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									                                                                     Trivia Night Attracts Near 300
    Table of Contents                                                to First-Time Event
                                                                       Almost 300 alumni, alumni parents and current parents
    Saints Masses .............................................. 3
                                                                     – 25 teams in all – participated in the Saint Thomas
    Extravaganza ............................................... 4   Aquinas High School First Annual Saints Trivia Challenge
    Fund-a-Need ............................................... 5    in the Commons on Saturday, January 30, 2010.
    Student News ............................................. 6       The event, which will be held annually to celebrate
    Saints Marrying Saints ................................ 7        Catholic Schools Week and the Feast of the school’s
                                                                     patron saint St. Thomas Aquinas, was spearheaded by
    Class of 2010 .............................................8-9   alumni/current parent Beth Hartung. The organizing
    Bob Aley Retirement .................................10          committee included Kelly Sherman, Anne Kaveski, Liz and
    Alumni Spotlight .......................................12       Brendan Mitchell, Jerry Drew, Stacy and Dave Watson,
                                                                     Ann Casey, Donna and Kurt Schmidt, Sean Reilly, Ed
    Meet Mike Thomas ....................................16          Pyle and Shannon Hopfinger. Father Andrew Strobl,
    Winter Sports Recap .................................17          Saint Thomas Aquinas Chaplain, celebrated Mass in the
                                                                     Chapel preceding the Challenge and Bit Clark and Karen
    Miller Family .............................................18
                                                                     Kellerman helped with planning the liturgy.
    Class Notes ............................................... 20
                                                                       Congratulations to the $1,000 first place table, the Ten
    In Memoriam ........................................... 23       Chocolatiers! Runner-up team Gilligan’s Island won $750,
    Memorial Program ................................... 24          and third place team, Kaleidoscope and best decorated table
                                                                     Ducks Unlimited each received $300 in prize money.
    Inspiring Messages .................................... 25
                                                                        Mark your calendar for January 22, 2011, for the second
    Community Calendar ............................... 26            annual Saints Trivia Challenge. All are welcome at this
    Reunions .............................................. 26-27    lively, competitive but always-friendly event, and alumni
    Facebook ....................................Back Cover          are especially encouraged to participate! Start putting your
                                                                     team together TODAY!

      The Saints Spirit magazine is a publication of the Saint
    Thomas Aquinas Advancement Office. We welcome your
            comments or questions. Call or write:
                        Bryan Thrasher
                 Director of Communications
              Saint Thomas Aquinas High School                       The “Ten Chocolatiers” team was awarded the Trivia Challenge
                      11411 Pflumm Road                              Traveling Trophy by Dr. Bill Ford. Pictured above: Robert and Lisa
               Overland Park, Kansas 66215-4816                      Ruisch, Eric and Heather Carter, David Vogt, Dr. Ford, Lynne and Ken
                         913.319.2425                                Moran, Amy and Matt Dierks, Lisa Vogt.

                       William Ford, Ed.D.                            Cover: During the month of May, the Saint Thomas
                             President                                Aquinas community was invited to bring flowers to
                         Teresa Ahrens                                adorn the statue of our Holy Mother outside the
                    Director of Special Events                        Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. The lovely
                                                                      “May Altar” was a beautiful reminder of Mary’s
                     Mary Bridget Kratofil                            important role as the Mother of God.
                   Director of Media Relations
                       Michon Quick                                   For this the fairest blooms were plucked
        Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations                    And placed below her image there,
                                                                      To offer beauty as a gift
                       Cindy Winkler                                  And fragrance as a prayer.
                 Advancement Office Manager                           (excerpt from the poem May Altar, first published in the Columbia Journal 1954)

                                                                                                        SaintS MaSSeS

Saints Masses at KU and K-State
  Each year approximately one-third of the Saint Thomas        Alumni Office hosts an annual Mass and dinner at each
Aquinas graduating class heads off to one of the two largest   Catholic campus center to encourage students and their
public universities in Kansas. In an effort to continue the    families to visit the Center and also reconnect with other
mission of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, the Saints        Saints alumni at their university.

3rd Annual Saints Mass at KU                                   2nd Annual Saints Mass at K-State
September 27, 2009                                             April 18, 2010
Right: Father Steve Beseau, ‘84, welcomed
guests to the St. Lawrence Catholic
Campus Center at the University of
Kansas, where he is chaplain and director.

Below: Gathering in the Social Hall
following Mass are Suzanne Billam, ‘03,
Andrew Billam, ‘07, Maureen Billam,
grandbaby Billam, Tom Billam, Molly
Peterson, Derek Peterson, ‘07, and Rick

                                                               Saintly Wildcats attended Mass at St. Isidore’s on the KSU campus
                                                               and then enjoyed BBQ dinner at the KSU Alumni Center across the
                                                               street. Pictured clockwise from center/left are: Holly Robben, ‘07, Rachel
                                                               Robben, ‘09, Brittany Boddicker, ‘07, Alex Lopez, ‘07, Danny Linder,
                                                               ’09, Brian Sullivan, ‘07, Robert Fields, ‘07; (back row, l-r) Kevin Goebel,
                                                               ‘06, Colin Cummings, ‘06, Dalton Cummings, ‘08, Pat Reazin, ‘08;
                                                               (middle row, l-r) P.J. Greer, ‘09, Carl Specht, ‘08, Kevin Ahrens, ‘08,
                                                               Johnny Tompkins, ‘06; (front row, l-r) Christina Farmer, ‘09, Jimmy
                                                               Wernel, ‘07 (visitor from KU). Not pictured: Derek Lopez, ‘08

Right: The Nigro
family -- George,
Katie, ‘02, Patty,
and Angie, ‘08
-- enjoyed Mexican
cuisine from Tequilla

Bottom: Pictured
left-to-right are
Ryan Dennihan,
‘07, Austin Quick,
‘07, Mary Helen
Dennihan, Dennis
“Denny” Dennihan,                                              Parents and friends of KSU Saints who attended the Saints Mass at
and Jackie                                                     K-State in April 2010 are: ( left to right, back row) Jim Fields, Michon
Dennihan,’05.                                                  Quick, Lisa Cummings, Lisa Boddicker, Nancy Reazin, Anne Fields,
                                                               Susie Taylor, and (front row): Teresa Ahrens, Kelly Specht, Shelly
                                                               Sullivan, Barry Sullivan.


      Extravaganza 2009 – That’s Entertainment! was held on Saturday,
    November 14, netting $160,000 for student activities at Saint
    Thomas Aquinas High School. The Commons and Gym
    were transformed into a Hollywood vision with white feather
                                                                             One of the most popular auction items among guests
    centerpieces, a 3-D Academy Award statue, gold screens and               was the Faculty & Staff Gift for which many donated a
    twinkling lights. The 60th anniversary of ‘The Greatest Year             favorite beverage with a story about his/her selection. The
    of Movies – 1939’ was also portrayed in the Student Baskets,             collection was displayed beautifully and auctioned with an
    incorporating themes from Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Mr.          accompanying wine refrigerator for $3,600.
    Smith Goes to Washington, Stagecoach, Gulliver’s Travels, Hunchback of
    Notre Dame, and Goodbye Mr. Chips to name a few.                         Right: Dressed as Dorothy
                                                                             from the 1939 Oscar
    Right: Current/alumni                                                    winning film, Wizard of
    parents Keith & Bit Clark                                                Oz, junior Annie Clark
    and parents Kathleen                                                     and a puppy named
    & Michael Gremillion                                                     “Oscar” fit nicely into the
    co-chaired Extravaganza                                                  evening’s Hollywood theme.
    2009, the largest
    fundraising event for                                                    Below: Senior students
    Saint Thomas Aquinas                                                     Meggie Carroll, Erin
    High School.                                                             Bunker, Sean Tokic, Sarah
                                                                             Moore and Annie Sneed
                                                                             joined 60 other Senior
                                                                             Envoys to serve guests at
                                                                             the annual dinner and
     Right: Emcee Mike Thompson from WDAF Fox and STA chaplain
     Fr. Andrew Strobl prepare to auction “Dinner with Father Andrew,”
     generously hosted by Maureen & Mike Bukaty. Over 460 live and silent
     auction items were donated for the event.

     Bottom Right: Extravaganza emcee Mike
     Thompson jams with John Michaels, ’90,
     and Buck Rogers band members at the dance
     following the dinner and auction. Along
     with John, several alumni participated in
     entertainment for the evening: Evan Maslak,
     ‘09, Austin Quick, ‘07, Paul Shinn, ‘06, and
     Jim Tharp, ‘91.

     Below: Alumni, parents and friends –
     including Beverage co-chairs Maureen &
     Dan Carroll and Bobbi Turek – were
     encouraged to visit the Extravaganza
     website prior to the event to peruse the
     Auction Preview.

                                                                             Live Auction chairs Robin & Jim Wooten and Kirk
                                                                             Kowalewski were instrumental in establishing ways for
                                                                             those not attending the event to participate, including
                                                                             an on-line only raffle for a 52” LCDHD TV and online
                                                                             guaranteed bidding for selected items.


                                                                         Fund-a-Need Raises
                                                                         Awareness and $75,000

  The wheels
on the “Dueling
Buses” went
‘round and ‘round
on March 6th to
the BarrelHouse
Piano Bar in                                                              Alumni parents John and Barb O’Donnell join Dorothy and
Lawrence, Kansas.                                                         Michael Eagan in supporting the Guardian Angel Fund at
A sign-up event                                                           Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
at Extravaganza
2009, the trip                                                             On November 14 at the 2009 Extravaganza, guests
was enjoyed by        Dueling Bus Co-Chairs Terri Thelen, left, (Class   learned or were reminded that many families in our
120 happy travelers of ‘77 and Alumni Parent ‘04 and ‘08) and            own community rely on the gifts of others to be able
and hosted by         Joyce Didde (‘08, ‘12) with Bob Fitzpatrick        to provide their children with a Catholic education at
alumni parents        (Alumni Parent ‘01, ‘04 and ‘07), owner of         Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
and BarrelHouse       BarrelHouse in Lawrence, Kansas.                      In a very moving presentation during the evening’s
owners Kathy &                                                           Live Auction, current/alumni parent Michael Eagan
Bob Fitzpatrick. Special thanks to Joyce & David Didde                   addressed the guests to explain the purpose and
and Terri & Phil Thelen for organizing the trip. Bus emcees              importance of the school’s Guardian Angel Fund.
Mark Radetic and Troy Reazin kept the travelers entertained              Speaking with sincerity and compassion, Michael
to and from Lawrence. Denise & Dan Keating of Beat the                   explained that the Guardian Angel Fund is different
Bookstore at KU donated beverage coozies for everyone, and               from the school’s financial assistance program which
other donations were provided by Jack Bondon of Berbiglia                provides tuition remission for approximately 19.7%
and Dueling Buses underwriters: Sara & David Baker,                      of our students totaling $627,300. The Guardian
Terry & Bill Biggins, Tracy & Toby Boschert, Allison &                   Angel Fund assists those families who experience
Rick Clark, Joyce & David Didde, Paula & Emmett Logan,                   unforeseen financial difficulties during the year such
Nancy & Troy Reazin, and Terri & Phil Thelen. Dueling                    as job loss, death of a parent or an extreme medical
Buses generated $6,000 for Extravaganza 2009, the proceeds               situation. Last year alone, an additional $47,878 was
benefitting the school’s student activities.                             requested by 24 families needing tuition assistance
                                                                         through the Guardian Angel Fund.
                                                                           Within minutes following Michael’s speech and
                                                                         with the help of the Nigro Brothers Auctioneers
                                                                         and master of ceremonies Mike Thompson, over
                                                                         $75,000 was raised to subsidize tuition for families in
                                                                         immediate need of assistance.
                                                                           Saint Thomas Aquinas does not conduct a Fund-a-
                                                                         Need project at Extravaganza in most years, but with
                                                                         the current economic climate and the need greater
                                                                         than ever, Dr. Ford was quoted as saying “THIS is
                                                                         who we are. THIS is what we do – we help people
                                                                         when they are in-need, just as Jesus would.”
Over 200 parent and student volunteers helped to create Extravaganza
2009, including current/alumni parents Linda Boring, Nancy Reazin,
Mary Woody, Mary Beth Mecca and Teresa Reilly.

