1         INTRODUCTION                                    2.3   Board Meetings

          In accordance with the terms of Clause                Two board meetings were held during
 of the Constitution, the Board                the year with Mr I Oosthuysen of the
          has pleasure in submitting the following              Namibian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
          report on the affairs of the Association              also in attendance.
          and the audited statement of accounts
          for the financial year ended 28 February
          2006 to be approved at the next Board           3     BENEVOLENT FUND
                                                          3.1   Committee
                                                                The future existence of this committee
2         BOARD OF THE ASSOCIATION                              will be debated at the Board Meeting
                                                                scheduled for March 2006 when
2.1       Composition                                           portfolios of committees are reviewed.
          The Board comprised of the following
          members:                                        3.2   Grants
                                                                Grants to three widows are paid on a
        Elected Members                                         monthly basis. Where applicable, the
      •   Mr PT Waterson (President)                            RICS made a contribution to the
      • Prof DG Brümmer (Vice-President)                        Benevolent Fund.
      • Mr T Matunda (Deputy Vice-President)
      •   Mr NM Mteza (Immediate Past
            President)                                    4     BUILDING ENTREPRENEURIAL
      •     Mr PD Bowker                                        DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE
      •     Mr TM Brunette                                      (BEDC)
      •     Mr RL Chauke
      •     Mr GT Chaane                                  4.1   Committee
      •     Mr YM Cassim                                        The committee comprised of the
      •     Dr C P de Leeuw                                     following members:
      •     Mr O Narker                                             • Prof JJP Verster (Chairman)
      •     Mr JN Govender                                          • Mr PD Kotze
      •     Mr FJ Potgieter                                         • Mr AJG Venter
      •     Mr I Pillay                                             • Mr FH Berry
      •     Ms M Butt                                               • Executive Director
      •     Mr Y Dindar
                                                          4.2   Financial Assistance
      •     Prof JJP Verster
                                                                The Board continues to support
      •     Mr E van den Berg
                                                                approved entrepreneurial training
      •     Ms I Pieterse                                       programmes.
      •     Ms M van Leeuwen
                                                          4.3   Funding
          Co-Opted Members                                      The Trust that was formed to assist
           (None)                                               this programme was extensively
                                                                marketed to the members. The
2.2    Office Bearers                                           Board regrets that members’
       The following were elected for the period                participation remains disappointing.
       April 2005 to March 2006:
      • Mr PT Waterson        (President)
      • Prof DG Brümmer (Vice-President)                  5     BUILT ENVIRONMENT
      • Mr T Matunda (Deputy Vice-President)                    PROFESSIONS COMMITTEE (BEP)

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5.1    Committee                                                •   Mr D McCrindle
        The committee comprised of the
        following members:                            8.2   Activities
          • Mr PT Waterson (Chairman)                       Mr FJ Potgieter had been co-opted to
          • Mr O Narker                                     assist Prof Maritz in all work relating to
          • Executive Director                              the standardisation and reviewing of
                                                            documentation as proposed by the CIDB
5.2    Activities
       This adhoc committee serves as liaison               Stakeholders Forum
       group between the various professions                The forum comprised of the following
       on common issues.                                    member:
                                                               • Mr O Narker (Chairman)

