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					                                                                                            February/March 2011

 Michigan Builder                           A Michigan District of Kiwanis International Publication

Happy New Year Kiwanians,                                     Happy New Year to My Kiwanis
from the Governor                                             Friends!
                                                                                                   Each year we make
                                  First Lady Jean and I are
                                                                                             our resolutions. Mine for
                             so blessed to be associated
                                                                                             the year and the next year
                             with some of the most caring
                                                                                             is to rebuild and grow our
                             individuals in the world. We
                                                                                             Kiwanis Membership. So
                             consistently witness all that
                                                                                             in reflecting on what I
                             is great with Kiwanis. The va-
                                                                                             wanted as my theme for
                             riety and number of projects
                                                                                             Governor, I thought long
                             that are created and imple-
                                                                                             and hard and decided on
                             mented each year serve our
                                                                                             the simple and obvious:
                             communities well. Ours is a
                                                                                             “Growing through Kiwan-
                             story worth sharing.
                                                                                             is.” Not only growing our
                                  Our next training ses-
William Gohier               sion is coming in February.      Elizabeth Wilson
                                                                                             organization, but Growing
                                                                                             ourselves through com-
Governor                     It is now called Club Excel-     Governor-Elect                 munity service, Growing
lence (formerly our mid-winter growth) and our education
                                                               the youth of our community to appreciate a sense of giv-
chair Fred Schroeder has lined up a wonderful program.
                                                               ing back. Growing in a lifetime of service beginning with
Our newest Kiwanians are especially welcome to attend
                                                               Kiwanis Kids, thru Builders, Key Club and Circle K and
and learn more about how we move from good to great. A
                                                               continuation into the Kiwanis Family thru service as a
special thank you to Fred Schroeder who has been doing
                                                               member of a Kiwanis Club.
an outstanding job these past 2 ½ years, he has led the
team bringing innovative change to our programs. Thanks
                                                                    Let’s keep in close contact with our Service Leader-
for your commitment to Kiwanis.
                                                               ship Programs. Mentor our children and young adults
                                                               in a way in which they truly wish to become a Kiwanian!
     Our service leadership teams continue to set the stan-
dard of excellence in building and supporting, Kiwanis
Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Aktion Clubs, Circle K and
Key Leader. The passion they all exhibit in their respec-                        Kiwanis
tive assignments is unparalleled. My thanks go out to Gary
and Beverly Surratt, Harry Spenny, Greg Smith, Gordon
                                                                              20 Years Ago
Scheicher, Tifanie Dallen and George Brown. Keep up the                  Kiwanians raised over $155,000
great work you are doing.                                              ringing bells for Salvation Army; KI
                                                                    President Wil Blechman joined District
     Lastly, I want to share with you that our district has
                                                                     Kiwanians at the 76th Birthday Party
begun to show growth in membership. As I have pointed out
before, growth is critical to sustaining great programs and
                                                                      in Detroit; Joe Medrano announced
for meeting the ever changing needs of our communities.             candidacy for Governor-Elect 1991-92;
If every club this year would just make an old-fashioned             18 Clubs had one or more months of
                                                                        100% attendance; Roy Klay was
                                  Continued on page 15                     honored as a “Distinguished

contents                                                                                                            Michigan Builder
                                                                                                                 Michigan District of Kiwanis International
         February/March 2011                                                                                                    Vol. LXXX

                                                                                                                       February/March 2011
                                                                                                                                     No. 3
         District Office
         Executive Director
         Now is the time for Kiwanians to take Action .................................3
         Governor ....................................................................... 1 & 13
         Governor-Elect...................................................................1                                       GOVERNOR
                                                                                                                             William M. Gohier
         Kiwanis Webinars
         Ideas to grow and maintain membership & service ......................4                                               GOVERNOR-ELECT
                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Luttrell-Wilson

                                                                                                                          IMMEDIATE PAST GOVERNOR
                                                                                                                            Joan VanArsdalen
         Club News                                                                                                           EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                                 Al Dailey
         Celebrates 75 years ......................................................................6                    PUBLISHED BI-MONTHLY
                                                                                                                   Fountain Communications, Inc.
         Grand Rapids                                                                                                (email
         Presents check to Haiti Foundation Against Poverty started by
         16-year-old .....................................................................................6                  AND PRINTED BY
                                                                                                                         Millbrook Printing
         Mount Morris                                                                                         Articles are due to the editor by the 5th of the
         Nearly 3,000 baskets of food helped feed 9,475                                                        month prior to the month of publication.
         family members ......................................................................6
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         District News                                                                                        Apr/May
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                                                                                                                                                     Nov. 5
         Governor-Elect Candidates Announced! .......................................5
                                                                                                                 Attention: Club Presidents, Secretaries &
         Aktion Club .....................................................................................8      Buletin Editors; Lt. Governors and District
         Opportunites...................................................................................8      Chairpersons. Submit all articles and photos
                                                                                                               to All photos and
         Help Wanted...................................................................................9      artwork must be sent as either jpg or bmp files.
         Key Club .......................................................................................12
                                                                                                                   315 Kiwanis Dr., P.O. Box 231
                                                                                                                  Mason, Michigan 48854-0231
         In every issue                                                                                               Phone: (517) 676-3837
                                                                                                                    Toll Free: (877) MIKIWANIS
         Calendar ...............................................................................16                     Fax: (517) 676-6600
         In Memoriam.....................................................................16               
         Roster ......................................................................................14               Periodical postage paid at
                                                                                                                Mason, Michigan. Subscription price,
                                                                                                              $3.50 per year. Postmaster: Send address
                                                                                                                              changes to:
                                                                                                                     Michigan District of Kiwanis,
                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 231- Mason, MI 48854-0231

