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July 2009


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                                                                                                 FEATURED PROPERTY
             is your snorkel underwater?


                                                                                                Springview Self Storage
                                                                                                Debary, FL
                                                                                                • Institutional Grade Asset
                                                                                                • 435 units - 57,525 net sq ft
                                                                                                • Assumable Mortgage at 6.2%
                                                                                                • Priced reduced to
                                                                                                  $3,250,000-$56.50 n.r.s.f.
                                 Relax. we can help!

             We have the expertise you need. Whether you are an
             institutional investor, regional operator or private owner, we
             offer you, in addition to storage brokerage and acquisitions,
             asset management, marketing and advertising, real estate tax                           Thank you FSSA
             appeals and debt workout assistance.
                                                                                               for the effort, time and all of
                                                                                               the hard work in organizing a
                                  For more information, visit us at:
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   | FssA | July 2009
                          FLORIDA SELF STORAGE ASSOCIATION

                              July 2009                                                                                Florida Self Storage Association
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                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                      e-mail:
FSSA Board Trustees............................... 3        How To Thrive In Today’s Market ......... 16

Increasing Occupancy At Your Self Storage                   How Did I Get Fired?............................ 18         Board of Trustees
Facility Through Effective Marketing ..... 4
                                                                                                                           Chip Cordes, President
                                                            How to Maintain NOI During the                                National Constructors, Inc.
Message from the Executive Director ..... 5                 FREE Educational Sessions.................. 21                  Phone: (407) 413-9218
                                                                                                                             Cell: (407) 456-1262
2009 21st Century Conference ............... 6              Press Releases ............................... 22
                                                                                                                          Rick Yonis, President Elect
Making the Internet Work for Your Self                      Upcoming Events ........................... 24                    Sentry Self Storage
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Storage Business...................................... 8                                                                     Cell: (817) 296-8304
Hurricane Preparation ........................     12                                                                       David Blum, Treasurer
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Welcome New Vendors/Members.......... 14                                                                                 Phone: (954) 443-3060 X211
                                                                                                                             Cell: (954) 675-4750
                                                                                                                    Tom Richerson, Immediate Past President
                                                                                                                           GT Development, LLC
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                                                           Tom Richerson, President                            
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                                                           Phoenix Realty Management, LLC
                       FSSA MISSION STATEMENT              (561) 659-1177
                                                           Email:                                         Travis Lawhorne
         “The mission of the Florida Self StorageChip Cordes, Treasurer
                                                 Association is to ensure                                                   Accountable Management
                                                                                                                              Phone: (813) 929-3088
                                                           US Door & Building Components                                       Cell: (813) 389-1943
          the stability and growth of the self-storage industry by provid-
                                            (407) 859-6770                                                    
        ing a forum in which members may increase knowledge through                                                             Gene Bonina
                                                       Lew Pollack                                                       Wells Fargo Insurance Services
                                         Storesmart Development, promote an
        educational opportunities, exchange information and LLC                                                             Phone: (561) 368-2777
                                                                                                                             Cell: (561) 289-9279
                                        established unified voice.”                                           

                                                                                                                                        July 2009 | FssA | 
     Increasing Occupancy At Your Self Storage Facility
                   Through EffEcTivE MarkETing                                               Derek Naylor, President of Storage Marketing Solutions (SMS).

