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  O n e C i t y, O n e S C h O O l , C O u n t l e S S P O S S i b i l i t i e S
         MeSSAge        FROm the DeAn

                               these are challenging times of change in our economy and in
                               society, and in such times the community asks more from
                               lawyers to define the terms and guide the direction for our
                               future. because we at CWRu are in the business of training
                               lawyers to meet the challenges of the days ahead, our School
                               offers you an extraordinary opportunity.

                               At our School of law, you will be joining a rich learning
                               community. Our distinguished faculty are dedicated to
                               teaching and scholarship, and to personal engagement with
                               students which provides support for the pursuit of individual
                               learning objectives. Our students hail from across the country
                               and globe.

                               We are part of a renowned liberal arts research university
                               affording us joint programming in medicine, business, non-
                               profit management, engineering, the sciences, and all the
Robert h. Rawson, Jr.          disciplines that a great liberal arts institution offers.
interim Dean

                               We enjoy the advantages of a strong local, national, and
                               global alumni base of over 9,900 graduates who support our
On behalf of my                students by, among other contributions, mentoring our mock
distinguished faculty          trial programs, teaching as adjuncts, and providing practice
                               opportunities both during school and after graduation.
colleagues, our able staff,
and our diverse student        Our creative curriculum includes substantial skills training,
body, I am pleased to          particularly in the first two years, supplemented by our
                               extensive clinical program that provides experiential learning
introduce you to the Case      to prepare our students for the world after law school.
Western Reserve University
                               We are a place where ideas matter and where we care about
School of Law.
                               preparing each student to become a great lawyer. We
                               welcome your interest in exploring the possibilities for your
                               future with us.
Mission Statement             Case Western Reserve University School of Law has more
The Case Western Reserve      than 115 years of exceptional experience producing some of
University School of Law      the world’s finest legal scholars and practitioners. The law
seeks to achieve and be       school was accredited by the American Bar Association in
recognized for excellence     1923 – the very first year of ABA law school accreditation.
in preparing leaders in
                              The school offers a legal education that combines theory with practice and a
the practice of law, public   curriculum of over 200 courses that prepares students for leadership in the practice
and community service,        of law, public service, and commerce.

and commerce; providing
                              The school’s faculty members are among the best in the nation. They are
enlightenment to the          distinguished in their scholarship and for their excellence as educators and mentors.
profession and the global
                              Our alumni serve society in key positions in every state in the nation and worldwide.
legal community; and          With placement statistics that consistently exceed national levels, the School of Law
fostering an accessible,      is a leader among law schools. Faculty and staff are committed to cultivating strong
                              national and international relationships to create extraordinary opportunities that
fair, and reliable system
                              connect students and graduates with employers. At Case Western Reserve University
of justice.                   School of Law students will find a nurturing faculty and staff committed to their success.

                                                --3 --

             Cleveland, Ohio, situated on the southern shore of Lake Erie, is an attractive
             and affordable place to live, learn, work, and play. Greater Cleveland
             is the 14th largest metropolitan area in the country, with a population of
             2.9 million.

             As a legal and business center, Cleveland competes   Lake Erie, one of the freshwater Great Lakes, is
             easily with more populous cities. Home to four of    known for incredible sport fishing and provides
             the nation’s top 100 law firms (Jones Day; Baker &   opportunities for kayaking, boating, swimming, jet
             Hostetler; Squire, Sanders & Dempsey; and Littler    skiing, canoeing, or spending the day on one of its
             Mendelson), Cleveland is a leader in biomedical      beautiful beaches.

                                                                  Take in a show at PlayhouseSquare, the country’s
“The heart of rock and roll is still beating in                   second largest theatre district, or the exhibits at the
                                                                  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Listen to the world-
Cleveland. What can we say? There’s                               renowned Cleveland Orchestra in its gorgeous
                                                                  home, Severance Hall, on the Case Western
a reason the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame                           campus.

and Museum is located in Cleveland and                            If you enjoy sports, three professional sports teams,
                                                                  the Browns, the Cavaliers, and the Indians, call
you can feel the beat in everything that                          Cleveland home.

happens here.”                                                    The Cleveland Metroparks system offers hiking,
                                                                  biking, and fitness trails throughout the area.
             technology, polymers, electronics, manufacturing,
             and publishing. In addition to the extraordinary     Cleveland was recently ranked second on Money
             legal community, Cleveland’s service industries      magazine’s Midwestern list of Best Places to Live.
             include major accounting firms, banks, and           From dinosaur bones to classical music to pop art,
             nationally ranked hospitals.                         Cleveland has it all.

