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					         The UW Extension—Ozaukee County Master Gardener’s Newsletter 1

                                     The Best Dirt
                                                                             1st Quarter 2007, Volume 6, No. 1

                 Letter From The President                             by Earlene Brookshear

                    As we begin 2007, I look back at a productive year for
                    the Ozaukee Master Gardeners with many projects and
               lots of work. I would like to thank all of the officers and
committee chairpersons for their leadership and commitment to making our
association a great organization! They have nurtured us, their fellow
Master Gardener volunteers, so that we can carry on our mission. Thanks
to all who have led us, especially John Kovatch. In 2006, John helped
reorganize our operations and move us forward.
If 2006 was any indication, 2007 will be a great year for Master Gardener
volunteers! The year began with our Annual Meeting on January 9th when
we honored 16 of our members for their cumulative volunteer hours, held
the graduation program for the class of 2005 trainees, elected the officers
for 2007, and began the wonderful Garden Meets Art: Birds a bath’n”
community fundraising project.
                      At the annual meeting we honored 16 members who
  For 150 Hours       have contributed a cumulative total of 7,850 volunteer
                      hours! Every hour each of us volunteers benefits our
                                                 association and we are
  Maxine Ellis               For 500 Hours       proud to recognize members
                              Barbara Olsen      as they reach certain levels
                        Melissa Rassmussen-Plasz
  Mary Jean Hefle             Roland Rogers
                                                 of accumulated hours. This
                             For 750 Hours       is a great group of people
                           Earlene Brookshear    who have devoted many
  Linda Jacobsen            For 1,000 Hours      hours to Master Gardeners.
                              Kathleen Awe       Darlene is very special for
                             For 2,500 Hours
  Caroline Schiller              Darlene
                                                 her 2,500
                                                             President’s Letter continued on page 2 -
President’s Letter continued -                                                                                Page 2
                                                                                   With our newly certified Master
                                                                                   Gardener volunteers from 2005
                                                                                   and our interns from 2006, we
                                                                                   have many hands to continue to
                                                                                   support and develop our wide
                                                                                   variety of project committees as
                                                                                   well as the operational
                                                                                   committees such as Membership,
                                                                                   Education, and Newsletter. The
                                                                                   Volunteer Now! portion of our
                                                                                   website at http://
                                                                                   VolunteerOpportunities.pdf lists
                                                                                   volunteer opportunities provided
                        2007 Annual Meeting and Graduation, Class of ‘05
                                                                                   by the heads of the committees.
                                                                                   Begin to check the site out
 hours and many of us have                        President                        regularly since it is updated
 learned lots from her about                      Earlene Brookshear                               weekly. In
 gardening, especially trees.                     President Elect                                  addition, you may
 Join me in congratulating these                  (President in 2008)                              contact the heads
 dedicated volunteers.                            Susie Granzow                                    of the committees
                                                  Vice President -                                 for more
 This year’s officers bring great                 Operations                                       information about
 skills and talents to our                        Candy Witt                                       the work each
 association. I’m looking                         Vice President –                                 does. Perhaps
 forward to working with them,                    Project Committees                               you’d like to
 and you, for a great year for all                Joan Suelflow                                    attend a meeting
 Master Gardener                                  Secretary                        just to learn more, then decide if
 volunteers! I,                                   Judy Kay                         the committee will be a match for
 along with                                       Treasurer                        your interests and skills.
 the officers,                                      Katey Pierringer
 hope you                                           Member at Large                This year, may you find
 will share                                         Maxine Ellis – Class of 2007   opportunities to learn and to teach
 your ideas                                         Member at Large                as we share the university based
 and                                              Judy Priaulx – Class of 2008     research on horticultural
 suggestions for                                  Member at Large                  practices, may you have fun with
 continuing to improve our                        Diane Marquardt – Class of       fellow gardeners, and may your
 organization.                                    2009                             garden be the best ever!!!

  “Volunteer Now!"will let you know at a glance, which OMG projects are in need of help at this
  time. You can access it by pressing the "Volunteer" button on the upper right corner of our home web page at

  The Master Gardener program is a community outreach program. Please continue to support your community, UW
  Extension, and the Ozaukee Master Gardeners by volunteering beyond the minimum required hours.

  If you are interested, or have any questions about any of the opportunities, please contact Shelly Sullivan at 262-424-
  3960 or email her at
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      2007 is a Big Year for the Heirloom/Herb Sale!
                                  Barb & Eric Olsen ~ Chairpersons

Mark your calendars for the 4th       different ways. Her leadership     Ask A Master Gardener Booth
Annual Heirloom Sale! This            skills come naturally. We know     ~ Someone who works the Yard
year’s event will take place on       we are in good hands!              and Garden Line.
May 19, 2007. Every year we           We need Captains for many
increase our involvement, and this    areas and hope you will            Herbs to the Curb ~ Experience
year we are adding some new           consider one of the positions.     would be nice, but not necessary.
positions and more
responsibilities.                                                        Plant Tenders ~ We need
                                                                         someone with experience who can
We have some of our Captains                                             organize the “pool” of Volunteers
in place for 2007:                                                       when our plants need some
                                                                         attention and TLC.
Concession Stand Captains ~
Linda Ravelo and Shobha                                                  Gathering the Volunteers is NOT
Gagrat. These two ladies have                                            the responsibility of the Captains.
done an exceptional job                                                  Eric and Barb, as chairpersons,
organizing and creatively                                                will be responsible for
displaying our delicious baked                                           encouraging people to volunteer.
goods in past years. We
appreciate their dedication and all                                      We hope all past Volunteers will
the experience that they bring to                                        join us again this year. You bring
our “table”.                                                             experience, enthusiasm, and new
                                                                         ideas to increase our profits and
Lobby Captain ~ Candy Witt.                                              energize the largest herb plant
She was our “garden hoe” expert                                          sale in the Midwest.
last year and sold a record number
of hoes to many satisfied                                                To those who have not worked
customers. The Lobby Captain is                                          this huge event, please join us in
a new position this year. We are                                         2007. There is such a huge
so fortunate to have this position                                       variety of ways to involve you.
in her capable hands.                                                    We know we can find the right fit
                                                                         for you whether you want to make
Plant Parking ~ Margaret                                                 calls from home, or do mailings,
Burton. She has contributed her                                          create flyers, or get your hands in
skills and energy every year. I                                          the dirt, out at the greenhouse.
know Margaret will bring              Bakers ~ Organize Volunteers       We will help you get your
calmness to this “wild storm”         and baked good varieties for the   volunteer hours, in enjoyable
position. We are lucky to have        concession stand.                  ways.
her lead us!
                                      Cashiers ~ We really need          We look forward to working with
Heirloom Plant Booth ~ Jean           someone who has a lot of           you!
Schanen. She helped choose the        experience working the cashier                    - Barb and Eric
2007 varieties and has involved       area.                    
herself with this event in many                                          262-375-4504
                                                                                                                                      Page 4

                                                                    Special Thanks to Ozaukee Bank
                                                                       for sponsoring the OMG’s
                                                                     2007 Community Fundraising

 Don’t Miss Any of the Fun – Tell Your Family and Friends!
•       Come to the “Kick Off” reception on April 12th at Ozaukee Bank, Mequon - All OMGs are invited!
    •     Visit the Bird Baths as they travel throughout Ozaukee County in a four month community tour
                     starting April 12th and concluding at the Ozaukee County Fair in August!
                    •    Attend OMG educational programs at five Ozaukee Bank locations!
•       Place your auction bids and vote for your favorite Bird Bath as part of the Viewer’s Choice contest!