2   Michigan Builder I Feb/March 2011
District office
from the Executive Director                                        Club and Division News
                                 Individuals may need to           Articles
                            have New Years Resolutions to
                            set goals, but Michigan Kiwanis
                            does not as it begins 2011 with
                                                                        Your District family of clubs wants to know the great
                            so many proven opportunities
                                                                   things you are doing. There are two opportunities to ac-
                            that there is no reason that all
                                                                   complish that and we will attempt to accommodate every
                            clubs cannot achieve Distin-
                                                                   submission that we receive.
                            guished status by September.
                                                                        The Builder is published every two months and articles
                                    Now is the time…applica-       and pictures need to be sent electronically to the District Of-
 Al Dailey                    tions for sponsoring a student       fice no later than the 5th of the months of January, March,
 Executive Director           for the Kiwanis and State Police     May, July, September, November.
                              Law Career Academy are open;
                                                                         Articles should be written as concise news stories high-
registration for Club Excellence seminars is still available;
                                                                   lighting individual members and the benefit to the commu-
Spring Divisionals begin the first weekend of March; reg-
                                                                   nity. These should be submitted as Word document, along
istration for the International Convention in Geneva, Swit-
                                                                   with any picture in jpeg or bmp format. The length of an
zerland is still available; opportunities to serve as future Lt.
                                                                   article can be up to 150 words and all submissions are sub-
Governors and Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation Trustees              ject to editing. Submit to with at-
will be available; Circle K and Key Club District Conven-          tachments.
tions are in March; Club Election of officers should be com-
plete by June 1; Kiwanis One Day is set for April 2. There             The District Website provides an opportunity to expand
is more to consider, but this list should keep you busy and        on a particularly special or unusual event or project, with
                                                                   one picture. We do not accept stories that promote future
your Club prepared for success.
                                                                   events. Tell the District about your successes. This is a two
     If I was not self-confident I would think that no one         step process.
is reading the Builder. Last issue I challenged each

                                                                            First, go to the Website and follow the link for
of you individually (not your club) to take 10 minutes
                                                                            news submissions. When complete, send an
out of your month and invite someone to your club                           email to the District Office requesting approval of
meeting, show them what Kiwanis is about, and invite                        the posting to the site.
them to join, and then email me with a report of your
effort. To date, one more response would double the

result. I truly believe that we can do better than that.
                                                                            Give the publicity responsibility to one or two
Are you up to it?                                                           members to assure timely submission of news.
                                                                            Let’s see what your club is doing.
     My last comment to begin the new year is to suggest
that you get directly involved with your Key Club, Circle K
or Aktion Club. Go to a meeting or work on one of their
projects….I guarantee you will come away energized and
with a better perspective about what the Kiwanis Family
really is.

                                                                                         Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder      3
               Q2, 2011 – January • February • March

              More details at

                 Reveal: Stay Flexible
                                                                                                             Club Experience for Youth: So they Join Later After they
                 Your club’s growth potential will expand when you reach out to more
   Tuesday,                                                                               Tuesday,           Graduate
                 people in different ways. The more flexible your club, the more
January 11, 2011                                                                       February 22, 2011     Learn what you can do today to encourage young people to join
                 attractive it will be to new members. This session may inspire you to
  8 p.m., EST                                                                            8 p.m., EST         Kiwanis tomorrow. Also gain tips to encourage younger members to
                 try something new—or improve your current model. You’ll learn about
                                                                                                             take a more active role within your club.
                 club satellites, corporate membership and company-based clubs.