                                                                  For more on what’s going on in Cleveland:

                                                   --5 --
NEiGhBORhOOd                                 UnIvERSITy CIRCLE

 The area surrounding the campus is University Circle, an intellectual,
 scientific, cultural, and health care district — the concentration of institutions
 within its one-square-mile, park-like setting is unsurpassed in the world.

 The law school is a part of Case Western Reserve       Unique neighborhoods like Little Italy, Coventry,
 University which is a leading private undergraduate    and Shaker Square are within a short distance of
 university known for its rigorous academics and        campus, and offer students and young
 groundbreaking research.                               professionals modern and safe places to live, shop,
                                                        dine, network, and socialize.
 Across the street from the law school, the Botanical
 Gardens and the Cleveland Museum of Art offer          University Hospitals of Cleveland and the Cleveland
 respite from the rigors of studying.                   Clinic Foundation make the University Circle area a
                                                        major center of health care and medical research.

                                                        For more information on University Circle:

                                                                  “Because of the law
                                                                  school’s unique
               x                                                  location, I often escape
                                                                  the intellectually
                                                                  challenging curriculum
                                                                  by walking across the
                                                                  street to the Cleveland
                                                                  Museum of Art.”

                                        --6 --
                                                                         LaVonne Sherald, 2L
                                                                         Undergraduate Institution:
                                                                         Case Western Reserve University
                                                                         “The professors and course content have challenged me to think
                                                                         in many different ways. These different ways of thinking have
                                                                         served not only to make me a better student, but will also make
                                                                         me a better lawyer.”

        J.d.          THE J.D. PROGRAM

Our innovative and visionary curriculum at the School of                                    Fall semester
                                                                                             •   Torts
Law combines the best of classical legal education with cutting-                             •   Contracts
edge experiential opportunities. We are meeting fundamental                                  •   Criminal Law
                                                                                             •   CaseArc CORE Lawyering Skills I
changes in the world and in the legal profession head-on.
                                                                                            sPring semester
Our goal is to ensure that our graduates will be prepared to understand their clients’       •   Civil Procedure
enterprises and the economic, social, and political context in which they operate. With      •   Constitutional Law
more than 200 courses, seven areas of concentration, and ten dual-degree and certificate     •   Property
programs, students leave the School of Law with the skills, practical experience, and        •   CaseArc CORE Lawyering Skills II
confidence to deal with the changes and challenges on the legal horizon.                     •   Choice of a Perspectives Elective
                                                                                                 (offered on a rotation):
Full-time Program First year                                                                     • Intellectual Property Survey

The first year focuses on required courses and provides a sound foundation for                   • Dispute Resolution

upper-level study. First-year doctrinal courses include Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law,          • Bioethics and the Law

Civil Procedure, Property, and Constitutional Law. We also offer first year students             • International Law

the opportunity to select one of our Perspective Elective courses in the second semester.        • Courts, Public Policy, and Social

                                                               --8 --
Brent Lehman, 2L
Undergraduate Institution: The Ohio State University
“Case has helped me grow as both a person and a professional. Through the CaseArc program I have
developed important legal skills such as legal writing and client mentoring. Through both the curriculum and
practical experience I feel I am extremely prepared to walk into a professional environment and be a successful
advocate for my clients.”

                                                                  --1 6 --

             The CaseArc integrated Lawyering Skills Program is revolutionizing the way we
             teach law students. it provides 21st century legal training.

             CaseArc, our integrated legal skills program,              CaseArc provides a sequence of courses built into
             brings together legal doctrine and fundamental             the curriculum with a four semester series of classes
             law skills with experiential learning and traditional      in the first and second year focused on legal
             classroom methods. The program examines the                research, writing, and lawyering skills training.
             professional roles of lawyers and prepares students        Students learn to research and draft memos and
             to be more effective practicing lawyers by providing       briefs, interview and counsel clients, negotiate and
             the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the            draft transactional documents, engage in legal
             legal world.                                               problem solving, make presentations to courts, and
                                                                        negotiate the resolution of a civil or criminal matter.

