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					    Page 2                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 1

                                      The Ukaegbu Akuma Family
                    of Emekwo Village, Amakpo Igbere and the Management of Dosersis !
                              (Computing and Business Services Provider)
 Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc, on their IPAI Convention 2009 (Ezumezu 2009 in Diaspora).

                                     For your Computing and Business Services, Contact
                                                 4535 August Street, Suite 3
                                                   Los Angeles, CA 90008
                                          Tel: 323-291-8873 or 626-429-2741 (cell)
                                     Web: E-mail:                                                                                
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 President Barack Obama             President Umaru Yar’Adua                          Governor Theo. A. Orji
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Governor Amadi Ikwechegh             Governor Orji Uzor Kalu                      Governor Emmanuel Ukaegbu
Imo State, Former Governor        Abia State, Former Governor                     Anambra State, Former Governor

 Chief Emeka Onuoha J.P.          Chief (Mrs.) Eunice Uzor-Kalu                     Chief Solo U. Akuma (SAN)
Chairman, Abia PPA—Nigeria        President, Reality Organization                    Chairman, Ezumezu 2008

                             Igbere Progressive Association international, Inc.
Page 4                                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                      Inside this issue:
USA and Nigeria Eminent Leaders                                                                                       3
Features / Ad Index                                                                                                   4
Editor’s Note                                                                                                         6
Nigeria and USA National Anthem                                                                                       6
IPAI Executive Council, Board of Directors, Chapters and Standing Committees                                         10
Convention 2009 Gala Nite Program of Events                                                                          12
IPAI President’s Address—An Address by Chief Michael C. K. Awa                                                       15
IPAI Board of Director’s Address—An Address by Chief Alfred Eme Onyeuku                                              40
Igbere Kings and Leadership                                                                                          44

Ad Index
               Description                    Page #                         Description              Page #
African Farms                                      33          Adighibe Family                             49
Amekes Quality Home Care Inc.                      24          Alfred Eme Onyeuku Family                   53
Bennjamin U. & Tricia Ezekwe Family                36          Arisa Ekeoma & Anyaogu Imaa Family          45
Charles Mgbeike and Apex Consulting                27          Arisa Ekeoma Family                         46
Daniel Eke Family                                    9         Ben E. Mbonu Law Firm                       48
Dickson Samuel Family                              23          Chukwu Oko Family and Law Firm              41
Ejieke Family                                        7         Daniel Eke and Associates, P. C.            68
Front Cover - Commemorative Photos                   1         Daniel Onyike Insurance Angency             62
Gallery Hotel Aba                                  11          Elekwachi Family & OLAN Associates          39
GEO Finance and Tax Services                       28          Elijah Kalu Family                          43
Greensport Pharmacy & Health Care                  37          Enwere Family                               56
Igbo Basics                                        30          Esse Family                                 65
Ijeoma Maduka                                      26          Greg I. Obi & Terina Inc.                   40
                                                                                                                On the Cover:
Ike R. Daniel, RPH                                 31          Helen Iriele                                49
IPAI Canada                                        13          HRH Eze John Uwakwe Oko                     55   Late Mrs. Priscil-
                                                                                                                lia Ugo Ekeoma
IPAI Canada Ladies and Gentlemen                   29          Ifeyinwa Chukwu                             42   and Ukaegbu
IPAI Pacific Coast                                 18          Ikemah Family                               66   Ukaegbu on her
IPAI Texas                                         20          IPAI New York                               38   background
IPAI Washinton DC Metro Area                       22          James Agbasoga Family                       50   during the IPAI
Lekwa Family                                         8         Joy Food Imports                            47   Convention
                                                                                                                2007 held at
Lessie Johnson & Daryrell Jackson                  17          Kalu Ogbonnaya                              59   Atlanta, Georgia.
MCK Engineering & Poly Engineers                   34          Martha Anyanta Family                       51
Obasi Agu                                          21          Media Works LLC                             47
                                                                                                                Cross section of
Odunze Anassi, LLP                                 19          Michael Awa Family                          67
                                                                                                                IPAI members
Onyeuku Financial Services                         16          Mueni Mtuengi and Nzilani Haris             52   and guests per-
Peter Imaa Family & PIMA Cons. Engrs.              32          Odunze CPA Group                            57   forming during
S. E. Maduka Family                                35          Ogbureke Family                             63   the cultural exhi-
Uchechukwu Offia                                   21          Oko Anyaegbu Family                         61   bition and
Udemgba Igu Family                                   5         Oko Igbokwe Family                          60   Town hall meet-
Ukaegbu Akuma Family and Dosersis                    2         Oluchi Victoria Ogwo                        64   ing of Conven-
                                                                                                                tion 2007 at
Ukandu Kalu Ikwuka Family                          14          Sampson Ukaegbu                             54
ULNACS Medical Care PC                             25          Trinity Food Store                          58
                                    Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
         with Olulu General Merchandise (323) 573-8757;
Congratulate Igbere Progressive Association International on their 3rd Bi-
          ennial Convention in Diaspora held at Washington DC.

    May God continue to guide and strengthen the President of IPAI
         and all members in pursuit of the tasks ahead of Igbere.

