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									   Laurier School of Business & Economics

                                                    Leading an Airline
                                                    Through Turbulent Times
                                                    R    obert A. Milton, CEO and President of Air Canada, discussed the future of Air
                                                         Canada and the state of the global airline industry after September 11 in the first
                                                     address of the Laurier School of Business and Economics’ new TD Bank Financial Group
                                                     Speaker Series on January 15.

                                                        “September 11 piled hardship on top of              With the loss of its primary competitor,
                                                    hardship,” Milton told the 580 students,             Air Canada’s market share expanded.
                                                    faculty, business leaders and members of the         “Having 80 percent of Canada’s business
                                                    community at the event. The most visible             is a market share migraine … it is also a
                                                    effects were “grounded aircraft, empty               market share which Air Canada did not
                                                    seats, skyrocketing insurance, increased             seek, Air Canada did not plan for, and Air
Robert A. Milton, CEO and President,
                                                    security costs, shattered consumer confidence        Canada did certainly not ask for but was
Air Canada Ltd.
                                                    in getting on airplanes and a gutted air             caused entirely by the failure of Canada
                                                    travel market.” The financial implications           3000,” Milton remarked.
                                                    that ensued were devastating. “For the                  Given that Air Canada is the primary
  “For the first time in                            first time in the history of the airline industry,   domestic air carrier in Canada, how does
                                                    global airline revenues will contract,” he said.     the company plan to lead the Canadian
  the history of the airline                           A powerful speaker, Milton brought                airline industry into the future? “Shying
                                                    insight and clarity to some of the issues            away is not our game plan and it’s
  industry, global airline                          being faced by Air Canada and outlined               certainly not my style,” said Milton.
                                                    new measures that the company plans to               “Instead of being pessimistic, I am decidedly
  revenues will contract.”                          introduce. He also presented an overview             bullish about Air Canada and its people.
                                                    of the changing dynamics of air travel in            Clearly we must look further ahead and
                 – Robert A. Milton                 Canada from the “economic downturn”                  start building a vision for the future of
                                                    during 2001 to the “changing rules of                the industry.”
                                                    engagement for airlines in Canada.”                     One of the first initiatives for Air
                                                       Industry losses have been felt around             Canada was enhancing air travel security.
                                                    the world. “Since September 11, we have              Cockpit doors were reinforced, a positive
                                                    witnessed the failure of such venerable              baggage match policy went into effect
                                                    world carriers as Swissair, Belgium’s Sabena,        on all flights, and presentation of ID at
                                                    and Ansett Australia,” said Milton.                  the departure gate became mandatory.
                                                    “Canada has not been spared from this                Air Canada implemented these measures
                                                    tidal wave, as we saw with the demise of             “without waiting for government direction,”
                                                    Canada 3000 back in November.”
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Laurier School of Business and Economics Report / April 2002                                                                                       1
                                       Message from The Dean
L   aurier SBE is moving rapidly forward on one of its most exciting initiatives in years—
    the development of several high-profile programs and activities in the area of
entrepreneurship. On the campus it is easy to see the physical manifestation of this.
                                                                                                  and graduate program offerings and
                                                                                                  research capacity in three areas: general
                                                                                                  entrepreneurship, family business and
The Schlegel building is taking shape very rapidly and is still on track for a September          management of early stage technology
2002 opening. Housed within will be the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, a suite             enterprises. Our first step was hiring Dr.
which consists of seven offices, a reception area and boardroom.                                  Pramodita Sharma last year. She is a
                                                                                                  specialist in entrepreneurship and family
   The Schlegel Centre will do four important   advisory board to ensure that very
                                                                                                  business. Next, we are recruiting for two
things to enhance entrepreneurship at           high-quality entrepreneurial activities and
                                                                                                  positions in the management of early stage
Laurier. First, it will provide opportunities   practical experiences for students are
                                                                                                  technology. The first is a research chair and
for Laurier students to work with the           seamlessly linked into the SBE’s academic
                                                                                                  the second, a more junior faculty member.
entrepreneurial community through co-op         programs and are supported by The
                                                                                                  Funding for both will come from the
placements and mentoring programs, and          Laurier Institute.
                                                                                                  Ontario Research and Development Fund,
with entrepreneurs-in-residence. Second, it        The recruitment process is now underway.
                                                                                                  Research In Motion and Bell Canada. Each
will support entrepreneurs in the region by     The international executive search firm of
                                                                                                  has pledged $500,000 over the next five
establishing a resource centre, as well as      Spencer Stuart has been engaged to help
                                                                                                  years. In addition, fundraising is currently
through student and faculty consulting.         with finding the best possible candidate.
                                                                                                  underway for a Chair in Entrepreneurship.
Third, it will facilitate the incubation        And a committee has been established to
of student business concepts and plans,                                                              Start-up ventures and small businesses
                                                provide advice to the Dean on the selection.
possibly by enabling co-op placements in                                                          are increasingly driving economic and
                                                The members are: Dr. Mitali De, Associate
the centre to give students the time and                                                          employment growth. Almost 9 out of
                                                Dean of Business: Academic Programs;
support needed to bring feasible plans                                                            every 10 businesses in Canada have fewer
                                                Professor John McCutcheon, Acting Associate
into operating businesses. Fourth, it will                                                        than 10 employees. Yet small businesses
                                                Dean of Business: Faculty Development and
support the academic coursework in the                                                            create 8 of every 10 new jobs. This is a very
                                                Research; Dr. Tupper Cawsey, Management
BBA and MBA programs by administering                                                             important sector in our economy and
                                                and Organizational Behaviour Area; Dr.
national and international business plan                                                          many Laurier grads will find themselves
                                                Pramodita Sharma, Management and
and case competitions, student conferences                                                        working in it. So going forward, we intend
                                                Organizational Behaviour Area; Joan Fisk,
and a speaker series.                                                                             to take a leadership role in entrepreneur-
                                                President, Tiger Brand Knitting (Dean’s
                                                                                                  ship education and research.
   Leading the Schlegel Centre will be an       Advisory Council Member); students Mike
executive director. This position is being      Keshwar and Adam Barnard; and Ron                 Best wishes,
funded by a grant from the John Dobson          Sinclair, Senior HR Consultant, Laurier
Foundation. The executive director will         Human Resources Department.
report to me and work closely with the             The other essential component in the
associate deans, faculty members, the           entrepreneurship picture is the academic side.    A. Scott Carson, Dean
director of The Laurier Institute and an        Our plan is to bolster our undergraduate          School of Business and Economics

