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                                                                                                                                                            Waseem Ahmad
      In this issue
               Ottawa is trying
                                           China’s rivalry with                                                                                             is new FIA chief
                                                                                                                                                           Mr Waseem Ahmad, Chief City Police
               to make it easy
               for       foreign
               trained archi-
               tects to find
                                          India takes new turn!                                                                                            Officer (CCPO), Karachi, has been ele-
                                                                                                                                                           vated to the position of Director
                                                                                                                                                           General of Federal Investigation
                                                                                                                                                           Agency (FIA) and has taken up his
               work in their
               field. – Page 5       ‘Beijing                                                                                                              new assignment on Sept.15,2010,
                                                                                                                                                           according to information reaching
 Former President of Pakistan
 Pervez Musharraf has not run
                                     becoming                                                                                                              here

 away from Pakistan. He promises
 to return home soon. – Page 25      increasingly                                                                                                          Mr Waseem
                                                                                                                                                           Ahmad had an
                  Liberal party’s
                  critic & MP
                                     assertive’                                                                                                            career as a
                                                                                                                                                           police officer and holds both the
                  Justin Trudeau     NEW DELHI – The Asian giants                                                                                          highest      police    medals       PPM
                  slams immi-        – China and India are now at                                                                                          (President Police Medal) and QPM
                  gration policy     odds for untold reasons. Recently                                                                                     (Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal).
                  of the present     Beijing's message that an Indian                                                                                      Waseem had earlier served FIA as
                                     general would not be welcome                                                                                          Deputy Director, Immigration, at
                  government.                                                                                                                              Jinnah       International       Airport,
                    – See Page 4     because his command included                                                                                          Karachi, in mid 90s.
                                     Kashmir has cast a diplomatic          Models showcase creations by various Indian designers at Lakme Fashion
  The election in Milton’s                                                                                                                                   His wife Mrs Talat Waseem is also
                                     pall along the world's highest         Week Winter/Festive 2010 in Mumbai recently.                                   Director General of a Federal
  Ward 7 is all about “real          border. India’s eyebrows were                                                                                         Government organization called
  local representation”, says        raised when a Chinese vice for-                                                                                       NAVTEC         (National       Vocational
  Paul Virdo.        – Page 21       eign minister said his country                                                                                        Technical Education Commission).
                Producer             was prepared to mediate on                                                                                            Talat, a Grade 21 officer, is younger sis-
                Nadiadwala           Kashmir.                                                                                                              ter of Mr Azhar Salim, the outgoing
                                                                                                                                                           Toronto airport manager of PIA.
                signed Salman          The Hindustani Times in its
                Khan       and       commentary on India’s tense
                Sonakshi for         relations with China said: “In
                                                                                                                                                             Amanat coming to
                the     Hindi        recent years, Beijing has awaken                                                                                         win your hearts!
                remake       of      to the possibility India may one
                Tamil     film       day be a competitor. India is                                                                                         Pakistan’s    top
                Kick.-Page 32        closing the gap when it comes to                                                                                      pop star Amanat
                                     economic       growth      rates”.                                                                                    Ali is coming to
  Jim Karygiannis, Liberal                                                                                                                                 Toronto to win
                                     Quoting China’s official news-
  MP from Scarborough,               paper the People's Daily, The                                                                                         the hearts of
  visited almost all parts of        Hindustani Times said: “China                                                                                         music lovers. He
  Pakistan that were hit hard        won't make any compromises in                                                                                         will sing for hours here at next
  by devastating floods.             its border disputes with India.”                                                                                      month’s South Asian Festival.
            – Details on Page 19             (Continued on Page 11)         Umar bowled Broad to seal the match for Pakistan .... Details on Page 31               – See details on Page 21

      Who killed Imran Farooq in London & why?
       By a Staff Writer             killed and buried in Karachi, his      Pakistan. Recently Dr Imran was
                                     hometown. Reporting from UK            killed in London with investiga-
LONDON – When the slain              that Imran arrived alive in            tors and analysts calling it a
MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq                                                  ‘political murder. Newspaper
                                                         London,       a
resurfaced in UK in late 90s, the                                           reports said Imran was stabbed
Canadian Asian News published                                               and beaten to death in a residen-
                                                         dent         of
a news item on his safe arrival                                             tial street in north London.
with a headline: “Dead man                                                    Dr Imran, one of the co-
                                                         daily said that
walking in London”. Dead man                                                founders of the Muttahida
                                                         it was surpris-
because Imran wanted by                                                     Qaumi Movement (MQM), a
                                                         ing to note
Pakistani police – dead or alive,                                           powerful, Karachi-based party
                                       Imran Farooq      that the want-
had gone into hiding in his coun-                                           run for almost two decades by a
try for many years before arriving   ed MQM leader traveled on a            leadership exiled to the London
in London. During this period        PIA flight that originated from        suburb of Edgware, was found
many Pakistani newspapers            Lahore. This raised the eyebrows       dead near his home.
reported that Imran had been         of many political observers in                    (Continued on page 3)
Canadian Asian News                              Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 2

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Canadian Asian News                                                          Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 3

 Dr Imran’s death still a mystery
(Continued from Page 1)               his way home from his job at a
Neighbours witnessed what they        local pharmacy, said Mohammad
initially believed was a fight.       Anwar, a friend of 25 years who
Paramedics were called but he         worked with Farooq on the
was pronounced dead at the scene.     MQM's central co-ordinating
  The Daily Telegraph of London       committee.
recalled that Dr Farooq had said        "If someone took the time to
in 1992 that he was wanted “dead      watch him they would know what
or alive”. The 50-year-old, who       time he came home every night. It
was married with two young sons,      would be very straightforward. He
claimed UK asylum in 1999             didn't take any precautions
alongside Altaf Hussain, who          because he didn't believe he was
remains the MQM's leader and          in danger," Anwar said. "We all
has been outspoken in condemn-        thought that we wouldn't be under
ing Islamist militancy in Pakistan    threat here."
and the Islamabad government's          "There is no reason to indicate
response to devastating floods.       that this was a robbery or mug-
  Scotland Yard refused to com-       ging," he told the Guardian at the
ment on a possible motive, but a      MQM's headquarters in an office
source said homicide detectives       block close to Farooq's home.
had passed the investigation to the     Neighbours in Farooq's street
force's counter-terrorism com-        said the alarm was raised around
mand, indicating a suspected          5.30 pm when a woman saw what
political motive. The source          she believed was a fight between
added: "The counter-terrorism         two Asian men on communal
command have much better              ground below her flat.
knowledge about the factional           "She saw him being knocked on
fighting in Pakistan and the poli-    the head a couple of times. She
tics there."                          heard screams and she saw some-
  Before entering the UK Farooq       one beating him," said Sam Igbi,
spent seven years on the run in       who lives nearby. "She said he
Pakistan from criminal charges        struggled and then the guy
while the MQM was engaged in a        stabbed him." Analysts said they
violent battle for control of         were keeping an open mind as to
Karachi. Despite his long exile he    the identity of Farooq's killer. The
remained a key party figure and       MQM has long-standing rivalries
was close to Hussain.                 with ethnic Pashtun and Sindhi
  While the MQM leader is pro-        parties in Karachi. The MQM has
tected by private guards and rarely   also been rocked by occasional
appears in public following death     internecine violence. A diplomatic
threats, colleagues said Farooq       source said the killing appeared
never believed he was at risk and     particularly unusual because of
had played a smaller role in the      Farooq’s lack of recent political
party since the birth of his sons,    activity. Latest reports suggest
now five and three.                   that Dr Imran may have been
  Farooq was attacked as he made      killed by more than two persons.
Canadian Asian News                                                               Canada                                                          Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 4

 Justin Trudeau criticizes                                                 Ottawa creating
current immigration policy                                                 best business
      By Shabbir H. Loan             very happy that the leader of my
                                                                           climate: Moore
                                     party showed its trust in me.         MONTREAL – Rob Moore,
MONTREAL – Liberal Party             There is another important aspect     Minister of State (Small
Leader         Michael Ignatieff     of this portfolio which is under-     Business and Tourism), met
appointed Justin Trudeau as          standing that immigration is          with a number of small business
Liberal Critic for Immigration,      going to extremely important part     and tourism industry leaders at
Multiculturalism and Youth in the    of Canada's economic growth in        roundtable events in downtown
Liberal shadow cabinet. The need     coming decades"                       Montreal.
for a strong voice in support of       "We need to send right kind of      The Minister discussed chal-
multiculturalism and diversity has   messages around the world that        lenges facing business owners
never been stronger and the addi-    we have proper immigration poli-
                                                                           and the leading role the federal
tion of Justin Trudeau to my shad-   cy through which we can bring                                              Rob Moore, Minister of State for Small Business & Tourism photographed
                                                                           government is playing to help
                                                      right people in                                           in Montreal with Shahzad Khokhar, President, CMA, Ajay Bhargave,
                                                                           position Canadian small busi-        Prisent,  Skylawn      Travel,    Agha     Saqib    Khan,     President
                                                      Canada in rea-       nesses for sustained growth.         ASKFORJOB.comand and Kashmir Singh of Dad's Bagel.
                                                      sonable amount       "Our government continues to
                                                      of time, and         consult small business owners
                                                      after bringing       as we help create one of the best
                                                      these people we      business climates in the world,"
                                                      have plan which      said Minister Moore.
                                                      integrates these
                                                                              "I intend to return to Ottawa
                                                      immigrants in
                                                      the        society
                                                                           with some new ideas on how to
                                                      quickly and pro-     improve conditions for these
                                                      vide them jobs       two important segments of our
                                                      in their relevant    economy."
                                                      fields, and to         At the small business round-
Justin Trudeau with Shabbir Lone & Agha Saqib Khan achieve this goal       table, the Minister also dis-
                                                                           cussed the government's efforts
ow cabinet as the Critic for we need to work with provinces to             in cutting red tape - highlighting
Multiculturalism and Youth will make sure that our immigration
                                                                           the successful reduction in red
ensure that that voice is heard, policy meets the global standard,"
                                                                           tape for small businesses by 20
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Justin         Trudeau          added.
It was the government of his "Conservative government uses                 percent.
father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau that the backlog of cases as a justifica-     However, he assured business
officially established multicultur- tion for giving the minister           leaders that there is more work
alism policy in Canada in 1971. sweeping new powers. With these            to be done. "In Budget 2010 we
This policy enshrined the positive new powers the minister is going        announced the creation of a Red
idea of Canada's pluralist society be able to reduce the backlog, to       Tape Reduction Commission. I
and promoted it as a source of our streamline and prioritize the           look forward to launching this
identity and strength.              cases. The realty is since this min-   initiative so we can pinpoint
  Taking to Canadian Asian ister was given those powers, the               areas where reform is most
News Justin Trudeau said: "It is backlog has increased.                    needed," he said.
very important portfolio and I am            (Continued on Page 28)                  – By Shabbir H. Loan
Canadian Asian News                                                                Canada                                                        Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 5

    Ottawa’s Action Plan is helping new                                                                           SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR OVER 22 YEARS
    Canadians get jobs in their own fields
OTTAWA – The Government of              fair, efficient and timely pan-     Authorities welcome the grant
Canada is funding a project that        Canadian system for evaluating      from the federal government to
will make it easier for internation-    and licensing architects with       undertake this worthwhile study,”
ally trained architects to find         international education and work    said Mr. Jim McKee, Executive
work in their field.                    experience. The organization will   Director of Architecture Canada.
  Diane Finley, Minister of             also work with Athabasca            “The architectural profession is
Human Resources and Skills              University to develop bridge-to-    committed to increasing the num-
Development,         made        the                                        ber of architects in practice to
announcement here last week.                                                provide services to our clients in
  Architecture Canada will                                                  Canada and abroad.”
receive over $1.6 million in                                                  Through Canada’s Economic
Foreign Credential Recognition                                              Action Plan, the Government of
Program funding for its project                                             Canada is working with the
entitled Integration of Broadly                                             provinces and territories and
Experienced Foreign Architects                                              other partners, such as employ-
in Canada project.                                                          ers, to address barriers to foreign
  “Attracting and retaining the                                             credential recognition in Canada.
best international talent to address                                        This partnership directly con-
existing and future labour market                                           tributed to the development of
challenges is critical to Canada’s                                          the Pan-Canadian Framework for
long-term economic success,”                                                the Assessment and Recognition
said Minister Finley.                                                       of Foreign Qualifications, which
  “Canada’s Economic Action                                                 was announced in November
Plan invested $50 million to                   Minister Diane Finley
                                                                            2009. This project is one exam-
improve foreign credential recog-       work programs and language          ple of how the Framework is
nition so that newcomers can put        training courses aimed at improv-   bringing meaningful change to
their knowledge and skills to           ing labour market integration for   the way that newcomers’ quali-
work sooner. When newcomers             newcomers. Courses will be          fications are assessed and recog-
succeed, we strengthen the econo-       offered at the new Centre of        nized by regulatory bodies in
my and improve the standard of          Architecture      at   Athabasca    key occupations.
living for all Canadians.”              University in September 2011.         To learn more about Canada’s
  Through        this       project,      “Architecture Canada and the      Economic Action Plan, visit:
Architecture Canada will create a       Canadian Architectural Licensing

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Canadian Asian News                 Canada                                                                                                         Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 6

 Pak Heritage Society honors Salma Attaullahjan
TORONTO – Newly-appointed             for Eobicoke Nortth, Pakistani          Speaking as chief guest, Sen.
Senator Salma Attaullahjan, a         Consul General Sahebzada A            Salma Attaullahjan described the
Canadian of Pakistan origin, was      Khan, Wajid Ali Khan, former          losses caused by the floods in
honored by Pak Heritage Society       MP, and a large number of             Pakistan as colossal and very
of Canada at its Eid dinner here at   Pakistani community members.          heavy. “The recent flooding in
Woodbine Banquet Hall.                Funds were also raised for the        Pakistan is considered to be one
  The dinner was attended among       help of the flood affected families   of the worst disasters the country
others by Dr Shafiq Qaadri, MPP       in Pakistan.                          has ever faced.” She further said
                                                                            that millions of people have been
                                                                            left homeless and have no choice
                                                                            but to live in overcrowded sites
                                                                            where diseases are spreading.
                                                                            “There are no words to express
                                                                            how deeply saddened I am by this
                                                                            catastrophe. The effects of the
                                                                            flood will be felt for over a
                                                                            decade,” she said with great pain.   Sen. Salma Attaullahjan with Sahebzada A Khan, Wajid Ali Khan and
                                                                              Senator Salma launched a for-      other guests at Pak Heritage Society dinner. – Photos by Nice Video
                                                                            mal appeal asking all Canadians       She thanked       Pak Heritage       Iqbal Khan for arranging a grand
                                                                            to donate generously for the help     Society and its office bearers,      dinner and the fundraiser for a
                                                                            of Pak flood victims.                 including Asif Sherazi and Zahid     noble cause.

