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					        November & December 2009              Vol. 7 No. 06

       Commandant:                              Editor:
       John Palermo                             Joe Motes

           Roster of Officers and Committee Chairperson 2009-2010
    Commandant                     John Palermo                                           561-716-2334
    Sr. Vice Commandant            Tony Gutierrez                                      954-448-1613
    Jr. Vice Commandant            Joe Motes                                                954-441-8735
    Judge Advocate                 Louis Gewirtz                                    918-288-4525
    Jr. Past Cmdt.                 Cliff Handerhan                                        954-721-7511
    Adjutant                       Cathy Pacini                                              954-977-8843
    Paymaster                      Jim Ruggiero                                          954-857-9136
    Chaplain                       Evelyn Morgan                                     954-597-2232
    Historian                      Trevor Wharton                                          954-270-3029
    Youth Activities               looking for a volunteer              N/A                                               N/A
    Sgt at Arms                    Jeff Morgan                                       954-597-2232
    Assistant Sgt at Arms          Louis Gewirtz                                    918-288-4525
    Public Relations               Gad Aflalo                                           954-782-2423
    Fund Raiser                    Gad Aflalo                                           954-782-2423
    VAVS                           Cliff Handerhan                                        954-721-7511
    Color Sgt                      Angelo Noberto                       N/A                                           954-683-8525
    Assistant Color Sgt            Jeff Morgan                                       954-597-2232
    Veteran’s Coalition            Marvin Schentzel                     N/A                                           954-718-0572
    Toys for Tots                  Tony Gutierrez                                      954-448-1613
    Ship Store                     Joe Motes                                                954-441-8735
    Webmaster                      Joe Motes                                                954-441-8735
                                   Joe Motes                                   03-05
    Roll Call Editor                                                                        954-441-8735


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                                  From the Commandant
Here it is nearly the end of the year 2009, but we have a lot of work in front of us Marines, first let us get
behind the Toys for Tots program which is in full swing thanks to Sr. Vice Cmdt Tony G, who attended the
T4T information program in early Oct we have a few boxes in the lockup and we are in the process of ob-
taining a lockup storage area for all the toys we collect; lets all get behind this program and make it a big
success from our Detachment.

As I write this I am preparing to attend the fall Dept of Florida Conference in Tampa with many of our
brother Marines from our Detachment and will have more to report at the November meeting so make it a
must to attend the meeting.

Next may I say to all my brother & sister Marines Happy 234th Birthday.

As we near the Holiday season hopefully we will be able to ship many more packages to our troops in
harms way and while I’m at it, thanks to Jr. Vice Cmdt Joe Motes and The Children of the American Revo-
lution, we have 29 boxes waiting to go… very important don’t forget we have coming up in 2010 the Dept
of Florida Convention which we are hosting in June thanks to the work of our Past Cmdt Jim Ruggiero, so
don’t forget to step up and sign up to assist in making it one of the best the State has ever had.

Come and attend our meetings you might be surprised and I’m sure you might consider to


                                                                   John A. Palermo

  Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                         VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
              The Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS)
Founded in 1946 to provide for our nation's veterans while they are cared for by VA health care facilities.
One of the largest centralized volunteer programs in the Federal government, over 350 organizations support VAVS.
Volunteers have provided over 676 million hours of service since 1946.

Community Assistance
Assist veteran patients by augmenting staff with end-of-life care programs, foster care, community-based volunteer programs, hos-
pital wards, nursing homes, and veteran outreach centers.

Annual contributions over $50 million in gifts and donations. Volunteers contributed more than 13 million hours of service to veter-
ans in FY2005.

VAVS volunteers are a priceless asset to America's veterans and to VA.

How do I sign up to be a VAVS Volunteer? You have two convenient ways:

1) Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs facility nearest you. Ask for Voluntary Service. Tell their staff of your interest in
becoming a VAVS Volunteer. The staff will take care of everything else including your interview, orientation, and assignment!
Locate the VA facility nearest to you.

2) Or Volunteer NOW at the following website:

              MEMBERSHIP DUES                                        2009 Life Member Dues rated by age as follows:
       New members pay $50.00 for the first year.                           1974 and after —                           $500.00
             Renewal Dues $45.00 per year.
                                                                            1959 to 1973 —                             $400.00
       You must be a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING                                1949 to 1958 —                             $300.00
         in order to be eligible for Life Membership.                       Before 1948 —                              $150.00

                       Fill out and submit please bring Please check this local periodically to see when your dues
The following members dues are now past due, the form. Someone from yoursection VAVS
               your membership up to date.                           are up
                       office will contact you with additional information. for renewals. Thank You!
 Renewals are $45.00. Thank You for your participation
                    and cooperation.
                                                                       Nov 2009               Dec 2009               Jan 2010
Dennis West                  08/09 Mario Castelli          05/09       Renewals               Renewals               Renewals
Salvatore D’Alessandro       07/09 Richard Davitt          11/08
                                   Robert W. Terry         11/08      ——————                 ——————                 ——————
                                                                      Mario Monteagudo       Renzo Colmenares        Catherine Pacini