All auction proceeds will be donated to Interfaith Caregivers of Ozaukee County and the
                             Ozaukee County Food Pantries!
           Watch your email or call the UW-Extension office at 262-284-8288 for more information.

                                             Meet the Artists and their Bird Baths on April 12th -
                                             Tammy Guth, “A Time for Every Season” paint and beads

                                             Carolyn Pochert, “Lady in Waiting” fabric mosaic

                                             Cat Dols, TBA, mosaic and handmade paper

                                             Denise Jacoby and Linda Butzke, TBA mixed media

                                             Paula Christensen, “Bird Art” enamel paint

                                             Valerie Jeanpierre, “Summer in Wisconsin” flowers in resin

                                             Carol Gengler, “Sun Bathing” tile

                                             Jerry Hupfer, “Got Oil?” metal sculpture

                                             Mary Marjenka-Pipp, “Swan Dreams” mosaic and weather safe paint

                                             Joan Schmidman, “Full Service Spa” picque assiete

                                             Risë Andersen, “Insect Inside” basketry and mixed media

                                             Anne Post, “Spring” twigs and branches

                                             Mark Milsap, TBA copper and glass sculpture
                                             Participating artists will be granted a $150 stipend upon delivery of their bird bath and prize money
                                             will be awarded for three “Best of Show” winners (first prize, $500; second prize, $400; third prize,
                                                                                               Page 5

                                                                            Herb Society of
                                                                            America - WI
                                                                      Annual Spring Symposium
                                                                          March 10, 2007
                                                                      Woman’s Club of Wisconsin
                                                                               9:00 AM -
                                                                       Herbal Continental Breakfast
                                                                                  10:00 AM -
                                                                            “A Walk Through A
                                                                       Medieval Herb Garden” with
                                                                       Mary Moskoff, Ph.D., LCSW
                                                                       Travel back to the Middle Ages
                                                                        to explore and experience the
                                                                      importance of herbs in everyday
                                                                       life and their tie to labyrinths,
                                                                       archetypical imprints found in
                                                                           all religious traditions...
     Yard and Garden Line Report                                               12:00 noon -
                           By Darlene                                  Multi-course Gourmet Herbal
The Yard and Garden Line is        All OMGs are invited to join us     To Register, send a check for
very pleased to welcome Barb       for a 2007 YGL training              $57.00 by March 1, 2007 to:
McHugh as committee co-chair.      session, offered on Wednesday,              Herb Society
Barb brings great organizational   January 31 and repeated on             2007 Spring Symposium
and communication skills as        Monday, February 12, 2007 at          11641 N. Shorecliff Lane
well as creativity and a huge      6:30 PM in room 118 of the            Mequon, WI 53092-3525
smile. She has already started     Ozaukee County Administration       (your check will be returned if
to work on reorganizing the        Building. Designed as an                 symposium is filled)
office. We invite all OMGs to      orientation for new and
                                                                          For more information,
visit.                             returning YGL staff, the session
                                                                        call Joan at 262-241-5768.
                                   addresses UWEX outreach
Huge thanks go to Earlene          policies, how to manage
Brookshear for her tremendous      homeowner questions and
contributions as co-chair the      where to find answers for most     2007 Ozaukee County Fair
past few years. Among her          gardening topics. Any OMG
many accomplishments, Earlene      who plans to work at an                     Theme:
has developed the annual YGL       outreach event such as the             “Shady Characters”
calendar and procedure manual,     Garden Showcase, County Fair
and planned YGL events. As         or Farmers Market is                    Come join the fun!
the new President of OMGs,         encouraged to attend. All new
Earlene will continue doing        YGL staff are required to attend    Please call Margaret Burton at
great things.                      one session. Please RSVP to          262-377-5539 or email her at
                                   Darlene 414-47-1899 or    if you would
                                                                            like to join the 2007
                                         Ozaukee County Fair committee.
                                                                                                     Page 6

            Hickory Road Ramblings by Barbara McHugh
                              “Midnight Walk Into Spring”
I face the cool night air alone.     that there are shadows along the      have been allowed to exist here
There is a soft breeze gently        tree line and night is like day. I    with nature. I like to think that I
lifting my hair away from my         come to a meadow surrounded           am in control of nature with my
face. The sensation is of a soft     by trees. The light creates an        many attempts to harness her
caress as my long, very fine and     illusion that the dry grasses in      energy and create wonderful
almost pure white hair moves         the meadow are drifts of              gardens and plant trees where I
with the wind to become              snow. I throw myself on my            would like them to be, but when
tangled in my warm wool hat.         back and pretend to make a            I find myself listening to the
The leaves clatter and blow up       snow angel. As I lay there, I         forest, I am humbled.
the driveway as I walk toward        listen to the sounds the forest is
the barn and the forest of Sugar     making. The branches of the           As spring moves slowly through
Maples. The sound of the dry         trees are bare and they make          the landscape, and I see the first
leaves are linked to a memory        clicking noises as they touch in      tender shoots of green start to
of mine as a child, I must have      the breeze. The timbre is of          brush its color on the tips of the
wove a tale of them from some        ancient wind chimes... deep           trees, it is then that I begin to
fairy tale I had read, the leaves    woods music, the trees are            understand that I too have been
were scampering like little          reaching to each other and            a part of the long winter dance
forest critters on a late night      moving in a slow dance only           of dry branches... I too have
run.                                 meant for themselves. I watch         been deep in my home like the
                                     and listen, an intruder in the        hard buds of the new leaves,
I crave cool air... blowing          night, witness to another part of     waiting to come out... waiting to
wind... and moonlight shadows,       this life on earth.                   become new.
and so I walk late at night to
experience it all. On the horizon    Soon the branches will soften         Tomorrow when I awake from
is the full moon, it hangs there     and the buds of new leaves will       my long winter’s sleep, I will
close to the tree line like a hot    unfurl and the hard clicking of       open my front door and I will
air balloon. It is huge and liquid   the bare branches will make a         step out into the morning
looking with a deep orange/          softer sound, a soothing sound.       light. I will be that
yellow color. The few clouds         The forest will awaken the new        unfurling leaf... the sun will
that are hovering about are lit      spring life clutched firmly in it’s   wash across my face and a new
up with shades of peach and          branches and we as humans will        cycle will begin... breathing and
creamy white.                        respond to this. We have much         opening ... I will step into
                                     to be thankful for in this life,      spring.
I walk deep into the woods,          that we                                               - Barbara Jean
finding my way easily. The
moon is so bright
                                                                                                   Page 7

                     Ozaukee Master Gardeners
                “A Vibrant, Successful Organization”
                                         by John Kovatch