                                                                                                             Kiwanis One Day
   Tuesday,      How to Plan a Service Project                                               Tuesday,        Turn your ”One Day” of service into hours and years of dedicated
January 18, 2011 Let’s get back to the basics. Learn to select and plan service projects   March 1, 2011     service to your community. Create an entire event around your
  8 p.m., EST    that will engage your members and benefit your community.                  8 p.m., EST      Kiwanis One Day to “Light the Fire” of growing service, membership
                                                                                                             and good public relations that will burn throughout the year.
                 Adding Sizzle to Your Events – ENCORE PRESENTATION!
                                                                                                             Succession Planning
   Tuesday,      Still doing the same old fundraiser, service project or meeting? Are        Tuesday,
                                                                                                             Learn how your club can create a “leadership pipeline” of future
January 25, 2011 members able to play their parts in their sleep? Then it’s time to add    March 8, 2011
                                                                                                             leaders that will shape the future of your club, division, district and
  8 p.m., EST    some spice to your events. Come hear about great ways to add               8 p.m., EST
                                                                                                             Kiwanis International.
                 some sizzle and keep members coming back for more.
                 FLIP Your Club                                                                              Fun Facts about the Annual Club Report
                 F is for Fun, L is for Learning, I is for Interesting and P is for                          What are other clubs doing that we aren’t doing? What creative
   Tuesday,                                                                                   Tuesday,
                 Planning. Add them up and you get FLIP–FLIP your club, that is.                             service projects or fundraising events could we add to our club?
February 1, 2011                                                                            March 15, 2011
                 Learn ways to renew your club—or go for an extreme makeover.                                This session will review the success stories of Kiwanis clubs around
  8 p.m., EST                                                                                8 p.m., EST
                 Invite your entire club to participate or bring the ideas back to the club                  the world and give insight into how your club can extend service
                 for implementation.                                                                         and improve its membership experience.
                 Retention: Till Death Do We Part
                 Many members drop out of their clubs for perfectly understandable
                                                                                                          Proyectos de servicio sencillos y rápidos
                 reasons. But most leave for reasons that could have been prevented.
   Tuesday,                                                                                 Wednesday, ¿Quiere añadir proyectos de servicio de simple planeación e
                 A strong membership development and retention program–and a
February 8, 2011                                                                           March 16, 2011 implementación pero con alto impacto en su comunidad? No se
                 club determined to retain members—can keep those relationships
  8 p.m., EST                                                                               7 p.m., EST   pierda esta sesión en la que compartiremos ideas prácticas y
                 going for the long haul. An effective membership retention effort
                                                                                                          puntuales que encenderán el espíritu de servicio en su club.
                 doesn’t just happen. Learn the best practices used by successful
                 Kiwanis clubs to retain active members.
                  Inclusiveness – Singled Out
                  Inclusiveness is a practice that creates an environment where                           Online Monthly Report: How and Why?
   Tuesday,       everyone feels comfortable, respected and valued. Closing the              Tuesday,     Gain a better understanding of the monthly report as the essential
February 15, 2011 inclusiveness gap in your club: Where is your club with regard to your   March 22, 2011 tracking and forecasting tool for clubs and districts. How does it save
  8 p.m., EST     leadership commitment, turning practices around (+ including -            8 p.m., EST   you time and effort? You’ll be guided through each area of the report.
                  excluding), and monitoring your progress. Inclusiveness leads to new                    Learn how easy online reporting should be and what is expected.
                                                                                                          Key Club International Alumni: The Place to Belong after
                  Descubra qué hay en su caja de herramientas Kiwanis
  Wednesday,                                                                                Thursday,     Just because you’re graduating from high school doesn’t mean you
                  Conozca el conjunto completo de herramientas ofrecidas por Kiwanis
February 16, 2011                                                                          March 24, 2011 have to stop serving. Join us for an hour long webinar to learn about
                  International para su club, desde los incentivos de crecimiento hasta
  7 p.m., EST                                                                               8 p.m., EST   the all-new Key Club International Alumni Association, and how you
                  videos y otras herramientas para darse a conocer en su comunidad.
                                                                                                          can continue your journey of lifelong servant leadership with like-
                                                                                                          minded people.
                                                                                                          Sponsoring New Club Orientation
                  CKI Alumni Association: The Place to Belong after Graduation                            Sponsoring new Kiwanis clubs in our communities is a process that
   Thursday,      Just because you’re graduating from college doesn’t mean you have          Tuesday,     begins initial club building efforts and continues through the first few
February 17, 2011 to stop serving. Join us for an hour long webinar to learn about the     March 29, 2011 years of their existence to ensure they are prepared to provide service
  8 p.m., EST     CKI Alumni Association, and how you can continue your journey of          8 p.m., EST   to their community for many years to come. Find out the roles and
                  lifelong servant leadership with like-minded individuals.                               expectations of sponsoring clubs and how you can be a part of
                                                                                                          creating a lasting impact in a community near you.