“This is a comprehensive, sequenced                                     These classes explore a lawyer’s role as well as
                                                                        ethics and professionalism in the context of a simulated
program designed to teach what it means                                 legal problem. A capstone program includes the
                                                                        option to work in our Clinic, or participate in
to be a lawyer. It combines doctrine, theory,                           externships and labs. This provides students with
                                                                        the opportunity to participate in lawyering roles with
and practical teaching. Most are amazed                                 clients and work in a real legal setting.

at what we do here. Case Western                                        For more information about CaseArc:
Reserve University is a 21st century law
school, on our way to becoming leaders
in practical education.”
                                              — kenneth R. Margolis
                                                     Professor of Law
                Director, CaseArc Integrated Lawyering Skills Program

                                                      --1 1 --
      2 & 3 yEARS
            Nd                         Rd
                                      UPPER-LEvEL CURRICULUM

                Whether you choose to pursue a broad-based course of study or study
                in-depth an area of particular interest to you, the extensive selection
                of more than 200 courses will fully support your educational goals. in
                addition to the foundational first-year courses and CaseArc, students must
                take Professional Responsibility and complete a writing requirement. For
                second- and third-year students, the school provides great flexibility in
                choosing electives.

                  •   Select from our rich menu of courses
                  •   CaseArc CORE Lawyering Skills III and Focused      seven ConCentrations
                      Problem solving                                    Students who wish to pursue more
                  •   Professional Responsibility                        comprehensive study of a particular area of law
                  •   Writing Requirement                                can choose to pursue a concentration from
                  •   Optional Concentration                             among a number of specialty areas:
                  •   Optional Capstone Skills Experiences
                                                                         1. Law, Technology, and the Arts:
                                                                            • Law and Technology
It was very important to me to find a law                                   • Law and the Arts
                                                                         2. International Law
school that not only has a reputation that is                            3. Business Organizations
                                                                         4. Litigation
known in the U.S. but also makes waves                                   5. Health Law
                                                                         6. Public Law:
in international media. Case beat out other                                 • Individual Rights & Social Reform
                                                                            • Public & Regulatory Institutions
top schools because its professors were                                  7. Criminal Law

constantly sought after in the national and
international press for their opinions about                          For more information on our concentrations:
legal matters ranging from human rights
issues around the world to environmental
law and constitutional law issues.
                              —Obiajulu “Obie” Okuh, 2L
                                                      --1 3 --
  dUAL &

       The School of Law offers ten distinct programs in concert with the graduate
       departments and professional schools of the university for full-time
       students who want to earn a second graduate degree.

                                      10 Dual-Degree anD
                                      CertiFiCate Programs
                                      J.D./M.B.A. (Management)
                                      J.D./M.A. (Legal History)
                                      J.D./M.A. (Bioethics)
                                      J.D./M.A. (Political Science)
                                      J.D./M.S.S.A. (Social Work)
                                      J.D./M.n.O. (nonprofit Management)
                                      J.D./C.n.M. (Certificate of nonprofit Management)
                                      J.D./M.P (Public Health)
                                      J.D./M.D. (Medicine)
                                      J.D./M.S. (Biochemistry)

                                      For more information, please see Dual Degree
                                      and Certificate Programs:

                                 --1 4 --

 The Master of Laws (LL.M) degrees are one-year, full-time programs
 designed to give graduates of foreign law schools an opportunity to study
 the United States legal system and international law and trade, and to
 become truly capable lawyers in the 21st century’s global economy.

 Our LL.M. students have access to 170 Juris              We offer three LL.M. degrees and a
 Doctor (J.D.) courses, as well as courses specifically   summer law institute:
 designed for the needs of LL.M. students. Our
 students, who have come from 60 countries, form a        LL.M. in United States and Global Legal Studies –
 close-knit community and become involved in law          Focus on United States legal research, writing, and
 school acitvities with J.D. classmates. LL. M.           analytical methods with a flexible curriculum to
 students benefit from individual attention and           meet each individual student’s career goals.
 guidance in a family atmosphere.                         Students may earn certificates of concentration in
                                                          several areas of law.

                                                          LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law – Focus on
                                                          doctrine and policy of United States intellectual
                                                          property including patents, trademarks, copyrights
                                                          and trade secrets.

                                                          LL.M. in International Business Law – Focus on
                                                          academic analysis and practical applications of
                                                          United States business law as applied to
                                                          international transactions.

                                                          Summer Language and Law Institute – Open to
                                                          any foreign legal professional or international
                                                          student, this intensive four-week training experience
                                                          in Legal English focuses on introducing students to
                                                          the U.S. legal system.

