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The Lions' - St John's International School


									                       The Lions’

St. John’s International School    Alumni Magazine      Issue 45, JANUARY 2008

                                                           A talented cast and a
                                                     custom-designed set thrilled
                                                             the audiences when
                                                          the curtain opened on
                                                       “Up the Down Staircase”.

        FROM            THE        DIRECTOR

                                                                                                                               Dreve Richelle 146
                                                                                                                             1410 Waterloo, Belgium
                                                                                                                               Tel. (02) 352-0610
                                                                                                                               Fax (02) 352-0620

                                                    Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of St. John’s,
                                                    The nature of The Lions’ Pride is such that milestone events are frequently reported.
             Dr. Joseph H. Doenges                  Marriages are mentioned, babies are announced, new jobs are publicized and reunions are
                     Director                       documented. This issue is no different as we profile many of our graduates who are now
                                                    health care professionals. We also cover many fall activities including the golf tournament,
                                                    International Festival, high school play and visit by the U.S. Ambassador.
                                                    Another milestone event is the departure of Dr. Nick Miller who is leaving Waterloo and
                                                    returning to Hong Kong over the Christmas Break. We have enjoyed Nick’s leadership of
ASBL St. JOHN’S                                     the high school for the past seven and a half years as the enrollment grew from 240 to 300,
                                                    and as IB results steadily improved to new levels of participation and achievement. We are
Academic Year 2007-2008
                                                    also losing an outstanding classroom teacher in his wife, Alison, who has been a pillar of
Dr. Joseph DOENGES, Managing Director
                                                    strength in the fourth and fifth grades.
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ, Vice President             Dr. Marjan Blok has agreed to serve as interim high school principal for the remainder of
Sr. Lorenza MAGAGNIN, FCJ                           the current school year. Many of our alumni will remember her as their philosophy,
Sr. Margaret QUIRKE, FCJ                            religion, or theory of knowledge teacher, a role that she has skillfully played for the past
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI, Secretary                         17 years.
Sr. Marie-Geneviève RENAUD, FCJ                     Finally, from the most personal of perspectives, my wife, Martha, and I will be leaving St.
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, President                        John’s next summer and retiring in Texas. We have been blessed with ten fantastic years in
Mr. Christian VARIN                                 Waterloo and have made friendships from throughout the world. St. John’s is a special
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer                       place, for staff members as well as for students and families.
                                                    Departure stimulates reflection. There have been many changes and memorable events
St. JOHN’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL                     over the past decade. We have adjusted to the departures of Sr. Beatrice Molyneux and
Advisory Board to the ASBL
                                                    Sr. Barbara Hughes, the last two FCJs to be actively involved on a day-to-day basis in the
Academic Year 2007-2008
                                                    school. We have experienced incredible changes to the campus with the acquisition of
Dr. Joseph DOENGES, Director
                                                    adjacent properties and the construction of new buildings. Of the many events, several
                                                    stand out: the 40th Anniversary Celebration with Cardinal Daneels, the opening of the
Sr. Carmel HANLEY, FCJ                              Performing Arts Center with The Sound of Music and the new sports complex with an
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI                                    unbelievable 87-game winning streak in boys’ basketball.
Mrs. Pam SHOWALTER, Ex-Officio PTA Representative
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, Chairman                         As The Lions’ Pride goes to print, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. This
Mr. Christian VARIN                                 year’s Christmas decorations have a special meaning in reminding us of how fortunate we
                                                    are. For the past ten years this time of year has been one of the highlights of living in
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer
                                                    Belgium and working at St. John’s. Martha and I look forward to re-joining our family in
                                                    Texas, but we are forever grateful for this amazing international experience.
Br. Thomas GERROW FSC                               Sincerely,
(President, St. John’s College, Washington, DC,
Representative of the Christian Brothers)

                                                    Joseph H. Doenges

                                                                               ASBL St. John’s International School F.C.J.

                                                                                                                    explore, excel, enjoy
                                                                                                   TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S

COVER                                                DEPARTMENTS
                                                     Class News                                                                 2 - 11

                                                     Former Families / In Memoriam                                           14 - 15

                                                     Former Staff / Milestones                                               16 - 17

                                                     Around the Campus                                     20 - Back Cover


                                                                            Alumni Doctors
                                                        Dr. Mike Hoffmann ’92A, on the right,
                                                              with his partner, in an operating
                                                               room–one of many alumni MDs
                                                               around the world. pages 12-13

Tomi Griffin ‘82A directs a stunning cast and
performance of “Up the Down Staircase”.
page 20
                                                                                                  The Class of ’90 enjoys a weekend
                                                                                                  reunion in Brussels. Alumni get
                                                                                                  together in Baltimore as well.
                                                                                                  pages 18-19

St. John’s International School
Drève Richelle 146
1410 Waterloo, Belgium
                                                                   International Festival
+(322) 352-0610 Ph
+(322) 352-0620 Fax                                   An annual opportunity for the St. John’s                                        community to share our unique cultural
Editor: Jack Lyons,                            heritages with one another.
Asst Editor: Judith Hoskins,
Graphic Design: Visual Communications Assoc.,
                                                                                     page 21
Photography: Jean-Louis Cornez, Marcia De Wolf,
Mike Dicken, Jerry O’Grady, Jack Lyons, and
alumni, parents, and staff. Thanks for your help.
This issue was printed by Squamscott Press Inc.
in Stratham, New Hampshire.
Issue Number 45

                                                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT: St. John’s
                                                                                                  exists to provide an international
                                                                                                  education in English that is based on
                                                                                                  Christian values, encourages academic
             St. John’s was established by the
                                                                                                  excellence, and stimulates social
             Faithful Companions of Jesus in 1964.                                                development within a culturally diverse

                                                                                                            The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 1

           lass     Ms. Cynthia Makush Becket
                                                               ews                   Mr. Scott Peck
                                 8828 Blue Ball                               41040 N Wild West Trl
                        Stewartstown, PA 17363                               Anthem AZ 85086-4919       Piers & Margaret Echols-Jones, on the occasion of his
                                (717) 993-5432                                induction into the National Honor Society last May.

              [Class rep Cynthia Becket is                           In Clovis, CA, near Fresno,        Monterey Bay area. Class rep Margaret
              interested in starting to plan                         Associate Kelly Shaughnessy        Echols-Jones managed to explore Newport
a reunion, in her words, “before we get             Poe is a Registered Dental Asst. for a private      with her sons last summer.
too old to travel.” Contact her via snail           dental surgery practice, so if you’re in the area
mail or phone, and if an email address              and need some work, contact her. She has
is discovered, please let me know                   two sons, Shane (16) and Kevin (12). Lowell
                                                    Tunstall and family are in South Riding, VA.
( Thanks.]
Apparently Erik Jensen is not yet too old to                                                                              Ms. Cynthia Howson Weinmann
travel, as he visited Associate Joe Fraser in                                                                    
North Carolina this fall. In his narrative, “Joe
                                                                          Ms. Margaret Echols-Jones                      Michael Miller and his
and I did a short trip up to York, Pa. and saw
                                                                              91 Mechanic St Apt B                       family are in Grayslake, IL.
Marie Noel and Chef John Walsh. He cooked                                  Foxboro MA 02035-2032                         Patty Fens Reddell and
a gourmet Sunday dinner with all of his                                            (508) 698-0578                        family relocated to Ft.
family to celebrate Joe’s 50th birthday and                               Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne
John’s award: Chef of the Year for the state of
                                                                     Susan Mayer Schlosser              Div. Her husband Larry and son LB are
Maryland! We plan to go to Las Vegas in 2/08
                                                    checked in from The Woodlands, TX, where            serving in Iraq with the US Army, while her
and see John compete in the nationals’ Chef
                                                    she is a Reading Interventionist with the           oldest daughter is serving with the US Army
Competition. Joe did such a great job
                                                    Spring Independent School District.                 in Europe. She would love to hear from
‘hosting’ me that he has now opened a ‘bed
                                                    Associate Wayne Brunet is in Lafayette, LA.         classmates and teachers. Pablo Sanz’s career
and breakfast’ in Durham, North Carolina.
                                                    Susan Van Horn says all is well for her and         in education in Yonkers is ongoing—he is
Let’s all meet in Vegas 2/08.” (That suggests
                                                    her family, including sisters and parents. Her      into his fourth year as an Asst. High School
some good possibilities for a reunion in
                                                    three daughters are now the age she and her         Principal in the large public system there.
2008). Erik also spoke with Russ Foster, Sue
                                                    sisters were when they moved to Brussels 37         Previously he was AD for the IB high school
Olsen, Tom Von Lindern, and Mike Devlin.
                                                    years ago, so she may take them to Europe           in that area for four years. He credits his
Steve Schenke sends greetings from London,
                                                    next summer to give them a taste of it.             educational and coaching experiences at SJ to
Ontario, where he is a lawyer.
                                                    She welcomes alumni who may be in the               a large degree for his success today. He enjoys
                                                                                                        his work as an administrator and stresses to                                                                                 his students the importance of hard work, a                                                                                     good education, and shares his overseas
                                                                                                        experiences as well. He enjoys seeing alumni
                      Ms. Kirsten Jensen Robinett                                                       from time to time and is looking forward to
                                1 Broadway #111                                                         a 30th reunion, which he is helping to
                              Tacoma, WA 98402                                                          organize. Allison Hunter Venne and her
                                  (253) 227-7635                                                        husband stopped by a mini-reunion in Austin
                                                                        in Sept. It was a great opportunity to share
                                              or                                                        some news (and Belgian chocolates) with
                       Mr. Xavier Varela Rosales                                                        alumni in central TX.
                             15718 Echo Hill Dr
                             Houston, TX 77059
                                  (281) 326-2635                                              
                                                    Margaret Echols-Jones on holiday with her 3 sons,
                                                    Piers, Connor, & Duncan.

 2   The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                                           CLASS NEWS

                    Mr. & Mrs. J. David Vance                               Ms. Maria (Høst) Steen     Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
                            2610 Harrison St                                     Bleikerhaugen 6E      Peter Gillespie joined some other alumni at a
                     Evanston, IL 60201-1326                                           1387 Asker      mini-reunion in Austin in September; it was
                              (847) 976-1980                                              Norway       great to see him and share some SJ stories.
                                                                      Sue Lawyer Smolders has a
Associate Therese Collins re-established             new email.                              
contact from Sydney, Australia.                            

