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					                   PMMI Reports
Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute                                                           Volume 14, No. 6, October 2004

Record-Breaking Attendance at                                                                  2
                                                                                                   Chairman’s Corner
                                                                                                   Member News
PMMI’s Annual Meeting                                                                          4   Board Meeting Report
                                                                                               6   New Members
THE 2004 ANNUAL MEETING                           companies have already incorporated
exceeded all previous turnout records,            lean-and-mean methods into their cur-        7   Lean Manufacturing Session
featuring 234 in attendance, including            rent operations.                             8   Annual Meeting
173 registered representatives from                   During networking breaks, members       10   How PMMI Members Got “Lean
PMMI member companies. In addition,               had ample opportunity to discuss busi-           and Mean”
44 first-timers (people                                                                        11   Quickie Survey: Service Rates
attending their first                                                                         12   State Export Program: Illinois
major PMMI meet-
                                                                                              13   2005 ELC
ing) attended the
meeting. The Annual                                                                           14   PMT Marks 1st Anniversary
Meeting, which took                                                                           15   EXPO PACK México
place      September
20–22 in Milwaukee,
WI, focused on the
importance of lean
                                                                                              Tech Pavilions
    Attendees heard
                                                                                              at PACK EXPO
from guest speakers
Phil Kuehl, Ph.D., of
                                                                                              Sold Out
Westat      Research,                                                                         New Product Spotlight
Inc.; Lynn Daniel of
The Daniel Group; A record number of PMMI members participated in the 2004 Annual Meeting     Schedule
                         held at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, WI.
Paul C. Schmidt of
Rockwell Automation; and George Ta-               ness with their peers, talk with PMMI’s     PMMI HAS SOLD ALL AVAIL-
ninecz of the Manufacturing Perfor-               Member Affinity program directors and       able exhibit space in the multiple new
mance Institute. Each speaker con-                follow up with speakers about bringing      technology pavilions debuting at PACK
tributed to the three-day meeting with            lessons back home to their company.         EXPO International, November 7–11 at
topics focused on incorporating inno-             They also toured the facilities of Rock-    Chicago’s McCormick Place. New
vation and lean principles into a man-            well Automation’s downtown Milwau-          pavilions include the Radio Frequency
ufacturing facility.                              kee plant.                                  Identification (RFID) Pavilion, Packag-
    The meeting also featured a panel                 “On behalf of PMMI, I’d like to         ing Security Resource Center, Show-
session that explored how four member             thank all members and guests who            case of Packaging Innovations™ and
                                                  contributed to the success of this year’s   New Product Spotlight.
                                                  Annual Meeting,” stated Chuck Yuska,           The new pavilions will allow pack-
                                                  president of PMMI. “Introducing lean        aging professionals to see cutting-edge
                                                                                              product demonstrations, visit tabletop
       Just Around                                manufacturing in an operations line is
                                                  an excellent way to compete in today’s      exhibits and technology displays and
                                                                                              view the year’s most innovative pack-
       The Corner                                 marketplace, and I believe attending
                                                  companies walked away from this pro-        age designs.
  November 7–11                                   gram with proven cost- and time-saving         “There has been an overwhelming
                                                                                              response to each of the programs
     PACK EXPO International                      techniques to take back home. We look
                                                                                              scheduled for this year’s PACK EXPO,”
                                                  forward to hearing future success sto-
     Chicago, IL                                  ries.”                                      said Chuck Yuska, president, PMMI.
  November 8–10                                       Reports on many of the program el-      “Attendees will be able to extend their
     The Conference at                            ements of the meeting are found             knowledge in a range of areas at the
                                                  throughout this issue of PMMI Reports.      forefront of today’s packaging industry.
        PACK EXPO                                                                             We are pleased to report that in a
    Chicago, IL                                                         Continued on page 5                         Continued on page 3
                                            to over $1.560 bil-
CHAIRMAN’S                                  lion in just two
CORNER                                      years. That’s a
                                            13% increase in
                      LAST MONTH,           just two years.
                      a record 173 PMMI         PMMI mem-
                      members came to       bers still domi-
                      Milwaukee       to    nate the North
                      learn how lean        American mar-
                      manufacturing can     ket. And even in-
                      affect their busi-    ternationally, one
                      nesses. I believe     out of four ma-
Glen Long             they left the meet-   chines sold is PMMI Chairman Glen Long welcomes the Board of Directors and guests to the
                      ing with lean im-     from a PMMI Board of Directors dinner, held the night before its September 20 meeting in
Inex Vision Systems
                      plementation ideas    member compa- Milwaukee.
and much more.                              ny. But we can’t
    Throughout this month’s newsletter,     be over-confident and deny that com-            I challenge you all to respond. You
you will see in print what they experi-     petition is affecting sales both interna-  will be hearing more from PMMI in the
enced firsthand. Over the past two          tionally and in our own backyard.          coming weeks and months on this
years, PMMI has set attendance records          PMMI’s Board of Directors has been     issue. But I urge you to start this effort
at its Annual Meeting. I am pleased to      tracking these trends for more than a      today.
see this type of active participation in    year now, and we are committed to re-          Reach out and seek new partner-
PMMI for a number of reasons.               versing the situation.                     ships that support your company’s
    First, as I’ve said here repeatedly,        At this year’s Board of Directors      goals. Visit, tap into
there’s no better way to network with       Meeting, we discussed what PMMI            the resources we have to offer and
your peers than at a PMMI event. No         could and should do about the current      make plans today for PMMI’s two
matter which event you choose, you          competitive situation. I’d like to share   membership meetings next year.
get access to thought leaders and ac-       with you a few of our decisions.               Together, with your active participa-
tion-oriented professionals. If you are         First, we’re going to appoint a spe-   tion and PMMI’s support, we can and
missing these meetings, you’re missing      cial Competition Task Force to forge a     will make a difference. ❒
significant opportunities for personal      PMMI strategy to help
and professional growth.                    members face the prob-
    The second reason I appreciate so       lem head on. This task
many members attending our meetings         force, comprised of the
is that we are facing increased compe-      current chairmen of
tition internationally. Now more than       PMMI’s six standing com-
ever, PMMI members need to figure           mittees as well as next
out ways to work together and respond       year’s chairmen, has al-
to the challenges we face in the mar-       ready met once to discuss
ketplace.                                   our next steps. We have
    North American–based manufactur-        established an expedited
ers are facing stiff competition, even in   time frame for delivery of
the face of a supportive exchange rate      a comprehensive, multi-
against the Euro. Total exports of pack-    year plan that promotes
aging machinery have been growing           our industry while sup- Glen Long provides the membership with an update on PMMI
consistently, yet PMMI members lag          porting our members’ programs and future directions during his Chairman’s Report.
behind the world in total exports. You      marketing efforts. This ag-
might be saying to yourself, “That’s not    gressive timeline is designed to supply
a problem; the stat just means that we
sell into the largest packaging machin-
                                            a proposal for a special Board meeting
                                            in January.
                                                                                                           PMMI Reports
                                                                                               PACKAGING MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS INSTITUTE