Sahebzada A Khan photogrphaed with organizers of Pak Heritage Society’s
Eid dinner at Woodbine Banquet Hall last week.

                                                                                  Dr Shafiq Qaadri, MPP for Etobicoke North, offering Eid greetings at Pak Heritage Society’s dinner

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Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 7
Canadian Asian News                  Canada               Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 8

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Canadian Asian News                                                       Canada                                                                    Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 9

   Jim Karygiannis, Liberal MP, and Ashfaq Hussain, the award-winning poet, addressing a gathering at fundraising dinner at L’azzurra Banquet Hall.     – Photos by Hassan Sangrami

   $175,000 raised for Pak flood victims at L’azzurra fundraising dinner
TORONTO – Nearly $175,000            recently    been     named     for   contributed by buying tickets and    vive this unprecedented disas-         died and over a million homes
were raised for the help of flood    Pakistan’s Pride of Performance      making modest donations. Later       ter”. IDRF will issue tax receipts     have been destroyed since the
victims in Pakistan at a fundrais-   Award, were among the speakers       the organizers said: “We are         for the donation amounts and for       flooding began.
ing dinner organized at L’azzura     on the occasion. Mr Karygiannis      delighted to report that the total   a portion of the ticket amount           The United Nations estimates
Banquet Hall in Woodbrige last       formally launched the appeal for     amount of money raised by            (net of expenses).                     that more than 21 million people
week. The dinner was hosted by       generous donations and told the      pledges and net proceeds for the       The floods in Pakistan began in      are injured or homeless as a
Alam Khawaja, Samir Dossal,          audience that people across          dinner     was     approximately     July 2010 following heavy mon-         result of the flooding, exceeding
Zain, Varda and their team mem-      Pakistan suffered heavy losses due   $175,000. Your support and gen-      soon rains in the Khyber               the combined total of individuals
bers who all made dynamic efforts    to devastating floods. The           erous contributions are over-        Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and         affected by the 2004 Indian
for collecting funds for the flood   response from the dinner guests      whelming. You can rest assured       Balochistan regions.                   Ocean tsunami, the 2005
victims. Jim Karygiannis, Liberal    was overwhelming. Even the           that the funds will be put to good     Present estimates indicate that      Kashmir earthquake and the
MP, and Ashfaq Hussain who has       young volunteers and organizers      use – helping those in need sur-     nearly two thousand people have        2010 Haiti earthquake.

          Glimpses of a fundraising dinner organized at L’azzurra Banquet Hall by Alam Khawaja, Samir Dossal and their team members for the help of flood victims in Pakistan

    Western Union donates 100,000
   for flood-hit families in Pakistan
ENGLEWOOD, CO – August               work in Pakistan is up and run-
12, 2010 – To help the victims of    ning in the country, allowing
Pakistan’s natural disaster of       consumers to send money to
heavy rains and flooding affect-     Pakistan in this time of great
ing upwards of 14 million people,    need. Western Union, through
the Western Union Company            its global foundation, has acti-
(NYSE:WU),            previously     vated its Agent Gift Matching
announced a number of disaster       Program in support of Pakistan,
relief efforts in support of         matching one-to-one Agent
Pakistan, including: grants; con-    donations from around the
sumer, Agent and employee            world up to $100,000. Western
donation programs. In addition to    Union also is encouraging
these efforts, Western Union has     employee donations to be made
also implemented a no transfer       directly to the Western Union
fee* initiative when sending         Foundation in support of the
money to Pakistan from partici-      Pakistan Flood Relief Fund. All
pating Agent locations in Canada.    employee donations will be
  Through the Western Union          matched two-to-one in the
Company’s corporate signature        United States and three-to-one
program, Our World, Our              outside of the United States.
Family®, The Western Union             “We recognize the dire cir-
Foundation has contributed           cumstances of the displaced
$100,000 towards disaster relief     Pakistanis following the worst
efforts to provide victims with      flooding in the country’s histo-
basic necessities such as safe       ry,” said Jean Claude Farah,
drinking water, temporary shel-      Senior Vice President for
ter, clothing and access to sani-    Middle East and Africa, Western
tation facilities through the        Union. “By supporting the work
International Rescue Committee       of the IRC, we are supporting
(IRC) response teams actively        the relief efforts to improve the
working in Pakistan.                 situation for millions of people.
  Western Union has also             We want to do our part to help
launched no transfer fees for any    the community.”
amount sent to Pakistan from           “The damages in Pakistan and
participating Agent locations in     the need for support are
Canada. The no transfer fee ini-     immeasurable,” said Luella
tiative will end September 12,       Chavez D’Angelo, President,
2010. The Western Union® net-        The Western Union Foundation.
Canadian Asian News                                                                   Canada                                                         Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 10

Canada, India                                                                                                       China is ranked fifth in
to cooperate in
film industry
                                                                                                                   foreign direct investment
                                                                                                                   BEIJING – China milked the               Besides higher levels of Chinese
TORONTO – James Moore,                                                                                             opportunity offered by the slow-       investments, the slowdown in FDI
Minister of Canadian Heritage                                                                                      down in US economy by pushing          by several developed countries is
and      Official      Languages                                                                                   up its investment in that country      what helped Beijing make the pole
announced here that the                                                                                            by 360% in 2009. This is one rea-      jump from the 12th to the 5th posi-
Government of Canada is                                                                                            son why it has managed to grab the     tion in 2009. The official Chinese
launching co-production negoti-                                                                                    5th rank in foreign direct invest-     media Jinny Yan, Shanghai based
ations with India, the first step in                                                                               ment. Experts say Beijing is now       economist of Standard Chartered
the Government's commitment                                                                                        directing its attention towards low-   Bank predicted that the EU would
to co-production, which will                                                                                       cost European debt, which has          continue to be a hotspot for
position the Canadian audio-           Canada and India share a long standing and strong relationship in           been severely hit by the weakening     China's outbound investment in
visual industry as a global leader.    the field of culture, Heritage Minister James Moore says/                   economy.                               the coming months because of the
"Our Government supports               standing and strong relationship       that take place in accordance          Year 2010 will see China hugely      ongoing European debt woes.
Canada's audiovisual industry in       in the field of culture. They are      with international treaties signed   enhancing its investment in            China contributed 5.1% of the
bringing Canadian content to           currently      collaborating      at   by governments. They allow           Europe, they said.          Chinese    global overseas direct investment
new international markets.             UNESCO in the context of the           Canadian and foreign producers       investors also more than doubled       of $1.1 trillion in 2009.
Moving forward with co-produc-         Intergovernmental Committee for        to pool their creative, technical,   their investment in European
tion treaty negotiations with          the Protection and Promotion of        and financial resources. Co-pro-     Union and ASEAN destinations.
India should strengthen the rela-      the Diversity of Cultural              ductions are recognized as           Fund pumping by Beijing hap-           Canadian Asian News
tionship our two countries             Expressions. In June 2010,             domestic productions in their        pened in a year of economic slow-          from 2 cities
already have, while supporting         Canada signed a memorandum of          respective countries, providing      down when the levels of global
the creation of a greater number       understanding on cultural coop-        them access to domestic benefits.    FDI actually fell by 40%.                 Toronto & Montreal
of original audiovisual produc-        eration with India that will facili-     In Canada, these benefits can        Beijing hugely improved on its               Advertise in
tions that can be distributed on a     tate bilateral cultural initiatives,   include federal and provincial tax   own record investing $90 billion
larger scale," said Minister
                                                                                                                                                             Canadian Asian News
                                       aid in the creation of economic        credits, the Canada Media Fund,      in overseas destinations in 2009
Moore. "International co-pro-                                                                                      as compared to its FDI of $56 bil-
                                                                                                                                                             Toronto: 905-502-5585
                                       opportunities for both Canada          and Telefilm Canada's Canada
duction promotes Canadian cul-         and India, and help showcase           Feature Film Fund.                   lion the previous year. It expects
ture and its creators abroad and       Canadian cultural content in             Deepa Mehta, film director         to raise the level to $100 billion                Montreal:
strengthens our alliances with         India and Indian cultural content      and screenwriter, also spoke at      this year, Shen Danyang, vice-
foreign countries."                                                                                                                                                514-952-2742
                                       in Canada. Treaty co-productions       the co-production announce-          director of the commerce min- 
  Canada and India share a long-       are film or television productions     ment in Toronto.                     istry said.

 Econmic growth is government’s
   top prority, John Baird says
OTTAWA – The Honourable
John Baird, Government House
                                       streets and families safe from ter-
                                       rorism and crime; and
                                                                                  PANORAMA INDIA
Leader, and the Honourable               3.Mapping the path to econom-                with the support of the Consulate General of India
Denis Lebel, Minister of State         ic recovery, re-growth and jobs
(Economic Development Agency           for Canadians.                                 Announces
of Canada for the Regions of             Under the leadership of Prime
Quebec), outlined the Harper           Minister Stephen Harper, the
Government's objectives and pri-
orities for the fall parliamentary
session. "As the Prime Minister
                                       Government will achieve these
                                       objectives by completing the
                                       implementation of Canada's
said when he asked me to take on       Economic Action Plan, the
this job, the economy remains the      Government's recession fight-                  A Mathematics competition for Youth
number one priority of Canadians       ing program designed to create                 Conducted by Professional Engineers Ontario ,
and of our Government. An              and preserve jobs and foster
unnecessary election is the last       economic growth. In addition,                  Scarborough Chapter
thing that Canadians and our           the Government will combat the
                                       abuse of Canada's "generous"                                                    on
                                       immigration system by human
                                       smugglers, so that those respon-                                     Saturday 02 October 2010
                                       sible for this terrible crime can
                                       be caught and prosecuted to the                                          10.30 AM to 4 PM
                                       fullest extent of the law. Finally,
                                       to lead Canada down the road to                                                    at
                                       prosperity, the Government will                              Msqr Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School,
                                       keep taxes low and exercise fis-                                           2170 Kipling Ave.
                                       cal restraint.                                                   (North of Rexdale and South of Finch)
                                         "Canadians need Parliament to
                                       work so that Canada's Economic
                                       Action Plan can continue to fight        · To create a passion in the application of mathematics in solving day-to-day
                                       off the global economic reces-             scientific and engineering problems.
                                       sion. We want to do our part and         · To create an interest in active thinking and problem solving.
                                       to work cooperatively with all
                                       opposition parties to put the            · To introduce different facets of mathematics.
                                       economy first," said Minister            · To provide hands-on experience in problem solving.
       Minister John Baird             Lebel. "Our Plan has helped gain         · To create a competition in an entertaining and friendly manner.
economy need at this time," said       back more than 400,000 jobs
Minister Baird. "At a time when        since June 2009. And our                 · Above all, to bring the youth of our community together
our economic growth is still           Government is still working hard
uncertain, our Government is           to create jobs and support eco-
focused on jobs, security and          nomic growth from coast to coast                           Visit
prosperity for Canadian families       to coast." The Government will                                          for
and communities."                      seek the wisdom, guidance and
  The Harper Government knows          common sense of Canadians in                     Application form, Guidelines and Sample questions
that Canada's long-term prosperi-      crafting the next phase of our
ty is driven by the creativity,        economic action plan for Canada.         · Parents of participating children are welcome to watch the competition.
ingenuity, and common-sense of           The stakes remain high, and
                                       more than ever, our Government           · Open to youth of Indian Origin studying in grades 7 & 8 (Junior Category)
entrepreneurs, small business
owners and hard working fami-          must make the right decisions in           and grades 9, 10 & 11(Senior Category)
lies across the country.               order to map out the long-term           · Attractive prizes for top 2 in each category
  Over the coming months, our          direction of the Canadian econo-
                                       my. “Our Government will be
                                                                                · Certificates for all participants
actions will be guided by three
bold principles:                       working      hard      to    'Make         Last date for receiving applications: 26th September 2010
  1.Supporting job creation and        Parliament Work,' to avoid an
                                       unwanted and unnecessary elec-                          For any further information email :
economic growth;
  2.Keeping our communities,           tion,” he said.
Canadian Asian News                                                                  Canada                                                          Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 11

