Party Nominations Now Taking Place Two Corunna Girls in Auto Accident by yaofenjin


									                                                 THE CORUNNA NEWS                                            A Consolidation of The Corunna Independent and Corunna Journal

        ONE      DOLLAR PER YEAR                                                                                  CORUNNA, MICHIGAN,                               THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1942                                                                                     VOLUME 57, NUMBER 12

   Party Nominations                                    ning a co-operative dinner was ser-
                                                        ved at half-past six o'clock with                                                                                                                               ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT                                 Two Corunna Girls
                                                        Mrs. Joe Serr and Mrs. Kenneth
                                                        Cooper in charge.                                     DC                                The New Tenant
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ID      ;     OF DAUGHTER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              in Auto Accident
    Now Taking Place                                                                                                                                                                                                  ;   In a lovely function of last Sun-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        day afternoon for which forty guest*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        were bidden, Mrs. Fern Strawsine

                                                            MEETING OF WOMAN'S                                                                                                                                          announced the engagement of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       only daughter of the house, Miss TREATED IN HOSPITAL AFTER
      FOR APRIL 6th VOTING                                         CLUB                                                                                                                                                R u t h Strawsine. Mrs. Frederick
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Strawsine was the assisting hostess.        CRASH SUNDAY NIGHT
                                                             The Woman's Club met on Mon-                                                                                                                              From four to six the guests were re-
                                                         day night o f this week in the home                                                                                                                           ceived and entering the home were
                                                         of Mrs Warren Smith, Although the                                                                                                                            'presented with carnations to which „ _       , ~-       _     .   .
     However, But One Ticket Will Be evening was storming without, the                                                                                                                                                 i-       j   >lL „u      * *•   «<*, LI. Tumi*** out to r u i Another it
         In M»ny Town*liip»—Occasional                   warm hospitality of the home greet-                                                                                                                           tiny cards with the inscription "Ruth:         8

                U p u t 1* Reported                      ed a goodly number of members of                                                                                                                             |and Jim" were fastened with rib-j         Seme Old Story—GirL Getting;
                                                         the club afid several- guests. The                                                                                                                            j bon.                                                            Along Nicely, Reported
             VENICE REPUBLICAN                           meeting was opened by the presi-                                                                                                                              i The company was largely com-
        The Republicans of Venice town- dent, Mrs. O. H. Geib with the usual                                                                                                                                           ! posed of former school friends of |                        Two little Corunna girls. Edna
    ship held their annual caucus at the                formalities Election of officers was                                                                                                                           jthe honor-guest and also included ; ^ a e ZeAnac aged 11 and Ruby Jane
    town hall on Tuesday afternoon of a special order o f business In the                                                                                                                                                some of the mothers of the most in- j Zidnac, aged 4, daughters of Mr
    this week, when a complete ticket absence of Mrs. C. A. Crane, chair-                                                                                                                                                timate group* Fro mLansing came: a n d M r s J o h i r Zednac of the third
   was placed. in the field Elvin Bol- man of the nominating c o w o i t t e e ,                                                                                                                                         eight young business friends of Ruth, I w a r d                    Corunna were in Memorial
   lard served as chairman of the cau- Mrs Lou Sheardy, second jaember,                                                                                                                                                  three of them nurses with whom she , Hospital Sunday night with Edna
    cus* the following being nominated. presented the slate of officers for                                                                                                                                              has been associated in her duties as M a e s u f f e r i n g f r o m a possible frac-
        Supervisor, B. H. Kingsbury.                    1942 and 1943, which w e r j duly                                                                                                                                night supervisor of nurses at Spar-, t u r e d j a w a n d s e V e r e lacerations
        Clerk, Floyd Luchenbill                         elected The officers ehoseaf were:                                                                                                                               row Hospital in that city. Also pre- a n d R u b y J a n e w i t h a f r a c tured\ leg.
        Treasurer. Lewis Davenport.                     president, Mrs. Einile Rigottlct; first                                                                                                                         sent from Lansing were Mrs. C. M.; Their injuries were sustained in an
        Highway Commissioner, Charles                   vice-president, Mrs .Charles Garland;                                                                                                                            Root and Miss Jean Root, aunt and; a u t o n M ) b i l e crash on Corunna Av-
   Posey.                                              second vice-president, M i l . Earl                                                                                                                              cousin of the honor guest-                            ; enue, JOst east o f the stock yards at
        Board jof Review, LaMon* {Tif-                 Lewis; secretary, Mrs. E. R. Lancas-                                                                                                                                 Following the reception of the , n i n e o'clock Sunday night. The two
                                                       ter; treasurer. Miss Doris Olds.
        Justice, George W. Haffner.                        Current topics, many of
   ' Constables—George 0*Hara* Earl dealing with books recently read by
                                                                                                    them                    ten s evening by                                                                            guests they were invited into the j c a r s w hich came togethe rwere driv-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       rdining room where small cakes, iced ; e n D y t h e i r father, John Zidnac and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        in pink and white and other delect^ Gerald Brother?.
  Baker, Edward Taylor and                     Leo     members were discussed with inter-                                                                                                                               able dainties were' served from a n '                      r. '-.. .      *>      „           , „
   Kingsbury.                                          est These topics also d e a l t with a
                                                       wonderful ne wdiscovery in medical                            Friday Afternoon Club                                                                              * Vrt «j^+„*„ »„~.i»*»j ,- ui
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        exquisitely appointed table w h i c h ' ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       u* u        Deputies Ren Howe and Guy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       j         1.--.-4.-1-,,.-.
                                                       science and world events.                                                                                                                                        ™>= ~M*-lmA Zi*t. — *^                     _»_ . i L a n g d o n who investigated tne.acci-
                                                           The speaker for the evening was ,                         On Friday eyenhur of last weel^, for Mis, R o « *M for tlie young ^ f a ,centered Burr D. Evaleth Sr' , *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        was          Mrs. .with an arrangement                             . , ., . ..              . , , .* ,
                                                                                                                March 13, the annual celebration of dancers.
          HAZELTON REPUBLICAN                          Mrs James Fmerty who gave a most j ,-, ^ t l                            ,                   ^ ,     ,                                                            presided for the. * serving tof tea^ J ' dent said that they were told that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ^r „s_-i,         J» - j *               -
                                                      t n t»«+it.<» » T ^ » A4 o n ™ ri..™,™'. Gentleman's evening took place —                                             The guest speaker, Judge Joseph of Miss Ruth iswhite only daughterana v . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              pink and the             carnations        of                           , . *         .      -^
       A t the recent caucus of the re- interesting review of EHen Glasgow's o „ U^AV^A                         an honored ™«„* L C W J . , , „#*„-. Collins, then gave an earnest and
                                                                                                                                    event in Friday after-
                                                      novel, "In This Our l i f e , " reading                                                                                                                           4.^11 - J . - *-«*-.. 1^ _ 4,.1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mr and; *Mrs. Strawsine and came . Zidnac was driving east
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       JI                                                while
  publicans of Hazelton township, the                                                                           noon club annals, enjoyed for many eloquent plea for closer participa- tall white tapers m crystal candle- B ^ - D . e
  following ticket was placed in the
                                                      a portion of the bOok to demonstrate
                                                                                                               years. At this time, husbands and tion in the civil defense program, here, with her parents •»___«_>.•_ «_i.-^»._     •**__ *»_      #v
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ,•    ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and young Brothers who .n>"es on iVlejinca •street
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            n*„ J.  ,    ,    .
                                                      her character portraits. Mrs. Finer-                                                                                                                              brother, Frederick, when a tiny i was going' west, Brothei*s turned
  field:                                                                                                                                                entertain
                                                                                                                friends of members were c u i c r u u u - for which he, and                       other county j girl. She attended school here uijtil ' o u t to pa?-s anothe rear a^d ei'her
                                                      t y V presentation               follnw«H hw » •                            iwruiwrrs w e r e
       Supervisor, Glenn Moore,
                                                                                                     ' . . j ed for dinner at seven o'clock and speaktrs are now campaigning. A s she graduated and then took a nur- lost control or his car skidded a n ^
       Clerk, Ray M. ColwelL                                              0
                                                      ^ w l n * ™ - ^ 1 ° the1 1 « v u » ^ m *# the i f o r *• r J l _ _ _ «
       Treasurer- Milford Jacobs.                          Following             program of t w .                   TW
                                                                                                                         program taking place later.
                                                                                                                           1     t          f   *# m^.        M . W is his custom when speaking to his ses training coarse in Lansing. She he crashed into Zi^rac's enr smash-
                                                      evening, the hostess invited all w j * *                              ""J™^                *f ™M
                                                                                                                                                                ***? "neighbors" he introduced               many
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       will wed in August, James L* Wood ing the front in and                                      shattering
       Highway      Commissioner,           Prank                                                                                                                        clever references and anecdotes in
                                                      *K- A £ ;           . - ~ K - * *•« beautr-
                                                      the dining room where « the K—»*t.iR®««™ «» Conmna was the meet-                                                                                                 of East Lansing, son of Mr. and much of the glass.
                                                      fftl table was laid with an eXqutsHe ing place for dinner. Here one long the exposition Of his points. Judge Mrs Henry Wood of Union City.                                                                             j Brothers sadi he was driving„.be-
       Justice, Edward Bebuts
                                                      hand-made cloth «t net ettbroideT- table and many snowy small tables Collins was upon this occasion, as                                                                                    _V                -         ! tween 40 and 50 miles an h o u r / H i s
       Board o f Review, W a . Strang.
                                                      ed in pastel colors aad                  caatafed were laid to accomodate the sixty he always is, received with enthusi-                                                                                                 car was turned around and fact-J
       Constable*—John Kvcher, E g -
                                                      with a bowl of tweet peas and U p guests. Seated a t the long table as asm by the friends who gather to                                                                                              ^-\\
  bert Confer, John Walworth and ed green tapers, theee and
  Don Flynn.
                                                                                                   a f l i v guests of honor were those who hear him.                                                                     From Itfartm                                      Seed Potatoes Getting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                in the opposite direction when he
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               came to a standstill.
                                                      d*e*t*trva features H i j l e w l l i g S t . participated                      in the program             and
                                                                                                                                                                            Following Judge Collins talk, there
                                                      Fatakk*s Day. Deleeta >!• datetfc*                       the president of the club and hus-                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John M. Elkins have
                                                                                                               band. Those seated here were Judge                        were hours spent in relaxation- dan- received a \post interesting letter
                                                     wvra served, and coffee poamd by                                                                                    cing and social visiting and the from their son, Marvin Elkins, who
                                                     Mrs Sneardy.,                                        ^ and Mrs. Joseph Collins, Mrs. Eve-                                                                                                                                     Michigan's ^942 potato crop, with
                                                          BtstaM* was a wajaart^aad eV-tOr                     l y n Sbawman and Misses Eugenia playing of cards. Several "cozy cor- is n^« in training at Camp Roberts, due regard for pofsihJe vajrartc? of
                                                                                                               Libbey and Doris Marzeon of Lan- " ! ? ' " _ * ' t h "**y ? h a i r s a n d . l*n.Ps j Calif., from whfch we are privileged the weather, ought to be another
      The following ia the i k f c e t plac- president, in a letter from a Wo-                                                                                           had been arranged for social visit
 ed in nomination by the Republican man's Club president of                                     another s i n g - M i s s Julia Ross and mother, ing and these readily found occu- to publish extracts from the same: sizeable volume uf f^od if the com-
 primary in Caledonia township.                      city, that her club might be granted Mrs- Emma Ross, Mr. and Mrs. E, pants.                                                                                                                                               mercial gro^erf continue to seek out
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      DEAR FOLKS:—                                             supplies of better seed.
      Supervisor, Joe Field.                         the privilege of using the Corunna                        W. Lewis and Mr. and Mrs, Wil-
                                                                                                                                                                            Bridge and pedro were the card                 Just a few lines to let you know
      Clerk, Paul B. Taylor.                          Woman's Club program for 1940-41 liam Huff.                                   The larger table was
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      that I am feeling fine, and in ex-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  That is the opinion of H. C. Moore,
      Treasurer, Elmer Compton.                      «« a m o d e l .                                          centered with a low bowl of green games played, Mrs. J. M, Oswald                                                                                               potato specialist at Michigan State
      Justice. Urban LeCureaux.                                                                                carnations with tall green tapers in and Mrs. Thomas Jones. L. H. Cook cellent spirit. The weather here is College, He finds that the demand
      Board of Review, Floyd Brazee.                                                                           crystal       pendant candlesticks                   at and *E. W. Lewis, receiving first j very hot, and really getting hotter for certified seed potatoes late this
      Constables—-Garfield Temple and                                                                          either end. All of the small tables and second honors for women and every day.                                                                                 winter has exceeded that of previous
                                                                                                               were      centered with low                   crystal men in bridge and Mrs. E. W, Lewis                    A fi>w evening ago we went on
 A. B. Arnold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 years.        Some varieties including
                                                                                                              candle holders, green tapers and for high pedro score.                                                  a night hike, an dwe walked about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Irish Cobbler, Katahdin and White
                                                             ATTENDS MEETING                                  arrangements of waxen huckleberry                             The committee on entertainment i fifteen
                                                                                                            i green; napkins, tally cards used lat- assisting Mrs. Wm. Huff consisted
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     miles. This was our third
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "hike." In one of the previous trip?.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Iluial already are very'.scarce, but
                                                          Mis.    Margaret Smith,                county j                                                                                                                                                                      there ri'main fsiir supplies of the
            PERRY REPUBLICAN                         school commissioner, was in East                       ter for cards, and hand-made *core of Mrs Lou Sheardy, Mrs. Stuart .one was to the bayonet range, where Chippewa and Kusset Rural.
                                                                                                                                                                         Coutts, Mrs. George E, Clutteibuck ,Co.               C. put on a demonstration of
                                                     Lansing on Saturday to attend a I pads were also in green and white. Mrs- Fern Strawsine, Mrs. James [night tactics. First was a convoy of                                                                                   "'Many Michigan growers could re-
      Supervisor, W. H. Morrice.                                                                              As the guests were seated                        they                                                                                                           duce their production costs per bushel
                                                     stat ecurriculum and Guidance Con-!                                                                                                                            j trucks in a blackout, and next, the
      Clerk, W. D. Euler.                                                                                                                                                Quayle and Mrs, Wm. Jc'hney,
                                                     ference, where a most interesting j were greeted by the presidnt of the                                                                                       ] detecting of a match at a distance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              by increasing potato yields through
      Treasurer, Floyd Snyder.                                                                                club, Mrs. Win., Huff and the, in-                                            y.  ;    ^    '•                                                                  the use of certified seed", Moore de-
                                                     meeting was attended b ymany pro- i                                                                          .                                                   of 1.000 yards We were also shown
      Overseer, Howard White.                                                                                                w s                                                                                                                                              clares. That is a tip also useful to
                                                     minent educators, among them the I ^                             ^        » •***« ^ o n o u n c e d by                                                           how to crawl through a barbed wire
      Justice, Harper Rogers.                                                                                 Mr       Wm                                                                                                                                                     those farmers who only intend to
                                                     superintendent of the schools of the                         f-      " Woodhouse,
                                                     city of Philadelphia, as well as                             A n
                                                                                                                        excellent three course dinner
                                                                                                                                       M l s a Ro       a nd h e r
                                                                                                                                                                       DEATH OF WALTER                                entangleemnt without making any
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      sound, also the right and the wrong
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              plant enough for family use, or for
                                                     Michigan's D r .            Eugene         Elliott * * ? " ^                **               ^^     .                                                            way a scouting party should work hackyawl or vacant lot gardeners hop-
            PERRY DEMOCRATIC                        Thirty-six program building groups ^ ^ ^ 1                                    the
                                                                                                                                      ,. ^on!L          ^ ^ 8 ^            BA1RRD                                     at night.                                               ing to add to their family food sup-
      Supervisor- Albert Rann.                      were in attendance. Mrs, Smith, on 1 *™ 1 * • • " • * " « « « * «J r i s ' V € a r ^ f                                                                                 On the next hike each platoon                     ply.
                                                    this occasion, acted as recorder for ^ " ^ ^                                    <**>* *n% "P™" 8 '                ^ Many friends in Corunna and the was given a night problem to work                                         Information on the sources of cer-
      Clerk, Russell Brandt.
                                                    the development of a county health "^f" . « " « 5 w.f* ** f ? U ? W R ;                                             vicinity were shocked and grieved t o out with the aid of a compass.                                 tified seed potatoes can be obtained
      Treasurer, Clifford Ta&kett.
                                                    education program. She was also in ' u Fruit                           ««**«>. «»**                *** with learn of the deat hof Walter Baird,                       We were given different                    com- from the Farm Crops Department at
      Justice, Wm. Lewis-                                                                                    bro      n       vy                               but- for nine years an instructor in the
                                                    Flin ton Monday of thk week where                               ^ »™ ' " ^ f ^ ^ I f f                                                                                                                                   Michigan State College.
      Justice, Ray Watkins.
                                                    she was called to attend a sugar                          tered peas- cabbage aalad wi.h Corunna schools and respected by pass readings and were supposed to                                                                  Proof that good seed, among other
      Board of Review, Clare Rann.                                                                            pineapple, pickles, buttered home- all who knew him as an exemplary follow these to a certain place in i
                        V                           rationing meeting.                                                                                                                                               camp. But while we were following factors, is some insurance of a good
                                                                                                              made rolls, coffee, apple pie a la young man. He died of scarlet fever
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     these, we were supposed to come c™P is found in records of those
                                                                             _V-                              mode.                                                     in his home town of St. Clair under machine gun fire, which area w h o produced top potato yields in the
                                                                                                                   Following dinner came that %1* Shores, where he has taught in the
       FOUR SISTERS JOIN                                                                                     ways popular diversion, the chorus public school for about six years or
                                                         Another Shiawassee County boy singing of familiar and loved songs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     we were supposed to go around and st&ie in 1941.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     come back to our original course.                            Best potato yield ever known in
           CHAPTER                                   was this week accidently shot by led bv Mrs. Julia Ross and accom
                                                                                                                                                                       since leaving Corunna.
                                                                                                                                                                           Burial services were held
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     When we got to thi spoint we were Michigan is that of Jules Van Damme
                                                                                                                                                                                                              for given further instructions. In all we of Kock in the upper Peninsula. He
      Corunna Chapter No. 200 O.E.S., ^ ^ " • L ^ i l * / ^ ! ^ ^ . " ^ ^ ^ P « » « » by Everyn" Shawman. i V the him last Saturday at Marine City a t , w a ]^. e ( j
                                                    which he had found together with                                                                                                                                                about ten miles over hills produced 650 bushels an acre on his
    ade history on Saturday night of                                                                         conclusion of the singing adjourn
                                                    shells' for it and which he was car- ment was takon to beautiful Ex i three o'clock in . .the .afternoon. , He j and vallevs. We leave camp at about farm. A neighbor, Rene Verbrigghe,
                                                                                                                                                                „-v , .         . , ,           ,       ,         I
last week, when four lovely daugh- j                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         had a recorded yield of 632 bushels
                                                    rying in his pocket. The boy is tension Hall, where th^ remain« - IS survived by. his widow, the f o r - j ' 7 : 3 0                                                           t baek a b o u t mi<inight        and
ters. of Mr and Mrs. Jay Williams I                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          an^ acre. In the Lower Peninsula, J.
                                                    Richard Kent, aged 15 of Owoss-o. of the program was given.                                                 d « mer } Martha Holsey, also a Corunna , a r e ^                       coffce and      cake
Venice        Tow-nship w e r e          initfat- j
»A ,«••/> *\., -^.A,-    *u~-      ^*i.     vr    l 1" attempting to take the pistol out                          Here in her ever-gracious uiar.nfr,                  teacher      his father and     a sister, j j a m n o w gciting                 xhe      greeting D. Robinson of Pellston, grew 624
on into the order, tne.r mother, Mrs.                  .- ,•      , . •             *•-.•••.            J Mrs. Huff spoke briefly of 'Gentle- Sympathy is extended to the sorrow-| c a t d s a r d n , s o ; t h < ? Corunna News, bushels an acre to better his previous
1.1,;,. w\-n,-,         TIT i V     \t A        * o l h i s pocket, it was discharged and men's Evening" as a time-honored ing fanaly by the News in behali of ; wVi^                                                which ie j joyously r e C P ived. Expect record of 615 bushels an s?.cre which
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 is o v m i s l y received.
Loxtie Williams, Wcrthv Matron of f n e w a„ '      <      , s      .-•', , .       .,       <? .     „                                                                this communitv,
th* ceremony. / u - « *                                          wounded in the tnigh. He tradition and welcomed ai! in be-                                                                                          to go over and s • Wayne shortly. had stood fo:-.- two years-as the best
the 1^^,.,,,,^^                         J .-•     i
the Corunna Chapter, persons were  conduct ng       hom eand . was ,,
                                                                ,            taken , to Memorial half of the club. She ih*:-r. introdue- i
                                                                                        .    . . .     ,                                                                                                                  Kindest regards:—find all's well. known yield in Michigan.
     About seventy-five                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Potato glowers using the new Chip-
present from various
                                                                                   bullet was re*
                               ' parts of the Hospital where the to hjs brother's ed the program numbers, each with j
                                                    managed to walk                                                                                                                                                                              MARVIN ELKINS
                                                    moved. Since the cartridge was                                                                                                                                                                                          pewa variety have been getting 10 to
county—Owosso Byron and New old one, the injury i snot severe. an timely remarks. The firs-. ;>ro*rram ;                                                          HONORING BRIDE-TO-BE                                                                                      25 cents a hundredweight premium
Lothrop, and also from Clio.                                                                                 offering        was the j.vcsentation               of j
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            over other varieties because of the
                                                                                                             two talented dancers from the school I                        A pretty event which honored a j
      The young ladies, who in this
memorable ceremony became stars,
                                                                                                             of Miss Virgilene Simmons of Lan- I young bride-to-be, was that given 1                                        W. R. C. MEETING                                superior cooking qualities shown by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chippewa potatoes. The variety yields
                                                                                                             sing — Misses Eugenia Libbey and on last Thursday afternoon by Mrs. j
are Mrs. Lois Williams Self, evnd
Misses Vema, Marjoric and Lottie
                                                        RURAL MUSIC MEETING                                 .Doris Marzean' Little Doris gave a! Robert Dallas in her home on j Last Thursday's meeting of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            well on upland soils or on muck, Re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            cording to contest records.
Williams. During the exemplifies,                        Riirf:] music* meetings this week roost difficult and artistic exhibition | Oliver St., to honor Miss Ella ! W.R.C. was marked by a special or-
tion of the degrees, Mrs George El- were held at Perry; March ,18 in the of acrobatic work for her first r t m - Rtevens.. daughter of Mr- and Mrs. j o'er of business, which is a splendid
wall of Owosso, siste jof Mrs'. Wil- Owosso High School gymnasium; and ber and for her second number a ; Verne Brovks                                                                                            ; gesture T-the'adoption of a mother-
liams, rendered several vocal num- March 19 at Durar.d. Rehearsals for                                       street dance r«-ith top hat and ] The occasion was a "towel show-; ifs*. soldier boy for »he duration of
bers, with Mrs. E. 0 . Street accom- the Music Festivals to he held at cane. Miss Eugenia's first number i er" to which a company of' friends j the war. and they pledge themselves                                                                                        MEETING PLANNED FOR
panying her.                                        Owos-so. Durazid, and Perry were was. a beautiful interpretation of toe I and relatives were asked and which • to. send                                                           him remembrances              from
      At the close of the ritualistic initialed at these meetings.
                                                                                                             dancing from a ballet presentation j resulted in a large number of pieces j time to time.
                                                                                                             recently given b ythe school of Miss j of linen presented to the honor guest. | At this time also the meeting of
work, several lovely gifts were be-                                                                          Simmons. Her second number was j Competition games, had been ar-j the Patriotic Association for today,
stowed upon the girls by their rela-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A meeting of special i,;'si est ;s
                                                                                                             a "bustle dance." a comedy number j ranged                           for entertainment      end in ; Thursday. March .19, in the home of scheduled for Friduy afternoon club
tives an dfn'ends and also upon the                                                                          which brought down the house.                             these, prizes were won by Mrs. 1 Mrs. Bertha Muzzey. wa splanned. members on Friday pftevnoon of this
Worthy Matron. A welcoming mes-                          With tsxes up where they are,                            Mi>s Julia Ross's beautiful voice Henry Bushong, Mrs. Orville Tur-1 Mrs My5zey lives at 319 E. Main week in Extension Hall. At this time
sage to each,          accompanied          gifts you don't have to be on the WPA to was heard during the intervals in
                                                                                                                                                                       ner, Miss Beverly Johnson and Miss > S t . Owosso.                                                   the program of the afternoon wttl
fro mtheh- father, who was unable be working for the government,                                             the dance program in ::The Spirit Stevens. The serving of dainty re-
to he present, in which he charact-                                                                                                                                                                                       Mrs, Mildre-d Cumming* conducted be presented by the Home Econo-
                                                         If you car.'t take a camping trip Flower"- Campbell Tooten, "Some* freshments concluded the afternoon
erized h^s -daughters as -'the four this yrar, simply leavt your doors where ' A Voice is Calling,*'—T.. \                                                                                                          the business session with Mrs. HaUicr mics department of the Corunna
                                                                                                                                                                       pleasure. St. Patrick's green being Rohmscn conducting 'he devotional HJgh school and the*s will be
finest girls in the world."                         open, remove uhe window screens, and "When Yo uAre Near,"—Cock. used as the color theme in refresh-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    period. Several readings by Mrs. Mrs. Carrie I-iwcock and Mrs. Wm.
      Preceding the woik of the eve- an»l get the same effect.                                               8l':s. S^awmer acted as ments and decorations                                             Florence King wore enjoyed.                           , Huff.