                        Ms. Jocelyne Koepke                            Ms. Marsha McMahon-Jones
                       101 Riverstone Drive                                     6603 Ripley Ln N                                   Mr. Paul Lawyer
                   K2J 5E3 Ottawa, Ontario                                     Renton, WA 98056                               14252 214th Way NE
                                     Canada                                       (425) 226-7109                             Woodinville, WA 98072
                             (613) 692-6979                                marsha_mcmahonjones                                     (425) 558-9030
                  Ms. Jenny Howson Willem            Alessandara Magistrali-Smith and her                                Koenraad Eelen and his
                          35 Forest Oaks Dr          daughters showed their SJ spirit, coming          family have relocated to Dubai, United Arab
                New Orleans, LA 70131-3369           from Arlington for the October reunion in         Emirates, where he accepted a position as a
                             (504) 397-5195          Baltimore. Alex is the Director, Research and     pilot for Emirates Airlines, one of the fastest
                            Marketing, for WETA Corporate Marketing,          growing airlines in the world. The children
                                                     public TV and radio in the DC area.               are attending an international school there,
Associate Margaret Mulligan Nardecchia and
                                                                         and everyone seems to be adapting well.
her family are travelers, having done London
and Paris last year (Waterloo is next), and
managed to visit the west coast this summer.                                                 
Associate Ross Shepherd does plan to visit
the campus in the near future from his home                                        LTC Ian Greene
                                                                               47-657 Nukupuu St
in NY, where he is an Associate with an
                                                                                Kaneohe HI 96744
architectural firm. He would like to hear                                          (808) 239-7772                           Mrs. Amy Lyons Driscoll
from former classmates. He left in ’75 in 6th                                                      6 Gailey Farm Ln
grade after only one year at SJ.                                                                                            Kittery Point, ME 03905                                               Alicia Reeves is in Colorado                                   (207) 439-2114
                                                     Springs, where she works for Young Life.                      
                                                     Class rep Ian Greene is on assignment in the                       Staci Furce Christensen and
                                                     Philippines, while his family remained in         her family left Tampa, FL for Bloomington,
                                                     Hawaii. Associate Tracy Tappan Cahillane,         IL, where they are experiencing their first
                                                     who has been at SJ with her own children and      winter season. Her sister, Tammi ’89A, had
                                                     husband the last couple of years, has relocated   her second daughter, Maci, in Aug. Congrat-
                                                     everyone to Surrey in the UK, owing to a job      ulations. Andrea Clemons reportedly is in
                                                     change for Steve.                                 Madagascar on a Fulbright Scholarship.
                                                                           Anyone wishing to contact Allen Eustace is
                                                                        requested to send the email to his mom, Ms.
                                                                                                       Marilyn Harper, at In
                                                                                Ms. Barbara Davis      Wellesley, MA, Jen Devine Maiona has a new
                                                                             11567 Tawny Ash Ct        email.
                                                                             St. Louis, MO 63146
         Margaret Nardecchia with Grace & Rhyne in                                 (314) 997-2076
                       Santa Barbara this summer.                

                                                                     Erik Bacho has a new email
 Let us know what’s happening in your life!          address in Sweden. Barbara Catherine
                                                     Eugster Ben Gazi, writing from Sharm el                                     Sheikh, Egypt, would love to hear from class-
                                                     mates and is thankful for the education she
     Don’t have access to a computer?                had at SJ. Associate Robert Blaas is in

       snailback cover it
          see                                                                                                        The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 3

                            Ms. Claudia Falzone                                                       N.Davis:
                              15 Horsepond Rd
                        W. Yarmouth MA 02673
                                (508) 778-2723                                                          Amy Swartele is an Associate Professor
                                                                           of art at the State Univ. of NY in
[The 20th anniversary class reunion in                                                                  Potsdam, and continues, as well, to paint
Brussels is being planned for mid-June;                                                                 and to exhibit her works. In March 2007
please contact Claudia with your details.                                                               she participated in a group show at
Other classes are also invited].                                                                        Global Arts Village in New Delhi, India.
                                                                                                        She was also awarded an artist’s residency
John Todd is in Bolton, MA; he and
                                                   Mary Todd Bergman with her husband Carl and          there for six weeks. In Aug-Sep 2007 she
Stephanie have a 4-year-old daughter Emma.
                                                   daughter Sophie.                                     had a solo exhibition at Coker College
John works as a programmer at an IT
                                                                                                        in Hartsville, South Carolina. Her
management software company.                       challenging months there, and is enjoying the        schedule includes some shows in Europe
                                                   time with his family in North Carolina. He is        (Florence Biennale, recently completed,
                                                   currently serving as Executive Officer of 3rd        and a solo show in Paris at the Andrée
                                                   Battalion, 6th Marines. A return tour in Iraq        Mace Gallery opening 17 Jan 2008 and
                                                   is likely in the new year. We wish you and           running through March). She is also
                                                   your family all the best. Nick Davis and his         showing some works at L’Alliance
                                                   wife Justine traveled around the states and          (corporate HQs of Bongrain) in Viroflay,
                                                   Canada for several weeks this fall and very          France during that same period. She is
                                                   much enjoyed the variety of experiences,             also working on possible shows in
                                                                                                        Hasselt and Brussels, with one at the SJ
                                                                                                        gallery on campus tentatively scheduled
                                                                                                        for Feb. 2009. To see more of her works,
                                                                                                        visit Congratu-
                                                                                                        lations on these artistic achievements.
                                       John Todd

                                Mr. Louis Toth
                          1100 Remington Rd.
                         Wynnewood, PA 19096
                               (610) 896-5890

                 From El Cajon, Calif. Gary
Butsko dropped us a line, noting that he had           Nick Davis & Justine enjoying Niagara Falls.
been battling Bi-Polar disorder for some time,
but now is doing better, thanks to a change in
                                                   sights, and people. In Lusaka, Zambia,
medication. He also plans to visit hospitals to
                                                   Associate Crispin Chiwenda was recently
comfort those who may be going through a
                                                   appointed Deputy Director and Chief
similar struggle. Thanks for the update and
                                                   Operations Officer for the Zambian branch
best of luck in the future. Jenny Pick, who
                                                   of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is
left SJ in 2nd grade, is in medical school at
                                                   based in NY. He is also managing his own
Texas Tech, and may eventually be studying
                                                   small start-up business manufacturing
in El Paso in a building designed by Liz
                                                   construction blocks. Congratulations. He
Vandermark ’88 (mentioned on p. 19 of the
                                                   and his wife Belinda have two sons, Patrick
last issue). Small world. In Brussels,
                                                   (6) and Chiko (2). He would love to hear
Associate Mary Todd Bergman is living with
                                                   from former classmates and is grateful for
her husband Carl and baby Sophie. She was
                                                   those alumni who shared their condolences
planning on being re-united with some of her
                                                   over the passing of his sister Jean in June ’06.
former teachers and visiting the campus.
Major Mark Clingan, USMC, returned
safely from Iraq in August, after eight  

 4   The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                                                        CLASS NEWS

                                      Ms. Natacha                                                                   Dante (6 years) and Sofia (4 years). Congrat-
                            Debetencourt Pauwels                                                                    ulations. Sara Lofgren Steneby is a
                                 ndebetencourt@                                                                     psychologist in Stockholm. Lauren O’Brien
                                                                                       is working on her New Jersey teacher certifi-
                [See the reunion photos                                                                             cation, while supervising family programs at
                from the August get-                                                                                a YMCA in Manhattan. She was also
together in Waterloo in this issue’s ‘Reunion                                                                       planning to visit Hong Kong this fall.
News’ section].                                                                                           

                                                                    Gail Field with her family–husband Adrian,                           Ms. Samantha Dennis
                                                                daughter Jessica, & son Alex–on Norfolk Island.                         Euchan Bridge Cottage
                                                                                                                                   DG4 6LA Sanquhar, Dumfries
                                                          Martijn Verbruggen has accepted a ‘senior                                           United Kingdom
                                                          management position’ in Brussels with                            

  Richard Moran & his wife Kristin, with their daughter   Voxbone, a leading VoIP carrier providing
                  Lucy, enjoying some birthday cake.      local phone numbers and toll-free numbers                 [The 15th anniversary reunion for the class
                                                          around the world. Congratulations. Roland                 is slated for 23–25 May 2008 in
                                                          Williams, who was in Brussels, has moved to               Brussels/Waterloo. Please let Katariina
In Castaic, Calif., Associate Richard Moran
                                                          Dublin and was married a few months ago.                  Jalas——
and his wife were expecting this fall to add
                                                          Best wishes.                                              know if you plan on attending. Other
twin daughters to the family, giving young
Lucy new playmates. Must be contagious—                                             classes are most welcome to participate].
Jay Muelhoefer also announced that he and       
                                                                                  In May Associate Kiersten Smith earned a
his wife Astrid were expecting their first child
                                                                                 Ph.D. from Rutgers Univ. in Molecular and
in the year ahead. Congratulations. He is also
                                                                                                                    Behavioral Neuroscience; she is now working
interested in another class reunion, perhaps
                                                                                                                    in Boston as a Research Fellow at Harvard
on the East coast of the states.                                                  Ms. Judy Schmitt Adams
                                                                                      4792 Yorktown Blvd
                                                                                                                    Medical School and McLean Hospital.
                                                                                     Honolulu, HI 96818             Congratulations. She would love to hear from                                                                                             former classmates and meet SJ alumni in the
                                                                                          (808) 456-0609
                                                                                       area. A lion seldom heard from—Meredith
                              Mr. Richard Jensrud                                                                   Ratzel Caskey—responded as a result of the
                                 Dallas, TX 75229
                                                                            Laura Manfre earned her                 reunion announcement. She lives in Iowa,
                             MBA this summer through the Executive                     teaching environmental education at the
                                                          MBA Program at the Univ. of Connecticut,                  Univ. of Iowa, and as of this writing, was
                  Associate Gail Jelley Field             and went to work as the Marketing Director                expecting her 2nd child, with her husband
                  and her family managed                  for a small, internet start-up company out of             Ben and three-year-old daughter Olivia
                  some holiday travel from                Boston. She managed to do this while                      standing by to assist. Best wishes. Associate
their home in Brisbane to Norfolk Island—                 teaching pilates, working as a marketing                  Rasina Rubin in Singapore was also pleased
midway between Australia and New Zealand,                 consultant, and mothering her two children,               to hear of the reunion, and plans on being in
where the “Mutiny on the Bounty”
                                                                                                                    Europe to attend, as she travels on business
descendants settled. In the fall their one-year-
                                                                                                                    there several times a year as a banker—a VP
old son Alex was to be christened, with her
                                                                                                                    at BNP Paribas, which is just one of her
brother Philip ’87A as the godfather. She also
                                                                                                                    several commercial interests. Also a VP in
resumed her studies (editing and proof-
                                                                                                                    that part of the world—for Merrill Lynch—
reading), with the aim of returning to work in
                                                                                                                    is Marc Hurfeld, in Seoul. Paul Mellet, Mary
a year. Note her new email address. On the
                                                                                                                    Ann Treitz Mellet, and their daughter
move from Seoul to Fontainbleau, France is
                                                                                                                    Bridgette are also reunion-bound, and
Associate Hyunsuk Chung, to be part of the
                                                                                                                    recently moved to Newburyport, Mass. Some
MBA class of July 2008 at INSEAD. For ten
                                                                                                                    of the Mellet clan managed to get together
years he worked for POSCO Steel Co. and
                                                                                                                    this summer in Mamaroneck, NY to host a
subsidiary construction companies in Korea,
                                                            On the occasion of Laura Manfre's earning her MBA,      mini-reunion when Coach Dennis Davis and
and is now eager to study more about
                                                             the family celebrated, with, LtoR: Alessandra '00A,    his son Josh ’05 were in town. There were lots
strategies and to build a strong network. Well
                                                            Laura with her son Dante, her husband Charles with      of basketball stories from the past and more
done and best of luck. Word has it that
                                                                           their daughter Sofia, & Cristina '96A.