          L—R: Mr. Udemgba Igu, Mrs. Oby Igu, Vincent Igu, Esther Igu

                        Long Live Igbere !
                         Long Live IPAI !
    Page 6                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 1

Editor’s Note
                                  For the first time the Igbere Progressive Association International (IPAI) convention program
                                  is upgraded from brochure to a biennial magazine. This is aimed at expanding our global reach
                                  by providing opportunity for Igbere people across the world to express their ideas, share their
                                  knowledge and expertise and support the development of Igbere Community.
                                           Having solicited from the general public to support the IPAI Convention 2009 by plac-
                                  ing an Ad on this event program magazine; those listed on Ad index responded to IPAI solici-
                                  tation to support IPAI in this way. Those who could not respond would have better reasons to
                                  do so in subsequent edition. However, we pray that God would provide for those who desired
                                  to place an Ad but could not due to financial reasons, and at the same time bless and multiply
                                  the financial resources of those who made this extraordinary sacrifice to donate to IPAI in this
                                  way. Your donation is highly appreciated.
                                           This magazine is a very vital resource, as it contains information that promotes
businesses, special events, introduces families, showcases personal profile, and congratulates friends and/or organizations. It also
contains articles and a platform to connect with Igbere people across the world. It is the widest print publication relating to Ig-
bere Event. Relax and enjoy reading the articles, looking at the pictures and patronize the businesses listed on this magazine.
        Support IPAI and Igbere Community now and forever. Let us all strive to make Igbere Community better!
Ukaegbu Ukaegbu, B.Sc., BBA, CSA
President/CTO, Doser LLC (USA) and Solak Computer Resources (Nigeria) -
Editor-In-Chief, IPAI Convention 2009 Program Magazine
Web Developer & Manager, IPAI Website -
General Secretary, IPAI (2007 – 2009 Session)

            Nigeria National Anthem                                                   United States National Anthem
Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey                            O say , can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
To serve our fatherland                                              What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
With love and strength and faith                                     Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’s the perilous fight
                                                                     O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming?
The labor of our heroes past
                                                                     And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Shall never be in vain
                                                                     Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
To serve with heart and might                                        O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.                        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause;                          ..............
Guide our leaders right;                                             ...........
Help our Youth the truth to know                                     .............
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true                                             ...........
Great lofty heights attain                                           ..........
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
                                                                     O thus be it ever when free-men shall stand
NIGERIA NATIONAL PLEDGE                                              Between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation;
I pledge to Nigeria my country                                       Blast with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
To be faithful, loyal and honest                                     Praise the pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
To serve Nigeria with all my strength                                Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
                                                                     And this be our motto: In God is our trust!”
To defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory                   And the star-spangled banner in trumph shall waive
So help me God                                                       O’er the land of the free and the land of the brave!
                     The Ejieke Family

           L—R: Mr. Emeka Ejike, Chris, Daniel, Kelechi and Dr. (Mrs.) Nonye

Noymek Ventures Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Tel: 770 309 8328

Emeka Ejieke

Procurement of Radiology and Medical
Equipment for the Nigerian Hospitals,
Clinics and Physicians. Associated with
PDA Inc and Amber Diagnostics USA.
  Page 8                                              Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                                We join the host
                                                                                of other well
                                                                                wishers to bless
                                                                                the unity, charity,
                                                                                love and genuine
                                                                                caring among all
                                                                                Igberians by say-

                                                                                Like a beautiful
                                                                                fabric of myriad
                                                                                colors; may our
                                                                                differences be no
                                                                                cause for division,
                                                                                but intricate unity.

                                                                                As we come to-
                                                                                gether, let it not be
                                                                                like Kings or
                                                                                queens and their
                                                                                common subjects,
                                                                                but as brothers
                                                                                and sisters, united
                                                                                in genuine love for
                                                                                one another and
                                                                                our Igbere com-

May the intellectual, financial, mental, physical, and emotional differences among us barricade us
not from one another, but make us a community of multi-faceted excellence.

Complement of Lekwa O. Lekwa and Family
                  L—R: Daniel Eke (Jr.), Uche Eke, Mrs. Tara Eke and Chief Daniel Eke (Onwa I of Igbere)

                                             Congratulates IPAI on her Conven-
                                             tion 2009 hosted by Washington DC
                                             Metro Area Chapter of the Igbere
                                             Progress Association International.

                                             Long Live IPAI !
                                             Long Live Nigeria !
                                             Long Live USA !
 Chief Daniel Eke, MBA, CPA, CGFM
President, Daniel Eke & Associates, P.C.
Page 10                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 1

  Executive Council                                                                             2007—2009 Session

                                                    Chief Michael C. K. Awa
                                                     (Omezimba I of Igbere)
                 Saul Onyeuku                          Executive President                    Ukaegbu Ukaegbu
                 Vice President                                                                General Secretary

    Leonard Ibeka                  Emeka Ejieke                                Ezinne Ogbureke                Okorie Uzor
   Publicity Secretary            Financial Secretary                              Treasurer                    Provost

           Board of Directors                                              IPAI Standing Committees
Chief Eme Onyeuku (Chairman) - Georgia                          Finance & Fund Raising Committee
Dr. Ogbu Ogbureke (Secretary) - London                                 (Daniel Eke—Chairman)
Mr. Udegba Igu - California                                     Project Planning Committee
Engr. Peter Imaa - California                                           (Chinyere Ikemah—Chairlady)
Dr. Ugwa Ogbureke - Georgia                                     Membership & Outreach Committee
Chief Esse Esse - Tennessee                                             (Ori Eme— Chairlady
Mazi Agbai Ekperi - Washington DC                               Cultural Committee
                                                                        (Lekwa O. Lekwa—Chairman)

                 Local Chapters                                     Convention 2009, Local Organizing Committee
Canada                                                          Chief Daniel Eke (Chairman)
Pacific                                                         Dr. Anyaogu Elekwachi
Southeast                                                       Dr. Ben Ogwo
Washington DC Metro Area                                        Mrs. Ugo Agwu
New York                                                        Mr. Elijah Kalu
United Kingdom

                                         Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
The Gallery Hotel, an Epitome of World Class Hospitality, Excellent in Service, Com-
fort Professionals, 24/7 Power Supply, Fully Air Conditioned Rooms, Exquisite Restau-
rant, Cozy Lounge and All Evening Live Music Entertainment.
                                      Located at:
                             15 UKAEGBU ROAD, OGBOR HILL
                                 ABA, ABIA STATE - NIGERIA
                           Tel: +234-703-554-5718, +234-82-553660
                                     Fax: +234-82-553661


