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     Page 2                                                                                                                            May 2007

       Gary Skentelbery
       Paul Walker
                                                  Editor’s Comment
                                                  WHEN experts differ, lay people often struggle to understand the arguments
                                                  from either side.
       Business Manager
                                                      We cannot be expected to            Helsby not matter?                              purposes.
       James Balme
                                                  understand the complex technical           We think they do. Frodsham Town                  This method is apparently to be
       Advertising                                details being put forward in support    council and Helsby Parish Council               used in Lancashire, where no
       Freephone                                  of or against the proposed              think they do - and that is why they            incinerators are planned.
       0800 955 5247                              incinerator at Weston Point, nor        have both lodged strong objections                  Has anyone thought of using it in
                                                  indeed the earlier scheme for Ince      to both incinerator projects.                   Runcorn or on Ince Marshes? If not,
       Editorial                                                                                                                          why not?
                                                  Marshes. We may firmly believe that        Halton Council are the planning
       01925 631592
                                                  incinerators are incompatible with      authority tasked with deciding the
       Email                                      the beautiful Weaver Valley, but we     fate of the application at Weston                    still struggle against expert opinion.  Point. We would hope they will be
                                                      So it is with some relief that we   sufficiently concerned about the                   Find out what the people of
       Websites                                   learn that Helsby Parish Council's      health of their own residents to say                     Frodsham think and
                                                  objection to the Weston Point
                                                  scheme is backed up with a report
                                                                                          "No" to the incinerator.
                                                                                             Prof Dearden points out that
                                                  from an expert in environmental
                                                  toxicology who actually lives in the
                                                                                          incinerators can hardly be said to be
                                                                                          "green" and that there are other
                                                                                                                                               YOUR SAY!                            area (see Page 5).                      proven ways of dealing with waste,                    VISIT THE DISCUSSION
                                                      Prof John Dearden's report is       such as accelerated anaerobic                                  FORUM AT
       New Media Centre                           worrying in that it suggests there are  digestion, which can render waste         
       Old Road Warrington                        "errors and inconsistencies" in the     suitable for recycling for a variety of                  The People’s Forum
       WA4 1AT                                    health risk assessment prepared in
                                                  support of the incinerator plan, but
        Frodsham Life is published                we still run into the problem that the
        monthly by Orbit News Service.
        The contents of this magazine
                                                  technical complexities are beyond
                                                  the understanding of most lay
                                                                                                              JPW Body Repairs
        are fully protected by copyright          people.                                                            All body repairs catered for
        and nothing may be reprinted
        or reproduced without prior                   However, one assertion in Prof                    FULLY EQUIPPED WORKSHOP, WHICH INCLUDES
        permission of the publishers.             Dearden's report is shocking even to      SPRAY BOOTH/LOW BAKE OVEN • CHASSIS ALIGNMENT BODY JIG
                                                  a layman. Apparently, the potential                                      15 Years Experience
        The publishers are not liable for
        any statement made or opinion             impact on the health of people in                            ALL MAKES AND MODELS CATERED FOR
        expressed by third parties in             Frodsham and Helsby was not even                             QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED
        this publication.                         considered       by      the    experts                     Meeting House Lane, Kingsley, WA6 6TP
        Printed by TwentyFourSeven                championing the cause of the
                                                  incinerator.                                              Telephone/Fax - 01928 787887
                                                      Do people in Frodsham and              from frodsham on B5152 to Delamere, pass petrol station on right and take next right turn
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     May 2007                                                                                                              Page 3

     Praise for staff after Co-op store
                          fire drama
     UNITED Co-operatives have praised staff at their Frodsham Co-
     op supermarket for getting the store open again so quickly
     following the major fire which caused extensive damage to a
     rear storage building and a number of vehicles.
        The fire broke out after the store flames spread to the roof and to
     had closed and fire crews worked      parked vehicles and, at its peak, lit
     through the night to extinguish the   up the night sky.
                                              But the following morning,
     flames.                               determined efforts by the staff
        Although the blaze started         resulted in the store being able to
     among pallets behind the store,       open in the afternoon.
                                                            A     United     Co-
                                                         operatives spokesman
                                                         said: "All the staff                                                                                Picture:
                                                         pulled together to                                                                               Gavin Astill
                                                         make sure there was
                                                                                      when the store was closed so that       buildings, but a structural engineer
                                                         as little disruption to                                              was called in to investigate.
                                                                                      there was no risk to any staff or
                                                         service as possible.         customers."                                The cause of the fire is still being
                                                            "We would like to            At the height of the fire, 10 fire   investigated. At first, arson was
                                                         thank them and the           appliances were at the scene -          suspected, but a meeting of
                                                         fire service for the         including two hydraulic platforms.      Frodsham Town Council was later
                                                         efficient way in which          Afterwards there were concerns       told that it was now believed the
                                                         the fire was dealt           about the stability of the affected     fire had started due to an accident.
                                                         with. We are relieved
                                                         the fire happened

                           Advertiser’s announcement
            Relax and Indulge Yourself
     HAVING a party with friends is a fun way to spend an evening. But have
     you ever thought of holding a Body Shop at Home party? With so much on
     offer how could you resist, Free relaxing facials, free makeovers, a selection
     of products to choose from as well as thank-you gifts and a fun filled party
     with your friends. But as well as standard parties we can also cater for
     fundraising events as well. For more information on the Body Shop at Home
     please contact Michelle on 01928 724435 or 07747 306808.
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     Page 4                                                                                                           May 2007