    Student newS

     Saints on a Mission                                                         National Merit Scholarship

                                                                                    The above seniors were honored by the National
                                                                                 Merit Scholarship Program. They are: Stephanie Trouba
                                                                                 (finalist), David Edklund, Amanda Robison, Stephen
                                                                                 Brand; 2nd row, Matt Coombs (finalist), Hannah
                                                                                 Zimmerman, Katie Heit and James Slaven.
     Top left: During spring break, a group of 17 seniors and three
     sponsors traveled to northwest Arizona east of Flagstaff in what
     they described as “the middle of nowhere.” The nearest civilization
     (Holbrook) was 75 miles away.
                                                                                 Saint Thomas Aquinas juniors
                                                                                 chosen for national choir and
                                                                                   Three Saint Thomas
                                                                                 Aquinas juniors have been
                                                                                 invited to participate in the
                                                                                 Music Education National
                                                                                 Convention (MENC) to be
     The group discovered upon arriving at their destination that there was
                                                                                 held in Washington, D.C.
     no running water and very limited electricity. The accommodations were      June 24-29. Trombone            Saint Thomas Aquinas juniors
     a church where the girls slept and a “Hogan” which housed the boys.         player Paul Radke will          Paul Radke, left, Molly Porter and
     According to Phil Farnan, STA English teacher who accompanied the           join 49 other musicians         Anthony Fortino, will participate
     group, “the kids adjusted well and had great attitudes.”                    from across the country         in the National Band and Choir
                                                                                 to play with a jazz band.       in Washington, D.C. this summer.
                                                                                 Molly Porter and Anthony
                                                                                 Fortino will sing with the 82-member National Choir
                                                                                 and both groups will perform at the Kennedy Center.
                                                                                 The talented music and voice students competed at
                                                                                 the district and state levels to make it into this national
                                                                                 competition. Details about the event are available online
                                                                                 at www.mencevents.org/menceventshonorspage.htm.

                                                                                  In the Winter 2010 issue of Saints Spirit, Dominique
     The students roofed, painted, installed insulation, dry-wall, and helped   Vestal, junior at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, was
     with plumbing (though the owners were only hopeful that one day            inadvertently omitted from the list of cast members for
     there would be water). The hard-working group accomplished a great         the 2009 Fall Musical. Dominique played the role of Miss
     deal in one week. The seniors were pleased with their work at the end      Krumbholtz in the Saints production of How to Succeed in
     of the trip and will recall it as a truly memorable adventure.             Business without Really Trying.

                                                                          SaintS MarrYing SaintS

                                                                       Brandenburgh - Ellis
                                                                          Sara Brandenburgh, ‘03, and Russell Ellis, ‘97,
                                                                       were married on October 24, 2009, at Church
                                                                       of the Ascension in Overland Park, Kansas, with
                                                                       Father Gary Pennings as celebrant. Russ works
                                                                       at Proctor & Gamble and Sara is a nurse at
                                                                       Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Sara and Russ
                                                                       live in Gardner, Kansas, and like movies and fine
                                                                       food, working in the yard, and hanging out with
                                                                       family and friends. They are also expecting a new
                                                                       addition to their family in August 2010!

                                                                         Pictured left to right are: Stacy Block, Nicole
                                                                       Weitkamp, ‘03, Julie Fishburn, Sara Brandenburgh
                                                                       Ellis, ‘03, Russell Ellis, ‘97, Steve Barry, Jason
                                                                       Fishburn, Lance Brandenburgh, ‘04, Jordan
                                                                       Brandenburgh, ‘09.

Quick - Fields
  Ashley Quick, ‘03, and Patrick Fields,
‘04, were married on Saturday, August
1, 2009, at Visitation Catholic Church
in Kansas City, Missouri. Monsignor
Vince Krische, retired Chaplain of the
St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center at
the University of Kansas, presided. Ashley
graduated from the University of Kansas
in 2007, with a degree in Early Childhood
Special Education. She is currently the lead
autism teacher at Children’s Therapeutic
Learning Center (TLC) in Kansas
City, Missouri. Patrick graduated from
Marquette University in 2008. He works
for Aflac and plans to attend law school.
The couple resides near the Country Club
Plaza in Kansas City with their dog, Jerry.
  Pictured left to right: Megan Mulryan, Molly McMeekin, Jessica Haney,
‘08, Kelsey Barr, Laura Davis, Michelle Walter, Casey Quick (flower girl),
Ashley Quick Fields, ‘03, Patrick Fields, ‘04, Ryan McAllen (ring bearer),
Robert Fields, ‘07, Denny Alfonsin, ‘04, Lance Brandenburgh, ‘04, Nathan
Mann, ‘04, Drew Huppe, ‘04, and Tom Philipps, ‘04. Front row: A.J.
Quick, class of 2014, Austin Quick, ‘07, and Andrew Quick, ‘08.
  Kristen Brand, ‘03, Kristin Fitzpatrick, ‘04, Jen Flaspohler, ‘03,
Brittany Jeter, ‘04, Alisa Molle, ‘03, and Jerry Wohletz, ‘08, also
participated in the Mass.

    ClaSS oF 2010

     The Class of 2010 -- Where Are They Going?
                                                                                        JCCC, cont’d
                                                                                        Chris Miller
                                                                                        Sumey Mohammadrabie
                                                                                        Meg Muckey
     Allen County Community                                                             Joseph Nicely
                                                             University of Denver
     College                     Boston College                                         Shelby Renne Pittman
                                                             Erin Henderson
     Nathan Russell              Alexandria Spenner                                     Ryan Smith                University of Kansas
                                                                                        Matthew Swan              Andrew Adford
                                                                                        Kellie White              Michael Armentrout
                                                                                                                  Parker Beck
                                                                                                                  Alex Biddlecombe
                                                             DePaul University                                    Taylor Byrd
                                 Bowling Green State         Kelsey Childers                                      Geoffrey Calvert
     Arkansas State University   University                                                                       Shelby Cato
                                                             Elizabeth DeKraai
     Megan Baska                 Amanda Nelson                                          Kansas State University   John (Jack) Charles
                                                             Sean Latz
                                                             Kevin John Watson          Alyssa Adamany            Natalie Cherry
                                                                                        Lauren Atcheson           Paul Cherry
                                                                                        Travis Barmby             Devin James Clement
                                                                                        Alex Bolin                Bridget Collins
                                                                                        Audrey Boring             Brian Patrick Connaughton
     University of Arkansas                                                             Valerie Castaneda         Matthew Coombs
     Kyle Ahern                  Butler University                                      Jacob Corrigan            Sarah Coplen
                                                             Emporia State University
     John Bertels                Micaela Ritschl                                        Kristin Davis             Justin Crane
                                                             Colleen Coffin
     Anna T Bono                                                                        Beth DeMars               Ali DeBoest
                                                             Nicole Jara
     Renee L Flagler                                                                    Justin Drake              Andrew Delaorra
                                                             Andrea Piezuch
     Kevin Klein                                                                        Ellen Drummond            Emily DeLong
     Sarah Moore                                                                        Erin Ebeling              Sharon Disidore
                                                                                        David Ecklund             James Dold
                                                                                        Michael Finley            Daine Dvorak
                                 University of Central                                  Adam Fox                  Stephanie Edmondson
                                 Missouri                    University of Evansville   Marie Gardner             Hannah Enenbach
                                 Samantha Tyler              Spencer Shain              Steven Geist              Jason Falen
     Auburn University                                                                  Lauren Geller             William Franke
     Margaret Clark                                                                     Amelia (Molly) Glenn      Matthew Gasparovich
                                                                                        David Glenski             Elizabeth Gohde
                                                                                        Mitchell Golubski         Joanie Greffet
                                                                                        Jacob Hammer              Phillip Grosdidier
                                 Coe College                 Indiana University at      Cassie Hernandez          Thomas Harrison
                                 Christina Miller            Bloomington                Madison Huber             Christine Hoang
                                                             Anna McCabe                Ashley Krone              Andrew Hovorka
     Avila University                                                                   Heath Lilek               Michael (Garrett) Jones
     Joe Hermsen                                                                        Kelci Lucas               Alec Joseph
                                                                                        Alexis Lundy              John Kindscher
                                                                                        Juliana Malone            Mary (Katie) Krim
                                 University of Colorado at                              Jonathan (Blake) Martin   Sarah Kwapiszeski
                                 Boulder                                                Kayla McMullen            Alexandra Lanning
                                 Fernanda Quezada            Iowa State University      Anastacia Miller          Lauren Lawton
                                                             Elizabeth Ashley           Jacob Miller              Olivia Lisbon
                                                             Laura Talken               Kory Miller               Josh Lodoly
     Benedictine College                                                                Gianna Misenhelter        Madeline Luther
     Erin Bunker                                                                        Harold Mitts              Amanda MacLeod
     Michael Feuerborn                                                                  Janelle Morgan            Nicholas Malley
     Stephanie Fragale           Colorado State University                              Ryan Mueller              Brianna Maltby
     Mary Cate Halling           Kate O’Connell                                         Elisa Navickas            Adrienne Mather
     Nicholas Loughman                                                                  Kelsey Nygren             Lindsey Mayfield
                                                             Johnson County Community
     Ashley Marie Mattingly                                                             Kaitlin Oldenhuis         Steven Mayfield
     Johnathan McGown                                                                   Michael Peabody           Sarah McKernan
                                                             Jesse Bouler
     Michael Miller                                                                     Jamie Prendergast         Stephen Nelson
                                                             James Bryant
     Katelyn Nill                Creighton University                                   Molly Reilly              Michael Newman
                                                             Ann Budd
     Eddie Regan                 Carolyn Carmosino                                      Kathryn Robertson         Ryan James O’Connell
                                                             Chelsey Campbell
     Michelle Tranckino          Morgan Commodore                                       Matthew James Ryan        Kaelen O’Grady
                                                             Seth M Canzoneri
     Stephanie Trouba            Hallie Dusselier                                       Kelly Service             Christopher Patterson
                                                             Catherine Cellitti
     Jordan Zarse                Meagan Wilderson                                       Emily Smith               Kyle Patterson
                                                             Samantha Hanson
                                                             Shawn Patrick Hill         Matthew Urban             Katelyn Elizabeth Peter
                                                             Lindsey Hopfinger          Lexi J Vaughan            Amanda Pigott
                                                             Steven Hornung             Carrie Waters             Andrew Radiel
                                                             Andrew S Hunt              Matthew Wheeler           Kerry P Redmond
                                                             Jennifer Jirovec           Michael Whitehead         Amanda Rixey
     Bentley University                                                                 Joney Wong                Janelle Savage
                                                             Colleen Michalski
     Alyssa Gonyea                                                                      Hannah Zimmerman

                                                                                                                           ClaSS oF 2010
Univ of Kansas, cont’d
Molly Schard
Jonathan Seib
Rose Shriver
Annie Sneed
Christian Sparrow                                                                            Savannah College of Art and
                            Univ of Missouri/Columbia                                                                      United States Merchant
Jacqueline Teahan                                            University of Notre Dame        Design
                            Ladye Carew                                                                                    Marine Academy
Kelly Thomas                                                 Katie Heit                      Alexa Osbourn
                            Eleanor C Coatar                                                                               Thomas Walker
Justin Thornbrugh                                            Cathryn Jenkins
Sean Anthony Tokic          Tricia Dierks                    Clayton Pauls
Andrew Tyler                Haley Dodd                       James Slaven
Emily Wagner                David Porter Edelman
Brigid Walton               Alexander Hanson
Paige Watson                Jacob Heckman                                                    Southeastern Louisiana
                            Matthew Hinck                                                                                  University of Utah
Bill Wilson                                                                                  University
                            Zachary Horn                                                                                   James Boddicker
Cara Winkley                                                                                 Annelise Brancato
                            Jenna Lewis                      The Ohio State University
                            Elizabeth Perry                  Libby Reichmuth
                            Blakely Swanson                  Lauren Woody
                            Krista Thomas
                            Elizabeth Zack                                                                                 Vassar College
                                                                                             Southern Methodist
                                                                                                                           Natalie Phillips
Loyola Marymount                                                                             Mark Redlingshafer
Marissa Morgan                                               Oklahoma State University
                                                             Valerie Whited
                                                                                                                           University of Virginia
                            University of Missouri, KC                                                                     Stephen Brand
                            Alexander Shinn                                                  Texas A&M University
                                                                                             Tim Armstrong
Marquette University
Clarissa Shields
Camial VanHoet                                               University of Oklahoma
                                                                                                                           Wichita State University
                                                             Meggie Carroll
                            University of Nebraska/Lincoln                                                                 Thomas Kearns
                                                                                             Texas Christian University
                            Charles Sullivan                                                 Caroline Berko
                                                                                             Alex Erker
                                                                                             Andrew Hanson
                                                                                             Frances Ronan
University of Maryland,                                                                      Mary Thesing
                                                                                                                           William Jewell College
Baltimore County                                             Ottawa University               Dan Woodward
                            University of Nebraska/Omaha                                                                   Kathryn Beaver
Marty Bloyer                                                 Kevin Cahill
                            Andrew Aley                                                                                    Colby Martin
                            Darren Cloud                                                                                   Savannah Bourquin Rieke
                                                                                                                           Erin Taylor