       Accommodation                                The Management and Staffs of
              *                                    Gallery Hotel Aba, Congratulate
             Bar                                   IPAI and Igbere Community on
              *                                    their 3rd Biennial Convention in
         Restaurant                                        Diaspora Held at
              *                                         Washington DC, USA.
     High Speed Internet
              *                                              God Bless Igbere
     Exceptional Facilities                                  God Bless Nigeria
Page 12                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

                         Gala Nite Held on July 25, 2009
                               Program of Events
                    Distinguished Guests of Honor
                   His Excellency, Governor Amadi Ikwechegh
                         (Former Governor of Imo State, Nigeria)
                  His Excellency, Governor Emmanuel Ukaegbu
                      (Former Governor of Anambra State, Nigeria)
                    His Excellency, Governor Orji Uzor Kalu
                        (Former Governor of Abia State, Nigeria)
                       His Excellency, Governor, Theo Orji
                            (Governor of Abia State, Nigeria)

1. Introduction of MC
2. Recognition of he National Executive Council
3. Introduction of special guests
4. Introduction of Distinguished Guest of Honor
5. Opening Prayer
6. National Anthem of USA and Nigeria
7. Presentation of Kola-nuts by the President
8. Address by the President
9. Swearing in of New Executive Council
10. Refreshment—Music—Dinner
11. Fund Raising
12. Dance—Dance— Dance
13. Young Girls Dance
14. Women Dance
15. Dance—Dance—Dance
16. Igbere War Dance (Ikperikpe)

                            Igbere Progressive Association international, Inc.
From Top Left: Chief Paul Anyaso, Mr. Elesie Eke, Chief Ogbonnaya Izuka,
Joshua Izuka, Mr. Onyechere Anyaso, Chief (Mrs.) Nnenna Emezi, Mrs. Andrea
Eke, Mrs. Jessy Izuka, Ugoamaka Izuka, Mrs. Eunice Anyaso, Ahuoma Anyaso,
Mrs. Margaret Anyaso, Chiamaka Anyaso, Joseph Anyaso, Nneoma Anyaso,
Nicholas Eke, Ikenna Anyaso, Ngozi Anyaso.

                          Ebiri; Ezumezu !
                       Ezumezu kwa nu; Ebiri !
                         God Bless Nigeria !
                         God Bless Canada !

                        Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
 Page 14                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

   The Ukandu Kalu Ikwuka family of Amaiyi Igbere, their children and grand children in Diaspora heartily
          congratulate IPAI, the Washington DC Chapter and the Executive Committee for making t
                                        his Convention 2009 a reality.
                       Long Live IPAI ! Long Live Igbere Community and her Citizens !

Engr. Emmanuel
Ukandu and Mrs.                                                                             Crystal Chinomso
Chinyere Ukandu                                                                             carried by
                                                                                            Jane Erinma

     L—R: Leslie Chinenye, Jane Erinma, Margaret Chidinma, Nkpola Nneoma and Ukandu Ikechi
The Honorable Chairman, titled Chiefs, distinguished ladies and     cultural heritage is possible if we follow the foot steps of our

pleasure and respect, that I welcome you all to this remarkable  new generation. Respect for the elders, fathers, mothers and each
3rd Convention of Igbere people in Diaspora and the second       other is the bedrock of the IPAI community. It is also an injunc-
Ezumezu of Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
(IPAI) after its formation in 2005, at Houston, Texas, USA. Dur-
ing the first convention of Igberians                                                  Deut. 5: 16.
in Diaspora selected a Caretaker
Committee that officially registered
the association, drafted a constitution                                                If I may ask, what cultural inheritance are
and organized the subsequent IPAI                                                      we leaving for our children as it appears that
Convention 2007 held in Atlanta                                                        in this society parents do not have much
Georgia, where the current executive                                                   influence over their children with respect to
council were duly elected to run the                                                   what they learn and do especially after the
affairs of the organization.                                                           so called 18 years of age? Not many of our
                                                                                       children know the real meaning of the ver-
Known for seeking unity of purpose,                                                    nacular names or speak and understand our
Igbere people usually form an organi-                                                  native Igbo language. The most effective
zation that holds them together for                                                    way to preserve a culture is through names
the welfare of the people where ever                                                   and language. Please relax and watch a bit
they reside. Our cultural heritage is                                                  of our cultural display through Igbere war
rooted on brotherhood, respect, love                                                   dance, women and young girls dance and
and care for each other. We share                                                      Igbere hospitality.

strive cooperatively for the progress
of our community and the people.
IPAI is a medium for Igberians in                                                          where he/she comes from may not know
                                                      Chief Mike Awa
Diaspora to continue to uphold this                 Omezimba I of Igbere
highly cherished cultural heritage                                                        preservation of our good cultural heritage
handed over to us by our forefathers.                                                     our children must know where they come
                                                                    from to better prepare them to know what is expected of them.
Ezumezu is a time the Igbo people of Igbere decent in Abia State, If cultural orientation is neglected an event like this cultural night
Nigeria invite well wishers, friends, philanthropists, and general  would soon be history as the older generation among us depart
public for a get together, social interaction, cultural display and from this earth. Our culture is not only rich it is lovely, prestig-
fund raiser. During the Atlanta 2007 convention, IPAI initiated a   ious, enduring, dignifying, communal and appreciative.
very noble charity program for those in need of primary health-
care in Igbere. Currently, the association is providing free medi- I sincerely thank the local organizing committee chaired by Chief
cal assistance to Igbere residents through the four existing Health Daniel Eke (Onwa I of Igbere), Washington DC Metro Area
Centers in Onu Ibina, Umuisi, Okafia and Amaiyi. This program Chapter, the Social and Cultural Committee led by Mr. Lekwa O.
has started yielding good fruits as more than a thousand (1000)     Lekwa, and all members of IPAI for your perseverance and sacri-
people, who otherwise may not access to basic healthcare, now       fices to make this event a success. My special thanks go to my
have willingly visited at least one of these health centers and re- lovely wife, Chinyere and children, Kalu, Nnenna, Ori, Nduka
ceived some medical help.                                           (Andy) and Uzunma (Jasmine) for all their love, supports and for
                                                                    putting up with me while I spend time serving and directing the
We were able to initiate this program because of people like you affairs of IPAI. To the General Secretary Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu,
who honored our invitation in Atlanta Georgia and donated gen- who is also the Web Manager, I thank you for the wonderful
erously. As we gather tonight in Washington DC to further this work you have done for IPAI and to Igbere. I am really short of
vision may the LORD touch your heart to identify with this pro- words to express my appreciation for your dedication and com-
gram and donate generously to help to save a life in Igbere. I as- mitment to Igbere Community. To all members of the Executive
sure you that your donation will be judiciously used and God who Committee and the Board of Directors, I will ever remain grateful
provides will surely bless you. For those of you who have been      to you for working with me and service to Igbere Community.
with us through these roads and those that are identifying with us
for the first time this night, I say thank you and IPAI members    As you leave to your respective homes may God continue to bless
will ever remain grateful to you.                                  and keep you until we meet again. Thanks for coming.
It is my hope that IPAI will grow from strength to strength year
                                                                    Chief Michael C. K. Awa, P.E.
in and year out. Being a charitable and cultural organization, IPAI Omezi Mba I of Igbere
                                                                    First Executive President IPAI
accept our good cultural values. Preservation of our good rich
Page 16                                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