     Council moves to protect lake
     FRODSHAM Town Council is to investigate various measures to                      club – possibly for young people –      natural environment of the lake.
     improve security and protect the environment of Crowmere                         would result in increased supervision      "The lake is a valuable asset for
     Lake.                                                                            of the lake.                            the community and it needs someone
        The Trustees of the Recreation     music and leaving the area strewn             Coun Tony Hinkins said there were    to look after it," he said.
     Grounds charity – who are, in fact,   with litter. Police have taken action      a number of issues to investigate,         It was agreed to refer the matter to
     members of the council – have asked   against unauthorised angling.              including problems caused by            the Town Council's amenities
     the council's amenities committee to     Coun Lynn Riley told a meeting of       trespassers and looking after the       committee for further investigation.
     look into the matter.                 the charity trustees that ‘silly things’
        Among issues to be examined are    were going on at the lake, which                                   Advertiser’s announcement
     public overnight camping, fishing,    was open water and was the
     the views of local residents and the
     possibility of introducing a bylaw to
                                           council's responsibility.
                                              Introducing a bylaw would help           A farmer’s market delivered
     help control the situation.           the police to take action against
        Residents have complained in       people misusing the area.                         to your home!
     recent months of gangs of youths         The Mayor, Coun Dennis Taylor,
     camping overnight, playing loud       suggested that introducing a fishing       NORTHERN Harvest Home Delivery is a Farmers Market to
                                                                                      your home - delivering fresh, tasty foods direct from producers
                                                                                      in the North West straight to your front door.
                                                                                         Northern Harvest was voted Best   been achieved by the company
                                                                                      Local Food Retailer in the BBC Radio based in Lowton near Warrington.
                                                                                      4 Food and Farming Awards 2006,         As well as delivering to the home
                                                                                      just one of many awards which have   they can supply a broad spectrum of
                                                                                                                           locally produced foods suitable for
                                                                                                                           restaurants with discerning clientele
                                                                                                                           throughout most parts of North
                                                                                                                           Cheshire, South Lancashire, Greater
                                                                                                                           Manchester and Merseyside. They
                                                                                                                           also have an organic range
                                                                                                                           complimenting       their      existing
                                                                                                                              Anything that can not be sourced
                                                                                                                           at present they are happy to try to
                                                                                                                           obtain them.
                                                                                                                              Orders can be made at the
                                                                                                                           or for more information call for a free
                                                                                                                           catalogue on 01942 608299
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     May 2007                                                                                                                   Page 5

     Incinerator plan’s ‘errors and inconsistencies’
     AN assessment of the risk to human health posed by the                          carried out to support the Ineos             recommended           by      the     US
     proposed incinerator at Weston Point, Runcorn failed to                         ChlorVinyls planning application             Environmental Protection Agency is one
     consider the effects of the plant on Frodsham and Helsby,                       contained errors and inconsistencies         in a million and on that basis, cancer
     according to an expert on environmental toxicology.                             which cast doubt on claims that the          risks from the incinerator are too high
        It also failed to consider the health Helsby and was commissioned by         plant would operate safely.                  for 23 out of 37 locations around the
     effects of additional traffic generated  Helsby Parish Council to prepare a        He said the HHRA failed to                proposed incinerator.
     by the development, says Prof John       report on the incinerator plan.        recognise the serious health risks of fine       Prof Dearden also said the
                                                                                     and ultrafine particulate matter emitted     incinerator stack could not be high
     Dearden,                                    The council has objected to the     by an incinerator which can cause            enough, taking into account the
        Prof Dearden, Emeritus Professor of   scheme and Prof Dearden's report       respiratory     and      cardiovascular      proximity of Liverpool John Lennon
     Medicinal Chemistry at the School of     forms part of its objection.           problems. It also used incorrect             Airport and varying ground levels in
     Pharmacy and Chemistry at Liverpool         Prof Dearden told Frodsham Life a   calculations in assessing the effect of      the Runcorn area, putting many
     John Moores University, is a resident of Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)    dioxin intake on breast-fed infants and      properties at risk of excessively high
                                                                                     unborn foetuses.                             pollution levels.
                                                                                        The HHRA used an incorrect target             He also expressed concern about
                              Advertiser’s announcement                              level of one in 100,000 for cancer risk      the effect of the plant on local produce,
                                                                                     from the incinerator. The correct level      such as cabbage, lettuce and fruit.
          New Florist opens in Frodsham
     MANUELA’S Designer Florist has officially opened its doors in a ceremony
     carried out by Frodsham’s mayor Coun Dennis Taylor.
        The business run by owner Mandy       night opening until 7pm on
     Simpson offers something different in    Thursdays and Fridays.
     specially designed and individual          For more information why not visit
     arrangements. Mandy who is a    where
     professionally trained Florist is also a you can see for yourself what
     tutor for Halton College teaching        Manuela’s can offer you for your
     students the skills of floristry. Mandy  special ocassion.
     also specialises in bespoke wedding
     flower arrangements offering an
     individual design to suit every bride.
     Manuela’s also boasts its own
     wedding studio on the 1st floor and
     as an extra benefit to customers the
     wedding studio is open on the 1st
     Sunday of each month.
        The shop at No 3 the high Street
     is open six days per week with late
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     Page 6                                                                                                  May 2007

                                     A VOLUNTARY workshop set up to provide facilities to people                    year to run. It is small but it has basic

       Will to                       who can no longer work due to illness or disability has won
                                     an award from Granada TV’s Paul Crone.
                                          Geoff Prince was given the
                                     award as part of a news feature
                                                                           many other trades people from thirty
                                                                                                                    facilities. Geoff has fitted it out with
                                                                                                                    four lathes, a band-saw, a power
                                                                                                                    planer and many benches and hand

                                                                           somethings to sixty somethings. As
                                     filmed for the Granada Tonight        well as dodgy hearts, stroke victims     tools. Currently the workshop is busy
                                     programme and was broadcast           and serious illness survivors we have    making several park benches for the
                                     across the north west of England.     people with long term mental health      council. A doll’s house was built by

        wins                                       Valuable
                                        The ‘Croney’ award was given in
                                     recognition of the great work done in
                                                                           and learning difficulties and despite
                                                                           some of us looking quite well we are
                                                                           unable to work.’
                                                                                                                    the Will to Work team that was
                                                                                                                    auctioned for a children’s hospice

      Granada                        providing a valuable service to the       The workshop is the inspiration      and raised over £700. The
                                     community of Frodsham and giving      and vision of Geoff Prince who           workshop is open three afternoons
                                     the chance for skilled people who     wouldn’t accept that life stopped with   per week at the moment but it is
                                     cannot work normally due to their

         TV                          health.
                                        Geoff Prince who accepted the
                                     award on behalf of the Will to Work
                                                                           illness and the inability to work. The
                                                                           small workshop costs £4,000 per
                                                                                                                    hoped that another room will be
                                                                                                                    opened for ladies to attend as well.

       award                         team said: “We are a mixed bunch
                                     really, we have a builder, engineer,
                                     accountant, stockman, sailor and

                         Short of space?
       What is                                     Self storage rooms for                                               50%
                                                     home or business                                               DISCOUNT
       Self Storage?
       Rent your own lockable storage                                                                               on all units for the
       room of any size from 25 to 10,000
       sq ft and for any length of time -
                                                                                                                        first 3 months
       Whenever you like, with just one                                                                 •   Attractive rates from £9.75 per week
       simple phone call.                                                                               •   You have your own lock and personal
       • You are the ONLY key holder                                                                    •   Free easy access
       • Fully secure with 24 hour                                                                      •   Safe place to archive documents
         CCTV security                                                                                  •   From 20 to 10,000 sq ft - any length
       • On-site helpful staff                                                                              of time
       • Full range of packaging                      YOU CAN STORE                                             OTHER DISCOUNTS
         materials available                       VIRTUALLY ANYTHING
       • FREE use of trolleys                                                                                      AVAILABLE
       • FREE customer parking                • Personal Possessions • Family Heirlooms
       • Forklift truck service                     • Stock Samples and Materials
       • Competitive rates                   • Household Contents • Business Equipment
                                               • Garage Contents and much much more!