                                                          For more information about the LL.M program:
                                                          Or contact us at: E-mail:
                                                                            Phone: (216) 368-2083

                                        --1 5 --

 Through eight Academic Centers at the School of Law and our
 global programs, students can immerse themselves in legal research
 and advocacy, attain practical legal work experience, select a focused
 educational program, and receive the benefit of learning from and interacting
 with faculty who are experts in their discipline.

 The Centers sponsor extensive lecture series,             3. Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of
 seminars, symposia, and internship and fellowship            Conflict and Dispute Resolution (CISCDR)
 programs in addition to great course depth. Each          4. Center for Law, Technology, and the Arts
 center is unique and gives students who wish to           5. The Law-Medicine Center
 specialize the chance to identify and address—from        6. Milton A. kramer Law Clinic Center
 the outset—issues and opportunities related to their      7. Center for Professional Ethics
 chosen discipline.                                        8. Center for Social Justice

 Each center has its own directors, who, along with        Case global
 dedicated faculty and staff, coordinate and sponsor         •   Frederick k. Cox International Law Center
 clinics, labs, lecture series, moot courts, publication     •   Institute for Global Security Law and Policy
 projects, seminars and symposia, internships and            •   War Crimes Research Office
 fellowship programs tailored to the mission and             •   Cyberspace Law and Policy Office
 objectives of the center.                                   •   Canada-United States Law Institute

 Students can immerse themselves in legal research         The Frederick k. cox international law
 and advocacy, attain practical legal work experience,     center provides summer, semester-long (for
 select a focused educational program, and receive         academic credit), and post-graduation international
 the benefit of learning from and interacting with         internship grants. Students have interned at the
 faculty who are experts in their discipline.              Summit Law Firm in Shanghai China, the U.S.
                                                           Embassy in Sarajevo, the International Trade Center
 We provide a broad array of centers on diverse            in Geneva, the International Criminal Tribunal for
 subject areas, allowing all faculty and students to       Rwanda, the International Criminal Tribunal for the
 be deeply engaged in the academic experience.             former yugoslavia, the Special Court for Sierra
                                                           Leone, the Cambodia Genocide Tribunal, Human
 1. Center for Business Law and Regulation                 Rights Watch and several other human rights
 2. Frederick k. Cox International Law Center              organizations in Africa.

                                         --1 6 --
            Lindsay doss 3L
           Undergraduate Institution: Denison University
       “I like that the law school encourages and aids students
        interested in pursuing legal careers in public interest or
 government work. During my first summer I worked at Legal
    Aid in Akron, Ohio, and this summer I am working for the
      State Appellate Defender in Chicago, IL. Case Western’s
  center for Social Justice provided me with a fellowship for
 this summer’s work and made taking this position possible.”

Through her involvement in the cox center, katherine                      The center For law, technology and the artS
Gibson, 2L, President of the International Law Society, worked            provides law students with opportunities for several internships
at the International Bar Association in London last summer,               with various institutions related to law and technology or law
and this summer plans to go to The Hague and work with the                and the arts such as the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of
judges presiding over the Charles Taylor trial.                           Fame, the International Foundation for Art Research in new
                                                                          york City, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal
This year the law-Medicine center sponsored students to                   Circuit in Washington, D.C., and the Patent & Trademark
intern at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the                Office in Arlington, virginia. This summer, Case law students
Senate Aging Committee, veterans Affairs Office of Regional               are interning in the legal department of the World Intellectual
Counsel, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/the                 Property Organization in Geneva and the Cleveland Museum
Department Appeals Board.                                                 of Art.

The Law-Medicine Center also sponsors the Student Health                  For complete information on our Academic Centers,
Law Association, which offers social, networking and program              please go to:
planning opportunities. Student members determine and                     Or contact us at: E-mail:
recruit health law speakers to visit the school for public                                  Phone: (216) 368-3304
lectures as well as offer social networking opportunities.

                                                                     --1 7 --
As part of the CaseArc Capstone
program, this past academic
year, the School of Law clinical faculty
worked with students in the Milton a.
kramer law clinic center on real client
cases such as:

Criminal JustiCe CliniC
  •   Criminal defense – mostly

Community DeveloPment
  •   non-profit organizations (including
      tax exempt status) and small
      business formation
  •   Contract and compliance matters
      for non-profit and small business
  •   Intellectual property, nondisclosure
      agreements, and licensing

Civil litigation anD
meDiation CliniC
  •   Consumer claims (including
      predatory lending)
  •   Contract disputes
  •   Real estate transactions and disputes
      involving low income homeowners
  •   Collection matters
  •   Mediation as neutrals

