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                                          2010-2011, Issue 4                    May 31, 2011

                                                               Streetsboro City Schools

Tammy Worcester’s Lessons Shared at Campus
When several Streetsboro teachers
attended Free Tech in February, they
found Tammy Worcester’s sessions to be
phenomenal. Cindy Walker returned to the
district and shared that information with
Jenni Markey. The two of them presented
selected “Worcester” items at the Campus
staff meeting on April 13. The lessons
shared can be found on both Jenni’s and
                    Cindy’s websites. A
                    brief description of
                    the lessons can be
                    found to the right. As
                    you can see, the
                    teachers enjoyed the
                    training session. Many
                    of these activities
                    can be modified for
                    higher grade levels.

High School Kindle Project Update                              By Angela Wojtecki, District Librarian

The High School Media Center’s Kindle project has proven to be a very exciting one for the
students as well as me. Thanks to Mr. Fesemyer’s morning announcement student, senior
Kristin Monahan, who put together a special public announcement, the Kindle information
was clearly shared to all the HS students. There were 15 students selected to be part of the
Kindle survey group. They took the Kindles home for two weeks (including the week of
Spring Break) and tried them first-hand. Book titles were requested by the students and I
loaded them for the students to read using eBook funds from the Kindle grant. The
excitement was visible and one student even asked me several times prior to checking out,
“I can really take this home?” When the Kindles were returned, the students that
participated filled out a brief survey based on their experience. Responses included desiring
a longer checkout time (it is one week at this time), and overall were very positive. One
survey student wrote, “This is so cool that we have these here and are able to request the
eBooks that we want to read on the Kindles.” Another student wrote, “I cannot afford to
buy a Kindle, so being able to carry one around and take home is awesome. It makes me
want to read more.” I also recently loaded several HS language arts required course eBooks
such as One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Death of a Salesman to the Kindles as well-
offering another opportunity for students to experience technology in the classroom. Seeing
the students’ excitement and enthusiasm for the Kindles has been a great experience and I
am looking forward to see continued student motivation for reading thanks to this reading
and technology integration.
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                                                           TECHNOLOGY NEWS
A Year In Review
Fire: 2010-2011 will always be remembered in the Technology Department as the YEAR OF
THE FIRE. Not only was equipment destroyed and had to be replaced, equipment had to be
removed for cleaning, set up in new and/or different locations, and then moved again back
to the original location. In fact, some equipment never found its way back to its original
location. The Technology Department is still troubleshooting problems that were supposed
to be resolved, but were not.
Synergy: On a more positive note, Synergy was made available in the district this year.
Rich Day (Middle School) and John Oleksa (Defer Intermediate) were both high end users of
the software which enabled their students to access work from home as well as school and
also permitted multiple users to work on the same project.
GradeCam: Jeremy Moulton experimented with using the GradeCam in his Middle School
math classroom. The GradeCam grades multiple choice assignments and places the grade
directly into Pinnacle. The response from the students in having immediate feedback on
assignments was very positive.
Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe: Educating students to make safe technology choices
while in school and at home is the focus of the Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe project. This
district-wide project is under the direction of Tom Fesemyer. Although the High School fire
slowed the project down this past year, Tom Fesemyer did present at eTech. You will be
hearing more about it during the 2011-2012 school year.
Centricity2: The Centricity2 upgrade of the district web page occurred over Winter Break.
While we were told that no one would really see a difference unless they looked for it, that
was not really the case. The social networking capabilities are fantastic. However, there is
a learning curve to be overcome. That will be addressed with training in August. Principals
and teachers can also set up training sessions throughout the school year.
Kindles: The Kindle Project, headed by Angela Wojtecki, District Librarian, has been very
successful at the HS. She has written an update that is included in this newsletter.
PD: Professional Development can be divided into two types: required PD to meet district
needs and teacher selected PD to meet one’s own needs and goals. The required PD offered
by the Technology Department focused on Pinnacle report cards this year at both the HS
and MS. Procedures were changed in dealing with students withdrawn from classes as well
as procedures for those receiving an incomplete. As we all know, changing how we do
something is often more challenging than learning something new. Teacher choice PD
focused on using Excel as a tool for data analysis, our Schoolwires webpage, Microsoft Office
2007, and Movie Maker. We have also seen the Tech Aides at both Campus and Wait conduct
technology related PD.
Google Docs: Google Docs has been used in a limited fashion through this current school
year. The MS staff has been using it to create the building intervention list, coaches have
been using it to communicate with the Athletic Department, and staff members have been
using it in place of using a flash drive and/or email to transfer documents between different
locations. Google Docs will be much more visible in the 2011-2012 school year.

