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California Band Directors Association

Fall 2010
Volume: 52
Issue: 1

                   In This Issue

     •   2011Convention Update
     •   Guest Artist Eddie Daniels
     •   Preview of 2011 Conductors
     •   Honor Jazz Band Auditions
     •   Honor Band Audition Lists
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2 CBDA Fall 2010
Table of Contents

      In This Issue

      President’s Message
      5 - Greetings from John Burn, CBDA President

      News and Notes
      7 - CBDA joins forces with CMEA, CAJ, and CODA

      2011 Convention Preview
      8-10 - Clinicians and Performing Groups Announced

      2011 Conductor Preview
      11-16 - World Class Conductors

      Junior High and High School Solo Lists
      18-19 - Audition Information - Set B

      Honor Jazz Band
      20 - Audition Information

      Membership Information
      22-23 - 2010/2011 Membership and All-State Applications

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                            Adam Wilke, CBDA Bulletin Editor

                                                              CBDA Fall 2010 3
    California Band Directors Association

   CBDA is a nonprofit association consisting of                     Bulletin Editor
   band directors from all levels of music education.                Adam Wilke
   CBDA provides the All-State Jr. and High School                   2615 Coventry Ave
   honor bands for students and a state convention                   Clovis, CA 93611
   each February for directors. The convention provides              Email: awilke75@sbcglobal.net
   valuable clinic sessions, opportunities to hear
   outstanding musical organizations from all levels
   and areas of the state and chances to meet many                   CBDA Office
   fine band directors.                                              Trish Adams
                                                                     2410 Knowlwood Dr.
   CBDA Bulletin is the official publication of the                  Hanford, CA 93230
   California Band Directors Association, Inc.                       Email: pianolady88@sbcglobal.net
   Published three times a year: Spring, Fall, and
   Subscription price is included in the CBDA annual                 Mike Gangemi
   dues. The opinions expressed in the magazine                      Email: gangemi@whsband.org
   are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily
   represent an official position of the Association.
   CBDA does not necessarily endorse any product
   or service advertised in this magazine.

   This Bulletin mailed by September 1, 2010

                                        CBDA Board of Directors
President - John Burn                                     Exhibit Host - David Blake
Homestead High School: john_burn@fuhsd.org                Los Cerritos Middle School: blakes2@sbcglobal.net
Past President - Michael Stone                            Special Projects Coordinator/CMEA Rep - Tim Harris
Bakersfield City Schools: stonem@bcsd.com                 Chabot College: tharris@chabotcollege.edu
Administrative Assistant - Trish Adams                    Industry Rep - Ryan Blauvelt
Hanford West High School: pianolady88@sbcglobal.net       JW Pepper and Sons: rblauvelt@jwpepper.com
Vice President - Andy Collinsworth                        CODA Rep - Mike Boitz
Sonoma State University: racworth@sonoma.edu              Saratoga High School: mboitz@lgsuhsd.org
Secretary - Dan Bryan                                     NCBDA Rep - David Green
Grace Davis High School: dbryan1109@aol.com               Truckee High School: dgreen@ttusd.org
Treasurer - Steve Accatino                                NCBA Rep - Rowland Neilson
Ygnacio Valley High School: saccatino@earthlink.net       Retired: 2nielsons@sbcglobal.net
Bulletin Editor - Adam Wilke                              SCSBOA Rep - Steve Acciani
Clovis East High School: awilke75@sbcglobal.net           Diamond Bar High School: sacciani@walnutvalley.k12.ca.us
Convention Host - Brandon Price                           CAJ Rep - Meryl Wamhoff
Mark Twain Jr. High School: bjp05@sbcglobal.net           San Joaquin Delta College: mwamhoff@deltacollege.edu
Jr. High Convention Host - Nick Chitwood                  Webmaster - Mike Gangemi
Ramona High School: nchitwood@rusd.k12.ca.us              Westlake High School: gangemi@whsband.org

   4 CBDA Fall 2010
 President’s Message

              CBDA President’s Message, Fall 2010 • CBDA, CAJ and CODA will collaborate to host the
                                                    All-State Orchestra, All-State Jazz Band and All-State
              By John Burn
                                                    Jazz Choir at this conference.
              Homestead High School, Cupertino • CBDA’s Special Projects Coordinator will run the
                                                                    “band strand” of clinics and concerts, as well as present
                                                                    the Friday night headliner concert.
         Welcome back to the 2010-2011 school year!             •   CAJ will run a “jazz strand” of clinics and concerts.
I hope that each of you has had a restful and relaxing          •   CODA will run orchestra sessions and concerts.
summer. Although California state budget news remains           •   CMEA will host all other sessions, including offerings
grim, I am pleased to inform you that with our membership           for choral and general music.
numbering in the hundreds, and well over 1,000 students         •   To insure large concert audiences, only one concert
auditioning for All-State bands each year, CBDA is                  will take place at a time, and no sessions will take
healthy, strong, and poised to present our biggest conference       place during concerts.
ever, thanks to an exciting collaboration with other state      •   To make room for all this, the exhibit hall, sessions
wide organizations!                                                 and concerts will take place in the “New” convention
                                                                    center across the street from the Radisson.
         When Michael Kumer from Duquesne University
spoke at our conference last year, the title of his talk was             I would like to thank CMEA President Norman
“Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste!” When I heard this             Dea for his vision, courage, patience, persistence, and
talk, I was inspired, but had no idea to what degree we         continued strong leadership for getting us to this point.
would take his advice. Given the poor financial situation       Thank you to CMEA Executive Director John Larrieu,
in our state, as well as other factors, the CMEA state          for his decades of service and willingness to pursue this
conference has not been bringing in the numbers needed          collaboration. I also thank Chuck Tumlinson, Meryl
to break even financially.                                      Wamhoff, and Lisa Butts for taking on the CAJ
                                                                responsibilities for this blended conference. I have
         For over a year, talks have occurred between CMEA      moved Michael Boitz from the CBDA Special Projects
and CBDA board members regarding the possibility of             Coordinator position to instead serve as our new CODA
collaboration. Tim Harris, a board member of both               representative on the CBDA board. Thank you, Michael
organizations, ran an on-line poll of CBDA board                Boitz, along with Joni Swensen and Jason Aiello of the
members last year. This poll showed 80% of CBDA                 CODA board, for taking on the Orchestra responsibilities
members in favor of some sort of collaboration and/or           for this blended conference. I have appointed Tim Harris
single blended conference. The idea of a single “mega           to serve as the CBDA Special Projects Coordinator while
conference” in California has been the dream of many            he continues to serve as the CMEA representative on the
for years. As your CBDA President, it is my responsibility      CBDA board. Thank you, Tim! (Check out Tim’s article
to insure that as we open our arms to collaboration, we         for a preview of the amazing sessions and concerts already
don’t lose any of the high quality or financial stability       planned!) Thank you to our High School Convention
that CBDA has built over the years.                             Host, Brandon Price, for being an amazing resource and
         With that said, I am extremely excited to announce:    reliable problem solver as we continue to take on the
                                                                logistical challenges of this blended conference. I also
                                                                thank CBDA Immediate Past-president, Michael Stone,
The California All-State Music Education Conference             for his support and guidance and for laying the groundwork
 CBDA welcomes CMEA, CAJ and CODA to Fresno,                    for this exciting and unprecedented collaboration!
                February 17-20, 2011
• CBDA will continue to run the three high school
   and two junior high school honor bands as we have
                                                                                                      CBDA Fall 2010 5
   done in the past.
        The 2010-2011 audition cycle includes Set B. All
audition pieces and scales are currently posted on the
CBDA website: www.cbda.org. Please remind your
students to carefully follow recording instructions.
Remember, CBDA asks the band director to certify
                                                                      Apply Early!
that CD recordings have been made without digital
                                                            Application Window: 10/1 - 11/30
enhancements (i.e., speeding up a technical passage,         On-Campus Scholarship Audition Dates
sound enhancement, etc.) CBDA expects each                        Saturday, November 6, 2010
recording to represent the student’s playing skills              Saturday, November 20, 2010
without editing enhancements. Please contact CBDA                 Saturday, December 4, 2010
Vice President Dr. Andy Collinsworth should you have
questions regarding the application process.