     If you have already paid,                                          Rahl Price, Jr.         Harold Loewy         Jennifer Morgan
     Please ignore this notice.
                                                                                                Bill Gemayel

     Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                                     VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL

 NOVEMBER 18TH 2009 7:30PM - REGULAR MEETING      for Pound 192:
     INTRACOASTAL DET 1058—NOVEMBER 6TH            January 28, 2010
       WEST PALM BEACH—NOVEMBER 7TH                      Post 142

                                                     April 22, 2010
   & CHRISTMAS PARTY (PLEASE BRING A DISH)               Post 142
                                                    July TBA, 2010
      DECEMBER 16 2009 - CHRISTMAS PARTY                 Post 142


                          Officers of Pound 192

               Will start visiting Detachments in

           Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties

         To recruit new members for Pound 192.

                                                APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP                                                       FROM YOUR ADJUTANT
                                                   MARINE CORPS LEAGUE
                                                                                                                                      Please include your
       Name _____________________________________________________________________                                                        Date of Birth
       Street _____________________________________________________________________                                                             &
       City _________________________________________ State ______ Zip _______________                                            Extended four-digit zip
       Date of Birth ____ / ____ / ____    Date of Enlistment/Commissioning ________________
       Date of Discharge/Separation/ Retirement ___________ SSN# _______________________                                                      code
       Type of Application - ( ) Renewal - ( ) Associate - ( ) Regular - ( )                                                     on all membership renewals.
       Phone (______ ) ______________________                                                                                     This is now a requirement
       ( ) I hereby apply for membership in the _Tamarac Detachment 755_ Marine Corps                                                         from
       League and enclose _$50.00_ for one year’s membership.*                                                                     National Headquarters.
       ( ) I hereby apply for membership in the Marine Corps League as a Member-at-Large, and
       enclose $25.00 for one year’s membership.*                                                                                   Remit your dues to the
                                                                                                                                     Detachment Adjutant
            * Includes free subscription to MARINE CORPS LEAGUE MAGAZINE                                                           at our P.O. Box Address:
       I hereby certify I have served as a U.S.Marine for more than 90 days, that the character of my service has been honor-
       able, and if discharged, I am in receipt of an honorable discharge. By signature on this application, I hereby agree to                  Post Office
       provide proof of honorable discharge/service upon request.                                                                               Box 26023
       __________________________________________                           ________________________________________                           Tamarac, Fl.
       (Sponsor—where applicable)                                           Applicant’s Signature
                       Upon completion turn in to your detachment sponsor with your payment

                                                                                                            We meet on the
 GET INVOLVED!                                                                                        3rd Wednesday of each month
                                                                                                      at the American Legion Post #157,
    We look forward to meeting our new                                                                       1791 Mears Parkway
     members at our regular monthly                                                                           Margate, Florida.
                meetings.                                                                                 The meetings start at 1930.
        We are always seeking new

         If you don’t have a blank
    membership application, you will be
     fined one dollar to benefit youth
             activity programs.                                                                                                                Mears Pkwy

Editors Note:
If you find an error in this publication, please feel free to
bring it to my attention. I will be happy to make any nec-
essary corrections in the next edition.
Thank You!
Your Editor,
Joe Motes, email:
                                                                                                                                 954– 971-0882

     Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                                                                 VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
                               PERMANENT LIFE MEMBERS

                            HELP SUPPORT YOUR DETACHMENT






                                 MARINE CORPS LEAGUE
                               TAMARAC DETACHMENT 755
                                     PO BOX 26023
                                 TAMARAC FL 33320-6023

November & December
  Claude Norman, Jr.                 11/01                 Whilldin Allen              11/04
  Gregory Bormann                    11/05                 Robert Terry                11/05
  Louis Gesualdo                     11/07                 Kenny Martin                11/13
  Harold Loewy                       11/17                 William Smith               11/17
  Catherine Pacini                   11/17                 Richard Davitt              12/01
  Ruth Beecher                       12/02                 Cliff Handerhan, Jr.        12/05
  Genevieve Gallagher                12/11                 Elvira Du Naier             12/14
  Sebastian Gallina                  12/18                 Thomas Powers               12/18
  Dominic Passanisi                  12/27                 Robert Grimm                12/31

I would appreciate everyone who receives this newsletter to email me or call me with your date of
         birth. If it did not appear here, we are trying to update our records. Thanks!

 Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                   VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
                          Hall, Terry G., of Tamarac, FL, went home to be with the Lord on October 14, 2009 after a battle with
                          renal disease and other complications. Terry was a retired senior bank officer and a United States Marine.
                          Terry is survived by his wife Lynn, son Scott, daughter-in-law Angela, and grandchildren Zachary,
                          Jarrett, and Christina. Terry touched many lives and will be greatly missed by all. Visitation will be Fri-
                          day from 6:00-9:00PM at T.M. Ralph Funeral Home Sawgrass/Weston. Mass of Christian Burial will be
                          held Saturday, 10:00AM at St. Helen Catholic Church with Entombment immediately following at Our
                          Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery. In Lieu of Flowers, donations can be made in Terry's loving memory
                          to St. Helen Catholic School. Arrangements entrusted to T.M. Ralph Funeral Home Sawgrass/Weston,
                          371 NW 136th Ave, Sunrise, FL 33325. (954) 587-6888 or


                       That time of the year is upon us once again where we as former and active duty Marines are called to
                       assist our Brother Marines in THE U.S. Marine Corps Reserve TOYS FOR TOTS program.

                       I'm both honored and excited to lead the Marines of the Tamarac Detachment in this most fulfilling
                       charge. On October 1st I attended the annual meeting held at the Reserve Center in West Palm Beach to
                       kick start this season and go over Agency procedures.

                     I met with and initiated a bond with the Marines of the 4th Anglico who will be in charge of the overall
                     program for the Northern half of Broward County from I-595 north to our northern border and the en-
tire Palm Beach County Area.

SSgt. Francis, GySgt.Victel, SSgt. Quiniones and Sgt. Espinoza will be running the show up there. I picked up some boxes and
small posters to get us started.

"Attention On Deck", at this time I am calling on all Marines in our Detachment who have participated in the past and any who
are willing to participate now. In the distribution of boxes at locations that have volunteered to be Drop Off locations in the
past and any new locations we can discover to Sign-Up.

If you know of any Organizations or Families in need they will have make their request through the website at and submit the required information. 501c3's to be Faxed to (561)684-5493. NO 501c3
NO TOYS. As WE DO NOT DISTRIBUTE any toys we collect for this Program. The last day to Request Toys will be De-
cember 4th. They should have their request in prior to Thanksgiving.

A Storage Unit has been secured at the Extra Space Storage facility at 1880 NW 15th St. in Margate for us to store the toys
collected in one Centralized location to be picked up by the Reserve Unit.

Looking forward to a successful mission again as in the past. "Come on Marines, Let’s Go!" Semper Fidelis,
                      Sr. Vice Commandant

VA MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: Veterans traveling to and from Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities started
being reimbursed for their travel at a higher rate effective 17 NOV. The increase, from 28.5 cents per mile to 41.5 cents per mile,
was mandated by law this year, and Congress provided funding for the increase. Veterans who have service-connected disabilities,
receive VA pensions or have low incomes are eligible for the reimbursement. The deductible that applies to certain mileage reim-
bursements will stay the same for now, at $7.77 for a one-way trip and $15.54 for a round trip, with a cap of $46.62 per month. On
Jan. 9, these deductibles will decrease to $3 for a one-way trip, $6 for a round trip, with a maximum of $16 per month.

     Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                                   VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
VA PRESUMPTIVE VIETNAM VET DISEASES: The Department of Veterans Affairs presumes that specific disabilities diag-
nosed in certain veterans were caused by their military service. If one of these conditions is diagnosed in Vietnam Vet, VA presumes
that the circumstances of his/her service (i.e. exposure to Agent Orange) caused the condition, and disability compensation can be
awarded. This includes DIC education and CHAMPVA for spouses of veterans rated 100% or surviving spouses late-veterans that
died from discussed medical problems. The following disabilities may be presumed for those who served in the Republic of Viet-
nam between 1/9/62 and 5/7/75:

•   chloracne or other acneform disease similar to chloracne*
•   porphyria cutanea tarda*
•   soft-tissue sarcoma (other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma or mesothelioma)
•   Hodgkin's disease
•   multiple myeloma
•   respiratory cancers (lung, bronchus, larynx, trachea)
•   non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
•   prostate cancer
•   acute and subacute peripheral neuropathy*
•   type 2 diabetes
•   chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Note*: Must become manifest to a degree of 10% or more within a year after the last date on which the veteran was exposed to an
herbicide agent during active military, naval, or air service.