It has been an honor and a           accomplishments, and trust that           Wisconsin – Extension
privilege to serve as your           the membership, under the                 (UWEX).
President during the past year.      leadership that we will elect on
The dedication and hard work by      January 9, 2006 at our annual         •   To promote understanding
our officers, committee chairs,      meeting, will carry on this               of responsible gardening
and so many others has made my       proud tradition of success. The           practices; and to provide a
job as President quite easy and      information shown herein was              link between the
very rewarding. I cannot thank       taken from an Annual                      community and UWEX.
you enough. It is most gratifying    Accomplishment Report that we
to see the growth in programs and    submitted to the Wisconsin            •   To develop and increase
the wide range of services that we   Master Gardener Association               horticultural knowledge
now provide to our respective        (WIMGA) and Ozaukee County                for all Master Gardeners,
communities.                         Supervisors in late October.              thereby providing
                                     Space did not permit reporting            effective horticultural
When Ozaukee Master Gardeners        on the activities of all                  resources and expertise for
was formed in February 2002          committees and projects, and              residents of our
from a nucleus of seven persons      for this I apologize.                     community.
who took General Training in the
fall of 2001 plus five certified               Membership                          Organization
Master Gardeners who already         Our Association has seen           The Executive Board is
lived in the County, I had no idea   significant growth in              responsible for the day-to-day
that we would become such a          membership during the past five    operations of the Association. It
vibrant and successful               years -- now numbering close to    consists of the President,
organization.                        200 including 56 interns who       President-elect, Vice President-
                                     recently completed our General     Operations, Vice President-
Successful programs and projects     Training course. The               Projects, Secretary, Treasurer,
begin with good planning and         Association draws members          three elected Members-At-Large,
establishing realistic goals and     from three surrounding counties    the Washington County Project
objectives. We have met most of      and has an outreach program        Coordinator and the County
the goals that we set early in       that covers Washington County      Extension Agent.
2006. I am happy to say that on      as well as Ozaukee.
November 9th, approximately 25                                          Most work is performed on the
members met at the County                 Mission Statement             committee level, with review and
Administration Building to              • To serve the needs of         coordination by the Executive
develop a general plan for our            gardeners in our              Board, and approval of the
Association for the coming year.          respective communities        general membership. A large
In 2007, for example, you will see        by providing university       amount of authority is vested in
an expansion of educational               research-based                the two vice presidents who
opportunities for both the general        horticultural information     oversee various committees and
public and our membership.                and educational               projects and in turn report to the
                                          opportunities, designed       Executive Board and general
I plan to devote the bulk of this         to supplement programs
                                                                                        Continued on Page 8 -
letter reporting on our                   of the University of
 OMGs continued -                                                                                Page 8
membership on the activities and         •   Email response year-        are handled through the Ozaukee
progress of their respective                 round                       County website and the system is
committees. Thus, we get more            •   Website                     set up so no one knows the Plant
people involved in committee             •   Community outreach at       Health Advisor’s home email
work, reduce the time spent at               fairs, farmers markets,     address.
general membership meetings                  etc.
listening to reports and acting on                                       The Association has twenty (20)
minutia, and can then devote          The County has set aside a         active trained Plant Health
more time to educational              small room for our use on the      Advisors who contributed nearly
programs. The Association also        lower level of the old             1000 hours of volunteer service
has a number of members who           Courthouse Building. It is         in the Ask-a-Master Gardener
cannot attend regular business        furnished with two                 program alone. They answered
meetings but are still quite active   workstations, each with a          nearly 1500 queries in various
on a committee level.                                                           forums including the Yard
On average, 40 to 50                                                            & Garden Hotline, email,
people attend general                                                           West Bend Garden
membership                                                                      Showcase, Ozaukee
meetings.                                                                       County Fair, Port
                                                                                Washington Farmers
The Association has                                                             Market and at other public
ten operating                                                                   events.
committees, ten
project committees,                                                        The association provides
plus the Ask-a-Master                                                      continuing education
Gardener program.                                                          opportunities for Plant
Several committees                                                         Health Advisors in order to
even have                                                                  keep updated on current
subcommittees.                                                             trends and horticultural
                                                                           issues. This included
    Ask-a-Master                                                           botanic garden tours;
 Gardener Program Plant Health Advisors, Port Washington Farmers Market workshops on Invasive
Perhaps no other                   telephone and computer with             Plants of the Future, Tree
single program achieves our goals  high speed Internet access. Our  Identification, and Pruning; and
as well as the Ask-a-Master        Plant Health Advisors (that’s    special update learning sessions.
Gardener program does. This is     what we call the Ask-A-Master
the only program that contains     Gardener people) are available   The Ask-a-Master Gardener
every element of our mission       on The Yard & Garden Line        group annually sponsors a book
statement and it is the reason why May through September on         sale to raise funds for the Yard
we place so much emphasis on it.   Monday and Thursday              and Garden Line. Money raised
This group works under the direct  afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00     this year was used to purchase
supervision of the County Agent.   pm and during October through    reference books for the Ozaukee
Due to its high visibility and     April on Thursdays only from     County Extension library, a
frequent contacts with the         1:00 to 4:00 p.m.                digital microscope for analyzing
community, it has high visual                                       specimens and supplies for
impact and political value.        Emails are handled year-round    outreach events.
Our Ask-a-Master Gardener          either by the Yard & Garden
program consists of four basic     Hotline staff or by Plant Health              Education
elements                           Advisors from their respective   Here is a partial list of workshops
    • Telephone Hotline            homes. All communications                         Continued on Page 9 -
OMGs continued -                                                                              Page 9
and presentations given by       put together a Speakers Bureau    during 2006 were “Growing
Ozaukee Master Gardeners in      complete with speaker profiles    Lady Slippers and Native
public forums during 2006        and topics. Our Speakers          Orchids”, “How to approach
   • “Growing Vegetables”,       Bureau presents talks to Garden   designing in a small space”, and
        Home Depot”                                                         “Making Wreaths with
   • “Don’t be                                                              Dried Plants from your
        Afraid of                                                           Garden”.
        Roses”, Frenz                                                              Publicity
        Garden Center                                                       The Publicity
   • “Biological                                                            Committee releases
        Control of                                                          information to the
        Purple                                                              media, garden clubs
        Loosestrife”,                                                       and organizations
        Frank L.                                                            concerning our events,
        Weyenberg                                                           programs, and
        Library.                                                            projects. We have
   • “Ornamental                                                            received a
        Grasses”, West                                                      considerable amount
        Bend Garden                                                         of publicity in the
        Showcase                  West Bend Garden Showcase                 press.
   • “Starting a
        Garden”, West Bend       Clubs, Service Organizations,     The April 9th Sunday Post, both
        Garden Showcase          and Youth groups on a wide        the Ozaukee County and
                                 range of topics such as           Washington County editions,
Information tables or exhibits      • Perennials,                  featured an article in the Gone
were provided and staffed at        • Plant propagation            Gardening section entitled
    • Grafton Home Deport           • Container Gardening          “Ozaukee Master Gardeners Do
    • Prairie Stone Garden          • Woody Ornamentals            More in Community than We
                                    • Grasses                      Knew.” The article in the
                                    • Vegetables                   Washington County edition also
    • West Bend Garden
                                                                   included photos of Master
       Showcase                     • Invasive species
    • Port Washington               • Other topics of interest
       Farmers’ Market                                             The Association also got a lot of
    • Ozaukee County Fair        Each month (10 months of the
                                                                   coverage in the April 27th
                                 year), at our regular business
                                                                   Home & Garden section of the
The Library Subcommittee put     meeting, we devote the first
                                                                   Ozaukee Press. The front page
up displays during July and      hour to an educational topic
                                                                   of the section featured a photo
August in public libraries in    presented by one of our
                                                                   of one of our Master Gardeners
Cedarburg, Grafton, Port         members or an outside expert.
                                                                   with her garden waterfall, and
Washington, Saukville and        Thus, if our members attend all
                                                                   on page 6D, a story on another
Mequon. The primary theme        of our business meetings, they
                                                                   Master Gardener’s stone cottage
was “Biological Control of       can accrue 10 hours of
                                                                   garden shed. Also included in
Purple Loosestrife” with a       continuing education credits.
                                                                   this section was a book report
secondary focus on the “Master   These sessions are promoted
                                                                   by still another Master Gardener
Gardener Program.”               in the Ozaukee press and
                                                                   on Linda Meyers’ new book
                                 open to the general public.
                                                                   “Small Space Gardening” and
The Education Committee has      Some of the topics presented
                                                                                   Continued on Page 10 -
OMGs continued -                                                                                        Page 10
another article “Top picks from        events, and educational and            safe foliage-feeding beetles, in
the Master Gardeners”, a list of       volunteer opportunities.               combination with traditional
favorite books and magazines.                                                 methods for controlling purple
                                        Purple Loosestrife Education          loosestrife. From each 100-
