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Xaverian Cornerstones Xaverian Cornerstones

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									                               Xaverian • Spring 2010
                                              Dear Friends,
A publication of Our Lady of Good Counsel
A Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School          The second semester is flying by and before
                                              you know, it another school year will be
17301 Old Vic Boulevard
                                              history. This has been a particularly busy
Olney, MD 20832
240.283.3200 •                 spring for me. In addition to the regular
                                              activities and events, I have had to focus on
                                              filling two key positions – Principal and
                                              Advancement Director. I am happy to report that
Arthur Raimo
                                              I have selected two talented individuals to fill both spots.
Jack Graham
PRINCIPAL                                     John Yore is Good Counsel’s new principal. Mr.Yore brings a wealth of academic
                                              and leadership experience that makes him uniquely qualified for the role. He holds
                                              a Master’s degree in School Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins
Brad Bolino, ’71; David Bottegal, P’04,
P’06; John Carbonell, '88; Hank Deily, ‘72,   University and has been an educator for 23 years. Mr.Yore was Principal most
P’03, P’05, P’10 (Vice Chair); Robert         recently at Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, DE and previously served as
Dickman, P’03, P‘07; Robert Hass, P’93,       Principal at Sherwood High School in Sandy Spring, MD. In addition to his
P’95, P’97, P’98, P’01, P’05; Alice Hession
(Chair); David Higgins ’75, P’04, P’06,       expertise and experience, what impressed me most about him is his deep faith
P’09; Dennis Kane ’83; Rev. Stephen           and personal spirituality. He looks forward to being able to speak openly about
Katsouros, ‘77; Frank Lanigan ‘68, P’94,      both to the students and the community in general.
P’98, P’00, P’03; Katherine Prangley Liola
‘97; Charles Morton ‘83; Rita O’Donnell
P’02, P’05, P’09; Bro. Conal Owens, CFX;      The Advancement Director’s position has been accepted by Ann Myers. Ms. Myers
Steve Richter ‘75, P’04, P’09; Albert         hails from Baltimore and is an experienced development professional. She earned
(Skip) Shannon; Sr. Sharon Slear, SSND;       a MSN in Administration from University of Maryland and a certificate in Fund
Martin Stanislav ‘82; Patricia Thomas ‘93;
Beverly Wharton-Lake P’06                     Raising Management from Goucher College. She has held development positions
                                              at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and the School of Engineering, the
ADVANCEMENT OFFICE STAFF                      Maryland Science Center, the Bryn Mawr School and St. Paul’s School. She looks
Stephanie Wilson                              forward to working at Good Counsel and is excited for the opportunity to become
                                              part of the community. Both John and Ann will begin their tenures on July 1.
Lauren Costello
RELATIONS                                     Once again, the Grand Celebration was a great success. A dedicated group of
Bill Mooney
                                              volunteers led by chairs Sharon Duffy and Anna Baumgartner did a fantastic job
DIRECTOR OF ANNUAL FUND                       planning and staging this year’s event. Thanks to those of you who attended
Debbie McKinney                               and/or supported this important activity.

Jeanette McCarthy                             Finally, in this issue of The Counselor we focus on Xaverian Cornerstones –
PRESIDENT’S ASSISTANT                         individuals who continue to make a difference through their work at Good
                                              Counsel and in the community at large. Hugh Boyle ’98, Suzy Miller ’96,
Submit comments, contributions and            Jack McAleer, Barry Trick and the faculty, parents and students who participated
address updates to         in the El Salvador trip represent different generations and aspects of the Good
                                              Counsel community. It is the contributions made by individuals like this year’s
                                              Cornerstones, and those of you who continue to support our school who make
Front cover:                                  Our Lady of Good Counsel High School the very special place that it is.
Members of the first Good Counsel
international service team during             Sincerely,
their trip to El Salvador in January.

                                              Arthur Raimo
GC’s First
Service Trip

   Paul Toigo ‘10

  “I cannot recall a single moment where these students put any less than 100% into their
mission. They grew as a team, as individuals and as Catholic leaders. The orphanage was
the first to test these young adults as they quickly had to put aside thoughts of sadness and
 find a way to project love, fun and a sense of connection in the few hours we were there.”
                            Cheryl A. Aylesworth, M.D., parent & chaperone

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Xaverian Cornerstones
El Salvador                                                            by Lauren Schwer

                            On January 16, 2010, the first GC          recently broke ground for a community center and needed man
                               international service team              power to pick-axe through a mountain.
                                 arrived at Dulles airport, filled
                                  with curiosity, anxiety, and         Rather than explaining the games or the crafts at the daycare,
                                   expectation. Several students       GC students believe Las Delicias is about communicating without
                                   bought Chipotle and 5 Guys at       verbal language to the many children we met. A few students had
                                   8:30am for fear they would not      the chance to walk around with the village nurse, hold a
                                  have food for a week. The            one-day old baby, and help with vaccinations.
                                students clung to each other
                              because of prior relationships,
                         including cousins, prayer partners,
teammates, childhood friends, and classmates. The relationships
provided the support and courage necessary to embark on such
a trip. Over the course of the week, the spirit and people of
El Salvador motivated the students to reach outside GC to form
a new community. This community included children at an
orphanage, the housekeepers and drivers at the volunteer house,
village women making tortillas, village men willing to dig in the
hot sun alongside the students, and the many children in the
villages that broke our hearts apart. Each of the three worksites
can be explained by what the team did, but is defined in the
hearts of the students by the stories they heard and the
friendships they built.

Rather than talking about sifting dirt, laying brick, or making
concrete, the team remembers the work at Miguel’s house as
                                   images of a Salvadoran man and      On top of the worksites and relationships, the team had the
                                   his commitment to providing         opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites, including the
                                   for his family. A mudslide caused   church where Monsignor Oscar Romero was assassinated, the
                                   by Hurricane Ida destroyed          Cathedral in San Salvador, and University of Central America
                                   Miguel’s house in November          (UCA). The spirit of Romero is inescapable in El Salvador and
                                   2009. In addition to working        truly became the foundation of our trip. The students embraced
                                   on his house, the students met      his spirit of peace, justice, and solidarity and hope to bring that
                                   the village children and heard      spirit back to the Good Counsel community. As a Jesuit at the
                                   Miguel’s story of his experience    UCA predicted, our team came to El Salvador, fell in love, had
                                   in America.                         our hearts broken, and are now ruined for life. It appears the
                                                                       intention of the trip was a success.
                                  Rather than describing the
                                  immense labor required to move
                                  a mountain, dig a foundation,
                                                                       “Things [at home] seem so different now, even though I know
                                  and hike to get water, our team
                                                                       they are not. Coach Schwer said that we would be like the
                                  can only define Zaragosa by
                                                                       blind man from the Bible: things around us would stay the
                                  lunchtime soccer games, a Fanta
                                                                       same, but somehow we would change. I understood that
                                  break in the hot sun, and the
                                                                       then…but it’s different when you actually go through it.”
                                  amazing spirit of a 5 year-old
                                  named Oscar. The community           —Written by Sarah Fitzgerald, student and service team member

 2   XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES                                                                               Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
I cannot recall a single moment where these students put any
less than 100 % into their mission. They grew as a team, as
individuals, and as Catholic leaders. The orphanage was the
first to test these young adults, as they quickly had to put
aside thoughts of sadness and find a way to project love, fun
and a sense of connection in the few hours we were there.
Over the next several days they divided grueling work and
touching moments with grace and dignity. They returned
each night to reflect on the world, their current surroundings
and their own strengths and weaknesses. Most nights we
celebrated Mass and took the time to witness for each other
our growth. This was emotionally draining for some, and
was always enlightening and humbling.