                                                                                                                                  The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 5

                                                                                    Mr. Kent Ferguson                             Ms. Sarah G. Harding
                                                                                      Springfield MO                                 10284 Latney Road
                                                                                          fergusonk@                                   Fairfax VA 22032
                                                                                                                   (703) 543-8696
                                                                                  Amy Greene Toohey
                                                                                  is practicing law as a                       Writing from Boston,
                                                                 solicitor in Doubleview, Australia.       Associate Soyun Lee is a Counselor/Art
                                                                 Isabel Huwart White checked in            Therapist at the Massasoit School, having
                                                                 from TX at the start of the school        earned an MA degree in Expressive Therapies
                                                                 year—reminds her of her own days in       from Lesley Univ. Congratulations.
A NY reunion barbeque held by Lionel & Cecilia Mellet   Waterloo—as she prepared two for school, 
to honor Coach Dennis Davis & Josh, with Maggie, Lou,   while two others get to stay at home. After a
Gabbie, Daisy, Mary Jane & Paul. Some husbands, a       summer of holiday travel in Michigan and
fiancée, and the babies were tending to the cooking.    Chicago, everyone welcomed the familiar                                      Ms. Guilia Prenna
                                                        routine of soccer and t-ball games, scouts, etc.                              7745 Romaine St
recent times, and everyone agreed Josh had              this fall. Word has it that Mimi Timar is                                                Apt 2
changed since they last saw him at age five,            engaged to be married in May; we look                                West Hollywood CA 90046
but Coach looked the same. He brought                   forward to photos. Associate Erin O’Brien                                       (323) 822-9812
them up to date on all the campus improve-              Meade continues as a middle school English                       
ments of the past decade. Mahbooba Qader                teacher in NJ.                                     Henrik Ahtela’s preferred email address in
is happily married, the mother of a handsome                               Brussels is as shown.
young son Arsh, and living in Kuala Lumpur,   
Malaysia. As her husband Kapil is CEO of an                                                      
advertising agency, they have a chance to
travel around Asia and enjoy it a lot.                                                                                                           Mr. Jonathan Saylors
                                                                                                                                 4606 Cedar Springs Rd
                                                                              Ms. Francesca Catarinella                                         Apt 1524                                                      Via S. Ruffino 23                                Dallas, TX 75219                                                                        10090 Trana                                  (214) 599-0099                                                                                Italy                  
M.Qader:                                                          (39) 011 935-5038                                                 or
                                                                                                 Mr. David De Visscher
                                                        Associate Sung Gon Lee is currently working
                                                        as a Product Mgr. for Estee Lauder Inc             [The class of 1998 is planning a reunion
                                                        (Bobbi Brown Cosmetics) in Seoul. She is           in Waterloo/Brussels. The date is 21–24
                                                        balancing her career with her role as a wife       March 2008, Easter weekend. If you are
                                                        and mother of a young daughter. She would          interested in attending, please contact the
                                                        welcome contact with former classmates,            class rep, Dave De Visscher at:
                                                        especially those in NYC, where she often goes]
                                                        on business trips. Alia Menezes is there, with
                                                        a new email and the announcement that she          Rebecca Currie Ferranti has relocated to NJ.
                                                        is engaged to Stefan Paulovic from Germany;        Also there is Associate Jennifer O’Brien, who
                                                        he is currently studying at Columbia Law           is studying at the Pacific College of Oriental
                                                        School. A May wedding is planned. See their        Medicine in Manhattan, completing her
                                                        photo in the Alumni Feature section on             graduate work in acupuncture. Mellany
                                                        doctors in this issue. Congratulations.            Doornbos is hoping someone will start plan-
                                                        Caroline Fastré is a webmaster for the             ning a 10th anniversary class reunion so she
                                                        European Commission in Brussels.                   can see everyone. Derek Inaba has a new
                                                                               email. Associate Stephanie Fastré is in
                                                                           London, enjoying life, especially now that she
                                                                                                           is working for Google as a training coordina-
                                                                                                           tor. Stephen Thorpe and Cristina were
Mahbooba Qader, with her husband, on the occasion of                                                       married last Aug. 25th in Aprilia, Italy, just
their son's 3rd birthday.                                                                                  south of Rome, on the hottest day of the year.
                                                                                                           They were joined by their son, Alessio (2 1/2

 6   The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                                                            CLASS NEWS

                                                            Hensen has relocated. Associate Diana Wood                  Class rep Jason Touw let us know that after
                                                            currently works outside of Washington, DC                   13 months with a 5-star hotel in Palm Beach,
                                                            for KPMG LLP, focusing on business                          he has accepted a new position with a
                                                            strategy and development for the Mid-                       marketing firm near Boca Raton called
                                                            Atlantic region. She always enjoys hearing                  Cendyn, as an ‘eProposal Specialist’. He
                                                            from former classmates.                                     works on websites for hotels, developing
                                                                                      web-based brochures. Congratulations. He is
                                                                                          also exploring class interest in a reunion.
                                                                                     Please contact him if interested, noting his
                                                                                              new email. Ryann Koval is on staff at SJ,
                                                                                                                        working as a teacher’s aide in Kindergarten.
                                                                                             Ms. Sian Leech   
                                                                                            9 Chandler Way
                                                                                       WA3 2LR Warrington
                                                                                                         UK                              Ms. Claire Anderson-Wheeler
                                                                                                Sian.leech@                              34 College Gate Townsend St
                                                                                                                                   Dublin 2 Ireland
Stephen & Cristina Thorpe celebrating last Aug. in Italy.                                                 or                                
                                                                                       Ms. Courtney Dwyer                                                            or
years old) and many friends and family from                                      33 W Delaware PL Apt 11C                                          Ms. Gretchen Kissel
Europe. Stephen runs his own software                                               Chicago IL 60610-7363                                           Gretchen.t.kissel@
company, SJT Systems, while Cristina is a                                                   (734) 646-1976                                    
chartered accountant.                                                                                                              or                                                                                                                             Ms. Claire Watson                                                                                                                  2450 Stewart Ave Apt 5C
                                                                                                                                             St. Paul MN 55116-3051                                                                                                                                                                                                            Melissa Augustine is teaching 5th—8th                                                                                           grade language arts, religion, art, and PE in a
                                                                                                                        Lutheran School near Chicago. Nadia de
                                                                                                                        Boissezon is in Surry Hills, NSW, Australia.
                                   Mr. Zafiris Vartis                                                                   Leander Schaerlaeckens is in Brussels
                                         Varnali 14                                                                     working on his career in journalism.
                                    59200 Naoussa               St. John's turns out in support of Jenny Lindstrom's
                                              Greece                  wedding in Denver–LtoR: Andrea Werpy '03A, Boissezon:
                                 (30) 233 205-2501             Courtney Dwyer '01, Jenny, Nadia de Boissezon '03,
                                                                                                 & Tricia Walsh '01A.
                                                            In July in Denver, Jenny Lindstrom married
                                                            Evan Vandehey, with a supporting cast from                   E-lions Of the 7150 names on
                             Mr. Andrew Bouda               SJ. Congratulations and best wishes.                         the alumni database, 1850 have provided
                                       Jankova 4                                            email addresses. Are you among them?
                                  160 00 Prague
                                 Czech Republic                                              Mr. Jason Touw              If you are not receiving the monthly
                              (420) 732-633657                                               (561) 302-4599              enews—From the Lion—chances are your
                                              or                                          address is missing, inaccurate, your inbox
                               Mr. Ryan Sigouin                                                             or           is full, or your spam filter isblocking it.
                             303-261 Cooper St                                            Ms. Antonia Strom
                        KZP 0G3 Ottawa Ontario                                                                           Please visit our website – –
                                                                                  5 New Bridge Street - Flat 1
                                         Canada                                                                          and update your info. It is only used to help
                                                                                          EC4V 6AB London
                                 (613) 695-5595                                                            UK
                                                                                                                         alumni stay in touch, to provide news for
                                                                                 or           the magazine, and for reunion planning.
                                                                                          Ms. Bianca Hutton              Let us know what is happening in your life
Associate Heather Olson Hensley, writing
                                                                                 701 Willard Street, 2nd floor           and stay connected with classmates, friends,
from VA, would like to hear from former                                                 Covington KY 41011
classmates. In London, Gemma Jones is the                                                                                and family.
Senior Trust and Foundation Officer for
Christian Aid. In Middlesex UK, Bernie

                                                                                                                                      The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 7

                         Ms. Stephanie Crombie
                                                                      From Oxford to Auctions
                                             or   Studying at a world-renowned center of learning takes an
                                   Laura Warner   unexpected and rewarding turn for a SJ graduate.
                                                  Along the way to earning her BA in Modern History at St. Hilda’s College, Nora Gietz ’04
                                                  took a summer job in Oxford at the famous Bonhams Auctioneers, a position that
                                                  eventually led to full-time work there after graduation.
                                                  She initially organized and prepared the bi-weekly transit of objects from and to other
                                                  branches of the firm; helped set up the auctions; and handled sales. In addition to these
                                                  roles, she is now responsible for the Pictures Dept., cataloguing paintings for auction,
                                                  learning to value them, and conducting telephone bidding.
                                                  Like Oxford, Bonhams is a learning experience for Nora. Although a small branch of one
                                                  of the world’s three biggest international auction houses, it is a perfect place to take part in
                                                  the whole process of auctioneering—from when items arrive, are valued, catalogued, and
                                                  assigned to sales, over the auctions themselves, to when objects leave as sold or
                                                  unsold lots. The sheer variety of pictures and items offers her rare opportunities to
                                                  handle valuable works by the likes of John Singer Sargent and Walter Sickert.
                                                  There was little in her choice of studies while at Oxford that would have suggested this
Philip Sifferman–Most Improved Player–on the      would be the case. Under the tutorial system, one to three students meet weekly with their
Loughborough Univ. volleyball team last year.     professor, essays in hand, and cover a range of subjects. It’s a demanding program. Her
                                                  finals included Europe in the 14th Century, Britain in the 20th Century, Culture of the
Since graduation, Philip Sifferman has been       Italian Renaissance, and Literature in 16th/17th Century England. She did her dissertation
busy. An eventful gap year included ‘on-the-      on the role of poetry in the popular reactions to the outbreak of WW I in England and
job’ training in his father’s company,            Germany.
learning what a sport agent does—in this
                                                  Aside from the studies, the collegiate system at Oxford allows students to feel strong
instance, conducting Powerpoint presenta-         allegiances to their own college, of which there are roughly 40. They may also avail them-
tions and traveling around Europe to              selves of a rich variety of sports and societies, from juggling to rowing to newspapers to
photograph Nokia advertisements at various        cultural and political societies. The most famous is the Oxford Union Society, which among
snowboard events. As a result of these first-     other projects arranges guest speakers, such as President Musharraf of Pakistan, whom Nora
hand experiences, he decided to pursue a          heard while there.
career in the sports business by gaining
acceptance at Loughborough Univ., where                                                         Her principal extra-curricular activity, however,
the following year he earned his National                                                       became the European Affairs Society, the 3rd
Diploma in Sport Studies, with development                                                      largest, which attracted her because it focuses on
and fitness. During that year, he also played                                                   all aspects of European politics, life, culture, and
on the university volleyball team, where he                                                     history. It sponsors social and speaker events for
was selected as the Most Improved Player and                                                    its members, and Nora’s role in it ranged from
earned a Green Belt in Kung Fu. Phil plans to                                                   Publicity Secretary to President to Advisor.
continue his sports activities and studies at                                                   Whether it was the Ottoman Ball, with over 700
Loughborough for two more years, leading                                                        guests in the Oxford Town Hall; a cocktail party
eventually to a higher National diploma and                                                     for 100; a trip to Istanbul or Krakow or
a subsequent transfer to the states. Congrat-                                                   Auschwitz; Nora was involved. As VP, she
                                                    Nora Gietz with actress Ms. Franka Potente. co-hosted as a guest speaker Czech President
ulations. Rowena Forrest is studying fashion
design in Milan, Italy.                           Vaclav Klaus. She also invited and hosted the German actress, Ms. Franka Potente, who
                                                  most recently appeared in several movies with Matt Damon (“The Bourne Identity” and
                                                  “The Bourne Supremacy”).
                                                  The organizational, time-management and communication skills she acquired as a result
                                                  of those activities are serving her well now, as she explores the art world working for
                                                  Bonhams and possibly securing internships in museums and/or galleries. She intends to
                                                  earn an MA in Art History in the US or London next year. As she reflects on all that has
                                                  happened to her, she also realizes how important and helpful her time at SJ was in
                                                  forming life-long friends and in receiving the best imaginable preparation for university life.
                                                  [With thanks to Nora for her thoughts…editor Jack Lyons]
 8   The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2003
                                                                                                                                 CLASS NEWS

