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Prosperity by dfgh4bnmu



The College of Engineering’s Impact on Prosperity

Translational Research High Performance Workforce

              New Venture Development

EngineeringGlobal Solutions

 To Our Partners:
     The State of Colorado’s investment in the College of Engineering and
 CSU creates important benefits for Colorado, the nation, and the world.
 The National Governors Association recently concluded that “Universities
 can play a major role in economic development, and university-indus-
 try technology transfer can be a stimulant, precursor, or complement to
 building a high-skills, high-wage state economy.” Therefore, many states are
 investing in higher education to further the region’s economic growth.
     Innovation and its application in meeting societal and market needs are
 important drivers of economic development. Colleges of engineering have
 always played an important role through learning and discovery. This issue
 focuses on three important aspects of our college’s impact: (1) performing         Since launching in 2006, CloudSat has made
 translational research, (2) educating a high performance workforce, and            more than 5,300 orbits around the Earth,
                                                                                    snapped over 160 million vertical profiles of
 (3) creating new ventures. While this issue focuses on energy, the economic        clouds, and distributed more than 6 terabytes of
 impact of Colorado State’s College of Engineering spans every discipline.          data to the international science community. The
     Our faculty, students, and alumni are extremely competitive and en-            data have generated intriguing questions about
 trepreneurial. Annual college research expenditures exceed $500,000 per            the processes that occur in clouds.
 faculty member,
 totaling more than       “The key strategic resource necessary for
 $50 million. While       prosperity has become knowledge itself in
 these expenditures       the form of educated people and their ideas.”
 are significant, other               – Beyond the Crossroads: The Future of the
 college contribu-                             Public University in America, 2004
 tions surpass the
 impact of simple spending. Regions with high quality academic institutions
 thrive, and the presence of a strong college of engineering is an important
 consideration in the recruitment and retention of industry. To put this
 in perspective, the estimated salaries of our 423 engineering graduates in
 the 2005/2006 academic year exceeded $23 million, in their first year post         In 2007, the Colorado Center for Biorefining and
 graduation alone. It is no accident that Fort Collins is cited as one of the       Biofuels (C2B2) was formed, linking Colorado’s
                                                                                    research universities, businesses, and the
 most innovative and entrepreneurial regions within the U.S.
                                                                                    National Renewable Energy Laboratory in an
      In addition to the effect of our research and academic programs, our          effort to make Colorado a renewable energy
 alumni make extraordinary contributions to our economy. Out of 13,236              leader. Research fellowships will be awarded to
 living engineering alumni, we are aware of 212 alumni who are CEOs.                students, with sponsoring companies present-
 Sixty-six (66) patents were issued this past year to our alumni in Northern        ing problems that they are interested in solving
 Colorado alone. Examples of alumni business leaders are highlighted on the         through funded research.
 back page of this publication.
     In Prosperity, you will catch a glimpse of the economic impact we have
 on Colorado, the U.S., and the world. Whether it is a direct result of our
 activities on campus, assisting a partner company through workforce
 development or intellectual capital needs, or starting a new venture and
 establishing it in the marketplace, a common element throughout is the
 commitment and dedication of our outstanding alumni, faculty, staff, and
 students. Please let us know how we can work together.
                                                                                    In 2007, Comverge, an energy management
                                                                                    company, made its Nasdaq trading debut. Bud
                                                                                    Vos, B.S. 1996, M.S. 1999 (with an emphasis
 Sandra Woods, Dean                  Wade O. Troxell, Associate Dean for Research   in distributed control systems and embedded
 970-491-3366                          and Economic Development                     system design), is vice president of marketing,          970-491-8657,          products, and strategy. Comverge’s IPO marked
                                                                                    the first public offering of a company focused on                                                             electricity grid management.
Collaborative Partnership Grid
Plugs into Economic Development                                                                  Recent CSU Engineering Start-ups
   Dr. Sunil Cherian of Spirae Inc. was                                                          AVA Solar
facing a dilemma. He and his energy tech-                                                        Professor W.S. Sampath
nology company were working with a large                                                         and his research team
European national utility on a first-of-its-                                                     have perfected a manu-
kind project that could take his company                                                         facturing process that
                                                                                                 turns ordinary window
away from Fort Collins, Colorado in search
                                                                                                 glass into solar panels
of advanced laboratory capabilities for their                                                    that could be used to
research and development activities. Cherian,                                                    generate power any-
who received his master’s and doctorate in                                                       where the sun shines.
mechanical engineering at Colorado State in                                                      With the help of angel
1991 and 1995, had founded Spirae in 2002                                                        investors, AVA Solar, is
and was hesitant to move.                                                                        preparing for mass production in its new facil-
   Spirae and CSU’s College of Engineering                                                       ity, building a customer base, and hiring staff.
teamed to make a presentation at a meeting                                                       Solix Biofuels, Inc.
of the Northern Colorado Clean Energy Cluster. The cluster serves as a clear-                    The startup company based in Boulder, is
inghouse to connect entrepreneurs and major power users with researchers                         working with Colorado State University en-
and government officials, encouraging innovation, new job creation, and                          gineers and the college’s Engines & Energy
investment in the region. Thus, a collaborative effort was launched.                             Conversion Laboratory to commercialize
   The culmination of this effort is the new InteGrid Test and Development                       technology that cheaply mass produces oil
                                                                                                                         derived from algae
Laboratory. The lab is housed in the Engines and Energy Conversion Labo-
                                                                                                                         and turns it into
ratory, formerly the old Fort Collins Power Plant, a facility owned by the city.                                         biodiesel−an envi-
The city’s utility department also allowed for a grid interconnection. State                                             ronmentally friendly
grants from the Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation                                                  solution to high gas
and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade                                                  prices, greenhouse gas
helped to outfit the lab. And, the Northern Colorado Economic Develop-                                                   emissions, and volatile
ment Corporation, as a cluster leader, assisted Spirae in leveraging various                                             global energy markets.
regional resources to make the InteGrid Lab a reality in record time.                                                    Doug Henston, CEO
                                                                                                 of Solix Biofuels, says, “We chose to team up
   Now, the InteGrid Lab allows the company, as well as Colorado State
                                                                                                 with CSU because of their 21st Century focus
researchers, to simulate actual grid conditions under varying scenarios. The                     on renewable energies and their expertise in
laboratory is jointly owned and operated by Spirae and Colorado State, and                       mechanical engineering and the agricultural
places its capabilities at the convergence of                                                    sciences.”
new technology development, “Smart Grid” “The InteGrid Lab is a unique U.S.
distributed generation strategies, and ad-       facility created to answer questions            Envirofit International Ltd.
vanced education. Currently operating with regarding the integration of distribut-               Envirofit, a non-profit corporation, dis-
a generating capacity of about 500kW, with ed and renewable power generation                     seminates technologies originated at CSU’s
                                                                                                 Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory.
expansion plans to take it beyond an unprec- sources into the electric grid while
                                                                                                 The Stanford Social In-
edented 2MW, the InteGrid Lab provides           increasing reliability and stability of         novation Review named
a real-world test of equipment and control       the system. With mandated renew-                the company one of 10
solutions prior to deployment. Spirae has        able portfolios and increasing use              innovative technology
already conducted a successful demonstra-        of distributed power technologies,              companies that create
tion of a comprehensive cell controller that the lab provides an important large                 global social change.
monitors load demand and renewable power scale research capability.”                             Envirofit has developed
generation, and provides necessary high                                                          a bolt-on, direct-injection
                                                            – Wade Troxell, Associate Dean for   retrofit kit for carbureted
speed transient control with a variety of               Research and Economic Development        two-stroke engines that
grid stabilization technologies and balanced                                                     are major polluters in
distributed generation from conventional sources.                                                many Third World coun-
   “Overall, the University was very easy to work with,” according to Sunil                      tries. This technology
Cherian. “The University sees itself as a key contributor to economic devel-                     drastically reduces pol-
opment,” he adds.                                                                                lution while improving fuel economy by more
                                                                                                 than 35 percent.