                                  H&L SELF STORAGE
                                     01928 701 555
                               Unit 5, Ashville Way, Sutton Weaver, Runcorn
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     May 2007                                                                                                 Page 7

                                  FRODSHAM & Helsby Rotary                has a total of 20 medals won at a          Jade wrote to the club with a plea

      Club backs                  Club have donated £500 to
                                  heart transplant girl Jade
                                  Carr, to help her compete in
                                                                          variety of national events.
                                                                             The tally of medals includes three
                                                                          gold medals for long jump,
                                                                                                                  for financial assistance to represent
                                                                                                                  the United Kingdom at the World
                                                                                                                  Transplant Games in Bangkok in

                                  the World Transplant Games.             badminton and ball throw won at the     August this year. She needs a total of
                                     Jade aged 13 is an active            recent British Transplant Games held    £5,200 to cover the purchase of her
                                  member of Frodsham Harriers and a       at the University of Bath.              kit and of course, travel arrange-
                                  pupil at Helsby High School where
      girl’s bid to
                                                                                                                               ments for herself and her
                                  she considers herself to be no                                                               parents, Rob and Lynne.
                                  different from her classmates.                                                                  The Club's Community
                                     She underwent a heart transplant

      compete in
                                                                                                                               Service Committee had
                                  at the age of three because of
                                                                                                                               no hesitation in recom-
                                  complications since birth.
                                     But she has not let the condition                                                         mending she should be

         World                    hold her back.                                                                               awarded £500, and this
                                                                                                                               was given to her by
                                               Pacemaker                                                                       President Malcolm ac-

                                     At the age of eight she needed a                                                          companied by Mike
                                  pacemaker to be fitted, yet continued                                                        Collins, Chairman of the
                                  to compete as an athlete and now                                                             Community Committee.
                                  after 10 years in competition, she                                                              As a mark of thanks to
                                                                                                                               the club, Jade has
                                                                                                                               agreed to visit members
                                                                                                                               following the Games in
                                                                                                                               Bangkok and tell them if
                                                                                                                               her experiences matched
                                                                                                                               up to her expectations.
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     Page 8                                                                                                    May 2007

     New look Streetscene to improve
                                                                                       “The changes made in

      public spaces                                                                 rebranding the division
                                                                                    and deploying more re-
                                                                                    sources in awareness,
                                                                                    enforcement and partner-
     PUBLIC spaces in Frodsham, Helsby, Kingsley and surrounding
                                                                                    ship working can only
     areas are set to benefit from Vale Royal Borough Council's
     new Streetscene division, which aims to deliver high quality                   help us make further
     frontline services and improve the environment.                                improvements in the
        Streetscene will replace the        Steve Bakewell, Head of
     Council’s Environmental Operations  Streetscene, said: “Residents, quite               Services
     division and will bring a focus on  rightly, feel strongly that their public      The Streetscene divi-
     delivering cleaner, greener streets spaces are kept clean, safe and            sion is responsible for a
     and spaces, while continuing to     attractive and we have already             wide range of services
     deliver high quality refuse and     made great strides in improving            including street cleansing,
     recycling services.                 environmental quality.                     grounds maintenance,
                                                                                    environmental crime such
                                                                                    as littering, abandoned
                                                                                    vehicles and fly-tipping,
                                                                                    delivering environmental
                                                                                    improvements,        waste
                                                                                    collection, recycling and
                                                                                    waste minimisation.
                                                                                       The Council’s Suppor-
                                                                                    ting My local Environment
                                                                                    (SMYLE) initiative will play
                                                                                    a key role in the work of
                                                                                    the division.
                                                                                       SMYLE aims to involve the whole    have already taken place and
                                                                                    community in keeping their local      residents should already be aware of
                                                                                    environment clean and tidy through    improvements to street cleansing and
                                                                                    education, raising awareness,         action against environmental crime.
                                                                                    partnership working with town and
                                                                                                                             Anyone with an enquiry about the
                                                                                    parish councils, community groups
                                                                                    and the business sector, and, where   Streetscene services should continue
                                                                                    necessary, enforcement against        to call freephone 0800 435 199 or
                                                                                    environmental crime.                  alternatively email streetscene@
                                                                                       Some service delivery changes
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     May 2007                                                                                                                         Page 9

      Huge boost for Castle Park
                                                                                                                                          bring the plans to life and secure the
                                                                                                                                          necessary funds to progress the
                                                                                                                                             “The community of Frodsham will
     FRODSHAM'S Castle Park is to receive a £99,000 development                                    He said: “This is fantastic news for   have a big say in shaping and
     grant from the Heritage and Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Park for                                   Castle      Park.     Securing     the    moulding the final plans.”
     People’ initiative to develop their exciting plans for a                                   development grant gives us a great
     £3.2million scheme to transform and regenerate the grounds.                                opportunity to build on the concept
        The outline plans for the park                The final masterplan will evolve          design and secure the necessary
     include the restoration of the Edward         over the next 12 months and the              funding to transform the park into
     Kemp landscape to its former glory.           views of the local community and             something very special. We can’t
        There are also plans for improved          stakeholders will be integral in             wait to get started.”
     community facilities to meet modern           influencing the detail of this plan and         He added: “The plans for the park
     day needs and opportunities for               the parkís success in the future.            will not only see its heritage value
     people to get involved in the park’s             John Jeffrey, Vale Royal Borough          restored, but will also provide for
     future protection through training and        Council’s Project Director for Castle        new and upgraded leisure facilities
     volunteering.                                 Park welcomed the announcement.              to enable an enhanced and
                                                                                                improved experience for visitors and
                                                                                                   “This is an exciting opportunity to
                                  Advertiser’s announcement

