Redstone Federal Credit Union             West Point Society of The Tenn. Valley
Ch.of Comm.Huntsville-Madison County    Intergraph Solutions Group                 Redstone Officers & Civilians Club        West Wind Technologies, Inc.
Chugach Management Services             International Consultants, Inc.            Redstone Village                          Westar Corporation
Cirrus Technology Inc.                  Intuitive Research and Technology Corp.    Regions Bank                              WILL Technology, Inc.
Clark Golf Inc.                         ITT Avanced Engineering & Science          Residence Inn by Marriott                 Woldwood Electronics, Inc.
Coldwell Banker Premier                 Jacobs Sverdrup                            Ridge Instruments Company                 Wyle Laboratories, Inc.
Colonial Bank                           Jacobs Sverdrup Technology Inc.            Rousseau's Sporting Goods Awards, Inc.    XonTech, Inc.
Compass Bank                            Jaycor                                     S&I Manufacturing Inc.                    Zarrili Agency Inc. DBA Geico Direct

                                  Congress and the War on Terrorism
Page 4

                                  By JEFF SESSIONS
                                   y                                                                    visits and space issues at       while they wished they could         In conclusion, I am confi-
October 1, 2003 AUSA The Salute

                                                                                                        SMDC’s 6th Annual Missile        be home with loved ones,          dent that the leadership of
                                     A normal legislative year                                          Conference in Huntsville.        they were proud of their          the President and our mili-
                                  in Washington usually has                                             The trip provided a back-        accomplishments, despite the      tary commanders, together
                                  a predictable pace associat-                                          drop for the speech, as I        dangers inherent in their         with the top-notch perform-
                                  ed with it. The President’s                                           saw or heard about the           day-to-day activities. Morale     ance of our junior officers
                                  budget arrives early in Feb-                                          marvelous things done for        is good, under very difficult     and NCO’s in the field, is
                                  ruary, followed by a series                                           our soldiers by the men and      circumstances. Our soldiers       truly making a positive dif-
                                  of hearings in the House                                              women of SMDC, their con-        do not see themselves as vic-     ference in Iraq and
                                  and Senate Budget Com-                                                tractors and supporting          tims and neither should we.       Afghanistan. There will cer-
                                  mittees. Budget guidance is                                           organizations. You cannot        They are heros serving their      tainly be more challenges,
                                  disseminated to authoriza-                                            travel to Baghdad,               country courageously.             and we will each need to
                                  tion and appropriations                                               Baghram or Pristina and             Together with my col-          continue to give our full
                                  committees, then the real                                             not return more committed        leagues on the Armed Ser-         measures of support to
                                  work begins.                                                          and more humbled by the          vices Committee we are            those serving overseas and
                                     In the Senate Armed Ser-                 Jeff Sessions
                                                                                                        dedication of our soldiers. I    addressing several critical       to their families scattered
                                  vices Committee, we’ve                                                was able to speak openly         equipment, safety and secu-       all over the Alabama land-
                                  already hosted the Secre-         lion FY04 supplemental              with generals and privates.      rity concerns brought to our      scape. The President has
                                  tary of Defense, the Chair-       funding request for the War         I listened to their concerns,    attention by the soldiers         said, and I truly believe,
                                  man of the Joint Chiefs,          on Terrorism, Operation             their view of the mission, its   and their commanders, and         that we are involved in a
                                  each Service Chief and the        Iraqi Freedom 1 and Opera-          impact on their lives and        we are continuing to work         struggle that will test our
                                  Commanders of each of the         tion Enduring Freedom in            the impact on the nation. I      on other issues to ensure         resolve. A steadfast will is
                                  Unified Commands. But it’s        Afghanistan. The debate in          flew with Alabama aviators       that our troops have the lat-     necessary to face the threat
                                  hardly business as usual.         Congress on President               over Pristina. I had lunch       est equipment and support         of global terrorism. Your
                                  This year, as last, our nation    Bush’s request will be              with Alabama explosive           necessary to get their mis-       support and that of your
                                  remains engaged in a Glob-        intense and spirited, as it         ordnance detachment              sion accomplished. The            neighbors will sustain and
                                  al War on Terrorism. This         should be. But, in the end, I       experts in Baghram, and I        FY04 Supplemental will            strengthen every soldier in
                                  year we uprooted one of the       believe Congress will stand         ate dinner with Alabama          provide the needed funding        the field and his family at
                                  most despicable dictators         united on the proposition           military police in Baghdad       to secure these items. Con-       home. They are counting on