There are only 3 ways to grow any business – including your self-             After we know what their motive is, we still need more invaluable
storage business.                                                             information from these ever important people. After all, my opinion,
                                                                              your opinion and your marketing department’s opinion doesn’t matter
1. Acquire New Customers (Increase Occupancy)                                 one bit!
                                                                                   Know why? Because we’re not the one paying the money for the
2. Increase The Value Of Each Customer
                                                                              space. We’re not the one that pays the bills…your customer is! Getting
3. Lower Operating Expenses/Increase Margins                                  in their head is absolutely critical and one of the most valuable things
                                                                              you could spend your time doing.
If you think about it for a few minutes, you’ll quickly realize that               But uncovering their motive only tells us what motivated them to
everything you’ve done to increase profits has fallen under one of            use self-storage and maybe why they chose you over the competition;
those 3 categories.                                                           we’re out to win a lion’s share of the market -aren’t we? So, we need to
     If you find yourself engaged in a discussion about ideas that don’t      learn their frustrations, ultimate desires and non-motivators so we can
fall into these areas, you’re in a danger zone and need to back up and        learn what INNOVATIONS to implement to motivate them to choose us,
make sure you start with this foundation prior to continuing.                 over our competition. In short, we need to find out what their buying
     I’ve seen millions of dollars wasted on ideas that fall outside of       motive is and how to get them to give us their money instead of giving
these 3 areas and I would be doing you a disservice by not cautioning         it to your competition. That knowledge is most important!
you on the danger of even exploring the ideas if they don’t fit snuggly            The process we just described is a part of Storage Marketing
into these categories. So, let’s get started with point number one:           Solutions “Discovery Process”. To date, we’ve done thousands
Acquiring New Customers. Although there are other ways to increase            of surveys across the country and already have great insight into
the profitability of your storage facility, increasing occupancy is the       your customers and prospective customer’s minds. But, since each
most obvious and talked about method. However, since there are so             competitive environment is slightly different, we always conduct new
many ways to acquire a new customer, there is a lot of confusion and          surveys for new clients to ensure the data is similar to maximize the
therefore a lot of money wasted in this business on bad marketing             return on their marketing investment.In addition to uncovering buying
and sales tactics. Before we get into the tactics of actually acquiring       motives, we do competitive analysis by shopping your competitors
new customers, we need to take a holistic view of what is actually            and conducting in depth staff surveys to gather further perspective.
happening in your marketplace when a prospective customer needs               After this is complete – we now can create the right strategy and
storage and begins the hunt for a facility to store their belongings.         begin developing the message and tactics that we will deploy this
     In order to create powerful marketing strategies we need to first see    powerful message with.
the world through your prospects eyes, in an effort to understand their            Before pro sports teams prepare for their next game, what do they
motive in deciding to use storage in the first place. Then to understand      spend time doing? That’s right, reviewing game film of their toughest
their motive in choosing whatever facility they do. You’ve likely heard       opponent actually playing. They do this so they can watch the play
the maxim: “If you want to know why John Smith buys what John                 patterns, defense style and coaching moves of their competition. This
Smith buys you’ve got to see the world through John Smith’s eyes”.            helps them prepare and practice for their specific opponent. The same
As a marketer, that is one of the most valuable, underused maxims of          holds true for a court case. Before a case ever goes before the judge or
all time. See, marketing has many definitions. But ultimately it all boils    jury, both attorneys do as much as they can during a discovery phase
down to MOTIVATING somebody to use your product/service to satisfy            to create their case/game strategy.
their need or want. But, in order to motivate, we must understand                  Why should marketing strategy be any different? It shouldn’t!
motive. We uncover motive by – now this is real rocket science here           Most “marketers” don’t think twice about strategy. Rather, they’re
so brace yourself – asking your customers and prospects what their            artists. They create stuff that looks good and might get a laugh out of
motive is!                                                                    somebody without ever considering a solid strategy…
     Imagine that!                                                                 They do this without ever considering what to say, how to say it
     Now, this must be done correctly since we know that a person’s           and who to say it to in order to motivate the prospect to pick up the
first, surface level answer is usually not the complete and real answer       phone, call you and choose you to store their belongings.
but it really boils down to asking them why…                                       After innovations have been made to make you the obvious choice
     Why, after all of these years of a cluttered closet or garage, did you   to store their belongings with, it’s time to talk about delivering this
finally decide to use self storage?                                           powerful message we’ve just created.
Why, Businessman, did you finally decide to use self-storage to expand             This is done through advertising mediums. This includes Television,
your distribution reach?                                                      Radio, Direct Mail, Yellow Pages, Billboards, etc.Rather than go into
     Why, of all the choices in town, did you choose us?                      each medium, I’ll get straight to the point on this…For most facilities,
     Why, why why?                                                            spending advertising dollars on anything but Yellow Pages, Internet
     After asking the right questions, the right way, enough times, you’re    and Direct Mail is a giant waste of your money. Convenience and
able to start drawing some good conclusions. But we’re not finished…          location are by far the biggest decision factors in the self-storage
 Increasing Occupancy At Your Self Storage Facility
Through EffEcTivE MarkETing conT.                     A Message from Executive Director The Next step
business. People want their belongings close
and within easy access! This is why most of
your customers live so close to the site they         The first six months have proven                 By the time this magazine is in
store at.                                             quite productive for the Florida Self       print, we will have provided education
So, advertising to somebody 20 miles                  Storage Association. The goals set          to over 200 members. Our goal is for
away by using mediums like radio, TV and              forth in January by the Board of            you to walk away with a couple of
sometimes even Yellow Pages is absolutely             Trustees are coming to fruition.            tidbits or ideas that will spark your
pointless. Why would you make somebody an                 First and foremost, I would like        imagination, and set your business on
offer who won’t accept it even if they wanted         to thank all who assisted in making         a course to your chosen objective.
to? Rather you should focus on the closest            the 2009 conference a success. It took           Where are we going from here?
30,000-60,000 households to each of your              the participation and dedication of         Our destination is set and our course
facilities. They are close, you are convenient        over 100 people to pull this together,      has been charted. On October 23,
and you can inexpensively deliver them a              and I extend my gratitude to you.           2009, the FSSA will be hosting an
message that motivates them to use you. To            Organizing a conference is similar          Annual Executive Retreat at the Rosen
fully occupy each facility, you probably only         to assembling a puzzle with a maze          Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando. This
need 1%-5% of that universe to become a               of interlocking pieces that need to be      full day event will provide owners a
customer.                                             placed in the right spot in order to see    look at the state, industry, economy,
     All of your marketing tactics should focus       the final picture. So to our exhibitors,    and market from a 30,000 foot
on those who live and/or work by your facility.       attendees, speakers, Board members,         viewpoint. This event will be filled
Period!                                               support staff, and the many others          with invited guests only, limited in
     Now, before you say something along              involved – thanks for fitting together      attendance, and on a first come, first
the line of: “Direct mail doesn’t work” or, “I        so nicely! The income raised from           served basis (with confirmation of
trash every piece of direct mail that comes           this event is funding the projects          ownership). The uniqueness of this
my way”, consider this: according to the              and initiatives that will provide           event, coupled with the caliber of
Direct Marketing Association, “Direct Mail is         opportunities to assist you, by bringing    speakers and guests, will be by far the
still the most efficient and effective way to         added value to your company.                most sought after event in 2009.
advertise.”                                               Our Education Session for                    Our next port of call will unveil a
     If you’ve tried direct mail in the past, and     Managers and Assistant Managers             new website – one that will change the
it didn’t work, don’t challenge direct mail.          continues to expand in new and              look and feel of the Association. This
What you need to do is challenge the way              relevant topics as we respond to            will be the catalyst of providing you
you did the direct mail. Almost every client          the requests of our membership.             with additional member benefits and
we have has moved very cautiously towards             Our speakers are conducting these           key information on the Association.
making a small test investment in direct mail         sessions out of their dedication to their   The website will be effortless to the
only to be proved wrong. Remember, most               professions and for the love of the self    end user, but as many of you know,
people WILL trash your piece…that’s fine.             storage industry. They are sharing tips     it takes a tremendous amount of time
All we typically need is a measly 1%-5% to            of their trades to assist our members       and diligence on the back end. The
respond and we’re in the money…                       to be stronger, and better prepared for     Website Committee, understanding
     I hope you’ve found this article helpful,        this roller coaster economy. Special        the important implications, is working
insightful or at the bare minimum, a                  thanks to our previous speakers: Chip       diligently with the webmaster to
reinforcement of your existing beliefs.               Cordes, Rick Yonis, David Blum,             provide you a top notch site that you
                                                      Brenda Scarborough, Nyle Wells,             will most assuredly be visiting often.
Derek Naylor is the President of Storage
                                                      Hal Moore, Travis Lawhorne, Jack                 Please remember that the
Marketing Solutions (SMS). SMS provides
                                                      Ballentine, Jim Hawley and Matt Van         Association is here for you and
turn-key marketing and sales solutions to
                                                      Horn.                                       because of you. Our overall goal is to
the self-storage industry. You can subscribe
                                                          My appreciation would not be            provide you with the support, training,
to SMS’s newsletter by clicking on this link:
                                                      complete without recognizing the            new ideas, networking opportunities
                                                      Educations Sponsors though August:          and value added services that you
                                                      Storage Rent Payment; Wells Fargo           expect. We welcome your comments,
                                                      Insurance Services; and Tower Hill          suggestions, and involvement. Don’t
                                                      Insurance. These sponsor contributions      hesitate to contact me if I can be of
                                                      are supporting the meeting room             service to you.
                                                      charge at the Marriott Courtyard, as
                                                      well as the coffee and cookies for the                Caite Corripio, Executive Director
                                                      attendees. Thank you all!

                                                                                                                        July 2009 | FssA | 
T hank You to our ... ence & Expo Sponsors:
200 9 21st Century                                                                                    1-87

                                                                                                      “Get M


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     Making the Internet Work for Your
                               Self Storage Business
    																																																																															By	Norman	Schulman	&	Izzat	Dajani