VA TINNITUS CARE: Hearing loss is presently the most common veterans’ disability with tinnitus (i.e. persistent ringing in the ear) ranking
second. In fiscal 2007, VA dispensed nearly 350,000 hearing aids to veterans. Nearly 850,000 veterans receive compensation for service-
connected hearing disabilities. Tinnitus is the number one service-connected health condition for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, with nearly
70,000 diagnoses. Defective hearing ranks third, with almost 60,000 cases. One of VA’s 14 Centers of Excellence, the National Center for Reha-
bilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) at the Portland OR VA Medical Center, conducts research to support hearing rehabilitation, education,
professional training, and technology development. NCRAR researchers are working on more than 30 hearing loss and tinnitus projects, including
the connection between traumatic brain injuries and hearing loss. Researchers are also working with engineers to develop a portable ototoxicity
measuring device. The hope is that this device will improve the ability to detect and monitor hearing loss among soldiers in the field and that re-
sulting from treatment with some medications.

VA DIABETES MELLITUS CARE: The occurrence of Type 2, or adult onset, diabetes is increasing, particularly for the Viet-
nam Era veteran. For veterans of Vietnam, there is a statistically higher incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Because of this, the Veterans
Affairs Department declared a link between Vietnam service and the disease. This means that if you have served in Vietnam and
now have Type 2 diabetes, you are eligible for service-connected disability compensation and health care connected with this condi-
tion through the VA. The term "service in Vietnam" means that at some time between 9 JAN 62, and 7 MAY 75, you were in Viet-
nam. Service in the waters offshore or in the air does not qualify you unless during that time you set foot in Vietnam and have some
way to prove it. For most veterans who served in Vietnam, their service is clearly shown on their separation papers, the DD-214.

    If you have qualifying service, you should obtain a statement from your treating doctor that you are currently being treated for
the disease. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for the VA to handle your claim, so try to get a copy of your treatment
records for the past year. A successful claim could entitle you to monetary compensation and treatment for your diabetes. The
evaluation will be assessed through a VA examination, during which a VA doctor will evaluate your current condition. The VA will
then assign an evaluation through the rating process. The evaluation could be as little as zero percent disabling to 100% disabling,
which would result in monthly compensation for your condition. Service connection can also be granted for secondary conditions
directly related to the diabetes, for example, diabetic retinopathy. Once service connection has been established, you can reopen
your claim if the condition progresses or other secondary conditions are discovered. In addition, if service connection is established,
you are entitled to care for this condition at any VA medical facility. Medical care includes prescription drugs required to treat the
condition. Both the medical care and prescription drugs are provided without cost for veterans service connected for the condition. If
you've never filed a claim with the VA before, or you know someone who may benefit from this information, contact your local
Veterans Service office.

      Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                                          VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
UNCLAIMED FUNDS: Each state has a system in place to reunite lost and abandoned properties with their rightful owners
and to safeguard these properties from being used by private interests for personal gain. To determine your state's regulations on
unclaimed property and see if any unclaimed property being held by that state belongs to you refer to Here
you will be able to select the state, U.S. territory, or Canadian province of Quebec, British Colombia or Alberta you think you may
be holding assets which belong to you. Following is how it works in California. For additional info on California refer to

Unclaimed Items - Property which may be turned over to the State includes but is not limited to: safe deposit accounts, safe de-
posit boxes, uncashed payroll checks, cashier checks, vendor checks, securities, dividends, insurance proceeds, security deposits
as well as other types of intangible property. California Code of Civil Procedure sections 1510 through 1521 generally require
property to be reported to the State after a certain period of inactivity by the owner. In the case of a bank account for example a
banking organization is required by law to report property when the owner for more than three years has not done any of the fol-
    Increased or decreased the amount of the deposit cashed an interest check or presented the passbook or similar evidence of the
         deposit for the crediting of interest.
    Corresponded electronically or in writing with the banking organization concerning the deposit.
    Otherwise indicated an interest in the deposit as evidenced by a memorandum or other record on file with the banking organi-

Notices - Prior to reporting property to the State banking or financial institutions and other businesses are required by law to mail a
notice to the owner that the property will be turned over to the State. The notice is to be mailed not less than six months or more
than 12 months before the time the property is reported to the State. The notice will contain a form by which the owner may de-
clare their intention to maintain the account or confirm the owner’s current address. If it is filled out, signed by the owner, and
returned to the organization the property will not be turned over to the State. Additionally the State Controller will also mail a
notice to each owner which informs the owner that the property may be transferred to the State, the name of the organization in
possession of the property, and contact information necessary to prevent the property from being transferred to the State. Once
property has been received by the State of California it will be administered by the Controller pursuant to the Unclaimed Property
Law. The State Controller and his relevant agents and employees shall advance and protect the following rights afforded to all
owners whose property has been turned over to the State pursuant to the Unclaimed Property Law Code of Civil Procedure Sec-
tions 1500 et seq.