        This year, once again, directors will submit        Degree Programs:
Membership and Student Honor Band Applications                 Bachelor of Arts – Music
online and print completed forms for appropriate               Bachelor of Music – Composition, Performance,
signatures for mailing with completed application                               Jazz Studies, Music Education
materials. Application materials (2011 Membership
                                                               Masters of Arts – Composition, Conducting,
Application Forms and Directions, Student Honor
                                                                                Music Education, Performance
Band Application Forms, and CD Recording
Instructions) will be posted on the CBDA website --
www.cbda.org -- by October 1, 2010. Directors will          Performance Opportunities:
mail, via U.S. mail, all printed forms, CDs, and pay-          Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Marching Band,
ment/proof of payment to CBDA by the December 1,               Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Combos, Symphony Orchestra,
2010, postmark deadline.
                                                               Chamber Music, Concert Choir, Collegium Musicum

        As you can see, the CBDA Board has had a
busy summer! I look forward to seeing each of you at
the 2011 California All-State Music Education Convention,
February 17-20, 2011, at the Fresno Convention
Center and Saroyan Theatre!


John H. Burn
President, California Band Directors Association

                                                                   SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND DANCE
                                                               One Washington Square, San José, CA 95192-0095
                                                             408-924-4673 | music.sjsu.edu | music@email.sjsu.edu

6 CBDA Fall 2010
 News & Notes

         CBDA Joins Forces with                                 have increased space for a larger exhibit hall. With only
                                                                one conference in California, CBDA expects more
         CMEA, CODA, and CAJ                                    exhibitors in the exhibit hall. Plan to spend more time in
                                                                the exhibit hall to see all that the vendors have to offer.
                                                                         There are many people that have been working
                                                                behind the scenes to make this collaborative conference
                                                                possible. It is the hopes of CBDA that this is the beginning
                                                                of a new era for all organizations where the California
                                                                All-State Music Education Conference is an anual reality.
                                                                Michael Kumer said, “never let a crisis go to waste.”
                                                                CBDA, CMEA, CODA, and CAJ are adapting to the
                                                                poor economic climate and looking to make a better
                                                                conference for California music educators.
         Sometimes dire circumstances lead to the best of
ideas. CBDA hopes that is the case with the state of the
economy and California’s music organizations. Many
have wished for a larger conference in California instead
of multiple conferences for band, orchestra, jazz, and
                                                                “Never let a
general music educators. 2011 will be a trial year for a
combined conference for the four organizations.
         The conference will take place on February 17 -
21, 2011, at the Fresno Convention Center. Each
                                                                crisis go to
organization will be sponsoring sessions at the convention.
Everyone that attends the convention will have
access to all sessions. Concerts will be organized by Timothy
Harris to feature a variety of performing ensembles.
         CBDA will continue to host the three All-State
High School Honor Bands and two All-State Jr. High
                                                                - Michael Kumer
School Honor Bands that are typically a part of the
CBDA convention. In association with CBDA, CAJ
will continue to host the All-State High School Jazz
Band as well as the addition of an All-State High School
Jazz Choir. CODA will host the All-State High School            	       	             Join the group on
Orcestra as well. As has been done with the honor jazz
band, CBDA will handle auditions for all wind instru-
ments in any of the honor groups. Directors can submit
student auditions for the honor bands, honor jazz, and
honor orchestra with their CBDA membership application.
                                                                Search	for	the	California	All-State	Music	Education	
String auditions for the All-State Honor Orchestra will
                                                                Conference	group	on	facebook	for	the	lastest	news	and	
be handled by CODA. Directors should look on the
                                                                discussion	on	the	upcoming	conference.
CODA website for more information.
         In addition to all the sessions available, the
California All-State Music Education Conference will

                                                                                                     CBDA Fall 2010 7
    Convention Preview

                               	       Greetings!	I	hope	this	article	finds	you	well,	having	enjoyed	a	
                               relaxing	summer,	and	looking	forward	to	a	new	and	rewarding	school	year.	I	
                               am	thrilled	to	be	serving	as	your	Special	Projects	Coordinator	for	2011.	John	
                               Burn	did	a	fabulous	job	in	this	position	the	past	two	years	and	left	some	large	
                               shoes	to	fill.	For	those	of	you	that	are	not	familiar	with	my	work,	I’m	the	Music	
                               Department	Coordinator	and	Director	of	Instrumental	Studies	at	Chabot	College	
                               in	Hayward.	I	have	served	for	the	past	two	years	on	the	CMEA	and	CBDA	
                               boards	as	the	CMEA	Band	Representative.
                               	       With	the	new	all-inclusive	2011	collaborative	format	with	CMEA,	
                               CODA,	and	CAJ	this	years	convention	is	going	to	be	one	you	won’t	want	to	
      Timothy Harris           miss!
Special Projects Coordinator   	       I	look	forward	to	serving	in	this	new	capacity	and	hope	the	sessions	
         CMEA Rep              and	performances	meet	your	needs	and	expectations.	Please	feel	free	to	contact	
                               me	if	I	can	be	of	any	service	to	you.	Best	of	luck	for	a	wonderful	school	year	
                               and	I	hope	to	see	all	of	you	at	the	convention!

