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                                                                                   e. Va n e s s a @ Va n e s s a Wa l t e r s . c o m

Born in Baltimore, Md., Vanessa Walters trained at the         just pedestrians in general. Walters choreographed
Peabody Institute as well as several other local dance         a series of promotional spots for MTV which involved
schools. She received her B.F.A. in dance from New York        a cast of over 50, as well as music videos for
University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Since graduating        recording artists the Kings of Leon, Har Mar Superstar,
from Tisch, she has performed extensively in New York          and TSAR. Additionally, Vanessa is the resident
and throughout the United States, Europe, and parts of         choreographer for both the House of Diehl, a designer
South America.                                                 duo known for their “statement-making fashion design
                                                               and multi-media experiences”, and for the JVA Flag
From 1999 to the present, a great deal of Vanessa’s            Corp, a collaborative project with Jeremiah Clancy
energy and focus has been devoted to Fischerspooner,           and Alexia Stamatiou.
an avant-garde performance group combining
pop entertainment with a high art sensibility – they           From 2001 through 2006, Walters also choreographed
have played concerts, festivals and galleries                  and directed her own dance troupe in collaboration
worldwide. Since 2001, Walters has choreographed               with the Brooklyn based bluegrass/hardcore/speed-
for, staged, and performed in Fischerspooner shows for         metal band, ‘UncleFucker’. Her troupe performed with
both music/concert venues and for non-proscenium,              the band as the “fuckerettes” as well as in other shows
interactive gallery shows. London’s Royal Festival             and events such as the New York Burlesque Festival
Hall, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City’s Deitch             and the Cowgirl Cabaret. Since August of 2005, they
Projects, MOCA in Los Angeles, and the Pompidou                perform regularly with Bill Coleman’s “cuntry-punk-
Center in Paris are just some of the locations for these       gogo-mashup-house-electro outfit” known as the
shows. Fischerspooner has also performed on Top of             Daisy Spurs.
the Pops, the Jimmy Kimmel show, and twice on the
Carson Daly Show. Vanessa has also choroeographed              Finally, as a dancer,Vanessa has had the opportunity to
and danced in several Fischerspooner music videos.             work with many New York City-based choreographers
                                                               including Lynn Barr, Julie Atlas Muz, John Heginbotham,
Walters makes choreography for live dance                      Larry Keigwin, Aviva Geismar, Jordana Toback, Nancy
performance, for film and video, and for various               Zendora, Amy Cox, Lee Nagrin, and many others. She
multi-media art projects and events. She enjoys                has performed at venues such as PS 122, Joyce SoHo,
working with all types of performers from professional         Dance Theater Workshop and St. Mark’s Church, to
dancers to actors, singers, musicians, models, and             name a few.

Graduated Cum Laude BFA Dance, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.
• Middle Eastern Percussion and Dance.
• Yoga: Hatha, Astanga, Kundalini, Pilates.

Graduated Swedish Institute of Massage, New York State Licensed Massage Therapists.

Attached is an extended listing of projects participated in from 1999 - 2007.
For select project details, photos, videos and reels, please visit
VANESSA WALTERS                                                                                  p. 917 . 873 . 6342
                                                                                                 e. Va n e s s a @ Va n e s s a Wa l t e r s . c o m


JVA Flag Corp, “How Do We Make Things Happen”                           TSAR, Music Video “Band-Girls-Money”
January 2006 : Choreography and Creative Direction                      April 21, 2005 : Choreographer, Dancer
                                                                         - TVT Records, Superb Productions Inc; Directed by Adam Pollina
Fischerspooner, Music Video “Get Confused”
January 2006 : Choreography, Creative Direction                         Fischerspooner, Music Video “Just Let Go”
                                                                        December 2004 : Choreographer, Dancer
MTV Vidpak Series                                                        - Opticnerve Productions
July 18 - August 5, 2005 : Choreography, Casting, Creative Direction
 - 8 promo spots to air for one year on MTV,                            Har Mar Superstar, Music Video “D.U.I.”
 - Directed by Lena Beug; Produced by Leslie Legarre                    June 2004 : Choreographer, Dancer
                                                                         - Black dog Films, R.S.A. Productions; Directed by Patrick Daughters
Fischerspooner, Music Video “Never Win”
                                                                        LCD Soundsystem, Music Video “Losing My Edge”
April 2005 : Choreographer, Dancer
                                                                        April 2003 : Choreographer, Dancer
                                                                         - Opticnerve Productions
Kings of Leon, Music Video “King of the Rodeo”
February, 2005 : Choreography                                           UncleFucker, Music Video “George’s Bones”
 - Black Dog Films, R.S.A. Productions; Directed by Patrick Daughters   March 2003 : Choreographer, Dancer