Rights and Protections
    Each claimant shall be treated with consideration respect and dignity.
    An owner may file his or her claim directly with the Unclaimed Property Division at any time free of charge. Claiming in-
         structions and forms may be obtained at: or directly from: Unclaimed
         Property Division, P.O. Box 942850, Sacramento CA 94250-5873 or by telephone at: 1-800-992-4647.
    Property transferred to the State or, if sold the net proceeds from the sale of the property may be claimed in perpetuity by the
         owner or his or her heirs. For purposes of filing the claim an owner is defined by law as the person who had a legal right
         to the property prior to its transfer to the State his or her heirs or his or her legal representative.
    Within 30 business days of receipt of a claim the Unclaimed Property Division will provide written or electronic confirmation
         to the claimant that his/her claim has been received. However, the confirmation will not be sent if the claim has been ap-
         proved for payment within 30 business days of receipt. In such case the claimant will receive a warrant or a claim ap-
         proval letter in place of an acknowledgement of receipt.
    The Unclaimed Property Division will consider each claim received within 180 days after the claim is received and will either
         approve the claim request additional documentation to support the claim or provide written notice to the claimant if the
         claim is denied in whole or in part.
    If a claim has been returned once to a claimant for additional documentation or information and the claimant returns the re-
         quested documents or information the claim will not be returned a second time for additional documentation without the
         Unclaimed Property Division first contacting the claimant to discuss the claim and clarify what is needed.
    If the property has been sold by the State Controller as authorized by law the owner will be entitled to the net proceeds of the
    Any property that is delivered to the care of the Unclaimed Property Division that has no apparent commercial value shall

     Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                                    VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
    nonetheless be retained and safeguarded for a period of not less than eighteen months in order to provide its owner with every
        reasonable opportunity to claim his/her property.

Appeal Rights - An owner whose claim has been denied or returned for additional documentation may
request an informal appeal of the denial by contacting the Controller’s legal office within 30 days of the date of the denial or date
the claim is returned. Prior to requesting an informal appeal the claimant should have made all reasonable attempts to provide the
Unclaimed Property Division with all documentation needed to support the claim. Upon receipt of the request for an informal ap-
peal the Controller’s legal office will review the file and may schedule a hearing and request additional evidence. At the conclusion
of the legal review the legal office will provide written notice informing the claimant that either the claim is approved or that the
Division’s determination to deny the claim is affirmed. Informal appeals should be addressed as follows: Legal Office, State Con-
troller’s Office, 300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1850, Sacramento California 95814.

ID CARD NUMBERS: In response to an increasing awareness of the growing need to protect the safety of service members,
retirees and their families’ identity information, the Department of Defense is beginning to remove Social Security numbers from
its identification cards. The removal is being done in phases as computer software is modified. Phase One is under way and in-
volves removing the family member’s number and replacing it with “XXX-XX-XXXX” on the card. The sponsor’s number will
remain visible for now. Phase Two involves removing all printed Social Security numbers beginning later this year. Both the spon-
sor and cardholder numbers will be replaced with “XXX-XX-XXXX.” Phase Three, set to begin in 2012, will involve removing
Social Security numbers embedded in barcodes. In JAN 2010, retirees with an indefinite expiration date on their card can begin
requesting a new card without a printed Social Security number. Family member ID cards will change when the cardholders’ ex-
pired cards are renewed. There are more than 1,500 ID card centers worldwide. To find the nearest center, visit the RAPIDS site
locator at People must present two forms of identification and one must be an unexpired fed-
eral- or state-issued photo ID. Specific guidance is published in the Air Force Instruction 36-3026-IP, June 17, 2009.

NATIONAL MUSEUM of the MARINE CORPS: Situated on more than 135 acres adjacent to Marine Corps Base
Quantico, the National Museum of the Marine Corps depicts great events of American history from the perspective of Marines who
participated in them and strives to help visitors from around the world understand the steadfastness and strength of the United
States Marine Corps. The Museum encloses approximately 118,000 square feet, with an eventual expansion to nearly 181,000
square feet. The Museum´s signature 210 foot stainless steel spire soars over the tree line and is clearly visible, day or night from I-
95 and the surrounding area. Designed by the award-winning firm of Fentress Bradburn Architects, the National Museum of the
Marine Corps emulates the iconic image of the raising of the American flag over Iwo Jima. Additionally, the spire also evokes no-
tions of swords at salute, aircraft climbing in to the heavens or a howitzer at the ready. The dramatic composition of structural lines
embodies the spirit of the Marine Corps, a poised balance of strength and stability. The building will be an architectural treasure to
be cherished by all Americans.

    Inside, era exhibit galleries, utilizing cutting edge multimedia technology, will take you onto the beach at Iwo Jima, through a
frigid winter night on watch against possible attack in Korea, and into a hot “LZ” (landing zone) in Vietnam. Combining priceless
artifacts, such as the original flag raised on Iwo Jima, with documentary films, combat art, and recordings of Marines telling their
own stories, the galleries bring the wartime experiences of every Marine to life. The Making Marines Gallery immerses you in the
unique experience of boot camp where common citizens are transformed into to elite warriors endowed with the Marine´s warrior
spirit. Tying the exhibits together, the Legacy Walk transports visitors through 200 years of Marine Corps history and is a wonder-
ful introduction to the Marine experience if you are short on time.