                                          Saul Onyeuku brings a broad perspective to the field of financial plan-
                                          ning, investment counseling and overall wealth management. He has over
                                          20 years experience in financial services industry. In his career, Saul has
                                          worked as financial Advisor with several Fortune 500 companies includ-
                                          ing John Hancock, Wells-Fargo Bank and Ameriprise. His professional
                                          experience coupled with his academic background in Banking and Fi-
                                          nance properly prepared him to help his clients meet their financial and
                                          investment objectives.
Saul K. Onyeuku
                              Saul is a Registered Representative with Securities America—a premier
OFS/Securities America        Broker Dealer with offices in 50 states and a Financial Advisor with Se-
9140 W. Dodge Road, Suite 416 curities America Advisors, Inc. The huge resources of Securities America
                              give Saul access to wide array of products and services to meet the needs
Omaha, NE 68114
                              of his clients.

LICENSES: He has the following licenses: Series 6, 7, 24, 63, and 65. He is currently licensed to practice in
Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin. Other states can
be added as the need arises.

                     University of Nebraska in Omaha College of Business Administration

SERVICES: Retirement Planning. Portfolio and Investment Analysis. Financial Strategies. Corporate Em-
ployee Financial Education. Fee based Financial Advisory Services. Estate Planning Strategies.

PRODUCTS: Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Stocks. 401(k), Keogh, Pension, Profit-
Sharing, SEP, IRAs, Deferred Compensation Plans. Government, Corporate and municipal Bonds. Insurance
Products. Public and Private Real Estate investment Trusts (REITs). Unit Investment Trust (UITs).

In the current myriad of financial products and services, you need a steady and experienced hand to sift
through the maze, keep it simple and help you reach your financial goal.

 Securities offered through Securities America, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC * Financial Advisor, Securities America Advisors, Inc.
                           Financial Plaza, 9140 West Dodge Road, Suite 416, Omaha, Nebraska 68114
                         (402) 333-4392 Fax: (402) 934-1635 Email:
                                         OFS and Securities America, Inc. are unaffiliated

               Congratulations to

             Udy A & Obiageli G. Igu
   Igbere Progressive Association International
          On their Biennial Convention
                 (Ezumezu 2009)
              and gratitude to God
Page 18                                                       Volume 1, Issue 1

Standing L—R: Mr. Udemgba Igu, Nneoma Eke, Mr. Akachukwu Igu, Engr. Peter Imaa, Mr. Ukaegbu
Ukaegbu, Ms. Esther Igu (Jr.), Mr. Samuel Eke. Seating L—R: Ms. Esther Igu (Snr.) with Vincent Igu (front)
, Mrs. Oby Igu, Mrs. Erinma Imaa, Ms. Jennifer Imaa with Justine Imaa (front), and Mrs. Chidinma Eke.

         Executive Committee: Ukaegbu Ukaegbu (President), Oby Igu (Vice President),
                  Akachukwu Igu (Secretary), Samuel Eke (Financial Secretary)

  Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc. on their
IPAI Convention 2009 in Washington DC on July 24—26, 2009.
                     Long Live Igbere !
                     Long Live Nigeria !
                      Long Live USA !
                                  Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
Page 20                                                Volume 1, Issue 1

From Left: Chief Dr. Okorie Oko, Madam Roseline Igbokwe, Mr. Eke Chukwu, Mazi Oko Igbokwe,
Mazi Emmanuel Ukandu, Mrs. Uzaru Maduka, Engr. Mike Awa, Mr. Barry Kalu, Mr. Abah Ikemah,
Mr. Chidi Ogbonnaya, Dr. Ijeoma Maduka and Chief (Atty. ) Chukwu U. Oko carrying daughter
Martha Oko.

From Left: Mrs. Martha Anyanta carrying Joseph Oko, Mrs. Nnenna Eke Chukwu, Madam Martha
Oko carrying Chinomso, Mrs. Chinyere Oko, Madam Enyinne Agu Ukogo, Mrs. IjeomaOko carrying
daughter Martha, Mrs. Chinyere Ukandu, Madam Roseline Igbokwe, Mrs. Chinyere Ikemah carrying
son Udeogu, Mrs. Chinyere Ogbonna carrying Ada with Ikemah.

   Congratulates all the Igbere people on their second Ezumezu in Diaspora

                           Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
Uchechukwu Offia
(Managing Director)
Offiasco Limited
129 Market Road
Aba, Nigeria
Phone: (082) 222469,
        (082) 221631
Cable: offiasco aba Nigeria


              Udemgba & Obiageli Igu and IPAI on their
                          biennial convention
                              (Ezumezu 2009)

   Offiasco is your best place for T-Shirts for all occasions.