  Trade relations with India a priority: Peter Van Loan                                                                                                         A Mumbai
MISSISSAUGA – Peter Van                 Chamber of Commerce, while
Loan, Minister of International         addressing the gathering said,                                                                                         in Australia
Trade, spoke to members of the          "Canada      and     India    have
Indo-Canada         Chamber        of   embarked upon a new path of                                                                                       MELBOURNE – If you are an
Commerce and Brampton's                 building strong bilateral ties in                                                                                 Indian living in Australia and
Indian business community about         recent months. Prime Minister                                                                                     want to have a feel of being close
the Harper government's commit-         Stephan Harper's visit to India                                                                                   to home, then all you need to do is
ment to growing Canada's trade          last November and Prime                                                                                           to buy a house in one of
relationship with India.                Minister Manmohan Singh's visit                                                                                   Melbourne's newest immigrant
  "Canada's trade and investment        to Canada in June have empha-                                                                                     suburbs – popularly called
partnership with India is on an         sized economic relations as the                                                                                   Mumbai Cook.
exciting path-one that holds great      bedrock of stronger ties between                                                                                     Gordon and Julia de Silva live
promise for both countries as we        our two democracies."                                                                                             with their young baby in a two-
continue toward lasting economic          On behalf of the Chamber,                                                                                       month-old house in Point Cook's
recovery," said Minister Van            Nagpal      acknowledged       and                                                                                Alamanda Estate. Both of them
Loan. "Our government has made          applauded the Minister's role in                                                                                  work in the city - Gordon is a finan-
India a key priority in Canada's        directing the bilateral relations                                                                                 cial planner, while Julia works for a
foreign and trade policy agenda."       between Canada and India into a                                                                                   bank. While at home or as they go
  Minister Van Loan said that he        new direction. "We firmly believe                                                                                 to the local shops, they get the feel-
looks forward to welcoming              that the soon to be formalized                                                                                    ing that they are almost in a known
India's Minister of Commerce and        Comprehensive            Economic                                                                                 country - their country of origin,
Industry, Anand Sharma, to              Partnership Agreement (CEPA)           Minister Peter Van Loan photographed with ICC Board of Directors and       India. "We heard that every third
Canada in the next few weeks.           between Canada and India will          Indian Consul General Preeti Saran.           – Photo by Bashir Nasir      or fourth home is of an Indian fam-
This is the first meeting of the two    take bilateral trade to $15 billion    bilateral relations in all            as the Year of India in Canada.      ily, out of the 1,500 homes. We've
ministers since the prime minis-        annually," he added.                   spheres, including cultural and       Harjit S. Kalsi, the Chamber's       seen a lot of Indians here. In fact,
ters announced their commitment           Preeti Saran, Consul General         explained that it was this            Vice President, welcomed the         they all call it Mumbai Cook," Julia
to an annual dialogue on trade and      for India in Toronto, also reiter-     renewed understanding between         members to the event and gave a      was quoted by The Age here as
investment.       Earlier,    Vinay     ated the Indian government's           the two nations that has led to       broad overview of the Chamber's      saying. The de Silvas chose to buy
Nagpal, President, Indo-Canada          commitment to strengthen               the concept of celebrating 2011       plan for 2010-11.                    a house in Point Cook because it
                                                                                                                                                          was affordable, cosmopolitan,
                                                                                                                                                          close to the city and had good facil-
  (Continued from Page 1)
  Meanwhile, Chinese analyst            ‘China is becoming increasingly assertive’                                                                        ities, says Gordon.
                                                                                                                                                             A latest survey of about 3,500
Dai Bing admits that "while a           ment should chalk out clear-cut        Chidambaram and national              However, we cannot lose sight        home buyers by the Oliver Hume
hot war is out of the question, a       national security objectives,          security adviser Shivshankar          of the fact that China has been      Real Estate Group shows 10 per-
cold war between the two coun-          which in turn would fashion the        Menon, among others.                  improving its military and phys-     cent of home buyers in fast
tries is increasingly likely.           joint military strategy to meet          But China's massive build-up        ical infrastructure,'' said the      growing suburbs were born in
  Commenting on China’s hos-            any external threat.                   of military infrastructure along      defence minister.                    India. Buyers with Chinese and
tile attitude towards its neigh-          Yes, Pakistan and its "proxy         the 4,057-km Line of Actual             "In fact, there has been an        British backgrounds were the
bor, Mohan Malik of the Asia            war'' in J&K, Afghanistan and          Control, its strategic moves in       increasing assertiveness on the      next largest group at three per-
Pacific Centre for Security                                                                                          part of China. We are taking all
                                                                                    Indian        Ocean                                                   cent, closely followed by Sri
Studies in Hawaii opined that                                                                                        necessary steps to upgrade our
                                                                                    Region (IOR) and                                                      Lankans at 2.7 percent.
China wants to nip in the bud                                                                                        capabilities. We have never
                                                                                    rapid modernisation                                                      The country of origin has little
any challenge India might pose                                                                                       linked our capabilities to count-
                                                                                    of the People's                                                       influence on buying habits, the
in the future.                                                                                                       er any particular nation,'' he
                                                                                    Liberation Army                                                       survey found. With an average of
  Malik said manufacturing new                                                                                       added. All the three Service
                                                                                    were red-flagged as                                                   2,236 people arriving every week
disputes to put the other side off                                                                                   chiefs, Air Chief Marshal P V
                                                                                    worrisome during                                                      in Victoria - 1,800 of those move
balance is an old negotiating                                                                                        Naik, Admiral Nirmal Verma
                                                                                    the conference. This                                                  to Melbourne, and most end up in
tactic in Chinese statecraft.                                                                                        and General V K Singh, too
                                                                                    comes in the back-                                                    the new suburbs.
   On Sept, 14, 2010, The Times                                                                                      expressed concern on the China-
                                                                                    drop of the increas-                                                     In the Dandenong area, 70 per-
of India published the following                                                                                     front, which the armed forces
                                                                                    ing Chinese foot-                                                     cent of the population is of non-
report on China’s tussle with                                                                                        consider more of "a long-term
                                                                                    print in Pakistan-                                                    Australian origin. In the
India: For once, the normally                                                                                        threat'' rather than Pakistan.
                                                                                    occupied-Kashmir,                                                     Sunshine-Brimbank area, the fig-
ultra-cautious Defence Minister                                                                                        The IAF chief, for instance,
                                                                                    both in terms of                                                      ure touches 67 percent.
A K Antony admitted China was                                                                                        talked about how his force had
                                                                                    projects as well as                                                      While the suburbs deliver
becoming             increasingly                                                                                    begun to base the Sukhoi-
                                                                                    personnel.      The                                                   affordable housing supply, they
assertive. The top military brass,                                                                                   30MKI fighter jets in the North-
                                                                                    Prime Minister, on                                                    don't necessarily represent the
in turn, asked the political lead-                                                                                   East as well as upgrade several
                                               Prime Minister Manmohan Singh        his part, said India                                                  right conditions for strong
ership to factor China's ever-                                                                                       airstrips and helipads in the        growth. But that doesn't concern
expanding transborder, cyber            the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban, needed to develop border infra-              region. Both the PM and Antony       Julia. "Point Cook is one of the
and space-warfare military              Naxalism and coastal security, structure, for both land and sea,             underlined the ongoing endeav-       newest suburbs closest to the city.
capabilities into India's national      all figured during the annual with "a sense of urgency''                     our to modernise the Indian          If you would like to live 19 or 20
security matrix.                        combined commanders' confer- because it was "an integral part''              armed forces to tackle all exi-      km the other side, you would
  Even as the military brass            ence on last week, attended by of the country's defence pre-                 gencies. "When it comes to           have to really be a millionaire, I
warned that China posed "seri-          Prime Minister Manmohan paredness. Antony was more                           defence capability, we must be       guess, to buy a house," she says.
ous challenges'', it was of the         Singh, Finance Minister Pranab direct. "We want to develop                   ahead of the technology curve,''                  – The Times of India.
view that the political establish-      Mukherjee, Home Minister P friendly relations with China...                  said the Prime Minister.

    New Canadian students challenged by financial concerns
    & pressure to achieve higher grades, RBC survey reveals
  TORONTO - New Canadian stu-            sible with finances," said Camon      OSAP to pay for post secondary        warm round of applause telling      career goals." RBC has a diverse
  dents are often challenged by          Mak, director, Multicultural          education                             me that I made the right choice     set of scholarship programs and
  financial concerns and feel            Markets, RBC. "They recognize           RBC recognizes the pressures        to become a true Canadian."         awards over $300,000 in scholar-
  added pressure to achieve higher       the fact their parents made con-      faced by students and has created       The RBC Royal Bank                ships annually. To learn more
  levels of academic performance,        siderable sacrifices to enable        a scholarship program for new         Scholarship for New Canadians       about RBC student scholarships
  according      to     a    recent      them to study in Canada and as a      Canadian students as well as a        is designed to encourage stu-       v        i      s        i        t
  RBC/Student awards Inc. survey.        result, students are forced to seek   free student banking account,         dents who have immigrated to
  To pay for post-secondary edu-         alternative income sources such       among other products designed         Canada in the last 10 years to      ships
  cation, 72 per cent of new             as scholarships, loans and part-      specifically      for    students.    share their experiences with          This study was conducted
  Canadians rely on scholarships         time employment."                     Ultimately, RBC's goal is to help     adjusting to life in Canada. The    online with a sample of graduat-
  or bursaries, while 39 per cent of     Some key survey findings              alleviate the added stress of ris-    deadline to apply is February 1,    ing high school students from the
  new Canadian students rely on a        include:                              ing tuition fees to ensure that the   2011 at 6:00PM EST. "We are         Student awards online communi-
  combination of a part-time job         – 72 per cent of females and 69       students can focus primarily on       extremely impressed with the        ty, who met participation criteria.
  (20 per cent), their parent's          per cent of males rely on their       their studies and settling into       calibre of students who applied     A total of 1, 000 students com-
  income (9 per cent), and a loan        family to pay for post-secondary      their new home.                       for the RBC scholarship," said      pleted the survey between May 4
  or line of credit (5 per cent) to      education                               "Integration is like immigra-       Camon         Mak,      director,   and May 14, 2010. The data was
  manage day-to-day expenses             – 39 per cent of new Canadian         tion, both are by choice, and not     Multicultural Markets, RBC.         weighted by gender to ensure a
  while at school.                       students are unaware of scholar-      by chance," said Peter Wang,          "The New Canadian Scholarship       proportionate representation of
    "For many new students to            ships offered to them by              2010      RBC      Royal     Bank     program seeks to help some of       the post-secondary student popu-
  Canada there is a high degree of       Canadian financial institutions       Scholarship winner. "Receiving        our brightest new immigrant stu-    lation across Canada: 60 per cent
  assumed responsibility to be sen-      – 44 per cent of students rely on     the RBC Scholarship was like a        dents achieve their academic and    female and 40 per cent male.
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 12
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 13
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 14
Canadian Asian News                                                                    Canada                                                         Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 15