                                                                                             Truman State University
University of Michigan                                       Pepperdine University           Ted P Clemons
Erin Jefferson                                               Mitchell Higgins                Megan Greving
                            University of New Mexico                                                                       US Army
                                                                                             Amanda Robison
                            Monica Dudley                                                                                  Adam Woods

                                                             Pittsburg State University
Middle Tennessee State                                       Kelsey Sullivan                 University of Tulsa
University                                                                                   Riley Ayer
                            Newman University                                                                              US Marines
Trenton Miller                                                                               Andrew William Ney
                            Joshua B Prilliman                                                                             James Dunham
                                                                                             Maggie Turek

                                                             Rockhurst University
                                                             Nikki Fontana                     The Class of 2010 by the
                                                             Elise Mitchell
                                                             Melanie Siscos                    Numbers
Missouri State University                                    George Skevington                 64 – Number of colleges being attended in the fall
Ashley Washburn             Northern Arizona University      Beatriz Mae Boyles
                            Bridget Petersen
                                                                                               25 – Number of states class of 2010 will populate
                                                                                               24 – State championships since freshman year
                                                                                               64 – State of Kansas scholars
                                                                                               8 – National Merit Scholarship Commended and
                                                             Saint Louis University                  Finalists
                            University of Nor. Colorado      Leslie Mecca                      $10,300,000 – Scholarship money
Missouri University of      Quinn Mathias Brewer             Erica Miller                      278 – Graduating seniors
Science and Technology      Megan Lenhausen                  Elizabeth Ann Petersen
Jack S. Savage                                               Abby Willis

 BoB aleY retireMent

     After 45 years, long career in Catholic
     education ends for Bob Aley
       As he begins the task of packing up       after high school and studied two
     his books, crosses, pictures, statues,      years of Theology when he decided
     and other items that helped create          that education was the vocation
     an image-filled and quiet, spiritual        calling him.
     setting for student formation above           Considering that his involvement
     the school’s media center, Bob Aley         with Catholic education has spanned
     admits to being nostalgic about             four and a half decades, he has made
     retiring.                                   remarkably few school changes. His
        “I love the Saint Thomas Aquinas         career began at Hayden High School
     community, the students, parents,           in Topeka where he was a counselor
     teachers and staff, those here now          and taught Theology. From there he
     and the many who have graduated             moved to Salina and Sacred Heart
     and moved on and away, so it’s with         High School for four years serving
     a tinge of sadness that I close this        one as president, followed by Aquinas
     chapter of my life. But after 45 years, I   High School in Shawnee where he
                                                                                           Photo of Bob Aley taken when he was serving
     know it’s time,” he said, emphasizing       was Principal before coming to Saint      as principal of Aquinas High School.
     the word time.                              Thomas Aquinas to be a counselor.
                                                                                           on John’s gospel message: “God is
       Last year was a rough one for Bob           Working with students through
                                                                                           love and whoever lives in love, lives
     health-wise when he suffered four           the student formation program has
                                                                                           in God and God lives in him.” And
     grand mal seizures, the first one while     given him an opportunity to share
                                                                                           then he adds, “In a nutshell, this
     talking with a student. The incident        the simple message that “God loves
                                                                                           scripture explains our existence.” But
     prompted a two-week hospital stay and       each one of us, right here and now,
                                                                                           he adds that this is a difficult thing to
     changes in medication. It also made         just the way we are and without
     him rethink putting his knowledge           reservation.” He adds that as direct
     and experience to good use in other         as the message is, it is a hard one to       Cyndy Novacek has worked with
     ways he has not yet decided upon.           believe; nonetheless, he is unrelenting   Bob as an assistant for ten years in
                                                 in delivering it to the young people      Spiritual Formation. She said, “Bob
        Bob and his wife Teresa have been
                                                 with whom he works.                       has impacted so many students’ lives it
     married 43 years -- they are the parents
                                                                                           is unbelievable. He is always accepting
     of six children (two boys and four             Through the years, students have
                                                                                           of who the student is as a person. He
     girls) and 12 grandchildren. Bob            often turned to him to understand
                                                                                           doesn’t judge and he always shows
     quickly credits Teresa with providing       themselves, their peers, parents and
                                                                                           unconditional love to the students
     a secure, stable environment at home        the world around them and Bob has
                                                                                           who at the time feel worthless and
     while he attended the many activities       responded with comforting words
                                                                                           unlovable. He reflects God’s love back
     and events surrounding a Catholic           and genuine concern. He is never
                                                                                           to them. What a difference it can
     high school. All of Bob and Teresa’s        condescending because he respects
                                                                                           make. Many years after they graduate
     children are married and reside in the      the individual and declares that
                                                                                           they still come to see him or email
     Johnson County area except Joel who         being critical and judgmental can
                                                                                           him. Many times Bob has asked me
     lives in Chicago. They get together         be harmful. He would rather bring
                                                                                           to come read an email sent to him
     often and the house gets very noisy         about positive change and spiritual
                                                                                           from a former student telling Bob
     but the grandparents wouldn’t have          awareness by encouraging students to
                                                                                           how he helped turn their life around
     it any other way. Faith and family are      listen to God through prayer and in
                                                                                           and how grateful he or she is. It has
     Bob’s highest priority. Serving God’s       some cases, networking with former
                                                                                           been a privilege to work with Bob and
     people is at the top too.                   students and other adults who have
                                                                                           be on the sidelines of the great and
       An only child, Bob grew up in             overcome adversity and succeeded.
                                                                                           powerful work this man has done for
     Topeka planning to be a priest. He            When Bob initially meets with           our students. He is truly a physical
     entered Conception Seminary in 1960         students he asks them to meditate

                                                                                            BoB aleY retireMent
reflection of the
Father’s love.”
  Fellow counselor
Laura Cline believes
that because Bob
has always treated
students with dignity,
they know their
emotions are safe with
him. And this is why
students from decades
ago still remember
his genuine, positive
regard for them.
   Laura also             The Aley Family at Shawnee Mission Park in spring 2009.
describes Bob as          1st row: Resa Aley Thomas, ‘99 (holding son Jaxson), Addison Aley, Christian Scharpenburg, Dillon Scharpenburg,
“non-judgmental and Aiden Aley, Carson Klover, Marcus Coleman, Tiffany Aley Coleman, ‘92 (holding Tyler); 2nd row: Matt Thomas,
accepting. He works       Dave Scharpenburg, Megan Scharpenburg, ‘93 (holding Ellie), Teresa and Bob Aley, Melanie Aley Klover, ’87 (holding
                          Madalyn), Nate Klover, Mick Coleman; 3rd row: Alyssa Hirt Aley, ‘91, and Aaron Aley, ‘90, Amanda and Joel Aley,
to empty himself out
                          ‘97, and Andrew Aley, ‘10
so that God can use
him. His spiritual
studies, wisdom and
                                              deeply troubled and survived has a               educational community. He said he
life experiences are unmatched by
                                              huge impact on students who really               leaves knowing the school is in good
anyone I know.”
                                              need help,” Bob says.                            hands with Dr. Ford at the top making
   A retreat in the New Mexico desert                                                          wise decisions, “always with our
                                                 The Aley family and the Saint
15 years ago had a life-changing effect
                                              Thomas Aquinas community were the mission underlying them.”
on Bob – and he has shared the
                                              first test groups for Bob’s profound                In retirement Bob will have more
lessons learned from Father Richard
                                              new awareness of God’s love. He                  time to read, reflect and deepen his
Rohr, O.F.M., an internationally
                                              speaks of his metanoia with reverence            faith and he looks forward to this.
known retreat director, author
                                              and conviction. And he has shared                His grandson Andrew graduated in
and lecturer ever since. One of the
                                              it often with seniors on one of the              May, so together they will bid farewell
exercises was to go out into the desert
                                              over 30 Kairos retreats with which he            to Saint Thomas Aquinas. Bob plans
for five hours of solid meditation
                                              has assisted since its establishment at          to “live in the moment,” enjoy every
and contemplation. He came away
                                              Saint Thomas Aquinas in 1998.                    minute and follow where God leads
from the experience knowing that
no matter how hard one tries, you                According to Bob, “Kairos is really a him.
can’t change another person. What             piece of heaven in its loving, accepting
you CAN control is yourself, your             atmosphere. There have been some                 Companions on the journey
attitude and how you REACT to                 life-changing transformations because            This is what Yahweh asks of you,
another person. All day every day, you of those four days.”                                    to act justly,
make choices in this regard. And Bob             As he walks around the school                 love tenderly
explains how incredibly empowering            today, Bob Aley is pleased with what             and walk humbly with your God.
and spiritually enriching it is to make       he sees – faith-filled students, teachers Micah 6:8
deliberate choices to take the “high          and parents comprising a dynamic
  Ben Schloegel, ’96, is grateful to
Bob for his persistent message of hope                        Do you have a special Retirement Wish for Bob?
(see accompanying story) and has                                    Please send your well-wishes to:
returned the favor of Bob’s help by                                           Mr. Bob Aley,
volunteering to talk with young people                           c/o Saint Thomas Aquinas High School,
who have similar stories. “A positive                         11411 Pflumm Road, Overland Park, KS 66215
outlook from someone who has been

aluMni SPotligHt

     Professional Triathlete Attributes Success and Overcoming
     Obstacles to Counselor at STA
     Bob Aley, Aquinas High School principal from 1984-1988 and guidance counselor at Saint Thomas Aquinas
      High School from 1988-2010, retired this spring after 45 years in Catholic education.

       Ben Schloegel, ‘96,                                                                   “Bob Aley is a cornerstone for
     didn’t really know his                                                                   what the community of Saint
     cousin, Bob – fourteen                                                                   Thomas Aquinas is and will
     years his senior – when                                                                  always be built on. His ‘kids’
     Ben ran into him at a                                                                    don’t come to him on a winning
     health club in spring                                                                    streak; he takes in the weak and
     2001. Ben had gotten                                                                     shelters them from the world.
     his life back together,                                                                  He works with those who are at
     and gym workouts                                                                         risk and brings them back from
     provided an ample                                                                        the brink. They don’t get credit
     outlet during his 60/70-                                                                 or award ceremonies for what to
     hour weeks of work and                                                                   them is a major milestone. As
     going to school.                                                                         adults, these become the strongest
        A few days earlier,                                                                   leaders and the true foundation
     Ben had been sitting                                                                     of what defines community
     on the side of the pool                                                                  success. Take a kid that doesn’t
     watching a boy swim. “Sure         Bob spends a few moments with Ben Schloegel, ’96.     care, has lost hope – show them
     seems like there’s a rhythm to Read more about Bob and Ben’s friendship on page 10.      a life worth living and save a
     what you’re doing,” he said.                                                             soul. Bob Aley has done it one-
     Ben’s curiosity was a lure into the        Dangerous liaisons …                          hundred times over. Bob earned
     pool, and when his cousin asked Ben                                                      his spot in the long line of great
                                                     The oldest child of Debby and Jake
     to join him for a swim, Ben thought to                                                   saints a long time ago, just by
                                                  Schloegel, Ben Schloegel grew up in
     himself, “All I have to do is just swim                                                  signing up for such a task. They
                                                  Leawood, Kansas, with his younger
     in his bubbles and keep up.”                                                             should be hanging his banner in
                                                  sister, Ali, and two younger brothers,
        Ben’s cousin Bob Schloegel, a now-        Peter and Charlie. He attended St.          the gym.”
     45-year-old Kansas City pediatrician,        Elizabeth’s and Leawood Elementary                               - Ben Schloegel
     father of three and successful               and Middle schools before entering
     triathlete, invited Ben to compete in a Saint Thomas Aquinas High School as            semester of sophomore year, Ben
     local triathlon the next week. Unlike        a freshman in 1992.                       Schloegel was expelled from Saint
     most ‘normal’ people would, Ben                                                        Thomas Aquinas for lack of academic
                                                     Ben knew he wasn’t a great student,
     accepted the challenge and signed                                                      performance.
                                                  but as he began his high school years,
     up for the race. He’d never swam,
                                                  he wanted to work hard and do well.         At a nearby public high school, Ben
     biked or ran competitively, much less
                                                  Not long after 9th grade began, Ben       continued making poor decisions
     attempt to put all three disciplines
                                                  was elected Class President. He was       yet stayed in touch with his buddies
     together in one outing. He bought a
                                                  meeting lots of new friends and           at STA. By this time, Ben was an
     bicycle the night before the event and
                                                  playing soccer, including lifelong        angry teenager with virtually no self
     had no idea how to switch gears, much
                                                  buddies, Mark Roennigke, ‘96, and         esteem. His friends at Saint Thomas
     less transition from the bike to the
                                                  A.J. Delaney, ‘96. Then he took a turn    Aquinas made it clear to Ben that they
     run-portion of the race.
                                                  that would haunt him and his family       would not condone his behavior nor
        Ben, then 23 years old, completed         for years.                                participate with him in his chosen
     the race and instantly became                                                          social activities. Yet they stood by
                                                     Ben began making unhealthy
     “hooked” on the sport of triathlon.                                                    Ben and continued their friendship.
                                                  personal choices. Disregard for school
     But the story doesn’t end there. Nor                                                   By Christmas of his junior year, Ben
                                                  soon followed. Despite being elected
     did it begin there.                                                                    begged to return to STA. Ben’s mom
                                                  sophomore Class President, Ben’s
                                                  grades were plummeting. By second         remembers then-president of the