The May 23rd News Graphics’                 and Control Project               beetle project started in spring,
Home & Garden section                  Ozaukee Master Gardeners work          as many as 10,000 can be
featured an article                                                                    released 6 to 8 weeks
“Raised Gardens save                                                                   later.
Space, Water, Time
Weeding, Tilling and                                                              The Biology class at
Digging -- Master                                                                 Kettle Moraine
Gardener shares tips                                                              Lutheran High School
on growing                                                                        in Jackson raised
vegetables.” The                                                                  beetles for the first time
article included a                                                                this year. Master
recipe from the                                                                   Gardeners and private
Association’s new                                                                 citizens (cooperators)
cookbook, the                                                                     from Ozaukee,
“Consuming                                                                        Sheboygan and
Gardener”; and a                                                                  Washington Counties
separate piece entitled                                                           raised and release
“Want to become a              Ozaukee Master Gardener’s General Training
                                                                                  beetles in all three
Master Gardener                                                                   counties.
yourself?” that gave information     with schools, youth organizations,
on the MG fall training course.      and other civic groups in           During 2006, 19 people raised
                                     acquiring, rearing and releasing    approximately 190,000 beetles,
The June 8th Ozaukee Press           purple loosestrife foliage beetles  and in the four years that our
included a photo of two Master       obtained from Wisconsin DNR or Association has been
Gardeners weeding and planting       approved Wisconsin sites. The       spearheading this project in our
herbs at Tendick Nature Park.        program follows guidelines          area, we estimate that we have
                                     established by the Wisconsin        raised and released nearly
            Newsletter               Department of Natural Resources. 800,000 beetles.
Our newsletter, “The Best Dirt”      Our volunteer program
is published quarterly and is        coordinator works closely with      A recent survey found
written entirely by Master           the State of Wisconsin (DNR/UW populations of beetles from
Gardeners. The “From the             Extension) Purple Loosestrife       prior releases in abundance and
President” column is used to         Coordinator in securing permits,    thriving in many areas of all
thank individuals for their work     selecting distribution and          three counties and a significant
and recognize them for their         collection sites and administering  reduction of Purple Loosestrife
accomplishments and to inform        the program on a local level.       – the near elimination in some
the membership of actions taken                                          areas. In Ozaukee County, for
by the Executive Board and the       Ozaukee Master Gardeners            example, where the entire
work of various operating            educate the public through          length of the Milwaukee River
committees. It also includes         workshops, distribution of          has always been an area of
articles written by Master           literature, and providing           primary focus, we now believe
Gardeners on wide range of           educational displays on how to      that the Purple Loosestrife is
horticulture and gardening           identify and best control this      showing signs of coming under
topics, hot topics from the Yard     invasive species. This citizen bio-
& Garden Line, upcoming              control program emphasizes using                     Continued on Page 11 -
OMGs continued -                                                                                    Page 11
control. Problems still exist in a   Ozaukee Master Gardeners and       event. Another group of Master
number of isolated areas along       the Rockwell Foundation as the     Gardeners bake items for sale
the Milwaukee River and along        benefactors who made the Rose      using various herbs. Others
roadways, especially in the I43      Garden possible.                   have developed a cookbook for
corridor that will require our                                          sale. This is one of the major
attention in future years.             Advocates Battered Women         fund raising activities of
                                           and Children Shelter         Ozaukee Master Gardeners.
         Pioneer Village             Advocates of Ozaukee County
Pioneer Village is a living          maintain a shelter for battered    West Bend Garden Showcase
history museum located on            women and children in a rural      Each spring Master Gardeners
Highway I in the Town of             area of Ozaukee County. The        set up a booth for the Garden
Saukville. The village contains      property consists of about 2-1/2   Showcase that is held at the
20 restored and authentically        acres. Ozaukee Master              Washington County Fair
furnished houses, barns, and         Gardeners provide help in          Grounds. During 2006, the
outbuildings, all of which show      maintaining existing plantings,    displays depicted the work that
how pioneer Ozaukee County           developing new flowerbeds and      Master Gardeners do serving
residents lived in the 1800’s.       planting the vegetable garden.     Washington and Ozaukee
Master Gardeners have                The garden is used as a teaching   Counties. As a result, 800
developed gardens in the village     tool for the children. The         people visited our booth and 92
that replicate some of the herbs     produce is used in the kitchen     expressed an interest in the MG
and plants of the                                                                  program. Plant
1800’s pioneer times                                                               Health Advisors from
as well as a period                                                                the Yard and Garden
rose garden.                                                                       Line answered over
                                                                                   100 gardening
During 2006, many                                                                  questions. Two
plants were replaced                                                               adjunct workshops
in the Herb Garden                                                                 were held, one on
and a bench was put                                                                “Prairie Grasses” and
in place, thus adding                                                              another on “Starting a
new vitality to the                                                                Garden”.
garden which we                                                                    Approximately 100
developed last year.                                                               people attended the
A sign was installed                                                               workshops which
which identifies                                                                   were held in another
Ozaukee Master                                                                     part of the conference
Gardeners and the                             Pioneer Village
Herb Society of
America as the benefactors who       and distributed to clients.        Ozaukee County Fair
made the Herb Garden possible.                                          The theme of our booth at the
                                          Heirloom Plant Sale           2006 Ozaukee County Fair was
A new Rose Garden was                The Heirloom Plant Sale is one     “What’s Bugging You?” which
developed in an area previously      of Ozaukee Master Gardeners’       was used to help educate the
occupied by a tree. Rugosa           biggest projects. It is held in    public on how to identify and
roses were planted and a field       conjunction with the Herb          attract beneficial insects to their
stone wall was constructed           Society of Wisconsin sale of       garden landscapes. The display
around the perimeter of the bed.     herb plants. Master Gardeners      included photos of many
A bench was added and a sign         grow heirloom tomato and           insects, a container garden of
put in place which identifies        pepper plants to sell at this                       Continued on Page 12 -
OMGs continued -                                                                                Page 12
plants that attract beneficial     more to enhance the image of         Training Course, assist in
insects, and large blowup          UW-Extension than any of its         securing the faculty, handle
insects suspended overhead. Of     other programs.                      registration and dissemination
course, Plant Health Advisors                                           of course materials, introduce
were there, ready to answer        In this era of drastic budget cuts   speakers and set up visual aids
questions and provide expert       by the County Board, which           and displays.
advice.                            eliminated the Master Gardener
                                   coordinator position two years       The volunteer services provided
This project was                                                                by Master Gardeners,
successful largely due                                                          in direct support of the
the hard work and                                                               office, are equivalent to
planning put in by a                                                            that of another full time
fun-loving County Fair                                                          Extension employee.
Committee which met
periodically at the                                                                      Conclusion
Charcoal Grill in                                                                The vitality of our
Grafton. Planning                                                                organization is due to
started early this year                                                          the everyday little
and culminated in early                                                          things that Master
July when ten                                                                    Gardeners do in our
committee members                                                                community to make it a
met at one MG’s home                                                             better place to live. By
to mount photos.                                                                 answering a gardening
Working until nearly                                                             question on the phone
11:30 pm that evening,                   Ozaukee County Fair
                                                                                 or at the garden center;
MGs mounted almost                                                      helping a neighbor identify a
100 photos to foam board and       ago and is now is considering        weed, flower or insect; weeding
then trimmed them to size. A lot   addition cuts in office              and caring for a church or
was accomplished and every         personnel, the County Agent          community flower bed; etc., we
one had a good time doing so.      has had to rely more heavily on      help to fulfill our mission as
Our booth was visited by over      the volunteer efforts of Master      Master Gardeners.
1000 individuals and Master        Gardeners. Master Gardeners
Gardeners fielded over 300         edit the newsletter and prepare
                                                                        I am grateful for the support
queries. Over 60 Master            it for publication. They staff the
                                                                        that so many people have given
Gardeners were involved in         Yard & Garden line twice
                                                                        during the past year and for the
staffing the booth, preparing      weekly and handle not only
                                                                        many kindnesses shown to me,
exhibits, and setting up for the   phone and email queries but
                                                                        especially when I was ill and
show.                              walk-ins requiring assistance
                                                                        could not fully perform my
                                   with plant, insect, and disease
                                                                        duties. I trust that you will
     Impact on Extension           identification. Proceeds from
                                                                        extend to Earlene Brookshear,
The Master Gardener program        our annual book sale provided
                                                                        your new President, the same
in Ozaukee County, through its     an electronic microscope for
                                                                        support, cooperation, and
Yard & Garden hotline, email       specimen evaluation and the
                                                                        courtesies that you have shown
response, educational              purchase of reference books for
workshops and programs,            the Extension library.
community outreach and service                                                        - John Kovatch
projects, and publicity garnered   Master Gardeners organize and
from its activities has done       promote the MG General
                                                                                                     Page 13

