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									                                                                                                                   Corporate Client

                                                                       19th Jestha 2068. 2nd June 2011. Thursday
Top Headlines:                                                                        Morning Quote:
    IGP Thakuri removed, Rabindra Pratap Shah new police chief. Government
       says he has been appointed PMO security adviser, not sacked. (Source: The        Courage is doing what you're afraid to
       Himalayan Times)                                                                 do. There can be no courage unless
    UCPN-Maoist abandons dual security. PLA drafted for guarding leaders to            you're scared.
       return to camps. (Source: Republica)                                                            -Edward    Vernon Rickenbacker
    Oli faction forces Pandey to retract 11-point ‘allegations’. (Source:
    NEPSE free fall continues, Index dropped to 335.7 points that was 61-month
       low. (Source: The Himalayan Times)
    NANO is here, finally. Nano is expected to give stiff competition to Maruti                                           Services
       and Hyundai that are currently leading the small car segment. (Source: The      IPO news, application deposit, fill ups and submit.
       Kathmandu Post)                                                                 Right Share news, form deposit, fill ups & submit.
                                                                                       Bonus Share Certificate collection & deposit.
    Government set to crack down on illegal foreign workers. (Source: The             Cash dividend collection & deposit.
       Kathmandu Post)                                                                 Up to date Market information.
                                                                                       Complete professional Share Management Services.
    Banker demand more merger incentives. At a discussion with Finance
                                                                                                          Door to Door personalized services.
       Minister, bankers urged the government to announce incentives in next year’s                       Cost as nominal as Rs.4,000 annually
       budget. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)                                                                from one family.
                                                                                                          Client’s have access to track everything
    Gurkha Development Bank to return deposits from today. (Source: The                                   on web based Share Sansar Tracker.
       Kathmandu Post)                                                                  Save Money!!                Save Time!!
    Low government spending tightens liquidity. Government promises to solve           Gain Knowledge!!            Gain Opportunity!!
                                                                                                   “Make yourself Hassle free”
       financial sector’s problem. (Source: The Himalayan TImes)
    Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to reduce losses to Rs. 1.33 billion per month
                                                                                      MARKET INFORMATION                        As of 2011-6-01
       based on new price list it received from IOC. (Source: The Himalaya Times)
                                                                                      Index         Current     Points Change          %Change
    Chinese apples rule Nepalese market. Apples worth Rs. 676.7 million                NEPSE           335.7         -1.03               -0.31 %

       entering Nepal from china every year. (Source: Republica)                       Sensitive        82.91         -0.21               -0.25 %

    Government planning to ban old vehicles. Rising accidents, environmental            Float          28.54         -0.11                -0.4 %

       concerns reasons for regulation update. (Source: Republica)                    Sen. Float        25.35          -0.1               -0.39 %

    Tourist arrivals up by 47.1 percent in May despite frequent strikes and          NEPSE                     Current Points            %Change
                                                                                      Sub-Indices                       Change
       shutdowns. (Source: Republica)                                                         Banking             295.33      -2.89        -0.97 %

                                                                                            Dev. Bank             297.22      -1.51        -0.5 %
International Business:                                                                    HydroPower             530.77      1.88         0.35 %
     Millionaires hold 39 percent of global wealth. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)             Finance             302.14      0.45         0.15 %
     Maruti Suzuki to open new plant in India. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)                Insurance             419.06      -0.35        -0.08 %
     World factory growth slips, points to a slowdown. (Source: The Kathmandu                Others              468.82      4.7          1.01 %
        Post)                                                                         Market Summary
     India auto demand seen slowing. (Source: Republica)                             Total Turnover Rs:                      8,693,218

                                                                                      Total Traded Shares                     35,126

                                                                                      Total Transactions                      966

                                                                                      Total Scrips Traded                     79

                                                                                      Total Market Capitalization Rs:         298,775.90 Millions

                                                                                      Floated Market Capitalization Rs:       66,531.56 Millions

                                                                               IPO Share
                                                                                                          Issue        Issue
                                                                                                Issue     Close        Close       Issue
                                                                                                Date      Date         Date        Manager
                                                                                                          (Min)        (Max)
                                                                               Shine     Dev.   Jestha
                                                                                                          Jestha 25    Asar 5      Growmore
General News:                                                                  Bank             22

    Government has increased the mandatory deprived sector lending to 5       Muktinath
                                                                               Bikas Bank
                                                                                                          Jestha 27    Asar 7      Ace Capital

       percent for BFI’s. (Source: Nayapatrika)                                Chilime          Jestha
                                                                                                          Jestha 20
    Nepal Investment Bank Limited has get approval from SEBON to issue
                                                                               Hydro            17                     31

       debenture worth Rs. 300 millions. (Source: Karobar Daily)               Right Share
                                                                                                         Issue                   Issue
                                                                               Company          Ratio                 Close
                                                                                                         Date                    Manager
                                                                                                10:2.    Baisakh      Jestha     Nabil
                                                                               Sunrise Bank
                                                                                                4        7            20         Investment
Share Auction:                                                                 Kasthamanda               Baisakh      Jestha
                                                                                                1:1                              Merchant
    NCC Bank Limited is selling NB Insurance (cross holding) 1,4,6000 units   p Dev. Bank               5            23
                                                                                                10:2.    Baisakh                 Nabil
       ordinary shares on auction from today. (Source: Kantipur Daily)         NMB Bank
                                                                                                10       29
                                                                                                                      Asar 1
                                                                               Nepal                     Baisakh
                                                                                                20:3                  Asar 2     Merchant
                                                                               Express                   30
                                                                                                6:5      Jestha 4     Asar 7     Growmore
                                                                               Deprox Bikas                           Asar
                                                                                                1:1.5    Jestha 9                Ace Capital
                                                                               Bank                                   12
                                                                               Everest                   Baisakh      Jestha
                                                                                                1:1.5                            Ace Capital
                                                                               Finance                   12           26

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                                                                                                                        18th Jestha 2068
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                                                                                Debenture is a document that either creates a
                                                                                debt or acknowledges it. In corporate finance,
                                                                                the term is used for a medium- to long-term
                                                                                debt instrument used by large companies to
                                                                                borrow money. In some countries the term is
                                                                                used interchangeably with bond, loan stock or
                                                                                note. A debenture is thus like a certificate of loan
                                                                                or a loan bond evidencing the fact that the
                                                                                company is liable to pay a specified amount with
                                                                                interest and although the money raised by the
                                                                                debentures becomes a part of the company's
                                                                                capital structure, it does not become share


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