	 Did	you	know	that	54%	of	Inter-                       keyword	are	100,000?	The	number	                          are	 created	 to	 accommodate	 the	
net	users	have	tossed	their	Yellow	                     of	 results	 known	 for	 this	 keyword	                   needs	of	the	self	storage	custom-
Pages?	 Customers	 are	 presently	                      in	Google	Search	is	45,600,000;	in	                       er.	This	entails	focus	on	the	design	
using	the	Internet	more	often	when	                     Yahoo	is	151,000,000	and	in	MSN	                          elements	 that	 are	 most	 important	
seeking	 for	 a	 self-storage	 unit	 to	                (Live	 Search)	 is	 355,000,000;	 and	                    to	this	industry.	Bearing	in	mind	a	
rent	rather	than	opening	the	Yellow	                    the	 average	 cost	 per	 click	 (CPC)	                    well	designed	website	will	need	to	
Pages.	Many	businesses	are	shy-                         for	this	keyword	is	$4.39.	                               also	be	user	friendly,	web	crawler	
ing	away	from	relying	on	the	Yellow	                    	 These	are	but	few	prerequisite	                         welcoming,	and	deliver	information	
Pages	 and	 are	 effectively	 shifting	                 facts	 of	 Internet	 Marketing	 ac-                       to	potential	clients	as	quickly	and	
their	 marketing	 budget	 to	 the	 In-                  quaintances	that	are	already	upon	                        efficiently	as	possible.	Profession-
ternet.	This,	in	fact,	is	the	trend	for	                us	and	are	now	part	of	the	various	                       al	Website	content	combined	with	
many	customers	who	are	seeking	                         strategies	 of	 our	 daily	 business	                     proven	Organic	Search	Engine	Op-
information.	 It	 can	 only	 continue	                  challenges.	 Internet	 Marketing	 is	                     timization	 will	 drive	 customers	 to	
to	 increase	 as	 the	 Internet	 is	 be-                becoming	an	indispensable	mean	                           your	facility.	Features	such	as	the	
coming	the	number	one	source	for	                       to	a	successful	business,	and	par-                        ability	 to	 make	 online	 payments,	
information	seekers	and	is	quickly	                     ticularly	in	the	Self-storage	Industry.                   making	 a	 reservation	 online,	 or	
getting	more	accepted.	                                 	 You	 may	 choose	 to	 continue	                         viewing	up-to-date	rental	rates	are	
	 Online	 US	 consumer	 spend-                          to	 wait	 for	 Internet	 Marketing	 to	                   certainly	essential	to	a	successful	
ing	for	2008	was	over	$134	Billion.	                    happen	 for	 your	 business;	 others	                     Website.		These	tools	are	achieved	
It	 is	 estimated	 to	 reach	 $140	 Bil-                are	 making	 it	 happen	 by	 means	                       live	 by	 means	 of	 Application	 Pro-
lion	for	2009,	and		80%	of	Internet	                    of	 Website	 Design,	 Search	 En-                         gramming	Interface	(API)	connec-
traffic	 is	 set	 off	 by	 major	 search	               gine	 Optimization,	 Search	 Engine	                      tions	 to	 your	 Management	 Soft-
engines	 like	 Google,	 Yahoo	 and	                     Marketing,	 Local	 Search	 Market-                        ware.	 Management	 Software	 API	
MSN.	Internet	search	engines	are	                       ing,	 and	 Online	 Media	 Marketing.	                     also	makes	it	possible	to	pull	data	
becoming	the	mean	when	seeking	                         These	are	just	a	few	main	aspects	                        directly	 from	 your	 Management	
products	 or	 services	 and	 it	 is	 the	               of	Internet	Marketing.                                    Software	and	present	it	to	your	cli-
norm	 for	 businesses	 to	 be	 listed	                                                                            ents	 directly	 through	 the	 website.	
on	these	major	Internet	search	en-                      Website Design                                            No	more	weekly	updates	for	rates	
gines.	                                                 An	 effective	 website	 is	 best	 de-                     on	 rentals,	 this	 is	 done	 automati-
	 We	are	certainly	aware	that	the	                      signed	 and	 developed	 by	 people	                       cally	through	the	API.	
term	(keyword)	Self-storage	is	the	                     that	 actively	 understand	 the	 nu-                      	 With	 all	 of	 the	 different	 adver-
core	 to	 defining	 this	 industry.	 Did	               ances	and	operations	of	the	Self-                         tising	 campaigns	 you	 will	 be	 try-
you	 know	 that	 the	 approximate	                      storage	 business,	 as	 this	 will	 aid	                  ing	 to	 generate	 leads,	 the	 need	
monthly	 Word	 searches	 for	 this	                     in	 building	 website	 pages	 that	                       to	 track	 how	 well	 each	 campaign	
   | FssA | July 2009
July 2009 | FssA | 
Making the Internet                           search Engine Marketing (sEM)              riety	 of	 available	 alternatives	 that	
                                              This	 is	 pay-per-click	 advertising	      will	 aid	 and	 call	 attention	 to	 your	
Work for Your Self Storage
                                              by	researching	the	best	keywords	          rankings	 with	 search	 engine	 opti-
Business Cont...                              for	 a	 particular	 area	 and	 building	   mization	 and	 search	 engine	 mar-
                                              a	 campaign	 with	 major	 pay-per-         keting	plans.	
is	 doing	 seems	 obvious.	 Tracking	         click	advertisers.	When	done	cor-
numbers	are	easily	the	most	versa-            rectly,	your	website	will	be	appear-       Persevere	to	make	it	happen.	It	is	
tile	way	to	track	how	your	advertis-          ing	very	high	in	search	results	the	       imperative	 to	 steer	 your	 attention	
ing	campaigns	are	doing.	You	can	             same	day	the	campaign	is	created.	     	   and	resources	to	Internet	Market-
track	 and	 listen	 to	 the	 results	 by	     This	method	does	cost	money	ev-            ing	 as	 this	 will	 enable	 you	 to	 be-
integrating	 a	 Call	 Tracking	 Phone	        ery	time	your	ad	is	clicked	and	the	       come	 more	 innovative,	 to	 sustain	
Number	 to	 record	 all	 phone	 calls	        amount	of	money	is	dependant	on	           our	business	during	the	harsh	treks	
and	printable	online	coupons	with	            the	 keyword,	 the	 market,	 and	 the	     of	today,	and	the	better	opportuni-
unique	codes.                                 position	you	are	looking	to	attain.        ties	of	tomorrow.	The	power	of	the	
                                                                                         click	is	at	your	finger	tip.	Click	it.
search Engine optimization (sEo)              local search Marketing
Various	 techniques	 are	 incorpo-            Local	 search	 is	 intensifying	 and	      Norman Schulman & Izzat Dajani
rated	 into	 the	 website	 that	 are	         rapidly	 becoming	 inevitability	 the	     have over 30 years combined expe-
considered	to	be	“highly	relevant”	           trend	 to	 finding	 a	 local	 business	    rience in self storage management
to	 the	 search	 engine	 to	 create	          online.	74%	of	internet	users	cur-         and computer related industries.
placement	of	a	website	to	display	            rently	make	use	of	the	Internet	to	        They jointly manage storageclicks.
very	 high	 during	 a	 search.	 This	 is	     locate	 products	 and	 services	 in	       com which is a Web Design & SEO
called	 Search	 Engine	 Optimiza-             their	local	 market	 and	 61%	 of	 lo-     company that specializes in the
tion.	 When	 your	 website	 appears	          cal	 searches	 result	 in	 purchases.	     Self Storage Sector. To reach them
high	 in	 a	 search,	 this	 is	 called	 or-   This	 is	 a	 majestic	 opportunity	 to	    call 888.894.0422, e-mail thepow-
ganic	searching.	“Highly	optimized	           list	your	business	with	local	search or
websites	whose	links	reciprocate”	            engines	for	very	little	or	no	cost	at	     visit
is	 one	 of	 the	 cardinal	 rules	 of	        all.	 Get	 your	 business	 listed	 with	
Search	Engine	Optimization.	What	             online	Local	 Search	 Engines,	 On-
this	means	is	once	one	highly	op-             line	Business	Directories	and	On-
timized	 website	 has	 a	 link	 to	 an-       line	Yellow	Pages	to	maximize	vis-
other	 highly	 optimized	 website,	           ibility	and	extensively	stimulate	the	
and	that	linked	website	links	back	           expansion	of	your	local	business.	
to	the	referring	website,	a	two	way	
partnership	is	established	and	the	           online Media Marketing
benefit	 of	 the	 optimization	 cam-          Attracting	 potential	 customers	
paign	 is	 increased	 between	 both	          and	 increasing	 online	 traffic	 to	
websites.	Search	engines	such	as	             your	 website	 by	 marketing	 and	
MSN,	 Google,	 and	 Yahoo	 are	 in	           advertising	 your	 business	 via	 So-
charge	 of	 displaying	 and	 admin-
istering	 who	 will	 be	 listed	 first	 on	
                                              cial	Networks,	Press	Releases	and	
                                              E-mail	 Campaigns	 is	 all	 a	 part	 of	
their	 Search	 Engine	 Results	 Page	         online	 media	 marketing.	 Issuing	
(SERP)	 based	 upon	 various	 and	            Press	 Releases	 when	 you	 have	 a	            “ If everyone is moving
unknown	 algorithms	 that	 could	             new	 product	 you	 want	 your	 cus-
often	 change	 from	 time	 to	 time.	                                                             forward together,
                                              tomers	 to	 know	 about,	 reaching	
SEO	professionals	do	not	have	the	            out	to	your	customers	via	newslet-                  then success will
key	to	such	a	“hush-hush	system”	             ters,	 and	 becoming	 involved	 with	
and	you	need	to	be	aware	that	no	             online	 communities	 will	 improve	
                                                                                                 take care of itself.”
one	can	legally	guarantee	you	first	          your	 website	 presence	 and	 ex-
page	placement	on	any	SERP.
                                                                                                      Henry Ford
                                              pand	your	online	business	through	
                                              Social	 Networks.	 These	 are	 a	 va-
 10 | FssA | July 2009
     Free Phone number:


“Get More For Less $$”
                          July 2009 | FssA | 11
By: Brandy Gallagher & Rachel Garcia Accountable Management & Consulting
With input from Gene Bonina, Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Knowing in advance what to do in the event of severe                       •   medications
weather or hurricane is imperative. We hope that these                     •   paper products
procedures are not needed, however during the sum-                         •   hand sanitizer
mer storm season in Florida they are utilized all too often.               •   blankets
Please use the steps below to keep your employees and
facility as safe as possible during these times. Remember                  PROCEDURES TO FOLLOW
hurricane season does NOT officially end until November 1st.               1. If you have a cellular phone, charge it.
                                                                           2. Monitor severe weather via weather radio or weather
BE INFORMED                                                                   channels, whichever is appropriate for the facility at
If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, get a current                     the time.
hurricane guide that is published for your area and have                   3. Remove any flags, signs, banners, etc, that can
it on file in your rental office. Be sure that you and your                   become hazards during high winds. This includes
employees know if you are in a flood zone. Plan ahead                         benches and chairs as they cannot withstand high
the time needed for your personal needs as well as the                        winds.
needs of the facility. Have your evacuation plan ready                     4. Be sure to have trees and shrubs trimmed prior to
and be sure that you and your fellow employees know                           avoid potential damage to buildings.
the plan, including evacuation routes, if necessary. Check
                                                                           5. Clear any loose debris on your property, and be sure
your communications list for updated phone numbers,
                                                                              gutters and drains are not clogged.
addresses, etc. Your employees must be able to contact
you for emergencies. And after the storm you will need                     6. If you have a golf cart, secure it in a storage unit. Do
to know if your employees are safe, and when they will be                     not plug it in to the battery charger.
returning to the facility if they had to leave.                            7. Open the gate, unless you have a vertical lift gate. If
                                                                              your gate is vertical, KEEP IT CLOSED for the dura-
BE PREPARED                                                                   tion of the storm. Some facilities may want to con-
Are you going to weather the storm? Be sure you have                          sider chaining it closed.
these items, and follow the procedures below.
                                                                           8. Secure all windows using shutters or marine ply-
                                                                              wood, at least 5/8th inch, cut to fit and ready to
Basic items to keep on hand:
•	   2 double insulated coolers
•	   2 halogen or drop stand lights                                        9. Create a back-up and appropriately shut down your
•	   2 large plastic tubs for holding your hurricane supplies                 computer and unplug it and all accessories. Send a
•	   1 roll of duct tape                                                      back-up of data to an offsite location, and remember
•	   1 standard, inexpensive corded telephone                                 to bag and cover all electrical office equipment.
•	   2 flashlights                                                         10. If there is an eminent threat of flooding, turn off the
•	   1 weather radio                                                          electricity at main breaker, move all electrical
•	   Batteries (enough for a week to power the radio and flashlights)         equipment to counter tops, shelves, etc.
•	   Large trash bags                                                      11. After all of these procedures are completed, it is
                                                                              time to decide if you are staying or evacuating.
Do you have a generator?
You will need:                                                             EVACUATION
• 2 extension cords (100 ft & 12 gauge)                                    1. Know where you are going. Doing this in return will
• 2 splitter adapter (12 gauge)                                               save you valuable time.
• 2 full 5 gallon gas cans                                                 2. Take your emergency supplies, food, water, clothing,
• 2 containers of 4 cycle generator oil                                       as you may need them at the shelter. Remember
• 2 funnels                                                                   shelters do become overcrowded, and as seen in the
A weeks worth of supplies needed:                                             past they are not always prepared for the aftermath of
• non perishable food
                                                                              the storm.
• bottled drinking water
• enough ice to completely fill your two coolers                           3. Be sure to have all personal papers on hand including
                                                                              driver’s license, passports, and birth certificates.
 1 | FssA | July 2009
                                        We know you’re under pressure to cut expenses. Raising your insurance deductible, reducing coverage,
                                        lowering your building value limits, or utilizing a non-admitted carrier may save you a few dollars now.
                                        But it can wind up costing you serious money in the long run.

                                        Before you make any changes, let a MiniCo Insurance representative review your policy.
                                        We’ll work with your independent insurance agent to ensure that you are getting
                                        cost-effective coverage to protect your valuable business investment.

        Suggested Retail: $19.99                     Upgrade to Cylinder Lock Security
                                                           Without The Expense Of Buying New Latches!
                                                                L.A.I.’s Enforcer System Disk Lock
                                                    “A disk lock that acts like a cylinder lock!”

                                                             Repels bolt cutters


                                                     Bump key & pick resistant                      Never cut or drill a lock again.
MY                                                   Tubular Keyway                                 Tenant keys are numbered for
CY                                                                                                  easy ordering
       Red Dot Overlock Function!
       No more overlocks to buy.
                                                                                                           24 Locks - $13.64

                                         Buy 144 AND GET BIG SAVINGS!                                      48 Locks - $12.70
                                             Only $10.80 Per Lock                                          72 Locks - $11.43
         Manager’s key with no access                                                                          Regular Price: $15.84

      Website:        (800) 422 - 2866                              Tel: (951) 277 - 5180 Fax: (951) 277 - 5170