                                Katya Chilian                                                      
                              262 South Block                                                      
                                  County Hall
                           1B Belvedere Road
                            SE1 7GD London
                                                                                                             Tacielle De Ron
                                                      Preben Gietz in action last fall for Clark Univ.
                                 Phillip Slann                                                                                                          or
                         Lindsay Hall Crt 222
                                                                       against Anna Maria College.
                                                                                                                                              Timea Varga
                               ST5 5DX Keele                                                                         
                                           UK                                  Stephanie Dubois
                                                     Sweetsteph952                                Associate David Coghlan
                                                                                       graduated Princeton Day School and is now
Class rep Phil Slann sends news that Bob                                                                     attending Georgetown Univ. John Mairlot
Owens, besides having a new email address,                                                    or
                                                                                 Kelsi Ludvigsen             remains in Brussels, focusing on engineering
is majoring in Social Studies at Harvard,                                                                    management at St. Louis Univ; also there is
probably leading to a thesis on medieval                          
                                                                                                             Isabella de Wardin, who is interested in law.
intellectual history. He also found time to                                                                  She is also finding time to pursue classical
work for an NGO in Bolivia, arranging                                                                        ballet. Abby Thomas is at the Univ. of
microcredit loans for adults in a home for                                                                   Hertfordshire. Brittany Deal ventured to
street children. Being in Boston, he often sees                                                              Costa Rica to study Spanish at a bible school
other SJ alumni who stop by. At Maastricht                                                                   for a semester and may return to continue the
Univ. in The Netherlands, Sjors Verbaan has                                                                  program at university level, while living with
added to his studies—he is now majoring in                                                                   a family there. College in the states next
both European Studies as well as Int’l                                                                       year is likely. Patrick White headed to
Business. In his spare time, he is ‘manager’                                                                 Imperial College London to learn all about
for his fraternity bar, a local establishment           A Boston mini-reunion, L to R: Matt Philpott, Mike
                                                                                                             mechanical engineering. Kim Nordstrom,
run by students and open during the week.                  Demyttenaere, Sara Massey, & Philippe Fabri.
                                                                                                             taking a gap year, worked in Sweden and then
At Aurora Univ. Lindsay Augustine has also        Rusty Kelly is in Nashville, TN. Preben                    planned to travel. Christopher Davite went
assumed a leadership role, although of quite      Gietz, despite some injuries, played a lot of              off to Southampton Solent Univ. to acquire
a different nature. She is an RA (Resident        soccer, starting at center back for the Clark              knowledge on property development. Nick
Assistant), in charge of 24 coeds living on her   Univ. Cougars in Mass. Nearby at Boston                    Brenninkmeijer went to work at a family
floor in the dorm. Good luck. Otherwise, she      Univ. is Philippe Fabri, who when he is not                store in Den Haag, aiming to become an
helps to train the university volleyball and      studying management and economics, visits                  assistant manager, an experience he’ll follow
American football teams. Associate David          other SJ alumni or holds mini-reunions                     with studies in the UK next year. David
Cunningham is in Doncaster VIC, Australia.        in Boston. Manda Tsegmid returned to                       Oester Pedersen is studying international
Class rep Katya Chilian continues to enjoy        Mongolia this summer, seeing her native                    business at Copenhagen Business School.
her study of marketing and advertising at the                                                                Amy Guthrie planned on working, perhaps
Univ. of the Arts in London. Rishad Rahman                                                                   with a bank, and doing some traveling.
is at the Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland. Emilie                                                                Staying in Brussels to go to Solvay Business
Boman provided a timely update—after                                                                         School (ULB) is Alex Borysov. At
graduation, she spent the next two years                                                                     Loughborough Univ (UK), Laurence Slann
studying politics and French at the Univ. of                                                                 is focusing on materials engineering.
Sheffield. In the summer she traveled in                                                                     Associate Ian Thiermann has relocated
Southeast Asia—Thailand and Cambodia—                                                                        to Ames, Iowa. Also in the Midwest is
before arriving in Paris, where she is now on                                                                Associate Ryan Augustine, who started
her Erasmus year abroad at the University of                                                                 community college and also a job. His sister
Versailles. Well done.                                                                                       Michelle A’09 is playing basketball and                                                                                            softball and getting around with her own                                                                                    driver’s license. Alex Edwards is enrolled at                                  Manda Tsegmid & her boyfriend on holiday in         the London School of Economics. In
D.Cunningham:                                   her native Mongolia this summer.          Warwick Univ., Richard Kallberg is looking
R.Rahman:               country from a different perspective, as she               into engineering and business studies. Rei                                 showed her boyfriend around. She returned to               Kobayashi decided to attend Int’l Christian
                                                  her studies at Webster Univ. in Geneva this                Univ. in Japan. Kana Nagashima was
                                                  fall.                                                      enrolled in prep school in Tokyo for the

                                                                                                                           The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 9
                                                          this just in…
                                                          FORMER FAMILIES
                                                          Canada—In Memoriam
                                                          The St. John’s community was saddened
                                                          to hear of the death of Mrs. Daman
                                                          Kundi in Quebec on 22 November owing
                                                          to cancer. She is survived by her husband
                                                          Surinder and her three children, Sonya                  Ms. Micheline Thorpe on her
                                                          ’84, Jasjit ’85, and Chiko ’95. For many                retirement from SJ, Nov '07.
Japanese alumni enjoy a summer mini-reunion before        years while her family was part of the St.
starting or returning to university for a new semester.   John’s community Daman was active in               The family of former staff member, Ms.
                                                          the PTA and volunteered her time in a              Evelyn Keyes, was saddened to have to
university entrance exams there, refreshing               number of ways. She was also a substitute          announce the passing of their son Steven
her memory for the Japanese terms for some                teacher frequently. Our sympathy goes to           on 28 November 2007 in Paris. For
of her courses. They managed to have a                    her family; may she rest in peace.                 several years, he had been treated for and
get-together with other SJ Asian alumni,
                                                                                battled complications arising from a rare,
including Masanori Nagashima ’08A,
                                                                                   congenital disorder known as Franconi
Seitaro Kayama ’07A, Chiaki Hanai ’06,
                                                                                  anaemia, and had been given stem cell
Kana Kobayashi ’05 and Wataru Hanai ’05,
                                                                               transplants. The SJ community extends
and Endo Risa ’04. Perrine Questiaux has
                                                                                                             its sympathy to Evelyn, her husband
started at the Institute Charles Peguy in                 Russia                                             Matthew, and their son Feargal. More
Louvain La Neuve, studying tourism and
                                                          The email for the Sundh family in Moscow           information may be found at:
event planning. Liz Thormann is busy at the
Univ. of Kent focusing on bio-medical
studies, but missed playing soccer this fall              Virginia                                         CLASS NEWS
for SJ.
                                                          The Roberts family (Rick, Amber, &                                                                                   1981
                                                          Richard) has settled in Midlothian.                  
A.Thomas:                                                          FORMER STAFF
P.White:                                                 In London, Amy                                                       Colquhoun and her                                                          husband Grant are
N.Brenninkmeijer:                                          pleased to announce                                                                the arrival of Euan                                                         Montgomerie Murray
R.Kobayashi:                                               on 15 Nov ’07 into
                                                                                their family. Congrat-
                                                                                ulations.                  Jocelyn & Rainen digging in for a fun afternoon in
                                                                                grantandamy                a park.                                                                                                                                 In Ontario Canada, Class Rep Jocelyn
                                                                                Amy looking after Euan,    Koepke and her husband Robert enjoyed
                                                                                her new bundle of joy.     celebrating the 1st birthday of their
K.Kobayashi :                                                                     son, Rainen Alexandr Monti last August.
                                                          Ms. Micheline Thorpe, assistant in the           Congratulations.
W.Hanai:                           Admissions Office for 14 years, retired from
C.Hanai:                             St. John’s in November. She had also             1982
L.Thormann:                       volunteered in a number of ways for many         Like the buildings she designs, Jen Devlin’s
                                                          years before becoming an official employee.      career continues to rise. She is now the
                                                          The Administration and staff honored her         President of the American Institute of
                                                          at a farewell lunch. We wish her all the best;   Architects San Francisco Chapter (AIASF).
                                                          she and Stuart will continue to reside in        Well done. She has also purchased her own
                                                          Braine le Château.         piece of the ‘city by the bay,’—a house right
                                                                                                           in the city. Life is not all work, though, as