                  You've got company!
     HOW many times have you or your family awakened from a night's sleep
     with itchy skin or red and irritated eyes?
         Or how about a stuffed up nose, a barrage of sneezes, wheezing or tight chest,
     or painful head or sinus ache, a general feeling of fatigue, or even depression, all
     for no particular reason?
         The fact is that you or a member of your family could be one of the millions that
     suffer from some kind of allergy. The odds are the culprit may well be the millions
     of dust mites that have made a home for themselves in your mattress and are feeding
     on the skin flakes we shed every night. That's right! Millions of microscopic dust
     mites that have been medically proven to trigger a whole host of allergic reactions
     like asthma, bronchitis, eczema and others.
         It doesn't matter how new a mattress is, or how often you change the sheets, or
     mattress cover, or even if you take the time to vacuum it once in a while, which is
     pretty much a waste of time against these deeply embedded foes. It takes a
     clinically developed scientific and professional application to remove the enemy
     within. Such a system, the Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning system from the United
     States is now available locally from "Silent Mites". A free test on the mattress results
     in a look of amazement followed soon after by a better nights sleep. For more
     information call 01606 40344 or visit
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     Page 10                                                              May 2007
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     May 2007                                                                                                          Page 11

                                                                                                                                   Cheshire’s Finest
     The time of year is here once again when our thoughts turn to improving our homes not only                                  IAN MACKAY
     to create a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live but to add value to the property
     that we own. To many people a home is also an investment for the future.                                                      CARPETS
                                                                                                                                      LAMINATE FLOORING,
       Whether you are replacing those    dollars. From carpets to curtains      your investment and contents. A                       CARPETS & VINYLS
     draughty old windows that you        floor to ceiling there are no doubt    new alarm system can do this for                       SUPPLIED, FITTED
                                                                                                                                     RE-FITTED & READAPTED
     have promised will be changed for    many jobs that could improve your      you and its not nearly as expensive            ALSO CARPET & UPHOLSTRY CLEAN
     brand new double glazed units or     home and seriously increase the        as you may be lead to think. So
     you may even want that new wood      value of your property. But with all   why not invest in what is after all            CALL 01928 732 900
     or laminate flooring fitting which   of these improvements to your          probably your biggest asset that                  21 PRINCEWAY, FRODSHAM,
                                                                                                                                       CHESHIRE, WA6 6RX
     will make your home look a million   home isn’t it also wise to protect     you have.

                                                                                                 Frodsham Glass
                                                                                                Glass cut to size                Joinery manufacturers.
                                                                                                 while you wait             Softwood or hardwood windows,
                                                                                                                                     doors & stairs
                                                                                         Replacement of misted double                made to order.
                                                                                                glazed units in
                                                                                           timber or PVC Windows.                  Replacement PVC
                                                                                                                                   windows & doors.
                                                                                          Double glazed units made to
                                                                                            measure. Supply & fit.                 Greenhouse glass.
                                                                                            Gates Garage, Bridge Lane, Frodsham WA6 7HN
                                                                                                      Telephone: 01928 731005

                                                                                     AMAZING GLAZING (Widnes) LTD
                                                                                     • ALL FRODSHAM LIFE AREAS COVERED •
                                                                                     THE NUMBER 1 CHOICE FOR WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES

                                                                                    AMAZING DEALS
                                                                                    Sun Lounges Victorian /
                                                                                         10' x 10'           Edwardian
                                                                                       from £3,900         Conservatories
                                                                                          Porches             10' x 10'
                                                                                       (full height)        from £5,500
                                                                                       from £1,500
                                                                                         Entrance            8 WINDOWS
                                                                                           Doors                FITTED
                                                                                        from £580            from £1,900
                                                                                        FASCIA, SOFFITS & GUTTERS                FRONT & BACK DOORS
                                                                                     from as little as £995 (avge 3 bed semi)    from as little as £1080
                                                                                      THESE ARE JUST A SAMPLE OF OUR INCREDIBLE DEALS
                                                                                         RING NOW TO SEE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU!
                                                                                                Fully FENSA Registered & Approved
                                                                                          60% OF ORDERS COME FROM
                                                                                              DIRECT REFERRALS
                                                                                           For Quality Service and No-Nonsense Prices
                                                                                    No Deposit Required – You Only Pay When the Work is Complete
                                                                                    VOTED No.1 CHOICE BY OVER 10,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS
                                                                                    FOR A FREE QUOTE CALL STEVE SAVAGE

                                                                                        01928 716319
                                                                                         APPLETON VILLAGE, WIDNES, CHESHIRE
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     Page 12                                                                                                                  May 2007

                                   . . . making life better in Frodsham, Helsby and our rural parishes

      If you are a business, provide a workplace, are in an enclosed                       What should I do checklist
      building open to the public, provide public transport or a work
      vehicle with two or more occupants then read on. . .                                 Employers, managers and those in charge of smokefree premises and vehicles will
         From 1st July 2007 ALL of these places will become smokefree (with limited        need to:
      exemptions), smoking will be a thing of the past in indoor workplaces, offices,
                                                                                           • display 'no smoking' signs in smokefree premises and vehicles.
      shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, hospitals, schools and on public transport
                                                                                           • take reasonable steps to ensure that staff, customers/members and visitors are
      (Including Taxi’s).
                                                                                             aware that premises and vehicles are legally required to be smokefree.
      Legislation will make it an offence to;                                              • remove any existing indoor smoking rooms.
                                                                                           • ensure that no one smokes in smokefree premises or vehicles.
      • Smoke in a smokefree place (Premises or Vehicle).
      • Failing to display no-smoking signs (Premises or Vehicle) (Manager or Occupier).   Vale Royal Borough Council are seeking to assist you in complying with these
        Failing to prevent smoking in a smokefree place. It will also be an offence to     changes, and have appointed a smokefree compliance officer who can be
        obstruct an enforcement officer or provide a false or misleading statement.        contacted on 01606 867812 for further advice or information.

