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					The San Diego Volvo Sports America Chapter Newsletter – serving San Diego, Imperial, Orange, and Riverside Counties

Volume 15                                          June 2006                                           Number 6

  1976 30th Anniversary of Volvo Sports America 2006

  There was a wealth
  to see and admire
  at this year’s VCOA
  Davis Meet!
  See more photos beginning
  on page 7

                                                                                                                      photo: Doug Gagliardi
     It’ll be one of the
     most rewarding
     days you will
     ever have!                                                                                 Saturday, July 8
                                                              Registration 7:30AM, Rally 10AM, Luncheon & Awards 2PM
                                                       Starting from Braille Institute, 741 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles

                                                                BRAILLE RALLYE 2006
                                                    DRIVER REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION SHEET
                                             To register for Braille Rallye 2006, please complete this information sheet and mail,
                                             e-mail, or fax to the address shown below before July 1, 2006. Thank you!

    HE BRAILLE RALLYE was begun over
T   30 years ago as an incentive for vi-
sually challenged students to study and
                                             NAME _____________________________________________________________

                                             DRIVERS LIC _______________________________________________________

to grow confident in reading Braille.        STREET ADDRESS ___________________________________________________
    Up to 60 student navigators from         CITY _________________________________________ ZIP ________________
Braille Institute Youth Centers all over
Southern California compete in a stan-       PHONE: DAY _______________________ EVENING _______________________
dard car rally teaming with drivers from             CELL _______________________________
sports car clubs, law enforcement, me-               (This will only be used to track you during the rally, if needed)

dia, and just regular folks.
                                             E-MAIL (Please print clearly) ___________________________________________
    The driver/navigator team must get
from checkpoint to checkpoint follow-        CAR MAKE _______________ MODEL _______________ COLOR ______________
ing directions written in Braille or large   DRIVER/NAVIGATOR SEAT BELTS? Yes                           No
print which are read to the driver by the
navigator. You, the driver, have no idea     REAR SEAT WITH BELTS? Yes                     No          CONVERTIBLE? Yes      No
where you are going; the challenge is        INSURANCE CARRIER _________________________________________________
for your navigator to read the instruc-
                                             RALLY EXPERIENCE? Yes                 No
tions properly and communicate them
clearly to you. As a driver, completely      PLEASE DESCRIBE ___________________________________________________
dependent on your navigator, you will        ___________________________________________________________________
find a team partner and friend, and a
day not easily forgotten.                    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST A SPECIFIC STUDENT/NAVIGATOR PLEASE
                                             INDICATE HERE AND WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO PAIR YOU UP AGAIN:
    Braille Institute reports that this is
their primary “fun” event promoting          ___________________________________________________________________
reading skills. This is a non-spectator
                                             DID YOU NOT DRIVE COMPETITIVELY LAST YEAR BECAUSE THERE WERE NOT
event. All the attention is directed to-     ENOUGH STUDENTS? Yes          No
wards the navigators. They are the com-      If so, thank you! We want to make sure you have a student/navigator this year.
petitors. They will receive the trophies
and the cheers. We do invite the media       GENERAL MEDIA INFORMATION
so they can report on the activity and       UNUSUAL/PARTICULAR VEHICLE DATA ___________________________________
the remarkable capabilities of these
young people.
    Register early! A limited number of      OCCUPATION _______________________________________________________
driver positions are available. You will     HOBBIES/INTERESTS _________________________________________________
receive a registration confirmation pack-                  The above information is available, as stated, for any media release.
age with more information. There is a
$10 Entry Fee, which is payable on the       Signature ______________________________________ Date _______________
day of the event. For complete details,            IMPORTANT: Please return by mail, e-mail, or fax before July 1 to:
contact Patricia West (see the bottom            Patricia West — 6471 Newbury Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92647-6565
of the form at right).                       714-841-1249 (phone) — 714-841-0777 (fax) — nseandwest@socal.rr.com (e-mail)

1800 News                                                           2                                                              June 2006
S A N        D I E G O                  SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
                                   V O LV O              S P O R T S                A M E R I C A

(Tentative schedule. Subject to Change by popular vote at Regular Meetings. Bold type indicates SDVSA sponsored
events. Underlined means very important, please attend!)