                                  since Adolph Hitler, liberat-     that the War on Terrorism           who told me of patrolling        gress needs to act quickly.       us to do our duty, the same
                                  ing 24 million Iraqis from        is a conflict that America          Baghdad with their newly         Prompt action can help            way that they are doing
                                  the terror and horrors of         cannot and will not lose.           formed Iraqi counterparts.       speed up the training of a        theirs – with “patience,
                                  Saddam Hussein. This year            Although the halls of               If there was one common       good Iraqi security force         commitment, will and sacri-
                                  we also buried 11 of our          Congress were quiet in              theme which surfaced from        and can speed up the deliv-       fice,” as the Chairman of
                                  native sons, each a casualty      August, it proved to be a           my time abroad, it was that      ery of electricity throughout     the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
                                  of the War on Terrorism.          busy month for me. I visited        our troops understood that       Iraq as well. I believe these     General Richard Myers,
                                     As we returned from the        Alabama troops in Iraq,             their service was important.     two steps can reduce the          recently put it in testimony
                                  August recess, President          Afghanistan and Kosovo              They knew that the nation        danger to our troops and          before the Senate Armed
                                  Bush submitted an $87 bil-        and later spoke about those         was depending on them and        get them home sooner.             Services Committee.

                                  Congressional report                                                                    Members
                                                                                                                          Continued from 1
                                                                                                                                                                    Base Realignment and Closing
                                                                                                                                                                    (BRAC), it’s become a Corporate
                                  By BUD CRAMER                              ties and their mis-                                                                    Member of our AUSA Chapter.
                                                                             sion has been                                helps sponsor Soldier/NCO/Drill              It increases your visibility in the
                                     As we pass the two year anniver-        just. However, the                           Sergeant/ROTC/DA Civilian of the          military market. Your Company
                                  sary of September 11th, 2001, we           reconstruction of                            Quarter/Year monetary awards for          will be listed as a member in every
                                  remember the victims of the attacks        Iraq will not be an                          all components in North Alabama.          local quarterly AUSA Newsletter
                                  and pay tribute to the men and             easy task. Sad-                              AUSA purchased medals for all             received by 20,000 people as an
                                  women of our armed services that           dam Hussein left                             Alabama WWII Normandy Veter-              insert to the Redstone Rocket and
                                  died fighting to eradicate terrorism       behind a country                             ans. AUSA sponsors the worldwide          over 1,900 members.
                                  throughout the world.                      in shambles with            Bud Cramer       Tactical Missile Conference held in          It provides new networking
                                     In July I took a trip to Iraq with      a low standard of                            Huntsville each year. We provided         opportunities. You join the other
                                  other members of the House Intelli-        living. Among the current objectives         donations to the Redstone Army            170+ Corporate Members. You will
                                  gence Committee, and I was able to         for the American military in Iraq now        Community Services (ACS) in sup-          receive numerous invitations to
                                  view first hand the success of our sol-    are to install a sense of order and estab-   port of Space Camp Scholarships.          local AUSA functions, including
                                  diers, and to see what lies ahead in       lish structure for the Iraqi citizens.       AUSA teams with the Chamber of            Corporate Member only “Bosses
                                  the reconstruction effort. During that         Unfortunately, our soldiers still        Commerce to sponsor the Salute to         Breakfasts” where military lead-
                                  visit I met with Ambassador David          face continuous danger in Iraq               Armed Forces Week every year. Your        ers meet with Corporate Members
                                  Bremer and Lieutenant General              today. That is why our commitment            local AUSA Chapter is vital and           for candid discussions on a non-
                                  Ricardo Sanchez, where they spoke          to them must continue. Ever since            energetic; all local officers and board   attribution basis. You will also be
                                  specifically about the future of Iraq.     arriving in Congress I have been a           members are volunteers who work           invited to a Corporate Member
                                     I supported the President regard-       firm supporter of our military. As a         without monetary compensation.            Appreciation Reception held each
                                  ing the liberation of Iraq, and my         member of the Appropriations Com-                                                      December.
                                                                                                                             What will a Corporate Membership do       You will receive educational
                                  visit to the region only reconfirmed       mittee I have made it a priority that        for you?
