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winter 2004

Take a minute to remember your days at TU.                                                                                                                                       the university of

                                                          First . . .                                                                                                                      magazine
                                                       You took classes.
                                                       You took notes.

                                                                                                   winter 2004
                                                  You took on the challenge.
                  Then,                                                                                               features                                                                    departments
               You took root.
       You took stock of your potential.                                                                              12       Purpose, Meaning, Beauty                                            2 Editor’s Note
      You took notice of the experience.
                                                                                                                      By Rolf Olsen                                                                3 Campus News

                                                                                                    c o n t e n t s
                                                                                                                      The art of the Osage is at once practical and beautiful. TU professor        8 From the U
                                                                                                                      Garrick Bailey coauthored the catalog for a major exhibit of Osage
                                  Finally . . .                                                                       Art at the St. Louis Museum, part of which is previewed here.               11 Research

                          You took credit for hard work.                                                                                                                                          24 Athletics
                       You took possession of your diploma.                                                           15       Yevtushenko
                         You took charge of your future.                                                                                                                                          23 Partners in Education
                                                                                                                      By Nathan Halverson
                                                                                                                      The internationally renown poet and activist is an icon of modern lit-      26 Alumni News
                                                                                                                      erature. He is also a filmmaker, actor and the Henry Kendall
                                                                                                                      Professor of English at TU.                                                 27 Class Notes
                                             And now . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  31 In Memoriam
                                                                                                                      18       Morgan in Mexico
                                           It’s time to give back.                                                                                                                                32 Calendar
                                                                                                                      By Morgan Paulus BA ’99
                                           Luckily, you were able to take advantage of
                                                                                                                      Trade in a cushy, good life for la vida loca? Alumna Morgan Paulus has      33 Book End
                                           everything TU had to offer because someone                                 done just that as revealed in her e-mail “journal” to friends and family.
                                           like you made a gift to the Annual Fund –
                                           which bridges the gap between the actual
                                           cost of a quality TU education and the price
                                           of tuition.
                                           Today, you can return that favor. With a
                                           checkbook or credit card.
                                           To direct your gift to a specific college or
                                           department, contact Kerry Willmann at (918)
                                           631-3514 or You
The Annual Fund.                           can take pride in your pledge because it’s
Your new take on giving.                   more than giving; it’s giving back.
                                           Visit us online at

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                                                                                                                 The University of Tulsa

                ’Tis the Season                                                                                  Magazine
                    The end of winter heralds more than the beginning of spring here at TU.
                                                                                                                 Volume 8, Number 1
                This is the time of year when prestigious academic awards bloom all over cam-
                                                                                                                 Winter 2004
                pus right along with the pansies and crocus. Since the spring of 1997 (when
                we had two Goldwater scholars), the cure for our winter doldrums usually                         The University of Tulsa Magazine
                                                                                                                 ISSN 1544-5763 is published four
                comes in late March, when award announcements are made. We’ve already                            times a year by The University of
                learned that senior basketball standout Jason Parker was named Academic All-                     Tulsa, 600 South College Avenue,
                                                                                                                 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189.
                America by the College Sports Information Directors of America. We live in                       Publication dates may vary
                happy anticipation of what will sprout from now until June.                                      according to the University’s cal-
                                                                                                                 endar, events and scheduling.
                    That awards and scholarships signal spring at TU is a large part of                          Periodical nonprofit postage is
                President Bob Lawless’s legacy. When we first interviewed him in 1996, he                        paid at Tulsa, Oklahoma,
                explained that the way to let the world know about TU was through its stu-                       POSTMASTER: Send change of
                dents — high achievers become exceptional alumni; exceptional alumni have                        address to The University of Tulsa
                                                                                                                 Magazine, Office of Development,
                an impact on wherever they are in the world.                                                     The University of Tulsa, 600
                    In a message to the faculty and staff of the University delivered soon after                 South College Avenue, Tulsa,
                                                                                                                 Oklahoma 74104-3189.
                his arrival, Dr. Bob described his job as creating an atmosphere where achiev-
                ing excellence was possible for each member of the TU family.                                    UNIVERSITY RELATIONS

                    His philosophy, of course, extended to students and resulted in the cre-                     ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                 Barbara Sorochty
                ation of the Presidential Scholarship program, which continues to attract out-
                                                                                                                 EXECUTIVE EDITOR
                standing students to The University of Tulsa. (See back cover.)                                  Deanna J. Harris
                    Most likely, in the next issue of this magazine, we’ll be bragging about
                                                                                                                 CREATIVE DIRECTOR
                another crop of stellar young scholars — students whose hard work is helping                     Leslie Cairns, MFA ’99
                raise the University’s burgeoning national profile. Thanks Dr. Bob. Mission
                                                                                                                 Walt Beazley
                                                                                                                                                                                                    The University Plans a New Front Door
                                                                Deanna J. Harris, Executive Editor               CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
                                                                                                                                                                      A major new entrance and plaza from East 11th Street between Evanston and College Avenues is proposed for TU.
                                                                                                                 Stephanie Farris                                     An oval drive that will define an open green view area will emphasize the proposed Visitors/Student Services Building.
                                                                                                                 Doug Fishback
                                                                                                                 Nathan Halverson                                     The new vista also will feature Sharp Memorial Chapel and the relocated Kendall Hall Bell Memorial. Patterned or
                                                                                                                 Rolf Olsen                                           textured pavement at pedestrian crossings, landscaping and tree planting are also planned. The entrance, which will
                                                                                                                 Don Tomkalski

                                           how about a                    When 1,200 college-bound               Jane Zemel

                                                                                                                                                                      include a large stone identifier, a garden and green plaza, is part of TU’s amended Master Plan.

                                             big hand                     students nationwide were
                                                                          asked to evaluate nearly
                                                                                                                 Rhonda Burke

                                                                                                                 CONTRIBUTING DESIGNERS                               ConocoPhillips Continues Tradition of Support
                                            for the students              3,000 admission websites,
                                                                                                                 Carrie Martin
                                                                                                                 Daniel Tideman, BFA ’00                                   Last fall TU received $250,000     first since the merger, represents a     dents attending the University. This
                                              who votedour                they were told to look for             Sandy Willmann, Director, Alumni                     from ConocoPhillips in support of       welcome continuation of corporate        program will help ensure that TU
                                                                                                                                                                      the SPIRIT Scholars program. A          generosity that has enabled many         will continue to attract and educate
                                           admissions                     more than just another                 Janis Zink, Vice President of
                                                                                                                   Institutional Advancement
                                                                                                                 Robert W. Lawless, President,
                                                                                                                                                                      portion of the donation is unre-        deserving students to earn degrees at    some of the most highly qualified
                                                                          pretty home page
                                          website #1                      (although graphics
                                                                                                                 The University of Tulsa

                                                                                                                 The University of Tulsa does not
                                                                                                                                                                      stricted support of the College of
                                                                                                                                                                      Engineering & Natural Sciences and
                                                                                                                                                                                                              TU. We sincerely appreciate this
                                                                                                                                                                                                              latest expression of support for our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       business students in the nation.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The SPIRIT Scholars Program
                                                                          counted too).                          discriminate on the basis of personal status
                                                                                                                 or group characteristics including but not
                                                                                                                                                                      the College of Business Admini-         students and faculty.”                   offers students field trips, intern-
                                                                                                                 limited to the classes protected under federal       stration. The funds will also provide        The program expanded this year      ships, mentoring, guest lectures,
                                                                                                                 and state law in its programs, services, aids,
                                                                          Instead, the emphasis                  or benefits. Inquiries regarding implementa-         for a petroleum engineering fellow-     to include students majoring in          study groups and social events. Of
                                                                                                                 tion of this policy may be addressed to the
                                                                                                                                                                      ship and computer lab upgrades.         finance, accounting, marketing and       the student participants who have
                                                                          was on navigating the site             Office of Legal Compliance, 600 South
                                                                                                                 College Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-                    Current SPIRIT scholars are        management information systems in        graduated, two currently work for
                                                                                                                 3189, (918) 631-2423. Requests for accom-
                                                                          and easy access to                     modation of disabilities may be addressed to         majoring in chemical engineering,       the College of Business                  ConocoPhillips. Another student
                                                                                                                 the University’s 504 Coordinator, Dr. Jane
                                                                          information.                           Corso, (918) 631-2315. To ensure availabil-          mechanical engineering, petroleum       Administration.                          will begin working for the company
                                                                                                                 ity of an interpreter, five to seven days
                                                                                                                 notice is needed; 48 hours is recommended
                                                                                                                                                                      engineering and geosciences.                 A. Gale Sullenberger, dean of       after graduating this May.
                                                                          Visit the #1 site at                   for all other accommodations.                             “Individually, Conoco and          the college notes: “Inclusion of the         Expansion of the SPIRIT
                                                                                                                                                                      Phillips Petroleum have supported       College of Business Administration       Scholars Program and Conoco-
                                                                               CONTACT US:                                          students in the College of              in the ConocoPhillips Spirit             Phillips’ renewed commitment to
                                                                          Source: National Research Center for   (918) 631-2309                                       Engineering and Natural Sciences        Scholars Program is greatly appreci-     TU will allow for the continued
                                                                          College & University Admissions,       E-MAIL:                                              for decades,” says Steven Bellovich,    ated and will provide generous sup-      development of highly-skilled, well-
                                                                                                                                           dean of the college. “This gift, the    port for outstanding business stu-       qualified future professionals.

       2                                                                                                                                                          3                                                                                                              TUwinter2004
                              Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences                                                                              College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

             Best-selling Journalist is              Scholes, will be co-directed by Sean    Lewis and Clark Portfolio                A Little Insight for
             2004 O’Brien Lecturer                   Latham, assistant professor of          Donated to McFarlin                      Mechanical Engineering
                                                     English and editor of the James
                  If it gets to you through a cut,                                               For the bicentennial of the Lewis        A Honda Insight gasoline-
                                                     Joyce Quarterly at TU. Latham was
             the spot on your skin may look like                                             and Clark expedition, the Library of     electric hybrid automobile that
                                                     a former project manager of the
             an insect bite. The spot might swell                                            Congress created a national exhibi-      ConocoPhillips recently donated to
                                                     MJP at Brown.
             and be uncomfortable, but you                                                   tion, “Rivers-Edens-Empires,” which      TU will be put to good use in
                                                          “The project is an exciting
             probably won’t die if you’re treated.                                           was curated by James P. Ronda, TU’s      engineering courses and research
                                                     opportunity for us to share the
             If you eat the undercooked meat of                                              Barnard Professor of Western             projects.
                                                     riches of McFarlin Library’s Special
             an infected animal (very rare in the                                            American History. In conjunction             The two-passenger hatchback
                                                     Collections while enhancing TU’s
             U.S.), you’ll be nauseous and lose                                              with the exhibit, the Library asked      coupe is powered by a three-cylin-
                                                     long-standing reputation as a vital
             your appetite. You’ll be sick, but                                              Ronda to select 20 items from the        der, 1-liter, 67-horsepower gasoline
                                                     center for the study of modern lit-
             your chance for survival is still                                               exhibit for limited edition portfolios   engine assisted by a 10-kilowatt
                                                     erature,” Latham says.
             good. But if you breathe it, you’ll                                             that were presented to select mem-       electric motor-generator.
                                                         The MJP will also make avail-
             have cold-like symptoms that will                                               bers of Congress and historical soci-        ConocoPhillips used the Insight
                                                     able digital editions of other                                                                                           Representatives of ConocoPhillips Joseph W. Kaufman, manager, fuel and vehicle
             worsen in a few days. Breathing will                                            eties along the Lewis and Clark trail.   to gauge consumer reaction to
                                                     resources useful to students of                                                                                          trends (3rd from left) and Mark Abbott, supervisor, utilities and services (2nd
             become difficult, you’ll go into                                                    Last November, the Library of        hybrid vehicle technology and pro-
                                                     modern culture and media. All of                                                                                         from left) deliver a Honda Insight to TU mechanical engineering professor John
             shock, then most likely, you’ll die.                                            Congress also presented a portfolio      mote the company’s advanced fuels
                                                     the editions will be displayed on the                                                                                    Henshaw (left) and retired professor Robert Strattan (right) on Dec. 16, 2003.
                  “It” is anthrax, the topic of                                              to TU’s Special Collections in recog-    technologies. The Insight has the
                                                     MJP site at Brown (www.mod-
             Richard Preston’s best-seller, The                                              nition of the exceptional support of     highest fuel economy rating of all
                                            as they are com-
             Demon in the Freezer. The nonfic-                                               the Chapman Trust to McFarlin            cars: 60 miles per gallon for city      I’m doing. I bring them up on stage        Apollo 17 Astronaut
                                                     pleted and will be backed up at TU.
             tion book goes inside national                                                  Library.                                 driving, and 70 miles per gallon on     and have them help me.”                    Visits TU
             biodefense at USAMRIID for a                                                                                             the highway.                                 McCoy says he gets regular
             rare, in-depth look at biological       Writer of the Year                                                                   At TU the Insight will be used      requests to present the show to all             Harrison Schmitt, a geologist
                                                                                             TU Professor Named                                                                                                          who was an astronaut with Apollo
             espionage and military intelligence.         Nimrod editor Francine                                                      for hands-on teaching and experi-       ages of students. Each show
             His investigation reveals the dan-      Ringold, recently named Oklahoma
                                                                                             Distinguished Scholar                                                            includes demonstrations of funda-          17, the last manned mission to visit
                                                                                                                                      mental studies of advanced fuel and
             gers of bioterrorism and how scien-                                                 Hermione de Almeida, Pauline                                                 mental physics principles, such as         the Moon, presented the free pub-
                                                     Poet Laureate by Gov. Brad Henry,                                                engine technology. TU students
             tists are finding ways to protect                                               Walter Professor of English and                                                  conservation of momentum, and              lic lecture, “Lessons from the
                                                     has been tapped by The Writer                                                    have designed and built three
             people.                                                                         Comparative Literature, was awarded                                              Bernoulli’s Principle. One of              Moon about Earth and Mars,” last
                                                     magazine as one of six authors who                                               hybrid electric cars in the past
                  Preston, whose other best-sell-                                            the 2003 Distinguished Scholar                                                   McCoy’s personal favorites is a            October 16. A display of rocks and
                                                     “. . . have made significant contri-                                             decade and have participated in
             ers include The Cobra Event and The                                             Award (for Lifetime Achievement) by                                              demonstration of the kinetic theory        minerals was also featured.
                                                     butions to the field of writing.”                                                nine national competitions, winning
             Hot Zone, is the 2004 Darcy O’Brien                                             the Keats-Shelley Association of                                                 of gasses. “I pour liquid nitrogen              Schmitt’s 1972 mission resulted
                                                     Ringold, who has edited Nimrod for                                               the Tour de Sol contest twice.
             lecturer. He will speak in the Great                                            America. The award was presented at                                              over a balloon to shrink it. Then I        in the largest sample of lunar rocks
                                                     35 years, launched the Nimrod/
             Hall, Allen Chapman Activity                                                    the December meeting of the                                                      blow on it and the heat of my              — 249 pounds — returned to
                                                     Hardman Awards, and initiated the                                                Physics to Go: Rave
             Center, at 7:00 p.m. on Monday,                                                 Modern Language Association in San                                               breath expands it.”                        Earth. He spent nearly 302 hours
                                                     annual Nimrod Writer’s Confer-
             April 19. The talk is free and open     ence held on TU’s campus.               Diego.                                   Reviews for Road Show                        And then there’s the automatic        in space, including 22 in extrave-
             to the public. Preston will sign                                                    Ben Preston Robertson (TU                Thousands of area students,         toilet paper dispenser — technically       hicular activity on the lunar sur-
                                                          In its January 2004 edition, The
             copies of his books from 5:30 to                                                Ph.D. 2003), a former doctoral stu-      parents and teachers have been cap-     an application of Bernoulli’s              face.
                                                     Writer notes that Ringold received
             6:30 p.m. For more information,                                                 dent of Professor de Almeida now on      tivated by Jerry McCoy’s physics        Principle — where McCoy says, “I                Schmitt, who earned a doctor-
                                                     the award for “her dedication to
             call (918) 631-2309.                                                            the English faculty of Troy State        shows in the past two years.            use a high-power shop vac blowing          ate in geology from Harvard
                                                     encouraging new writers and new
                                                                                             University, delivered the encomium           “It looks like a magic show         air out at a roll of toilet paper. As it   University in 1964, joined NASA
                                                                                             and presented the award at the ban-      because sometimes nature can be so      blows over the top of the paper, it        in 1965. NASA said Schmitt was
             TU and Brown Will Put                        “There is no point in learning
                                                                                             quet ceremony. TU English faculty        unusual and so unexpected, but it’s     lifts it up into the air stream and        invaluable in providing Apollo
                                                     and creating if we don’t reach our
             Journals Online                         hands over the footlights and the       members Lars Engle, George Gilpin,       not magic,” he says of his hour-long    blows it out. It shoots a whole roll       flight crews with detailed instruc-
                 TU and Brown University have                                                and Laura Stevens, as well as TU         show. “It’s a rapid-fire presentation   of toilet paper up about 15 or 20          tion in lunar navigation, geology
                                                     borders of the book,” Ringold notes
             announced a joint research project                                              doctoral candidate Victoria Chance,      of several interesting and captivat-    feet, and unrolls the whole thing in       and feature recognition. Schmitt,
                                                     in The Writer article. “If we don’t
             to create fully searchable digital                                              were present at the event hosted by      ing physics demos. I explain each of    four or five seconds.”                     who served one term as a U.S. sen-
                                                     go out into the community, reach
             editions of journals from the early                                             Professor Stuart Curran of the           the demonstrations in a way that             Whole rolls of toilet paper           ator from New Mexico from 1977
                                                     out, put our bodies where our
             20th century. The Modernist                                                     University of Pennsylvania and spon-     makes physics accessible to a non-      shooting up into the air in rooms          to 1983, is an adjunct professor of
                                                     words dare to go, we will not find
             Journals Project (MJP), founded                                                 sored by the Catherine Morris            technical audience. The kids love it,   full of sixth-graders? What’s not to       engineering at the University of
                                                     the people and the talent that is out
             and directed at Brown by Robert                                                 Wright Foundation.                       because I involve them in all that      love about that?                           Wisconsin in Madison.