        Can you use your expertise and                                                     ICT Investment for Growth
         life skills to help young people
                at Frodsham High?
       SHOE and car manufacture are              produced to negotiated contract
       two activities taking place at            deadlines and strict quality
       Frodsham High school to help
                                                 control standards. Selling of the
       pupils learn about the world of
       Business and Enterprise.                  finished product is done through
          These exciting days are run by         a small team of sometimes
       Education       Business      Plus        dodgy dealers. There is plenty of         A NEW ebusiness project from Halton Borough Council and
       ‘Cobblers’ involves teams of              scope for creativity as the               Frodsham Forward was launched on 1 January 2007.
       students forming rival shoe-
       manufacturing companies trying            dealers look for enterprise and             The ICT Investment for Growth Project recognises the importance
       to capture the teenage fashion            initiative in their negotiations          of Information & Communication Technology in establishing a new
       market.      Using       materials        with the companies.                       business or developing a young business and aims to provide free
       available on the day they design             Would you like to help with a          advice and financial assistance in the form of grants for new ICT.
       and make a sample shoe to fit a                                                       Halton Borough Council's ICT Investment for Growth Project
                                                 group of 9 students on either of
       member of their team and then
       produce a display to market their         these days?                               invites applications from Business Start-ups or businesses established
       company and ‘sell’ their design.             Cobblers is being run on 11th          less than 9 months for a grant to help with the cost of new ICT. Free
       Students also give a mini                 July and Tomorrows Managers               ICT advice is available to all locally based businesses (SMEs) but
       presentation. At the end of the           Today on 20th June. A full                to be eligible for grant assistance businesses must be located in the
       day awards are given to students                                                    Heath, Grange or Daresbury areas of Runcorn, Frodsham, Helsby,
       and teams who performed the               briefing is given at 8.30am and
       best in a variety of categories.          the day finishes at 3.15pm                Alvanley, Aston, Dutton, Kingsley, Norley, Manley and Sutton
          Tomorrows Managers Today,                 Please contact lynne.barrett           Weaver. A grant rate of 40% is available on eligible costs up to a
       involves small groups of students       or   phone           maximum expenditure of £1250.
       forming rival businesses, which                                                       Halton Borough Council, Vale Royal Borough Council, Frodsham
                                                 01244 389223 for further
       manufacture cardboard vehicles                                                      Forward, the NWDA and the European Regional Development
       based on the design of Vauxhall’s         information or to register your
       Midivan. The vehicles have to be          interest.                                 Fund jointly fund the project and further information can be found at
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     May 2007                                                               Page 13

      Email:     Telephone: 01928 736651                  Web:
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     Page 14                                                                                                              May 2007

     Council to fight incinerator plan
     FRODSHAM Town Council is to lodge an official objection to the                    ‘energy from waste’ plant.                 Marshes, at Runcorn and on the
     controversial plan for a giant incinerator on Weston Point,                          But the council should ensure its       Wirral, there was a danger of
     Runcorn.                                                                          objection was lodged as soon as            Frodsham being surrounded by them.
        Members decided at their monthly       transportation grounds.                 possible.                                     But he could not see how all three
     meeting to oppose the scheme, put            Coun Graham Bondi told the                                                      could be viable.
                                                                                                       Problem                       Coun Tony Hinkins said a massive
     forward by chemical giants INEOS          council that little information had
     Chlor Vinyls, on health and                                                          He said: "When these plants work        power plant was being proposed at
                                               been given yet about the proposed
                                                                                       perfectly, there isn't much of a health    Runcorn and its purpose was
                                                                                       problem.                                   obviously to make money.

             ‘Travels without a donkey’                                                   "But so often they don't seem to
                                                                                       work perfectly and there are
                                                                                                                                     Coun George Bath said the
                                                                                                                                  scheme involved the production of
     A TALK with the unusual name of "Travels without a Donkey," was given by long-    problems."                                 energy from pre-treated waste. But
     standing member Kath Hewitt at Frodsham Recorded Music Society.                      He said with planning applica-          the council had to err on the side of
        The unusual title alluded to the 1879 piece by Robert Louis Stevenson (which   tions for incinerators on Ince             caution and should object.
     did involve a donkey!). Her talk started with Russia, represented by a spirited
     recording of Marche Slave – a "Firebird" excerpt came later.                                              Advertiser’s announcement
        Italian memories were recalled by the distinctive Penguin Cafe Orchestra and
     Pavorotti, Japan by a Japanese violinist playing some Chinese music.
        America was recalled by an excerpt from "West Side Story" and "Trumpet         Stockley Farm and Stockley Farm
     Blues and Cantabile" by Harry James. Poulenc and Ravel works represented
     France, Rodrigo and "Barcelona" for Spain, Dvorak's "Serenade for Strings" for          Organic Box Scheme
     a Czech tour, "Cornish Rhapsody" for Cornwall and so on.                          STOCKLEY Farm is a modern working farm set in 800 acres of beautiful
                                                                                       Cheshire countryside on the Arley Estate sited just 10 minutes from
                                                                                       Knutsford, Northwich and Junction 19 of the M6. The organic farm is home
                                                                                       to over 200 Holstein/Friesian cows producing top quality organic milk and
                                                                                       a fully organic Aberdeen Angus beef herd.
                                                                                          The Farm is open to visitors who are treated to a tractor and trailer ride down
                                                                                       to the farm. Once at the farm there is much to see and do from feeding the
                                                                                       baby animals such as newborn calves, piglets, goats, lambs, chickens and
                                                                                       rabbits to watching the milking and relaxing in the sunshine whilst the children
                                                                                       play. The friendly staff are on hand to help and to talk about the animals. There
                                                                                       is a café and farm shop on site as well. Visitors are able to buy our Organic
                                                                                       Fruit and Vegetables from our new Farm Shop or can have them delivered to
                                                                                       your door each week using the Stockley Farm Organic Home Delivery Box
                                                                                       Scheme. We can supply a range of top quality organic fruit, vegetables and
                                                                                       eggs to your door from our range of different boxes.
                                                                                          We look forward to welcoming you to the Farm and to our Home Delivery
                                                                                       Box Scheme.
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     May 2007                                                                                         Page 15