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 2                                                                                       April School Business and of Business & Economics Report
                                                                                       Laurier 2001 /ofLaurier School Economics Report / April 2002
    Faculty profile:
    Shirley Lichti
The Key to Learning is "Fun"
                                                       To add the “fun factor” to her classes,
M     arketing is Shirley Lichti’s passion.
      As a faculty member with the SBE
for the past seven years, Lichti has taken
                                                    Lichti draws from her experiences and her
                                                    creativity. She brings sample products to
her love of marketing and brought it to the         classes on branding and packaging in order
classroom, ensuring that above all students         to illustrate the differences in marketing
“have fun” as they learn.                           strategies, rather than simply lecture.

   She has succeeded in her goal, as Lichti            “I try to make the information as real
was recently named the SBE Outstanding              as possible,” comments Lichti. “I also like
Teacher of the Year for 2002. The award             integrating examples from consulting
recipient is chosen annually by Laurier’s           work that I’ve done.”
SBE students. The award honours                   When she’s not teaching Marketing I
excellence in teaching and innovation, in the  (Bus 252) and Marketing II (Bus 362) to
development and use of teaching methods,       undergraduate students, Lichti is busy
materials and course curriculum.               running her own company, Marketing                 Shirley Lichti, Outstanding Teacher of the Year
    Lichti attributes much of her success to   Magic, based in Waterloo. The company’s
her students. “Thank you to my students        focus is marketing consulting, promotion
… as a teacher you are only as good as the     and training. In the nine years since the          and the course content she teaches in
material you have to                           company’s creation, Lichti has been                the classroom. Her main focus is services
work with,” she said,                                                 involved with a             marketing, which involves what she
accepting the award        “I must be a closet actress ...            diverse range of            calls “selling the invisible.” She also
at the SBE’s annual                                                   clients including           researches marketing and its relation to
                           class begins and it’s showtime             Manulife, The               customer service. This research helps her
awards ceremony on
January 16.                and I’m there for the                      Stratford Festival,         add value to the teaching she does in the
                                                                      Lexus, and many             classroom as well as her business.
   Why does Lichti’s
                           students, making the class                 local high-tech and           How does she find time to teach, work
teaching style stand out?
                                                                      small businesses.           and conduct research? Lichti admits that
Perhaps it is her          interesting for them.”
“sheer love of teaching”                                                 Prior to launching       becoming a full-time faculty member in
or her desire to have                                                 Marketing Magic,            2000 meant she had to scale back the time
students learn because “marketing is fun,”     Lichti had worked at IBM for 14 years.             she spent working with her business.
she says.                                      After moving seven times during that               “Sometimes you make these tradeoffs,”
                                               period, she decided to stay put in                 comments Lichti.
   “I must be a closet actress,” jokes Lichti.
                                               Waterloo and create a business of her own.            But Lichti’s tradeoffs have certainly
“Class begins and it’s showtime and I’m
                                               After developing Marketing Magic, Lichti           paid off, as her students have indicated
there for the students, making the class
                                               began teaching a course at Conestoga               by nominating her for the prestigious
interesting for them.” Every student
                                               College and then applied to teach at               Outstanding Teacher award. “The award
matters to Lichti, and her reward is
                                               Laurier. She is “thrilled” by the                  is especially meaningful because it came
seeing the “light bulb go on” when her
                                               opportunities that have come her way.              from the students … it’s my students saying
students understand a new concept or
have a new idea.                                  Lichti’s research connects closely with         ‘we learned something from you’, and
                                               the work that she does for Marketing Magic         that means a lot to me,” says Lichti. s

