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Calendar - Lycée Condorcet


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   From the Principal                          O   n 31st October it gave us great pleasure to receive a visit from a class from
                                                   the high school « Lycée
                                               Pétro Attiti » in Nouméa.
                                               Accompanied         by    two

B    ig news this month is the election
     of the new Board of Directors for
our school. François Romanet is the
                                               of their teachers, Jeanne
                                               Hosten and Claude Du-
                                               barry, the girls were here
                                               for just a short time. They
new President, Neil Lawrence the new           were able to share lunch
Vice-President, Rémi de Cambiaire the          with other students here
new Treasurer and Janine Pearce the            at   the     French    School.
new Secretary. The other members are           Some of our students from
Kate Guilfoyle, Laurence Crussol, Len          New Caledonia were excited
                                               to catch up with them and
Olender and Kelly Noble. You will be           share their experience of life
able to meet them at our End of Year           in Australia.
Cocktail Party on Thursday 13th De-
cember at 6.00pm in the canteen.
At the end of November we com-
menced the new “Seconde” and Year

10 classes, explained in more detail in             hey have travelled from Provence, Brittany, Grenoble, New Caledonia, Re-
this newsletter. It is a bilingual structure        union Island and Mayotte, and have come to spend either the whole year or
which is very flexible and original. It        part of the school year with us. They are our CRICOS students. We had a meeting
wasn’t easy to integrate this new struc-       together on the 1st November to see how things are going for them here at the
ture in the middle of the school year but      French School.
it has begun well. We have also wel-           Enthusiastic, energetic and very mature, they gave us their impressions of their new
comed a new French teacher Estelle                                                                  life here in Australia. They are
Depayre, who has recently arrived from                                                              staying with Australian host
New York.                                                                                           families which provides them
The school is growing constantly, and                                                               with a unique Australian ex-
we have therefore had to increase the                                                               perience, and they are often
number of English language groups,                                                                  surprised by the differences
coming into effect from the end of Janu-                                                            in lifestyle and teaching meth-
ary 2008.                                                                                           ods.
The end of the year certainly has been                                                              They are very satisfied with
busy here at the school, and as you                                                                 their schooling at the French
have seen, excursions and events have                                                               School. Classes are small and
become more frequent.                                                                               they receive more individual
Music, shows, and many excursions                                                                   attention from teachers. They
have heralded the start of the festive                                                              understand that spending time
season: our high school students are                                                                at the French School will stead
going to see a play by the famous di-                                                               them in good steed in the lead
rector Peter Brook at the Sydney Opera
House. They will also be able to meet
the actors Habib Dembélé and Pitcho
Womba Konga.
A big thank you to the French Lions
Club of Sydney who recently organised
a dinner and graciously donated the
profits to the school. The Club also in-
vited us to the Christmas Parade which         4th December 2007        Evening at the theatre - “Sizwe Banzi is Dead”
you will find out about in this newsletter.
Speaking of Christmas, I would like to         10th December 2007       Board of Directors meeting
wish you all in advance a joyous festive       11th December 2007       Parent-Teacher Evening - Middle school
season and to those who are leaving
us at the end of the year, a stress-free       12th December 2007       Parent-Teacher Evening - Senior school (except IB)
move to their new homes.                       13th December 2007       End of Year Cocktail Party

Francis Cappe
                                               18th December 2007       Music Club Concert
                                                30th January 2008       School resumes

Lycee Condorcet        The French School of Sydney                         DECEMBER 2007
 Sydney Christmas Parade 2007
                                            M    ore than 50,000 people watched
                                                 the Christmas Parade make its
                                            way down the streets of Sydney on
                                            the 25th November.
                                            The primary school children, who
                                            were invited to participate by the
                                            French Lions Club, sang songs they
                                            had previously recorded. The weath-
                                            er was fine and all parents were
                                            able to collect their children at Dar-
                                            ling Harbour, after a parade of 2km
                                            where they were cheered on by an
                                            animated crowd. We would like to
                                            say a big thank you to Emmanuelle
                                            Brice who led the children with lots
                                            of enthusiasm.

