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          WEEK OF MAY 6, 2011                                          Josh Hill, East
                                                                       Jamie McKnight, South
                IN THIS ISSUE                                          Chris Irwin, Hiram
                                                                       Matt Fosset, North
      •        SPHS Baseball in State Tournament
                                                                       Hayden Petitta, East
      •        Baseball All-Region Players
      •        Soccer All-County Boys and Girls Teams                  Cody Gable, East
      •        State Golf Results                                      Patrick Foster, Hiram
      •        Superintendent’s Cup Update                             Mitchell Webb, East
      •        Sportsmanship Cup Update                                Tyler Barber, Paulding County
      •        Girls State Track Qualifiers
      •        NCAA Eligibility Meeting
      •        May Coaches Association Meeting                         Coach of the Year:
      •        Golf Tournaments                                        Pecos Galamore, South Paulding High
      •        Summer Camps
      •        GHSA By-Law Information                                 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
      •        Middle School Age Athletics
      •        Region Standings
      •        Upcoming Games

                                                                        2011 All-COUNTY GIRLS SOCCER
      BASEBALL TOURNAMENT                                                           (As selected by soccer head coaches)

The Spartans of South Paulding will travel to                          1st Team -
take on Lambert High School in the first round
of the state baseball playoffs on Friday, May 6th.                     Vanessa Stewart                   PCHS
It will be a best of three series with a double                        Marissa Parker                    HHS
header scheduled for Friday beginning at 5:00                          Caitlin West                      SPHS
p.m. If necessary, the third game will be on                           Carrie West                       SPHS
Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Lambert has limited                              Elana Newman                      NPHS
seating so visitors should consider taking lawn                        Madison Easterwood                NPHS
chairs.                                                                Shannon Lees                      NPHS
                                                                       Kari Sybrandt                     NPHS
GOOD LUCK SPARTANS!!                                                   Dani Heald                        EPHS
                                                                       Kylie Mason                       EPHS
                                                                       Kassidy Freeman                   EPHS
                                                                       Katie Conatser                    EPHS
                                                                       Emily Noethe                      EPHS
    The following players from our district were                       2nd Team -
     named to the first team all-region recently.                      Jordan Detcham                    PCHS
                                                                       Becca Barnett                     PCHS
Matt Wheeler, North                                                    Jenna Harris                      HHS
Marquise Vialet, South                                                 Emmye Holbert                     HHS
John McGraw, North                                                     Angelece Barrett                  HHS
Alex Cannon, South                                                     Leigh Camp                        SPHS
Hunter Bowling, Hiram
Erica Parker                 SPHS                    Buster Bruton of the East Paulding High boy’s
Nataly Patlan                SPHS                    golf team finished tied for 3rd place in the state
Brooke Szoch                 NPHS                    golf tournament. He scored a 3 under par, 69.
Sydney David                 NPHS
Addison McColligan           EPHS                    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
Leah Sikorski                EPHS

 2011 All-COUNTY BOYS SOCCER                                SUPERINTENDENT’S CUP
             TEAM                                                  UPDATE
         (As selected by soccer head coaches)
                                                                       Sponsored by:
First Team
GK-Alex Morton (North Paulding)
Mid-Austin Clayton (North Paulding)
F-Marcus Anderson (North Paulding)
Def-Danny Pereira (North Paulding)
Mid-Zach Zaluski (North Paulding)
F-Hunter Sams (Hiram)
Mid-Shawn Horan (Hiram
F=Mario Franjga (Paulding County)
Def-Zach John (Paulding County)                              The following is an update of the
Mid-Miles Hemphill (East Paulding)                       Superintendent’s Cup sponsored by Dallas
Def-Dylan Hitchcock (East Paulding)                         Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep as of 5-5-11:

Second team                                          This updates does not include baseball as SPHS
Mid-Ragan Bailey (North Paulding)                              is still in the state playoffs
Def-Marquis Clarke (Hiram)
Def-Hunter Stone (Hiram)                             Competition Cheerleading: (Points awarded based on the
                                                     cumulative points from their last three competitions)
Mid-Diego Mondragon (Hiram)                          SPHS-10 pts; EPHS-7 pts; PCHS-5 pts;
GK-Estaban Trejo (Hiram)                             (EPHS receives an additional 15 pts. for region runner-up)
Mid-AJ Martin (Paulding County)
Def-Carl Eduards (Paulding County)                   Boys Cross Country: EPHS-10 pts; NPHS-7 pts; SPHS-
                                                     5pts; PCHS-2pts
Def-Carlos Bickers (Paulding County)
GK-Jonathan Nelson (East Paulding)                   Girls Cross Country: EPHS-10 pts; NPHS-7pts; SPHS-5
For-Tyler Tomlinson (East Paulding)                  pts; PCHS-2 pts
Def-Collin Garrett (South Paulding)
                                                     Boys Basketball: EPHS-10 pts; HHS-7 pts; SPHS-5 pts;
Def-Nathan Potts (South Paulding)                    PCHS-2 pts
For/Mid-Steven Schrein (South Paulding)
                                                     Girls Basketball: HHS-10 pts; PCHS-7 pts; EPHS-5 pts;
Golden Boot Award for the most goals scored—         SPHS-2 pts;
Hunter Sams (Hiram)                                  Football: EPHS-10 pts; HHS-7 pts; TIE—NPHS-5pts;
                                                     SPHS-5 pts; PCHS-2pts (EPHS also receives an additional
                                                     15 pts for region runner-up)