ery market in the world.”                       The state of the North American        Matt Croson, Director of Member Services,
    That’s a true statement. The North      packaging machinery industry is simple         Publisher
American market for packaging ma-           enough to express: we are in a tough,      Sara Kryder, Manager of Communications,
chinery is indeed the single largest mar-   competitive environment. The market is         Managing Editor
ket for equipment anywhere. However,        sending us a clear and urgent wake-up      PMMI Reports is published monthly by the Packaging
the statistics show that we are losing      call. As I said in my address to the       Machinery Manufacturers Institute, 4350 North Fairfax
market share here as well.                  membership, it is clear that PMMI and      Drive, Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22203. Requests for in-
                                                                                       formation, questions and items for publication should
    Imports of packaging machinery have     all 508 members of this organization are   be directed to the editor at the preceding address;
increased from just under $1.350 billion    going to work together on this issue.      phone 703-243-8555; fax 703-243-8556; e-mail matt@
                                                                                                                  PMMI Reports, October 2004
Tech Pavilions                                                   MEMBER NEWS
Continued from page 1

week-to-week comparison, preregistra-
tions are well ahead of the 2002 show.”
   The Packaging Security Resource
                                            New Web Site                                   Mancini VP
Center will feature 26 companies; the
RFID Pavilion, 43 companies. The
                                            for Langen                                     Assistant at
Showcase of Packaging Innovations™,
highlighting the year’s most innovative
                                            LANGEN PACKAGING CAN
                                            still be found at,
packaging designs from around the           but now viewers can interact in a new          MARISA MANCINI HAS BEEN
world, has 14 participants.                 and improved online experience. Lan-           appointed vice president assistant, mar-
   Participants in the Showcase include     gen is a service provider of cartoning         keting department,
the Brazil Packaging Association,           and case packing machinery and a               at Capmatic Ltd.
DuPont, ExxonMobil Chemical Compa-          packaging solution integrator. The             With more than
ny, Flexible Packaging Association,         company has been a PMMI member                 four years of expe-
Foodservice & Packaging Institute, Glass    since 1997. ❒                                  rience, her respon-
Packaging Institute, Healthcare Compli-                                                    sibilities are to pro-
ance Packaging Council, Instituto Ar-                                                      mote new and
gentino del Envase, Institute of Packag-
ing Professionals, Mexican Packaging
                                            Williams                                       improved manu-
                                                                                           facturing equip-
Association, National Association of
Container Distributors, New Jersey Pack-
                                            Director at                                    ment and products to the pharmaceuti-
                                                                                           cal, cosmetics, nutritional, chemical and
aging Executives Club, Paperboard Pack-
aging Council and The Tube Council.
                                            R.A. Jones                                     health care industries. ❒

                                            R.A. JONES & CO. HAS AP-
New Product
Spotlight Schedule
                                            pointed Jeffery Williams director of
                                            business and product development. He           Omega Hosts
   The New Product Spotlight is the
most recent addition to the compre-
                                            will focus on aligning Jones’s product-
                                            development initiatives with emerging          Legislators
hensive schedule of programs and            market trends and customer needs.              GLENN SIEGELE, PRESIDENT
events at PACK EXPO. Developed as a         R.A. Jones is an IWKA company. ❒               of Omega Design Systems of Exton, PA,
practical way to alert packagers to new                                                    recently hosted the Keystone Manufac-
technologies featured at the show,                                                         turing Initiative delegation, which in-
these sessions are free to all registered                                                  cluded State Representatives Mike
attendees. Interested professionals can     PMMI Risk Management and                       Turzai and Steve Nickol. The group
simply walk up and take a seat, even if     Insurance Program Correction                   toured Omega Design, and Siegele of-
sessions are already in progress.               In the September issue, we reported that   fered his perspective on what business
   Located in McCormick Place’s Grand       18 member companies are in the PMMI            issues his company faces, particularly
Concourse between the North and             Member Insurance Program, when in fact         regarding health care costs, tort reform
South Halls, the New Product Spotlight      there are 85 companies participating (17%      and global competition. Omega has
will run during the first four days of the   of the membership). ❒                          been a PMMI member since 1976. ❒
show. The six 30-minute daily sessions
will start every hour on the hour begin-
ning at 10:00 am.
   The current schedule is as follows:

Sunday, November 7                          11:00 am, Serpa Packaging Solutions            Wednesday, November 10
10:00 am, Zebra Technologies                12:00 pm, R.A. Jones & Company Inc.            10:00 am, Standard-Knapp, Inc.
11:00 am, Garvey Corporation                1:00 pm, SATO America, Inc.                    11:00 am, TCP Reliable, Inc.
12:00 pm, Paper Machinery                   2:00 pm, FoxJet                                12:00 pm, Heat and Control, Inc.
   Corporation                              3:00 pm, Partner Pak, Inc.                     1:00 pm, The Nosco Printing Group
1:00 pm, Delkor Systems, Inc.                                                              2:00 pm, PIAB Inc.
2:00 pm, Loveshaw, an ITW Company           Tuesday, November 9
3:00 pm, Digital Design Inc.                11:00 am, SATO America, Inc.                      To learn more about PACK EXPO In-
                                            12:00 pm, Lansmont Corporation                 ternational 2004, visit www.packexpo
Monday, November 8                          1:00 pm, Daubert Cromwell                      .com or contact PMMI’s Show Depart-
10:00 am, Laub\Hunt Packaging               2:00 pm, ifm efector, inc.                     ment at or 1-888-ASK-
   Systems                                  3:00 pm, The Nosco Printing Group              PMMI. ❒

PMMI Reports, October 2004
Board Tackles Industry Future, PMMI’s Responses
put on their industry hats and focused
their recent meeting on the current
competitive situation. Overall, mem-
bers are facing significant global com-
petition. And even though one out of
every four machines sold around the
world is made by a PMMI member, the
Institute believes competition will con-
tinue to strengthen.
    PMMI statistics compiled by the          Chairman Glen Long oversaw the
                                             Board of Directors meeting,
global marketing department point out        which included such diverse
that members dominate the North              agenda items as industry
American marketplace, but imports            competitiveness, risk assessment,
have risen over the last few years. The      supplier relationships and the
total turnover of packaging machinery        2005 budget.
in the United States stood at $5.9 billion
in 2003, with $1.5 billion imported
from countries such as Germany, Italy
and the United Kingdom.
    “The research clearly points out a                                           (Above) Glenn Siegele of Omega Design, Randy Spahr of Packaging
trend of increased competition in the                                            Machines International, Bob Storms of Moen Industries and Andy
North American marketplace,” reports                                             Zucaro of AZCO Corporation listen to the industry competitiveness
                                                                                 discussion during the Board meeting.
PMMI President Chuck Yuska. “The
question is, what will PMMI do about
the situation?”                              men and upcoming committee chair-                     how they can assist PMMI in the com-
    The Board of Directors created a         men for 2005, will meet in the coming                 ing weeks and months.”
Competition Task Force to help guide         weeks to develop an action-oriented
the Institute’s efforts. The Task Force,     plan for staff to implement. The overall              Financial Update
made up of current committee chair-          goal is “to turn the tide” and increase                  PMMI stands on strong financial
                                             sales of member equipment around the                  footing, thanks to its 71-year history of
                                             world.                                                active participation from member com-
                                                The Board generally agreed that                    panies. Craig Silverio, vice president of
                                             PMMI’s response should cover three
  Competition                                areas:
                                                                                                   finance for PMMI, provided the follow-
                                                                                                   ing finance report to the Board of Di-
  Task Force                                    Education: Educate the members
                                                                                                      Operating revenues for the 2004
     The Competition Task Force is made         about the current competitive situa-               budget period are projected to be
  up of six current committee chairmen          tion.                                              $20,154,967, which is $4,023 less than
  and five incoming chairmen:                    Workforce Development: Promote                     budgeted. Operating expenses for 2003
  Jim Anderson, Marlen Research                 the industry to schools and students.              are projected to be $16,677,906, which
     Corporation                                Communications: Develop a multi-                   is $233,484 less than budgeted. The
  Richard Bahr, MGS Machine                     year campaign to promote PMMI                      change in net assets from operations is
     Corporation                                member equipment.                                  projected to be $3,710,545.
  Ron Downing, George Gordon Associates                                                               Silverio noted that PMMI’s net as-
  Valerie Kennedy, ITW Dynatec                  “The Task Force met immediately                    sets, including investments, are pro-
  Bruce Larson, Goodman Packaging            after the Board meeting, and we edu-                  jected to be $15,113,402 on December
     Equipment                               cated members who attended the An-                    31, 2004.
  Glen Long, Inex Vision Systems             nual Meeting on the competitive situa-                   The Board reviewed the 2003–2004
  Martin Prakken, BluePrint Automation       tion,” noted Yuska. “Our next step is to              budget as well as the 2005 budget and
  Bob Risley, Materials Handling Systems     have a facilitated brainstorming session              voted unanimously to approve the draft
  Glenn Siegele, Omega Design                with the Task Force and develop an ac-                budget. They asked staff to update the
     Corporation                             tion-oriented plan that supports the                  2005 budget with any changes based
  Randy Spahr, Packaging Machines            membership and leverages PMMI’s re-                   on the competition issue at the January
     International                           sources globally. All members should                  Executive Committee Meeting.
  Bob Storms, Moen Industries                look for more information and data on

