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					 OSWEGO VALLEY NEWS - FULTON, N.Y. — WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1973                                                                       The Paper That's Read from Cover to Cover
                                      ineout, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hospital, Fulton.                                      PARKHURST and family of Shore
  Personals                           otaling, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Batker, Parkhurst and Jackie Parkhurst of MRS. ALBERT JOHNSON was a Oaks Drive spent Christmas with
   MRS. LIOLA BARNEY, Joan r. and Mrs. Donald Roland, all of Lycoming was an overnight guest caller Wednesday of Mrs. Hazel her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Barney and Mrs. Katherine Browne exico, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plyter of the North Rd., Demster. Wise in Dugway.
and children, Cicero, were ilburn of Meridian.                              Parkhurst of South New Haven.          CHRISTMAS Eve guests at the ROBERT CROUCH, Jr. of New
Christmas afternoon guests of her MR. AND MRS. LESTER MRS. ELAINE PARKHURST home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haven spent a few. days last week
son and family, Mr. and Mrs. TOWERS of Demsfer were callers and Cindy of the Nine Mile Point Crouch in New Haven were Mrs. with Donald Parkhurst in Fulton.
Robert Barney, Hall Rd.               hursday of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rd. and Mrs. Midge Crouch and Pearl Woolson, Mrs. Ardella CHRISTMAS Eve guests at the
   MR. AND MRS. WM. DRUCE ond, Sr. in New Haven.                           Shelly of New Haven were recent Parkhurst and Mrs. Hilda Freeman home of Mrs. Ida Wilder of the
and family were Christmas Eve DANNY PARKHURST of South callers of Mrs. Treva Crouch in Mt. of Fulton.                                               North Rd. were Mr. and Mrs.
guests 6f Mr. and Mrs. David Geer ew Haven was an overnight guest Pleasant, and also called on Mrs. . MR. AND MRS. P E T E R Charles Wilder and family of the
and family, Clifford.                 unday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art House in Hannibal.                   LaFAVE and family of Lycoming Lake Rd., Mr. and Mrs. Martin
   MR. AND MRS. DAVID YOUNG ames Parkhurst of Lycoming. DOUGLAS PARKHURST of were recent guests of Mrs. Hazel Stancampiano and family of the
and son, Pulaski, Mr. and Mrs. erry Parkhurst of Lycoming was Fulton has returned to his home Plyter of the North Rd., Demster. North Rd., Scriba, Mrs. Hazel
John Badger and daughter, Mexico, n overnight guest Sunday at the after a stay in Lee Memorial                     MR. AND MRS. RICHARD Plyter and Mrs. Jennie Fowler.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Druce and
children, Camillus, and Mr. and
Mrs. William Druce and sons,
Clifford, were Christmas dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth
Young, Clifford.
Sanford and Mike Maytha, Mt.
Pleasant, were Saturday afternoon
guests o/ Pauline Frazier, Pulaski.
NEY and children, Oswego, Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert Kinney, Pulaski,
LaVerne Ryder, Clifford, Mr. and
Mrs. Ronald Frazier, Fulton, Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Hall and family,
Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hall,
Bowens Corners, Randy Bion, Mt.
Pleasant, were all dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frazier,
Pulaski, on Sunday.
<New Haven celebrated her birthday
 Dec. 21.
   PETER RABY, Jr. and Michael
 Carroll of Oswego were callers
 Tuesday night of Mr. and Mrs.
 Kenneth Searles and Mr. and Mrs.
 Kenneth Allen of Demster.
 GRANDJEAN of Demster were
 overnight guests Friday anc
 Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Tec
 Baker in Williamson and also called
 on Mr. and Mrs. John Dulmage in
 Batavia. Chris and Nelson Baker ol
 Williamson spent a few days lasi
 week with their grandparents, M*
 and Mrs. Grandjean in Demster
    CHRISTMAS breakfast guests a
 the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kennetl
 Searles in Demster were Mr. anc
 Mrs. Kenneth Allen and Lisa, Mr
 and Mrs. Thomas Searles and sons
 and Mr. and Mrs. James Searles
                                                 at the bank that pays you more!
 and Melissa, all of Demster.                              During the last six months Fulton Savings paid over $1,089 million in
    MR. AND MRS. ROBERT                                    interest-dividends to our depositors. And loaned over $2,500 million in
 PARKHURST and daughter, Patty                             mortgage and home improvement loans.
 of South New Haven spent New
 Years Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Ware                                The figures below stand as evidence of what Fulton Savings has
 Parkhurst of Shore Oaks Drive.                           done to help our people increase their incomes, send their children to
    WEDNESDAY NIGHT suppe                                 college and buy new homes.
 guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs
 Floyd Rector of New Haven wen                                   Our plans for the future? To do more of the same. And to try to
  Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bailey anc                         make you a thousandaire with the highest interest-dividend rates in
  sons of Topeka, Kansas, and Robin                       town!
