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                                                                             July 9, 2008

YOUR                                                      Oral Hygiene
BODY’S                                                          Linked to
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                                                             Benefits of
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Vital Exercise Tips
   Shoulder Pain
               A publication of Southern Dutchess News & Beacon Free Press
2 — July 9, 2008

Use these tips to start a vital exercise program
          By Jan Labriola
  People who engage in
moderate physical activity, the
equivalent of walking 30 minutes
                                        • Build activity into your daily
                                     routine. Finding time to exercise
                                                          can be a
                                                          challenge. To
                                                                            EXERCISE RULES
a day, five days a week live                              make it easier,   activities with old favorites. Join a   medical condition, see your
about 1.3 to 1.5 years longer                             schedule your     health club, take a hike, swim,         doctor. Consult a fitness trainer to
than those who are less active.                           exercise time     ride a bike, or lift weights. Indoors   help you design a program that
Those who exercise more                                   just as you       or out you can find way to mix it       gradually improves your range of
intensely, such as running half an                        would any other   up and keep your enthusiasm             motion, strength and endurance.
hour a day, five days a week                              appointment.      high.                                     If you lose motivation, start new
extend their lives by 3.5 to 3.7                          Start with a        • Listen to your body. Many           goals or try a new activity.
                                     Jan Labriola
years.                                                    program that is   people start exercising with            Beginning a fitness program is an
  According to the Framingham                             doable for you.   frenzied zeal, working out too          important decision. Plan
Heart Study, not only does           If you attempt too much, too           long and intensely, and then give       carefully, pace yourself and you
exercise make a difference in        soon, it can lead to soreness,         up when their muscles and joints        can establish a healthy habit that
how long you live, but also how      fatigue, and injuries. Work at         become sore or injured. Plan            will last a lifetime.
long you live a healthy life.        your own level. Start slowly and       time between sessions for your            Jan Labriola is the General
Physical activity can reduce your    gradually, increasing the duration     body to rest and recover.               Manager of All Sport Fishkill. She
risk of chronic disease, improve     and level of difficulty as your          Start cautiously and progress         holds certifications in personal
balance and coordination, help       body progresses.                       slowly. If you are just beginning       training and group exercise.
you lose weight, even improve           • Seek support. Finding a           to exercise, have an injury or
your sleep habits and self-          fitness partner, coach, or group
esteem.                              increases your likelihood of
  Getting started on a fitness
program is one of the best things
                                     adhering to your program. You
                                     keep each other accountable,                      To view this issue
you can do for yourself, but may     committed, motivated, and
                                     encouraged to stay strong.
                                                                                      and back issues of
                                                                                    Healthy Lifestyles go to:
also seem overwhelming.
 Here are a few tips to get you        • Choose activities that you will
moving.                              enjoy. Experiment with different
                                     forms of activity, alternating new       

        POUGHKEEPSIE           K I N G S TO N    NEWBURGH
             Route 44           Route 9W           Route 300
           845-454-4330        845-336-6300       845-569-0303

                    W W W. A D A M S F A R M S . C O M
                                                                                                                           July 9, 2008 — 3

Oral hygiene provides important
indications to body’s health issues
         By Rich Flaherty            people to save their teeth.”
  HOPEWELL JUNCTION –                  Taxin is a graduate of the Las
Exercise and diet are important      Vegas Institute. He is a member
components for maintaining           of the Academy of Dental Sleep
optimum health, but not many         Medicine, Academy of Laser
individuals realize that             Dentistry, American Academy of
maintaining proper oral hygiene      Cosmetic Dentistry, Fellow in the
is also a vital part of the          Academy of General Dentistry,
equation.                            Member of Docs (Sleep
   “It has been my observation       Dentistry) and a member of the
that people who keep their teeth     American Dental Association. He
live an average of 10 years          also works with a
longer than people who lose          Neuromuscular/Aesthetic study
them,” said Dr. Charles Mayo,        club.
founder of the renowned Mayo           Dr. Taxin is working to “build a
Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.      bridge between the medical and
One of the exciting advances in      dental communities” for the
dentistry has been an increased      benefit of patients. The emerging
understanding of the impact of       “Oral-Systematic Connection”
oral health on the rest of the       helps doctors to avoid the
body. Dentistry has entered a        problems associated with the
new era of protecting and            failure to diagnose and treat
enhancing people’s lives.            important medical diseases
   “The body is truly connected in   related to the presence of chronic
ways we are just now beginning       oral infections.
to understand. There is no           The mouth is the gateway to
question that the key to good     the body and we rely on it daily
health is in understanding the    for nutrition, life support and
connection and relationships      communication. Veterinarians will
between the mouth and the rest    look first into the mouth of a
of the body,” said Dr. Paul S.    horse to assess the overall health
Taxin, DMD of Hopewell            of the animal. A tooth infection or
Junction. “Things as varied as    abscess can affect other parts of
migraine headaches to colon       the body. Those with heart
cancer can be aided by optimal    conditions, or who are about to
health of the mouth. It is time tohave heart surgery are treated
stop ignoring the importance of   first with antibiotics before any
good oral health. Even if none of dentistry is done, so that the         Dental hygienist Mary Jane Hernandez works with a patient to
the systematic implications were  bacteria from the mouth does not alleviate gum disease.                           photo by Curtis Schmidt
there, we would be helping        travel through the bloodstream to damage the heart. The                with brushing your teeth and bad
                                                                      bloodstream is a two-way street,   breath in the morning, can be a
                                                                      a new factor emerging significant sign that you are under attack by
                                                                      to total health.                   harmful bacteria.” While pink
                                                                         Richard G. Samaha, MD,          gums are a sign of good health,
                                                                      describes how the mouth and        red puffy gums are a sign of
                                                                      body are inter-related. “Because   inflammation, linked to a host of
                                                                      it is part of the digestive system serious diseases. Often,
                                                                      and the gateway to the body, the periodontal disease is present
                                                                      mouth is filled with over 500      even when the gums appear
                                                                      different micro-organisms, more    healthy on the outside.
                                                                      than any other part of the body    Professional dental evaluation is
                                                                      except for the intestine.”         necessary to determine the
                                                                                                         presence or absence of
                                                                         Most are useful, but some,      periodontal disease.
                                                                      especially the anaerobic bacteria
                                                                      that avoid air and live in deep      Dr. Taxin practices an
                                                                      crevices, can cause harm if        aggressive state-of-the-art
                                                                      allowed to penetrate the gums      approach in the region’s only
                                                                      and enter the bloodstream. “That Center for Dental Medicine,
                                                                      little bit of bleeding that comes                      Continued on pg 6
 A dental hygienist performs a finger stick to screen for diabetes.
4 — July 9, 2008

