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									                                                                                              Weekly Words: The greatest mistake a person can make is being afraid to make one.
                                  Gale L. Mitchell’s Lesson Plans                             Unknown
                        th       th                                                           Homework - 7th grade: Complete effective listening poster if not finished in class,
                      7 and 8 Grade GATE Language Arts & Economics                            due Friday.
                                                                                              Homework - 8th grade: None
                                      The Week of August 22, 2011

Standard and P.O.   Recognize elements of             Assess understanding of steps     Assess understanding of steps      Recognize and practice                           Assess functional writing
                    effective communication           of effective understanding        of effective understanding         functional writing
Procedure:          Introduce verbal and nonverbal    Students will create a panel-     Students will complete a panel-    Explain purpose of functional                    Students’ direction for making
                    communication with mixed          style poster that applies and     style poster that applies and      writing. Elicit examples. In                     bean burritos will be followed.
                    messages. Show cartoons.          explains the four steps in a      explains the four steps in a       groups of four, students will                    Class will identify snafus and
7th Grade LA        Explain listening activities.     realistic setting.                realistic setting.                 write precise directions to                      reasons for them.
Periods 1 and 2     Identify the steps of                                                                                  make and serve the perfect
                    effective communication. Have     (Arts integration).               (Arts integration)                 bean burrito (tortillas, beans,
                    students identify which steps                                                                          grated cheese, spicy cheese
                    were missing in elephant                                                                               dip, sliced olives, microwave,
                    drawing activity.                                                                                      plates, cutlery).
Standard and P.O.   Resources are inputs/factors      Identify and categorize           Understand variables that          Apply and analyze variables                      Apply and analyze variables
                    of production                     resources; use text and           impact production                  that shift production                            that shift production
Procedure:          Discuss categories of             graphics to communicate           Introduce production               Students will “produce” candy                    Students will identify the
                    resources; difference between     creatively                        possibilities curve. Students      bars with variables in the                       variables that shift production
                    privately and publicly held.      Students will complete their      will take note on variables that   process.                                         and impacted their production
Economics           Show sample of creative flow      flow charts.                      shift production. Show                                                              success yesterday.
Period 4            chart for production.                                               butter/guns relationship.
                    Students will begin work.
                    (Arts integration)                (Arts integration)
Standard and P.O.   Analyze elements of a short       Read and analyze expository       Collect and interpret primary      Read and analyze expository                      Connect information in media
                    story; acquire new vocabulary     text; recognize importance of     source data                        text                                             to personal experience
Procedure:          in a relevant context             cultural diversity                Same gender groups will list       Students will read and discuss                   Students will watch 7th Heaven
                    Intro story vocab. Read aloud     Introduce Land of the Free        advantages and disadvantages       “Blue is for Boys and Pink is for                episode about gender
                    “By Any Other Name.” Have         and vocabulary. Students will     of the opposite gender; then       Girls” and “Man Rules.” Expand                   stereotypes and discrimination.
8th Grade LA        students identify incidents of    read, discuss, and analyze “The   label them as cultural or          culture discussion to gender
Periods 5 and 6     intolerance an behaviors that     Nacirema People.”                 physical.                          issues and differences in
                    would make them                                                                                        communication.
                    uncomfortable in school.
                    Discuss story.

                                                                                                                                      1st Period   8:54-9:49     (7th LA)               8:54-9:39
                                                                                                                                      2nd Period   9:53-10:43    (7th LA)               9:43-10:24
    7th grade units – “What Did You Say?: Communication”; “Cosmos”

                                                                                                                                      3rd Period   10:47-11:37     (Plan)              10:28-11:09
    8th grade units – “Land of the Free”; “What Did You Say?: Argumentation and Debate”                                               4th Period   11:41-12:31   (Econ)                11:13-11:54
    Economics – Metropolis: Economics, Personal Finance, and Consumerism                                                              Lunch        12:34-1:04                          11:59-12:29
    Each thematic unit contains complete descriptions of daily activities and performance objectives from                             5th Period   1:07- 1:57    (Plan)                 12:34-1:15
    Arizona State and TUSD Standards and GATE Scope and Sequence.                                                                     6th Period   2:01 -2:51     (8th LA)              1:19-2:00
                                                                                                                                      7th Period    2:55 -3:45     (8th LA)             1:55-2:45

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