HealtH law CliniC
  •   Social security disability/

      supplemental security income cases
      Medicaid eligibility claims
                                              Professor Louise McKinney
  •   Disability discrimination                  “My work involved creating a pro-bono and social justice ethic within the legal
  •   Health insurance disputes                system, including encouraging law students to serve those who are underserved.
  •   Special education matters                 This is very similar to our focus at the Clinic, where students receive experiential
                                                       learning opportunities. Once law students are exposed to the plight of the
                                                       under-represented and poor, they get a sense of obligation to give back.”
urban DeveloPment lab
  •   Research related to urban
      development projects
                                                --1 8 --
         CLiNiC        THE MILTOn A . kRAMER
                       LAW CLInIC CEnTER

Experiential learning through simulation courses and
real-world experiences is an integral part of the Case
Western Reserve University law school curriculum.
At Case Western Reserve School of Law, students do not
merely study law; they make an active contribution through
our clinics, externships, and labs. Students have many
opportunities to apply their classroom learning to
real-world situations.

The Milton A. kramer Law Clinic center, created in 1970, is where students put their
lawyering skills to work representing real clients in civil, criminal, and transactional
matters. Under faculty guidance, students handle a broad range of legal matters:
consumer issues (such as deceptive sales practices and predatory lending),
mediation, elder and disability law (encompassing social security and public
benefits), nonprofit incorporation, and criminal misdemeanors (such as petty theft,
DUI, and domestic violence.)

Currently, the only law school in the country to have two clinical Fulbright Scholars,
Professors Louise Mckinney and Timothy Casey share a devotion to the professional
obligation of lawyers to engage in public interest work. This devotion has expanded
to Africa and Argentina, where they have worked at the University of Botswana and
the University of San Andres, respectively.

For more information about our clinic:

To contact the kramer Law Clinic Center:
Phone: (216) 368-2766

                 --1 9 --

 summer institute For                                     inDiviDualizeD
 global JustiCe at tHe                                    semester stuDy abroaD
 university oF utreCHt                                    Through our Study Abroad Program, the Canada-
 In partnership with Washington University School of      U.S. Law Institute, the north American Legal Studies
 Law in St. Louis, Case Western Reserve hosts the         Program, and other international affiliations, we
 Summer Institute for Global Justice at Utrecht           have created opportunities for our students to study
 University in The netherlands. Founded in 1636,          law abroad. Past participants have studied in
 and home to over 30,000 students, Utrecht                Russia, Mexico, Canada, China, Australia, Spain,
 University was recently ranked as Continental            and Japan. Students can apply for a stipend to
 Europe’s best University. The University’s               defray expenses.
 beautifully renovated classrooms and facilities,
 which are used by the Summer Institute, are located      Case abroaD at Home
 in historic buildings in the center of the city.         The Case Abroad at Home program offers one-
                                                          credit mini-courses taught by international experts
 Students can earn six credits in the areas of            from around the world that augment our
 international and comparative law. Prominent             international law curriculum. They are offered at
 international law experts from the United States         the law school and taught intensively the week
 and Europe teach the courses. The program also           before the start of the fall semester.
 features guest lectures by international officials and
 visits to the nearby international institutions based
 in Brussells and in The Hague which serves as the
 headquarters of the International Court of Justice.

                                        --2 0 --
Chimezirim “Chime” Nwankwo, 2L
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
“This summer I am working at a local mid-sized firm for the month of June, and taking study-abroad classes
through Case’s program in Utrecht, netherlands in July. I think the opportunity to do both is amazing and I’m
really looking forward to a productive summer!”

 The faculty of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law are
 dedicated to teaching and excellence in scholarship, which is reflected
 in extraordinary classroom experiences, valuable opportunities for legal
 practice, and in the Academic Centers we support. Faculty take their
 commitment to outstanding teaching and to mentoring students very seriously.

 For students, this means knowing that their              leading publishers and journals. The qualifications
 professors will be available to discuss the legal        of adjunct faculty members are equally remarkable.
 issues of the day, expand on classroom discussion,
 help evaluate employment opportunities, and talk         For complete biographical information and
 one-on-one about the student’s performance on an         photographs:
 exam. Distinguished for their scholarship, since
 1999 faculty members have published more than
 900 books, book chapters, and articles with

                             Professor Michael Benza
                             “One of the joys of teaching here is the emphasis on integrating traditional
                             law school courses and real-world experiences. In the Death Penalty Lab
                             students apply their skills to death penalty cases and learn firsthand how the
                             theory and the application of the law intersect while also learning that cases
                             involve real people — it goes well beyond just the facts of a case.”