     4                                                                                                                 TUwinter2004   TUwinter2004                                                                                                              5
                                     College of Business Administration                                                                                                            College of Law

             TU Nursing Bats 1000 in                    Friends of Finance Presents Banking Executive                                Professor Joins EDGE
             Program Reviews                            Jamie Dimon, J. P. Morgan Heir-Apparent                                           R. Dobie Langenkamp was
                 Two recent reviews of TU’s                                                                                          appointed by Governor Brad Henry
                                                             Banking executive Jamie          trillion.                              to Oklahoma’s Economic Develop-
             Nursing program returned unequivocal
                                                        Dimon, known for shrewd acqui-             Since the late 1980s, Dimon       ment Generating Excellence
             approvals with no recommendations for
                                                        sitions and tight operations,         has established himself as a mas-      (EDGE), chairing the Energy
                                                        spoke at the Friends of Finance       ter of acquisition and integra-        Expert Team. EDGE combines the
                 The Oklahoma Board of Nursing
                                                        luncheon April 1.                     tion. With Citigroup President         innovative technical strength of
             sent representatives to review the
                                                             Currently CEO at Bank One        Sandy Weill, he acquired a             Oklahoma’s colleges and universi-
             program last fall and recommended
                                                        Corp., Dimon is expected to be        string of companies, including         ties with the practical experience of
             no changes, said Susan Gaston,
                                                        appointed CEO of the merged J.        Travelers, Salomon Brothers            economic development profession-
             director of the School of Nursing.
                                                        P. Morgan Chase & Co. and             and Citicorp. During these             als. The group’s ambitious goal is to
             In addition, last fall a report from the
                                                        Bank One. The $58 billion deal,       deals and in his subsequent            develop an integrated, innovative         The Women’s Law Caucus held a bake sale to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen
             National League for Nursing
                                                        announced in January, is expected     management at Bank One,                and focused action plan to provide        Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Laurie Brumbaugh (left), the 2004 chair
             Accrediting Commission made official
                                                        to be finalized in midyear, making    Dimon made cost cutting,               Oklahoma with a new competitive           of the Tulsa Race for the Cure, accepts a check for $510 from Sherry Walkabout,
             the six “excellent” rankings and one
                                                        J. P. Morgan the nation’s second      streamlining and standardization       edge in the global economy.               2L (left) and Donna Ward, 3L (center) at a pizza luncheon meeting of the WLC.
             “adequate” ranking the program
                                                        largest bank, with assets of $1.1     his hallmarks.
             received during a seven-category
             review last spring. The NLNAC report                                                                                    Students Collect                              “This recognition proves that             “We provided registration mate-
             also recommended no changes.                                                                                            Household Pollutants                      our top students can excel against       rials as well as information on voting
                                                                                                                                                                               the best in the nation,” said            procedure and polling place loca-
                                                                       College Adds Four Professors                                       The Environmental Law
                                                                                                                                                                               Marguerite Chapman, director of          tions,” said Bruce Shalon, president
             JD/MTAX Joint Degree                                                                                                    Society collected household pollu-
                                                                  The College welcomed four new faculty members to its                                                         TU’s health law program.                 of the local ACS chapter at the
             Regains Active Status                                                                                                   tants, which, if used or stored
                                                                                                                                                                                    A second TU team won its            College of Law. “Regardless of party
                                                              staff last fall.                                                       improperly, can be dangerous and
                  Following a year in administrative                                                                                                                           oral advocacy rounds in preliminary      affiliation or views on the issues, we
                                                                                                                                     cause serious environmental dam-
             limbo, TU’s law and master of taxation           Akhilesh Bajaj, who earned a Ph.D. from the University                                                           competition and placed eighth in         encouraged everyone to participate
                                                                                                                                     age. The organization provided
             joint program (JD/MTAX) once again               of Arizona in 1997, is associate professor of management                                                         the nation with its brief. Both          in our democratic process.”
                                                                                                                                     receptacles for such everyday prod-
             is available to students.                        information systems. He comes to TU after a six-year term                                                        teams were coached by Bruce                   The American Constitution
                                                                                                                                     ucts as oil, antifreeze, disinfectants,
                  The College and the College of              at Carnegie Mellon University. Bajaj’s primary research                                                          McKenna of Holden & McKenna.             Society is a national organization of
                                                                                                                                     pesticides, lawn chemicals, batter-
             Law had shelved the program in the               interests include enterprise models, IS consumer decision                                                                                                 law students, law professors, practic-
                                                                                                                                     ies, paints and paint thinners,
             spring of 2002 when the CBA con-                 models and database systems.
                                                                                                                                     household cleaners, smoke alarms,         Midwestern Book Series                   ing lawyers and others who seek to
             verted its stand-alone MTAX program                                                                                                                               Edited by TU Professor                   revitalize and transform the legal
                                                              John Caruso, assistant professor of exercise and sports sci-           metal cleaners, rug deodorizers,
             to an online offering, a move that com-                                                                                                                                                                    debate — from classrooms to court-
                                                              ence, received a Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the                 wood polish, mothballs and bleach.            Ohio University Press has
             plicated the joint program’s standing                                                                                                                                                                      rooms — by countering what they
                                                              University of Miami. He was previously an assistant                                                              announced it will publish a book
             under the American Bar Association’s                                                                                                                                                                       consider to be the dominant conser-
             (ABA) standards, which did not award             professor at The University of Nevada. His current                     TU Team Wins National                     series on law, society and politics in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        vative vision of American law today.
             credit for distance education.                   research focuses on preserving muscle and bone in zero                 Health Law Competition                    the Midwest under the general edi-
                                                              gravity.                                                                   Mia Johnson and Pansy Moore-          torship of Paul Finkelman, TU’s
                  During the summer of 2002, the                                                                                                                                                                        Oklahoma Court of
                                                                                                                                     Shrier won the 2003-04 National           Chapman Distinguished Professor
             ABA instituted Standard 306, allowing
             schools to award up to 12 hours of               Jan L. Drummond, associate professor of athletic training,             Health Law Moot Court Competi-            of Law.                                  Criminal Appeals in Price-
             credit for distance courses, subject to          earned an Ed.D. in higher education and an M.S. in health              tion — a first-time win for TU in                                                  Turpen Courtroom
             conditions.                                      and physical education from Oklahoma State University.                 this contest, which involves oral         American Constitution                        The Oklahoma Court of
                  TU’s JD/MTAX program is a 103-              Prior to joining TU, she was an associate professor at the             and written skills on a simulated         Society Registers 70 in                  Criminal Appeals heard appellate
             hour curriculum that imparts both the            University of Southern Mississippi.                                    appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.         January                                  arguments in the cases of Charles
             JD and MTAX degrees. Under the cur-                                                                                     First place receives a prestigious            The American Constitution            Wesley Hines vs. State of Oklahoma
                                                              Millicent Nelson is a visiting assistant professor of man-
             rent plan, the College of Law applies                                                                                   scholarship award.                        Society (ACS) registered 70 new          and State of Oklahoma vs. Terry
                                                              agement. Nelson recently earned a Ph.D. in organizational
             three online MTAX courses (9 hours)                                                                                          “The success of the health law       potential voters and gave registra-      Dale Hill on Oct. 30. The newly
                                                              behavior and human resource management from Oklahoma
             toward the credits required for the JD,                                                                                 competition team reflects the hard        tion cards to an additional 30 peo-      remodeled venue serves as an active,
                                                              State University. Her research includes support networks,
             and the College of Business Admini-                                                                                     work of the students and their fac-       ple at its voter registration drive,     working courtroom as well as a stage
                                                              compensation and leadership.
             stration applies two Law courses toward                                                                                 ulty advisors,” said Martin Belsky,       held January 28, in the Allen            for Moot Court practices and com-
             the MTAX degree.                                                                                                        dean of the College.                      Chapman Activity Center.                 petitions.

    6                                                                                                                 TUwinter2004   TUwinter2004                                                                                                                7
                                                                                                                                                                                                     In principio creavit Deus
           Wind Weighs in as Fuel

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Initially Johann Gutenberg’s most famous work was    with the Physical Plant.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     simply called the 42-line Bible. Noted in its own time        “There were 495 copies of this Gutenberg Bible fac-
           by Rolf Olsen                                                                                                                                                                             for its precise imitation of Gothic hand lettering,       simile produced by a Swiss printer in the 1970s,” says
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gutenberg’s Bible was printed on paper and vellum.        Booth, president and general manager of H.S. Boyd, Inc.
                Two TU students have an idea            Fuel cells are                                                                                                                               Save for the type, however, the pages were devoid of      “The pages were printed on a Heidelberg press one color
           that they believe could help ease       much more effi-                                                                                                                                   art. Each page had two 42-line columns with enough        at a time so the resolution and definition are exact.”
           U.S. dependence on foreign oil and      cient: A fuel cell                                                                                                                                space surrounding the text to accommodate elaborate       Booth acquired a copy in the 1980s.
           gas, cut greenhouse gases and           works like a bat-                                                                                                                                 illustrations. In Gutenberg’s time, when a copy of the        In the Mainz edition of the Gutenberg Bible, the
           reduce pollution: a wind-to-hydro-      tery (it has elec-                                                                                                                                Bible was sold, the buyer would employ an illuminator;    opening pages of both the Old and New Testament are
           gen plant. And an ideal place to put    trodes), but does                                                                                                                                 so, no two of the original copies are alike. The impact   elaborately illuminated. Genesis (shown here) begins with
           their plan into action is western       not run down or                                                                                                                                   of the Gutenberg Bible on Western Civilization is well    a 15-inch capital “I”. Circles within the “I” depict the
           Oklahoma, where the wind really         need recharging.                                                                                                                                  documented. Although the Chinese and Koreans              seven days of creation overseen by a shadowy, blue figure
           does come sweeping down the             Hydrogen and air                                                                                                                                  invented moveable metal type nearly 500 years before      of God in the background. As was the Medieval practice,
           plain. (Woodward, Oklahoma, for         are fed into it to

                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of Dixie Johnson, Perry, Oklahoma Energy Office
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gutenberg, the German goldsmith’s press opened the        the artist continued the illuminated letter with an elabo-
           example, is noted as one of the         create a flow of                                                                                                                                  door for the common man in the West to have access to     rate scroll with birds nestled among flowers and a finely
           windiest regions of the nation.)        electricity. The                                                                                                                                  the written word.                                         wrought peacock at the bottom of the page.
                The project is the work of Tom     only byproducts                                                                                                                                        Across the centuries, the original Gutenberg Bible       The Bible’s leather bindings and brass cornerplates are
           Young, a mechanical engineering         are heat and water,                                                                                                                               has been copied innumerable times, and today’s tech-      also exact replicas of the Mainz original.
           student from New York who is            created when the                                                                                                                                  nology enables precise facsimiles of the 49 remaining         “Not only is this a stunning facsimile edition of
           doing an internship at TU, and          hydrogen recom-                                                                                                                                   first editions.                                           Gutenberg’s famous 42-line Bible, and a pleasure to
           Josh Biberdorf, a sophomore from        bines with oxygen.                                                                                                                                     This year a two-volume facsimile of the Mainz copy   own,” said Lori Curtis, head of Special Collections and
           St. Louis majoring in biochemistry.     For best efficiency,                                                                                                                              of the Gutenberg Bible was presented to Special           Archives. “It is an important addition to our collections in
           They are being helped by TU             a very pure form of                                                                                                                               Collections in McFarlin Library by Richard Booth (BS      that it enables us to show students a book that had such a
           chemistry professor Gordon Purser.      hydrogen is                                                                                                                                       ’74) in memory of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Booth,     tremendous impact on history. We no longer have to
                One disadvantage of wind as a      needed — free of                                                                                                                                  Jr. His father worked for the University as an engineer   speak of it in the abstract.”
           power source, Purser says, is that      impurities that can
           “the wind blows when you don’t          foul a fuel cell’s
           need it and doesn’t blow when you       proton-exchange
           do.” That’s where the two students      membrane.                               reliance on fossil fuels, particularly
           see the practicality of using wind           The hydrogen-making process        imported oil and gas, and the
           energy to make hydrogen, a fuel,        would use wind energy for electrol-     reduced emission of greenhouse
           and store it until needed. Hydrogen     ysis, which uses electricity to split   gases.
           gas burns cleanly and produces no       water into hydrogen and oxygen.             Purser sees the current status of
           carbon byproducts, however, it          Hydrogen could then be com-             hydrogen as a fuel as a sort of
           doesn’t exist naturally on Earth.       pressed and piped into storage          chicken-and-egg dilemma: no one
           Hydrogen gas can be produced            tanks.                                  has tried to make hydrogen inexpen-
           from methane (natural gas), which            The computations by the TU         sively because there is no demand,
           is the current practice, or from        investigators put production of         but there is no demand because it is
           water through the use of electricity,   hydrogen — using wind power and         not available cheaply. “Someone has
           as proposed by the TU students.         water — at about 40 to 46 cents per     to break that cycle,” he says, and
                The students point out that        pound of hydrogen gas, compared         make hydrogen more attractive to
           when current fuels are burned to        to about 34 cents for a pound of        key industries that don’t use it now
           create electricity, half or more of     hydrogen that is produced from          — such as transportation and resi-
           the fuel is wasted. In a power plant    methane. Costs include a wind tur-      dential.
           fueled by natural gas, nearly 50 per-   bine, which can range from                  Portions of their research were
           cent of the fuel value is lost —        $50,000 to $600,000, and electroly-     presented in June at the Western
           evident by the steam clouds seen        sis machines costing $50,000 to         Athletic Conference Academic
           rising at those facilities. Even in     $100,000. They believe the higher       Alliance conference, “Symposia on
           batteries, 60 to 70 percent of the      cost might be accepted by the pub-      Energy & Water Issues in
           power put in never comes back out.      lic given the benefit of decreased      Homeland Security and Health
                                                                                           Disparities,” in San Jose, California.