          The Ardent Gardener
                    by Mary Reilly-Kliss

Well, the news and weather           thought.” James Douglas:
folks are fairly tripping all over   Down Shoe Lane.
themselves in an effort to put an
estimate on the number of            Snowfall suspends us as well.
inches and time of arrival of
what will be our first substantial
snowfall of the year. I, for one,
am looking forward to this                                               pond to create sheltered nooks.
storm.                                                                   Then, I removed the filter box
                                                                         and nozzle from the pump to
Snowfall brings softness, not                                            keep water circulating. I
only the audible softening of car                                        installed a livestock tank heater
tires and footsteps, but also the                                        to keep the water from freezing
visual softening of our              I am most curious about what        over completely and finished up
hardscapes. Bird bath saucers        will happen in my pond this         the pond with over-lapping
placed upside down on their          winter. It is entering its third    strips of chicken wire to protect
pedestals become mushrooms.          winter and had I known what I       the fish from marauding night
Flakes cling to the metal            was getting into and how it         creatures.
coneflower, artistically shading     would enrich my gardening life,
the petals as an artist would        I would have made it bigger and     Stay tuned for the spring report!
highlight with the side of a         deeper. That said, I am dealing
drawing pencil.                      with a pond which, I have been
                                     told, is too shallow at about 17
Plant material too, becomes          inches at the deepest part to
gentle. The snow-laden               support fish life during the
miscanthus in the side yard          winter. Last winter I farmed the
bows deeply, attracting              four fish (a.k.a. Fat Boy and the
appreciative glances from            Comets) out to an acquaintance
neighbors and passersby.             with a large indoor tank. The       Those of you who are regular
Some maples appear to have           fish returned in spring, and by     listeners to Larry Meiller’s
done a work out, bulking up          mid-July my four fish               Friday “Garden Talk Show” on
with bicept-like snow mounds         multiplied into more than forty.    Wisconsin Public Radio may
on their branches. The               That, I can assure you, was not     have heard Jeff Gillman talk
hydrangeas have donned white         part of the plan.                   about his book, The Truth
wigs.                                                                    About Garden Remedies: What
                                     Since catching that many fish       Works, What Doesn’t & Why
Today, my gardens bring to           would take more time than I         published in 2006 by Timber
mind this quote: “It is good to      cared to give, I decided to over-   Press. I have heard him more
be alone in a garden at dawn or      winter the fish in the too-         than once and purchased a copy
dark so that all its shy presences   shallow pond. First, I took         at our recent book sale. I am
may haunt you and possess you        sheets of plywood and placed        happy to report that it is a very
in a reverie of suspended            them across narrow parts of the
                                                                                        Continued on page 14 -
Ardent Gardener Continued -                                                                                          Page 14
interesting read and a                       evidence was presented to show
worthwhile addition to my                    that hydrogels, those little
burgeoning collection of garden              gelatinous globs placed in pots
books.                                       to retain water, don’t really
                                             work. In addition, this chapter
In this scientifically researched            revealed that placing an
200-page book, the author                    antiperspirant such as Right-
investigates the effectiveness of            Guard or Secret on a plant’s
various garden potions and                   leaves to prevent transpiration
                                                                                        The snowstorm
practices which gardeners have               of water during drought or
                                                                                        which had been a mere
heard about at one time or                   transplanting doesn’t really
                                                                                        prediction when I began this
another. Fertilizers,                        work either. Who knew!
                                                                                        column is now finished. The
insecticides, fungicides, and
                                                                                        sun is out, birds have returned
herbicides among others are                  In addition to a wealth of
                                                                                        to the feeder, and the sounds of
explored via: “The                           information found in each titled
                                                                                        neighborhood snow blowers
Practice” (what we are                       chapter, there are resources of
                                                                                        have interrupted my winter
supposed to do); “The                        note toward the back of this
                                                                                        solitude. I am off for a walk
Theory” (why it should work);                book. One chart (pp 173-178)
                                                                                        through the winter landscape
“The Real Story” (research,                  lists the active ingredients,
                                                                                        remaining, even in winter. . .
some of it original, which                   residual effects, and selectivity
proves or disproves the                      of common commercial
                                                                                               - The Ardent Gardener
practice) and “What It Means                 pesticides. There is also a four-
To You” (whether or not the                  page chart (pp 187-190) listing
practice is acceptable,                      the desired pH levels of                      Newsletter – 2007
questionable, or downright                   common landscape plants, and a               Dates and Deadlines
dangerous).                                  fifteen page bibliography citing            Please submit all committee reports,
                                             the sources for the author’s               project updates and articles to Melissa
One practice called for using                positive or negative                                 Rasmussen-Plasz at
beer as a fertilizer. To test the            recommendation for a particular         
theory, he used a light beer, a              remedy.
                                                                                               NEXT NEWSLETTER
stout, and an alcohol-free beer                                                                   DEADLINE:
on a butterfly bush. The results             If you are tempted to cure
of his tests which included                  powdery mildew on your peach                        March 15th
                                                                                        (See the Calendar for information on
control groups, showed that this             crop by using a                            submitting event dates.)
remedy does not work, and that               recommendation from 1849
“Beer is better consumed than                which involved a spray made                Would you like to write an article or a
applied to your garden” (p. 33).             from fermenting 26 gallons of              book review? Are you working on a
Mary’s corollary to that                     urine with 6 gallons of pigeon             project you would like to tell us
                                                                                        about? Would your committee like to
research: Beer is best when                  dung, I am here to tell you that           do a regular column? I welcome all
consumed while in the garden                 it doesn’t work, and moreover,             ideas and suggestions.
on a hot summer night.                       to quote the author, “. . . it is
                                             downright disgusting.” (p. 180).           A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL
In the chapter on water,                                                                THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO
                                                                                        THIS ISSUE!