April 2001 / Laurier School ofEconomics & Economics Report
Laurier School of Business and Business Report / April 2002                                                                                   3
     Alumni profile:
     Michael Pawliw
Insuring the Future the MBA Way
                                                 notion of the Laurier program appealed           gained through the program. “Every time
                                                 to me a great deal … it sold me on the           we learned something in class I found
                                                 program,” says Pawliw. He also wanted to         a way to bring it back and apply it to my
                                                 ensure that the program he took had a            work,” states Pawliw. He also gained a great
                                                 general management focus. “I didn’t              deal of confidence, which contributed to
                                                 want to get pigeonholed                                                 his achievements.
                                                 with a specialized MBA                                                  “I am far more
                                                 because I believe that
                                                                             “It’s important for                         confident then I
                                                 you need a broad                                                        ever was or would
                                                 range of skills to be a
                                                                             people to look at what                      have been … that’s
                                                 successful manager.”        they’re going to learn,                     what this degree
                                                    Ultimately, it was                                                   can do for you.”
Michael Pawliw, Director of Compliance,
Sun Life Financial                               the reputation of the       what they’re going to                       He enhanced his
                                                 Laurier School of                                                    learning experience
                                                                             know, and how they’re
L    aurier alumnus Michael Pawliw
     (MBA ’01) has come a long way since
his days working in a bank call centre. As
                                                 Business and Economics
                                                 that persuaded him to
                                                 accept the offer to join    going to grow.”
                                                                                                                      through involvements
                                                                                                                      beyond the classroom
                                                                                                                      by serving as a
a member of Sun Life Financial’s central         the part-time Toronto                                                member of Laurier’s
compliance department he works with a            program (formerly                                                    Senate, participating
diverse group of professionals throughout        Laurier on the Lakeshore) in 1998. “I’ve         in the Concordia Case Competition, and
North America, the United Kingdom and            always thought of Laurier as a diamond           taking part in an international trip to
Asia. Pawliw is building the career of           in the rough,” says Pawliw. “Laurier has         Denmark with the ESSAM program, where
his dreams and making the most of                an excellent reputation, but some people         he studied with MBA students from
the opportunities the Laurier MBA has            are not as familiar with Laurier’s programs      around the world. He says doing so has
helped him secure.                               as they should be.”                              provided him with “extra insurance and
   Pawliw is a man with a vision. Key to            Now a graduate, Pawliw is one of the          wonderful memories.”
making that vision a reality is making           MBA program’s strongest boosters; he even           Now that he is an alumnus, Pawliw has
sure he would always be employable,              admits to singing the praises of Laurier to a    maintained his connection to the Laurier SBE
no matter what happens in a particular           customer service representative one day          and currently sits on the Laurier Alumni
company or sector of the economy. For            while banking by telephone. He points to         Growth Fund committee, providing his
Pawliw, that job insurance took the form         his own success as proof of the program’s        business expertise and knowledge of
of a Laurier MBA that would give him the         benefits. “The MBA gave me the chance to         organizations and compliance issues.
leverage and transferable skills he needed.      move from working in the call centre                Pawliw’s parting advice for anyone
“The Laurier MBA provided me with the            to working in client care, information           considering pursuing an MBA is that “It’s
insurance and protection I was looking           technology, audit, and finally helped me         important for people to look at what
for… I’m confident that I could use my           secure my new position as Director of            they’re going to learn, what they’re going
toolbox of skills in any market,” says Pawliw.   Compliance at Sun Life Financial.”               to know, and how they’re going to grow.”
  Several factors influenced Pawliw’s              Pawliw says he was able to immediately         You never know, that decision may provide
choice of the Laurier MBA. “The integrated       apply the new skills and knowledge               you with insurance for a lifetime. s

 4                                                                                       April School Business and of Business & Economics Report
                                                                                       Laurier 2001 /ofLaurier School Economics Report / April 2002
    Recognizing Student Success

   E   ach year the School of Business and Economics honours students who have achieved academic excellence. The 2002 SBE Award
       ceremony was held January 16 in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall. Scholarship, bursary and award winners were recognized
   for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to all of the recipients.

                                                   MBA and MABE Awards
   Peter Adam                    Elena Catoiu                 Angela Hofstra              Miriam Pearse                Annie Theriault
   Catherine Alexander           Mark Davidson                Flora Huang                 Maria Pereira                Kevin Thomas
   Tracy Annett                  Dante Devilles               Adam Jones                  Mike Rimell                  Evangelina Ulak
   Christopher Atkinson          David Dietrich               Kamen Koulinski             Kirsten Rowatt               Michael Valente (2)
   Amanda Babic                  Shannon Fearman              Arthur Kwan                 Michelle Schurter            Shannon Werner
   Paul Baxter                   Cal Fryer                    Sunil Kumar                 Antony Shutt                 Yingtao Zhang
   Heather Born                  David Geraghty               Attila Lendvai              Chris Stewart (2)
   Kerry Cannon                  Christine Graham (2)         Brenda Moody                Dermot Stranix
   Daniel Carleton (2)           Sean Handerson               David Nutt                  Janice Tessman

   WLU Graduate Scholarships – MABE students 2001-2002:                    WLU Graduate Scholarships – MBA students 2001-2002:
   l-r: Kevin Thomas, Dr. Randy Wigle, Antony Shutt and                    Back, l-r: Michael Valente, Dermot Stranix, Adam Jones. Middle, l-r:
   Daniel Carleton.                                                        Christopher Stewart, Mim Pearse, Mark Davidson. Front, l-r: Flora
                                                                           Huang, Tracy Annett, Michelle Shurter and Dr. Hugh Munro.