6     BUILT ENVIRONMENT PROFESSIONS                         Activities
      MEDICAL AID SCHEME (BEPmeds)                          Few meetings were convened during the
                                                            year under review.
6.1     Committee
        The committee comprised of the
        following members:                            9     CONSTRUCTION ECONOMICS
             • Mr DL Linder (Chairman)                      COMMITTEE
             • Executive Director
                                                      9.1   Committee
6.2     Activities                                          The Committee comprised of the
        Membership growth is still relatively               following members:
        low. Broker participation had been                       • Mr A van Rensburg (Chairman)
        extended to assist with the increase in                  • Mr M Treadaway
        membership numbers. New rates for                        • Ms KM Evans
        2006 had been implemented as from 1
        January 2006. Reserves of the fund            9.2   REVISION:   ELEMENTAL              COST
        had been successfully stabilised and                ANALYSIS DOCUMENT
        had increased substantially.
                                                            Revision of the Elemental Cost Analysis
                                                            document was the last work performed
7     MASTER BUILDERS OF SA GOOD                            by the committee. Attempts have to be
      PRACTICE COMMITTEE                                    made to motivate and encourage
                                                            members to proceed with work in terms
7.1     Committee                                           of research, etc.
        The committee comprised of the
        following members:
             • Mr O Narker (Chairman)                 10    CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL
             •   Mr PT Waterson                             DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (CPD)
             • Prof DG Brümmer
             • Executive Director                     10.1 Committee
                                                           The CPD activities are handled by the
7.2     Activities                                         QS EduTech Centre, under the auspice
        Although ongoing liaison between the               of the Director, Mr JHH Cruywagen.
        two organistions was considered to be              Committee members comprise of the
        of advantage to both professions, no               following:
        meetings had been convened during                       • Prof JJP Verster (Chairman)
        the year under review.                                  • Mr JHH Cruywagen
                                                                • Executive Director

8     CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY                           10.2 Activities
                                                            Based on the SAQA requirement for the
8.1    Focus Group                                          recording of Short Course information,
       Members comprised of the following:                  the Department of Quantity Surveying
          • Prof MJ Maritz (Chairman)                       and Construction Management at the

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       University of the Free State had drafted              underwritten by the Association) were
       English and Afrikaans translations of a               offered during the year under review.
       pro forma Record of CPD Modules /
       Courses / Seminars etc. Copies of              14     ENGINEERING MATTERS
       these pro formas were handed to the                   COMMITTEE
       Director of the QS EduTech Centre.
                                                      14.1 Committee
       CPD criteria for submission and non-                The committee comprised of the
       compliance are currently under review,              following members:
       based on a possible link with re-                         • Mr PD Bowker (Chairman)
       registration.                                             • Mr PC Venter
                                                                 • Mr RL Marques
11     QS EDUTECH CENTRE                                         • Mr G du Preez
                                                                 • Mr MJ Slade
       The QS EduTech Centre continues to                        • MR R Pearce
       provide supportive assistance to the                      • MR DJ Reid
       members of the construction industry
                                                                 • Mr RE Black
       and its allied professions and provides
                                                                 • Mr JH Brümmer
       information to the public under the
       auspice of the Director: EduTech (Mr                      • Mr R du Rand
       JHH Cruywagen).                                           • Executive Director