                                         I                                           farm in alfalfa, buy a half-dozen I Heading the big cast playing in
                                                                                     bees, and a hen or two and be a their support in "Ride 'Em Cowboy"
    State of Michigan, The Probate                                                  ^gentleman farmer."                               are Dick Foran, Anne Gwynne,
 Court for the County of ShiawaWe.
    At a'session of the Probate Court
 for the CourTty 'of Shiawassee, held at
                                                                                          la the opinion of Federal Judge
                                                                                                                                      Johnny Mack Brown, Samuel S.
                                                                                                                                      Hinds, The Merry Macs, Ella Fitz-
                                                                                                                                      gerald and many others.                         KRIBS'FUNERAL
 the Probate 'Office in the City of \
 Corujina, on the 30ih day of January                     Mirror                     Frank A. Picard of Saginaw, the
                                                                                     state's liquor control commission
                                                                                                                                                         .y        —
 in the year one thousand nine hund-
 red and forty two.
     Present- Roy D. Matthews, Judge
 of Probate.
                                                                                     should exercise more control, not
                                                                                      less; the state should gain from the
                                                                                     profit, hot the private merchant.
                                                                                          As reported by Guy H. Jenqins,
                                                                                                                                         Woman's Society Of
                                                                                                                                              Christian Service
     In the Matter of the Estate of
 Daniel T. Bagin, Deceased.
                                                                                     ace Booth correspondent at Lansing,                  Circle No. 1 of the Lennbn Wo-
                                                                                     the 1943 legislature may get recom- man's Society of Christian Service                       4               LADY ASSISTANT
     Bessie Fitspatrick, Trustee of said                                              mendations to this effect from the held a most enjoyable meeting with
 estate, having- rendered her 2nd, 3rd,                                               three-man study commission appoint, Mrs. Carless at the parsonage, for
  4th and 5th Accounts to this Court. By Gene Alleman, Secretary-Manager ed Recently ,$)y the governor and the March meeting, on Monday eve-                                                 A Completely Equipped Funeral
     It is Ordered, That the 31st day            of the Michigan Press Association    headed by Picard.
 of March next, at nine o'clock in the
                                                                                                                                      ning of this week. A goodly num-
                                                                                                                                      ber of members, as well as visitors,
  forenoon, at said Probate Office, be            While airplane* roared overhead,                                                    were present.
 appointed for examining and allowing hundreds of thousands of Michigan                                                                   After a bounteous pot luck sup-
  said Accounts.                              defense volunteers would be at              Curfew regulations for sale of
                                                                                                                                      per, a short business session was                Phone 6.                  Corunna Avenue—Corunna
     And it is Further Ordered, That a their posts, ready for air raid bomb- gasoline and oil are expected soon, held, presided over by our president,
  copy of this order be published three ing and fixes.                                reports Willia "mA. Palmer, direct^
  <onsecutive weeks previous to said                                                  or of the Michigan Petroleum In- Mrs. Tiffany. The meeting was then
                                                  Air raid wardens would scan the dustries Committed. Reasons: Re- turned over to Mrs. McMichael, who
  day of hearing, in the Corunna News, skies.
  a newspaper printed and circulating                                                 duced consumption of gasoline, due had charge of the program.
                                                  V'olunteer nurses would be avail- to automobile and tire restrictions,                  An unusual and interesting pro-
-in said County of Shiawassee.                able for emergency calh.                                                                gram consisted of stories of differ-
               ROY D. MATTHEWS,                                                       is inflicting hardships on gasoline
                                                  Fire and police assistants would dealers; saving of electricity for in- ent bible characters, which was pre-
                       Judge of Probate, report for duty.
  Ey Janice Richardson,                                                               dustrial needs. v                               sented by the following ladies:          (A Hungry Giant That's gets its nitrogen fre mthe air where
                                                  On the theory that "it can hap-                                                         Mrs. George Haffner gave Samp-                                                   it is abundant.
     Registrar of Probate.                    pen here," mobilization of Michigan          But no rationing of gasoline is in
                                                                                                                                       son.                                                                                   Some indication of a possible
                                              defense workers o nthe heme front prospect for Mid-West states;                             Mrs. Darling, that of David.                        Alfalfa                      trend alread yis apparent for this
                                              is being considered by state defense         In fact, it's just the other way.
         PROBATE ORDER FOR                                                             Today's surplus of refined gasoline                Mrs, Carless, that of Saul's Con-        Michigan leads all other states in excellent forage crop that now oc-
                                              officials for a designated Sunday                                                        version.                                 alfalfa, acreage.                          cupies more than a million acres.
              PUBLICATION                     this -spring. Civil air pilots would is the largest in many years.                          Mrs. Tiffany, that of Moses.             That statement may not be true Rather points out that- acreage in
                                              simulate enemy raids. It would be a                                                         Mrs. Wooley, that of Noah.            in the future if farmers fail to real' Monroe and Lenawee counties, the
     State of Michigan, the Probate rejifctic test of Michigan's 'readi-
  Court for the County of Shiawassee. ness to meet thrusts from the air.                                                                  Mrs. Siramonsy that of Esther.        ize that alfalfa should be known as first acxeas to grow alfalfa exten-
                                                                                           A covrt decision OR the civil ser-             Mrs. Jesse St. John, that of Jo- a hungry giant that vigorously soaks sively iu Michigan, actually dropped
     At a session of said Court, held at                                               vice commission's interpretation of seph.
 the Probate Office in the City of Co-                                                                                                                                          up certain plant foods not to plen- from 1934 to 1939 when the total
                                                                                       the new state amendment is expect-                 Mrs.    Mina PatchelL Cain and tiful in the average Michigan soA. acreage in th estate- was increasing:
  runna, in said Comity, on the 2nd                                                    ed at Lansing this week. Approxi- AbeL
 day of December, A. D. 19*1.                     Streaatliaittg of the civilian de- mately 2,800 state employees, for-                                                            To prove his warning, a few of* ;by 300,000. Some reduction also oc-
     Present, Hon. Roy D. Matthews, fense program is proposed by Capt. merly sponsored by political friends,                              Mr& Amelia Dieck, Joshua.             the plant food requirements for al- curred in counties such as Jackson,
 Jndge of Probate.                            Donald S. Leonard, state commander are involved in whether they were                        Mrs. George Ganssley, Daniel. .       falfa ar*, described by H. C. Rather, Kalamazoo, Washtenaw, Van Bur-
     In the Matter of the Estate of of the Citizens Defense Corps, who discriminafcBd against b j - t h e com- The evening was a most "profitable head of Jhe Michigan State College en, St- Joseph, Barry, AHegan. Ber-
                                                                                                                                             pleasant one, spent in the study crops department.
 'William Burwell, Disappeared, Altie honestly, believes that Michigan cities mission wfaicli accepted certain mer- a w |                                                                                                  rien, Braneh and Bflfedale.
 L. Kurrle having filed in said Court are in danger of attack from the air it systems (state police and state                          of these characters. The meeting was        A good crop of alfalfa removes             Kansas And Nebraska lost titeir
 her petition praying that the admin- during 1942.                                                                                     closed with the closing prayer by two or three- times as much potash leadership because the plant deplet-
 istration of said estate be granted to                                               conservation departments, for *x-JRev. earless                                            from the land as most other crops. ed deep, dry soils of their sub-460
                                                  Taking a sensible viewpoint of ample), results of examinations con-
  Verne Kurrle or to some other suit* the problem, Leonard plans to uti-                                                                  The April meeting will be with Alfalf arequires lime. Lime appfica- moisture and because of destruetteaf
                                                                                      ducted in 1937 and 1$39, but requir-                     Dieck, with the program in tions may last five to eight years by bacterial w B t Mielrigan may kwe
 able person.                                 lize all existing; government, agen- ed them to take competitive exami- Mrs,
    It is Ordered, That the 23rd day of cies in behalf of home defense.                                                                charge of Mrs Ganssley.                  but certainly not for 20 years. It its championship and also aa exten-
 March, A. D. 1942, ?t nine o'clock in            It is the responsibility of each                                                                                              was 20 years ago that Michigan sive source of good tivestoe kfeed
 the forenoon, at said probate office, community, he says, to enlist volun-                                        V-—                                                          launched an intensive liming pro- because of soO depletion
 be and is hereby appointed for hear- teers to assist police and fire forces                                                                                                    gram linked with increased alfalfa            In addition to periodic timta*:.
                                                                                                                                          A little honey in the front seat, acreage.
 ing said petition.                           —as a good example—to meet pos-
    It is Further Ordered, That public sible war emergencies.
                                                                                            4 Good Horse* Can                          a little jam in the traffic, and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rather suggests applications of 490
                                                                                                                                                                                   Similarly alfalfa needs phospho- pounds to the acr eof G—20—20
 notice thereof be given by publica-                                                                                                   little sauce for the cop are three rus, a plant food lo win quantity in fertiliser, sufficient for four to five
                                                  Instead of bickering about feder-
 tion of a copy of this order, once al and state aid, and otherwise "let-                           Work As Six                       'thing? which often are not nearly as practically all of Michigan's soils, years, and not in the past 20 years
 each month for four months prior to ting George do it," citizens should                   Michigan farmers a r e taking • sweet as they sound.                                 Professor Rather points out. Nitro- promising greater profit than in
 the month set for said hearing, in the cooperate immediately with official stock of available horses and mules                                                                 gen is not a problem, for alfalfa 1942.
 Coranna News, a newspaptr printed                                                    to do some of the farm work in
 and circulated in said County.               authorities in taking steps for de-
                                              fense preparedness. So far, Michigan 1942 that can't be done by power
    It is Further Ordered, That notice is far behind in meeting its quota.             machinery steel that has been di-
 thereof also be given to each person                                                 verted to armaments.
 named in said petition as heirs-at-                             v v                       In fact in a recent sale conducted             I am prepared to handle all of your
 law, or next of kin, by depositing                                                   by the Michigan Horse Breeders'                 Insurance—Fire, cyclone, automobile
 copies of this order in a poatoffice, in         AsMMf «** likely targets for ene- association in the livestock pavilion or any kind of insurance you may
 envelopes addressed one to each of my air raids, it is explained, are the at Michigan State College, five need. Can also handle your Notary
 them at their respective last known Sault Ste. Marie locks on the St horses were purchased for milk de- Public work. Write or phone me at                                            xp"*(.'. ^DTS *•"* A r *ia :-or? vicTonv
 postoffice addresses, duly registered Mary's river canal, the ore docks at livery routes in Lansing and others Lennon, 27-F1, for information.
 and postage prepaid, within thirty Eecanaba, Detroit monition plants wen tto Saginaw for similar (ser-
 day* after the filing of said petition. such a* the Chrysler tank arsenal, vice.                                                                 GEORGE W, HAFFNER.           msmmmmmmi
              ROY D. MATTHEWS,
                     Judge'tof Brobate.
                                              and the new Willow Run Ford bom-
                                              ber plant near Yysilanti.
                                                                                           Draft horses respond like race
                                                                                      horae* or athletes. In health, and
  (A True Copy)
 Janice Richardson,

         Registrar of Probate.
                                                  Fantastic as the idea might have conditioned by work and exercise*
                                              appeared three to six months ago," a horse can do 50 per cent more Mammoth Clover Seed
                                              it is entirety feasible today in the than usual for days and weeks if
                                                                                                                                                                                  EVgfY                        PAY                         DAY
                                              opinion of army authorities. Lieut. necessity demands, it is pointed out                    Strictly highest grade. Purity, 99
                                              General Ben L«,«r, visiting Fort Cus- by R. S. Hudson, superintendent of                 2-10',. Germination, 92c/i. Ulysses
                                              ter for an inspection, told report-                                                      Dieck, 2 ¼ miles east and southeast
                                          <** ers that enemy bombers could base the farm and horse department at of Lennon, on McEnroe road.
                                                                                      the college
                                              in the Hudson bay district and               "Even now before spring farm
     DWlGffT E. GILBERT                       easily fly to Michigan.                 work becomes steady, a farmer can
                                                  Equally important in modern war- begin conditioning the work horses."
                                              fare would be its propaganda value: says Mr. Hudson.                              NOTICE OF REGISTRATION
                                              The home moral stimulant from such           "One phase involves feeding. A
      Air Conditioned F w o r a l H O B *                                                                                                 To the Qualified Elector* o f the                           ,., (rf^riiteftfewg^
                                              a raid-to inland centers of the Unit- horse or a mu! eat work needs a
                                              ed States. (Imagme how we would j p o u n d o f ^nm a n d o n e a n d o n e              Town»hip of Venice:—
      Unexcelled AmbaUace Serriee
                                              thrill over newspaper headlines of f o u r t h p o u n < U 0 igood       qUality     ^      Take Notice, that I will be at my
      Phone 41                GAINES          an American ajr raid on Tokyo!)       f f o r e v e r y h u n d r e d ^ ^ t h e a n i . office in the Village of Lennon every
                                                                                       mal weighs. A .1600 pound draft week day until the 28th day of March
                                                                                      horse should save 16 pounds of 1942, for the purpose of registering
                                                  The Yankee Spirit of '42 is shown ;grain and 20 pounds of hay daily the names of such qualified electors
             O. H. G E I B                    by the following public notice on to keep in fit condition for heavy as are not previously registered and
                                                                                                                                       who wish to vote at the annual Elec-
      Doctor off Votoriaary ICedicitt*        the front page of a weekly newspap- •fork.
                                                                                           "The exercise should begin im-              tion to be held in said township on
            1325        Corm***, I l k * . er in Wayne county, the Huron
                                                                                      mediately even on such chores as Monday, the 6th day of April, 1942.
                                              County Sentinel at Plat Rock:
                                                  "Have you a pail of sand in your hauling manure or wood, grading
                                              attic and also a pail on the second roads or draining and grading feed-
                                                                                                                                          Also, that on Tuesday, the 17th
                                                                                                                                       day of March, A. D. 1942, ttot* eight
                                                                                                                                                                                  BUY DEFENSE BON.US
                                                                                                                                       o'clock in the forenoon until six
       H. B. MOORE, D. D. S.
                                              i'ioor of your home to extinguish an lots."
                                              incendiary bomb? The village of Flat         Animals should get out in sun- o'clock in the afternoon, I will be                    BUY DEFENSE STAMPS
        Office I . Matthew* Bid*.             Rock has sand available for this pur- shine, Hudson adv.ises. Although at the town hall in the township of
                                              pose. Bring pails for sand to police shelter from cold winds is advised, Venice for the purpose of registering
                                 Michigan headquarters. Merell Page, Village animals get in condition                          better the names of such qualified electors.
                                              Clerk."                                 w%en allowed to range. Horses                       Notice is further hereby given, that
                                                                                       should be out on good jbluegrass                Friday, the 27th day of March, 1942,
                                                                                      pasture by May 1 in southern coun- is the last day on which qualified
                                                                                                                                       electors may register for said elec-
                                                  Farmer* are faced with a severe ties and in other areas by May 15, tion, and that on said 27th day of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           * ***** ftnfjm AfcHft