Choreographer . Dancer
House of Diehl with the JVA Flag Corp, Starbucks Salon + the            Fendi presents Mother Inc. at Marquee, NYC, February 2005
Sculpture Center performances - New York, NY, September 2005
                                                                        The Why Not Girls, “The Purple Piece”, performed at Joe’s Pub, NYC,
House of Diehl, for Heineken/Greenspace Show,                           December 2004 and at the FS Salon Dancer’s Concert,
Valencia, Spain, October 2005                                           Brooklyn, August 2004

JVA Flag Corporation, Deitch Art Parade, September 2005 and 2006,       The Riveting Rosies, A Burlesque Benefit for Creative Time Show,
video installation shoot, Ocober 2005, a collaboration with Jeremiah    New York, NY, March 2004
Clancy and Alexia Stamatiou
                                                                        Elisa Jimenez, The Hunger World, 2000-2003
Princess Superstar, choreography for performance of new album,
MY MACHINE, August 2005                                                 Danielle Collins, for the Not Ugly line, 2002-2004

Mother Inc. featuring Yvonne Force and Sandra Hamburg,

Lynn Barr Dance, Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC, Lynn Barr                Paz Tanuaquiro and Dancers, St. Marks Church, NYC

Treasure Box, Coral Room, NYC, Julie Atlas Muz                          Douglass Dunn, Joshua Fried, Lincoln Center Out Of Doors, NYC

Rite Of Spring, A Whitney Biennial Performance, Dance Theater Work      Gorgeous Mosaic, Music Theater Works, NYC, Mass
Shop, NYC, Julie Atlas Muz
                                                                        Angels/Elegy, Blue Whale Theater, NYC, Lee Nagrin
Creature, Joyce Soho NYC, Five College Dance Festival, Mass.
Amy Cox                                                                 Marta Soares and Dancers, New Stuff @ PS122, NYC

Keeper, Fringe Festival ,HERE, NYC Jordana Toback                       Second Avenue Dance Company, Tisch, NYC, Jennifer Sargent and
                                                                        David Dorfman
Nancy Zendora and Dancers, Judson Church, St. Marks Church,
NYC                                                                     ALSO DANCED FOR THE FOLLOWING CHROEGRAPHERS:
                                                                        Anne Hammel, Lea Kraemer, Veronica DeSoyza, Wayland
En La Brega, Princeton University, NJ, Nequi Gonzales and Alicia Diaz   Quintara, Luka Kito, and Aviva Geismar.
VANESSA WALTERS                                                                                     p. 917 . 873 . 6342
                                                                                                    e. Va n e s s a @ Va n e s s a Wa l t e r s . c o m

P R O J E C T LISTING                        (page 2)

F I S CH E R S P O O NER                                                                                          
Choreography . Stage Direction . Dancer

2006                                                                       2002
• FS Summer and Fall Tours, live shows in Belgium; Warsaw, Poland;         • Deitch Projects, New York, NY, May
  Switzerland; Alicante, Spain (Creamfields Festival) and Burgos, Spain;   • The Bridge, London, UK, June
  Portugal; San Francisco, CA; and London, U.K., July thru October         • Top of the Pops, London, UK (BBC Broadcasting), July
• Anti-war Protest Concert, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY,            • Royal Festival Hall/Melt Down, London, UK, July
  March                                                                    • Irving Plaza, New York, NY, November
                                                                           • Deitch Projects, Miami-Basel Art Fair, The George Lindeman Estate,
• Teatro Goldoni (Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, for Calvin
                                                                             Miami, FL December
  Klein), Florence, Italy, January
                                                                           • European Tour, Cologne, Rome, Frankfurt December