                               Timothy	Harris
                               CBDA	Special	Projects	Coordinator

            2011 Featured Performers
                                \Friday Night Concert
                                      Eddie Daniels
                         Sponsored by Conn-Selmer, DANSR, and Alfred Music

                          San Jose State University Wind Ensemble
                                    Dr. Edward Harris, Conductor

                        John Adams Middle School Wind Ensemble
                                        Angela Woo, Conductor

                           Lynnbrook High School Wind Ensemble
                                      Dr. John Felder, Conductor

   8 CBDA Fall 2010
featured Performer

                              Eddie Daniels
                              Clarinet Virtuoso

        Eddie Daniels is that rarest of rare musicians who is not only equally at home in both jazz and classical
music, but excels at both with breathtaking virtuosity. Expert testimony from the jazz world comes from the
eminent jazz critic Leonard Feather, who said of Eddie, “It is a rare event in jazz where one man can all but
reinvent an instrument bringing it to a new stage of revolution.” From the classical side, Leonard Bernstein
said “Eddie Daniels combines elegance and virtuosity in a way that makes me remember Arthur Rubenstein.
He is a thoroughly well-bred demon.”

        Eddie first came to the attention of the jazz audience as a tenor saxophonist with the Thad Jones-Mel
Lewis Orchestra. When Thad and Mel first organized their band in 1966 to play Monday nights at the Village
Vanguard in New York (where it still plays), Eddie was one of the first musicians they called. Later that year,
he sank $400 in a round-trip flight to Vienna to enter the International Competition for Modern Jazz, a
contest organized by the pianist Fredrich Gulda and sponsored by the city of Vienna, and won first prize on
saxophone. He continued working with Thad and Mel over the next several years and toured Europe extensively
with them.

        A single clarinet solo recorded with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis orchestra, “Live at the Village Vanguard”
garnered sufficient attention for him to win Downbeat Magazine’s International Critics New Star on Clarinet
Award. This conversion to clarinet was not new, for Eddie began clarinet at age 13 and received his Masters
in Clarinet from Juilliard. Winning numerous Grammy awards and nominations, Eddie Daniels revolutionized
the blend of jazz and classical.

         Eddie Daniels is clearly a renaissance musician, a virtuoso in both jazz and classical music, recipient
of unreserved accolades from his peers, from critics, and from the public. Eddie’s overriding ambition is to
reach as many people as possible with his music, to enlarge the audience for both jazz and classical music and
at the same time to tear down the walls separating them. In Eddie’s hands, the music of Mozart can be as
engaging as that of Charlie Parker and a concert featuring both can be a uniquely rewarding experience for
the audience.

                                                                                               CBDA Fall 2010 9
Convention Preview

     2011 Convention Clinicians
                                   The Secret is Revealed:
        Japanese Ideas for Band Teaching and Their Practical Use for Your Classroom
                                    Clinician: Yo Goto, Composer
                                  Sponsor: Bravo Music, Brain Music

                                Ensemble “Circle of Acceptance”:
                    Setting Expectations for Maximum Performance Potential
                          Clinician: Dr. Shelly Jagow, Wright State University
                                         Sponsor: Hal Leonard

                                Chamber Music in the Classroom
              Clinician: United States Air Force Chamber Ensemble (Washington, D.C)
                                   Sponsor: United States Air Force

                          Unleashing the Power of Sound Innovations
                                       Clinician: George Megaw
                                        Sponsor: Alfred Music

                                     Director’s Reading Band
                       Clinician: Dr. Andy Collinsworth, Sonoma State University
                                       Sponsor: JW Pepper & Son

                                  Roundtable Discussion Panel:
                                   Current Trends on the Field
                                 Clinician: WBA Marching Band Panel
                                             Sponsor: WBA

10 CBDA Fall 2010
 Conductor Preview

                    Jerry Junkin
                    The University of Texas at Austin
                    High School Wind Symphony

        Jerry Junkin has served as Artistic Director and Conductor of the Dallas Wind Symphony since 1993. In
2003, he was also appointed Music Director and Conductor of the Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia. Additionally,
he holds the Vincent R. and Jane D. DiNino Chair for the Director of Bands at The University of Texas at Austin,
where he also holds the holds the title of University Distinguished Teaching Professor. He has served on the faculties
of both the University of Michigan and the University of South Florida. In addition to his responsibilities as Professor
of Music and Conductor and Music Director of the Texas Wind Ensemble, he serves as Head of the Conducting
Division and teaches courses in conducting and wind band literature. He is a recipient of the Texas Excellence in
Teaching awards, presented annually by the Ex-Student’s Association, and his former students hold major positions
throughout the world. In 2004, he was elected to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers and in 2005 was the recipient
of the Fine Arts Achievement Award.

         Performances under the direction of Mr. Junkin have won the praise of such notable musicians as John Corigliano,
David Del Tredici, Gunther Schuller, Karel Husa, William Kraft, Jacob Druckman and Michael Colgrass, among
many others. In February of 2005, he led the world premiere performance of Corgliano’s Circus Maximus: Symphony
No. 3, in both Austin and New York’s Carnegie Hall to enthusiastic reviews. The New York Times named his recent
release on the Reference Recordings label, Bells for Stokowski, one of the best classical CD’s of the year. Mr. Junkin
records for the Reference, Klavier and Naxos labels

        Maintaining an active schedule as a guest conductor, clinician, and lecturer, he has appeared in those capacities
in forty-eight states and on five continents. He spends his summers in residence at the Interlochen Arts Camp in
Michigan, as well as appearing at major festivals throughout the world. In 2005, he was presented the Grainger
Medallion by the International Percy Grainger Society in recognition of his championing of Grainger’s works.