                         Backbone of ‘Boro Technology
         Steve Cain   Tech Coordinator   Rick Alleshouse Technician Archie Hess Technician
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                                                      TECHNOLOGY NEWS
Preparation for 2011-2012                      Has Begun
Upgrading to Pinnacle 8 will take place over the summer. While the user should not see a
noticeable difference in the program, the back end (what you don’t see) will be very
different and very time consuming to set up. At the moment each building has it’s own
database. Once we move to Pinnacle 8 the district will be on one database. A single
database will allow information and data to flow between buildings, gradelevels, and from
year to year.
TestingWerks is another new tool you will be hearing about. (It is spelled correctly.) This
tool will enable administrators and teachers to extract data for a student and for a specific
group of students. At the moment the data in DASL, Pinnacle, and the ODE Success website
is available. Each district will also be able to add data to the database which is hosted and
maintained by SPARCC. TestingWerks is actually the program used to extract the data from
the database. The Filemaker side of Testing Werks will be available to the administrators.
The teachers will see a web version that will also allow them to view significant data.
Google Apps for Educators just arrived in the district. A timeline for roll out is not
available at the moment. The District can provide access to Gmail, Google Talk, Google
Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sites to both staff and students. Teachers will definitely
have access in the fall. In preparation you may want to create a personal Google account
and start using the programs. Please note that Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.)
will not disappear. Google Apps has three very appealing characteristics. First, you can have
true collaboration within Google Apps. Second, the District can control to/from whom
students send and receive email. And third, students can use Google Sites to create web
pages. You may find it best to access Google products through Fire Fox or Google Chrome
which are both free.
Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe is a project that started in the current school year. The
focus is to create tools to use in the classroom to teach and reinforce technology safety
strategies for both home and school. Everyone should hear more details about the project at
the beginning of the 11-12 school year. The project includes video public service
announcements, pre and post quizzes, and surveys. The Technology Department is
attempting to provide both video and written tutorials/directions.
Centricity2 , our teacher web pages, will be the focus of a professional development
offering in August. The PD sessions are tentatively schedule for August 10, 11, 16, 17, and 18
from 8:30 am until 11:30 am. Check your email in August for details. Graduate credit will be
offered at the $150.00 per hour rate (unless, KSU raises the price). Projects will be due
throughout September, October, and November. Teachers will be working on his/her own
pages, trying out the new options available with Centricity 2. While the focus is on teacher
web pages, all staff members are invited to participate.
Pinnacle Instruction is a product that the Technology Department would like to see rolled
out for the 12-13 school. This software is centered on the curriculum and assessments used
in the classroom. This software is directly linked to the Pinnacle gradebook and will enable
the teacher to monitor and document student progress and mastery at the indicator level.
There are also professional development and online tool components to the software.
Organizing curriculum in binders or in an electronic format during the 11-12 school year will
go along way in making the transition to Pinnacle Instruction much easier.
                                                                        Continued on next page.
                                   Have a safe Summer Break!
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                                                     TECHNOLOGY NEWS
Preparing for 2011-2012                           Continued from previous page.

District databases are cleaned up and rolled over each summer once DASL rolls over. This
includes student Z drives, student email, Academy products, Accelerated Reader, and STAR.
All student SYNERGY accounts will be deleted and reimported for the next school year. This
effort is time consuming but needed.
Computer hardware has to be removed from each room as part of the cleaning process and
then it has to be reset up. Routine maintenance will be performed and every computer
system that can handle it will be upgraded to Windows 7. There is a tentative plan to install
one brand new computer in every classroom. Microsoft Office 2010 will be available on
District computers for the 2011-2012 school year. The email server will also be upgraded to
most recent version of Exchange 2010. Routine maintenance includes cleaning all user
profiles. Remember to save everything in your Z drive. Some other technologies will be
purchased as budgets allow. Each principal has a building wish list and will be aware of all
technology purchases over the summer.
Technology Department Web Page, under Administration on the District website, is
where you will find directions on how to do things like import and export favorites.
Directions will be posted there as questions from staff members arise.