2005                                                                       2001
• Bang Festival, Miami, Florida, November
                                                                           •   Gigolo World Domination Tour @ Lolita, Barcelona, Spain, June 5th
• Irving Plaza Halloween Show, New york, NY, October                       •   Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany, July 21st
• Fischerspooner/Manumission Metamorphosis, a collaboration                •   Gigolo @ WMF, Berlin , Germany, July 22nd
  in Ibiza, Spain, (Casting, choreography, direction,) July, August,       •   Electroclash, New York, NY, October 10th
  September                                                                •   Park Cafe, Munich, Germany, November 23rd
• Carson Daly Show, (TV), New York, NY, June                               •   Time Warp, Hanover, Germany, November 24th
• FS West Coast Mini-Tour with shows in Anaheim, San Diego, Los            •   Numero Uno Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, November 30th
  Angeles, and San Francisco, May/June                                     •   Transmusicales Festival, Rennes, France, December 1st
• Tribeca Film Festival, April                                             •   The Loft, Barcelona, December 5th

2004                                                                       Formative FS Performances                                       Dancer
• CMJ Music Conference performance by the Fischerspooner
  Dancers at the FS Salon for the record release of “Odyssey”, October     2001
• Museum of Contemporary Art 25th Anniversary (Deitch Projects),           • The Standard Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, March 1 - 3
  Los Angeles, CA, May
• Skolbeats Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, April                             2000
• Beat Festival, Mexico City, Mexico, April                                • Club Badd at the Pyramid, New York, NY, October 29th
                                                                           • Limelight, New York, NY, October 28th
                                                                           • Kunst-werke, Berlin, Germany, July 10th
2003                                                                       • WMF, Berlin, Germany, July 9th
• Carson Daly Show, (TV) New York, NY February                             • FISCHERSPOONER presents Andrew WK: New Looks, New Feeling @
• Deitch Projects, Pompidou Museum, Paris, France March                      SMAK Over The Edges Festival , Ghent, Belgium, April
• USA Tour, Noteable Shows: Hammerstein Ballroom, NY, The Fillmore         • Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York, NY, March 28th-April 1st
  San Fransico, CA,                                                        • Index Magazine 4th Anniversary Party at Angel Oresanz Foundation,
• Jimmy Kimmel Show, (TV) Hollywood, CA, Coachella Festival, Indio,          New York, NY, February 16th
  CA April
• The Fleet Pavillion, (Opened, Iggy Pop), Boston, MA, June                1999
• Chicago Heat Festival, Chicago, IL, July                                 • Tony and Tina, New York, NY, September 15th
                                                                           • Simon Says Third Anniversary Party at Limelight, New York, NY,
• Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium, August
                                                                             September 10th
• The Low Lands Festival, Holland, August                                  • Warm Up2 @ PS1, New York, NY, July 24th
• USA Tour, House of Blues Tour, September 13th-October 5th                • Greatest Bar on Earth, World Trade Center, New York, NY, May 19th
• Montreal Electronic Groove Festival, Montreal, Canada, October           • Style Slam on Orchard Street, New York, NY, May 16th

U N C L E F U C K E R : THE BAND                  DAISY SPURS
Choreography . Dancer                                                      Choreography . Dancer
2001-2006                                                                  An ongoing collaboration, conceived by Bill Coleman, featuring the
• December 31, 2006 - Unclefucker’s New Year’s Eve Finale Show, Ace        “fuckerettes” of Unclefucker. Performances in New York at the Knitting
  of Clubs, NYC                                                            Factory, C.B.G.B.’s, the Roxy, Galapagos, Pianos, Happy Valley, The
• Valentine Burlesque Show, Lily’s, Brooklyn NY                            Marquee/Slide, and the 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. amongst others.
• Blue Grass Festival, Baggot Inn, New York, NY
• The Nashville Music Festival, Nashville, Tennessee
• Venues: Bowery Ball Room, CBGB’s, The Knitting Factory, Plaid, Sin-e,
  Arlene’s Grocery, Crash Mansion, the Ace of Clubs, Opaline, The
  Hook, Continental Club, Club Luxx, New York Burlesque Festival, The
  Slipper Room. Also shows in Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey

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