   BBA, Honours Economics,                                    Charlene Hirtle
                                                              Johann Ho
                                                                                          Joselyn Nalasco
                                                                                          Krista Neher (3)
                                                                                                                       Ami Shah
                                                                                                                       David Singleton
   and Accounting Diplomas                                    Kaye Hope                   Carrie Omand (2)             Randall Smith
                                                              Paramdeep Jassi (2)         Joseph Overdevest            Hui Tang
   John Alexander                Ken Dubien                   Chris Keller                Patricia Pevec               Angie Teetzel
   Joshua Alexander              Ross Dwhytie (2)             Noreen Kidwai               Scott Price                  Nigel Vanderlinden
   Adam Barnard                  Erdem Erinc                  Melicent Lavers             Karen Raby                   Satbir Walia
   Natalie Bodnar                Trisha Fielder               Tamara Lewis                Ryan Ralph (2)               Gary West
   Julie Cain (2)                Chris Finkbiner              Jason Macintosh             Mark Ridpath                 James Wierstra
   Paul Chornobay                James Gangl                  David Mast                  Kevin Robinson               Tommy Wu (2)
   Adrianna Czornyj (2)          Sean Geobey                  David Mazza                 Navtej Sandhawalia           Louisa Yoon
   Julie Darling                 Rodney Greenough             Jeffrey McDonald            Jeremy Schel                 Joel Young
   Sourov De                     Emily Griffith               Craig McGee                 Andrea Schenk                Daniel Yungblut (2)
   Jon-Daniel D’Elia             Mark Hendriske               Dave Mollica (3)            Travis Schneider
   Braden Douglas                David Hiltz                  Jennifer Moore              Karli Seager

April 2001 / Laurier School ofEconomics & Economics Report
Laurier School of Business and Business Report / April 2002                                                                                       5
     School news
                                                                                                       Silver & Bronze for
 Bell’s $500,000 Caps Fund Goal                                                                        ICBC Team
                                                       "We are very grateful to Bell for their
  A    $500,000 donation from Bell Canada
       provides the final funding required
  to establish the Chair in Management
                                                    financial support and delighted to be
                                                    partnering with them in the development            S  BE students brought home both silver
                                                                                                          and bronze awards from the recent
  of Technology Enterprises for Laurier’s           of cutting edge research in the area of the        Queen’s University Inter-Collegiate
  School of Business and Economics.                 management of early stage technology               Business Competition, held January, 2002.
                                                    companies," says Dr. A. Scott Carson.              SBE students placed second in the
     The new chair will support the
                                                       The Waterloo high-tech firm Research            Sheldon Chumir Foundation (SCF)
  growing technology sector in Ontario and
                                                    In Motion and the Ontario Research                 Ethics Case Competition and third in the
  across the country, thereby expanding the
                                                    and Development Challenge Fund are                 Marketing Case Competition.
  school’s technical sophistication and
                                                    additional partners in this project, with             Eighteen schools from across Canada
  strengthening its relationships within            pledges of $500,000 each. With the full            and one school from the United States
  Canada’s high-tech leaders. The position          $1.5 million fund now in place, the                competed at the event, held annually at
  will also advance Laurier ’s existing             recruiting process for the chair has               Queen’s. Forty-eight teams of students
  strengths in business research and                begun. The announcement of the                     from the 19 schools participated.
  teaching, increasing the school’s appeal          successful incumbent will be made
                                                                                                         Laurier’s SBE was represented by Clint
  to academics and students.                        within the next few months. s
                                                                                                       Kooger, Rebecca Priscott, and Ryan
                                                                                                       Williams (Business Policy); James Gangl

Conquering the Concordia Competition                                                                   and Malcolm McRae (Debating); Michael
                                                                                                       Dopp and Chris Schuett (SCF Ethics);
                                                    the competition, which took place the              Braden Douglas and Tory MacLennan
                                                    week of January 7, 2002 in Montreal                (Marketing). s

                                                       During the competition, each team
                                                    prepared five cases. They were given three
                                                    hours to prepare a 25-minute presentation         a number of high profile organizations
                                                    that they made to teams of judges, composed       hosting various social gatherings. The
                                                    of executives from across Canada. The             intensive nature of the competition created
                                                    judges voted on the presentations and the         an electrifying atmosphere where the world's
                                                    best teams moved forward.                         best MBA students showcased their talent
                                                        The Laurier team’s excellent performance      to their future business counterparts.”
From left to right: Michael Valente, Arthur Kwan,                                                        The International Concordia Case
                                                    is the result of hard work, dedication and
Christopher Stewart, Dermot Stranix
                                                    teamwork—while their classmates were              Competition has been running for 21 years

C    ongratulations to the Laurier MBA
     team of Arthur Kwan, Christopher
Stewart, Dermot Stranix and Michael
                                                    enjoying their Christmas break, these four
                                                    students spent more than 100 hours practicing.
                                                       “The trip was an excellent opportunity
                                                                                                      and included teams of MBA students from
                                                                                                      Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Peru,
                                                                                                      the United States and Canada. The winning
Valente on their exceptional performance            for the team to meet some exceptional             team was from University of Munster
at the Concordia International Case                 MBA students from around the world,”              (Germany). University of Helsinki finished
Competition. The Laurier team finished in           says Michael Valente. “The networking             second with Northeastern University
a tie for ninth place out of the 30 teams in        opportunities were fantastic as there were        placing third. s

 6                                                                                           April School Business and of Business & Economics Report
                                                                                           Laurier 2001 /ofLaurier School Economics Report / April 2002
   School news
2002 SBE                                            SBE Connects With Insurance Industry
Alumni                                              S   tudents, faculty and industry professionals
                                                        gathered on January 23 to celebrate