This trip began and ended with service director Lauren
Schwer’s 24/7 commitment to El Salvador. From the first time
my daughter, Samantha, said her name, to a final wave at
Dulles — she was an ever present shining beacon of strength,
with humility, child-like joy and military style crowd control.
There was not a moment where she was not transformative
in her approach, challenging us to look inward for strength,        “To me, home felt like a sweltering day, sweating in an old
and when we were tired, to look to our teammates [for               t-shirt, my hair messy and tied in a bandanna, walking up a
support]. I will forever hold a small piece of Lauren in my         hill so steep you were basically leaning backwards, my hands
heart as a reminder of the good fortune I have and to               being held by two little girls who couldn’t stop smiling. Home
challenge myself to be more like her in my daily life.              felt like hearing roosters at two in the afternoon. Home felt
                                                                    like shaking the hand of one-armed Uncle Benny and him not
Samantha is a senior and I will forever be grateful for many        letting go for about ten minutes, while smiling the entire time.
aspects of her OLGCHS education. The retreat process has            Home felt like feeling like you could barely stand because you
been a highlight, but El Salvador has been the one event that       were so tired and covered in almost three inches of dirt and
has transformed her and her peers into adults that I am             cement. But as soon as you heard a little voice screaming
proud to work with.                                                 “Vuelta me, vuelta me!”—you felt like you just woke up from
—Cheryl A. Aylesworth, M.D., parent & chaperone                     a three hour nap.”
                                                                    —Written by Gianna Rico, student and service team member

Suzie Miller ‘95
                             Harvard College graduate. Harvard      her ACL during game play. ACL tears were many times a career-
                               Medical School graduate. Stanford    ending injury during the 90’s, but fortunately Kari made a
                                 University intern and resident.    successful recovery. Observing her teammate’s surgery and
                                  Emergency Physician at INOVA      rehab, Suzie discovered what she wanted to do with her life –
                                  Fairfax Hospital. Clinical        become a doctor. Reflecting on her decision, Suzie said, “I knew
                                 professor at George Washington     that’s what I wanted to do – I wanted to make people better.
                                 University.Volunteer emergency     At the time I thought I would be an orthopedic surgeon, but
                              doctor around the world. Good         emergency medicine ended up being a better fit.”
                            Counsel has many successful alums,
                        but few have amassed such an                After graduating from Good Counsel, Suzie attended Harvard
impressive resume at the age of thirty-three as Suzie Miller ‘95.   where she also played basketball. She then went on to Harvard
                                                                    Medical School and completed her residency at Stanford. Chasing
While attending Good Counsel, Suzie was not only a standout         her dream of becoming a doctor left little time for other activities,
student but an exceptional volleyball and basketball player.        but Suzie made sure she found a summer of travel between
During an AAU game, fellow GC classmate Kari Gaskins ‘95 tore       undergraduate and medical school. “I backpacked around Europe                                                                                    XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES               3
for three months, and in many ways that was the best education I            As Suzie grew in her medical prowess and specialty in Emergency
received about the world up until that point. I then got the travel         Medicine, she sought more ambitious endeavors abroad. Her
bug and wanted to see the world. I dreamed of traveling and                 Stanford mentor, Dr. Mahadevan, saw a need in India – to create
experiencing new cultures.”                                                 an EMS response system. With the help of other classmates, they
                                                                            traveled to India to pilot a new program. After training Indian
                                                                            paramedics and instituting an EMS system, the population saw
                                                                            an immediate improvement in lives being saved. A non-profit
                                                                            organization in India has since adopted the program and is fully
                                                                            funding it to become the country’s official EMS system. Suzie
                                                                            plans to return to India this April as a clinical professor for George
                                                                            Washington University to teach emergency medicine in Calicut
                                                                            and Kolkata.

                                                                            Aside from volunteer opportunities made available to her through
                                                                            her school, Suzie pursued service trips on her own, including
                                                                            assisting as a doctor for Racing the Planet in Atacama, Chile and
                                                                            the Sahara Desert, Egypt; administering medical care in refugee
                                                                            camps in Lebanon; and providing emergency relief in Haiti after
                                                                            the recent earthquake. Each of these opportunities required a
                                                                            different skill set and approach. In the desert races, she was only
                                                                            allowed one backpack of medical supplies, food, and personal
                                                                            necessities, and had to be prepared for the possibility of snake
                                                                            and scorpion bite injuries.

                                                                            In Lebanon, Suzie served in both Christian and Muslim Palestinian
Suzie serving as physician for Racing the Planet adventure race in Sahara
Desert, Egypt                                                               refugee camps. The Christian camp had no regular doctor, only
                                                                            one nurse and a group of nuns from the Catholic Near East
Undeterred by her daunting schedule in medical school, Suzie                Welfare Foundation (CNEWA) to serve the refugees. The
found a way to combine her two passions – medicine and travel.              volunteers received donated medical supplies but were unfamiliar
Harvard offered service learning opportunities abroad and Suzie             with their use, so Suzie spent time educating them on how to use
jumped at the chance to take part. First, she traveled to Costa             these items. She also worked with the nurse and a translator to
Rica where she conducted research comparing the health status               review refugee medical records. Their records were in English, so
of Costa Ricans to Nicaraguan immigrants. As one might imagine,             they did not understand recommendations given by an already
the impoverished immigrants were in poorer health. From this                under-resourced medical system and were unclear about their
experience, Suzie said, “I was impressed by the generosity of the           own medical needs. Suzie answered patient questions and
poor. Everyone gave me something, be it beans, a meal, even                 clarified information in medical charts, providing refugees with
chickens. This came from people who have the least but were                 the attention and care that they previously lacked.
the most generous.”

When Harvard offered the opportunity to travel to San Juan
Sacatapequez, Guatemala, Suzie signed up. This time she was
working in a rural village catering to the needs of Mayans who
spoke an obscure Mayan dialect and little Spanish. This, plus
the fact that the Mayans were skeptical of treatment because
of the discrimination they have faced in Guatemala, made the
experience very challenging. Suzie was not accompanied by a
doctor and was, therefore, performing many challenging medical
procedures on her own. While there, she diagnosed illnesses,
delivered babies, and even had to reattach a child’s thumb.
Overcoming language and cultural barriers was a new reality
Suzie faced while practicing medicine abroad: “It was a frustrating
experience because the government provided them with good
free education and healthcare, but they wouldn’t use it because
they were afraid from past experiences with discrimination.”
                                                                            Volunteering at a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon

 4    XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES                                                                                        Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
When the earthquake hit in Haiti, Suzie joined the Community           Experiencing this dramatic divergence in cultures, Suzie learned,
Coalition for Haiti to offer medical relief. Her group was sent        “As an American, the way we do things won’t always work in
to Jacmel, a resort area near Port-au-Prince, but due to traveling     other cultures. The challenge and goal is to discover how to
difficulties and political logistics, it took a week to arrive and     teach them the skills to do it their way.”
begin treating victims. Once there, the hospital was deemed
structurally unsafe, so they set up a tent to administer treatment     Suzie plans to continue humanitarian relief abroad, and to be
and perform surgeries. Because they did not have the resources         better prepared to meet the challenges that arise out of disaster
they needed, most surgeries only stabilized the patient, with the      situations such as Haiti, she plans to take a course in medical
expectation that a definitive surgery would be forthcoming at a        disaster relief at Harvard this coming year. Suzie credits her
later date.

Suzie’s experience in Haiti was extremely intense and emotionally
challenging. “My most unforgettable moment was when a Haitian
translator was helping us with a child who had to have her hand
amputated. She was in a great deal of pain when we unwrapped
the wound and it was a difficult moment for all the doctors and
nurses. The translator turned to us and said with a smile, ‘Don’t
worry. It’s hard to kill a Haitian. We are tough.’ It amazed me
that he was comforting us after all that he had experienced.”
Suzie was also inspired by the Haitians’ positive attitude when
she first arrived: “We found them singing, laughing, and living life
again. It was their way of moving on. They are an incredible
group of people – so warm and kind-hearted. I hope this event
brings their country the support they need.”                           Suzie met many Haitian families while providing care after the earthquake

                                                                       Catholic upbringing for instilling in her a passion for helping
Traveling to and serving people in so many different regions of        others. And although the Emergency Medicine field, especially
the world, Suzie has met her goal – to truly experience cultures.      in developing countries, can be emotionally difficult, Suzie finds
“Cultural barriers fall away when a doctor puts on his or her coat.    that blogging helps her to cope with the stress and find a positive
Patients, especially women, feel more comfortable opening up           outlet. To learn more about her many adventures, check out
to you and you learn so much more about their way of life.”            Suzie’s blog:

Hugh Boyle ‘98
                           If you asked young alums, “What is          acquainted with SOME. Inspired by the opportunity to support
                              the SOME Jr. Gala?”, you will get        SOME, Hugh and a few graduates from other area Catholic
                               a myriad of glowing remarks             schools began brainstorming how to make the Jr. Gala a reality.
                                describing one of the area’s           After months of planning, the first SOME Jr. Gala was launched
                                most popular fetes for DC’s            in February of 2004, providing $30K in assistance for the
                                young adults. The evening has          organization and receiving a welcome audience in the DC area.
                               become so well-known that the           Remarking on their inaugural year, Hugh said, “We had a lot of
                              Washingtonian magazine lists it          energy and excitement for the event right from the beginning.
                          on its annual calendar, but what             And I think choosing to make it a Valentine’s Day celebration
                      many may not know is that Good                   has made it a memorable event on everyone’s calendar from
Counsel alumnus, Hugh Boyle ‘98, is one of the founders of this        year to year.”
charity event.
                                                                       During its brief seven year existence, the Jr. Gala has experienced
In 2003, Hugh was approached by a friend and alumnae of                a tremendous expansion in participation. The initial event was
Georgetown Visitation who was interested in starting a “junior”        held at the Capitol Hilton; now, to accommodate a guest list of
version of the pre-existing SOME Gala, with the intent of targeting    eight hundred, the venue has shifted to the Corcoran Gallery of
young alumni from Catholic high schools who were well-                 Art. The Gala provides a great opportunity for alums not only to                                                                                           XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES                     5
SOME Jr. Gala Planning Committee (L to R): Fr. John Adams, Pilar O’Brien (Gtown Vis), Hugh Boyle (GC), Connie Kemper (Gtown Vis), Charles Boyle (GC), Molly McNamara
(Gtown Vis), Patrick Judge (Gonzaga)