The Canadian Experience .........10                                                                                     Issues of dual citizenship re-        By far the most controversial
                                                                                                                      entered the public eye in 2005       debate over dual citizenship took
                                                                                                                      when Prime Minister Paul Martin      place in the summer of 2006
 On Being ‘Canadian’: Citizenship                                                                                     selected Michaëlle Jean to be
                                                                                                                      governor general. Jean had
                                                                                                                                                           when, in the midst of a violent
                                                                                                                                                           conflict in Lebanon between
       By Adam Chapnick                another nation at the same time -       in ties between Canada and the         become a dual citizen - Canadian     Israel and Hezbollah, the
                                       was a product of this new under-        monarchy, as the oath makes            and French - after she married the   Canadian government evacuated
Canada's first official citizen,       standing. In 2009, the Citizenship      clear, the impact of Canada's          French-born Jean-Pierre Lafond.      approximately 15,000 Lebanese-
Prime Minister William Lyon            Act was revised again. The most         British roots remains in contem-         Although France did not object     Canadians. Many had lived in
Mackenzie King, did not become         noteworthy change this time was         porary discussions of citizenship.     to her new role, many Canadians      Lebanon for years and close to
"Canadian" until 1947 when he          a decision to limit the transferabil-     The most recent controversy          expressed concern that it was        half returned there when the con-
was 72 years-old. Between 1867         ity of citizenship to foreign-born      began in 1999. When the promi-         wrong to allow the governor gen-     flict ended. The cost of the evac-
and 1946, there was no such thing      grandchildren of foreign-born           nent Canadian, Conrad Black,           eral - the commander-in-chief of     uation, believed to have been
as Canadian citizenship. By law,       Canadians. In other words, the          was named to Britain's House of        the Canadian Forces - to declare     between $50 million and $100
Canadians were British subjects        government implied that becom-                                                                                      million, created a backlash
who lived in Canada.                   ing a Canadian was more than just                                                                                   among Canadians who were
  It was only after the Second         a right that could be taken for                                                                                     astounded to discover that indi-
World War, an event that made          granted. Also in 2009, Citizenship                                                                                  viduals who lived (and paid
Canadians more conscious than          and Immigration Canada intro-                                                                                       taxes) elsewhere could demand
ever of their country's independ-      duced dramatic changes to the cit-                                                                                  that Ottawa treat them as well as
ent identity in the world, that        izenship guide - the booklet that                                                                                   it would any other citizen.
Mackenzie King initiated, and          new Canadians study in advance                                                                                         Whether Canadians will ever
saw through, the implementation        of their citizenship test - further                                                                                 lose their right to dual citizenship
of the Canadian Citizenship Act.       emphasizing the idea that citizen-                                                                                  is unclear. For now, however,
  The Citizenship Act has under-       ship in Canada involved both                                                                                        Canadian citizenship remains a
gone two notable revisions since       rights and responsibilities.                                                                                        mark of pride and privilege. In
then. In 1977, amendments to the         Mackenzie King, who took his                                                                                      2006, 85 percent of eligible
act eliminated any reference to        oath of citizenship on January 3,                                                                                   immigrants became citizens of
Canadians as British subjects. The     1947, is now one of the 6.5 mil-                                                                                    Canada, and there is no sign that
language of the new legislation        lion people who have become cit-                                                                                    this pattern of commitment will
was also meant to change popular       izens over the last 63 years. All of                                                                                end any time soon.
understandings of what citizen-        them have repeated the words that
ship meant. The authors of the         King first said:                        Lords, Canada's prime minister,        allegiance to another country.                 Advertise in
original act viewed Canadian citi-     I swear (or affirm)                     Jean Chrétien, who was no friend       Jean's decision to renounce her
zenship as a privilege, available to   That I will be faithful                 of Black's, invoked an obscure         French citizenship was taken as
a select group of men and women.       And bear true allegiance                House of Commons resolution            an affirmation of her loyalty to         Canadian Asian
Thirty years later, citizenship        To her majesty Queen Elizabeth          which called on foreign govern-
                                                                               ments not to grant Canadian citi-
                                                                                                                      this country. It is worth noting
                                                                                                                      that there were no objections to
became the right of anyone who         the Second                                                                                                            It can take your message
was considered qualified. The          Queen of Canada                         zens titles of honour.                 John Turner's dual citizenship
federal government's decision          Her heirs and successors                  Black, a dual citizen of Canada      (Canadian and British) when he            to Montreal, Toronto
that Canada should be among the        And that I will faithfully observe      and Great Britain, was told that       was briefly prime minister in
first countries to formally recog-     The laws of Canada                      he had a choice: forego the title or   1984, although former Liberal            Toronto: 647-883-7575
nize the legitimacy of dual citi-      And fulfil my duties as a               renounce his Canadian citizen-         Party leader Stéphane Dion felt
zenship - the idea that a person       Canadian citizen                        ship. Lord Black chose to no           pressure to renounce his French
could be a citizen of Canada and         In spite of the gradual decrease      longer be Canadian.                    citizenship 20 years later.             Montreal: 514-952-2742

                                           Airwings Travel opens it new branch in Hamilton
                                  It is locatd at 204-45 Godrich Road, Hamilton Tel 905-578-2300
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 16
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 17
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 18
Canadian Asian News                                                              Canada                                                               Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 19

Help flood                                                                                                                                                When Mandela
victims, says                                                                                                                                              lost his cool!
                                                                                                                                                         LONDON – Nelson Mandela
Paul Martin                                                                                                                                              got so furious at Britain joining
                                                                                                                                                         the 2003 invasion of Iraq that he
MONTREAL – A former Prime
Minister Paul Martin attended a                                                                                                                          made a blister-
fund raising dinner here and                                                                                                                             ing phone call
called for helping flood victims                                                                                                                         to then Welsh
in Pakistan. The dinner was host-                                                                                                                        Secretary Peter
ed by Ghulam Mujtaba, president                                                                                                                          Hain, a new
of Liberal Party, Lasalle-Emard,                                                                                                                         book        has
and Federal Liberal Association                                                                                                                          revealed. The
here at Buffet Il Gabiano Lasalle.                                                                                                                       former South
Senator Frances Fox, Senator                                  Paul Martin speaking at the fund-raising dinner in Montreal                                A f r i c a n Nelson Mandela
Marisa Barth, Senator Lucie                                                                                                                              President, considered to be one
Pepin,     MP Raymonde Folco,
MNA Francois Oumit, Minister
                                     Liberal MP Karygiannis visits flood-hit areas in Pakistan                                                           of the world's most revered
                                                                                                                                                         statesmen, was particularly
Giniac Clement, Mayor of             KARACHI – Jim Karygiannis,           Ocean tides were at their highest.    drove through the streets of             angry at the then British Prime
Lasalle Manon Barbe and city         Member of Parliament for             Unable to discharge the massive       Sujjawal, a city of 60,000, I real-      Minister Tony Blair, according
and      borough      councillors    Scarborough-Agincourt, travelled     amounts of water into the ocean,      ized that two weeks ago the whole
                                                                          the waters backed up into Sind ,      city was under water.” Mr.               to the book,
Balkhurst, Madam Pelistini,          along the Indian Ocean coast
                                                                          once again, destroying homes,         Karygiannis stated.                      Mandela:
Josee Trelio, Alvaro Farnacci and    toward the mouth of the Indus
                                                                          infrastructure and farmland. “As I             (Continued on Page 23)          The Story of
several former ministers and         River to the City of Sujjawal to
                                                                                                                                                         a Universal
presidents attended the dinner.      visit the GlobalMedic mobile
                                                                                                                                                         Hero. In his
MP Lise Zarac welcomed Paul          field hospital and water purifica-
                                                                                                                                                         book, author
Martin and other guests thanked      tion locations, serving several
                                                                                                                                                         Hain, also a
Ghulam Mujtaba for organizing        Internally Displaced Persons
                                                                                                                                                         veteran anti-
such a wonderful event event for     (IDP) camps.
                                                                                                                                                         apartheid            Tony Blair
a cause.                               “My heart breaks as I witness
  Paul Martin explained about his    the number and size of the IDP                                                                                      campaigner who knows Mandela
social projects for aboriginal       camps along the coastal road from                                                                                   well, said he was "breathing fire
people and his projects to elimi-    Thatta to Sujjawal.” said Mr.                                                                                       down the line".
nate poverty in Africa. While        Karygiannis. “People fled to any                                                                                      Hain recalled: "He said, 'A big
thanking the organizers of the       piece of high ground they could                                                                                     mistake, Peter, a very big mis-
event Paul Martin asked Ghulam       find. Unfortunately for them, the                                                                                   take. It is wrong. Why is Tony
Mujtaba, to come up to the stage.    high ground consisted of raised                                                                                     doing this after all his support for
The former prime minister intro-     road beds and grave yards.”                                                                                         Africa? This will cause huge
duced him to the participants as a     The flood waters reached the                                                                                      damage internationally'." Hain
great Pakistani and a dedicated      mouth of the Indus River , in the                                                                                   added: "I had never heard
Liberal supporter.                   Province of Sind, when the Indian      Jim Karygiannis who visited almost all flood-hits spots across Pakistan      Nelson Mandela so angry."
Canadian Asian News   Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 20
Canadian Asian News                                                               Canada                                                     Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 21

Election in Milton’s Ward 7 is all about
real local representation, says Paul Virdo
MILTON – Paul Virdo is a can-       ing at-risk women through the        safety of their kids. Many roads
didate for Local Councillor in      Employment Ontario initiative.       in our neighbourhoods are too
Ward 7 Milton which is located      He has always been in touch          fast, especially near parks and
south of Derry Road and north       with communities on the              schools. Paul Virdo wants to see
of Britannia Road, between the      ground, helping people with          lower speed limits and all-way
CN tracks to the west and           their day-to-day lives.              stop signs within 50 metres of
                                       Paul has also been a dedicated    these areas. The level of proper-
                                    volunteer throughout his adult       ty taxes is also important to
                                    life. He was a student advocate      Ward 7 residents. Paul Virdo
                                    at the University of Toronto and     wants to utilize zero-based
                                    a community mediator in the          budgeting and value-for-money
                                    Jane-Finch        neighbourhood.     audits when looking at how the
                                    Paul has also co-organized the       town spends our tax dollars. It
                                    Heel 'n' Wheel-a-thon fundraiser     is unacceptable to Paul that the
                                    in Milton for the Crohn's &          town spends over $5 million in       Paul Virdo working hard for well being of people of all ages in Milton
                                    Colitis Foundation of Canada.        the past four years on items        resentation. I would be              Please visit to
                                           Milton Election 2010          without shopping for the best       delighted to serve my neigh-         find out where you vote.
                                       The election in Milton on         price. Even saving 5% or            bours and bring forth their          You can also vote in advance
                                    October 25th will be the first for   $250,000 can go a long way.         concerns to Milton Town              on October 16 and 17 at
                                    many new residents in Ward 7.        "This election in Ward 7            Hall," said Paul Virdo.              Milton Mall during regular
                                    Most residents are concerned         Milton is about real local rep-       Election day is October 25.        business hours.
                                    about the future of Milton

 Paul Virdo ... Ward 7 candidate
                                    Hospital. The Milton Hospital
                                    requires expansion as soon as        Top singer Amanat Ali coming to Toronto
Thompson Road to the east. It is    possible so that it can provide                                                      TORONTO – This year             ping and a separate food
composed of two Milton neigh-       more services for our growing                                                        famous      South     Asian     court offering delicious
bourhoods - Wilmott and             town. The provincial govern-                                                         Festival will be held on        South Asian food. All this
Coates.                             ment requires the town to com-                                                       Oct. 30 & 31 at                 entertainment is for a tick-
  Paul Virdo is the only candi-     mit a share of the cost to build                                                     International        Center,    et of ten dollars only. Entry
date in the Ward 7 election who     the expansion, however, the                                                          Mississauga, where CMR          of kids under five is free.
lives in the same ward. He          Town Council has not yet made                                                        and Radio Pakistan Toronto      This will be a unique
resides with his wife Enza and      a solid financial commitment.                                                        will present Live in concert    opportunity for small busi-
daughter Giulia on Bessy Trail      Paul Virdo, if elected, would like                                                   featuring Pakistan’s top        ness owners to promote
in Coates Neigbourhood.             the town to provide a $60 mil-                                                       pop star Amanat Ali and         and introduce there busi-
  Paul has over seven years'        lion commitment towards the                                                          Annie. The name of a sur-       ness to vast South Asians
experience in the broader public    project. This amount can be                                                          prise singer will be dis-       community. More than
sector dealing with municipal,      paid over 30 years and does not                                                      closed later.                   100,000 people are expect-
provincial and federal govern-      have to start payment until the                                                        Apart form live concert,      ed to visit this festival.
ments. He has worked as a pub-      expansion is substantially com-                                                      circus, magic show variety        For sponsorship, stall
lic affairs consultant helping      plete. The town's commitment                                                         and cultural programs will      booking and further infor-
business deal with government,      is absolutely necessary. Without                                                     also be held during the         mation, please contact
has been an assistant to election   it, we will not get the hospital                                                     two-day festival. There         Arshad Bhatti, producer of
officials in Toronto and has        expanded. Parents of young chil-                                                     will also be hundreds of        Radio Pakistan Toronto
worked as a job developer help-     dren are also concerned with the       Amanat Ali ... gets set to win your hearts    vending booths for shop-        @ 416-300-5600.

                   A network is being created for bringing together the Canada-based present and
                       ex-employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and their families.
                  In this connection, a foundation has been laid for the creation of ‘Family Club of
                 Canada. All PIA employees – still working or those who have already retired – can
                                            become member of the Club.