Shoulder pain: Preventable injuries and simple solutions
 By Catherine Bolton, LMT, CPT
   Many people suffer daily aches
and pains. These can range from
being slightly frustrating
                                        My goal is to provide a basic
                                      understanding of how the
                                      shoulder joint works and how
                                      weak or injured shoulder muscles
                                                                              FIT FOR LIFE
                   annoyances to      can lead to various problems such       prevents uneven wear and tear,         the brain activates trigger points in
                   chronic            as: rotator cuff tears/surgeries,       joint dislocation, nerve               the muscle. These hypersensitive,
                   debilitating       headaches, frozen shoulder,             impingements and shoulder pain.        knotted areas will continue to
                   problems.          nerve impingement, tennis and                                                  cause discomfort until these sore
                                                                                Although any of the shoulder
                   Although aches     golfer’s elbow, tendinitis, thoracic                                           spots are resolved. A multi-
                                                                              muscles can cause discomfort, as
                   and pains limit    outlet syndrome, neck pain, carpal                                             faceted approach is best used to
                                                                              a Shoulder Specialist, I’ve found
                   one’s quality of   tunnel, bulged/herniated discs,                                                eliminate the pain that’s then
                                                                              some specific issues to be
                   life, they can     painful trigger points, bone spurs,                                            caused. Trigger Point Therapy
                                                                              common among many of my
                   easily be          bursitis, limited range of motion                                              first deactivates these painful
                                                                              clients: knotted muscles, lack of
                   prevented          and “unexplained” pains,                                                       areas, Therapeutic Massage
                                                                              strength and trigger points in the
                   through              The arm is connected to the                                                  works the knots out of the rotator
Catherine Bolton                                                              four rotator cuff muscles are the
                   education and      body by over 13 different muscles                                              cuff muscles and proper exercise
                                                                              leading cause of shoulder
                   simple lifestyle   attached around the shoulder                                                   instruction helps replenish the
                                                                              problems. By understanding how
adjustments.                          joint. Each muscle has an                                                      strength in the shoulder.
                                                                              the arm moves, it’s easy to see
   Can tight shoulder muscles         individual job of pulling the arm in    how quickly weak muscles create        Combined, these therapies
cause headaches, neck and arm         the specific direction that the brain   an uneven pulling force, which not     “reprogram” the brain to stop
pain or tennis and golfer’s elbow?    signals. During any arm                 only causes pain at the shoulder,      sending pain signals. Without
                                      movement, these muscles need            but also radiates to the head,         care, continuous overuse/strain
                                      enough strength to hold the arm         neck, arms and hands. This can         predisposes the muscles to any of
   During my years of practicing as   securely in the joint, while also       especially occur from repetitive       the injuries listed earlier and an
a Licensed Massage Therapist          counter balancing the opposing          activities in occupations that         overall decreased comfort level
and also as a personal trainer,       force created by other contracting      require your arm to be held up for     and quality of life.
I’ve found tight shoulder muscles     muscles. Therefore, all shoulder        long periods of time. Some of             Maintaining the muscular
to be the leading cause of upper      muscles need to work together to        these include painters,                system can easily be
body pain for most individuals.       pull on the arm evenly. This            construction workers, hair             accomplished through the simple
                                                                              dressers, jobs requiring several       solutions available to us all:
                                                                              hours of computer work, bus            regular exercise, eating right,
                                                                              drivers, dentists, musicians,          getting massages, having regular
                                                                              massage therapists, surgeons or        health check-ups, seeing a
                                                                              athletes (particularly baseball        Chiropractor, Yoga and getting
                                                                              players).                              plenty of rest.…. essentially,
                                                                                So, how can pain be taken            creating a healthy balance
                                                                              away….and if there’s no pain….         between all aspects of your life.
                                                                              how can tight muscles and limited         Our lives can become very busy
                                                                              range of motion be improved?           and taking proper care of
                                                                                It’s simple. Prevent problems        ourselves can be a continuous
                                                                              by acknowledging your body’s           challenge. But remember: “It’s
                                                                              daily warning signs. Your brain        not the amount of time you spend
                                                                              informs you when some (or all          taking care of yourself, it’s what
                                                                              four) of the shoulder’s rotator cuff   you do with the time you have
                                                                              muscles are lacking strength and       that matters most!”
                                                                              being overworked. It does this by
                                                                              sending basic signals: fatigue,          Catherine Bolton is a licensed
                                                                              aches and pains, headaches,            massage therapist and personal
                                                                              numbness, swelling, tght/sore          trainer. She works at Sport and
                                                                              muscles, tingling, or even pain-       Wellness in Hopewell Junction.
                                                                              free, limited range of motion.         Contact her at
                                                                                When these signs are ignored,