 June:               Saturday 17              SCVSA Alignment Techniques Clinic, Boykin Automotive, Thousand
                                              Oaks. eshack@adelphia.net
                     Saturday 24–             VARA Races, Willow Springs.
                     Sunday 25
                     Sunday 25                Annual Automotive Literature Fair. Irwindale Speedway, Irwindale
                                              6:30 am–noon
 July:               Saturday 8               2006 Annual Braille Rallye. Braille Institute, Los Angeles.
                     Thursday 13              “Back to the ’50s” Street Car Show, La Mesa. Meet in the parking lot of
                                              “All Things Bright and British,” 8401 La Mesa Blvd., after 5:00 p.m.

                     Sunday 16                VARA Races. California Speedway, Fontana.
                     Saturday 22              SCSVA Clinic at Volvos Only, Los Angeles. eshack@adelphia.net
 August:             Saturday 5               SCVSA Silent Movies Under the Stars, William Hart Ranch/Musuem,
                                              Newhall. eshack@adelphia.net
                     Sunday 6                 15th Annual Automotive Heritage Day. Kimball Park, National City.
                     Saturday 19              SCVSA Detail Day, Santa Monica College Parking structure. Enjoy the
                                              day with fellow Volvophiles detailing your beloved Swede-mobile
                                              overlooking the beautiful Pacific! eshack@adelphia.net
 September:          Thursday 14–             17th Annual Route 66 Rendezvous, San Bernardino.
                     Sunday 17                http://www.route-66.org/
                     Sunday 17                SCVSA Swap Meet & BBQ, Old Iverson Movie Ranch, Chatsworth.
 October:            Friday 6–                VCOA Nat’l West Coast Meet, Horizon Hotel & Casino, Lake Tahoe,
                     Sunday 8                 http://www.vcoa.org/
If anyone of our members have any different or new ideas of what would make a nice and/or interesting event, bring your ideas to
the Monthly Meeting at the San Diego Auto Museum on the second Wednesday of every month, to one of the well advertised events
(above), or contact any of the characters in “The Box” below:

  1800 News is the official newsletter of the San Diego Chapter of the National Volvo Sports America (a.k.a. SDVSA), 1800 Register. (Web site:
  www.sdvsa.org). Circulation is monthly. Editor and Publisher: Doug Gagliardi, 1354 Springfield, Apt. D, Upland, CA 91786, editor@sdvsa.org.
  Editor Emeritus: Goran Freske. Please send all materials to be published to the editor at the email or mailing address above, or bring to an event
  or a regular meeting on the second Wednesday of every month at the San Diego Auto Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego, starting at 7:00 p.m.
  (for publication the following month). Publication deadline is the Friday before that month’s meeting.
  Membership in SDVSA is a measly $20/year. Contact Kurt Sievert (below) to receive an application, or download it from www.sdvsa.org. Membership
  benefits include this monthly newsletter, parts source list, and other goodies. Free ads for paid up members! Chapter coordinator (President):
  Peter Webb, 3530 Collier Ave., San Diego CA 92116, (858) 414-6915, peterjwebb@yahoo.com. Membership coordinator: Kurt Sievert, 5272 Waring
  Rd., San Diego, 92120, (619) 269-0245, k.sievert@cox.net. Treasurer: Del Skoog, 744 Golden Ln., Fallbrook, 92028, (760) 728-5328, siskupk@
  sbcglobal.net. Historian and Webmaster: Jeff Perry, 831 Red Hill Lane, San Marcos, 92069. (760) 471-0398, jp41@cox.net. Representative to San
  Diego Auto Museum: Richard Pattee, 1719 28th St. San Diego, 92102, (619) 234-4231, rsp3flyingv@yahoo.com.

1800 News                                                                 3                                                               June 2006
THE 944 ES?   Jeff Perry unearthed this gem in a very early edition of our club newsletter. It was originally
              published in the October 1983 issue of Motor Trend. Note the error in ES production dates.

1800 News                                 4                                                       June 2006
    Li fe,
                                                                  PHOTO: Max Wirth poses with the author of this piece: his 1964
                                                                  P1800S, chassis number 6630.