                    “More S&P 500 CEOs obtained their undergraduate degrees in
                     engineering than in any other field.”
                                  – 2004 CEO Study: A Statistical Snapshot of Leading CEOs, 2005
Fort Collins: Innovative and Entrepreneurial
   According to research
sponsored by the Small Busi-                                                                    Team Design Projects
ness Administration’s Office of                                                                 Chemical and Biological Engineering
Advocacy and the Edward Lowe                                                                    At CSU’s Biofuels Research Colloquium, a
Foundation, Fort Collins was                                                                    showcase of undergraduate and graduate
ranked the most innovative and                                                                  work, the poster contest was won by a chemi-
entrepreneurial region in the                                                                   cal and biological engineering senior design
                                                                                                team. The team designed a high volume refin-
United States. According to the
                                                                                                ery-like facility to convert algae into biodiesel.
2005 report, the most entrepre-                                                                 The algae was supplied by a mechanical
neurial regions were associated                                                                 engineering student design team and start-up
with higher levels of technol-                                                                  company, Solix Biofuels, Inc. The design team
ogy, spending nearly 54% more                                                                   is submitting a patent application for their
on research and development,                                                                    algae to biodiesel conversion process.
recording 67% more patents
                                                                                                Civil and Environmental Engineering
per labor force participant, and                                                                Six seniors worked with Engineers Without
having a 63% higher percentage                                                                  Borders over the last year to design a system
of high tech establishments than                                                                to deliver clean water to the 600 residents of
                                   Other accolades indicate the strength of our city/region:
the least entrepreneurial regions.                                                              the village of San Antonio Abad, El Salvador.
                                     • ‘Best Place to Live’, Money Magazine, August 2006        The residents presently have no public source
A more educated population           • One of the Top Ten Metros for Scientists &
was also noted as a significant                                                                 of clean, potable water.
                                       Engineers Per Capita, and Top 15 Best Educated
                                                                                                The team designed the
difference in the entrepreneurial      Workforce in the Nation, Expansion Management,
                                                                                                entire system, includ-
climate of a region, providing a       May 2005
                                                                                                ing drilling a well, and
high-quality labor pool.             • Top 20 Small Metro Area to Start a Business or
                                                                                                designing a storage tank,
                                        Career, Forbes Magazine, May 2005
                                                                                                purification system, and
                                                                                                the pipe system to deliver
Fulfilling Future Workforce Needs                                                               clean water to residents.