                                  my belief that a free and democratic       our military programs are funded,                                                      material concerning the Army. You
                                                                                                                             It will demonstrate to our com-        will receive the Chapter Quarterly
                                  Iraq is better for the entire Middle       and that research is continually             munity that you are supporting
                                  Eastern region. I did not make my          being done to improve the tech-                                                        Newsletter, The AUSA Monthly
                                                                                                                          your Army and its mission, while          Newsletter, and “ARMY Magazine”
                                  decision for war on one specific fac-      niques and safety for the ever               strengthening your own business
                                  tor. Rather, I based my position on a      changing warfighter.                                                                   which includes the Annual “Green
                                                                                                                          opportunities.                            Book” that explains how the Army
                                  broader profile of Saddam Hussein              Two years ago our nation’s securi-          You show your support for the
                                  and his potential for evil. The kind       ty was put in jeopardy, but the men                                                    is organized, its equipment, and
                                                                                                                          Army in Huntsville. You will receive      comments from it leaders.
                                  of atmosphere that existed in Iraq         and women of our armed services              an AUSA Corporate Member
                                  allowed terrorist cells to move about      heeded the call of our President and                                                      Other benefits occur on a period-
                                                                                                                          plaque to display as you see fit Your     ic basis. This year Corporate Mem-
                                  and conduct activities in other            embarked on a campaign to seek out           employees and customers will know
                                  places around the world, including         those that oppose our way of life and                                                  bers can make room reservations at
                                                                                                                          that you support your Army. Mayor         two hotels blocked by the Chapter
                                  perhaps the United States.                 want to destroy it. The American mil-        Spencer has said that if there is one
                                     The men and women of our armed          itary will continue to protect our free-                                               at the AUSA Annual Convention in
                                                                                                                          single thing you can do to show           Washington, DC. Rooms close to the
                                  forces have performed bravely during       dom and way of life from terrorists          your support for the Army in
                                  this difficult time. Their successes are   and tyrants around the world and we                                                    Convention are extremely difficult
                                                                                                                          Huntsville during the upcoming            to obtain.
                                  proof of our superior military capabili-   will continue to support them.
Legislative Corner                                • Fund the TRICARE Program at a              ARMY CIVILIAN PERSONNEL:                    and retain high quality employees is crit-        • Increase Weapons Systems Mod-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                October 1, 2003 AUSA The Salute
                                              sufficient level to ensure quality, access-        Five Army Science & Technology            ical to the timely generation of advanced     ernization funding of the full requirement
By PAUL ELLIOTT                               able, and professional Health Care is         Reinvention Laboratories have devel-           weaponry.                                     for the Active and Reserve Component
VP for Legislative Affairs                    available to Soldiers, Families, and          oped cutting edge personnel manage-                • Support legislation that provides       units world-wide to support the Army’s
                                              Retirees                                      ment systems to attract, recruit, and          laboratory directors with optimum deci-       Transformation requirements
    Annually, the Association of the United                                                 retain a top quality scientific and engi-      sion authorities over the personnel               • Provide sufficient funding to the
States Army (AUSA) solicits input from its       AVIATION RESET PROGRAM:
                                                                                            neering Laboratory civilian workforce.         processes that impact attracting and          UH-60 M program to recapatilize these
Chapters in the form of Resolutions which          Army Aviation assets support and                                                                                                      aircraft at an economic rate and allow
                                              compliment every facet of military oper-      These Army Laboratories have devel-            retaining high quality employees.
in turn become the Association’s Legisla-                                                   oped and implemented unique experi-                • Support legislation that recognizes     the Army to conduct fielding on a time-
                                              ations. Readiness of Army aircraft is
tive Agenda for supporting the Army, our      critical to full spectrum Army mission        mental personnel systems that have             the individuality and distinct nature of      line that supports Transformation
Soldiers, Families, and Retirees.             success. The increased OPTEMPO of             been tailored to the geographical cir-         each Army laboratory and that provides            CH-47 CHINOOK:
    I would like to thank the Congress        Operation Enduring Freedom and Oper-          cumstances within which the laborato-          authorities to deal with local geographi-           Army Aviation assets support and
and specifically our Alabama Delegation       ation Iraqi Freedom combined with their       ries must function. These experimental         cal issues such as market pay, unions,        compliment every facet of military opera-
for their past support of the Army, Red-      harsh environments, Combat Damage,            systems, following in the footsteps of the     demographics, workforce structure, mis-
                                              and Attrition have taken a heavy toll on                                                                                                   tions and the CH-47 Chinook helicopter
stone Arsenal, and this Chapter and                                                         original “China Lake” experiment, focus        sion, and customer dynamics.