                                              labor shortage, so warns Dean E. L. but not permitted to fill up with March, f will be at my office in the
      GLENN BOSSERDET                         Anthony, department of agriculture lush grass if the horses scour. Pas- village of Lennon from 8:00 o'clock
              AUCTIONEER                      at Michigan State College.              tured animals at work may sweat
                                                  Anthony says farmers do not ap-    .more but to no harm if they have in the forenoon until six o'clock in
         Farm Sales a Specialty                                                                                                        the afternoon for said Registration.
                                              parently realize the seriousness of plenty of salt and water.                                Dated: March 4, 1942.
             Phone 116 F 2-1
                                              the situation, caused by selective
           Coronna, R. F. D. 1                                                                                                                           KIRBY HUDSON,
                                              service demands. The American army
                                                                                                                                                             Township Clerk.
                                              in th elast war numbered 3,673,888                                                                                                                                          *
                                             men on Nov. 11, 1918; today mili-
                                             tary authorities are talking in terms
                                                                                           CAHTOt THEATRE                                                                                                 F
                                             of a 10,000,000-man AEP.                  Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. rat-                                                                CASH PAID           "
                                                                                    ed Hollywood's most sensational             ' NOTICE OF HEARING CLAIMS
                                                                                    box-office drawing card;, who come              State of Michigan, The Probate
                                                                                                                                 Court for the County of Shiawassee.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Disabled or Dead
                                                                                    to the Capitol on Sunday for three
                                                Michigan worker* in industrial de- days in Universal^ new Ip.ngh film,              In the Matter of the Estate of
                                             fense approximate 400,000, accord- "kiide 'Em Cowboy," have definite-               Emma J. McCurdy, Deceased. File                      HORSES $7.30     CATTLE $6.00
             BETTER                          ing to George H. Fern, state director ly cast t'i»eir lot with the screen.
                                             of vocational education.               The tv c zanies, recruited from the
                                                Today's labor surplus, due to con- footlights, not only are investing
                                                                                                                                 No. 12,865.
                                                                                                                                    Notice is hereby given that more
                                                                                                                                 than two months from this date have
                                                                                                                                                                                             FREE SERVICE ON SMALL ANIMALS
                                                                                                                                                                                              C a r c a s s M u s t be F r e s h a n d S o u n d
                                             version of automobile plants, is their earnings in Southern California              been allowed creditors /to present
                                              around 170,000 Within six months it real estate, but they've gone so far           their claims aguinst said deceased to    T                      P h o n e Collect Nearest Station
                                              will be replaced by a shortage, and as to chart their separate courses             said Court for examination and ad-       T           VALLEY CHEMICAL CO.
                                              Fein forsees greater employment of against an era when cinema audien-
                                              women in war plants. The Ford ces no longer want them as a mirth-
                                                                                                                                 justment, und that all creditors of
                                                                                                                                 said deceased are required to present    T
                                              bomber plant at Willow Run is ex- generating team.                                 their claims in duplicate -— one to      T           Oscar Myers Rendering Co., Branch
                                             pected to employ 12,00 Oto 20,000        The dour-faced Abbott plans,               said court, at the probate office, in    T
                                             women.                                when his comedy days are finished,
                                                                                    to turn to fast-talking character
                                                                                                                                 the City of Corunna in said county
                                                                                                                                 and one to the fiduciary of said         T        Durand 2 2

             THE                                                                    roles. The rotund Costello, however,         estate on or before the 11th day of
                                                Vernon J. Brown, • state auditor intends to stow away his make-up                M?y A. D. 1942 and that said claims
          CORUNNA                            general, recently bought a farm four kit and turn his talents to talkie di-
                                             miles east of Mason where he was rection.
                                                                                                                                will be heard by said court on Mon-
                                                                                                                                day the 11th day of May A. D. 1942,
                                                                                                                                at nine o'clock in the forenoon.
            NEWS                             born 60 years ago. As the Ingham         Abbott is exceptionally capable in
                                             County News at Mason heralded the parts requiring the spouting of dia-                 Dated: February 24, A. D. 1942.
                                             event: "After a lot of hard work log at a machine-gun clip. Costello                            ROY D, MATTHEWS,
                                             he has been able to get back where is a master of comedy timing, and                                  judge of Probate.
                                             he was 35 years ago (when he aban- his directorial suggestions have fig-
                                             doned the farm for city life). Last ured prominently in the amazing
                                                                                                                                   Anna Frances Burman,
                                                                                                                                                                                     LE ' THE NEWS HANDLE THAT
                                             Saturday '.ie bought the old home- success of Universale Abbott and                    116 West Erie Street
                                             stead back. He intends to plant ti.e [ Costello features                              Albion, Michigan.                                                 JOB PRINTING
       Scrap Iron is Gold-
                                                                                LENNON LOCALS                     LENNON METHODIST
            Today                                                             Jack McDowell was in Flushing
                                                                                                                    On Sunday evening we are to
                                                                           Tuesday afternoon.
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. J. A. St, John were  have as our guests, the Flushing
           Your Scrap Metal is needed for VICTORY!                         in Corunna and O.wosso Tuesday, on rMethodist choir, under the direction
                                                                                                                of Mr. Auten. A cordial invitation
           A critical shortage of Scrap Metal now exists in the                                                 is extended to the public.
                                                                              Mrs. Leo Leneschmjdt and Miss         Sunday morning worship. 10:00
     United States War Industry. Unless more scrap is forthcom-            Ann O'Hara were in Durand Monday o'clock
     ing at once, war production will slow down an/1 jnonths, even         evening.                                Church school at 11:00.
     years will be added to this fearful battle.                              Mr. and Mrs LfcMont Tiffany          Evening worship at 8:00.
                                                                          drove J^the Alpena section Sunday        Prayer Service Wednesday eve-
                                                                          af tern *W
          It is of the utmost importance that every pound of scrap                                              ning at eight o'clock.
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Fay Hunter, of
     metal on your farm start moving toward America's steel mills                                                  Go to Chu: ^h Sunday.
                                                                          Flint, were Sunday guests of Mr.
     and foundries to make more war material.                             and Mrs. Ray Wilcox.                     ERNEST L. CARLESS, Minister.
          To help get your scrap moving, this firm will co-operate            Russell Merrill was at work in
     in every way possible. Canvass your faraa from the attic to          the postoffice on Monday, doing
     the farthest fence corner. Gather every bit of old metal             considerable remodeling.
     into a conveniently located pile and drop a. post card to this           Mrs. Grover Kerrigan and son.
                                                                          Bill, of Saginaw, were guests of Mr.      Shall America Die?
     store telling us approximately how many pounds you have
     collected. A. scrap dealer will send his truck past your farm,
     pick up the old metal and get it started toward the fighting
                                                                          and Mrs. Charles White on Sunday.
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Benjamin are Shall America die,
                                                                          now occupying the house which they       Shall future history tell.
                                                                                                                                                     Deep-Chilled SHARES
                                                                                                                How this great nation rotae,
     front.                                                               recently purchased of Oscar Marble.
                                                                                                                   And then so horribly fell?
                                                                                                                                                            W I L L K E E P Y O U R P L O W AT
        This firm collects this information and passes it along with-         Mr. and Mrs. George Haffner
     out profit of any kind. Our work in this -campaign and the coat      were at the home of Mrs Carrie Shall our etties, ruined lie.                       PEAK PERFORMANCE ALWAYS
     of this advertising is our contribution to VICTORY!                  Lawceck, of Corunna, Sunday eve-         Wrecked by bomb, and fire,
                                                                             The Lennon King's Daughters will
                                                                          meet on Thursday next March 26,
                                                                                                                Tributes to some war-lord'* hate,
                                                                                                                   And victims of his ire?                  K    BBP yo*r plow young... do good work in all tough
                                                                                                                                                               . soil co»dtiti0ai9---be assured of clean plowing—use
                                                                         'with Mrs. Atthujr Wilbur for a pot- Shall Freedom be a memory,
                                                                                                                                                            * * * * * John Deere-Syracuse Deep^bilUd Shares on your
                                                                                                                                                            John Deere-Syracnse Plow.
    Lennon Implement Co.                                                  luck dinner and program.
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Larry Peck and
                                                                          children, of Auburn Heights- were i
                                                                                                                   To us, who know Its joy,
                                                                                                                Shall slavery be the future lot,
                                                                                                                  Of every man and boy?
                                                                                                                                                               With an inferior "bargain" share on your plow, you're
                                                                                                                                                            bound to get poor work. Instead, insist on a gemote
Hardware and Implements                             Lennon, Mich. guests in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Wake up! America,'—everyone,                           Syracuse share—one that will outlast two ordinary shares
                                                                          Fred Welter on Sunday.                   It's time for us to unite                --One that is made of the hardest metal used in plow
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Pound of And put our shoulders to the wheel,            construction,
                                                                          Clio, and Mrs. Harry Clark, of Flint,   For God, for home, and right.
                                                                         -were callers at the home of Mr. and                                                 Remember, both point and cutting edge are deep-
                                                                          Mrs. George Haffner on Sunday.        Forget your fears; forget your woes,        chilled on gemmmejotm Deere-Syracuse shares. We have
                                                                             The regular meeting of the King's    Forget your race or creed;                the type for your plow.
                                                                          Daughters will be held in the home Lay your politics on the shelf,
                                                                          of Mrs. Arthur Wilbur on the last       In this, our time of need.                                                                  •* «•«- •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  J-»   »
                                                                        'Thursday of this month, March 26.
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith of We got a dirty job to do,
                                                                          Owosso, and Mr. and Mrs. Grover         But neighbor, its worth while;
                                                                          Kerrigan, of Saginaw, were Sunday     There's something for everyone to JOHN DEERE DEALEK
                                                                                                                      do,                                                                                IENN3N, MICH.
                                                                         callers in the home of Mr and Mrs.
                                                                         Arthur Wilbur.                           Let's do it with a smile.
                                                                             Don't forget the Shadow Circle to Back up yours sons, with bonds
                                                                         be given at the community house              and stamps,
                                                                        5»n Friday evening of this week,          Let Victory be your cry;
                                                                         hponsored by the Woman's Society Don't forget Peart Harbor,                      LET T H E MEWS HANDLE T H A T
                                                                         of Christian Service.                    Lest our America die. j /
                                                                             Friend* cf Mr. and Mrs. George
                                                                         Baiey have received word that Mr.
                                                                                                                                                                           JOB PRINTING
                                                                                                                                     —E* M. Taylor
                                                                         and Mrs, Baker are about to return
                                                                         to jUaiaai, particularly to help with
                                                                         the maple syrup harvest.
                                                                             Ladka—If you have your block
                                                                         finished for the afgan for the Red
                                                                         Cross, ptoaae bring them m so that
                                                                         we may gat it completed. These are
                                                                         greatly naadad right now.

                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burpee and
                                                                         son and Mr. and Mrs. Howard
                                                                         Ganssley and family were dinner
                                                                       'fucsts in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                         Uarry Long on Friday evening.
                                                                             Mrs. John Ritter and Mrs. Will
                                                                         Hudson entertained the following la-
                                                                         dies one afternoon last week: Mrs.
                                                                         Laura Frost, Mrs. Tom Forester,

            Hardware                                                     Mrs. Minnie Bowden and Mrs. Hub-
                                                                             Mrs. Harry Long, Mr?. Leonard
                                                                         Ganssley and Mrs. George Ganssley
                                                                        attended a regular meeting of the
        Yes, we have your Hardware needs,                                Byron King's Daughters at the home
                                                                        of Mrs. J. Hubert Brom on Tuesday              Next to Post Office Bldg. - - Phone 24                              LENNON, MICH.
   whatever they may be, and always give                                of last week.
   the best of service and a quality that is                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilcox have re-
                                                                        ceived a letter from their youngsters,
   the best.                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Hamill, stating
        You are sure to find what you may                               that they are now nicely situated at
                                                                        the military training camp at Camp
   need—Plumbing and Supplies, Water Sys-                               Devins. near Boston, Mass.
   tems. Will be glad to figure with you on
   anything you need.
                                                                             Circle No. 1 of the W. S. C. S,
                                                                        met with Mrs Carless on Monday
                                                                        evening for a pot-luck dinner,
                                                                        followed by their regular meeting.
                                                                                                                          A Good Place to Trade
                                                                        In spite of the thunderstorm, there

     Lemon Hardware Co.                                                 were eighteen present.
                                                                             Mrs. Mina Patchell, Mrs. Gecrge
                                                                        Ganssley and Mrs. Howard Ganssley
                                                                        were guests at the regular ir.oetir!*
                                                                                                                               and Save
pBBfOiiaiaamasasiiaBaiBBiaiwimfaia                                      of the Venice King's Daughters held
                                                                        in the home of Mrs- Ray Bying^on.
                                                                        A white elephant sale was a feature
                                                                        of th-j day and proved to be a great
                                                                                                                                           Just a brief story this week. Keeps one on the
                                                                                                                                   jump these days to keep posted on the changing
    IOCXOI                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Howard Nichols en-
                                                                        tertained the "Jolly Twenty" enchre                        prices sometimes up — and actually sometimes a                                       o
                                                                        club Saturday evening. Prizes were
                                                                                                                                   little drop. But whatever it may be we want you
         The Coal Situation                                             awarded Frank Barnett, Tressa
                                                                        Wilbur. Charles Mulcahy and Anita
                                                                        Ransom. A delicious luncheon was                          to know that we are keeping in step with the                                           !
                                                                        served, and the usual fine time was
             This is a mighty good suggestion from the                 vnjoyed by all.                                            trend, and you can always save by buying your
    "higher ups." The next few months are apt to be                   I \;Our local school board is indeed
    very uncertain as regards fuel, and the government                \ fortunate in having secured Mr?.                           Groceries and Meats right at this popular store.
    is urging all to keep the bin well filled. Deliveries             [ A*Iie Bryant as teacher in the gram-
    are sure to be curtailed, and your Bin full of coal is            ! roar room grade for the coming                                     Have had a lot of compliments lately on the
    good business—both for you and us.                                  year. Mrs. Bryant has taught for
                                                                      | several years in the Irish schcol,
                                                                        just east of the village. Miss Deris                       high quality of the Meats we are selling, and if you
              Here are some April Prices, in two-ton lots:              Tiffany will succeed Mrs. Bryant at
                                                                        the Irish school.                                         haven't been "in" on this quality, it's not too late.
                                     At Bin              Delivered
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilbur en-                        Remember that we always sell the best for less.
        Kentucky Egg                  7.25                 8.00         tertained the 4th division of the
                                                                        Woman's Society of Christian Ser-
        Gold Band                     7.75                 8.50         vice on Tuesday evening. A delicious
                                                                                                                                   So for quality goods at the saving price, come
        Blue Beacon                   7.75                 8.50         co-operative dinner was enjoyed at
                                                                        seven o'clock, after which a pro*                          right to our store.
        Pocahontas                    8.75                 9.50         gram was carried out, which was
                                                                        conducted ,fciy..the program commit-                               AVe'll make it easy for you to buy those De-
                                                                        tee, Mrs. Corwin C'axton. '
                                                                                   —        v                                      fense Stamps and Bonds.
D Walsh Bean and
                                                                              Thanks Voters                                                                                                                             O
     Grain Co.                                                             I wish to sincerely thank the vot-