M y                                                               and held my head high among the Ferraris, Maseratis, and
                                                                  Bugattis. There were a few exceptions; Italy was still home
                                                                  to many Comunisti (Communists) at that time, and occa-
                                                                  sionally I would get a tomato in my face!
                                                                      After our adventures in Italy, it was time to depart
                                                                  Europe for the North American continent. We traveled up
                                                                  through Germany, and Max gave me a chance to run the
                                                                  old Nürnberg Ring racetrack. Then it was on to Hamburg,
                                                                  where I was put into the belly of a freighter to traverse
                                                                  the wide Atlantic.
                                                                      The North Sea was very choppy, but we Swedes are
                                                                  not prone to seasickness. Nonetheless, my Master checked
                                                                  on my well-being every day. After ten days we arrived in
                                                                  Montreal, and I was lifted from the deep, dark cargo hold
                                                                  and into the daylight again. During the few weeks we

                       So far...
                                                                  stayed with my Master’s family, I was very much admired

                          far...                                  by the Canadians, many of whom had never seen anything
                                                                  like me before.
                                                                      Then it was south to the USA. We were lucky; arriv-
   By P1800S #6630 (Ca. Lic. PKS 685, Lu 528)                     ing at the border the very day my Master’s entry visa ex-

      BOUT A YEAR AGO, my Master heard about this P1800               Traveling from Michigan along Highway 60 west, we
      Volvo Club in San Diego. He decided to join and I           paused in Omaha where my Master had a friend—a chef
encountered many brothers and sisters. Recently, they or-         for United Airlines. Then we pushed on to Denver and
ganized an excursion to the Temecula Wine Country. What           into the Rocky Mountains. In Colorado we went through
an experience this was for me, after being laid-up and in-        Estes Park, Granby, then tuned to Colorado Springs where
active in the garage, to open up and run free for 70 or 80        my Boss got an eye-full of the Air Force Academy. From
miles!                                                            there it was west to Buena Vista and north towards Aspen.
    My Master, Max Wirth, was born in Lucerne, Switzer-           We were traveling in November, and severe snowstorms
land. His father was a baker, so he grew up to become a           were announced every day.
baker, confectioner, and pastry chef. He baked and cooked             Nevertheless, Max was determined to climb Indepen-
in many countries, including England, Sweden, and Cana-           dence Pass. We must have been the last to get through
da, where he met his future wife, Colette.                        before the road was closed behind us, because no one fol-
    Eventually he landed in Miami, Florida, where his             lowed us as the snow began to fall. Up and up, without
daughter was born. There, he got the call to sojourn back         chains or winter tires, we climbed. Now, I am of stern
to his Swiss homeland to take over his dad’s business.            Swedish stock and have no fear of harsh winter condi-
After the death of his father, his family went their sepa-        tions; but it did occur to me that if my Master had to stop,
rate ways, and Max decided to return to the U.S.                  I might not be able to get us rolling again.
    That is where I come into the picture. In the spring              Eventually we made it to the top, and, of course, that
of 1964, he found me sitting between a Mercedes SL 190            is where we met the snowplow! The driver chewed my
and a Facel Vega (a French contraption with a Chrysler            Master out, believing we must have chosen to ignore the
motor) at some country dealership. The Mercedes was too           closure of the pass.
small and the Vega too fancy, so he choose me because I               So, at last, we found ourselves in Aspen. From there
had enough space for his daughter.                                we went on to Grand Junction, past Montrose and a bunch
    Now the fun started! We traveled trough France, from          of sheep, but the Ouray Pass brought us to a halt, and we
north to south and east to west, and I was very proud be-         had to turn back and find another way to cross into Utah.
cause everywhere I went I was an object of interest. Next,            In the little town of Placerville we had an unpleasant
we traveled through Italy, down the Adriatic coast to Bari,       encounter with the local sheriff. He could not understand
across to Salerno, around the Amalfi Coast to Naples, and         my euro license plate, “LU 528.” It took a lot of explain-
up Mount Vesuvius. The highlight of this trip was a newly-        ing before he finally let us roll.
opened highway, the “Strada del Sol,” from Naples to                  By the time we reached Utah, a blizzard had closed the
Rome. My Master let me run at 180 kilometers!                     road trough Navajo country, and we were stuck in a town
    In Italy I was just as much admired as anywhere else,         called Monticello. We took the opportunity to develop an