     Bingo! It’s a great village
     KINGSLEY resident Fiona MacDougall organised a prize bingo                              age residents to get involved.
     session at Kingsley Community Centre – and raised £200                                     Fiona (pictured with some of the
     towards improving the village's chances in the Community                                prizes) said: “The evening was a
     Pride competition.                                                                      great success, with near on 60 in
       The money will be used to plant     Another aim of the evening was to                 attendance. A fun night was had by
     bedding plants and carry out other raise awareness of the competition -                 all." All prizes were donated by local
     small projects to enhance and add  formerly known as the Best Kept                      businesses including; Elegance
     colour to the village.             Village competition –- and encour-                   Health & Beauty; Forresters; Gibson's
                                                                                             Mill; Just Kids; Davenports Farm
                                                                                             Shop; Tesco; The Village Store and
                    New look entrance                                                        Co-op.
                                                                                                Vale Royal Borough Council
     KINGLSLEY Cemetery now has an official new entrance which was officially                displayed details on the SMYLE
     opened by the Chairman of Kingsley Council Councillor Graham Warburton.                 Campaign and information was
        Established in 1894 by Kingsley Burial Board at a cost of £750 to buy the            made available to residents about
     land, building the Boardroom and laying out the cemetery, the original entrance         the Community Pride Competition.
     gates were in the railings on the field side but had been unusable for many years.
        Previous Parish Councils explored several options for a new entrance but had
     all failed, mainly due to cost, but as traffic on the main road has increased
     considerably the current Council decided to once again try to resolve the
        Thanks to the kind generosity of Mr Roy Jeffs who donated a piece of
     adjoining land to the people of Kingsley, progress was able to be made. Past
     Councils under the guidance of Peter Burgess had set money aside for a new
                                                            entrance, which went a long
                                                            way to enabling the task to
                                                            be completed.
                                                               Coun Warburton invited
                                                            the Rev Gilpin to say a few
                                                            words before the ribbon
                                                            was cut to officially open the
                                                               Tea and refreshments
                                                            were provided in the Church
                                                            room and kindly prepared
                                                            by David and Margaret
                                                            Ogg and Naomi Vickers.
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     Page 16                                                                                                          May 2007

     The Oglejog Challenge may be
       right up your street
     TWO 60-year-old men – a Frodsham doctor and a retired                           was conceived after a ‘good dinner’
     executive from Tarporley – are to cycle from Land's End to John                 – involves them riding more than
     O' Groats to raise money for charity.                                           900 miles in just 11 days, starting
                                          Dr Patrick Milroy and Peter                on Thursday, May 10.
                                       Holland are taking what has become               Charities to benefit are the
                                       known as the OGLEJOG challenge –              Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign,
                                                                                     The British Association of Sport and
                                       ‘Old Gits Land's End to John
                                                                                     Exercise Medicine and 'Just Care'
                                                                                     who assist the people of Uganda to
                                          Patrick, a former marathon runner,         develop      and      improve     their
                                       now moved to cycling, has strong              education.
                                       links to the sports medicine                     Both men have been training hard
                                       community.                                    for the ordeal, cycling up to 50 miles    a short section of the course. Anyone
                                          Peter is also a runner who has             at a time – frequently on hilly roads.    who would like more information or
                                       switched to cycling ‘as the knees                Anyone interested in joining the       to make a charitable donation should
                                       began to fail’.                               challenge would be welcome,               e-mail or visit the
                                          The plan – which the pair admit            whether for the whole distance or just    website

                                   LOCAL youngster Iain Bennett has been selected as one of 60
      Youngster                    individuals out of 2000+ applicants from across the country to
                                   explore Greenland.
           on                         Iain, aged 16 has been chosen to take
                                   part in the British Schools Exploring
                                                                               He told members about the conditions
                                                                            under which he would be staying on
      expedition                   Society event - a Charity founded in
                                   1932 by Surgeon GM Levick, who was
                                                                            Disko Island on the west coat of
                                                                            Greenland. He was clear about his
       to study                    a member of Scott's 1910 expedition.
                                      Iain gave a very accomplished
                                                                            personal objectives, and those of the
                                                                            group he will be joining, in looking at the
                                   presentation to members of Frodsham &    environmental effects of climate change.
        climate                    Helsby Rotary Club using Power-Point,
                                   and enjoyed a good dialogue with those
                                                                               The club are helping him with his fund-
                                                                            raising for the mission and he plans to
        change                     present, which included a question and
                                   answer session.
                                                                            return in July, to tell members the reality
                                                                            compared to his expectations.

                                                                                         £10 OFF PER PERSON
                                                                                         ORIENT-EXPRESS NORTHERN
                                                                                         BELLE TRIPS
                                                                                         Day Trip to Historic Bath:
                                                                                         Friday, 5th July 2007 – £260pp / Departing
                                                                                         Warrington Bank Quay & Crewe
                                                                                         York Ebor Races:
                                                                                         Wednesday, 22nd August 2007 – £395pp /
                                                                                         Departing Warrington Bank Quay & Crewe
                                                                                         Day Trip to Historic Oxford:
                                                                                         Thursday, 13th September 2007 – £260pp /
                                                                                         Departing Warrington Bank Quay & Chester
                                                                                         Day Trip to Waddeson Manor:
                                                                                         Thursday, 13th September 2007 – £260pp /
                                                                                         Departing Warrington Bank Quay & Chester
                                                                                         Day Trip to Edinburgh Christmas
                                                                                         Thursday, 15th November 2007 – £260pp /
                                                                                         Departing Warrington, Crewe, Liverpool & Preston
                                                                                         Day trip to the Masters Tennis at the
                                                                                         Albert Hall:
                                                                                         Saturday, 8th December 2007 – £395pp /
                                                                                         Departing Liverpool & Chester
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     May 2007                                                                              Page 17

      Images of the past
     to go on the internet
     HUNDREDS of old photographs of historic Frodsham, some
     dating back to 1850, are to be displayed on the Internet.
        Frodsham and District
     Local History Group has
     won a £29,000 grant from
     the Heritage Lottery Fund to
     digitise its unique collection
     of about 8,000 images.
        The entire catalogue and
     a selection of 300 images
     will be accessible through
     the National Archives A2A
     website.                                       St Laurence House.
        Originally, the group
     simply wanted to conserve and store       Vale Royal Borough Council in the
     the collection for future generations.    creation of the popular interpretation
     But the project has grown                 boards in the village, and also to
     considerably and will involve local       help with accuracy in the successful
     teachers, school children and finally     restoration of Castle Park House.
     an exhibition.                               Some of the grant will be used to
        All the original images will           second a teacher to develop
     eventually be stored at the Cheshire      learning materials linked to the
     Record Office where appropriate           National Curriculum at Key Stage 2
     security       and       environmental    using the digitised images. This will
     conditions will ensure their long term    enable local children to learn about
     preservation.                             the history and heritage of Frodsham
        The extensive archive began when       through the photographic collection.
     hundreds of images collected by           The children's work will be part of the
     local historian Joe Barker came into      final exhibition.
     the possession of the Frodsham               The grant also allows the purchase
     group. Since then a vast number of        of a digital camera so that volunteers
     historic      photographs,        prints, can capture the constantly changing
     postcards and negatives have been         environment of the area. The images
     given to the group by local residents.    will form part of the final exhibition
        A comprehensive photographic           which will interpret a selection of the
     record of the area over time, the         photographs, setting them in a
     collection has recently been used by      historical context.
                                                           Mrs      Maggie        Jones,
                                                        chairman of Frodsham and
                                                        District Local History Group
                                                        said: "At last with the Heritage
                                                        Lottery grant we can go
                                                        ahead with the long term
                                                        preservation and conservation
                                                        of our wonderful images and
                                                        ensure that they will be
                                                        available to a much wider
                      Whitehall Cottages                audience."