                                              the Army’s Aviation fleet.                                                                                                                 has proven to be invaluable in the conduct
urge their continued assistance as the                                                      of the core concept of that experiment,            • Support legislation to authorize per-   of battlefield missions at extreme altitudes,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Page 5
Army simultaneously wages the global               To ensure Army Aviation is fully pre-    i.e., to “power down” control of personnel
                                              pared to satisfy Contingency Operations                                                      sonal services contracting at Army labo-      temperatures, and environmental condi-
war on terrorism, conducts Transforma-                                                      functions to the Laboratory Director and       ratories to achieve outsourcing goals.        tions. During Operation Enduring Freedom
tion, and prepares for contingency oper-      requirements, support Synchronization         Laboratory’s managers. Additionally,
                                              of Deployments, and continue Transfor-                                                           • Support legislation to continue dis-    and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Chinook
ations.                                                                                     the Army laboratory personnel experi-          tinct experimental personnel demonstra-       has conducted air assault, special opera-
    The Redstone-Huntsville Chapter           mation, it is imperative the Army under-      ments include interventions that (1) link
                                              take a Reset Program.                                                                        tions at Science and Technology Rein-         tions, and aeromedical evacuation mis-
submitted the following input for the                                                       compensation and retention to perform-         vention Laboratories.                         sions in addition to its traditional transport,
2004 Resolutions:                             The Aviation Reset program will address       ance, (2) provide broad flexibilities that
                                              aircraft Readiness via:                                                                         UH-60 BLACK HAWK:                          supply, and cargo support operations.
   TRICARE:                                                                                 enable the Laboratories to attract and                                                             The CH-47 F program provides
                                                 • Inspect and repair combat/battle         retain top quality S&E employees and               Army Aviation assets support and
    The minimal authorized level of TRI-                                                                                                   compliment every facet of military opera-     upgrades and technology insertion to
                                              damage                                        (3) enhance the quality of Army Labora-
CARE reimbursement for medical treat-                                                                                                      tions and the Black Hawk helicopter is        extend service life, maintain fleet readi-
                                                 • Offset attrition                         tories and their war-fighting products.                                                      ness, and enhance performance capa-
ments currently does not provide suffi-                                                                                                    the “work horse” of the battlefield con-
                                                 • Address critical deficiencies through         The future excellence of Army labo-                                                     bilities as the Army’s heavy lift helicopter
cient participation by local Health Care                                                                                                   ducting air assault, general support,
                                              redesign or system modifications              ratories is critically dependent upon the                                                    of the Objective Force.
Providers in the program to service the                                                                                                    aeromedical evacuation, command and
                                                 • Apply enhancements consistent with       decision authorities that are provided to                                                          WE THEREFORE RESOLVE TO
community. For Specialty Health Care,                                                                                                      control, and special operations missions.
                                              the Army Aviation Transformation Plan         laboratory directors. We solicit your sup-                                                   URGE THE ADMINISTRATION AND
even Active Duty Soldiers may be                                                                                                               It is vital that the Congress support a
                                                 • Return aircraft to units as rapidly as   port of all legislative initiatives that                                                     CONGRESS TO:
required to travel outside the local area                                                                                                  multi-year procurement program until all
                                              possible                                      increase the flexibilities provided to labo-                                                       • Provide full funding of the CH-47F
to receive medical treatment.                                                               ratory directors and that preserve the             UH-60 Black Hawk requirements for
    This places an un-due burden on               WE THEREFORE RESOLVE TO                                                                  the Total Army are fulfilled.                 program to support fleet readiness, mission
                                                                                            sense of Congress that distinct person-                                                      requirements and Army Transformation
many individuals to either pay their          URGE THE ADMINISTRATION AND                   nel experiments are good for the labora-           The UH-60 M recapatilization pro-
health care costs out-of-pocket, or travel    CONGRESS TO:                                                                                 gram provides upgrades and technology               • Increase Weapons System Mod-