  What’s new at Condorcet ?
  T   here is a new computer room for the Primary School.
      It has 12 computers, all with flat screens and headsets,
  and also has a scanner.
  We are not allowed to shout or speak too loudly as the
  room echoes.
  The computer room is opposite Room 1 (previously the
  moyenne section classroom), on the left after the Year 1
  There is also a whiteboard used to explain the lesson. A
  new long blue bench has been installed. In Year 5, we come
  to the computer room to type, format texts or do research.

  Julie, Matthieu, Darya, Tiffany, Maïssane (CM2 B)
                                                                              Tiffany, Julie et Darya de la classe de CM2 B

 Getting to know...
                                          I have recently joined the administrative staff as Director of Operations here at the French
                                            School. I lived in London for 2 ½ years, where I was able to experience life in an anglo-
                                          saxon country.

                                          My first visit to Australia was in 1995, and after discovering what a magnificent country it is,
                                          I returned in 1997 to carry out my civil military service with the helping small and medium-
                                          sized French businesses set up in Australia.

                                          I have now been living in Australia for more than 8 years and have received Australian citi-
                                          zenship. Originally from a sales background, I have mostly worked for French companies in
                                          the Food and Beverages industry. I was Commercial Attaché for Food and Beverage for the
                                          French Trade Commission in Sydney for several years.

                                          Born in the town of Amiens, the capital of the Somme in France, I regularly attended the
                                          French-Australian military commemoration services at Villers Bretonneux. Even today, there
                                          remains a strong historical link between the Somme and Australia.

                                          My interests are spearfishing and scuba diving, and I was a member of the Scouts in France
                                          and Australia for over 12 years. I enjoy bushwalking and gardening and love cooking a bar-
                                          becue especially after a successful fishing trip !!!

                                                                                     Emmanuel d’Halluin

Lycee Condorcet     The French School of Sydney                              DECEMBER 2007
    Y   ear 10 / the class of Seconde has until now had a somewhat
        ambivalent status in the overall organisational structure of
    the French School of Sydney. On the one hand, it is the year
                                                                         •   All students have a compulsory core program to fulfil.
                                                                             However, they are encouraged to participate in courses
                                                                             outside their core curriculum on a voluntary basis, and
    leading up to the most important two years of a student’s de-            their timetables allow for that to happen. For example,
    velopment, on the other hand, with no exam at the end and                music, visual arts and philosophy of knowledge are core
    the Brevet just finished, many students found it difficult to find       subjects for Year 10, but students from the class of Sec-
    the motivation necessary to apply themselves to their studies,           onde can also participate. Similarly, sciences économiques
    most of all those amongst our students who chose the Interna-            et sociales is a compulsory subject for the class of Seconde,
    tional Baccalaureate as their educational pathway.                       and an option for Year 10.

    As of 26/11/07 on we have a new                                                              The benefits of such a flexible system

    organisational structure in place                                                            are numerous and include, for exam-
    for all students who up until now                                                            ple:
    were in the class of Seconde. In
    recognition of the fact that in Year                                                    •    All students have additional opportu-

    11 and 12 we have a group each for                                                           nities to develop their language skills
    students preparing for the French                                                            in English and French thus paving the
    Baccalauréat and the International                                                           way towards true bilingualism.
    Baccalaureate respectively, a new                                                       •    Gifted and talented students are pro-

