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									   Microsoft SharePoint

             US Tech's collaborative solutions assist its clients and collaborative partners to
             address their critical IT issues to stay ahead of the increasing need for web
             enablement. To achieve its client's objectives, US Tech leverages its global
             consulting architecture, harnessing its global resource capabilities.US Tech
             Solutions has extensive experience to get your Enterprise Collaboration
             initiatives up and running rapidly with a solid foundation.US Tech's partnership
             with Microsoft helps in providing various customizable components and
             services that enable firms in effectively managing & automating business
             process in a social network. US Tech Solution's Microsoft SharePoint practice
             provides firms across industries and sizes with a myriad of service offerings to
             achieve their business objectives.

            o Trends ::

                      ―SharePoint 2010: A More Viable Cloud Option‖
                          By Forrester – March 2, 2010

                      “SharePoint 2010 is Poised for Broader Enterprise Adoption‖
                          By Gartner – October 19, 2010

            o Value proposition ::

                      Participation in various CMS and SharePoint related seminars.

                      Authors of Encanvas Secure & Live platform which is built on

                      Overall help enterprises achieve higher business agility, lower costs,
                        robust process platforms, better collaboration and effective
                        business process orchestration through SharePoint.

                      Multi-year experience in CMS, EAI, Collaboration Platforms, and
                        Information Security & Business Intelligence through dedicated
                        practice groups.

                      Domain expertise in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom,
                        Energy & Utilities, Healthcare industries, thus providing
                        preconfigured Solutions for these verticals.

                      Integrated Usability Engineering process with strong in-house
                         capabilities that delivers excellent user experience within the
                         technical boundaries

                      Dedicated team of domain experts, functional analyst and technical
                        architects delivers high degree of user satisfaction and system

                      Access to a unique portfolio of innovative technologies that reduce IT
                        project cost, timescales and risk

            o Benefits we offer ::

                      A 360` view of overall business performance.
                      Analysis of data using drill down/drill up facilities, graphical
                         representations giving business cause and effect
                      Increase focus on strategy and results.
                      Make business sense of data from various disparate sources with a
                         perspective to support decision-making.
   Our methodology and frameworks ::


        Discovery—understand your business needs and create an
         overarching vision

        Analysis—Recommend solutions and create detailed project

        Creation—Deliver customized solution modules that match
         technology with business processes

        Review—Demonstrate, test, and finalize solutions

        Deployment—Provide full support for initial launch

        Engagement—Create a roadmap to help build, maintain, and
         measure usage rates

         One thing that correlates within organizations that owning CMS
         systems can bring hidden costs in hardware / server
         requirements and the IT admin effort inherent in their
         client/server architecture.
2. SharePoint Service offerings:

          o SharePoint 2010 Strategy :: SharePoint 2010 is The Business Collaboration
             Platform for the Enterprise & the Web that enables you to connect &
             empower people through an integrated and rich set of features that can be
             deployed as Intranet, Extranet or Internet-facing solutions. Here at US
             Tech Solutions we are expert at creating SharePoint 2010 based solutions
             based on Clients need. Our Past experience and skilled professionals
             posses capabilities to create robust systems.

          o SharePoint 2010 isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to providing
              enterprise-class communications and collaborations services — so the
              benefits in using USTS Hosted SharePoint Services depends on several
              factors. Some businesses require communications services that are suited
              to just a few hundred employees and take little IT management. That’s
              where services delivered through the web. However, the bigger the
              company, the more the software is expected to scale to help manage a
              communication and collaboration infrastructure. USTS supports those
              demands as well.

                           Our Solutions ::
                               SharePoint 2010 implementation including hardware,
                                software, servers, databases and content according to
                                the needs of the Client.
                               A detailed look into the Backup, Restore and Disaster
                                Recovery strategy and configuration.
                               An audit of how well the SharePoint implementation fits
                                the Organization's needs goals and operations.

          o Assessment & Planning ::

                   SharePoint Envisioning Workshop :: The US TECH SOLUTIONS
                     SharePoint Envisioning Workshop is aimed at building a client's
                     awareness of the capabilities of SharePoint and the Office System.
                     The workshop allows better understanding the client’s organization
                     and identifies potential opportunities to leverage SharePoint and
                     Office System to solve real business problems. The client is
                     presented with a Vision Document at the conclusion of the
                     workshop that articulates the findings from the workshop and
                     presents a call to action to move forward with a SharePoint Proof
                     of Concept.

                   Current State Assessment :: The SharePoint Current State
                     Assessment is a small time engagement aimed at clients who have
                     implemented SharePoint and are having technical and/or user
                     adoption issues, or wish to grow their Service Portal. US TECH
                     SOLUTIONS will assist the customer in performing an assessment
                     of their current SharePoint implementation from a technical and
                     business standpoint, and will develop recommendations and a plan
                     of action on how to make the most out of their SharePoint and
                     Office System investment.

                   Business Case Workshop :: The US TECH SOLUTIONS SharePoint
                     Business Case workshop more deterministically identifies and
                     dives deeper into the assessment and evaluation of specific
                     business scenario targeted for application of Service Portals and/or
                     Process and Workflow Automation services utilizing SharePoint
                     and the Office System. The client is presented with a Business
          Case document at the conclusion of the workshop. Our major
          approach is to Identify discussions pertaining to the value-add of
          applying these technologies to each of the identified business
          scenarios (scheduled for follow-on discussions) -After the
          Workshop and follow-on discussions, a high-level Business Case
          will be developed that articulates the business value and a
          Roadmap for the deployment of SharePoint and Office System
          technologies to specific, identified business scenarios.

        Proof-of-Concept Development :: The SharePoint Proof of Concept is
           a small engagement whereby US TECH SOLUTIONS provides
           deep dives into SharePoint and Office System in the context of one
           or two targeted business scenarios. At the conclusion of this
           engagement, a working Proof of Concept is delivered on a Virtual
           PC that leverages SharePoint and the Office System to address
           stated business objectives.

o Design & Implementation ::

        SharePoint Pilot Deployment :: The US TECH SOLUTIONS
          SharePoint Pilot deployment allows clients to establish and begin
          leveraging a powerful Portal and collaboration platform. Our
          SharePoint Architects and Business Consultants work with the
          client to gather requirements on information taxonomy,
          collaborative applications, business process automation, and
          integration with line of business systems. US TECH SOLUTIONS
          sizes, installs, configures, and documents the SharePoint
          environment and trains client IT staff on maintenance and
          administration. US TECH SOLUTIONS develops, deploys and
          provides training on custom collaborative applications. US TECH
          SOLUTIONS assists in managing a controlled Pilot release and
          closely monitors user adoption. The end result is a base
          SharePoint environment that has been properly sized, deployed,
          and managed and that offers custom collaborative tools that deliver
          real business value.

        Enterprise Deployment :: The SharePoint Enterprise Deployment
          offering focuses on delivering a SharePoint Service Portal into a
          Production Environment. In most cases, the Enterprise Deployment
          project follows the POC and/or PLT engagements. US TECH
          SOLUTIONS sizes, installs and configures the Production
          environment, develops and deploys identified collaboration and
          workflow applications, migrates content and data, provides end-
          user and IT training, and assists in the management and execution
          of the enterprise rollout.

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