            DR. IJEOMA MADUKA

             LONG LIVE EBIRI !!
          LONG LIVE ABIA STATE !!!
            LONG LIVE NIGERIA !!!
Page 22                                         Volume 1, Issue 1

We express our profound appreciation to IPAI Executive Com-
     mittee for granting us the privilege to host the 3rd
     Biennial Convention of Igbere people in Diaspora.

We are committed to providing peaceful, flamboyant, exciting,
  and captivating environment where Igbere people and their
friends across the world congregate to interact, deliberate, and
      raise funds for development of Igbere Community.

 This forum will also feature native Igbere cultural exhibition
                     by citizens of Igbere.

                      We Congratulate
  Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc. on their
IPAI Convention 2009 in Washington DC on July 24—26, 2009.
                     Long Live Igbere !
                     Long Live Nigeria !
                      Long Live USA !

   IPAI Convention 2009 Host: Washington DC Metro Area

                    Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
                                       The Family of Dickson
                                          I. Samuel of Ndi -
                                       Okali, Amakpo Igbere
                                        Igbere Progressive
                                        International, Inc.
                                       on their 3rd Biennial
                                       convention (Ezumezu
                                         2009) in Diaspora.

                                             Long Live IPAI !
                                            Long Live Igbere !
Dickson I. Samuel

    L—R: Chibuike Samuel, Mercy Samuel, Favour Samuel and Chijioke Samuel
Page 24                Volume 1, Issue 1

                            Patience N. Okonji-Griffin


                                  Saul Onyeuku


                               Igbere Community

                                    On their

                                IPAI Convention
                                 (Ezumezu 2009)

                               Long Live Igbere !
                               Long Live Nigeria !
                                Long Live USA !
Tel: 301-408-4111

    Congratulations and Best Wishes
      To Igbere Community.
   Visit our office for your
   Primary care medicals.
Page 26                       Volume 1, Issue 1

             Dr. Ijeoma Maduka, Nneoma and Chimaobim

      Congratulate the Executive Members
          and the Entire Members of
            Igbere Progressive Association
          International, Inc. on the successful
              hosting of Ezumezu 2009
                    in Washington DC.
Apex Consulting Group
9207 Country Creek Dr. Suit 110
Houston, TX 77036
Tel: 7137795700

Congratulations to Chief Michael Awa and Igbere Community on
their IPAI Convention 2009.
Page 28                    Volume 1, Issue 1

      << Payroll   << Bookkeeping   << Management

  Godwin Ezelu Oji

10039 Bissonnet, Suite 224, Houston, TX 77036
    Tel: 713-773-4880    Cell: 713-498-4887
L—R: Mrs. Margrate Anyaso, Mrs. Jessy Izuka, Mrs. Eunice Anyaso and Andrea Eke
                        (IPAI Canada women’s wing)

 Paul Anyaso

                   Elesie Eke
                                                                    Onyechere Anyaso

                                         Ogbonnaya Izuka

                    Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
 Opiegbe honored with Chieftaincy title by HRH Igwe Austin Ezenwa (Agbalanze) of Abagana, Anambra State and celebrates home-coming at Umuobasi

                                                                                                                                    Opiegbe donates books to
                                                                                                                                   Age grade at 2005 Ezumezu

The Iheke Family of Elizabeth, New Jersey and Umuobasi Amankalu, Igbere, Publishers of Igbo Basics Publications
Since 1994 have been in the forefront for the Propagation of Igbo Language, Tradition & Culture.

We Congratulate Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc. on the occasion of her 2009 Annual Convention in
Washington, DC Metron Area. Madu iche. Okpogho iche. All hands on deck for the development of Igbere, the unity
Of our people and the preservation of our tradition and culture. We put Igbere Ebiri first on the worldwide web.
                                        Visit us at or to support our efforts
The Iheke Family of Eze (King) Charles O. Iheke, Nkalukwu 1 of Amankalu Igbere and the Amankalu Community
wish you success in your efforts. Jessie-nu-ike. Ebiri, Ezumezu!, Ebiri, Ezumezu! Ebiri, Ezumezu! Ezumezu, Ebiri!
Chief Alexander Nkwere Iheke Opiegbe Amankalu, Ugomba Igbere, Akpara adighi achi Abagana and Lolo Gail Iheke Ugo
Nwanyi Igbere for the family.                                                      Visit us at          Volume 1, Issue 1   Page 31

          IKE R. DARNIEL, RPH


  Page 32                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

        The Family of Late Chief Anyaogu Imaa of Eluezi, Ibinata, Igbere
                             PIMA CONSULTING ENGINEERS
  Igbere Convention in Washington DC, USA.

  Orji, Erinma, Anyaogu, Ogbonne, and Orjinta



Engr. Peter Anyaogu Imaa, BS., MPA., PE.
(President/CEO PIMA Consulting Engineers)
P. O. Box 31092, Los Angeles, California 90031, USA
Tel: 626-665-3822
                                “We Carry the Best”
                                Call us for all your gro-
                                cery items.

                                Over 5000 movies in

                                Tel: (402) 933-5039 (shop)
                                     (402) 706-2097 (cell)
                                Fax: (402) 393-2662

          Felix Uzoechi

African Firms Saul Onyeuku and Igbere Community on their
IPAI Convention 2009 (Ezumezu in Washington DC).

Long Live Nigeria !
Long Live United States of America !
Page 34                                                Volume 1, Issue 1



          Chief (Engr.) Michael C. K. Awa (Omezi Mba I of Igbere) and Dr. (Mrs.) Chinyere Awa

               Congratulate IPAI and Igbere Community on their 3rd
                        Ezumezu Convention in Diaspora
 Chief and Mrs.
  S. E. Maduka
(Enyi Madu Oha I
  of Ezeji) and
The Entire Family
of Maduka in USA
   and Nigeria
      on the
 Ezumezu 2009

 Ebiri Kwenu ! ! !
Page 36       Volume 1, Issue 1

  Benjamin U. & tricia A. Ezekwe Family

 Congratulates Udemgba A. and Obiageli
  G. Igu and Igbere Progressive Associa-
 tion International and the entire Igbere
   people on their biennial convention.
      Congratulates Dr. Ijeoma Maduka
and the Igbere Community on their 3rd Ezumezu
           held at Washington DC.
Page 38                                        Volume 1, Issue 1

United we are, divided we are not. New York Branch-
Big Apple, come taste it.