reunite and “party” with contemporaries from area high schools,                        is typically designated for a specific project, for which the
but also to contribute to a familiar worthy cause. For the past few                    committee raises funds and oversees its implementation. In
years the SOME Jr. Gala has raised approximately $100K annually                        recent years they have built a playground at the Anna Cooper
for the organization.                                                                  House and rehabbed dental facilities which provide services to
                                                                                       the poor.
Like many Good Counsel alumni, Hugh first became involved
with SOME through his day of senior service at the organization.                       Hugh isn’t the only alum who has become involved in the
Hugh explained, (“Serving) at SOME as a senior was really one of                       SOME Jr. Gala. Over the past several years many alumni have
my first introductions to this type of service — of giving back to                     volunteered, including Charles Boyle ‘00, Margaret Lucey ‘01,
the less fortunate. Good Counsel impressed upon me the                                 Chris Faha ‘01, Jessica Baumgartner ‘02, Megan Wilby ‘97, and
Catholic value of (serving) others and that stayed with me.”                           Dan Sanders ‘98. They have brought not only helping hands, but
                                                                                       resources from their own professional experience to make the
                                                                                       gala, and subsequent SOME projects, a success. Moreover, the gala
                                                                                       is attended by approximately 80 Good Counsel alumni every year.
                                                                                       Reflecting on Good Counsel’s strong support of the event, Hugh
                                                                                       observed, “It’s a testament to the network you build going to
                                                                                       Good Counsel – and the willingness of that network to get

                                                                                       The goal of Good Counsel’s service program has always been
                                                                                       to expose students to the needs of the poor and marginalized,
                                                                                       and to teach them that service to others is not just a requirement
                                                                                       for graduation, but a life-long practice. Through his long-term
                                                                                       dedication to SOME, Hugh exemplifies the mission of GC’s
                                                                                       service program and models the Xaverian values of zeal and
                                                                                       compassion for others.
SOME Jr. Gala at the Corcoran Gallery of Art
                                                                                       Hugh has recently relocated to New York City and is VP of
Hugh has continued his volunteer work, not only as a Jr. Gala                          Investor Relations at NorthCoast Asset Management, located in
board member for seven years (two of which he acted as                                 Greenwich, CT. Although he is living outside of the DC area,
chairman), but also as a participant in SOME’s projects. Each                          he has remained involved with SOME and encourages anyone
year, the Jr. Gala committee distributes meals at SOME and                             interested in volunteering to go to SOME’s website at
prepares a Thanksgiving dinner for their sister organization,                 Click on “Volunteer” for a list of all
the Anna Cooper House, which provides supportive-service                               opportunities, and select “Junior Gala” under the “Events” tab to
affordable housing for the homeless and extremely low-income                           assist with the 8th Annual SOME Jr. Gala.
single adults. Additionally, the income raised from the Jr. Gala

 6     XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES                                                                                                   Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
Jack McAleer
                              Now that it’s been a few years             worked for 45 years, to fill in the back hill in order to create a
                                  since GC moved to the new              practice field, or figuring out a way to light the football field long
                                    building in Olney, it is sometimes   before anyone else in Montgomery County had a lighted field,
                                    difficult to remember its former     Jack was involved in the project. He was a constant source of
                                     home in Wheaton. It was not all     advice and assistance for a succession of plant managers and was
                                    that long ago that the building at   never too busy to help in any capacity.
                                   11601 Georgia Avenue was new
                                 and staffed by a faculty consisting     For his tireless efforts, Jack was one of the first inductees into
                              mainly of Xaverian Brothers. Thanks        the Good Counsel Hall of Fame. He was also named an
                         to the contributions of the brothers,           “Honorary Xaverian Brother,” one of only a few men awarded
Rose Mary & Jack McAleer tuition was quite low and as a result           this distinction.Those who operate the school today owe Jack
                         there was not much money for extra,             and his contemporaries a tremendous debt of gratitude that
but quite necessary projects to enhance the school. When some            Good Counsel will never be able to repay. Jack is missed by
extraordinary project was contemplated, the brothers called upon         those who knew him, but his legacy still lives on at GC in the
a group of Good Counsel dads who responded whenever there                care and effort that goes into maintaining the facility, and in the
was a need. Often, the first call made was to Jack McAleer.              lives of his children and grandchildren who continue to support
                                                                         Our Lady of Good Counsel High School.
Jack passed away last December but it is incumbent upon those
of us who remain to never forget the tremendous contribution of
time and expertise that he and the others of his generation made
to the early days of Good Counsel. Jack and his wife Rosemary
had ten children, seven of whom attended Good Counsel. In
addition, ten of their thirty-one grandchildren have been, or are
currently, Good Counsel students. The McAleers are a Good
Counsel family through and through.

Jack dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to Good Counsel. Much
of that time was spent as a member of the Good Counsel Board
of Directors where his practical approach to solving problems
and his knowledge of facility issues were put to good use. It was,
however, in tackling some major physical plant issues that Jack
made his greatest contribution. Whether it was securing heavy                       Hickson McAleer – Bobby McAleer ‘78, Andy McAleer ‘74, Jack McAleer,
equipment from A.J. Ellis Construction Company, where he                                                Dan Hickson ‘73, Joe Hickson, Tommy McAleer ‘69

Barry Trick
                             In the summer of 1969, Good                 him he had experience in both roles, Bro. Charles exclaimed,
                               Counsel was fortunate enough              “You’ve been sent by God!” Since this was the only school that
                                 to have Catholic University             told him this, he decided to take the job.
                                  graduate student and Ohio
                                  native, Barry Trick, apply for a       Little did we know that Mr.Trick would later become a forty-year
                                  teaching job. His interview was        member of Good Counsel’s faculty and undoubtedly one of the
                                 unlike others he had been to for        most respected amongst his colleagues and students. Throughout
                               two reasons – it was the first day        his career, Mr.Trick has served as teacher, administrator, and
                            men walked on the moon, so before            mentor to dozens of teachers and students. His work with young
                        the interview with Bro. Charles Leslie,          teachers has been especially appreciated by his colleagues time
they tuned in to watch the historic event. Once the interview            and again. He has truly modeled the Xaverian mission, dedicating
was underway, Bro. Charles explained that they were in need of           himself to his profession, humbly offering his talents to others.
an English teacher and department chair, and when Barry told                                                                                           XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES                      7
Upon hearing of his retirement, memories of Mr.Trick’s class and
best wishes came flooding into the Alumni Office from dozens       “You were simply the entire impetus for me to become an
of alumni. Although all could not be printed, below is a sample    English major at Virginia Tech in 1972. I now am an Oral
                                                                   Presentations Coach for companies like Northrop Grumman
of the sentiments received from alumni and colleagues honoring
                                                                   and Accenture. Your class in Creative Writing gave me the
Mr.Trick. Good Counsel has been blessed to have him as a part
                                                                   skills and confidence to know I can express myself fully.”
of our community for so long, and he will certainly be missed.
                                                                   —Bill Kane ‘72

                                                                   “Mr. Trick loved teaching English/Literature and his
                                                                   classrooms were witness to that each and every day through
                                                                   his actions. I will always remember the joys of Beowulf and
                                                                   Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales from Mr. Trick’s class.”
                                                                   —Charles Boyle ‘00

                                                                   “What type of person is Barry Trick? In the thirty plus years
                                                                   I have known Barry, I have always been impressed with the
                                                                   core values he has consistently, if quietly, conveyed: His
                                                                   commitment to his Christian faith; his love of writing and
                                                                   literature; his ability to motivate students to value learning
                                                                   as an end in itself; his deep respect of and sensitivity to his
                                                                   colleagues; his role in reminding us of the ‘better angels of
                                                                   our nature’.”
                                                                   —Dick Burns, longtime GC faculty member