                                                             The Doctor Is In!
                                      Dr. Reza Nejad, recipient of Top Physician Award from Consumer Research Council of
                                      America, has been serving the Hudson Valley for more than 25 years. His experience in
                                      Internal Medicine and Nutrition has made him one of the foremost experts in:
                                                       • Internal Disorders • Weight Management • Heart Disease
                                       • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) • Diabetes Management • Cholesterol Management
                                        Dr. Nejad also performs lesion removals, and many minor in-office surgical procedures, as
                                                                well as Back to School and Work Physicals
   M. Reza Ariaey-Nejad,                                           Most Insurances accepted including Medicare
     MD, Ph.D., FACP                                       Office Hours, M-F 9-5, Saturday hours available by appointment
  Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition
 Recipient of Top Physician Award from
 Consumer Research Council of America                          Rear entrance of St. Francis Hospital Beacon Building
                                                                                                                                                                                     July 9, 2008 — 5

Assistive listening devices work with or without hearing aids
      By Dr. Lori Biasotti
 Assistive listening devices are
devices, other than hearing aids,
                                        like this product very much. Also
                                        take advantage of closed
                                        captioning on TV.. Even if you
                                                                              HEARING HELP
                  that are used to      hear “most” of the words having       well for outgoing calls (calls you                                      with the receiver attached to the
                  help a person         the words there will allow you to     make). For incoming it gets a                                           hearing aid. This allows for a
                  with hearing          fill in when you miss something.      little tricky where the person                                          better signal to noise ratio, thus
                  loss to hear          Closed captioning makes               calling you needs to call the                                           making it easier to hear in
                  better.               watching TV.more relaxing and         CapTel 800 number first. The                                            adverse listening environments.
                     They can be        enjoyable.                            CapTel service also now works                                           Children with hearing loss often
                   used sometimes        Phone amplifiers/amplified           with your own phone and a                                               use F.M. systems in the
                   instead of           phones/captel                         computer. It is free. You just need                                     classroom.
                   hearing aids and                                           to register with Hamilton CapTel.                                          Some types of assistive
Dr. Lori Biasotti                         There are many good amplifiers
                   sometimes in         out there that attach to your           Doorbell, fire alarm, phone                                           listening devices can be ordered
                   combination          existing phone. You can also          alert systems                                                           online or from Radio Shack.
with hearing aid aids. Here are         purchase a phone, cordless or not        Doorbells, phone ringers and                                         Consult with your audiologist and
some of the most useful assistive       that has different levels of          fire alarms can be made louder or                                       she will assist you with ordering
listening devices.                      amplifiers built into the phone,      can provide a visual (light) alert.                                     the appropriate assistive listening
 TV Ears                                with a volume control. Since the      Sometimes they have there own                                           device for you. Having a hearing
                                        signal is amplified, it will also     light source or they can be                                             evaluation by an audiologist will
  For TV, a head set that is used                                                                                                                     help her to determine what
with an infrared transmitter works      amplify the signal needed for the     attached to a lamp. A pillow
                                        telephone setting on some             vibrator can also be hooked up to                                       device(s) would be helpful.
well. TV Ears is one example. It
is used without hearing aids.           hearing aids. This is what hearing    a clock alarm or a smoke
                                        aid compatible means. Another         detector.                                                                 Lori Biasotti, Au.D., Audiologist,
  You may also bring your               great product is the CapTel                                                                                   has a private practice
headset to the movies or a                                                      FM Systems                                                            audiology/hearing aid dispensing
theater that has an infrared set                                                F.M. systems are used in noisy                                        office called Family Hearing
up. The headset is wireless and           In N.Y. state there is a free       places or when you want to hear                                         Center in the Hudson Valley
sound is transmitted by infrared        service that when combined with       a lecture and cannot sit right near                                     Towne Center(near Charlie
from a box that is plugged into the     this phone allows you to see the      the lecturer. They are usually                                          Brown’s) at 18 Westage Business
TV. The headset has a volume            conversation (typed words) on the     used in combination with hearing                                        Center Drive in Fishkill. Call (845)
control and stays on the charger        screen of this phone. It even has     aids. A microphone/transmitter is                                       897-3059, or visit the website at
when not in use. Many patients          a built in amplifier. It works very   placed near the person speaking,                              