                             The Best Dirt is published quarterly in January, April, July and October by:
                                  Ozaukee Master Gardeners – University of Wisconsin Extension
                              PO Box 994, 121 West Main Street, Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074
                    Phone: (262) 284-8288 or metro (262) 238-8288
                                                                                                 Page 15

                              HOT TOPICS by Darlene
EAB QUARANTINE                      declining health will be           Consumer Protection developed
EXPANDED                            targeted. Two strategies are       the Registry so individuals may
                                    being employed for the             be aware of commercial firms
On December 1, 2006, the U.S.       detection survey: survey trees     hired to apply pesticides to
Dept. of Agriculture’s Animal       which will be felled and peeled    lawns, trees or shrubs at
and Plant Health Inspection         this season and detection trees,   neighboring addresses. State
Service (APHIS) expanded the        which will be girdled and left     regulations require persons
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)             standing until the fall of 2007.   interested in the Registry to
quarantine to include the entire    Read more about Wisconsin’s        submit a written request to the
states of Illinois, Indiana and     EAB response plan at http://       Department no later than
Ohio. The federal order            February 1 each year. To
restricts the interstate movement   environment/insects/emerald-       request an application contact:
of regulated articles that          ash-borer/pdf/WI-                  Debra Viedma, Landscape
originate within the quarantine     EABResponsePlan.pdf                Registry Coordinator,
area. Regulated articles include                                       Wisconsin Department of
ash nursery stock and green         LANDSCAPE PESTICIDE                Agriculture, Trade and
lumber; any other ash material      ADVANCE NOTICE                     Consumer Protection
including logs, stumps, roots,      REGISTRATION                       PO Box 8911
branches, composted or              DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1               Madison, WI 53708-8911
uncomposted wood chips. Also                                           Or download the form at
restricted are all hardwood         Now is the time to apply for, or
firewood, including ash, oak,       renew, a request for the           arm/agriculture/pest-fert/
maple and hickory.                  Landscape Pesticide                pesticides/
                                    Application Pre-Notification       pdf/2007_registry_application.p
WISCONSIN BEGINS EAB                registry. The Department of        df
DETECTION WORK                      Agriculture, Trade and

Emerald Ash Borer has not yet
been detected in Wisconsin,                                                 When You Shop at
however, state and federal                                               Pick ‘N Save - Donate to
crews are locating and marking                                            the Master Gardeners!
trees in 17 counties, including
Ozaukee and Washington, in the                                         You can help Ozaukee Master
search for the pest as part of an                                      Gardeners collect additional
                                                                       money to fund our projects. Just
early detection program. Work                                          stop in at the Pick ’N Save service
crews will locate and mark ash                                         desk and ask for an Advantage
trees in public rights-of-way                                          Saver’s Club application. On the
along roads for later removal                                          application you can designate one
and inspection. This early                                             authorized non-profit organization
                                                                       to which your household’s
detection survey will locate ash                                       purchase dollars will be credited.
trees in a grid pattern across
selected townships in the                                              Our number is 589125
targeted area. Trees of less than
10 inches in diameter and in
                                                                                                             Page 16

  Upcoming Ozaukee                      March 8                                 and Heirloom vegetable sale set-up
 Master Gardener (OMG)                  7:00 PM                                 Concordia University, Mequon
         Events                         EDUCATION COMMITTEE                     Contact: Barb Olsen
Call the UWEX office 262-238-8288       MEETING
(metro) or 262-264-8288 for contact     Rm. 117, Oz Co. Administration Bldg.,   May 19, Saturday
information on any of the following     121 W. Main St., Port Washington        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Herb
OMG events.                             Contact: Lou Hefle                      and Heirloom Plant Sale
                                                                                Concordia University, Mequon
February 8                              March 22                                Contact: Barb Olsen
7:00 PM                                 7:00 PM
EDUCATION COMMITTEE                     PRESENTATION AND GENERAL                May 24, Thursday
MEETING                                 OMG MEETING                             7:00 PM
Rm. 117, Oz Co. Administration Bldg.,   Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg         PRESENTATION AND GENERAL
121 W. Main St., Port Washington        Speaker: Dr. Chris Williamson on        OMG MEETING
Contact: Lou Hefle                      Emerald Ash Borer                       Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg

February 12                             April 12                                August 23, Thursday
6:30 PM                                 Thursday, 6:30—8 PM                     7:00 PM
RM 118, Oz Admin. Bldg.                 A’ BATH’N KICK-OFF                      OMG MEETING
Contact: Darlene                        Ozaukee Bank, Mequon                    Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg
                                        Contact: Melissa Rasmussen-Plasz
February 22                                                                     September 27, Thursday
6:00 PM                                 April 21-22                             7:00 PM
MEETING                                 GARDEN SHOWCASE                         OMG MEETING
TBA                                     Washington County Fairgrounds           Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg
Contact: Judy Kay
                                        April 28                                October 25, Thursday
February 22                             7:00 PM                                 7:00 PM
7:00 PM                                 PRESENTATION AND GENERAL                PRESENTATION AND GENERAL
PRESENTATION AND GENERAL                OMG MEETING                             OMG MEETING
OMG MEETING                             Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg         Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg
Auditorium, Oz. Co. Admin. Bldg.
Speaker: Doug Hurth on Garden Ponds     May 18, Friday                          November 15
                                        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Herb             ANNUAL PLANNING MEETING
                                                                                                                           Page 17
     “AROUND TOWN”                           Please e-mail Darlene at
                                    with                      February 10, Saturday
     Gardening, horticultural and
    environmental events to explore
                                             events suitable for the                      9 AM
         around SE Wisconsin                 calendar. Next calendar                      LECTURE:TOUGH PLANTS FOR
February 1                                   deadline is March 1st.                       MIDWESTERN GARDENS
SYMPOSIUM: THE GREAT                                                                      Boerner Botanical Gardens
GARDEN DEBATE                                                                             Theresa Williams, Christenson Landscape,
Chicago Botanic Gardens                                                                   instructor. $10/$8. 414-525-5659.
When collector meets designer, can they                                         
                                            February 3-4
find common ground? $129.
                                            WISCONSIN CUT FLOWER                                                                           February 13
                                            GROWERS SCHOOL
                                                                                          HORTICULTURE MAGAZINE
February, 1-2                                                                             SYMPOSIUM: HARMONIOUS
                                            Two day workshop to help new and
RIVERINE WETLANDS:                                                                        PLANTING DESIGN
                                            beginning market growers. Contact John
CONNECTIONS, CORRIDORS &                                                                  Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison
                                            Hendrickson for info. 608-265-3704 or
CATCHMENTS                                                                                Gardens that link indoor and outdoor
Radisson Hotel, LaCrosse, WI                                                              spaces. Lunch included. $129/ $119
Wisconsin Wetlands Assoc. 12th annual                                                     (Hort. Mag. or OBG member) For info and
                                            February 8, Thursday
wetland science forum. http://                                                            to register:
                                            6:30 PM                                                        programs/symposia_2007.asp?id=96
                                            LECTURE: THE SOIL
                                            Boerner Botanical Gardens
February 3, Saturday                                                                      February 15, Thursday
                                            Kurt Bartel, David J. Frank Landscape
9 AM                                                                                      6:30 PM
                                            Contracting Co., instructor. $10/$8. 414-
LECTURE: SEED STARTING                                                                    LECTURE: CONSIDER THE
Boerner Botanical Gardens                                                                 HARDSCAPE
Kurt Bartel, David J. Frank Landscape                                                     Boerner Botanical Gardens
Contracting Co., instructor. $10/$8. 414-                                                 Pat Deveroux, Stone Oak Landscapes,
                                            February 9, 16, 23, March 2, Friday
525-5659.                                                                                 instructor. $10/$8. 414-525-5659.
                                            1:00 – 4:00 PM                                                 
                                            LANDSCAPE AND GROUNDS
                                             MAINTENANCE SHORT COURSE
February 3, Saturday                                                                      February 15
                                                   Sheboygan Co. Agricultural
9 AM – 11 AM                                                                              SYMPOSIUM: HARMONIOUS
LECTURE;                                                                                  PLANTING DESIGN
                                                          UW – sponsored professional
STARTING                                                                                  Olbrich Botanical Gardens
                                                           education classes. $15/class
MICROGREENS                                                                               For people who love to live in their
                                                           or $40/all classes. Register
AT HOME                                                                                   gardens.
                                                           by Jan. 30. call 920-467-
Chicago Botanic
                                                          5742 or download
Gardens                                                                                   February 15 - 16, Thu. and Fri.
                                                        registration form athttp://
Hands on demonstration.                                                                   9 AM – 3 PM
Bill Shores, professional                                                                 WORKSHOP: ELEMENTS OF
grower and garden consultant,                                                             LANDSCAPE GRAPHICS
instructor. $39/$49. http://                                                              Chicago Botanic Gardens
                                            .pdf                                                                    Greg Pierceall, UI Professor, instructor.
                                            February 9-11, Friday - Sunday
February 3-4
                                            WPT GARDEN EXPO
10 AM – 5 PM                                                                              February 17, Saturday
                                            Alliant Energy Center, Madison
ORCHID QUEST SHOW AND SALE                                                                9 AM
                                            Seminars, demonstrations, workshops,
Alliant Energy Center, Madison.                                                           JAPANESE GARDENS
Lectures, show, sale. http://www.
                                                                                                                           Page 18