                                                                                            tory community.                                                                              ernization funding for additional Cargo
greater distances to receive medical              • Fully fund the Army’s Aviation Reset                                                   insertion to maintain fleet readiness and
treatment, again, at additional personal      Program to rapidly return aircraft to a            WE THEREFORE RESOLVE to urge              enhance performance capabilities to           aircraft to fulfill the Army’s Transforma-
expense, time, and frustration.               safe and Fully Mission Capable condition      the Administration and Congress to:            support the full mission spectrum.            tion requirements
    WE THEREFORE RESOLVE TO                       • Address aircraft combat attrition,          • Endorse the precept that Army lab-           WE THEREFORE RESOLVE TO                         • Fully fund the maintenance of the
URGE THE ADMINISTRATION AND                   battle damage, corrosion, and critical        oratories are essential to the National        URGE THE ADMINISTRATION AND                   aging CH-47D fleet until the CH-47F is
CONGRESS TO:                                  deficiencies                                  Defense, and that their ability to attract     CONGRESS TO:                                  produced and fielded

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Page 6

                                                                                      Rod Summers, Jr. was given the charter as         officiated at a change of charter ceremony              chartering of Mrs. Yolanda Hodge as the Pro-      named NCO of the Year. Congratulations to
                                                                                      the director of the Non-Line-of-Sight Launch-     wherein LTC Ralph C. (Chris) DeLuca was                 ject Manager for TOCS/AMDCCS last April.          both and also to the other candidates who
                                                                                      er System Task Force in the PEO Tactical          chartered as the Product Manager for the                Candidates for Redstone Arsenal NCO/Sol-          worked very hard to compete for the honor.
                                                                                      Missiles. Rod is a past-president of the Red-     Army Airborne Command and Control System                dier of the year were presented at the annual     LTCOL Barry Colvin, product manager Field
                                                                                      stone-Huntsville Chapter of the Association of    (A2C2S) Product Office When LTC Don                     Luncheon. Candidates for NCO of the Year
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Artillery Launchers, has taken over his new
October 1, 2003 AUSA The Salute

                                  Industry People & Activities                        the US Army.                                      Hazelwood received his next assignment to               were SSGT Brian Arthur, Delta Company;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PM duties in the PEO for Tactical Missiles.
                                                                                                                                        the Air War College at Maxwell AFB.                     SSGT Stephen Dix of HHC 59th ORD BN;
                                  Irma Tuder, president and CEO of Analytical                                                                                                                   SGT Jeffrey Vanasselt, Delta Co. and SGT          He is now in charge of the Multiple Launch
                                  Services Inc., was appointed to a three year term
                                                                                      Government People & Activities                    Col. Michael LaValle, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-         Patrick Perry, HHC, 59th ORD BN. The Sol-         Rocket Systems and High Mobility Artillery
                                  on the advisory council for the Mendoza College     Col. Harry Spear turned over the command of       8 (Resource Management) at the USA SMDC                 dier candidates included SPC Marlon Alvara-       Rocket Systems.
                                  of Business at the University of Notre Dame.        the USA Corps of Engineers Huntsville Cen-        has been recognized by US Black Engineer                do, HQ & Alpha; SPC Ha Thu Tran, MEDDAC;          Col. David Hafele passed the command of the
                                                                                      ter to Col. John Rivenburgh who comes to          and Information Technology Magazine as one              SPC Hui Zhao, NCO Academy, SPC Anthony            59th Ordnance Brigade to Col. Joyce Napier
                                  John Irby has joined Elmco as the director of       Huntsville from the Huntington, WV corps dis-     of the country’s Most Distinguished Black Col-          Wright, 95th Maintenance Co. (Korea); and
                                  business development. He was previously             trict. Spears retired and joined Computer Sci-    lege and University Graduates for 2003. Col.            SPC Brandon Barrett, 95th Maintenance Co.         13 August ceremonies. Chief of OrdnanceMG
                                  vice president for advanced programs at Tele-       ences Corp. in Huntsville.                        LaValle came to SMDC in 2000 and left in July           (Hawaii). SPC Ha Thu Tran, a medical lab          Mitchell Stevenson attended and offered
                                  dyne Brown Engineering and general manag-                                                             to serve as the Defense Finance and Account-            technician at Fox Army Health Center, was         praise for Col. Hafele’s improvements to the
                                                                                      COL Michael E. Cantor was appointed pro-          ing Service executive in St. Louis.                     named Redstone’s Soldier of the Year. Staff       Arsenal. Col. Napier was previously assigned
                                  er for TRW, Huntsville Operations. UTenn/64.        gram manager for the RAH66 Comanche hel-                                                                  Sgt. Stephen Dix, administrative NCO for the      as commander of the 541st Maintenance Bat-
                                  Larry Gulledge joined QuantiTech Inc as a           icopter in the PEO Aviation replacing COL         BG(P) Michael R. Mazzucchi officiated at the            instructional assistance department, was          talion.