Tech Tip: go to to make urls more friendly or to make them shorter.

If you visit one website this summer in preparation for next school year, make that site
Kathy Shrock’s Boomin’ Google. This site will show you how Google Tools can be used to
reach the highest levels of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

                                                                       Bloom’s Taxonomy
                                                                       Goes 21st Century
                                              2010-2011, Issue 3                        March 10, 2011

                                                                         Streetsboro City Schools

Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe —                                  eTech Presentation
Tom Fesemyer, with the assistance of Maureen Haska, presented Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe at
the eTech Conference on Wednesday, February 2, 2011. Mr. Fesemyer began the presentation with
information on the fire, the impact on his program and the District, and lessons learned. The focus of
the presentation moved to the Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe District initiative, describing how his
T.V. Production students are creating public service announcements focusing on staying safe while
using 21st century technology at home and at school. Mrs. Haska then explained how these videos
have been made available to the students, teachers, and community through the district webpage.
Actual examples of the student work were shared. The questions from the audience were focused on
software, hardware, and copyright issues. The Martha Holden Jennings foundation was thanked for
the grant that made the camera purchase possible. This grant became even more important in light of
the damage caused by the fire. The topic of technology safety also started conversations regarding
the Ohio Academic Content Standards in technology. The information shared in the presentation, as
well as the question/answer session that followed, gave many districts ideas on how to address
technology safety issues. Rich Day offered assistance in running the equipment for the presentation.
Steve Cain answered questions regarding network issues. The public service announcements will be
added to the website as they become available. Information on the Safe and Prepared to Stay Safe
project was shared with the technology teachers at the January 18th in-service meeting.

The Kindles are here!                         By Angela Wojteciki. District Librarian

Thanks to the Carl Snyder Innovation Fund from the Akron Community Foundation Grant received last
Spring, 18 Kindles have been purchased for the High School Library. Students and teachers are able to
check them out for a one week period and request that specific
eBooks be added to them. Kindles have been chosen for the high
school after much deliberation due to the very long life battery
(one month per charge), eye friendly e-ink text, and because the
main purpose of them is for reading. The Kindles allow for audio
to text capabilities as well. Students will need to have the
Kindle’s parental permission form on file in the library and a
signed student form stating their responsibilities while the Kindles
are in their possession in order to check one out. The Kindles are
the first of many technology-literacy connections planned to be
introduced to the district in the coming years.
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                                                           TECHNOLOGY NEWS

Technology Used for Persuasive Arguments in the Classroom
“Concepts from the technology standards should       significant for the Technology Department. She
be embedded with content from other                  used a Flip video for all of the videotaping. The
disciplines” are words taken directly from the       Flip video creates an mp4 file that can be
Ohio Academic Content Standards for                  uploaded directly to our Schoolwires websites. Ms.
technology. Kathleen Amari does just that in her     Amari chose to load the Flip videos into Movie
6th grade language arts classes at Defer             Maker which required the Flip mp4 to be
Intermediate as her students study persuasive        converted to a wmv file. Both mp4s and wmv files
arguments. The students start by writing             can be uploaded directly to our website.
persuasive paragraphs for or against school
uniforms. After learning more about persuasive
techniques the students apply their knowledge
by identifying the persuasive techniques that
were used in past presidential ads. After creating
a product for a commercial, each group then
uses a specific persuasive technique to create a
commercial. The commercials are videotaped
and then used for additional discussion in all of
Ms. Amari language arts classes. The following
assignment, creating persuasive speeches,
includes creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Ms. Amari has shared the video of her students
on her webpage. It can be found at Persuasive
Commercials on her teacher site at Defer.
The video portion of Ms. Amari’s project was

Teacher Sends Daily Video Message via Webpage
                                                     they missed for the day and to remind all of his
                                                     students about the work assigned and materials
                                                     they needed to complete an assignment.
                                                     Mr. Owens’ wish to be able to create video mes-
                                                     sages came true in just a few days when a staff
                                                     member lent him a Flip video camera to use for
                                                     the remainder of the school year. Following a
                                                     quick 40 minute lesson, Mr. Owens was ready to
                                                     create Flip videos and post them to his website.
                                                     Over the past few weeks he has organized his
                                                     Homework Page to make it easier to read the
                                                     homework assignment and see the video related
Have you met Steve Owens, one of the Middle          to the homework.
School special education teachers? He is defi-       When Mr. Owens started this project his ideas for
nitely full of energy. Following a faculty meeting   using teacher and student created videos were
in the computer lab he started talking about         limitless. Please continue to follow Mr. Owens’
wanting to send video messages home daily via        Homework Page and the other pages on his web-
his website to let the absent students know what     site.