                                                                                                                PMMI Reports, October 2004
Executive Committee                       Annual Meeting
Elected for 2005                          Continued from page 1
   On September 20, in Milwaukee,         In addition, as always, members can            was strong, as usual. But as an indi-
WI, the Board of Directors elected the    access many of the presentations on the        cation of where RFID needs im-
following individuals to serve on         Annual Meeting Web site, www.pmmi              provement, namely capture accura-
PMMI’s Executive Committee:               .org/ms/am2004.                                cy, at least two participants present
                                             Next year’s Annual Meeting will be          in the small group did not appear on
   Chairman Bob Risley, President,        held November 7–9, 2005, at The Fair-          the report summary.
   Materials Handling Systems, Inc.       mont Washington in Washington, DC.             Kudos to Charles Murray of PPi
   Vice Chairman Jim Anderson, CEO,                                                      Technologies, who twice secured
   Marlen Research Corporation            Members Get                                    the first-in-the-room status for
   Past Chairman Glen Long,
   President/CEO, Inex Vision Systems
                                          Tagged at the                                  events.

   President Chuck Yuska, PMMI            Annual Meeting                                  Time stamping is only one way
                                             With radio frequency identification        RFID tags can be utilized. Since other
   Their one-year terms begin January     (RFID) making headlines around the           data can be linked to the tag number,
1, 2005.                                  world, PMMI thought the Annual Meet-         information about the movement, loca-
                                          ing was the perfect place to test the        tion and contents of a container with a
                                          emerging packaging
                                          technology by tag-
                                          ging all of the atten-
                                          dees’ name badges.
                                             The effort was a
                                          simple demonstra-
                                          tion of the widely
                                          mentioned       RFID
Bob Risley            Jim Anderson        technology. Mem-
                                          bers represented the
                                          case or pallet being
                                          tracked. Using read-
                                          ers at various meet-
                                          ing and meal rooms,
                                          traffic flow information was collected        tag can all be captured and shared
                                          and shared in some brief notes each          among companies in a supply chain.
                                          day. For example:                            That, at least, is the promise of those
                                                                                       promoting RFID in the market today.
Glen Long             Chuck Yuska            The busiest time for check-in was             “Thanks to our friends at Avante
                                             from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. on Monday,         Technologies for their onsite support,”
                                             when 38 members collected their           reports Tom Egan, director of market-
New Board                                    badges. Not so surprising, you think,     ing and RFID initiatives at PMMI. “And
Members                                      until recalling that registration was     thanks to all of the PMMI members
                                             open beginning Monday at noon. So         who were willing to serve as test sub-
   During the Annual Meeting Business        22% of the record total of 174 mem-       jects during the Annual Meeting.”
Session, attendees voted the following       bers grabbed their badges in a con-           More advanced RFID technologies
individuals to four-year terms on            centrated 30-minute span.                 will be displayed at next month’s PACK
PMMI’s Board of Directors:                   The PMMI membership is not afraid         EXPO International, where 40+ com-
                                             of early starts. Seventy percent of the   panies are participating in the RFID
   Richard P. Fox, Jr., President &          attendees were in the breakfast           Pavilion. “This technology continues to
   CEO, FOX IV Technologies, Inc.            room by 7:25 a.m. on Tuesday.             emerge, and PMMI is following these
   Kate Putnam, President, Package           Attendees also made good use of           innovations closely,” added Yuska.
   Machinery Company, Inc.                   networking time. On Tuesday morn-         “Though the technology has some sig-
   Sam Gall, Director International          ing, 25% of the participants arrived      nificant roadblocks to overcome, there
   Sales, Triangle Package Machinery         from the affiliates’ area in the five      is a strong, clear momentum in support
   Co.                                       minutes before the start of the open-     of utilizing RFID to streamline the sup-
   John A. Gray, Vice President, Sales,      ing session.                              ply chain. PMMI is playing a role in de-
   PIAB Inc.                                 Participation in the final business       veloping aspects of the technology’s
   Bernard M. McPheely, CEO,                 session late Wednesday morning            adoption.” ❒
   Hartness International, Inc. ❒