        STATE GOLF RESULTS                           Boys Golf:
                                                     SPHS-10 pts; EPHS-7 pts; NPHS-5 pts; HHS- 2 pts
                                                     (NPHS also receives 25 points for region championship)
The North Paulding High girl’s golf team
competed in the state tournament for the first       Girls Golf:
time in school history. The ladies finished in       NPHS-10 pts; SPHS- 7 pts; HHS- 5 pts; EPHS – 2 pts
                                                     (NPHS also receives 15 points for region runner-up)
12th position with a team total of 214. Low
scorer for the Wolfpack was Caitlin Stevens with     Riflery: HHS-10 pts; PCHS-7 pts
an 89. She finished in a tie for 12th place in the
individual rankings.                                 Softball: NPHS-10 pts; SPHS-7 pts; HHS-5 pts; PCHS-2pts
                                                     (SPHS receives an additional 15 pts. for region runner-up)
Swimming: NPHS-10 pts                                              SPORTSMANSHIP CUP UPDATE
                                                                                     (As of 5-5-11)
Boys Tennis: (Points based on overall won-loss percentage)
SPHS-10 pts; NPHS 7 pts; EPHS-5 pts; HHS-2 pts
                                                                  Hiram High                          113 points
Girls Tennis: (Points based on finish in county tournament)       North Paulding High                 105 points
NPHS-10 pts; EPHS-7 pts; HHS-5 pts; SPHS-2 pts
(NPHS receives an additional 15 pts. for region runner-up)        South Paulding High                  96 points
Boys Track: SPHS-10 pts; NPHS-7 pts; HHS-5 pts; EPHS-
                                                                  East Paulding High                   83 points
2 pts                                                             Paulding County High                 80 points
Girls Track: SPHS-10 pts; EPHS-7 pts; NPHS-5 pts; HHS-2

Volleyball: NPHS-10 pts; HHS-7 pts; SPHS-5 pts; EPHS-2
pts (NPHS receives an additional 25 pts. for area                    DISTRICT TRACK ATHLETES
                                                                     MOVE ON TO STATE LEVEL
Wrestling: (Points based on finish in county tournament)
EPHS-10 pts; SPHS-7 pts; PCHS-5 pts; NPHS-2 pts
                                                                  North Paulding High School hosted the Region
                                                                  5-AAAA girl’s track meet last week. The
HOW THE POINTS ARE TALLIED:                                       following athletes from our district qualified for
Those sports in which there is an official county
                                                                  the state meet in Jefferson on May 12th-14th:
championship, points will be awarded as follows: 10 points
for first, 7 points for second, 5 points for third and 2 points
for fourth.                                                       Jianna Williams of South Paulding High in the
                                                                  shot put and discus. She was the region
Sports in which there is no county championship will receive
                                                                  champion in both events.
points as follows: Highest winning percentage in each sport
receives 10 points, 2nd highest winning percentage in each
sport receives 7 points, 3rd highest winning percentage in        Carissa Tripler of South Paulding High in the
each sport receives 5 points and the 4th highest winning          triple jump. She was the region runner-up.
percentage in each sport receives 2 points.
A region championship earns a school 25 points while a
region runner-up earns 15 points.                                 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK!
A state championship earns a school 50 points while a state
runner-up earns 25 points.

The winning team will receive the Superintendent’s Cup to
keep at their school for the following year. The school will
also receive $500 for their school’s general athletic fund from
Dallas Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep.                                         NCAA ELIGIBILITY MEETING
                                                                  Over 100 people were present for the 3rd annual
                                                                  NCAA eligibility meeting on May 3rd at South
                                                                  Paulding High School.           David Seawell,
                                                                  counselor at South, presented the program to
                                                                  students, parents, coaches and administrators.