         Mr. Junkin has served as President of the Big XII Band Director’s Association and is a member of the Board
of Directors of The John Philip Sousa Foundation, Past-President of the American Bandmasters Association, and
Past President of the College Band Directors National Association. This past season he made his debut with the
Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra and the Taipei Symphonic Winds, along with engagements in Germany, France and

                                                                                                   CBDA Fall 2010 11
 Conductor Preview

                    Mitchell J. Fennell
                    California State University, Fullerton
                    High School Symphonic Band

        Mitchell Fennell is director of bands, conductor of the University Wind Symphony and the University Band,
and teaches undergraduate and graduate instrumental conducting courses in wind literature and music education
at California State University, Fullerton. He is also producer of the Bravo Bands concert series, which is one of the
few professional concert series in America dedicated to wind music performance. In addition to his duties at California
State University, Fullerton, Fennell is an Artist in Residence in Conducting at the Escola de Musica do Conservatorio
Nacional in Lisbon, Portugal, and has appeared numerous times as a guest conductor throughout South Korea. He’s
also been seen conducting ensembles for Bands of America and high school honor programs throughout the region.
A popular clinic presenter, Fennell speaks on The Art of Teaching Conducting at regional and national CBDNA
conventions and regularly serves as a clinician at RCC’s annual Conductors Workshop.

                    Lawrence Stoffel
                    California State University, Northridge
                    High School Concert Band

        Lawrence Stoffel returned to his native California when he assumed the position of Director of Bands at
California State University, Northridge in 2004. He teaches courses in music education, conducting, and is
coordinator of wind studies. Dr. Stoffel is known for his enthusiasm at rehearsals, concerts, and clinics alike. He has
lectured and been published on a wide-range of topics pertinent to the profession - from musical interpretation to
band transcriptions, from the use of religious music in the public schools to band in the school curriculum, from
copyright law to band discography. Recent activities include a “Sounds About Town” concert for the Los Angeles
Philharmonic, Chief Clinician for the Australian Band & Orchestra Directors Association, and conductor of the
All-Southern California High School Honor Band. Dr. Stoffel is the recipient of the 2010 CMEA “John Swain”
College/University Music Educator Award and is a recently elected Fellow to the United Kingdom-based Royal
Society of Arts. He has earned degrees from Indiana (D.Mus.), Colorado (M.Mus.), and UCLA (M.Ed., B.A.).
Previous teaching assignments include Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, UC San Diego,
Buena Park High School, and John Muir High School.

12 CBDA Fall 2010
 Congratulations To The Los Cerritos Middle
School Jazz Ensemble Who Will Be Performing
   at the 2010 Midwest Clinic in Chicago.

                                                  David Blake
                                              Director, Los Cerritos
                                                 Middle School
       Los Cerritos Middle School
             Jazz Ensemble

                                                  CBDA Fall 2010 13
 Conductor Preview

                    Gary P. Gilroy
                    California State University, Fresno
                    Junior High School Symphonic Band

       Gary P. Gilroy is a professor of music at California State University, Fresno. In August of 2006, he became
Director of Bands after serving 13 years as Associate Director of Bands and Director of the Marching Band &
Colorguard. Prior to this appointment, he served for a decade as Director of Bands at Fred C. Beyer High School in
Modesto, California where his band was awarded several national honors as well as the International Sudler Shield
Award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation. Gilroy also served as faculty at California State University, Stanislaus
and graduate assistant at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, where he completed his doctorate in 1995.

        Dr. Gilroy has served on the board of California Band Directors Association for twelve years and is a Past
President of that organization. He is also a Past President of the Fresno Madera Counties Music Educators Association.
From 1999 to 2006 he served on the board of the National Band Association as a Member At Large and the Western
Division Chairman.

         Dr. Gilroy is in demand as a guest conductor of many honor bands throughout the United States. As an
adjudicator and guest conductor, he has served in 39 states and throughout Canada. Dr. Gilroy has been the conductor for
all state groups in Colorado and Oregon as well as the California Band Directors Association All-State High School
Symphonic Band.

         An ASCAP Award-winning composer, Dr. Gilroy’s music is published for concert band, marching band, and
percussion ensembles through the Arrangers Publishing Company, BRS Music, Inc., C. Alan Publications, Daehn
Publications, Kagarice Brass Editions, Matrix Publications, TRN Publications, Warner Brothers, Wingert-Jones,
Inc., and CPP/Belwin Mills. His compositions have been featured at the Bands of America National Concert Band
Festival in Indianapolis, the Eastern Trombone Workshop in Washington, DC, the International Trombone Festival
in New Orleans, and on several occasions at the International Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago.

14 CBDA Fall 2010
 Conductor Preview

                   Norman Dea
                   Acalanes High School
                   Junior High School Concert Band

         Norman Dea is the Director of Instrumental Music at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California. Prior
to this appointment, he served in a similar capacity at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek for twenty-five
years. Under his leadership, the Las Lomas Instrumental Music Department was widely recognized as one of the
premier programs in California and held a reputation for musical excellence of the highest caliber. His bands have
consistently received Unanimous Superior Ratings and Gold Awards at music festivals throughout California and
abroad and have also appeared as showcase ensembles at the CMEA State Conference and the CBDA All-State

         Well versed in the repertoire and pedagogy for the wind band, Mr. Dea is highly regarded as an adjudicator,
clinician, and consultant in California. He has been a guest conductor of the CMEA Bay Section JHS Conference
Band, CMEA Northern Section JHS Honor Band (twice), Fresno-Madera Counties HS Honor Band, Marin
County MS Honor Band, San Luis Obispo County HS Honor Band, Sonoma County MS Honor Band, Stanislaus
County MS Honor Band, San Francisco Unified School District MS Honor Band, and the Mt. Diablo Unified
School District MS Honor Band. He has also conducted summer camp bands at Cazadero Music Camp, Donner
Mine Music Camp, and Hayward-La Honda Music Camp.

        Mr. Dea has been honored many times for his contributions to the music education community locally,
statewide, and nationally. In 2008, he received the prestigious Bandworld Legion of Honor Award from the John
Philip Sousa Foundation at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic; in 2005, he received the CMEA Bay Section
Outstanding Music Educator of the Year Award; in 2004, he received the CMEA State Don Schmeer-Byron Hoyt
Outstanding Band Educator of the Year Award; in 2003, he was honored as the Acalanes Union High School District
Teacher of the Year; in 2001, he received the Outstanding Teacher Award from Prudential California Realty’s
Education Foundation; in 1995, he received the Distinguished Music Educators Award from the Diablo Symphony
Association; in 1988, he received the Gilbert T. Freitas Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music
Education. He is also listed in Who’s Who in America.