PMMI Reports, October 2004
Welcome PMMI’s Fall 2004 Class
THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES                     American Conveyor                           Turbofil Packaging
were accepted into membership at the        Corporation                                 Machines
Board of Directors meeting held during
PMMI’s Annual Meeting, September               Headquartered in Ridgewood, NY,             Established in 1999 in Bronx, NY,
20, 2004.                                   American Conveyor manufactures con-         Turbofil Packaging Machines manufac-
                                            veying systems for the food, dairy, ice     tures liquid filling, assembly systems,
Industrial Magnetics, Inc.                  cream, cheese, juice, water, bakery,        closing machines and vial packaging.
   Founded in 1961, Industrial Magnet-      pickle, meat, poultry and pharmaceuti-      They serve the pharmaceutical, cos-
ics provides both permanent magnets         cal industries. The company was             metics, specialty and food industries.
and electromagnets for holding, lifting,    founded in 1994.
                                                                                        Executive Representative:
fixturing, conveying and magnetic sep-       Executive Representative:                     Eli Uriel, general manager
aration jobs. The company serves a            Richard Dauphin, vice president           Web site:
wide variety of industries, such as food,     sales                             
packaged goods, feed and grain and          Web site:
mining. Industrial Magnetics is located                  Uni Pak Corp.
in Boyne City, MI.                                                                         Based in Longwood, FL, since 1970,
                                            TSS Technologies                            Uni Pak specializes in conveying equip-
Executive Representative:
  Dennis O’Leary, director of                  Founded in 1948, TSS provides high-      ment and also manufactures case han-
  marketing                                 volume machining, contract manufac-         dling and pallet machines for the bev-
Web site:                                   turing, custom design and build ser-        erage, food, paint and pharmaceutical                         vices and filling and sealing equipment      industries worldwide.
                                            to the food, cosmetics and paper indus-
                                                                                        Executive Representative:
Systech International                       tries, among others. The company is
                                                                                          Robert McColley, controller
   Systech focuses on packaging-line        based in Cincinnati, OH.
                                                                                        Web site:
automation technology. The company          Executive Representative:           
provides bar code, inspecting and test-       Ted Cooley, technical sales
ing equipment to pharmaceutical, cos-         representative                            Benchmark Automation,
metics and other industries. The corpo-     Web site:                                   LLC
rate headquarters is in Cranbury, NJ,                                  Benchmark Automation specializes
and the organization was founded in                                                     in distribution systems and automatic
1985.                                       Federal Manufacturing                       feeding equipment. They serve the
                                            Company                                     food, pharmaceutical and chemical in-
Executive Representative:
  Gaetan Spake, director of                    Incorporated in 1946, Federal Man-       dustries. The company was founded in
  marketing and sales                       ufacturing is focused on manufacturing      1971 and is located in Athens, GA.
Web site:                                   stainless-steel gravity bottle-filling and
                                                                                        Executive Representative:                      -capping systems for the dairy, bever-
                                                                                          Vince Tamborello, president
                                            age and pharmaceutical industries. The
Vacuum Barrier                                                                          Web site:
                                            company is based in Milwaukee, WI.
Corporation                                 Executive Representative:
   Vacuum Barrier Corporation is a            Jonathan Cobb, administrative &           Pioneer Packaging
manufacturer of sealed and dynamical-         purchasing manager                        Machinery Inc.
ly pumped liquid nitrogen (LN2) injec-      Web site:                                      Pioneer Packaging Machinery man-
tion systems and aseptic packaging sys-                        ufactures labeling equipment as well as
tems. The company targets the food                                                      container and component machines.
and beverage, semiconductor and au-         Micron Pharmaworks, Inc.                    The company also designs and builds
tomotive industries. All Vacuum Barri-         Micron Pharmaworks was founded           complete machines for the paint and
er equipment has been designed, fabri-      in 2002 and is headquartered in             coating industries. Pioneer was found-
cated and engineered in their Woburn,       Tampa, FL. The company produces             ed in 1981 in Pickens, SC.
MA, facility since 1958.                    pharmaceutical packaging systems, in-
                                            cluding thermoforming machinery,            Executive Representative:
Executive Representative:                                                                 Howard Frist, marketing
  Edward Hanlon, Jr., vice president        quality control systems and custom
                                            pharmaceutical packaging machinery.           coordinator
  sales                                                                                 Web site:
Web site:                                   Executive Representative:                                  Ben Brower, vice president of sales       ❒
                                            Web site:
                                                                                                 PMMI Reports, October 2004
Taking Lean Back to the Company
DURING BUSINESS SESSION IV,                    Control Employee                              ployees, giving them the authority to do
“Taking Lean Back to the Company,”                                                           their job well.”
George Taninecz of the Manufacturing
                                               Benefit Costs
Performance Institute spoke about the                Employee benefit costs — health         Implement an
crucial steps PMMI members can take              and life insurance, holidays and vaca-      Improvement
to incorporate lean manufacturing prin-          tions, retirement — are skyrocketing,
ciples into their operations.                    and most manufacturing companies ex-
    He started by sharing the results of         perience great difficulty controlling          Survey results indicate that one-
PMMI’s Financial Ratios and Opera-               them. Instead of shifting costs to the      third of PMMI member companies do
tions Performance Benchmarking Sur-              employees or sacrificing benefit quali-       not have a strategy or an approach to
vey, a recently published study high-            ty, employers can cut back by shifting      improving operations. Members can
lighting areas PMMI members should               control of funds to employee hands          implement an improvement approach
consider taking lean.                            (like a 401k plan), fostering “wellness”    by coordinating efforts through lean.
    The survey (formerly                                        among employees and
called the Net Sales Ratio                                      aggressively managing        Lean Manufacturing
Survey) combines finan-                                          vendor relationships.        Opportunities
cial and operations mea-                                                                        When incorporating lean solutions,
sures and practices, then                                     Improve                        the focus should be on improving value
compares them with data                                       Inventory                      for the customer. Companies should
from other industries. Ac-
cording to the findings,
                                                              Management                     ask the following questions in deciding
                                                                                             the appropriate direction for an im-
PMMI members face in-                                              The study reports that
                                                                                             provement approach:
sufficient sales diversity,                                     the costs of goods sold
costs (especially for em-                                       makes up 66% of rev-            What does your customer care most
ployee benefits), low in-                                        enue, yielding the equiv-       about?
ventory turnover, insuffi-                                      alent of a 34% operating        What is your customer willing to
cient     training     and                                      margin. Members can             pay for (or possibly even pay more
                              George Taninecz of
empowerment and lack Manufacturing Performance                  improve their inventory         for) if it existed?
of concerted improve- Institute introduced members to           management from the             Is your entire company focused on
ment approaches. Ta- the enhanced Financial Ratios              supply side as well as in-      performing all value-adding func-
ninecz provided several and Operations Performance              ternally. On the supply         tions exceptionally well?
lean proposals for facing Benchmarking Survey.                  side, Taninecz suggested        Is your company trying to eliminate
these challenges.                                developing supplier programs — con-            waste from all your processes (over-
                                                 signment, vendor-owned inventory               production, waiting, conveyance,
Capitalize on Sales                              and vendor-managed inventory — to              processing, inventory, motion, cor-
Diversity                                        improve turns and cash flow. On the             rection)?
                                                 internal side, excess inventory may be
    The majority of PMMI member sales            a symptom of inefficient operations,
comes from equipment revenues. Sur-                                                             Benchmark lean practices at other
                                                 from lack of improvement approaches         organizations, find resources that can
vey respondents reported that on aver-           to counter operational weaknesses or
age, 72% of sales revenue comes from                                                         help (i.e., consultants with lean experi-
                                                 lack of training and empowerment, or        ence) and get to know your current ca-
equipment, 20% from parts sales and              both.
only 5% from services. In addition, ap-                                                      pabilities to learn more about lean and
                                                                                             how it can work at your company.
proximately two-thirds of members re-          Employee Training                                “Don’t fool yourself into believing
ported no sales via consulting and inte-
gration services.
                                               and Empowerment                               that any single tool makes a value
    To take advantage of missed rev-                 Sixteen percent of survey respon-       stream, cell or company lean,” Ta-
enue opportunities, Taninecz encour-             dents offer no annual training per em-      ninecz warned. “It’s a long journey.”
aged attendees to develop integrated             ployee.                                     ❒
solutions by finding ways to bundle                  “Successful organizations build a          George Taninecz, an innovator in manu-
                                                                                             facturing research, is vice president of re-
equipment, parts and other services.             foundation for lean and other improve-
                                                                                             search for Management Performance Insti-
    “Integration of product and service is       ment approaches and superior business
                                                                                             tute. He manages research projects; develops
key, and your suppliers’ products or ser-        results by doing two simple things,”        survey tools to assess respondent perfor-
vices may need to be part of your ‘total         stated Taninecz. “Establish effective       mances, practices and profile characteristics;
solution’,” he noted. “Customers will            programs to select, develop and retain      and creates white papers, data summaries
demand and get total solutions from              talent — your most important resource       and other research products that clearly com-
you — or get them from someone else.”            — and engage and invest in all em-          municate industry-impacting results.

PMMI Reports, October 2004
                      2004 ANNUAL MEETING
                      Profit Through
                      LEAN MANUFACTURING

                                                                              Chairman Long welcomes the
                                                                              record 173 members who attended
                                                                              the Annual Meeting. More than 240       Program Chairman Bob Risley,
                                                                              people attended the three-day           president of Materials Handling
                                                                              meeting, including guests, affinity     Systems, started the week off with
                                                                              partners and PMMI staff.                a reminder of just where the
                                                                                                                      meeting was being held:
                                                                                                                      “Cheesehead Country.”