                    200-400                                                                                                 DERMATOLOGY
                                                                                                                           CRAIG AUSTIN, M.D.
                                                                                                                         Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center,

                                                                                                                                           N.Y.C. Board Certified Dermatologist

                                                                                         All Disorders Of Skin, Hair & Nails Including:
                                                                                           Removal of Moles                               Age Spots
                                                                                           Skin Surgery                                   Warts                                     Collagen

                                                                                           Pediatric Skin Care                            Chemical Peels                            & Botox
                                                                                           Acne-Blemishes                                 Vein Treatment
                                                                                           Tumors of the                                  Skin Growths
                                                                                                                                                                                            Laser Hair

                                                                                           Skin                                           Photo Therapy for
                                                                                           Skin Cancer                                   Psoriasis & Skin
                                                                                                           200 Westage, Suite 231 • Fishkill, NY (Rt. 9 & I-84)
                           Fishkill, NY                                                    SATURDAY & EVENING HOURS AVAILABLE
                                                                                             Medicare & Most Insurance Accepted                                                       896-6669
                          - Board Certified Physicians                                    Valley Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C.
                          - Caring and Personalized Care                                                                  •    Dr.       Azzam Salem
                          - Most Insurances Accepted                                                                      •    Dr.       Jose E. Baez
                 Specializing in Diseases and Disorders of the                                                            •    Dr.       Peter Wright III
           Digestive Tract and the early dectection of Colon Cancer.                                                      •    Dr.       Yashodhara Misra
                                                                              Easy access via 2nd floor connector
      400 Westage Business Center, Suite 203, Fishkill.                            Serving you at 2
                                                                                 Convenient Locations                            NEW FACILITY
           Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center                                     Saint Francis Medical Arts Pavillion
                                                                                                                        Saint Francis Medical Arts Pavilion
                                                                                  19 Baker Avenue, Suite 302
                                                                                    Poughkeepsie NY 12601                     OB/GYN.
              AAAHC & NY State Approved Endoscopy Center                               Ph: 845-483-5888
                                                                                       Fax: 845-471-4381                    Infertility and
                896-ENDO (3636)                                                    Westage Business Center
                                                                              1400 Westage Business Center, Suite 212
                                                                                        Fishkill NY 12524
                                                                                                                           Most Insurances
                                                                                       Ph: 845-896-3975
       400 Westage Business Center - Suite 203, Fishkill, NY 12524                     Fax: 845-896-3979
6 — July 9, 2008

Taxin Dental checks chronic oral inflammatory diseases
Continued from page 3
treating chronic oral inflammatory
diseases known to increase risk
factors for medical problems. He
has created strong alliances and
works closely with many
physicians in the regional medical
community to help them elevate
their care of patients.
   The current medical/legal,
standards of care have shifted to
mandate multi-disciplinary
management of compromising
medical conditions. “Given the
impact of the systemic changes
tied to the mouth, we are actually
able to save lives,” he said.
   Dr. Taxin said there are many
recent studies that show “the
links between gum disease and
problems with your body,
including high blood pressure,
stroke and diabetes.” Some types
of cancer have also been linked
to gum problems in the mouth. “If
there’s inflammation in your
mouth, then there’s probably
inflammation in your body.”
  Dr. Taxin said Dr. Mayo “was
way before his time” in
commenting about the
connection between oral health
and longevity, about 80 years           Dr. Paul Taxin reviews pharyngometer results, which indicate the amount of airway space.
before medical and dental studies
were released on the subject.          going that way, other carriers will   brush your teeth or eat hard food,   and sores that develop in your
“We do diabetes screening in this      start to follow, because they         spaces developing between your       mouth.
office.” He will send patients for     recognize that it’s better to keep    teeth, gums feel swollen or           The goal is to keep people
additional testing, if needed. His     a patient healthy, which ultimately   tender, gums are receding or         healthy and to communicate
office conducts bacterial testing      keeps their costs down.”              your teeth appear longer than        warning signs. “It’s not that we
on a patient’s gums “every so            Keeping the teeth clean and         before, persistent bad breath,       would treat high blood pressure
often if we have a resistant gum       reducing bacteria “can make a         pus between your teeth and           on our own,” said Dr. Taxin. “We
infection and to get it under          huge difference.” He also said it’s   gums, change in the way your         would refer that to the physician.
control.”                              important to be screened for oral     teeth fit together when you bite     We can be very helpful for people
  He said there have been many         cancer, which can be life-
studies completed that show if         threatening.
your gums are healthier and              Dr. Taxin said his dental
you’re a diabetic, it’s a lot easier   practice informs his patients’
to keep one’s sugar under              doctors if there is a serious form
control. There are also studies        of gum disease. “We will stay in
involving pregnant women and           touch with people’s physicians” to
the link with pre-term low             alert them. He said there aren’t
birthweight babies and gum             that many dental practices that
disease. “Medical companies            do this type of referral.
have started to pay for extra
                                         Previously, periodontal disease
cleanings for pregnant women.”
                                       was considered to be an oral
He emphasized, “that’s not dental
                                       problem only, but in the last few
insurance, that’s medical
                                       years research has shown that it
insurance” paying for the extra
                                       increases the risk for a number of
teeth cleanings. Medical
                                       serious diseases including heart
insurance is also starting to pay
                                       attack, stroke, diabetes and
for extra oral cleanings for
                                       negative pregnancy outcomes.
diabetics, including Aetna and
Cigna.                                   Some of the signs and
                                       symptoms include: pain in your
  Dr. Taxin said, “when they
                                       mouth, gums bleed when you             Dr. Paul Taxin displays a Somnomed sleep apnea appliance.
(insurance companies) start
                                                                                                                              July 9, 2008 — 7