                                                                                                  aluMni SPotligHt
school Blake Mulvany calling her            Immediately following
about a letter he’d received from Ben.    graduation, Ben moved out
  “Mr. Mulvany said he wanted to give     of his parents’ house and
Ben the benefit of the doubt and that     enrolled in culinary school at
Saint Thomas Aquinas missed him.”         Johnson County Community
                                          College. Nine months later,
   Ben continued to play soccer during    he dropped out and moved to
his junior and senior years, but didn’t   California, where he worked
have much success. “I had a good          odd construction jobs for his
‘engine’ but lacked the footwork,”        uncle. He was 19.
he recalls. Ben had friends, but his
lack of self confidence and mounting      A very strong work
strained relationships with his parents
and siblings simply fueled his             ethic…
                                                                                  Schloegel brothers Pete, Ben and Charlie celebrate with
negative behaviors.                         Ben had always been a hard          their sis, Allie Schloegel Dunn, ‘98, on her wedding day.
   One very bright spot in Ben’s          worker. At the age of 14, Ben’s Allie married Tim Dunn on February 6, 2010.
life during high school was his           dad, Jake, took him into the
relationship with STA guidance            PB&J Restaurants construction
                                                                                           had pushed away his family and lost a
counselor Bob Aley, who retired           trailer at the Yia’s Yia’s site on 119th
                                                                                           friend to suicide. He had been at the
this spring after 45 years in Catholic    & Roe. Ben was hired as a bus boy
                                                                                           bottom of the barrel, including waking
education for the Archdiocese of          and over the next few years he moved
                                                                                           up in a ditch in Western Kansas,
Kansas City in Kansas. Ben and Mr.        up the ranks to dish washer, then line
                                                                                           having no idea how he got there.
Aley met regularly, and Bob soon          chef, and eventually into management
                                                                                           Finally, at his own will, Ben attended
became THE positive, adult influence      for the locally-owned restaurant chain.
                                                                                           his first 12-Step Program meeting. His
that Ben needed. “Mr. Aley respected        Paul Khoury, STA parent and                    addictions had consumed him. Not
me for who I was, encouraged me to        co-owner of PB&J Restaurants, Inc.,              long after, he committed to himself
confront my own issues, and allowed       fondly remembers Ben’s work ethic                to turn his life around. Ben Schloegel
me to see my strengths for myself.”       and personality. “Everyone loved                 has been alcohol and drug-free since
  The next few years would be rocky,      working with Ben Schloegel. He was               Memorial Day 1998.
to put it mildly. By the age of 18,       always in a good mood.” Paul laughed,
                                                                                              He’d just completed his first
Ben spent a collective few nights in      recalling when Ben would dress up
                                                                                           triathlon in 2001 when his cousin,
the hospital and in jail as a result of   in a red bird suit while managing the
                                                                                           Bob, invited Ben to join him on
his habits. His relationships with his    Red Robin restaurant. “The kids got
                                                                                           Thursdays for regular bike, swim and
family, including his little sister who   the biggest kick out of him…and so
                                                                                           run workouts. They met every week
was also a student at Saint Thomas        did we!”
                                                                                           and Ben’s goal was just to keep up
Aquinas, became strained because of         When Ben returned from California with his older, newly-found friend.
his explosive attitude and tendency       to Kansas City in 2000, he went                  “The first three years were simply to
to get into trouble. “We were doing       directly to Paul to get his job back.            learn all I could from Bob and hold on
everything we could to try to help        He enrolled in the Food & Beverage               for dear, dear life. I can tell you exactly
Ben. We just couldn’t reach him,”         Management program at JCCC                       what that man’s rear profile looks like
Debby recalls.                            and traveled between the various                 and what detergent his wife uses!”
                                                         restaurant locations
                                                                                              By the end of that summer, Ben
                                                         in the Kansas City
                                                                                           competed in his first Half Ironman
                                                         area, trouble-shooting
                                                                                           (1.2 mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1 mile
                                                         and assisting in daily
                                                                                           run) and signed up for two Ironman
                                                         management duties.
                                                                                           races the following year (2.4 mile
                                                         The rest of the                   swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2 mile run).
                                                                                           He won his age group in the first three
                                                         story...                          of four Ironman races he competed
                                                            By the age of 20, Ben          in, and set course records at three of
                                                         Schloegel had endured a them (Wisconsin and Florida, 2002,
                                                         lifetime of challenges. He and Coure de’Alene, 2003).

aluMni SPotligHt
                                                     bikes in the yard – the stakes get much            privileges. Even still, the guys at the
                                                     higher than you can imagine.”                      firehouse don’t get what it’s like to
                                                        Ben decided to become a                         train to race against Ironman pros. And
                                                     professional triathlete in 2006. So                the guys in the pro fields, when they
                                                     when he’s not running a business or                talk about how they had a bad night’s
                                                     saving lives, he competes against the              sleep or they picked up a little bug
                                                     best athletes in the entire world. “I              prior to the race, it’s tough not to roll
                                                     spent my entire life doing the bare                my eyes.” He quips, “Often times I’ve
                                                     minimum and just getting by. As a                  been eating firehouse meatloaf or on a
                                                     young adult, I wised up a bit and                  fire for three days straight, breathing in
                                                     learned that it would serve me well to             all sorts of toxic fumes. That’s what my
                                                     lose my “edge” and not fight everyone              race week might look like!”

     On faith and forgiveness:
                                                     all the time. It was not until I found
                                                     the sport of triathlon that I finally
                                                                                                        A caring voice of
     “Things and people are certainly capable of     put myself out there: no fibbing,                   reason …
     change on the deepest level. We just need the   no hiding and no excuses. Instead
     right guidance and insight into who and what                                                         Ben Schloegel attributes his ability
     we are and how it affects those around us.”                                                        to take control of his destiny to Bob
                                                                                                        Aley. ...
        Still working for PB&J Restaurants,                                                               “When I first met Bob, I denied
     Ben decided to become a firefighter in                                                             that I had any problems or addictions.
     order to have more time for training.                                                              But he pegged me. Over the next few
     He enrolled in the Johnson County                                                                  years, Bob never lost faith in me. He
     Fire Academy, finishing a year-and-a-                                                              encouraged me and always told me
     half later in addition to earning his                                                              that despite my challenges, I AM a
     EMT license. In 2003, Ben landed his                                                               good person.”
     first job as a firefighter in Leawood,
                                                                                                          Bob Aley, Aquinas High School
     Kansas, and currently serves Kansas
                                                                                                        principal from 1984-1988 and
     City, Missouri’s east side at Station 41,
                                                                                                        guidance counselor at Saint Thomas
     Truck #8, “C” shift.
        When asked if he gets scared while           On dedication:
     doing his job, Ben responds that                “What are we committing to? What are we
     being afraid doesn’t do anyone any              really getting ourselves into? Decide and train,
     good. “When we (the firefighters)               race and act like you want to be a part of it,
     are working, we have a job to do.               not just another person who wants to check
     The crew and the people that need               off the distance. I am not talking about speed
     our services count on us to come                either. No one cares how fast you go; they care
                                                     about how you carry yourself to the finish and
     through. It isn’t like a sales job, that
                                                     what you leave out there. They respect the
     if you don’t meet your deadline or              person that overcomes the most, not conquers
     if the goods don’t ship on the right            the others.”
     date, you may have an angry customer
     or, worse yet, lose your commission.            of running away from who I am, I
     When a mother hands you her five-               embrace who I am. Plus, I can fail
     month-old baby who isn’t breathing              miserably in public and not totally                On the heroes of September 11th:
     and looks scared out of her mind,               embarrass myself!”                                 “As much as we could learn about hate and
     when you are cutting family out of                 Reporter Holly Bennett from Inside              ignorance, we could learn so much more
     a crumpled mess that used to be an              Triathlon recently asked Ben how                   about true commitment, heroism, and selfless
     SUV, or when you roll up on a house                                                                dedication to others. Those who went in to
                                                     he manages his various pursuits.
                                                                                                        save others regardless of their race, sex, creed or
     in the middle of the night that has             He answered that his two worlds of                 color, they simply went in and charged against
     fire and heavy black smoke pouring              fire-fighting and triathlon are very               impossibility because at one of our darkest
     from every inch of the eaves with both          different. “When I became a fireman                hours as humans, the spirit of good shined
     cars parked in the driveway and kids’           I made the commitment to always give               brightest in those two buildings. Do not forget
                                                     110 percent and never ask for special              them or what they stood for.”

                                                                                             aluMni SPotligHt
Aquinas High School from 1989-            coach who lives in Wisconsin. “My
2010, recalls their relationship during   trainer provides a weekly training plan
Ben’s high school years. “Ben is such     for me, I download my workout stats
                                                                                      Ben said a few
a lovable guy. When he was asked to       for his review, and we talk regularly by
                                                                                      words to the
leave Saint Thomas Aquinas, it was a      phone and email.”                           faculty about
killer for me emotionally.”                 His dog, Sammy, a Lab/Sharpee             Bob Aley and
  Explains Ben about Bob’s ability        mix that he rescued from a neglectful       their relationship
to guide him, “Bob Aley’s realm was       owner, is his best friend -- that is,       at Bob’s
in a world completely apart from the      besides his mentor, Cousin Bob. He          retirement party.
classroom, and what he tested you on      enjoys a good cup of coffee, sleep,
was your spiritual life and ailments of   crossword puzzles, and hanging out
a personal nature. He would let you       with his girlfriend. Ben also volunteers
know you were loved and at the same       for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. “If you       absolute rule of “balance.” My father
time show you, through your own           don’t give back, you don’t deserve          taught me to work harder than anyone
investigation which he facilitated, how   what you get.”                              else if I want to be the best at what
you could be better and learn to love       Ben has also started a new business       I do, to do the job right and back it
yourself a bit.”                          venture with three other coaches,           with my word. My sister Ali has always
  Bob respects the real trust that        called “Endurance Management                understood the difference between
he and Ben have always had for            Group.” He and his partners plan to         “right” and “wrong” just as clearly as
each other. He admires Ben’s great        enhance the multi-sport community           black and white. There is definitely
work ethic and his ability to “call a     in Kansas City by attracting triathletes    a line and she will not cross it. My
spade a spade.” Out of the many,          of all levels and experience, offering      brother Peter reminds me to let go
many relationships that Bob still has     regular group training opportunities        and be passionate about life and get
with graduates, he thinks that Ben        and also sponsor-discounts for              everything I can out of it. My youngest
Schloegel’s life-turnaround has been      participants.                               brother Charlie is the most loyal and
the most miraculous and unbelievable                                                  dependable person I know. Those five
                                            Ben’s family remains a strong             key traits make for great rules to live
of all. “Ben puts everything he has       foundation for him. His siblings are
into what he does. I admire his good                                                  by. I do my best to honor this in each
                                          his best friends; his many cousins have     of my family members in training,
heart and that he would do anything       formed an incredible support system.
for another person in need.”                                                          competition and life.
                                          Despite their “tough love” by making
  Ben and Mr. Aley keep in touch and      Ben accountable for his own actions,          “My dad told us kids years ago, ‘If
Bob occasionally asks him to visit one-   his parents have always been there          you don’t have your family, you’ve got
on-one with students who may benefit      for him.                                    nothing.’ I have always held that near
from Ben’s experiences. “I’m not                                                      to me, and I know that my family and
                                            “Without my family I would have           folks like Bob Aley are THE reason I
sure how it happened, but when Ben        and be nothing. My parents taught me
was welcomed back to Saint Thomas                                                     was able to turn my life around.”
                                          everything it takes to be a solid athlete
Aquinas, it turned out to be a blessing   and how to handle success and failure.
for us all.”                              My mother has an unlimited source
  “To say that Bob Aley has played        of energy and never lets me forget the
a significant role in my life is an
understatement,” says Ben. “It would
be much fairer to say that Bob saved                     Ben Schloegel Triathlon Results
my life. I was a kid that demanded a
                                             Ironman (IM) Overall/Professional          Age-Group Results (Amateur)
ton of attention. I pushed away every          Results                                  8th – IM Kona World Championships
single person who tried to help me.          2nd World’s Hardest Half IM 2008             (Hawaii) 2005
Bob was the one person that took the         10th IM Wisconsin 2008                     1st – IM Arizona 2005
time to try and figure me out.”              11th IM CDA 2008                           1st – IM CDA 2004 (course record)
                                             15th Half IM Steelhead (Michigan) 2008     2nd – IM CDA 2003
It’s all about family …                      2nd IM Silverman (Nevada) 2007
                                             7th IM Kentucky 2007
                                                                                        1st – IM Florida 2002 (course record)
                                                                                        1st – IM Wisconsin 2002 (course record)
  On his days off from the fire house,       8th IM Wisconsin 2006
Ben Schloegel’s training regimen             3rd US National Half IM Champ. 2005
                                             8th IM CDA 2005
includes cyberspace sessions with his        9th IM CDA 2003