                                                      14.2    Activities
12     DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE                                 The committee continuously
                                                              endeavors to promote opportunities
12.1     Committee                                            for quantity surveyors in the
         Committee members comprised of the                   engineering field. No meetings were
         following:                                           convened during the year under
              • Prof DG Brümmer                               review.
              • Executive Director
                                                      15 FEES ADVISORY COMMITTEE
         (Chairmanship    linked   to Vice-
                                                      15.1    Committee
                                                              The committee comprised of the
12.2     Activities
                                                              following members:
         The main objective of the committee is
         to investigate and where necessary                        • Mr DL Lindenberg
         pursue any complaints relating to                         • Mr PH Rossouw
         professional matters and compliance                       • Dr CP de Leeuw
         to the Professional Code of Conduct.                      • Mr FJ Pretorius
                                                                   • Mr MP Kgole
13     EDUCATION LOAN FUND                                         • Mr DWG Venner
                                                                   • Mr JH Brümmer
13.1 Universities and Technikons                                   • Executive Director
     No grants were made to the tertiary
     institutions.                                    15.2    Interpretation of the Fee Scale
                                                              The committee, which serves in
13.2 Loans                                                    conjunction with the Fees Committee
     The committee comprised of the                           of the Council, attends to queries on
     following members:                                       interpretations of the Fee Scale.
            • Mr BW Probert (Chairman)
            • Mr MA Raaff                             15.3    Salary Survey
            • Mr BE Riddle                                    The committee conducts an annual
            • Executive Director                              salary survey in order to provide
     Due to the increasing rate of defaulting                 feedback to participating firms.
     loan recipients, no further student loans                The data obtained is used to calculate
     (offered by the Standard Bank and                        and recommend acceptable hourly
                                                              charges for principals. All firms are
                                                              encouraged to participate.
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15.4      Tariff of Professional Fees                    18 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE
          The committee was requested to                    COMMITTEE
          publicise a revised Tariff of
          Professional Fees 2005 for use by              18.1     Committee
          Quantity Surveyors.                                     No meetings had been convened
                                                                  during the year under review, due to
                                                                  the vacant Chairman position. At the
16      FINANCE COMMITTEE                                         Board Meeting held in October 2005
                                                                  Mr F J Potgieter had accepted
16.1 Committee                                                    Chairmanship.     Efforts to re-instate
     The committee comprised of the                               and revive the committee to continue
     following members:                                           with necessary work need to be
          • Mr I Pillay                                           urgently considered.
          • Mr PT Waterson
          • Mr NM Mteza
          • Mr T Matunda                                 19     QSNet COMMITTEE
          • Prof DG Brümmer
          • Executive Director                           19.1     Committee
                                                                  The committee comprised of the
16.2 Audited Accounts                                             following members:
     The audited financial statements for the                          • Mr R D Hill (Chairman)
     2005/2006 financial year are attached                             • Mr B van den Heever
     for information. Any queries and                                  • Mr C Hayim
     comments may be referred to the Board.                            • Mr NTS van der Walt
                                                                       • Executive Director
16.3 Investments
     The Association’s investment portfolio              19.2     QSNet Website
     continued to be administered by the                          Continuously new innovative ideas are
     Standard Corporate Merchant Bank and                         explored to maintain an interesting
     Investec Bank with regular reviews by                        and up-to date website.
     the committee.

16.4 Annual Grants to Chapters                           20 JOINT BUILDING CONTRACTS
     Grants totaling R110 000 were made to                  COMMITTEE (JBCC)
     Chapters on a formula basis to promote
     the interests of the Association within             20.1     Committee
     their regions.                                               The Association was represented on
                                                                  the JBCC committee by:
16.5 Subscriptions                                                    • Prof MJ Maritz
     The estimated income and expenditure                             • Prof R I Schloss
     budgets for 2005/2006 were considered
     and it was agreed to change the                     20.2     Documentation
     subscriptions and introduce a practice                       All Afrikaans translation of the latest
     subscription fee. The voluntary                              JBCC documents and supporting
     contributions were split between the                         documentation had been received and
     Benevolent Fund, QS EduTech Centre                           is available in the offices.
     and BEDT at R20,00 each.

                                                         21     MARKETING COMMITTEE
                                                         21.1     Committee
       The committee assists with career                          The committee comprised of the
       exhibitions at intermediary institutions to                following members:
       promote the quantity surveying profession                       • Mr O Narker (Chairman)
       amongst school pupils.                                          • Mr NM Mteza
               • Mr NTS van der Walt                                   • Mr PT Waterson
                   (Chairman)                                          • Mr I Pillay
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             •   Mr JN Govender                           23.2     Activities
             •   Mr IA Donaldson                                   Problems     are    currently      being
             •   Mr A Alexander                                    experienced with the new underwriters
             •   Mr JA van den Heever                              Santam (previously Lloyds from
             •   Executive Director                                London) that is not accredited.
                                                                   Further     meetings      with       the
21.2     Activities                                                administrators   MARSH        will    be
         The committee became inactive with                        convened to resolve the matter.
         the resignation of the Chairman. The
         Executive Director and the Director:             24 PREAMBLES COMMITTEE
         EduTech handled marketing internally
         as interim measure.                              24.1     Committee
                                                                   Committee currently in recess.

