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					University City
High School

Athletic Department

Academics, Citizenship, & Athletics: The Triple-Threat to Success
The MISSION of the University City Athletic Program is to provide opportunities and
   experiences for ALL students to develop personal skills, including:
   Respect for self and others
   Ability to take positive risks
   Appreciation of one’s talents and weaknesses
   Recognition of the value of physical, academic, and aesthetic pursuits
   Understanding of teamwork and sharing of common goals
   Realization of the importance of life skills
   Positively promote physical fitness, sportsmanship, and character
   Decrease negative risk behavior (drugs, alcohol, illegal substances)
   Awareness of the diversity in cultural backgrounds
Participants will also build the self-worth and integrity necessary to be able to cope with future
    successes and failures. Participants will also gain the qualities of realistic goal setting,
    positive interdependence, and moral judgment. The athletic program creates an avenue of
    enrichment, entertainment, and proud association for parents and community members.
    The program will strive to enable students to contribute positively, responsibly, and
    ethically within today’s global society, now and in the future.
       Meet the Athletic staff

   Chad Kish
     Athletic Director
      ▪ First year at University City HS
      ▪ 10 years of college coaching experience
      ▪ 5 years of high school athletic experience

   Judy Johnson
     Administrative Assistant
      ▪ Second year in University City HS Athletic Office
      ▪ Fifteen Years of Experience in the University City School District

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and
             become more, you are a leader. --John Quincy Adams
Baseball                       Randy Micheletti
Basketball (Boys)              Dave Gammon
Basketball (Girls)             Janice Thompkins
Cheer                          Jan Hulet
Cross Country                  James Crowe
Field Hockey                   Marissa Davenport-Sheppard
Football                       Rob Battle
Golf (co-ed)                   Greg Byrne
Poms & Dance                   Jaymi Smotherson
Soccer (Boys & Girls)          Peggy Halter
Softball                       Greg Byrne
Swim (Boys)                    Kristen Calvert-French
Swim (Girls)                   Mary Lhotak
Tennis (Boys & Girls)          Mark Tabscott
Track & Field (Boys & Girls)   Matt Keller
Volleyball (Boys & Girls)      Ellie Aboussie
Water Polo (co-ed)             Tony Thomas
Wrestling                      Pat Olischlaeger & Eric Morgan
   Football
   Cross Country (Boys & Girls)
   Boys Soccer
   Boys Swimming
   Girls Volleyball
   Field Hockey
   Girls Tennis
   Softball
   Cheerleading
   Poms & Dance
   Basketball (Boys &Girls)
   Wrestling
   Girls Swimming
   Cheerleading
   Poms & Dance

                                        Demarco Kemp
                               2010 State Wrestling Champion (50-0)
   Track (Boys & Girls)
   Boys Volleyball
   Baseball
   Girls Soccer
   Boys Tennis
   Water Polo (co-ed)
   Golf (co-ed)
U City Enjoys Success On & Off the Field!

                                    FOX 2 VISITS U-CITY DURING
 Shout Out at 2009-10…                    HOMECOMING!
                                               What Time is it?
   2009 Football District Champs
   Demarco Kemp 2010 State                       U-Time!
    Wrestling Champion (50-0)
   2010 Boys and Girls Track
    District Champs
   2010 Boys State Track
   David Lambus becomes a
    state record holder in track
   U City HS celebrates 100 years
           of Excellence in 2011

Athletes at U City that have Made it BIG…
  ▪ Bernard Gilkey - MLB Baseball Player (St. Louis
    Cardinals 1990-95) played at UCHS
  ▪ Cornell “Nelly” Haynes - played baseball at UCHS prior
    to winning several Grammy awards
  ▪ David Lee – Track standout participated in the Olympics
    in track and field events and currently coaches at UCHS.
Expectations for the Student-Athlete

  Meet Academic Eligibility Requirements
  Meet MSHSAA Citizenship Requirements
  Display Sportsmanship at ALL times
  Show dedication to the team and school
  Respect coaches, team-mates, opponents,
  officials, fans, and facilities
  Act as a Role-Model
  Attend EVERY team meeting, practice,
  competition, and all tutoring sessions
Expectations for Parents of Student-Athletes

    Assist in Monitoring Academic Progress
    Provide Transportation when needed
    Complete ALL required forms in a timely
    Follow Communication Plan with coaches
    Encourage DEDICATION to the team
    Assist in Fundraising
    Join the Booster Club
   According to the College Entrance Examination Board, students involved in activities
    scored 11 % higher on the SAT, scoring 57 points higher in verbal and 41 points higher in
   Students that spend NO time in extra-curricular activities are 49% more likely to use drugs
    and 37% more likely to become teen parents than students that spend between one and
    four hours in activities each week. The Harvard Educational Review found that participation
    in extra curricular activities is the best intervention for low-status and economically
    disadvantaged students.
   A study by the Department of Health an Human Services found that students who spend
    NO time in extra curricular activities are 57% more likely to dropout, 49% more likely to
    have used drugs, 37% more likely to be a statistic of teen pregnancy, 35% more likely to
   The National Governors Association states that students that spend nine or more hours a
    week in activities are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement,
    win a school attendance award, participate in a science or math fair, and win an award for
    writing. These students are three times more likely to be elected to class office.
   The Athlete…
    o Must follow the University City Code of Ethics
    o Must meet all MSHSAA and UCSD Guidelines on eligibility,
      citizenship, and sportsmanship
    o Must maintain a minimum grade point average or the
      student-athlete will be placed on Academic Probation
    o Must have an acceptable daily attendance rate
    o Must represent University City High School in a positive
      manner in the classroom, on the playing field/court, and in
      the community.
   Forms
     MSHSAA Physical Form (Contact Information & Waiver)
     Insurance Information (copy of insurance card)
     Code of Ethics
   You must be Academically Eligible
      Pass 3.0 credits from previous semester.. Summer may be added
   Complete Sign-up Sheet for Fall Sports
   A High degree of Character & Sportsmanship
   Dedication, Desire, & Work-ethic
Where do I find Information about U City Athletics?

     University City High School Phone Numbers
       Main Office     314-290-4000
       Athletic Office 314-290-4100

     University City Sports Info
       (schedules, stories, alerts, and more)
       (schedules, results, and statistics)

     Collegiate Recruiting Information
       Dynamite Sports Account Access Page
       NCAA Eligibility Center
   University City High School Athletic Boosters
    The University City High School Athletic Boosters is a
      community support group that helps the U-City Athletic
      Department financially through donations and
      fundraising. This organization assists the athletic
      department in offering our students the tools to be

                          U-City Boosters Website
       Academics + Athletics = Scholarship Opportunities

Alon Watford received a
track scholarship to
Tulane University (New
Orleans, LA)

Brian Robinson received a
volleyball scholarship to
Missouri Baptist
University (St. Louis, MO)
   Only 3 to 5% of high school athletes
    play at the collegiate level.
   High school grades (GPA), attendance,
    and test scores (ACT/SAT) are an
    important factor in receiving an
    athletic scholarship.
   Parents should speak with coaches and
    counselors about the recruitment
    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have
                     imagined.--Henry David Thoreau
Are You Ready to
Take the Challenge?

 In the last two years…
 U City HS Graduates earned
 Over $300,000 in athletic
 scholarships to attend college

 THE CHOICE IS YOURS: Students that participate in athletics are 57%
 more likely to graduate and score over 11% higher on standardized tests
 than students that do not participate in extra-curricular activities.

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