to live a longer, healthier life. It’s
more than just teeth.”
   Dr. John Reed, a family
physician with New Windsor
Family Medicine said his office
has a referral on an average of
once a month. “We certainly get
referrals from dentists. The
diagnosis can be something other
than oral.” Sometimes it could be
thrush in the mouth, caused by a
fungus with the formation of
milky-white lesions on the mouth,
lips and throat. There could be a
possible yeast infection, a
deficient immune system, or
maybe diabetes.”
  In some cases, a person with
bulemia may develop oral
complications and then would be
referred to a primary care
physician. Acid reflux can cause
odor or dental problems as well.
  Dr. Reed said there have been
occasions when “a patient
complains of a tooth ache in the
upper part of the mouth and the
pain turns out to be a sinus
infection.” That patient would be
referred to a physician.
                                          Dr. John C. Reed of New Windsor examines a patient in his office.
  He said some routine patient
medical exams have revealed                These abrupt disturbances
“terrible dental hygiene, which          during sleep place significant
can lead to infections throughout        strain on your heart and
the body.” Dr. Reed said don’t           cardiovascular system. Snoring is
ignore symptoms. “When in                often associated with OSA,
doubt, check it out.”                    although not everyone who
  Dr. Taxin said the general             snores has this condition. OSA
feeling is that people think that        prevents air from reaching the
their teeth are just their teeth.        lungs even though your body
“They’re really not connected to         continues its effort to breathe.
the rest of their body.” But he          This condition is associated with
emphasized the importance of             higher risk for heart attacks and
dental and medical professionals         strokes.
working together to deliver quality        Untreated sleep apnea can
health care. “Not only to help           cause or worsen: high blood
people smile and feel better             pressure and other
about themselves, but to help            cardiovascular disease, risk for
people feel better and live a            heart attack, risk for stroke,
longer quality of life.”                 pulmonary hypertension, weight
   As a member of the Academy            gain, migraine headaches,
of Dental Sleep Medicine, Taxin          memory problems, motor vehicle
is also versed in Obstructive            crashes, impotency and sexual
Sleep apnea (OSA), a potentially         dysfunction, depression, anxiety
life threatening condition that is       and job impairment. Treatment
more common than generally               options include oral appliances
recognized. Over 20 million              therapy, a CPAP medical device
Americans suffer from OSA and            that delivers air pressure through
don’t even know it.                      a facemask or nasal tube
                                         attached to a pump, or surgery.
  An apnea is when breathing
stops for 10 seconds or more               For more information about
while you are sleeping. Coughing         dental or sleep apnea concerns,
or choking sensations, which             contact Dr. Paul S. Taxin, DMD,
force you to wake up or “get             Hopewell Professional Building, 2
elbowed” by your sleeping                Jay Lane, Hopewell Junction,
partner, are common signs of             N.Y. 12533, 845-226-1376.
OSA.                                                                          Dr. Paul Taxin performs laser therapy on a patient in his office.
8 — July 9, 2008