                                                     For more information Pl contact:

                                               Mazhar S Khan Tel 416-838-1139
Canadian Asian News            Canada          Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 22

         Bismillah Halal Meat

   S                                                   S
   U                                                   A
   P                                                   L
   E                                                   E
     Sale From September 16th-30th,2010
                       3176 Ridgeway Drive,
                      Unit # 64 Mississauga, Ont
                        Tel: (905) 607-5609
Canadian Asian News                                                                  Canada                    Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 23

 Floods in Pakistan: My heart                                                      Financial tips from Fancy Financial Services
 breaks, Jim Karygiannis says                                                              By Zahir Fancy                 drawbacks. You each become fully
                                                                                                                          responsible for the entire amount
                                                                                                                                                                  all your financial decision-making
                                                                                                                                                                  and subsequent actions. If you
(Continued from Page 19)                opportunity to witness some of           Unmarried Couples: Sharing               of any joint debt. Creditors can        share a joint checking account,
“The hospital is still under ten        the     unimaginable      damage         Lives . . . and Money, Too?              seize the funds in a joint account to   protect yourselves by opening one
feet of water. All their equipment      caused by massive flooding; see          Many couples these days may often        satisfy one partner's debt. In addi-    requiring both signatures for with-
has been destroyed.            The      Canadian NGOs in action as               live together for some period of         tion, one partner can drain the         drawals. Clearly define the
GlobalMedic hospital is only            they provide humanitarian aid;           time as unmarried partners. This         funds from a joint account or fail to   expenses it will cover. Keep good
medical facility in the area.”          and, meet with international             group includes not only twenty           pay credit card charges, ultimately     records of account activity, other-
GlobalMedic is a non-profit             NGOs and United Nations offi-            somethings fresh out of school, but      damaging the other's credit rating.     wise it may be difficult to verify
organization of Canadian first          cials with respect to the chal-          also middle-aged couples who wish        When planning for retirement, be        your contribution to shared
responders that provides emer-          lenges they are facing.                                       to ensure their     aware that unmarried partners are       expenses if the relationship ends.
gency relief to those affected by         Earlier report said Karygiannis,                            estates pass to     usually not eligible for spousal        If you hold joint credit cards, close
natural disasters and complex           together with Dr. Zaki Ahmed of                               children from       benefits from two key sources of        each account if you part company.
emergencies. GlobalMedic deliv-         Thunder Bay landed in Pakistan.                               prior     mar-      income that marriage partners           Do not just split up the cards -
ers a pre-hospital emergency            Dr. Ahmed joinrd doctors Dr.                                  riages, as well     often depend on: government-pro-        remember, you are still each fully
medical care training package.          Shahnaz Dar, of Scarborough and                               as previously       vided retirement benefits and           responsible for all charges on any
GlobalMedic training is delivered       Dr. Muzmuzna Ahmed, of                                        married sen-        employer-provided pension plans.        joint account. Also, keep in mind
to members of organizations and         Markham and they were deployed                                iors who might      Also, bear in mind the relationship     that it is important to establish and
hospitals in developing countries       to various internally displaced                               otherwise lose      could end before retirement.            maintain your own separate credit
in order to enhance emergency           persons (IDP) camps to offer                                  government-             Preventing problems before          histories.Regarding retirement
medical services. While in              medical assistance to the victims                             provided                        they occur                  planning, unless you have a writ-
                                                                                      Zahir Fancy
Karachi , Mr. Karygiannis met           of the floods which have ravaged                                                    Can you forge a happy life as an      ten agreement or irrevocable trust
with the Chief Minister of Sind ,       Pakistan. “These doctors have            retirement benefits.
                                                                                                                          unmarried couple, yet protect           that will withstand a permanent
Mr. Syed Qaim Ali Shah and the          taken time away from their busy               Shared, separate or some
                                                                                                                          yourself financially? Before com-       separation, it may be best to con-
Governor of Sind, Mr. Dr. Ishrat-       practices and their families to                    combination ?
                                                                                                                          bining finances, candidly discuss       sider yourselves single individuals
ul-Ebad Khan.                           help people who are in desperate         Regardless of the circumstances,
                                                                                                                          your financial values and goals. Be     and plan separately.
  Jim also visited Punjab and           need.” said Mr. Karygiannis. “I          one of the critical issues unmarried
                                                                                                                          sure you agree on financial priori-       For more information please
other provinces. While in Lahore,       applaud each of them for their           partners face is managing personal
                                                                                                                          ties and have a spending plan.          contact Mr. Zahir Fancy at (514)
the Liberal MP met the Chief            willingness to help their fellow         finances. If you are part of an
                                                                                                                          Addressing these issues upfront         582-2114 or email at:
Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz         man.” The floods, a result of the        unmarried couple, here are some
                                                                                                                          can provide a solid foundation for
Sharif and his elder brother Mian       torrential rains which began on          questions to consider:
Nawaz Sharif, a former Prime            July 22, 2010, have washed out           1) Will you combine your finances
Minister of Pakistan.                   roads, destroyed homes and busi-         or handle them separately?
  He traveled to Pakistan with a        nesses; killed over 1,600 people;        2) If you merge finances, will you
group of Canadian doctors who           and, affected over 18 million            pool your income or set aside a
have been on the ground helping         people, approximately 4.5 mil-           portion for your own use?
their Pakistan counterparts             lion of whom are children. It is         3) If you share household expens-
administer medical aid. During          estimated that 4 million homes           es, will you split them equally or
his trip, Mr. Karygiannis had the       have been destroyed.                     apportion them according to
                                                                                 income, usage or some other cri-
                                                                                 4) Will you open joint checking
                                                                                 and credit card accounts?
                                                                                 5) If you manage finances as a
                                                                                 couple, will this include long-
                                                                                 range retirement planning or just
                                                                                 short-term household expenses?
                                                                                         Beware the pitfalls
                                                                                   Before      pooling       financial
                                                                                 resources, it is important to rec-
                                                                                 ognize that unmarried couples
                                                                                 lack many of the legal safeguards
                                                                                 that protect spouses. If the rela-
                                                                                 tionship ends, there are no
                                                                                 divorce courts, laws or uniform
                                                                                 legal guidelines to separate your
Helping flood victims: Mrs. Louise Harel, Leader of the Official Opposition in
                                                                                 combined assets. Joint bank and
the City of Montreal and Leader of Vision Montreal made her personal dona-
tion for the help of Pakistani flood victims. Photogrpah shows Ms Harel pre-     charge accounts carry some big
senting the cheque to Shabir H. Loan who was one of the organizers of a fund
raising dinner for flood affected families. Also seen in the picture are: Agha
S.Khan and Nahid Hussain.
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Canadian Asian News                                                                  Opinion                                                             Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 24
                                                                                                                                                              translate that status into inde-
                                                                                In the throes of violence                                                     pendence? That there is no alter-
                                                                                                                                                              native to talks goes without say-
                                                                                      By Kuldip Nayar                 if the whole valley has come on         ing. But the talks with the type
                                                                                                                      to the streets, the angry young         of fundamentalists who are in
                                 Editor                                       I recently interacted with some         men leading the mob. Maybe it           the forefront will be difficult to
                        Latafat Ali Siddiqui                                  Kashmiri young men in Delhi.            is a particular group of people         conduct because they are the
                         (                               There was no doubting their             which is instigating them but           ones who incite people in the
                                                                              indignation and exasperation.           whatever its number it is a deter-      name of religion.
                            Associate Editor                                  The killings in the valley, almost      mined lot. And it would be fool-          They         have        pushed
                                                                              90 since June, were very much           hardy not to take into account          Kashmirayat, a pluralistic con-
                            Zubair Masood                                                                                                                     cept, to the back burner and
                                                                              on my mind and I wanted to              their anguish, particularly of
                                                                              know what could be done.                those who have lost their dear          brought fundamentalism to the
                           Sr. Photographer
                                                                                “Why don’t you leave us?” one         ones in the firing.                     fore. Yet New Delhi has to sepa-
                             Hassan Bozai                                     said. Another was more specific.          New Delhi and Kashmir’s               rate these elements from those
                              Art Director                                    “We want azadi.” What is the            chief minister Omar Abdullah            who want to rule democratically
                           Saeed K. Ahmed                                     population of the valley?               believe that anger could be             and in a pluralistic way. But this
                          Marketing manager                                   “Please include Muslim areas in         assuaged if the Armed Forces            does not mean that India has all
                            Sohail Siddiqui                                   Jammu and Ladakh.” This                 Special Power Act (AFSPA),              the time to sort out the funda-
                            Tel 416-786-1127                                  would come to about one crore           which gives extraordinary pow-          mentalists.     Ultimately,      it
              Contributors: Dr Satyapal Anand (Washington),                   or a little more. They said: “It is     ers to the military in a disturbed      depends on what New Delhi is
                                              not a question of numbers but           area, is amended suitably or            willing to offer in terms of polit-
                            Jalal Hussain (Montreal).                         one of feelings. We just do not         abolished.                              ical power.
                            (                                                                                                                The Bharatiya Janata Party is
                                                                              want to be part of India.” Yet            The problem has been politi-
                                                                              another said, “We do not want to        cised and New Delhi has known           the biggest impediment. It has
          Toronto office                                                                                                                                      politicised the issue and refur-
                                    Montreal office                           be part of Pakistan either.” I          it all along. That it should have
      852 Preston Manor Dr.                                                   vainly argued how a country             been sorted out by this time goes       bished parochialism. At the back
                                   Shabbir H. Lone                            with one crore population could         without saying. The more a solu-        of its mind is the Hindutva phi-
                                   25 Glengarry Ave # 416                     sustain itself without any help         tion is delayed the more knotty         losophy which, it believes, can-
           Ont L5V 2L6                                                                                                                                        not cope with a Muslim-majori-
                                   Mont-Royal QC H3R 3L2                      from either India or Pakistan.          the problem will become.
         Tel: 647-883-7575                                                    “There is the entire Muslim               Indian       Prime        Minister    ty territory. Already Narendra
           905-502-5585            Phone-:514-952-2742
                                            world to help us,” they said.           Manmohan Singh’s remark that            Modi of the Gujarat carnage                                                      I told them that this bothered        there was need to address issues        notoriety has started attacking
                                           me and that bringing religion           of trust deficit and government         New Delhi for not being tough
                                                                              into their protests showed that         performance cannot remedy the           on Kashmir.
                                                                                                                                                                The world knows what his
      Another political assassination                                         they wanted to establish another
                                                                              Muslim state on India’s border.
                                                                                                                      situation. By shifting the respon-
                                                                                                                      sibility of its follies to the ruling   toughness means. He is also
  PAKISTAN has witnessed no            time and despite apparently being        What would be the repercus-           National Conference, which with         preparing the Hindus for the ver-
dearth of political assassinations.    rehabilitated, he had practically      sions in India which was trying         all its limitations has stood by        dict on the Babri Masjid-Ram
Many heads of state and govern-        been out in the cold during the last   to stay above the waters of com-        New Delhi from day one, New             Janmabhoomi dispute scheduled
ment as well as senior political       few years.                             munalism and remain secular?            Delhi is only proving that it has       to be announced on Sept 24.
leaders have met a violent end in         The MQM is no stranger to           Their reply: “We want azadi.”           committed one mistake after             Both communities are on the
this country. MQM leader Dr            political murders. It has seen sev-      I have not visited Kashmir for        another, without realising that it      edge. Some argue that the
Imran Farooq’s grisly murder in        eral of its high-ranking leaders       more than six months. Yet I have        would have to pay for its lapses        panacea is to concede the right
London on Thursday is the latest       assassinated. Former party chair-      kept myself quite up to date by         some day. Each time an econom-          of self-determination. Today’s
addition to this morbid list. He       man Azeem Ahmed Tariq was              watching on television several          ic or employment package is con-        world which is a witness to eco-
was stabbed to death near his          gunned down inside his house in        incidents of stone-pelting, burn-       sidered a panacea for all troubles.     nomic unions and common mar-
home in the British capital. The       1993 while parliamentarian             ing of government buildings and         The challenge from the days of          kets does not recognise any
killing stunned the party as well as   Khalid bin Waleed was ambushed         firing by security forces. (The         Sheikh Abdullah is how New              group of people or area which
political circles and sent Karachi     in 2003. MPA Raza Haider’s mur-        Indian media has been covering          Delhi gives Srinagar a sense of         raises the standard of separation.
into a state of virtual lockdown.      der in August sparked violence in      the events in detail.) It looks as      identity without letting Kashmir                (Continued on Page 30)
Markets, schools and fuel stations     which nearly 100 people were
remained closed on Friday as an
air of dread prevailed in the
                                       killed. None of these – as well as
                                       other political murders – have
                                                                                                      Reflections from Montreal ..........
metropolis. But the violence has       been solved. Imran Farooq’s
                                                                                 By Jalaluddin S. Hussain             Rubin of the Philadelphia               a second front, when it is already
been minimal and thankfully no         killing is the first known murder
                                                                                                                      Inquirer of USA, reads: Iranian         bogged down in Afghanistan?
lives have been lost.                  of a senior Pakistani politician
                                                                              MONTREAL – Why there is so              'justice' is a joke. While this arti-      Military coup in Pakistan -
  Imran Farooq was a founding          outside the country. Scotland Yard
                                                                              much talk about home-grown ter-         cle does not actually highlight the                  laughable!
leader of the MQM. One of the          is investigating and the results of
                                                                              rorism cases in USA, UK and             real allegations against these "hik-    It is really laughable! An Urdu
moving forces behind the All           the probe will show whether the
                                                                              France, from time to time, and          ers" (American Sarah Shourd and         (Pakistan's national language)
Pakistan      Mohajir      Students    MQM leader was a victim of
                                                                              not any mention of the instances        her "hiker" companions), it paints      newspaper of Montreal, has an
Organisation — forerunner of the       street crime or if Pakistani politi-
                                                                              of state-sponsored terrorisms,          an acutely slanted picture of Iran.     interesting news about Pakistan.
party — in the late 1970s, he held     cal militants have exported their
                                                                              going on in countries like, Iraq,       One wonders how long this               This news alludes to the possibili-
several top posts within the organ-    vendettas to foreign shores. The
                                                                              Afghanistan and Pakistan?               Islamophobia paranoia in the            ty of a military coup in the country
isation as well as represented the     party has blamed no one and no
                                                                                It is estimated, by one responsi-     Western media, will go on. In the       soon. It quotes some unnamed UK
MQM in the National Assembly.          group has claimed responsibility.
                                                                              ble and reliable anti-war group in      spirit of this paranoia, a highly       sources about a plan to evacuate
He went underground at the time        All eyes are on the investigation
                                                                              Canada, that the armed forces of        insulting and racist comment of         British nationals from the country.
of 1992’s infamous Operation           because unlike Pakistan, it is high-
                                                                              the United States have killed, to       Pastor Terry Jones, against the           Why the military coup is needed
Clean-Up, only to re-emerge in         ly unlikely that the British author-
                                                                              date, more innocent peoples on the      Muslim religious book, the Holy         in Pakistan at all, one may ask?
London in 1999. He faced several       ities will succumb to political or
                                                                              ground, in these countries, than        Quran, has been promoted, under         Already, the Pakistan military is
criminal cases in this country,        government pressure while inves-
                                                                              Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein          the ridiculous pretext of "freedom      running the show and the civilian
though these were withdrawn            tigating the case. If a political
                                                                              and Timothy McVeigh, combined!          of expression", while at the same       political structure, comprising of
under the NRO. Imran Farooq was        motive is traced to the murder, it
                                                                              People must realize that while ter-     time torturing hundreds of inno-        the President, the Prime Minister
also considered the ideologue of       will mean that a bloody new chap-
                                                                              rorism must be condemned, the           cent people in the American             and National Assembly, is nothing
both the political and militant        ter in Pakistani political violence
                                                                              cruelties perpetrated by the armies     Detention Center in Guantanamo,         more than a sham.
cadres of the MQM. Though a            has been opened beyond this
                                                                              of many developed and develop-          Cuba, without any specific                The devastating floods and the
member of the old guard, he was        country’s borders.
                                                                              ing countries, over their own peo-      charges, simply because they were       criminal negligence by the civil-
suspended from the party for a                   – Daily Dawn, Pakistan.
                                                                              ples and also peoples of other          "unlawful combatants".                  ian governmental rescue authori-
                                                                              countries, must also be recog-             The powers-that-be must realize      ties in Pakistan, is one proof of
                                                                              nized, unconditionally condemned        that what they could do in Iraq,        this sham. Had it not been for the
              Canadian Asian News                                             and effectively resisted.
                                                                                Demonizing Iran, in the works
                                                                                                                      Afghanistan and Pakistan, they
                                                                                                                      cannot do in Iran. Iran is a pow-
                                                                                                                                                              Pakistani army soldiers, at the
                                                                                                                                                              very grassroots level, the local
                                                                                Daily, The Gazette, of Montreal       erful resource-rich democratic          non-governmental organizations
                From Two Cities                                               had an interesting op-ed piece on
                                                                              Iran last week. It is perhaps part
                                                                                                                      country, with a representative
                                                                                                                      system. We may have difference
                                                                                                                                                              (NGOs) and international relief
                                                                                                                                                              organizations, like the Red Cross,
               Toronto & Montreal                                             of the campaign of an ultra-con-
                                                                              servative media, to implicate Iran.
                                                                                                                      of opinion about their political
                                                                                                                      system, based on their own inter-
                                                                                                                                                              Oxfam, World Vision, etc. the mil-
                                                                                                                                                              lions of flood victims would have
           Toronto 647-883-7575 Montreal 514-952-2742
                                                                              In my humble understanding of           pretation of Islam and their jus-       suffered death and destruction, of
                                                                              international       politics,   after   tice system, we cannot, by the          immense proportions.
             Read and advertise in                                            destroying Iraq and making a            same token, make fun of that              The flood victims of Pakistan
       Canadian Asian News which can take your mes-                           mess of Afghanistan, perhaps the        great country.                          should only be grateful to the hun-
                sage to several other cities.                                 rapid progress and development             It would just be not fair. Simply    dreds of relief agencies, both
                                           of Iran is not being viewed favor-      put, an attack on Iran, which many      inside and outside the country, for
                                                                              ably by the Western powers.             Iran-observer believe is imminent,      their timely help.
                                                                                It is Iran's turn now. The title of   may provoke punishing retalia-          (Jalal Hussain can be reached at
                                                                              this article, written by Trudy          tion. Can the West afford to open
Canadian Asian News                                                              Opinion                                                           Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 25