        Very active in promoting music education in our schools, Mr. Dea serves as the President of CMEA-The
California Association for Music Education. He has also served as the Treasurer for CBDA, Vice President of
CMEA, and is a Past President of CMEA Bay Section. He is a Co-Founder of the Contra Costa County High
School Honor Band and serves on the Advisory Board for Cazadero Music Camp. He holds professional memberships
with CMEA, MENC, CBDA, CODA, and SCSBOA and is a professional associate member of the CBDNA. Mr.
Dea is a 1981 graduate of San Francisco State University.

                                                                                             CBDA Fall 2010 15
 Conductor Preview

                    Fred Sturm
                    Lawrence University
                    High School Jazz Band

        Fred Sturm is the Director of Jazz and Improvisational Music at the Lawrence University Conservatory of
Music in Appleton, Wisconsin. He serves as guest conductor of professional jazz ensembles and radio orchestras in
Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway; as director of university jazz ensembles and high school all-state
jazz bands throughout the U.S.; as clinician at national educational conferences and festivals; as composer-in-residence
for school and university music programs; as co-owner of Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camps; and as composition/arranging
resource team representative for the International Association for Jazz Education.

        Fred’s compositions and arrangements have been performed by jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, wind
ensembles, and chamber groups worldwide, featuring renowned artists Bobby McFerrin, Wynton Marsalis, Bob
Brookmeyer, Clark Terry, Phil Woods, and Broadway Phantom of the Opera star, Davis Gaines. His works are
published by Lorenz Heritage JazzWorks, Universal Edition, Sierra Music Publications, Kendor, Warner Brothers/
Alfred Music, Advance Music, Ensemble Publications, Really Good Music, and UNC Jazz Press, have been issued
on Concord Jazz, RCA, hrMedia, and Warner Brothers Records, and received a 1997 Grammy Award nomination.
His 9 “inning” baseball symphony Forever Spring is currently touring American orchestras with The Baseball Music
Project under the auspices of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Migrations, Fred’s two hour suite featuring 23 indigenous
songs from 21 countries, was premiered by vocalist Bobby McFerrin and the NDR Big Band in Germany in 2007
and toured Europe in the summer of 2008.

       Fred was the 2003 recipient of the ASCAP/IAJE Commission in Honor of Quincy Jones, a prize granted
annually to one established jazz composer of international prominence. He has received grants from the National
Endowment for the Arts, Meet the Composer, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Howard
Hanson Institute for American Music, and the Lila Wallace/Reader’s Digest Fund. His texts, Changes Over Time:
The Evolution of Jazz Arranging, Kenny Wheeler: Collected Works on ECM, and Maria Schneider: Evanescence are
published by Advance Music (Germany) and Universal Edition (Vienna), and his teaching concept titled “All Ears:
Improvisation, Aural Training, and the Creative Process” is used by educators in numerous schools.

        Fred served as Professor and Chair of Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media at the Eastman School of Music
in New York from 1991 to 2002, where he directed the internationally acclaimed Eastman Jazz Ensemble, conducted
the 70-piece Eastman Studio Orchestra, and coordinated the Eastman jazz composition and arranging program.
During his university teaching career, Downbeat Magazine has cited his ensembles as the finest in the United States
and Canada nine times. He studied at Lawrence University, Eastman School of Music, and the University of North
Texas, and was a founding member of the jazz nonet Matrix. He received the University Award for Excellence in
Teaching at Lawrence University in 2005.

16 CBDA Fall 2010
                 Sonoma State University
h	NASM-accredited  music                  h	B.A.  degrees in Music
  program housed in the Green                 Education, Applied, Jazz
  Music Center                                Studies and Liberal Arts
h	Generous   music scholarships           h	Close    to San Francisco & the
                                              Pacific Ocean
h	Symphonic  Wind Ensemble,
  Chorus, Jazz Orchestra,                 h	Voted   among the Most Wired
  Musical Theatre & more!                     & Best Value schools in
                                              America (Princeton Review)

      For more information, contact Brian Wilson, Music Department Chair at
                   707-664-2324 or brian.wilson@sonoma.edu
                1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

                                                CBDA Fall 2010 17
      Jr. High School Audition Music - Set B                                                                   2011
                   All	auditions	must	begin	by	playing	the	CBDA	scale	sheet	available	at	www.cbda.org.
             **	Note	-	All	piccolo	players	must	also	audition	on	flute.	Submit	separate	CD’s	for	each	audition**
                      Do	not	play	any	repeats	in	any	of	the	following	excerpts	unless	otherwise	noted.
              Play	the	entire	solo	unless	otherwise	noted.	Each	school	is	allowed	to	submit	up	to	30	auditions.

