Dog Island

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					Dog Island

Description: Dog Island is a 1,842-acre island located about four miles south of
Carrabelle in Franklin County. Dog Island is more than six miles long and nearly one
mile wide at its widest point. Type 1 habitat is located on the narrow portions of western
Dog Island, which consists of beaches and dune vegetation. These narrow areas are
flooded occasionally. Some of the ponds may have good shorebird habitat.

The Nature Conservancy in cooperation with the Barrier Island Trust manages about
sixty percent of Dog Island as the Jeff Lewis Wilderness Preserve. The remainder of the
island is in private ownership in small tracts. Dog Island is only accessible by boat or
ferry service. Only breeding surveys are conducted at Dog Island. The most numerous
species based on maximum counts from the International Shorebird Surveys are: BBPL
(28), SEPL (25), GRYE (6), RUTU (3), SAND (80), DUNL (12), SBDO (8).

Survey Method: Ground survey by foot. The tidal flux is almost insignificant in relation
to when the shorebirds use the island. Visibility is excellent with a spotting scope.

Selection Bias: The island is difficult to access at low tide or during inclement weather,
and portions of the island may be inaccessible due to lack of permission from private

Measurement error: *

Measurement bias: *
Pilot Studies: This site was recommended as a good shorebird migration site despite low
ISS counts. If possible, survey the entire island to locate all Type 1 habitats.

Local Contacts: John Blancher, Jeff Lewis Wilderness Preserve, The Nature

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