22     MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE                               24.2     Documentation
                                                                   The Committee has to be re-instated
22.1     Committee                                                 to proceed with urgent work. The
         The committee also acts as the                            matter will be discussed at the
         Registration Committee of the Council                     forthcoming Board Meeting scheduled
         and comprised of the following                            for 29/30 March 2006 when portfolios
         members:                                                  of committees will be reviewed.
            • Mr BW Probert (Chairman)
            • Mr PD Bowker
                                                          25     PRELIMINARIES JOINT COMMITTEE
            • Mr WR Beukman
            • Mr IM Cochran
                                                          25.1     Committee
            • Mr H Ntene                                           The committee comprised of the
            • Mr A Frylinck                                        following members:
            • Executive Director                                        • Dr C P de Leeuw (Chairman)
                                                                        • Mr NM Mteza
22.2     Obituaries
                                                                        • Mr GJ Steinberg
         It is with regret that the Board reports
                                                                        • Mr R Oosthuizen (SAPOA)
         the death of the following members:
                                                                        • Mr P Bold (JBCC)
            • DC Dove
                                                                        • Mr S Segal (SAIA)
            • HJ Hoole
                                                                        • Mr D de Villiers (MBSA)
            • DM Cleland
                                                                   An equal number of members,
            • PA Mullin
                                                                   representing constituent participating
            • SL Wonfor                                            bodies of the JBCC serve on this
            • JM Klopper                                           committee.
            • B Couzens
            • WJ Lavine Smith                             25.2     Revised Document
            • RH du Toit                                           A new Preliminaries document had
            • MS Imenda                                            been published during May 2005. The
            • MM Makobe                                            confidentiality clause however, had
            • P Borcherds                                          been omitted and will be rectified with
            • R Schoombee                                          the next publication.
            • NL Nodisa
                                                          26 PRIZES AND AWARDS COMMITTEE

23 PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE FOR                             26.1     Committee
  QUANTITY SURVEYORS (PIQS)                                        The committee comprised of the
                                                                   following members:
23.1     Committee                                                      • Mr PT Waterson (Chairman)
         The committee comprised of the                                 • Executive Director
         following members:                                        Two members of the committee had
              • Mr DL Linder (Chairman)                            retired and canvassing for new
              • Executive Director                                 volunteers has to be considered.

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26.2    Gold Medal
        The Gold Medal student award for                     University of the Witwatersrand
        2004 was awarded to:                                 Quantities I      - S Chimhundu
           • Mr Mohammad Riad Chonee                         Quantities II     - G Walsh
               (University of Cape Town)                     Quantities IV     - S Rampersad
                                                             Bell-John Prize - S Chimhundu
26.3    Dem Rouse Prize
        The Dem Rouse Prize for 2004 was                     Cape Peninsula Univ of Technology
        awarded to:                                          Quantities I    - Ms Y Yu
            •   Mr M Ricardo Chadinha                        Quantities III  - Ms L Madabane
                (University of Pretoria)                     Quantities IV   - ASD van Rooyen
        (The Dem Rouse Prize had been                        Bell-John Prize - BD Fisher
        renamed to the Davis Langdon Farrow
        Laing Prize)                                         Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univ
                                                             (PE Technikon)
26.4    DJ Laing Memorial Scholarship                        Quantities II   - J Pienaar
        The DJ Laing Memorial Scholarship                    Quantities III  - RJ Williams
        was awarded to:                                      Quantities IV   - R v/der Merwe
          • Mr JB Smuts (University of                       Bell-John Prize - E Potgieter
26.5    DJ Laing Prize                                       (The Tobie Louw Prize had been
        The DJ Laing Prize was awarded to:                   discontinued)
          • Mr MR Chadinha (University of
              Pretoria)                               27 RICS/ASAQS/AAQS LIAISON GROUP