FLUTE (& PICCOLO)                                                          TRUMPET
Polonaise and Badinerie from Suite in B Minor, J.S. Bach from Concert      Air Gai, G.P. Berlioz from Concert & Contest Collection, Compiled
& Contest Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)            and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)
   Polonaise: Beginning to measure 12 (take 1st repeat, but not 2nd)           Beginning to measure 6 of page 9
   Badinerie: All (no repeat)                                              FRENCH HORN
*Note: Students auditioning on Piccolo must play the required scales       Two Outdoor Scenes, Leroy Ostransky from Concert & Contest
and submit a complete Flute audition                                       Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)
OBOE                                                                          Andante: beginning through m. 25
Aria and Rondinella, G.F. Handel from Concert & Contest Collection            Allegro Vivace: m. 21 through 52
Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)                                  TROMBONE
   Largo: All (no repeats)                                                 Two Spanish Dances, Leroy Ostransky from Concert & Contest
   Allegretto scherzoso: All (no repeats, no D.C.)                         Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)
BASSOON                                                                       I. Beginning through m. 15
Saraband and Minuet, Johann Galliard/Harry Gee from Classic Festival          II. Beginning to m. 28 (take 2nd endings- no repeats)
Solos, volume 1, Compiled by Jack Lamb (Belwin)                            EUPHONIUM
  Saraband: All (no repeats)                                               Premier Solo de Concours, Renė Maniet from Concert & Contest
  Minuet: All (take 2nd endings—no repeats, no D.C.)                       Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)
Bb CLARINET                                                                   All
Menuet from Divertimento in D, K. 334, W.A. Mozart from Concert &          TUBA
Contest Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)              Sarabanda and Gavotta, Archangelo Corelli from Concert & Contest
   Beginning to beat 1 of m. 24 (no repeat), then                          Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)
   Trio: Beginning to first repeat sign on p. 19 (no repeat)                  All (no repeats)
BASS CLARINET                                                              STRING BASS
Bb CONTRABASS CLARINET & Eb CONTRALTO CLARINET                             Scherzo, Op. 32 No. 3, M. Klassert
Largo and Allegro Vivace, from Sonata in B-flat Major, J.B Loeillet from   Page 5 from Solos & Etudes Book 2 by G. Anderson and R. Frost
Concert & Contest Collection Compiled and edited by H. Voxman              (Kjos)
   Largo: All (no repeats)                                                 PERCUSSION
   Allegro vivace: All (no repeats)                                        Percussionists must play the required scales and all three solos in the
                                                                           order listed below. * There is no longer a mallet specialist category.
Andante and Allegro, Andrė Chailleux, from Concert & Contest               Mallets - Sonatina for Violin, G.P. Telemann
Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)                      Page 6 from Masterpieces for Marimba by Thomas McMillian (Belwin)
   Assez lent: All                                                             Beginning to Letter A (no repeat)
   Allegro: Beginning through m. 61                                        Snare Drum - Solo #15, from Intermediate Snare Drum Studies, Mitchell
TENOR SAXOPHONE                                                            Peters (Mitchell Peters)
Menuetto and Presto from Trio V, F.J. Haydn from Concert & Contest            All
Collection, Compiled and edited by H. Voxman (Rubank)                      Timpani - Etude, page 39 from Fundamental Studies for Timpani,
   All (no repeats; no D.C.)                                               Garwood Whaley (J.R. Publications)
BARITONE SAXOPHONE                                                            All
Canzonetta, Robert Girlamo/Willis Coggins from Classic Festival Solos
Compiled by Jack Lamb (Belwin)
   All as written

    18 CBDA Fall 2010
      High School Audition Music - Set B                                                                 2011
                  All	auditions	must	begin	by	playing	the	CBDA	scale	sheet	available	at	www.cbda.org.
   **	Note	-	All	piccolo,	Eb	Clarinet,	and	English	Horn	auditions	must	also	submit	an	audition	on	primary	instrument:	
                   Flute,	Bb	Clarinet,	and	Oboe	respectively.	Submit	separate	CD’s	for	each	audition**
                     Do	not	play	any	repeats	in	any	of	the	following	excerpts	unless	otherwise	noted.
              Each	school	is	allowed	to	submit	up	to	20	student	auditions.	(Does	not	include	jazz	auditions)
FLUTE                                                                        FRENCH HORN
Suite in A Minor, G.P. Telemann, trans. J. Wummer (Southern)                 Concertpiece Op. 94, Camille Saint-Saëns (International)
    I. Ouverture: Beginning to half-note in m. 15; then pick-up to m. 45        Allegro moderato: Beginning to m. 45, then m. 95 to m. 110
    to rest in m. 89                                                            Adagio: Beginning to m. 19
    III. Air a l’Italien: pick-up to m. 6 to m. 13; then, m. 27 to m. 49        Allegro non troppo: mm. 17 to 49
    V. Rejouissance: Beat 3 of m. 13 to m. 33                                TROMBONE
 (Piccolo) II. Les Plaisirs: All— no repeats, no DC al Fine                  Concertino Op. 4, Ferdinand David, revised by R. Mueller (Carl Fischer)
OBOE                                                                            A to C
Sonate, Op. 166, Camille Saint-Säens, ed. Reiner Zimmermann (Edition            9 bars after Andante marcia funebre to E
Peters)                                                                         Pick-up to 19 bars after G to End
   I. Beginning to m. 23                                                     BASS TROMBONE
   II. m. 9 to m. 37                                                         Concertino Basso, Richard Lieb (Carl Fischer)
   III. Beginning to m. 99                                                     A 6 bars before E then F to H
(English Horn) Etude #11 from 48 Famous Studies, Ferling (Southern)
BASSOON                                                                      Sonata No.1 from Six Sonatas vol. 1, Johann Galliard, ed. F.K. Brown (International)
Concerto in A Minor, F. VIII No. 7, A. Vivaldi, ed. A. Ephrikian (Ricordi)      Cantabile: All
   I. Allegro molto: m. 33 to 69                                                Spiritoso e staccato: All (no repeats)
   II. Andante molto: m. 13 to 29                                               Allegro e staccato: all (no repeats)
   III. Allegro: m. 97 to End
Bb CLARINET                                                                  Second Sonatina, William Presser (Presser)
Concerto, K. 622, W.A. Mozart, ed. S. Bellison (Carl Fischer)                    I. Allegretto: Beginning to beat 1 m. 38
   I. Allegro: Beginning to 1; then 7 bars after 3 to 4 .                        III. Allegro: Beginning to m. 43
   II. Adagio: Beginning to m. 9; then B to D
   III. Rondo: Beginning to 1, then 9 to 5 bars before 10                    STRING BASS
(Eb Clarinet) I. Allegro: 8 to 7 bars after 12                               Sonata No. 4, Antonio Vivaldi, ed. Zimmermann (International)
                                                                                I. Largo: Beginning to m. 20 (no repeat)
Bb BASS CLARINET                                                                IV. Allegro: Beginning to m. 37 (no repeat)
Largo and Allegro, Pietro Boni, trans. H. Voxman (Rubank)                    PERCUSSION
  All (no repeats)                                                           Percussionists must play the required scales and all three solos in the
                                                                             order listed below. * There is no longer a Mallet Specialist category.
Concerto, op. 109 Alexander Glazunov et A. Petiot (Leduc)                    Mallets - Marimba Flamenca for Solo Marimba, Alice Gomez (Southern)
  1 to 9 then 11 to 16                                                         Beginning to m. 26, then pick-up to m. 56 through m. 74.
TENOR SAXOPHONE                                                              Snare Drum - Etude 25 from Portraits in Rhythm, Anthony Cirone (Belwin) - All
Sonata in C Minor, G.P. Telemann, ed. H. Voxman (Rubank)                     Timpani - Etude 51, page 183 from Fundamental Method For Timpani,
   I. Allegro: Beginning to m. 31                                            Mitchell Peters (Alfred) - All
   II. Adagio: All (play lower staff)
   V. Allegro: All (no repeats)                                              PIANO
                                                                             Allegro from Sonate No. 5 in G Major KV 283 (189h), W.A. Mozart
BARITONE SAXOPHONE                                                               All
Andante and Allegro, Benedetto Marcello, ed. Voxman (Rubank)                 *Note: Students auditioning on Piano must play the required scales
  All (no repeats)
TRUMPET                                                                      Fantasia on Greensleeves, Ralph Vaughan Williams (Oxford Univ. Press)
Andante et Scherzo, J. Edouard Barat (Leduc)                                    All
  Lent: Beginning through m. 33                                              *Note: There are NO required scales for Harp
  Scherzo: All
*Note: Student should play the Bb solo (Trompette en Si b)                                                                  CBDA Fall 2010 19
 High School Jazz Audition Music                                               2011
                          CBDA/California Alliance for Jazz (CAJ)
                           All State High School Jazz Band 2011
                                   Recording Instructions
1. Use a new CDR:
  • Take the time to make a high quality recording.
  • CD must be finalized and in a standard format as to be able to be played in any standard CD player.
  • Record all listed requirements in the order below with tracking.
  • Label the CD with name, instrument and school. Clearly mark the word “Jazz” on the CD.
  • DO NOT RECORD ANY SPOKEN WORDS ON CD. Listening will be done “blind.” Your CD will
    be covered with a label with an audition number.
2. Play the following scale, eighth notes @ quarter = 120 bpm or faster
  • Chromatic scales from lowest to highest comfortable note. Play legato (or slurred) up and down.
  • Drummers, instead of scales, play four bars swing-time feel (quarter =160) alternating with four bars
    of solo, 32 bars total. Then, do the same with Samba groove (half note = 100), playing four bars Samba
    feel alternating with four bars of solo, 32 bars total.
  • Percussionists, instead of scales, play congas or timbales four bars time of Mambo feel alternating with four bars
    of solo, 32 bars total. Mambo style
3. Play the etudes required for each specific instrument in the order in which they appear. These etudes are available
for download online at www.cbda.org.
  • Saxophones: Swing, Latin, and Ballad Etudes
  • Trumpets: Swing, Latin, and Ballad Etudes (Lead Trumpet perform Lead Etude in place of Swing Etude)
  • Trombones: Swing, Latin, and Ballad Etudes (Bass Bone perform Bass Bone Etude in place of Swing Etude)
  • Piano: Swing, Latin, and Ballad Etudes (required to demonstrate improvisation skills. See #4)
  • Guitar: Swing, Funk, and Ballad Etudes (required to demonstrate improvisation skills. See #4)
  • Bass: Swing, Latin, and Ballad Etudes (Highly encouraged to demonstrate improvisation skills. See #4. If
     possible, please perform Swing and Ballad Etudes on Acoustic Bass and Latin Etude on electric bass.)
  • Drums: Swing, Latin, and Ballad Etudes
  • Vibes and Aux. Percussion: Swing and Latin Etudes (Use treble clef line of Piano Etudes. Chords that have
     more than 4 notes should be played with the top 4 notes only.)
4. Optional: If you are an improviser, record the head and 1-4 solo choruses of “The Days of Wine and Roses.” This
can be recorded with a live rhythm section of your choice, or a play-a-long recording (such as Jamey Aebersold) but it
must be accompanied. If with rhythm section, tempo should be swing quarter note = approximately 152 b.p.m.
5. Optional: If you are a doubler, record your chromatic scale as directed above and play a 30 second excerpt or
etude which you think demonstrates your musicianship on the secondary instrument.
Suggested doubles: Alto, Tenor Saxophone – Flute or Clarinet. Bari Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet. Bass
Trombone – Tuba.