                          Backbone of ‘Boro Technology
         Steve Cain   Tech Coordinator   Rick Alleshouse Technician Archie Hess Technician
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                                                          TECHNOLOGY NEWS
2nd Semester PD Opportunity: Movie Maker
The first round of second semester technology professional development opportunities has just ended.
The completed works can be viewed on Mrs. Haska’s webpage called Movie Maker Workshop Winter
2011. Each participant came with different skills and different resource materials. We worked with
Flip videos, videos and pictures from phones, video and pictures from cameras, scanned images, etc.
Each participant left with a CD or DVD of a completed movie. The movies will only be available on the
web until March 25th. Additional one hour long PD opportunities will be offered after spring break.
The schedule has not been set.

  Staff Member        Movie Description
  Donna Meager        California Dreaming          Tech News and Updates
  Terri Betts         MS Rats Classes
  Marjorie Crock      Christmas with the …..       Online Fee Payment System
  Barb Potkay         25th Wedding Anniversary     The Technology Department is working with
                                                   Verizon Software to create an online payment
  Tracy Swanson       Rodanthe Summer              system through our webpage that would link
  Julie Dalton        Once Upon a Time….           directly with DASL and the state database.
                                                   Human intervention would not be required to post
                                                   the payments. Verizon software provides our
Free Tech Conference                               point of sale system software in the cafeterias.

The Free Tech 2011 Educational Technology
                                                   Printer Project
Conference was the place to be in Cleveland on     Several weeks ago the Technology Department
February 17 and 18.         Several Streetsboro    sent out a survey regarding the printer project.
teachers attended. The conference, sponsored       Only one survey taker asked for training. All other
by Smart Ed, is free each year. Smart Ed even      issues and concerns were maintenance and
provides lunch. The conference does give one an    management issues.
opportunity to see the SMART technologies in                                                  2
use. However, there are also presenters sharing
                                                   Schoolwires Upgrade to Centricity
their experiences with Twitter, webpages, lesson   The upgrade to Centricity 2 took place over the
plans, and other technology related materials      winter holiday break. We are still experiencing
and experiences. Two presenters stood out this     some issues with the webpage that are being
year.                                              noted and sent to Schoolwires. Although the
                                                   response from Schoolwires has been very quick,
The first standout was Tammy Worcester.
                                                   some issues are taking longer to resolve than
Tammy shared ideas for incorporating technology
                                                   others. Please report webpage “issues” to the
into the elementary classroom, organizational
                                                   Technology Department so we can report them to
tools like Delicious, how to use forms and
                                                   Schoolwires. If you feel you or your department/
spreadsheets in Google to make your life easier,
                                                   grade level needs training before the training
tools for interactive whiteboards, and much
                                                   sessions scheduled for August, please contact the
more. All of her materials are available on her
                                                   Technology Department. We will try to
website, Tammy Worcester’s Handouts &
                                                   accommodate your schedule. Please contact your
Presentations. Several of her books were
                                                   principal if building wide training is needed
purchased at the conference and are being
                                                   before August.
shared throughout the district.
The second standout presenter was Dan              Collaboration Tools
Hoffman, the technology coordinator from           The Technology Department is investigating the
Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools. The technology   use of online tools to make collaboration easier
webpage he maintains is phenomenal. He             within the District. As part of the investigation,
includes links to academic content and so much     Google Docs is being used by the Middle School to
more.                                              create the daily intervention list and by the
Look for Free Tech 2012 to be advertised in        Athletic Department for fees and physicals.
January 2012.
                                               2010-2011, Issue 2              November 30, 2010