List of potential benefits grows for statin drugs
       By John Tighe, M.D.
  If you’re one of the 12 million
Americans now taking a
cholesterol-lowering statin drug,
                                       Survival Study (1994), found a 42
                                       percent decrease in deaths from
                                       heart disease among heart
                                       disease patients who took the
                                                                               DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE
you know the benefits. Your            statin drug Zocor.                      studies show a 30 percent                     failure patients found that those
                   cholesterol has                                             decreased risk associated with                who took statins over a two-and-
                                         About 10 percent of American                                                        one-half year period were 43
                   undoubtedly                                                 statin use. But since the number
                                       adults are now taking a statin, and                                                   percent less likely to die than
                   dropped, as has                                             of heart attacks in this group is
                                       deaths from heart disease have                                                        patients not taking statins. In
                   your risk of                                                low anyway, the value of that
                                       fallen by 36 percent over the past                                                    another study, patients with a
                   dying from a                                                benefit has to be questioned.
                                       decade. The case for statins has                                                      dangerous heart arrhythmia taking
                   heart attack or     been made, but if you read the            Results from the ongoing West
                   stroke.                                                                                                   statins were 78 percent less likely
                                       newspapers, you may have some           of Scotland Coronary Prevention
                                                                                                                             to die compared to those not
                     There’s no        questions regarding potential risks     Study found that men taking
                                                                                                                             taking statins.
                   question that the   and benefits. While one headline        pravastatin had a reduced risk of
John Tighe, M.D.   best method of      shouts: “Statins: The New Wonder        having a heart attack or dying                  With a growing list of potential
                   improving           Drugs,” another asks: “Have the         from a heart-related cause for at             benefits, some observers have
cholesterol and thereby lowering       Benefits of Statins Been                least 10 years after they stopped             begun to talk of statins as miracle
the risk of heart disease is           Oversold?”                              taking the drug. This was probably            drugs and to recommend
through diet, exercise and not                                                 because the drugs have benefits               widespread use. You may have
                                         On one issue, the evidence is                                                       heard similar claims in the past for
smoking. Yet, the fact remains                                                 beyond merely lowering LDL
                                       clear. Nearly all doctors agree that                                                  substances such as vitamin E or
that for the majority of Americans                                             cholesterol.
                                       for high-risk patients – particularly                                                 gingko biloba. In fact, all drugs
the most effective way to get their    those who have had a heart                Studies have shown that the
cholesterol to a healthy level is by                                                                                         come with a risk of adverse, as
                                       attack – statins are an effective       effect of statins on plaque
combining these healthy habits                                                                                               well as beneficial, effects.
                                       way to prevent a recurrence. Most       deposits is small compared to
with a cholesterol-lowering            doctors also prescribe them for         their effect on LDL cholesterol. Yet             For statins, adverse effects
medication.                            other persons considered to be          statins start to work within a                include muscle pain and
 Studies have found that,              high risk – those with very high        matter of weeks.                              weakness and, in rare cases, a
depending on the drug and the          cholesterol or blood pressure,                                                        severe breakdown of muscle
                                                                                 Doctors now believe that, in
dosage prescribed, statins lower       diabetes or those with family                                                         tissue that leads to kidney failure.
                                                                               addition to lowering LDL
LDL cholesterol by 10 to 60            history of heart disease.                                                             The drugs can cause severe liver
                                                                               cholesterol, these drugs may work
percent. The landmark                                                                                                        damage, and some recent reports
                                         Even for persons considered at        by reducing inflammation and
Scandinavian Simvastatin                                                                                                     have linked the use of one statin
                                       low risk of a heart attack, some        oxidation, improving the healthy
                                                                                                                             to neurological and memory
                                                                               dilation and contraction of blood
                                                                                                                             problems. The most serious
                                                                               vessels and preventing the
                                                                                                                             effects, of course, are rare.
                                                                               breakdown of existing plaque
                                       CHRISTIAN CAMPILII, P.T.                deposits that often leads to the                While you should not be scared
                                         LYNN CAMPILII, P.T.                   formation of blood clots. These               away from taking statins because
                                         BETH SNYDER, P.T.                     actions may explain some of the               of these potential problems,
                                          TOD SNYDER, P.T.                     unexpected benefits of statins.               neither should you take lightly
                                                                                                                             long-term use of any drug. Before
                                              JOHN FULTON, P.T.                  Subjects in the West of Scotland
                                                                                                                             prescribing a statin–or any
                                                                               study who took pravastatin had a
                                                                                                                             drug–your doctor will look
                                                                               reduced incidence of diabetes
                                                                                                                             carefully at the risk-benefit profile
                                                                               compared to those taking
                                                                                                                             of the drug being considered as it
                                                                               placebo. Those with organ
                                                                                                                             relates to your continued good
                                                                               transplants had a reduced rate of
                                                                               rejection. And women taking
                                                                                                                              Dr. John Tighe, cardiologist, is
            Aquatic Therapy
                                                                               statins had greater bone density
                                                                               than other subjects.                          Medical Director of St. Luke’s
                                                                                                                             Cornwall Hospital’s Cardiac
                                                                                A study of nearly 25,000 heart

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                                                                                                                             Catheterization Lab.