   Overlooking the Museum is the three acre Semper Fidelis Memorial Park, a place of remembrance and reflection dedicated to
honoring the service of all Marines. Interwoven paths cross and meet at rally points, where monuments erected to honor various
Marine Corps organizations and those who served in them provide places for visitors to pause and contemplate. Commemorative
bricks line portions of the pathways through the park. Donated by family members and friends to forever attest the honor, courage,
and commitment that embodies the Marine Corps, sales of these bricks support the operations of the National Museum of the

     Visit our website: WWW.TAMARACMCL.US                                     VETERANS HELPING VETERANSL
Marine Corps. The museum is located at 18900 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Triangle, VA 22172 Tel:1(877) 635-1775 just off I-95, 36
miles south of Washington, D.C., and 76 miles north of Richmond, VA. Visitors can reach the Museum via public transportation
from the Washington, D.C., area using either Amtrak or a combination of the regional Metrorail service and local bus lines. The
schedule, however, is limited, and several connections are required. There is no charge for admission or parking at the Museum. It
is open 09-1700 daily except Christmas Day.               For complete details refer to or Email for additional info.

    In addition to exhibits covering the USMC involvement on all conflicts they have recently unveiled the latest revisions to its
Global War on Terror exhibit commemorating the eighth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Artifacts from
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon crash site -- an analog clock from the Pentagon stopped at 9:37 a.m., a Pentagon appoint-
ment book opened to Sept. 11, 2001, and personal belongings recovered from unidentified victims in the Ground Zero debris -- are
among the items in the exhibit. The exhibit will be on display for about six months. After that time, the museum will continue its
regular updates of photographs, paintings and artifacts of the Marine Corps' efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you are anywhere in
or planning to make a visit to the Washington, D.C. area a visit to the museum is a trip well worth the time it takes. [Source: & NAUS Weekly Update 25 Sep 09 ++]

CENSUS 2010: The census is a count of everyone living in the United States every 10 years. It is mandated by the U.S. Constitu-
tion and the next one will be in the summer of 2010. Your participation in the census is required by law. The 2010 Census question-
naire will be one of the shortest in history, consisting of 10 questions. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete and federal law
protects the personal information you share during the census. Census data are used to distribute Congressional seats to states, to make
decisions about what community services to provide, and to distribute $400 billion in federal funds to local, state and tribal govern-
ments each year. With preliminary work starting on the 2010 Census there are some basic cautionary notes for you to be aware of:
     If a U.S. Census worker knocks on your door, they will have a badge, a handheld device, a Census Bureau canvas bag, and a con-
          fidentiality notice. Ask to see their identification and their badge before answering their questions. However, you should
          never invite anyone you don't know into your home.
     Census workers are currently only knocking on doors to verify address information. Do not give your Social Security number,
          credit card or banking information to anyone, even if they claim they need it for the U.S. Census.
     While the Census Bureau might ask for basic financial information, such as a salary range, the Census Bureau will not ask for
          Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers nor will employees solicit donations. Eventually, Census workers may
          contact you by telephone, mail, or in person at home.
     The Census Bureau will not contact you by email, so be on the lookout for email scams impersonating the Census. Never click
          on a link or open any attachments in an email that are supposedly from the U.S. Census Bureau.
[Source: NAUS Weekly Update 25 Sep 09 ++]

VA COMBAT VET REFUNDS: Many veterans are eligible for a retroactive refund of co-payments they made for medical
services and prescriptions associated with treatments related to their combat experience. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
is currently reviewing medical records to determine which veterans are eligible for the refunds. The National Defense Authorization
Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-108) extended the period of enhanced enrollment eligibility and cost-free care for conditions that may
be related to combat operations. The law allows any combat veteran, discharged from active duty on or after 28 JAN 03, to be eligible
for Priority Group 6 enrollment up to five years after they leave the service. Combat veterans discharged before that date – who did
not previously enroll in the VA health-care system – are also eligible for Priority Group 6 enrollment through 27 JAN 11. VHA plans
on mailing letters in NOV 09 to veterans affected by the extended eligibility period, informing them they will receive refunds by the
end of December. Combat veterans are encouraged to call VA’s Health Resources Center toll-free with any questions at (800) 983-
0932. [Source: The American Legion Online Update 24 Sep 09 ++]

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HALL OF VALOR: On 9 SEP 09 MilitaryTimes updated its Hall of Valor website
medals-awards. The database now contains 26,142 valor award citations. Users can access individual veteran’s citations and
read or print the citation by the recipient's name, branch of service, or conflict. If a recipients complete name is unknown you can
also search by whatever you have. The following Valor awards plus a picture of each are covered by this site:

