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					 Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries. Selected projects 2011

Country of   Title of the project   Producer /Director / Synopsis
origin                              Company
       AM/NO Armenia Wants a        Prod., Dir. Vardan    The North and South Poles - melting ice,
             Piece of the North     Hovhannisyan          scarce resources, invoking fierce competition
             Pole... and the                              between big nations. Armenia wants in
             South Pole too!        Bars Media            too…Using the humorous device of claims to
                                                          the North and South Poles by two Armenian
                                                          comedians, this film will highlight the absurd
                                                          lengths to which nations go in the name of
               Ahto                 Prod. Erik Norkroos   On this planet we live on, covered with blue
                                                          water, we all have something in common
                                    Dir. Jaanis Valk      independent of our skin, sex or age. We all
                                                          have a dream… This is a film about a young
                                    Rühm Pluss Null       man who grew up on the Baltic Sea coast and
                                                          through lessons from his father, a deep-sea
                                                          captain, learned the mentality of the coastal
                                                          people, and about making a dream come true.
               Hallo Cosmos,        Prod. Riho Västrik    The secret manufacture of space food for
               Hallo Põltsamaa!                           Soviet astronauts was launched in 1962 in the
                                    Dir. Heli Tetlov      Estonian town of Põltsamaa. While Moscow
                                                          celebrates the first human flight into space,
                                    Vesilind              tube-food experts and astronauts come
                                                          together to unveil the old recipes and take a
                                                          gastronomic trip from the past to modern day.
               Out of Fashion       Prod. Katrin Kissa    A documentary about one fashion designer’s
                                                          initiative to change the fashion industry’s
                                    Dir. Jaak Kilmi       environment-gluttonizing nature with an
                                                          ethical way to produce clothing. Thousands of
                                    Homeless Bob          factories in the third world don’t only produce
                                    Production            clothing for different large companies, but
                                                          also tons of textile waste that travels straight
                                                          to landfills (or into nature, if there are no
                                                          landfills); If unsold jeans from big retailers
                                                          are cut into pieces and thrown in trash bins to
                                                          free up space for new products, why not re-
                                                          design dresses from the unsold jeans instead?
                                                          In our film, trash is fashion. It is the black
                                                          conscience hidden behind the fashion
                                                          industry’s radiant smile.
    EE/FR/UK Dora Gordine: Ars Prod. Peeter Urbla         Art. Adventure. Passion. Pretence. Joie de
             Gratia Artis                                 vivre. The illustrious life of Dora Gordine
                               Dir. Annaleena Piel        (1895-1991): sculptor, designer, high-society
                               Linna                      darling, opportunist extraordinaire, and a
                                                          closeted Jewish runaway who rose from the

                                 Exitfilm OÜ / Viking pits of Eastern Europe to find herself in line
                                 Visionary Films Ltd for the British throne.
             See You In          Prod., Dir. Alexander See You in Chechnya is a deeply personal
             Chechnya            Kvatashidze           authored film about the intertwined stories of
                                                       a group of idealistic war reporters who risked
                                 Lokokina              everything to cover a vicious conflict more
                                                       than a decade ago – and how the experiences
                                                       of those who survived continue to affect their
                                                       lives today.
     GE/PL Stalin, Mon Amour Prod: Michael             A film about the Georgian women who work
                             Truckenbrodt              in the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori. All of
                                                       the museum's employees adore the brutal
                                 Dir: Piotr Rosolowski dictator, while many are head-over-heels in
                                                       love with him. They worship paintings of
                                 time prints / Kosma him. They dream about him. The museum is
                                                       located in his childhood home and the dictator
                                                       is portrayed not only as a politician and
                                                       victor, but first and foremost as a loving
                                                       husband and caring father.

                                                        What is the secret of Stalin's popularity
                                                        among the women of Gori? Why is this man,
                                                        seen by the world as one of the worst despots
                                                        of all time, adored so much here? This is
                                                        explained to us by the museum's female
                                                        employees of various generations.
       IE/LT Voices from         Prod. Jeremiah         What is life really like for ordinary
             Belarus             Cullinane, Rasa        Byelorussians? Voices from Belarus listens to
                                 Miškinyte              stories from villagers and pensioners who
                                                        support President Lukashenko, dissidents
                                 Dir. Mark Byrne,       striving to remove him from power, and
                                 Robert Dennis          exiles in Vilnius who have fled the regime,
                                                        providing a compelling glimpse into this
                                 Planet Korda Pictures/ little-known country on the edge of the EU.
                                 Era Film
             The Chronicles of   Prod.Guntis Trekteris The film poetically observes and records the
             the Last Temple                           construction of the new Latvian National
                                 Dir. Dāvis Sīmanis    Library, the most controversial and long-
                                                       discussed edifice in modern Latvian history.
                                 Ego Media             Twenty years after the first sketches, it has
                                                       become the most expensive public building in
                                                       Riga, as well as an object of both protests and
                                                       radical attacks, and a never-ending debate of
                                                       its visual qualities. Three characters: the chief
                                                       architect, a jib-crane operator, and a protester,