1800 News                                                     5                                                    June 2006
appreciation of Indian jewelry, and to get acquainted with          a visitor from Czechoslovakia, pointing to the “CH” car
the owner of the Motel where we stayed.                             badges I proudly wore as proof. I had to secretly laugh,
    In an almost unbelievable coincidence, it turned out            because I knew that CH actually stands for “Confederation
that the son of the Motel’s owner had fulfilled his Mor-            Helvetica,” or Switzerland!
mon missionary service in my Master’s home town of Lu-                  From Window Rock on to Gallup, New Mexico. Then
cerne in Switzerland, and had tried to convert Max’s own            west again on Highway 40, we admired the Petrified Forest
father to the LDS faith! Max even remembered him, as his            and the Painted Desert, and took a side-leap to the Meteor
dad had called Max to translate the young man’s pitch.              Crater. We also roamed Oak Creek Canyon and did not
    After a few days we were able to continue south to              miss the fantastic Grand Canyon.
Mexican Hat and into Arizona. We went through Kayenta,                  From there we turned back into Navajo land to Page
Tuba City, and east again to Window Rock. My Master                 and Lake Powell, Glen and Marble Canyon, the North Rim,
stopped to shoot some 8mm movies at an Indian reserva-              Zion Canyon, and finally, Las Vegas.
tion settlement, but the residents there didn’t appreciate              By now, my Master was growing weary of travel, and
his intrusion and chased us away.                                   we got busy looking for a place to settle down. A friend
    While in Window Rock, my Master hoped to visit the              of Max’s had suggested San Diego as an idyllic place to
Navajo Nation Council Chambers, but again was turned                make a home in southern California. Just to be sure, we
away. Knowing that the Indian Nations were sympathet-               checked out Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, but in the end
ic to the plight of those in Europe living under Commu-             we returned to San Diego, where Max purchased a home
nist rule, Max wrangled an invitation by claiming to be             in Pacific Beach and we’ve lived happily ever after.

OK, It Was Our Idea—But We’re Still Not Paying for the Airfare!

       to take advantage of factory-direct pricing and pick
       up their car in Göteborg, Sweden; combining deliv-
ery of their new Volvo with a European vacation.
    Recently, Goran Freske was contacted by a friend of
his in Sweden, Peter Söderberg, who is brokering the sale
of a mint-condition 1800 over there.
    How do these two items relate? Well, maybe—just
maybe—this is an opportunity for someone who is look-
ing to buy an 1800 to launch the vintage Volvo Overseas
Delivery Program!
                                                                       For information and many more pictures, contact:
    The car for sale is a 1966 P1800S with all new mechan-
                                                                       Peter Söderberg
icals. It is currently owned by a Volvo mechanic with his
                                                                       Box 303, 641 23 Katrineholm, Sweden
own shop in Sweden. The car was previously owned by
                                                                       tel: +46(0)150 147 88, GSM: +46 (0) 708 80 88 81
Mr. Torgils Bonde (who, we are told, is of royal heritage).
    Peter tells us, “If there is anything needing to be done,
it would be putting new leather on the seats; however,                 And be sure and let us know how that Vintage
most people appreciate the ‘patina.’” The asking price is           Volvo Overseas Delivery idea works out for you!
125,000 SEK (approximately $17,000 USD).

                                                                        In last month’s write-up of the East County Tour, your
                                                                    newsletter editor “embellished” a reference to Dave Hunt’s
                                                                    ’56 P1900, and suggested that Dave’s car has a B16 engine.
                                                                    This is exactly the kind of error that Dave has been trying
                                                                    to set straight during this, the 30th anniversary year of his
                                                                    car. So here are the facts for the record: the 1956 P1900
                                                                    VolvoSport came equipped with Volvo’s then-new and
                                                                    peppy 70 HP B14A engine, the same motor found in the
                                                                    American-export version of the PV444 Sport, and the first
                                                                    dual SU-equipped Volvo 4-banger. Now, don’t let
                                                                    anyone tell you different!