                                                                                                                     TUwinter2004                                                                                                                                                                              9
                       8                                                                                                                                                                             TUwinter2004

           Good Chemistry Between TU and Media                                                                               Getting to Know America
               TU students had the chance to get out of the lab and                                                               Last fall, TU students formed
           into the field last year when two Tulsa television stations                                                       International Student Outreach
           called upon the expertise of the chemistry department.                                                            (ISO), an organization that promotes
               KTUL Channel 8 requested that assays be performed                                                             awareness of traditional cultures
           on 12 samples they’d collected from area nail salons for the                                                      from around the world and helps
           presence of methyl methacrylate (MMA), which has been                                                             international students adjust to life
           banned by the Oklahoma Board of Cosmetology because of                                                            in Tulsa. ISO also sponsors an
           potential health risks. Professor Ken Roberts conducted the                                                       English conversational group and
           testing and found that seven of the samples contained                                                             works with foreign students enrolled
           MMA. As a result of the project, it’s expected that the                                                           in the English Institute on TU’s
           Oklahoma Board of Cosmetology will strengthen punish-                                                             campus.
           ments for salons that use products containing MMA.                                                                     ISO members help international
               A few months later, Channel 2 KJRH requested that                                                             students adjust to life in the United
           water samples from area swimming pools be tested for                      Living with                             States through a variety of events,
           acceptable pH, chlorine and bacteria levels. Chemistry                Crate Expectations                          including ice skating, picnics, a trip
           Professor Gordon Purser and student Todd Hoppe per-                                                               to the zoo, badminton, Ping-Pong,
           formed the chemical studies, while Biology Professor               Members of TU’s chapter of                     basketball and volleyball. The group
           William Rosche and students analyzed coliform bacterial        Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) are             cosponsored a Halloween party with
                                                                                                                                                                        Color Me Caring. The School of Nursing is planting seeds for a
                                                                          learning just how hard it can be to do a                                                      future generation of nurses with a new coloring book that is finding its
           concentrations.                                                                                                   TU’s Language House, a residential
               “We spent two days traveling with the news crew, col-      good deed.                                         facility for students interested in        way into Oklahoma schools. • Nursing Director Susan Gaston teamed
           lecting 10 to 12 samples at public and private pools —             Last spring, SIFE members heard                improving their foreign language           up with alumna Michelle Montgomery-Miller (BSN ’03) to produce
           some at hotels and apartment complexes in Broken Arrow         that book shortages at the University of           skills.                                    “Picture Yourself in Nursing,” a homemade, 8-page booklet featuring
           and Tulsa,” said Purser. “What we found generally was that     Nairobi had sparked student riots.                      TU senior Mollie Hightower,           nurses in all their roles, from hospital care to health education. Gaston
           the Tulsa public pools and Big Splash were in excellent        According to the TU team, their                    ISO president, said 71 countries were      provided the direction, and Montgomery-Miller drew the pictures. •
           condition. The pH and chlorine concentrations were all         Kenyan counterparts have long-standing             represented on campus when the             Gaston gave away 2,000 copies of the book at the “Encyclomedia” edu-
           good.”                                                         frustrations with limited and dated                organization was established, and          cators’ conference in Oklahoma City last September. About 200 people
               Results aired in a two-part broadcast report on July 31    library holdings.                                  there were 32 students from 13 coun-
                                                                              “After hearing about the riot, we felt                                                    visited TU’s booth, including teachers, librarians and school counselors.
           and August 1.                                                                                                     tries enrolled in the English Institute.
                                                                          compelled to help,” said SIFE team                                                            • Future plans include posting the book online for download.
                                                                          member Craiger Mento, a senior
                                                                          management major.
                                                                              The team held a book drive,
           Deciphering the Air You Breathe                                collecting about 600 volumes from fellow
                                                                                                                                                                        Taming an F3 Hurricane
               Just what is clean air?                                    TU students.                                                                                       TU’s original 330-pound fighting “Hurricane” robot built by the
               This spring, a new introductory course on how to               Now, however, the project faces a                                                         Women’s Robotics Team to compete on Comedy Central’s “Battlebots”
           identify, assess, remediate and control indoor air prob-       double roadblock: shipping costs of                                                           was trimmed down and tamed so it could give a delicate ride to a full-
           lems, including mold made its debut at TU.                     $1,000 and the temporary shutdown of                                                          length mirror in Tulsa Ballet’s 2003 production of “The Nutcracker.”
               Participants enrolled in “Introduction to Indoor Air       Kenyan universities following contract                                                             The remote-controlled robot shed its bullet-proof panels and steel
           Quality” studied basic investigation methods, sample           disputes between employees and the                                                            spikes to carry a 7' by 3' mirror on and off the stage, enabling the mir-
           data collection, and how to interpret results in order to      government.                                                                                   ror to interact with the dancers.
           remedy indoor air quality problems.                                In light of the sticker shock, SIFE                                                            To create a gentler and kinder ride, the students used only the
               The course was taught by internationally recognized        members even appeared on KJRH                                                                 behemoth’s circular 4 foot aluminum base, powered by two half-horse-
           experts and led by Richard Shaughnessy, program man-           Channel 2 in Tulsa, where they                                                                power motors. A joystick controlled the robot’s route around the stage.
           ager for indoor air research at TU since 1987.                 presented their dilemma during a                                                                   In addition, the ballet choreographers also used a basketball-size
               Shaughnessy, who teaches air quality courses across        noon news segment.                                                                            stuffed toy “mouse” that the TU students adapted to ride on the chas-
           the nation for the Environmental Protection Agency,                SIFE member Mark Graddy hopes                                                             sis of a remote-controlled toy car. The Tulsa Ballet requested the
           says there are few courses like this offered in the nation,    and believes the community will rescue                                                        devices, which were created by students in the electrical engineering
           but the need is growing. He says studies indicate that         the effort. “Tulsans are a key part of our                                                    department’s Robotics Lab and by the TU Women’s Robotics Team.
           contaminated indoor air is “one of the top three envi-         project,” he said. “We feel that our                                                          Project advisors were Gerald Kane, chairman of the department, and
           ronmental risks to human health.”                              community will rally around this project                                                      Doug Jussaume, electrical engineering instructor.
                                                                          and help us help others.”

   10                                                                                                         TUwinter2004   TUwinter2004                                                                                                           11
                                                                                                                    Purpose, meaning and beauty are the words that
                                                                                                                      TU Anthropology Professor Garrick Bailey
                                                                                                                       uses to characterize the art of the Osage peo-                                     Bison

Purpose, Meaning, Beauty
                                                                                                                        ple on display in the Shoenberg Exhibition                                        Headdress
                                                                                                                          Galleries of the Saint Louis Art Museum                                         bison hide, horn,
                                                                                                                           from March 13 to August 8, 2004.                                               feathers, beads,
                                                                                                                                    Bailey wrote much of the text of                                      and brass
                                                                                                                               the 216-page catalog that accompanies
                                                                                                                                 the “Art of the Osage,” the first
                                                                                                                                   major exhibition of the art and cul-
                                                                                                                                    ture of the Osage people. The
                                                                                                                                    exhibition, which coincides with
                                                                                               Spreader                         bicentennial observances of the Lewis
                                                                                                    bone                  and Clark expedition, features more than
                                                                                                                    100 works from 1750 to the present.
                                                                                                              Lewis and Clark began their journey in St. Louis. At
                                                                                                         that time, Bailey says, the Osage were the major indige-
                                                                                                         nous people in Missouri. They controlled nearly half of
                                                                                                         the region’s fur trade and dominated the natural resources                                Moccasins
                                                                                                         within the Missouri, Mississippi, Osage and Red rivers.                                   hide and glass beads
                                                                                                              Bailey, who started teaching at TU in 1968, special-
                                                                                                         izes in Native American Indian culture and the impact of
                                                                                                         European contact on indigenous people. He has worked
                                                                                                         extensively with the Osage.
                                                                                                              Bailey wrote the catalog’s introduction and four of its
                                                                                                         seven chapters. Three chapters span 1670 to 1900 and
                                                                                                         cover Osage economic and political history, traditional
                                                                                                         Osage tribal religion, and daily life in the early and mid-
                                                                                                         dle part of the 19th century. The other chapter discusses
                                                                                                         the Osage’s growing wealth and its effects on their
                                                                                                         lifestyle. Another contributor to the catalog is Daniel
                                                                                                         Swan, formerly curator of the Gilcrease Museum and
                                                                                                         adjunct professor in TU’s anthropology department.
                                                                                                         Swan now directs the Chucalissa Museum in Tennessee.
                                                                                                              Objects on display, borrowed from private collections

                                     Osage Shield. Hide, feathers, cloth, metal and pigment.
                                                                                                         and museums, range from engraved pipes and quirts to
                                                                                                         decorated blankets and shields. Most are utilitarian items,
                                                                                                         but all were chosen for their aesthetic qualities.
                                                                                                               “Most of their art is incorporated into objects of daily
                                                                                                         or religious use,” explains Bailey. “Osage artisans tried to
                                                                                                         make all objects as beautiful as possible.”
                                                                                                                The Osage did not produce art for art’s sake, he
                                                                                                         says. “Art was inseparable from their material culture and
                  The                                                                                    was an expression of their religious beliefs and practices.”

                                     Photography by Rinby Garrick
                                                                                                                “Everything in Osage life had meaning and pur-
                  Art                                                                                    pose,” explains Bailey. They believed that Wakonta, an
                                                                                                         invisible force, created the universe in which all naturally
                 of the                                                                                  occurring things were endowed with unique physical and
                                                                                                         behavioral qualities.
                 OSAGE                                                                                        Wakonta provided humans with the ability to
                                                                                                         rearrange different elements of the universe to create new
                                                                                                         things to serve their needs and purposes. In turn, each
                By Rolf Olsen
                                                                                                                                                                          hide, feathers, cloth,
 TUwinter2004                   12                                                                                                                                        metal and pigment
     Belt              newly made object had its own meaning and purpose — incorporat-
     yarn and          ing the qualities attributed to the elements that were used to make it.
     glass beads       For example, Bailey says, the wood of a cedar or willow tree repre-
                       sented everlasting life; a hawk feather symbolized courage, a crow
                       feather, destruction; the color white represents life; black is death
                       and red symbolizes the sun or the source of life.
                            Bailey says nearly all aspects of Osage lifestyle changed following
                       contact with the French in the late 17th century. In the 19th century,
                       the Osage ceded their lands in Missouri, and eventually settled in
                       Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. Key present-day Osage locations in
                       Oklahoma are Hominy, Pawhuska, and Grey Horse, near Fairfax.
                            Yet Osage art survived. The tribe maintained its strong cultural
                       continuity in part because there was never a major war between the
                       Osage and European or American peoples.
                            In addition, says Bailey, Osage art was preserved because it was
                       never commercialized, although it is one of a declining number of
                       indigenous artistic traditions in the United States. Also maintained
                       was the practice of making items only for members of the Osage
                            The Osage have always been a relatively wealthy people, possess-
                       ing furs, buffalo pelts, and then, oil. In dealing with those who

                       sought these possessions, the Osage acted as equals — and were
                       treated as such, Bailey says. This engendered pride and confidence in
                       themselves, which fostered continuity of their culture and art.
                            The exhibition encompasses two major periods of Osage art: the
                       Old Era, 1750 to 1900, and the New Era, from 1900 to the present.
                       Works of art from the Old Era include objects cre-
                       ated for child rearing, hunting, domestic                                         poet,
                       industry, and warfare. The New Era is rep-
                       resented through the defining activities of                                        writer,
                       the modern Osage, including the E-Lon-
                       schka dances, weddings, the War Mother’s
                       Society, and the Native American Church.                                             political dissident,
                            In its description of the exhibit, the
                       museum says the arts of the Osage “reflect
                                                                                                             faculty member at
                       the sense of continuity and purpose that                                               The University of Tulsa,
                       has long united the Osage people in the
                       values of spirituality and community.                                                   and dictionary entry
                       Characterized by aesthetic vigor and exquis-                                            (see for yourself).
                       ite simplicity, Osage arts have always
                       embraced a purposeful beauty that is rich
                       in meaning and reflects a highly                                                          by Nathan Halverson
                       refined artistic tradition.”
                            Additional information                                                                 Scanning through the Y’s of any major dic-
                       is available at the                                                                          tionary, after yeti and before Yggdrasil,
                       museum’s website,                                                                              one finds the Siberian-born poet,
              I                                                                                Yevtushenko, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich.