 our new FootBall CoaCH

     Meet Mike Thomas
     Math teacher, husband/dad/grandpa, and Saints head football coach!
       At the beginning of the                                                                          Nina and Mike Thomas,
     season, the success of the                                                                         center, with their Saints-
     2009 football team was                                                                             alumni children, in-laws
     questionable with the loss                                                                         and grandchildren.
                                                                                                        Back row, from left:
     of 43 graduated seniors
                                                                                                        Andrew, ‘96, Sarah, and
     who left many spots open                                                                           Emma Thomas; Judah,
     to first-time starters. But                                                                        David, and Julia, ‘00,
     with each win and top                                                                              Blackford; Mike and Nina
     rankings among area                                                                                Thomas; Rachelle, ‘98,
     sports writers, the Saints                                                                         Lilly, and Mike Martin.
     celebrated the victory with                                                                        Front row, from left: Tyler
     high hopes for the next                                                                            Thomas; Ashton and Isaac
     game. The season ended                                                                             Blackford; Tommy, Mikey,
     with a 10-2 record and                                                                             Anita, and Ethan Martin.
     a 49-7 loss to Gardner-
     Edgerton in the Kansas
     5A sub-state finals.                    football my senior year. I also played    all members of the community. Most
                                             football at Benedictine College where     important is for each student to have a
        The leadership of Mike Thomas has
                                             I graduated with a B.S. in Math. I        relationship with God.
     a whole lot to do with the program’s
                                             received my Master’s in Education           Who was your mentor(s) or someone you
     success. The math teacher and
                                             from Baker University in 1996. I          personally admired?
     assistant football coach was asked to
                                             married my high school sweetheart,
     be the interim head football coach                                                  My head basketball and assistant
                                             Nina LaGue, in 1976 and we have
     in late summer last year. Parents,                                                football coach in high school – Walt
                                             three children: Andrew, ‘96, Rachelle
     players and assistant coaches were                                                Tylicki, my head football coach in
                                             (Martin), ‘98, and Julia (Blackford),
     in agreement that Coach Thomas’s                                                  high school – Len Molman, and
                                             ‘00. We have 12 grandchildren with
     strong leadership, experience,                                                    especially my parents.
                                             another one on the way!
     intelligence and passion for the game
                                               How many years have you coached and        Do you have any important lessons you’d
     composed a winning combination. In
                                             been a teacher?                           like to share?
     January, Mike was officially named
     the 2010 head football coach at Saint     I have taught math for 32 years           Two that stick with me:
     Thomas Aquinas High School. We          and coached for 31 years, and started       1) No matter what situation I’m in,
     asked him the following:                at Saint Thomas Aquinas in 1988,          good or bad, I can learn something
       What is your background?              the year the new school opened. I         from the experience.
                                             have coached football, boys and girls       2) In every situation, look to God
        I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                                             basketball and volleyball.                for help. When I’ve tried to do things
     in 1955 and also lived in Columbus,
     Ohio, though most of my life I’ve         What is your coaching philosophy that   on my own, it didn’t work very well.
     lived in Kansas – Fairway, Atchison,    drives your football program?             Always turn to God to help figure out
     Overland Park and Olathe. My              I am concerned with the whole           what to do!
     parents are Ramona and H. Edward,       student athlete – spiritually, mentally     What is the most rewarding part of
     (deceased), Thomas. I have an           and physically. I want to help build      being a coach?
     older sister, Luan, and five younger    character in the athlete to prepare         Watching the players succeed.
     brothers – Bill, Pat, Ted, Joe and      him to be the best young man he can       Looking at the expressions on the
     Paul. I graduated from Bishop Miege     be. Our coaching staff’s number-one       players’ faces after a big win, and
     in 1973 where I played four years of    goal is to develop Godly men who          hearing from former players about
     basketball and football. Our team       are good people at the core, whether      what a great memory they have of
     won the 1972 state championship in      single or married, husbands, fathers –    their time here at STA.

                                                                                           winter SPortS reCaP

                                                                                             Winter Sports
Two alumni involved with presenting
                                                                                             Boys Basketball
Team-of-the-Week Award                                                                       Season Record: 6-14
                                                               On April 7, prior to          League Record: 1-9
                                                             the “Pink Out” game             EKL Second Team: Joe Downey
                                                             with St. James to benefit       Coaches: Sean Reilly (head), Rick Allison, Jim
                                                             breast cancer research,           Halling, Brian White, Jude Gerstner, Chip
                                                             the Saints girls soccer           Ahern (assistant)
                                                             team was honored as
                                                             the Metro Sports --             Girls Basketball
                                                             Cable-Dahmer High               Record: 23-2
                                                             School Team of the
                                                             Week Award. John
                                                                                             State: 2nd
                                                             Michaels, ’90, presented        League: 10-0 1st Place
                                                             the award to Coach              Regional/SubState finish – 1st Place
                                                             Craig Ewing on behalf of        All Sun Country: DaShawn Harden
                                                             Cable Dahmer while Joe          All Metro: DaShawn Harden (1st team)
                                                             Novacek, ’94, provided          All State: DaShawn Harden
                                                             camera coverage.                Coaches: Rick Hetzel (head), Bob Harbour,
                                                                                               Bill Kolich, Jon Novacek, Justin Wrigley
                                                              Top: John Michaels, ’90,
                                                              and current Aquinas            Boys Swimming
                                                              parent, presented the          League Record: 3-2
                                                              award to the girls soccer
                                                                                             League Finish: 5th Place
                                                                                             State: 5th
                                                              Left: Joe Novacek,             School Record: Andrew Hovorka, Joe
                                                              ’94, covered the award           Hermsen, Ryan Kelly, Phil Grosdidier
                                                                                               – 1:42.93
                                                              presentation for Metro
                                                              Sports where he is a           Coaches: Rick Jenkins (head), Nick Erker
                                                              producer and on-air
                                                                                             Season: 3-3
                                                                                             League: 3rd Place
                                                                                             Regional/Substate: 2nd Place
                                                                                             Coaches: Lorne Parks (head), Clint Slyster,
                                                                                              Tom Williams, Bob Golubski, Phillip
                                                                                              Henes, Kirk Berggren (assistant)
                                                                                             EKL First Team: Tommy Williams, Jake
                                                                                              Walker, Eric Mason

                                                                                             Fall Sports (correction)
Once a Saint, always a Saint! The two alumni are invited to get in the picture!              Girls Tennis
                                                                                             STATE CHAMPIONS
                                                                                             League: 2nd Place
                                                                                             Regional: 1st Place
                                                                                             State – 1st Place 5A

   Don’t forget to let us know
                                                                                             5A Singles State Champion -- Nicole Jara
                                                                                             5A Singles State Runner-up -- Natalie Looney
                                                                                             9th at State: Lauren Huddlestun/Adreanne Orlanes

   when you move!!! Log onto                                                                 State Qualifiers: Katie Krim, Morgan Hicks
                                                                                             Coaches: David Shriver, Amy Person


Miller FaMilY

     Christina remains positive through
     painful ordeal and counts her blessings
       by Kevin Watson, ‘10 (reprinted from The Shield, April 2010)

       The power of positive thinking does        Growth to adulthood is
     more to help the sick and oppressed       hard on any teenager, but
     than one can imagine. Senior              for Christina it involves
     Christina Miller knows this is true.      extra difficulties. She has
     She lives each day thanking God for all   had to undergo two cranial
     of her blessings, and makes a sincere     expansion surgeries. The
     effort to bring happiness to those she    last surgery took place right
     encounters.                               before spring break. The
        In her 18 years of life, she has had   first occurred when she
     32 surgeries, countless IV’s, and too     was only four. During the
     many labs and blood work taken to         surgery, doctors “shaved”
     count. Christina and her twin sister      the inside of her skull bone
     Ana were both born prematurely at 26      to expand the space inside
                                                                               Christina getting haircut before surgery
     ½ weeks. Christina was also born with     and allow more room for
     a condition called hydrocephalus. This    her growing brain.
                                                                                              meningitis infection.
     condition causes excess cerebrospinal        “My brain was literally too big for
     fluid to collect on the brain because     my skull,” joked Christina.                       After all that Christina has gone
     it doesn’t drain properly. One of her                                                    through, people are amazed to
                                                  She spent 24 consecutive days in
     first surgeries was to put in a shunt                                                    find her so positive and upbeat.
                                               Children’s Mercy Hospital during
     that goes through her ventricles                                                         She considers her rough times and
                                               February and March 2010. She hid
     down through her neck and into her                                                       challenges as a blessing from God.
                                               severe headaches that she began
     abdomen where all the excess fluid                                                       She accepts God’s blessings and gains
                                               having in early January from her
     is then absorbed. She went almost                                                        strength.
                                               family and doctors. She has had
     11 years without any major health         enough experience from CT scans                   “I try to make the most of these
     problems. That healthy streak ended       and headaches to know that nothing             blessings, and make life better around
     freshman year.                            can be done until the pain is almost           me by being positive, because me
                                               unbearable. Christina’s pain was first         being negative doesn’t help anything
                                               discovered when she collapsed and              at all,” Christina said.
                                               blacked out.                                      Christina has drawn on the Saint
                                                  While the rest of the Saint Thomas          Thomas Aquinas community for
                                               Aquinas students were enjoying their           strength, friendship and inspiration.
                                               extended snow day break from school, Cross country runners, especially, gave
                                               Christina spent the time hospitalized. Christina support.
                                               Only two weeks later, after the                   “Cross country taught me a lot
                                               medicine had failed to alleviate her           about being happy during rough
                                               headaches, she had another surgery. A times,” she said. “I couldn’t go
                                               lumbarperitineal shunt was put in her through everything that I have if I
                                               back and wrapped around internally             didn’t try to make the world around
                                               to the end of her ventriperitineal             me better. I am too stubborn to simply
                                               shunt. The rest of this semester has           end up wallowing in self pity.”
                                               been more of the same as Christina
                                                                                                 “She is the most energetic person I
                                               was sent home, allowed to return to
                                                                                              know. She is always very positive, full
     Christina holding her twin Anastacia      school, and made many return trips
                                                                                              of energy and life at all times, even
                                               to the hospital for a staph form of
                                                                                              when she was in the hospital,” said

