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      Alliance Healthcare Foundation Announces $1 Million Grant: The 2011 Innovation Initiative (i2)
            The i2 grant competition will invest in an innovative approach to improving access to
                     healthcare for the underserved of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

San Diego, CA—February 14, 2011—Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) announced today that it is
launching the 2011 Innovation Initiative (i2) $1 Million grant competition. Part of AHF’s ongoing strategy to
foster innovation in support of the medically underserved, the i2 competition is aimed at expanding access to
care for the region’s underserved. The Innovation Initiative program will grant $1 million or more to an
innovative solution that improves the health care delivery system for the poor and working poor. The
competition is open to local organizations and to applicants from any geography who partner with San Diego
and Imperial County agencies. The grant dollars must be used to benefit communities in the greater San
Diego region.

Through the Innovation Initiative, AHF connects nonprofits, entrepreneurs, technology companies and other
socially conscious organizations with community agencies, forming strong partnerships with diverse areas of
expertise to create truly innovative programs for our region.

To be competitive for the Innovation Initiative grant, applicants must meet several criteria; they must be
stable, efficient entities or partnerships, must exhibit an innovative orientation to problem solving and must
propose a program that has not been done before. The proposal should describe a plan to change the
healthcare delivery system for the underserved.

This spring, AHF will hold a grant seeker’s webinar and a community conference to foster a spirit and
commitment to innovation in San Diego and inspire outstanding proposals. Last year’s i2 grantees, Text4baby
and One-e-App, will share their experiences and progress at the conference in April.

Letters of Intent for funding consideration in the Innovation Initiative are due at May 25,
2011. Those who are invited to submit full proposals will be notified on June 10, 2011. The winning applicant
will be notified on September 9, 2011.
About Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the greater San Diego region’s community partner for improving
access to healthcare for the region’s poor, working poor and vulnerable populations. Since 1989, AHF has
invested more than $45 million in grants into the San Diego community.

Committed to the principle that everyone should be able to access appropriate, quality, and timely care, AHF
works closely with nonprofit, government, and community agencies to further this goal. They accomplish this
work through advocacy, education, and collaborative grant making.

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