                                  senior member of the technical staff. He            Bob Birmingham who has retired from the
                                  retired last spring from the government’s           service. Cantor was the acting director and
                                                                                      deputy director for the Space Technology
                                  Senior Executive Service after 37+ years of
                                  service. His last assignment was as deputy
                                                                                      Directorate at the Army Space and Missile                                                                  Hail and farewell
                                                                                      Command and the product manager for the
                                  commander of the Joint Munitions Command            exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle in the ground          Thirty-eight soldiers, includ-   Lt. Col. Dorothy Taneyhill      Pvt. Ray Lee Jr.              Lt. Col. Ralph Mitchell         Hails:
                                  at Rock Island Arsenal.                                                                                ing 34 officers, arrived for     Lt. Col. Michael Wills          Lt. Col. Thomas Haase         Maj. Matthew Schnaidt
                                                                                      Based Midcourse Defense Program.                   duty during June.                Maj. Michael Carr               Maj. Michael Tice             Maj. Kevin Krieger              LTC(P) John Vaughn
                                                                                                                                                                          Maj. Joseph Gaines              Lt. Col. Lawrence McRae       Maj. Thomas Todd III            LTC Clarence Johnson
                                  Advanced Optical Systems has named Dr.              Spec. Brandon Parrett, AMCOM, beat out                                                                                                                                            LTC Robert Rivas
                                                                                                                                         Lt. Col. Brenda Faye Tate        Maj. David Treshansky           Lt. Col. Robert Rivas         CWO 3 Michael Shambaugh
                                  Keith Farr president and chief operating officer.   three other soldiers to receive the coveted        Maj. Todd Dudinsky               CWO 4 D. Donald Dehnel          Maj. Terrence Howard          SFC Jay Ragan                   LTC Michael Steves
                                  He succeeds Dr. Richard Hartman who contin-         AMC award of Soldier of the Year at a cere-        SFC Douglas O’Connor             CWO 4 Dana Ravenberg            Maj. John Kerish              Sgt. Christopher Hambken        MAJ John Eggert
                                  ues to serve as chief executive officer and         monial dinner in June at Ft. Belvoir. Parrett      Lt. Col. Barbara Norris          MSgt. Robert Johnson            Maj. Charles May              Sgt. Anthony Thomas             MAJ John Kerish
                                  chairman of the board of directors. Dr. Andy        will returns to AMC for six weeks of additional    Maj. Michael Richmond            SSgt. Denedra Brown             Maj. Walter Robertson         Pvt. Daniel Stimpson            MAJ Chuck May
                                  Whitehead was promoted to vice president.           training to prepare for the Sergeant Major of      Maj. David Warnick                                               Maj. Theodore Stevenson Jr.                                   MAJ Sharlene Perry
                                                                                                                                         CWO 4 Walter Vanwinkle           Sixty-two soldiers, including   Maj. Terry Wilson             Sixty-two soldiers, including
                                                                                      the Army competition in September. Both                                             46 officers and 16 enlisted,                                  18 officers and 17 enlisted,    CPT(P) Jason Shepard
                                  Retired Col. Michael I. Howell has joined                                                              MSgt. Robert Barnes.                                             Lt. Col. Anthony Pelczynski
                                                                                      awards were won last year buy AMCOM’s              Lt. Col. Dennis Alan Card        arrived for duty in July.       Lt. Col. Christopher Smith    arrived for duty in August.