                                                                                                       Miller FaMilY
senior Meagan Wilderson. She said           a tremendous way! The
Christina is always herself and admires     students and faculty
how Christina “was having brain             were amazing!”
surgery and was so much less dramatic
than people getting their wisdom teeth
pulled out.”
   Although Christina has no usable
veins left in her arms or hands due          The Miller family (2nd row,
to scar tissue and constant blood            Ana, Cathy, Christina,
                                             and 1st row, Elizabeth
work, she does have a lifeline of
                                             and Caterina) moved out
support at STA. Senior Morgan                of their home during the
Commodore felt driven to help her            renovation.
classmate and fellow cross country
runner in some way. After tossing
around fundraising ideas with English
teacher Ms. Susan Dillingham and
her mom Mrs. Sheila Commodore,                 Extreme Makeover: Saints and Streaks
the three decided to host a bake               Edition
sale and a pizza day at Imo’s Pizza at
135th and Quivira. The restaurant                St. Joseph alumnus Hank              have pitched in to help with
is owned by the Commodore family,              Bednar, ‘80, owner of Bednar           fundraisers, dinners, and physical
and six of the thirteen employees are          Interiors Remodeling and Design        labor and constant prayers.
current students or alumni of Saint            in Shawnee, has spearheaded              Cathy described Saint Thomas
Thomas Aquinas. The Commodores                 a home renovation project for          Aquinas president Dr. Ford as “a
generously agreed to donate 20                 the Miller family in conjunction       guardian angel.”
percent of the day’s sales to help offset      with the “Rebuilding Together
                                               Shawnee.” Hank pushed to have            Cathy’s goal is to host a
the Miller’s medical bills.                                                           graduation party for Christina and
                                               the Miller home be one of those
  Mrs. Commodore said that                     scheduled to undergo a facelift        Ana at their remodeled home. It’s
Morgan and Ms. Dillingham were                 through this community effort. In      been a long road for the Miller
instrumental in getting approval and           reality, the home is experiencing      family to get to the twins’ high
publicity for the fundraiser going on          an “extreme makeover” with             school graduation. It calls for a
very short notice. Dillingham gives            some areas being gutted down to        celebration!
most of the credit to Morgan for               the studs. Most of the labor and          Watch for renovation pictures
getting things moving. She said that           materials have been donated or         of the Miller home in the next
Christina, “one of our own,” needed            provided at cost.                      issue of Saints Spirit!
help and that she just helped out
with whatever was needed. This was               Single mother Cathy
the first event of this kind that Imo’s        Nielsen Miller, ‘79, and her
has sponsored. Mrs. Commodore                  four daughters moved out
said that she had been involved with           of the house and into one
other fundraisers “but nothing of              down the street owned by
this magnitude!” Approximately one             Mr. and Mrs. Bob Green,
thousand dollars was raised by the             during the construction.
Saints community during the Imo’s              Cathy is in constant contact
Pizza Day for the Miller family. “Dr.          with Hank, her fellow St.
Ford gives a great example to the              Joseph alumnus, and has
students,” said Mrs. Commodore.                been overwhelmed with
She said that in her experience                the support of the Bednars
with the Saint Thomas Aquinas                  and a legion of contractors,
community, “whenever anyone needs              and members of the St.
                                               Joseph and Saint Thomas         The Miller home was gutted down to the studs in
something, everyone just goes with it                                          the kitchen.
and tries to help and they did this in         Aquinas communities who

ClaSS noteS

     Class Notes
        Christopher Seago is in his last year of
     formation to become a permanent deacon in
     spring 2011 for the Archdiocese of Kansas City
     in Kansas. In conjunction with St. Meinrad
     Seminary, the Archdiocese has been preparing
     the very first class of permanent deacons for
     the diocese. Chris earned his Bachelor of Arts                                                            David is currently teaching theater and
                                                            Michael Skahan and his wife Julie of
     degree in Religious Studies from Benedictine                                                           drama and is head of the Performing Arts
                                                         Shawnee, Kansas, welcomed their son Gavin
     College in 1980 and his Masters degree in                                                              Department at Parkview High School in
                                                         Quinn Skahan on October 27, 2009, weighing
     Social Work from the University of Kansas in                                                           Springfield, Missouri, where he lives with his
                                                         8 lbs., and measuring 20 inches long. Says
     1988. He works for the Department of Social                                                            wife, Brandy, and their two daughters. Brandy
                                                         dad, “GQ can’t wait to run the ball for the
     and Rehabilitation Services for the State of                                                           teaches math in Ozark, Missouri.
                                                         Saints as he has grown off-the-charts: 22 lbs.
     Kansas, licensing Community Mental Health
                                                         at six months. I am feeding him anything and
     centers, Psychiatric Residential Treatment
                                                         everything to bulk up for those STA two-a-
     facilities, Residential Care facilities, and
                                                         days.” Julie has taught in the Shawnee Mission
     private psychiatric hospitals. Chris and his wife
                                                         School District for 10 years and was a Kansas
     Julia live in Topeka, Kansas, with their two
                                                         Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2008. Michael is
     daughters, Erica, 25, and Marissa, 17.
                                                         a Vice President for iModules Software, Inc.

     1977                                                1992
       Evelyn “Berni” Malinowski and her husband                                                               Above is the cast and grand staircase from
                                                        David Krudwig, pictured above right with
     Mike Jones live in Kansas City, Missouri, where                                                        the Parkview High School production of Annie,
                                                     his brother Aaron Krudwig, ‘96, enlisted in
     Mike is regional sales manager for Field Turf,                                                         directed by David Krudwig, ‘92. To see other
                                                     the US Marine Corps shortly after graduating
     an artificial turf manufacturer. They have two                                                         examples of David’s extraordinary theater
                                                     from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
     children, Mallory, 24, and Murphy, 21.                                                                 set-designs, go to http://www.phstheatre.org/
                                                     He served in active duty from fall 1992 to late
                                                     summer 1996.                                           productions.html.
        Sr. Bridget Dickason, OSB, teaches religion
     at Bishop LeBlond High School in Atchison,            Protecting our Planet
     Kansas. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree           Laura Elliott, ‘99, has been working in the environmental office for the US Antarctic
     in English and Secondary Education from               Program (USAP) as a support contractor since early October 2009. The work involves
     Benedictine College in 1984, her Master of Arts       environmental remediation, compliance, monitoring and education for all aspects of the
     degree in Theology from the University of San         US program on the continent. The Antarctic Treaty (1961) and the Antarctic Conservation
     Francisco in 1998, and her Master of Education        Act (1978) mandated protections for Antarctica’s pristine environment. The firm is there to
     Administration degree from Benedictine in             assist the USAP and National Science Foundation’s grantees doing science on the continent
     2002. Sr. Bridget enjoys fishing in her spare         in complying with their environmental responsibilities. She feels lucky that her job requires
     time.                                                 a good deal of traveling and has enabled her to visit Byrd Surface Camp, the South Pole
                                                           station, and many field camps in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Prior to this job, she worked as a
     1981                                                  hydrogeologist at an environmental consulting firm in Portland.
       Vicky Zimmerman Chalstrom and her
     husband John live in North Pole, Alaska, where
                                                                                                            Left: When the alumni office caught up
     she is personal-lines insurance supervisor for                                                         with Laura in February, she was traveling
     Rural Alaska Insurance Agency and John is a                                                            to New Zealand and Australia. She sent
     maintenance inspector for the Federal Aviation                                                         a photo taken at the South Pole on New
     Administration. They have two children,                                                                Year’s Day, adding, “Yes, there really is a
     Patrick, 21, and Kathryn, 19.                                                                          pole there!”

     1990                                                                                                   Below: Laura Elliott poses next to an
        Paula Krudwig received                                                                              Antarctica landmark.
     her board certification as a
     registered nurse in 2005, and
     worked in ICU at Research
     Medical Center in Kansas
     City, Missouri, for four years
     before moving to Truman
     Medical Center in Independence, Missouri,
     where she is currently a surgical nurse.

                                                                                                                           ClaSS noteS
  Nicki Werkowitch Merfen and her                     Serving his Country
husband, Scott, live in Olathe, Kansas, with            Aaron Krudwig, ‘96, graduated from Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, in
their children, John, 6, Patrick, 3, Nicholas, 2,     2000, with a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences in
and Cate, 6 months. Nicki is a full-time mom,         Wildlife Conservation and Management. He earned his master’s degree in Higher Education
and Scott is an elementary principal for the          Management and Student Affairs from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, in spring
Shawnee Mission School District.                      2003. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in September 2003.
   Amy Bannister DiGiacomo and her                       After completing his Military Occupational Specialty Training at Camp Pendleton, CA,
husband, Carlo, of Kansas City, MO,                   Aaron was awarded an appointment to Marine Corps Officers Candidate School (OCS) on a
welcomed a daughter Lucy Marzia on April              contract for Navy Marine Flight Training. He was commissioned a Marine 2LT in December
4, 2009. Amy is the Public Relations and              2004, and received his Navy Marine flight training wings in July 2007. He received further
Marketing Manager for Olathe Health System.           training and certification in the Marine CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter – the largest
                                                      helicopter in the western hemisphere. At the time he received his wings, Aaron was ranked
1995                                                  academically in the top 10 percent of all current and former Navy Marine pilots.
   Dr. Brian Milligan and his wife, Cheri, live          Aaron is currently a captain, aircraft commander and section leader based at Marine Corps
in Rochester, MN with their children Adele            Air Station, Miramar, CA. He is on his second deployment to the Middle East, first serving in
Elizabeth, 2, Robert Allen, 7 months. Brian           Iraq with additional duties as the Logistics Officer in 2008-2009. He has been in Afghanistan
will complete his neurosurgical residency at the      since January 2010 with additional duties as the Administration and Legal Officer for the
Mayo Clinic in June 2011.                             squadron.
   Dr. Dan Wientzen graduated from                      Cpt. Aaron Krudwig has received two Strike/Flight Air Medals, NATO Medal, Afghanistan
Creighton University in 2000 and earned his           Campaign Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) from            Terrorism Service Medal, and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.
Des Moines University in 2006. He and his
wife Sara live in Decorah, Iowa, where Dan is
a family physician for the Gundersen-Lutheran
Health System. Dan enjoys soccer, poker and

   Tom Rohr, his wife Melissa, and their child,
Myles, live in St. Joseph, Missouri, where Tom
is a wholesale parts specialist for Superior
  John Euston and family welcomed Jeorgia
Delphene Euston on June 17, 2009.

  Kara Furst Steele and her husband, Eric,            Cpt. Aaron Krudwig, second from left, preparing with his crew for his first deployment as a
welcomed their first child, Zoey Elizabeth            Navy Marine pilot. The flag, carried on the mission, was presented to the family of a WWII
Steele, on July 8, 2009.                              Marine pilot. The photo at right is an enhanced image of Cpt. Krudwig.

1998                                                   Jennifer Walters Gardner earned her            Melissa live in Fort Carson, Colorado, with
   John McGurk, an attorney at Polsinelli           nursing degree from Fort Hays State University    their three children, Reagan, 7, Grant, 5, and
Shughart in Kansas City, was one of 23              in 2005. She and her husband, Tim, were           Vincent, 1.
candidates who competed in the Leukemia             married on November 29, 2008. They reside in
and Lymphoma Society – Kansas City
Chapter’s 2010 “Man and Woman of the
                                                    Lenexa, Kansas.                                   2001
                                                       Burton Harding has opened a law office            Mindy Sieve is a dietician and Assistant
Year” fundraising campaign. John said the
                                                    in Girard, Kansas, 110 miles directly south       Director of Patient Services for ARAMARK in
competition was a lot of work but “the cause
                                                    of Overland Park near Pittsburg, Kansas. He       the Carondelet Health System. She earned her
is such a good one, it was a privilege to be
                                                    earned his J.D. and MBA degrees from the          Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science
involved with LLS.”
                                                    University of Kansas in spring 2009.              from Indiana University in 2005, and married
                                                       Michael J. Scaletty, Captain for the           her husband, Brian, in July 2007. Brian is a
2000                                                United States Army, was deployed to Iraq          financial analyst with Payless Shoe Source. The
   Andrew and Lindsey Mackey Calovich               in spring 2010. While in Iraq, he will serve      couple lives in Shawnee, Kansas.
welcomed their second child, Henry Andrew           as the Operational Law and Military Justice
Calovich, on April 16, 2010, weighing               Attorney for the Third Brigade Combat Team
7 lbs., 1 oz.                                       of the Fourth Infantry Division. He will be
                                                    training and assisting Iraqi prosecutors in
                                                    the prosecution of terrorists. He and his wife