                                                                     Streetsboro City Schools

Synergy : Technology at Work in School
Students in John Oleksa‟s Language Arts classes have been using Synergy for several weeks. Synergy
works in conjunction with a teacher‟s existing website to make it easier for students to transfer their
assignments between home and school without using email. This is particularly useful since Defer stu-
dents do not have access to District email. The teacher simply sets up an assignment drop box on his
or her web site for the students to upload their assignments. From Synergy the student can work on
an assignment at home, save it, and then finally turn in the assignment on the teacher‟s webpage to
be graded. The teacher can also leave comments about the assignment for the student. The students
can revise their work based on the teacher‟s comments and resubmit the assignment without ever
having to print. It‟s not only a great tool for teachers and students, but it‟s also helping the environ-
ment by saving on ink and paper. In Mr. Oleksa‟s own words, “The students really thought that it was
cool to be able to save their work on my website. I am using it in my one 5 th grade class and both of
my 6th grade classes. A few students had some difficulties at first. Some forgot to save their changes
before they uploaded a final copy of their assignment. I told them that „they are pioneers in using
new technology, and to not be discouraged if they encounter a problem‟”. It is interesting to note
that Rich Day chose to use Synergy because he was receiving too many emails with student work at-
tached. Synergy enabled him to organize assignments through the drop boxes on his webpage. If you
would like to set up Synergy for your classes you can contact M. Haska at ext. 1480. John Oleksa
(Defer) and Rich Day (MS) are more than willing to share their classroom experiences.

1st Semester PD in Technology
After weeks of hard work, both the Office 2007 and Schoolwires Webpage sessions have come to an
end. In both cases the attendees turned the class into true professional learning communities. The
group has material to share with you. Once you go to one of the sites below, please look at more than
just the one page. You will need speakers for the links below.

    Maria Judd—HS      Indonesia Trip     Sam Copthorne—Defer       4th Grade Tales of Lessons Learned

    Julie Dalton—HS    Course Description Sam Copthorne—Defer       Mesopotamian Dot Mosaics

    Barb Potkay—Wait   Protect Every Title Tracy Swanson—Campus     Teaching Young Students

                                          Larry Andrews—Defer       No Bullies Allowed
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                                                           TECHNOLOGY NEWS

Gradecam Project
                                As a member of      student viewer to get immediate feedback on
                                the cohort in       their work, sometimes with the opportunity to
                                Measurement         earn partial points after correcting wrong
                                and Evaluation      answers. Chace, a Transitions student, noted that
                                through     KSU,    “It is just faster than making the teacher grade
                                Jeremy Moulton      them.” Ty, also a
                                was the best        Transitions student, felt
                                choice to try out   that it is “good because
                                the    Gradecam     it is fast.” Obviously the
                                for Streetsboro     students liked not having
                                City Schools. Mr.   to wait for their grades.
Moulton has been using it in 7th grade Algebra I    Mr.      Moulton      will
and Transitions classes. To date, the trial has     continue to evaluate the
been very successful in that multiple choice        Gradecam, working with
assessments can be graded easily and loaded         the data as a tool to
directly into Pinnacle with just a few key          evaluate        student
strokes. The students have benefitted from the      progress.

Printer Project Update                          Everyone can print.

The printer project continues in the Streetsboro    goal is for each of the larger printers to have
City School District. Everyone can print. Meet-     identical defaults. Training documents will be cre-
ting that goal continues to be reason to cele-      ated that will work for every building. Plans are in
brate. Unexpected challenges arose when the         the works for the Building Tech Aides to attend a
printer script did not function the same way in     printer training session in January so they can pro-
each computer. Access and security issues con-      vide assistance in the buildings. The Tech Depart-
tinue to be addressed as the issues are discov-     ment will continue to address access and security
ered. Over the holiday break the department‟s       issues as needed.

MS Video project for eInstruction contest
                                         A strong belief that quality technology can enhance
                                         instruction is behind Mrs. Bett‟s desire for more and better
                                         technology. Why else would someone spend the time and
                                         energy to enter a video contest in order to receive more
                                         technology? The video created by Mrs. Bett and her students
                                         called “Students Getting‟ Down With Technology” can be
                                         found on her webpage. The video was entered into the
                                         eInstruction video contest several weeks ago. Although the
                                         video was not selected as a winning project for the contest,
                                         all you have to do is view the video to know that it is a
                                         winning video for all of us. In addition to the video for the
                                         eInstruction contest, you can also see her OAA video,
                                         “Somewhere Over the Boro” on her Middle School website.

