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									                                              Parasite Comp
                                                  Vermifuge (2 Ounces)
Recent medical research suggests that three out of five Americans will be infected by parasites at
some point in their lives. Living off the human body, these tiny organisms can contribute to a variety
of acute and chronic illnesses, often going undetected, reproducing themselves year after year.
Proper diagnosis and treatment is essential in order to maintain health and restore normal bodily

Illness can often result when disease-promoting parasites, which frequently contaminate food and
water supplies, are ingested. Parasites can also infest the skin, as with scabies and lice, or can enter
the bloodstream through insect bites, as with malaria and yellow fever. They can also deplete the
body of essential nutrients, taxing and overwhelming the immune system, which can lead to serious
illness and even death.

Parasitic infection is usually evident within three to five days of exposure, sometimes beginning with
explosive and watery diarrhea. Other symptoms may include intermittent diarrhea and constipation,
indigestion, rashes, hives, gas, fatigue, and allergic reactions to food. If left untreated, rheumatoid
and arthritic symptoms may emerge. Mucous in the stool, anorexia, cramping, constipation, nausea,
vomiting, night sweats, and fever may also occur. The toxicity produced in extreme cases of parasite
infestation can also cause blackouts, muscular and skeletal pain, wide swings in blood sugar levels,
and menstrual irregularities.

Although antibiotics and other drugs are often used to treat parasitic infections, such approaches can
pose a threat to one’s overall health by upsetting the natural balance of the body’s own immunity,
especially for those who are already immunosuppressed or chronically ill. Also, due to the toxicity of
most of these drugs, they cannot be taken over an extended period of time, which can be a serious
impediment in the treatment of Giardia and other long-standing, resistant protozoal infections. Many
alternative physicians employ a multifaceted approach to treating parasitic infections. Among the
options they make use of are diet and nutrition, and herbal medicine.

Anise – Used internally for whooping cough, flatulence, colic-like pain, as a digestive, liver disease
and tuberculosis. Anthelmintic properties.

Betel – Antimicrobial and immune modulating. Used as an expectorant for stomach ailments.

Buckthorn Extract – Used internally for constipation and as a diuretic in blood-purifying remedies. A
bitter herb, which expels impurities.

Honey – Used for sweetening and flavor. Promotes energy and healing. A natural antiseptic.

Tobacco – Used for worm infestation, skin parasites and biliary flow disturbances.

Alternative Medicine The Definitive Guide by The Burton Goldberg Group
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