                             Advertiser’s announcement
     No more waiting in for deliveries
     FURNITURE Ferry offer both private and business customers a first class
     removal and delivery service for items of furniture, particularly those bought
     from shops and stores, such as IKEA & COSTCO.
         Fully insured with a long wheel         Furniture Ferry are cheaper than
     base, high roof vehicle, most items can IKEA home deliveries and will meet
     be catered for. The vehicle is always   you and collect your goods at a time to
     kept in a clean condition.              suit the customer and not the store – no
                                             more taking time off work or trying to
                                             arrange for a neighbour to wait for that
                                                 Owner Matt has built up an
                                             impressive client list including Flog It
                                             (BBC), Dickenson's Real Deal (ITV),
                                             Arthur Lee Antiques of Knutsford and
                                             Fiona Bruce & Co Solicitors of Stockton
                                             Heath. He also offers a collection and
                                             delivery service for customers of
                                             Marshall Auction rooms in Knutsford.
                                             Whatever your need, you can be sure
                                             you are in safe hands with Furniture
                                             Ferry's personal and reliable service.
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     Page 18                                                                                                                         May 2007

         Rotary club backs                                                                              Tragic death of Mayor
          hospice appeal                                                                            Tributes have been pouring
                                                                                                    in following the tragic death
                                                                                                    of the Mayor of Vale Royal,
     FRODSHAM & Helsby Rotary Club provided a helping hand for                                      Coun Mrs Joan Kerruish-
     Halton Haven Hospice by volunteering to help out with their                                    Jones.
     Easter collection appeal.                                                                          Coun Kerruish-Jones died at home
                                                                                                    in Davenham on Wednesday, April
                                                                                                    18, 2007 after a long illness. She
                                                                                                    had played a very active role as
                                                                                                    Deputy Mayor from 2005-2006 and
                                                                                                    was extremely disappointed that her
                                                                                                    illness soon prevented her from
                                                                                                    taking up many of her mayoral
                                                                                                    duties, after she became Mayor in
                                                                                                    May 2006.
                                                                                                        Coun Kerruish-Jones was a
                                                                                                    councillor for Vale Royal Borough
                                                                                                    Council since first winning the seat in
                                                                                                    Davenham and Moulton in May
                                                                                                        Coun Kerruish-Jones lived in the
                                                                                                    Parishes of Davenham and Bostock
      Ian Tickle (right) and President Malcolm Davies with some of their Cute and Cuddly Friends!
                                                                                                    most of her life. She leaves a
                                                                                                    husband, Brian, and a son Matthew.
       Club member Ian Tickle made contact in order to assess what he might be                          As a businesswoman with farming
     able to do to help on a personal basis and as a result organisers made a                       interests, she enjoyed the many
     delivery to his office in Main Street, Frodsham, which left one room piled high                cultural activities available in Vale     tragic that this should have
     with boxes full of Easter Bunnies and Chicks, along with Cash Collecting Boxes                 Royal, together with its historic         happened in the year that Joan was
     and advertising material.                                                                      natural environmental heritage.           Mayor of Vale Royal, as she would
       The task of distributing these items to several local schools and some 30                        Messages and tributes can be left     have     been    an     exceptional
     shops, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, hostelries and businesses was made               online at           ambassador for the borough. She
     easier as a direct result of five other club members, namely Phil Atkinson, Brian              mayor.                                    will be missed by her all her
     Henshaw, Jeff Mycock, Peter Wilde and President Malcolm joining Ian in his                         Frodsham councillor Brian Lloyd,      colleagues at Vale Royal for her
     voluntary work.                                                                                Labour Group Leader, said: "It was        sense of humour and cheerful
       The club would like to say a big thank you to all those who so generously                    with great sadness that I heard the       personality. I extend the sincere
     donated to Halton Haven's Easter Appeal.                                                       news that Coun Joan Kerruish-Jones        condolences of myself, and my
       For more information on the Rotary Club of Frodsham & Helsby, visit the club                 had lost her long and courageous          group members, to her family on their
     website at                                                     battle with cancer. It is particularly    sad loss."
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     May 2007                                                                                                                                                                          Page 19

       CLASSIFIED                                                                                                                             Call 0800 955 5247 to advertise
     ACCOUNTANTS                                                  DELIVERY SERVICES                                           INSURANCE                                             PERSONAL SERVICES
     ACCOUNTANTS – APPLEGATE & CO, your                           FURNITURE FERRY LIGHT REMOVALS.                             INSURANCE - PAYING TOO MUCH?                          IN A RUT? Fed up with your life? Want to
     local friendly accountant providing self-                    Collections arranged from Ikea, Costco and other            Bucklands is a leading Insurance Broker offering      change your career? I can help you discover
     assessment, financial accounting, payroll, book-             stores, garden centres, auctions etc. You choose,           a range of insurance, solutions to business's         and start to do what you want to do. Make a
     keeping, VAT. Tel: 01928 739996/07803                        you buy, I deliver – SIMPLE. Reliable, inexpensive          and individuals throughout the North West             confidential call and start today. Call John
     218343. The Old Corner Shop, 23 High                         service. Tel: Matt 07970 178 333 or 01942                   since1920. Interested in reviewing your               01925 490374. Mob: 07860 510004 www.
     Street, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 7AH. (J6/07)                 601079.             (T11/07)
                                                                                                                              insurance arrangements? Please call 0161 834                        (5/07)