                                                                                                                                  July 2009 | FssA | 1
WelcomeNewMembers                                AFTER THE STORM
                                                 1. As soon as storm has reasonably
                                                                                           Inspect the entire facility, note and
                                                                                           photograph any damage. Check
All-u-Can, LLC, Bradenton, FL                        passed, survey your site for dam-     customer’s locks to be sure that their
Lisa Pessina • 941-727-1700                          ages. Evaluate and address all        items are still secure. Contact your
                                                     safety hazards such as live wires,    home office of property status. You
Brooksville Rentals, Inc., Auburndale, FL                                                  will then be directed on what to do
Gregory Disbrow • 352-585-7269
                                                     leaking gas and flammables.
                                                 2. Take any necessary steps to            next.
Crosby Square Self Storage and                       make emergency repairs and            Following these simple procedures
Warehouses, Inc.                                                                           can save owners thousands of dollars
                                                     take as many photos as possible.
Homosassa Springs, FL                                                                      and in some instances save lives.
James Crosby • 352-628-6100
                                                     Most insurance policies cover
                                                     emergency repairs necessary to        Accountable Management & Realty,
Evergreen Realty Property Management                 reduce the amount of the loss         Inc., located in Lutz, Florida, has been
Pasadena, CA                                         (covering roofs to prevent further    involved in self storage facility man-
Janet Johnson • 800-990-8448                         water damage, boarding up any         agement for the past twenty years,
I-4 Mini Storage, Inc., Sanford, FL                  open and damaged windows              with 40+ stores currently under con-
Bruce Rhea • 407-321-8812                            and doors).
                                                                                           tract. They have created a compre-
Safe & Secure Automated Self Storage             3. Reboot your office computer and
                                                                                           hensive training & marketing program
Coconut Creek, FL                                    printer system to resume normal
                                                     office procedures.                    for their 150 + employees that now is
RK Kliebenstein • 954-428-6969
                                                                                           being taught as well through consult-
Solomom’s RV & Boat Storage, Inc.,               4. Close gate or if your gate is
                                                     locked, unlock it.                    ing and auditing. Accountable Man-
Jacksonville, FL
Ferris Solomon • 904-223-0888                    5. Return any phone calls that have       agement has been an active member
                                                     been left on the answering ma-        of the Self Storage Association and
Storesmart of North Ft. Pierce, Ft. Pierce, FL
                                                     chine.                                the Florida Self Storage Association
Susan Matthews • 772-465-9460
                                                 6. Replace outdoor items.                 for many years. Visit us at www.Flori-
U-Haul Company of Jacksonville,
                                                 7. Assess and document any dam-  or call (813)
Jacksonville, FL
Ed Hatcher • 904-781-7044                            age with a picture.                   929-3088 for more information.
                                                 8. Report any damage to facility
                                                     management company or own-            Gene Bonina is a Senior Vice Presi-
WelcomeNewVendors                                9. Contact your insurance agent.
                                                                                           dent with Wells Fargo Insurance
                                                                                           Services, one of Florida’s leaders in
                                                     Always keep the 800 Claim num-        placement of insurance on self stor-
Storage Rent Payment, San Francisco, CA
                                                     ber for your insurance company
Carly Nelson • 866-289-5977 x234                                                           age facilities. Gene presently serves
                                                     available so you can report your
One Call Property Services, Inc., Stuart, FL         claim and get the process start-      on the Board of Directors of the
Robert Ambrosius • 772-223-8400                      ed.                                   Florida Self Storage Association, has
Fortune Real Estate, Bradenton, FL               10. If your property is located in a      been an FSSA member for 10 years,
Greg Stevens • 941-313-5474                          flood zone, be sure           to      and has been a speaker at many of
                                                     have the flood claim numbers          their events throughout the State. He
Legacy Auction Services, Coral Springs, FL
Mike Pontillo • 800-900-2125
                                                     available – flood and wind dam-       can be reached at 561-226-6148 or
                                                     ages claims are handled sepa-         e-mail at Gene_Bonina@wellsfargois.
NU-Enterprises, Mooresville, NC                      rately.
Scott Underbrink • 704-660-8310                                                            com Gene is located in Boca Raton
                                                 IF YOU EVACUATED                          Florida; however, the entire State
Storage Technology Coach, LLC                    Contact your home office, making
Bradenton, FL                                                                              is covered in their Insurance opera-
                                                 them aware of your status. At this
Mike DeYoung • 941-739-3302                                                                tions.
                                                 time a decision will be made to either, Coral Springs, FL             return to the property or wait. Upon
Norman Schulman • 888-894-0422                   return, be cautious when entering the
Payroll Solutions, Boynton Beach, FL             property as there may be power lines
Janet Gaster • 561-772-6667                      down. Once you have assessed that
                                                 it is safe to enter, start the cleanup.
                                                 If you have power, plug in all equip-
                                                 ment and start your computer. Get
                                                 your digital camera and a notepad.
 14 | FssA | July 2009
Confidential Sales
 • No Listing Required

 • No Signs

 • No Rumors

  Ash Tisdelle       - Broker Associate

    Atlantic Commercial Properties

    8761 Perimeter Park Blvd. #200

        Jacksonville, FL 32216

      P: 904-860-1000


                                          July 2009 | FssA | 1
                                             How To Thrive In Today’s Market
                                             by Markus Hecker, SMD Software, Inc.

                                             All you do is review and execute.          in to move out), marketing dollars spent
                                                 If you have already been increasing    on generating that customer, and more.
                                             rent once a year, or if you hesitate to        As with any program, marketing re-
                                             make changes at all, take another look     ports and revenue management features
                                             at your software’s revenue management      have been part of your system for some
    Most vendors and storage operators       modules: some of today’s programs          time, but you have just never needed
alike agree times have changed. Few if       have changed in two ways.                  or looked for it. Your software vendor
any run their business the same way they         First, they should incorporate more    would know and be happy to demon-
did 3 or even 2 years ago. Fortunately,      settings and better analysis in a more     strate these features to you. The vendor
storage is a valuable service that will      user-friendly package. The methods are     may even connect you with other users
only grow in time. Those who adapt to        tried and true. Good software compa-       who already practice the features you
changing conditions will continue to do      nies did not invent but only developed     inquire about. Don’t let your software
well. Turning to your management pro-        these settings and new features based on   intimidate you or hold you back. Your
gram to assess how your store is doing is    findings from operators, often REITS,      business determines what your software
a great start. A good management pro-        who have worked on and perfected the       should deliver.
gram not only shows how well a store         art of revenue management for years.           As you demand more from your
is performing, but also points the way           Second, decision makers should         management software, you may find it’s
to making simple, yet powerful changes.      have access to data and be able to make    time to upgrade. Switching to different
Some companies have been believers in        changes from anywhere. Demand real-        software is often easier than you think.
marketing tracking and revenue man-          time data from your software and the       Software companies offer conversion
agement for years, while others are just     ability to work with reports and data      programs to transfer data and eliminate
now discovering the true value of these      anytime, even if another employee is       most re-entering of data. Don’t let your
concepts. Let’s see how your software        using the program or computers at the      management software hold back your
can help and how these ideas keep your       storage office are turned off.             operation. The right computer program
business growing.                                Those who practice revenue man-        is cheap compared to its value.
    Many industries – and a growing          agement know it will grow rental in-           Revenue management and market-
number of storage operators - have           come by single, sometimes double-digit     ing tracking are only two of many func-
been practicing revenue management           percentages.                               tions helping operators get more out
for some time. The basic idea is to di-          A good software not only helps to      of their existing store. Ask your state
vide and conquer: filter out those cli-      fine-tune and improve rent changes,        association and your software vendor
ents who have been at your store long        it also offers the reports analyzing a     about these and some of the other fea-
enough to merit a small rent increase.       store’s marketing effort and customer      tures such as credit card billing, online
And, if any unit size’s occupancy reach-     base. Operators can better target ad-      payments on stores’ web sites, managing
es thresholds you set, then lease the        vertising dollars when they know who       coupons and ad campaigns.
next unit for more than previous ones.       customers are and which advertising
Programs should let you fine-tune the        method got them in the first place. A      Markus Hecker, Chief Operating Officer
timing and the size of increases accord-     good management software can group         and Director of Marketing and Sales, helped
ing to seasons (that is, adjust rent more    your clients and link each group to key    to turn SiteLink into the world-wide industry
aggressively before and during months        indicators. Example: suppose a store       leader in self-storage and property management
of traditionally stronger traffic) and       rents to as many small business owners     software. With over 8,000 users, SiteLink
other factors. Here’s the trick: while you   (realtors, fire/water damage restoration   enjoys the largest, fastest-growing customer
could spend hours each week analyzing        companies, etc.) as it does to students.   bases of any self-storage program. Markus
occupancy and historic performance           What if each business owner rented         has been with SiteLink since its inception
and manually increase rent for custom-       twice as long on average as a student?     in 1996. SiteLink has emerged as a favor-
ers and units, look to your management       What if the store spent more money on      ite among 40% of the nation’s top 100 op-
software to automatically suggest rent       marketing to students than to business     erators. In 2007, Markus led his sales team
changes for vacant units – based on          owners?                                    to implement SiteLink at all 5 winners of
your preferences. As for changing rent           A simple report can show these         MiniCo’s coveted ‘Facility of the Year Award’.
for existing customers, programs can of-     powerful connections between the ‘life-    Markus currently serves on the North Carolina
fer powerful menus and reports to show       time value of a customer’ (how much a      Self Storage Association Board of Directors.
you those clients who fit your criteria.     customer spends on average, from move
1 | FssA | July 2009                                                                                                            1
July 2009 | FssA | 17
How Did I Get                                themselves long before I walked into
                                             their office to make it official.
                                                                                        at yourself EVERYDAY! Everyday
                                                                                        matters, so it’s not unreasonable to be