Reception                                           the success of the School of Business
                                                    Economics’ focus on the insurance industry.
                                                    The insurance and risk management
                                                    program that the SBE offers provides a
                                                    unique opportunity for students to study
                                                    management issues within the property
                                                    and casualty insurance (P/C) field. The
                                                    Chair in Insurance, the first in Ontario and
                                                    one of three in Canada, currently held by
                                                    Dr. Peter Carryanopolous, also contributes
                                                    significantly to the SBE’s commitment to
                                                    insurance education and research.                 Serge LaPalme, Chair of the SBE’s Insurance
                                                                                                      Industry Committee and President and CEO
                                                       Dr. A. Scott Carson opened the                 of the Underwriters Adjustment Bureau Ltd.
                                                    event by thanking supporters
                                                    in the insurance industry                                        review of the losses from
View from Laurier’s new MBA facilities in
                                                    for their commitment to
                                                                                          “At the end of             the September 11 terrorist
downtown Toronto.
                                                                                                                     attack and its implications
                                                    education. He also outlined           the day, this is
                                                    Laurier’s strong connections                                     for the Canadian insurance

L    aurier School of Business and
     Economics alumni are invited to
attend a special event hosted by the SBE,
                                                    with the insurance industry
                                                    and the need that the SBE’s
                                                                                          the place to be.”          market. They also evaluated
                                                                                                                     alternatives for insuring
                                                    insurance and risk manage-                                       against terrorism, and
May 9 in downtown Toronto.
                                                    ment curriculum has filled.
                                                                                           – Serge LaPalme           made recommendations.
                                                       Following Dr. Carson’s                                           The event concluded
    While enjoying the elegance of our                                                                with remarks from Serge LaPalme,
                                                    remarks, Dr. Peter Carryanopolous
new MBA facilities, you will have the                                                                 Chair of the Insurance Industry
                                                    delivered an informative presentation on
opportunity to catch up with Laurier                                                                  Committee and President and CEO of the
                                                    Attracting Talent in the P/C Industry. He
friends and hear what the SBE has planned                                                             Underwriters Adjustment Bureau Ltd.
                                                    highlighted the benefits of working in the
for the future. The Dean of Laurier SBE,                                                              LaPalme encouraged students to pursue
                                                    industry including “opportunity for
Dr. A. Scott Carson, will speak on “The                                                               careers in the insurance field, a field that
                                                    rapid advancement, international scope,
New Realities for Management Education.”                                                              he believes can only continue to expand
                                                    continuous development and learning,
   The event is being held May 9 at St.             and diverse career paths and opportunities.”      within the next 24 months.
Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre                                                                       “The industry is looking for commitment
                                                       An engaging presentation followed as
(Sun Life Building), 150 King St. W. (at                                                              from new recruits. If you are prepared to
                                                    a team of fourth-year business students
University) 27th floor, Toronto. Cocktails                                                            give commitment then it won’t be difficult
                                                    spoke on The Impacts of September 11th on
will begin at 5:30 p.m. To register for this                                                          for you to find a place in the industry,”
                                                    the Insurance Industry. Group members
event please e-mail <> or                                                               said LaPalme. “At the end of the day, this
                                                    included Greg Cox, Jonathan Hoey, Shay
call (519) 884-0710 ext. 6871 as spaces are                                                           is the place to be.” s
                                                    Raiczyk, Sarah Snyder and Jason Wu.
limited. We hope to see you there! s
                                                    The students presented a case-based

April 2001 / Laurier School ofEconomics & Economics Report
Laurier School of Business and Business Report / April 2002                                                                                    7
                                                                                                Robert Milton
                                                                                                (continued from page 1)

                                                                                                Milton said. The airline also evaluated
                                                                                                options for conducting business in the
                                                                                                newly changed economic and political
                                                                                                   The new Tango airline, launched in
                                                                                                November 2001 by Air Canada, is helping

    The Laurier Institute                     Management, Unilever Canada, and
                                                                                                the company expand its business into new
                                                                                                areas. The low-cost, low-fare airline “is an
                                                                                                important part of Air Canada’s plan to

