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									Don't Forget Your Pets When Planning Your Estate

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are making final plans, and with so much
to take into account it would not be impossible to overlook some of the “little things.”
One of these details that can be overlooked would be preparing for the care of your pets
after you pass away, but it is something that you really should address to stay on the safe

Many people don't bother to plan for their pets' care because they assume that they will
outlive their animals. While it is true that dogs and cats have short life spans relative to
human beings, you never know with any certainty when you will be passing away, so it
is a good idea to take precautions just in case your pet does outlive you.

The first thing to consider is finding someone who will be willing and able to care for
the animal. You may well have a friend or family member who already knows the pet
well who would be a good fit. Short of this, you could attempt to create a relationship
with an animal placement facility that may agree to care for and subsequently place the
pet in the event of your death.

After you know who will be acting as the pet's new owner or caretaker you have to make
financial provisions for the care of the animal. One way that you can do this is by
leaving a direct inheritance to the caretaker in your will. Another option would be to
create a pet trust, and though there are some states that don't recognize them New Jersey
law does indeed allow for the creation of pet trusts.

If you have a pet and want to be certain that it will be well provided for come what may,
pet planning is a must. To get the wheels in motion, simply arrange for a consultation
with an experienced estate planning lawyer.

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