   The College of Engineering works to meet the needs of industry and                           Electrical and Computer Engineering
society. Recognizing the areas of future growth identified by the Metro Den-                    Seniors Pat Kusbel and Elliot Buller won the
                                                                                                2007 Best Paper Contest for their senior de-
ver Economic Development Corporation—aerospace, aviation, bioscience,
                                                                                                sign project report, “Control and Computing
energy, financial services, and information technol-                                            System for the Compact Microwave Radiom-
ogy—the college has introduced several innovative                                               eter for Humidity Profiling.” Pat and Elliot’s
programs, firsts in Colorado and the region:                                                    embedded control and computing system will
• Colorado State’s new one-of-a-kind engineering                                                reduce volume and power consumption as
  education bachelor’s degree trains engineers to                                               well as enhance system reliability. Their work
  be junior high and high school engineering and                                                enhances ongoing microwave radiometer
                                                                                                research sponsored by the National Science
  technology teachers. “One of the obstacles to
  bringing engineering into the K-12 classroom has
  been the dearth of teachers with the expertise to                                                                Mechanical Engineering
  teach the subject,” says Eric Iversen, manager for                                                               CSU’s Good Samaritan
  outreach at the American Society for Engineering                                                                 is an urban search and
                                                         Kate McDonnell (center) is the first                      rescue robot used to find
  Education. “This program plays a fundamental          licensure student of the engineering                       trapped victims in partially
  role in helping us meet workforce requirements             education degree program.                             collapsed buildings. CSU
  that a globalizing and competitive world creates.”                                                               student design teams have
• A new doctoral degree is available in bioengineering, the first of its kind in                                   developed two sizes of this
  the state, as well as a new master’s degree. These programs integrate physi-                                     carbon composite robot and
  cal, chemical, and mathematical sciences with engineering principles and                                         are working on versions for
  clinical studies. The program is uniquely positioned due to CSU’s presti-                     extreme environments. The robot has done
  gious Veterinary Medical Center and the Professional Veterinary Medicine                      well in international competition, and CSU is
                                                                                                exploring commercialization. Because of the
  program, co-located with engineering, and providing a rich environment
                                                                                                composite design, small size, and low weight,
  for interdisciplinary work focused on improving health, fighting disease,                     the price point is expected to fall between 1/2
  and aiding persons with disabilities.                                                         and 1/3 of robots used for similar tasks.