Op-Ed by Rob Oliphant,MP                                                   Gen Musharraf has not run away, has he?
                                                                           LONDON – Despite his repeated         ing there is no room
Back to the Harper Future:           resented in official data.            statements that he would not run      for him in the coun-
The        summer           the        They will be offered fewer tai-     away from Pakistan, the ousted        try's political arena.
Conservatives revealed their         lored services that help them in      President Gen Pervez Musharraf          Musharraf        said
real approach to diversity and       their everyday lives.                 opted to live in London in his        that he would return
inclusiveness                          In Harper`s Canada, that`s a        recently purchased apartment          to politics, form a
TORONTO – While in opposi-           sacrifice worth making so his         though the construction of his        new political party
tion, Stephen Harper spoke of        right-wing supporters do not feel     place-like-home in Islamabad has      and stand for parlia-
"recent Asian immigrants" as         that government is somehow            already been completed.               ment at the next
"people who live in ghettos" and     encroaching on their rights and         He is living in a self-imposed      general election in
"are not integrated into Western     freedoms.                             exile and is free to return to        2013. His com-
Canadian society."                     New       Canadians,      visible   Pakistan. But he is not going         ments, given in an
  Once in office, Prime Minister     minorities and cultural commu-        there. Instead he is issuing state-   interview with the
Stephen Harper has gone to           nities require tailored services to   ments day in and day out not to       BBC in London,
great lengths to convince            help them integrate to the best of    confuse his friends or foes but to    were greeted with
Canada's cultural communities        their abilities into Canadian soci-   make it clear – he has not run        scorn from political
that such sentiments are a thing     ety. It makes more than just good     away from Pakistan. Some peo-         rivals. “The former
of the past and that there has       economic sense; these too are         ple in and outside Pakistan are       president is a cow-
been a significant change in the     rights and freedoms.                  taking his message otherwise.         ard man and he will       Pervez Musharraf... he is free to return home
Conservative party's approach to       Following closely behind this       They think he is coming to power
                                     decision was a decidedly aggres-                                            not return to Pakistan,” a leader      strong among the majority of
diversity and inclusiveness.                                               without making any logical argu-
                                     sive tone taken with the migrants                                           of Pakistan's largest Islamic party    Pakistanis who do not vote. “Two
  I beg to disagree. The govern-                                           ment as who will make him the
                                     who made it to our shores aboard                                            Jamat-i-Islami, Liaqat Baloch,         hundred per cent I will participate
ment's decision to end the long                                            president, when and why?
                                     the Sun Sea, a boat chartered                                               told AFP. “The entire country is       in the next election. Standing for
form census and its attitude of                                              It may be mentioned here that
                                     from Thailand. Public Safety                                                engulfed in a serious crisis           myself. Standing for a party that
guilty until proven innocent in                                            in the past Field Marshall Ayub
                                     Minister Vic Toews immediately                                              because of the culture that            I'll create,” Musharraf said Friday
regard to the Tamil migrants                                               Khan and Gen Yahya Khan, who
                                     labeled them as terrorists. Jason                                           Musharraf introduced in Pakistan.      in London, where he lives in exile.
who arrived aboard the Sun Sea                                             both served as self-appointed
                                     Kenney, whose job it is to stand                                            “Neither does he enjoy public sup-     “I do intend creating a new party
are just two examples of how lit-                                          presidents, were asked by their
                                     up for Canada's diverse commu-                                              port nor will he find courage to       because I think the time has come
tle has really changed for                                                 commanders to quit and they
                                     nities, muddied the waters by                                               return to Pakistan,” he added. The     in Pakistan when we need to intro-
Stephen Harper and the                                                     went home. Gen Zia-ul-Haq
                                     mixing up immigration law and                                               67-year-old Musharraf said he was      duce a new political culture: a cul-
                                                                           refused to do so and what happed
                                     refugee law talking about queue                                             not scared of the threat of legal      ture which can take Pakistan for-
                                                                           to him is now history.
                                     jumping. Lawrence Cannon, the                                               action against him and insisted        ward on a correct democratic path,
                                                                             Initially, Gen Pervez Musharraf
                                     Foreign Affairs Minister, has                                               that he had to try to lift Pakistan    not on an artificial, make-believe
                                                                           also refused to go. In his case,
                                     failed to respond to the root                                               out of its “pathetic situation”.       democratic path. “I have fought
                                                                           even the retired military officers
                                     cause of people risking life and                                              “The brave former army com-          wars, I have faced dangers and I'm
                                                                           had to join the serving command-
                                     limb on boats like these: human                                             mando preferred to run away            a lucky man. I'll try my luck again
                                                                           ers to oust him. Why would the
                                     rights abuses for minority groups                                           instead of facing courts of law in     and I'm not scared of that,” he
                                                                           army officers bring him back?
                                     in countries like Sri Lanka.                                                Pakistan,” Siddiqul Farooque,          said. Interior Minister Rehman
                                                                             Knowledgeable sources here
                                       Just a cursory survey of                                                  spokesman for Pakistan Muslim          Malik, meanwhile, categorically
                                                                           say the present military set up in
                                     Canada`s history with those who                                             League (Nawaz), told AFP.              denied that he had written any let-
                                                                           Pakistan has made it clear to
                                     have made it to these shores                                                  Musharraf ousted former prime        ter to Musharraf and said, he will
                                                                           Pervez Musharraf that he should
                                     from difficult circumstances                                                minister Nawaz Sharif in a blood-      have to face cases on return.“I
                                                                           return to Pakistan at his own risk.
                                     abroad would suggest that we                                                less coup in 1999. He was presi-       never wrote any letter to
                                                                           The sources recalled that during
                                     must tread very carefully when                                              dent from 2001 and has mostly          Musharraf. If anybody has the
                                                                           his last days in power, Musharraf
                                     making decisions on the fate of                                             lived in London since resigning in     copy, he should come up with it. I
                                                                           wanted to impose martial law but
                                     migrants. We made a tragic mis-                                             2008. “He (Musharraf) lives in         categorically deny this report,” he
                                                                           the Chief of Army Staff and his
       Rob Oliphant, MP              take with the Komagata Maru in                                              fool's paradise if he thinks he will   informed       mediapersons       at
                                                                           own appointed Chief Justice of
Conservative party of old.           1914, sending the boat back to                                              again become Pakistan's presi-         Election Commission with refer-
                                                                           Supreme Court refused bluntly to
  With the census, perhaps the       Calcutta where 19 migrant Sikhs                                             dent,” Farooque said, referring to     ence a news report regarding him.
                                                                           support his plan. Latest classified
Conservatives believed they          were killed upon the boat`s                                                 his current status as “hibernation”.      “I have not written any letter. I
                                                                           information made public by
could make a dramatic shift in       arrival. We also made a grave                                               He said: “Musharraf must remem-        never said that Musharraf has
                                                                           Washington         suggest     that
policy in the dying days of sum-     error with the MS St. Louis in                                              ber that whenever he gets out of       security threat. I only said if he
                                                                           Musharraf as President, Chief of
mer and no one would notice.         1939, turning away Jewish                                                   this hibernation and comes back to     wants to come back and he can
                                                                           Army Staff and CEO of the coun-
They clearly underestimated the      refugees seeking asylum from                                                Pakistan, he will have to face the     and face the cases against him,”
                                                                           try failed to control the pro-
backlash from Canadians of all       Nazi Germany. Missteps of this                                              courts.” But Musharraf said possi-     Malik added. “Musharraf is
                                                                           Taliban commanders who sabo-
walks of life. They tried to raise   nature have underscored the                                                 ble legal cases against him were       Pakistani citizen, he can come
                                                                           taged American interest in the
fears where there are none. They     importance of according each                                                not putting him off a swift return.    back. Why we should follow the
                                                                           region. Will America be interest-
tried to make fools of experts       individual who arrives here the                                             However, he admitted his popular-      hypothesis. When he will, then
                                                                           ed in bringing Musharraf back to
who wouldn't stand for it.           rights of a fair, transparent and                                           ity had waned but said it was still    we shall see”.
                                                                           power?        Beneficiaries      of
  For decades Canadians have         accountable refugee determina-        Musharraf-era might say Yes.
heard the call to "Count Yourself    tion process.                           Most Pakistanis are now ask-
In" at census time.           The      To see a government so vulner-      ing what is stopping Musharraf
Conservatives are now trying to      able to backsliding on questions      from returning to Pakistan? He
get certain groups to "Count         of diversity, tolerance and inclu-    is a Pakistani national and is free
Themselves Out" and Canadians        siveness suggests that Stephen        to return home, they say. Many
won't stand for it. The vital        Harper`s Conservatives have           Pakistanis living in London feel
information on our demographic       never really been comfortable         that Musharraf came to UK on
makeup and particularly on new       with the fact that multicultural-     his own to live in exile. Now it’s
Canadians in our communities         ism is a core Canadian value,         up to him to stay here or leave
helps determine where there is       enshrined in our Charter of           for Pakistan.
the strongest need for settlement    Rights and Freedoms.                    Meanwhile,        Minister    for
and integration services.              It is a value that should never     Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Babar
  The elimination of this data       be sacrificed to the politics of      Awan said that some cases have
collection amounts to nothing        fear and division.                    been registered against Musharraf
less than a pre-emptive strike         As Liberal Leader Michael           and law of the land would take its
on a vital tool for all three
orders of government to serve
                                     Ignatieff recently said: "This
                                     party stands for one thing, and
                                                                           own course upon his return to
                                                                           Pakistan. “There is no restriction
                                                                                                                            Matrimonial Services
newer Canadians justly and           it has been the guiding light of      on any Pakistani to enter the
fairly. New Canadians desper-        our politics since I joined the       country. General Musharraf can
ately want to integrate.             party at age 17 and that's equal-     also come to Pakistan but would
  Language training and other        ity of opportunity for every sin-     face the cases registered against
newcomer services are a vital        gle Canadian."                        him in different cities including
part of that process.                  It is that guiding light, the       the murder case of Baloch leader
  These services need to be          underlying principle behind mul-      Akbar Khan Bugti,” he told a pri-
offered where newcomers live.        ticulturalism, which can take this    vate news channel when asked to
To do that, we need to know          country towards the real future of    comment         on     Musharraf’s
where they live, what countries      this country, one of hope and pos-    announcement to return to
they come from and how many          sibility, and not back to the         Pakistan for the next national
there are. This is information       Harper future where diversity and     elections scheduled for 2013.
provided by the census long          inclusiveness are expendable.           Earlier, a report from Islamabad
form.                                – Robert Oliphant, M.P. Don           said: Pakistan's top political par-
  If the Conservatives get their     Valley         West,       Official   ties recently ridiculed former mil-
way, new Canadians and cultural      Opposition          Critic      for   itary ruler Pervez Musharraf's
communities will be under-rep-       Multiculturalism.                     claim of a return to politics, say-
Canadian Asian News                                                                   Canada                                                            Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 26