NOTE: All webinar times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

4    Michigan Builder I Feb/March 2011
Candidates Announced for Governor-Elect 2011-12
                            Harold “Ozzie” Oswald                                            David Noel Babbage
                            Division 13                                                      Division 5

                                                                                                   Candidate for Governor Elect
                                  After thirty-one years of
                                                                                              2011-2012 David Noel Babbage,
                             service as a Legion of Honor
                                                                                              a member of the Kiwanis Club of
                             member, I have decided to run
                                                                                              Allen Park and the Fantastic 5th Di-
                             for the office of Governor-elect
                                                                                              vision of Kiwanis, has announced
                             of the Michigan District of Ki-
                                                                                              his candidacy for the position of
wanis International at the 2010-2011 state convention.
                                                                 Governor Elect for 2011-2012.
I do this with a deep sense of humility, knowing I may
                                                                       David worked 28 years in the Taylor Public Schools
follow 96 years of excellent leadership and extraordinary
                                                                 where he served as an Elementary teacher, Secondary
service, some of whom have become International Presi-
                                                                 teacher, Special Education teacher and the Supervisor of
dents, trustees and board members of our International
                                                                 the program that deals with physically or otherwise health
                                                                 Impaired students.
      Leadership is not being served, but rather is a call to
                                                                       David has been in Kiwanis since 1981 with perfect at-
serve at the highest levels in our organization. It is the
                                                                 tendance and is currently serving as Kiwanis Club of Allen
channeling of the efforts of others toward the common
                                                                 Park board member and inter-club chair. He has also served
goal of serving others. Kiwanis leadership is call to look
                                                                 as newsletter editor and was in charge of weekly programs.
at what is wrong and not who is wrong. It is being satis-
                                                                       David Noel Babbage has been:
fied to be right without proving someone else wrong. It
                                                                       5th Division Distinguished Lt. Governor 2007-2008; Ki-
is dedication, loyalty, responsibility and accountability. It
                                                                 wanis Club of Allen Park Distinguished President 2005-2006;
builds the trust from others for doing what is right and fair.
                                                                 Vice President 2003-2004; Treasurer for 5 Years; Board
It is honest effort to be the best we can be every day.
                                                                 Member for 14years; House Committee Chair 6 years.
      Over the past 15 years we have seen a decline in
                                                                       David and Frances Jane (Lamerato) have been mar-
membership. The loss of Clubs and Divisions – it seems
                                                                 ried for 42 years and have two sons, David and Jason (both
we are losing more clubs than we build. We have expe-
                                                                 graduates of U of M in Engineering), and one granddaughter
rienced a severe depression in Michigan. I will present a
plan to reverse this trend and put the District on a steady
                                                                       David also has served his Community for 20 years on
path of growth. We will develop a more positive results-
                                                                 Allen Park City Council (1983 -2003). He holds the record
oriented attitude at all levels of governance where we
                                                                 of being the longest continuous serving councilman in Allen
work as a band of brothers and sisters bent on service
that makes a difference in peoples’ lives and leads to bet-
                                                                       After his retirement, he became active in the Michigan
ter relationships and communities. I have a real sense of
                                                                 Association of Retired School Personnel and he is presently
urgency about serving communities and children in par-
                                                                 on their executive board and is the Area # 28 Director and
ticular who are at risk of hunger across the district. I plan
                                                                 president of the Downriver chapter.
to work with the Food Banks across Michigan to develop
                                                                       Dave is now ready to lead the Kiwanis of Michigan as
programs to alleviate hunger.
                                                                 Governor. He has the background of leadership and the
      Yours in service to others,
                                                                 ability to get others to help out. He has the ability to listen
      Harold “Ozzie” Oswald, Division 13
                                                                 and talk with others.
                                                                       David obviously has a passion for service. He feels we
                                                                 need to find ways to make others, young and old, see the
                                                                 importance of service to our fellow man. Kiwanis is the orga-
                                                                 nization that can be that vehicle.
                                                                       David Noel Babbage is uniquely qualified for the posi-
                                                                 tion of Governor Elect 2011-2012.
                                                                       The Kiwanis Club of Allen Park proudly supports the can-
                                                                 didacy of David Noel Babbage for Governor-Elect, 2011-2012.

                                                                                        Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder       5
Club News from the Great Lake State
Check out what’s happening around the state in other clubs.

                                                        This is a photo of Jim Doman, Lt. Governor,
                                                      giving an award to Lynn Porritt-McConnell, the
                                                      president of the Grayling Club on the occasion
                                                      of their 75th anniversary as a Kiwanis Club.

 Grand Rapids
                                                         On December 30th, the Kiwanis Club of
                                                       Grand Rapids Golden K presented a check in
                                                       the amount of $23,088.03 to Mallery Thurlow
                                                       for her kids in Haiti. The money was raised by
                                                       the Michigan Division 14 along with matching
                                                       funds given by Fred and Lena Meijer (Meijer
                                                         Mallery has been the speaker at several
                                                       of our clubs and we have grown to know
                                                       Mallery’s mission, which has gained our
                                                       respect and support.
                                                         Mallery, at 16 yrs of age, dedicated her life
                                                       to living with and providing love and hope to
                                                       the extremely poor children of Haiti. Since
                                                       her graduation from college two years ago,
                                                       she has expanded her school, opened an
                                                       orphanage and feeds those in tent city. She is
                                                       a remarkable young lady. She has established
                                                       the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, which
                                                       has a 501(c)3 status.