26.6 Association and Bell-John Prizes                 27.1    Committee
     The following prizes were awarded for                    The committee comprised of the
     the 2004 academic year:                                  following members:
                                                                • Prof JJP Verster (Chairman)
       University of Cape Town                                  • Mr DL Linder
       Quantities II    - CI Fisher                             • Dr CP de Leeuw
       Bell-John Prize - SP Caithness                           • Mr D McCrindle (RICS)
                                                                • Mr JF Bihl (RICS)
       University of Natal                                      • Prof MJ Maritz
       Quantities II    - Ms T Sewcharan                        • Executive Director
       Quantities III   - R Hayes
       Quantities IV    - N Naidoo                    27.2    Activities
       Bell-John Prize - C Sennoga                            A Reciprocity Agreement between the
                                                              ASAQS and RICS to render
       University of the Free State                           administrative support and/or services
       Quantities I      - HD Grobbelaar                      to members concerned, had been
       Quantities II     - Ms HT Jordaan                      successfully completed and an
       Quantities III    - Ms AHJ v/der Walt                  agreement had been signed on 18
       Quantities IV     - TJ Lekoa                           May 2005.
       Bell-John Prize - Ms HT Jordaan

       University of Port Elizabeth                   28     STANDARD SYSTEM JOINT
       Quantities II    - GI Bowles
       Quantities III   - CW Vlok
       Quantities IV    - S Moshesh                   28.1    Committee
       Bell-John Prize - KM Ramonaka                          The following Association members
                                                              served on the committee:
       University of Pretoria
                                                                • Prof DG Brümmer (Chairman)
       Quantities I     - K Rhodes
                                                                • Prof CH Klopper
       Quantities II    - P Bothma
       Quantities III    - JB Smuts                             • Prof MJ Maritz
       Quantities IV    - J Smith                               • Mr NTS van der Walt
       Quantities V     - MR Chadinha                           • Mr DJ Hoffmann
       Bell-John Prize - MR Chadinha                            • Prof C H Klopper
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            •   Mr DJ Reid                                30.2.3 Construction Conference
            •   Mr W Fourie (Rep: MBSA)                          A Construction Conference had been
            •   Mr TE Kay     (Rep: MBSA)                        attended at Sun City during 09 – 11
            •   Mr TB Switala (Rep: MBSA)                        October 2005 by the President and
            •   Ms E Edwardes                                    the Executive Director and two Board
                                                                 members. A special announcement
28.2      Activities                                             had been made at the conference that
          The new SMM7-document is currently                     a National Construction Week be
          in abeyance. The new revised Model                     composed for July 2006.
          Bills of Quantities document had been
          completed and negotiations for the
          distribution thereof are currently under        30.2.5 PROSPECT / CCN VENTURE
          way.                                                   (Please insert)


     This adhoc committee deals with
     problems and/or matters of the profession
     as and when required.

30       GENERAL

30.1      The South African Council for the
          Quantity Surveying Profession
          (SACQSP) advised the Minister and
          the Council for the Built Environment
          (CBE) on matters relating to the

          Its primary functions are to:
     •    encourage and undertake research                CONCLUSION
     •    take steps to protect the public
                                                          The Board expresses its sincere gratitude
     •    take steps for the improvement of
                                                          towards the members, committee members,
          standards of services by registered
                                                          chapters and representatives and other bodies
                                                          for their dedicated services to the Association.

          The President had attended various
          congresses during the period under
                                                          Report prepared by:

30.2.1 Pacific Association of QS (PAQS)
       The President had attended a very
       successful congress in Dalian, China
       during July 2005.
                                                          MR PT WATERSON
30.2.2 Master Builders Conference                         ASAQS PRESIDENT - 2005/2006
       The President attended the Master
       Builders Conference in
       Pietermaritzburg during 04 – 06
       September 2005 with the Executive

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