Regulation 11: Notify change of Premises             This regulation provides that if the owner of a
This regulation provides that a person liable for    restricted breed dog proposes to sell or
the control of a restricted breed dog must notify    otherwise transfer the ownership of the dog to
the local government that registered the dog of      another person, the owner must, before doing         DOG (RESTRICTED BREEDS)
the new address where the place at which the         so, advise the person in writing that the dog is a         REGULATIONS
dog is ordinarily kept changes from one              restricted breed dog.
premises to another.
                                                     Where there is any breach of the Dog
Regulation 12: Notify if missing or dead             (Restricted Breeds) Regulations 2002
This regulation provides that if a restricted        section 53 of the Dog Act 1976 provides
breed dog goes missing or dies its owner must        for a maximum penalty of $5000
notify, as soon as practical, the local government
that registered the dog.                             Further information may be obtained from the
                                                     City of Fremantle Community Safety and Ranger
Regulation 13: Seizure and destruction               services.
This regulation provides for the seizure and                                                                     Rangers & Community Safety
detention of a restricted breed dog where there      Level 1, Queensgate Building
has been a contravention of regulations 5, 6 or      10 William Street
7. This regulation also provides for reasonable      Fremantle WA 6160
attempts to be made to ascertain the owner of
the dog as well as the possible destruction of the   PO Box 807
dog after eight days.                                Fremantle WA 6959

Regulations 2 and 14: Commencement and               Telephone: 9432 9905
expiry.                                              Facsimile: 9432 9909
These Regulations provide that the provisions        After Hour Emergencies: 1300 306 666
contained in these Regulations are to commence       Email:
their operation from the 22 April 2002.
                                                     This pamphlet contains extracts from
Regulation 9: Prohibition on transfer of   , see that website for more
ownership pf restricted breed dogs to person         details.
under 18
This regulation prohibits an owner of a                                                                   This pamphlet contains extracts from the Dog
restricted breed dog from selling or otherwise                                                            (Restricted Breeds) Regulations (No 2) 2002. It is
                                                                                                          intended to provide you with information about your
transferring ownership of the dog to another
                                                                                                          responsibilities as an owner of a Restricted Breed
person who is less than 18 years of age.                                                                  Dog.

Regulation 10: Seller to notify buyer
A restricted breed dog is defined as any breed       Dangerous dog collars may be obtained from:
of dog the importation of which is prohibited        -City Farmers O’Connor,
absolutely by the Customs (Prohibited Imports)       Phone: 9314 3300
Regulations 1956 of the Commonwealth. This at
present includes;                                    Regulation 6: Restricted breeds to be kept in
(a)     Dogo Argentino;                              secure places with warning signs
(b)     Fila Brasileiro;                             This regulation provides that the owner of a
(c)     Japanese tosa;                               restricted breed dog is to provide an enclosure
(d)     American pit bull terrier;                   in which the dog is to be kept that is capable of
(e)     Pit bull terrier;                            preventing a young child from entering the
(f)     Perro de Presa Canario;                      enclosure and which prevents the dog from           Regulation 7: Control of restricted breed dogs
                                                     escaping from the premises.         This applies    This regulation provides that a restricted breed
and includes any dog of a mixed breed which          whether or not the enclosure is at the premises     dog which is not confined at the premises of its
visibly contains any of the above breeds.            where the dog is ordinarily kept.                   owner in regulation 6:
                                                                                                         - must be muzzled by the owner, or the person in
Restricted dog breeds are dealt with under the                                                           control of the dog, in a manner which is sufficient
following regulations;                               This regulation also provides that the owner of a
                                                     restricted breed dog must display a special sign    to prevent it causing injury by biting;
Regulation 5: Prescribed collars                     at each entrance to the premises at which the       - is on a leash or chain held by a person who is
This Regulation provides that a restricted breed     dog is ordinarily kept. This sign must be:-         physically able to control it; and
dog must at all times wear a specific collar. This   - a white rectangle measuring 200mm by              - is not under the control of a person under the
collar must                                          300mm;                                              age of 18 years.
-bear alternating red stripes and yellow stripes,    made of durable material;
each stripe being 25mm wide and set at an angle      - contain the word “WARNING” in white               Regulation 8: Number of restricted breed dogs
of 45 degrees to the rim of the collar;              capital letters 30mm high on a red rectangle        This regulation limits the number of restricted
-Reflect light from at least one of those colours    panel measuring 190mm by 45mm near the to of        breed dogs that any one person may own to a
so that the collar can be rendered visible in        the sign;                                           maximum of two unless the person has obtained a
darkness;                                            - contain a red circle 160mm in diameter            permit from the local government.
-be made of durable materials;                       containing the black head and neck of a dg
-be capable of being securely fastened;              100mm high wearing the prescribed collar;           Regulation 8A: Restricted breed dogs to be
-be capable of being attached to a leash and;        - contain below the circle the words                sterilised
-have a minimum width:-                              “DANGEROUS DOG” in capital letters and              This regulation provides that if requested by an
                                                     20mm high.                                          authorized person, the owner of a restricted
      Weight of       Minimum width of
                                                                                                         breed dog must within 24 hours satisfy the
         Dog                 collar
                                                     An example of that sign is shown on the             authorized person that the dog is sterilised, or
       < 10 kgs              15mm
                                                     opposite page:                                      produce a certificate signed by a veterinary
     10 - 20 kgs            25 mm                                                                        surgeon giving a valid explanation as to why the
     20 – 40 kgs            40 mm                                                                        dog cannot be sterilised.
       > 40 kgs             50 mm

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