                                  Northrop Grumman Space Technology as an             Spec. Justin Brown (now a sergeant).               Lt. Col. Michael Steves.         SSgt. Ricardo Gutierrez         Maj. Robert Blanchette        CSM Gregory Lunn ,              Farewells:
                                  ILS Integrated Product Team Manager for its                                                            CWO 5 John Carnell               SSgt. Bruce Litaker             Maj. Courtney Cote            Delta Company                   LTC Doug Bushey
                                  Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser program.          On June 24 COL Lloyd McDaniels became              Col. Carl Owens                  SFC Larry Morgan                Maj. Thomas Kelley            SSgt. Marshall Grice            LTC David Cook
                                                                                      project manager of the newly-activated Close       Lt. Col. Michael Cavalier.       Sgt. Roderick Cobb              Maj. James Kennedy            SSgt. Mark Verren               LTC Doug Dever
                                  Ronald C. Hale was appointed executive vice         Combat Weapon Systems Project Office. The          Lt. Col. Vincent Tobin           Maj. Derek Santiago             Maj. Reid Vander Schaaf       SFC Daniel Crockett             Lt. Col. Todd Smith
                                  president and chief financial officer of Eagle      office was formed by the merger of the Kinet-      Maj. Carl Higgs                  Capt. Kathleen Kelly            Lt. Col. Jackie David         SFC Raymond Ehemann
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SFC Lawrence Scott              Maj. Jennifer Jensen
                                  Support Services Corp.                              ic Energy Missiles PO and the Close Combat         Maj. Brian Tachias               Capt. Christopher Plaisted      Maj. Frederick Hughes                                         CDR Jeff Carlsen, USN,
                                                                                                                                         Lt. Col. David L. Johnson        Lt. Col. Robert Hammons         Maj. Robert Mortlock          SFC Lonnie Young
                                                                                      Missile Systems PO which were deactivated                                                                                                         Lt. Col. Linda Shelley          LTC(P) Earnest Harris,
                                  Lon Miller, vice president and general manag-                                                          Lt. Col. Lloyd McDaniels         SFC Herbert Downer              Maj. John Vannoy
                                                                                      in the same ceremony. COL Jed Sheehan,                                              SFC Reggie Johnson                                            CSM Booker Washington           LTC Doug Bushey
                                  er of Jacob Sverdrup’s Marshall group,                                                                 Maj. John Ingram.                                                Sgt. Ousley Ivy
                                                                                      the former KEM PM retired and COL John             Maj. Timothy McRae               Capt. Frank Hanner              Col. Stephen Rust
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sgt. Maj. Enos Hollingsworth    Maj. Kevin Peterson
                                  accepted the US Small Business Administra-          Weinzettle, the former CCMSPM was reas-            Maj. Stephen Milton              Capt. Rodney McWhorter          Lt. Col. Russell Hinds
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lt. Col. Patti Palmer           Maj. Jeffrey Woods
                                  tion’s Award of Distinction. awarded to Jacobs      signed to the PEO-WS staff.                                                         Col. Bonnie Pearson                                           SFC Jesse Walker                Maj. Kelly Sirota
                                                                                                                                         Col. Charles Driessnack                                          Lt. Col. Perry Smith          Spec. Tobias Johnson
                                  Sverdrup for their exceptional small business                                                          Lt. Col. Jeffrey Mockensturm     Lt. Col. Monica Gorbandt        Maj. Theodore Perryman                                        Capt. James Brian Rowe
                                                                                      The 832nd Ordnance Battalion came under                                                                                                           Pvt. Timothy Cook               CWO 3 Roslyn McGruder
                                  subcontracting programs.                                                                               Maj. Arnold Seay                 Lt. Col. Carter Hale            Maj. Charles Stein            Pvt. Charles Edwins
                                                                                      new leadership in late June with the passing       Maj. Michael Sloane.             Capt. Laura Edwards             Lt. Col. Thomas Coburn        Pvt. Shaylee Smith              CSM Charles Bumpers
                                  Dr. Paul Ruffin, senior research scientist in the   colors from the outgoing commander LTC             Lt. Col. Elton Akins             Capt. Bhavesh Patel             Spec. Marlene Butler          Pvt. Matthew Zehr               Col. Joyce Napier
                                  RDEC applied Sensors Guidance and Elec-             Craig Cotter to the new commander LTC              Lt. Col. Ralph Deluca            Capt. Mary Sullivan             CWO 4 Gary Walsh              Lt. Col. Arthur Scharein        Maj. Leonard Steiner
                                                                                      Brenda Tate.                                       Lt. Col. Kevin Kahley )          Sgt. Torreon Scott              CWO 3 Terrance Harr           Maj. Karen O’Connor             Maj. Emmett Yates
                                  tronics Directorate, has achieved appointment                                                                                           PFC Diana George
                                                                                                                                         Lt. Col. Quentin Peach                                           SSgt. Arnold Scott            Capt. Shilisa Geter             Capt. Robert Rodgers
                                  to a senior executive service position.             On 19 June, BG(P) Michael R. Mazzucchi


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                6210-C Madison Pike • Huntsville
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               October 1, 2003 AUSA The Salute
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