                                                              to the NURSES
                                                              Hats off to the school nurses for putting
                                                              the Bloodborne Pathogen materials and
                                                              test in an electronic format.
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                                                           TECHNOLOGY NEWS
Webpage Upgrade to Centricity
In preparation for the roll out of Centricity 2 and   be copying the sql database of our current
Synergy, the Technology Department has                system at midnight on December 7th. That
purchased a high powered server with Etech grant      means the content of our webpages will be
money earmarked for network support. The new          transferred to the new system. Material added to
server will allow us to virtualize all three of the   the webpage as of December 8th will not
new servers required by Centricity 2 and Synergy      automatically transfer to the upgraded system.
into a single machine. This also makes it possible    Items added after December 8th may have to be
to take a digital snapshot of the system for easy     added to the website after the upgrade is
restoration in the event of a system crash.           complete.     You will be informed when the
                                                      upgrade is complete.
Schoolwires has begun the installation of the
system on the new equipment and we hope to            Do not panic over the upgrade. You will probably
complete the rollover to Centricity2 over the         not notice a difference unless you go looking for
holiday break.                                        one. Training on the new options and changes
                                                      will be offered before next school year.
As part of the upgrade process, Schoolwires will

AR Training                                           Have you met…..
Cindy Walker, Building Tech Aide, conducted an        Have you met Angela Wojtecki? Mrs. Wojtecki is
Accelerated Reader training session at Wait. As       the district librarian. She works out of the HS
part of the session she created a PowerPoint that     and MS 2 days each week. On the fifth day she
is available to all staff members on the District     splits her time between the 3 elementary
webpage under For Staff. AR PowerPoint                buildings. Mrs. Wojtecki‟s presentation for the
                                                      board meeting is available on her HS webpage.
                                                      Mrs. Wojtecki always includes technology in her
                     Hats off to Jenni Markey for     own newsletters. The Many Hats of the Library
                     documenting her Great            Media Specialist is a great introduction to all
                     Gourd Globe project on her       that Mrs. Wojtecki does for Streetsboro City
                     webpage.                         Schools.

Tom Fesemyer Awarded Jennings Grant
                                          Tom Fesemyer has been awarded a Jennings Grant for his
                                          HS T.V. Production project Safe and Prepared to Stay
                                          Safe for the 21st Century. The goal of the project is to
                                          address technology (computer, cell phone, Internet) safety
                                          issues district wide through a series of 2-3 minute public
                                          service announcement videos so that all students are
                                          prepared to stay safe while using 21st century technology
                                          at school and at home. The videos will be created to
                                          address the needs of elementary, intermediate, middle
                                          school, and high school students. The series of videos will
                                          reinforce safety awareness and skills that are taught and
implemented in the classroom. The format will be entertaining yet educational. The project begins
with the public service announcements but will continue at the classroom level and even in the home
as students, teachers, and parents access the videos through the website.

                          Backbone of ‘Boro Technology
         Steve Cain   Tech Coordinator   Rick Alleshouse Technician Archie Hess Technician
                                            2010-2011, Issue 1             September 30, 2010

                                                                   Streetsboro City Schools

Building Tech Aides
The Building Tech Aides are in place      teachers learn how to use and troubleshoot technol-
for the 2010-2011 school year. At Wait    ogy (software and hardware) as well as maintain the
Primary we have Cindy Walker who          user databases when the teachers do not have access.
teaches the computer technology cur-      The Technology Department is responsible for rolling
riculum at both Wait and Campus. At       over the databases each year. The elementary Tech
Campus we have a veteran Building         Aides assist with Pinnacle, when possible, but that
Tech Aide, Jenni Markey, a third          responsibility comes under the job description of
grade teacher, who has been a Build-      Maureen Haska as Technology Integration/Curriculum
ing Tech Aide since 2004. Michelle
Chiacchiari has taken over both the       Building        District Software
Building Tech Aide position at Defer as
well as the computer technology posi-     Wait            Star and Accelerated Reader
tion. Holly Havelka, a tech savvy lan-    Campus          Star, Accelerated Reader, Academy
guage arts teacher has taken on the                       of Reading and Math
Middle School Building Tech Aide posi-
tion. We have two High School vet-        Defer           Star, Accelerated Reader
eran Building Tech Aides splitting the
position, Sherry Maruna (social stud-     Middle School   Pinnacle Assistance
ies) and Jason Braddock (math).
                                          High School     Pinnacle Assistance
The Building Tech Aide position varies
greatly from building to building. In     Specialist. Maureen oversees electronic grade book
general, the Building Tech Aides help     issues in all buildings.