FIreD?                                            Think about it, when someone
                                             says “it can’t be done,” they’ve given
                                             up! If they’re continually blaming
                                                                                        expected to do your best every day.
                                                                                             Ask yourself a few simple
                                                                                        questions. Am I excited about today?
                                             someone or something else they’re          Am I challenged to succeed? Is my
                                             not taking responsibility. When they       heart in my work? What is my level of
                                             complain continually, they’re unhappy.     enthusiasm? What about my energy and
                                             What storage owner in his or her right     how positive does my voice sound? Am
                                             mind wants to keep someone who is          I pleasant, helpful and friendly? Am I
                                             irresponsible, unhappy and has already     still in charge, or are excuses in charge
                                             quit?                                      lately? Am I sharing happiness and joy
                                                  You already know the answer to        or am I making others miserable?
                                             that. What’s more there are more folks          Answer truthfully and you’ll be
                                             than ever sitting on the sidelines just    able to make adjustments as needed to
                                             waiting to replace them.                   bring out your best.
                                                  Today’s economy is forcing each       Now you can decide to continue to
                                             of us to work harder and smarter.          succeed or move on. It has always
                                             This means today it’s 10 times more        been up to you anyway.
                                             important that we do not fumble a phone         As a result of today’s economic
                                             call or rental presentation. It means we   conditions one of the most important
                                             watch expenses and do everything we        parts of your job is maintaining a
                                             can to maintain our properties because     positive attitude. Without this you’ll
                                             they’re dependent on our dedication        have no edge over your competition.
By Kathe Abels, Southern Self Storage        and perseverance.        Without 100%      You can market, keep your properties

                                             effort, things can be even worse than      clean and do any number of promotions,
             verywhere I go, most the        they already are.                          but unless you have a positive attitude
             chatter is about our failing         So, how do you stand a better         the bottom line is failure. You’ll make
             economy.       It’s on the      chance of keeping your job? DON’T          progress if you believe in what you’re
             evening news, the morning       QUIT. This isn’t as simple as it sounds.   doing. You can rent units if you believe
newspaper and any magazine I pick-up.        Most folks that have quit are also in      in your property. Your customers
I find it in advertising and the forefront   denial. They’re still blaming, whining     perceive your sincerity and respond in
of most every conversation.                  and complaining instead of DOING.          an affirmative way. Likewise, if you
     Naturally, the entire mess is           They don’t even realize they’ve quit.      fall victim to negativity and pessimism
causing a ton of anxiety. Anyone             When you work diligently every day, it’s   you doom yourself and your location to
with a job is wondering how secure           possible to lose enthusiasm, especially    disappointment. Dig deep if you must,
their employment really is. Those            if you can’t view positive results.        but find the silver lining and convey
who are already unemployed are               Attitudes tend to diminish gradually       enthusiasm and joy. It will make all
profoundly challenged; knowing hope          and sometimes you’ll miss seeing           the difference in the world.
for employment is slim. This isn’t a         that you’ve changed. You can end up
good time to take our responsibilities       losing the very essence of what makes      Kathe Abels, CSSM, District Manager
lightly.                                     you effective in your job. For this very   with Southern Storage Management
     Simply stated, my job is to make        reason some Owners choose to relocate      Systems, Inc based in Palm Beach
money for my employers. I can’t do           or remove management staff often. The      Gardens, FL.
this directly. I’m responsible to assist,    down side to the musical chairs theory
advise and foster that goal among the        is they lose valuable time, knowledge,
team of Managers I work with. One            and efficiency. Keeping dedicated
of the toughest responsibilities I have      employees should be preferred over
is to ask a Manager to depart. I’ve          searching for new ones.
learned a secret I feel is worth sharing.         Everyone      needs      a    nudge
After years of doing this job, and           occasionally to keep up their edge. You
analyzing why folks are fired, there is a    don’t need your supervisor to do the
definite trend. The vast majority fired      nudging, just look hard and honestly

 1 | FssA | July 2009
tombstone-July09:Layout 1    5/29/09    3:37 PM    Page 1

               No one knows more than Michael Mele, Marcus & Millichap's Number 1 Self Storage broker and
               Senior Director of Marcus & Millichap's National Self Storage Group. Mike and his team closed on
             24 separate transactions comprising 36 properties and 16 different buyers. With more than $95 million
                         in closed deals, 2008 proved to be another banner year for The Mele Group.

                          Storage Bin                                                U-Store-It
                          Self Storage Center Portfolio                              Orlando, FL
                          10 Properties; 883,113 NRSF                                52,420 NRSF
                          $93,000,000                                                $2,750,000
                          Arizona Self Storage Portfolio                             Discount Mini Storage
                          4 Properties                                               Tampa, FL
                          254,050 NRSF                                               41,125 NRSF
                          $19,550,000                                                $1,950,000

                                                                                     United Self Storage Portfolio
                          U-Store-It                                                 2 Properties
                          Dania, FL                                                  128,149 NRSF JLOSSED

                          58,470 NRSF                                                $12,150,000      C

                                                     Michael Mele
                                                     Vice President Investments
                                                     Senior Director, National Self Storage Group

                                                     (813) 387-4700

           Investment Sales            �      Financing          �      Research          �     Advisory Services

                                                                                                                     July 2009 | FssA | 1
October 5-8, 2009
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center | Washington, D.C.

Today’s Challenges
Are Tomorrow’s                                                   Profit
Highlights of the
education program include:
 Marketing and Sales Boot Camp
 Legal Learning Live
 Management Workshop
 Developers Seminar
 Online marketing strategies
 Cutting costs to improve the bottom line
 Green building in self-storage
 And much more!

27 Seminars + 4 Intensive Workshops
     + 5 Networking Events =
   4 Days on How to Market, Manage, Develop & Grow
               Your Self-Storage Business
                       FREE Educational sessions
The Florida Self Storage Association is offering FREE educational sessions to all members on a first-come, first-served
basis. These seminars are three hours in length, (morning and afternoon sessions are the same), and will discuss topics
that are relevant to managers and assistant managers in an open forum. Please complete the registration form, and send to
Caite Corripio, email: or fax: 877.379.0352. Be sure to designate date/time/city for each attendee.
We look forward to your success!

August 7, 00                 september 17, 00               october , 00                 November 1, 00
9am-noon or 1pm-4pm            9am-noon or 1pm-4pm              9am-noon or 1pm-4pm             9am-noon or 1pm-4pm
Destin                         Jacksonville                     Melbourne                       Gainesville
Marriott Courtyard             Marriott Courtyard               Marriott Courtyard              Marriott Courtyard
100 Grand Boulevard;           Butler Boulevard                 To be announced                 To be announced

  Name: __________________________________                        Name: __________________________________
  Address: ________________________________                       Address: ________________________________
                                        m                                                                 m
                                 For                                                             For
  City/ St./Zip: _____________________________                    City/ St./Zip: _____________________________
         ) ____ - __________o(                                           ) ____ - __________ F:n ) ____- ____
                      ati F: ) ____- ____                                             atio
  P: (                                                            P: (                         (
             istr                                                        gis
  E-mail:__________________________________                       E-mail:__________________________________
  FSSA Member# __________________(if known)                       Re
                                                                  FSSA Member# __________________(if known)
  Non Member ____________________($100 fee)                       Non Member ____________________($100 fee)
  Location of Seminar: ______________________                     Location of Seminar: ______________________
  Date of Seminar: __________________________                     Date of Seminar: __________________________
  Circle time preference     9am-noon        1pm-4pm              Circle time preference     9am-noon        1pm-4pm

   Fssa Boat, Vehicle and                                          BoN VoyagE

      storage Lease                                                 Happiness is… winning a FREE Cruise for 2!
                                                                   Congratulations to Margaret Steiner, General Manager
                                                                    of Storsafe Sanford! Margaret was one of the many
                                                                    FSSA Members who completed the Member Survey.