    Medal of Honor. Presented by the President in the name of Congress, the Medal of Honor is the highest honor that can be
        bestowed upon any American. 3,468 citations available out of 3,468 ever awarded.
    Distinguished Service Cross. The DSC is our Nation's second highest award for military valor, behind only the Medal of
        Honor. The Distinguished Service Cross was established in 1918 to honor heroism of the highest degree that did not
        quite merit the Medal of Honor. The Navy Cross (Navy, Marines & Coast Guard) and the Air Force Cross all join the
        DSC as our Nation's second highest military award. 9,826 citations available out of 13,452 ever awarded.
    Navy Cross. Authorized 4 FEB 19, the Navy Cross was the Navy's third highest award for combat heroism and other distin-
        guished services. On 7 AUG 42, Congress made the Navy Cross a combat only decoration with precedence over the
        Distinguished Service Medal, making it the Navy's second highest award ranking below only the Medal of Honor. It
        shares its position with the Army's Distinguished Service Cross and the Air Force Cross. 6,633 citations available out of
        6,932 ever awarded.
    Air Force Cross. The Air Force Cross was established in 1960 to honor heroism of the highest degree that did not merit the
        Medal of Honor. Previously airmen of the Army Air Corps were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for such ac-
        tions. The medal became an exclusive award of the United States Air Force to replace the Army award for members of
        their own branch of service. The Navy Cross and the Distinguished Service Cross all join the Air Force Cross as the sec-
        ond highest U.S. military award. 194 citations available out of 194 ever awarded.
    Silver Star. The Silver Star is the third highest U.S. combat-only award. Established in 1918 as the Citation Star, in 1932 a
        provision allowed servicemen to receive it retroactively. It has been awarded for actions as far back as the Spanish-
        American War. 5,467 citations available out of 89,712 ever awarded.
    Distinguished Flying Cross. Awarded to U.S. and Foreign military personnel and civilians who have displayed extraordi-
        nary heroism while engaged in action against an enemy of the United States, in military operations involving conflict
        with a foreign force, or while serving with a friendly nation engaged in armed conflict against a force in which the
        United States is not a belligerent party. 8 citations available
    Bronze Star. Authorized on 4 FEB 44, the Bronze Star Medal is awarded to members of all branches of military service. The
        medal may be awarded either for meritorious service or for combat actions, in which case the "V" device is attached. 25
        citations available.
    Marine Corps Brevet Medal. The Brevet Medal was considered to be the equivalent of the Navy Cross, although in prece-
        dence it ranked just behind the Medal of Honor since those receiving it had received field commissions as Marine Corps
        officers, under combat conditions, and had performed feats of distinction and gallant service. In 1940, the medal was
        declared obsolete, since the concept of brevet commissions was phased out of the United States military to be replaced
        by temporary and field commissions. 23 citations available out of 23 ever awarded.
    Defense Distinguished Service Medal. Established in 1970, the Defense Distinguished Service Medal is awarded by the
        Secretary of Defense for exceptionally meritorious service to the U.S. while assigned to a Joint Services Activity in a
        position of great responsibility. 4 citations available out of 263 ever awarded.
    Army Distinguished Service Medal. The ADSM is awarded for exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a
        duty of great responsibility. 2,181 citations available out of 4,993 ever awarded.
    Navy Distinguished Service Medal. The NDSM is awarded for exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a
        duty of great responsibility. 458 citations available out of 704 ever awarded.

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    Air Force Distinguished Service Medal. Air Force Distinguished Service Medal is awarded for exceptionally meritorious
        service to the Government in a duty of great responsibility. 28 citations available out of 775 ever awarded.
    Legion of Merit. Authorized in 1942, the Legion of Merit was the first U.S. decoration created specifically to honor citizens
        of other nations' service to the United States. The medal is awarded to members of the United Nations Armed Forces for
        exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the United States. 3 citations available.
    Soldier's Medal. The Soldier's Medal was established in 1926 and denotes acts of heroism in a non-combat situation. It is
        awarded for heroic actions on behalf of fellow soldiers or civilians. 2 citations available.
    Navy and Marine Corps Medal. The Navy and Marine Corps Medal was established by an act of Congress on 7 AUG 42.
        The decoration may be awarded to service members who, while serving in any capacity with the Navy or Marine Corps,
        distinguish themselves by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy. 2 citations available.
    Airman's Medal. Established in 1960, the Airman's Medal holds the same level of prominence as the Soldier's Medal and the
        Navy and Marine Corps Medal. It is awarded for heroic actions in a non-combat situation or setting. 7 citations available.
    Air Medal. For meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight or for a single act of heroism against an armed
        enemy. Established in 1942, the Air Medal is awarded for meritorious achievement in aerial operations, for heroic acts in
        aerial operations against an armed enemy, or for merit in operational activities. During the Vietnam War, for instance, a
        single award of the Air Medal denoted participation by ground troops in a requisite number of "Combat Air Assaults". 2
        citations available.
    Army Commendation Medal. The Commendation Medal is awarded by local commanders, requiring the signature of an offi-
        cer in the grade of O-6, allowing for a broad interpretation of the criteria for which the medal may be awarded. 2 citations