                 With the money Mallery received from Kiwanis, she plans to build a kitchen fully
                equipped for the orphanage, purchase a cement mixer for construction purposes,
                purchase playground equipment and provide a storm sewer system.

 6   Michigan Builder I Feb/March 2011
                                     from the Great Lake State          Club News
              Discover new ways to raise funds and change the life of a child.

Mt. Morris
  A member of the Kiwanis Club of Mt.Morris,
Tammy Wade, is also the director of the SKIP
program for the Mt.Morris Consolidated School
District. In her full time job, Tammy comes
in contact with many families that are in dire
  It came to our attention that Tammy was
buying truck loads of food from the Food Bank
of Eastern Michigan at $500 for half a truck
and $1,000 for a full truck load. She purchased
several loads of food out of her own pocket,
starting with 8 volunteers.
  Our club now sponsors the food truck
program each month. The club has received
10 truck loads of food from the Food Bank for the year, 2010. Those 10 food trucks, supplied the
Mt.Morris Community with 2,775 baskets of food. Those nearly 3,000 baskets of food helped feed
9,475 family members. Each food distribution averages 62 volunteers.

Grosse Ile
  The Kiwanis Club of Grosse Ile planned
and executed the move of an unused
flagpole from a Grosse Ile private site to
a prominent location at the entryway sign
to Grosse Ile.      The move included the
installation of a light and the purchase of
materials.    Kiwanis has assumed all the
responsibility for this yet another symbol
of Grosse Ile’s pride and patriotism, love of
country and community.

                                                                      Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder   7
                Maternal                                 2010 Was the Best Year Ever for
                and Neonatal
                Tetanus                                  Aktion Clubs in Michigan!
                                                              2010 was the year of greatest growth in new Aktion Clubs, total Aktion Club
                                                         membership growth, and greatest member participation in the district-wide Ak-
                With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis      tion Club events including a 33% growth in club attendance at our annual con-
                International and UNICEF have            vention, and club participation in the annual Bowl-a-thon fundraiser for our inter-
                joined forces to eliminate maternal
                                                         national service initiative, Sleeping Children Around the World providing bed-kits
                and neonatal tetanus. This deadly
                                                         for children in needy countries. The year 2010 also ended with Heartwood
                disease steals the lives of nearly
                                                         School in Mason becoming the sixth new Aktion Club in the district since April of
                60,000 innocent babies and a
                significant number of women each         2010. Heartwood is also the third Aktion Club in the community of Mason and the
                year. The effects of the disease         second Aktion Club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Mason Golden K. Heart-
                are excruciating — tiny newborns         wood School is
                suffer repeated, painful convulsions     a regional edu-
                and extreme sensitivity to light and     cational service
                touch.                                   agency for adults
                                                         living with disabili-
                To eliminate MNT from the Earth by       ties and brings
                2015, 129 million mothers and their      the total number
                future babies must be immunized.
                                                         of Aktion Clubs
                This requires vaccines, syringes,
                                                         within the Michi-
                safe      storage,     transportation,
                                                         gan District to 21.
                thousands of skilled staff and more.
                It will take $110 million — and the      With this new club
                dedicated work of UNICEF and             there are now a
                every member of the Kiwanis family.      total of 575 Aktion
                                                         Club      members
                Kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces         in our district do-
                to tackle iodine deficiency disorders,   ing service within Members of the Great Lakes Bay Aktion Club smile after receiving their charter
                achieving one of the most significant    their    communi- and member pins and certificates at the chartering of their new club in Bay City

                public health successes of the 20th      ties along with this last November.
                century. Now, they are eliminating       their       Kiwanis
                MNT from the face of the Earth.
                                                         and Circle K sponsors. For more information about bringing an Aktion Club to
                And in doing so, the project will
                                                         your community contact Gordon Schleicher, District Aktion Club Administrator.
                reach the poorest, most neglected
                mothers and babies with additional
                lifesaving     health     care.
                The end of this one
                disease       means
                                                                          Opportunities: It’s Up for Bid!
                the beginning of
                better health                Kiwanis
                for so many
                                          10 Years Ago                            If your club or Division has an interest in hosting
                                                                                  either the District Golf Outing or the Annual Con-
                                    George Brown announced his                     vention, now is the time to show your interest.
                                  candidacy for Governor Elect; the                     	 Bids for the 2013 District of Kiwanis Con-
                                  newest Club formed in the District                  vention should be submitted by May 20 for consid-
                                  was Durand, sponsored by Swartz                     eration. Forms and information are available from
                                  Creek; Colon led membership with                    the District Office (Al Dailey).
                                    +10; Division 11 led both rating                    	 Bids for the 2012 Golf Outing are also avail-
                                   and attendance; The Foundation                     able on our website at
                                       Holiday Greeting project
                8   Michigan Builder I Feb/March over $4,000.
                                         netted 2011
WANTED                                                                              DIVISIONAL
Webmaster for the District Website, to coordinate regular                           Meetings are
updates with the District Office and the District Chair for                         coming soon…
Information Technology.      Contact the District Office for
information or to volunteer.