n    Phone 16
                                                                         ers of Venice township who gave me
                                                                       i their support in the caucus on Tues-
                                                                       j day, -And I pled)?? to the nominee
                                                                         my hearty support, ar.d any assist-      Better Meats Always |
                                                                      "[™ce that I tiviy be able to give
                                                                   0   'him,
                         locaoi                                                             KIRBY HUDSON
  The Corunna News                                                                           DR. CAMPER TALKS TO                         Mix Paint Thoroughly
                                                                                                                                             To Prevent Uneven Job
                                                                                                                                                                                       If you must hoard, Hoard Defense Bonds-
                                                                                            > PARENT-TEACHERS                                   An owner recently blamed the                      Don't Hoard Hour
          LOUIS N. SHEARDY, Pubttther                                                           Dr. T. E. Camper of the Shia-                paint for a job what was rough and
                                                                                             wassee County Health Unit gave an               uneven. As a matter of fact, the
                                                                                             instructive address on "Community               paint that he used was of excellent
          Kit^red «» Second Class matter *t the
     pos:      Ofl'i.v at Corunna, Michigan, under                                           Health" at "the meeting of the                  quality, and the fault was his own
     the Act of March 3, 1879.
                                                         'The Home Economics Club is to
                                                                                             Parent-Teachers' Association held
                                                                                             at the school house Tuesday eve-
                                                                                                                                             for not mixing it completely.
                                                                                                                                                When a can of paint is allowed to           Keep Ike Heme Tuw> TZurutinc
                                                      present a *kit„at the- meeting of the  ning.                                           stand, as it will on a dealer's shelf,
        NEW LOTHROP                                   Friday Afternoon Club this week at        The speaker was introduced by                the heavier parts separate from the
                                                                                                                                             oil, and collect in a dense mass at
                                                      Extension Hall. It is C-alled "How     the program chairman, Mrs. Tony
                By Mrs. Blanche LeRoy                 the Housewife Spends Her Dollar"                                                       the bottoi. of the can. Before using,
                                                                                             Kozumplik. T h e discussion was                 this mass must be thoroughly and
                                                      a::d Alice Fattal /ftetty Raymond     .preceded by a motion picture,                   evenly blended with all the liquid.
                                                      and Marguerite Fcrnette will have      "Know Your Money," given by
          P«;ul Flynn is ill with pneumonia, f t h o spea^i,^ p a r t s .                                                                       For this a second can should be
                                                                                             George Murphy, high school teach-               at hand,, as large or larger than the
          Mrs. .Harriet Zendler of Flint is at; The C l u b has planned a "Pal               er and member of the program com-
     tho home of her daughter, Mrs. Roy                    t y „ ^,. j | a r e n 25 at Alice Fat-
                                                                                                                                            paint can. Much of the paint liquid
     Conkiin and Mr. Conklin.                       ! tnl's." The main purpose-of tho par-
          The church has recently been; l v j s t o e a i n m 0 n e v for Club pins,
                                                                                                Mrs. Earl LeRoy, president, an-
                                                                                             nounced the purchase of a piano
                                                                                                                                             is pouired off into this, and the re-
                                                                                                                                             maining liquid stirred into the mass
                                                                                                                                             remaining in the can. When this
     decorated and an oil heating system ^ a . . h p<M.aon w i n bring a penny               for the intermediate room and that             has been softened, some of the                             IrHOa THf FlOUft TMf WEST COOKS Utt
    •installed. Rev. Roy Sheehy is pastor. for every year old she is.                                                                                                                                          Contains Thiamin (Vitamin fc), Aoti*
                                                                                             the quota for a First Aid Class had            liquid is poured back and stirred in,                              Pallacjra Factor, i r o n . C a l c i u m a*d
          Mrs. Stella Gillett and Mrs. .Wil-             •Joan Straza and Billy Mallery,     been reaehed with a possibility of             and this process should be contin-                                              rfaotpfcarvfc
    ford Good are dining room commit- who have been ill a long time, have                   an instructor being arranged for the            ued until the entire can of paint is           AMODOCf                                                              •oaruuw
    tee for. the lafe cooperative supper returned to the kindergarten.                      latier part of March". Although the             brought to an even consistency.                   0*        VALLEY CITY ML" LING CO. AMOMAM
    Friday night.                                      " The 6th- 4th and 3rd grades en-    required number has been received                   For final mixing, the paint should                        tAMOUt FOO* fACTOkttt M t tUtt-UOM               YiMM
          Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bently of joyed a treat from the Varsity Club                  for this class, Mrs. LeRoy will be             be poured back and forth from one
    Flint will have charge of the sing- last Friday afternoon. Each re-                     glad to continue to receive the                 can to the ether, several times. The                                SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY
    ing and contribute vocal selections. ceived his limit of. ice cream as a                                                                paint is then ready for use. In-
    The public is attend.                   reward for bringing the greatest
          The New Lothrup Order of East- quantities of paper in the salvage
    ern Star met here Friday evening campaign sponsored by the club.
                                                                                            names of those interested who wish
                                                                                            to list them with her, §he stated.
                                                                                                     .       L_v      ;— •
                                                                                                                                            structions on the label for the pos-
                                                                                                                                            sible thinning of the paint should
                                                                                                                                            be carefully followed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  JOHN NUTSON
    fo rthe regular monthly meeting                      The 4th 'grade children are mak-                                                       Varnish does not need any such
    following a co-operative dinner.                 ing posters to illustrate their study              EASTON                              treatment, for its parts do not sep-
          Mrs.      Oivilie McKone and three of the Netherlands.                                                                            arate. Great care should be taken
    children of Venice Center is spend-                                                                      By Blanche LeRoy               not to shake a can of varnish, for
                                                         Edna Zidnac, 6th, is out of school
    ing a few weeks at the home of Mr. because of injuries received in an                                                                   air bubbles will form in it and spoil
    McKone'? parents, Mr. and Mrs. auto accident.                                                      Rev. and Mrs Woodard were the final result
    Fred McKone.                                                                                    hosts to the pastors and their wives
                                                         Joan Mallery, who has been ill of the Clinton and Shiawassee
         Jane Elizabeth fe the name of for three weeks, has returned to the
    the little daughter recently- born at 3rd grade.                                                County Churches of Christ, at their Here's How to Take
                                                                                                ^ home in Easton, Wednesday.
    Memorial -Hospital to Mr. and Mrs.                   The children in the 3rd grade are                                                               Dents (A* of Wood
    Harold Wbethem- Mrs. Edna Bently making booklets to ilfasijrate the                                Rev. Ralph Woodward will con-
                                                                                                    tinue his pre-Easter messages on            When a table top is dented by the
    of Lennox is at t heWhetham home poem, "Blow March Wind,"
   where Mrs. Whetha roand baby came                                                                the Cross at the Easton Church of dropping of a candlestick or other
                                                         Mrs.     Guilford, principal of the Christ Sunday morning by speak- heavy object, the dent can usually
   Tuesday.                                          Lincoln School, Owosso, visited the ing from the subject: -'The Neces- be taken out by a process that will
        The Rev. G. Preston Bfehop, of 7th and 8th grades on Tuesday
   Kittanhing, Pennsylvania, win con- morning                                                       sity of the Cross" and in the eve- swell the fibers of the wood. For
   duct a series of pre-Easter services                                                             ning "My Master's Cross and Mine." this the finish around the dent
                                                         Rehearsals for the school operetta,                                                should be scraped off so that bare
   at the local Church of the Kasarene "The Belle of Barcelona." are pro1                                                                  wood is exposed.
   beginning Monday evening* March }gresstng nicely. Reserve April 1 for                                                                       The dent is then covered by a
   23 at 8 K)0 o'clock and continuing this school event.                                               To help defray the cost of the      cloth dampened with warm water,
   through Sunday, April 5.                              The 7th grade arithmetic class new furnace recently ^stalled in which is pressed by a warm—not
        Mr. and Mrs, Roy ConkHn, Mr. wrote a test over stocks and bonds the Easton Church of Christ the hot—iron. The steam produced will
   and Mrs. Emmett Johnson, Mr*. last week The following received Ladies Aid Society of that church be absorbed by the dented fibers,
   Cecil Mclfone, and Mrs. Leo Flynn 100:                       Carol Brazie* Jack Bower, are, sponsoring a "Sock Social" to which will then swell and return to
   returned Monday from Qofntko, Dorothy Francis- Earl Hall, Jim be held at the church Friday eve- their original positions. The refin-
   Virginia where they had been visit- Johnson, John Kisnonsky, Charles ning, March 20, which will begin at ishing of the table top will be re-
   ing their sons and brothers, Paul Leiner, Wyler Rigling, Junior Tis- 8 o'clock.                                                         quired, at least in that part around
   Conklin, Howard Johnson and Billy sot and Marian Slater, Richard                                                                        the dent.
                                                                                                       A lunch will follow a fine pro-
   Fljron.                                          Musson, Verdetta Rurarill, Hercele gram of playlets, readings, instru-                     Should the wood be actually
                                                                                                                                            gouged, so that some of it is re-
       Plans were made for initiatory Schonberg a n d George Sarchett mental and vocal music under the moved, the hole that is left can be
   degreed to be conferred Friday eve- wrote "A" papers.                                            direction of Rev. and Mrs. Ralph filled with stick shellac. This can
  ning, March 20- A co-operative                        A new pupil in the fourth grade Woodward. The cost of the lunch be had in all shades of wood colors
   supper will follow the ceremonies. is Marilyn Hudson from Detroit.                               will be "twice the sise of your at many large paint stores and from
  A program, followed the business                      The kindergarten children are sock" and all who have not receiv- dealers in cabinetmakers' supplies.
  meeting which include dvocal solos making a movie of the "Gingerbread ed a "sock" to place their contri- An old screwdriver is heated to a                                                   By so doing you cooperate with the farmers and wage earners
   by Clark Kingsbury accompanied on Boy."                                                          bution in will be given one at the point at which it will melt the shel-
  the piano by Mrs. Kingsbury. Mrs.                     In a 7th grade geometry test giv- church. The public is cordially in- lac, and a little of the shellac car-                              cf your own State who £row und produce this fine product—
                                                                                                                                                                                                  tugar that for every sweetening purpose has no superior.
  Harold Behrens and Mrs Earl Le- en last week the following wrote vitiid.                                                                 ried by the blade is then transferred
  Roy contributed readings and group perfect papers: Dan Bendall, George                              The pancake supper held at the to the hole.                                                   Listen «0 Edgar A. G«e*t--*^M*id«y *»d
  singing was enjoyed                               Davis, Barbara Hildebrant, Marjo- church Thursday evening was very                         If the correct amount of shellac                             Wtdmadaf 10 AJL-WXXZ
                                                    rie Hollenbeck, Stanley Lecureux- well attended and a generous sum is picked up, the surface can be                                                         md Mithi0tm JUato Nftmmk
       Worthy Matron Mrs. Russell Bur- Don Rowell and Francs Solomon. was realized. The men baked all smoothed by the warm blade; if too
  pee and Mr. Burpee who lost their "A"                         paper*: Geraldine Bonnin, the take* and did the serving.                   much is used, the surplus can be
  home recently by fire were honor I Mary Jane Blackman, Joe Gradick,                                                 V                    cut off with a razor blade. A job of
  guests at a shower of the Order of! Wilma Kinney, Nan Kribs, Janet                                                                       this sort can be so neatly done that
  Eastern Star at the Masonic hall ! Laughlin, Richard Linabury and                                                                        the patch will hardly be noticed.
                                                                                                      Mr^ Ernestine Kukuils, teacher
  here Tuesday evening. The arrange- j Joan Sullivan                                               of the Center school was hostess to
  ments for the affair were made by j Frank Robbing and Wanda How- the New Haven Teacher** Club at
  Associate Matron, Mrs. Harold Beh- j ard have left the 7th grade, the her home in Easton Friday.                                                    Qaaltty by Taste?
                                                                                                                                             Some interesting experiments have
  rens arid Worthy Patron- John Fish- former moving to northern Michit                                Projects to be presented at the been made on the Los Angeles cam-
  er. The awards at games were pre-1 g&n -tnd the latter to Detroit.                               Shiawassee County Fair was the af- { pus of the University of California
  aented to the honor guests who re-                    Lois Crane enrolled in the 8th temoon discussion after which the j by Or. Roy M. Dorcus, associate
  ceived many lovely gifts.                        grade on Monday.                                hostess served a luncheon in keep-1 professor of psychology. He has dis-
                                                        Bert Chalker has returned to the ing with St. Patrick's Day as were covered that it is difficult to detect
      At a meeting of teachers at the 6th grade after an illness of some- the appointive decorations.                                     so-called "extra quality" (and inci-
  Center School *of Easten, Mrs. Er- time.                                                            Teachers present at the occassion dentally higher-priced) products by                                                       has been taken "out of the grease."
 nest KuKulis^Pfcacher, was the hos-                    Sixth graders having honorable were: Mrs Aleath Faltys of the taste.                                                          Sheep to Sing Barber                        Michigan wool on the farm this spr-
 tess. Projects', to be presented at mention for a recent good language Hurd s/thool; Mrs. Eloise Dekker,                                     In testing two kinds of coffee, one                                                 ing will be worth a top price of
 the Shiawassee County Fair were test are Frances Bocek. Evelyn De- Easton; Mrs. Alice White, Under- costing about twice as much as the                                                      Ballads                             approximately 47 cents a pound if
 discussed. Teachers present were vereaux, Louise Criger, Donalyn wood; Miss Ruth Howard, German; other, 38 per cent of his subjects pre-                                                                                        a flock owner can obtain the top
 Mrs.          Aleath Faltys of the Hurd Huber, Velma Rowell- Joyce Sarra* Mrs. Katherine Race, Greek; Mrs. ferred the cheaper brand, 51 per
 school; Mrs. Eloise Dekker, Easton; zin,                     Josephine Spaniola, Clarence Viola Brendhal, Clark and Mrs. cent the more expensive brand and                            A milion sheep In Michigan are or ceiling price.
 Mrs. Alice White, Underwood; Miss Spies, Elden Thomas and Betty Frances McCaffrey of the Hart.                                           9 per cent couldn't make up their practicing barber ballad bleating as                      According to Paul Finnigan, Lan-
 Ruth Howard, German; Mrs. {Cath- Tinklepaugh.                                                                                            minds. When jtwo kinds of sherry flockmasters prepare to clip between sing, manager of tkjt Michigan wool
                                                                                                                      V-                  wine were tasted/ one coaling 35 seven and eight million pounds of cooperative, farmers with wool to
 erine Race, Greek; Miss' Viola                        Billy Van Meer, 3rd is ill of
 Brendahl, Ciark; and Mrs. Frances pneumonia in Memorial Hospital.                                 New Drag Aids Fight                    cents a quart more than the other, wool from the iiacks of the animals. sell ought to haxe samples graded
                                                                                                                                          45 per cent preferred each brand
 McCaffrey of the Hart.                            His classmates are sending him                           On Ailments of Heart and 10 per cent couldn't tell any Which leads to puzzling among and appraised before selling. make it                                Varia-
                                                   cards and letters-                                 Discovery of a new drug, which, it difference In taring two grades of         Michigan farmers as to what wool tions in grade and shrinkage
      The Methodist Women's Society                                                                is believed, will play an important salted butter, 45 ^e. cent preferred actually is worth now that the fed- difficult for the average farmer to
 of Christia nService met for their                                                                part in man's battle against the No. the expensive brand, 42 per cent eral government has set up ceiling estimate actual value of the wool
regular dinner at the church dining                                      _V-                       1 cause of death, heart disease, was the cheaper brand and 13 per cent prices on the valuable crop.                           clip from his sheep.
 room Wednesday and was served by                                                                  related recently at a meeting of 200 made no choice.                                An explanation prepared by Mich-               To aid farmers in getting samples
 Mrs.          Earl White, Mrs. Robert                 If you were sure that you would prominent western doctors under                                                              igan State College extension service graded and appraised, the coopera-
 Sweers and Mrs. Laurence Sweers. j not be found out, what is it that you auspices of the I-os Angeles Heart                                                                        and representatives of the Michigan tive is maintaining such services in
 It was decided in the business meet- j would like to do?                                          association.                                        Bridge No Fad                Cooperative Wool Marketing Asso- Lansing and Jackson and contem-
 ing which followed to contribute                                                                     The speaker on the new drug was         Not so many years ago contract ciation indicates the meaning of the plates establishing another service
 five dollars to magazine subscrip-                                                                Dr. William D. Evans of Santa Bar- bridge was looked upon by many ceiling price when it concerns the center in a more northern location.
 tions for the soldiers at Fort Cus-                                                               bara, formerly resident at the Los Americans as a passing fad. They high quality Michigan wool.                                    Difficulty in obtaining imports
 ter and to serve the dinner for the                      ORDER OF PUBLICATION                     Angeles County hospital and now an had the notion that the game was                 Much of Michigan wool is classed appears to indicate future wool pri-
 Shiawassee County Association of i                                                                officer in the U. S. army medical nothing more than a new and as three-eights staple or one-quarter
                                                                                                                                          streamlined version of the older                                                       ces will not recede. Conpumtion of
 the Order of Eastern Star which is                    State of Michigan, The Probate corps.                                                                                        staple. Ceiling prices on a cleaned wool in 1941 has been estimated at
 being entertained in May .by the Court for the County of Shiawassee.                                Digitalis, which is a crude drug Whist and that it wasn't here to basis at Boston are $1.04 and 96 900 million pounds, of which only
 local Chapter                                         At a session of the Probate Court extracted from the fox-glove plant,                  But these prophets guessed wrong cents a pound, respectively, on those 50 per cent came from wool clipped
                           V          «-,         for the County of Shiawassee, held is difficult to assay correctly and and the recent survey shows beyond grades. But that is after the wool {from sheep in the United States
                                                                                                   therefore has to be
                                                  at the Probate Office in the City of slowly—over periods administered a doubt that the game is getting
      The modern home is one in which Corunna, on the 12*h day of March hours to three days—byof from 24 more popular all the time and that
 a switch regulates everything but in the year one thousand, nine hund- he pointed out.                                                  at least 60 per cent of those who
 the children.                                    red and forty-two.
                                                                                                     "While it. has saved thousands and enjoy it are playing as often, or
                                                       Present Roy D. Matthews, Judge thousands of lives since its discov- more frequently, than they did five
      There is nothing like alcohol to of Probate.                                                 ery about 1750, we always have years ago.
 take the veneer off a person.                         In the Matter of the Estate of Ef- the problem of correct dosage be-                   The surprising social significance
                                                 fie V. Miner, Deceased.                           cause we cannot be certain of the     of bridge is seen in the fact that
      The millennium will have arrived                 Marion Smith and James S., strength of the particular tablets, both auction and contract players—
.when politicians can be sued for -Co-Executors of said ertate, having nor of the patients' ability to take more than 40 per cent of them at
 breach of campaign promises.                                                                                                            least—play once a week or eftencr. »••                                "Where Friend. Meet"
                                                  rendered an annual Account to this it," he stated, adding:
                                                  Court,                                             "Now with Lanatoside C. isolated,
                                                       It is Ordered, That the .13th day identified and crystallized from the                    Weigh Whin" of Hydrogen          T
     Notice of Election
                                                  cf April next, at ten o'clock in tho old crude digitalis, we have a heart ;                 Measurements so minute that they
                                                  forenoon, at said Probate Office, be stimulant that can be weighed ac- I never before have been recorded by
                                                 appointed for examining and allow- curately, we know nil the tablets j man are claimed possible with the                         T                   THE QUAKER
      To the Qualified El^ctorn
 Township of Venice:
                                             rhe ing said Account,                                 will be the same, and that, despite i mic-o-analysis gas apparatus con-
                                                                                                  this added safety, it has almost all structed by Dr. Francis E. Blacct,
                                                      And it is Further Ordered, Thfit a                                                                                                                 2 Mfles East of Owosso on M-21
      Take Noticcsj'-'jthat tho annual copy of this order be published three the good properties of the older; associate professo.* of chemistry at
 Township Flection for the elect ion consecutive weeks previous to said drug."                                                                                                    T
of the various' township officers day of hearing, in the Corunna News
                                                                                                                                         the Westwood campus of the Uni-
                                                                                                     The main factor of importance, he j "«>-sity of California at Los Angeles.
 will take place on Monday, April a newspaper printed and circulating pointed out, -is That Lanatoside C. ; The delicate equipment is the re-
                                                                                                                                                                                  f              OAKIE ANDERSON
 6, 1D42, at the township ball in said in said County of Shiawassee.                              can be given intravenously, thus \ sult of 10 years of work in con-             5*
 township, in the county >t' Shia-
wassee and State of Michigan.
      That the polls of said election
                                                                   ROY D. MATTHEWS,
                                                                                                  reaching toll effectiveness in 10 min- junction with Prof. Philip Leighton
                                                                                                  utes, while digitalis has to be given of Stanford university, Dr. Blacet
                                                                                                  carefully over the much greater said. As infinitesimal amount of
                                                                               Judge of Probate. period.
                                                                                                                                                                                  t                            AND HIS DANCE BAND

"will he opened at seven «>'c'ock in
the forenoon, and will remain open
until six o'clock in the afternoon of
                                                 By JANICE RICHARDSON,
                                                       Registrar of Probate.
                                                                                                                                         hydrogen as one-three hundred mil- j
                                                                                                                                         lionth part of an ounce can be reg-
                                                                                                                                         istered by the sensitive device, it
                                                                                                                                         was announced. Although principal-
                                                                                                                                                                                  t                         FRIDAY, SATURDAY- SUNDAY

said 6th day of April 1042.                      Pierpont, Carland and Miner,                                                            ly valuable in research work, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Meet Your Friends at The Quaker
      Dated March 17. 1942.                           Attorneys for the Executors.                   Those who own automobiles -re apparatus has been greeted by bio-
                             KIRBY HL'OSON             202-3 New Miner Bldg.                      not the only ones who run down chemists as an aid in detecting gas
                               Township Clerk          Owosso, Michigan.                          their neighbors.                       absorption within the human body.                            JLA
                                                                                       Bert Fuller, of Hazelton town-
                                                                                    ship, was in Corunna Thursday, on
                                                                                                                              FIRST METHODIST CHURCH O                                   iV

                                                                                   a business errand.                                                                     H
                                                                                                                                Woodworth at McArthur Streets             o
                                                                                       "Family Night" was observed by
                                                                                   the Henderson Church of Christ on
                                                                                    Friday evening of last week.
                                                                                       Mrs. A. D. Sanderson, of Venice,
                                                                                                                                        Corunna, Michigan
                                                                                                                                LLOYD M. BLAKELY, Minister
                                                                                                                                                                          I Corunna Free
           «ft                                                                      recently had the misfortune to slip
                                                                                   on the k-e and fracture her arm.
                                                                                       Probate Judge and Mrs. Roy D.
                                                                                                                                 Sunday Services—March 22, 1942.
                                                                                                                                 10:30 a. m.: Morning Worship,
                                                                                                                                                                            Methodist Church
                                                                                   Matthews have returned from a              Sermon, "Conditions of Christian
                                                                                  ,'pjeasure trip of a few weeks to           Fellowship" this bein got* the series,                                 'DESIRES TO SERVE YOUT>t