                                       --2 3 --
     CAREER                               CAREER SERvICES OFFICE

                  The Case Western Reserve University School of Law Career Services Office
                  (CSO) is one of the best in the country. The CSO staff cultivates strong national
                  relationships to create opportunities that connect Case Western Reserve law students
                  with prospective employers, resulting in employment statistics that consistently
                  surpass national averages in employment rates and salary.

                  The staff of six includes five attorneys with a range         Services and resources available to students are
                  of abilities and contacts in traditional and non-             vital to developing an effective personal career plan.
                  traditional legal settings. Staff members counsel
                  students, conduct employer outreach, coordinate               Through the CSO, students receive and have access to:
                  career workshops, and organize national and                     • Career counseling
                  regional job fairs, panel discussions, and mock                 • On-campus and off-campus interview
                  interviews. Our CSO is one of a few in the country                programs
                  that has one full-time position devoted to employer             • Resumé collect and resumé direct services
                  relations. In addition, the CSO sponsors off-                   • Job postings
                  campus interviews in Southern California, Chicago,              • Programs, workshops and mock interviews
                  new york, new England, and Washington, D.C.                     • Information and tips from employer outreach
                                                                                  • CSO legal career search guide
“My first year at Case Western has been                                           • Career Resource Library
                                                                                  • Case Connections Alumni networking
wonderful. I have a great support network                                           Database
                                                                                  • CSO Blog
of peers and professors. Extracurricular                                          • Off-campus job fairs, including the Patent Law
                                                                                    Job Fair, Equal Justice Works Job Fair, Midwest
activities have been a great outlet for the                                         Public Interest Career Conference, the Cook
                                                                                    County Bar Association Job Fair, the new
pressures of law school. Being involved in                                          Hampshire Legal Job Fair, the Black Law
                                                                                    Student Association (BLSA) Midwest Regional
student organizations, especially the Jewish                                        Minority Recruitment Conference, the
                                                                                    Government Employer Information Fair, and
Law Students Association, has exposed                                               Lavender Law.

me to the cooperation and co-sponsoring                                         For more information about our
                                                                                Career Services Office:
efforts among the student body.”
                                                     — Jonah Grabelsky, 1L
       Undergraduate Institution: northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

                                                             --2 4 --
Lara Nochomovitz, Alumna
Undergraduate Institution:
Pomona College, Claremont, CA
“After graduation I moved to Denver to work in the Environmental Department
at a medium-sized firm. Case taught me how to apply a legal framework to
problem solving and improved my ability to make a compelling argument
and incorporate counter-arguments to opposing views. Through practicum,
the Case Abroad at Home courses, international study opportunities and
visiting professors, Case gave me the flexibility to explore a broad spectrum
of academic interests and develop a professional network that extends well
beyond Cleveland, Ohio.”
Our Office of Student Services
sponsors numerous programs,
services, and activities including
                                       REBUiLdiNG NEW ORLEANS
community receptions, the Academic     Over the past four years law school students have volunteered
Enrichment Program, First year         more than 1,800 hours in a variety of home rehabilitation and
“Olympics”, Big Brothers/Big Sisters   community development projects including legal assistance,
Annual Bowl-a-thon, and bar            disaster recovery work, and gutting several homes. Students are
examination workshops.                 responsible for paying for the complete trip and successful
                                       fundraising has lowered the cost per person from $1,500 to $600.00.

                                                                                    moot Court team
                                              In April 2008, Case Western Reserve University School of Law won
                                                   the Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition in
                                             Washington, D.C. The Jessup Competition is the world’s largest and
                                            most prestigious Moot Court tournament. nearly 600 teams from 98
                                            different countries competed. Case Western Reserve’s victory marked
                                                     just the second time in 14 years—and third since 1990—an
                                                                 American team was crowned world champion.

 At Case Western Reserve University School of Law, students participate in nearly
 40 student organizations. And that number keeps growing. Put legal theory into
 practice as a member of a student organization.