                                                      have been chosen to reveal the eternal conflict
                                                      between the greatness of conception and mass
                                                      sacrifice in the name of obscure ideas.
            My Six Million     Prod. Līga Gaisa       A film about a successful self-made banker
            Dollar Fraudster                          during the first years after the collapse of the
            Father             Dir. Ieva Ozoliņa      USSR who fled the country in order to escape
                                                      the arrest for illegal operations. Sought by the
                               Mistrus Media          Interpol for more than 15 years, he gives a
                                                      hint of his existence in Kuala Lumpur's
                                                      mental asylum... A film about a man who
                                                      loses himself in times of change.
    LV/RUS Without Fear        Prod: Guntis Trekteris In 2004 Larisa Trembovler , philosophy
                                                      professor and mother of five children leaves
                               Dir. Herz Frank,       her husband and marries Yigal Amir – the
                               Maria Kravchenko       assassin of Yitzhak Rabin. Three years later
                                                      she gives birth to their son. The unique story
                               Ego Media              of life, death and love is to be told by veteran
                                                      filmmaker Hertz Frank.
            Sugar Roads        Prod. Antra Cilinska In inter-war independent Latvia there were
                                                      three sugar factories in total. There was a
                               Dir. Liene Laviņa      popular saying in the country that in every tea
                                                      cup three teaspoons of sugar should be poured
                               Juris Podnieks Studio in - one for each of the factories. Sugar
                                                      production was the pride of the nation, its
                                                      symbol and identity. It combined the ideal of
                                                      Latvians as of an agricultural people and at
                                                      the same time the ideal of the industrial
                                                      development, modernization, bidding national
                                                      interests in the first place and the ideal of
                                                      successful competing in the international
                                                      market. In 2007 the last sugar factory got
                                                      closed in Latvia – it was the sugar factory of

                                                      This film tells about impact of how joining
                                                      the European Union, which has brought the
                                                      long-awaited equal participation in the
                                                      European community, has made an impact on
                                                      society on different levels - economically,
                                                      politically, emotionally.
            Toys               Prod. Dagnė            The film tells five stories of the ordinary
                               Vildžiūnaitė           people of Zhlobin - a small town in Belorus.
                                                      Its locals have come up with a business idea
                               Dir. Lina Lužytė       to make and sell plush toys. They are all
                                                      making toys, selling them, having chats,
                               Just a Moment          drinks, making toys again, singing, fighting
                                                      and… making toys again
            Father             Prod. Dagnė            Vidas Zenonas Antonovas has been

                            Vildžiūnaitė          nicknamed “Father of the Mafia“. 20 years of
                                                  his life has been spent doing time in 15
                            Dir. Marat Sargsyan   different prisons. Now he is 71 and has a big
                                                  family – 10 children, 2 grandchildren, and a
                            Just a Moment         newborn son. This is a documentary about the
                                                  drive of an insatiable lust for life.
         Northerners in     Prod. Bjørn Enes      Modernity meant prosperity to Europe:
         Times of Cholera                         Wealth – freedom – enlightenment. But it
                            Dir. Frode Vestad     broke through by bloodshed, riots, wars,
                                                  epidemics and mass death. Northerners in
                            DokufilmAS            times of cholera is the story about how the
                                                  impact of microbes grew bigger than the
                                                  impact of greed, thirst for power and
                                                  revolutionary struggle for freedom.
         Buddies            Prod. Paweł         A film about an unusual friendship. Blind
                            Kedzierski          Rysiek has no other choice: if he wants to
                                                carry on with his passion – marathon running
                            Dir. Joanna         – he has to rely on Felek. However, it
                            Kaczmarek           becomes apparent that in everyday life it is
                                                Felek who relies on Rysiek. With his strong
                            Kronika Film Studio will and determination, Rysiek proves time
                                                after time that in fact anything is possible. It
                                                is Rysiek who becomes a driving force in
                                                Felek’s life, and not the other way around.
         Men’s Choice       Prod. Vlad Ketkovich Geography of the film - from the Arctic
                                                 Circle to the south of Russia. Heroes – shift
                            Dir. Elena Demidova workers who produce gas. Two or three
                                                 months they work in the north. Gas goes to
                            Ethnogeographic      Europe. Workers go home. At home their
                            Research Foundation neighbors are poorly paid and drink. Our
                                                 heroes make their men's choice and go to the
                                                 north again. It is a hard work, they are far
                                                 from their families, but they come home with
                                                 money. there is no more time and reasons to
                                                 drink. There is no hopelessness and despair
                                                 any more. They are different people already.
                                                 They are men.
         Perm-36, a         Prod., Dir. Sergey   Perm-36 is a unique historic museum of
         Territory of       Kachkin              political repression in Russia. Annually the
         Freedom                                 public civic Forum Pilorama takes place here.
                            April Film Lab       In the camp were such well-known political
                                                 prisoners as Sergey Kovalev (a busy human
                                                 rights activist), Mikhail Meilakh (a literary
                                                 scholar, PhD, professor of Strasburg
                                                 University), Timofeev Lev (a literary critic
                                                 and novelist). The main idea is to bring the

                                                  former prisoners to the camp during the
                                                  Pilorama Forum. Through the organized
                                                  discussion try to understand: should the
                                                  modern society of Russia solve the problems
                                                  of the whole Russian history of the XX
                                                  century? Should the Russian government
                                                  develop a national program in memory of
                                                  victims of the totalitarian regime? What’s
                                                  going on with democracy or in general, with
                                                  civic society in our days in Russia?
         Heralds from the   Prod. Vlad Ketkovich Every year in May, 20 doctors, men and
         Big World                                women, leave their families, board a ship and
                            Dir. Tatyana Soboleva sail until the autumn. They travel to locations
                                                  inaccessible by roads, but only via the river as
                            Ethnogeographic       soon as the ice disappears. They are envoys of
                            Research Foundation the big world.
         I Stop Time        Prod. Jan Blomgren  I Stop Time is the unique testimony from a
                                                war photographer during the Second World
                            Dir. Gunilla Bresky War. Vladislav Mikosha is a young,
                                                charismatic man who loves movies. He works
                            Bob Film Production in cinema and decides to become a
                            AB                  cinematographer. One beautiful summer night
                                                his life completely changes. Hitler's troops
                                                attack, and soon he is in the war documenting
                                                unimaginable atrocities. He holds the camera
                                                up as a shield and miraculously survives.


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