  Rector of Mexico.
    THE SENIOR Wide-A-Wake                                                      204th Semi-Annual Statement
 Class of the United Methodis                                                                                                                                   OFFICERS
  Church of New Haven held a New                                               STATEMENT OF CONDITION
                                                                                  FULTON SAVINGS BANK                                                              and
  Years Eve party at the home of Mr                                                                                                                            TRUSTEES
  and Mrs. George Milea of the Nortl
  Rd., Demster. Buncho was playec                                                          ASSETS                                                   Officers
  and prizes awarded to Hazel Plyter
  Erwin Coe and Will and Mabe                                                                         JANUARY 1, 1973              J A R Y 1, 1972  Frederick P. Frantz, President
  Tyrrell, after which refreshment                                                                                                                  Jack Wilcox, Vice President
  were served. Among those wh                Cash and Due from Banks                                           $ 1,404,246.13       $ 1,806,655.51      and Treasurer
  attended were Mr. and Mrs. Erwin           United States Government Obligations                                1,351,605.82          1,077,270.45 Thaddeus L. Antos, Assistant
  Coe, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rector             Other Bonds and Securities                                          9,561,859.58          7,233,428.23     Vice President
  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tyrrell, Mr. an           Collateral and Student Loans                                        1,281,735.67          1,130,931.37 Phillip A. Cole,
  Mrs. John Zaun, Blanche demons             First Mortgages                                                    34,566,035.18         32,631,385.93  Assistant Treasurer
  Hazel Plyter, Violet Sherman an            Bank Premises                                                     • 468,866.76              422,627.39 Willson P. Smith, Attorney
  Rick Stone.                                Other Assets                                                          185,992.64            141 507 4?
     MR. AND MRS. WARD                       Accrued Interest                    •                                 374,691.04            285,807.14 Trustees
  PARKHURST of Shore Oaks Driv
  and Mrs. Katherine Hyde o                                                                                   $ 49,195,032.82      $ 44,731,613.44  Willson P. Smith
  Demster were supper guests New                                                                                                                    Dr. William F. Fivaz
  Years Night of Mr. and Mrs                                                             LIABILITIES                                                Robert H. Morin
  Thomas Parkhurst of the Nine Mil                                                                                                                  Glenn W. Clark
  Point Rd. Linda Rude of Texas wa           Due Depositors                                                  $ 44,069,265.24       $ 40,017,428.23  William G. Tumbridge
  also a guest at the supper. Mr. an         Other Liabilities                                                    697,538.78             649,692.53 Thomas J . Johnston
  Mrs. Sidney Rude of Texas wer              Surplus                                                      ••     4,428,228.80          4,064,492.68 Harold A. Bailey
  callers in the evening.                                                                                                                           r reflenck P. rrantz
                                                                                                                                               •j^MA«] A 4*1   nil*   H   ^1   H A   -- A

     BEATRICE NEWELL of Nev                                                                                  $ 49,195,032.82       $ 44,731,613.44  Mark Fruce
  Haven will celebrate her birthda                                                                                                                  Bruner W. Fox
  January 13.                                                           Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
     NEW YEARS dinner guests at th
  home of Mr. and Mrs. Kennet                                                  Deposits Now Insured to $20,000.
  Larkin of Demster were Mr. an
  Mrs. Ernest Demar and Peter an
  Michael and Mr. and Mrs. Stuar
  DeMar and family of Demster.
  of Demster Beach spent New Year
  Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fone
  of the North Rd., Demster.
  Demster spent Friday evening wit
  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chetney i
  Oswego. Mr. and Mrs. Ruf wer
  New Years Eve guests of Mr. and
  Mrs. John Somsen in Oswego.
  LARKIN spent New Years Eve at
  the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mossman
  Leishman in Demster
  spent New Years at the home of Mr.
  and Mrs. John Ruf of Demster
  SHOWERS of Demster entertained                 The bank of the Thousandaires
  the following guests at a New Years
  Eve party: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde                                         Deposits insured to $2»,8(M)

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