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									                                    Dax DX-0528GT


Dax DX-0528GT is a high-performance, managed, stackable Layer 3 switch that provides an ideal
solution for workgroups, departments and enterprises. DX-0528GT has 24# 10/100/1000 Base-T
Ports, 4 gigabit SFP ports (shared), 2 expansion slots for 10G Modules (Extend to 4*10GE XFP ports).

DX-0528GT is mainly designed to provide high density Gigabit desktop connectivity for mid-size and
large enterprises. DX-0528GT offers a scalable and resilient solution and provides exceptional security
function and QoS features to support enhanced coverage of voice, video, data and storage.

DX-0528GT provides comprehensive network management functions - Spanning Tree protocol for
standard bridging, GVRP for VLAN configuration, SNMP, RMON and Web management. It delivers
multilayer Gigabit switching performance at the backbone of the network.

Performance and Scalability

With 240Gbps switching capacity, DX-0528GT switch delivers high IPv4 IP routing performance. The
SFP-based Gigabit ports support various optional Gigabit Ethernet mini GBIC transceivers, for different
distance fiber connections.

                                                                                 DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09
         Continuous Availability

         In DX-0528GT Switch, IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol provides a loop-free network and
         redundant links to the core network with rapid convergence. IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
         Protocol runs STP per VLAN base, providing L2 load sharing on redundant links. IEEE 802.3ad Link
         Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) increases bandwidth by automatically aggregating several
         physical links together as a logical trunk and providing load balancing and fault tolerance for uplink
         connections. IGMP snooping prevents flooding of IP multicast traffic, and limits bandwidth intensive
         video traffic to only the subscribers.

         L3 Features

         DX-0528GT switch delivers high-performance, hardware based IP routing. RIP v1/v2 and OSPF v2
         provide dynamic routing by exchanging routing information with other Layer 3 switches and routers.
         DVMRP, PIM-DM and PIM-SM Multicast Routing Protocols send IP multicast traffic from one subnet to
         another. VRRP prevents your system from failing by dynamically backing up multiple L3 switches for

         Comprehensive QoS

         DX-0528GT Switch supports 8 queues per port enable differentiated management of up to 8 traffic
         types. Traffic is prioritized according to IEEE802.1p, DSCP, IP precedence and TCP/UDP port number,
         giving optimal performance to real-time applications such as voice and video.

         Enhanced Security

         In DX-0528GT Switch, IEEE 802.1X port-based access control and MAC-based access control ensure all
         users are authorized before being granted access to the network. Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be
         used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by denying packets based on L2/L3/L4 headers
         information.. RADIUS Authentication enables centralized control of the switch and restricts
         unauthorized users from altering the configuration of the switch

         Simple Management

         Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI) via console port or Telnet can be used for switch
         management. Embedded user friendly web interface helps users quickly and simply configure switches.
DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09

Physical Ports:

 •   24# 10/100/1000Base T
 •   4 Gigabit SFP ports(shared)
 •   2# 10G Expansion Slots(Extend to 4*10GE XFP ports)

L2 Features:

 •   10/100/1000BASE-TX ports support auto-sensing, auto-negotiation
 •   Provides wire speed of L2/3 switch/routing performance)
 •   Supports Flow Control
 •   Provides IEEE802.3x for full duplex mode; Back-Pressure flow control in half duplex mode
 •   Provides store-and-forward forwarding scheme
 •   Broadcast storm protection
 •   Supports IGMP snooping, VLAN
 •   Provides 802.3ad Link Aggregation and LACP
 •   Supports optional Redundant Power Supply

L3 Features:

 •   Provides IPv4 routing at wire speed
 •   Provides Static IP routes
 •   Provides RIP I and RIP II
 •   Provides OSPF routing
 •   Provides IP Multicast Routing: IGMP, DVMRP, PIM-DM
 •   IP Redundancy - VRRP supported
 •   ARP, ARP Proxy supported
 •   Provides DHCP relay
 •   Provides DHCP server /client
 •   Supports multicast source & user control, resist illegal multicast source
 •   Software upgrade through TFTP/Z-MODEM
                                                                                  DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09
         Technical Specifications

                              Items                             DX-0528GT
                                            24# 10/100/1000BASE-T, with auto-negotiation
                   Ports                    4 shared SFP transceiver slots
                                            2#10G Expansion slots
                   Backplane Bandwidth      240Gbps
                   Forwarding Rate           96 Mpps
                   Console port             1
                   MAC Address Table Size   8K
                   Switching Method         Store and Forward
                   VLAN Table                4K
                   L2 Features