“Barry Trick taught me AP English; I recall he asked us to
consider works by Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel as             “About a month into my freshman year at Boston College,
poetry, which really caught my attention. I ended up majoring      my critical reading and writing instructor pulled me aside to
in English because of GC’s English department faculty: Barry,      ask where I went to school and who taught me how to write.
Greg Turlik, Cissy Gallagher Glading, and Frank Ludwig. I am       I’ve never forgotten that conversation, and the answer is as
currently a president of a Jesuit high school in Manhattan,        obvious to me today as it was 27 years ago. Mr. Trick has
and Barry Trick’s style of administration—clear, thorough,         enabled thousands of Good Counsel students to succeed in
compassionate—has been a very positive influence.                  life. That is itself an extraordinary life's achievement.”
Ad multos annos!”                                                  —Anthony A. Barrueta
—Steve Katsouros, S.J. ‘77 (Loyola School NYC)
                                                                   “As an Assistant Principal and English Department
“To me he is and he will always be, without doubt, the             Chairman, Barry was the perfect mentor, exhibiting at all
embodiment of the true spirit of Good Counsel: patience            times kindness, patience and understanding. Many teachers,
and wisdom, humility and humor, faith and passion.”                particularly those in the English Department, stayed for so
                                                                   many years because of the guidance and leadership of this
—Andy Collins ‘82, GC faculty member                               compassionate professional. To say he will be missed is an
“One of my favorite memories about Mr. Trick is that he would      —Rich Seel, longtime GC faculty member
go to great lengths to help a student save face and encourage
them... even when they were wrong. For example, once he said
‘I think you probably meant Claudius when you said Hamlet.         “It is from [Mr. Trick’s] class that I learned to love the European
Because that's not true about Hamlet... but it is true about       novel, and my reading interests were shaped by him.”
Claudius, so that's probably what you meant.”                      —Dan Shannon ‘74
—Joe Murphy ‘88
                                                                   “Barry Trick not only taught me how to be a good teacher;
“My favorite memory of [Mr. Trick’s] AP/IB Literature class        he, in his very quiet, unassuming manner taught our three
was when he made us sing ‘Call me Irresponsible, Call me           sons how to be good men.”
Unreliable’ if we forgot our materials for class. He has such      —Dennis Essig, longtime GC faculty member
a great sense of humor!”
—Kelly Tracy ‘09

 8    XAVERIAN CORNERSTONES                                                                          Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
GC Students Stand
Together in Faith at the
2010 March For Life
                            By Bob Handler and Tony Tamberino

         n Friday, January 22, over four-hundred Good Counsel

O        students and twenty-five teachers attended the National
         March for Life, the largest group GC has ever sent to the
March. Students and teachers loaded twelve buses at 5:30 a.m.
and went directly to the Verizon Center to attend the annual Youth
Rally and Mass. Wearing signature neon orange GC/Life hats,
Good Counsel was a major presence at the mass filling five
sections of the Verizon Center. GC students Angel Batto, Gabriela
Mujica, Giuseppe Rebaudengo, Emily Cunningham and Molly
Shawhan assisted in leading the Prayer of the Faithful during Mass.

After the mass, students left the Verizon Center and proceeded
to the National Mall to participate in the March with hundreds
of thousands of people who came to make a statement for life.
This year’s March was the largest of the annual marches which has
occurred every year on the anniversary of Rowe v.Wade in 1972.
Students heard testimony about polling evidence which indicates
that their age group has become the most ProLife generation.

The students then marched up Constitution Avenue past the
Capitol Building to the Supreme Court and departed for home at
approximately 4 p.m. Participants expressed the feeling that the
day’s events were inspiring and enjoyable. Despite the long day,
most of the underclassmen indicated their desire to repeat the
March next year.

Meanwhile, back on campus there was a full day of activities
planned for those who did not join the March. After a brief
morning prayer, students watched the award winning movie
Bella which beautifully presents the dignity of each person
from several perspectives. Following a discussion of the movie,
students celebrated the Eucharist with Fr. Barry Gross and special
guests Tony Melendez and the ToeJam Band. Tony and his band
also performed a concert and presentation for the students, which
without a doubt was the highlight of the day. Tony, born without
arms, is an international entertainer who has performed for the
Pope. A guitarist and singer, he shares his story of perseverance
and faith in a way that is both entertaining and heartwarming.

Students also enjoy the perspective of another presenter,Thomas
Awiapo, an employee of Catholic Relief Services and a native of
Ghana. Thomas gave a moving account about hunger as a young
boy and challenged the students to become more aware of the
issue of hunger and its effect around the world.

Whether participating in the March, or celebrating Mass and
reflecting on guest presentations, students were reminded of the
precious gift of life. The day was truly a blessing and a success!                                                        ON CAMPUS   9
GC’s Theatre Program’s Spring Production of

Into the Woods
A Visually Stunning and Whimsical Jaunt
for Theater-Goers

                               Our Lady of Good Counsel
                               High School presented six
                               performances of Into the Woods,
                               a musical based on a book by
                               James Lapine with music and
                               lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, on
                               the weekends of March 6th and
                               13th. Over one hundred
                               student-actors, designers, and
                               crew members participated
in this outstanding production which was performed on the
historic main stage of the Olney Theatre.

Featuring a mix of new and old fairytale characters including
Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) and
Rapunzel, the musical revised the familiar storybook characters
as they traveled through a dark forest on a journey of growth
and self-discovery. This lively, updated version of the Grimms
Brothers’ famous tales, with strikingly colorful staging,
provided delightful entertainment for the entire
audience and thrilled both children and adults
alike. The production was a resounding
success, resulting in packed houses and
standing ovations.

Into the Woods is Good Counsel’s second
of the 2009–2010 school year, and is
the latest in a long tradition of theatre
excellence which began in 1964.
The play was produced by Rosemary
Slocum and Gordon Anson, along
with associate producer Vicki Sussman.
It was presented under the direction of
Hillary Rinke, head of GC’s visual arts
program and Roger Riggle, who directs
the dance company at Good Counsel.
Musical direction was provided by
Dr. Richard Slocum, the chair of the
fine arts department and Maureen
(Reenie) Codelka, who directs the
musical vocal program at GC.

10   ON CAMPUS                                                     Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
                                           Great Turnout for
                                                 3rd Annual Falcon 5K Run!
                On April 24, Good Counsel hosted its 3rd                            12 and Under – Boys: Shane McGovern, Ben Anders, Jacob
annual Falcon 5K Run, raising approximately $5,000 for the                          Woods; Girls: Abby Green, Ryann Mattingly;
Endowment benefiting financial aid for students. The race                           19 and Under – Men: Nathan Brockett ‘12, Nathaniel Rogers
is organized by the Alumni Office and the XBSS team - a student                     ‘12, Drew Smith ‘13; Women:Taylor Kozam, Linday Braviak ‘13,
group dedicated to increasing the school’s awareness of the                         Alex Tyminski ‘11;
Xaverian tradition and charism. XBSS students do an excellent                       20-30 years old – Men: Jon Boller; Women: Meagan McCarthy
job recruiting fellow classmates, family members, and GC faculty                    ‘02, Lauren Schwer, Nikki Lilly;
and staff to attend. This year, 230 participants (including many                    31-40 years old – Men: Steve Wardell ‘96, Jason Daigle ‘92;
GC alums), plus dozens of volunteers, participated in the                           Women: Ellen DiLisi ‘92, Stephanie Fagan,Theresa Barnes ‘94;
run/walk which began at Good Counsel, and extended                                  41-50 years old – Men: Michael Warfield, Julio Falcon ‘88, Jim
throughout the paths of Hallowell neighborhood in Olney.                            Brown; Women:Toni Herbert-Kozam, Rebecca Neff, Kris Stuber;
Children 12 & under also enjoyed the ½ mile Fun Run which                           51+ – Men: David Howser,Tom Ebner, Jim Guidara; Women:
took place on Kline Stadium track.                                                  Elizabeth Rogers, Susan Byrne, Naovarat Branagan

This year’s Falcon 5K winners were as follows (organized                            Good Counsel would like to thank our sponsors and volunteers
1st - 3rd place):                                                                   who helped to make this day a success, with a special thanks
Overall Winners – Men: Michael Fitzgerald ‘12, Jack Riely ‘12,                      to Kevin Graves ‘02,Theresa Smith, Pete Johnson ‘76, Jeanette
Allen Meringolo ‘12; Women: Katie Koneig ‘10, Carravita                             McCarthy, Carl Leverenz, Will Knotek, the XBSS members and
Pape-Calabrese, Erin Britt ‘11;                                                     their parents!