                                                                                                                         But a dictionary entry doesn’t begin
       Cradleboard       Head Effigy                                                                                      to define the man who defied
       wood, paint,       Pipe Bowl                                                                                        Stalin, inspired Shostakovich,
       brass, studs,         catlinite
                                                                                                                             befriended Ginsberg, and
       bells, beads,
       yarn and
14                                                                                  TUwinter2004
     became a voice for freedom and poet for the world.           from his poetry class. Yevtushenko himself read in                    From Yevtushenko’s home, one can hear the carillon         help in discovering it. We’re born with poetry, and we
     Like many artists, he is greater than the sum of his         Russian and English, though he is often reluctant to per-        of Utica Square, which played a part in convincing him          can lose knowing how to use it, but kindness is poetry,
     parts. Yevtushenko, to echo Walt Whitman, contains           form in English because he feels so much is lost in trans-       to come to Oklahoma.                                            compassion is a poetry. It is as Dostoevsky said:
     multitudes.                                                  lation. Perhaps it was necessary and only natural to go to            “I was visiting Tulsa and coming from out of the air,      ‘Beauty will save the world.’ I try to transform people
         The fourth-generation descendant of Ukrainians           the loftiest extremes to honor someone of Yevtushenko’s          it seemed from nowhere, I heard ‘Lara’s Theme’ from             into faithful readers of poetry, to help build some kind
     exiled to Siberia under Stalin’s reign, Yevtushenko          stature, which is just what the Russian Academy of               Dr. Zhivago, and I knew it was a sign,” he says. He says        of chapel inside with values that can’t be shaken.”
     published his first poem at 16. His first book followed      Sciences did for his birthday in 2000 by naming a planet         Russia is still his first home, but that Tulsa now feels like       At age 70, Yevtushenko’s schedule is that of a
     three years later in 1952. In 1960, he became the first      after him at a ceremony in Moscow.                               home as well.                                                   young person’s, or rather, a young celebrity. In the
     Russian poet to break through the Iron Curtain and                If Russia had a Mount Rushmore, Yevtushenko most                 The University of Tulsa has become another kind of         spring semester of 2003, he taught two classes at TU

     recite his poetry in the West. In 1961, he gained inter-     likely would be on it.                                           home for him, and the duty of teaching is something he          on Mondays, flew to New York to teach during the
     national acclaim with the poem “Babi Yar,” a moving              That’s the public version of Yevtushenko; the more           takes very seriously. An immensely popular teacher,             week at Queens College and often gave performances
     indictment of anti-Semitism and of Russian complicity        private one lives with his family in Tulsa’s midtown.            Yevtushenko is concerned for young people today.                in between. In December, he was honored with a birth-
     with the Nazis.                                                  Spanning one wall of the living room is a series of              “Some are less engaged with the world,” he says. “It        day celebration in New York, which included a perfor-
          Yevtushenko has written novels, directed and acted      large black-and-white photographs that show heavily              is an international problem, in Russia, as well as in the       mance of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 13,
     in films, and has become a serious photographer, all         lined, weathered faces. “My family,” Yevtushenko says.           United States. I asked students in my film class if they        which is based in part on “Babi Yar.” He was scheduled
     while continuing his political activism. He served in            His father was a geologist who read him poetry. “Not         had seen Citizen Kane, one of the greatest films of all.        in Chicago the next day. He returned to Russia for the
     the first freely-elected Russian parliament from 1988        just those poems for children. He encouraged me, pushed          Not one person raised their hand,” Yevtushenko says             holidays, also visiting the Ukraine and Poland, before
     to 1991, during which time he introduced readers to          me to learn,” he remembers. “He was a lover of poetry.”          with amazement. “The next class, I changed my schedule          returning to Tulsa to teach again in 2004.
     many poets who had been repressed by communism.                  Below the pictures on the same wall is a small gold          to show Citizen Kane.” Yevtushenko blames, in part,                  “Last year was a very special year. I did not call it
     He also helped place a monument to the victims of            plaque engraved almost entirely in Russian. A row of             budget cuts in education and less value and attention           my birthday celebration. I called it my special anniver-
     Stalinist repression opposite the headquarters of the        telescopic coordinates reveals it as the birthday card of        given to the arts. “It is very dangerous when the first         sary because I don’t feel 70, and I have so much still to
     KGB. During the attempted coup by right-wing lead-           sorts, bestowing a planet upon him (or him upon it). On          casualties of budgets effect young people’s education.”         do.”
     ers in 1991, he voiced his opposition by reciting poetry     opposite walls in the same room are framed posters, the              Yevtushenko’s solution to the apathy of youth is, not            Yevtushenko would like to see a performance of
     from the balcony of the Russian “White House”                kind you see for rock concerts for the Beatles or Bob            surprisingly, the arts. He says he does not teach ‘how-to’      Symphony No. 13 in Tulsa. If the money could be
     before a crowd of 200,000. In 2001, Yevtushenko’s            Dylan. These are for Yevtushenko’s performances at               classes in poetry and film, but his teaching is dominated       found to produce it, he would do it for no fee, he says.
     childhood home was dedicated as a permanent                  Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden.                         by an artist’s perspective. “What I try to teach is not              He’s now working on a new compendium of 10
     museum of poetry.                                                Over borscht and wine, Yevtushenko provides a tour           exactly poetry, or cinema, but compassion, non-indiffer-        centuries of Russian poetry, which will fill three sepa-
          Yevtushenko has toured more than 90 countries,          through the Anthology of 20th-Century Russian Poetry,            ence, responsibility for everything. I try to make the          rate volumes and include short biographies for each
     and his poems have been translated into 72 languages.        which he compiled with funding help (in the end) from            world borderless. Everyone has troubles, but we must            poet, as well as responding poems written by Yevtu-
     The poet of many lives and many faces celebrated his         TU. Published in English in 1993 and in Russian in               find the courage for confession, for openness. In my            shenko himself.
     70th birthday last year with poetry readings in              1995, Yevtushenko says he began work on the book as far          class, we try to know each other.”                                   “For this work, Tulsa is a good place for me. It is
     Moscow, St. Petersburg, and at TU’s Kendall Hall.            back as 1960, but that work went slowly under commu-                 Through his poetry and other artistic endeavors,            quiet, and I am very happy to work on this project for
     The event also marked his 10th year as the Henry             nism even after Warren Beatty helped him get one manu-           Yevtushenko still hopes to make a difference that reaches       future generations, but I have many Yevtushenkos
     Kendall Professor of English. The reading was so             script out of the Soviet Union in the 1970s.                     beyond the classroom.                                           inside me. I am a performer, a wanderer, a writer, an
     crowded that students overflowed from the chairs and             “At that time, it was not easy to get information out            “The world changes slowly, not as fast as we would          explorer,” he says. “I had to set aside a novel, I have a
     aisles to sit at the poet’s feet as he prowled and floated   of Russia,” he says. “The customs did not look for drugs         like. People have less and less hope, so we need poetry         film I would like to make, but I need more
     across the stage. The evening included rousing recita-       as much as they looked for manuscripts. It was intellec-         more,” Yevtushenko says, pausing before continuing his          Yevtushenkos for this. I need clones of myself to do it
     tions of Yevtushenko’s poems in English by students          tual censorship.”                                                thought. “No one can truly dislike poetry, but some need        all.” I

16                                                                                                                 TUwinter2004   TUwinter2004                                                                                                                  17
                                                                                                 based Career Exploration Program. I will be teaching a few classes (art history, philosophy and literature) to
                                                                                                 the women who enroll in the program.

                                                                                                 AMATE HOUSE - LITTLE VILLAGE, AUGUST 2001                       My first year at Amate is over, and I
                                                                                                 decided to do another. I’m living in an almost 100% Mexican neighborhood in Chicago called “Little
                                                                                                 Village (La Villita).” I’m working at a Latino community-based organization, The Resurrection Project,
                                                                                                 with mothers and their children who are homeless and survivors of domestic violence. I never thought I
                                                                                                 would like working with kids this much, but they are great — so full of life and energy despite all the
                                                                                                 harsh things they have been through. My Spanish is improving, but it is still pretty rough!
                                        Young. Talented. Ambitious. Former University
                                        Relations work-study Morgan Paulus (BFA ’99)             SUMMER 2002 My service year is over at Little Village. I love the neighborhood, the people, the
                                         landed a cushy job in corporate Tulsa after             language, the culture. I’m so excited that I will be able to keep my job working with the families and
                                                                                                 actually earn a salary.

                                                                                                 JOBLESS IN JANUARY 2003                  Sad news. The Supportive Housing program at the
                                           She left it to follow her dream of making a           Resurrection Project is losing its funding, and I have been laid off. They’re going to have to shut
                                            difference in the world: First stop, a shelter for   down the entire program. I’m worried about what will happen to those families without the
                                             homeless women in Chicago, then a lay off,          support of the Resurrection Project.
                                                                                                     I guess this is just the push I need for change. I’ve been thinking about challenging
                                              which was the springboard for her work in
                                                                                                 myself in a new way, and I’m looking for another opportunity. I’m looking into three inter-
                                               Mexico. Morgan’s e-mail notes to family           national programs: one in Mexico, one in Ecuador and another in Guatemala. I’ll go to
                                               and friends form a 21st century journal of        any, but the opportunity in Mexico really appeals to me, probably because I feel so com-
                                                adventure, fun and fulfilling work.              fortable in La Villita.

                                                                                                 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED • AUGUST 2003 The Mexican program seemed
                                                                                                 the best fit for me and guess what? After I was interviewed, I was accepted. So here I
                                                                                                 am in Mèrida, in the Yucatan peninsula, which is directly south of New Orleans. The
                                                                                                 program is called Mission of Friendship, and you can look them up on the Internet
                                                                                                 at I am here for a total of 15 months, but may stay longer. I’ve
                                                                                                 been assigned to the Nueva Vida (New Life) Shelter for Girls, which provides a
                                                                                                 group home environment for girls whose family situation is not too good. The
                                                                                                 Shelter provides schooling, supervision and loving care as well as tutoring, addi-
                                                                                                 tional classes, special activities and field trips.

                                                                                                 ORIENTATION           My first week was orientation, spent getting to know
AUGUST 1999         I can hardly believe that college is over, and that after my summer          the different programs of the Mission. I was able to visit some of the
internship in the Creative Services department at PennWell, I am working full-time there         nearby villages with the Mission’s doctor in the medical dispensary. What
as a graphic designer. It seems like only yesterday that Lauren and I were hosting TUTV          an adventure — riding through what seemed to be almost, but not quite
or sharing a pitcher at the Hut before some event in ACAC.                                       actual roads in a giant bus-turned-mobile-medical dispensary. The doctor
                                                                                                 is amazing: He has dedicated a great portion of his life to serving the peo-
APRIL 2000 I enjoy my work at PennWell, but something is missing. I feel like                    ple in the villages outside of Mèrida and rides all day in that hot bus with-
there is more out there, and I really want to serve and work with people. I read about           out a single complaint. I was about to pass out after the first hour. We
Amate House in Chicago from the Connections guide at the Newman Center at TU, and it             had a clothing sale (1 peso per article) and met some of the families that
seems like a good fit for me: large community (15 people), emphasis on service, spiritual-       are part of our programs.
ity and social justice. Sounds good. I’ll apply.
                                                                                                 AMIGAS NUEVAS             I arrived in Mèrida first, then came my roommates,
AMATE HOUSE • AUGUST 2000                     I’m in! This place is terrific. I’m sharing liv-   Alejandra and Flor. Alejandra is originally from Guatemala but moved to
ing space with other volunteers. Our basic needs are met, we’re having fun, and helping          Pennsylvania with her family when she was 14. Flor is originally from
real people with real needs. We work for schools and social service agencies throughout          Guadalajara, Mexico, but moved with her mom to California when she
Chicago. I’m working in the Education & Employment department at Deborah’s Place, a              was 6 years old. By some ‘strange’ coincidence, the three of us are all
transitional shelter for women who are homeless. I get to assist the women with lots of          vegetarians, we all love to dance, and we definitely all love our work with
different things, including résumés, school applications, setting up e-mail accounts and         the girls at the Shelter. We get along as if we’ve always known each
arts and crafts projects. I am also helping plan curriculum for the first-ever Humanities-       other. While there are several mission staff and volunteers who are

                                                                                                 TUwinter2004                                                                                                     19
around all of the time as well (some from the United            ent culture. The kids are like kids everywhere: goofy, full     TOWN AND COUNTRY SCHOOLS Fridays I teach                        loved it: One of them shouted, “Let’s go to the United
States and others from Yucatan), Flor, Alejandra and I are      of life, sweet, sometimes with lots of attitude. But then,      English at two different schools. When I say different, I       States!” when she hopped in the car. I told her I didn’t
the three 15-month volunteers who live together at the          their attitude toward education is definitely different.        mean completely different. The first school is the one that     think we had enough gas for that, but maybe next time.
mission house.                                                  They value and treasure education here, and are very            our girls from the Shelter attend. I have 29 rowdy sixth
                                                                respectful of teachers. I still have kids who don’t turn in     graders. The community has so many kids that the school         OTHER THAN TEACHING                  On Mondays,
SWEATERLESS IN NOVEMBER                       There is so       their homework, and girls at the Shelter who will run and       has to have two sessions a day. Our girls are in the morn-      Wednesdays and Friday evenings, Flor, Alejandra and I
much I want to share, I’m not really sure where to begin. I     hide when it is time to do theirs, but overall the kids want    ing session from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. The school is public        have been taking folklorico dance lessons. This is some-
work five days a week at the Shelter for girls, helping with    to learn.                                                       and has very few resources. The teachers, who get               thing fun and extremely challenging for me because the
homework and teaching computer classes. Since I’m pretty             The girls live at the Shelter during the week and on       switched around constantly and without warning, are not         group we practice with is very advanced. They perform
good with Macs and know a little about graphic design,          the weekends go with family members or guardians. They          allowed to keep anything permanent in their classrooms          regularly, and for some reason have been nice enough to
the computer class part is pretty funny to me — it’s all        are given a lot of opportunities at the Shelter that they       since they are used by a different teacher with a different     let me rehearse with them.
PCs and keyboarding. Things have been going really well,        wouldn’t have otherwise: computer classes, English classes,     class in the afternoon. It’s a wonder these kids learn any-          We actually have been rehearsing recently with
and I can hardly believe I have been living here for three      tutoring, nutritious meals, etc. They each have a chore         thing at all, with all of the distractions and constant         another group, and are going to perform at Carnaval in a
months now. Most weeks fly by, filled with classes and          that changes weekly, and everyday when they get home            changes and the small amount of time they are actually in       few weeks. There’s something I never thought I would
work at the Shelter. I can’t believe it is actually November    from school, they must wash their clothes in a basin out-       the classroom.                                                  say: “I am going to dance in one of Mexico’s biggest
because everywhere I’ve lived before, November feels very       side, hang them to dry, and do their chores. One of my              The other school is in the small village of Tixcacal        parades/parties.” We’ll see if I can stand dancing in heels
different from this! I am still wearing shorts, short-sleeves   other responsibilities is to supervise them doing these         (Teesh-ka-kal) about 30 minutes away. I have SEVEN stu-         and full costume for 5 kilometers, 4 days in a row, and in
and flip flops. I am actually starting to miss wearing          things. I have to check to make sure they have washed           dents who are amazing. They always want to have English         this heat. Vamos a ver! (We’ll see.)
sweaters.                                                       their clothes properly and cleaned their rooms thoroughly.      class, even on days when they don’t have school. A few               The weekends here are also pretty much free to do
                                                                The girls like to have me check their stuff because I am        months ago, I gave them a surprise quiz, and they didn’t        what we want. The city of Mèrida is so culturally rich —
UP TO THE CHALLENGE                   Being here has been       easy on them. (Those of you who know my typical stan-           do too well. They were so disappointed that when they got       free concerts, dances, performances and shows pretty
more than I expected most days — more challenging,              dards of cleanliness will understand why. :-)                   their scores, they begged for another test right then and       much every night of the week. My roommates and I have
more fulfilling, more amazing. But it also seems ordinary. I                                                                    there. They must have studied over the week, because six        visited some amazing cenotes (natural underground water
guess it is hard to explain. I don’t feel like I am doing       MIERCOLES MAGICO Every Wednesday, Flor,                         of them got 100%, and the other one got 90%! These kids         holes) and Mayan ruins sites near here. We were able to
something extraordinary. I love the work. I love the girls at   Alejandra and I have a special activity. Each week is differ-   are funny too; they are always making me laugh. Each            take an incredible trip to Chiapas in November, which
the Shelter and the students I teach. I am learning so          ent: sometimes an art project, or dancing, or a movie, or       week after class, they teach me a little bit of Mayan (I        was very inspiring to me. The people there are beautiful,
much, and I think the girls are teaching me more than I         skits. We have choreographed a couple of songs, which the       guess in exchange for the English), so I now know about a       and the indigenous culture is still thriving, largely because
could ever hope to teach them! I am also now working one        girls performed for their Christmas show. We’ve also had        dozen words, including the words for ‘belly button’ and         the communities are deep in the mountains and because
day a week at a local human rights organization called          introductory sessions for ballet, karate, yoga and aerobics.    ‘urinate’. I think I’m prepared to have a great conversation    of the strength of the Zapatista movement. This part of
Indignacion, and I love that too. The dedication and com-       I taught ballet and karate and was surprised that I actually    in Mayan. :-)                                                   the world is full of history and beauty. I feel overwhelmed
mitment to peace and to social and economic justice I see       remembered enough to teach. The last time I took karate             Last week one of them asked me to give her a ride           sometimes because there is so much to see and do, and so
inspires me constantly.                                         was junior year in high school, and I’ve never tried to         home after class. The village is tiny (about 50 families live   little time left to do it!
                                                                teach it, in Spanish, to a bunch of wild girls before, but      there), so I knew it wouldn’t be far. What I didn’t expect
KIDS: ALIKE BUT DIFFERENT Mèrida is differ-                     somehow I did. I kept trying to emphasize how it is a form      was that about 9 of the other kids (from both English              This is my life in Mexico, mas o menos (more or less).
ent from my experiences in Chicago on a few levels. It          of art and should be treated respectfully. Of course, that      classes) would hop in the back of the truck expecting us to     Every day feels so full, and I am grateful for each new
feels more intense sometimes because I am in a different        didn’t get across because 10 minutes afterwards, I caught a     take them home too. It only took a total of 15 minutes to       one. I hope you are all well!
country, speaking a different lan-
guage and learning a differ-
                                                                couple of the girls trying to kick each other. Oh well.         circle the village a few times, and I could tell the kids                           Take care. Peace!  Morgan
            Top Collegiate Tennis Players                                        Jason Parker Named Academic                        Tea for More than Two