       The Global Marketing, Statistics and Surveys, and Show
       Committees all held meetings following the annual meeting.
       Thank you to the more than 45 members who stayed and
       helped direct PMMI’s future efforts for its members.

Members attending the annual meeting voted in the following Board members
who begin their term on January 1, 2005: (L to R) Bern McPheely of Hartness
International, Jack Gray of Piab, Kate Putnam of Package Machinery Company
and Rick Fox of FOX IV Technologies. (Not pictured is Sam Gall of Triangle

                                                                                                                    PMMI Reports, October 2004
 Fifteen teams of 12 members
 competed for the top prize as
     workers for the Spiffy Spot
Company during the Hands-on
Simulation. Congratulations to
Chairman Glen Long’s team for
       the top revenue award.

                              Rockwell Automation sent 15 lean masters to
                              support the hands-on exercise. Each team
                              worked together to create a lean enterprise
                              and produce the RS-12 forms for their

                                                                            Part of the success of the hands-on
                                                                            training was the members’ working
                                                                            together to problem solve and
                                                                            applying their own experience to the

   PMMI members were
   able to network during
   three receptions held at
   the Annual Meeting in
   Milwaukee, WI.

                                                                                                  Rocky Marquis of MARQ Packaging and Martha and Jim
                                                                                                  Anderson of Marlen Research Corporation discuss PMMI
                                                                                                  programs during the Annual Meeting.

PMMI Reports, October 2004
How PMMI Members Got “Lean and Mean”
Four Members Offer Insights on Their Company’s Path
nual Meeting featured an interactive
session with representatives from four
PMMI member companies that have al-
ready made significant strides to be-
coming lean manufacturing facilities.
The panel’s goal was to offer guidance,
from a member’s perspective, on how
other member companies confronted
their normal business and manufactur-
ing routine and became lean opera-
   Moderated by Paul C. Schmidt of
Rockwell Automation, the panel in-
cluded Mel Brannen, manager of con-
tinuous improvement, Packaging &             Paul C. Schmidt of Rockwell Automation moderated the member panel, which included Jim
Product Assembly Business Group,             Fields, Shuttleworth, Inc.; Ron LeBlanc, Hartness International; Mel Brannen, Nordson
North American Sales, Nordson Corpo-         Corporation; and Marc Willden, Matrix Packaging Machinery. [I don’t know who’s who.]
ration; Jim Fields, manufacturing man-
ager, Shuttleworth, Inc.; Ron LeBlanc,       In a smaller organization, huge change               from now, for example, whether it’s a
manager of engineering, Hartness In-         happens very quickly. In a larger com-               requirement for more frequent deliver-
ternational; and Marc Willden, CEO,          pany, we have a lot of years of inertia              ies of products or other changes that
Matrix Packaging Machinery. Panelists        to overcome. Even so, our results have               have to happen. That works well with
shared their successes and failures and      been staggering in the areas we’ve ad-               some vendors, but others don’t re-
also discussed how their companies           dressed, though we have many more                    spond as well to that approach. In-
brought their entire manufacturing           areas to address yet. In this, our second            stead, we invite them in and show
team on board with change.                   full year, we’ve seen tremendous im-                 them that we have a lot of welding ca-
   The following Q&A resulted from           provements in profitability, reduction                pacity that we’re not using. Then we
the panel discussions:                       of inventory and lead-time reduction.                tell them that “we have six or seven
                                                We have a real structure for how we               welders that are just as good as your
Q     How did your company first be-
      come interested in lean?
                                             handle things. By looking at where
                                             value is added to our customers, we get
                                                                                                  guys and we’re happy to do the weld-
                                                                                                  ing ourselves. Unless things are going

A      Mel Brannen — At Nordson, our
       initiative started with our execu-
tive staff. It took two years of investi-
                                             an action plan to address. We use these
                                             value streams to set a clear direction.
                                             Specifically, we use a seven-week con-
                                                                                                  to change, we will be doing it.” From
                                                                                                  time to time, that vendor will lose the
                                                                                                  business and decide that they will need
gation and decision-making before they       tinuous-improvement cycle: We plan                   to get their act together.
adopted the principles to become a lean      the event for three weeks, we hold the                  I’d prefer to have a cooperative rela-
enterprise. The first year, we rolled lean    event for a week and the three weeks                 tionship with our vendors, and we in-
out in our two large factories. At the be-   following the event are follow-up. This              volve them very much in the design
ginning of this year, we decided it was      process teaches us, with a learn-by-                 process. One of the things I’ve always
not going to just stay in the factories;     doing approach, to change our culture.               thought was important was telling our
but instead, it will make its way around        This is a huge culture change and                 engineers that we don’t want to design
the entire company. We are taking an         we have had to develop more leader-                  new stuff. Our version of design is to
enterprise-wide approach. The up-            ship, not just at the executive manage-              look in our supplier’s catalog. If it’s not
fronts, the designs, the planning and        ment level but throughout the organi-                there, then let’s talk about a new de-
the sales functions have so much cost        zation.                                              sign.
involved, these were places we could
see real profitability improvements, al-
lowing us to have more productivity in
                                             Q     How has the change to lean af-
                                                   fected your relationships with
                                             your suppliers/vendors?
                                                                                                  Q    How do you manage employee
                                                                                                       buy-in and feedback when im-
                                                                                                  plementing lean?
those areas.
   It’s both on the shop floor and in the
office across the boards: sales, engi-
neering, new-product development, fi-
                                             A    Marc Willden — We take a cou-
                                                  ple of approaches with our ven-
                                             dors. One is a carrot-and-stick ap-
                                                                                                  A     Jim Fields — We brought our
                                                                                                        people in, asked for their ideas
                                                                                                  and talked about what we wanted to
nance, purchasing. Key to that is engi-      proach, where we share our plans of                  accomplish. And the people came up
neering and new-product development.         what we need to be doing three months                with some fantastic ideas. On our end,
                                                                                                              PMMI Reports, October 2004
sometimes you can’t see the forest for        are more pronounced and numerous in
the trees. But one of the operators came      those areas. Now we focus on this, and                  QUICKIE
up with a suggestion for shearing sheet
steel that saved probably a thousand
                                              we’ve done training in sales and in en-
                                              gineering. There’s an integrated prod-
                                                                                                      S U RV E Y
dollars over a year’s time. If someone
comes up with a suggestion that is
                                              uct development process with a team
                                              approach to developing new products
                                                                                              Service Rates
above and beyond, you thank them for          and modifying existing products.                    Member companies participating: 167
it. Talk to the people, even if the idea is      The following are my eight points of         (34%). Survey identified industry standards
not something you want to use at the          advice relative to lean. The “80/20             and trends that member companies can use
time. Don’t stifle their ideas, because        rule” applies to these: 80% is imple-           to benchmark their service operations with
                                                                                              companies of similar size.
next month, maybe they are the ones           mentation and people; 20% is the tools
who are going to save you a thousand          and concepts.                                   1. Do you offer service or installation
dollars.                                                                                         personnel for weekend work? (No., %)
                                              1. Expect powerful results — Don’t ex-             Yes, 156, 93.4%; no, 11, 6.6%.