T  he Laurier Institute is celebrating
   the success of its new executive
program The Essentials of Supply Chain
                                              Whirlpool Canada.
                                                 "The program dealt with the relevant
                                                                                                respond to the changing needs of consumers
                                                                                                and, in doing so, contribute to the bottom
                                                                                                line,” said Milton. “So far the results are
Management. The first class of participants   issues supply chain executives encounter          truly exciting.” AC Jetz is another example
began the program January 20, 2002.           on a day-to-day basis and the participants        of Air Canada’s attempt to “transform
Sessions were held at the Delta               spanned the spectrum of stakeholders              itself.” This new jet charter business will
Meadowvale Resort and Conference              in the supply chain," says Chris                  focus on meeting the needs of sports
Centre in Mississauga.                        Chrysanthou, Vice-President and General           teams and corporate clients.
   Partnering with The Canadian               Manager, Nadiscorp Logistics Inc. "I came            Although Air Canada is welcoming
Association of Supply Chain and Logistics     away from the session with a renewed              new opportunities, Milton makes it clear
Management, The Laurier Institute             focus on performance, client satisfaction         that he is “paying close attention” to the
provided leading supply chain specialists     and change management."                           core business and the mainline Air
and SBE faculty members as program               Due to the overwhelming response               Canada network.
moderators and facilitators. Recognized       and positive feedback provided by the
for their knowledge and expertise in          recent class, The Laurier Institute will be
the industry, speakers such as Dr. Shelly     offering the program again beginning
Jha, a professor with the SBE, Claude         September 29, 2002.
Germain, COO of Grocery Gateway                  “Partnering with the Canadian
Inc., and Marjorie Vernon, Senior             Association for Supply Chain and
Consultant, Pro-Active Procurement,           Logistics Management has provided an
offered innovative perspectives, advice       excellent opportunity for us,” says Jan
and analysis of the supply chain and          Varner, Director of The Laurier Institute.
logistics industry.                           “People throughout the supply chain
   The broad focus of the program content     industry are delighted that we are filling
encouraged professionals from across          the gap for executive management                    “Above all we’re seeking profitable
North America to attend. Executives           education in this area, and are expressing        opportunities on new routes and old
from the Ontario, British Columbia,           increased interest in our general                 routes alike. The only arbiter is return
Alberta, Quebec, Prince Edward Island         management programs as well.”                     on investment.”
and Michigan regions participated.               For more information about The                    As the leader of the dominant domestic
   Representatives from a diverse range       Executive Program: Essentials of Supply           airline in Canada, Milton is looking
of companies attended, including BC           Chain Management, and to see the                  forward to new opportunities that will
Gas Utility, Canadian National Railway,       new lineup of programs beginning in               benefit Air Canada and help propel the
Cavendish Farms, Effem Foods Inc.,            the fall, visit the Laurier Institute’s           airline into a new economic and political
EMS Technologies, Globe Electric              Web site at <>,        environment—an environment that will
Company, Maple Leaf Pork, Nadiscorp           call 1-888-MGMT-DEV, or e-mail                    allow airlines to recover from the losses
Logistics Group, NRC, OPG, PBB                <>. Choose The Laurier              resulting from September 11 and “build a
Global Logistics, Pfizer Canada Inc.,         Institute for your executive and                  market-based solution to ensure increased
Progistix-Solutions Inc., The Canadian        management development needs. s                   choice and competition in air travel.” s
Association of Supply Chain and Logistics

8                                                                                     April School Business and of Business & Economics Report
                                                                                    Laurier 2001 /ofLaurier School Economics Report / April 2002
The Rewards
of Co-op                                             A call for class notes
W     hat do employers think of Laurier’s
      co-op program?
   The university’s Co-operative Education
Department recently connected with local
                                                    H    elp us keep you up to date on your classmates. If you are a School of Business and
                                                         Economics graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University, please fill out the following
                                                    form or send us a brief update on your life and career. Pictures are also welcome. Watch
employers to evaluate the employer and              for Class Notes in the next edition of Laurier School of Business & Economics Report.
student co-op experience. Responses
reveal overall satisfaction with both the
quality of our co-op students and the
                                                    For the record                             Where in the world are you?
design of Laurier’s co-op program.                  May we publish this information in Laurier’s School of Business & Economics Report?
   “We have received very positive feedback                                                                         ❑ Yes ❑ No
from employers about their experiences              Name(s) ______________________________________________________________________
in hiring our co-op students,” says
                                                    Year(s) of graduation _________________ Faculty/School___________________________
Karen McCargar, Assistant Director of
the Co-operative Education Department.              Home address _______________________ Apt. # ___________________________________

   Many employers refer to the maturity of          City ________________________________ Province/State ___________________________
Laurier’s students, most of whom complete           Postal/Zip code _____________________ Country _________________________________
two years of university before their first
                                                    Home phone ( ______ ) _________________________________________________________
work term. “Whether collaborating with
sales staff or meeting with corporate               Business phone ( ______ ) _______________________________________________________
clients, they exude confidence and present          E-mail address: ________________________________________________________________
a positive image of our company,” explains          Job title _______________________________________________________________________
Jane Adams, Director of Finance at Grand
                                                    Employer _____________________________________________________________________
River Hospital.
                                                    Spouse or partner’s name _______________________________________________________
   Other employers applaud the students’
academic preparation. Wayne Briggs of               Did your spouse/partner graduate from Laurier?           ❑   Yes   ❑   No
Economical Insurance Company has                    Spouse/partner’s year of graduation _____________________________________________
employed 11 Laurier Co-op students and
                                                    Faculty/School ________________________________________________________________
says they have all been outstanding. “I am
amazed at the amount of work they                   News you’d like to share. Attach an extra page if necessary.
accomplish in four months, and at their             ______________________________________________________________________________
ability to learn new concepts. Having               ______________________________________________________________________________
them as part of the team has been critical
to our success,” he says.
   Co-op students from the SBE’s Honours            ______________________________________________________________________________
Business and Honours Economics programs,            Please use this form to request your free lifetime WLU Alumni ID card. This card entitles you to
its double degree programs in Business              use the WLU Library and the campus pubs, to purchase an Athletic Complex membership, and to
and Computing and Business (WLU) and                take advantage of summer lodgings at reduced rates at Canadian universities. For information
Mathematics (UW), and its Master of                 about your alumni card, call (519) 884-0710, extension 3401.
Arts in Business Economics program                  Please send my alumni card.   ❑
participate in up to 860 work terms each            Send this form to Heather Belot, SBE Marketing Department, Wilfrid Laurier University,
year. To learn more about becoming                  75 University Avenue West (202 Regina location), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5.
involved with Laurier’s co-op program               E-mail: s Fax: (519) 884-6016 s Phone: (519) 884-0710, extension 6871
as a student or employer, please call
(519) 884-0710 ext. 4484 or visit the co-op         Connect to the “Keeping in Touch” section on the alumni Web site and complete the form on
Web site at <>. s                   the “E-me@Laurier” page. Include your name, year of graduation, and e-mail address and click
                                                    to submit. Find out more at <>.