    GC faculty members Lauren Schwer,           XBSS members help Jonathan Daigle    Maria Bailey and Denise Rowe sprint   Frank Emig ‘68 with son-in-law
Jon Boller, Laura Neugebauer, and Nikki Lilly      get started in the Kids’ Race.             for the finish line.                Jason Daigle ‘92

Another Impressive Year for the
                                                Mother’s Club Home Tour!
On Saturday, April 24, the Mothers’ Club staged yet another                         I also thought this year’s program was remarkable. The
exquisite home tour. The new tradition — now in its third year                      directions were clear and I liked being able to scribble things
of existence — has quickly become a not-to-be-missed event,                         in the note section.”
and raises funds for the Endowment benefiting financial aid
for students. The tour not only attracts members of the GC                          First time Home Tour patron, Lisa Fajnor, exclaimed, “All of the
community, but the wider Olney area to see a procession of                          houses were unique. There was a great combination of styles
five beautiful homes. Current parents Cindy and Randy Daly,                         and design. We saved the Dancel house for last and it was
Connie and Bernie Dancel, Nancy and Scott Graeves, Sam and                          unbelievable! I will definitely be back.”
Eamonn Reilly and Good Counsel friends Allison and Brian
Willson generously offered their homes to the tour, which were                      Mothers’ Club member Mo Jester again chaired this extraordi-
enjoyed by all participants.                                                        nary event which has quickly become a GC spring tradition.
                                                                                    We would like to thank Mo and the Mothers’ Club volunteers
After viewing the homes, current parent Debbie Stanislav                            for their hard work and we look forward to another fabulous
remarked “The third time’s the charm. I cannot even pick a                          tour next year!
favorite home as I loved different features from each home.                                                                                                                      ON CAMPUS               11
                                                    Day                                Brett Bucche
                                                                                                   ri ’11   reunites with
                                                                                                                          family   at lunch.
March 31st dawned a glorious sunny day as we welcomed over 300 grandparents
to experience GC with their freshman and junior grandchildren. The morning
started with Mass in Good Counsel’s chapel, followed by a breakfast buffet
provided by Sage Catering, Good Counsel’s dining services.

Students met with their grandparents and proceeded to first and second
period classes where grandparents met teachers and experienced firsthand
their grandchild’s daily studies. Many students also took their grandparents on
tours of the school.

After class, students and grandparents gathered in the Litton Gym for a
“Magical Musical Tour”, presented by the Fine Arts Department. They were
entertained by selections from the spring musical “Into the Woods,” and music
by the Jazz Ensemble.The program was rounded out with two classical selections              Siblings Mary ’11 and Lindsay ’13 Norcio visit
by the Liturgical Choir and Women’s Chorus who sang Laudate Dominum and                                          with their grandmother.
Domine Deus.

For lunch, students and grandparents dined together in the Alumni Hall and
President Art Raimo and Principal Jack Graham spoke and fielded questions.
As one grateful grandmother described, “Grandparents’ Day was an excellent,
fun, and rewarding event. Yes, an education at Good Counsel is a very solid and
sure road to salvation!”

Class was dismissed at 12:30 p.m. ….. for the grandparents. Students returned
to their afternoon studies to take a few more steps on that road to salvation.

                                                                                     Classmates Sarah Ruppert ’11 and Katie Donovan ’11
                                                                                                      meet each other’s grandparents.

                                             arents in action!
                           ly gets the grandp                                     Classmates Kim Tullis ‘11 and Jess Hentrel ‘11 share the
          Señor Essig quick
                                                                                                     afternoon with their grandfathers.

 12   ON CAMPUS                                                                                 Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
Maggie Mirkin ’11 enjoying art class with her          Riley Griffin ’11 and her grandfather sample a GC lunch.   Siblings Caitlin ’11 and Nicolas Diaz ’13 share a GC lunch.

Alessandro “Giuseppe” Rebaudengo ‘13 enjoys his        Crystal Acuna ’11 and her grandmother enjoy their          Wade Potter ’13 shares his latest assignment with
grandmother’s company.                                 day together.                                              grandparent guests.

Mark Metrey ’11 works with fellow classmates and his    Kathleen Walsh ’13 and her grandfather learn from         Cousins Andrew McAleer ’11 and Joseph McAleer ’13
grandparents on a physics lab.                          Ms. Stortzum in art class.                                catch up with their grandmother.

                                                       Back to School...
                                her   grandparents.
   Lauren Ballenger ’11 quizzes                                                                                                                                  ON CAMPUS              13
                          INDOOR TRACK                                               and five girls’ events; and seven boys events and one
                                                                                     girls’ event for the All-Time MocoRunning Leaderboard.
                          This was truly an extraordinary indoor season marked       To cap off the local honors, several athletes were
                          by canceled practices and track meets due to the           named to the Montgomery County All-Gazette First
                          record snow outside, and record performances by            Team: Kyle Graves—3200 Meters (new school record);
                          the Falcon Track team inside!                              Teju Adewole—55m Hurdles; and Sean Sutton, Fola
                                                                                     Shokunbi,Thomas Tallerico, and Cortlandt Harris—
                                                                                     4x400 Relay.

                                                                                     National First Team Elite and State First Team Elite
                                                                                     Honors: Seniors—Kyle Graves (1 Mile, 2 Mile, DMR);
                                                                                     and Cortlandt Harris (500m, 400m, 200m, 4x400).
                                                                                     Juniors—Teju Adewole (55M Hurdles); Fola Shokunbi
                                                                                     (SMR, DMR, 4x400); Sean Sutton (200m, SMR, 4x400);
                                                                                     and Thomas Tallerico (1000m, 800m, SMR, DMR, 4x400);
                                                                                     Freshmen—Stephon Colbert (DMR); and Kendall
                                                                                     Fuller (SMR)

                          This was the most successful indoor track season ever
                          under head coach Buddy Crutchfield, and perhaps for
                          Good Counsel. Exceptional individual and relay
                          performances by the athletes propelled the team to
                          numerous National First Team Elite, State First Team
                          Elite, and Montgomery County First Team honors.
                          At the Private and Independent School Championships,
                          the girls’ team took 2nd and the boys finished 3rd,
                          just two points shy of 2nd. Putting it all together at
                          the MidAtlantic Track Classic, the boys’ posted the top
                          performances for the county for 2010, in ten events,
                          and the girls’ for one event. By season’s end, the         Congratulations to Coach Buddy, his staff and all the
                          Falcons had athletes holding top rankings by the           indoor track athletes on their incredible accomplish-
                          MocoRunning Leaderboard in fifteen boys’ events            ments for the season!

                          Good Counsel Swimming and Diving had a great
                          season. The girls won the National Catholic Swimming
                          Championships at Villanova for the 13th consecutive
                          time and the WMPSSDLs.They ended up placing 2nd
                          at Metros behind strong performances from double
                          event winner Sarah Haase. Sarah also broke the Metros
                          record in the 200 IM. For the first time ever, GC diving
                          scored three people in the top fifteen at Metros, giving
                          GC a ten point lead after the first day of competition.

                                                                                     The boys’ performance was also very encouraging
                                                                                     this season. Led by our senior captains Matt Byrd and
                                                                                     Michael Foley, the boys placed 4th at WMPSSDLs and
                                                                                     8th at Metros.The most exciting performance of the
                                                                                     swimming season came from freshman Jack Conger
                                                                                     who won both the 50 and 100 freestyle, in record
                                                                                     fashion, at Metros. No one has ever made such an
                                                                                     impact in high school swimming their first year. We
                                                                                     are very excited to see what the next 3 years holds!