COLA 2010: Inflation rose 0.3% in August, but remains 2% down for the first 11 months of FY2009. Since August is the mid-
point of the annual July-September COLA calculation period, that 2% should be about where the index for FY2009 ends up. That
confirms no COLA for 2010, and that the 2011 COLA countdown will start about 2% in the hole.

Flag Desecration: In Valley Falls New York a flag burner was pilloried by veterans because of his desecration of their flag. He was
publicly humiliated 20 SEP by being duct-taped to the flagpole of Veterans of Foreign War Post 1938. Nick Normile, post commander and
Vietnam War veteran, said he's been flooded with calls from media outlets since the event received attention from local TV stations and
newspapers. He's been asked to go live on a veterans radio show program from Tennessee, another radio show from Chicago and even
received a call from NBC studios in New York City. But Normile said he's not planning to let the story get any more attention and has
declined appearances. "I'm not trying to be some martyr or hero," Normile said. "I just did what I thought was right." According to Norm-
lie the 21-year-old appeared intoxicated when he entered the VFW post on 18 SEP. When the man was refused service for not having a
proper ID, he ran out in a fit of anger. He cut the rope of the flag, which had once flown over troops in Iraq, and ignited it with a cigarette
lighter. Two days later, Normile said the man was forced to sit in the sun pilloried for six hours as townspeople gathered across the street
for a youth soccer picnic. A sign was hung around his neck detailing what he had done. It recalled the Middle Ages punishment, subjecting
him to public humiliation and scorn. "He'll never disrespect the flag again, I can tell you that," Normile said.

    A week later villagers were hush-hush about the event, but patrons of the post bar gave a nod of agreement to the punishment, pointing
proudly to a newspaper clipping of the event on a bulletin board. Patriotism is on open display in this village of about 500, the walls of a
defunct railroad bridge near it's entrance now brightly colored red, white and blue. Most of the historical homes have American flags of
their own hanging from porches, some also adorned with the Don't Tread on Me flag, popular with Tea Party activists. Normile said once
he found out what the man had done, he knew he had to be taught a lesson. Normile said he went out hunting for him, but when he couldn't
find him at his apartment, he sought the help of the man's uncle to bring him out. "He manned up, he knew he had punishment coming,"
said Normile, who described the young man he refused to identify as guilty and ashamed. "I told him to think about those kids in the fox-
hole, and how they had no one to set them free," Normile said. "It got to him, so I was satisfied. He showed a lot of remorse, no attitude."
Normile said the flag, whose pieces will be retired in a formal ceremony, had significant meaning. The villages auxiliary had been sending
toiletries and other goods to Soldiers in Iraq, who then sent back the flag that had flown over their bunker. It was received with great atten-
tion and a ceremony. State troopers and Rensselaer County sheriffs’ deputies said no charges had been filed by either the VFW post or the

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Snacks and non-perishable food items, particularly tuna kits, beef jerky, canned fruits, nuts, coffee, canned meats and
other ready to eat meals;

Undershirts (green, short sleeve);   Socks (cotton, boot cut, black, or green—try military surplus stores); Magazines;

Sunglasses, goggle-style sunglasses, goggles; Cigarettes, Copenhagen and Skoal; Single-use cameras (disposable);

 AT&T Global pre-paid Military Calling Cards (calling cards to work in Iraq and Afghanistan must be these specific

Music Cds (new and used); Movie DVDs (new and used); Flashlights with Red lens; 72” bootlaces (brown or tan);

Batteries (AA are most requested, then AAA);     Disposable, instant hand warmers; Ziploc plastic bags;

 Lotrimin AF or Tinactin for Athletes foot; Sun block, Aloe Vera; Eye Drops (to relieve dry eye, not redness);
 Blistex, Chapstick, Carmex; Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol, Pain Relievers; Saline Spray / Drops for Sensitive nasal pas-

 Q-Tips; Laundry Soap Tablets; Baby Wipes (Alot)!!; Liquid Body Wash; Super Glue; Pre-sweetened flavored
beverage mixes, Shampoo, Soap, Lotion, (no aerosol cans).

Female care Packages: body spray, tampons, pads, ( mark as female care package ).

   These are by no means the only items that you can send. The summers are extremely hot and the
            winters, wet and cold. Your donations are greatly appreciated by our troops!

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