                                                     Year 10
    group has been established, which                                                            vided with opportunities to go well be-
    will be called “Year 10”.                                                                    yond the minimum requirements.
                                                                                            •    Students are forced to study a broad
    Behind this seemingly simple sep-                                                            spectrum of subjects whilst at the
    aration, however, lies the rather                                                            same time allowing them to specialize
    complex structure of an education                                                            in some.
    which includes the following fea-
    tures:                                                               The educational offer contained in this “package” is quite
                                                                         unique and its progress will be monitored very closely. Fur-
    •   Both major languages, French and English, are offered on         thermore, it requires very clear communication between the
        two levels: an advanced level and a standard level. All stu-     school, parents and students. Early next year (February) we
        dents must study one of these on the advanced level but          will conduct an information evening during which we will give
        can also study both on the advanced level, thus allowing         an update on the development so far, outline the continued de-
        for the best development in both languages                       velopment towards Year 11, and answer all your questions.
    •   All students continue to study a third language (German
        or Spanish) up until the end of the school year. Mandarin        I look forward to seeing many of you there.
        continues to be available as an optional fourth language.
    •   Sport is done by all students of both groups together.           Bernd Fichtner
                                                                         Director of studies

     Discounted prices at Rebel Sport

    T   hanks to Mr. Giraud our PE teacher, the school is
        now a member of the Rebel Sport MVP Program
    (Member Value Program). This program entitles you
    to receive a 5% discount on all purchases, with 5%
    also going towards a credit for the French School,
    allowing us to buy some
    sports equipment. To
    receive your discount
    card, you need to go to
    Rebel Sport Eastgardens
    (Westfield, 152 Bun-
    nerong Road, Pagewood)

    and quote the number
    34524 and your name
                                                                                  he pile of lost clothes is growing bigger
    at the checkout. You will                                                     and bigger every day. We will be donat-
    then be able to use your                                                 ing them to the Salvation Army on the 20th
    card at any Rebel Sport
    in Australia.
                                                                             December. Please come and see if any of these
                                                                             clothes belong to your children.

Lycee Condorcet       The French School of Sydney                                DECEMBER 2007
             An international swimming carnival
  In preparation for the French School swimming carnival, the Year 5 children participated in a carnival with the other
  international schools in Sydney. They competed against American, Japanese and German children.

  W     hen we arrived at 9.45am we had time to get ready then we had to wait for the Japanese students who were late!
        We were only allowed to swim one stroke, either freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly. In every race we almost
  always came first, second or third. After all the races we played some games in the pool. We played a game where we had to
  throw a ball in the water then go and get it without using our hands. There were also races involving a noodle, a ball or a kick-
  board. After the games, there were some relays. We came second three times and first one time.
  At the end of the day, the organiser announced the winners. The American school had 29 points and the German school had 42
  points. We had 48 points but the Japanese school had 99 points. We were very surprised!
  When we went to get changed we were disappointed that we didn’t win as we would have received a Cup for the school. When
  we returned to school we were all very happy to have participated in the competition as it was good practice for the French
  School’s swimming carnival!
                                                                        Milena, Mayliss, Emilie, Mimi, Orson (Year 5)

                                        October at Camp Australia
  T   his October at the Garderie, we had a Halloween party! We had lots of fun and scary games, as well as yummy treats and a prize for the
      best Halloween costume!

  Also, our service is becoming quite full, as we only have a maximum of 30 places each afternoon. To ensure that your child can attend after
  school care, it is very important to make an appropriate booking. If your child will be coming permanently on a particular day, please let us
  know which day that is. If your child will be attending on a casual basis, please ensure that you phone the garderie and leave a message on
  the morning of their attendance at the latest. You can do this by contacting 93497892.
  To ensure you are not charged if your child is absent, please let us know if your arrangements change during the week, so we can cancel your
  booking for no charge.

  Wondering what to do with the kids over the holiday period? Why not send them to our vacation program. Operating from 14-25 January at
  the French School, come spend a fantastic week in enchanted land or come on a slip slop slap adventure. Places are limited so please register
  kids for the week by contacting the garderie.

  Thanks! Caitlin and Sarah - Camp Australia

Lycee Condorcet          The French School of Sydney                                   DECEMBER 2007

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