            Look to Ace Case                                                     All-American                                           The late Edwin “Booth” and Katherine Louise Moffett loved TU’s College of Law and left it part of their
                                                                                     Senior hoopster Jason Parker was named         estate. Their generous endowment will be used for the Dean’s Discretionary Fund to sponsor scholarships, atten-
            By Roger Dunaway
                                                                                 to the CoSIDA Academic All-America second          dance at conferences, enrichment speakers on campus, and student participation in law competitions. Funds are
                The top collegiate tennis teams and players in the nation will   team by the College Sports Information             also designated to help publish the College of Law’s various student-driven journals. A tea was held at the
            set their sights on Tulsa when TU hosts the 120th Annual             Directors of America. This marks the second        President’s Residence on February 26, 2004 honoring the Moffett gift.
            NCAA Division I Men’s Tennis Championships, May 22-31,               consecutive season that Parker earned this
            2004. Participants will play at TU’s Michael D. Case Tennis          honor. He was on the third team last year.
            Center, honored in 2003 by the United States Tennis Association          Parker, a 6'2" guard, completed his
            as the top tennis facility in the nation.                            undergraduate bachelor’s degree in manage-
                This is the first-ever appearance in Oklahoma for the NCAA       ment information systems in May 2003. This
            Tennis Championships. The Men’s Tennis Championships are             year he is working towards a second degree in
            the oldest national championship competition recognized by the       economics, maintaining a 3.52 grade point
            NCAA, having begun in 1883 in Hartford, Connecticut.                 average.
                Last season, the University of Illinois became just the fourth       Parker played in his final home game
            undefeated team to win an NCAA title by defeating Vanderbilt,        March 6, 2004 against Louisiana Tech. In 29
            4-3. Illinois also dominated the singles and doubles field.          games, Parker averaged a team-leading 16.9
                Although Tulsa just missed qualifying for its eighth NCAA        points, 2.9 assists and 1.6 steals per contest.
            Tournament appearance in the past 11 seasons in 2003, the            He scored over 20 points in 10 games this          Mary Ann & Paul Moffett (center), are greeted by the           Bob & Marcy Lawless welcome Kenneth Brune (JD ’74) to
            Golden Hurricane returns seven letterwinners, including senior       season and had a season-high 30 points at          Lawlesses as Law Alumni Board President Judge Mike             the tea honoring Booth & Louise Moffett.
            All-American Dustin Taylor and senior Alejandro Tejerina, who        Fresno State.                                      Zacharias looks on.
            advanced to the NCAA second round a year ago.                            A four-year letterwinner and two-year
                                                                                 starter, Parker has played in 133 career games
                                                                                 to rank fourth on the school’s all-time games
                                                                                 played chart. He ranks 10th on the school’s
                                                                                 career scoring chart with 1,401 points; sixth
                                                                                 on the assists chart with 388; seventh on the
                                                                                 steals list with 166; and sixth on the career
                                                                                 three-point field goals made list with 163.
                                                                                     Parker was named three times to the all-
                                                                                 WAC Academic Team and made TU’s Dean’s
                                                                                 List seven times.

                                                                                 Women in Sports Day                                June and Lowell Phillips, friends of the late Booth & Louise   Law Prof. Barbara Bucholtz joins Royce & Laurie Reed. Mr.
                                                                                 by Stephanie Hall                                  Moffett, pause for a photo with Marcy & Bob Lawless.           Reed was instrumental in executing the Moffett’s gift.

                                                                                     TU celebrated women in sports on the
                                                                                 18th anniversary of the National Girls and
                                                                                 Women in Sports Day (NGWSD), February              Tracking the Oldest Americans
                                                                                 7, 2004. NGWSD began in 1987 as a day to               President Lawless welcomes Tom D.
                                                                                 remember Olympic volleyball player Flo             Dillehay (r), the University of Kentucky anthro-
                                                                                 Hyman for her athletic achievements and her        pology professor who discovered the site com-
                                                                                 work to ensure equality for women’s sports.        monly accepted as the oldest man-made struc-
                                                                                 In addition to giveaways throughout the            ture in the Americas. During his illustrated lec-
                                                                                 Tulsa-UTEP women’s basketball game, TU             ture, “The First Americans: An Interdisciplinary
                                                                                 handed out a 2004 National Girls and               Perspective,” Dillehay proposed that a structure
                                                                                 Women in Sports Day badge to all attending         uncovered in Monte Verde, Chile, challenged
                                                                                 Girl Scouts.                                       the theory that the first Americans arrived from
                                                                                     Tulsa honored Molly Pickering, a Booker        Asia by crossing the Bering land bridge. Why?
                                                                                 T. Washington teacher and coach, as the sec-       “Climate change drove people to seek new lands
                                                                                 ond annual TU Girls and Women in Sports            and resources,” and perhaps, he poses, “a sense
                                                                                 Day Role Model award recipient.                    of adventure.”

   22                                                                                                                TUwinter2004   TUwinter2004                                                                                                                       23
class notes

                                            teaching at TU, he taught elemen-        Victoria Scovel Harris (BS ’66)         Steve Turnbo (BA ’67) was hon-          Thomas W. Wood, Jr., professor of        own success story at TU. He is a        Ed Roth (BS ’77) opened a Merry         Presidents’ Organization (YPO)
                                            tary education at Riverview and          works for Cameron Hospital in           ored by the Tulsa Region of the         journalism and history at TU. She        TU Distinguished Alumnus.               Maids franchise serving Rockland        European Regional Chairman for
                                            Lanier schools. Since the 2001           Indiana as a marketing assistant.       National Conference for                 is a writer, photographer and local                                              County, New York. He and his            2003-2005. He began this position
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ronald S. Lieberman (JD ’72) is
                                            spring semester, Don has been            She credits TU for providing a cre-     Community and Justice for his           historian living in Tulsa and Salem,                                             wife, Susan, reside in New York         in July.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              an associate with the Law Offices of
                                            teaching activity classes at TU as       ative environment and fondly            long-time work. Steve was NCCJ          Missouri. Phyllis is an author, jour-                                            City.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Glantz & Glantz, P.A., in                                                       Torie Vandeven (MS ’80) drills
                                            an adjunct instructor. His classes       recalls broadcasting classes with       board chairman in 1992 and 1993         nalist and former college English
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Plantation, Florida. He will serve as   Michael Wortham (BS ’78) and his        wells in the Anadarko Basin in
                                            include tennis, racquetball, and         Edward Dumit. Victoria and her          and continues as an executive com-      instructor, now residing in Broken
                                                                                                                                                                                                              editor-in-chief of the Rotary           wife, Beverly, have relocated to        Central Oklahoma and lives in the
                                            bowling. Don’s daughter, Michelle        husband, James Harris, reside in        mittee member.                          Arrow, Oklahoma. She continues to
                                                                                                                                                                                                              District 6990 newsletter for the        Moscow with BP, where he is             Rockies.
                                            Zimmerman (BA ’95, MA ’01),              Angola, Indiana.                                                                write and speak about Oklahoma
                                                                                                                             D. Ronald “Ron”Reneker (BA                                                       third straight year. District 6990      responsible for development and
                                            resides in Kansas City.                                                                                                  playwright and poet, Lynn Riggs,                                                                                         James “Jim” W. Aitkenhead (BS
                                                                                     Maureen VanDyke Holloway (BA            ’68) has practiced law in Dallas                                                 serves 49 Rotary Clubs in Broward,      execution of gas projects in Russia
                                                                                                                                                                     who was the subject of her first                                                                                         ’81) is the district sales manager for
                                            Louise Parke Dickey (BM ’64)             ’66) published a book, Women            since he graduated from the                                                      Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties          for the new Joint Venture between
                                                                                                                                                                     biography, Haunted by Home. She                                                                                          Hypertherm, Incorporated, a leader
                                            performed in the 11th Annual             Aging Well, in 2002. The 84-page        University of Texas School of Law                                                and Grand Bahamas Island. Ronald        BP and the Russian Oil company
                                                                                                                                                                     also contributed to the 2003                                                                                             in laser and plasma cutting technol-
                                            Chamber Music Festival of Estes          volume tells the stories of 12          in 1971. He is a partner in the law                                              has served the district as assistant    TNK. Their oldest son, Justin, is a
                                                                                                                                                                     anthology, The Cherokee Night and                                                                                        ogy. He is on the Jenks City
                                            Park, Colorado, on September 26          Louisiana women and was featured        firm of Craddock Reneker and                                                     governor and is past president of       junior at TU pursuing an MIS
                                                                                                                                                                     Other Plays by Lynn Riggs.                                                                                               Council and serves as a trustee of
                                            with colleagues in the American          in the Baton Rouge Advocate news-       Davis LLP, of which he was a                                                     the Rotary Club of Miami                degree and their son, Ross, is a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.
                                            Chamber Players. Louise is a             paper.                                  founder. During his 32-year career,     William Joseph Carl III (BS ’70)         Dadeland Pinecrest.                     sophomore in international studies
                                            founding member and artistic                                                     the primary emphasis of Ron’s prac-     served as a visiting fellow at New                                               at the University of North Texas.       Rhoda Baker (BS ’82) works at
                                                                                     Marylea Walker Byrd (JD ’67)                                                                                             Theodore Stanzel (MS ’72) is
                                            director of the Chamber Music                                                    tice has been business litigation. He   College, Oxford University. He                                                   Friends can contact Michael at          The University of Oklahoma
                                                                                     retired on February 1 after 35 years                                                                                     president of Victor Stanzel
                                            Society of Estes Park, which spon-                                               also serves as an expert witness in     preached and lectured at both                                                                  National Resource Center for
                                                                                     with the federal government,                                                                                             Company, a model aircraft toy
                                            sors world-class chamber ensembles                                               the areas of professional responsi-     Cambridge and Oxford. A former                                                                                           Youth Services and is a Mary Kay
                                                                                     including 31 years at Housing and                                                                                        manufacturing business. The busi-       Mark Abbott (BS ’79, MBA ’85)
                                            in recitals. The society also pro-                                               bility and attorneys fees. He is an     university and seminary professor,                                                                                       Independent Consultant. She vol-
Schnea Bates (BA ’97, MA ’00) mar-                                                   Urban Development. She continues                                                                                         ness was founded by brothers            and his wife, Terri Headrick
                                            vides coaching, lessons and oppor-                                               arbitrator with the American            he has been senior pastor of First                                                                                       unteers for Vintage Magazine as a
ried Bobby Nealy Jr. on June 7 at                                                    to reside in Columbia, Maryland,                                                                                         Victor and Joseph Stanzel in 1929.      Abbott (BS ’79) live in Bartlesville,
                                            tunities for performance to the stu-                                             Arbitration Association and is a fre-   Presbyterian Church in Dallas for                                                                                        restaurant review columnist. Rhoda
Antioch Baptist Church in Tulsa. TU                                                  and hopes to travel and to volun-                                                                                        The brothers designed, manufac-         where Mark is director of utility
                                            dents of Estes Valley.                                                           quent speaker at continuing legal       the past 20 years.                                                                                                       and her husband, Donald, reside in
                                                                                     teer for her special charities,                                                                                          tured and marketed model airplanes      operations for ConocoPhillips.
alumni who participated in the wedding                                                                                       education programs. In addition,                                                                                                                                 Tulsa.
                                            James C. Lang (JD ’64) was               including Hospice of Howard                                                     Mary Snider (MA ’71) retired             to the hobbyists and toy airplanes      Terri is a sensory analyst for 21st
were Erica Crossley-Walker (BS ’99),                                                                                         Ron was featured in Texas Super
                                            awarded the Maurice Merrill              County.                                                                         from Bartlesville Public Schools         for children. The Stanzel Family        Sensory. They have two children.        Mary Lhevine (BS ’82) is a retired
Lula Adams-Handy (BS ’03) and                                                                                                Lawyers 2003, a joint publication of
                                            Golden Quill Award at the                                                                                                after teaching orchestra for 32          Foundation, which was established       Lauren is a freshman at TU, and         independent investment advisor.
                                                                                     Bill Derrevere (BS ’67, MA ’69),        Texas Monthly and Law and Politics
Kimberley Gafrey (BSBA ’02). The            November 13 meeting of the                                                                                               years. She continues to teach pri-       by Victor and Joseph in 1989, pro-      Alan is a junior at Bartlesville High   She volunteers as a math tutor in
                                                                                     his wife, Harriet Koons                 magazines. Ron and his wife, Cathy,
couple lives in Tulsa.                      Oklahoma Bar Association. This                                                                                           vate cello lessons in Tulsa and          vides educational opportunities in      School.                                 the Tulsa Public Schools. She and
                                                                                     Derrevere (BS ’69) and their son,       have been married for 25 years.
                                            award is given each year to recog-                                                                                       Bartlesville and is a member of the      the form of renewable scholarships                                              her husband, Dr. George W.
                                                                                     Brett, displayed artwork in the         They have a son, Ash, 20, and a                                                                                          James J. Barlow (BS ’79) is a for-
                                            nize the author of the highest qual-                                                                                     Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra.         to high school seniors from the                                                 Schnetzer III, reside in Tulsa.
                                                                                     exhibit, “The Derrevere Exhibit:        daughter, Tori, 16.                                                                                                      mer coach and teacher. He and his
                                            ity article published that year in the                                                                                   Mary and her husband, Steve              Weimar and Schulenburg, Texas
                                                                                     Three Styles, One Family,”at the                                                                                                                                 wife, Jeanette, reside in Tulsa.        Carol Teresa Lynn Phillips (BFA
                                            Oklahoma Bar Journal. James and                                                  Beverly Kitterman (BS ’69) retired      Snider (BM ’71), were presented          school districts. The Stanzel model
                                                                                     Tulsa Community College                                                                                                                                                                                  ’82) earned second place in her
                                            his wife, Sharon Corbitt (JD ’82)                                                from American Airlines in July and      with the “Builder of the                 aircraft museum is a Foundation         Charles Kemnitz (BA ’79, MA ’81)
                                                                                     Southeast Campus student gallery                                                                                                                                                                         division in sparring at the World
                                            reside in Tulsa.                                                                 bought a home in Copan,                 Stars”award by the Bartlesville          entity developed in 1998. It con-       is the director of the technical com-
                                                                                     in January and February. The                                                                                                                                                                             Kuk Sool Association martial arts
                                                                                                                             Oklahoma, for her niece and sister.     Allied Arts and Humanities               tains 30 exhibits of model airplanes    munications program at Penn
                                            Charlotte DeGarmo Hughes (BA             exhibit featured pewter pieces and a                                                                                                                                                                     tournament. Those who remember
                                                                                                                                                                     Council in recognition of their ser-     and amusement rides designed over       College, a Penn State campus, in
                                            ’65) was elected to lead the St.         series of assemblages from Bill,        Bill Mueller (BS ’69) has formed                                                                                                                                 Carol from college days will recall
                                                                                                                                                                     vice and lifetime achievements           the past 70 years by the Stanzel        Williamsport, Pennsylvania. For the
                                            Petersburg chapter of the Harley         watercolors from Harriet, and line      Antlers Exploration with a partner.                                                                                                                              that anything athletic was the fur-
                                                                                                                                                                     teaching instrumental music in the       brothers.                               past decade, he has been publishing
                                            Owners Group for 2004. Charlotte         drawings, collage/assemblage            Antlers will focus on generating and                                                                                                                             thest thing from her mind. Her
                                                                                                                                                                     public schools. Steve has retired                                                extensively. His nonfiction has
                                            and her husband, Dennis V.               hybrids and other artwork by Brett.     drilling exploration prospects in the                                            Jim Rodgers (BS ’73) and his son,                                               eight-year-old son, Keegan Taylor,
                                                                                                                                                                     but continues to teach private clar-                                             appeared in New Millennium
                                            Hughes (BS ’66), enjoy frequent          Bill is an assistant professor of art   Permian Basin and South                                                          Chad (BSBA ’99), have completed a                                               tied for fourth place in his division
                                                                                                                                                                     inet and bass clarinet lessons in                                                Writing, Northwest Review, and River
                                            bike rides together. Charlotte rides     at Tulsa Community College.             Louisiana. Offices will be in                                                    restoration of the Cain’s Ballroom.                                             in techniques at the same world
                                                                                                                                                                     Bartlesville, Glenpool, Skiatook                                                 Teeth. He has been awarded one of
                                            a black 2003 Anniversary Road            Harriet is an adjunct instructor of     Midland, Texas, where he and his                                                 Jim purchased the ballroom in                                                   tournament.
                                                                                                                                                                     and Sapulpa.                                                                     the six National Endowment for the
                                            King, and Dennis rides a red 2004        art at Tulsa Community College          wife, Ann Brooke Sloss (’69)                                                     2002, and Chad runs the business.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Arts Literature Fellowships in cre-     Jane Hilderbrand-Johnson (BS
                                            Road King.                               and former instructor and assistant     reside, and Lafayette, Louisiana.       C. Randall Eslick (BS ’72) is the        The Cain’s Ballroom was founded
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ative nonfiction for 2004-2005. The     ’83) and her husband, Curtis M.
                                                                                     to the director at Philbrook Art                                                owner of Eslick Design Associates,       in 1924 and is celebrating its 80th
                                            Ira Phillips (BA ’65) received the                                               70s                                                                                                                      literature fellowship recognizes his    Johnson (JD ’91) live in Tulsa and
                                                                                     Center.                                                                         Incorporated. He and his wife,           year in operation.
                                            Magnolia Silver Award given by the                                               Phyllis Cole Braunlich (BS ’70,                                                                                          work on a book-length exploration       celebrated their son, Wyatt’s fourth
Jeffrey Rudd (BS ’01) and Michael                                                                                                                                    Ann, share children Kristin, Jay and
                                            City of Shanghai, China, to resi-        Craig L. LaGrone (BS ’67, MS            MA ’75) published her second biog-                                               Lynda Dresch (BS ’75) was named         of the effects of uranium mining        birthday in Disneyland. Jane is a
                                                                                                                                                                     John and stepdaughter Laura.
Krupka (BS ’00, MBA ’03) stand in           dent foreigners who have con-            ’71) is a retired teacher and coach.    raphy, Stone Pillows: An American                                                2003 Lone Star Elementary               during the 1950s and ’60s on the        manager at Baker and Associates,
                                                                                                                                                                     Randy was a baseball letterman at
front of Philadelphia’s famous Geno’s       tributed to the city’s development.      He collects antique toy cars, planes    Christian Missionary in the Moslem                                               Teacher of the Year. She also was a     Ute and Navajo nations. The new         and Curtis is deputy administrative
                                                                                                                                                                     TU and is a member of the Golden
Cheese Steak one day before participating   Since 1989, 411 professionals have       and coins. Craig and his wife,          Land of King Zog. Personal diaries                                               top six finalist in Region Four for     book will be titled, “Seep With         law judge for the Oklahoma
                                                                                                                                                                     Hurricane Club.
                                            received the medal. In addition to       Ellen, reside in Tulsa. They share      tell the story of C. T. Erickson and                                             Duval County Public Schools and         Yellow Frogs.” Charles and his wife,    Corporation Commission.
in the 10th annual Philadelphia
                                            distributing construction equip-         three children: Craig, Cammie and       his young family traveling to           Lex Frieden (BS ’72), his wife,          was nominated for the Gladys Prior      Susan Schuelte Kemnitz (BA ’77),
Marathon. Both Jeff and Michael are         ment through his Shanghai Phillips       Canon.                                                                          Joyce, and friend and roommate,          Award for Duval County.                 reside in Williamsport.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Susan Mullins Johnson (JD ’83),
                                                                                                                             Albania in 1908 where they suffered                                                                                                                              who has served as district judge for
actively involved in the TU Alumni          Construction Equipment                                                                                                   Mac Brodie, were featured in the
                                                                                     Sepandar “Frank” Mossadeghi             through dangerous wars, invasions,                                               Barry Hargrove (BS ’75) cele-           Timothy Cody Raburn (BS ’79,            Johnson, Lawrence and Martin
Association as members of the               Company, Limited, Ira is active in                                               plagues and exiles, in a European       January issue of Family Circle maga-
                                                                                     (BA ’67, MA ’69) is the department                                                                                       brated his fifth year at Southern       BS ’82) moved from Houston to           County, Kentucky, since 1992, was
Homecoming Committee. Jeff will chair       business consulting and has bro-                                                 country 80 percent Moslem and 90        zine. The article describes the trio’s
                                                                                     chair at the Palm Beach                                                                                                  Hills Country Club in February,         Omaha, Nebraska, with his wife,         elected president of the District
the Bonfire Committee for the second        kered exchanges of several Chinese                                               percent illiterate. Erickson estab-     interdependence and determination
                                                                                     Community College for Education,                                                                                         where he serves as director of horti-   Marna White (BS ’84). He is vice        Judges Association of Kentucky.
time this year. Jeff works for MAI          and Oklahoma delegations, includ-                                                lished the first Albanian-American      as they worked together to over-
                                                                                     Economics, and Social Sciences.                                                                                          culture. His daughter, Erin             president of gas and power for          She previously served as secretary
                                            ing one led by former Oklahoma                                                   school of Agriculture and Domestic      come the obstacles of their individ-
Investment Management Consultants.          Governor Frank Keating. Ira is a
                                                                                     He has three daughters, a son and
                                                                                                                                                                     ual handicaps. Lex also applauds
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Phillips, graduated from TU this        ConocoPhillips.                         and vice-president of the associa-
Michael began a new position with T. D.                                              three grandchildren: Alexandra,         Sciences. Assisting Phyllis as editor                                            December. His son is a sophomore                                                tion. She also serves as chief
                                            major partner in Twin Gates                                                      for this biography was Deloris          TU’s treatment of handicapped stu-                                               80s
Williamson, Incorporated this winter.                                                Phillip and Brian.                                                                                                       at the University of Arkansas, and                                              regional district judge for the
                                            Development, Incorporated.                                                       Gray Wood (BS ’73), widow of Dr.        dents in the article and recounts his                                            Ekin Ozker (BS ’80) has been
                                                                                                                                                                                                              his twins are freshmen at UCO in                                                Mountain Region, which encom-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Edmond.                                 elected to the position of Young        passes 22 counties. Susan and her