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Ask questions and take control of your dental environment
     By Dr. Edward Prus, DDS
   When you go to a restaurant,
you normally review the menu,
then choose your meal, unless
                                               is simple. You know what you
                                               want and you get it (a prophy and
                                               checkup, for instance). If you up
                                               the ante and are in the market for
                                                                                     DENTAL HEALTH
you know exactly what you want                 more expensive dentistry, how do      other rights and obligations.        When you get your appropriate
                     and simply order          you handle that situation? At what      A lot of the fears associated      answers you will trust your
                     it. When you              point do you start to ask             with dentistry revolve around the    judgment, feel secure with your
                     buy a car, you            questions? And, more                  “unknown.” If there is going to be   treatment and learn to respect
                     normally spend            significantly, what kind of           some pain, you may not know for      and enjoy your relationship with
                     time discussing           questions will you ask?               how long and that makes it more      your doctor. And your doctor will
                     (if you’re                  Many times I have heard             stressful, hence, more fearful. If   learn to respect you more also.
                     married) or               patients say, after they got          you are to receive a procedure,        This concept of gaining
                     reading up on             dentistry they did not really ask     you may not understand it or its     knowledge and, thus, control of
                     what you want,            for or expect to receive, that they   necessity; you may not know what     your dental environment is at the
Dr. Edward Prus, DDS then go to the
                                               did not know what to say or ask.      the out-of-pocket cost will be.      core of all good and healthy
                     appropriate               Sometimes they assumed that           These fears may lie inside you,      doctor-patient relations. Take a
location to narrow the selection.              what they had in their mind would     quietly creating apprehension, or    big step to improve yours…ask
You likely ask lots of questions, if           be what the doctor was going to       they may flare up and directly       questions. You will be a better
there are things you don’t know,               give them. Unfortunately, that is     keep you from addressing a           dental consumer when you do.
that you have previously                       often not the case. These             dental problem. These are real
determined are important to you.                                                                                            Dr. Edward Prus has had a
                                               misconceptions can lead to            and common concerns and need         Manhattan practice in cosmetic
   If you were buying expensive                frustration and aggravation on the    to be addressed by patients.         and rehabilitative dentistry for
clothing, you might browse and                 patient’s part. It does not have to     The best solution is to gain       over 25 years and is now working
allow a salesperson to select an               be that way.                          control of your environment by       in Hopewell Junction. His
item for you. If the clothing were               The most important fact to          supplying yourself with              treatment strongly focuses on
expensive (for you), you likely                realize is that you have a right to   knowledge. If you do not feel        preventive therapies to maximize
would resort to the questioning                know what is happening or going       secure with your “purchase,” don’t   dental health. This Dental Health
approach again.                                to happen in your mouth. You          automatically buy the product        column explores a wide range of
  What do you do when you go to                have a right to ask questions and     being offered. You would not buy     topics of consumer interest to
the dentist? If you are getting                have them fully explained. It is      a car that way, would you? Most      help you make positive dental
something basic off the menu that              inherent in the doctor-patient        dentists welcome smart questions     choices. Email him at
you have had before, the answer                relationship contract along with      from their patients, so ask them.

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Risk factors contribute to sudden cardiac death
     By Dr. Craig Van Roekens
   As an emergency physician,
one is privileged to see many
                                       years, smoking, cholesterol,
                                       diabetes, and hypertension. The
                                       related risk factors of obesity and
                                                                              EMERGENCY ANSWERS
                      miracles, some   stress are well known.                 on his way to the hospital, but       for yourself and for your family.
                      small and some      Tim Russert’s recent death,         still could not be brought back to
                      great. Every                                                                                    I will take my own advice, I am
                                       despite normal stress tests,           life.                                 going home early to be with my
                      day we and our   despite good close medical                George Carlin’s death also had     family. And after that, I will make
                      team of techs,   regiment and follow up, despite        some elements of risk                 an appointment with my doctor
                      nurses,          being active, illustrates that the     modification and lifestyle choices    for an annual preventive exam.
                      physician        first symptom of a heart attack        if not the same fatality and            Dr. Craig van Roekens is the
                      assistants,      can be sudden death.                   tragedy of Mr. Russert. Smoking       emergency medical director of
Dr. Craig van Roekens practitioners      In his case, it resulted from a      is a choice. We have made it a        Vassar Brothers Medical Center,
                                       non-critical clot or plaque            more difficult choice by taxation     the busiest ED in Hudson Valley.
                      and the entire
                                       rupture. This happens to over          and legislation, but it is still a    A board certified emergency
nursing, and medical staff of our
                                       300,000 persons a year in the          choice.                               physician with over 50,000
hospital can make a difference
and help someone.                      United States. The survival from         More upsetting and tragic is        patient encounters, and active
                                       sudden cardiac death ranges            when the young fall victim to         regionally and at the state level
  The tragedy is also our burden.      from less than one percent to          sudden death due to activities of     in EMS and ED care, he cares
We can not save everyone, we           upwards of 70 percent,                 exertion. Usually, there is some      about your health.
can not always predict illness,        depending upon the availability        congenital cardiac disease or
and we certainly can not always        and timing of rapid defibrillation,    silent heart conduction
prevent disaster. The recent           as well as bystander CPR.              abnormalities. Prior to exercise,
deaths in the media, as well as
                                         Defibrillator units cost just over   particularly aerobic or endurance
local events in our region, and in
                                       $1,000 are relatively simple to        events, it is important to see your
our communities remind us all of
                                       operate, and are becoming              doctor. Even then, there is no
how quickly life can change, and
                                       ubiquitous. Many states,               certain infallible manner to
of the fragile existence we all
                                       including New York, have               screen out all chance of sudden
                                       legislation about mandating            death.
  Death from sudden arrhythmias        defibrillators in schools and in         Every day we make choices
can occur in normal patients, but      some states, in public places, but     about diet, exercise, about
more often there will be some          even this alone is not the full        following up with the doctor, and
indication of risk factors. Aside      answer.                                most importantly about how we
from genetic risk factors, the
                                        Mr. Russert had CPR, and was          choose to live our lives.
major modifiable risk factors
have not changed for over 50           defibrillated at least three times      Please make the right choices                GETTING YOUR ASTHMA
                                                                                                                               UNDER CONTROL
                                                                                                                       Asthma is a complex condition that requires
                                                                                                                       frequent assessment and monitoring. As it
                                                                                                                       now stands, effective control of this condi-
                                                                                                                       tion requires two steps. The first involves the
                                                                                                                       daily use of an inhaled corticosteroid, such
                                                                                                                       as beclomethasone (QVAR), fluticasone
                                                                                                                       (Flovent HFA), or triamcinolone (Azmacort),
                                                                                                                       to reduce underlying inflammation and pre-
                                                                                                                       vent attacks. Secondly, a short-acting beta-
                                                                                                                       agonist, such as albuterol (Proventil,
                                                                                                                       Ventolin, and generic) or metaproterenol
                                                                                                                       (Alupent and generic), is used in emergen-
                                                                                                                       cies. According to the first-ever guidelines
                                                                                                                       from the National Asthma Education and
                                                                                                                       Prevention Program for managing asthma,
                                                                                                                       medications should be stepped down when
                                                                                                                       symptoms improve. If their asthma has been
                                                                                                                       under control for at least three months,
                                                                                                                       patients should ask their doctors about try-
                                                                                                                       ing a lower dose.
                                                                                                                       This informative column is of special concern to
                                                                                                                       asthmatics. If, after discussing it with your doc-
                                                                                                                       tor, you still have questions, our pharmacist will
                                                                                                                       gladly address any of your concerns. We’re con-
                                                                                                                       veniently located at 8 Church St., Fishkill, 845-
                                                                                                                       897-0636, and are ready to provide you with all
                                                                                                                       your medications, health aids, and home health
                                                                                                                       equipment and supplies. We’re open M-F 9-6,
                                                                                                                       Sat. 9-3. We’ll Always Make Time for You. We
                                                                                                                       offer a 24-hour prescription drop box and free
                                                                                                                       local delivery. Ask about a senior citizen dis-
                                                                                                                       count on prescriptions. Convenient parking is
                                                                                                                       always available.
                                                                                                                        CLIENT: “Your One Stop Pharmacy”.
                                                                                                                        Personal Service • Convenient Parking •
                                                                                                                        Handicap Accessible
                                                                                                                       HINT: The National Asthma Education and
                                                                                                                       Prevention Program’s new guidelines rec-
                                                                                                                       ommend stepping up medications when
                                                                                                                       asthma symptoms worsen.
                                                                                                                                                      July 9, 2008 — 11