 Join the Case Western Reserve chapter of the ACLU or the
 Federalist Society. Participate in one of our many moot court or
                                                                    Several different journals provide
 mock trial teams. volunteer with our Big Buddies program.
                                                                    students the opportunity to collaborate
                                                                    with classmates, academicians, and
 These kinds of purpose-driven initiatives demonstrate the
                                                                    practitioners. Our Health Matrix:
 creativity and energy of our students. Whether joining an
                                                                    Journal of Law-Medicine is the only
 established group or laying the foundation for a new one, our
                                                                    student-edited health law journal in
 students develop lasting friendships with peers and professors,
                                                                    the country and is the highest-
 and skills that will serve them well beyond Case Western
                                                                    ranked health law publication
 Reserve and Cleveland.
                                                                    among law schools.

 Within Cleveland (one of the nation’s most philanthropic cities)   stuDent-eDiteD Journals
 and University Circle (home to more than 40 arts and                 •   Law Review
 educational institutions), students can get involved in civic,       •   Health Matrix Journal of Law-
 social service, health, arts, and cultural organizations that            Medicine
 match their interests—from the Red Cross to the Legal Aid            •   Journal of International Law
 Society, to Meals on Wheels, to the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus.      •   Canada-U.S. Law Journal
                                                                      •   Internet Law Journal
 For a complete list of student organizations:                        •   The Docket student newsletter                                            •   War Crimes Prosecution Watch

                                        --2 7 --

             We pride ourselves on creating a community of learning in which students and
             faculty can study and learn in comfort, have easy access to resources, and interact
             with each other not only in the classroom, but also, casually in common areas
             devoted to student use.

             Throughout the building there is a feeling of           Case Western Reserve University School of Law has
             openness and hospitality that enhances learning         a remarkable history of commitment to social
             and the exchange of ideas. Students and faculty are     justice and some of the nation’s most courageous
             often seen chatting over a cup of coffee on “The        and influential civil rights attorneys have been
             Bridge” or in our spacious student lounge.              graduates of the school including Rosa Park’s
                                                                     attorney, Fred Gray. Case was one of the first law
             We consider ourselves to be a national law school       schools in the country to accept African-American
             and are committed to recruiting a diverse student       students when it opened its doors in 1892.
             body. 60% of our students are from states other
             than Ohio, and we attract non-traditional students
             who bring critical skills and work experience to our
             incoming class.

“When I came for a visit, I immediately felt the
communal spirit among the students, the faculty,
and the staff – which distinguishes Case from
other law schools. Case remains a great fit for me
because of the warm hospitality of the Admissions
Office, the wealth of resources in the Career
Services Office, the continuous support of Case
Alumni, and the array of campus organizations,
including the Black Law Students Association.”
                                                              — Ashley Lee, 2L

                                                   --2 8 --
     Gina Crawford, 2L
            Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois

  Gina received her master’s degree from Northwestern
    University and has a PhD in Counseling and Human
  development from Kent State. Prior to law school Gina
had her own private practice in counseling and mediation.
  “Case offers many opportunities for success. It’s a privilege to
   be a member of Cleveland’s dynamic legal community. Case
      offers a challenging curriculum and world-renowned legal
            scholars. I am thrilled to be doing something I love!”
      SEE FOR

                      Brochures are fine, but consider a visit to our campus to learn more about us.

                                                                                  During the regular school year,
                                                                                  prospective students and families can sit
                                                                                  in on a first-year class, take a tour given
                                                   Willowick           Kirtland   by a current law student, and speak with
                                                         Willoughby               an admissions staff member. During the
                                               Euclid                             summer, our admissions staff is happy to
                          Manhattan Beach                                         speak with you and give you a tour of
                                Five Points             Richmond Heights          the law school.
                              East Cleveland
                                                           Cleveland Heights
                 CLEVELAND                         x               Mayfield
                                                                                  To arrange your visit, please contact the
                                                                                  Admissions office at 216-368-3600
           Lakewood                                         Shaker Heights        For more information on planning a
                                 Karlin                                           visit:
                                                                                  We also offer an open house during the
 Olmsted                         Willow        Maple Heights                      month of January, so please refer to our
                         Parma                                                    web site in December for more
            Brook Park                    Independence
                                                                                  We look forward to seeing you
                                                                                  on campus!

“Tip for anyone considering law school: Visit schools you are considering
before you make your final decision so that you can get a feel for what the
students, faculty, and staff are like. When I visited Case, I was impressed
with the friendliness of the students and staff. Being in that kind of
atmosphere is encouraging to me now, as a student.”
                                                                                                       — Sarah Antonucci, 1L

                                                          --3 1 --
AdMiSSiON                   THE ADMISSIOnS PROCESS

 Competition for the spaces in the entering class is high. When we review
 files, our question is this: is a candidate ready to meet the intellectual challenges
 of our program? The admissions committee evaluates each applicant’s file,
 looking carefully at the candidate’s undergraduate grade-point average and
 LSAT score as well as other non-quantitative factors, such as level and difficulty
 of undergraduate course work, writing skills, and work experience.