Everyone is welcome to join, share benefits, help and
make Igbere grow more.

We Congratulate IPAI on their 3rd Convention in
U.S.A. God Bless! We rejoice with Igbere Community on
their 3rd Convention in Diaspora.

We wish all long life, good health, financial stability
and prosperity.

Nwanne mu - Joseph Anyaogu Ogba - Chairman.
Nwanne mu - Amadi Uche Key - Treasurer.
Nwanne mu - Josephine Chike - Secretary.
Nwanne mu - Eke Okoro - Provost.
Nwanne mu - Uche Ogwe - Financial secretary.

                 Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
     OLAN Associates, LLC—Technology and Management Consultants
Dr. & Dr. (Mrs.) Anyaogu Elekwachi and staff of OLAN Associates, LLC congratulates IPAI on
their 2009 Ezumezu.

OLAN Associates provides Technology and Management consulting services for busi-
nesses through partnerships with the best brains in the field.

We utilize our Organization and Management, and Information Technology experience
to review organizational business processes. We focus on enhancing business efficiency
and cost reduction. Call us today and let us improve your business and reduce your cost.

Anyaogu O. Elekwachi, Ph.D., PMP
Managing Partner
OLAN Associates, LLC
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Phone: 301-358-4696

      L—R: Uzunma, Dr. Anyaogu Elekwachi, Dr. (Mrs.) Oluchi Elekwachi carrying baby Chika
Page 40                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 1

As a continuing legacy, we of the Igbere Progressive Association International (IPAI) are proud to reflect, co-exist, and forge ahead as
                                    Igbere indigenes. We reflect on the positive actions taken by our parents in the past to form sustain-
                                    ing organizations that guide and improve the community, we co-exist with one another for our good
                                    citizens today and tomorrow. With God’s help in all these, we forge a better future for our children
                                    with enthusiasm.

                                    This legacy begun by our parents and passed down to us created the proper environment. An envi-
                                    ronment created by their incessant attempts at uniting the community, forming co-operatives, shar-
                                    ing ideas and resources and providing the tools in education, training and trade apprenticeship.
                                    These and many other efforts laced with discipline laid the foundations to prepare Igbere indigenes
                                    for the good life. They helped to prepare off springs for even brighter future.

The touch that our past threw our way is a charge to action. This charge has not been given or received without challenges. IPAI has
faced some of these challenges with equanimity and grace. With imbued spirit of forgiveness and egos subsumed under the service of
our people, IPAI like Igbere emerges stronger through these challenges.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the success of our community and this organization and continue to sacrifice in time, cash
and kind to keep then going. Friends, neighbors, in-laws, associate members, members, compatriots and certainly the executives of
IPAI, we appreciate you. More so, we are happy to welcome all and sundry for coming from over the globe to celebrate with us.

On behalf of the board of directors of IPAI, I extend very warm hands of friendship and fraternity to you. May we pass this legacy to
others with the patriotic zeal of our heritage! God’s blessing.

Chieff Alfred Eme Onyeuku
Chairman, IPAI Board of Directors

                                              Greg I. Obi
                     President, Terina Inc.
                       753 Raven Avenue
                   Gaithersburg, MD 20877
             Tel: 301-330-8436; Fax: 301-330-8469
                                                        Congrats to
                                              Chief Daniel Eke and
                                        Igbere Community on their
               IPAI Convention 2009, hosted at Washington DC.
                                        P. O. BOX 540814
                                    HOUSTON, TEXAS 77254
                      TEL: 713-773-4887       EMAIL:

                                                                       Call us for
                                                                All Your Legal Needs !

                                                                 The Chukwu Oko family
                                                                 and staff of his law firm
                                                                wish to congratulate sons
                                                                 and daughters of Igbere
                                                                   on their 3rd Igbere
                                                                 Convention (Ezumezu)
                                                                         in USA.

Chief (Barrister) Chukwu Oko, (Onu na Ekpere Oha I of Igbere)
Lolo Ijeoma Oko and their children Martha, Joseph & Chiamaka

                        Joseph, Martha carrying new baby, Victor, & Chiamaka
Page 42                          Volume 1, Issue 1

                Dr. Ijeoma Maduka
 Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
         On their 3rd National Convention
                In Washington DC

                      Amazing Hope Center, Inc
                            10039 Bissonnet, Suite 111
                                  Houston, Texas

                                   Uzunma Celin
      Dr. (Mrs.) Chinyere Awa on the 3rd Ezumezu Celebration.
                                  Long Live IPAI !
                                Long Live Igbere !
                                Long Live Nigeria !
                    Long Live United States of America!
                  THE KALU FAMILY AT BOWIE

Sitting from Left is Jonah Eke Kalu, Erinma Anya Adule (mother-in-law) Aju Elijah Kalu, and Stand-
ing from Right is Mrs. Chinyere Kalu (member cultural committee), Peter Eke Kalu and Mr. Elijah
Eke Kalu (vice President Washington DC Metro Area Chapter).