Experienced Kiwanians with a desire to assist clubs within                          the Awards Presentations and
their Division (particularly new clubs and clubs with less than
20 members) offering guidance, help with programs and                               the official visit of our District
reporting, and leadership development. Contact Governor Bill                        Governor will be held:
for information on becoming a “Club Counselor”.
                                                                                    March 5……………
                                                                                    Davis Convention Center
                                                                                    Jackson, MI
                                                                                    Div. 11 and 12

A new year is time to GROW as a
                                                                                    March 12………….
                                                                                    Stonebridge Country Club
                                                                                    Ann Arbor, MI

Kiwanian                                                                            Div. 9 and 10

                                                                                    March 19………….
                                                                                    Knights of Columbus
Kiwanis offers free webinars with tips on everything you need to keep grow-         Lincoln Park, MI
ing as a successful, useful member of the Kiwanis family. You’ll learn to help      Div. 4 and 5
your club stay flexible, get back to basics, add sizzle to your events, retain
                                                                                    March 26………….
members, support alumni associations, close the inclusiveness gap and so
                                                                                    Charlar Place
much more.
                                                                                    Holt, MI
Kiwanis webinars are live weekdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and all         Div. 16 and 18
you have to do is register and login. There are even some in Spanish! Webinars
                                                                                    April 2……………..
also are archived online to watch at your convenience. Check out the schedule
                                                                                    Wayland H. S. Fine Arts
on page 4.
                                                                                    Wayland, MI
                                                                                    Div. 13 and 14

                                                                                    April 9………….….
                                                                                    Bay Valley Resort
                                                                                    Bay City, MI
                                                                                    Div. 17 and 19

                                                                                    April 16……………
                                                                                    Eagles Club,
                                                                                    Gaylord, MI
                                                                                    Div. 20, 21 and 22

                                                                                    April 30……………
     “The best way to find yourself is to                                           Polish Amer. Cultural Ctr.
                                                                                    Troy, MI
  lose yourself in the service of others.”                                          Div. 1, 3 and 7

                                                      - Mahatma Gandhi           Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder   9
                     Great Opportunity!                                                                              Get your
                         For individuals and businesses alike to get there message out to their fellow kiwanians!   message out
                          The upcoming 94th Annual Michigan District of Kiwanis Program is read by hundreds
                     of kiwanians. It’s a great opportunity to promote your business, announce a message from
                                                                                                                    for as little
                     your club, promote an upcoming club event or print a personal message of thanks, gratitute       as $75
                     or grace. Send a birthday wish, anniversary note, in memoriam – the skies the limit!
                          If you’re interested in having your business, club or personal message printed in the
                     upcoming Michigan District Program Convention Booklet simply fill out the attached form
                     and mail with payment today - it’s that easy!

                10   Michigan Builder I Feb/March 2011

S E S S I O N S                                                           Midwinter Growth

Club Excellence Sessions                 (formerly Mid-        experience and high impact service in the community.
Winter Growth) are still available for registration, but       A great product equals great
time is running out. Make sure your club has at least
two people to attend either of the sessions in Novi or         recruitment
Mt. Pleasant. The topics are for everyone, but focused         Understand what our product is and why members join.
on the current officers and the Membership Chair in            Learn changes to make your club more attractive to all
particular.                                                    members.

Two seminars run concurrently beginning at 9:00 AM,            Finding the right people…Building
with the second set at 10:45. Information in all of
these sessions will help you personally and your club          the team
to address maintaining and growing a healthy, vibrant           Finding the right people for the team and getting
club….one that is attractive to new prospective members.       them on board. Apply practical and “common
                                                               sense” approaches to keeping them committed and
The first opportunity will be at the Suburban Collection       accountable.
Showplace (formerly Rock Financial) in Novi, on
Saturday, February 12.                                         Walk the Talk
                                                                Simple ways to create a fun and effective membership
The second session will be in Mt. Pleasant, at Ziibiwing       campaign, ideas to bring in new members, how to stay
Center on Saturday, February 19.                               focused with a timeline and goals to achieve growth
                                                               this year. It centers on FUN and leads the way to more
Register online at the District Website:                       fellowship and service.

Good to Great- Club Succession
 Learn how your club can build a “leadership pipeline” of
future leaders that will shape the future of your club, your
division, your district and Kiwanis International. Identify
future leaders and give them the tools and support
that will enable them to create a meaningful member

                                                                                 Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder   11
                                                            International Convention
Submitted by Maria     Harper                                                  UPDATE
Hello Michigan Kiwanis!                                     Jane Goodall to speak at
                                                            Kiwanis International
We want to start off by thanking you so much for all of
your support throughout the past year. Key Clubs across
the state could not do what they do if it were not for
wonderful sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs.