    14    ATHLETICS                                                                                        Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
BOYS BASKETBALL                                                       to call their own, the team had the privilege of cheering the
                                                                      football team on to their victory against DeMatha at the Naval
                         The Good Counsel Varsity Boys’               Academy. The cheerleaders also cheered at both men’s and
                         Basketball team had a strong season          women’s basketball games, where their schedule consisted of
                         finishing 3rd in the WCAC, with an           at least 2 games per week along with scattered makeup games.
                         overall record of 17-12.The Falcons          The team said goodbye to seniors Amanda Feerrar, Caitlin Bavis
                         began the exciting season by winning         and Brittany Hawkins—all three have been on the squad since
                         eight of their first ten games. Besides      their freshman year.
                         performing well in the always ultra
                         competitive WCAC, the team had very          HOCKEY
                         strong performances in the Mid-Atlantic
Invitational and the Stop DWI Holiday Classic in Binghamton, NY.                                The 2009-10 GC Varsity Ice Hockey
Leading the team were seniors Ben Hazel (Princeton) and Rodney                                  Program had its largest turnout this year
Glasgow (VMI). Hazel and Glasgow averaged 16 and 14 points                                      with over 45 skaters joining. The Varsity
per game respectively, were both named to The Capital Classic                                   team had a disappointing season from a
preliminary game, and received several post season accolades.                                   win-loss point of view.Their record of
The highlights of the season for the Falcons were being ranked                                  0-10 hides the fact that five losses were
as high as # 5 in the Washington Post, # 1 in The Gazette, and                                  by three goals or less. The team was led
winning their January 29th match-up with Bishop O’Connell and                                   by Hobey Baker award winner Senior
University of North Carolina recruit Kendall Marshall at American                               Captain AJ Mitchell who ended the
University on Comcast Sportsnet television.                           season with 5 points. Junior Sean Gunn finished with 5 goals and
                                                                      3 assists while Senior Michael Chen led all scoring with 5 goals
GIRLS BASKETBALL                                                      and 8 assists. Michael was also selected First team Defense- All
                                                                      Gazette, and First team Defense- Mid Atlantic Prep Hockey
                          The Good Counsel Women’s Basketball         League. Goalies Connor Graeves and Zach De Graba each split
                          team had a great year this year—going       their time between teams. The Junior Varsity team needed a
                          18-10. During this campaign, the Lady       second bench to sit all its players during games. The team was
                          Falcons beat 8 teams that were ranked in    led by Senior Captains Richard Danforth and Tommy Simpson
                          the top 20 in the Washington area and 1     who each ended the season with 6 points and 17 points
                          team ranked in the top 5 in the Baltimore   respectively. With a record of only 3-13-1, visiting coaches
                          area. The Falcons weathered a tough         continually commented on how tenacious GC players were,
                          schedule and had its share of injuries as   despite being down score-wise.
                          the season wore on. Through it though,
the team learned a lot about itself and it will pay dividends as 9    WRESTLING
players return next year to make another run at the WCAC
championship. Seniors Kelsey Murphy, Rachel Forman, and                                         The Good Counsel wrestling team
Lauren Veirs have been part of a program that won 99 varsity                                    had one of its most successful years
games in their 4 years. Plenty of youth returns as the Falcons                                  in recent history, highlighted by several
have 6 varsity juniors led by WCAC 1st team all-league Gillian                                  firsts in school history. Outstanding
“Boo” Abshire. To join the juniors, one sophomore and two                                       performances throughout the season
freshmen will round out the returnees and provide Good Counsel                                  from senior Joe Dassing as well as juniors
a great opportunity for success next year. Congratulations to the                               Shane Arechiga and Stephen Snyder,
Women’s Basketball team for a fine season.                                                      among others, led the team to an 18-9
                                                                                                overall record. All three wrestlers placed
CHEERLEADING                                                          at the state tournament (Dassing 6th,Arechiga 2nd, and Snyder
                                                                      1st) and qualified for the National Prep School Tournament at
                         The squad began in the summer, and           Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Shane Arechiga (42-10 record)
                         attended the United Cheerleading             became the 2nd two-time National Prep School place winner
                         Association camp at Towson University in     since 1999 by taking 6th at the Prep Nationals. Shane is also the
                         July. Summer practices began in August,      first wrestler in school history to be a two-time finalist in the state
                         and the squad worked intensely, training     tournament, and the first wrestler to wrestle and place (7th) at
                         many new members, planning and               the prestigious Beast of the East Tournament. The highlight of the
                         preparing for an early pep rally, painting   year came when Stephen Snyder (40-10 record) won the State
                         banners, and practicing for competitions.    Championship at the 215lb. weight class in February. This marks
                         The team was focused and willing to          the first time in school history that a Good Counsel wrestler has
work hard to have success at two competitions. As a result of         won the state title. The team looks forward to next season as they
their efforts two new 1st place trophies were added into GC’s         only graduate two wrestlers.
trophy cabinet. After many years of waiting for a Championship                                                                                                          ATHLETICS         15
                                                                “It was a beautiful day
                                                                in many, many ways.”

       Day of Service
On Saturday, April 17, thirty-five Good Counsel parents and
students enjoyed a beautiful spring day downtown serving
at the Leland House. The Leland House is one of the sister
organizations to SOME (So that Others Might Eat) and is a
home for families in transition. Under the instruction of one
of SOME’s talented landscapers, parents and students worked
together to refresh flower beds, weeding, mulching, and
planting an array of spring flowers and shrubs. The Father/
Student Day of Service, organized by the Good Counsel
Fathers’ Club, not only provides students with an opportunity
for service hours, but is a great way to connect with their
parents (many GC Moms signed-up for the day, too). Of the
experience, parent Mark Samara remarked, “It was a beautiful
day in many, many ways.”

16   SERVICE                                                      Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
Annual Fund Update
                              Help Us Reach Our Goal!

“My scholarship allows me to continue my                “One of my best experiences at Good Counsel was               “The faculty are more than just teachers.
Catholic education. I wake up every morning             Junior Retreat. I can even talk about it with my              They are people who truly care about where
knowing I’ll go to school where my teachers             uncle who graduated in 1979.”                                 you go.We have the best teachers with the
care for me and my education will prepare                                                                             best intentions.”
                                                        —Kristen ‘09
me for a better life.”
                                                        AP/IB, Swimming, XBSS Leader, NHS                             —Paul ‘10
—Chris ‘11, St. Francis Xavier Scholarship Recipient,                                                                 XBSS Leader, Football, Rugby, Speech and Debate,
Member of LSA, Students for Life, Wind Ensemble                                                                       Cardaci Scholarship Recipient
and St. Mary’s Scholars

      ach year, generous supporters make contributions to the


      Funds For Good Counsel. The chart (right) depicts Annual
      Fund Giving by constituent group, which is led by Good                                 Grandparents     Past Parents
                                                                                                 5%               10%
Counsel alumni and parents. Annual Unrestricted Giving, when
combined with the over $350,000 in support from the Grand
Celebration, underwrite approximately 8% of the annual
operating budget for Good Counsel. Each contribution makes                                                                              Alumni
an immediate and direct impact, including the $1,600 financial
gap that exists between tuition charged and the actual cost of                                          Parents
educating each student.Thank you to our generous supporters
who have already made their gift!

In a year where school systems are cutting budgets and                                                               Foundations
reducing staff, Good Counsel is forging forward, constantly
enhancing educational programs for our students:                                                    Matching Gifts
                                                                                                                                    Faculty & Staff
   • The Board of Directors carefully monitors the budget
      and is continually focused on keeping the tuition as low
      as possible to provide a Good Counsel education within                                                             June 30th GOAL: $575,000
      reach of all deserving students and their families.
                                                                                                As of May 1, 2010: $457,166
   • Maintaining competitive salaries and top-notch
      professional development continue to attract and retain
      the finest faculty and staff.                                                  Help Us Reach Our Goal!
                                                                                     Currently, the Annual Fund has achieved 80% of the goal set
   • Enrollment is strong as we continue to draw the area’s                          forth by the Board of Directors. We are making our final push
      most talented students with state-of-the-art technology,                       before the end of the fiscal year (June 30) and we need your
      highly attractive Ryken, IB and AP curriculum,                                 help to reach our goal of $575,000 in unrestricted funds. By
      comprehensive extra-curricular activities, competitive                         making your gift today, you will enable us to continue our
      athletics, and an expanding Fine Arts program.                                 mission providing students with an exceptional Catholic
                                                                                     education. Make your Annual Fund Gift via mail, or online
   • Students benefit from a robust retreat program, fostering                       by going to the GC homepage ( and clicking
      service-learning experiences with Habitat for Humanity,
                                                                                     on “Support GC”. Questions? Contact Annual Fund Director
      SOME, trips to Camden, NJ and El Salvador (see pg. 2),
                                                                                     Bill Mooney at
      among many others.                                                                                                                          DEVELOPMENT               17
                  Rockin’ at the
                      Grand Celebration 2010
                      The 22nd Annual Grand Celebration had the attendees Rockin’ and a Rollin’
                      at the March 20th event. Attended by over 400 parents, alumni, faculty, staff
                      and friends of Good Counsel, the event raised over $350,000 in support of
                      the school’s current programs. With the help of our Table Sponsors, Super
                      Falcons, advertisers and donors, the auction had over 350 items ranging from
                      a first class Hawaiian vacation, Florida Getaways, and a week at the shore, to
                      a Billy Kilmer autographed jersey, hand painted chairs by GC students, an
                      electric guitar, and even live karaoke by the President and Principal!

                      The event was led by Rock Stars Sharon Duffy and Anna Baumgartner and
                      their volunteer groupies including Betty Brown, Lisa Ferraro, Mary Ann
                      Flannery, Kelly Hughes, Carleen Kelley, Liz Lanigan,Trish Netter, Kathy Peters,
                      Denise Rowe and Nancy Van Winter. They had the help of numerous
                      volunteers who worked during the weeks leading up to the event gathering
                      and packaging items. Former parents, Judy and Kevin Kennedy, led the
                      ensemble of evening volunteers, ensuring that the night was a success.
                      After the silent and live auctions ended, fans stormed the dance floor to
                      rock the night away!

                      The “Funds for Our Falcon” this year raised over $35,000 and will be used
                      to purchase a few items that will significantly enhance the GC campus and
                      community. We will add comfortable seating in the Alumni Hallway, improve
                      the athletic display case, add a music system and most importantly add
                      directional signage to help identify offices, gyms, classrooms, dining hall and
                      the book store along the gallery hallway. The raffle prize winners included
                      David & Shelley Porter and Ken & Mary Ellen Warfield. Thank you to all of
                      our guests, volunteers, and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you again
                      next year!