Q     How much waste have you
      eliminated from your operation
since going lean?
                                                 pect 4%–5%. Expect 25% and high-
                                              2. Streamline and error-proof your up-
                                                                                              2. Do you charge a premium rate for this
                                                                                                 type of work? (No., %) Yes, 147, 94.2%;
                                                                                                 no, 9, 5.8%.
                                                 front processes.                             3. What is the average premium rate

A     Ron LeBlanc — In November
      2002, Bern [McPheely, CEO,
Hartness International, Inc.] and his
                                              3. Design for flexibility and standard-
                                                                                                 charged for weekend work as of Janu-
                                                                                                 ary 2004? ($) Mean, $250.89; median,
                                              4. Value engineering for cost and func-            $150.00.
leadership team were interested in lean.                                                      4. Do you pay the employee a premium
People become interested in lean for a                                                           for this type of work? (No., %) Yes, 132,
                                              5. Apply the standard tools of lean on
few reasons. Typically it’s an emotion-                                                          83.5%; no, 26, 16.5%.
                                                 the shop floor. This is key — You            5. What is the average premium paid to
al event; something kicks them into
                                                 want everyone involved in this ini-             the employee for weekend work as of
gear, whether it’s losing market share
                                                 tiative.                                        January 2004 ($)? Mean, $49.22; medi-
or profit margin. In the case at Hart-
                                              6. Use short-term “wins” or results to             an, $30.00.
ness, it was strategic initiative. The
                                                 initiate company-wide change and             6. Do you offer service or installation
questions, “How does lean apply to our
                                                 gain momentum.                                  personnel for more than a single
business?” and “What rate of improve-                                                            week’s work? (No., %) Yes, 141, 87%; no,
                                              7. Don’t forget to mobilize, not just
ment can we expect?” came up repeat-                                                             21, 13%.
                                                 empower. If we empower, we have
edly. Now, a year and a half into the                                                         7. Do you charge a premium rate for this
                                                 to give people the opportunity to sit
process, we’ve experienced 20% in-                                                               type of work? (No., %) Yes, 29, 20.6%;
                                                 back, think about something and
crease in revenue per employee. Inven-                                                           no, 112, 79.4%.
                                                 have the chance to get it done.
tory per revenue dollar has decreased                                                         8. Do you require a contract for more
                                              8. Never look back; never let up until             than a single week’s work? (No., %) Yes,
by 15%. In one of our product families,
                                                 you’ve created a sustained culture              40, 28.8%; no, 99, 71.2%.
we’ve reduced “people travel” from
                                                 that’s hungry for more.                      9. What is the average premium rate
3690 miles to 441 — That’s an 88% re-
duction. Assembly lead time has been             If you go with this aggressively, you           charged for a single week’s work as of
                                                                                                 January 2004 ($)? Mean, $2051.00; me-
reduced by 66%.                               are going to have to change your orga-
                                                                                                 dian, $930.00.
   On our journey, we underestimated          nizational structure. The important             10.Do you pay service or installation em-
the opportunities in the upfront              thing is that you create the culture, and          ployees a premium for this type of
processes — engineering and sales,            it becomes a machine that keeps on                 work? (No., %) Yes, 40, 27.4%; no, 106,
which are what speeds the machine.            running. You just need to feed the fuel.           72.6%.
That information is critical, as defects      ❒                                               11.What is the average premium paid to
                                                                                                 the employee for a single week’s work
                                                                                                 as of January 2004 ($)? Mean, $376.67;
                                                                                                 median, $50.00.
                                                                                              12.Do you offer a travel plan to service or
                                                                                                 installation employees? (No., %) Yes, 72,
                                                                                                 46.5%; no, 83, 53.5%.
                                                                                                  PMMI members can request a Quickie Sur-
                                                                                              vey on any industry issue. After receiving the re-
                                                                                              quest, PMMI’s Statistics & Surveys Department
                                                                                              surveys the member companies. The results are
                                                                                              tabulated and distributed to the membership.
                                                               Jorge Izquierdo, director of   For further information on Quickie Surveys or
                                                               global marketing at PMMI,      to get a copy of this survey, contact Paula Feld-
                                                               shares data with the Board     man, director of statistics, at 703-243-8555; fax
                                                               regarding packaging            703-243-8556; e-mail,
                                                               machinery imports and
PMMI Reports, October 2004
State Export Program
CURRENTLY, ILLINOIS RANKS                   University of Illinois ITC            Fax: 773-594-9416
6th in the United States in terms of ex-                                          E-mail:
                                            Tess Morrison, Director
ports, accounting for 12% of the state’s    430 Wohlers Hall
GSP with $33 billion in revenue. The
                                                                                  College of DuPage ITC
                                            1206 S 6th St.
state’s export market has also helped                                             Shannon Toler, Director
                                            Champaign, IL 61820
support 600,000 jobs in Illinois.                                                 Monica Hernandez, Trade Specialist
   To encourage Illinois companies to                                             425 22nd St.
                                            Fax: 217-333-7410
continue exporting, and to help those                                             Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-6599
                                            E-mail: ChampaignITC@
who may be newly interested in ex-                                                630-942-3052
porting, the state has created several                                            Fax: 630-942-3789
programs and services.                                                            E-mail:

Target Program                                                                    NAFTA Opportunity
   The Target Program was created to                                              Centers
assist companies with entry into foreign
                                                                                     Canada and Mexico are two of the
markets. It provides services such as
                                                                                  state’s largest export destinations. To
matchmaking, market research, export
                                                                                  help Illinois businesses take advantage
counseling, export financing, shipping
                                                                                  of the opportunities offered by the
procedures and logistics and individual
                                                                                  North American Free Trade Agreement
export evaluation. Foreign language,
                                                                                  (NAFTA), the state has set up two
travel and logistical assistance are also
                                                                                  NAFTA Opportunity Centers in Chica-
available as well as continued follow
                                                                                  go and Peoria.
up services.
   This program has been established                                              NORBIC NOC
for companies exporting to Africa, Asia,
                                                                                  Louisa Elder, Director
Canada, Central America/Caribbean,
                                                                                  5353 W. Armstrong Ave.
Europe, Mexico and South America.
                                                                                  Chicago, IL 60646-9292
This program can also be personalized
to each company’s individual needs.
                                                                                  Fax: 773-594-9416
Overseas Offices                                                                  E-mail:
   The state has commercial offices in      Bradley University ITC                Bradley University NOC
countries worldwide to provide Illinois     James Foley, Director                 James Foley, Director
companies with support and informa-         Dave Williams, Trade Specialist       Dave Williams, Trade Specialist
tion on their respective local markets.     1501 West Bradley Ave.                1501 West Bradley Ave.
They have offices in Tokyo, Shanghai,       Peoria, IL 61625                      Peoria, IL 61625
Hong Kong, Mexico City, Toronto,            309-677-3075                          309-677-3075
Brussels, Warsaw, Johannesburg and          Fax: 309-677-3386                     Fax: 309-677-3386
the Middle East.                            E-mail:   E-mail:
Local Outreach                              Black Hawk College ITC                   More information on these and other
   Illinois also has International Trade    Adrian Madunic, Trade Specialist      state programs can be found on
Centers offering assistance to small-       4703 16th St., Suite G       The State Resources
and medium-sized businesses closer to       Moline, IL 61265-7066                 Guides section is located under Global
home as well. There are six located         309-764-2246                          Resources.
throughout the state:                       Fax: 309-797-9344                        For more resources available to Illi-
                                            E-mail:   nois companies looking to export, visit
Southern Illinois
                                                                                  the Illinois Department of Commerce
University–Edwardsville ITC                 NORBIC ITC                            Web site, The site
Silvia Torres, Director                     Elizabeth Ring, Director              provides links to other government or-
Campus Box 1107                             5353 W. Armstrong Ave.                ganizations and associations that have
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1107                 Chicago, IL 60646-9292                information and programs on export-
618-650-2452                                773-594-9518                          ing. ❒