         26                                                                                                                                          TUwinter2004    TUwinter2004                                                                                                                                                      27
class notes

                                         husband, Gary, live in Paintsville,     Rebekah, and their three children:       improvement strategist at Shell’s       Erin were married June 22, 2002.        Hicks (BS ’94) O’Leary had their       at KJRH Channel 2 in Tulsa.
                                         Kentucky with their son, Cody.          Cameron, four, and Rayna and             Deer Park Chemical Plant. She and       Joseph is employed at Citizens          first child, Keeley Shaye, on          Angela was the recipient of the
                                         Their oldest son, Shane, lives in       Zachery who are 2-1/2-year-old           her husband, Ron, reside in the         Bank in Sales and Service.              September 29. She weighed six          2003 Heartland and Regional
                                         Austin, Texas, with his wife,           fraternal twins. Sam works for           Houston area with their children,                                               pounds and 13 ounces.                  Emmy Award for Best
                                                                                                                                                                  Jeri Ramey-Beeler (BS ’93) is a
                                         Kristine, and sons Cade and Reece.      Helzberg Diamonds and has been           Kasey, six, and Kristopher, two.                                                                                       Morning/Midday show. The award
                                                                                                                                                                  board certified anesthesiologist        Amy Whinery Osborne (BSBA
                                                                                 in the jewelry industry since 1993.                                                                                                                             was presented to KJRH in Denver         Matthew Pepper (BS ’00) and Tracy
                                         Trudy Lewis (BA ’83) is an associ-                                               Matt (JD ’92) and Jenny                 with Associated Anesthesiologists,      ’94, JD ’97) has been approved as a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 on October 18.
                                         ate professor for the University of     John C. James (BSBA ’90) and his         Ossenkop Hudspeth (BS ’92) cel-         Incorporated at Saint Francis           CPA by the North Carolina State                                                Arnold (BS ’02) were married June 7
                                         Missouri. Her short story collec-       wife, Amy Radcliff (MA ’94), had         ebrated the birth of triplet girls,     Hospital in Tulsa. Jeri’s husband,      Board of CPA Examiners. She will       Ken (BS ’95) and Dana                   at the St. Philip Neri Newman Center
                                         tion, The Bones of Garbo, won the       twins on June 6. Their names are         Keely Jean, Sophie Tate, and Alix       Jim Beeler (BS ’88), is the owner       continue her law practice in general   Champagne (BS ’95) Tucker are           at TU. The couple honeymooned in
                                         Sandstone Prize in Short Fiction        John Edward “Jack” and Abigail           Olivia, on November 9th. The girls      of Bee Pak, Incorporated. The cou-      legal services including representa-   the proud parents of Megan Rae,         Colorado, then spent the summer volun-
                                         and was published by the Ohio           Grace “Abby.” John is a partner          join their big sister, seven-year-old   ple resides in Mounds, Oklahoma.        tion of employees in workers’ com-     born on April 28, 2003. Ken has
                                         State University Press in July 2003.    with James and Associates in Tulsa.      Madison.                                                                        pensation and employment security      worked for, the world’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         teering in Guatemala. On the day the
                                                                                                                                                                  Christian J. Dietz, former TU                                                                                          couple returned to the U.S., a storm hit
                                         Trudy and her husband, Mike                                                                                                                                      commission hearings and appeals,       leading Internet personals site since
                                                                                 Barbara Barnard Moore (BA ’90)           Sandra Logan (BSN ’92) has              student in ’93, just opened a resort,                                                                                  Nashville and a tree landed on top of
                                         Barrett have two sons, Eddie, six,                                                                                                                               business formation and documenta-      2001 and was promoted to manager
                                                                                 “graduated” from the employment          worked at five hospitals in her         Long Caye Island Resort, in Belize,
                                         and Jude, four.                                                                                                                                                  tion, complex business transactions,   of Internet engineering.                their car. The “bride” paint was left
                                                                                 world in May. She is enjoying her        nursing career. In addition to her      Central America.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          mergers & acquisitions, procure-                                               untouched on the passenger window!
                                         Mary Jo Bowman (BA ’84, JD ’87)         free time at home and pursuing           busy schedule, she enjoys the com-                                                                                     Scott Zenthoefer (BME ’95, MA
                                                                                                                                                                  Robbi L. McDaniel-Hardesty (BS          ment and maintenance of tax-
                                         and her husband, Jim, celebrated        neglected interests.                     pany of 15 grandchildren.                                                                                              ’98) is a teacher in the Broken
                                                                                                                                                                  ’93) and her husband, Kent, cele-       exempt status, drafting and review
                                         the beautiful wedding of their                                                                                                                                                                          Arrow Public Schools. He is a
                                                                                 Leigh Ann Runyard Stockard               Kim Neafus (BS ’92) and her hus-        brated the birth of their daughter,     of contracts and leases, representa-
                                         lovely daughter, Jamie. They are in                                                                                                                                                                     director of the Tulsa Youth Chorale
                                                                                 (BSBA ’90) has been promoted to          band, Christopher, celebrated the       Kendall Renee, on October 1,            tion of clients before the IRS and
Susan Bellinghausen Cyrus (BFA           the process of remodeling their
                                                                                                                                                                                                          the North Carolina Department of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 and has been elected as president of
                                                                                 vice president, meetings at the          birth of their first child, Nathaniel   2001. Robbi joined Southwest
’93), feature page designer for The      home in Huntington Beach, and                                                                                                                                                                           the board for the Tulsa Oratorio
                                                                                 American Heart Association               Hunter Wayne Neafus on                  Airlines in April 2002 and works at     Revenue, representation of clients
Tulsa World, was named one of 10         Mary says that they now realize that                                                                                                                                                                    Chorus.
                                                                                 National Center in Dallas. Leigh         September 15.                           the corporate headquarters in           before the tax court, preparation of
                                         between the wedding and their
2004 Memory Makers Masters. The                                                  Ann and her husband, Paul (JD                                                    Dallas.                                 trusts, estates and wills, probate     Scott Azar (BSPE ’96) works for
                                         remodeling costs, they can never                                                 Robert B. Pyle (BA ’92) retired
scrapbooking magazine will feature                                               ’92) have two children, Amanda and                                                                                       administration, and collections. She   ChevronTexaco as a drilling engi-
                                         retire! However, Mary Jo makes                                                   from the United States Naval            Jeff Leinen, former student, com-
Susan’s scrapbook pages throughout the                                           Julia.                                                                                                                   also has become an associate direc-    neer in the Gulf of Mexico and is
                                         frequent business trips, which she                                               Reserve in 1981 after 22 years of       pleted his fifth season with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          tor at Truliant Federal Credit         based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Scott
year including the page of her father    claims is almost like taking exotic     Rene Bassett Butler (BA ’91) and         service. He volunteers his time in      Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Union, which is headquartered in       and his wife, Kelsey Lanie (BS ’98)
that will be the cover of Memory         vacations.                              her husband, Tracy Butler, are           the Mayor’s Citizen Corps as a          promoted to director of ticketing
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Winston-Salem.                         have a new daughter, Isabella
Makers’ May/June 2004 issue.                                                     pleased to announce the birth of         course manager and instructor in        and luxury suite relations, oversee-
                                         Jim Heinlein (BSEE ’84) obtained                                                                                                                                                                        Nicole, and a three-year-old
                                                                                 their son, Nathaniel, on September       the Community Emergency                 ing the operation of the team’s         Kate (Seney) Burch (BA ’95) and
                                         his Professional Engineer’s registra-                                                                                                                                                                   daughter, Madison Zay.
                                                                                 22. He joins his three-year-old sis-     Response Program. He is active in       ticket office, customer service         her husband, Wayne, had a baby
                                         tion this year.
                                                                                 ter, Kathryn. Rene is an attorney at     his church, Presbyterian Church         department, premium seating and         girl, Ashton Lila Jae, on July 31.     Scott Holder (BSBA ’96) com-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          The family lives in Norman,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tracy Lane Sparkman (BSBA ’92)
                                         John Harvey III (BA ’85) was pro-       Bassett Law Office in Wood River,        USA, and is a member of the TU          luxury suite departments.                                                      pleted his MBA at Oklahoma State
                                         moted to general manager in the         Illinois.                                Heritage Committee.                                                             Oklahoma.                              University. Scott and his wife,         and her husband, Mark, welcomed the
                                                                                                                                                                  Andrew D. Schwartzkopf (BSBA                                                                                           birth of their second child, Jackson Lane
                                         BP Amoco Texas office.                                                                                                                                                                                  Shari, had their first child, Lauren
                                                                                 Todd Wisdom (BSBA ’91) is with           Joseph Solomey (JD ’92) is assis-       ’93, JD ’97) married Maria C.           Joanna M. Grist (BS ’95, MS ’97)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Elizabeth, on August 8. Scott works     last May. Jack weighed eight pounds and
                                         Jane Vander Linden (BA ’87) is          the Tulsa-based accounting firm of       tant chief counsel for Hazardous        Afflack on June 7 in St. Louis. The     married Michael F. Lawson on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 at MCI in the billing quality assur-    nine ounces, and his parents guess that
                                         engaged to Colonel Scott West,          Tullius, Taylor, Sartain and Sartain.    Materials Safety and Emergency          best man was Dr. Joshua E.              November 1 at Tarp Chapel and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ance group where he develops and        he’ll be a TU offensive lineman in about
                                         United States Air Force.                In January 2002, he was promoted         Transportation Law for the              Petrikin (BS ’93). Ushers were for-     Gardens in Broken Arrow,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 implements audit strategies and
                                                                                 to audit partner in charge of the        Department of Transportation. He        mer TU students, Jefferson and          Oklahoma.                                                                      18 years! Jack has an older sister, Emily
                                         Debbie L. St. Peter Mooney (BA                                                                                                                                                                          manages billing projects.
                                                                                 Fayetteville office. Todd and his        manages a group of attorneys who        Lincoln Roblee. Other TU alumni                                                                                        Grace, who is now four. Tracy is working
                                         ’89) was voted building Teacher of                                                                                                                               Stephanie Simon Lancia (BA ’95)
                                                                                 wife, Janice, have been married for      are the department’s lead hazardous     in attendance included Richard                                                 Derek (BSBA ’96) and Crystal            as a claims specialist for State Farm and
                                         the Year for the 2003-04 school                                                                                                                                  and her husband, Paul, celebrated
                                                                                 11 years and have two children:          materials safety prosecutors and        Gotsch (BA ’98) and Kara Horton                                                Renee Perry (BS ’95) Icenhour           has been with the company since graduat-
                                         year at Union Intermediate High                                                                                                                                  the birth of their son, Alexander
                                                                                 daughter, Reilly, five, and son,         also serves as the department’s lead    (JD ’98)                                                                       announce the birth of their daugh-
                                         School in Broken Arrow. She is eli-
                                                                                 Jackson, one. They reside in             attorney on emergency transporta-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Simon Lancia, in May.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ter, Isabella Renee, who was born
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ing from TU. The Sparkman family
Kara Godbehere (BA ’02) and              gible to become District Teacher of
                                                                                 Springdale, Arkansas.                    tion law related to hazardous mate-
                                                                                                                                                                  Kelly Durkee-Erwin (MTA ’94)
                                                                                                                                                                                                          J. Bryant Mueller (BSME ’95) is a      on December 6.                          lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Jason Goodwin were married               the Year, which will be announced                                                                                        was married in August 1999 to
                                                                                                                          rials and non-hazardous materials                                               business development manager for
September 27 at First Wesleyan           in the spring. She teaches ninth        Doug Wright (BSBA ’91) is the tax                                                Massachusetts native, Everett                                                  Julie Wahouske Lees (BS ’96) and
                                                                                                                          safety issues covering all modes of                                             the Geoquest Production and
                                         grade English. This is her fifth year   manager at Wiltel Communications                                                 Erwin. In 2002, they welcomed the                                              her husband, Jason, celebrated the
Church in Bartlesville. TU alumnae                                                                                        transportation.                                                                 Drilling Division of Schlumberger.
                                         teaching public school and her fifth    for the Tax/Business Incentives                                                  birth of their son, Cameron Daniel                                             birth of their daughter, Elizabeth
who participated in the wedding                                                                                                                                                                           In 2003, he was elected to receive
                                         year at Union.                          Group. His group oversees the eco-       Michael P. White (BS ’92) is sta-       Erwin. Kelly took a year off of                                                Spencer, in September. Julie is
included Angela Sigley (BS ’02),                                                                                                                                                                          the Young Member Outstanding
                                                                                 nomic incentive programs that help       tioned with the U.S. Army at the        work to stay home with their son                                               working as the chief resident in
                                         Merylann Schuttloffel (MA ’89,                                                                                                                                   Service Award for the Society of
Amy Bueno (BS ’03), and Patty                                                    Wiltel reduce and eliminate their        Defense Language Institute in           and begins work part-time soon.                                                pediatrics at the University of
                                         PhD ’92) directs the Catholic                                                                                                                                    Petroleum Engineers. He has been
Hill (BS ’01). Current TU students                                               tax exposure in the areas of sales       Monterey, California, where he is                                                                                      Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.
                                         Leadership Programs and                                                                                                  Donna Monique Colleen Loomis            elected president of the 11,000-
Kaci Godbehere and Jennifer                                                      tax, income tax, and property tax.       studying Dari, one of the two offi-
                                         Education Administration Programs                                                                                        (BA ’94) completed her Ph.D.            member Houston Chapter of the          Chris Lopp (BSBA ’96, MBA ’99)
Wynn were members of the wed-                                                    He started a new consulting busi-        cial languages of Afghanistan. Mike
                                         at The Catholic University of                                                                                            degree in Human Services                Society for Petroleum Engineers        and his wife, Jennifer Garrett
                                                                                 ness — Strategic Solutions Group,        will then go to San Angelo, Texas,
ding party also. Following a honey-      America in Washington, D.C. She                                                                                          Psychology in 2001 at the               for 2005. Bryant is married to         (BSBA ’98, MBA ’00) celebrated
                                                                                 Incorporated — to assist Oklahoma        for additional training before head-
moon to Cancun, Mexico, the couple       has presented at many national and                                                                                       University of Maryland-Baltimore        Bridget Heist (BA ’95). The cou-       the birth of a son, Matthew
                                                                                 businesses reduce their tax              ing overseas.
established their home in Bartles-       international conferences including                                                                                      County and two years of post-doc-       ple resides in Houston.                Christopher, on September 1.
                                         Sydney, Australia, and Prague.                                                   Joseph J. August (BA ’93) and his       torate work at VA/Stanford
ville, but plan on moving to Boulder,                                                                                                                                                                     Robert G. Neuman (BSChE ’95)           Mark Luitwieler (BSBA ’96) is the
                                         Merylann and her husband, Marvin,       Mindy Diehl Yount (BSChE ’91)            wife, Erin, are proud to announce       University Medical Centers. She is
Colorado in May. Kara is attending                                                                                                                                                                        and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed       CEO and co-owner of Global
                                         reside in Silver Spring, Maryland.      moved from a 12-year position with       the birth of their daughter, Kaitlyn    working as assistant professor of
The University of Tulsa College of                                                                                                                                                                        their first child, Michael Lucas,      Fitness, Incorporated and Joe
                                                                                 Shell’s oil products business to Shell   Nicole, on January 6 at 2:13 a.m.       psychology at Wilfrid Laurier
                                         90s                                                                                                                                                              into the world on September 10.        Smoothie in Tulsa. Global Fitness
Law.                                                                             Chemical. In June, she moved to an       Kaitlyn weighed seven pounds and        University in Ontario, Canada.
                                         Sam Agha (BSBA ’90) lives in                                                                                                                                                                            is a 14,000-square-foot upscale         Andrea Clark (BS ’01) is engaged to
                                                                                 assignment as performance                was 20 inches long. Joseph and                                                  Angela G. Rogers (BS ’95) is a
                                         Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife,                                                                                         Josh (BSME ’94) and Jennifer                                                   adult fitness club. Joe Smoothie is a
                                                                                                                                                                                                          director for 2News Today/Midday                                                Christopher Whittington. The wedding is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         scheduled to take place at Harwelden
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mansion in Tulsa on May 29.
     28                                                                                                                                           TUwinter2004    TUwinter2004                                                                                                                                         29
class notes