Email Groups
Over the years email groups have been created for each build-      With the exception of ALL,
ing. However, there was little consistency between buildings.      letters before each of these
The Building Tech Aides met to resolve this issue. The district-   groups will continue to indi-
wide email groups are ALL, CERTIFIED, CLASSIFIED, SEA, SPED        cate a building. The letters
and RAT (related arts). We are no longer using the words           are HS, MS, DS, CS, and WS.
TEACH, TEACHER, or SPECIALS.                                       All staff members in a build-
                                                                   ing are in the email group
                                                                   identified with the building
  Email Group    Email Group Members
                                                                   letters followed by STAFF.
  ALL            All staff members
                                                                   Each building has unique
  CERTIFIED      All SEA members, tutors, and county certi-        email groups maintained by
                 fied staff, and certified administrators          the Building Tech Aides in-
  CLASSIFIED     SSP union members                                 cluding grade level, depart-
                                                                   ment, and team email
  SEA            SEA members                                       groups.
  SPED           Special Education Personnel
                                                                    All email groups should be
  RAT            Related Art Teachers                              updated at this time.
 Page 2
                                                     TECHNOLOGY NEWS
                                 Schoolwires® Synergy is a         Synergy is currently available
 of ‘Boro                        web based electronic file         in the district on a limited ba-
                                 sharing system that teachers      sis. The Technology Depart-
Technology                       and students can use to store,    ment is working with a few
                                 organize, and share work. In      teachers in the High School,
     Steve Cain                  conjunction with our website,     Middle School, and Defer in an
  Technology Coordinator         teachers can actually create      attempt to get to know the
                                 drop boxes where students         the program. The plan is to
  Rick Alleshouse                can upload work. Teachers         make Synergy available to
                                 can access the student work       every staff member during
        Technician               from anywhere there is Inter-     second semester.
                                 net access. Synergy is similar
    Archie Hess                  to Google Docs in that it al-     If you would like to be part of
        Technician               lows multiple people to work      the trial group, please contact
                                 on the same document for          Maureen Haska.
                                 true collaboration.

Printer Project
The major goals of the           to be $20,000 with a savings      ers function as
Printer Project include re-      of $91,000 over 5 years.          expected. The
ducing costs in the form of                                        goal is for every
paper, toner (ink) and elec-     While the implementation of       staff member to
tricity, going greener through   the project took longer than      be linked to a
reduced printing and duplex-     expected, all of the printers     small local b/w
ing, and reducing the amount     are now in place. The Tech-       printer, a larger b/w printer
of time involved for repair      nology Department continues       and a larger color printer
and toner/ink replacement.       to work out the “bugs” in link-   where the print jobs will be
The tangible yearly savings      ing staff to the appropriate      stored until released for print-
for the district is projected    printers and having the print-    ing by the staff member.

Professional Development in Technology
The Technology Department currently has two professional development opportunities in
place. Sessions are at the Middle School from 4-6. On Monday the focus is Office 2007. On
Wednesday the focus is the district Schoolwires webpage. Earning graduate credit is an option
but is not required. Available seats are open to any staff member. Community members are
welcome to participate in the Office 2007 sessions. Professional Development centered around
Movie Maker will be offered starting in the middle of November.

Remaining Office 2007 Sessions                   Remaining Schoolwires Webpage Sessions
   10/04: Excel basics                              10/06: Using websites including LPDC
   10/11: Excel advanced calculations               10/13: Using Forms and Surveys
   10/18: PowerPoint Basics                         10/20: Creating a voicecast
   10/25: PowerPoint sounds and links               10/27: Adding video and podcasts
   11/01: Publisher                                 11/10: Creating libraries for everyone
   11/08: Sharing the best of the best

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