                                                                                                                              1884 Buckland Insurance Brokers Ltd -                 PLUMBERS
                                                                                                                              Authorised and Regulated by the Financial
     AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES Heating,                           DISCOS / ENTERTAINMENT                                      Services Authority                          (G8/07)
                                                                                                                                                                                    PIPE DREAM PLUMBING SERVICE All types of
                                                                                                                                                                                    domestic plumbing, bathroom installations, no
     cooling, dehumidifying, freshly filtered air, for            FOR ALL YOUR ENTERTAINMENT NEEDS                                                                                  job too small, fully insured, free estimates.
     homes, conservatories, retail outlets, offices,              including mobile disco’s, solo acts, duos, tributes,        IT TRAINING                                           Finding a plumber needn’t be just a pipe dream.
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     01925 754444.                                                                                      since 1992, from novice to advanced user, one-
                                                                  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS                                      to-one consultancy to group training at client
     BUILDING SERVICES                                            EVERGREEN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING.
                                                                                                                              sites. Tel: 01925 827346, email: info@percom
     WP SALISBURY BUILDING CONTRACTOR. All                                                                           web: www.percomsolu
                                                                  NICEIC approved contractor. For lights and sockets
     types of work undertaken, conversions,                       to rewires, fuse-box upgrades. Qualified electrician.

     extensions, uPVC doors and windows etc. Free                 All work is to the latest IEE wiring regulations. No
     estimates. Tel: Phil 01928 710790 or mobile:                 job too small. Tel: David on 01925 724219 /
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                                                                  07971 407022.                                   (M9/07)     IRONING & DRY CLEANING
     CARPET CLEANING                                              ENERGY SERVICES                                             PRESSING MATTERS provide a superb
                                                                                                                              professional, fast and reliable local service in
     A1 STAINBUSTERS: Fully guaranteed carpet and                 ENERGY SAVING SEMINAR. Many businesses                      your area - FREE COLLECTION AND DELIVERY to
     upholstery deep dry cleaning. Clean & dry in only            can reduce their energy usage by 10% with no                your home or workplace. Member of Guild of
     ONE hour. Quotes for both commercial and                     cost methods. This proactive seminar is                     Master Craftsmen. Telephone 01928 719998
     domestic. Contact the Local expert John Latham               designed so every attendee can actively                     or     07792      718464      www.pressing-                                                        (M8/07)
     FREE on 0800 137772 or call 07765 314080                     participate in reducing energy usage within                                        (M6/07)   PLASTERERS
                                                        (M8/07)   their company. See                                                                         BEA PLASTERING. Reliable and friendly service,
     SAFECLEAN: Your home in safe hands.                          or phone Derek Houghton, Energy Saving                                                                            no job too small, all types of plastering work
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     Call your local operator Carey Randall on
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     01925 815724.                              (G10/07)
                                                                                                                              trolley dings and minor dents. Tel Dave
                                                                  School Lane, Manley. Contact 01928 740441.                                                                        LYMM Professional required to rent Double
     CHIROPODY                                                                                                          (*)
                                                                                                                              Latham on 0800 458 0498 or 07885 481921               room in pleasant home with garden, off road
                                                                                                                              or email                      parking and shared facilities £80 p/w excluding
                                                                  GARDEN & PET MESHES                                         or visit              (M6/07)
                                                                                                                                                                                    phone, refs required. Tel 07766-651786
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                                                                                                                              MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS                                   TILING

           Miss Lesley Mathieson                                  meshes. Why pay garden centre and DIY prices.
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                                                                  Fully qualified designer. 07801 284723/01928
                                                                                                                                                                                          much for your
                                                                                                                                 Advertise on                                            gas, electric and
     therapies. Ring Chris on 01928 710790        (P5/07)

                                                                  TREK TO ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP in Nepal
                                                                                                                                                                                           phone bills?
     MATTRESS CLEANING Remove dust mites &
     allergens. Effective relief for allergy sufferers. No
     mess, no fuss, no airing. For a FREE no obligation
                                                                  for Claire House Children’s Hospice and achieve
                                                                  a challenge of a lifetime at the same time as                  these pages                                                Let us help you
     test call SILENT MITES on 01606 40344                        supporting the vital work of your local children’s                                                                    save money and ensure
                                                                                                                                for as little as
                                                                  hospice. To find out more about this and                    (G9/07)
                                                                  other destinations around the world visit                                                                               you are getting the
     OVEN CLEANING – Call the lady from                             or      email                                                                         best deal on offer.
     Ovenclean, a specialist in cleaning domestic                            (•)
     ovens, hobs, extractors, microwaves and agas.
     Non caustic, fresh solution every time. Bring a
     little sparkle to your kitchen! Tel: 01928
                                                                  HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION                                         £9 per month                                             For a free no obligation
                                                                                                                                                                                         quotation call us free on
                                                                  ANGLESEY, Myndd Bodafon, Lligwy. Newly
     759444.                                          (M9/07)
                                                                  converted luxury five star, four bed barn,
     W&P CLEANING SERVICES for all your office
     cleaning and domestic cleaning requirements.
                                                                  complete with use of tennis court. Close to Blue
                                                                  Flag beaches, amenities and coastal walks.
                                                                                                                                                                                        0800 9555247
     Tel: 01928 735677 office. Mob: 07835
     541072                                           (M4/08)
                                                                  Available for long/short breaks. Contact 01925
                                                                  758868.                                      (8/07)
                                                                                                                                 955 5247                                             If you are also looking to earn extra
                                                                                                                                                                                       income we may also be able help.
     Running too slow? Want to upgrade, go
     wireless? We can take away the stress. Call
     your local IT service experts; Greenlight
     Computers. Call 0845 833 8178 or visit
     MILTEC - PC SYSTEMS Maintenance &
                                                  (T2/08)                                                                         The BEST value
     Repair. Miltec specialise in small business (Max
     10 PCs) full system management, quarterly
     visits, no contract, hourly rates. Automated
     backup, remote access, Chester based. Call
                                                                                                                                Broadband package
     07754 756067 (direct technician) or 01606
     79445 (office)                                (J6/07)
                                                                                                                   (M6/07)          in the UK!
                                                                                                                                 • Up to 8Mb broadband                              This package is available from
                                                                                                                                 • No BT line rental charge                         just £20 per month to all UK
                                                                                                                                 • No minimum contract term                         households with a BT phone
                                                                                                                                 • Unlimited FREE UK calls                          line subject to compatibility.
                                                                                                                                 • FREE connection                                  To illustrate just what great
                                                                                                                                 • FREE usb modem or                                value this represents,
                                                                                                                                   wireless router                                  remember that BT charge
                                                                                                                                 • Savings of up to 93% on                          most of their customers £12
                                                                                                                                   international calls                              per month just for line rental!
                                                                                                                                                        FOR FULL DETAILS CALL FREEPHONE

                                                                                                                                     0800 9555 247
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