How to Measure Liquid in Test Tube

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					How to Properly Measure Liquid
        in a Test Tube

              By Josh Fortin
Where to get Materials
   Test Tube
There are Test Tubes in the back of the room in the closet
   labeled Test Tubes
   Test Tube Rack
These racks are in the same closet. It is labeled Test Tubes
   Beaker
Beakers are in the closet found in the back of the room
   labeled Beakers
   Liquid
Water comes from sink if in need of water or use a liquid
   chemical from teacher
   Protective Goggles
These are to the left of the classroom in a white sterilization
   Gloves
These will be provided by the teacher if needed.
Pouring into Test Tube

                 To pour a liquid into a test tube first
                     put the liquid in a beaker. These
                     have a formed lip on the rim to
                     create an easier way of passing
                     the water.
                 In some cases, you will need a
                     funnel to omit spilling of the
                 Measurements are all done in
                     milliliters (mL)
                 If using of harmful chemicals, use
                     gloves, protective goggles, and
                     do not sniff the liquid.
                 On oppropriate wear, please refer
                     to Amanda C.’s poster.
Measuring Out Your Liquid
   There is a specific way to measure a Test Tube. If looking at it from the wrong
    angle, your measurement will be off.
   To get the right angle, place your eyes parallel with the line of the liquid in the tube
    and at the same level.
   There is a slight curve in the liquid set in this tube. This is normal. Measure from
    the bottom of that curve.
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