10 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
she managed to get away to the Isle of Elba
(that Napoleonic/Waterloo legacy) with class
rep Maria Høst Steen and her family last July
for some relaxation. She continues designing,
with “Sustainability and the impact of build-
ings on global warming” as her prime agenda.                                    Nina Roman Diringer, center, with Bernard, at their Sept. wedding in       Dave De Visscher with his son Lionel and
1989                                                               France. Mimi Timar, at left, and Sascha Touw Mitchell, at right,                               wife Corrinne.
                                                                                                                 were in support.
Associate Chris Chiwenda has three emails:;;         Diringer on 22 Sept. in Provence; watching                     2001                                   over to make sure everything went smoothly
                                                                                                                        Martin Hindemark is now in Sweden.
Associate Mary Todd Bergman is an editor                 were Mimi Timar and Sascha Touw Mitchell
of the Brussels Childbirth Trust magazine,               ’93. Congratulations.
while her husband Carl is a news cameraman.                                                2002
Associate Alison Holm Eaton is an attorney     
                                                                                                                        Class Rep Bianca
in VA currently working at home and keep-                                                                               Hutton earned a
ing an eye on their children, while her                                                                                 BA in International
husband, who is a US diplomat, completes                 Christy Geiger and her husband Gregg
                                                         welcomed Beatrice Evangeline into the world                    Studies, with a minor
his language training. They will then head to                                                                           in Marketing, from
Beijing this summer. Congratulations.                    last May, so Christy has taken time off from
                                                         her job as a Montessori teacher to stay at                     Northern Kentucky                                                                                                  Univ.      this   past                                        home. Congratulations.
                                                                                                                        spring. During her
1991                                                                                                                    four years on the
                                                                                                                        women’s golf team,
Associate Pia Holm Nierman is an oncology
                                                                                                                        she also garnered a
nurse at the National Institute of Health in
                                                                                                                        host of athletic
Washington, DC.
                                                                                                                        awards: Academic                                                                                                    All-American four
1994                                                                                                                    times; Conference Bianca at her graduation.
                                                                                                                        Scholar-Athlete of the Year; Conference
Alex Bergman and a team of colleagues from
                                                                                                                        Player of the Year; and at graduation, she
the US Coast Guard were recently honored
                                                                                                                        received the ‘Athlete of Distinction’ Award,
by receiving the Coast Guard Innovation
                                                                                                                        the highest honor an NKU athlete can
Award of the Year. It recognizes the top
                                                                                                                        receive. After a summer in Finland with her
innovation of the year throughout Guard. In
                                                                                    Christy Geiger and her family.      family, she has returned to the states
this case, it involved creating a program that
                                                                                                                        (Cincinnati), where she works in public
tracks all the property (eg., aircraft, vessels,         1998                                                           relations for a company. That may change,
weapons, computer hardware, etc), valued
                                                         Class Rep Dave De Visscher and his wife                        though, as well as her location. Congratula-
at around $10 billion, that the Guard is
                                                         Corrinne are happy to announce the arrival                     tions. Erica Boyle is working on her doctorate
responsible for. The program identifies the
                                                         of Lionel into their family as of 31 July ’07.                 in physical therapy at Texas Tech Univ.
location, owner, depreciated value, and report
status, and provides the info to commanders,
                                                                                            (continued on page 19)
which is helpful during audits. It is now going
to be used throughout the Coast Guard.                                                                            Alumni reunion–in one family. In the 2nd row, LtoR: Amy Lyons
Well done. Nina Roman married Bernard                                                                          Driscoll '87, Jeni Lyons Pye '95A, Jackie Driscoll '06A, Jack Lyons,
                                                                                                                Alumni Director, and Gil Lyons '88. Amy's husband John is behind
 LT Alex Bergman, 2nd from right, with the award-winning team and the Commandant of the Coast                  her. The children are, LtoR: Charlie, Cecelia, Teddy, Henry, & Frank.
               Guard at far left, & the Vice Commandant at the far right, at the award ceremony.
Is there a doctor in the hous
                     along a variety
                          ursued careers
St. John’s alumni have p                       ose who have
                  sue we’d   like to salute th              is
paths. In this is                          or dentist. Each
                  al doctor, veterinarian,                 nal
become a medic                           aving professio
                   le an d often life-s                 ngrat-
 offering valuab                        or she lives. Co
                  mm   unity where he                  d since
 service to the co                     u have achieve
                  of you on what yo            who responded
 ulations to all              thanks to those
                   o. Many                   and apologies to
  leaving Waterlo           busy schedules                                                                                      & his wife Aspasia,
                   st your                                                                               Dr. Dimitrios Petridis
  with info amid                                                                                                   on their wedding da
                                                                                                                                         y in 2005.
                    ently omitted.
   anyone inadvert                                                                                                   Petridis MD
                                                                                                  Dr. Dimitrios
                                                                                                                      of 1983
                                                                                                  St. John’s Class                     ain Medical
                                                                                                  Catholic U    niversity of Louv               ction)
                                                                                                                        grad. with distin
 Dr. Richard B
                 enya MD                                                                          School (’83-’90,                           ical
                  of 1978                           Dr. David Nel
                                                                    son MD                                             service and surg
 St. John’s Class                                                    of 1982 Associa
                                                                                    te             Greek military
              ologist                               St. John’s Class                  ician        training
 Gastroenter                                                          m Pediatric Phys                                  ar, Nose, Throa
                                                                                                                                              t/Head and
                                                    Emergency Roo                                  Specialized in E
 Riverside, IL                                                                                                                                   hospitals
                                                    Las Vegas, Nevad
                                                                        a                                                 the UK (Sussex
                                                                                                    Neck Surgery in                           y).
                                                     Ddnelson2@                                                 ictoria Infirmar
                                                                                                    and Glasgow V                                ENT
                                                                                                                          ece to finalized
                                                                                                    Returned to Gre                              tice at
                                                                                                                          ivate ENT prac
                                                                                                     accreditation. Pr                          (focusing
                                                                                                                         alonica, Greece
                                                                                                     Univ. of Thess                                 ers, sleep
                                                                                                                             breathing disord
                                                                                                      on upper airway                          .
                                                                                                                            ing disorders)
                                                                                                      apnea, and sleep
                                                                                                                         iNovo MD
                                                                                                        Dr. Anthony D
                                                                                                                         of 1985
                    Dr. Gregg Codelli DD
                                         S                                                              St. John’s Class
                                                                                                        Physician, Pe arland, TX
                        elli DDS
      Dr. Gregg Cod                         te                                                
                         of 1979 Associa
      St. John’s Class
                        tal Surgery                                                                                       berg DVM
      Doctor of Den                            in                                                        Dr. Walter Ren                  te
                          ith three offices                                 Frances Yankie DDS                            of 1985 Associa
      Self-employed w           rgia; one office
                                                                        Dr.                              St. John’s Class
                         h Geo
       Atlanta & nort                  oard                              nkie DDS                        Veterinarian
                   Carolina. Dual-b                      Dr. Frances Ya                                                    Kansas
       in North                    s and dental                            of 1982 Associa
                                                                                             te          Westmoreland,
                          odontic                        St. John’s Class
       certified in peri                                                  tal Surgery
                                                         Doctor of Den                                     Dr. Steven Tha
                                                                                                                            ckeray MD
        implants                                                            e Pacific School                                of 1986 Associa
                            s enjoys being a             University of th                                  St. John’s Class
        On the weekend                          atalie    of Dentistry                                                       d Univ. of Cinci
                            with his wife N                                   ith an office in             Univ. of Utah an
         musician, along                   .              Self-employed w                                                   ynecologist
                             d musician)                                                                   Obstetrician/G
         (also a pianist an                               Mill Valley, Cal
                                                                                             Murray, UT
         grcodelli@mindsprin                               fhyankie@hotmail
                           g MD
          Dr. Fred Jarsko                                                                                                       ri MD
          St. John’s Class
                           of 1982                                                                            Dr. Marc Alkho
                                                                                                                               of 1989
                           atry, Columbia                                                                     St. John’s Class
          Dept. of Psychi
                            . Professor of                                                                    Cardiologist
          University Assoc
           Clinical Psychiat
                             ry                                                                               Brussels, Belgium
                           tor of Psychotic                                                                    marcalkhori@hotm
           Research Direc
                             al Services
           Disorders Clinic                search)
            (focusing on  schizophrenia re

12 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                                              ALUMNI DOCTORS

                                                                       Dr. Jason Ferr
                                                                                       ies MD
                                                                      St. John’s Class
                                                                                        of 1992 Associa
                                                                      Specialist in Pu                 te
                                                                                       lmonary Intens
                               Dr. Chris Dewing an                    Sacramento, CA                  ive Care
                                                   d his family
              Dr. Chris Dew
                               ing MD
              Medical Corps                                           Dr. Evan Lioki
                               , US Navy                                               s MD
             St. John’s Class                                         St. John’s Class
                              of 1990                                                  of 1992 Associa
             Harvard underg                                          Louisiana State                  te
                               rad;                                                    Univ. &
             Columbia Univ.                                         Medical School
                                Medical School
            Orthopedic Surg                                         Radiologist, Och
                               eon (focused on                                         sner Clinic
            reconstructive su                                       Foundation                                                Dr. Brian Buckler wi
                              rgery for US M                                                                                                       th his wife Rachel &
            wounded in Iraq                       arines           New Orleans, LA                                                     their daughters Anna
                              ). Currently serv                                                                                                               & Emma.
           Guantanamo B                            ing at                                    Dr. Brian Buckl
                            ay Naval Hospi                                                                                                     er MD
           cbdewing@hotmail                     tal, Cuba.                                                              St. John’s Class
                           .com                                                                                                              of 1996 Associa
                                                                   Dr. Geoff Wils                                      Wayne State Uni                           te
         Dr. Nicole Mar                                                             on MD                                                     v.
                           tin Franks MD                           Medical Corps,                                      Recently compl
         St. John’s Class                                                            US Navy                                                eted his residenc
                          of 1991 Associa                          St. John’s Class                                    Family Medicin                            y in
         Spelman College                  te                                        of 1993 Associa                                        e and joined a gr
                           ;                                      Currently statio                  te                practice in Grand                          oup
         Morehouse Scho                                                             ned in Jacksonv                                            Rapids, Michiga
                           ol of Medicine                                ille, FL                             n.
        Chief Resident,                                                                                                                     m
                          Emory Univ.
        School of Medic
        Atlanta, GA

              LCDR Mike Hoffman                                       Dr. Alia Menezes wi
                                  n, MD, & his wife                                       th   her fiance                  Dr. Tatiana Hodziew
                  Stephanie, with their                                                                                                        ich Dalton
                                        son Ryan &           Dr. Alia Menez                      Stefan.          Dr. Tatiana Hod
                                                                                es MD                                                   ziewich Dalton
                              daughter Gabriella.            St. John’s Class                                     St. John’s Class                         MD
    Dr. Mike Hoffm                                                             of 1995                                               of 1997 Associa
                        ann, MD                              Tufts Univ. unde                                     Maryland Scho                         te
    Lieutenant Com                                                               rgrad; Cornell M                                   ol of Medicine–
                        mander, Medic                       College (NYC).                         edical        Baltimore
   Corps, US Nav                            al                                  Residency in In                  Family Medicin
                      y                                     Medicine at NY                      ternal                              e; Chief Residen
   St. John’s Class                                                             Hospital–Corne                   Physician–York                         t
                     of 1992 Associa                       Currently doin                        ll.                                Hospital, York,
  Undergrad Uni                          te                                 g a Clinical Nut                                                           PA.
                    v. of Delaware;                        Fellowship at M                    rition            thodziewich@hotm
  Medical College                       Jefferson                             emorial Sloan-K                            
                     , Philadelphia.                       Cancer Center                        ettering
  Residency at th                                                           in NYC. Will st
                   e National Nav                         practice next su                   art her           Dr. Cassandra
  Medical Center                       al                                   mmer.                                                Hodziewich M
                    & Walter Reed                         Alia.menezes@gm                                      St. John’s Class                   D
 Medical Center.                        Army                                                                   of 1998 Associa
                                                                                                               St. Joseph’s Uni                   te
 Otolaryngologis                                                                                                                v undergrad;
                   t—Head & Nec                                                                                Univ. of Marylan
 Surgeon (ENT                           k                                                                                         d Medical Scho
                 ). Currently serv                                                                            Fairfax Family Pr                    ol
Okinawa, Japan.                       ing in                                                                                     actice, Virginia