                                                          shop that sells low carbohydrate, low       contract work for Star Speech Therapy.      clerking for the Honorable Maurice
                                                          fat, and high protein smoothies and                                                     Paul, U.S. District Court Judge for
                                                                                                                                                                                            In Memoriam                                                    Ruth G. Hardman
                                                                                                      Mike Metcalf (MBA ’97) served as                                                      Jeannine L. Babin (BA ’51), September.
                                                          nutritional supplements. Mark and his                                                   the Northern District of Florida.                                                                             Giving was a family heritage that
                                                                                                      Homecoming chair for the 2003
                                                          wife, Michelle Granum (BSBA ’95)                                                                                                  Louie Beller (BS ’55), April 15, 2003.
                                                                                                      Homecoming week. He and the                 Lisa Ross Slicznotka (BA ’99) was                                                                        pleased Ruth Hardman. She often spoke
                                                          welcomed their second daughter,                                                                                                   Trey J. Benear (BS ’00, JD ’03), in January.
                                                          Mallorie. They also have a seven-year-
                                                                                                      Homecoming Committee orchestrated           promoted to senior cardiovascular                                                                        of the hard physical work on the farm that
                                                                                                      several exciting events including the       specialist for Reliant Pharmaceuticals,   Gregory Allan Binford (BS ’74, BS ’77), October 22.            her Grandfather McFarlin insisted all the
                                                          old daughter named Madison.
                                                                                                      Distinguished Alumni Dinner, bonfire,       LLC. She resides in Joplin, Missouri,     Bill F. Bussey (BS ’57), October 15.                           children participate in as part of their
Finance Grad to Clerk for Rehnquist                       Cristin Erin Moran (BS ’96) was mar-        yard decoration competition, Fifty          and Krakow, Poland. Lisa has a
                                                                                                                                                                                            Lois Cellos, former TU student,, July 13.                      grounding in the needs of the real world.
                                                          ried April 26 in Tulsa to Corey Radloff     Years or More Graduate Brunch and           daughter named Mathian.
by Doug Fishback                                          of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The           the Hurricane Alley festivities. New to                                               Frances Coody, former TU student, January 14.                       The first time I met Ruth, she was sit-
                                                          couple met while attending graduate         the Homecoming week was the student
                                                                                                                                                  Joel Sutliff (BA ’99) was awarded a       Dean Demerritt (BS ’74), December 6.                           ting in a small class I was teaching on con-
     Jeff Oldham (BSBA ’00, Finance) built on an                                                                                                  Joseph Jefferson Citation Award for
                                                          school at Rice University. In July,         sedan race.                                                                           Thomas Beason Detjen (BS ’50), January 23.                     temporary theatre. Perfectly quaffed and
outstanding TU career by completing a law degree          Cristin and Corey defended their
                                                                                                                                                  Best Leading Actor in a Musical for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           groomed, understated, warm, elegant, the
                                                                                                      Troy Barron (JD ’98) married his wife,      his portrayal of George in Sunday in      Orville H. Frazier (‘49), January 10.
at Northwestern University’s prestigious School of        Ph.D.s in chemistry. Now they work as                                                                                                                                                            way Ruth looked at me, the way she
                                                                                                      Traci, in May. Fellow TU College of         the Park with George. The Joseph          Richard E. Gardner, Jr. (JD ’70), November 12.
Law last May. Now he is preparing for one of the          National Research Council post-doc-
                                                                                                      Law alumnus, Scott Bloom (JD ’98)           Jefferson Awards recognize outstand-                                                                     looked out at the world — eyes wide
                                                          toral fellows at the Air Force Research                                                                                           Lee Gideon (BA ’64), October 7.
legal profession’s most interesting jobs: clerking for                                                was part of the wedding party. Troy and     ing achievement in Chicago theatre.                                                                      open, smiling, grateful —was if I, as repre-
                                                          Lab in Dayton, Ohio.                                                                                                              Fred Graham Hawley (BS ’71), November 23.
U.S. Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. Oldham                                                       Traci reside in Chicago.                    Joel has lived in Chicago for three                                                                      sentative of a world she wished to know
                                                                                                                                                                                            Mary B. Hardie (BS ’66), in July.
will clerk for Rehnquist from October 2004 through        Michelle Baron Brenner (BSN ’97)
                                                                                                      Bryce A. Brimer (MFA ’98) was hired
                                                                                                                                                  years.                                                                                                   more about, were offering gifts. When, as
                                                          completed a master’s of science in                                                                                                Helen Lorraine Lauterbach Hathcoat (BS ’40),                   we all know, it was she who offered and
June 2005.                                                nursing from Rutgers University in
                                                                                                      by Southwestern State University in         00s                                        December 1.
     Supreme Court clerks serve in several ways,                                                      Weatherford as a full-time fine arts        Christopher Hare (BS ’00) married
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           gave gifts of time, energy and interest as
                                                          December. She works as a nurse practi-
                                                                                                      instructor. Bryce is teaching graphic
                                                                                                                                                                                            Judith Ann Bly Helbling (BS ’61, MA ’68), August 9.            well as financial support. We were all
including summarizing petitions for Supreme Court         tioner for New Jersey Spine Center                                                      Jean Aydelotte (BA ’00) on June 28
                                                                                                      design and enjoying the chance to share                                               Billie E. Dawson Johnson (BS ’50), September 26.               always grateful for that genuine interest,
                                                          while pursuing credentialing as an RN                                                   in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Members of
review, conducting legal research, and helping to                                                     his knowledge of the world of art. He       the wedding party were: Erin Hawn         Carol Lynn Leslie (BS ’79, MS ’81), December 24.               for the small blue envelopes that arrived,
                                                          first assistant. Michelle and her hus-
prepare opinions. Each Justice has three or four          band, Mark, live in Summit, New
                                                                                                      and his wife, Nicole Nascenzi (BA ’92)      Anderson, Kent Gooch (BSBA ’01),          Mac L. McCrory (BA ’39), December 31.                          written by hand in her beautiful script,
clerks, so the exact mix of duties may vary from                                                      reside in Tulsa.                            Melissa Marshall Raasch (BS ’00),         Moorman “Mo” Meador (BS ’39), October 9.
                                                          Jersey with their children, Josh, six and                                                                                                                                                        sharing an insight and usually saying
chambers to chambers.                                     Jessica, four.                              Wende Wells Burt (BA ’98) and her           Eric Raasch (BS ’00), Vanessa             Sandra Louis Anderson Mriscin (BS ’62), November 8.            “thank you” for something that we had
                                                                                                      husband, Eric, are pleased to announce      Richards (BA ’00), and friend, Seth
     Oldham was a standout at TU, earning TU              Scott Gaffen (BA ’97) joined Wells                                                                                                Ralph Ninemire (BA ’54), May 5.                                done, or raving about one of the winners
                                                                                                      the birth of their daughter, Madeline       Smith. Chris and Jean live in New
Man of the Year, 2000 Outstanding Finance Major,          Fargo Home Mortgages as a home                                                          Orleans where Chris works for Shell.      Keith L. Partian (BS ’75), October 27.                         of the Nimrod/Hardman Awards who had
                                                                                                      Alexis who arrived November 20 in
and Jess Chouteau Top-10 Senior honors. He repre-         mortgage consultant after three years                                                   Jean is continuing to pursue her doc-     Lawrence E. Peck, former student,, October 23.                 particularly touched her heart.
                                                                                                      Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She
                                                          as a consumer lending and mortgage                                                      torate in music theory from the                                                                               Now world famous, the awards, which
sented TU and Oklahoma as a 1999 Rhodes                                                               weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces.                                                          William C. Pringle (BS ’33), November 2.
                                                          specialist/manager with Beneficial-                                                     University of Texas at Austin.                                                                           reached the 25-year mark in October
Scholarship finalist. He minored in political science,    Household International. His home           Matt Bray (BSME ’99) has been                                                         Victor E. Ratliff, Sr. (BS ’54), November 6.
                                                                                                                                                  Kevin Hulsey (BSCE ’02) works for         Ronald Ivan Reeder (MS ’72), October 5.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2003, not only benefited individual win-
completed the certificate program in legal studies,       business, Excel/VarTec continues to         accepted to Columbia University’s law
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ners of promise and achievement, but also
                                                          thrive. On the performing front, Scott      school in New York City. His wife,          ConocoPhillips in Houston in the          Ralph H. Scargall (BS ’69), November 4.
and was a member of the Honors Program. A var-                                                                                                    Liquefied Natural Gas group and                                                                          the thousands of writers and readers who
                                                          has portrayed Mercer Stevens in             Natasha Martin (BS ’99), graduated in                                                 Michael A. Shearer (BS ’64), December 29.
sity tennis player, he headed the Student Investment      Theatre Tulsa’s, Boy Gets Girl; Lt. Joe     May from Oklahoma State University          spent 11 weeks on his second assign-                                                                     experienced the workshop and literary
Fund — all while maintaining a 4.0 grade point                                                                                                    ment in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also       Elsie Hargis Staires (BA ’41), November 9.                     dinners because of Ruth’s vision.
                                                          Cable in Broken Arrow Playhouse’s           College of Osteopathic Medicine in
                                                          South Pacific with Ernestine Dillard;                                                   spent the end of March in Trinidad to     William P. Sterne, Sr. (BA ’77), August 12.                         Ruth came to poetry and fiction late in
average.                                                                                              Tulsa and began a five-year residency in
                                                          Rick and Ned in the American Theatre        ear, nose and throat surgery in             review a new facility.                    Dennis V. Tesar (BS ’55), August 26.                           life, not just because of her poet son,
     Since graduating from Northwestern, Oldham
                                                          Company’s Oklahoma premiere of Bat          Philadelphia.                               Susi Doring (BA ’03) accepted a           Ruth Tofield Victor (BA ’34), November 9.                      Terry, nor just because of the passion of a
has been in Charlottesville, Virginia, clerking with      Boy: the Musical; Horatio in William
                                                                                                      Sam Grisham (BSCE ’99) and his wife,        Peace Corps assignment to Thailand.       Wanda Louise Voight (BA ’67, MA ’69), December 25.             teacher who burst into the classroom with
Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, of the U.S. Court of       Shakespeare’s Hamlet; Mushnik in Little                                                 She will work as an education volun-
                                                          Shop of Horrors; and starred as Bob
                                                                                                      Vicky, welcomed their new son, Daniel                                                 Robert L. Whitworth (BA ’37), July 2.                          copies of Nimrod for the students, but
Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.                                                                       Blaine, in March. Both Sam and Vicky        teer helping Thai teachers implement                                                                     because she was open to new interests and
                                                          Cratchit in the 27th annual production                                                                                            James William Wickersham (BS ’38), November 18.
     Not surprisingly, Supreme Court clerkships are       of A Christmas Carol (after portraying
                                                                                                      work for Enduro Pipeline Services,          new curricula for their students as
                                                                                                                                                                                            Warren Wilkerson (BS ’47), September 12.                       experiences. She came to literature
                                                                                                      Inc., an in-line pipeline inspection com-   well as teaching English.
highly competitive. During the fall of 2002, Oldham       Jacob Marley last year). He also has                                                                                              Elizabeth Crosbie Wright, former TU student,                   because of the people she met and grew to
                                                                                                      pany in west Tulsa. Sam works as a
applied to all nine Justices. The following June,         performed periodically in the 50th                                                                                                 November 30.                                                  love for their enthusiasm and shining
                                                                                                      research and design engineer aiding in