  “We owe our current prosperity, security, and good health to the investment of past
   generations, and we are obliged to renew those commitments in education,
   research, and innovation policies . . . .”        – The National Academies Report, 2006
                                                How Do CSU’s Engineering Programs
By the Numbers
                                                Impact Industry and Colorado?
Engineering Faculty and Research
Engineering faculty: 96                         Translational Research
Faculty projected by 2010: 114                     The College of Engineering’s 96
Annual research expenditures: $50.1M            faculty are extraordinarily produc-
Annual research expenditures per faculty        tive. Last year, engineering faculty were
  member: over $500,000                         awarded over $50 million in contracts
Sources of funds used to operate the college:   and grants, and provided 73% of the
  73% research contracts and grants - $50.1M
                                                college’s operating funds for salaries,
      (the college’s contracts and grants
      distribution is about 90% federal,
                                                equipment, and program expenses
      4% industry, 2% private/non-profit,       through their research. Comprising only
      2% foreign,1% state, 1% other)            9% of Colorado State’s faculty, the
  24% education and general - $16.5M            college is responsible for over 20% of the
  3% private - $1.87M                           University’s research expenditures.
Programs of Research and Scholarly                 Engineering faculty and their stu-
  Excellence: 4 (Center for Extreme Ultravio-   dents are delivering important research
  let Science and Technology, Department of     breakthroughs to Colorado and the
  Atmospheric Science, Engines and Energy
                                                world. The world’s prosperity is depen-
  Conversion Laboratory, and the Environ-
  mental and Water Resources Engineering        dent on innovation, and the work done
  Program)                                      in our laboratories impacts facets of daily life: the use of clean and efficient
                                                energy in our automobiles and homes, the quality of drinking water, and
Students                                        the development of medical devices affecting the quality of human health.
Undergraduate enrollment: 1,378
Graduate enrollment: 544                        High Performance Workforce
Degrees conferred, 2005-06: 423                    The college graduates over 400 students each year. Last year, CSU stu-
   (279 undergraduate, 117 masters,             dents comprised one fourth of those graduating with 4-year engineering
   27 doctorates)                               degrees in Colorado. Our graduates are in demand. This year the college
Estimated salaries first year out: $23M         hosted 107 companies at its
Total engineering job postings at CSU this      annual Engineering Career
   academic year: 2,549 with 1,272 of those
                                                and Internship Fair, with
   being Colorado jobs; Internship
   postings: 642 with 437 in Colorado           dozens more organizations
Seniors completing internships: over 54%        pushed to a waiting list due to
                                                space constraints. Plus, 2,549
Alumni                                          engineering jobs were posted
Engineering alumni: 13,236 living alumni        through our Career Center.
   with 6,189 known to be in Colorado              Our engineering alumni are
Estimated annual salary value of all            very successful. We believe that
   alumni: $903M; in Colorado: $414M            this success is due in part to
Engineering degrees awarded since               the importance they place on education and the role that life-long learning
   founding: 16,473
                                                plays in their lives and careers. They manage millions of dollars in engi-
  (11,060 undergraduate; 5,413 graduate)
Alumni with more than one CSU engineering
                                                neering projects, and employ and mentor the next generation of engineers.
   degree: 1,169                                Their creativity results in scores of patents and new technologies.
Patents issued to alumni this academic year
   in Northern Colorado alone: 66               New Venture Development
Known alumni CEO’s: 212                            Technology transfer usually means taking an idea from a research
                                                laboratory, patenting the technology, and hopefully licensing the technol-
Commercialization Fiscal Year 2007              ogy to a company. Only two out of 100 patents recover their costs and find
Invention disclosures: 28                       success in the marketplace. This one-way process is a technology looking
Patent applications: 12                         for a market. Our “inter-dependent” process is a two-way interchange
Start-up companies: 1 (AVA Solar, with          involving a dynamic interplay between market opportunity and discovery.
   Solix Biofuels, Inc. and EnviroFit           The college’s Inter-dependent Model provides for various mechanisms for
   International Ltd. in FY2006)
                                                interaction between a university laboratory and the private sector.
License agreements: 9
Rick George: Leading a Green Giant                                                                    Alumni Making a Global Impact