                                                                                                                                   The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 13

  Belgium                                          Switzerland                                                                                Pat Todd

  The Cubias family (Carlos, Christine,            The Overlack family (Chris, Kathy,                     an active member of The Neighborhood
  Keenan, & Kyle) is leaving Waterloo for the      Nicolas, Dominique, & Angela) is in Le                Music School in New Haven, where in
  UK.                      Mont Sur Lausanne.                addition to sponsoring students, she takes
                                                                                                         courses in performance and cabaret singing.
  The Grubbs family (Tim, Debbie, Tessa, &
  Hanna) is leaving Waterloo.                      UK                                                    She is also on the board of directors of the
                                                                                                         charity Action to Cure Kidney Cancer.                               In Suffolk this summer, Christine and       
  The McGeehan family (Michael, Ann,               David Griffiths, who were parents at SJ
  Cooper, & Chase) is moving to Spain.             from ’77–’80, celebrated with some 60                 MD                       family members and friends their Golden               The Ardillo family in Rockville is busy.
                                                   Wedding anniversary. Congratulations.                 Margaret is a senior at The Academy of the
  After a three-year absence, the Foster                             Holy Cross in Kensington; her sister
  family (Jerry, April, Alicia, & Katelyn) has                                                           Madeline is a sophomore there. Both girls
  returned to SJ.                                                                     continue to be active in the performing arts,
                                                                                                         as their involvement with the school’s recent
  China                                                                                                  production of 42nd Street attests. This past
                                                                                                         summer the entire family was involved in
  The McClain family (Kirk, Shawna, Collin,
                                                                                                         AHC’s summer stock production of Annie,
  Elyssa, & Caleb) relocated to Beijing in
                                                                                                         with dad Tom on stage as Harold Ickes,
  July; the kids are attending ‘another’ ISB—
                                                                                                         mom Michelle serving as flymaster,
  the Int’l School of Beijing. Collin and Elyssa
                                                                                                         Madeline operating a spotlight, and
  are playing varsity rugby for the high
                                                                                                         Margaret serving as videographer. They
  school, while Caleb is enjoying American
                                                                                                         send their greetings to Waterloo and their
  flag football. Shawna was also enjoying
                                                                                                         SJ friends and would like to hear from
  seeing two other former SJ moms who are          Christine & David Griffiths with their immediate      everyone.
  in Shanghai with their families, Amy             family, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
  Shaqqo and Angie Gustafson. Small world.                                                               The email for the Magney family in Chevy                                                                                      Chase is:
                                                   USA                                                   NC
                                                   CO                                                    In Asheville, Margriet Charlton is
  Poland                                           The Bohenick family (John, Kimberly, &
                                                   Ben) has relocated here.
                                                                                                         courageously battling breast cancer via
                                                                                                         chemotherapy and herceptin treatments,
  The Zmuda family (Bogdan, Malgorzata,                                    while being supported by her husband Fred,
  Agnieszka ’07, Marek ’09A, & Tosia) has                                                                her adult children and her sisters, who come
  returned to Warsaw.                              CT                                                    over from Europe from time to time. She                                                                               appreciates hearing news about SJ and the
                                                   Pat Todd, a dedicated supporter of the arts
                                                   while a parent at St. John's, is the director of      caring notes from friends and family in
  Russia                                           “Tuxedo Junction: The Sounds of Swing,” a
                                                   17-piece swing band based in Clinton, CT.
                                                                                                         many places.

  The Sundh family (Dick, Annelie, Emelie,                                                               NY
                                                   The band started out many years ago as a
  & Adam) has moved to Moscow.                                                                           Craig and Teresa Kissel visited the campus
                                                   small Dixieland group, but over the past 15
                                                   years Pat has nurtured the group into a               in October and were delighted to be
                                                   larger band that plays out weekly and for             reunited with some of the staff who taught
                                                   events. Her band members are of all ages              their daughter Gretchen ’03.
                                                   and come from all over the state. Pat is also

14 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                                          FORMER FAMILIES

Lucy and her son Sean Carroll stopped by
the school at the end of August for a quick
visit, as they were enroute to India to catch
up with Bob, who was conducting some
training for Deloitte. Sean ’07A, their
youngest, was slated to be a freshman at the
Univ. of Cincinnati this fall. They enjoyed
the chance to see the changed campus since                   Nancy & Dean Childers with Emily & Sarah at a fall
they left in ’96.                                                mini-reunion in Austin.
PA                                                        Nancy and Dean Childers and their family
                                                          showed up for a mini-reunion in Austin in
In August the Gamble family (current                      September, on their way to soccer games. It                         Brother Timothy McNary, FSC
students Niall, Megan, & James) visited the               was great to get updated with them and to
Macios family (former students Luke,                      hear of the ongoing connections they have                       Christian Brother
Hannah, & Mark) in the Philadelphia area.                 maintained with other SJ families.                             Timothy McNary, 85
Mark and Niall exchanged shirts as keep-
sakes of their visit.                                                                      Brother Timothy McNary died July 19,
                                                          VA                                                      2007 in the emergency room of St.
                                                                                                                  Francis Hospital in Memphis, TN., where
                                                          The Ware family (Richard, Helena, Simon,
                                                                                                                  he was being treated for an aneurysm.
                                                          Jacob, & Hanna) regretted not being able to
                                                          make the Baltimore reunion from their                   He had recently celebrated 67 years as a
                                                          home in McLean, as they had grandparents                Christian Brother. For over three decades
                                                          in town from England that week. Everyone                as a Brother, he taught, and was an
                                                          misses SJ, enjoys the alumni magazine, and              administrator and coach in various
                                                          the kids are keeping up their French at                 schools in the USA. In 1973 he joined the
                                                          Washington International School.                        staff at St. John’s as its first guidance
                                                                                 counselor and was part of the original
                                                                                                                  team of Brothers to help launch the high
                                                             In                   emoriam                         school. He also taught history and served
                                                                                                                  as high school principal, a role he did not
Niall Gamble, on the left, in his new Phillies shirt, &             Daniella Bina Falzone, 31                     really seek but to which he devoted him-
Mark Macios enjoying his new Waterloo shirt, just                                                                 self. He subsequently returned to
                                                             Daniella Bina Falzone, former student, died
what they needed to start Grade 3.                                                                                Memphis, joining the staff of Christian
                                                             unexpectedly July 24, 2007, in South                 Brothers University, where he did career
                                                             Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA. She was born                 counseling and served as placement
The Siemer family (Chris, Ann, & William
                                                             Aug. 28, 1975 in Katmandu, Nepal, and was            director and director of international
’07A) has left Malaysia and relocated to
                                                             the daughter of Brigitte and the late James R.       admissions, from which he retired in
Chadds Ford.
                                                             Falzone. Daniella’s father worked for the US         2002. He is survived by a sister and a
TX                                                           State Dept, and she and her family were              brother. Memorials may be sent to the
                                                             stationed in various countries, such as Nepal,       McNary International Student Scholar-
The Flynn family (Dan, Molly, Katie, &
                                                             Morocco, Argentina, and Belgium. After               ship Endowment Fund at Christian
Maggie) is in Garland.
                                                             settling on Cape Cod in 1988, Daniella               Brothers University, 650 East Parkway
                                                             graduated in 1993 from Dennis-Yarmouth               South, Memphis, TN 38104. Brother
The Salvatore family (Jeffrey, Jacqueline,                   Regional High School. She is survived by her         Timothy is remembered fondly by all
Katherine, & Natalie) is in Westlake, in the                 three children; her mother; and her sister,          those current and former members of
Dallas/Ft. Worth area. There is now an IB                    Claudia Falzone Robinson, SJ Class of 1988.          staff, as well as by the former students and
school—Westlake Academy—in the area,                         May she rest in peace.                               parents of the St. John’s community who
which the children are attending, so they are                                   Noel Reid                         served with him or came to know him in
pleased to be back in that educational                                                                            those early days of the founding of the
environment. If any SJ families are heading                  Former parent Noel Reid died in late August
                                                             2007 in Kuala Lumpur of a heart attack. He           high school. In the words of former
to north Texas, be sure to contact them for                                                                       Superintendent, Sister Maeve Shannon,
info.                                  is survived by his wife Patricia and their two
                                                             sons, one of whom, Ciaran ’10A, attended             fcj, “May his humble, generous, and great
                                                             SJ. May he rest in peace.                            soul rest in peace.”

                                                                                                                              The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 15

               taff    former

  Canada                                          his times in education. He welcomes
                                                  any alumni passing through Bangkok or
  After a five-year hiatus, Carla Babichuk has    Yangon, Myanmar, to contact him.
  returned to what she knows and loves
  most—teaching. Almost a year ago, she left
  the public relations profession and finished
  the school year as a teacher in a mental        Cherry Cabban and Tony have relocated               Former high school principal, Dennis McCann, with
  health day-treatment program. Since Sept.       into the old town of Javea and continue to          his daughter Jessica, at a friend’s wedding.
  she has been on the teaching staff at the       enjoy hearing about the SJ community.
  Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital School,
                                                                                                     Nancy Clayton Ferguson happily notes that
  where she works with special-needs                                                                 she retired at 49, and enjoys spending time
  students. Congratulations.
                                                  Switzerland                                        between Lake Tahoe and the coast north of
                                                                                                     San Francisco, as well as traveling four to six
                                                  Caroline Francois and family have relocated
                                                                                                     months a year. She has very fond memories
                                                  in the Zurich area. Christopher and
  Malta                                           Victoria are now in 9th and 7th grade
                                                                                                     of those years–1974-1975–that she spent at
  John and Joanne Lepetit left their home in      respectively, and are still swimming. They
  Greeley, CO, and returned to Europe in          hope to meet up with some other competi-           CT
  August to pioneer an international school       tors from SJ at the ISSTs in Cairo next            Former high school principal Dennis
  here for Quality Schools International. John    March.                            McCann and his wife, Maureen, a former
  served as the middle school principal and                                                          middle school teacher, are in Guilford.
  staff developer from ’92 to ‘96 for SJ, while
  Joanne worked as an interpreter and
                                                  USA                                                Maureen has changed from teaching and
                                                                                                     is just finishing up her Master’s as a
  substitute teacher in art. Their daughters      CA                                                 Psychotherapist. She has lots of patients
  Nicki (‘94) and Shelly attended SJ for two                                                         already as part of her practice and require-
  years. Both John and Joanne have retired        Former German teacher at SJ from ’71-’88,
                                                  Irene Williams, was happy to be re-united          ments for the course; she loves the work.
  from public/private education in the States                                                        Jessica ’02A graduated from Sacred Heart
  and are truly excited about returning to        with another former staff member, Gwen
                                                  Bergman, and the alumni director this fall         Univ. with a BA in Communications and
  Europe. Their first trip, according to                                                             Marketing. She is the director of marketing
  Joanne, will be to Waterloo to visit their      in Santa Barbara, where Irene is now retired
                                                  and where Gwen works as a guidance                 and sales for a small company in Guilford,
  good friends Sr. Barbara, Judith, Martine,                                                         CT and quite happy doing it, as it has given
  Dennis, Mandy and others still serving SJ.      counselor. It was an opportunity to share
                                                  stories from the past and present about SJ         her a lot of experience. She just recently
  Congratulations and good luck.                                                                     added work for another young company.                                and to bring one another up to date on
                                                  former colleagues and families.                    Dennis is the director of pastoral services for
                                                                             a small community hospital in Middletown,
  Myanmar                                                         CT called Middlesex Hospital. He
                                                                                                     facilitates about four groups a week with
  Dave Schaefer has a new email address:                                                             patients—mostly teaching meditation and                                                                             how to stay in the present moment
  He notes that his two knee replacements,                                                           especially when times get tough—and how
  while not enabling him to run sprints, do                                                          to locate the true self. He also devotes time
  keep him moving around the campus, make                                                            to a 12-patient hospice care unit.
  that two campuses, of the schools he has                                                 
  started. When his daughter graduates in
  2009 he anticipates retiring to his villa in
  southern Thailand, sitting by the pool with
  a ‘cool one,’ and reminiscing about SJ and        Gwen Bergman & Irene Williams enjoy some time
                                                                 together in Santa Barbara in Nov.