April 2001 / Laurier School ofEconomics & Economics Report
Laurier School of Business and Business Report / April 2002                                                                                      9
  Alumni news and notes
Class of ’76                                     two companies while in retirement. Jacobus
                                                 is actively pursuing "playing the piano better"
TOM PIPPY, BBA, is President of Avonlea
Capital Corporation. He lives with his wife
                                                 and plans to "join WLU again!" To reach               Take Your
                                                 Jacobus e-mail <>.
Linda in Mississauga, Ontario. Tom can be                                                              Entrepreneurial
contacted at <>.
                                                 Class of ’85                                          Vision to New Heights
Class of ’79                                     DALE DEMARCHI, BBA, and his wife Suzzie               The School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid
                                                 were married October 27, 2001 and reside              Laurier University is one of Canada’s leading,
LYNN BENNETT, BBA, is a joint owner and
                                                 in Orange, California. Dale is Manager,               and largest, business schools. Opening in the Fall
Managing Director of Kinetic Advantage                                                                 of 2002, the School’s Schlegel Centre for
                                                 Publication and Technical Services, at Desert
Business Solutions International. Lynn and                                                             Entrepreneurship will be led by an Executive
                                                 Stream Ministries. He can be reached at
her team specialize in "helping companies                                                              Director who will act as a steward in championing
                                                 <>.                                  the Centre’s vision, bringing together its multiple
build sustainable leadership by sharing
                                                                                                       stakeholders, securing partnership opportunities,
partnership strategies targeted to promote                                                             implementing entrepreneurial initiatives that
organizational performance, improve              Class of ’94                                          businesses can support, and working with faculty
bottom-line profitability and achieve            JASON MANCINI, BBA, is a Controller with              and students to develop applied entrepreneurial
                                                 ACE INA Insurance. Jason and his wife                 activities. Operational responsibilities will include
outstanding results." Lynn is also a member
                                                                                                       the establishment and oversight of financial,
of the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care’s      Paola live in Hamilton, Ontario, and have
                                                                                                       administrative and human resources functions of the
Human Resources Advisory Committee and           two sons, Justin (born April 14,                      Centre, as well as securing future funding.
the Canadian Association of Management           1999) and Colton (born July 30, 2000).                    The role will appeal to an individual with an

Consulting. Lynn can be reached at               Jason says he is “still in withdrawal                 ability and passion to focus on "what could be" rather
                                                                                                       than "what has been." This professional will exemplify
<>.                        from missing Golden Hawk lacrosse.”
                                                                                                       a unique combination of strong business credentials,
                                                 Jason would love to hear from alumni                  an appreciation for education and research, and comfort

Class of ’83                                     at <>.                       within a complex multi-stakeholder environment.
                                                                                                       They will be credible by virtue of their accomplishments,
LAUREL SAVOY (nee MacDonald), BBA, is Vice                                                             have a track record of strategic and implementational
President, Trust Services, Eastern region, for   Class of ’95                                          impact, an entrepreneurial orientation, and strong
CIBC Mellon Trust Company. Laurel can be         MARIA L. CARAPINA, Honours Economics                  relationship and influencing skills.

reached at <>.        Co-op, was recently promoted to Assistant                  Details about the position, the School of Business and
                                                                                                       Economics, and Wilfrid Laurier University are available
                                                 Manager, Marketing Communications at
Class of ’84                                     Fuji Photo Film Canada Inc. in
                                                 Mississauga. Maria has also received the
                                                                                                            The University is strongly committed to diversity
E D M ANCE , BBA, is VP International                                                                  within its community, and welcomes applications
                                                 Certificate in Continuing Studies in                  from all qualified women and men, including persons
Strategic Development at AOL. He has                                                                   in a visible minority group, Aboriginal persons, persons
                                                 Internet Business and Technology from
been living in the Unites States since 1989.                                                           with disabilities, and others who may contribute to
                                                 the University of Toronto. Maria can be
Ed was a founding member of the                                                                        the further diversification of ideas.
                                                 contacted at <>.                     To explore this opportunity in confidence, please team in Denver, Colorado,
                                                                                                       respond by email (, fax
and has been with AOL since it acquired in June 2000. Ed lives in           Class of ’00                                          (416-361-6118), or mail with a detailed resume, referring
                                                                                                       to Project #19862-001, to Suite 801, P.O. BOX 39, One
Palo Alto, California, and can be reached at     DON MILLER, BBA, is an account manager                University Avenue Toronto, Canada M5J 2P1.
<>.                                with Onset Capital. Don lives in Toronto
                                                 and can be contacted at <donkmiller@net-
JACOBUS J. KOK, MBA, is the President of>.
Jakolene Consulting & Associates Ltd. He
                                                                                                                     GLOBAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH CONSULTANTS
and his wife Pauline Kok-Schurger created                                                                                   