    Rick George has never been one to run with the pack. When George                                  Greg Holland
                                                                                                      Dr. Greg Holland is the director
became president and CEO of Suncor Energy in 1991 at the age of 41, the                               of the Mesoscale and Microscale
Colorado native and CSU civil engineering alumnus inherited a financially                             Meteorology (MMM) Division of
                        struggling company with a core resource, bitumen                              the Earth and Sun Systems Lab-
                        from Alberta’s oil sands, which many analysts con-                            oratory of the National Center for
                        sidered too expensive to economically develop. Fires,                         Atmospheric Research (NCAR).
                        freeze-ups, and high operating costs had prompted                             Under Dr. Holland’s leadership, MMM sup-
                        Canada’s Globe & Mail newspaper to dub Suncor “the                            plies weather research and forecast systems
                                                                                                      to over 75 countries; develops innovative ob-
                        unluckiest oil company in Canada.”
                                                                                                      serving systems; investigates the interactions
                            Under George’s leadership, Suncor experienced a                           of pollutants, cloud formation and precipita-
                        remarkable turnaround. The company invested heav-                             tion; and studies how hurricanes intensify and
                        ily in new technologies to improve productivity and                           their potential changes with global warming.
                        environmental performance. George also launched
a long-term, multi-phase growth strategy that now sees Suncor firmly on                                             Torkil Jœnch-Clausen
track to increase production capacity to more than half a million barrels                                           Jœnch-Clausen is deputy CEO
                                                                                                                    for DHI Water and Environment,
per day by 2010 to 2012. The former “hard luck” corporation has been
                                                                                                                    Denmark. Working in research,
transformed into a global energy leader with more than 5,500 employees                                              consulting, and as a represen-
and a 2007 capital spending budget of nearly $4.5 billion.                                                          tative for international organi-
    But Suncor’s economic revival is only part of the story. George also made                                       zations including the United
the company a leader in sustainable development. In 1997, Suncor adopted                              Nations UNEP program and the International
a proactive and widely recognized climate change action plan to reduce                                Water Resource Association, Dr. Jœnch-Clau-
corporate-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Three years later, Suncor again                              sen’s work has had a global impact, having
led the industry by committing to significant, long-term investments in                               worked in over 40 countries. His efforts were
                                                                                                      recently recognized with the Hassan II Great
renewable energy sources—especially wind power and ethanol production.
                                                                                                      World Water Prize in 2006.
    To George, such initiatives simply make good business sense. “A sustain-
able approach builds shareholder value,” he says. “It reduces business costs,                         Leigh Neumayer
creates support for our growth plans, and meets consumer demand for                                   Dr. Neumayer is a professor
energy products with a lower environmental impact.”                                                   of surgery at the University of
    In a similar vein, Calgary-based Suncor is currently working with                                 Utah, serves on a multidisci-
Colorado State’s Center for Contaminant Hydrology on an environmental                                 plinary team treating breast
                                                                                                      cancer at the Huntsman Can-
research collaboration to help advance best practices for the industry.                               cer Institute, and is a principal
    In 2007, Fortune magazine recognized these ef-                                                    and co-investigator on a number of medical
forts, naming Suncor one of the 10 “Green Giants                                                      research projects. Dr. Neumayer has done
of Business” for going beyond what is necessary                                                       research on perceptions of women medical
to operate in environmentally responsible ways.                                                       students and is working to bring more women
    Born and raised in Brush, Colorado, George                                                        into the surgical field.
earned a Bachelor of Science degree in engineer-
                                                                                                                      Tom Williams
ing from Colorado State, followed by a law degree                                                                     Dr. Williams is a Synopsys
from the University of Houston Law School. He                                                                         Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, and is
is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School                                                                     renowned for his leadership
Program for Management Development.                                                                                   role in test and in defining and
    Prior to becoming Suncor’s CEO, George                                                                            promoting design-for-testability
served for 10 years with Sun Company in the                                                                           concepts. He has had a sig-
United States and the United Kingdom. He held                                                         nificant influence on the IC design community
                                                                                                      to adopt full scan as a de facto standard. In
various positions in project planning, production Dr. Tom Sale and graduate student
                                                                                                      2007 he received the European Design and
evaluation, exploration and production, and in          Tim Smith doing environmental
                                                                                                      Automation Association’s Lifetime Achieve-
the international oil business.                          remediation work at Suncor’s
                                                                                                      ment Award for his many contributions.
                                                                 Colorado refinery.

                                                          COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
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