16 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008

High School Principal Departure                                                                      Dr. Blok has been teaching Religious
                                                                                                     Studies, Theory of Knowledge, and IB
After 7+ years on the staff, Dr. Nick Miller
                                                                                                     Philosophy at SJ since 1990. In addition
and his wife Alison said farewell to St. John’s
                                                                                                     to her classroom and department coordina-
at the end of December to return to Hong
                                                                                                     tor roles, she has been involved with
Kong to take on new educational responsi-
                                                                                                     graduation ceremony coordination, senior
bilities there. Since coming to Waterloo from
                                                                                                     class advisory coordination, liturgy plan-
HK in the summer of 2000, Nick has been
                                                                                                     ning, and served as a member of the high
the high school principal, while Alison
                                                                                                     school leadership team. She has been
taught in the elementary school. Peter, one
                                                                                                     responsible for the ecology club, the
of their sons, graduated from SJ in 2005.
                                                                                                     philosophy society, and the senior charity,
Their oldest daughter, following in their
                                                                                                     raising funds for the Annai Erica Home in
footsteps, is a teacher in HK. We wish them                                     Dr. Marjan Blok      India.
all the best as they return to a place they
called home for 17 years and are grateful for     Interim Principal appointed                        We are fortunate to have someone of her
all that they have contributed to the SJ          As of 1 Jan 2008, Dr. Marjan Blok has              background and experience to take on this
community as individual educators and as a        agreed to assume the role of interim high          important responsibility. She’ll continue
team during their tenure in Waterloo.             school principal. She studied theology in          teaching her IB 2 Philosophy class.
                                                  France and the USA, took her doctoral
A replacement for Nick has been found, and
                                                  exams at the University of Amsterdam               Middle School/High School
interviews have also been established to
                                                  in Church History, New Testament, and
choose a replacement for Alison.
                                                  Philosophy, and completed her doctorate
                                                                                                     Librarian appointed.
                                                  with highest distinction at UFPG                   Ms. Rose Hoger accepted her new role
                                                  (Universitaire Faculteit voor Protestantse         while visiting Brussels this fall, as she and
                                                  Godgeleerdheid), Brussels, with an interdis-       her husband were moving there from Italy.
                                                  ciplinary dissertation entitled: “Religious text   She is Australian and a graduate of Griffith
                                                  as a bridge to pluralism: the epistemology of      Univ. there and holds her librarian
                                                  Flemish Anabaptist martyr’s literature.”           certification from Queensland Univ. of
                                                                                                     Technology. She has taught in Australia,
                                                  Dr. Blok has published articles and lectured       Japan, and Hong Kong; for the last two
                                                  in the area of her expertise, sixteenth            years, she was the librarian at St. Mary’s
                                                  century Church History, both in Belgium            International School, Tokyo.
                                                  and abroad and is an editor for “De Stem,”
                        Alison & Nick Miller      a Flemish periodical in the areas of               The school is grateful to Karen Wilkinson,
                                                  theology, philosophy, and culture. She is          who filled in as full-time librarian during
                                                  married to Peter Crossman, an anthro-              the first few months of school, and to
                                                  pologist and Associate Researcher with the         Toni Collins who became her part-time
                                                  KUL (Catholic University of Leuven), and           assistant. ✤
                                                  has three children, two of whom are
                IMPORTANT NOTE                    adopted from Ukraine. She enjoys playing
                CONCERNING                        the harpsichord, biking, and camping with
                DIGITAL PHOTOS:                   her family.
  In creating digital photos, please take
                                                                                                        Surfing the Web?
  them at a high resolution by reducing                                                                 Use the on-line update form to let us
  the number of photos per disk to a                                                                    know what’s happening in your life.
  minimum. The resultant large photo –            MOVING?
  don’t reduce its size to email it -- will
  then be compressed by us to produce a            Don’t Forget – If you have graduated       
  clear image at 300 dpi. Monitors need            university or will be moving for any
  only 72 dpi, and what looks good on              reason, please try to remember to notify
  your screen will not appear sharp in             us, so the magazine is sent to the proper
  print. Thanks.                                   place, saving money in the process.                               The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 17

Class of 1990 Reunion
At the end of Aug. and early Sept., 11 members/associates of the class, as well as                      L to R: Miguel, Sonja, & Martijn.
Martijn ’91 & Rogier Verbruggen ’93, some spouses and a significant other, and
a couple of children and babies, all had a great time getting together. They came
from North America, Tunisia, and Europe, especially London, and were
welcomed warmly by numerous staff members who had once been their
teachers, administrators, and coaches.
Natacha, the class rep, did a superb job organizing the schedule, which included
the Friday breakfast and campus tour; a Friday evening apertifs hour and dinner
at Amusoir in Waterloo; another tour on Sat. morning for those unable to attend
the Friday one; and another get-together later that day. There was free time to
pursue one’s own schedule as well.
                                                                                             Martijn welcomes Mrs. Rita Greene & Mr. Patrick Tobin to the dinner.
In addition to reconnecting with one another and with teachers and having the
time to relax and to socialize, the reunion gave everyone a chance to revisit the
familiar C-level, the classrooms, gym, library, and other campus facilities that
stay in one’s memory, despite the passage of time. Most impressive, though, to
everyone it seemed, were the striking additions and improvements to the
campus, particularly the Performing Arts Center.
Both campus tours included a pause and moment of reflection at the memorial
rose tree, sponsored by the class, to honor classmate Chantal Blaas Warrinnier,
who passed away from heart failure 24 Nov 2004 in Grimbergen.
We wish the class well as it maintains viable connections now renewed as a                   Karim updates Sister Barbara at breakfast in the new cafeteria.
consequence of this weekend, and look forward to hearing about and/or helping
with another one, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, at a location that brings
even more classmates together. ✤

                                                              L to R: Ho-Seung, Jason,
                                                              Natacha, Miguel, Ellen
                                                              (Stanard), & their daughter

                                                                                              Ms. Judith Hoskins (formerly Debetencourt) shows Ho-Seung &
                                                                                              Miguel & others the Performing Arts Center.

     L to R: Gracja, Liz
     & her daughter
     Alice, & Ho-Seung.

                                                Karim & Martijn enjoy
                                                reminiscing with Coaches
                                                VanSteenbeeck & Davis.              A visit to the faculty room. L to R: Natacha, Mme. Marie Claire de Cock, Manuel,
                                                                                    Karim, Thea & her son, Liz, & Mrs. Pauline Dickens (formerly Wood).

Baltimore Reunion 14 October
Following a luncheon and meeting of
the Board of the St. John’s International
Foundation, Inc. at the Baltimore
Country Club, Michelle Powers
Dougherty ’85, a Board member herself,
hosted a reunion in her home in nearby
Owings Mills. Alumni in the greater
MD/VA/DC area were invited. We’re
grateful to Michelle and her family for
the hospitality and look forward to
                                                                                                                      Katherine Geesey ‘85A at left, with Michelle Powers
future opportunities for alumni get-
                                                                                                                   Dougherty ‘85, a Board member, & host of the reunion.
togethers in that area. ✤
                                                      Joli Toth ‘87 & Bill Sakkab ‘90 have a chance to meet one
                                                                               another at the Baltimore reunion.

             Katherine & her mother Jean Geesey appreciated the chance to
                                           meet other alumni in the area.                              Louis Toth & Charles Setzfand, both class of ‘89 &
                                                                                              Foundation Board members, relax at the reunion following
                                                                                                                              the annual board meeting.

 this just in (continued from page 11)
 2005                                                  ever. He also helped the defense secure
 Associate Yuiko Yoshida is presently study-           four conference shutouts, which translates
                                                       into the best defense in their conference.
                                                                                                                     For your info… The Lions’
 ing art at Musashino Art Univ. in Tokyo,                                                                            Pride is available on line at the school
 but next year she will transfer, as a                 Congratulations.
                                                                                                                     website, usually within a few weeks of
 representative of her school, to the Pratt  
                                                                                                                     publication of the printed version. You
 Institute in NY to continue her art studies 
                                                                                                                     can opt to give up receiving a printed
 there for a year. Congratulations.                    2007                                                          copy—in the interests of cost savings and                                   Monwar Morshed has relocated to another                       environmental considerations. To do so,
 2006                                                  Waterloo—the one in Ontario, Canada, and                      just let me know, and be certain to in-
 John Camarillo is surrounded by books                 it’s different, in that it’s less international, but          clude your email address. You will then
 about political science, philosophy, and              the campus is small, enabling him to get to                   receive an e-alert once it’s ready for
 economics at Vanderbilt Univ. Preben Gietz,           know people better. He is studying honors                     viewing, downloading, and printing in
 at Clark Univ. in Massachusetts, is majoring          biology at Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Associate                    pdf. Also if your name appears in the
 in psychology with a minor in French. He              Celine Sidawi is in Dubai. Alida Jacobson is                  magazine, a Google search will, in all
 distinguished himself this past fall on the           majoring in international business manage-                    likelihood, find it in whatever issues it has
 soccer field there in several ways—earning            ment and minoring in French and Spanish                       appeared (Some of the past issues are also
 the Conference Player of the Week after               at Goucher College in Maryland.                               available in pdf online.)
 scoring the winning goal in a 1-0 victory   
                                                                                                                     Jack Lyons, Editor
 over Clark’s biggest rival, Wheaton, the first

                                                                                                                                   The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 19

  Hollywood came to Waterloo with the
  performance of “Up the Down Staircase”!
  The fall high school production directed by the new drama
  teacher proved successful and down right professional having
  added a set designed and built by Hollywood Art Director Gregg
  Lacy, a free-lance artist who works with stars such as Johnny
  Depp. As Tomi Griffin, the director of the show states, “I never
  would have put so much time, effort and professionalism into
  the show if the cast wasn’t worth it, and they were so very worth
  it! And I wanted to display what this theatre could do.” Tomi’s
  professors from Central Washington University, where she is
  completing her Master’s degree, agreed that the show was of top
  quality with an ensemble cast that had clearly done “their
  homework”! No pun intended as the show was about high
  school kids and featured a scene with all the excuses of why kids
  don’t do their homework.
  Up the Down Staircase was originally a best selling novel by Bel
  Kaufman, and then it was adapted into a movie starring Sandy
  Dennis and then made into a play. It is about a brand new high
  school teacher in a low income inner city New York high school
  and the trials and tribulations of the bureaucracy that goes along
  with teaching. ✤