   We wish you many more successful conventions.
Page 44                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1

  HRH Eze John Oko                HRH Eze Eme Ogbumba             HRH Eze Rowland Ekeoma           HRH Eze Charles Iheke
 Okomoko of Agbo Igbere            Okum of Amaiyi Igbere           Akpondi of Amakpo Igbere      Nkalu-ukwu of Amankalu Igbere

HRH Eze Uwakwe Ukaegbu            HRH Eze John Okorie             HRH Eze Ukandu Agu Uko          HRH Eze Daniel Okenwa
   Ofufe of Amaofufe                 Oji of Amaoji                 Ebiri of Amaukwu Igbere        Amauzu of Ibinanta Igbere

 HRH Eze Joseph Anyanta          HRH Eze Joseph Ejere Uche        HRH Eze Okorie N. Chukwu        HRH Eze Ogbu Emenike
Enyi Ezeji of Ibinaukwu Igbere     Olaji of Ohumola Igbere        Ekpuakomini of Okafia Igbere       Ebele of Umusi

                                                      Chief O. N. Chukwu
                                            President General, Igbere Welfare Union

                                         Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
                            The families of:
ARISA EKEOMA of Umuobasi, Amankalu Igbere

ANYAOGU IMAA of Eluezi, Ibinata Igbere

Express their heartfelt gratitude to the IPAI Executive Committee, the
Board of Directors, and the IPAI Local Chapters for their collective help,
empathy, and financial support regarding the death of Mrs. Priscillia Ugo
Ekeoma (nee Priscillia Ugo Anyaogu Imaa).

Your telephone calls from all over the world and personal visits to the
residences of the bereaved families in USA and in Nigeria are profoundly

May the good Lord bless you all and comfort you too for the loss we all

(Late Mrs. Ekeoma died in Fontana, California, in USA on May 1, 2009. May
her soul rest in peace).


Engr. Peter Orji Anyaogu Imaa
(For the Ekeoma & Imaa families)
Page 46                                Volume 1, Issue 1

           The Arisa Ekeoma
          Family of Umuobasi,
            Amankalu Igbere

 L—R : Joy Kelechi Ekeoma (daughter), Benjamin Ekeoma (son), James Ekeoma (son)
        and Mazi Arisa Ekeoma (father), of the Pacific Coast Chapter of IPAI

Congratulates the Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc. on
the occasion of Ezumezu 2009 held at Washington DC.

We appreciate the Washington DC Metro Area Chapter for hosting
Igbere, the good work done by the Executive Committee that made this
event possible, and more importantly thanks to God for giving us this
opportunity to participate in this epoch making ceremony.
      Congratulations to Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
                on the occasion of her 2009 biennial Convention.

                         JOY FOOD IMPORTS
                          NEWARK, NEW JERSEY

Soup thickners and Ingredients, Cola Nuts, Bitter Kola Nuts, Ukwa, Fresh
Ugba, Garri, Elubo, Brown Beans, Cassava flour, Cocoyam flour, Frozen
and dry vegetables, crayfish, palm oil, etc.
        Arrangements for bulk shipment are available from Africa.

Uzo Ogoamaka (202) 591-7611, (0803) 750-3365 and (0706) 212-6003

 Joy Food Imports Congratulates Udy & Oby Igu and all Igbere peo-
                 ple on their biennial convention.
Page 48                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

                                Attorney Ben E. Mbonu

  Congrats Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc. on their 3rd
  International Convention in Washington DC on July 24—26, 2009.

  We represent clients in the following areas:
    Maritime Law (Jones Act)
    International Commercial Transactions
    Auto/Truck Accidents
    Immigration Law

  You Deserve a Good Lawyer ! !                   Congratulations.
  Ben E. Mbonu, Esq.
  11100 S. Wilcrest Drive, Suite H
  Houston, Texas 77099
  Tel: 281-921-1506     Fax: 281-561-8095
                Helen Iriele
                 Relief Healthcare Services
                  1322 Kern Canyon Lane
                   Richmond, TX 77469
                      Tel: 281-731-1021

Congratulates Chinyere Awa and her family on the 3rd Biennial
          Convention of Igbere people in Diaspora.

                     Long Live IPAI !
                    Long Live Nigeria !
            Long Live United States of America !

                           Mr. & Mrs. C. Y. Adighibe Family


                           Sons and Daughters
                                 of Igbere
                           on their 3rd Conven-
                               tion in USA.
Page 50                 Volume 1, Issue 1

    James Agbasoga with Family and
   Diamond Auto Body and Repair Services


          James Udemgba A. Igu and Obiageli G. Igu
    and Igbere Progressive Association International and
 all Igbere people on their 2009 Convention in Washington

   At Diamond Autobody and Repair Services, we buy, fix
                  ship cars to Nigeria.
                 For more Information please

                      Call (512) 663-2902
                          Madam Martha Anyanta,

                          Maaaama International

                          (Maaama for Everybody)

                                and two of

                               her children

   Emmanuel and
   Nnenna Anyanta


Sons and daughters of
on their 3rd Convention

        in USA
Page 52                Volume 1, Issue 1


                     Dr. Ijeoma Maduka

                IPAI on the Ezumezu 2009
      May the Almighty direct you to achieve your goals

          Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Ogbonna


                                            Dr. Ijeoma Maduka



             IPAI a Successful 3rd National Convention
                Congratulations To
                 EZUMEZU 2009
                  The Family of Alfred Eme Onyeuku
     Wife, Felicia; Sons: Nasarachiaka Eme and Chisom Jeremiah;
        Daughters: Ngwanma Violet & Udobi Esther Onyeuku
Page 54       Volume 1, Issue 1

          Sampson Ukaegbu


          Chief Michael C. K. Awa


            Igbere Community

           On their International
            Convention held at
              Washington DC
                   His Royal Highness
          Eze Engr. John Uwakwe Oko
                          Ebiri Okomoko I
       (The Traditional Ruler of Agbo Igbere)
  and the entire members of Royal Oko family

L—R: Chika Oko, Joseph Oko, Attorney (Chief) Chukwu Oko, HRH Eze Engr. John Oko, Madam Martha Oko, Chief (Dr.)
                                        Okorie Oko, Mrs. Chikaodiri Oko

 All Igbere sons and daughters on the 3rd Igbere Progressive As-
 sociation International Convention (Ezumezu 2009) in Diaspora.
Page 56   Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 58          Volume 1, Issue 1

          Godwin & Dorathy Akobundu
          Trinity Food Store
          5700 S. GESSNER DR # 1
          HOUSTON, TX 77036
          TEL: 713-776-8822
The Management and Staffs of            Chief Kalu Ogbonnaya
                                        FNISM, FIBEN
Congratulate the Igbere Progressive     2B Murtala Mohammed Way
Association International, Inc. on      P. O. Box 11603, Kano Nigeria
                                        Tel: 064-640410
their 3rd Biennial Convention held at   Fax: 064-640715
Washington DC.
Page 60    Volume 1, Issue 1

of Umukwum, Agbo Igbere

     Congratulates IPAI, and wish all a
    successful International Convention
            Long Live Nigeria !
              Long Live USA !
           Port Harcourt, Nigeria
             Tel: 0803-312-1169

Congratulate Igbere Progressive Association
  International on the 2009 convention in
Diaspora. May the Almighty God continue to
      shower you with His Blessings.
Page 62                    Volume 1, Issue 1

          Congratulate Igbere people in Diaspora on their
                  Convention 2009 celebration.