   An evening with Grammy nominee Aashish Khan
MONTREAL – Hindole Majumdar             remembered by the music fraternity    ture of New Orleans, widely con-
School of Music and Dance organ-        as one of the representatives of      sidered the Mecca of Jazz. His
ized an evening with Sarod Maestro      Indian classical music in the         recordings include Wonderwall
and Grammy Nominee Ustad                Western world. He has collaborated    Music, Young Master of the
Ashish Khan. A large number of          with such diverse western musi-       Sarode, California Concert, Sarode
Classical music lover attended this     cians as John Barham, George          and Piano Jugalbandi, Shanti, Live
unique evening. Ustad Aashish           Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric           at the Royal Festival Hall London,
Khan on Sitar and Sri Hindole           Clapton, Charles Lloyd, John          Homage, Inner Voyage, Monsoon
Majumdar on Tabla made the              Handy, Alice Coltrane, Emil           Ragas, The Sound of Mughal
evening memorable.                      Richards, Dallas Smith, Don Pope,     Court, and the latest, Jugalbandi
  Hindole Majumdar started learn-       Jorge Strunz, Ardeshir Farah, and     Sarode & Sarangi Duet, with Ustad
ing tabla at the tender age of five     the Philadelphia String Quartet.      Sultan Khan.
years and gave his first perform-       Ustad Aashish Khan is currently         He is the recipient of several dis-
ance overwhelming the audience at       co-leading "Shringar" with Andrew     tinguished honours in recognition
the age of 10 years.                    McLean and other notable New          of his excellence in Indian classical
  Aashish Khan has pioneered in         Orleans musicians such as Tim         music and world music as well. He
the art of collaborating Indian clas-   Green and Jason Marsalis. Shringar    has been awarded, among many,
sical music with Western music,         is the first foray of any classical   the Fellowship of the Illinois Arts                          Ustad Ashish Khan in Montreal
and world music. He is thus             Indian musician into the music cul-   Council, U.S. in 2002, and India's
                                                                                                                      highest award for performing arts,     are from "Senia Maihar Gharana").
                                                                                                                      i.e., the Sangeet Natak Akademi        Among Sarode maestros, he is sec-
                                                                                                                      award in 2005. In 2006, he was         ond to only his father Ustad Ali
                                                                                                                      nominated for a Grammy award in        Akbar Khan who earlier received
                                                                                                                      the 'Best World Music' category.       Grammy nominations.
                                                                                                                         He is one of the very few Indian      On 24 May 2007 Ustad Aashish
                                                                                                                      musicians who have been nominat-       Khan became the first ever Indian
                                                                                                                      ed for this award (other Grammy        classical maestro to become a
                                                                                                                      nominees and/or winners include        Fellow of the Royal Asiatic
                                                                                                                      Sitar maestro Ravi Shankar, Sarode     Society of Great Britain and
                                                                                                                      maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and            Ireland, the U.K.'s highest society
                                                                                                                      Guitarist Vishwa Mohan Bhatt; all      in Asian arts and culture.

                                                                                                                      Wazir was a rural gem in Lahore
                                                                                                                      TORONTO – Dr. Wazir Agha,                A fine gentleman, known for his
                                                                                                                      dead at 88, was an excellent critic,   friendship and hospitality, a rural
                                                                                                                      poet, essayist, and editor.            Wazirkot gem in urban Lahore, he
                                                                                                                      Dominating the Urdu literary           exuded a unique charm with his
                                                                                                                      scene of Pakistan for over half a      disarming, infectious smile, even
                                                                                                                      century, he was a mentor to many.      when he disagreed. He will be
                                                                                                                      As a critic, he did not mince          missed for a long time.
                                                                                                                      words; his opinions on Iqbal, Faiz,      Wali Alam Shaheen, an Ottawa-
                                                                                                                      Rashid, and Majeed Amjad are           based Urdu poet, expressed his
 Grand closing ceremony of MCA T20 Premier League                                                                     valued for their analytical thor-
                                                                                                                      oughness and objectivity.
                                                                                                                                                             grief and sorrow over Dr Agha’s
                                                                                                                                                             death and sent condolences to his
MONTREAL – Montreal Cricket             of d'Ahuntsic Cartievielle, was       the occasion urged the City of            His poetry is also of a high cali-   son Agha Salim Qizilbash, and
Association organized a grand           the chief guest on the occasion.      Montreal for building a perma-          bre. The genre 'inshaiya' as it is     other members of his family, and
closing ceremony of MCA T20             MCA T20 Premier League was            nent cricket field        here.         known in Pakistan today was all        to Dr. Anwar Sadeed.
Premier League-2010 here at the         won by Ottawa who got a glitter-      Community leaders, sponsors and         his creation. As editor of Auraq,        Dr Satyapal Anand and
Parc Bernedette. Mr. Etienne            ing trophy. Mr. Ali Hasanie,          members of the Organizing               he nurtured two generations of         Jamiluddin Aali also condoled Dr
Brunet, City Councillor, Borough        President of MCA, speaking on         Committee were also present.            writers and readers.                   Agha’s death.

EID BAZAAR: The management of Mississauga-based Maple Banquet Hall and Sohail Siddiqui organized a fun-filled three-day Eid Bazaar in Mississauga. PIA donated a
round-trip ticket for Toronto-Pakistan sector. Those who visited Eid Bazaar were asked to pay one dollar to take part in the draw for PIA ticket. The funds collected were
donated towards Pakistan Flood Relief Fund.                                                                                                  – (Photos by Khurshid Kazmi)
Canadian Asian News                                                                   Canada                                                       Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 27

   Let Markham Ward 7 be lucky this time: Adnan Khan                                                                                                    Markham Ward 7.
                                                                                                                                                        4.Take measures to secure
MARKHAM – Adnan Khan is                                                       Mechanical           Engineering       1. Work for real and sustainable   stronger and safer community.
young, smart, dynamic and                                                     Technology Design. Adnan               improvements in the economic,      5. Tax increase freeze initiatives.
capable of raising affectively the                                            worked for 7 years as a coordi-        social and environmental well-       For more information, pl visit
voice of Ward 7 at the Markam                                                 nator and design engineer in a         being of the community.            Adnan’s wbesite:
Town council. A graduate from                                                 multi-cultural environment.            2. Fostering equitable and sus- or call
McMaster University, Khan has                                                   “We are in 21st century and we       tainable Transportation system.    him on Tel: 416-897-4714, His
vision and awareness of the                                                   need to solve the present day          3. Respect and act as an advo-     emial:
problems of Ward 7 where he                                                   complicated issues with innova-        cate for the interests of
has been living for the last 15                                               tive ideas,” says Adnan.
years. He says that status quo in                                               “Our town has now become a
his town will not help.                                                       city. It’s growing at a very fast
  “There is a need to elect intelli-                                          rate but our existing system is
gent people who go to council                                                 not moving with the same pace.
with fresh ideas to take forward                                              Businesses are coming up in
this wonderful town of Markham         Adnan Khan ... Ward 7 candidate        Markham where the challenges
which is full of resources,”           should be utilized to freeze taxes     are also enormous. We need new
Adnan says. “My Ward No. 7             and seniors and children should        leadership to deal with progress
will be lucky if its residents         get maximum benefit from coun-         and problems.”
elect a young and dynamic per-         cil’s better planning and system         Adnan regretted that with
son to represent them.”                of governance.                         tremendous growth in Markham,
  Adnan, an engineer-turned              Adnan grew up in Markham             Ward 7 is without a public library
politician, is of the view that the    and went to Middlefield High           and a community center where
expansion of Markham must be           School, (in Markham Ward 7).           our children can develop their
done under a well thought-out          He also Graduated from                 skills. Adnan’s vision for
plan. Its potential and resources      Centennial        College       in     Markham Ward 7 is:

Oliphant named Liberal’s Critic for Multiculturalism
OTTAWA – Michael Ignatieff,            Affairs. Mr. Oliphant says he is       17 and that's equality of opportuni-
Leader of the Official Opposition,     excited to begin this new challenge    ty for every single Canadian."
announced last week a shuffle to       working with Canada's many mul-          "I truly believe that it is that
the Liberal Party of Canada's          ticultural communities. Already        guiding light, the underlying prin-
                  S h a d o w          the Liberal Caucus multicultural       ciple behind multiculturalism,
                  Cabinet. Robert      outreach chair, this new position      which can take this country
                  Oliphant,            will provide Rob with an even          towards the real future of this
                  Member       of      greater opportunity to further pro-    country, one of hope and possibil-
                  Parliament for       mote the great diversity that exists   ity." Oliphant added. I look for-
                  Don      Valley      within this country. "                 ward to working with my col-
                  West,      was         Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff     leagues in the House of Commons
  Rob Oliphant    announced as         recently reiterated his commitment     to further these principles and
                                       to multiculturalism. "This party       demonstrate our party's commit-
the      new      Critic      for      stands for one thing, and it has       ment to multiculturalism, diversi-
Multiculturalism after a success-      been the guiding light of our poli-    ty and respect for all of Canada's
ful term as Critic for Veterans        tics since I joined the party at age   peoples." Oliphant concluded.
 Canadian Asian News                                                          Canada   Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 28

 Justin Trudeau criticizes                                                                  Canadian Asian
current immigration policy                                                                 News from 2 cities
(Continued from Page 4)                with the full participation of every                 Toronto & Montreal
The current government changes         single Canadian.” The diversity
and amendments in immigration          of Canada, he added, must be                        To boost your business
policy are kind of bandage noth-       reflected in our parliament, our                          Advertise in
ing more than that. Instead of         courts, our board-rooms, our pub-                    Canadian Asian News
appointing more people in the          lic service and the Liberal Party.
ministry to reduce the backlog           “We must continue to recognize                     Toronto: 905-502-5585
they are increasing the power of       the contributions made by                   
the minister which is not the right    Canadians from around the globe                            Montreal:
way to handle the issue,” Justin       to Canada's past and engage                                 514-952-2742
Trudeau said. “In our last election    Canadians from all backgrounds
platform we had announced to           to build Canada's future.”
inject 800 million dollars directly      Talking about the recent devas-
into the immigration system and        tating flood in Pakistan Justin
half of them were towards              Trudeau said: “Once again, we are
improving, streamlining and            presented with an opportunity to
increasing capacity to process the     help a nation in need. The damage
files and other half was to spent      and suffering felt by the people of
easing integration into the            Pakistan is inconceivable. Our
Canadian workforce helping the         efforts must immediately be
skills training and helping to learn   directed to ensure the well-being
the languages etc,” he added.          of the Pakistanis. My family and I
  Talking about the multicultural-     offer our deepest sympathy for the
ism, Trudeau said: “It is not          Pakistani community in Canada
enough to tolerate immigration         and hope for the well-being and
and multiculturalism. We as a          safety of their loved ones in
society must truly embrace those       Pakistan.”
concepts and understand the              Trudeau supports the measure
necessity of both for the future       taken by the Canadian govern-
prosperity of Canada.”                 ment matching every dollar from
  Trudeau went on to further com-      individual donations to recog-
ment on his vision of multicultur-     nized organizations in Canada and
alism and said: “We will only con-     encourages Canadians to give
tinue to make this country great       generously.
Canadian Asian News                                                                        Canada                                                                     Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 29

We have
to rebuild
Salma says
       By a Staff Writer

TORONTO – Over $40,000 were
raised for flood victims in
Pakistan at a fundraiser organ-
ized      by    Senator     Salma      Pakistani Senator Salim Saifullah speaking at the fundraiser as Sen Salma Attaullahjan looks on. In right frame, Salma with John Tory & other guests. – Photos by Bashir Nasir
Ataullahjan in cooperation with       food, water, sanitation, shelter,           million. “Canadians have a proud             friends in Pakistan,” she added.             of Pakistan Sahebzada A. Khan.
International        Development      non-food items, and health serv-            tradition of helping others in their           Amongst the enthusiastic crowd             Both prominent figures com-
Relief Foundation (IDRF) here         ices for Pakistan. Later Ottawa             times of need. We need to contin-            were Pakistani Senator Salim                 mended Canadians for their con-
last week. Salma formally             increased its contribution to $33           ue to show compassion to our                 Saifullah and the Consul General             tinuous support and generosity.
launched the appeal for dona-
tions at the well-attended event at
Hilton Garden Inn. People
responded positively to her call
and $42,000 were collected
promptly for the help of families
affected by the devastating
floods in almost all parts of
  Salma told the audience about
the colossal loss suffered by
Pakistanis during the floodings
and said we need to rebuild
Pakistan. These floods, she