                                            IEEE 802.1D (STP), IEEE 802.1w (RSTP), IEEE 802.1s
                   Spanning Tree
                                            MSTP, PVST/PVST+
                                            Port-based VLAN, 802.1Q tag VLAN, Sup er VLAN,
                   VLAN                     Private VLAN, GVRP dynamic VLAN configuration,
                                            VLAN Stacking (QinQ)
                                            Back pressure at half-duplex, 802.3x at full-duplex,
                   Traffic Control          CAR support, 100M p ort: 1M step size; 1000M port:
                                            8M step size
                                            Stop sending at threshold to restrict
                   Storm Control
                                            broadcast/multicast/unicast storm s

                   Multicast Control        IGMP snooping

                   Multicast Protocol       IGMP v1/v2/v3, PIM-SM, PIM-DM

                                            Up to 32 groups with up to 8 ports per group,
                   Port Trunking
                                            dynamic LACP or static aggregation

                   Port Mirroring           Supported. Can b e based on flow classification
                   Cluster                  Cluster up to 32, manageable through single IP

                   Unicast                  Static, RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2, BGP v4

                   Policy-based Routing     IP-based routing policies

                   Redundant Routing        VRRP
                   Proxy                    Proxy ARP

DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09
DHCP                   DHCP Server/Client/DHCP Relay
NAT                    Static or dynamic NAT
                       IEEE 802.1x port-based user authentication
                       Port Security
                       Hardware supp ort for IP ACL, MAC ACL, VLAN ACL
                       Hardware supp ort for port-based user authentication
                           by combinations and bandings of port, IP address,
                           and MAC address
                       Web user authentication
                       RADIUS, TACACS+
                       User privilege classification and p assword protection
                       DHCP snooping, DHCP option82, IP Source Guard
                       Head Of Line (HOL) blocking prevention mechanism
                       4 dispatching queues per p ort, mapp ing the 8 priority
                       queues in 802.1p
                       WRR, SP, and FIFO queuing algorithms
                       Best Effort Service
QoS                    Differentiated Service
                       Strict Priority
                       Weighted Round Robin
                       First Come First Serve
                       TOS re-tagging
                       SNMP v1/v2
                       RMON (Group 1, 2, 3, 9)
                       Command Line Interface (CLI)
                       Web Interface
Network Management
                       PDP (compatible with Cisco CDP)

Physical Environment
Dimensions (mm)
                       442   316 44
(L W H)
Power Consumption      60 W (max)
LED Indicators         Power, system, link, activity
                       AC 100 ~ 240 V, 47 ~ 63 Hz, 1A/230V, RPS power
Power Supply
                       hot standb y
Temperature            Operating: 0 ~ 50°C, non-operating: -40 ~ 70°C

Humidity               0 ~ 90% (no cond ensing)

                                                                    DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09
       Ordering Information :

                   Dax DX-0528GT             Layer 3 switch with 24 fixed 10/100/1000 Base T
                                             ports and 4 # Unpopulated miniGBIC SFP
                                             Slots(Shared), 2 additional slots for 10G Module
                                             capable of loading up to 4#10G XFP ports, AC
                                             power supply
                   Dax DX-0528GT-RPS-AC      Redundant power supply unit for DX-0528GT switch
                   Dax DX-0528GT-1-XFP       1 port unpopulated 10G XFP module for DX-0528GT
                   Dax DX-10G-SR-XFP-LC-     10G SR Transceiver with LC Connector, Multimode
                   B                         (850nm) 300m
                   Dax DX-MGBIC-SX-LC        Mini GBIC 1000SX transceiver port with LC
                                             Connector, multimode 850nm, 550m

      Dax DX-0528GT is brought to you by Dax (An Apcom Company) one of India's most renowned,
      technically qualified Data/Voice Networking Vendor. Dax offers an India-centric, diverse product range
      which conforms to the highest world-standards and meets the “edge to core” networking needs of all

      Dax is one of India's most respected OEM 'networking-infrastructure' vendors. Over the past 22 years,
      Dax has made country wide inroads through its national ADSPs (Authorized Dax Solution Partners) and
      Star Partners.

       Dax is synonymous with high business ethics, consistent quality, optimized performance and support -
      commitment to Indian Customers which supersedes MNC standards. Our primary focus is to bring in world-
      class products to India to provide India-centric solutions that enable Indian organizations save their
      networking capital expenditure. Our years of commitment to quality and service, ensures our position
      amongst the Top-5 Networking Brands in India.

DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09
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                                                                                 DX-0528GT Rev0 dt: 06-01-09

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