           Call Us Today for All Your Insurance Needs!
The Ogbureke Family and staffs of Legal Dentistry Litigation Consultants (LDLC) wish to congratulate Chief Mike Awa,
President of Igbere Progressive Association International (IPAI), the entire IPAI executive council, and members of all
the various IPAI committees on the occasion of the 3rd biennial IPAI convention in Washington-DC metropolis. We also
wish all delegates and their families a successful deliberation and convention, and a memorable reunion with friends and
invited guests.

             Legal Dentistry Litigation Consultants (LDLC), Inc.
                                “Where the Law is on the Side of your Clinical Interests”

Ugwa Kalu Ogbureke, DDS, MSc, PhD, JD, FDSRCS, FCLM
Founder/Director, LDLC, Inc.
Associate Professor of Pathology
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A

LDLC services include:
  Provide expert Clinical Case Reviews with detailed report on patient treatment for defense attorneys in anticipation of,
  or in response to, malpractice litigation.
  Advising clinicians on risk management strategies in the management and treatment of patients presenting with com-
  plicated clinical conditions.
  Provide Expert Witness services for defense attorneys representing dental and other clinicians in malpractice litigations
  Provide Continuing Education programs for general dentists and specialist clinicians on various legal aspects of dental
  Prepare Wills and Estate documents.

Legal Dentistry Litigation Con-
sultants (LDLC):

Tel: 706-922-5326
Fax: 706-922-3200

                                           Ugwa and Ezinne Ogbureke of Augusta Georgia with their lovely children
                                                        (L—R) David, Erinma, Chinasa and Kalu,
                                                                                   Joshua 14:15... As for me and my family we will serve the
Page 64                                            Volume 1, Issue 1

                         Queen Oluchi Victoria Ogwo
                                      “Ada Igbo I”
          African / Nigerian First Female Professional Handball Player for 20 year.
National Champion in Six Countries (Nigeria, Tunisia, USA, Germany, Austria and Swit-
zerland). Featured in 2003 World Handball Magazine as one of the Best Female Athletes
                                    in the World.
                  Founder and CEO, Little Women Group Maryland, USA.
                              Sports Management Consultants
                     Certified Personal Trainer / Nutritional Specialist.
                      Goal: “To Build a Sports Academy in Abia State”
 I Congratulate Igbere Progressive Association International and Igbere Community on
                          their Ezumezu in Washington DC.
   The Family of
 Chief Esse Esse
  (Okaibeya II of
Igbere) and Chief
Mrs. Ekanem Esse
Congratulate IPAI
on her Washingon
 DC Convention

       L—R: Ugwunwa Esse, Nnamdi Esse, Ezinne Esse
Page 66                                      Volume 1, Issue 1

                      KLADCO INT’L FOODS
                          9780 Bissionnet, Suite D.
                           Houston, Texas 77036
                              Tel: 713-779-0011
    Congratulations to entire Igbere people on their 3rd Biennial IPAI convention.
   May the Lord give you the understanding as you deliberate on issues to help foster
                       the development of Igbere community.
L—R: Nnenna, Chief Mike Awa, Ori, Dr. (Mrs.) Chinyere Awa carrying baby Uzunma, Nduka and Chima

Congratulate IPAI on
 her 3rd Ezumezu
   Convention in
                                                  Practice Areas
                                          Auditing Services
                                          DE&A has a proven track record in
                                          providing auditing services, as well as
                                          pre-audit and post-audit assistance.
                                          Our continuing goal is to ensure that
                                          transactions are properly recorded,
                                          processed, and summarized to permit
                                          the preparation of reliable financial
                                          statements.                               Diverse Capabilities
                                                                                    for Every Accounting
                                         Accounting Services                                Requirements:
                                         DE&A accountants and CPAs are             Assurance Services
Introducing Daniel Eke and Associates, experts in providing solutions to di-         Audit
P.C. (DE&A). We’re a leading provider verse organizations. Our accounting
of management consulting, auditing, and                                              Reviews
financial accounting services. Headquar- capabilities include preparation of fi-     Compilations
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Maryland, we assist a diverse range of   projections, accounts pay-
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                                         tion and installation of accounting and     Assessment of Internal Con-
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DE&A has specialized Department of
Defense expertise, as well as experience
                                         sentation, and merger and acquisition            Financial Statement Audit
working with other federal government planning.                                           Internal Audit Assistance
agencies.                                                                                 Sarbanes-Oxley 404
                                          Management Consulting                           Readiness
At DE&A, our mission remains clear:       We offer strategic management con-          Accounting Services
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retain so many satisfied clients.         tive support to grant management              Forecasts Projections
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                                                                                        Due Diligence
                                                                                        Government Contract

                                                                                    Tax Services
                                          DE&A Daniel Eke and Associates, PC
                                                                                      Corporate Tax Planning
                                            8701 Georgia Avenue, Suite 503            Compliance
                                             Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
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                                                  301-587-4074 Phone
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                                                                                                                      DE&A Daniel Eke and Associates, PC
                                                                Tax Audit Representation                                                                                                      A Management Consulting and
                                                                                      Merger and Acquisition           Certified Public Accounting Firm

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