                                                                   aNoThEr WiNNEr!

   5 0% off                                                                       Congratulations to ...
                                                                     Bob Francis of The Heron Group! Bob’s name was
                                                                    picked from all of the respondents of the 2009 Con-
                                                                   ference Survey to win a Sony MP3 Player with Video.
    FSSA Boat & Vehicle Lease and the Storage Lease are                       Thanks to all who participated!
  available for sale to members! These leases are attorney
   created and approved. Effective July 1st, the following           Voting starts on July 15th

              pricing structure will take effect:                    We now have Online voting to make

                                                                      te N
                                                                      it easier for our members; as we
                                                                       move towards going green and
      Leases will be $99 (1-3); $49
        (4-10); $29 (11 or more)
                                                                   Vo        provide quality service.
                                                                          You will be voting for 3 new Board
                                                                              members and 2 Alternates
                                                                     visit the website,
                                                                                                         July 2009 | FssA | 1
Sunshine Self Storage, managed by Best Management Services LLC,
                              Sunshine Self Storage, man-        special units for Boat, RV and vintage auto storage. Out-         agement company specializing in all aspects of self-stor-
                              aged by Best Management            door spaces are also available for boat and RV parking.           age services. The company provides initial site feasibil-
                              Services LLC, with locations       Sunshine Self Storage has become famous for their “Red            ity reports through full service management, including
                              in Cooper City and Miramar,        Carpet Service,” providing the finest in well maintained,         consulting, development assistance, management guid-
                              announces the opening of           well lit and highly secure and easily accessible facilities,      ance, finance support, and site selection assistance and
                              their newest location in Boca      serviced by a knowledgeable, friendly and courteous pro-          construction. David Blum, President of Best Management
                              Raton, Florida.                    fessional staff. The Sunshine Express, a free service for         Services, and a co-founder and president of the Florida
                                                                 renters, features a truck and dedicated driver for pick-up        Self Storage Association stresses that the company is
Sunshine Self Storage, Boca Raton is conveniently lo-            and delivery to the facility. An on-site store is available for   “extremely excited about bringing the industry a whole
cated at 20555 Boca Rio Road, Boca Raton FL 33432,               packing and moving supplies, insurance and additional             new dimension of services with respect to third party
just off of Glades Road and the Florida Turnpike. This           services.                                                         management, acquisition and development opportuni-
newly constructed, ultra- modern, electronically secure                 The Boca Raton facility is also a Registered eBay          ties.” For additional information, interested parties
full service, competitively priced storage facility has a        Drop Off Location. Customers utilizing this service can           can call (954) 443-3060 or Online at: bestmanage-
wide variety of air-conditioned and non-air conditioned          have their items stored, sold, packed and shipped all at
units to fulfill both personal and business needs. The fa-       the Boca Raton facility by National Online Sales.
cility also features oversized, large ceiling units as well as   Best Management Services LLC is a marketing and man-

Sentry Self Storage is                                                MiChaEL MELE oF MarCUS & MiLLiChaP LEaDS ThE Way iN
growing again                                                         LoWEriNg ProPErTy TaXES
     Florida based Sentry Self Storage LLC, which pro-                                                        ar
                                                                       For SELF SToragE oWNErS iN MarTiN CoUNTy, FL.     UNTy,
                                                                                                                         UNTy y
vides management services to independent owners                        Tampa, FL – March 10, 2009
and investors, is pleased to announce that it has been
                                                                         Late in 2008, Martin County, Florida’s Department of Revenue announced a proposed change in the way self
awarded the management contract for the following
                                                                       storage values were calculated for tax purposes. The potential change involved altering the approach in the way
development properties in San Antonio, Texas:
• Premier Storage 6061 DeZavala Road San Antonio,                      facilities were assessed on income. In some instances, owners saw their tax bill triple. “This was an unreasonable
    Texas. When completed this asset will consist of a                 and unjustified increase and something needed to be done” says Michael Mele of Marcus and Millichap’s Tampa,
    unit count of 565 and 64,245 square feet.                          FL Office.
• Premier Storage Rittman Road San Antonio, Texas.                       Michael Mele, Vice President Investments at Marcus & Millichap, learned of the proposed assessment change
    When completed this asset will consist of a unit                   and spearheaded a group effort of Martin County owners to make an appeal. Through emails, conference calls,
    count 550 and 62,000 square feet.                                  and collaboration with Martin Co. owners and County Officials, Mike and his team were able to establish vital
Both assets are scheduled to open the fourth quarter                   steps in the process of combating the outrageous tax increase.
of 2009.                                                                 “Mike was in constant communication with myself and other Martin County owners from
     In Florida, Sentry has been awarded the manage-                   the acknowledgement of the potential change, through the actual proceedings with the county. It was with his
ment contract of Pleasant Hill Self Storage, 4390 Pleas-               help we were able to rally together, identify a legal consultant, and gather evidence as a group to dispute new
ant Hill Road Kissimmee, Florida. This asset consists of               assessments” says Todd Marshall, Martin Co. owner. “I believe I can speak on behalf of all Martin County owners
a unit count of 879 and 138,920 square feet.
                                                                       who were involved, that Mr. Mele and the information and assistance he provided were crucial in our defeating
     Congratulations to Denise Maggio, who has been
                                                                       the county and its proposed change to self storage value assessment.” Mele became a point of contact for Martin
promoted to Area Manager of San Antonio, Texas. De-
nise joined Sentry Self Storage in October of 2007, and                County owners; a resource for information on how to best approach presenting arguments to the County’s Value
arrived at Sentry with more than 15 years of experience                Adjustment Board.
in the self storage industry. Starting as a Property Man-                Additionally, Mele provided information regarding normal expense ratios, state wide occupancy trends, and a
ager with Storage USA and Extra Space, she quickly                     Martin County specific rent and occupancy analysis.
moved into a Senior Property Manager position, then into                 Mike also worked with Martin County’s Property Appraisers Office. He helped to educate them on the self stor-
a Certified Trainer position, and most recently a Division             age industry so they could better understand how self storage facilities are traditionally valued.
Learning Manager.                                                        With Mele in attendance, acting as an independent third-party consultant, the Martin Co. owners faced the Value
     Since joining Sentry Self Storage Denise’s strong                 Adjustment Board (VAB) in January 2009. All Martin Co. owners who made appeals, 21 in total, won their cases
work ethics, motivation, and workmanship has ad-                       against the VAB.
vanced her to a new level as the Area Manager over-                      Michael Mele is a Vice President Investments in Marcus & Millichap’s Tampa office. In 2008 alone, Mele partici-
seeing five facilities in the San Antonio market. Denise               pated in 24 separate transactions, comprised 36 properties, between 16 different buyers. With over $95 million
has a proven track record of taking an underperforming
                                                                       in closed deals, 2008 proved to be another banner year
asset and turning it into a well managed smooth run-
                                                                       for Mele.
ning operation in 90 to 120 days. Denise knows how to
motivate her team to maximize revenues and increase                    With more than 1,300 investment professionals in offices nationwide, Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment
occupancy, starting with great curb                                    Services is the largest firm specializing in commercial real estate investment services in the nation. Marcus &
appeal, top notch customer service and making sure                     Millichap closed 3,756 transactions in 2008, the highest of any commercial real estate brokerage firm. Founded
everyone’s storage experience a positive one.                          in 1971, the firm has perfected a powerful system for marketing properties that combines product specialization,
For more information visit ...                                         local market expertise, the industry’s most comprehensive research, state-of-the-art technology and relation- or contact Rick Yonis                       ships with the largest pool of qualified investors nationally.
at 954.346.2330                                               •