ClaSS noteS
     2002                                               2004                                                  Aaron Saule
                                                                                                           will graduate in
        Elizabeth Pyle Mortimer is a sales agent           Hillary Frost                                   May 2010 from
     for Reece and Nichols Residential Real Estate      and Bobby Carter                                   Lindenwood
     in Shawnee, Kansas. Her husband, Jeff, is a        are tying the knot                                 University, located
     district sales manager for Monsanto. They live     on October 15,                                     in St. Charles, MO,
     in Lenexa, Kansas, with their son, Drew, 1.        2010, in Kansas                                    with a degree in
                                                        City. They were                                    Graphic Design
     2003                                               engaged on
                                                        November 27,
                                                                                                           and a minor in
                                                                                                           Philosophy. Aaron
                                                        2009.                                              plans to attend graduate school at Lindenwood
                                                          Megan Bickimer has been named “Child             next fall, coaching the swim team and also
                                                        Advocate of the Year” by The Sunflower             completing his last year of eligibility for Water
                                                        House, an organization in Shawnee, Kansas,         Polo.
                                                        that prevents child physical and sexual abuse         Christina Saxer graduated from St. Louis
                                                        and provides services for victims and their        University’s John and Lucy Cook School of
                                                        families.                                          Business this spring with a Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                                           degree in Business Marketing. After working
     Jen with the LLS poster boy of the year,           2005                                               for two years at the Clubhouse on Baltimore
     Ethan Potter                                                                                          (the former Kansas City Club in downtown
                                                          Eric Barnes is an IT Support Specialist for      Kansas City) and also earning her wedding
        Jennifer Flaspohler is a realtor for            Intouch Solutions, a Pharmaceutical Digital
     REMAX and was one of 23 candidates for the                                                            coordination certification, Christina has
                                                        Marketing company in Overland Park, Kansas.        started her own business, Celebrations of Love
     Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – Kansas
     City Chapter’s 2010 “Man and Woman of the            Max Mitchell is an Operation Specialist          - Weddings and Events by Christine.
     Year” fundraising competition. This cause has      Petty Officer third class for the United States       Kelsey Jeter and Grace Kueser, friends
     been particularly close to Jen’s heart since her   Navy.                                              from high school both graduated in May
     cousin, Madeline Pyle, ’08, was diagnosed with                                                        2010 from the University of Arkansas. Kelsey
     leukemia as a five-year-old kindergartner almost   2006                                               earned her degree in Dietetics and will be
     15 years ago. Several members of Jen’s “team”         Kelsey Gustafson graduated Summa Cum            pursuing her masters at the KU Medical
     who helped her plan events and publicize her       Laude from the College of St. Benedict in St.      Center in Nutrition. Grace graduated in
     campaign efforts are Saint Thomas Aquinas          Joseph, MN. She has been invited to join the       Apparel Studies with a
     graduates. As Jen’s mom Debbie Flaspohler          national Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Kelsey      minor in Marketing and
     said, “This speaks volumes about the sense of      will be spending the 2010-11 academic year         will be working in the
     giving back that was instilled by STA and the      teaching English in China.                         Design and Development
     parents of this group of young adults.”                                                               Department for private
                                                                                                           label handbags at Dillards
                                                                                                           in Little Rock, Arkansas.

                                                          STA alumnus honored as nation’s top
                                                          student leader
                                                             Brent Blazek, ‘05, president of
                                                          the Student Alumni Leadership
                                                          Board at the University of
                                                          Kansas for the 2009-2010 year,
     Caitlyn with the LLS poster girl of the year,        was honored as the nation’s
     Hailey Johnson.                                      Outstanding Student Leader
        Caitlyn Meyers received a B.A. in Mass            at the national convention for
     Communications from Kansas State and                 student alumni programs in
     currently works for Major Brands, a premium          Baltimore last August. The award
     beverage distributor in Missouri, as a               was presented by the Council for
     promotions manager. She has been with the            the Advancement and Support of
     company for just over two years. Last summer         Education (CASE), a professional
     she became a first-time home buyer and               organization that oversees
     resides in Prairie Village. Caitlyn participated     advancement professionals at
     in the 2010 “Man and Woman of the Year”              thousands of colleges, universities
     fundraising competition sponsored by the             and independent schools and also guides student programs sponsored by alumni associations.
     Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of               As a member of the Student Alumni Leadership Board while an undergraduate at the
     her uncle, grandfather and other members of          University of Kansas, Blazek has helped promote events and activities for the KU Alumni
     her family fighting cancer.                          Association and also served as an official student representative for the organization. Brent
                                                          earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education this spring, and plans to begin
                                                          graduate school in the fall, studying sports management at KU.

                                                                                                                            in MeMoriaM

  Alumna Honored with “Spirit of Creighton” Award
      Marley Doyle, ‘02, and one other student              psychiatric illnesses, and she went on to found
   received the prestigious Spirit of Creighton             and direct Magis psychiatry clinics for both
   Award at Creighton University’s commencement             adults and child/adolescents. She also served as
   ceremonies on Saturday, May 15, 2010.                    vice president of the Student National Medical
      The Spirit of Creighton Award is given annually       Association for one year, organizing numerous
   to the students who exemplify the best qualities         service events in the Omaha area, including a
   of the University’s founders. Recipients are             health fair and mentoring program.
   honored for their initiative, enterprise, academic          In 2006, Doyle earned Creighton’s Aesculapian
   achievement and outstanding character traits.            Award, given annually to one student from each
      Doyle, who served as 2010 medical class               medical school class for guidance, compassion and
   president, has been described by faculty and             selfless service to the class, the community and
   students alike as selfless, altruistic, compassionate,   the University. This spring, she was inducted into
   empathetic, and a woman of incomparable                  the prestigious Gold Humanism Honor Society,
   integrity with a tremendous respect for others,          a national honor society that recognizes senior
   regardless of their socio-economic status. At            medical students, residents, physician-teachers
   Creighton, she became active in the Magis                and others for demonstrated excellence in clinical
   Clinic, a health clinic established and run by           care, leadership, compassion and dedication to
   Creighton medical students for the homeless and          service. Doyle will pursue a psychiatry residency
   medically underserved. She came to realize that          at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern
   many indigent people have primary or secondary           University in Chicago.

In Memoriam
  Robert Heidlage, age 72, of Claremore,                 Pamela Anne Soetaert Nelson, ‘64, age             Henry J. “Hank” Soetaert, age 90, of
Oklahoma, died on February 16, 2010. He is            63, of Atlanta, Georgia and Lake Lotawana,        Paola, Kansas, passed away at the Sweet Life
the brother of Dr. Rebecca Heidlage, Associate        Missouri, passed away on February 28, 2010,       in Shawnee on February 20, 2010. He is the
Principal for Academic Affairs at Saint               at Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care.       father of alumni of Patrick Soetaert, ‘61,
Thomas Aquinas High School.                           She is the sister of alumni Patrick Soetaert,     Pamela Soetaert Nelson, ‘64, Michael Soetaert,
                                                      ‘61, Michael Soetaert, ‘66, Thomas Soetaert,      ‘66, Thomas Soetaert, ‘68, (Sharon Charlton
                                                      ‘68 (Sharon Charlton Soetaert, ‘70), and Judy     Soetaert, ‘70), and Judy Soetaert Geraghty, ‘69.
   David S. Lee, age 61, of Leawood, Kansas,          Soetaert Geraghty, ‘69.
passed away on February 17, 2010 after a
valiant struggle with pulmonary fibrosis. He is                                                            Carol Dees Tutor, ‘79, age 48, of Chandler,
survived by his wife, Sara Tobin Lee, and his            Tony Nigro, age 85, of Kansas City, Kansas,    Texas, passed away on December 3, 2009. A
three children, Maggie Lee, ‘00, Katie Lee, ‘04,      passed away on the Feast of St. Joseph, Friday,   U.S. Navy veteran, Carol is survived by her
and Mollie Lee, ‘04.                                  March 19, 2010. He is the father of George        husband, Boyd, and four children, Matthew,
                                                      (Patty) Nigro, ‘68, Tony (Josephine) Nigro,       Joseph, Scott and Cindy; her mother Alice
                                                      ‘72, and David (Anita) Nigro, ‘75. He is the      Jean Dees of Lenexa, Kansas, and her siblings,
   Mildred Nachbar LeCluyse, ‘45, age 82, of          grandfather of Marisa (Nathan) Nigro Frymire,     Clarence Dees, ‘75, of Lenexa, Kansas, Robert
Lenexa, Kansas, passed away on January 26,            ‘00, Katie Nigro, ‘02, Serena (Brandon) Nigro     Dees, ‘77, of San Diego, California, Joseph
2010. She is the wife of Bill LeCluyse, ‘44, and      Moyer, ‘02, Austin Nigro, ‘04, David Nigro,       Dees, ‘80, of Olathe, Kansas, and sister Jean
the mother of John LeCluyse, Geri LeCluyse            ‘07, Angie Nigro, ‘08, and also Michael           Ann Eastman, ‘85, of Overland Park, Kansas.
John, ‘69, Patty LeCluyse Lutz, ‘72, Mary Beth        (Allison) Nigro and John-Paul Nigro. He is
LeCluyse Alston, ‘75, and Bill LeCluyse, Jr.,         the great- grandfather of Ava Joelle Frymire
‘78 (Kendra McMullen LeCluyse, ‘80). She is           and Keegan Moyer, and the brother of Marie          Albert C. VanLeBerg, age 88, of Shawnee,
also the grandmother of Ellesha LeCluyse, ‘07,        Cascio. Tony was preceded in death by his wife    Kansas, passed away on March 23, 2010.
and sister of Mickey Nachbar Zarda, ‘53 (Tom          of 60 years, Lucy Nigro, in 2008.                 He is the father of alumni/current parent
Zarda, ‘52).                                                                                            Joanne (Taylor) Preston, and grandfather of
                                                                                                        Ryan Preston, ‘05, Ben Preston, ‘07, and Sam
                                                         Francis Oppold, age 91, of Iowa Falls, Iowa,   Preston, class of 2014.
   Berniece Beatrice “B” Miller, age 77, of           passed away on January 18, 2010. He is the
Kansas City, Kansas, passed away on February          father of alumni parent Mark (Kathi) Oppold
2, 2010. She is the mother of Steven Miller,          and grandfather of Tricia Oppold Vogel, ‘94,        Helen P. Waggoner, age 86, of Wichita,
‘73, Deb Miller Shackelford, ‘75, David Miller,       Steven Oppold, ‘97, and Michael Oppold, ‘01.      Kansas, passed away on February, 21, 2010.
‘77, Diane Miller Hydeman, ‘79, and Joseph                                                              Helen is the mother of parent Tom Waggoner
Miller, ‘84.                                                                                            and grandmother of Kyle Waggoner, ‘07, and
                                                                                                        Margaret Waggoner, class of 2011.

MeMorial PrograM

     Memorial Program
     Book of Remembrance                                                  Named Memorial Gifts
     The Book of Remembrance at Saint Thomas Aquinas gives                From time to time, specific projects and permanent
     families the opportunity to permanently memorialize their            items located at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School may
     deceased loved ones.                                                 be earmarked for Named Gift opportunities. For more
                                                                          information, please contact Michon Quick in the Office of
     Entries may be submitted online at                                   Advancement at 913.319.2437.
     www.aquinascommunity.com/remembrance or in person by
     contacting the STA Office of Advancement at 913.319.2425.            Named Endowed Memorial Scholarships
                                                                          A named memorial scholarship may be set up at Saint Thomas
     Memorial Mass                                                        Aquinas High School through the establishment of a named
     The Mass of Remembrance will be held annually in February            endowment fund.
     around Valentine’s Day, to memorialize deceased loved ones
     from the preceding calendar year.                                    All endowed funds are held by the Catholic Foundation of
                                                                          Northeast Kansas for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
     Please contact the STA Office of Advancement at 913.319.2425
     to report or update records for the deceased.                        The principal balance of each endowed memorial scholarship
                                                                          will be held in perpetuity and spent in accordance with
                                                                          guidelines set up by the donor and approved by the Saint
     Mass Intentions Throughout the Year                                  Thomas Aquinas Board of Trustees.
     Names of the deceased that have been submitted for the
     Book of Remembrance before or at the annual Mass of
                                                                          Funds expended will equal interest proceeds as allocated by
     Remembrance will be included in the next academic year’s All-
                                                                          the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas.
     School Mass intentions.
                                                                          The minimum gift amount to establish an endowed memorial
     Saints Memorial Fund                                                 scholarship is $25,000. The principal may be added to at
     There are several ways to memorialize those dear to you. Gifts       any time, increasing the annual proceeds-expenditure for
     may be contributed to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in            scholarships.
     memory of deceased persons, to honor living persons, or to
     commemorate anniversaries or other special events. All gifts         An endowed fund may also be set up as a “pending-endowed”
     are tax-deductible as allowed by law.                                fund, with an initial gift of $5,000 and the pledge to fully
                                                                          endow the scholarship over a period of five years.
     Gifts in Lieu of Flowers
     It may be appropriate to remember a loved one by requesting          For more information about setting up an endowed memorial
     that “in lieu of flowers, the family suggests that contributions     scholarship, please contact Michon Quick in the Office of
     be made to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.”                        Advancement at 913.319.2437.