Our 2010 Fall Rally was very successful! We had over 250
Key Clubbers attend. Throughout the day, they attended
workshops and participated in activities to better help
them understand Key Club. We also raised $500 for March
of Dimes! Needless to say, Fall Rally was a very fun and
exciting day for everyone! Thank you to all who attended
and supported their Key Clubs to go!

The Michigan District of Key Club’s 2011 District
Convention is rapidly approaching. We ask you to please
support your sponsoring Key Clubs to go. We will be
celebrating 60 years of student- lead volunteering
in Michigan! The weekend will be filled with friends,
workshops, activities, dances, excitement, fun, and of
course- Key Club! This is a great opportunity for you as         British primatologist Jane Goodall, known for her
well as as many Key Clubbers as possible to attend and      extensive research of chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe
see the magic of what we do. The weekend will also be       Stream National Park, will speak to Kiwanians and
a time of tribute to not only the past 60 years, but the    guests at Opening Session of the 96th Annual Kiwanis
past Key Club year as we recognize all of the hard work     International Convention in Geneva, Switzerland. Don’t
and dedication seen in each and every club. For District
                                                            miss out!
Convention information, you can go to
and download the packet. The District Board has been
                                                                Early registration closes Jan. 31. Act now to take
planning and working very hard to make this DCON the
best one Michigan has seen! We cannot wait and hope to      advantage of the discounted rate.
see everyone there!
                                                                Visit to register,
One of the experiences of attending our District            explore tour descriptions and plan your trip. Kiwanis
Convention is being able to package meals for Kids          members save $75 by registering early.
Against Hunger. In order to do so, however, we need
to raise $8,000 to pay for the meals. One of our ways of        Convention registration includes full access to the
doing so this year is by selling ad space in our District   Exhibit Hall, Kiwanis Family Store, regular and feature
Convention booklet. If your personal business or your       forums and general sessions. Meals are not included.
club would like to purchase ad space, please contact
your Key Club Lieutenant Governor or Jordan Belanger
at All money and ads are due
February 4!

Thank you so much again for all that you do! We are so
proud and grateful to be able to work with such amazing
adult volunteers each and every day! You are all truly
amazing. Happy New Year!

12    Michigan Builder I Feb/March 2011
          The District is seeking Kiwanians who would consider
           volunteering their skills within Committees on the
                            INTERNATIONAL LEVEL
                                                                    •    Act as an advisory group on their subject
                   International Committees
                                                                         area to the Kiwanis International Board
                                                                         and staff.
  Updated and revised job descriptions and reporting                •    Report to the Kiwanis International Board
responsibilities for International Committees are available              Committee recommendations for im-
upon request to the District Office. In order to enhance                 provement.
communications all committees have been limited where               •    If invited and as their personal schedules
possible to 10 members so that Skype videoconferencing                   and budgets permit, members are en-
or other electronic methods can be used for meetings. All                couraged to attend district functions and
committees are charged with meeting at least three times per             Kiwanis International functions. (Howev-
year. This includes but is not limited to the annual convention,         er, there is no budget for travel reimburse-

SLP conference (when relevant), and electronic conferencing.             ment.)

   Members first have to be recommended by the District               Expenses: Please be aware there are no funds
and then the President-Elect or Vice-President will make the       budgeted for committee operations, and members
final appointments. If you wish to make a real difference in       must bear any expenses for communications and
the future of Kiwanis, time is of the essence and you should       travel.
contact Al at the District Office.
                                                                    International Committees With
 International Committees and Task Forces                          Vacancies:
   Each group will be asked to consider the following as a part
of their responsibilities:                                           Kiwanis Aktion Club
  •     Determine how the committee fits the global objec-
        tives of Kiwanis International and make suggestions          Kiwanis Builders Club
        on the committee’s purpose to maintain the proper
        alignment.                                                   Kiwanis Kids
  •     Determine if this committee should continue to exist
        or if there is a better structure to accomplish the as-      Kiwanis Key Leader
        signed tasks and goals.
  •     Determine how the committee can enhance our Ki-              SLP Alumni Support
        wanis commitment to growth, service, youth lead-
        ership, and our new Global Campaign for Children
                                                                     Women’s Advisory Committee
        and the ELIMINATE project.

  •     Develop an action plan for committee work.
                                                                     Leadership Education
  •     Evaluate the current tools and methods available to
        clubs and districts.
  •     Liaison with the districts to encourage the most ef-         Young Children: Priority One
        fective use of the best tools and methods, assist
        with challenges, and find success stories to be              Kiwanis One Day
        shared. Correspondence should normally be con-
        ducted with relevant district chairman (if any), and/        Technology Integration
        or district governors and district secretaries.