  | FssA | July 2009
grEEN TrUCKS…                                                XPS Services, Ltd. Changes Name to XPS Solutions, Ltd.
      on The Move Now offers green Trucks                     New name reflects focus on end-to-end call                  tegrated business development practices. “We know
(Even though they are still white)                          center solutions.                                             that when a business will consistently track, train and
On The Move continues to lease and sell environ-              Richardson, TX – March 10, 2009: XPS Services. Ltd.         measure, it can grow itself in any market. This is what
mentally friendly trucks. Their signature vehicle, the      has announced that its name has changed to XPS So-            our solutions are focused on doing. Our new lead
14’ Aerocell box truck, is aerodynamically designed         lutions, Ltd. At the same time, the company unveiled          tracking solution enables XPS to electronically source
to reduce wind resistance allowing 15 to 20% bet-           a new identity and Web site,                  website search engines, because tracking the origi-
ter fuel efficiency. In addition, their 2009 Ford E-350       The new name and Web site reflect the company’s             nation of every lead enables our property owners to
models feature flex fuel. Flex fuel allows your ve-                                                                       pinpoint their marketing spend. The need opportunity
                                                            evolution and aim to go beyond the basic offerings of
hicle to run on gasoline, alcohol, or any combination
                                                            traditional self storage call center services and further     to drive web-leads to our property owner’s websites
of the two. Fuel made of alcohol, also called ethanol,
                                                            provide complete business development solutions to            and then convert those web-leads into rentals is part
burns cleaner than gas, reduces pollution and global
                                                            self storage property owners and managers.                    of our new web-solution set. These needs require us
warming. Ethanol is a domestic renewable source
                                                              At its inception in 2000, XPS Services was the first        to train our CSR’s continually so they will be prepared
of energy which will return fuel production to North
                                                            to offer call center services for privately held self stor-   to get more out of every lead. These tools are all part
America and reduce foreign oil dependence. To order
your new GREEN truck, call 800-645-9949 or visit            age properties in the U.S. Following its acquisition by       of the evolution of XPS Solutions.”
their website                      John Traver in 2004, the company has grown from a               about XPS Solutions
                                                            15 seat, 1200 s.f. call center into a 100+ seat, 10,000       Serving the self storage industry as a call center solu-
                                                            s.f. call center. Today the company believes there is         tion since 2000, XPS Solutions, Ltd. is focused on pro-
                                                            more to self storage call center support than simply          viding call center support for self storage properties.
                                                            answering the inbound calls.                                  XPS provides call coverage for the calls that properties
 Cross Metal Buildings                                        XPS Owner and CEO, John Traver says, “The market            miss both during and after hours. All calls can be digi-
                                                            is experiencing lower margins and tremendous pres-            tally recorded and posted on a private web-portal for
  Cross Metal Buildings, a leading self storage metal                                                                     each property to review. Web-based business trend
                                                            sure has been put on property managers to lease up
building provider headquartered in San Antonio, has         and manage rents. This is where XPS is being count-           reports and tools are a standard part of this offering.
announced that Mark Wing, Project Manager, has              ed on to be that critical partner for the property. This
completed an intensive six day Photovoltaic Solar           market has allowed us to team up with our self stor-          XPS Solutions offers today’s self storage property a
certification training course in Fremont, California.       age property owners and create viable solutions. Our          suite of powerful tools including:
  The course included the design and estimation of          owners have been very receptive to new solutions for
grid tie photovoltaic systems, as well as economic,         this more difficult market. For XPS, this has been an         • Call Center Sales Support – 109 hours of weekly
financial, and regulatory considerations. In addition,      execution of both our strategy and process and that’s         coverage
the course qualified attendees in electrical compo-         how we’ve evolved into XPS Solutions.”                        • Call Center Customer Service Support – Credit Card
                                                              XPS Solutions recognizes the impact of the current          processing and service support
nent selection and function. Hands-on training labs
                                                            economy and is leveraging solutions that will make            • EchoWeb – Proprietary self storage Web-site and
included customer site evaluation and wiring of a live                                                                    lead tool set including live chat and webAlert
                                                            the most of every rental opportunity for the properties
solar array feeding grid. A rooftop mounting instal-        it represents. The company’s new business develop-            • Executive Information System – Web based, 24/7
lation completed the course.                                ment offering enables self storage properties to quick-       on-demand reporting functions for executive manag-
  “A grid-tie photovoltaic solar system is a solar en-      ly adapt to the changing needs required to grow their         ers
ergy technology that uses unique semiconductors to          business. “We’re working more closely than ever with          • E-leads – Out bound lead response team to respond
convert solar radiation into direct current electricity,”   our customers to meet their ever changing needs,”             to e-leads
says Wing. “Then, thru the use of an inverter, turns        Traver says. “It now goes beyond the continuous im-           • Emailed Voicemail Services –Ability to recover
the direct current electricity into AC power that can       provement work we normally do on our inbound and              missed calls through voicemail in your email
be used in the utility grid.”                               outbound call services. We want to play a larger role         • Digital Playback – Complete QA solution of digitally
                                                            of the total solution for today’s self storage property       recorded calls at both the property and the call center
  Cross Metal Buildings plans to integrate a complete
grid-tie photovoltaic system into the building systems        Traver points out that the company’s heightened             XPS Solutions is a 100+ seat self storage call center
that the company offers. Says president of Cross,           mission now is to provide self storage property owners        based in Richardson, TX.
Donna May, “It’s time for all commercial developers,        with a distinct market advantage through proven in-
contractors and subcontractors to recognize the need
to employ alternate energy and green energy provi-
sions as either primary or secondary energy sources.
I’m pleased that we can now provide this choice to          hobe Sound Florida:
our clients.”
  Cross Metal Buildings provides metal building de-           Main Street Land Partners LLC, the General Partner of Main Street Realty Fund 1, LLLP, announces strong prog-
sign and engineering, construction, turnkey metal           ress in raising capital for its private equity offering. Formed in the fourth quarter of 2008, Main Street Realty
buildings and consulting specializing in buildings for      Fund 1 is targeting acquisition of strategically located commercial sites that will support mixed use urban infill
the self storage industry.                                  development. Additionally, the Fund is seeking to acquire mid-sized retail and medical related properties located
                                                            within local communities or neighborhood settings. The purchase of Notes is also under consideration depending
                                                            on quality of the underlying asset. Todd C. Marshall, who is a managing member of the General Partner along with
                                                            his brother, Craig S. Marshall, states, “Our portfolio of real estate assets will be very well rounded and strategic in
                                                            nature. You will see other funds out there raising capital with plans to purchase any low cost asset that comes their
                                                            way.” Marshall continued, “Of course we’ll seek out buying opportunities, but we will first do our homework and
                                                            adhere to the conservative fundamentals of real estate. I believe our latest fund will be characterized more by the
                                                            deals we turn down vs. the gems we pick up - and that’s a good thing. Our goal is to secure investments that have
                                                            the advantage to reap very healthy returns.” Anyone interested in learning more about this offering and the company
                                                            may contact: MaiN STrEET LaND ParTNErS LLC, Corporate office, 7190 SE osprey
                                                            Street hobe Sound, FL 33455, Tel: (772) 546-2336 Fax: (772) 545-4055

                                                                                                                                                         July 2009 | FssA | 
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