Boerner Botanical Gardens                    March 3, Saturday                             Mary Moskoff Ph.D. $57. RSVP before
Kristin Berry, horticulturist of Sansho-En   9 AM                                          March 1. 414-352-2212 or http://
gardens at the Chicago Botanic Gardens,      WORKSHOP: BASIC LANDSCAPE           
instructor. $10/$8. 414-525-5659.            DESIGN              Boerner Botanical Gardens                     March 10, Saturday
                                             Instructor: Theresa Williams of               11 AM
February 17, Saturday                        Christenson Landscaping. $20/$25 .            LECTURE: SOMETHING OLD,
7:45 AM- 3:30 PM                                  SOMETHING NEW—EVIL TWINS IN
NATURAL LANDSCAPES                                                                         THE WORLD OF PLANT DISEASES
CONFERENCE                                   March 8, Thursday                             Boerner Botanical Gardens
Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee       6:30 PM                                       Instructor: Dr. Brian Hudelson, UW –
Full day symposium. $35 before 2/10; $40     LECTURE: PLANT INSTALLATION,                  Madison. $14/$16.
after. To register, call 414-228-6308 or     MAINTENANCE AND CARE
download brochure and registration form      Boerner Botanical Gardens                     March 15, Thursday
at          Instructor: Matt Singer of Four Season        6:30 PM
conference%20brochure.html                   Landscapes. $8/$10. .                         LECTURE: LANDSCAPE CHEMICAL
                                                  Boerner Botanical Gardens
February 22, Thursday                                                                      Instructor: Kurt Barthel of David J. Frank
6:30 PM                                      March 9, Friday                               Contracting Co., Inc.
LECTURE: NEW PLANT VARIETIES                 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Boerner Botanical Gardens                    WORKSHOP: PERSPECTIVE                         March 16, Friday
Mike Yanny, Johnson Nursery, instructor.     DRAWING FOR LANDSCAPE                         9 AM – 3:40 PM
$10/$8. 414-525-5659.                        DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS                      LANDSCAPE DESIGN SYMPOSIUM              Chicago Botanic Gardens                       Chicago Botanic Gardens
                                             Stephen W. Marzahl, ASLA instructor.          18Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor, speakers.
February 23, Friday                          $149/$187.      $119.
9 AM –3:40 PM
WOODY PLANT                                            March 10, Saturday                  March 17, Saturday
SYMPOSIUM: What’s                                         9AM                              9 AM
Happening                                                     LECTURE: GARDEN              LECTURE: IRIS CULTURE
Underground?                                                   TRENDS FOR 2007             Boerner Botanical Gardens
Investigating root                                              Boerner Botanical          Instructor: Karl Becker of SE WI Iris
zone interaction for                                            Gardens                    Society. $8/$10.
improved tree health                                            Instructor: Gwen 
Chicago Botanic                                              Condon of Garden Gate
Gardens                                                     Nursery. $8/$10                March 17, Saturday
Reg. deadline Feb. 16. $119.                                                               9:00 AM – 3:00 PM                     LECTURE, MINI-WORKSHOP:
                                                                                           DESIGNING THE MIXED BED
February 24, Saturday                        March 10, Saturday                            Chicago Botanic Gardens
9 AM                                         9:00 – 1:00PM                                 Presenter: Scott C. Scarfone, ASLA Oasis
LECTURE: PLANTS FOR YOUR                     ANNUAL HERB SYMPOSIUM: A                      Design Group, Baltimore. $79/$99. http://
LANDSCAPE                                    WALK THROUGH A MEDIEVAL             
Boerner Botanical Gardens                    HERB GARDEN
Brian Thomas, The Garden Mart &              Woman’s Club of Wisconsin,                    March 20 Tuesday
Midwest Landscaping Co., instructor. $10/    Milwaukee                                     7:00 PM
$8. 414-525-5659.                            Breakfast, lecture, multi-course herbal       SEMINAR: INDOOR FLOWERING              lunch, herbal marketplace, raffle. Speaker:
                                                                                                                             Page 19
AND GREEN PLANTS THE DOS AND                  before 2/15/07, $60 after. To register call
                                                                                            May 3, Thursday
DON’TS                                        608-752-3885. http://
                                                                                            9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
West Bend Community Memorial        
                                                                                            TOUR; BETTER GARDENING
                                                                                            THROUGH TOURING
Speaker: Brian Karthauser of Karthauser       April 13, Friday
                                                                                            Chicago Botanic Gardens Tour leader:
& Sons. RSVP 262-335-5151                     10 AM – 4 PM
                                                                                            Barbara Geiger, MALA, Landscape
                                              WORKSHOP: OUTSIDE THE NOT-
                                                                                            historian. $99/$124 http://
March 22, Thursday                               SO-BIG HOUSE: THE ART OF
6:30 PM                                              INTEGRATING YOUR
LECTURE: PLANT                                           LANDSCAPE WITH YOUR
                                                                                            May 18, Friday
PROPAGATION                                              HOME
                                                                                            4-8 PM and
Boerner Botanical Gardens                             Chicago Botanic Gardens
                                                                                            May 19, Saturday
BBG staff instructors. $8/$10.                        Julie Moir Messervy instructor.
                                                                                            8AM - NOON                      Lecture and workshop. $149/$187.
                                                                                            WBBC PLANT SALE AND ADOPT-A-
                                                                                            PLOT DAYS
March 24, Saturday
                                                                                            West Bend City Hall employee parking lot.
9 AM                                          April 17, Tuesday
LECTURE: WHAT PLANT NOT TO                    7:00 PM
                                                                                            May 18, Friday
BUY                                           SEMINAR: RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY.
                                                                                            8 AM – 5 PM
Boerner Botanical Gardens                     NO, I WANT A RAIN GARDEN
                                                                                                 PERENNIAL BUYING TRIP TO
Instructor: Welody Wilson of Wonagrow         West Bend Community
                                                                                                    HORNBAKER GARDENS
Perennials & Design LLC. $8/$10.              Memorial Library
                                                                                                       Chicago Botanic Gardens               Speaker: Terry Marvel,
                                                                                                        visitor center
                                              Landscape Designer,
                                                                                                        Trip lead by Greg Speichert,
March 28-29                                   Landmark Landscape.
                                                                                                       horticulturist and garden writer.
NATIONAL GARDEN CLUB                          RSVP 262-335-5151
Moraine Park Technical College, Fond          April 21, Saturday
                                                                                              May 19, Saturday
du Lac                                        9 AM
                                                                                            9:00 – noon
Soils, houseplant basics, plant propagation   LECTURE: COMPLETE PLANT
                                                                                            ANNUAL HERB PLANT SALE
and propagation activity, botany and          CARE
                                                                                            Concordia University, Mequon
supplemental subject. For information         Boerner Botanical Gardens
                                                                                            Sponsored by Herb Society of America
contact Sandra Smet 920-923-6085              Instructor: Ken Wentland of American
                                                                                            Wisconsin Unit. Largest Herb Plant Sale
                                              Landscapes. $8/$10. .
                                                                                            in WI. Ozaukee Master Gardeners on hand
March 29, Thursday                  
                                                                                            to sell heirloom tomato and pepper plants.
6:30 PM
LECTURE: INSECTS AND PESTS                    April 26, Thursday
                                                                                               May 19
Boerner Botanical Gardens                     6:30 PM
                                                                                                8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Instructor: Kurt Barthel of David J. Frank    LECUTRE:
                                                                                                   SEWMG ANNUAL PLANT
Contracting Co., Inc.. $8/$10.                SPRING PRUNING
                                                                                                  SALE               Boerner Botanical
                                                                                                   DNR area of WI State Fair Park
                                                                                                 For information, contact John Hahn
March 31, Saturday                            Instructor: Herb
8 AM – 4 PM                                   Rasmussen of Sandy Bottom
SYMPOSIUM: FOURTH ANNUAL                      Nature Center. $8/$10.
GARDEN SYMPOSIUM                                   Please call Ginny at the UWEX
Rotary Gardens, Janesville
                                                                                            office at 262-284-8288 one week in
                                                                                            advance to make a reservation for a
Full day symposium, door prizes. $40                                                        Brown Bag Program.
                                                                                                                                              Page 20
    Ozaukee Master Gardeners - Fantastic Projects
                                   Agent’s Report by Daniel O’Neil
We have completed twelve weeks of the Fall 2006 General Training Class. We have an outstanding class of
more than 50 participants. For those that have attended any of the weeks of this year’s program, I hope you
had an opportunity to meet the new class members and possibly learned a thing or two from the presenters.
The aspect of this year’s class that has really impressed me is the presentations and displays which have been
made by committee chairs and members of so many of this
organization’s projects and activities. While I try to keep up on
the general activities of all the Master Gardener Committees, I
have been surprised almost every week by the variety of things
you are accomplishing in the volunteer service
projects. Another most impressive part is the absolute
enthusiasm each person has had for their committee member’s
accomplishments, and plans for the future.

It is always a pleasure to see the many great people and
accomplishments this organization can carryout on an annual
basis. My special thank you this month goes to John Kovatch
for a fantastic annual report submitted to the state association
on our behalf. The report is one that will be hard to match in
future years. Thanks to everyone that did all the work for 2006.

                                                                                      P O R T W A S H I NG T O N , W I 5 3 0 7 4 - 0 9 9 4
                                                                                      1 2 1 W E S T M A I N S T R E E T, P . O . B O X 9 9 4
                                                                                      O Z A U K E E C O UN T Y A D M I N I S T R A T I O N C E N T E R
                                                                                      U N I V E R S I T Y O F W I S C O N S I N – E X TE N S I O N

                                                     T H E UW E X T E N S I O N — O Z A U K E E CO U N T Y M A S T E R G A R D E N E R ’ S N E W S L E T T E R

                                                                           The Best Dirt

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