 While our selection process is rigorous, it is not rigid. We   transFer DeCision timetable:
 insist upon diversity in our student body because we           december 1 – For entry Spring Semester;
 believe that the entire law school community benefits            applicants are notified by December 15
 from it. We will consider with sensitivity any information     March 30 – Early Action application
 about a candidate’s special circumstances. We have a             deadline; applicants are notified by April 30
 rolling admissions policy – as decision are made,              May 15 – Early Action seat deposit deadline ($250)
 applicants are notified.                                       July 1 – Regular Action application deadline; Applicants
                                                                  will be notified by August 1, or later as completed
 Our application is available September 1, and can be           two weeks after date of admission –
 found at: We               Regular Action seat deposit deadline ($250)
 waive the application fee if you apply on-line. All deposits
 are non-refundable and are required of all entering            For complete details about the Case Western Reserve
 students. Each applicant should secure information about       University School of Law admission process, please go
 the character and other qualifications for admission to        to:
 the bar in the state(s) in which the applicant intends to
 practice law.                                                  Please contact the Admissions
                                                                Office with questions:
 early DeCision timetable:                                      E-mail:
 november 15 – Submit Early Decision Agreement                  Phone: (216)368-3600
 november 30 – Complete and submit the application              Toll free: (800) 756-0036
 december 15 – Applicants will be notified                      Fax: (216) 368-1042
   by then of decision
 January 10 – Deposit due ($400)

 regular DeCision timetable:
 February 1 – Priority Application deadline
 January 1 – May 1 – Applicants are notified of decision
 april 1 – Regular Application deadline
 april 15 – First seat ($300) or first choice
   ($400) deposit deadline (rolling thereafter)
 June 15 – Second seat deposit ($400)
   deadline (rolling thereafter)

                                                --3 2 --

 The Case Western Reserve University School of Law participates in all Title
 iV federally sponsored programs such as Stafford Student Loans, Perkins
 Loans, and private sector educational loans. The law school also sponsors
 its own scholarships, which are awarded based on merit to applicants with
 outstanding credentials.

 The Student Financial Services Office staff works      FinanCial aiD timetable
 directly with students to develop realistic budgets    February – All applicants receive e-mail
 that meet the cost of obtaining a legal education at   regarding financial aid procedures
 the School of Law. They also help identify
 appropriate financial support to help students         March 15 – Complete a FAFSA (Free
 realize educational and professional goals. Other      Application for Federal Student Aid)
 services include debt management and credit
 counseling.                                            May 1 – Submit the Case Financial Aid

                                                        For complete financial aid information,
                                                        please refer to our web site:
                                                        Please contact the Student Financial
                                                        Services Office with questions:
                                                        Phone: (216) 368-3602
                                                        Toll free: (877) 889-4279
                                                        Fax: (216) 368-1042

                                       --3 3 --
“When I was in practice, I helped to free
a man who came within hours of being
executed for a crime he didn’t commit. This
experience showed me how lawyers can
make an enormous difference in people’s
lives, and I try to impart that lesson to
my students. In seminars and supervised
research I help them develop their own
ideas. Many of their papers have been
published in law reviews nationwide.”
                            — Professor Jonathan entin
                                                Case Western Reserve university admits students of any race, religion, age, sex, color,
                                                disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and national or ethnic origin
Case Western Reserve university School of law   to all the rights and privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made
                                                available to students at the university. it does not discriminate on the basis of race,
11075 east boulevard                            religion, age, sex, color, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or
Cleveland, Oh 44106                             national or ethnic origin in administering its educational policies, admission policies,
                                                employment, promotion and compensation policies, scholarship and loan programs,
                                                athletic or other university-administered programs.

                                                Reservation of Right to modify
                                                this publication is neither a contract nor an offer of a contract. Case Western Reserve
                                                university School of law reserves the right to add, amend, delete or otherwise modify its
                                                policies, information, rules and regulations. this includes, but is not limited to, the
                                                modification of its degree programs or courses of study; its rules affecting the admission
                                                and retention of students, or the granting of credit and degrees; the academic calendar,
                                                course offerings or course content; and its fees, tuition and other charges, whenever it
                                                deems such changes desirable or necessary.

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