18   DEVLOPMENT                                                             Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
                                                                       Virginia and Mike “Rocker” Riley.

            w ith Grand C uffy.
  Art Raimo             ron D
             er and Sha

                       Friends gather with event sponsors Mike and Betsy Bell.

                                                                                                                           GC paren
                                                                                                                                   ts take a
                                                                                                                                                      for a pho
                                                                                                                                                               to op.

                   y Galey.
    Paz and Larr

                                                                                                     The Everharts, the Hinken’s, the Horsley’s, the Nardi’s
          Tim Larkin and                                                                                              and friends enjoy the evening events.
          John Cardinale
   perform an impromptu
            jam session!

                                                                                                             GC’s own American Idols, Jack Graham and Art Raimo, impressed
                                                                                                                                               the crowd with their singing.

                                                       Volunteers keep rockin’ on!                                                                                                                                  DEVELOPMENT             19
New Alumni Portal
Stay Connected, Reunite,
                and Much More!
If you have visited the Good Counsel website recently
(, you may have noticed that the site is new
& improved! Among our many new features, Good Counsel
recently launched the Alumni Portal. What is the Alumni Portal
and how can it help you? Read below to find out more about
this exciting addition, and how you can log on and start utilizing
its resources!

What is the Alumni Portal?
The Alumni Portal is a private, password-protected area available
only to our alumni, dedicated to keeping you in touch with
everything that is happening at GC, and connecting you with
fellow classmates. It includes the following features:

  The Alumni Directory is located on the portal, allowing you
  to search for classmates’ contact information. The Directory
  cannot be accessed without a username and password, and
  your contact information can only be viewed by other alumni
  and site administrators. If you choose, your profile can be

  customized to show only the information you would like
  published. Information will not be accessible or shared
  with outside groups.

» ADVERTISE!                                                                      Register TODAY!
  My “Plug” – Want to advertise your upcoming event or               To log on to the Alumni Portal, go to the “Alumni”
  activity to fellow alumni? By posting a note on the My “Plug”      tab on GC’s homepage. On the left-hand tool bar
  blog, you can get the word out about your band’s performance,      you will find the log in box. Usernames and
  the release of your new book, the opening of a new restaurant      passwords were emailed to all alumni in our email
  or store, a get-together you’re hosting….the list goes on!         database. If you did not receive your username
  “You’re Hired!” – Alumni employers – Use this blog to post         and password, email us and your log in information
  employment opportunities and internships you’d like to             will be sent to you:
  advertise to GC Alumni!
                                                                     Once logged on, it is recommended that you
» CONNECT & REUNITE!                                                 write down your username, and then change
  Reunion Blog pages – Reconnect with alumni prior to your           your password. Also, feel free to edit your profile
  reunion by going to your class blog. Post an update or photo,      information so that you decide what information
  and reminisce about the old days at GC!                            is visible to other Alumni. For more registration
  Class Notes – Post photos, engagement, wedding, birth              and profile instructional assistance, go to the
  announcements, and other exciting news about YOU for your          “Using the Alumni Portal” page located under the
  classmates to enjoy!                                               “Alumni” tab and view our Jing videos.
  Postings – Posts regarding alumni, athletics, and school
  news automatically display on your portal homepage to keep         If you have any problems with your username and
  you up-to-date with all of the happenings at GC!                   password, please email the Advancement Office:
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20   ALUMNI                                                                                 Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
                                                                                           Dave McClay, GC class of 1966, retired
                                                                                           several years ago after a 30-year career
                          Craig Weincek ‘63 is writing a novel
                                                                                           repairing consumer electronics. Prior to
                          online entitled Casco Viejo:The Second
                                                                                           that, he served a tour in the Air Force as
                          Season, and is set in the old section of
                                                                                           an electronic technician. He has had a
                          Panama City also known as Casco
                                                                                           second, part-time career as a real estate
                          Antiquo, where Weincek has an
                                                                                           broker for the past 19 years, and provides
                          apartment with his wife Betty and
                                                                                           D.J. services for small groups and
                          their rescued dog Lola.The Weinceks
                                                                     private parties. He splits his time between homes in North
                          also have a house in Altos del Maria,
                                                                     Carolina and Florida.
                          where Craig does most of his writing.
                          Weincek is retired, was a professor
of English and Communications at Frederick Community
                                                                     Mike Barbaro was recently promoted to Vice President and
College, and for 25 years wrote movie reviews for a variety
                                                                     General Sales Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor,Tampa Bay
of newspapers and appeared on local television for 13 years.
                                                                     Division. He currently resides in Belleair Beach, Florida with
He also spent part of his career as the managing editor of
                                                                     his wife, Barbara, and sons Gavin who is 3 ½ years old, and
The Express weekly newspaper and before that as a sports
                                                                     1 year old Reece.
editor for the Potomac Almanac. Currently, Weincek is a frequent
contributor to The Visitor/El Visitante, the leading tourist
newspaper in Panama. Weincek has had one novel published
titled The Perfect Game, a baseball book about a pitcher who         Darren Maynard ‘95 married Sasha Conroy on September 26,
achieves “too much” success.                                         2009, at Apple Barn Farm in Hudson NY. A photo from their
                                                                     wedding was published in the May issue of Rachel Ray
                                                                     magazine. Pictured from left to right: Keith Maynard ‘93,
                                                                     Peter Korzenewski ‘92, Sasha Conroy, Darren Maynard ’95,
Bob Clark was elected as Grand Knight for the Knights of
                                                                     Alison O’Connell Leary ‘95, Terrence Leary ‘95 and Dave
Columbus Council at St. Michael’s of Poplar Springs in Mt. Airy,
                                                                     Alison ‘95.
Maryland. Bob’s targets for his fund raising efforts are the
Retirement Home for the Xaverian Brothers in Louisville, KY,
the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, and Missions for Native
Americans (Bob is 1/8 Cherokee). Pictured from left to right:
Gary Bosco ‘65, Chaplain Fr. Ruane, 1st Lady I-Ming Clark,
Grand Knight Bob Clark ‘66, Louis D’Angelo (Cardinal Hays,
Bronx, NY ‘67). Missing: Lt. Col USA Ted Himmelberg ‘85,
deployed to Afghanistan five days earlier.

                                                                     Tom Roth (class of ‘97) was recently engaged to Dana Rice.
                                                                     They are planning a May 2011 wedding.                                                                                                  CLASS NOTES           21
1999                                                                   2002
James (Jimmy) Constantine ‘99 will be leaving his job as the           This past summer, Matt Augustyn
Managing Director of an international trade association in DC          (GC ‘02) married Megan
this summer to begin an MBA program at Duke’s Fuqua School             Bears at the University of Notre
of Business. After traveling quite a bit, 32 countries so far, he is   Dame Basilica on July 31, 2009.
ready to get down to business. With a Master’s in European Law         They met as undergraduates at
already under his belt, a Duke MBA will arm him with a whole           the University of Notre Dame.
new skill set to excel in the world of international finance.          Photos from left to right:
                                                                       Catherine Augustyn ‘10, Monica Augustyn ‘06, Megan Bears,
2000                                                                   Matthew Augustyn ‘02 and Best Man, John McDonough ‘02.
Megan (Fallon) Nelson ‘00, husband
Matthew Nelson, and big sister Morgan                                  2004
welcomed new baby Madelyn Lee on                                       Nicole Emanuele is producing an independent feature film
February 2, 2010.                                                      called: Not Waving But Drowning! It’s a project with a small
                                                                       budget, and a lot of heart. Check out the website for a
Stephanie Flaherty ‘00 married long-time boyfriend and
fellow classmate Tony Richelsen ‘00 on October 2, 2009 at              2006
Resurrection Catholic Church in Burtonsville, MD. The                  Former GC star and four-time All-Met, Liz Kemp, was a
large wedding party included many Good Counsel alumni,                 member of Florida’s surprising NCAA championship team.
including (from left to right): Chris Heizmann ‘00, Kelly Flaherty     The Championship was held in March in West Lafayette, IN,
‘09, Anthony Murphy ‘00, Chris Jackson ‘00, Matt Flaherty ‘03,         where the Gators won their first title since the inaugural
Desi Richelsen ‘94, Chris Canali ‘00, Daniel Flaherty ‘08, Erin        championship in 1982, holding off Stanford by 2.5 points —
Praskievicz ‘00, Emily Ross ‘97, Jennie Gill Rosier ‘00, and           the second closest finish in the history of the meet. Kemp
Carrie Brundage ‘00.                                                   swam in the 400 freestyle relay that placed third, cementing
                                                                       Florida’s narrow win over Stanford.