20 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                              AROUND THE CAMPUS

                             Microcosm of Unity in Diversity
                                                                                International Festival – October 5, 2007

If you’ve ever participated in a St. John’s International Festival you may
well have fallen asleep that night with numerous images flashing
through your mind. A five-year-old, dark-haired Nepalese shyly
smiling as she parades on the black carpet. This year Bosnia-
Herzogovina saw Sofia with her green headscarf and bright red shoes
pad along the catwalk. Sybille had changed into a Brazilian rag doll
with multicolored mop hair and one stocking of stripes, another just
gray. Eritrean dress is one of the most surprising—the material is a
muslin as soft as the finest silk. Three-year-old Emily kept her hand on
her heart the entire trip around the gym as she waved her Canadian
flag. La France put on a spectacular this year, with dainty desmoiselles
white ringlets tossing as they strode along heads high as part of Louis
XVIth’s court. Our French moms had luxurious dresses with puffy
sleeves, neck décolleté and bouffant skirts. The Gilles of Belgium with
bells tinkling and wooden shoes plodded along while crowds swung to
the drum beat of this 400-year-old Belgian holiday custom.
The photos of the audience capture the unending mouths open: oohing
and ahhing, as silks and flounces flowed along.
Does this day not capture the meaning of the spirit of St. John’s? Our
microcosm of the globe is here in little Waterloo, where each ethnic                       Croatia is represented with a     Nigeria dazzles the crowd with its
group says, “Look at me, I’m different.” And others reply, “Aren’t these                                  colorful dress.                         ethnic dress.
differences amazing?” Dare we use the European Union slogan /
symbol of unity in diversity. We, the St. John’s family, stand together and
distinct, sharing our special identities. We are a puzzle of unique
differences fitting well together. On October 5th we, the St. John’s
family, showed our children how to look at each other, to admire and
respect those cultural heritages unlike our own.
Thank you, Monique Varin, Seeta Kasturirangan and all the moms and
dads who worked so hard to put this beautiful day together! ✤

                            Venezuela shows her flair.
                                                                The French Court

                                                         Kindergarteners receive stamps
                                                         in their passports as they move
                                                              from one stand to another.

                                                                                                                            The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 21

          ports by the umbers
  In the last five years, St. John’s has been the ISST champions in boys’
  varsity basketball three times, as well as the ISST champions in boys’
  and girls’ varsity volleyball. The school has won 25 varsity
  championships (1st place) in the last 15 years, and following this fall
  season, has added a gold, a silver, and two bronze team ISST
  pennants to the sports arena and sports hall. The results include:
        Girls’ Soccer              1st place (Vienna)
        Boys’ Soccer               3rd place (Frankfurt)
        Girls’ Volleyball          2nd place (The Hague)                               Girls' varsity soccer team 2007–gold medal winners in their division in Vienna at
        Boys’ Volleyball           5th place (Waterloo)                                the ISSTs.
        Cross Country              3rd place (Paris) (Varsity girls)
                                   Naike Picollo won the individual
                                   gold and Theo Lequesne won a silver.
  Congratulations to all of our athletes and coaches for a superb effort.
  And now on to swimming, where our junior teams have won the
  Brussels championship seven consecutive years, and a sure-to-be
  exciting basketball season for both guys and girls. Watch the school
  website for schedules and announcements of meets, tournaments
  and games, and come out to support the teams. Go Lions! ✤

                                                                                                    Girls' varsity volleyball team rose to the occasion against
                                                                                                    tough competition at the ISSTs in The Hague & earned
            Boys' soccer in action at home this fall. At the ISSTs in
                                                                                                    themselves a 2nd place–silver medal.
            Frankfurt, they placed 3rd, bringing home the bronze medal.

    The medal-winning cross-country team resting after a season of grueling workouts
    and meets.

                                                                                                     The boys' volleyball team in action at home.

22 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                              AROUND THE CAMPUS

Atsuko Bersma, former parent &
Ikebana instructor, with SJ teacher,
Emerita Joachain, & the latter's
creation at the Ikebana Exhibition in
Oct, which was hosted for the 2nd
year in the spacious foyer of the
SJ Performing Arts Center. Emerita
was one of eight SJ staff members
who took Atsuko's course and
presented their designs that
weekend, along with the creations                                                                         Originality, simplicity, & elegance–these are three words
of many other parents.                                                                                                             associated with the art of Ikebana.

             Another of the imaginative
                   creations on display
                          that weekend.

  St. John’s International Baccalaureate Exam Results
  July 2007
  Total number of candidates: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80
  Number of diploma & retake candidates: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
  Number of subject entries: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 481
  Number of candidates who passed the diploma: . . . . . . . . . . . 47
  Average points obtained by candidates
  who passed the diploma: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
  Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate: . . . . . . . . . . . 45
                                                                                  (Max. score possible)         The US Ambassador to Belgium, Sam Fox, and his
  Average grade obtained by SJ candidates                                                                               wife Marilyn, chat with Karen Downie, an
  who passed the diploma: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31                                  elementary school teacher, as Dr. Doenges,
  Total # of candidates excluded from statistics: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0                                          at left, escorts them around the campus
                                                                                                                             during their visit to St. John’s in Nov.

                                                                                                                              The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 23

                                             Alumni Calendar 2007–2008 School Year
     16 Feb         Carnival Gala and Auction (This fund-raiser and       15 Mar           High School Honor Band and Choir at Am.
                    fun evening will take place at the Sheraton Hotel                      School of London.
                    and Towers in Brussels).
                                                                          22 Mar           Class Reunion-1998
     23 Feb         High School/Middle School Honor Orchestra
                                                                          4–5 Apr          Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) 150th
                    (Dozens of the finest student musicians in Europe/
                                                                                           Anniversary in Paris.
                    Asia will converge on the campus to perform).
                                                                          18–19 Apr        High School International Schools’ Theatre Arts
     1 Mar          Brussels Jr. Swim Championships (St. John’s has
                                                                                           Festival–Stavanger, Norway.
                    won for the last 7 years).
                                                                          25–26 Apr        Middle School Girls’ Honor Choir Festival in
     6–8 Mar        ISSTs (Basketball and Swimming–see the website
                    for more info during the course of the season).
                    Boys’ BB is in Athens; girls’ BB is in Paris;         23-25 May Class Reunion–1993
                    swimming is in Cairo.
                                                                          7 June           Graduation
     8 Mar          PTA Talent Show and Dinner
                                                                          13-15 June Class Reunion–1988
     15 Mar         Tom O’Donnell Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer

  Golf Tournament

                                                                         The Pierpont Golf Club provides a charming, welcoming venue for this annual event.

  Dr. Joe Doenges presents a bottle of champagne to the top golfer
  of the day, Jeff McCorstin, who also won a weekend at the
  Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland.

                                                                                        More than 60 parents & business associates had a day away from the
                                                                                    office, all for a good cause–to raise funds to support the sports program
                                                                                        at the school. Over 12,000 euros was generated; the SJ community is
                                                                               especially grateful to the Golf Tournament Team who organized the event and
                                                                                                      coordinated the sponsorship that made the day possible.

   On a fun day, the 'closest-to-pin' competition was taken seriously.

24 The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008
                                                                                                       AROUND                 THE       CAMPUS

                                                                  orenzo atto
                                                             Former student Lorenzo Gatto ’05A, just 20 years old, has received international
                                                             acclaim: 1st prize at the Manchester International Violin competition. He has
                                                             performed with the BBC Philharmonic, the Charlemagne Orchestra and the
                                                             Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia.
                                                             At age five his violin studies began, and at 12 he entered the Royal Conservatory
                                                             of Music in Brussels, under the well known violinist, Véronique Bogaerts. At 17
                                                             he completed his studies with high honors. He has perfected his art under
                                                             Krebbers in Holland, Dumay at the Chapelle musicale Reine Elisabeth, and has
                                                             worked with Seiji Ozawa. Presently he studies in the Vienna Conservatory of
                                                             Classical Music with Kuschnir.
                           Lorenzo Gatto in concert at SJ.
                                                             Music is not his only passion. He became one of the youngest pilots of an ultra-
                                                             light at age 16.
                                                             St. John’s was proud to have had Lorenzo return to the campus to perform in
                                                             concert in Sept. and again in Dec. ✤

                             isit by                                  uby                          hilogene
The International Baccalaureate music class was honored in December to host a visit by a
world-renowned mezzo-soprano, Ms. Ruby Philogene, MBE. Ms. Philogene has played a
number of operatic stage roles in her career, including that of Dido, the tragic heroine in the
1689 Baroque work, Dido and Aeneas by English composer Henry Purcell. In the IB program,
music students are required to study in-depth a major work and to be prepared to answer
questions about the work after listening to audio extracts; the work they are studying this year
is Purcell’s. The students were privileged to be able to spend several hours with her and take
her to lunch, learning the artist’s views on the role, and her insights into the production. It
was a rare opportunity for them to be able to interview the ‘Queen of Carthage.’
Ms. Philogene’s career includes opera, oratio, and recitals in Europe and the USA with well-
known conductors, orchestras, accompanists, and other singers. In 2003 she was made a
Member of the British Empire (MBE) on the Queen’s Birthday Honors list for her services to
music. St. John’s is pleased to have been able to welcome such a talented performer to our
campus and to have her share her expertise and experience with our students. ✤
                                                                                                                 Ms. Philogene sharing her thoughts with
                                                                                                                                               the class.

                                                                                       Ms. Ruby Philogene, MBE, center, opera star,
                                                                                       visits the IB Music class, which Mr. Robert
                                                                                       Ritman, SJ teacher, 3rd from right, teaches.

                                                                                                                     The Lions’ Pride • JANUARY 2008 25
            merican Women’s Club Bazaar
                                                              In November the American Women’s Club held its 42nd charity
                                                              “Christmas Bazaar” at St. John’s with almost 100 vendors.
                                                              Exceptional items ranged from Norwegian sweaters to hand–made
                                                              pottery, fine and fun jewelry, cuckoo clocks, German Christmas
                                                              Carousels, Russian Santas, and oriental rugs. There were also five
                                                              charity stands whose profit from sales goes directly to their individual
                                                              causes. The event is colorful, noisy with chatter and Christmas music
                                                              and very worth the visit. A big thank you goes to Pam Showalter for
                                                              a very well-organized event. ✤

         Key Dates, School Year 2008–2009
   August 25 and 26         Orientation of new teachers
   August 27-29             In-service training for all teachers
   September 1              First day of classes for grades 1-13
   October 27-31            Fall break
   November 11              Armistice Day
   December 22-January 2    Christmas vacation
   February 23-27           Winter break
   April 6-17               Easter vacation
   May 1                    Labor Day
   May 21 and 22            Ascension
   June 1
   June 6
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