 CD’s are sent in by Band Directors only with CBDA Membership Forms
         IMPORTANT: Postmark deadline is December 1, 2010
20 CBDA Fall 2010
                California Band direCtors assoCiation

                                                 Recording Instructions
        Scales, Solo (cycle B), and errata list may be found at our website www.cbda.org
1. Submit one CD recording for each student.
      a. Please refer to the special note on the audition list regarding additional CD recordings.
      b. CD must be finalized; CD standard format able to be played in any standard CD player. No mp3, mini disc, or
          DVD recordings will be considered.
2. Exact order of scales & solo excerpts must be recorded as listed. Each audition CD recording must have the following:
       a. DO NOT SPEAK ON YOUR                             b. Play all scales Cycle B in exact order
          RECORDING                                        c. Play solo excerpts Cycle B solo list in exact order

3. All Piccolo, English horn, Eb Clarinet players must record audition material on a second CD. Be sure your second
   recording has correct scales.
4. Percussionists:                Percussion Audition
                                  Mallet Scales
                                  Mallet Solo
                                  Snare Drum Solo
                                  Timpani Solo
5. DO NOT use piano accompaniment.
6. Please observe:
        a. Play passages as near the specified tempos as possible, using the preferred performance practice for that piece.
        b. Omit long rests.
        c. Do not digitally alter tempo, pitch, rhythm or dynamics.
7. LISTEN TO ENTIRE RECORDING. Make sure that everything is recorded and audible in the required order.
8. Label each recording with student’s NAME, INSTRUMENT and SCHOOL on label no larger than 1” X 2 5/8” (Avery
   5160). Recordings will NOT be returned or acknowledged by mail. Be sure of packaging and labeling for accurate
   processing. Give your Band Director a non-refundable $45.00 check to cover your application fee. Check with your
   director as to whom the check is to be written. (Not CBDA)
9. Recordings will be disqualified if:
       a. Compact Disc (CD’s) are sent in unplayable format.
       b. Audition is incomplete.
       c. CD’s are sent with interference.
       d. Recording instructions are not followed in detail.
       e. Recording is sent by student.
       f. Recording is digitally altered.
       g. Taped recording is received.
10. Have your Band Director mail all of the following in ONE PACKAGE:
       q All CD recordings
       q Student Application forms completed, electronically ‘submitted’, and printed from the CBDA website
       q Director Membership Application form completed, electronically ‘submitted’, and printed from the CBDA website
       q It is suggested that your Band Director mail application and recordings by Delivery Confirmation.
       q Your Band Director MUST send ONE PAYMENT to cover all fees.                            CBDA Fall 2010                21
                California Band direCtors assoCiation