                                                                                          Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder   13
                Change Your Roster 2010-11
James Doman, email:                    PLACE/DATE CHANGES
LT. GOVERNOR-ELECT, DIV. 5                           EATON RAPIDS, DIV. 16
Gregory D. Bader                                     Tues., 7:30 AM
21050 Wellington St.
Woodhaven, MI 48183-1624                             KALAMAZOO SUNRISE, DIV. 13
Club: Allen Park                                     On page 23 meeting place should be Michele’s
Phone: (734) 281-5021                                Restaurant, 4010 Gull Rd., date/time remains Fri., 7:30
Email:                      AM

CASEVILLE, DIV. 19                                   LAKEVIEW-URBANDALE, DIV. 12
Pres. Yvonne Ball                                    Captain Luey’s Calabash, 181 E. Columbia, 1st & 3rd
email:                       Tues, 6:00 PM

COLON, DIV. 12                                       SOUTH LYON, DIV. 9
Sec. Beth Glasscock                                  2nd & 4th Mon., 6:30 PM
Phone: (269) 370-3389

Sec. Casey Nichols
7575 W. Forest Dr., Lake City, 49651-8741
                                                            “Watch your thoughts,
Pres. Andrew Terry                                          for they become words.
Sec. Earlene Baggett-Hayes
1800 Hickory Bark Ln, Bloomfield Twp., 48304-1116
                                                            Watch your words, for
                                                            they become actions.
Sec. Jan Warstler
email:                               Watch your actions, for
TAWAS, DIV. 20                                               they become habits.
Sec. Christine Boughner, c/o Huron Community Bank,
P.O. Box 508, Tawas City, 48764-0508 Phone: (989)           Watch your habits, for
820-0120 email:
                                                           they become character.
Sec. Nelson Haan
2839 Bridgeside Dr. S.E.,                                   Watch your character,
Caledonia, MI 49316-8926
Phone: (616) 656-4191                                        for it becomes your
James Dye, email:

14   Michigan Builder I Feb/March 2011
 Governors Message
  Governor, Continued from page 1
       commitment to ending the year with NET positive growth of 1 we will be setting
  the stage for Kiwanis greatness in North America. Most of all and more importantly our
  outreach to local community needs will be enhanced. We currently have 54 out of 181
  clubs with positive growth and another 85 clubs at neutral growth. This is very positive
  and suggests to me that with a little focus and commitment we can right our ship and
  let our torches burn bright for more people to see. Thanks to all our club leaders.
                                                                                                      William Gohier
       Our spirit is strong and our message is the right one in our world, simply put “We
  help children.” Michigan Kiwanians, thanks for all you do everyday to make the differ-
  ence in the lives of others. All the best in 2011.

Summary of the January 8, 2011
Board Meeting
    The Board accepted reports from Finance, Key                tor to execute a contract with Boyne Highlands for the 2012
Club, Circle K, Kiwanis International Foundation, Ki-           Convention; approved $100 ads in the Convention pro-
wanis of Michigan Foundation and the Education Com-             grams for both Key Club and Circle K; approved Conven-
mittees. Governor-elect Liz announced the two candidates        tion Budget for 2011 in E. Lansing; accepted proposed By-
for Governor-Elect 2011-12, David Babbage (Div. 5) and          law revisions submitted by the Bylaw Committee for further
Harold Oswald (Div. 13).                                        review and action in June; appointed an ad hoc committee
                                                                to review the District Policies and Procedures; approved
    The Board accepted the Charter resignation from             recommendation to set administrative charge of $250 per
Kiwanis Club of Kalamazoo Golden K (members joined              month for services provided to the Kiwanis of MI Founda-
Kalamazoo Westside as a Satellite); the Audit report from       tion.
Walter, Boesky and Associates; approved Executive Direc-

                                                                                       Feb/March 2011 I Michigan Builder   15
                                 Periodical Postage Paid
GOVERNOR’S                       Mailed January 31, 2011

Detroit No. 1              +9
Colon                      +5

Net gain is from 10-1-10 thru
 and includes only clubs with
   at least a net gain of +5
based on official membership
numbers supplied by Kiwanis
                                           Mark Your
      In Memoriam                CALENDAR 2010-11
  Lt. Governor 1983-84           February 2011
  Ann Arbor
                                 12    Club Excellence Sessions, Novi 9:00 AM
  Ann Arbor Western              15    Club Tax Returns due to IRS
  Brooklyn                       19    Club Excellence Sessions, Mt. Pleasant 9:00 AM

  Eaton Rapids
                                 March 2011
  Golden K of Gd. Rapids
                                  5     Spring Divisional, Div. 11-12, Jackson, MI
  Lt. Governor 1995-96            11-13 Circle K Dist. Convention, Ann Arbor
                                  12    Spring Divisional, Div. 9-10, Ann Arbor, MI
                                  18-20 Key Club Dist. Convention, Dearborn
  Mt. Clemens                     19    Spring Divisional, Div. 4-5, Lincoln Park, MI

 HERMAN A. WADKE                  26    Spring Divisional, Div. 16-18, Holt, MI

                            Serving children of the world one community –
                                                         one child at a time

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