    Senator Salma Ataullahjan
added, had a devastating impact
on the lives of millions in
Pakistan. More than 18 million
people have been affected, and
children and women are especial-
ly vulnerable to the ensuing dan-
ger of disease and epidemics.
  Salma Ataullahjan pointed out
that the government of Prime
Minister Stephen Harper has
extended its deadline to match
donations – dollar for dollar – to
Pakistan's flood victims.
  The Pakistan Floods Relief
Fund was announced in Canada
a few weeks ago. At that time,
the government said it would
match, dollar for dollar, money
raised by Canadians for relief
operations, until Sept. 12.
Canadian government, she
added, extended the deadline to
October 3, 2010. Every eligible
donation made by individual
Canadians to Canadian registered
charities raising funds in
response to the floods, the gov-
ernment of Canada will con-
tribute an equivalent amount to
the Pakistan Flood Relief Fund.
  With the extension of the dead-
line for eligible contributions to
the Pakistan Flood Relief Fund,
Canadians will continue to have
the opportunity to see their gen-
erous contributions matched by
the government of Canada.
  She urged all Canadians to sup-
port the flood victims in Pakistan
in their ‘greatest hour of need’.
  On August 2, Canada made an
initial contribution of $2 million
for the provision of emergency
Canadian Asian News               Canada                                                                                                         Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 30

 Local West Indies team triumphs in T20 Cup                                                                     included 2 fours. The West
                                                                                                                Indian bowling attack included
                                                                                                                                                     intervals and a tensed up West
                                                                                                                                                     Indian side was counting on
  TORONTO         –   Creating      2010.In a well organized Final        and punishing only the lose           Ian Baldeo (2 for 23), R             Jason Patraj and Austin
Cricket Stars of Tomorrow!The       the Cricketers of both teams          balls that were rarely bowled         Chatergoon (2 for 17) and            Codrington to help save the side
Canada Cup T20 came alive on        entered the grounds determined        by the West Indians Bowlers.          Moonasar (2 for 20).                 from defeat. With the loss of 8
the 30th of August 2010 at the      to beat the other and the two         The West Indians kept to a              It was time for West Indies to     wickets and 9 runs off 9 balls
Elson Cricket Grounds in            captains            Hemnarine         good line & length and the Sri        chase the Sri Lankan score and       the finals were keeping every-
Markham as Canadian Teams           Chatergoon (CANADA WEST               Lankan batsman had no choice          A.Brown        and     Desmund       one on their toes. Every ball
representing India – Sri Lanka      INDIES) and Danuka Pathirana          but to take the risk of clearing      Chumney (27) opened batting          mattered and the crowd would
– Bangladesh – West Indies –        (CANADA SRI          LANKA)           the boundary to help push the         for the West Indian team but         silently hope for a breakthrough
World X1 and Pakistan took to       together with the Sponsor Ms          score up.                             before long danger man A.            in a way of a wicket or a bound-
the field to compete for the        Meleni David and the Umpires             Srimantha and Tiran decided        Brown was back in the pavilion       ary depending on which team
prestigious Canada Cup T20          Mr Shanthikumar and Mr                to go for the big shots and a         for just 6 runs as he was caught     they were supporting.
Challenge Trophy.                   Richards were ready to call the       couple of sixes by Srimantha          off the bowling of Dilan               Suddenly, the West Indian
  This unique tournament            toss.West    Indian    Captain        got the score board ticking and       Ratnapala. The Sri Lankans           supporters came alive with a
which represented 24 Cricket        Hemnarine Chatergoon won the          the Lankan camp all excited.          were bowling well and the West       huge six by Jason Patraj (20
                                                                                                                Indian big hitters were severely     not out) which got the Windies
                                                                                         But before long
                                                                                                                restricted and the game was          back in the game and before
                                                                                         Ya h a t h u g o d a
                                                                                                                turning in favour of Sri Lanka.      long it was all over for the Sri
                                                                                         was caught for
                                                                                                                Wickets kept falling at regular      Lankan side.
                                                                                         17 runs which
                                                                                         included           3
                                                                                         boundaries and
                                                                                         he paved the
                                                                                                                    In the throes of violence
                                                                                         way for Sri            (Continued from Page 24)             Talks have to be held without
                                                                                         Lankan Skipper         No state can accede to this prin-    prior conditions.
                                                                                         D a n u k a            ciple because it gives sanction to     Once New Delhi and Srinagar
                                                                                         Pathirana to face      centrifugal forces and fissiparous   have come to terms, they should
                                                                                         the       Windies      tendencies. Were the principle of    talk to Islamabad. Even other-
                                                                                         attack.                self-determination to be applied     wise, all three can sit across the
                                                                                           Shortly after-       in Southeast Asia, many states in    table. The participation of
                                                                                         wards the wicket       the region would face the            Pakistan is necessary because all
                                                                                         of Srimantha fell      prospect of disintegration.          agreements, beginning from the
                                                                                         at 28 runs as he         New Delhi’s mistake is that it     one at Tashkent to that at
                                                                                         was also caught        has left the Kashmir problem         Shimla, mention Pakistan as one
                                                                                         while trying to        unattended to for such a long        of the important parties.
                                                                                         clear the bound-       period. It proves the charge that       Moreover, not long ago, India
                                                                                         ary.                   many elements have come to           and Pakistan had almost
                                                                                           The         West     develop a vested interest in the     clinched the issue if former
               The champions .... posing proudly for a group photograph                                         status quo.Manmohan Singh is         Indian prime minister Atal
Playing nations in Canada’s         toss and decided to send the Sri      Indians kept taking wickets at        quite right when he says that he     Behari Vajpayee and former
Fastest growing sport –             Lankans to Bat.                       regular intervals to restrict the     is willing to talk to any party or   Pakistan      foreign    minister
CRICKET – was organized to            Sri Lankan skipper Danuka           Lankans to a score of 106 for 8       group so long as it does not proj-   Khursheed Kasuri are to be
help young cricketers showcase      Pathirana knowing well the bat-       wickets in their allocated 20         ect or support violence.             believed.
their talents and win a place in    ting strength of the West Indian      overs.       Captain Danuka           However, the hard-liners have          (The writer is a senior jour-
international cricket. After 4      side was keen in recording a big      Pathirana scored 27 runs which        spelled out certain demands.         nalist based in Delhi.)
days of fabulous Cricket which      score and assigned the initial
included a series of quarter        task to opener Srimantha
final games and a semi final        Wijeyratne        and      Tiran
game it was all down to the
two unbeaten teams West Indies
                                      The duo performed well in
                                                                                       Latest Fashion Trends Brought
and Sri Lanka to face the finals
on the 10th of September,
                                    keeping their wickets in tack by
                                    selecting their shots carefully                            to Canada By:
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Canadian Asian News                                                                      Sports                                                         Sept. 15-30, 2010 Page 31

   Pak cricketers show signs of fightback
LONDON – As strike biowlers -           tough and they finished 38 runs         into the Lord's Test match, and
Amir and Asif and ace opener            short, all out for 227 in 46.1 overs.   England batsman Jonathan Trott.
Salma Butt still out the playing line      Once again England found             Words were exchanged between
up because of spot-fixing charges,      Pakistan's highly skilled bowlers a     the pair and, amid rumours of
Pakistani cricketers showd signs of     handful as night-time conditions        physical contact as well, the inci-
fightbakc to level the One-Day          predictably exaggerated the move-       dent was brought to the attention
series with England at 2-2 to set up    ment of the ball.                       of match referee Jeff Crowe. The
a decider at the Rose Bowl on a day        Whereas it was Umar Gul who          verbal exchanges between players
overshadowed by further off-field       did the damage on his own in            out in the middle were more spiky
controversies. Winning a hugely         England's dramatic collapse on          than in previous matches too after
important toss they batted first at     Friday, this time he teamed up          Shahid Afridi made it four wins
Lord's, Abdul Razzaq hitting 40         with his veteran pace colleague         from four tosses.
runs of the 42 scored in the last       Shoaib Akhtar to take seven wick-         England, though they would
two overs to get them up to 265-        ets with some late swing and pin-       have preferred to be batting first,
7.Andrew Strauss and Steven             point accuracy.                         found useful seam movement
Davies put on 113 in the first 20          England were reluctant to take       early on to beat the outside edges
overs of the chase. But batting         part in the contest at all, outraged    of     Kamran        Akmal      and
under floodlights again proved          as they were by the off-the-cuff        Mohammad Hafeez on many
                                        remarks of Pakistan Cricket Board       occasions. Both batsmen survived
                                        chairman Ijaz Butt on Indian tele-      the onslaught, however, and put
                                        vision on Sunday.                       on 62 inside 14 overs for the first
                                           Captain Andrew Strauss released      wicket. But Pakistan were unable
                                        a statement voicing "strong mis-        to accelerate away in the middle
                                        givings" about taking the field for     overs, shackled as they were by
                                        either of the two final matches         the excellent Graeme Swann, who
                                        after Butt had aired the idea that      took 4-37 on the day he made the
                                        Indian bookmakers had paid some         shortlist for the ICC cricketer of
                                        England players to lose the game        the year award.
                                        on Friday.                                One of his victims was Hafeez,                         Dazzling Umar Gul does it again
                                           Butt retreated from his stance on    who got as far as the 32nd over        pavilion, where a member cut his      ting powerplay delayed until the
                                        Monday, insisting that it was the       before top-edging a simple catch       forehead as he attempted a catch.     last moment, Razzaq gave himself
                                        illegal bookies, not himself, mak-      to Trott at gully as he attempted to     Afridi's positive intent brought    room to stroke a series of fine
                                        ing such claims - but tensions          heave Swann across the line. His       him 37 from 22 balls, but the         fours off James Anderson through
                                        between the two sides bristled.         64 had occupied 100 balls, putting     innings stalled when he was           the off-side and added a huge six
                                           There was a tussle in the nets       the onus on the lower order to         removed by Stuart Broad (2-44).       over long on. Having taken 20
                                        before play between Wahab Riaz,         make Pakistan competitive.             With two overs left England must      runs off Anderson's last five balls,
                                        the Pakistan fast bowler who has          Finally Shahid Afridi came in        have been very satisfied to have      he was put back on strike when
                                        already been interviewed by             and hit his fourth ball for a six      restricted their opponents 223-7.     Gul took a single off the last over,
      Amir ... still grounded           police in their spot-fixing inquiries   onto the middle balcony of the           But, his task eased with the bat-   bowled by Tim Bresnan.
                                                               Toronto & Montreal Edition Sept.15-30, 2010.

  Priyanka getting into a lovey-dovey mode
MUMBAI – Priyanka Chopra has          fact. Yes, she has worked in hit      progress right through the mak-
done around 30 films in her seven     films but they have mostly been       ing of Anjaana Anjaani, "Actors
year long career so far. In this      dramas (Fashion, Kaminey,             do come up with suggestions and
stint of hers, she has come up with   Andaaz, Waqt, Aitraaz). A few of      carry a certain point of view,
several successful films. These       them have been rom-coms               especially so when they are suc-
could have belonged to drama or       (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi) or             cessful and have made a place for
                                                                            themselves in the industry. In
                                                     action       (Don,     fact it is appreciated as well
                                                     Krrish) but a          because they have gathered good
                                                     young love story       knowledge about the medium of
                                                     has always eluded      cinema and hence their inputs are
                                                     her.     Anjaana       most welcome. However, the
                                                     Anjaani is the first   vigour with which Priyanka was
                                                     time ever when         making contributions to Anjaana
                                                     she is getting into
                                                     a     lovey-dovey
                                                     mode. Apparently,
                                                     Priyanka too is
                                                     aware about this
                                                     fact and doesn't
                                                     have any qualms
                                                     admitting      that.
                                                     Says       director
                                                     Siddharth Anand
                                                     who managed to
                                                     introduce a new
Producer Sajid Nadiadwala says that a romantic       zone to Priyanka,
musical is perfect for Priyanka.                     "She       actually
                                                                            Anjaani was amazing. It was
comedy genre with a couple of         knows that she has never done a       clear that she wanted to partici-
them even bringing the sensual        love story over all these years. I    pate in the capacity of much
side of her. However, an unspo-       guess for both of us it has turned    more than just an actor."
ken fact about her filmography is     out to be pretty good situation as      According to another report,
that she has never worked in a        now we can promise a different        producer Sajid Nadiadwala liked
quintessential romantic musical       facet of her acting capabilities      Salman Khan and Sonakshi
ever where she would have played      and personality to the audience."     Sinha so much that he has signed
her age.                              In fact so attached was Priyanka      them for the Hindi remake of
  Says an industry observer, "It is   to the film that she involved her-    Tamil      blockbuster       Kick.
tough to believe but if one actual-   self into the making of the film in   Incidentally this will be the third
ly goes through the list of films     a big way. Says a highly placed       film together of the actors after
that she has done, it is actually a   unit member who saw Priyanka's        Dabangg and its sequel.

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