Symptoms are your body’s ‘check engine’ light;
A proactive approach to health keeps the light off
                                                                                                  SPINE OF THE TIMES
          By Dr. Jeff Saffir              the reason the light is going off?
  I recently read an article online       Would you even consider just
that said over 50 percent of all          covering up the light with black
insured Americans are on                  tape and going on your way?
                   medication for         Let’s say the light goes off after a                    trying to tell you that something       If we want to change our health
                   chronic illness.       few days all by itself. What will                       is causing it to act that way. The    stats, we have to change our
                   This includes          you think then? Would you think                         question is - are you going to        thinking and approach. The U.S.
                   almost two-            that there must not be a problem                        listen to it?                         is 13th in life expectancy
                   thirds of women        because the light doesn’t stay                            A relative of mine recently had     compared to other industrialized
                   20 and older,          on? What if it comes back on                            quite a scare with her health.        countries. We have so much, yet
                   one in four            eventually? Would you dismiss it                        She has had high blood pressure       we are so sick. By becoming
                   children and           because it happens                                      for many years and has been           proactive instead of reactive, and
                   teenagers, 52          intermittently? Maybe you know                          taking medication to control it.      making better choices for a
Dr. Jeff Saffir
                   percent of adult       a lot of people that have their                         She doesn’t fit the profile of high   healthy lifestyle, we have the
                   men, and three         “check engine” lights on so you                         blood pressure as far as being        power to a very large extent to
out of four people 65 and older.          are not concerned because it                            overweight, smoking, or leading       change the course of our health
  Among seniors, 28 percent of            must be “normal.”                                       an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of    and life.
women and nearly 22 percent of              If when you were born you                             looking for a cause of her
men take five or more medicines           were given one car and one car                          symptoms, she was put on                Dr. Jeff Saffir has more than 12
regularly. When I first read these        only for the rest of your life, no                      medication. Turns out many            years of experience in
statistics I had two reactions -          matter what happened to it,                             years later she wound up having       chiropractic and wellness care.
sadness and anger. This study             would you take care of it?                              a tumor on the adrenal glad that      He owns and operates Advanced
should be a wake-up call to the           Unfortunately, most people in this                      had to be removed. Once               Chiropractic in Poughkeepsie.
public as a whole, yet life goes          country take better care of their                       removed, her blood pressure           For questions, call him at 485
on with barely even an eyebrow            cars then they do of their bodies.                      normalized. Did it really need to     –5656 or send an email to
raised. As long as we continue              Your body doesn’t have a                              get to this point? By treating her
to think that “health” means a            “check engine” light to alert you                       symptom she almost wound up
lack of symptoms, and by                  to problems. Your body has                              in a life-threatening situation
treating the symptoms we will be          symptoms. Symptoms are your
“healthy,” we are in for more of          body’s way of telling you that
the same.                                 something is wrong and needs to
   Let’s say you are driving down         be checked. There is no such
the road and your “check engine”          thing as a normal symptom. If
light goes on. What are you               you are living with headaches,
going to think? Are you going to          pain or stiffness, sleep problems,
be concerned and bring your car           digestive problems, asthma, high
in to have it checked? What is            blood pressure, etc., your body is

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