                                                                  The purpose of this meeting was to provide
                                                                  valuable information regarding NCAA academic
 SUPERINTENDENT’S CUP POINT                                       requirements for students who may later receive
        STANDINGS:                                                athletic scholarships.
                        (As of 5-5-11)
                                                                  For information that was shared at the meeting,
North Paulding                     175 points                     go the district website,,
East Paulding                      124 points                     select “Departments,” then select “Athletics” and
                                                                  then choose NCAA information.
South Paulding                     115 points
Hiram                               67 points
Paulding County                    34 points
      NEXT PAULDING COUNTY                                  ATHLETIC CAMPS APPROVED
           MEETING SET                                    Any athletic camps that are scheduled for
                                                          participants other than school team members
The last meeting of The Paulding County                   must first be approved by the school district
Coaches Association for the 2010-2011 school              athletic director.   Once those camps have
year is set for Wednesday, May 18th in the                submitted the correct information and they have
auditorium at Paulding County High School.                been approved, they will be listed in the Athletic
Start time is 7:15 pm.           After the general        Adventures Newsletter.
meeting, the spring sport coaches will meet to
select their players of the year.                         The following have been approved at this time:

                                                          EPHS mini-cheer          June 1-3
                                                          EPHS football            June 2-4
                                                          EPHS girl’s basketball   June 13-15
                                                          EPHS boy’s basketball July 11-14
 PAULDING COUNTY SPECIAL                                  HHS cheerleading         June 13-17
OLYMPICS GOLF TOURNAMENT                                  HHS boy’s basketball     June 13-16
                                                          HHS baseball             June 1-4
                                                          NPHS youth football      June 20-22
                                                          NPHS cheer camp          July 19-21
                                                          NPHS boys/girls basketball
                                                                                   July 18-21
                                                          NPHS boys/girls tennis June 27-30
                                                          NPHS volleyball          Offered several
                    Friday May 6, 2011                                             weeks in June and
             Creekside Golf and Country Club                                       July (check with
          For Information: 770-445-7655 Ext. 16
                                                                                   school for specifics)
                                                          PCHS volleyball          June 1-3
                                                          SPHS softball            June 13-16
                                                          SPHS girl’s basketball   June 13-16
                                                          SPHS boy’s basketball    June 6-9
                                                          SPHS volleyball          June 20-23
                                                          SPHS soccer              June 27-29

                                                          For more specific information on the camps,
                                                          please contact the host school.

   Douglas County/Paulding County
   Fellowship of Christian Athletes
            Golf Classic
                  Thursday, June 23, 2011
                    The Frog Golf Club
                 Registration begins at 7:45
                 Shotgun Start at 9:00 AM
                                                                   NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP
If you have further questions or need more information,
please contact:
Rob Cason (404) 213-4113 Mobile                             KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD LIKE                                       TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE WEEKLY
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Robbie Finley – FCA (678) 414-5792 Mobile                                NEWSLETTER?                                              This link will take you to the sign-up page:
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2011. For more information contact Robbie Finley at the                          signup.php
contacts listed above.
                                                               UPCOMING GAMES
                                                     (Only games submitted to the district athletic office are

                                                     Due to possibilities of weather and/or other changes, it is
                                                   recommended to contact the school for verification of events.

                                                     Abbreviations: EPHS-East Paulding; HHS-Hiram;
                                                   NPHS-North Paulding; PCHS-Paulding County; SPHS-
                                                                      South Paulding

             GHSA BY-LAWS                          May 6
                                                         1st round state playoffs
The Georgia High School Association (GHSA)               SPHS @ Lambert 5:00 p.m.
governs our high school athletic programs. For
the complete GHSA By-Laws, please refer to:        May 7                                                 Deciding game for 1st round (if needed)
                                                             SPHS @ Lambert 6:00 p.m.

                                                   Spring practice dates:
                                                            EPHS: May 10-23
                                                            HHS: May 9-20
       MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE                                    NPHS: May 9-20
           ATHLETICS                                        PCHS: May 5-20
                                                                    (No practices on 13th, 18th)
                                                            SPHS: May 9-20
Effective with the 2010-2011 school year,
middle school athletics sponsored by the           TRACK
school district were dropped due to budget         May 5-7
cuts. Once that occurred, many of the high                Boys state track meet @ Jefferson
school booster clubs either set up or began        May 12-14
working with other youth organizations to                 Girls state track meet @ Albany
establish high school “feeder” programs.

It is important to note that the school district
does not have authority over these groups and
whatever league requirements they may have.
All questions related to the league eligibility
requirements and other guidelines should be
directed to the coaches or others involved with
the leagues.

The Paulding County School District, abiding
by the requirements of the Georgia High
School Association, governs all of the sports
activities and eligibility requirements for
student-athletes in grades 9-12.

                                                   PROVIDER OF ATHLETIC TRAINERS TO
                                                          EPHS, PCHS AND SPHS

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