                                                                                               Carolyn VanBrocklin, GC ‘07, is finishing
                                                                                               her junior year at Elon University, NC,
                                                                                               where she is a Journalism and Strategic
                                                                                               Communications double major, and is
                                                                                               the National Liaison for Elon’s Public
                                                                                               Relations Student Society of America
                                                                                               (PRSSA). As the liaison, she applied for
                                                                                               and was selected to host Regional
                                                                                               Activity on Elon’s campus this year.
                                                                                               Out of 25 chapters which applied, Elon
                                                                       was 1 out of 12 schools selected to host this event. Carolyn is
                                                                       also completing her second semester as an account executive
                                                                       for Elon’s Live Oak Communications, a student run, full service
                                                                       communications agency. Carolyn plays both flute and piccolo
2001                                                                   in Elon’s Marching and Pep bands, and is a participant in Elon’s
                         Brian Seery ‘01 married his wife Alissa       Catholic Campus Ministry, singing in the choir and participating
                         in April 2008 and welcomed their first        in the Alternate Spring Break Habitat for Humanity program.
                         child, Gwyneth Cathlene, on January
                         18th, 2010. Gwyneth weighed 6 lbs.
                         15 oz. and was 21 inches long.

22   CLASS NOTES                                                                                      Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
Former GC lax players,Tyler Nechanicky ‘09, Bryce Dabbs ‘08,
and Patrick Durkin ‘09 represent Navy as they gather for a            In Memoriam
photo after playing together at the Academy in March. The
game was a matchup between the J.V. team at the Naval                 In Memory of Bill Miles. In the 1980s, Bill taught in the
Academy where Dabbs is a plebe, and the Prep School, where            Foreign Language Department and later became an
Nechanicky and Durkin currently attend.                               Assistant Principal. More recently, he served on the
                                                                      Board of Directors at Good Counsel. His work as chair
                                                                      of the Education Programs Committee was greatly
                                                                      appreciated. He was a good colleague and friend.
                                                                      May he rest in peace.

                                                                      Tony Da Silva, father of Dennis ‘64 and Steve ‘66
                                                                      Barbara Switalski, mother of Nicholas ‘70 and David ‘72
                                                                      Helen Hoggarth, mother of Robert ‘79 and Richard ‘81,
                                                                      and former GC employee
                                                                      Michael Kenney ‘88
                                                                      Jamie Musumeci ‘90
    Tyler Nechanicky, ‘09, Bryce Dabbs, ‘08, and Patrick Durkin ‘09   Caitlin Doyle ‘01
                                                                      Steve Jobe, father of Christina ‘04

On August 15, 2009, Kevin Graves ‘02 married Alicia Nicole Daly       Steve Row, father of Thomas ‘05
in Frederick, MD. Attendants from his wedding include (from           Col. William G. Nechanicky, grandfather of Keith ‘98,
left to right): Kristy Goodnough ‘98, Matthew Goodnough, Alicia       Megan ‘00, Bruce ‘03 and Tyler ‘09.
Graves,Terry Graves, Kevin Graves ‘02, Richard Graves, Michael
Graves, Paul Graves ‘09 and Kyle Graves ‘10. Kyle works at
GEICO as a Systems Technician and has been a coach for both           Remembering Classmates Who Have Died –
Cross Country and Track and Field for Good Counsel for almost
4 years. The couple resides in Frederick.
                                                                                     WE NEED YOUR HELP
                                                                             Each year in November, Our Lady of Good
                                                                             Counsel celebrates a memorial Mass for our
                                                                             deceased alumni. In a moving ceremony at the
                                                                             end of the mass, relatives of the alumni are invited
                                                                      to enter their names in Good Counsel’s Book of Remem-
                                                                      brance. Alumni are remembered in a special way at all
                                                                      Masses in November and regularly at our daily Mass
                                                                      before school each day.

                                                                      We would like to be able to invite the relatives of all
                                                                      235 alumni who our records show are deceased.
                                                                      Unfortunately, the records are incomplete and have no
                                                                      current mailing addresses or other contact information.
                                                                      Please log in to the alumni portal (,
                                                                      then click on “Alumni”) to see our updated list of the
                                                                      deceased. If you have the contact information of relatives
WE WANT YOU TO BRAG! To share your good news,                         of alumni you know have passed away, please submit
please send your information to and                 additions/corrections on the website or contact Good
we will include it in the next edition of The Counselor.              Counsel’s Advancement Office at 240-283-3231 or
If you would like to send a photo, please attach the photo            email Advancement@OLGCHS.ORG.
in its original size to your email. We look forward to
hearing from you soon!                                                                                                 CLASS NOTES          23
                    s Alums!
       all 1990’ 90’S SOCIAL
Calling E-DO of the
                  he R
     Join us for t hout the hail storm)!
                   it                 (w                                                                        Calendar –
                                                                                               lumni Events                  g down hail
                                                                      est ed  ition to the A                 lans , pourin
                                               in u s for our new                      ature   had other p                     o missed us
                                0-1999 - Jo                            ut Mother N                            r anyone wh
Alumni in    classes 199                         Frid ay, May 14, b                      to ho  st it again fo                 hting!).
                                to host it on                           we’re going                           of AC and lig
                al. We tried                            ethesda. So                              ite the lack
the 90’s Soci                          in much of B                        ill had fun d
                                                                                                                         not only wit
                      t the power                          nded and st                                    y to reunite
and   knocking ou                d everyo   ne who atte                                   e opportunit
                e around (an                                            ing alumni th
 the first tim                                         social provid
                                   l?  It’s a casual
                   90’s Socia
  What is the                              r era at GC!
               , but alu  ms from thei
  classmates                                                                                                             regos) ‘92,
                                                                                                         McCubbin (G
                  Social                                                          GJ K  issal ‘91, Jen                   Chambers ‘9
  WHAT: 90’s                                                       Howes ‘91,                             o ‘94, Chris
                                                 i) ‘90, Steve                           V ictor DelPin                          ndall ‘97,
                  ristine Krsto
                                   lic (Gallucc                          (Beane) ‘94,                          ‘97, Chrissy
   HOSTS: Ch                                            Karen Egan                               w Maurano                            any ‘98,
                          ir) ‘93, Mik  e Liapis ‘93,               son (Mich    ael) ‘96, Dre             7,Veronic   a Puente-Du
                    (Am                                         mp                                       ‘9
   Sonia Bowie                                 6, Erika Tho                             7, Tom Roth                            Weschler
                               sti Weaver ‘9                            e Windlan ‘9                            ) ‘99, Claire
               kins ‘95, Kri                          dato ‘97, Mik                             n Pant (Fillah
    Kari Gas                           y ‘97, Jen Lo                           oore) ‘98, Eri
                    7, Megan Wilb                               Windlan (M
    John Frye ‘9                      e Har  per ‘98, Katie
                     llire ‘98, Mik                in Weschler
     Bridget Brou                  cher ‘99, Kev
     (Kendrick)     ‘99, Erin Si
                                              M - ???
                             ne 18, 7:30 P                                                                                         ur schedule
      WHE   N: Friday, Ju                                  MD                                                       how busy yo
                                     ordel l, Bethesda,                                            ies. We know                         ow up
      WHERE: C
                     addies on C                                 just pay as yo
                                                                                  u go at Cadd
                                                                                                         P cards to m
                                                                                                                        ail in. Just sh
                                                             d                                       RSV
                                            on fee; instea                         o checks or
                            no registrati                            ce event. N
       CO  ST: There is                 this a lo w-maintenan
                         ted to keep                                                                                            e event!
       is so we wan                                                                                             attending th
                                                                                                 k now who’s
                        ith friends!                                            ways like to                         d!
        to reunite w                                           ired, alums al                          plan to atten              e “Alumni”
                                no formal     RSVP is requ                 d let us  know if you                  nts” under th
         RSVP:    Although                               o ok event an                              “Special Eve
                                          Social faceb                             website on
                          our GC 90’s                              k on the GC
         Please go to                    page o  r find the lin
                         C facebook                                                                                           in the closet!
         Go to the G                                                                                          90’s clothes
                                                                               leave those
          tab: www.olg                                                      eme event, so
                                                            , it’s not a th
                              ugh this is   a 90’s Social
          AT TIRE: Altho
                Save the Date!

Be sure to keep these dates on your calendar for next fall:
    Thursday, September 16        Friday, Oct. 1 – Saturday, Oct. 2
            28th Annual                Reunion Weekend for classes
     Steve Dean Golf Tournament            ending in “0” and “5”
                                     Go to and click on
                                    “Reunions” under the “Alumni” tab
                                           for more information.
                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                       PERMIT NO. 253
                                                                     SILVER SPRING, MD

A Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School
                                                                 Change Service Requested

17301 Old Vic Boulevard   Olney, Maryland 20832


                                                   27 Baccalaureate Mass
                                                      & Graduation at the Shrine,
                                                      10 am

                                                    4 Incoming Mother’s Luncheon

                                                   23 First day of classes

                                                   24 Homecoming
                                                   16 28th Annual Steve Dean
                                                      Golf Tournament

                                                   1-2 Renunion Weekend for classes
                                                       ending in “0” and “5”

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