1800 News                                                       6                                                   June 2006
 DavisVCOA Davis Meet
 The 2006

              Photos and captions: Doug Gagliardi
              TOP LEFT: A rare example of the 160-series.
              This six-cylinder-equipped four-door be-
              longs to Davis resident Mike Peterson. TOP
              RIGHT: The “1800 Area.” As Ernie Shack
              would say: “Just look at them pretty cars!”
              ABOVE RIGHT: There was every stripe of
              “late model” Swedemobile on display as
              well, for those who were so inclined. RIGHT:
              After he removed his fiberglass hood, Kieth
              Soreng’s turbocharged B20 drew plenty of
              attention, BOTTOM RIGHT: A flock of 140s!
              Or is it a gaggle? BOTTOM LEFT: Dig that
              Prancing Moose grill badge! Could this be
              the next moose-themed adornment from
              Dave Barton? LEFT: Pretty wagons, all in a
              row. ABOVE LEFT: Ahhhhh, the good life!

1800 News                          7                         June 2006
            TOP LEFT AND ABOVE: Bill Tave’s “Grey
            Ghost,” a 1954 PV444 orginally imported
            from Sweden and currently sporting a mere
            18,500 kilometers, was awarded Best of
            Show. TOP RIGHT: After finding all the
            local hotels booked and spending the night
            in his V70, Greg Blake kicks back in the
            swap meet area and tries to sell a few P1800
            posters before the rain gets serious. RIGHT:
            Ernie Shack, Richard Montgomery, and
            Roger Fritch, representing SoCal VSA.
            RIGHT BELOW: Two generations of Volvo
            lovers. BOTTOM RIGHT: What’s a wooden-
            framed, English-built sports coupe doing at
            a Volvo show? Maybe it has something to do
            with the 175 horsepower Volvo B20 engine
            and M41 transmission that powers this 1966
            Marcos 1800 GT! BOTTOM LEFT: As the
            rain started to come down in earnest, Roger
            Fritch’s ES developed a nasty knocking
            noise under the hood. Rather than risk dam-
            aging his engine on the drive home, Roger
            arranged for a U-Haul truck and trailer (no
            mean feat at 4:00 PM on a Sunday) and a
            new trailer queen was born! Ernie and Greg
            helped get Roger’s orange wagon settled on
            the matching orange trailer, along with the
            assistance of a local fellow who ran up and
            joined in the effort just because he “liked
            the look of the car SO much!” LEFT AND
            ABOVE LEFT: I don’t know who all these
            guys are, but they appear to be fascinated
            by old Volvos, so they’re OK in my book
            (plus, one of ’em’s leaning
            on MY 1800)!

1800 News                        8                         June 2006


  Cars for Sale

  1966 1800S. Red/Black, VIN # 1834518373, Calif. black plate with papers and current registration.
  Engine runs, but best for parts car or restoration project. Body is straight, has some rust. Interior is   Greg Blake                Rebuilt E and ES Mirrors
  bad, glass is good, chrome is dull. Have photos. Car is in San Diego. Make offer.                          PO Box 6601                      Cargo Mats
                            Anne Whalen, cell # (808) 282-0952 or amhb122@hotmail.com (12/05)                Crestline, CA 92325-6601         Floor Mats
                                                                                                             (909) 338-5323               Volvo Memorabilia
  For Sale: 1957 Volvo PV444, K model, original San Diego car. Documented 87,000 miles. Great
                                                                                                                     email: vtreasurehunter@verizon.net
  little runabout, or finish restoration as a show car. Extra parts available. Contact me by e-mail for
                                                                                                                      Web: www.vtreasurehunter.com
  photos. Also, I have boxes of PV and 122 Amazon parts for sale. Reasonable prices for SDVSA club
  members, attractive trades considered. Contact me for details.
                                       R.S. Pattee, (619) 234 4231 or rsp3flyingv@yahoo.com (11/05)
                                                                                                             James Alles                     (760) 497-4017
  1971 1800E. 140,000 miles, metallic silvery-blue w/original black leather interior except driver
  seat has a vinyl replacement. Very good shape overall and runs well. Needs minor cosmetic work
  (cracked windshield, some window & trim rubber is old) overdrive and stereo not working. Will
  throw in extra set of wheels & owners manual/literature for an 1800S. $9,000 OBO.
                          Jon Briggs, 760-433-4481 or 760-929-3164. Oceanside/Carlsbad. (9/05)