                                                                                           PMMI Reports, October 2004
The 2005 Executive Leadership Conference
Is Coming to Disney World
PLAN NOW TO ATTEND THE                                                                      tivities for attendees of all ages
PMMI Executive Leadership Confer-                                                           are included on the site. Secure
ence (ELC), April 3–7, 2005, at the                                                         online registration for the ELC is
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Disney                                                      also available.
World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.                                                            Members who attend either
The ELC is an excellent forum for                                                           the ELC or the Annual Meeting
benchmarking with other members,                                                            earn back $500 on PMMI dues.
hearing from key industry experts and                                                       This is the first chance to earn
focusing your attention on improving                                                        your company’s meeting atten-
your company’s business.                                                                    dance rebate for 2005.
   PMMI’s ELC brings together the best                                                         Interact with fellow members,
and brightest in the industry to discuss                                                    get updates on the latest PMMI
and share business experiences. You                                                         news and hear from top-of-the-
won’t want to miss this meeting! Here                                                       line industry experts. For more
are some exceptional incentives for you                                                     information, visit www.pmmi
to attend next year’s meeting:                                                              .org/ms/ELC2005 today. Contact
                                                                                            PMMI’s Meetings Department at
     Maximize your time out of the              Get inspired — PMMI invites tal-      1-888-ASK-PMMI or meetings@
     office — Take four days discov-            ented speakers to the ELC, with with any questions or con-
     ering powerful ways to increase            distinct views on today’s business    cerns. ❒
     your effectiveness as a business           environment and leadership
     leader.                                    styles, who will inspire you to ex-
                                                pand your thinking about your
                                                professional and personal goals
                                                and objectives.                        Annual Meeting
 ELC Quick Facts                                Get reconnected — Catch up on
                                                what’s happening in today’s
 What?                                          packaging machinery business,          Pays Off
                                                compare notes and strategies and
    PMMI’s 2005 Executive Leadership                                                       Thanks to the 117 companies that
                                                gain valuable new perspectives
 Conference — the premier networking                                                   attended either the Executive Leader-
                                                on today’s business challenges
 and education program serving packag-                                                 ship Conference in March or the Annual
                                                from your professional peers.
 ing machinery executives.                                                             Meeting in September. PMMI was able
                                                Relax, renew, rethink — Give
                                                                                       to refund $58,500 in dues to those ac-
 When?                                          yourself a few days to think be-
                                                                                       tive members.
                                                yond the next few minutes and
    April 3–7, 2005                                                                        “Participation in PMMI really does
                                                return to work inspired by the
                                                                                       pay off: in increased education, new
 Where?                                         new perspectives gained at this
                                                                                       business ventures and a $500 dues re-
    The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa,                                                  bate as a thank you for your continued
 located on Disney World’s property in                                                 active support of the Institute,” says
                                              Make your plans today to join PMMI
 Lake Buena Vista, FL, just minutes from                                               Matt Croson, director of member ser-
                                           in Walt Disney World.
 nearby Orlando.                                                                       vices. “Congratulations to all 117 mem-
                                              Learn more on the ELC Web site:
                                                                                       ber companies that attended one of
 Who Should Attend?               The
                                                                                       PMMI’s yearly meeting programs. We
                                           program agenda, details about the
    All PMMI members. Make your plans                                                  look forward to giving away even more
                                           Grand Floridian, transportation options
 today on                                                     rebates in 2005.” ❒
                                           to and from Orlando and available ac-

PMMI Reports, October 2004
PMT Marks First-Year Anniversary
IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT                     rante, editorial director for PMT. “They   Early & Often: Include your OEMs in
Packaging Machinery Technology,               will also offer their views on where the      product development
PMMI’s quarterly journal, just celebrat-      industry is heading and what innova-       Slow Down: Maximum throughput
ed its first publishing year. PMT made         tions are taking place to support the         may not always be the best solution
its debut at PACK EXPO Las Vegas              packaging operations at consumer and       Come Together: Innovations in system
2003. The journal has received positive       industrial packaged-goods companies.”         integration
industry response from readers such as           “From a membership perspective,         Q&A: Conversation with a packaging
Jack McClure, design systems manager          PMT is a great tool to supplement your        machinery decision maker
for Weyerhauser: “Just received my            marketing effort with a directed mes-
first-ever issue of your magazine, after       sage to machinery buyers,” notes           July/August 2005 — PACK
35 years in packaging. Where have you         Chuck Yuska, president of PMMI. “This      EXPO Las Vegas Machinery
been all my life? Cut eight of the articles   focus, combined with a 15% member          Preview
for saving, giving to or copying to col-      discount on ad rates, makes PMT a          PACK EXPO Roundup: Everything you
leagues. Some great information.”             cost-effective marketing solution for        need to know about the show
    “It’s great to have our first year        PMMI members.”                             Trends & Technologies: Top trends
under our belt,” notes Peter Abrahams,                                                     and technologies on display
director of advertising sales for The                                                    PACK EXPO Planner: Tips for plan-
Magazine Group, PMMI’s publishing                                                          ning your visit
partner. “It’s been an amazing year that                                                 Conference at PACK EXPO: Highlights
has exceeded every conceivable expec-                                                      of the machinery-focused seminars
tation across the board.”                                                                Q&A: Conversation with a packaging
    PMT was conceived in 2003 to pro-                                                      machinery decision maker
vide packaging machinery–focused ar-
ticles to support professionals involved      Editorial Calendar                         September/October 2005
in packaging-line management, pur-            for 2005                                   — PACK EXPO Las Vegas
chasing, operations and maintenance at                                                   Show Issue
                                                 The editorial calendar for 2005 in-
consumer- and industrial-goods com-
                                              cludes five issues and a PACK EXPO         Packaging Line of the Year: An inside
panies. To date, PMT has published
                                              Las Vegas preview.                           look at one of the most innovative
four issues and a PACK EXPO Interna-
                                                                                           and advanced packaging lines in
tional Preview, its largest at 120 pages,     January/February                             North America
including 102 advertisements. In 2005,
                                              Special: Cutting-edge control systems      Nanotechnology: Small components
it will go from a quarterly to a bi-
                                              Lessons Learned: Going beyond com-           could mean big things
monthly publication with six issues.
                                                 pliance with RFID                       Anatomy of a Changeover: The pros
    “We’ve received tremendous feed-
                                              One-Trick Pony: The dedicated line           and cons of automation vs. doing it
back from both readers and advertis-
                                              10 Top Maintenance Mistakes: Avoid           yourself
ers,” added Abrahams. “We’re being
                                                 these problems via training             The Next Generation: Identifying the
told that we’re hitting the mark as the
                                              Q&A: Conversation with a packaging           next crop of leaders on your packag-
only industry publication focused on
                                                 machinery decision maker                  ing line
machinery-related stories. We’ve re-
                                                                                         Q&A: Conversation with a packaging
cieved such great feedback and so             March/April 2005                             machinery decision maker
many professionals have signed up for
                                              Is “Robot” a Dirty Word? Should you
the magazine, that we are ready to in-                                                   November/December 2005
                                                 make robots part of your operations?
crease our frequency from five to six
                                              Safety Standards: Keeping you out of       Balancing Act: Optimizing the ma-
times a year.”
                                                 harm’s way                                chinery and materials interface
PMT Focused on                                Path of Lease Resistance: Risks and re-
                                                 wards of leasing equipment
                                                                                         Eyes Wide Open: The latest tools for
                                                                                           product inspection
Machinery                                     Point/Counterpoint: Mechanical vs.         Dr. PMT: An industry expert prescribes
   As part of its effort to remain fo-           electrical control systems                a fix for a packaging malady
cused on machinery issues relevant to         Q&A: Conversation with a packaging         PACK EXPO Download: What you
both suppliers and end users, PMT has            machinery decision maker                  may have missed
created an Editorial Advisory Board.                                                     Q&A: Conversation with a packaging
   “The group working with PMT will           May/June 2005                                machinery decision maker
serve as a sounding board for new             Special: Where are we on the road to       ❒
ideas and directions,” notes Maria Fer-         embracing RFID?