                                                                                   Texas.                                     "God Is Love."
                                                                                      The eighth district convention of          11:45 a. m.: Church School, with
                                                                                   the American Legion will be held           classes .for everyone. Study the                   216 S. SHIAWASSEE ST.                        PHONE NO. 816
               Confer with our officers about your"                                in Owosso on April 9. Delegates            Word of God for yourself
            CREDIT NEEDS—This bank is ready
            to consider any sound plans for utilizing
            its credit resources in your business—
                                                                                   will come from every section of the
                                                                                   eighth district.
                                                                                      Franklyn E. ^chautz, well known
                                                                                   farmer of New Haven township,
                                                                                                                                 6:30 p. m.: "Happy Sunday
                                                                                                                              Night." Opening service of the pre-
                                                                                                                              Easter Revival Dedication of the 125
                                                                                                                              new song books. This will be an in-
                                                                                                                                                                          0               REV. R. R. and F. E. HAIGHT, Pastors

            whether your requirements are large or                                 dropped dead of a heart attack             teresting moment. Tell your friends
            small.                                                                 while at work on a house, as a car-        about it.
                                                                                   penter, on Wednesday.
                                                                                      Miss Jannie Westbrook will be
                                                                                   hostess on Friday evening for a
                                                                                   njeeting of the Modern Piiscilla club.
                                                                                   f)inner will be served at half-past six
                                                                                                                                 Remember the . Revival Services:
                                                                                                                                 Each 1:00 p m.
                                                                                                                                 Each evening at 7:30 p . m .                                                                                   I
            OLD CORUNNA                                                           o'clock at the Rogers restaurant.
                                                                                      Albert Miller, native Tennessee
                      STATE BANK
                                                                                   young man, is welcomed to our city
                                                                                   as a member of the News staff—
                                                                                   lino operator and printer. **A1" is
                                                                                   located at the Edward Herrick
                                                                                                                                       Taking No Chances
                                                                                                                                It's getting so a jailer can't feel
                                                                                                                              safe even with a wall around the
                                                                                   home.                                        Wat den James Doody, idly gazing
                                                                                                                              over th? 63-acre, stone-walled lawn
                                                                                      "War mothers, young and old,"
                                                                                  were Invited by the Shiawassee
                                                                                   County American War Mothers to
                                                                                                                              of the Johet penitentiary, noticed
                                                                                                                              how frequent were the areas of              D
                                                                                   meet with them at their regular
                                                                                   meeting held on Wednesday in the
                                                                                   W.R.C. rooms in the Court House,
                                                                                      Mrs. Kraft is hostess today
                                                                                                                              smooth, unobstructed turf, and was
                                                                                                                              struck by an unhappy thought He
                                                                                                                              called John Wilson, superintendent
                                                                                                                              of a school of aeronautics near here,
                                                                                                                              and asked him to took the place
                                                                                    (Thursday) for a meeting of the           over.                                                      Sunday School      . . . .         10:00   A.   If.
                                                                                   Workers In His Name Class of the             "Sure thing," said Wilson. "A                            Preaching Service      . *         11:00   A.   1L

r (Unrumta 2fat*s
               t&                     I
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Kimble
                                          were hosts last night (Wednesday)
                                          for a meeting of the Bible Study
                                          Group of the Baptist Church.
                                                                                   Methodist Church School. The mem-
                                                                                   bers will gather at two o'clock and
                                                                                   Mrs. J. 3. Harding is the program
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. A, D. Sanderson, of
                                                                                   Caledonia, were hosts to a group of
                                                                                                                              small plane could land in one of
                                                                                                                              those patches 800 to 900 feet square
                                                                                                                              and take off again with a passen-
                                                                                                                                 "Not one of my boys," said Doody,
                                                                                                                                                                                         Praise Service    . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                         Preaching Service (Evening)
                                                                                                                                                                                         Prayer Meeting (Thursday)

    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Howard and
                                             Week end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
                                          George Davis and family of the sec-
                                          ond ward were Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
                                                                                   friends Friday evening, honoring
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Don Cousins, recent
                                                                                                                              who followed up with orders that as
                                                                                                                              soon as possible telephone poles and
                                                                                                                              cables are to be set across the mid-
                                                                                                                                                                         o       Let us therefore come boldly unto the Throne of Grace, that
                                                                                                                                                                                 we may obtain mercy, and fird Grace to help in time of need.
                                          Ringler of Clio, sister and husband      newly-weds. The evening was spent
 family have moved to Detroit.                                                                                                dle of every one of those eye-catch-
                                          of Mr. Davis.                            in games and contests, and the hon-        ing, wide-open spaces.                                   I need Jesus, my need I now confess;
    Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Dieck were                                                or guests were presented with a
 in Corunna and Owosao Monday                Miss Amy Reqna, teacher in the        number of lovely gifts.                                                                               No friend like Him in times of deep distress;
 afternoon.                               Owosos schools, spent Saturday last                                                                                                          I need Jesus, the need I gladly own;
                                          in Lansing, wher eshe attended a            Mrs. Gladys Peterson and Mrs.                     Have Word for It
    Mr. and Mrs- Frank Geeseman, of                                                Maude Rowell of Owosso, were hos-                                                                     ThV some may bear their load alone,
 McBain; was ? week end guest in          state curriculum and Guidance Pro-                                                  * V. S. Army drivers in the quar-
                                                                                   tesses Thursday evening for the            termaster corps have a vocabulary                               Yet I need Jesus,
 the home of J. L- Schults.               gram conference.
                                                                                   pleasure of their sister, Mrs. Mae         all their own. Some samples:                       Chorus:
    The Eastern Star dance usually                                                 Wright in the latter's home in Co-
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mole, who                                                        Armstrong starter—crank handle.                        I need Jesus, I need Jesus, I need Jesus every day
 held on Wednesday night will be                                                  runna. The affair marked the
 held this week on Friday night.          has been spending the past four                                                        Beach her — coast to parking                            Need Him in the sunshine hour,
                                          months with thetr daughter, *lfrs.       birthday anniversary of Mrs. Wright,       space.                                                   Need Him when the storm clouds lower;
    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Jones, Co-                                                 who was presented with numerous               Broke to lead—needs to be towed
runna Route 2, are the parents of         Chas. Taphouse, have gone to the                                                                                                               Every day along my way. Yes, I need Jesus.
                                          hoine of another daughter, Mrs H.       gifts to mark the day, including the        in. ,
 SOT>. bom on Monday of this week.
                                          L. Schofield of Montrose.               birthday cake, the gift of Mr.s Ro-            Bull o' the woods—convoy com-
    Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Kingsbury                                                                                                                                                         I need Jesus, I need a friend like Him,
                                                                                  well.                                       mander.
 were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.          Samuel C. Cbavey, supervisor                                                       Boom wagon—ammunition truck.                               A friend to guide when paths of life are dim;
                                                                                      Robert Helwig, 27, of Saginaw,
 Dan Fenner, cf Antrim, on Sunday.        from the fift hward in Owosso for                                                     Cowboy—reckless driver.                                  t need Jesus when foes my soul assail;
                                                                                   on last Thursday afternoon pleaded
    The Baptist Missionary Society is     a number of years, has declined                                                        Dig-out—to speed up the engine.                           Alone I know I can but fall
                                                                                  guilty in Justice Robert Finch's
 meeting today (Thursday) with Mr*.       to ru nagain because of the pres-                                                      Hot foot—one who rides bis clutch.                             So I need Jesus.
                                                                                  court in OWOK»W> to a charge of haw
 Wnu T. Woodhouse of M>ck St.             sure of his work in which he is en-                                                    Killer—truck with no brakes.
                                                                                  in gfor sale obscene literature and
[West                                     gaged. Edward Case, who served                                                         Rubber bands—tires.
                                                                                  wan given 90 days in thef;county jail,,                                                                I need Jesus, I need Him to the end
    Mrs. Chas. Tophouse has been          several years on the board and one      This means that he must serve 100
                                          as chairman will make the run in                                                                                                                 No one like Him, He is the sinners' friend;
obliged to go about her home on                                                   days a« he received a 10 day sentence
•crutches of late as the result of a      Mr. Chavey's place.                                                                            Catching Rats
                                                                                   th eday before /whe nhe pleaHed
sprained ankle                               Shiawassee county took the brunt     guilty to a charge of obtaining
                                                                                                                                A New England trick for catching
                                                                                                                              rats was used by George Steele,
   Lew Davenport, township treas-         of a regular March storm the first      mone yby false pretenses.                   a clam-digger of Sebasco, Maine.
urer, was in Corunna Wednesday            of the week, when a cold, very wet          Helen Augusta Kline, 68, resident       When the big shore rats infested
making the annual settlement with         rain descended upon us, and before      of Durand and vicinity for the past         his big pile of clam shells for bits
the county treasurer                      it had subsided, basements were         48 years, died Monday at 6:30 p.            of meat, Mr. Steele took 25 or 30
                                          flooded, the Shiawassee river flood-    m., at the home of her daughter,            giant clams and put them in a
   Th erural fire truck was called to     ed to the extent of two or three,       Mrs. Lou Brooks, two miles north            row near low-tide mark. The hun-
the W. P. Strauch farm southeast of       and a whole lot of damage had been      of Durand on the Durand road, vic-          gry rats would stick their snouts
Corunna on last Thursday night,           done- Most of the damage was to         tim of complications. The last rites        inside ihe opened shells, the alert
when fire broke out in a bam. The         the roads of the county, culvert*       for her will be held today (Thurs-          clams instantly shut the shells, and
fire was extinguished without much        being washed out, and other heavy       day) with burial in Greenwood               the rats' noses were caught fast.
damage.                               ,   damage is reported.                     Cemetery. Vernon. Rev. Ward Piatt           No amount of struggling got them
                                                                                  was the officiating clergyman.              free, and the incoming tide drowned
                                                                                      Perry was without telephone ser-        the trapped rodents.
                                                                                  vice of any kind Tuesday due to an
                                                                                  electrical storm Monday, starting at
                                                                                  8:30 a. m,, and continuing at inter-
                                                                                  vals until late afternoon and burn-
                                                                                  ing out the switchboard o fthe Shia-
                                                                                                                             FREE METBGDiST CHURCH
        Important Notice                                                          wassee Telephone Company. The
                                                                                  operator, Mrs. Claude Ellis, was not
                                                                                  injured. This is the Jfirst time
                                                                                  that Perry has- been completely
                                                                                                                                 218 South Shiawassee Street
                                                                                                                                      A place for everyone
                                                                                  without telephone connections to            E. R. and F. E. HAIGHT, Pastors

       To all Telephone                                                           outside since the big fire there in
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. H, Smith have re-
                                                                                                                                   Sunday School, 10 a. m.
                                                                                                                                   Preaching, 1 1 a . m . and 8 p. m.
                                                                                                                                   Praise Service, 7 p. m.
                                                                                turned from a winter spent in                      Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 7:30

          Subscribers                                                           Florida They report that much of
                                                                          ••> | the rpast winter's weather in Florida
                                                                                „.„   — „ — , „               .—:—
                                                                          • > J was colder than usual. Some delicious
                                                                          f>+ Florida which they brought
                                                                                                                             p. m.
                                                                                                                                   Any sick or needing spiritual help
                                                                                                                             f c a l l a t 2 i 6 S. Shiawassee St., or
                                                                                                                             Phone 816. We are journing unto

                      The importance of telephone service
          in the conduct of normal business has long been
                                                                                home with them was distributed
                                                                                among their friends. They also
                                                                                brought word that the people down
                                                                                the*"\ from this section look upon
                                                                                                                             the place of which the Lord said, I
                                                                                                                             will give it you, come thou with us
                                                                                                                             and we will do thee good.
          recognized. The importance of this service to-
          day . . . . with this nation engaged in the grim
                                                                          T     their home town paper as a close
          business of war . . . . can not be over-empha-                  T     friend indeed and they cannot do

          sized.                                                          T   /without it.
                                                                                                                                         FOR SALE                        TBjar^jy^MF^»^j^TMr^ajriM^Bfcjr^M

                     This country, anxious that telephone
                                                                          T                                                Hereford Calves, Stockers and
          service in this community provide at all times
          instant communication for those whose duty it                   t
                                                                          T           Notice of Election
                                                                                                                        Feeders; Holstein Heifers; Feeding
                                                                                                                        Lambs and Breeding Ewes. Stealy's
                                                                                                                        Stockyards at Olivet and Stockyards
                                                                                                                                                                                WHEN YOU WANT TO BUY OR SELL
          is to hasten our defense preparations, believe                                                                                                                                  SEE US!
          it proper at this time to ask for the cooperation               T          To the Qualified Electors of the   at Marshall, Mich.
          of its subscribers in the use of their service dur-             T       City of Corunna:
          ing this emergency.                     ,                       T          Take Notice, that the regular an-
                                                                                                                                                                                   We're right here to serve you every
                     It i$ requested, therefore, that sub-                T       nual City Election for the naming
                                                                                  of Mayor, city clerk, city treasurer,            POULTRY WANTED
          scribers do not use the telephone for lengthy                   T       of the City of Corunna- and alder-                                                            business day of the year . . , and want
          social conversations and endeavor to confine                            man, supervisor and constable of        We're in the market for all kinds
          •Ml calls, both social and business, to as short a              T      /each of the three wards of the said and pay top prices.                                       every one of you to be "one of our satisfied
          period as possible. Thus, also cooperating 'will                        city, will take place on Monday,
          help to make the equipment available at all                             April G, 1942, at the city hall in           A. BENFORD & SON                                 customers."
          times for defense purposes.                                     T       said city. Voters of three wards Ne-; Proprietors of Corunna Cream
                                                                          ?       wiiJ vote at the city hall.                   Station. Faone 1432
                      In compliance with the foregoing, it                T          The polls of said election will

                                                                                                                                                                                   ALBERT TODD CO.
          w.i.1! gbe appreciated if subscribers refrain from                      open at seven o'clock in the fore-
          us n
            !i . J e t e l e P h o n e immediately following the          T       noon, and will remain open until
          radio broadcast of any important news or upon                   T       six o'clock in the nftornoon of said
                                                                                                                                      ing 37c for
          the occurrence of any unforseen emergency.                      T       6th-day of April. 1942
                                                                          7                       ALLEN G. BROWN
                                                                                                            City Cle.k
                                                                                                                                     Butter Fat                                       CORUNNA ELEVATOR
                                                                          7                                                                                                     Phone 20            We Deliver
                                                                          T                                              Feeding Milk Free, and Batter Sam*
             Union Telephone                                                                       ~V-
                                                                                                                                  Pric* as Fat to Prod«c«ni
                                                                                   USED BUGGIES WANTED                           OWOSSO DAIRY

                 worn party                                                        Wanted—Extra good single *...d
                                                                                 double buggies, also light spring
                                                                                 wagons. Write, giving kind and lo-
                                                                                                                                 HOW. Exchange
                                                                                 cation. Harry D. Schrock, KFD 4,
                                                                                 Geshen, Znd.
                                                                                                                                           PkoMft7I                                 LET THE NEWS HANDLE YOUR
                                                                                                         ^ 1 . 1 . ...                                                                     JOB PRINTING
                                                           Cross-Stitch Rug                Wild Flower Carries Own                     Adequate Diet 1» Within
                                                   The individual touch that mattes
         DRAINAGE BOARD                         your home charming—a handmade                       Central Heating Pknt                          Reach of ,All Persons
                                                cross-stitch rug! Or RUGS—for you            A remarkable Swiss wild flower               'There is no rural community in
        To Whom It May Concern:

     5th day of February, 1942, the
                                                can make- several with fast, sturdy called "soldanella," able to melt the United States so poor that it
        Notice is hereby given that on the cross-stitch!                                   tunnels through several inches of cannot have an adequate diet," Dr.
                                                   The first thing is to rule squares solid ice to let its flowers out into Harold Clark of Columbia univer-
     Drainage Board for the Ridge Drain on your rug can as (35 squares on the air and sunshine in the spring, sity recently told the food habits
                                                                                                                                                                                        General Elevator
     made application to the Probate a 26 by 35-inch piece) leaving a 1%- has claimed the attention of Amer- committee of the National Research
     Courts of" the counties of Saginaw , inch margin on ail sides.
     and Shiawassee for the appoint- j Then to stitch, following for each
                                                                                           ican scientists.
                                                                                              During the spring months in