                  2010 - 2011 Membership & All-State Applications

Below you will find the Annual Membership Dues and Fees Information for the California Band Directors Association.
CBDA uses an online HTML application process with a complete list of instructions available at our website www.cbda.org.
After forms are typed online and electronically submitted, they must still be printed, signed, and mailed with appropriate sig-
natures, payment, and recordings. We are accepting payment through check, money order, or Pay Pal for credit card payments.
If you do not have a Pay Pal account, you can follow the prompts to open your account. Pay Pal is the only method of credit
card payment that will be accepted. Pay Pal instruction can be found at our website www.cbda.org. We appreciate your
patience with the new process as it will be slightly different from past years. The website can be accessed for new memberships
and membership renewals beginning on October 1, 2010 (follow directions on at www.cbda.org).
I. Payment of Membership Fees - Renewable Membership: December 2010 - November 2011
        A. Director’s Annual Membership Dues: (CBDA Dues Only)
               Dues are $50.00 unless otherwise noted below
               Retired Band Director ($25.00)
               College Student ($10.00)
               Past President/Life Member (No charge)
        B. Conference Fee: All fees are non-refundable
               A. Registration fee: $85.00
               B. Banquet: $35.00 per person
        C. School Fee: $55.00 (required of all schools submitting CD’s only)
        D. Student Fees: (Required for CD’s) Two fees required when same student applies for Concert and Jazz Band
              A. CBDA Junior High School & High School Honor Band applicants: $45.00 each
              B. CAJ High School Honor Jazz Band applicants: $45.00 each
              C. CAJ Honor Jazz Choir: $45.00 each
              D. CODA High School Honor Orchestra: $45.00 each
        E.      Donations to the Don Schmeer Scholarship Trust Fund can still be made via the online application
postmarked after December 1, 2010, will not be processed. Please send printed application form(s), recording(s), and ONE
PAYMENT, check, money order or proof of payment via Pay Pal for the total fees (payable to CBDA) to:
Trish Adams, 2410 Knowlwood Drive, Hanford, CA 93230 (NO PURCHASE ORDERS).

III. Deadline and Mailing:
Deadline is December 1, 2010, Postmark. Audition materials postmarked after December 1, 2010, will not be processed.
Mailing Instructions:
        q Label CD recordings with student name, instrument, and school on CD, not on the case. Label no larger than 1”
             X 2 5/8” (Avery 5160).
        q Go to www.cbda.org and complete the online applications in advance. Click ‘submit’ and then print all forms for
             mailing. Student applications still require four original signatures after they are printed.
        q Mail one package with your Membership Application, ALL Student Applications, Jazz Applications, Orchestra
             Applicants, CD’s for students listed and ONE PAYMENT (NO CASH) by check, money order, or proof of
             payment via Pay Pal receipt payable to CBDA.
        q Mail recordings Delivery Confirmation through the post office.
        q Mark the outside of the package with High School or Junior High School. i.e. Madison School should be
             Madison JH School or Madison High. Avoid using FedEx or UPS as no one may be available to accept delivery.

22 CBDA Fall 2010
                California Band direCtors assoCiation

                                    Membership Application Directions
Membership Application Only:
          Complete the Membership Application form online at www.cbda.org with all current information then click ‘submit’,
print all forms, and then mail with your $50 membership dues ($25 for retired, $10 for college student). If you are plan-
ning on attending the conference, February 17-20, 2011, include the $85 registration fee. Banquet is optional and may be
purchased in advance for $35 per person. School fee ($55) does not apply for directors submitting no audition recordings.
Total your application fees and send to the address shown with your payment or Pay Pal receipt.
          *Past Presidents are not required to pay membership or conference fees.
          *If you wish to be listed in the current CBDA membership directory, all applications and dues must be received by
February 1, 2011.
Membership Application with Student Audition CD’s:
          Complete the Membership Application form and Student Application forms online at cbda.org with all current
information then click ‘submit’, print all forms, and mail with your Membership Dues, School Fee, Student Fees and Conference
Fees (if attending). The online application will list the student name and instrument. Please verify all required signatures on
Student Applications and double check all applications for accuracy.
          Students who are auditioning on English horn must also audition on Oboe. Students who are auditioning on Eb
Soprano Clarinet must also audition on Bb Clarinet. Students auditioning on Piccolo must also audition on Flute. These
additional CD’s will not count towards the 20 CD’s for high school/30 CD’s for junior high school allowed and will not be
charged an additional audition fee. Each high school is allowed to submit 20 band audition CD recordings. See solo list for
details. There is a limit of 30 CD audition recordings submitted for junior high school. Junior high is seventh and eighth
grade students only.
          High School Jazz Band applicants can submit both concert band and jazz band audition CD recordings, but must pay
$45 for each audition recording. Again, there is no limit to the number of Jazz Band applicants. If selected, student will
participate in one band only (as assigned by CBDA Board). Jazz Band is for high school students only. All Jazz Band applicants
must clearly mark their CD recording with their Name, School, Jazz Instrument and marked Jazz Band (use the word Jazz on
the label). When labeling your CD’s, please do not use a label larger than 1” X 2 5/8” (Avery 5160). High School jazz band
applicants do not count in the 20 concert band applicants.
Directors That Teach at Multiple Schools:
         You will only pay one membership fee if you are a director at multiple schools. The school fee must be paid for each
school submitting student CD recordings. A separate application form should be completed for each school with CD recordings
for that school. Please submit all the applications for each of your schools together.
Credit Cards
        Pay Pal is the only method of credit card payment that will be accepted.
Deadline and Mailing:
        Deadline is December 1, 2010 postmark. Audition materials postmarked after December 1, 2010 will not be
processed. Mailing Instructions:
        q Label CD recordings with student name, instrument and school on label no larger than 1” X 2 5/8” (Avery 5160).
        q Go to www.cbda.org and complete the online applications in advance. Print all forms for mailing and then
            submit electronically. Student applications still require four original signatures after they are printed.
        q Mail one package with your Membership Application, ALL Student Applications, Jazz Applications, all CD’s for
            students listed and ONE Check, Money Order or proof with Pay Pal receipt payable to CBDA.
        q Mail recordings by Delivery Confirmation through the post office.
        q Mark the outside of your package with High School or Junior High School, i.e., Madison School should be
            Madison JH School or Madison High. Avoid using FedEx or UPS as no one may be available to accept delivery.
        q Mail to: Trish Adams, 2410 Knowlwood Drive, Hanford, CA 93230 (NO PURCHASE ORDERS).

                                                                                                    CBDA Fall 2010 23
                       PRSRT STD
   Trish Adams         U.S. Postage
829 E. Bush Street     FRESNO, CA
Hanford, CA 93230    PERMIT NO. 1920