                                                                                                       Connecting academic excellence with the world of business

10                                                                                         April School Business and of Business & Economics Report
                                                                                         Laurier 2001 /ofLaurier School Economics Report / April 2002
    SBE Calendar
April 2                                             May 6                                                June 7/8
    The Laurier Institute’s Master Manager              Intersession begins.                                 Spring convocation.
    Program (GE Canada, Mississauga location)
    begins. Call 1-888-MGMT-DEV or e-mail           May 8                                                June 24
    <> for more information.              The Laurier Institute and OSTD present               Intersession ends.
                                                        OSTD’s second annual symposium,
April 4                                                 E-learning and Skill Development in the          July 2
    The Laurier Institute’s Maximizing Your             Workplace. The event will be held from               Summer session begins.
    Marketing Potential program begins.                 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. Author, Dr. Marc J.
    Call 1-888-MGMT-DEV or e-mail                       Rosenberg will deliver the keynote               August 14
    <> for more information.              presentation, entitled E-learning –                  Spring term ends.
                                                        Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in
April 5                                                 the Digital Age. Call 1-888-MGMT-DEV             August 19
    First term begins for the incoming MBA              or e-mail <> for more                  Summer session ends.
    and MBA/CMA classes in downtown                     information.
    Toronto.                                                                                             September 20
                                                    May 9                                                    The annual Dean’s Alumni Classic Golf
April 8                                                 A SBE Alumni Reception is being held at              Tournament will kick off the 2002
    The Laurier Institute’s Tools for Dynamic           Laurier’s new MBA facilities in downtown             Homecoming weekend. More than 100
    Change program begins. Call 1-888-MGMT-DEV          Toronto. The reception will begin at 5:30 p.m.       golfers came out to show their Laurier
    or e-mail <> for more                 and SBE Dean, Dr. A. Scott Carson will               spirit last year and we hope to see all of
    information.                                        speak briefly about The New Realities for            you again. All Laurier alumni, students,
                                                        Management Education. To register e-mail             faculty and staff are invited to take
May 1                                                   <> or call (519) 884-0710              part. So get your clubs ready and start
    Application deadline for on-campus full-            ext. 6871. Space is limited!                         practicing your golf swing! For more
    time and part-time MBA programs. For                                                                     information, contact <>
    more information visit <>,        June                                                     or (519) 884-0710 ext. 3948.
    e-mail <> or call (519)                The SBE will be hosting an event for
    884-0710 ext. 6220.                                 MBA/MABE alumni and students on
                                                        “The Value of Networking.” The event
May 6                                                   will include a speaker, a trade show              Calling all 2003 grads
    Spring term begins.                                 format and reception. For further details         Visit Career Services early in September
                                                        contact <>.                           to participate in the Graduate Employment
                                                                                                          Program. Many companies choose
                                                                                                          September for their application deadlines –
 Looking for a job? Changing careers?                                                                     don’t miss out on accounting, finance,
                                                                                                          marketing, management, human
 If you are graduating in 2002, check the Laurier Career Services’ Graduate Employment                    resources, distribution and many more
 Program. If you have already graduated, ask about our Alumni Referral Service.                           opportunities for full-time positions
 Contact Career Services at (519) 884-0710 ext. 4478 or 4321, or visit the Career Services                commencing spring 2003!
 Web site at <>.

Laurier School of Business and Business Report / April 2002
April 2001 / Laurier School ofEconomics & Economics Report
  Calling All MBA
  and MABE Alumni
                                               Give us a call
                                               and stay in touch. Here’s a reference guide
                                               of useful phone numbers.
  A   re you one of Laurier’s more
      than 2,000 MBA and MABE
  graduates? If so, we’d like to get in
                                               Main Switchboard . . . . . . (519) 884-0710
  touch with you to let you know about         Applied Business Research                                     The Laurier Institute
  alumni events in the coming year,             Consulting Program                                             Frances Humphreys . . . . . . . . . ext. 6903
  and give you the opportunity to                Chris Maziarz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 6433
  help mentor current MBA and                                                                                Laurier School of Business
  MABE students.                               BBA Office                                                      and Economics Report
     You probably remember what it               Inquiries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 2677     Heather Belot. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 6871
  was like to start the program. You may
                                               Career Services                                               MABE Office
  not have known exactly where you
                                                 Inquiries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 4495     Leysa Ligaya . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 2720
  wanted to go once you completed it.
  To help students find their way,             Co-operative Education                                        MBA Office
  the SBE and the university’s Career            Inquiries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 4484     Dianne Hotson . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 2142
  Services Department are teaming up
  to help students and alumni interact         Dean’s Office, SBE                                            Marketing Department,
  and gain insight into different                Linda Laurie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 2214         School of Business
  industries. By providing advice and                                                                         and Economics
                                               Development and                                                 Valerie Beyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 6054
  guidance to current students you are
                                                 Alumni Relations
  ensuring the continued success of
                                                 Inquiries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 3401   Office of the Registrar
  Laurier MBA and MABE graduates.
                                                                                                               Inquiries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 6091
     If you would like to volunteer, or        Economics Department
  update your alumni information so              Jennifer Dilella. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 2056       Part-Time, Distance and
  that you can find out about future                                                                           Continuing Education
  MBA/MABE events, contact Robin               Employment Advisor,                                             Inquiries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 4447
  Reid, employment advisor, graduate            SBE Graduate Programs
  programs, SBE at <> or             Robin Reid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 3588      Student Connection Program
  (519) 884-0710 ext. 3588. s                                                                                  Victoria Larke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext. 2046

The School of Business and Economics
Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3C5
If undeliverable, return to SBE Marketing Manager,
202 Regina Street, Waterloo, Ontario
                                                                                                                                                                           3712-SBE Newsletter April 2002

12                                                                                               Laurier School of Business and Economics Report / April 2002

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