     ment of Special Commissioners for square our pattern diagram Each Switzerland these flowers may be nomics," carried on under a grant
                                                                                                                                          Jn an experiment in "applied eco-                 Business
     the purpose of deciding the necessity little block stands for one cross- seen waving over the surface of an from the Sloan foundation, the poor-
    and awarding damages for those who , stitch; the shades are for colors- unbroken ice field at the edge of est communities that could be lo-                                                        W e a r e completely equipped foi
     had not released the right of way ; peach, turquoise, brown. In alter- the glaciers as though they were root- cated in the United States were se-
     for said drain.                                                                                   and snow instead of
                                             ! nate squares you might have tur- ed in ice the ^roots of the plant soil. lected. An attempt was made to                                               a general business, a n d a r e buying
                                                quoise, orchid,                    Actually,                          are improve the nutrition of the pepple
        Now, therefore, at a session of the ' Your stitching's done with fat rug in the earth underneath. The flow- entirely without the expenditure of                                              Beans a n d all grain crops, a n d p a y -
     Probate Court for the County of, yarn. Each stitch in the row work- ers are sent up through small tubes any money from outside the com-
     Saginaw, held on the 27th day of i ing to the right, should be from low- or tunnels melted through the ice munity itself.                                                                       ing the highest m a r k e t prices a t all
     February, 1942, it was discovered er left to upper right. Coming back by the heat of the plant itself. Starch                       Health tests already indicate an                            times.
     that an error was made in the sur- oyer these stitches, cross from low- from the leaves literally is burned improvement in the people, reflect-
    vey ol said drain, located in the er right to upper left—all crosses in in the plant to make heat.                                 ing a higher nutritional level, after
    Township of Chesaning- County of the same direction!                                     While it is common knowledge only five years of the program, Dr.                                          W e a r e handling all kinds of
    Saginaw, and the Township of New               After completing all squares, make that plants breathe, few realize that Clark said. This is much more                                            Feeds a n d Coal, a n d assure y o u a
    Haven, County of Shiawassee.               a border of one row of turquoise and many plants can "see." Plants turn rapid than was anticipated when the
        Now, therefore, according to Act one brown and stitch canvas to toward the light, which is as nec- experiment was started. At first it                                                       square deal always.
    No. 316 of the Public Acts of 1923. deriim backing.                                   essary to them as it is to ourselves. was not hoped that much could be
    the said Court adjourned said meet-                                                   Some plants, such as the common accomplished within the span of a
                                                                                          clover, are more highly developed generation. '
    ing until sufficient time had elaps-
    ed to allow the Drainage Board to
    correct said error.
                                                        Crystal Has Electricity           than might be thought from a mere              Ordinary books on agriculture fail
                                                  It was discovered in the last cen- turning toward the light. Nearly all to reach adequately the lowest third
        Now, therefore, said error has tury that if crystal, of quartz or leaves act as lenses of such excel- of the agricultural population, Dr.
    been corrected, and, in accordance rock salt, is subjected to any stress lence that photographs can be, and d a r k told the committee. In the
                                                                                                                                                                                        F. S. CHAPMAN
    with Act No. 316, P. A. of 1923, a or strain, its surface becomes elec- actually have been, taken using por- southern Appalachian community                                                                 Lennon, Michigan
                                               trically charged. Positive electrici- tions of leaves in the camera in described by him, where the typical
  ST&f#^¾¾¾ STL* »> •"--*- - ~ - * **
    saio. arain win oe neia »i ure « ™ , a t i v f t ¢ ^ ^ , ^    m the
                                                                                  neg- place of ordinary photographic family income is only $35 a year,
                                                                         opposite side lenses. In nature these leaf lenses textbooks and even demonstrations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rhone 21-F-3
    residence of Ray New Haven Town 0 f a tfejn crystal plate,                            concentrate the light upon the cells are often beyond the understanding
    M of Section 2, Jones, uv the NW              On the other hand, if a crystal in the leaf so as to drink in the life- of the people, be said.
    ship, Shiawassee County, on the plate i s put between alternating elec- giving sunlight. Plants growing in
    2nd day of April, 1942, at 10:00 trical currents then the crystal ma- shady places, where the light is least
    o'clock a. m- to determine the ne- teriaLeatpandjs and contracts. In oth- have these leaf lenses most highly
    cessity of the drain and to make the er words, the regularly spaced at- developed to get the greatest value Stephen Douglas Showed
                                                                                                                                                                                            ORDER OF PUBLICATION                    IT-IS FURTHER ORDERED, That
    First Order of Determination.              oms of a crystal dance, and swing from it.                                                          His Sense of Humor                                                           within! forty days Plaintiff cause ar
       Now, therefore, all persons own-        in perfect rhythms. They are won-                                                         When Stephen Douglas spoke in                   State of Michigan, In the Circuit copy of this order to be published!
   i n s lands liable to an assessment for derful electrical oscillators. That is                                                     the senate he had no sense of time Court for the County of Shiawassee, in the Corunna News, a newspaper
    benefits or whose lands will be cros- why they are used hi radio commu- Theory 'Lost' Moon Once                                   whatever. When absorbed in his in Chancery.
    sed by said drain or any municipali- nication devices.                                                                            topic, he would talk until he was                                                          printed, published and. circulated in
   ty affected, are requested to be pre-              .            -V- ;                          Revolved Around Earth SfoppetL                                                       Clifford H. Wooden, Plaintiff             said county, such publication to be-
   sent at said meeting, if they so de-                                                      The earth once had two m o o n s -                                                             vs.           '•'..'                 continued therein once in each week
                                                                                                                                         One day he had spoken for a cou-
   sire.                                            ORDER OF PUBLICATION                  one of which was 'lost," but still in- ple of hours, when the senator seat- Samuel Jones; George W. Hatch; for six weeks in succession.
       Dated at Lansing, Michigan, this                                                   directly has affected life on this                                                                                                                  JOSEPH H. COLLINS,
   3rd day of March, 1942.                        State of Michigan, The Probate planet, according to an amazing ed next to him tugged atthe senator
                                                                                                                                      Douglas bent down, and
                                                                                                                                                                        his sleeve.      Thomas Boyd; James L. Graham;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Circuit Judge*
                                              Court for the County of Shiawassee. new astronomical theory advanced whispered in his ear:                                                 Paschal W. Gurney (also known
              Leo V. Card, Commissioner                                                                                                                                                  as Paschal W. Turney), Executor         COUNTERSIGNED:
                Department of Agriculture         At a session of the Probate Court by Dr. Ronald L. Ives, research                                                                                                                 SHERMAN E. WELCH,
                                                                                          scientist of the Franklin institute,           "Why not call it a day, Douglas,                of the Last Will and Testament of
                 JOHN HUDSON, Deputy 'for said County, held at the Probate Philadelphia.                                              and come to *ny office? I have some                Samuel D. Bradford, Dec'd; Arthur          Clerk of the Circuit Court. *
                                              Office in the city of Corunna, on                                                       bourbon there that is 20 years old."               W. Austin, Executor of the Will
                                             .Monday, the 16th day.of March in               Not only has the "lost" moon                Douglas said he wished to com-                  of Samuel D. Bradford; Charles             TAKE NOTICE, that this suit, in
                                              the year of one thousand nine hun- played a most important part in the plete his speech, as he had only a                                  E. Appleby; Hugh McCurdy; The which the foregoing order was duly-
                                              dred and forty-two.                        past history of the earth, but its in- few more words to say. But the
         ORDER OF PUBLICATION                                                                                                                                                            Amber Oil Company, or his (their made, involves and Is brought to quiet
       State of Michigan. In the Circuit          Present, Roy D. Matthews, Judge, direct effects continue to operate few words developed into a few sen-                                or any of their) unknown heirs, title to the following described piece
                                              of Probate.                                now, Dr. Ives maintains.                     tences and the sentences into para-                                                       or parcel of land situated and being*
   Court for the County of Shiawassee,                                                                                                                                                   devisees, legatees and assigns,
                                                  In the Matter of the change of             Dr. Ives,,physicist and geologist, graphs, and before he knew it, an-                                                              in the Township of Antrim, Shiawas-
   in Chancery.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Defendants.
       Sophie B. Greenwald, Plaintiff         name of Howard Dineseft, an Adult. has constructed a whole new picture other two hours had passed and he                                                                          see County, Michigan, to-wit:
            vs.                                   On reading and filing the petition cf the earth as ft was several mil- was just getting warmed up. He                                  At a session ox said Court held at            The East Half ( ¾ ) of the
       William O. Drown, also known as       •of Howard Dinesen praying that his lion years ago when a second moon spoke until the end of the day. When the Court House in the City of Cor-                                         Southeast Quarter <%) of Sec-
                                                                                         decisively controlled many phases he was finished he sank down in
  William A. Drown, Edwin A. Todd name and the name oi his wife be of the earth's climatic conditions.                               his seat thoroughly exhausted. The unna, Michigan, in said County, on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    tion Twenty-five (25), Township
                                              changed to Dennison.                                                                                                                    the 14th day of Febuary, A. D. 1942.          Five (5) North, o* ^ n g e Three
  and their Unknown heirs, devisees,                                                        In a              presentation of his
                                                  It is ordered,, That the 6th day of theory, scientific the official publica- uenatar seated next to hirh seized
                                                                                                    through                                                                                                                         (3) East, Michigan, containing
  legatees and assigns, Defendants,
                                              April next, at ten o'clock in the tion of tho Franklin institute. Dr. him by the hand and ted him to his                                   Present: Honorable Joseph H. Col-          eighty acres of land more or leas.
       At a session of said Court held at forenoon, at said Probate Office, be                                                       chamber.                                         Una, Circuit Judge.                       Dated: February 14, 1942.
  the Court House in the City of Cor- assigned for bearing said petition.                Ives has called the lost moon                   "Here's the bourbon I was telling               On reading and filing the bill of
                                                                                         "ephemeron."                                                                                                                                           SETH Q. FULVEB,
  «nna in said County on the 28th day             And it is Further Ordered, That a                                                  you about, Douglas. Try some, if a complaint m said cause, and the affi-                                   Attorney for Plaintiff.
                                                                                            Dr. Ives' investigations of the
  of February, 1942. *                                                                                                                   .yeas* old." *-•*
                                             'copy of this order be published three earth's gttrtogfcnl conditions indi- •9 "My God!" said Douglas wearily, davit of Seth Q. Puiver attached Business Address: Owosso, Michigan*
       Present: Hon. Joseph H. Collins, consecutive weeks previous to said                                                                                                            thereto, front which it satisfactorily
  Circuit Judge.                                                                        cate that ephemeron revolved around "have I been speaking that long?" appears to the Court that the De-
                                              day of hearing in the Corunna Newt,                     until the Permian age—an
       On reading and filing the bill of a newspaper printed and circulating the earth the earth's history of about
                                                                                         epoch in
                                                                                                                                                                                      fendant* above named, or then- un-
  complaint in Mid cause and the affi- in said County of Shiawassee.                                                                                                                  known heirs, devisees, legatees and
                                                                                         ISO to 200 million years ago, when                       Stery af frsteaUhi                 assigns, are proper and necessary NOTICE OF HEARING CLAIMS
  davit of Michael Carland attached                             ROY D. MATTHEWS giant lizards are believed to have                                                                                                                 State of Michigan, The Probate,
  thereto, from which it satisfactorily                                                                                                 It was in the 1100s and 1200s that parties defendant in the above en-
                                                                     Judge of Probate roamed the earth, and dense the Venetian traders first obtained titled cause; and,                                                        Court for the County of Shiawassee.
  appears to the Court that the defend- By Janice Richardson                            swampy forests flourished which be- the Orientalware brought overland                                                                      In the matter of the Estate o f
 ants above named, or their unknown              Register of Probate.                   came the raw materials of many a to western Asia, but it was not un-                            It further appearing that after dili- Frances C. Cook, deceased.
  heirs, devisees, legatees and assigns,                                                present-day coal deposit.                    til the late 1500s that the Portu- gent search and inquiry it cannot be                       Notice is hereby given that more
  f\re proper and necessary parties de-                            V                        But ephemeron, which was small' guese accomplished the pioneer feat ascertained, and it is not Known than two months from this date have
  fendants in the above entitled-cause,                                                 er and lighter tlmn the moon that of bringing it by water around Af- whether or not said defendants are been allowed for creditors to pre-
  and.                                              ORDER OF PUBLICATION                continues to shed its light on us, was rica. The Venetians had tried late                                                               sent their claims against said deceas-
      It further appearing that after dili-                                             destroyed by an astronomical blitz- j in the Fifteenth century to make living or dead, or where any of them ed to said court for examination andT
                                                 State of Michigan, The Probate                                                                                                      may reside if living, and, if dead, j
 gent search and inquiry it cannot be Court for the County of Shiawassee. J.^ieg, under what is known to sci- I porcelain and experiments were be- whether they have personal represen- adjustment, and that all creditors o f
  ascertained, and (it is not known                                                     ence as Roche's law.                      i ing made in Prance during the reign tatives < r heirs living or where they I said deceased are required to pre-
                                                 At a session of the Probate Ctfurt                                               I of Louis XTV but without success.
 whether or not said defendants are for said County, held at the Pro-                                                                                                                or some of them V.ay reside, and ( sent their claims in duplicate—one
 living or dead, or where any of them bate Office, in the city of Corunna,                                                        ! ; The iiuity of the Saxon alchem-
  may reside if living, and, if dead, on Wednesday, the 18th day of                              Insects Destroy Trees            [ ist, Bottger, who tried to produce further that the present whereabouts ; to said court, at the probate office,
                                                                                            How widespread and devastating porcelain for Augustus the Strong, of said defendants are unknown, and in the City of Corunna in said coun~
 whether they have personal represen- March in the year of one thousand insect attacks may be in the forests has been told many times. His suc- that the names of the persons who ty, and one to the fiduciary of said
 tatives or heirs living or where they nine hundred and forty-two.                      and among shade and other trees ' cess in 1709 has been declared the are included therein without being estate, on or before the 11th day o f
 / - ~oire of them may reside, and fur-          Present, Roy D- Matthews, Judge is mode clear by recent reports of most important accomplishment of named, but who are embraced therein May A. P. 1942, and that said claims
 ther that the present whereabouts of of Probate.                                       the United Statr* Bureau of Ento- the century In tivst^RL 'There were under the title of unknown heirs, de- will be heard by said court on Mon-
 said defendants are unknown, and                In the Matter of the Change of mology and Plant Quarantine.                         many others in different countries vises, legatees and assigns, cannot be day the 11th day of May A D . 1942,
 that the names of the persons who Name of Lloyd Bronuield, Adult.                          The reports say, for example, that striving for tile same result. Even- ascertained after diligent search and at nine o*elock in the forenoon.
 ate included therein without being              On reading and filing the petition 17 million trees were killed by bark tually the secret of Bottger's discov* inquiry;                                                           Dated February 24, A. D. 1942.
 naiaed, but who are embraced therein of Lloyd Bromfield praying that his beetles in the lodgepole pine forests cry became known to other German                                                                                                ROY D. MATTHEWS,
 under the title of unknown heirs, dc- name be changed, together with the of Yellowstone National park and and French potters. There followed                                           On motion of Seth Q. Puiver, At-                              Judge of Probate.
 vSaeiey legatees and assigns, cannot name of his wife and children, to various surrounding national forests a development in porcelain making torney for Plaintiff, IT IS ORDERED Executor: DONALD M. HOTER,
 be ascertained after diligent search Potter.                                          in a single recent year.                     that gave the Continent the mastery that the said defendants, and their                        435 E. Oliver-Street,
 and inquiry.                                                                               That a ten-year period not long         of this long-sought discovery.                   unknown heirs, wvisWes, legatees and          Owosso, Michigan.
                                                 It is ordered, That the 7th day. ago saw the equivalent of 25 years* i
      On motion of Michael Carland, one of April next, at ten o'clock in the                                                                                                         assigns, cause their appearance to be
                                                                                       pulpwood supply—at then current,                                                              entered in this cause within three
 of the attorneys for plaintiff, it i»l forenoon, at said Probate Office, be annual American paper require-
                                                                                                                                                  Tree Devastators                   months from the date of thb order,
 ordered that said defendants and assigned for hearing said petition. ments—destroyed in the trees by
                                                                                                                                        T r e e s c o m p l e t e l y or p a r t l y
 thet^. unknown heirs, devise         lega-     And it is Further Ordered, That bud-worms in the spruce-fir forests stripped of their leaves in high sum- and in default thereof that said bill                                    T h e N e w s for Better
 tees:-and assigns cause their appear- a copy of this order be published of Maine, northern Minnesota, On- j mer, or festooned with webs of with- of complaint be taken as confessed
 ance to be entered in this cause with- three consecutive weeks previous to tario, Quebec and New Brunswick. ered leaves, often as big as water- by the said defendants, and their un-
 in three months from the date of said day of hearing in the Corunna                                                                melons, are trade marks of the sec- assigns.
                                                                                                                                                                                     known heirs, devisees, legatees and                  J o b Printing.
 this order, and in default thereof News, a newspaper printed and eir-                                                              ond major type of insect tree devas-
 t2u»t said bill of complaint be taken culating in said County of Shia-                            Marry Soon or Wait               tators. They are called "defolia-
 as confessed by the said defendants, wassee.                                              University of California graduates tors," or leaf feeders, and while
 their unknown heirs, devisees, lega-                          ROY D. MATTHEWS marry at once or wait from six to ten there are several hundred species, a
 tees and assigns.                                                  Judge of Probate years, according to Robert Sibley, j comparative few are responsible for
      And it is further ordered that with- By Janice Richardson                        alumni director.                             the bulk of the damage, namely the
 in forty days, the plaintiff, Sophie B.        Register of Probate                        Of the men, 28.7 per cent marry gypsy and browntail mollis, spruce
 Greenwald, cause a notice of this or-                                                 within a year of graduation, the per- budworms, hemlock looperr tent cat-
                                                                                       centage'for women being 34JZ? Dur- erpillar, white pine butterfly and sev-
 der to -be published in the Corunna                                                   ing the second year after receiving eral si>ecies of sawflies, the last so
 News, a newspaper printed, published               ORDER OF PUBLICATION               diplomas 12.6 per cent of the men named because they actually saw a
 and circulated in said county, and                                                    and 12.7 per cent of the women mar- slit in leaves or buds in which to
 that- such publication be continued            State of Michigan, the Probate ry. Betweia the sixth and tenth deposit their eggs.
 therein at least once in each week Court for the County of Shiawassee. year the percentage for men is 21.2                            As caterpillars, these insects
for six weeks in succession, or that            At a session of the Probate Court and that for women 20.4.                          gnaw and kill the leaves, thus de-
she cause a copy of this order to be for said County, held at the Probate                  The average family of an alum- priving trees of their power to as-
personally served on any non-resident Office, in the city of Corunna, on nus or alumna is 3 J persons. This similate light and air and manu-
defendants by registered mail at least Monday, the 2nd day of March in compares with 2.58 for college grad- facture their food, and so causing
twenty days before the time above the year one thousand nine hundred uates throughout the country and death.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Attention Farmers
prescribed for such appearance.             and forty-two.                            3.61 for aD families. The average
                  JOSEPH H. COLONS,             Present, Roy D. Matthews, Judge age of U.C. alumni is 37.7 years.                                                                      We are always in the market for
                           Circuit Judge, of Probate.                                                                                               Vain
                                                                                                                                       Lying awake in bed one night, the
      SHERMAN E. WELCH,                         In ihe Matter of the Change of
                                            Name of Curtiss L. Porter, an Adult.
                                                                                                      'Barrage Tir*                French; philosopher, Voltaire, saw a
                                                                                          During the great war of 1914-18, burglar come into his room. Remain-
                                                                                                                                                                                           your Poultry and pay
      Clerk of Circuit Court.
                                                On reading and filing the petition the French used the phrase ''bar- ing motionless Voltaire watched the
      Take notice that this suit, in which of Curtiss L. Porter praying that his rage tir," meaning "barrage fire," man as he rifled one drawer after
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Top Prices
the foregoing Order was duly made, name be changed to Kurt Porter,                    for rapid continuous artillery or another. Then the intruder stole
involves and is brought to quiet title                                                                  fire
                                                It is Ordered, That the 1st day machine-gunarea. concentrate^ on a cautiously across the room and
to the following described piece or •f April next, at nine o'clock in the
parcel of. land situated and being in forenoon, at*?*id Probate Office, be
the City of Owosso, County of Shia- assigned for hearing said petition.
wa*eeer State of Michigan, described            Ai.c it is Further Ordered, That a %
                                                                                      designated                Very soon any picked up the philosopher's clothes,
                                                                                      concentrated fire intended to retard draped across a chair. As he dug
                                                                                              enemy or to shi*H advancing his hands into the pockets, Voltaire
                                                                                             pe came to be called a barrage. could not restrain a loud laugh.
                                                                                               Britain "barrage" is generally         The burglar wheeled about and
                                                                                                                                                                                                L. E. LUCE
aa follows, to-wit:                         copy of this order be published three pronounced "bar-azh," with the pointed his gun.                                                                                  POULTRY BUYER
        Lot Thirty-eight (38) of L. A.      consecutive weeks previous to said first syllable accented, while in                      "Why are you laughing?" he said
      Gould's Subdivision of Out lot        day of hearing in the Corunna News America it is generally pronounced sharply.                                                                                      Pibotte L e a n o a 1 2 - F - 3
     One (1) of the Village (now            a newspaper printed and circulating "ba-razh," with the accent on the                     "I am laughing," said the philoso-
     City) of Owosso, Michigan.             in said County of Shiawassee.             second syllable.                            pher, "because I think it very funny
  PIERPONT, CARLAND 4 MINER,                                  ROY D. MATTHEWS,            A small captive balloon used to that you should come here in the                                   Route 1                                    FLUSHING, MICH.
Business Address:
                 Attorneys for Plaintiff.