     Memorial Plaque Gifts                                                                                               Saint Thomas
     At any time, a gift or series of gifts can be contributed to Saint                                                  Aquinas chaplain,
     Thomas Aquinas High School for the name of the deceased to                                                          Father Andrew
     be added to the Memorial Wall located in the hall outside the                                                       Strobl, celebrated
     Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at Saint Thomas Aquinas                                                         Mass during the
     High School.                                                                                                        second annual Mass
                                                                                                                         of Remembrance on
     To have a memorial plaque made and installed, gifts in memory                                                       February 10, 2010.
     of a loved one should collectively total $250 or more.

     Contributions earmarked for named gifts and endowed
     memorial scholarships will also initiate the addition of a plaque
     to the Memorial Wall.

Inspiring Messages
From a former parent                         current school and the fact that he           Thank you again.
                                             never actually attended STA. Another
who has moved from                           endorsement from a happy junior in            Tom Millweard
the area:                                    high school!                                  Chief Operating Officer
                                               You have one incredible school              RAZOR Business Strategy Consultants
  After four years of NOT connecting
                                             and unfortunately, we sometimes               Dallas, Texas
with Saint Thomas Aquinas High
School, our phone conversation today         appreciate things even more when we
happened to spontaneously spark my           don’t have them…Such the case with
memory as to just how wonderful STA          STA.
really is as a high school and I feel like     I could go on and on as to the
I need to share that with you.               specifics, but I wanted you to take
  When our family lived in Kansas            a moment to reflect on just how
City, we absolutely loved Saint              wonderful STA is as a high school.
Thomas Aquinas, appreciated the              From the administration and
school and community, and were               leadership to All-School Masses,
                                             school spirit, faculty, volunteers,                Renewing your magazine
quite blessed that our daughter was
                                             Extravaganza, first class standards, very       subscriptions is now easier than ever
so happy in high school (not an
                                             special Chaplain, sports programs,              and also a great way to support the
accomplishment we take for granted,
                                             students, faith, culture, quality of            students at Saint Thomas Aquinas
especially during the challenging high
                                             education, value of the education,              High School! Anytime you see a
school years).
                                             class T-Shirts, pep rallies, retreats, etc…     magazine you would like to receive at
  When we decided to relocate to                                                             your home or when your subscription
                                             You have one great school!
another state, our direction/criteria                                                        is about to lapse, simply go to www.
for our son’s high school experience            You should feel so proud to be               qsp.com, and use school account
was to find the “Aquinas” in our new         affiliated with such a wonderful school         #425007423. All profits from the
community. We found a similar high           that has such a lasting impression on           sale support student extra-curricular
school very near to our house, and           many, many people for their entire              activities, which are an integral part
we are very happy at the school. Our         life. I will never forget those four            of each student’s development while
son is currently a junior, doing very        wonderful years and remain thankful             here at Saint Thomas Aquinas. Order
well in the academic program, playing        for the impact STA has made on my               or renew your favorite magazines and
two varsity sports and very blessed          family.                                         help support the Saints!
with a great group of friends that has
contributed to a great high school
experience for him (again, not an              Memorial Gift Honors Wife of Santa
accomplishment we take for granted).           Marta Resident
  However, our family believes Saint             Dr. Ed Hall, right, and his
Thomas Aquinas is the gold standard            grandson, James Meyer, STA
for a high school experience. Our              sophomore, presented Dr.
daughter, a senior in college, still talks     Bill Ford with a memorial gift
about STA as the best years of her life.       in honor of Judith Hall, Ed’s
She has said on numerous occasions             wife and James’s grandma.
that she would repeat those four years         Her name will be added to
exactly the same if she could. Wow,            the Memorial plaque in the
what an endorsement from a very                hall outside the Chapel of
happy young woman!                             the Immaculate Conception.
  Our son still refers to Saint Thomas         Dr. Hall lives at the Santa
Aquinas as THE high school to                  Marta Retirement community and says with a wink, “I have a telescope on
attend, despite his happiness at his           the parking lot over here to keep an eye on James.”

CoMMunitY Calendar
     St. Joseph Class of 1960
     50th Reunion                                            Community
     September 10-11, 2010
     Friday Evening, September 10, 2010
                                                             See page 26-27 for more complete class-reunion information.
     Casual Get-Together                                     June
     Beginning 5:30 p.m.                                     25-26.. Class of 1975 Reunion
     SAINTS Pub & Patio*
     9720 Quivira Rd Lenexa, KS 66215                        23-25.. Class of 2000 Reunion
     Cash Bar/Open Menu                                      30-31 .. Class of 1990 Reunion
     *Note change in location from the Save-the-Date card!   31 ....... Class of 1980 Reunion
     Saturday Evening, September 11, 2010                    2 ........ Class of 2010 Yearbook Signing & Ice Cream Social
     Gold Medal Club Pinning & Dinner                        13....... Freshman-Parent Gift Gathering for Extravaganza
     Milburn Country Club                                    14 ....... Sophomore-Parent Gift Gathering for Extravaganza
                                                             17 ....... First Day of School
     7501 W. 69th Street Overland Park, KS 66204             20 ...... Junior-Parent Gift Gathering for Extravaganza
     6:30 Cocktail Hour - 7:30 Dinner Buffet                 21 ....... Senior-Parent Gift Gathering for Extravaganza
     $40 per person; Cash Bar                                26 ...... All-School Mass of the Holy Spirit*
     Please send your check by August 31, 2010 to:           28 ...... Class of 1970 Reunion
     Joyce Beam-Bradshaw                                     September
     25910 W. 69th Terrace Shawnee, KS 66226                 1 ........ Back-to-School Night
                                                             10....... Blue & Gold Kickoff Event
                                                             10-11 .. Class of 1960 Reunion
     For questions or to RSVP, contact a committe            16 ....... Grandparents Day Mass*
     member below!
                                                             7 ........ Homecoming All-School Mass*
     Bring photos and memorabilia to share!                  8 ........ Homecoming Tailgate & Ftball Game vs. Webb City
                                                             8 ........ All-Years Alumni Mixer after the Homecoming Game
                                                                        – Auxiliary Gym (new location)
     Class of 1960 “Lost Alumni”                             8-9...... Class of 1955 Reunion
     Donna Alexandar          Gary Atwell                    8-9...... Class of 1985 Reunion
     Richard Cametti          John Connaghan                 31 ....... Open House
     Diane Dunning, Berry     Russell Elliott
     Ronnie Fisher            Larry Green
                                                             1 ........ All Saints All-School Mass*
     Barbara Hunt             Carol Johnson
                                                             13....... Extravaganza
     Thomas Kane              George Madden
                                                             23 ...... Thanksgiving All-School Mass*
     Sandra Mathis            Marilyn McIntosh
                                                             27....... Class of 2005 Reunion
     Joan Muszynski           Larry Nusbaum
     John Paschel             Rosalia Schege-Gehle           December
     Kathy Senn               Doris Wright                   8 ........ Feast of the Immaculate Conception*
     Linda Leitner            Ann Marie Lagoski              17 ....... First Day of Christmas Break
        If you know how to locate any of these alumni,       January 2011
        please contact:                                      4 ........ Second Semester Begins
                                                             8 ........ Placement Test, Class of 2015
     Bob Garrett                  Joyce Beam-Bradshaw        22 ...... Saints Trivia Challenge in the Commons
     bgins@swbell.net             parkwayre@kcnet.com        28 ...... Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas Mass*
     913-631-8269 wk              913-441-0016 hm
     Mike Logan                   Ann Hayes-Blanner          9 ........ Memorial Mass, 7 p.m. in the Chapel
     913-888-9306 hm              annblanner@mac.com
                                  913-631-8523 hm             *All are welcome to attend All-School Masses at Saint Thomas
     Joan Rieke-Brady                                        Aquinas! Please check the school website to confirm the date and
     jb@reeceandnichols.com                                         time. Most liturgies begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Gym.
     913-307-4000 wk

                                                                                                   ClaSS reunionS

Class Reunions – Fives and Tens!
  2010 is the year for classes ending          Class of 1970                             Class of 1990
in ZERO (0) or FIVE (5) to have your           Saturday, August 28, 2010                 Friday-Saturday, July 30-31, 2010
class reunion!
                                               At Tanner’s Bar & Grill in western        At Barley’s Brewhaus Private Room in
  Plans are in the works for many of           Shawnee.                                  Shawnee on Friday evening;
you. An invitation with final details          Contact/Reservation Information:          At Brio on the Plaza on Saturday evening.
and reservation information will               Dennis “DJ” Zarda at                      Contact/Reservation Information:
be mailed prior to each event listed           dennis.zarda@gmail.com, or Barb Kievlan   Stephanie Maxedon Mavek,
below.                                         Fowler at barbfowler@everestkc.net.       smaxedon@sbcglobal.net or 214-597-1962.
  If you don’t find your class listed          Facebook Search: St. Josephs HS
below and would like to organize a get-        Shawnee, KS Class of 1970 40th Reunion
                                                                                         Class of 2000
together, we can help!
                                                                                         Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
  Please contact Michon Quick,                 Class of 1975                             July 23-25, 2010
Director of Alumni & Constituent               Friday and Saturday, June 25-26, 2010     At the Back Room at the Levee on Friday
Relations, at mquick@stasaints.net or          At Johnny’s Tavern in Shawnee on Friday   evening;
913-319-2437 for more information.             evening;                                  At Saint Thomas Aquinas High School on
                                               At Lake Quivira Country Club on           Saturday evening;
Reunions in Progress:                          Saturday evening.                         At Shawnee Mission Park on Sunday.
                                               At Contact/Reservation Information:       Reservations: by JULY 9, 2010, to
Class of 1950                                  David Spieker, 913-962-5243 or            stareunion00@gmail.com.
Look for photos from the 60-Year               dspieker@kc.rr.com, or
                                               Kathy Regan Dorman, 913-706-0867 or       Contact for information:
Reunion event – held on May 22-23, 2010                                                  Lindsey Mackey Calovich,
– in the Fall/Winter issue of Saints Spirit!   Kathy.Dorman@gmail.com.
                                                                                         lindsey.calovich@gmail.com or
                                               Facebook Search: St. Joseph Shawnee       913-710-0405, or Liz Kisthardt Samples,
                                               Class of ‘75                              elizabethksamples@gmail.com or
Class of 1955
Friday - Saturday, October 8-9, 2010.
                                               Class of 1980
Homecoming Tailgate/Game/All-Years
Mixer at Saint Thomas Aquinas on Friday        Saturday, July 31, 2010                   Class of 2005
evening;                                       At Barley’s Brewhaus Private Room in      November 26-27, 2010 (Thanksgiving
Saturday plans to be determined.               Shawnee.                                  Weekend) in the Kansas City area;

Contact/Reservation Information:               Contact/Reservation Information: Dan      More information to follow.
Marianne Blake at 916-351-5945 or              Pflumm at 913-631-6203 or                 Contact/Reservation Information:
maablake@att.net, or Ted Horning at            dpflumm@dancosystems.com, or              Laura Cindrich Foote, cindrichL@hawks.
TEDFH@aol.com.                                 Julie Soetaert King at 913-631-9284 or    rockhurst.edu.

Class of 1960 Golden
 Anniversary!                                  Class of 1985
Friday and Saturday,                           Friday - Saturday, October 8-9, 2010
September 10-11, 2010                          Homecoming Game/All-Years Mixer at
                                               Saint Thomas Aquinas on Friday evening;

                                                                                         A LEGACY OF SUCCESS
see Page 26 for details
                                               Saturday plans to be determined.
                                               Contact/Reservation Information:
                                               Pat Regan,
           Regularly visit                     pregan@cbregan.com or
   www.aquinascommunity.com                    913-226-0110.                       Don’t forget to let us know
    for Class Reunion updates!                                                     when you move!!! Log onto
                                                                   Non-Profit Organization
                   Saint Thomas Aquinas High School                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                   11411 Pflumm Road                            SHAWNEE MISSION, KANSAS
                                                                      PERMIT NO. 22
                   Overland Park, Kansas 66215-4816

Saints on Facebook
For the Official page, search:

“Saint Thomas Aquinas
Alumni - Overland Park,
KS” (organization)
Individual class-years may want to set up individual Facebook
Group pages to communicate with classmates. Let us know
if you would like to create a link from the official Saint
Thomas Aquinas page to your site! (Contact Bryan Thrasher at

You may also want to check out the alumni
community site at www.aquinascommunity.com.

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