Automatic Negative Thoughts Examples How to handle it _ANTS_ by ghkgkyyt


									Automatic Negative Thoughts       Examples                                   How to handle it

You see things in black/white                              at a routine
                                  I'm an art student and have a              Identify distortion
If your performance falls short   critique session, the majority of                      a positive
                                                                             Substitute + thought thought
of perfect, you see yourself      my classmates and professor liked          Get in touch with how much they liked the 2 pieces
as a total failure.               2 of my pieces out of 4.
                                  I go home feeling like a failure           stick with reality
                                                                             People are usually not moved by all pieces equally
                                                                             Take the critique at face value without judgment
                                  I'm a straight A student and
                                  receive a B and conclude:                  Find truth in your shortcomings
                                  "Now, I'm a total failure"                 Maybe the two pieces that people didn't respond to
                                                                             missed the mark and need more work.
                                  "I lost the election for student
                                                 so I'll never
                                   government, so I'll nevr be able to
                                  get into politics.

You view a negative event as a    I am a science major and after             Identify Distortion
never ending pattern of defeat.   some real effort, my experiment failed     Substitute a positive thought
You conclude that if something    to produce what I hoped for. I             This experiment showed me what not to do again.
happened to you once, it          think "I will never get this right".
will occur over and over.                                                    Stick with reality
                                  I ask a girl for to meet for coffee, she   This is one experiment, it doesn't mean anything.
                                  declines, I conclude
                                  "No one will ever go out                   Find truth in your Shortcomings
                                  with me"                                   I have a lot to learn yet.
You dwell on the negatives            I took a break from studying and        Identify Distortion
in a situation and perceive           had a good time with my friends for a   Substitute a positive thought
the whole situation as n              couple of hours. I go back to your      Relaxation is not a luxury, I needed it
negative.                             work and dwell on the fact that my      It was good for our relationship to spend time together
                                      work didn't get done and now I'm        I made a good decision and now I have to get down to .
                                      overwhelmed.                            work

                                      My father says that he will             Find truth in your Shortcomings
                                      call but doesn't, I conclude            Maybe I did take a little too much time, but now
                                      "He doesn't love me or care             I just have to get down to work.
                                      about my life".

you make a negative interpre-         I'm struggling with making ends         Identify Distortion
tation about a situation              meet financially and tell my friend     Examine the evidence
even though there are                 that my parents will probably refuse    My parents have always helped in the past
no definite facts that support        to help.                                They care about me
the conclusion.                                                               I can always pay them back

                                      I'm presenting my
                                      paper in front of class.
                                      A student in front row is
                                      nodding off. and I conclude:
                                      "I must be so boring"
                                      "He's not interested in
                                      my topic"

You arbitrarily predict that things   I want to join in with my               Identify Distortion
will turn out badly and               dorm residents for an                   Examine the evidence
take it as a fact                   event but decide that it                     There are friendly people in my
                                    will be disappointing be                     dorm whom I've spoken to in the
                                    cause no one will notice                     past and we seem to get along.
                                    me                                           Why would'nt they talk to me?

You blow things out of proportion   Bf said that he wants to go out with his     Identify Distortion
                                    friends on Sat. night: a time we routinely   Substitute a positive thought
                                    spend together. I think, "He wants           He needs time with his male friends
                                    to break up with me"
                                                                                 Examine the evidence
                                                                                 He said he loves being with me

minimize the importance             Friends throw me a birthday party and        Identify Distortion
of the event.                       I say to myself, "they just feel sorry       Substitute a positive thoughts
                                    for me"                                      They really care about me to go to all
                                                                                 this trouble.
                                    I don't see my own positive
                                    qualities.                                   Examine the Evidence
                                    Even though I'm smart and                    Having a party is a lot of trouble to go
                                    a good friend, I downplay those              through for someone that you don't like.

Emotional Reasoning
Reasoning from how you              My father decided to leave my mother         Identify Distortion
feel. "I feel like an idiot,        after 20 years of marriage. I feel so        Examine the Evidence
so I must be one.                   sad and guilty, I must be responsible        my parents have had problems with their relationship
                                    somehow.                                     before I was born. I'm not the reason for their

Try to motivate yourself            I turned in your application for Law         Identify Distortion
& others with "shoulds,             School the day before it was due and         Substitute a positive thought
oughts, musts, have-tos'            I say to myrself "I should have put          I got my application in on time.
                                    it in sooner"
                              "I should study more"
                              "I should relax more"

Name calling
 Describing an event with     My mother is so "overbearing", she    Identify Distortion
words that are inaccurate     calls me twice a week.                Substitute a positive thought
 and emotionally charged:                                           My mother cares and worries about me, I just need
an extreme form of            Label myself as disgusting            to give her reassurance that I'm OK.
over generalizing             because I ate too much
                              at dinner.

blaming self for something                              boyfriend
                              I break up with my Girlfriend         Identify Distortion
you weren't entirely respon   because she's "too demanding" and     Examine the evidence
sible for or blame others     I don't look at my own role in        Maybe I'm unavailable to him because I'm so busy and
 denying your role in the     the break up.                         I haven't communicated that to him.

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