     Owosso, Michigan.
                                                           Judge of Probate.
                                            By JANICE RICHARDSON,
                                                Probate Registrar.
                                                                                      support wires or nets as a protection darkness of night to look for some-
                                                                                      against air attack is known as a thing that I can't find in the full
                                                                                      barrage balloon.                            light of day."
      ORDER OF PUBLICATION                           Corunna News, a newspaper printed,
                                                                                          Liquid Manure Answer                            Mosquito Virus Causes
      State of Michigan, In the Circuit published and circulated in said                        To Fertilizing Problem                           Sleeping Sickness Death j
                                                     county, and that such publication be            You can simplify your fertilizing       More than 3.000 cases of human '
  Court for the County of Shiawassee, continued therein at least once in
  In Chancery.                                                                                    problems by processing your own sleeping sickness with upward of 300
                                                     each week for six weeks in succes-
      Ernestine D. Greenway, Plaintiff, sion, or that she cause a copy of this supplies of liquid manure. This may deaths in 1941 are reported by the
                                                                                                  be accomplished in your backyard United States Public Health service.
        vs.                                          Order to be personally served on any and at a relatively small price. The particular species of mosquito
      Alfred L; Williams, Henry Sheldon, non-resident defendants, by register- You'll discover that liquid fertilizer transmitting the virus to humans is
  George E. Bixby, Alexander From, ed mail at least twenty days before is not bothersome to use. that once widespread in states west of the Mis-
  Henry K. Hubbard, Ebeneter Gould the time above prescribed for such prepared it will last for quite some sissippi. So, just as the southeast-
  and Polly Gould, his wife, Ebenezer appearance.                                                 time and that it might save you ern states are battling mosquitoes
   Gould Jr., and Irene Gould, his wife,                           JOSEPH H. COLLINS,             considerable time and labor in your to curb malaria, the West must fight
   alary-Gould Todd, Anna Nellie Todd,                                          Circuit Judge. ordinary gardening routine.                them to prevent the further spread
   Lee Todd. Abby Gould Allison, Rob- (Countersigned:)                                               The only equipment required is a of sleeping sickness (encephalitis).
  ert G. Allison, Mab!* Allison, Dorothy                 SHERMAN E. WELCH,                        standard size barrel that has been A few cases have been reported in
  Bliss, Alice Caster, Louis B. Allison,                Clerk of Circuit Court.                   made water tight. The first step is this area. In the Yakima valley of
  Charles Williams Allison, Nellie Alli-                                                          to fill this container with water. Washington 27 humans and 50 horses
  son Miner, Lucious E. Gould, Jose-                                                              Then empty the contents of a sack had sleeping sickness last year.
                                                        Take Notice that this suit, in which of barnyard manure in this barrel. Sleeping sickness usually, is associ-
  phine Gould, Lawrence Gould, Nellie the foregoing Order was duly made, The resulting extract is liquid fer-
  Gould, Amos Gould and Louisa A. involves and is brought to quiet,title tilizer. At first this should appear ated, for cases unknown reason, with
                                                                                                                                                          of infantile paralysis.
  Gould, his wife, Mary Prances Gould, to the following described piece or quite dark in color, a condition that And sleeping sickness, itself, fre-
  Joe C. Osborn, Harry G. Osborn, parcel of land, situated and being in indicates a strong solution. As the*j quently leaves its mark for life on
   Maurice Roy Osborn, Marian D. Os- the City of Owosso, County of Shia- extract is drawn of? k**ep adding the minds and bodies of its victims.
  born, Davison D. Osborn, Elaine Os* wassee and State of Michigan, des* more water until it becomes so light The only sure way to avoid the dis-
  born, Jenny L. HutcKins, Frederick cribed as follows:.                                          in color that more fertilizer will ease is to keep from being bitten
  D. Hutchins, Ralph G. Hutchins, Carl-                                                           have to be added.                       by mosquitoes:
  ton Hutchins, Lena Gould Osborn,                          The South twenty-two (22)                Barnyard manure is not the only         Proof that mosquitoes, under nat-
  Frederick H. Gould, Fletcher Gould,                   feet of the North forty-two (42)          substance suitable for this purpose. ural conditions, transmit the disease,
  Lena Mary Gould, Lawrence R. Gould [ feet of Lot four (4) in Block                              Sodium nitrate is another possibil- has been provided by University of
  Yillette Gould, Laura Gould, Meran-                   twenty-two (22) of the Plat of            ity and should be applied at the rate California scientists. Over 10,000
                                                        the Village (Now City) of                 of one-third teaspoon per gallon. mosquitoes were frozen-and shipped
  da E. Gould, David Gout J, George
                                                        Owosso, in Shiawassee County,             Dried bloodmeal also may be used in dry ice from the Yakima valley to
  ParkhiM and FkkMa Parkhill, his                       Michigan, (Except party wall              at approximately the same ratio. If the university's San Franciscc lab-
  wife, Joseph N. Graham and Nelleta                    rights and stairway rights, as           you choose, liquid fertilizer may be oratories. Sleeping sickness vacci-
  Graham, his wife, Charles L. Good-} described in the deed recorded                              processed from ammonium sul- nation for humans is not yet practi-
  hue and Rhoda Goodhue, his wife,                      in the office of the Register of         phate. This is especially valuable c a l
  Emmanuel N. Young and Vernelia                        Deeds for Shiawassee County,             for lawns. To make this job easier,                                                    • Lower fuel costs... easier maintenance.. .laager
  Young, his wife, Daniel Gould and                     Michigan, in Liber 22 of deeds           obtain a proportioner that has been                                                   tractor life—these arc the qualities that give John Drew
 Angelina Gould, his wife, and their                                                             manufactured for this express pur-
 unknown heirs, devisees, legatees and
                                                        on page 77.)
                                                                                                 pose. It*s a real time saver.       Insects Take $185,000,000                         Tractors their unmatched reputation for
 assigns,                    Defendants.                PIERPONT, CARLAND A MINER                                                           Toll in Forests, Parks                     economy you can actually measure u» donors
                                                                 - Attorneys for Plaintiff.                                                 Teeming hordes of insects, some
                                                                                                                                                                                       cents. With the exclusive John Deere ~
     At a session of said Court held at
                                                     Business Address:                           Initial Carving Proves                   so small as to be almost invisible           cylinder engine design—you are able to barn
 the Court House in the City of Cor-                    Owosso, Michigan.                                                                                                              cost fads tftcrrnftilty, emciendy, and safely. Yon Cat
 unna in said county on the 24th day j
                                                                                                                                          to the naked eye but
                                                                                                         Boon for Weather Data ishing fife habits havewhose aston-  been pains-        die biggest stogie item in operating a tractor.
«>f February, 1942.                               j                                                 The "fools' names and fools4 takingly studied and recorded by
     Present: Hon. Joseph H. Collins,                                                            faces" adage used to discourage scientists, each year take an annual                     Also, because of John Deere two-cytiosVr design,
 Circuit Judge.                                   !                                              boys from scribbling or cutting toll of at least $185,00Q,U*d in killed               parts are atuiojtrrssrooger ••«. they last longer. • > •
     On reading and filing the Bill of j                         Vitamin                         their names in public places has 'or blighted trees in the forests,
                                                        Vltaoo&L capsules designed to pro- backfired. Dated initials and rd-' parks,. farm woodtots and shade                          maintenance is easier, simpler. Check Ak &re*>
 Complaint in said Cause and the af- i                                                                                                                                                 way saving you make with a John Deere. Check,
 lidavit of Michael Garland attached vide pep and energy shortly will be mantic inscriptions carved by young trees of the United States.
        ^ .,        . . . j . „ , . # - ^ . ^ i v , consumed in wholesale lots by civil- people in the sandstone rock near                  The destructive activity oi these          too, all the other features which snake John Deem
 Thereto, to the which that the defend i
 appears    :from Court it satefactonly                     ^^j^     defense workers, sol- La Jolla are proving a boon to sci- busy armies reaches its peak during                     today's outstanding tractor buy.
 ants -aboy* «-> r w .or* their unknown ' ^ V S t a , a c c * « W t o S T . of the University Dr. K. O. Emery the hot summer months, but the re-
  - ^ . . - named           w ** ^ f . n d .                                                     ence, according to                                                                                                                               A
                                                                                                                        of California's sults of their costly and insidious
 heirs, devisees, legatees and assigns Roger W. Truesdail, Los Angeles Scripps Institute of Oceanography.                                                                                   MART VALASEK
are proper and necessary parties de- nutrition expert                                                                                    attacks upon the trees are most ap-
                                                                                                    By measuring the rate of weather- parent in the early autumn when
                                                        Truesda*'. stated that a new cap-
  fendant in the above entitled cause, sule, known as "B complex," soon ing of hundreds of these inscriptions
-and                                                                                                                                     most vacationists are turning to the         Farm Hardware - - Firestone Tire*
                                                     wiB be available for workers and he is determining the rate of weath- great outdoors.
     It Further appearing that after members of the armed forces.                                ering of the entire cliff. He esti-        This $165,000,000 estimate of in-
 diligent search and inquiry, it cannot
 t>e ascertained, and it is not known
                                                                                                 mates it takes wave spray and rain sect damage is based upon the lat-
                                                                                                 six years to obliterate the carvings, est compilation of statistics by the
                                                                                                                                                                                      22                              New Lothrop,
 whether or not the said defendants,                                                             the majority of which are much less bureau of entomology and plant
 Alfred L. Williams, Henry Sheldon,                      ORDER FOR PUBLICATION
                                                                                                 than an inch deep. Thus it will take quarantine in the U. S; department
 <5eorge E. Bixby, Alexander From,                      State of Michigan. The Circuit 800 years to cause the cliffs to re- it agriculture. The scientists con-
 Henry K. Hubbard, Ebenezer Gould, Court for the County of Shiawassee. treat one foot. Limestone grave- fine themselves to damage or loss in
                                                                                              j stones, on the other hand, require tangible values, such as timber,
 Polly Gould, Ebenezer Gould, Jr., in Chancery.
Irene Gould, Mary Gould Todd, Abby                     Carl Drexler, Plaintiff vs. Hazel 0,000 years to be worn down one woodpuh), or turpentine output, and
 Could Allison, Robert G. Allison, May Drexler, Defendant.
 Louis B. Allison, Lucious E. Gould,                                         ne
                                                                                                 foot by the weather. In European
                                                                                                 graveyards it frequently is impos- make no attempt to measure lost in-
                                                                                                                                                                                             SPOT GASH
                                                       Suit pending w * Circuit Court sible to read inscriptions which were tangibles, such as woodland scenery
 Josephine Gould, Lawrence Gould, for the County of Shiawassee in                                                                        turned into areas of dead, browned
                                                                                                                                                                                              For Dead or Alive
 Nellie Gould, Amos Gould, Louisa A. Chancery, at the City of Corunna in cut more than 300 years ago.
 <Jould, Mary Frances Gould, Maurice said County, on the 27th day of De-
                                                                                                                                         trees, or drying trout streams and
                                                                                                                                         watersheds b'kely to result when
                                                                                                                                                                                     HORSES $7.50         CATTLE $6,00_
 Roy Osborn, Marian D. Osborn, Davi- cember A. D. 1941.
 son D. Osborn, Elaine Osborn, Jenny . In this cause it appearing from                                     Save Oae for Me               trees are killed over wide reach**.               Hogs, Calves and Sheep
 L. Hutchins, Frederick D. Hutchins, affidavit on file, that the Defendant, ing, was First SergeantinFrye morn-
                                                                                                    It      three o'clock    the
                                                                                                       and                       dozed         Cricket* far Timing Scale
                                                                                                                                                                                        According to size and condition
 Ralph G. Hutchins, Carlton Hutchins, Hazel May Drexler, absent from the peacefully in the 76th Infantry or-
 Lena Gould Osborn, Frederick H. State of Michigan and now residing derly room. The sergeant was tak-                                       Talk about ingenuity.                              Phone Collect to
 <Jould, Lawrence B. Gould, Villette in the State of California.                                 ing his turn at "charge of quar-           Well, W. J. Pollard Jr., Los An-
 <:mW}. Laura Gould, Meranda E.                                                                  ters.",                                  geles bank executive, has estab-             DARLING & COMPANY
                                                       On motion of V. 0 . Braun, Plain-                                                 lished'a new high.
Gould, David Gould, George Parkhill.
 Fidelia Parkhill, Joseph N. Graham,
                                                                                                    A rap on the door interrupted his
                                                    tiff 's Attorney, it is ordered that the somnolent vigil.                               The photo enthusiast is even put-                    Owosso 258
                                                                                                                                         ting the crickets to work for him
 Nelleta Graham, Charles L. Goodhue,                said Defendant, Hazel May Drexler               "What do ya want this time o' in his picture making.                            Dead Animal By-Products are essential to
Ktioda Goodhue, Emmanuel N. Young, cause her appearance to be entered night?" he asked.
 Vernelia Young, Daniel Gould and herein within three months from the                               He gulped as he opened the door
                                                                                                                                            How does he do it?                            our Government war effort
                                                    date of this order and in case of her to admit three young, very pretty                 "The chirp of the crickets used to
 Angelina Gould are living or dead, or                                                                                                   annoy me," he explains, "when I              Call us promptly, while carcass is fresh and sound
 where any of them may reside, if liv- appearance that she cause her answer ladies.                                                      was working in my darkroom.
 ing, and, if dead, whether they have               to the Plaintiffs Bill of Complaint             "Please, colonel," said one of the
                                                    to be filed, and a copy thereof to be girls, "don't get sore. We are being              "The steady beat of their voices
 personal representatives or heirs liv-                                                                                                  proved rather monotonous to me at
 ing, or where they or some of them served on said Plaintiffs Attorney initiated into a sorority and part of first
 may reside, and, further, that the pre- within fifteen days after service on the intiStion, "s to visit Camp Ed-                           "Then the very steadiness of the
 sent whereabouts of said defendants her of a copy of said bill and notice wards at surmise. We're a bit ear- ihythm attracted my attention. Why
arc unknown and that the names of thereof, said billand be taken default ly, but the place inmindmeantime?" not use their chirps for a timing
                                                    of this order;            that in                     would you         showing us
                                                                        will           as con- around                  the               scale in making enlargements?"
 the person who are included therein fessed by the said non-resident De-                            Frye grabbed the telephone and
                                                                                                called the M.P. on guard at the does. that's exactly what Pollard
 without being named, but who are fendant.                                                                                                  And
-embraced therein under the title of                                                            main gate.
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees and .. And it is Further Ordered, That                                                                    "They've never let me down yet,"
                                                                                                    "There             nutty dames up
assigns, cannot be:•ascertained after within forty days the said Plaintiff here," he are three into the mouth- he discloses.
 diligent search and inquiry.                                                                                                               The banker counts one for each
                                                    cause a notice of this order to be piece. "I don't know how they got chirp of the insects.
     On motion of Michael Carland, At- published in the Corunna News, a up here and get rid o' TWO of

                                                                                                                                            "Imagine," he says, "having a
torney for plaintiff, it is ordered newspaper printed, published and cir- 'em!"                                                          living clock among your accesso-
 that said defendants and their un- culating in said County, and that such                                                              ries."
known heirs, devisees, legatees and publication be continued therein at
assigns cause their appearance to be least once in each week for six weeks                                    Can Linings
 filtered in this cause within three in succession, or that plaintiff cause                         Cans are called tin, bu* in reality            Families Decrease
 months from the date of this Order, a copy of tins order to* be personally they are made of steel with tin plat-                           Homes of the future will be small-
and in default thereof that said Bill served on said non-resident Defend- ing because tin is too soft a metal er, because families are shrinking in
of Complaint be taken as confessed f ant at least twenty days before the to be used alone, and it is also too size and the proportion of older per-
 by said defendants, their unknown time above prescribed for her appear- expensive. The finished can con- sons in the household is rising, ac-
 heirs, devisees, legatees and assigns. ance.
     And it is further bordered that
'within forty days, the plaintiff, Ern-
                                                               JOSEPH H. COLLINS
                                                                Circuit Judge.
                                                                                                tains more than. 98 per cent steel and cording to the forthcoming report of4
                                                                                                less than 2 per cent tin. Most foods the Federal Home Loan Bank board j
                                                                                      (Copy) are satisfactorily canned in the usu- to congress.
                                                                                                al tin can, but for some foods ?n
estine D. Greenway, cause a notice V. 0 . BRAUN,                                                                                            "Of all population trends, Rrobably
                                                                                                enamel lining in a can is necessary none has greater significance to the
of this Order to be published in the                   Attorney for Plaintiff.                  in order to retain the good appear- housing market than the number
                                                                                                ance of the food.                       and size of families, for housing de-
                                                                                                    At the present time there are mand is largely determined by these
                                                                                                                                                                                        HANDLED PROMPTLY AND
                                                                                                three types of enamel used for can two factors," the report says.
                                                                                                linings and they are not inter-             "Over half of the increase in the
                                                                                                                                                                                         CORRECTLY, ON SHORT
                                                                                                changeable. One type is used to number of families during the "thir-
                                                                                                prevent red fruits and beets from ties" resulted from a decrease in the                       NOTICE BY
                                                                                                losing their color, another is used to average size of family from 4.1 to
                                                                                                prevent discoloration by certain 3.8 persons;
                                                                                                vegetables and seafood, and still an-       "Such changes as these in the age
                                                                                                other was developed for citrus prod- structure of our population have a
^                  WANTED-100 TONS OF                                                I          ucts.     Parchment paper linings, direct influence on the need for
                                                                                                which were formerly used for some housing," the report concluded. "We

       CAST IRON
                                                                                               products such as shrimp to prevent may, for example, expect a greater
                                                                                               discoloration, have been almost en* demand for small, compact dwell-
                                                                                               tirely replaced by enamel                ing units to house older people."                  THE NEWS
                                                                                                 Andrew Johnson Too                WLm Is Flat Foot Flat?
                       Will p a y $15.00 ton at yard                                       The story of Abraham Lincoln's       One old question of podiatry is:
                                                                                         struggle to get an education has When is a flat foot flat? And there
            MICHIGAN IRON & METAL CO.                                                    become classic, and rightly so, but is no ready, certain answer. For
                                                                                         he was not the only American Pres- some races flat feet are normal
       4 0 9 So. Cedar St.               OWOSSO                 Phone 2 6 8
                                                                                         ident to teach himself what others and all right. The ^nly criterion
                                                                                         learned in school. Andrew John- about flat feet is that you have
                                                                                                                                                                                     Phone 1373                     Corunna, Mich.
                                                                                         son, according to biographers, could them if the arch has fallen, to pro-
                                                                                         not read nor write when he was duce a deformity of posture, and—
                                                                                         married at the age of 19. He strug- in addition—you suffer from foot
                                                                                         gled against great odds to get an fatigue and pain. Pain in the back,
                                                                                         education after he was a grown headaches, cramps in the calves
                                                                                         man, and his wife was much help j of the legs and dull aching pains
                                                                                         to him. He, like Lincoln, was an J in the soles of the feet are the
                                                                                         apt student, and eagerly devoured ' danger signs.
                                                                                         many books after he learned to         Walking always has been, and
                                                                                         read. While he ran a. tailor shop yill is, the best of all exercises
                                                                                         he paid people to read aloud to \ strengthen the feet and keep
                                                                                         him while he worked, and thus be- them healthy. All of us cannot be
         LET THE NEWS HANDLE THAT                                                        came acquainted with much of the { professional walkers like Edward
                                                                                         history and geography of the world
                                                                                                                                                                                    LET THE NEWS HANDL£ THAT
                                                                                                                              Westcn, but all of us can stop be-
                                                                                         He was a self-made man.
                            JOB PRINTING                                      £f                                              ing softies by walking more.                                 JOB PRINTING *.

                                                                                                      NOTICE OF LETTING   | $ acres—3 acres in NW corner of
                                                                                                                          >NE% of Section l—F. S. Hardy.