  1973 1800ES. West coast car, always garaged. Excellent condition. 108,000 original miles with
  11,000 on new balanced engine. 2nd owner since 1974. Asking $9,000 OBO.                                    Specializing in Affordable Paintless Dent Repair
                                    Diana and Michael, (619) 222-5130 or dlgcbt@att.net (8/03)
                                                                                                             2121 E. Valley Pkwy. Ste. C, Escondido, CA 92027
  1971 142 $800. White (new paint), blue interior, automatic, good overall condition, runs good.
                                                  David Hurwitz, (949) 646-7314, Costa Mesa CA
  Parts for Sale

  M41 gearbox & Laycock J-type overdrive. Both units completely reworked and bench tested with
  care by Bob Skoog. Assembled and ready for installation. $2,800
              (760) 728-5328, sisku@peoplepc.com, http://www.sdvsa.org/LaycockOD.htm (4/06)

  PV544 Parts: L/R front doors, L/R rear fenders, L front fender and gas tank. All in good condition.
  PV444 Parts: L/R doors. 1800 Parts: 3 hoods, rear window glass, 2 rear seat bottoms, 1 rear seat
  back cushion. 122 Parts: 2 horn rims, 2 sets of hub caps, door handles/springs/spacers, metal rings.
  Much, much more! Anne Whalen, cell # (808) 282-0952 or amhb122@hotmail.com (12/05)

  N.O.S. EGGCRATE GRILLE and SURROUND—$800 + shipping.
                                        (760) 728-5328, siskupk@sbcglobal.net (5/05)                             Volvo Specialty • General Auto/Marine Service
                                                                                                                                Used Car Sales
  DOT Approved—Autopal 7" Round H4 Headlamp Replacement. Includes Clear H4 60/55w Bulb.
  These are the ones with the cool flat front and replaceable bulbs. Retail $79.96 for pair. Asking
  $30 per pair. New in box. Contact Peter Webb, peterjwebb@yahoo.com (858) 755-3637 (12/03)
  544 Parts for sale—Body & Mechanical Parts. Doors L & R, hood, trunk lid, bumpers F&R, grill,
  radiator, generator, distributor, exhaust manifold with pipe (split), transmission, and more.
                                                 Irwin Grabel, (909) 766-2715, San Jacinto, CA.                                                    (909) 657-5882
                                                                                                             871 Park Street                   FAX (909) 657-8842
  Rebuilt 1800E 1800ES 140 Mirrors $124.95 Plus correct core exchange. Do-It-Yourself Kits $79.95.           Perris, CA 92570                      (800) 993-3395
  I am also interested in purchasing old, worn-out, 1800E, 1800ES, 140 mirrors, mirror arms and
  day/night mechanisms.                               Contact Greg Blake. Phone (714) 287-9984
                                                            Email: vtreasurehunter@verizon.net
  Goods & Services

  Garage/shop/storage space in large building. San Marcos area off Rte 78. Possible auto hobby
  shop rental. Paul Pachuta (619) 992-8700, or Randy Blum at (858) 735-7700 for details.

  Prices Reduced!! – ’04 West Coast Meet Items – Prices Reduced!!
  Car badges—$20 each: Jeff, 728-5328. Hats, T-shirts—$11 each: Kurt, (619) 269-0245.

                                                                                                                               Bud Hartwell
                                                                                                                          Volvo Parts New & Used

                                                                   NOW AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                Dri-Wash N’ Guard
                                                                                                                                    Formula 3
                                                                    MODELS “D” “J” & “P”
                                                                         CALL FOR PRICES
                                                          760-728-5328 . . . siskupk@sbcglobal.net
                                                                                                                                               (619) 588-2180

1800 News                                                                         9                                                                 June 2006
                            NEXT REGULAR MEETING of
                                   WILL BE HELD AT THE

                ack to the ’50s CarS how”
            “  B

         WHERE: “All Things Bright and British,” at 8401 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA
WHEN:   Thursday, July 13, 2006 beginning at 5:00 p.m. (in lieu of our regular Wednesday night
                                meeting at the Auto Museum)

         Automobile Heritage Day, National City
                                    Sunday, August 6

                                                                        San Diego, CA 92120
                                                                        5272 Waring Rd.
                                                                        SAN DIEGO CHAPTER
                                                                        VOLVO SPORTS AMERICA

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