                                                                                                  PMMI Reports, October 2004
                          EXPO PACK México:
                          Same Show, New Location
MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR                     PMMI Pavilion                                  Free use of PMMI Business Center,
the largest, most influential packaging                                                    including private meeting rooms, In-
show serving Latin America, EXPO           Package Available                              ternet access and fax machine
PACK México 2005. The show will               PMMI has negotiated two packages            Exhibitor Lounge with snacks and
take place June 21–24, 2005, at the        for exhibitors in the PMMI Pavilion. All       refreshments
new Centro Banamex in Mexico City,         booths are sold by the square meter,           Listing in PMMI in Mexico directory
Mexico.                                    the smallest available being 9 square          Interpreter assistance in Business
   Mexico continues to be an attractive    meters. Booths can be combined to cre-         Center
market for international packaging ma-     ate your desired booth size.                   Booth cleaning service
chinery suppliers. More than 85% of the                                                   Inclusion in the PMMI Pavilion
Mexican packaging machinery market is      Package 1: Raw space,                          preshow promotion campaign
served by imported equipment, with im-     $257.60 per square meter                   ❒
ports of packaging machinery growing       (includes 15% VAT)
32.5%, to $420 million, in 2003.             Raw space (floor space; no pipe or
   “Mexico continues to be a primary
export partner for PMMI members,”
                                             drape)                                   Critical
                                             Listing in the EXPO PACK México
notes Jorge Izquierdo, director of glob-
al marketing. “With the new location,
                                             2005 Directory of Exhibits               EXPO PACK
EXPO PACK México will be able to
                                             Free exhibitor badges (1 badge per
                                             every 3 square meters)
offer exhibitors a world-class experi-
ence with many services to support the
                                             Free use of PMMI Business Center,        Deadlines
                                             including private meeting rooms, In-
members’ sales efforts.”                     ternet access and fax machine            December 1, 2004
   EXPO PACK México has grown to be          Exhibitor Lounge with snacks and         Receipt of application for booth space
the largest, most comprehensive show         refreshments                                and 30% non-refundable deposit to
for PMMI members to showcase their           Listing in PMMI in Mexico directory         PMMI.
products for key decision makers from        Interpreter assistance in Business       Note: All space applications received
throughout Latin America. Once again,        Center                                      by this date will be prioritized
PMMI will sponsor a pavilion at the          Inclusion in the PMMI Pavilion              based on previous participation at
show. The PMMI Pavilion is an excel-         preshow promotion campaign                  EXPO PACK México. Applications re-
lent location, providing members with                                                    ceived after the specified deadline
additional services such as meeting        Package 2: Shell scheme,                      date will be handled on a first-
rooms, Internet access, an exhibitor       $317.60 per square meter                      come, first-served basis.
lounge and dedicated on-site personnel     (includes 15% VAT)                         February 20, 2005
to help make your exhibiting experience
                                             Raw space (floor space)                   Second installment of 30% of the cost
as smooth and trouble-free as possible.
                                             Custom back wall display                    of space assigned is due.
Space Selection Is                           One 110V double electrical outlet        April 16, 2005
                                             per 9 square meters of floor space        Final booth space payment is due.
Beginning                                    Two spotlights per 9 square meters       Note: Cancellation of booth space
    It’s time to begin the EXPO PACK         of floor space                               must be sent to PMMI in writing on
México space selection process. Space        One company name sign per 9                 or before April 16, 2005, to receive
will be assigned based on previous par-      square meters of floor space                 a refund of total paid less the 30%
ticipation in the PMMI Pavilion at the       Carpet                                      non-refundable deposit.
show. The application for space in the       One round table with two chairs per      To Follow
Pavilion and a 30% nonrefundable de-         9 square meters of floor space            Shipping instructions, housing infor-
posit must be received by PMMI no            One garbage can                             mation, the Exhibitor Service Manu-
later than December 1, 2004, to retain       Listing in the EXPO PACK México             al and all other deadlines will be
your priority position. After this date,     2005 Directory of Exhibits                  mailed in February.
space will be assigned on a first-come,       Free exhibitor badges (1 badge per       ❒
first-served basis.                           every 3 square meters)

PMMI Reports, October 2004
                                             C A L E N DA R
                                         February 8–9                                May 24–25
                  2004                      RFID Conference                            Partners in Packaging
                                            Renaissance Tampa Hotel International      Regional Meeting
November 7–11
                                               Plaza                                   St. Paul, MN
         PACK EXPO International            Tampa, FL
         McCormick Place                                                             June 7–8
         Chicago, IL                     February 10-11                                Partners in Packaging
                                            ANSI/PMMI B.155 Standard Meeting           Regional Meeting
November 7
                                            Renaissance Tampa Hotel International      Toronto, ON
   Packaging Hall of Fame Awards               Plaza
   Hyatt McCormick Place                                                             June 21–24
                                            Tampa, FL
   Chicago, IL                                                                              EXPO PACK México
                                         February 23–24                                     Centro Banamex
November 8
                                            Statistics & Surveys Committee Meeting          Mexico City, Mexico
   PACK EXPO International Reception        Las Vegas, NV
   Chicago Hilton                                                                    July 26–28
   Chicago, IL                           March 14–16                                   ProPak China
                                            Packaging Management Council Meeting       Shanghai International Expo Centre
November 8–10
                                            Modesto, CA                                Shanghai, China
           Conference at PACK EXPO
           McCormick Place               April 2                                     August 2
           Chicago, IL                      Board of Directors Meeting                 Partners in Packaging
                                            The Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World     Wilmington, DE
December 3–4
                                            Orlando, FL                              September 26–28
   International Competitiveness Focus
       Group                             April 3–7                                           PACK EXPO Las Vegas
   Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner               Executive Leadership Conference                  Las Vegas Convention Center
   McLean, VA                               The Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World           Las Vegas, NV
                                            Orlando, FL                              September 26–28
                                         April 23                                               Conference at PACK EXPO
                                            PMMI Interpack Reception                            Las Vegas Convention Center
                  2005                      Steigenberger Parkhotel                             Las Vegas, NV
                                            Düsseldorf, Germany                      November 7
January 17
   New Board Orientation                 May 10–11                                     Board of Directors Meeting
   PMMI Office                              MarketTrends Roundtable Conference         The Fairmont Washington
   Arlington, VA                            Hilton Alexandria Mark Center              Washington, DC
                                            Alexandria, VA                           November 7–9
January 18
   Executive Committee Meeting           May 16-17                                     Annual Meeting
   PMMI Office                              ANSI/PMMI B.155 Standard Meeting           The Fairmont Washington
   Arlington, VA                            Hyatt Rosemont                             Washington, DC
                                            Rosemont, IL
February 7
   Partners in Packaging
   Tampa, FL

              PACKAGING                                                                                      FIRST-CLASS MAIL
              MACHINERY                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
              MANUFACTURERS                                                                                         PAID
              INSTITUTE                                                                                       ARLINGTON, VA
4350 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 600                                                                          Permit No. 5257
Arlington, Virginia 22203

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