                JUDD'S CORNERS                                                                    OP CONTRACTS FOR MARTIN
                                                                                                                             61 acres—61 acres in E part of
                                                                                                                           EH of NE frl.¾, section 2. —A. Par-
                                                                                                                                                      Sluawaa** County at Large
                                                                                                           Notice is Hereby Given, That I,               3.6 acres—Kerby Road—2,400 ft.
         Mrs. Walter Judd Jr- is ill with                       TOTAL CATTLE numbers in-               Charles G. Cook, County Drain Com-                6.2 acres— Hibbard Road—4,100
     the flu-                                                creased from 1,811,000 at the be- missioner of the County of Shiawas- feet.                                       ,  _ _
         Fred Geeck is seriously ill in ginning of 1941 to 1,847,000 at the see, State of Michigan, will, on the                                         5.25,acres—Ann Arbor R. R.
     Memorial Hospital.                                      end of the year, a gain of 2 percent. 27th day of March A. D. 1942, at                      11.50 acres—Grand Trunk R. R.—
         Walter Judd.Jr. has purchased a A similar percentage gain in«DAIRY the old J. Y. Martin farm, Section 36,                                          Stale Hifkwuy Department
     fine young team of horses.                             COWS was reported, from 969,000 in the Township of Caledonia, in said                        14.00 acres—M-71—5,100 feet.
        Floyd Galloway, is able to be out to 988,000, marking a< continuance County of Shiawassee at 10:00 o'clock
    again after a serious illness.                          of the upward trend in the State's in the forenoqn of that day, proceed                      Now, Therefore, All unknown and
        Mrs George Zehdler has been ill dairy industry. The number of dairy to receive sealed bids until 11:00 non-resident persons, owners and per-
     the past week in a Flint hospital                                                                 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, sons interested in the above described
        Master Charles Crowe spent Wed-                                                                when bids will be opened and public- lands, and you Joseph Field, Super-
    nesday with his grandfather, W. S                                                                  ly announced fer the construction of visor of Caledonia Township, Thomas
    Eveleth'                                                                                           a certain Drain known and designated Herrick, Supervisor of Shiawassee
                                                                6 Factors Rule Care as "Martin Drain" located and estab- Township, Sherman Welch, Clerk of
        Miss George Bulemore has been
    confined to her home by illness the                                                                lished in the Township of Caledonia. Shiawassee County, George Kirn
                                                                                                                                                     fhairman Shiawassee County Road
    past several days-                                                   of Rubber                         Said drain is divided into 4 Sec- C o m n S o n and G. Donald Kennedy,
        We would like to see more chil-                                                                tions as follows, each section having State
    dren, at Sunday School. We miss                            Elastic fabrics, household gadgets the average depth and width as set hereby Highway that at the time and  Commissioner are
    you. The hour is 10:30 a m                              rimmed with rubber and any other forth: All stations are 100 feet apart. pface aforesaid, or at such other time
                                                                                                          Section No. 1 beginning at station
        George Zendler has a new AlHs- home equipment of which part is number 4 at the lower end of said and Place thereafter to which said
    Chalmers tractor and Oliver McKay rubber needs extra care these: days drain and extending to station num- letting may be adjourned, I shall pro-                                                     Mor* than IOQ.OOO of tk*
                                                                                                                                                                                                      n«w, streamlined Farmall trac-
    has purchased a Cas* tractor.                          against the three principal enemies ber 12-31, a distance of 831 feet, and ceed to deceive bids for the construc-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      tors a n now in u*e on farm*.
        Robert Diffin, thirteen year old of rubber.                                                   having an average depth of -4.90,. feet, tion of said "Martin Dram," in the
                                                               Members of the home economics and a width of bottom of 4 feet, open                  manner hereinbefore jS Uted; and also              T u f l u O Farming Maxell** On!"
    son of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dif-                                                                                                                that at such time and p ace as stated            —at a gr*at tat* of protfr*** in
   f i n / i s ill in Memorial Hospital.                    extension staff at Michigan State drain.                                                                                                                                           "Culti-Vision." found 6nly_ i n
                                                                                                                                                                 from nme o'clock in
                                                                                                          Section number 2 beginning at sta- aforesaid until five o'clock in the                      th» mor* than 17 y * * » sine*           these tractors, make Farmall the
        Mis sRoberta Porterfield, daugh-                   College suggest homemakers , re-
                                                                                                      tion number 12-31 and
   ter of Mr- and Mrs. Wesley Porter- member that heat, light and oil or station number 34-22, aextending of afternoon, t h e apportionment forto forenoon                               the         this revolutionary farming sys-
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tem was started.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               recognised leader i n the genexal-
                                                           grease are these three factors, ac-                                      distance                                                                                                   pufpose tractor field.
   field has been ill the past week.                                                                                                                benefits
                                                                                                      2191 feet, having'an average depth within theand the Drain Special As-lands comprised             If y o u haTcn't *m*n ex h a n d l e d    Get acquainted with the Farm- '
        Mr. and Mrs. Judd Eldred and cording to the ^federal bureau of of 5.17 feet and a width of bottom                                                         Martin                             on* of thtos* fxeat n e w tractors,       all Family n o w — t h e small A
   family were Sunday guests of Mr, home economics of the United States of feet, lay and coyer 16" Tile. '-                                         sessment Districts will be subject to"           you owe it to yourself t o find
                                                                                                                                                    review.                                                                                    and B. middle-six* H. arid big
   and Mrs. Ralph Van Horn and sons                        Department of Agriculture.                                                                                                                out about the large number of
                                                                                                          Section number 3 beginning at sta-            And You and Each of You, Owners                                                        M. The n e w A V with high
   • f Oakley.                                                 The higher the temperature, the tion number 34-22 and extending to                                                                    field operations it can carry             clearance i s d e s i g n e d for • e g o -
                                                                                                                                                    and persons interested in the afore-
       Miss Catheryn Galloway of P>n- more quickly rubber gets weak, station number 4 t-96r a distance of said lands, are hereby cited to appear                                                     out.        For Faxxealls h a v * the     table growers, and has 6 i n c h e s
   fciac spent the week end in the home                    cracks, becomes sticky. Sunlight is 1074 feet, ha vine an average depth at the time and place of such review-                             most complete l i n o of- dixect-         mor* height from ground to axle.
   of her parents, Mr. and Mrs- Floyd especially harmful because it com- of 4 feetfeet and a width of bottom ing of apportionments as aforesaid,                                                     connected implements available.           S e e u s for more details or a
                                                          bines the destructive action of both       of           open ditch.                      and be heard with respect to such spe-            S u c h feature* as "Lift-All" a n d      demortstration o n your o w n farm.
   Galloway-                                                                                             Section number 4 beginning at sta-
       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fairbanks heat and light. And rubber, left in tion number 44-96 and extending to cialrelation thereto, if your so desire.      assessments and          interests
• And son, Philip were visitors Tues-                     contact with oil or grease for long, station number 63, a distance of in                                            you
                                                                                                                                                                 CHAS. G. COOK,
  day evening of Mr and Mrs. John swells and' becomes weak.                                          1804 feet, having an average depth                County Drain Commisisoner, for
  Fairbanks.                                                  Rubber used in elastic fabrics, of 5.14 feet and a width of bottom County of Shiawassee.
       James Galloway, son of Mr- and                     such as foundation garments, is of feet, lay and cover 8" Tile.                              Dated this 11th day of March A. D.
  Mrs. Floyd Galloway, is much im- more easily damaged by oil and                                       .In the construction oi said drain
  proved from his recent serious ill- grease than other kinds of rubber. the following quantities and character
  ness but is still under the care of If these garments are worn next to of tile or pipe will be required and
  a physician.                                            the skin, the body oils may cause contracts let for same:
       Mr and Mrs. Oren Judd and fam- tb.em to weaken unless they are                                    2191 feet of 16 inch and,                 Peanuts Hare a* Many
  ily of the Maple f'iver district were washed frequently.                                               1804 feet of 8 inch hard baked
  Sunday guests oi" Mr- and Mrs.                              Rubber goods can be kept with No. 1 Vitrified shale tile.                                      Aliases as Good Crook
  Stanion Judd and family and Mr. warm water or with water and soap. includeconstruction of said drain will                                            Some say that peanuts originated
                                                         Any Hind of soap wili be safe on                       the construction of the fol-
  and Mrs- Albert Judd.                                                                            Jlcwmg culverts and bridges having in Africa, some in South America.
      The Women's Christian Temper- articles made solely of rubber. But the location and of the type and size An American scouting around a doz-
 ance Union, which was to have been ii'-the garment is part fabric, a miid stated for which contracts will be let. en years after the Civil war found
  held Wednesday of this week was soap, protects the fabric. Rubber ar-
  postponed until next week, Thurs-
                                                                                                         1..—Catch Basins—-3½ feet Dia- them in iiiummies' graves in Peru.
                                                         ticles or garments should be dried meter inside by 7 feet deep-—top slab Certainly they were used on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lennon Implement Co.
  day, March 26th, The meeting will in a cool place, never near a radi- Concrete 1-2½-5.                                                           slave ships plying between the dark
  be held in the home of Mrs. Walter                     ator, stove, or hot pipe. Direct sun-           l.^Catch Basin—3¼ feet Dia- continent and Jamaica. They were                                                                                                   LENNON, MlCfC
                                                                                                                                                                                               LAMOT TIFFANY
 Judd Jr.                                                light is harmful. If a garment with meter insjde by 9 feet deep—top slab a cheap and nutritious food for the
                                                                                                    Concrete 1-2¼^.                                slaves, though for a long while after-
      Mrs. Edward Lyons was most rubber in it needs ironing, it should                                  3.-Headways—12" thick, 4 feet wards the ladies of Virginia and the
 pleasantly surprised last week when be pressed as lightly as possible.                             high, 12 feet long, built of 1-2¼-6 Carolina? still grew them, Hke to-
 arte was -'showered" with cards in                           "Never dry clean any garment concrete.                                               matoes* in their flower-beds as a
 nonor of her, birthday anniversary. t'^ct has rubber in it," warn those                                                                           polite curiosity.
 Mrs. Lyons is still confined to her who know. "But if you can't get The section will beoutlet of said Drain
                                                                                                        Said job            let in one section.
                                                                                                                   at the
 tome by illness but is somewhat oil, grease, or tar off rubber with will be let first, in accordance with that broughtitpeanuts to the atten-        However,        was North America
 improved. Her friends have also re- soap and water, a dry cleaning fluid the diagram now on file with the tion of the rest cf the globe. In-
 •rembered her with numerous sick will remove them. Sponge the rub- other papers pertaining to said Drain, deed, they became one of our five
 wftrds.                                                ber lightly with the fluid. Even in in the office of the County Drain thoroughly native craps. Potatoes,
                                                        stubborn cases, never leave rubber Commissioner of the County of Shia- cotton, tobacco and corn are the
                                                         in fluid mere than 2 or 3 minutes. wassee to which reference may be had others.
                                                        Be very careful of the rubber while by all parties interested, and bids wili                  Peanuts have as many aliases as
                                                                                                    be made             received accordingly.
                                                         it has the flui don it, because it is Contracts and he made with the low- any good crook. Earth nuts. Goo-
       LIVESTOCK ON MICHIGAN                            weaker and tears more easily. Car- est responsible bidder giving adequate bers, of course. Monkey nuts Ma-
        FARMS, JANUARY 1, 1942                                                                                                                                                       t
                                                        bon tetrachloride is recommended as
      More cattle, hogs, and chickens an efficient fluid. If you use any security for the performance of the nilla nuts. "Les pistaches de terres"
                                                                                                                 the sum then and there to
 and less horse?, mules, sheep, and other dry-cleaning fluid, be sure it work, in by me, reserving to myself (if you want to be French and fan-
                                                                                                    be fixed
 turkeys were on Michigan farms evaporates quickly 'and leaves Tib the right to reject any and all bidsv cy). Tagging way at the end comes
 January I, 1942 compared with the                                                                                                                 erachis hypogaea—which is, as you
 previous January 1, according to the                   deposit as it evaporates. Never use and to adjourn *»l>h letting to such can assume, the title the botanists
                                                                                                    time and places as I shall publicly An- decided upon.
 annual inventory estimates of the gasoline motor fuel."                                            nounce.
                                                             Rubber should be stored
 Michigan Co-operative Crop Report- dark place. If the storage in a cool,                              The date for the completion of such            Also, like any good crook, the pea-
                                                                                          space is contract, and t h e terms o f pay- nut's number and fingerprints have
 ing Service , Values per head are not dark, wrap the rubber in thick
 higher than a year ago for all spe- j i>aper .or put it in a covered box ment therefor, shall a n d will be been filed away. Mention the words            salted down by the scientists
                                                                                                    announced at the time and place of and
 cies of meat animals but are lower) Try to "store the article in as natur- letting. Any person desiHng to bid chemical composition, and out comes
 for work animals.                                      al a position as possible. If you on t)*:< above mentioned work will be a little chart.
      HORSE numbers declined 7 per- \ m u s t f o l d [t> d u s t t n e su ,.f aces that re( ui\' "d to deposit with County Drain                      4—5 per cent moisture
 Cent during the war, from 340,000 to come in contact with each other Commissioner a certified check or.                                             26W27 per cent protein         *
 316,000, thus reflecting the increas- j with talcum powder or cornstarch.                         its equivalent to the amount of $50.00            45—50 per cent fat
 ed use of mechanical power. The                                                                    Dollars as a guarantee that he will              Calcium, phosphorus and iron.
                                                                                  V—  •—           enter into contract and furnish the
growing scarcity of farm labor dur-                                                                                                                   If you're calory-conscious, the
                                                                                                    required bond as prescribed by law. peanut may be an amiable offender
 ing the last two or three years has                                                                The checks of all unsuccessful bid* working your own street. He boasts
 the chief factor in the shift from                           Cloth Cutter's Cluh                   ders will be returned after contracts six calories to the gi£m, 170 to
 horse and man power to machine                                                                     are awarded. The payments for the
power, although other considerations                         The Cloth Cutters' club of the above mentioned work will be made the ounce, and 2,700 to the pound.
also have influenced the trend.                         Forest school district met in the as follows: announced at time of                           Bis strong point, however, is vita-
                                                        home of Audrey Pavlik for their            Sale.                                          min B. Vitamin S, in case you for-
                                                        sewing meeting. A very nice lunch-              Notice is Further Hereby Given, get, is used in cases of pellagra                                                                                               4^¾^
                                                                                                                                                  (which is a
                                                        eon was served at the close of the that on Friday the 3rd day of April, rouses yourfine diseasedoes to have).
                                                                                                    1942, at
     Let the other fellow talk occa- j meeting. The next meeting will be tion 36 inold J, Y. Martin farm. Sec- work along your digestive tract, and
                                                                                                                 the Township of Caledonia,
sionally. You can't learn much lis- held with Marian Baker, on Satur- County of Shiawassee, or at such steadies those/ shaking nerves.
tening to yourself.                                    day, March 21                               other time and place thereafter, to Moreover, vitamin B is deficient in
                                                                    —Elizabeth Baker, reporter which I, the County Drain Commis- most American diets.
     An average American is a man                                                                  sioner aforesaid, may adjourn the                                                                                                                                                         \<
who works hard all winter to fill his j A vacation is a short duration of same, the apportionment for benefits
home with comforts and convenien-1 recreation, preceded by a period of and the lands comprised within the
ces, and then spends his summers in anticipation, and followed by a per- District," Drain the apportionments
                                                                                                   "Martin               Special Assessment
                                                                                                                  and                                       Tinted Nails for Baby
a trailer, or tourist camp, or fishing iod of recuperation.—Sandy Lake thereof will be subject to review for                                          Paint baby daughter's fingernails         • F. G Fulkerson of Midland, A L O N E IS W O R T H T H E
boat, or mountain shack, where com- Breeze.                                                        one day, from nine o'clock in the bright red to cure her thumb-suck-                         Michigan, writes: "It is necessary PRICE OF THE BENDIX."
forts and conveniences are unknown.                                                                forenoon until five o'clock in the af- ing habits is the advice offered de-
                                                                                                   ternoon. At said review the computa- spairing parents by Dr. Richard H.                      for 'is to leave the children at S A F E T Y , far C L E A N E R
                                                                                                   tion of costs for said Drain will also Norton of Boston.                                     home with the maid who does clothes, freedom from washday
                                                                                                   be open for inspection by any parties             Feminine vanity—even at three or           the laundering. While v c had toil - ALL these benefits and
                                                                                                   interested.                                    four years, he told the Massachu-             the old-fashioned wringer-rypc NEW ECONOMY are vours witb
             FERTILIZER                         NOTICE OF REGISTRATION                                 The following is a description of          setts Dental society, is aroused by           washer at home, we were always a Bendix Home laundry. Your
  WELSH HI-CRADE FERTILIZER                                                                        the several tracts or parcels of land colorful nails. Dr. Norton says the                    worried about the CHILDREN'S old washer mav MORE THAN
                    Order E a r l /
                                                            T o the Qualified E'ector* of the
                                                                                                   constituting the Special Assessment experiment was tried on his grand-
                                                                                                                                                  daughter and that "the child was              SAFETY. With the Bendix we EQUAL the DOWN PAYMENT
                                                       C i t y of C o r u n n a : —                District of said Drain, viz:                   delighted and has not put her fingers         are secure in our knowledge mat on a Bmdix. So see a demon-
              GEORGE J. CROWE                               Take Notice, that I will be at my CALEDONIA TWP., AT LARGE                            in her mouth since."                          they may play about the laundry stration today. See how PRAC-
2¼ miles Southwest Gf Juddville.                       office in the City in Corunna every                                                           Before that, he said, the family           room to their hearts' content. TICAL Bendix is to own J*
                                                Hl^ j week day until the 28th day of March               Town 7 North, R « n c e 3 E*»t           had tried a number of evil-tasting            T H I S PEACE OF M I N D easy terms.
                                                       1942, for the purpose of registering            106 acres—30 acres in SW cor. solutions without success.
                                                       the names of such qualified electors of NE'4 S. of Shia. River and 76 A.'
                                       ^ ¾ ^ ^
                                                       as are not previously registered and in WV2 of SE%. N. of R. R. Section
           MIMES                                      who wish to vote at the Annual Elec- 36—Marc Stern.                                                  Bomb Shelter—No Roof
          RXDUCED!                                    tion to be hold in said City on Mon- of SEU. Section 36. Francis Butts
                                                      day, the 6th day of April, A. D. 3 942. and wife.
                                                            Also, that on Tuesday, the 17th
                                                                                                      40 acres—N. W. 40 acres of E 3 *              When DT. Carrol] De Courcy of
                                                                                                                                                  Cincinnati made plans for a new
                                                                                                                                                  home last summer, he decided he ,
                                                                                                      75 acres—75 acres of the SW*4 might as well put a bomb shelter }
                                                     c'ay of March, 1942, from 9:00 o'clock S. of R. R. Section 36.—William J, in while he was at it.                                     j                                                    HOME LAUNDRY
                                                      in the forenoon until six o'clock-in McCullough.                                              So while trie rest of the house !                                                          Washes . .Rinses . Oornp-Ones
                                                     the afternoon, I will be at my office            55 acres—E. 55 aci *s of.SWV*, N. went up, workmen poured concrete i
                                                     at 305 North Shiawassee avenue, for of R. R. Section 36—Frank Hardy, walls for the shelter adjoining. It                                                                                        .•AUTOMATICALLY
                                                                                                                    fioves        cor. of EMs
                                                     the purpose of registering the names of f> "eve*—6of R.R. in NE M of SE14 needed a good strong roof, of steel-
                                                                                                      NE>4, S.             and E >

                                                     of such qualified electors.                  S. of E. R. Section 35—Lee H. Stew- reinforced concrete. But the Office
                                                           Notice is further hereby given, thai art, Est. •                                      of Production Management had oth-
                 stf RICK"*-BOVRB(W;                 Friday, the 27th day of March. 1942.             1 Vi acres—1 'a ncre« in S. W. e " y er uses for the materials and now
                                                                                                                                          < >.
                                                     is the last day on which qualified of SEli South of R. R*s. Section 36. Dr. De Courcy has a roofless bomt
            OMIT             ! QUART
                                                     electors* may register for said ejec- —R. R. Dutcher.
                                                     tion, and thai on said 27th day of
                                                     Match, I will be at my office in the
                                                                                                   SHIAWASSEE TWP. AT LARGE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                FRED WARD
             c m e H t g h a p d a t f t y * i>      City of Corunna, from 9 '.'clock in                Town 6 North, Range 3 E u t
        MOOT. 4f*AiC.a SOURBON WHtSXtt
                                                    the forenoon until six o'clock in the
                                                                                                     70 acres—70 acres in NW port o.f           BALED ALFALFA HAY                                  The Big Trading Store at Venice Center
        — * — OOTHUtS CO«fOtATtON, N.Y c.           afternoon for asid Registration.              N part cf" NW fvU4, Section 1,—
                                                          Dated; March 4. 1942.                   R. J>. Dutcher.                                  H a v a quantity of a very good,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Groceries, Meats, Electrical Appliances
                                                                      ALLEN G. BROWN,                S7 acres—37 acres in W part of ciu:^lty AlfnJfc Hey, w ' ! aled. and
                                                                                                  S pan; cf NW i r ) . * , Section 1. — in e.vcrllent condition. Ford McMich-
                                                                                     City Clerk. M. McNamee.                                   ad, a mile and a half west of Lennon. I               Venice Center                                           Michife-n

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