Rehnquist’s office called with an invitation for an       anniversary season of the Spotlight
                                                          Theatre’s weekly production of The
                                                                                                      the development of a corrosion detec-       Calling All Alumni!                                                                                      promise.
interview with the Chief Justice himself.                                                             tion tool and above ground markers          Share your snapshots — wed-               Faculty, Staff and Friends                                          Sue Monk Kidd, who went on to pub-
                                                          Drunkard as Harvey Green and por-
      “A few days after the interview, the Chief          trayed Obi Wan Kenobiin a local Star
                                                                                                      that detect the passage of inspection       dings, babies, travels, milestones.       Edgar A. Albin, former TU professor of art, was hon-           lish the best-seller The Secret Life of Bees,
Justice’s chambers called and offered me the clerk-       Wars fan film titled Three Theories that
                                                                                                      tools as they pass through buried
                                                                                                                                                  Please make sure that you are in          ored posthumously for his work at Southwestern                 based on her 1993 Nimrod/ Hardman
                                                                                                      pipelines. The family resides in                                                                                                                     prize-winning story, wrote to Ruth:
ship. I feel very lucky to have gotten it; it will be a   will be shown worldwide via the                                                         the photograph, and that it’s not a       Missouri State University on November 21. He was the
                                                                                                      Mannford.                                                                                                                                            “Winning this award means more to me
                                                          Internet. Scott also became a proud                                                     business portrait.                        first fine arts educator in the state to receive the presti-
wonderful experience to work there next year,”            uncle for the second time.                                                                                                                                                                       than I am able to put into words.
                                                                                                      Linda Hawkins (MBA ’99) established                                                   gious Missouri Arts Award from the Missouri Arts
Oldham said.                                                                                          a marketing and management consult-         E-mail:             Council.                                                       Certainly it seems to me a deep affirma-
                                                          Adam (BA ’97) and Lisa Hollaway
     Oldham is keeping his long-term options open.        (BS ’95, MS ’97) Marshall celebrated
                                                                                                      ing firm, Hawkins Investments in 2002.      Send photos in the “jpeg” format,         Lorene Forshee, TU Dining Services employee,                   tion of my decision two years ago to fol-
He is interested in a private-practice career in          the birth of their daughter, Carolyn        Jimmy Ray Rock (BA ’99) graduated
                                                                                                                                                  300 resolution.                           January 14.                                                    low my heart and turn to fiction.”
appellate litigation, as well as working in the U.S.      Sophia, on October 22. They now have        from Emory University’s joint law-reli-     Or mail to:                               William R. Jewell, friend of TU, June 9.                            Following her heart and following her
Department of Justice. He also is considering teach-      a Chi Omega legacy and a future TU          gion program in May. As part of the                                                   John Kennedy, TU student, December 10.                         family tradition is Ruth Hardman’s legacy
                                                                                                                                                  Office of Alumni Relations
                                                          student. Lisa plans to stay home but        program, he completed both his JD and                                                                                                                to all of us.
ing.                                                      will also do some speech pathology          master’s of theological studies. He is
                                                                                                                                                  600 South College Ave.                    Dewitt L. Potter, friend of TU, January 9.
                                                                                                                                                  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189                Bob Spickelmier, friend of TU, October 5.                                            Francine Ringold
                                                                                                                                                                                            Delbert Tonubbee, TU security officer, October 21.

     30                                                                                                                          TUwinter2004     TUwinter2004                                                                                                                                   31
                                                           • Faculty Concert Series,                17 and 22-24, 8 p.m.; April
                                                           Tyrrell Hall, Concerts with              18 and 25, 2 p.m. Tickets: $2
           1 First annual TU SOS 5K
           Run; one mile fun run on
                                                           Commentary, “Fool” Trio
                                                           Tulsa: Maureen O’Boyle
                                                                                                    students, $5 seniors and $7
           TU’s campus to help support
           Tulsa Public Schools, 9 a.m.
           Open to all.
                                                           (violin), Diane Bucchianeri
                                                           (cello) and Anna Norberg
                                                                                                    18 TU Alumni Day at the
                                                                                                    Softball Field, 2 p.m., TU vs.
                                                           (piano), 7:30 p.m.                                                            Welcome spring with
           • TU Friends of Finance,                                                                 Hawaii. Tickets: $5 adults, $3       The Division of
           Jamie Dimon, Chairman &
                                                           8 Lively Arts @ TU: The                  youth. For information, call         Continuing
                                                           Art of The Cinema –                      Alumni Relations, (918) 631-
           CEO, BankOne Corporation,                                                                                                     Education’s series of
                                                           Documentaries. . ., Dennis               2555.
           11:30 a.m., Great Hall,                                                                                                       Lively Arts. Unless
                                                           King, Tulsa World.
           ACAC, reservations required.                                                             19 Richard Preston, Darcy            noted otherwise, all
           Call (918) 631-2588.                            10 Toilet Bowl XL                        O’Brien Lecture, ACAC,               Lively Arts events
           • 7th annual Student                            14 TU Bands Directors                    book signing, 5:30 p.m.;             begin at 7 p.m. in
           Research Colloquium Awards                      Concert, Allen Chapman                   lecture, 7 p.m.                      Zink Hall.
           Banquet.                                        Activity Center, 7:30 p.m.               22 Lively Arts @ TU: The             Cost for each event is
           • 36th Annual Gussman                           15 Lively Arts @ TU:                     Art of Theatrical and Special        $20. For detailed
           Student Exhibition, Alex-                       Western Swing, Shelby                    Effects Make-Up, Rick                information, call
           andre Hogue Gallery,                            Eicher.                                  Hildebrant.                          (918) 631-2937, or
           Phillips through April 23.                      • TU Jazz Ensembles: Okla-               24 TU Orchestra Concerto/            e-mail frances-
           Opening reception, April 1,                     homa Jazz Hall of Fame,                  Aria Concert, Philbrook    
           5 p.m., Hogue Gallery,                          7:30 p.m.                                Museum of Art, 3p.m.
           Phillips.                                                                                25 Sharp Memorial Chapel
                                                           • Theatre: Midsummer
           • Lively Arts @ TU: Relief                      Night’s Dream, Kendall Hall,             Worship and Dedication Ser-      Shadia Dahlal.
           Printing With A Twist,                          Chapman Theatre, April 15-               vice, Sharp Chapel, 4 p.m.       8 Baccalaureate, 10 a.m.,
           Nancy Berry.                                                                             27 Conference of Account-        Sharp Plaza (rain location,
                                                                                                    ants, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. For     ACAC).
                                                                                                    information or to register,      • Commencement, 2 p.m.,
                                                                                                    call 918-631-3194, or visit      Donald W. Reynolds
                                                                                                    http://cba/       Center.
                                                                                                    29                               9 College of Law Hooding
                                                                                                    • MFA Exhibition, Alexandre      Ceremony, 3 p.m., Donald
                                                                                                    Hogue Gallery, Phillips Hall     W. Reynolds Center.
                                                                                                    through May 21. Reception,       13 Lively Arts @ TU: An
                                                                                                    April 29, 5 p.m.                 Evening With Tyrone
                                                                                                    • Lively Arts @ TU: The          Wilkerson.
                                                                                                    Harlem Renaissance, Dudley       20 Lively Arts @ TU: The
                   THE J DONALD FEAGIN                                                              Thomas.                          Art of Photography, mem-
                      FESTIVAL OF PIANISTS                                                                                           bers of The Tulsa                        What did you do on the “U”? TU’s
                  A TRIBUTE TO SEQUEIRA COSTA                                                       May
                                                                                                    2 Lively Arts @ TU: All
                                                                                                                                     Photography Collective.                  common meeting ground is perfect for
                                                                                                    That Jazz, Chuck Cissel and      22 2004 NCAA Division I
                                          Series Schedule
                                                                                                    Members of The Oklahoma          Men’s Tennis National                    building snow castles, flying kites, practicing
              I Roger Price, Former Student of Sequeira Costa
                                                                                                    Jazz Hall of Fame, 5 p.m.,       Championship, through                    tai chi, tossing Frisbees, raising bonfires,
                   Recital: Friday, April 2, 7:30 p.m.                                              Greenwood Cultural Center.       May 31, Michael D. Case
              I Sequeira Costa • Recital: Sunday, April 4, 2:30
                                                                                                                                     Tennis Center.                           studying, meditating, watching movies,
                                                                                                    5 TU Friends of Finance,
                p.m. • Master Class: Monday, April 5, 10 a.m.-1                                     Patrick G. Ryan, Chairman        27 Senior Art Exhibition,                watching people, driving tennis balls,
                p.m.                                                                                & CEO, Aon Corporation,          Alexandre Hogue Gallery,
                                                                                                    11:30 a.m., Great Hall,          Phillips Hall, through June              picnicking, jogging, or when the sun is
              I The Honor O’Hea & Robert Andres Piano Duo •                                                                          18. Reception, May 27, 5-
                Master Class: Tuesday, April 13, 1-3 p.m. • 4-
                                                                                                    ACAC. Reservations
                                                                                                                                     6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                              bright on a warm winter day, simply being
                                                                                                    required. Call (918) 631-
                Hand Piano Recital: Monday, April 12, 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                    2588 or e-mail judy-                                                      young.
              I University of Tulsa Pianos Majors • Piano                                 
                                                                                                                                     For More Information, Call                                                           djh
                Concerto Concert: Friday, April 16, 7:30 p.m.                                       6 Lively Arts @ TU: The
                                                                                                                                     Art ..........................631-2202
              All concerts are held in Tyrrell Hall Auditorium at The University of Tulsa and are   Art of Belly Dancing - What
                                                                                                    It Is and What It Isn’t,         Music .....................631-2262
              free and open to the public.
                                                                                                                                     Theatre ..................631-2567

      32                                                                                                                                                    TUwinter2004
                                       Recognizing the long-term importance of attracting the best and
                                      brightest students to TU, one of the first initiatives of President Bob
                                     Lawless was to establish the Presidential Scholarship Program. The
                                     program was launched in 1996 with an inaugural class of 39 students who
                                    were in the top 10 percent of their graduating classes. ❦ Since its incep-
                                   tion, each freshmen class has improved in academic quality, and today 60
                                   percent of TU freshmen represent the top 10 percent of their high school
                                   classes. ❦ Completing the endowment, which requires $20 million in
                                   funds, will ensure that the program is perpetual. As of last September,
                                    when Lawless announced his retirement, the program’s funding was
                                    $17.3 million, $2.7 million shy of being fully endowed. At that time, the
                                    Board of Trustees decided that a fitting tribute to Bob and Marcy
                                     Lawless would be to completely endow the program and name a schol-
                                     arship in their honor. ❦ Your help is needed. ❦ Gifts of less than
                                      $100,000 received by May 31, 2004, will be pooled to establish the
                                      Robert W. and Marcy Lawless Presidential Scholarship. Gifts of
                                       $100,000 or more allow the donor to have a named Presidential
                                       Scholarship. Two trustees have provided a $350,000 challenge to
                                        alumni and friends of the University to achieve this goal. ❦ Gifts of
                                        all sizes are welcome, and may be paid over a period of three years.

                                          For detailed information about The University of Tulsa
                                          Presidential Scholarship Campaign and how you can contribute,
                                 please contact Joan Nesbitt at (918) 631-2590; University of Tulsa, Office of
                             Institutional Advancement, 600 S. College Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189; or
                             via e-mail,

                                                                                            Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                         The University of Tulsa

 600 South College Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189


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